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[CS:GO]MM FL35H #CSGO 4 kills with USP-S and Ak-47
[CS:GO]MM FL35H #CSGO 4 kills with USP-S and Ak-47
Author: FL35H C5G0
nice edit! really nice!

the USP frags were really good and the edit was perfect!

the ak clip was ok(still pretty good), you should've done the speeding up differently, (maybe just cutting right to it with a nice transition, like make a clip of him going through long a doors from a third person view, circling around him (like you did with usps clip) and then go to the frags.

good frags! good edit!
2015-04-10 01:52:32
2015-04-13 04:11:29
Crosshair plz
2015-04-12 14:59:58
Flesh can you post your x/y settings for weapon placement? the position of your guns looks great
2015-05-08 23:33:36
viewmodel_fov 90
viewmodel_offset_x 3
viewmodel_offset_y 3
viewmodel_offset_z -3
2015-05-10 17:08:04
vse zbs. tol`ko peregod od chernogo k cvetu sdelay plavnee
2015-05-30 07:47:40
2015-10-22 13:19:12

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