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VeryGames ease past Nostalgie
Time: 2013-02-24 00:09
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

VeryGames have moved to the top of Group A following a 16-3 thrashing of Nostalgie.

The French giants were keen to make amends after giving a poor account of themselves in the opening stage, and they sent out a strong message in the first round of the second group stage, giving the Russian mix no chance.

The map that was picked was de_nuke_ve, and here VeryGames got to start on the highly-favoured CT side, and they took control of proceedings practically throughout the first half, as they scoreboard showed 12-3 in their favour when it was time to switch sides.

In the second half, VG maintained the same pace, winning the opening four rounds to seal a 16-3 victory.

Mad Catz Vienna

In the other group match, e-Sports.rs confirmed that they are indeed this tournament's surprise package, and moved past TeamCRG 16-13 on de_nuke_ve after losing the first half 9-6.

Mad Catz Vienna

e-Sports Serbia <3
2013-02-24 00:10:52
call groups E,F not A,B like in 1st group stage :|
or something similar

Post edited 2013-02-24 00:11:52
2013-02-24 00:11:09
they are referred to everywhere else as A2 and B2
2013-02-24 00:14:50
poor article tbh...you should write more about who excelled the most etc etc, you could even add final stats or words from winning teams (if you are on site)
2013-02-24 00:34:15
the hltv articles have always been bad like this. they're 90% filler of "team X won the pistol round and the next 3 rounds only to lose round 5 to team Y who won the next 2 rounds..."

We don't care, give us some details on those rounds. Who had a good round, who had a great flank that lead to an awesome re-take, etc.
2013-02-24 01:13:41
Nostalgie for fun!
2013-02-24 01:01:45

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