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oFF makes x6tence return
Time: 2013-02-20 23:48
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

x6tence e-sports Club have announced on their official website that Jesús "oFF" Castillo García has returned to their CS:GO team.

The move comes in the wake of x6tence's shock 2-0 defeat to OverGaming in the EPS quarter-finals, which threw the Spanish giants out of the league.

García had left the team in October after losing the motivation to play CS:GO, but he is now back in the fold as x6tence look to turn things around.

oFF returns to x6tence

He will replace Luis "Wyks" Cubas, who has stepped down from the active lineup after failing to impress since joining the team's ranks.

x6tence now have the following roster:

Antonio "FlipiN" Rivas
Omar "arki" Chakkor
Victor "xikii" García
Hélder "coachi" Sancho
Jesús "oFF" Castillo García

Luis "Wyks" Cubas (inactive)

Tags: x6tence, oFF

great news
2013-02-20 23:48:36
2013-02-20 23:48:38
2013-02-20 23:54:23
flipin omg what a veteran ! nice !
2013-02-20 23:55:53
no xhiroz no win
2013-02-20 23:56:49
he was playing for Giants in 1.6, do they have a CS:GO roster?
2013-02-21 01:05:56
Giant's CS:GO team is being builded from the basis of their former CS 1.6 squad. That's what I have heard....
2013-02-21 11:10:31
giants dont have cs:go squad . yurk0 , siok , xhiroz are inactive and musamban1 , neptuno playing LoL.
2013-02-21 11:42:57
"is being builded", not built... Like I said, just what I heard from them..
2013-02-21 21:57:57
What do you think "is being builded" mean? That's not English.
2013-02-22 16:09:35
xikii aka 0-16 +save AK47 on last round vs ESC ? xD

Post edited 2013-02-20 23:59:54
2013-02-20 23:59:27
he is one of best spanish player in go
2013-02-21 00:40:03
2013-02-21 13:49:52
never happened :)
2013-02-21 01:56:47
xaxaxa sry bro, it was xisco))
2013-02-21 11:36:52
Welcome back oFF, they needed him :)
2013-02-21 00:31:27
2013-02-21 00:34:05
"The move comes in the wake of x6tence's shock 2-0 defeat to OverGaming in the EPS quarter-finals, which threw the Spanish giants out of the league."

So freaking bad
2013-02-21 00:41:31
FlipiN was best spanish player in 1.6 imo
2013-02-21 00:52:52
no sir, musamban1, xhiroz were better imo
2013-02-21 01:06:34
Musamban1 and xhiroz were. Respect.
2013-02-21 13:50:42
coachi is br..
2013-02-21 01:01:56
he asked to have portuguese flag.
2013-02-21 01:43:36
he is not,he has double nationality
2013-02-21 22:23:45
NICE!! buy xhiroz is verygood
2013-02-21 01:11:23
xhiroz dont play cs:go
2013-02-21 11:45:17
2013-02-21 14:50:28
Aguila, xhiroz, MusambaN1, muerte, flipiN
2013-02-21 02:36:35
needs some musamban1 and ribera :P
2013-02-21 03:42:02
Very nice new ;)
2013-02-21 13:51:04
gl cabrones :)))
2013-02-21 14:44:08
Glad they are back!
2013-02-23 06:29:59
2013-03-03 12:27:51

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