Video: Dosia vs NiP
By: rzyx
Time: 2013-02-24 17:59
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov who is not known to pick the AWP very often makes this highlight while trying to save the weapon.

Nostalgie, the name the Russian mix decided to attend with, have proceeded to the second group stage after losing to TCM-Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

They went through the second group stage as well, falling short only to VeryGames in the process which gave them a match-up with Ninjas in Pyjamas once more in the quarter-finals.

While not being known for his AWP, Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov was forced to pick it up trying to save a weapon, which he did not succeed in the end despite his best efforts.

Highlight info

Player: Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov
Match:  Nostalgie vs  NiP
Final result: 08:16
Match date: 23.02.2013
Map: de_dust2_se
Event: Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational
Stage: Group stage
Weapon: AWP
Action Situation: NiP leading 11:7

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Tags: Dosia, Nostalgie, NiP, Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational

by: wrd-
not bad
2013-02-24 18:02:13
quite bad
2013-02-24 19:24:45
2013-02-25 14:08:30
true, but getting kills when saving is not worth a clip
2013-02-25 02:56:15
Sick unscope :-D
2013-02-24 18:02:15
noscope* and yes
2013-02-24 18:03:02
really sick unscope :-D
2013-02-24 18:25:36
2013-02-24 18:37:33
really sick cod fanboy :-D
2013-02-24 18:50:51
not following
2013-02-24 18:51:56
2013-02-24 19:07:13
dafak he is disarming the weapon or what
2013-02-24 18:35:00
yeah kinda good
2013-02-24 18:02:35
dafuq dosia sick awp
2013-02-24 18:13:42
He is like Sixer, player who deserves to win tournaments but his teammates are always too weak
2013-02-24 18:39:31
nice shots but not worthy of a highlight imo
2013-02-24 18:43:12
2013-02-24 19:00:16
omg fifflaren killed one. (?)
2013-02-24 19:04:04
he is actually really good at this tournament and lately overall
2013-02-24 19:21:20
fifflaren is a great player
2013-02-24 20:32:46
Hahahaha. good joke.
2013-02-24 20:37:35
it wasnt a joke? fifflaren has played on top level since source came out, and if u didnt know, he played in CGS, and u dont get in cgs if u are a bad player.
2013-02-25 20:20:43
hahahah nice joke.
2013-02-25 23:01:10
2013-02-26 12:08:44
useless but nice frags. gj
2013-02-24 19:16:01
Dosia NICE!!!!!!!!!!
2013-02-24 21:19:30
bad edit
2013-02-26 12:06:23
there's absolutely no reason for this clip to be this long. i mean, reaaaaally?
2013-02-28 12:20:50

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