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Titan NBK MOLOTOV - de_cache vs Virtus.Pro
Titan NBK MOLOTOV - de_cache vs Virtus.Pro
Author: Qtbear
Movie info
Cool Molotov used by Titan - NBK on de_cache during the match against Virtus.Pro
You can follow him here: http://www.facebook.com/NathaNizzle
Or Here: http://twitter.com/Titan_NBK
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2014-04-13 19:36:56
You always do good work with your videos :)
2014-05-11 23:00:54
this is really cool
2014-05-12 18:05:35

keep it up.
2014-05-29 03:02:13
2014-10-07 15:10:56
really nice!
2014-10-11 02:51:21
NBK :DDDDD snax get :D
2014-12-22 12:38:47
Snax are awesome lol
2016-07-02 17:37:41
2015-01-15 17:22:15
Nice :D
2015-02-22 12:34:40
2015-03-02 17:39:04
Nice job man!
2015-03-07 13:07:32
wow , love this
2015-03-10 22:13:31
love this trick
2015-04-03 14:46:02
Nice video mate.
2015-05-31 15:03:11
Fireboooool 0_0
2015-07-10 16:15:29
Logged in to vote this up. :D
2015-11-22 21:23:50
nice one
2015-12-25 23:22:00
N1 bur what's the point of this?
2016-04-15 00:31:40
if you know someone is boosted into vent, or you want to clear it out to be safe before pushing mid, you can throw that and not have to look at vent.
2016-07-10 20:17:55

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