Na`Vi tie ESC, CRG knocks out n!
Time: 2013-02-23 21:43
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Natus Vincere has tied ESC Gaming on de_train_se in to clinch a spot in the quarter-finals, while ESC advance in second place. Meanwhile TeamCRG upset n!faculty, who are headed home in last place, 16-13 on de_inferno_se.

Natus Vincere started the match with a pistol round win, going up 3-0 as terrorists on de_train_se. First gun round saw Na`Vi attempt an inner bombsite attack, but ESC quickly rotated over and shut them down.

Next three rounds also went to ESC, but Danilo "Zeus" Teslenko's two AK47 kills opened up round eight and allowed Na`Vi to tie the game. Ninth round was an easy win for ESC, and forced the Ukrainians to save.

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas' three M4A4 kills gave ESC a 8-4 lead, while Sergey "starix" Ischuk's well timed flank allowed him to score four AK47 kills next, making it 8-5. Last two rounds went to ESC, who simply overpowered Na`Vi as counter-terrorists.

The Ukrainians won the second pistol round as well, and Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's ace with his AWP against the saving Poles gave his team another 3-0 lead. Next rounds would be traded to make it 4-1, but Na`Vi tied the game at eleven with two more wins.

markeloff's AWP has been in top form in Vienna

A well executed outer rush gave ESC a 12-11 lead, and if it wasn't for Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev's two spray kills with his M4A4, ESC's alley attack would have broken the Ukrainians' bank.

That spray would all but turn around the match, as ESC went onto lose their next round as well and were forced to save, giving Na`Vi a 14-12 lead, and control of the game, just a few moments later.

With their backs against the wall it was Filip "NEO" Kubski's time to play the hero, as his two AK47 kills allowed ESC to win a three-on-four situation, followed up by Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski's three kill to tie the game at fourteen.

ESC claimed a 15-14 lead next, but with Valve still unable to fix the basic GOTV issue with buffer at the end of the game, no one got to know exactly how Na`Vi tied the game.

Mad Catz Vienna
Natus Vincere

Meanwhile in the other match n!faculty struggled much more than expected with British TeamCRG. Starting as terrorists on de_inferno_se, the Germans found themselves trailing 4-10 before winning the last round of the half.

n!faculty mounted a comeback in the second half, even coming as close as 9-11, but ultimately failed to overcome what many considered to be cannonfodder for them, placing dead last in Vienna after a 13-16 loss.

Mad Catz Vienna

Second group stage is expected to go live when teams are setup in the tournament area. will continue our full coverage from Vienna, now with GOTVs back online as well.

nfaculty :(
2013-02-23 21:44:20
2013-02-23 21:46:19
2013-02-23 21:53:15
2013-02-23 21:59:59
2013-02-23 22:05:58
2013-02-23 22:17:04
still managed beat NiP

2013-02-23 22:59:16

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2013-02-23 22:59:20
Well played by Na`Vi
2013-02-23 21:44:32
gogo Navi!
2013-02-23 21:44:51
threat nice expert "I am sure that Na`Vi have no chance against ESC, I bet 16-5 win for ESC", wtf they invite to stream? I better go watch CIS stream, at least they understand something in this game.... oh wait... they blocked their stream.

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2013-02-23 21:45:30
and btw lurppis

"ESC claimed a 15-14 lead next, but with Valve still unable to fix the basic GOTV issue with buffer at the end of the game, no one got to know exactly how Na`Vi tied the game."

dude, you mby surprised but Na`Vi won 16-14
2013-02-23 21:47:37
your drunk go home esc were 15 and navi 14 when gotv crashed
2013-02-23 21:49:08
ok, sry my bad
2013-02-23 21:50:16
don't know if you're a troll or just stupid. The game finished in a 15-15 tie.
2013-02-23 21:50:05
navi won wooon ... wait, what ? o0
it for esc was 15-14

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2013-02-23 21:50:14
15-15 before that on SLTV Na`Vi win ESC 16-9 :)
2013-02-23 21:50:30
i think most people would have considered ESC favourites in that match before this tournament.. threat is great commentator imo
2013-02-23 21:50:35
yeah he just needs to play GO, because a lot of the stuff he says makes sense in 1.6 but no sense at all in GO. it makes it hard for me to listen to when i know more about the game he's casting than he does :X. it's just a small criticism, i still like him a lot as a caster.
2013-02-24 05:00:13
Didn`t expect that from n!faculty...
2013-02-23 21:45:35
more matches will be streamed tomorrow?
2013-02-23 21:45:38
Second groupstage is suposed to be played today.
2013-02-23 21:47:42
Group A overall score and group C nfaculty is out? That doesn't really make sense? :D
2013-02-23 21:45:49
same here because they won against ESC too.. and crg lost to navi 16-4 and esc 16-3 still weird they go through. 1 team goes home?
2013-02-23 21:47:51
yeah 1 team goes home, not sure how they handle it then
i dont really care since I cheer for Navi but still its weird :D
2013-02-23 21:49:11
by: stich -
It's because n! lost to CRG in the head-to-head, it's based on that and not round differential.
2013-02-23 21:52:07
Group A was based on round diff no?
2013-02-23 21:52:42
by: stich -
No also head-to-head because Nostalgie and Img had the same RD anyways
2013-02-23 21:54:03
wtf n!faculty
2013-02-23 21:45:49
Go Na'Vi !
2013-02-23 21:45:53
thats mean ESC go thru, nifaculty online hero!!
2013-02-23 21:46:00
they won vs G5 ON LAN you dumb troll
2013-02-23 21:56:06
its a close win,c'mon and G5 are not even top5! they beat Nip and vg, they were supposed to top the group...

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2013-02-23 21:59:23
by: Dok1
ESC not in top5? Aha that's kinda new...
2013-02-23 22:15:10
img out, lemondogs out, n! out :D damn this tournament has a lot of upsets :D <3 to watch
2013-02-23 21:46:11
Na`Vi have prepared well for the tournament
2013-02-23 21:46:12
2013-02-23 21:46:27
"Valve still unable to fix the basic GOTV issue with buffer at the end of the game, no one got to know exactly how Na`Vi tied the game"
2013-02-23 21:46:35
It's not valve fault, they just turned off the gotv just when the game ended. And the gotv has delay so they just should have waited
2013-02-23 21:53:11
Add the scores of navi vs esc navi vs crg and navi vs nifac to to dreamteam will ya?
2013-02-23 21:46:37
navi top 3
2013-02-23 21:46:44

2013-02-23 21:46:59
TeamCRG won head-to-head match versus n!faculty.
2013-02-23 21:48:07
in group a it was also round difference or not?! why here it's head to head ..
2013-02-23 21:49:08
when 2 teams are in tie with the same amount of points, at first, the head-to-head match counts. If it's a draw, then they're looking at round difference.

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2013-02-23 21:50:28
Head To Head..
2013-02-23 21:51:40
stupid shit, crg will get raped in next stage. boring.
2013-02-23 21:53:04
doesn't matter, they've done well and beaten n!faculty on their best map.
2013-02-23 21:53:42
n! would be raped as well, just deal with it :p
2013-02-23 22:14:04
lol i don't think so
2013-02-23 22:14:46
yeah... i wasn't aware of the past results, i've just seen that they've beaten ESC. anyway, CRG also won against n!, guess you should put some faith on them as well haha
2013-02-23 22:26:57
by: Dok1
n! are unpredictable once in the right mood... :D
2013-02-23 22:16:13
2013-02-23 21:47:15
Imaginary, ALTERNATE , n!faculty, Lemondogs are out - just w0w.
2013-02-23 21:47:46
2013-02-23 21:47:49
strong my brothers well done navi! LOL CRG i cant believe did they do it?? amazing. n! must be so mad and humiliated...still feel its because this game is too random bar NiP but alteast it helps to make it exciting for underdogs but could also make it boring:s...
2013-02-23 21:48:13
n!faculty german onliners as expected.
2013-02-23 21:48:21
by: hnkn
n!faculty online hero? u cant remember that n! got 4th place in ESWC 2012 right?
2013-02-23 21:48:22
ahhahah N! onliners
2013-02-23 21:48:33
N! > ESC!
2013-02-23 21:49:37
yup ur logic is perfect
n! >ESC but NAVI=ESC ... aha N!faculty > ESC,Navi ahhahaha
2013-02-23 21:52:48
+1 haha
2013-02-23 21:53:15
and CRG > n!, ESC, Natus Vincere

fuck logic.
2013-02-23 22:44:45

X team can beat Y team, Y team can beat Z team, but Z team can beat X team (while can't beat Y team).
2013-02-23 23:00:32

how many teams go to playoffs? 2 or 3?
2013-02-23 21:48:33
Imaginary, n!faculty, Lemondogs, ALTERNATE

who could've guessed that either one of them will go home after the 1st group stage..

Post edited 2013-02-23 21:51:38
2013-02-23 21:49:11
Absolutely nobody!

This is great action!
2013-02-23 21:51:01
are u sure that CRG will go over nfaculty ?

based on RD, nfaculty are the winners

the result between those 2 teams should come only after RD no ?
2013-02-23 21:50:00
the result between CRG and n! was priority in this tournament

Post edited 2013-02-23 21:54:20
2013-02-23 21:51:25
Only if 3 way tie its RD.

Since its only two teams on 3 points, its about who won the game..
2013-02-23 21:52:10
2nd groupstage today?
2013-02-23 21:50:09
surprise results in all groups!
2013-02-23 21:50:46
2013-02-23 21:51:15
so n! wins over nip online then lose to CRG at lan, smells like they are true germans
2013-02-23 21:51:59
and win over esc at lan ?
2013-02-23 21:57:07
n!faculty also beats ESC at lan........

I don't get people like you who take one result and then judge off that.

n!faculty came forth at ESWC, and have a hot and cold like most teams currently, it happens.
2013-02-23 21:57:16
by: Dok1
...these people...I don't get them. Only here to provoke.
2013-02-23 22:20:04
by: Dok1
I absolutelty hate this mindset. n!faculty 3rd/4th at ESWC 2012 and beat ESC at this LAN. We'll also see them at ESEA LAN finals so keep quiet pls.
2013-02-23 22:19:11
n!faculty online heroes?
2013-02-23 21:54:39
2013-02-23 21:55:26
n!faculty. Beats NiP online, doesn't go through groupstages at lan. WP doods
2013-02-23 21:56:52
by: Dok1
still they beat ESC on LAN with probably less than 4 hours sleep and a 3 hours delay against Na'Vi...
2013-02-23 22:21:15
bo1. And we both know that ESC's performances are not very constant. Especially against lower teams
2013-02-23 23:48:34
in cs:go esc is the lower team right now

2013-02-24 00:54:32
n! lost to teamCRG
IMG lost to nostalgie
Lemondogs lost to all

Can we all agree that Epsilon beating IMG, n! and Lemondogs online is useless in LAN/online comparison ? .. Look who these teams lost to on lan...

Post edited 2013-02-23 22:04:00
2013-02-23 22:01:25
2013-02-23 22:09:37
2013-02-23 22:14:02
n!faculty guys had been awaken for 35 hours

If they would had time to sleep enough they would had easily destroyed all teams in their group
2013-02-23 22:38:14
2013-02-23 23:01:35
2013-02-23 22:38:54
n!>nip/vg on internet
2013-02-23 22:40:12
ESWC 2012
2013-02-23 22:51:11
Hey, watsup Na'Vi hater?
2013-02-24 00:58:31
2013-02-23 22:59:27
GJ Legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-02-23 23:01:21
wp by Ukrainians. always impressive Navi! <3
2013-02-23 23:02:15
Exactly what i expected from this event :) its a completly new game so noone really is a stable topteam but NiP, people find out things that work better than other things every day. so its a cat and mouse race to improve fastest.
2013-02-23 23:08:33
ESC claimed a 15-14 lead next, but with Valve still unable to fix the basic GOTV issue with buffer at the end of the game, no one got to know exactly how Na`Vi tied the game.
2013-02-24 06:38:30

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