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Video: GuardiaN vs NiP
Time: 2013-02-22 20:20
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Here's yet another highlight from last night's RaidCall EMS One Cup #2 with 3DMAX's Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács getting four AWP kills versus NiP.

Although Kovács' team ended up losing the game 6-16 and bowing out in the semi-finals of the tournament, the Slovakian sniper once again showed promise individually.

This highlight takes place on the seventh round of the match, with Kovács' four AWP kills giving his team an an important round. Click play below to watch the action unfold!

Highlight info

Player: Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács
Match:  3DMAX vs  NiP
Final result: 06:16 (12:3) (4:3)
Match date: 21.02.2013
Map: de_train_se
Event: RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 Cup #2
Stage: Playoffs
Weapon: AWP
Action Situation: 4 kills with an AWP

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Crazy awp <3 guardian

Post edited 2013-02-22 20:21:24
2013-02-22 20:21:14
2013-02-22 20:22:20
sneix TOP 3DMAX
2013-02-22 20:27:15
hahah made my day :D
2013-02-22 20:34:09
2013-02-22 20:28:18
rzyx, ur going too fast with the highlights
2013-02-22 20:38:00
itsmeERROR - HLTV.org
Someone needs to show tweeday how things need to be done ahah :D Kevin <3
2013-02-22 21:02:25
should have added the casting

nice clip though
2013-02-22 20:59:40
nothing special, just normal easy frags, he missed two really easy shots also
2013-02-22 21:47:20
oh fuck off german angry kid
2013-02-22 21:58:27
guardian > fiflrien & nifberg. to bad the rest of them were godlike players in a real game.

soon, nip will change 2.
2013-02-22 21:55:29
idol . .
2013-02-22 21:59:50
guardian --> fifflaren so hard
2013-02-22 22:36:11
best player ever
2013-02-22 22:45:34
like 1.6... nothing ...
2013-02-22 22:51:50
wud have been better with the old awp sound.. :D
2013-02-22 23:15:06
those models suck also
2013-02-22 23:25:01
2013-02-23 11:42:12

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