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ESC over TCM-Gaming
Time: 2013-02-24 04:02
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ESC Gaming has defeated TCM-Gaming 16-7 on de_mirage_csgo in the last match of the day, finishing exactly on the dot at 4am local time. logiX forfeited their match against 3DMAX.

ESC Gaming continued playing well as they won the all important pistol round as counter-terrorists on de_mirage_csgo, followed up by two save rounds from German TCM-Gaming.

Although former mouz.de member Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis' team won the first gun round, ESC replied by winning the one right after and forcing Smoilis' team to save, extending their deficit to 1-5.

Next three rounds went to ESC as well, with Filip "NEO" Kubski clutching a one-on-one situation in the A bombsite on round nine. TCM would make it 2-8 with a well executed B attack, but ESC once again won the following round.

TCM-Gaming were still able to afford one more buy, but Robert "TORNADOTONI" Radosevic's unsuccessful one-on-two attempt led to them saving right after with ESC now making it 11-2.

TaZ has continued being ESC's statistically strongest player

ESC quickly made it 12-2 with another win converted from a two-on-one situation in bombsite A, and then finished off the half with a win in B, despite TCM's man advantage late in the round.

The Germans won a flawless pistol round to open up their counter-terrorist side, followed up by two save rounds from ESC who wanted to get their economy in good shape before purchasing weapons.

Their plan seemed to work as Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski's one-on-one win gave them their fourteenth round, and although they dropped the next two rounds, they were still able to buy and forced gamepoint at 15-7.

Last round remains a mystery once more as the organizers once again changed map too soon after ESC's victory, adding another fresh memory about Valve's inability to fix some of the most basic issues in CS:GO.

Mad Catz Vienna

The other match in group 2B was never played as German logiX decided to leave the tournament due to the massive delays, as both them and 3DMAX were already knocked out and simply playing for bragging rights.

Mad Catz Vienna

ESC Gaming will therefore take on LDLC.com in just seven hours' time at 11:00, while TCM-Gaming will have to go through Anexis, also at 11:00, if they wish to advance in Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational.

good game
2013-02-24 04:05:20
gj esc ;)
2013-02-24 10:12:31
2013-02-24 10:59:43
2013-02-24 11:07:22
2013-02-24 15:23:42

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