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Plug pulled on Mad Catz GOTV
Time: 2013-02-23 19:09
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

No one will be able to watch the Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational matches via GOTV from now on, after a password was set on all relays.

Last week, FACEIT TV was announced as the official stream partner of the Austrian event, which is taking place at the Imperial Riding School Renaissance in Vienna, with former fnatic talent Björn "threat" Pers among the casters of the tournament.

But since GOTV service was allowed, just about everyone could stream the matches, and all they had to do was connect to the public GOTV relays.

Heaven Media had a deal with Starladder.TV in which the latter would not be allowed to stream Natus Vincere's match against TeamCRG, forcing thousands of CIS fans to look for another way to follow the games.

But as the Ukrainian team started playing against the British side, Starladder.TV ignored the deal and began to stream the match, much to the disbelief of Heaven Media, who decided to put password on all GO TV relays.

In order to watch the matches, you will have to do it through the official FACEIT TV stream, or through one of the other streams with which Heaven Media has an understanding.

A statement on the matter will be released shortly.

IDIOTS Heaven Media !

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2013-02-23 19:11:18
why heaven media?!?! did you read this.. it's starladders fault lol
2013-02-23 19:13:23
cman man, it is bullshit to block sl4m stream for CIS countries when ukrainians play
2013-02-23 19:17:14
yeah but they made a deal before so why break it ?!
2013-02-23 19:19:41
yes they made a deal, but i bet there was nothing said about setting password on all gotvs if agreement is broken
2013-02-23 19:21:00
they could think that something like this would happen.. seriously.
2013-02-23 19:21:54
Moot point, if SLTV doesnt abide by the deal there has to be a punishment.
2013-02-23 19:23:27
if they have a contract on the streaming of games, why should HM let SL stream the game their main channel is also streaming, and take viewers away from them?

its a good business move from Hm, to get more viewers on the stream, but sucks if people want to watch the other games.
2013-02-23 19:30:42
u serious? lol they shouldnt have set passwords because they didnt said they would? thats priceless
2013-02-23 19:35:31
what do you think would happen?
2013-02-23 19:44:25
it's called business
2013-02-23 19:20:24
Starrladder had 300x better stream. On FaceIt TV you can see only people like R. Lewis talking , talking and talking. Very bad stream coverage. I enjoyed watching SL4M
2013-02-23 20:08:40
Starladder broke a deal they had, blame them.
2013-02-24 08:37:54
2013-02-23 19:11:32
I just repeat what have i said to HLTV.org & orgs.

I think, organizers should to unblock GOTV servers asap. If SL4M had agreement with them (i don't know anything about it), obviously he did wrong move and we are sorry about that. But there is no need to punish viewers.
2013-02-23 20:35:32
2013-02-23 19:11:35
Good idea Heaven Media.

Cant see this being a bad idea for the spectators at all.


2013-02-23 19:11:49
not at all, everybody is happy with this
2013-02-23 19:36:39
Its their decision wcyd. Rageposts inc as usual.
2013-02-23 19:11:50
Why should spectators suffer?

Actually unbelievable.
2013-02-23 19:12:31
2013-02-23 19:12:56
It's ridiculous. FACEIT stream only 2 teams while 6 another are also playing. We want to have a choice.
2013-02-23 19:13:09
Need a Russian-language stream. Why are you so selfish?
2013-02-23 19:13:17
why do you need a russian stream english to hard for you?
2013-02-23 19:13:52
90% of russian audience not understand English
2013-02-23 19:16:35
When you look at the flow of Russian? you know?
2013-02-23 19:16:37
why must we watch english streams if we can watch a russian one?
2013-02-23 19:16:50
he prefers watch it in his language, is it hard to understand?
2013-02-23 19:19:22
its not hard to understand but there is no point to whine about it when it is a english stream....i would whine alot if there only was an russian stream because i wouldnt understand shit. you see the difference?
2013-02-23 19:40:22
no point in continue following this anyways. Lemondogs is out........................
2013-02-23 19:13:19
Ffs, really you had 1 thing to do Starladder.TV and you couldn't do it, fuckoff
2013-02-23 19:13:28
lol sham on them idiots, what a fail
2013-02-23 19:13:28
Yep, what a shame.
2013-02-23 19:15:51
thx starladder very much! but how exactly does one go to make a deal with these guys seriously?
might as well boycott now
2013-02-23 19:13:48
If you want to make sure this never happens again, here are a list of people to contact:

[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]: 00-800-7278-9100
http://www.facebook.com/AlienwareUK : 0844 444 3225
[email protected]: 011-44-1908-336 530
2013-02-23 19:13:53
1. SLTV should follow their agreement
2. Setting password isn't the solution if someone breaks the agreement.
Keep that in mind guys...
2013-02-23 19:18:10
Honestly, there should be no agreement.

Valve are the only controllers of their copyrighted material.

Anything else is hurting the community.
2013-02-23 19:26:58
Exclusive streams have been in the scene for a long time and I guess it indeed has financial reasons. Without them, the tournament probably wouldn't even be there. It's only 1 match that you're not allowed to stream and there are a lot of other interesting matches going on.
But still restricting the GOTV isn't the right solution^^
2013-02-23 19:31:25
No, no, no. Contacting sponsors is NOT a good thing, this stuff should be handled and discussed within the community.

Take a look at SRS, EG/Stephano/Orb. It just makes stuff worse for everyone.
2013-02-23 19:57:48
idiots :) gj
2013-02-23 19:14:19
Sorry but the rule that only official streamers are allowed to stream and then they're not allowed to stream the matches the want is just so bad. Pretty much big bullshit in my opinion. :)
2013-02-23 19:14:53
Russian stream had much ppl than english. (sl4m da best)
2013-02-23 19:15:16
all you had to do was follow the damn rules, starladder.tv !
2013-02-23 19:15:17
worst tournament evah
2013-02-23 19:15:34
wow nice sltv doesen't even follow agreements. Still killing the gotvs isn't the right decision...
2013-02-23 19:15:45
Report/block illegal streamers and unlock GOTV.
Everyone will be happy.

Right now you're losing viewers.
2013-02-23 19:18:05
That's the thing, you can't. You could possibly find out what their IP address is (if it isn't dynamic) and block it, but then they'll get the stream from some other point. It's sad but this is the only way to force their stream offline.
2013-02-23 19:40:11
Ban their account for two days, fixed.
2013-02-23 19:41:24
I just explained how it isn't that easy, banning steam id's from streams is pointless as they'll just get an other one, and IP's may be dynamic so can't be blocked that way either.
2013-02-23 19:43:59
I mean ban their twitch account.
2013-02-23 19:54:08
sl4m was following the rules with all advertising
2013-02-23 19:18:27
Again, give us GOTV's! we not going to stream the games FACEIT streams! Don't let everyone suffer because of somebody.
2013-02-23 19:19:08
Idk if I became retarded reading this shocking news or what but it means that I won't be able to watch it myself via console connect xxx.xxx..?
2013-02-23 19:19:11
Yes, you got it right.
2013-02-23 19:21:33
wow, it's crazy...

anyways.. ty bro
2013-02-23 19:22:36
i say boycott the whole tournamnet...afterall its a game for spectators....this is fucking sad
2013-02-23 19:19:12
Don't make the spectators suffer :(

CS:GO was doing SO well today on TwitchTV (Up to 22,000 at one point). One of the better days for Counter-Strike on Twitch, all thanks to MadCatz hosting an incredible tournament with great access to streams & GOTV

I had the FaceIT stream open all day (which has been fantastic by the way), plus GOTV, plus other streams. I imagine others had the same set-up so we could enjoy multiple matches...

Perhaps allow a few choice streamers into the GOTVs? :D

Post edited 2013-02-23 19:26:58
2013-02-23 19:20:05
Nothing more to add.
2013-02-23 19:22:09
And so it ought to be. do not be selfish
2013-02-23 19:22:51
They have, there are a few others (Knochen, Vakarm and Virtus.pro)
2013-02-23 19:22:54
Oh, great to hear!
2013-02-23 19:23:52
It's far from one of the best days for CS on twitch :P
2013-02-23 19:25:16
But you can`t deny that there is potential if pro streams were kept under password and sold for money. It would increase profesionalism on csgo, meaning higher quality streams, in a long run although.
If there are so many streams through all twitch then it decreases views for professional streamers, whose are doing it as theyr honest job.
2013-02-23 19:34:52
Definitely! Not sure what the right answer is. :(
2013-02-23 19:37:39
idiots at SLTV...
2013-02-23 19:21:01
when sl4m was streaming its was total views about 16k now its 8k ... so what are u talking about
2013-02-23 19:21:54
if they had an agreement not to stream the games they shouldnt ignore it.. cant understand why people cant watch the official stream. and the organizers of the event dont get any advertisements out on the unofficial streams

Post edited 2013-02-23 19:28:55
2013-02-23 19:28:16
bec russians cant understand English
2013-02-23 19:31:35
We are looking for a tournament with Navi and nostalgia. but we do not look at them
2013-02-23 19:21:44
Why split the viewers? hltv.org again are making a big deal out of nothing
2013-02-23 19:22:26
We are not making a big deal out of anything, we are just stating what happened.
2013-02-23 19:24:00
Understable from faceit point of view, but their stream has been far from steady.
2013-02-23 19:22:32
If Starladder wanted to stream the Na'Vi games, they should've worked out a deal where they are an official stream (playing the same ads etc). Just breaking an agreement isn't cool, i'm with HM on this one.
2013-02-23 19:23:16
I don't think anyone disagrees with that decision, it is more passwording GOTV's that puzzles everyone.
2013-02-23 19:28:37
Well I guess that's a smart business decision, GOTV isn't very good for the sponsors exposure. IEM, Fragbite and ESPORTSM didn't offer spectating via HLTV for the very same reason.
2013-02-23 19:35:34
Perhaps Valve should enable adverts in GOTV to prevent that issue.
2013-02-23 20:12:55
some of you people are so stupid its almost unreal. They got told to not stream the same game as the FACEIT tv was streaming and everything else they could stream, and they still are so dumb they stream the game. Follow a fuckin agreement and show some other game. If you cant follow a CS:GO game without listening to some russian caster you might want to watch something else in the future.
2013-02-23 19:23:21
+1 Pretty simple.
2013-02-23 19:25:50
Why should not we look at the game of our compatriots?
2013-02-23 19:26:05
You can watch it on the official stream. If you need someone to babysit you and talk about every single move in your native language you might to want to reconsider what games you watch.

2013-02-23 19:31:11
Actually then the SLTV crew is the greedy one as they wanted to reach the big Na'Vi fanbase by breaking the agreement...
2013-02-23 19:28:52
And now Virtus.pro streams the same game with facit tv (esc - n!faculty). Sry, sry for insultes
2013-02-23 19:53:48
is the official stream lagging for you too?
2013-02-23 19:25:31
Nice, either way more profesionalism won`t hurt.
2013-02-23 19:26:21
Blame SLTV!
2013-02-23 19:26:41
Sl4m fucked it, deal with it. Stop blaming Heaven Media, there was an agreement.
2013-02-23 19:27:10
goooogoogogogg sl4m
2013-02-23 19:28:29
yeah go break agreements.
2013-02-23 19:29:11
i think its a stupid decision. all that faceit whant now it is a big auditory at his stream. but who cares about russian-speaking?
btw, sltv's stream and faceit's stream could collect the same number of viewers. imho, about 8k people on each.
2013-02-23 19:30:26
but SLTV dont play the organizers ads, so the wievers mean nothing
2013-02-23 19:33:03
agree, but what prevented them to reconcile this point? :)
2013-02-23 19:37:51
sl4m is obviously at fault here. blocking gotv is kinda a hard way of dealing with it, but what other choice is there really?
2013-02-23 19:30:41
they could only block the gotv of the match faceittv is streaming. I think everyone can stream the other matches.
2013-02-23 19:32:51
2013-02-23 19:35:01
thats how it should be, other tournaments done it in 1.6 and everyone was happy. But now they gave ips to every game, and this was bound to happen sooner or later

Post edited 2013-02-23 19:53:30
2013-02-23 19:42:03
There are at least 2 matches going live at the same time, how are going to cover them both? Right, you will pick the one YOU think is more interesting.
2013-02-23 19:31:01
2013-02-23 19:31:42
FaceIT's greendyness over Na`Vi game is gonna make thousands of CIS-based fans very, very unhappy. It's bad for CS:GO as a whole.(@Lurppis_)
2013-02-23 19:32:20
To clear things up for short minded people:

"It's so easy to explain. They have sponsors. And these sponsors are _not_ interested in russian/ukranian aduitory, because it's a very separate market, they have no full access to. So if they show english stream with 12k viewers - they can say "we don't know how much europeans there. Assume everyone and let's say 12k is a win. If they separate auditory and show sponsors 6k on english stream and 7k on russian - sponsors will say: "well, we don't care about russians. You've got only 6k europeans. it's a fail." That's basically it "

2013-02-23 19:32:39
Where's this quote from?
SLTV could have just streamed every match they want, except the one faceittv is streaming.
2013-02-23 19:34:45
So what the reason is to stream playoff or even finals, what a stupid guy.
2013-02-23 19:36:49
anyone knows the actual viewers from all streams now?
2013-02-23 19:33:22
2013-02-23 19:37:25
Even though im not playing the game, i'm glad that the viewer numbers are going up. Thanks for the info.
2013-02-23 19:42:32
This is a business. And if the owners have stated that they want to be sole streamers of certains games then this have to be respected. Pretty straight forward. And for the russians... We have been watching cs without commentators for 8-9yrs.. You can survive a couple of matches.
2013-02-23 19:33:24
fags from faceit with gay chewbacca
2013-02-23 19:34:51
Why all of u are complaining about SLTV breaking a deal. Have you ever seen an agreement made between the two parties ? It`s just a report how HeavenMedia mentioned the situation. None is able to say, whether it is true or false. Maybe they just realized how they f*cked up the whole coverage and are trying to find an excuse. Who the hell cares which stream the users gonna watch, since all advertising is on every stream covering this event.
2013-02-23 19:35:20
I'd say it's 99.99999999999999999999% sure that event organizers make agreements on their streams, else it just wouldn't be worth it investing in streams for your event.
2013-02-23 19:42:11
U might be right. But the way sl4m said it earlier, HeavenMedia asked to cover this event especially for the CIS audience to gain more popularity/viewers. Afterwards since there were more viewers on the russian stream than on the offical one they complained about breaking the deal and force to watch everyone only their stream. It just doesnt sound logically to me to ask SLTV for coverage and dont allow them to broadcast the match the majority asks for, for the reason they broke some agreement, which probalby was never made on the conditions HeavenMedia is claiming to.
2013-02-23 19:48:33
Because its true that they made an agreement? Have you seen that they didn't made one? Stop being stupid
2013-02-23 19:45:26
read the text above and stop cursing
2013-02-23 19:51:08
Is there any schedule of this tournament ?
2013-02-23 19:35:27
You can also voice your opinions at twitter at @FACEIT and @MadCatzUK. Tell them to enable GOTV for every match except the one faceittv is streaming.
2013-02-23 19:36:11
this is a business and these fagz all time suck for money
nice choice i think
2013-02-23 19:37:01
everyone on this thread are online oO :S
2013-02-23 19:38:22
This was SLTV fault, they shouldn't have do it...
2013-02-23 19:38:51
RIP counter strike, now they only thinks about "money, money, more money" and don't thinks about spectators pleasure, why russians can't have a stream in their language?
Shit like this will kill slowly Counter Strike.
it's not long term development but short term money

Post edited 2013-02-23 19:39:54
2013-02-23 19:38:53
We've got virtus.pro stream @ russian language but their streamer sucks ass so hard :(
2013-02-23 19:43:52
it wasnt any agreement between sltv and heaven media. when heaven media saw what number of viewers they have and what numbers of viewers sltv had the agreement was summoned.
2013-02-23 19:38:53
I understand them but it sux that we cant watch the games we want :(
2013-02-23 19:39:23
heaven media has agreements with richard lewis and cadeaded. they are not to be trusted.
2013-02-23 19:40:23
Starladder retards.
2013-02-23 19:40:32
Sad, but this just rightly done. You just dont break the agreement like that, this is also a bussines like all other and since FaceIt are main casters for the event you have to turn around them. Consecuences will come if you screw what you agreed on, faceit!
2013-02-23 19:40:41
doesn't matter whose fault it was cause now you really can't watch anything "great" FACEIT stream that is so greedy to split spectators is lagging as hell and not even half of the russsians and poles and so one are watching it so GJ
2013-02-23 19:41:36
F*ck this shit! So stupid morons!
2013-02-23 19:42:50
What about block Knochen and VP streams while you start stream esc vs n!

so mad...
2013-02-23 19:44:22
I guess Knochen has an agreement to show every match with a german team^^
2013-02-23 19:46:00
be sure sltv stream got same agreement with ads and other sheet
2013-02-23 19:47:25
Let me say this a bit different; maybe Knochen and SLTV have different agreements with Faceittv. Maybe SLTV was allowed to stream every match except the one faceit is streaming while Knochen has an agreement to stream every match with german teams involved.
2013-02-23 19:54:05
As far as 8k ppl notified from sltv caster that at first Faceit asked him to stream all tournament with dont care of streaming same matches. Its just came earlier to his skype and when this smells competitiveness and more money, they just start to speak other.

Post edited 2013-02-23 20:07:41
2013-02-23 19:58:38
SLTV seems to be just as disrespectful and immature as their audience. An agreement is an agreement, you just have to live with it!
2013-02-23 19:50:27
To all those inb*** brits and americans.

The Russian community would watch the stream, if the streamers atleast knew something. We're used to having professional casters, not these amateurs.

Mad catz/Heaven media should have brought in SLTV and some pugcast.

Get better casters, or make tournaments without them at all, atleast so that i could watch the games with GOTV, not the laggy stream, which i have to mute, to atleast enjoy the match.

Post edited 2013-02-23 19:53:18
2013-02-23 19:52:31
2013-02-23 20:05:40
2013-02-23 20:06:48
just boycott the stream, watch the demos later and fuck heaven media. Let them have their 5 cadred viewers.Delays have been shitty anyway, might aswell just check results on HLTV and then watch demos later in the week.
2013-02-23 19:52:52
I just look at the score bot.
2013-02-23 19:53:33
me too and I imagine lots do the same. Really dumb pissing off HLTV but heaven media have a gift for it.
2013-02-23 19:54:36
People seem to forget we also have an official French AND Russian stream.
2013-02-23 20:05:15
be sure US ppl also cant listen sheet british, so they also need some mOE&brother
2013-02-23 20:10:29
but can't you guys just enable all gotvs except the one that faceittv is streaming?
2013-02-23 20:11:13
definately right decision
2013-02-23 20:18:03
What's the point, if the game is casted in english, then all russian speaking people won't connect on the stream anyway... I'd rather switch to a stream that is casted in a language that I understand than watching it muted.
2013-02-23 20:12:09
Heaven Media had a deal with Starladder.TV in which the latter would not be allowed to stream Natus Vincere's matches, forcing thousands of CIS fans to look for another way to follow the games.

is it fucking racism?
2013-02-23 20:13:34
and faceit tv casters are terruuuuuuubleeeee!
2013-02-23 20:15:00
Such immature and unprofessional behavior on both parts. No wonder no-one takes e-Sport seriously, it's run by a bunch of sofa hugging nerds that know nothing about how to act/run a successful business (Not saying I do).
1) Don't make "agreements", make contracts.
2) If they breach contract, don't punish your entire audience by password-ing GOTV, take the offenders to court or something.
2013-02-23 20:16:53
thats too complicated for them even though a 15 year old with a business plan would have suggested it.
2013-02-23 20:18:36
As if people would actually make contracts over this. Not even talking about taking to court nonsense
2013-02-23 20:21:16
Are you stupid?
2013-02-23 20:26:52
Why did you even bothered to reply like an idiot
2013-02-23 20:32:03
OMFG! Both parts are just retarded!
2013-02-23 20:29:58
If you have to rely on casters to know what's going on in a match perhaps you should just stick to gun game public servers.

It's pretty common for me to have to watch games that are casted in languages I don't understand or speak fluently and I can still enjoy them.

I don't need my hand held to understand what is going on in a match but judging by most of these comments I'm in the minority.

2013-02-23 20:33:22
gj sltv, its their fault
2013-02-23 20:38:36
stich - HLTV.org
Why the fuck did you delete my comment? I just made a joke reference
2013-02-23 20:41:09
I can understand it from the Heaven Media point of view, but instead of limiting it to one (english) stream, get local streamers to stream it in native languages (polish, russian. german, french etc) and make a deal that allows them to stream in return for showing your sponsors commercials.

FNATIC did that with the FragOut league with great success.
2013-02-23 21:08:06
Heaven Media should have hired rizc, he's entertaining and just awesome to watch, instead of those 4.

Keep up the good work.
2013-02-23 21:11:42
Jay and Warclown are pretty much amazing. Haven't seen enough from threat to call him yet.

Richard on the other hand should stick to writing, he's amazing at that - but that's just my opinion.
2013-02-23 21:14:18
Well in my book, you're the best english caster.

2013-02-23 21:54:28
And they actually did. Silly me for not reading the latest.
2013-02-23 21:13:18
GoMeZ - HLTV.org
clearly if they want to protect their precious stream they should only password the matches they stream and let the rest be a Free-for-all.

2013-02-24 03:45:25

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