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Dynamic win LAN ETS 2013
Time: 2013-03-03 21:18
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dynamic have won their fifth consecutive LAN ETS in Montreal, now for the first time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, after besting Crucial Connexion in the grand final.

Team Dynamic were without their two star fraggers Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and Braxton "swag" Pierce as the former is currently on vacation and the latter didn't travel to Montreal as TD instead chose to use their former members who are local.

Stepping in were Phillipe-Olivier "PEX" Crepin, who was replaced by Gilbert after DreamHack Winter, and Kevin "Legend" Binette, who retired at the end of 2010 and was replaced by Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo.

PEX returned to Dynamic for a LAN ETS victory

Without much competition at LAN ETS, Dynamic were heavy favorites to clinch another title while Ubinited placed 9-12th and Erik "da_bears" Stromberg's Trademark eSports fell to third place.

Coming from the lower bracket, Crucial Connexion were able to win the first map de_inferno_se 16-13 in the grand final, but Team Dynamic secured a win with a 16-10 win on de_nuke_se after some network issues.

LAN ETS 2013

LAN ETS 2013 final standings:

1. Team Dynamic - $2,000
2. Crucial Connexion - $1,000
3. Trademark eSports - $500
4. Vae Victis

Team Dynamic will next travel to ESEA Invite Season 13 playoffs where Gilbert and Pierce will re-unite with the squad as they take on seven other teams in the $36,000 CS:GO tournament.

prizemoney ?
2013-03-03 21:20:15
prize? hahahaha
2013-03-03 21:20:43
$2,000 and hardware
2013-03-03 21:24:05
Nice to see legend playing again
2013-03-03 21:23:38
Nice to see my old bud dabears pkaying again!
2013-03-03 22:01:08
2013-03-03 22:09:54
gj dynamic<3
2013-03-03 21:25:01
would love to say no n0thing no win, but hey..
2013-03-03 21:33:37
Wasn't Ubinited there aswell?
2013-03-03 21:36:22
by all means, comment without bothering to read four short paragraphs to get an answer to your question
2013-03-03 21:37:23
nah bro, ask before you read is obviously the correct order(!)
2013-03-03 21:48:47
My fail there, only flew over the text and thought that paragraph was match report.
2013-03-03 22:02:21
whats happend with n0thing and swag ?
2013-03-03 21:51:26
n0thing on vacation with family, swag at home.
2013-03-03 22:00:27
wasnt trademark esports there as well?
2013-03-03 21:53:43
2013-03-03 22:01:30
Dynamic stronk maybe can do some damage at esea. i mean swag and n0thing was missing.
2013-03-03 22:17:39
full lineups of top 3 please ?
2013-03-04 00:40:04
Dynamic : volcano adren pex legend azk
Cc : jamal aks vez fmb vinx
Trademark :


2013-03-04 00:55:09
shit united5 moses ? and cc jamal "bayad" ? if yes, thats a good friend of mine lol
2013-03-04 01:10:34
yes that canada jamal! :D ur old teammate that is
2013-03-04 03:11:27
yea was my teammate for lan events/some online stuff also, I remember I met him when I was in cal-main and he was in cal-open, was teaching him stuff in 1.6 then he switched to source and became pro.
2013-03-04 03:22:59
ahah najd lurking the NA scene :P
when you coming back to montreal buddy!
2013-03-06 05:17:26
edward style
2013-03-05 10:29:45
Dynamic are just...insane
2013-03-06 00:11:45

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