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CS:GO - How lucky can my friend be! (M9 Bayonet Fade)
CS:GO - How lucky can my friend be! (M9 Bayonet Fade)
Author: maxsa33
Movie info
Hey guys! my friend Dvr, was so lucky to get a M9 Bayonet fade
in a case opening.
His friend gave him the case, that is the guy u can hear rage in the backround! :D

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haha nice
2014-06-15 17:06:23
I am sure,that if i open one case,I will get a shit skin...so I will never try.
2014-06-19 16:47:35
"I love you forever" - "I HATE YOU !!" priceless ^^
2014-06-24 06:16:59
2014-07-24 11:42:05
+1 LEL
2014-09-23 00:25:50
2015-05-12 22:57:46
ARE YOU SERIOUS? love it lol
2014-06-27 18:35:58
maXsa what up long time ago!! :)
2014-08-24 23:44:14
ahaha ur friend is so mad
2014-08-30 12:46:26
opened a butterfly from my 7th key lol(Spent as much as 20$ on keys)
not attempting to open cases, I'm happy with the skins I have now :)
2014-09-01 13:38:34
2014-09-06 14:19:11
I am the one shouting, actually. And he made it all up by giving me his old knife! So we both came out plus from this situation. This is still SO funny though.
2014-09-10 10:07:52
you sound like a faggot

just saiyan
2016-02-09 10:56:50
yeah u rlly sound like a phaggot
2016-03-17 10:58:14
2016-08-21 19:53:24
atleast he isnt silver3
2014-09-21 20:47:20
; D
2014-09-23 21:47:35
that's probably the lowest fade you can get :D
2014-10-17 19:23:13
stfu you are already planning how to scam this guy xD
2014-12-07 14:51:39
I have just recently started playing CSGO. Why so much hype about skins? its not like they are gonna mke you play better
2014-10-25 12:02:24
They look pretty and you can make profit if you are blessed by Lord GabeN lol
2014-12-19 18:08:41
U wot m8??
2014-12-06 11:34:53
FAKE probably Valve upload this video.
2014-12-11 06:44:38
2014-12-19 18:08:49
danish english confirmed
2014-12-20 14:39:28
very low fade but still very good knife.
2015-01-05 11:38:28
A51 ez
2015-01-11 21:43:13
Rage of this guy :D
2015-01-24 09:37:18
2015-03-02 17:33:02
... I kissed him and he kissed me :)
2015-03-10 23:03:01
hehe :D nice my friend
2015-03-23 10:03:35
wow that luck
2015-04-03 14:47:39

2015-05-06 00:43:34
is your friend russian? he might be my father, he play alot of csgo
2015-07-15 02:46:10
I love you 4ever :D
2015-07-20 21:28:06
lol nice :D
2015-07-22 08:54:57
bad fade:(
2015-09-23 21:30:09
2015-10-05 17:17:12
at least he isn't silver :)
2016-02-01 20:06:53
rip ears
2016-02-05 15:00:08
old school cases :o
2016-10-08 22:41:04
Please dont tell me you are the guy that says "SERIOUSLY"
Sounds like your friend won like a 20.00000$ jackpot.

Post edited 2016-11-15 22:57:36
2016-11-15 22:57:13
2017-01-07 11:25:52
nice man
2017-01-25 20:49:37

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