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Valve releases new CS:GO update
Time: 2013-03-22 01:20
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve has released a new update for CS:GO which will introduce some important changes to the game.

One of the most important changes brought by this new update, which is almost 200mb big, is the fact that a defuse will now be halted once a player turn his view too far from facing the bomb.

This could play a significant role in the way teams try to retake bombsites as sometimes they defuse the bomb while searching for the attacking players who are still alive.

Fans following matches via GOTV will now follow the spectated player correctly by using the radar.

Valve has also made some significant changes to CS:GO's Hostage Rescue mode, adding cs_militia to the map pool and making it that hostages are now carried by CTs rather than following behind.

Below you can find the complete changelog for March 21st's update:

  • Added new Hostage Rescue map cs_militia
  • Update Hostage Rescue Mode rules
  • Hostage positions are randomly assigned at the beginning of the match. The hostages will start at these positions for the entire match.
  • Hostages are now carried by CTs instead of following behind.
  • Hold +use for 4 seconds to pick up a hostage. (Equipping a rescue kit will decrease the time required to 1 second.)
  • CTs win a round when the first hostage is rescued.
  • Reduced round timer. Round time is extended when the first hostage has been picked up.
  • Rebalanced money rewards to accommodate new rules.
  • Hostages now indicate whether they are above or below you on the radar.
  • cs_office, cs_assault, and cs_italy have updated to use random hostage spawn points.
  • Added convars to modify new hostage rules:

  • mp_hostages_max - Sets the maximum number of hostages to spawn.
  • mp_hostages_rescuetime - Setting 0 removes the time extension when CTs pick up the first hostage.
  • mp_hostages_spawn_farthest - Setting 1 forces hostage spawn points to choose be the farthest possible combinations.
  • mp_hostages_spawn_force_positions - Setting a comma separate list (ex: 0,2 ) forces specific hostage spawn point combinations.
  • mp_hostages_spawn_same_every_round - Setting 0 randomizes the hostage spawn points every round.
  • mp_hostages_takedamage - Setting 0 allows hostages to be hurt.

  • Added hostage entity properties for new hostage rules:
  • HostageSpawnRandomFactor - Allows to increase probability of hostage random spawning rules to use that spawn point.
  • HostageSpawnExclusionGroupN - Hostages sharing same spawn exclusion group will never spawn together.

  • The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb.
  • Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper.
  • Players play the regular jump (step) sound when moving greater than walk speed that can be heard by both the jumper and all clients in earshot.
  • The timer that performs the random map selection visuals now properly gets killed when the scoreboard hides.
  • Fixed convar mp_weapons_allow_map_place not properly eliminating map-placed weapons. NOTE: FY servers will need to set this convar to 1.
  • Added an option to func_dustmotes entity volumes that lets them choose to not be affected by wind.
  • Fixed in-game clipping for triple-monitor rendering configurations.
  • Added overtime indicator to GOTV spectators miniscoreboard.
  • Radar should now correctly follow spectated player when spectating via GOTV.
  • Adjusted score and MVP rewards for gameplay events related to planting, defending and defusing the bomb, and for reaching, protecting and extracting hostages.
  • Steam overlay game details will now correctly show players score.
  • Fixed special characters of player name not correctly displaying in some UI elements.
  • Fixed a bug where friends were banned from joining parties where one of the members failed to recently accept a competitive match.
  • Ok...
    2013-03-22 01:20:55
    how to remove radar now it appears when im doing movies even if i have ma movie config
    2013-03-22 01:47:01
    Wait, you just need to re apply the moviemaking files. Not broken! :D
    2013-03-22 08:58:10
    Hideradar to turn it off

    Drawradar to turn in on
    2013-03-22 15:20:25
    sick update
    2013-03-22 01:21:12
    sick fast reading skills
    2013-03-22 01:22:28
    you can read faster if you repeat a sound in your head like "aaaaaaaaaa" and scan the words with your eyes. your brain still comprehends the message and you don't waste time reading every word.
    2013-03-22 01:51:47
    thx, been reading a lot!
    2013-03-22 02:16:29
    you don't need to read when u see Valve updates, only shit updates they made and they will make
    2013-03-22 13:13:17
    true. but "sick update" implies reading. or lying.
    2013-03-22 16:06:11
    or being sarcastic :D
    2013-03-22 16:11:20
    2013-03-22 01:21:45
    good??? who needs hostage commands???

    fix that f**** eagle!!!
    2013-03-22 01:36:37
    2013-03-22 02:02:52
    Yeah FIX DEAGLE !!!
    2013-03-22 05:42:47
    2013-03-22 09:26:47
    casuals need 'em
    2013-03-22 11:45:14
    wait a second.. we have some pro here..
    2013-03-22 15:52:14
    I meant the defuse update. :)
    2013-03-22 21:45:32
    lol when valve adds silencer in colt :D
    2013-03-22 01:23:10
    2013-03-22 09:52:49
    never, it's m4a4 not m4a1

    m4a4 doesn't have a silencer
    2013-03-22 11:03:50
    Do you believe that colt includes a silencer in the package, when they deliver a bunch of m4a1s to a military or security firm?
    And by the way that rifle shoots a light bullet with a lower muzzle velocity than other weapons that use that round. Meaning it's not nearly as loud.
    2013-03-22 12:04:33
    if the games called Counter-Strike, silencers should be a part of it as they always have been an option on certain weapons
    2013-03-22 13:18:28
    I know, but he's logic is stupid. He was probly just baiting, but w/e I was bored and I love to throw facts and questions in people's faces.
    2013-03-22 14:09:04
    who cares, its part of cs
    2013-03-22 12:06:27
    if im not mistaken almost every weapon can have a silencer/compressor, wich makes your coment invalid

    Post edited 2013-03-22 12:11:57
    2013-03-22 12:11:34
    i think i speak for the whole community if i say please go be stupid somewhere else...
    if a f*cking shotgun can have a god damn silencer why not m4a4 ?
    2013-03-22 21:28:44
    Are you getting at the "flash suppressor" bit? Because a flash suppressor reduces the muzzle flash, not the sound.
    2013-03-25 10:57:15
    200mb update and only one good feature for gameplay , how sad

    - The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb.
    2013-03-22 01:23:18
    - Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper.

    This was another thing requested by the community.

    In general, this is one of the better updates we've had, and probably they'll keep incoming.
    2013-03-22 01:40:37
    that means that if i stand still andjump no players can hear me?
    2013-03-22 02:41:32
    yep, but remember to hold shift
    2013-03-22 07:28:32
    did u test it? this case it's very good :)
    2013-03-22 08:51:19
    well, that worked before with shift so if its updated it should be working wihout shift now?!?
    2013-03-22 13:08:37
    you sure :O ?
    2013-03-22 20:36:58
    Not sure but i think it was (before) so that if u jump up on to something while holding shift there doesnt come sound but otherwise there comes...
    2013-03-23 00:32:22
    yeah Im like 90% sure shift jump created a sound clientside but not to others.. this occured most often while jumping in to vents @ nuke.
    2013-03-23 04:30:19
    -Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper.

    -Players play the regular jump (step) sound when moving greater than walk speed that can be heard by both the jumper and all clients in earshot.

    I do like these too but besides those pretty useless if you ask me

    edit: lol muh bad didnt read comments lower

    Post edited 2013-03-22 04:13:52
    2013-03-22 04:12:42
    Just need some bigger crates on d2 a site, and I'll ninja everyone in clutches.

    Wait this gives gtr so many new possibilities
    2013-03-22 12:09:27
    LOLOLOL +1
    2013-03-23 03:12:09
    sick updatee? hostadges? oh god why...
    2013-03-22 01:23:18
    2013-03-22 01:24:18
    militia! map of my childhood!
    2013-03-22 01:24:41
    +1 haha :D
    2013-03-22 12:50:08
    lol i started playing cs on on militia with my dad and uncle when i was 12
    2013-03-22 13:19:58
    hostages update ty valve
    2013-03-22 01:26:07
    Fixing the radar and having a more clear indication of what jumping mechanics can be heard is good news.
    2013-03-22 01:26:09
    this hostageupdate is fucking important.
    pls add silencer for m4 and make doors on de_nuke like they were @ 1.6
    2013-03-22 01:26:21
    at least a site squeaky door
    2013-03-22 01:27:33

    1. deagle fix
    2. p200 boost
    3. m4 silencer
    4. movement fix (bhop)
    5. anti-cheat
    2013-03-22 01:26:35
    1. whats wrong with deag? maybe a bit more accurate would be nice but nothing that wrong.
    2. Hell yes
    3. Not happeneing for awhile. It on the end of there list if they even do it
    4. Dont understand what you want
    5. Hard to stop hackers but it could be updated
    2013-03-22 01:36:51
    nothing that wrong?lol deagle is broken XD
    2013-03-22 02:41:50
    bunny hops without getting tired after 3 jumps like in 1.6 or source.
    2013-03-22 04:18:00
    Bhopping was just retarded in source, glad they removed it...
    2013-03-22 07:50:13
    can't be done in source anymore when the good cfg is loaded.. this was fixed a long time ago.
    bhopping is skill of movement, should be in the game.
    2013-03-22 10:30:53

    id hardly call that common
    2013-03-22 12:39:42
    lmao he's using a script.
    2013-03-22 17:26:52
    2013-03-22 01:37:39
    1)1st deagle was perfect (before any update)
    2)agree, or decrease glock a bit
    3)no need, its perfect
    4)yes better movement (i <3 bhop, i spend 1.000 hours bhopping on css btw i think the css zBlock bhop settings was good)
    5)maybe server secure update! they cant client update i think

    6)should throw faster nades when switching weapons! its too slow..
    2013-03-22 01:45:34
    1. maybe just decrease recoil a bit
    2. yeah
    4. it's fine
    5. lol

    Post edited 2013-03-22 11:05:55
    2013-03-22 11:05:15
    shutup. people who say "m4a4 doesnt have a silencer" are stupid. you cant take multiple gunshot wounds and walk away but you can in cs.

    they will add the silencer. it just inst a priority.
    2013-03-22 13:17:00
    They won't add the silencer.
    2013-03-22 21:40:34
    they won't

    why the fuck do you need silencer for anyway?
    2013-03-22 23:26:01
    func_dustmotes ??? Whattt
    2013-03-22 01:26:47
    func_xxx are entities in the mapping programs like hammer or source SDK not in-game commands
    2013-03-22 01:45:52
    Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
    Defuse was a pretty good part of 1.6 honestly, was pretty silly that you can look around, switch weapons, and even reload weapons while defusing. Even though the others aren't as important (reloading,switching weapons), this update could prove useful for terrorists in the future.
    2013-03-22 01:26:54
    +1 but still the old defuse stuff was kinda skill based like a real fake defuse. But lets se how it is now, not checked yet :)
    2013-03-22 08:01:32
    where's deagle changes? That recoil..sucks
    2013-03-22 01:27:20
    + I miss _se maps, 1:45 , 2xfb in MM
    2013-03-22 01:28:50
    2013-03-22 01:33:30
    +1, same things here
    2013-03-22 01:33:56
    And ANTI CHEAT in MM. They better update the problem 1st before updating a new problem.
    2013-03-22 01:42:44
    there is an anti-cheat. its called VAC.
    2013-03-22 13:17:27
    that is rumoured to be in the follow up update when GO goes to f2p.
    2013-03-22 01:42:45
    is it possible that valve thnik that theres even slight chance to use cs maps in competitive gaming ? hope theyre not so stupid
    2013-03-22 01:33:08
    2013-03-22 01:33:30
    Good update with the defusing thing!
    2013-03-22 01:35:07
    itsmeERROR - HLTV.org

    I don't really have words on this one... LOLOLOL.
    2013-03-22 01:35:53
    GTA BRO GTA !!
    2013-03-22 01:37:00
    haha what happens if u get three or four hostages ?
    2013-03-22 01:42:37
    u can hold only one and they cant be killed :D
    2013-03-22 01:46:35
    hahahahaha epic! :D
    2013-03-22 01:46:15
    strong shoulders!
    2013-03-22 01:53:08
    hahahahah LOL!!!
    2013-03-22 02:43:30
    pulling out of misery a homeless man xd
    2013-03-22 04:44:25
    holy shit? is it for real?
    2013-03-22 16:38:23
    2013-03-22 21:07:58
    Seriously?!?! Hostages?!?1?!
    2013-03-22 01:37:14
    nothing special
    2013-03-22 01:37:14
    why can't they add zombie or surf as official modes so that the game is fun to play.
    2013-03-22 01:39:12
    because there's no AMXMOD for CS:GO.

    2013-03-22 05:12:47
    Valve were the one that developed the zombie mode so yeah.
    2013-03-22 13:00:50
    i love that militia :D would be funny but not cs maps not really competive
    2013-03-22 01:39:21
    One and simple update would be 2 flashes in competitive mode.
    2013-03-22 01:39:23
    you can carry 2 flashes on tournaments or on private server with settings 5on5
    if you mean on matchmaking, yes you right! need 2 flashes
    2013-03-22 01:52:13
    another meh update, ty valve.
    2013-03-22 01:39:26
    give me teh damn usp
    2013-03-22 01:46:24
    deagle useless, glock OP, beep soud when planting bomb is stupid, fog maps in matchmaking and so more important things than this stuff...only defusing update usefull

    Post edited 2013-03-22 01:51:01
    2013-03-22 01:48:27
    Added new Hostage Rescue map cs_militia

    sick one
    2013-03-22 01:51:17
    I think you're confusing the game with a new version of 1.6, they do not want a 1.6 improved they want a new game.
    2013-03-22 01:53:35
    2013-03-22 02:22:20
    lefthand bugfix soon?...
    2013-03-22 01:54:18
    2013-03-22 02:55:56
    And update before tournament.
    2013-03-22 01:54:37
    "The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb."

    Just a couple of days too late, huh Na'Vi?


    Post edited 2013-03-22 01:56:14
    2013-03-22 01:55:23
    ye ,like ppl didnt do that to navi aswell
    2013-03-22 02:43:04
    did you atleast watch the clip?
    2013-03-22 08:34:36
    2013-03-22 10:52:50
    You can do the exact same thing like in this clip after this update.
    2013-03-22 10:55:43
    2013-03-22 12:13:46
    Good but, what about these?
    2013-03-22 01:57:11
    to old
    2013-03-22 13:17:33
    What do you mean?
    2013-03-22 13:29:54
    cl_righthand 0 don't fixed
    2013-03-22 02:02:16
    Why is it broken? I play lefthanded and im fine
    2013-03-22 02:17:12
    u can see through the hands with cl_righthand 0
    2013-03-22 02:58:10
    oh that yeah. they will fix it with the next update prolly
    2013-03-22 11:37:39
    yea like the hostages are the problem :))))))))))))))
    2013-03-22 02:03:25
    Valve working on important stuff as usual lol. Glad the fixed the defuse stuff and radar though.
    2013-03-22 02:07:10
    Dunno whats worse:

    CSP Style: no update for half a year but then actually a update that improves the game a lot ...

    Valve Style: pretty frequent updates ... but still not improving the game fast enough so in the end we haven't got a really good update since half a year as well ...

    Hm .... fuck everything.
    2013-03-22 02:08:39
    The worst is a game who will never come out/be competitive/have a userbased higher than 300.
    2013-03-22 13:46:19
    I support CSP, but even I think that comment was stupid, sorry.
    If you look at how CSGO was in the beginning, it really improved ALOT. The game was pure shit, not it's actually 'descent'.

    Post edited 2013-03-22 16:05:13
    2013-03-22 16:04:58
    Just fix the deagle.
    2013-03-22 02:10:16
    "Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper."

    There shouldn't be any client-side sounds only the one player can hear. That's completely bullshit in a game like CS where sounds are very important (but ye the sound-localisation in GO are terrible anyway...the sound-localisation in CS 1.6 was outstanding).
    2013-03-22 02:20:42
    Stop crying like chiqs seriously the game was created for casual and competitive players as well. The new user interface is awesome. They fixed the defusal and made it 1.6 like. They recreated the whole hostage thing while it was the same since 99 and they made it significantly better. They should create a campaign too imho. The update was good overall and dont expect to update everything overnight. Just small steps to perfection. The game in a year from now it will be awesome for casual and competitive players as well
    2013-03-22 02:23:18
    - update MM competitive settings to league standards (add ability to queue workshop maps)
    - adjust famas (or add new rifles)
    - adjust deagle
    - small adjust p2k

    Post edited 2013-03-22 02:32:39
    2013-03-22 02:32:15
    famas is good what you want to adjust in price of 2100 ?
    2013-03-22 11:19:53
    famas is the most balanced gun at csgo man..wtf
    2013-03-22 11:42:34
    cs_militia - great! The map where it all started for me
    2013-03-22 02:46:08
    Yes ..Please implement crouch hopping. How about allowing your fellow players to see through smoke by crouching or zooming in via scope in you know where, and how.
    2013-03-22 02:47:05
    Shitty game is still shitty.
    2013-03-22 02:59:56
    I used to spend hours and hours hiding in the garage in militia, great to see it back.

    No exactly an update we need for the competitive side, but a good update to attract players to try out CSGO when it goes F2P.
    2013-03-22 03:01:16
    The defuse change is great... im just baffled at how much effort they're putting into hostage rescue when there is so much other stuff they need to be doing.

    Honestly how fucking hard is it to implement the damn silencer lol...

    Post edited 2013-03-22 03:18:23
    2013-03-22 03:10:13
    Why is it that every update fucks up older demos... got so many to watch over the coming weekend and now they are useless...
    2013-03-22 03:23:38
    Good update even if everyone is whining.

    - fixed defuse for comp
    - fixed silent jumping for comp, no more shitty sounds when trying to 1vX

    - added a map and game mode for the pubbers (all games need a big public scene to become big).

    Meanwhile all the kids whine and cry because the things they wanted weren't fixed.
    2013-03-22 03:32:38
    Can you shoot hostages off a CT's back? lol
    2013-03-22 04:04:16
    shitty update......
    2013-03-22 04:10:24
    Anyone problem with roundtime on server?
    2013-03-22 04:14:58
    Looks like they are going in an eSports direction(sarcasm at peak) putting so much emphasis on hostages. I can't grasp why Valve hasn't put their focus more on guns(i.e pistols) and bugs(movement, client side crashing, not optimizing DX, left handed model bug) within the actual game. Do they realize left handed models don't work for many people and just shows a backwards right handed model? It's frustrating to know that Valve entertains the idea of a hostage over the shoulder rather than balancing out an eSports driven game(or so we thought)

    I agree that there is a community aspect to this game, but Valve needs to decide which direction they want to take it(eSports or community). Having their cake and eating it to isn't an option. You can appease the masses and add map packs and expansions, perhaps a single player mode!; or you can go in an eSports driven direction and draw the masses with crowds via tournaments and sponsors with LAN events.
    2013-03-22 04:23:59
    Yeah, they should obviously make big changes competititve-wise 1 week away from 2 to 3 big lan events, that makes perfect sense
    2013-03-22 14:22:33
    CAN you see ennemies on the radar at CS;Go?
    2013-03-22 05:24:57
    on css too but only if a teammate see him.
    2013-03-22 06:49:15
    if somebody is behind a box and you are near he appears on the radar?

    2013-03-22 09:07:23
    if a teammate of your sees him, or if he makes a sound
    2013-03-22 11:39:02
    I really hope that Valve will remove the regular cs:go maps and replace them with better versions (_se _ve _go maps)of them.
    2013-03-22 05:31:43
    maybe in the next update
    2013-03-22 06:51:16
    very doubtful
    2013-03-22 11:39:20
    nice update
    2013-03-22 05:47:34
    This is a 4fun update, for a 4fun game
    2013-03-22 06:00:50
    for a for fun game ? :D
    2013-03-22 12:21:53
    was cl_righthand 0 bug fixed?
    2013-03-22 06:48:48
    2013-03-22 08:55:13
    ashahaha valve trolling us
    2013-03-22 07:34:03
    1 deagle fix
    2 de_mirage_csgo in matchmaking
    3 2 fleshbang in matchmaking
    2013-03-22 07:41:11
    I can let you bang my flesh if you want
    2013-03-22 08:37:19
    2013-03-22 08:47:48
    need 2 fleshbangs

    Post edited 2013-03-22 16:08:45
    2013-03-22 16:08:33
    Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper.
    Players play the regular jump (step) sound when moving greater than walk speed that can be heard by both the jumper and all clients in earshot.

    2013-03-22 07:41:11
    Well the hostage shizznizzle might bring some casual players in which is always g00d
    2013-03-22 07:48:05
    Okay, so valve releases a big update for CS:GO, and what do we get? Some hostage map and shit like that? Where's the fucking movement, the silencer and the _se maps in MM?

    2013-03-22 07:59:33
    They can't update stuff like that right before biggest lan tournament.
    2013-03-22 11:18:45
    actually that makes a lot of sense! we have esea, cph games in front of us so i doubt they wil changethe movement etc
    2013-03-22 11:41:13
    like putting se maps in mm would make a difference
    2013-03-22 16:11:12
    fucking 150mb update and no righthand 0 fix. its just embarassing
    2013-03-22 08:13:59
    Well, I actually think that this update with the hostage thing may finally bring some interest from the competitive community to hostage maps. Maybe.

    I wish they would finally add more maps to competitive defuse though...
    2013-03-22 08:23:18
    cant wait for a next update! :(
    2013-03-22 08:28:06
    YES !!! MILITIA!!!

    but still waiting for cs_siege, de_prodigy, de_cbble and cs_backalley!! :D
    2013-03-22 08:30:06
    cs_backalley rulez!!!
    2013-03-22 18:02:17
    +1 i've been waiting for militia so long :)
    2013-03-22 18:40:56
    this jump updates are step in the right direction,also turning around 180 degrees while defusing was SO RETARDED,hopefully they will change c4 timer sound being audible to ct's,thats a factor why all maps are ct sided.

    Post edited 2013-03-22 08:57:08
    2013-03-22 08:56:51
    OMG Fix the goddamn recoil and movement first
    2013-03-22 08:59:30
    whats wrong with the movement?
    2013-03-22 10:25:15
    And the consumer is now more satisfied then before.
    2013-03-22 09:17:41
    Militia :D
    2013-03-22 09:27:32
    yes yes let's all play competitive hostage now --'
    2013-03-22 09:40:34
    why they added sounds to client-side like this or pick up grenades? it is only confusing, you hear sound so you think that enemy too
    2013-03-22 09:43:27
    fix the broken desert!!
    2013-03-22 09:48:55
    +mirage in matchmaking :D
    2013-03-22 09:54:35
    2013-03-22 10:24:57
    In case of low ammo, instead of reloading, now you can throw f***ing hostage at the enemy !

    Post edited 2013-03-22 09:59:59
    2013-03-22 09:59:46
    2013-03-22 10:15:05
    2013-03-22 11:04:56
    Why the fuck to they add things that 1 out of 10 needs? Add something that people wants! Fix the fucking deagle, and the fucking silencer on the m4!
    2013-03-22 10:05:02
    +1 on the silencer ^^
    2013-03-22 10:08:24
    You dont know about the movement problem but youre urging for a silencer. You are pathetic.
    2013-03-22 14:45:49
    Yep, cuz there's no problem with the movement, atleast not for me, its almost a perfect game, stop whining about the movement, whats wrong? And, silencer is a must, always been a classical in this game, suddenly removed, reasons to complain, obviously you and some other polish nerds who cares about the movement. bye.
    2013-03-22 15:48:44
    I Think That The Defause Will Be Helpful For Tero nn ?
    2013-03-22 10:07:05
    loool useful updates ...
    2013-03-22 10:35:21
    2013-03-22 10:36:09
    no idea

    m4a4 doesn't even have a silencer in real life
    2013-03-22 11:06:51
    >real life

    pick one.
    2013-03-22 11:17:30
    google image u can find there m4a4 with silencer
    2013-03-22 11:28:55
    M4A4 does not even exist in real life so in fiction weapon you can add whatever you want.
    2013-03-22 13:25:07
    too much Splinter Cell . . .
    2013-03-22 11:08:35
    2much 1.6/cz/css ;)
    2013-03-22 12:31:04
    If you don't want to play m4 with silencer don't use it. Having silencer is good, but it's obv placebo effect : ))))
    2013-03-22 20:52:05
    Nice update, keeps going in the right direction.
    2013-03-22 10:59:56
    valve idiots deal with it
    thet never fix what really need to fix
    2013-03-22 11:09:58
    n1 update valve :DDDDDD
    2013-03-22 11:11:43
    2013-03-22 11:20:18
    FUCK when? will be some really good update?
    2013-03-22 11:34:13
    DM on militia ---> terror fps
    2013-03-22 11:35:03
    instead of changing important stuff they add hostage changes/commands.

    gj valve

    not bad.
    2013-03-22 11:48:40
    cl_righthand 0 is still bugged
    2013-03-22 11:51:25
    Really now? Do people even play hostage maps these days?
    2013-03-22 11:52:33
    So you all want your deagle fixes, mk silencer, and no one wants new matchmaking maps? am i the only one? cache,mirage? bring them on?
    2013-03-22 11:53:14
    _se maps? anyone?
    2013-03-22 11:57:46
    Updated Anti-Cheat > All other updates

    Cheats are killing MM.. :(
    2013-03-22 11:54:05
    Valve Really ? ... fuck my life
    2013-03-22 11:54:53
    still deagle sucks QQ

    Post edited 2013-03-22 11:55:53
    2013-03-22 11:55:41
    nice aimbot
    2013-03-22 12:33:38
    this video is only about music css sucks anyway
    2013-03-22 12:59:36
    2013-03-22 16:12:19
    we need some gameplay changes plz add silencer and fix dgl
    2013-03-22 12:00:50
    Instead of this usless updates they could focus on addig silencer,adding 2fb to matchmaking and immproving the movement and i think that they should remove the planting sound so ct dont rush in when you plant

    Post edited 2013-03-22 12:16:57
    2013-03-22 12:11:57
    2013-03-22 16:13:14
    2013-03-22 12:20:46
    They have major problems with this game and they decide to beautify it? That's like your house being on fire and you're sitting there deciding what color you should paint the living room in. Fix left hand models, fix the deagle(just revert it to where it was before the stupid pistol updates started; when NO professional players use the deagle, then you HAVE to know you made a boo-boo), the client still gets stuck and throws you out of the game, place tournament used maps on competitive mode, address the ever increasing cheating issue. After they sort these out, then they can waste time trying to make cs_ maps competitive viable, etc.
    2013-03-22 12:39:45
    what about last rounds @GOTV?
    2013-03-22 13:00:35
    ok new game
    no need change movement to 1-6 and no need silencer
    but bomb sound jump sound, clear maps,add new maps for MM,fix lags on gotv,fix dgl and much more
    what about this?
    2013-03-22 13:02:51
    New host on office map ; ^^ funny

    2013-03-22 13:04:24
    it's a good update. a lot of useless stuff but also good fixes
    2013-03-22 13:25:17
    fix deagle, flash 1>>>2 , maps from esea, anticheat
    2013-03-22 13:31:50
    Yeah, only 2 or 3 big lan events coming up in a week, lets change the movement and the recoil of the guns! This community is freaking retarded
    2013-03-22 13:53:13
    The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb.
    2013-03-22 13:56:54
    These which interested me:
    - The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb.
    - Players play the regular jump (step) sound when moving greater than walk speed that can be heard by both the jumper and all clients in earshot.
    - Added overtime indicator to GOTV spectators miniscoreboard.
    - Radar should now correctly follow spectated player when spectating via GOTV.

    About other I don't care.

    What about these?
    2013-03-22 14:25:48
    gj keep it up
    2013-03-22 14:27:43
    omg nice joke, valve go fuck your hostages.
    1. fix DGL
    2. fix cl_righthand 0
    3. add 2 flashes in matchmaking
    4. add SE maps in matchmaking
    5. tick-cmd-update-rate 128
    6. good anticheat

    2013-03-22 14:40:53
    they are to stupid to understand, what is important
    2013-03-22 15:15:43
    7. fps commands
    8. movement
    9. decrease the sound of planting the bomb
    10. pistols way too overpowered
    11. new skins
    12. silencers on some guns

    Post edited 2013-03-22 15:30:49
    2013-03-22 15:29:44
    I guess they've given up on important stuff :P
    2013-03-22 14:51:02
    Nope :) Takes time mate
    2013-03-22 15:10:11
    give my menu back!shitty valve update.
    2013-03-22 15:10:29
    oh god next update which is suck valve -.- Who play cs_maps?? I must thank you for screw up my gui... What u doing right?!
    2013-03-22 15:13:12
    Umph.... No silencer yet?
    2013-03-22 15:18:40
    lol this is a joke ! fix game not add stupid hostages to carry around
    2013-03-22 15:25:01
    stupid mothe fucker idiots with stupid update
    burn in a hell valve

    Post edited 2013-03-22 15:42:40
    2013-03-22 15:37:07
    in a hell lmao
    2013-03-22 16:06:47
    Suddenly, thirdies everywhere. Deal with the updates or quit.
    2013-03-22 15:58:32
    hostage update
    2013-03-22 16:11:07
    Hostage update?? seriously valve??
    - fix the broken dgl
    - remove the c4 sound that ct hear when tero is planting
    - silencer on m4
    - remove blur in awp
    - 2 flshes in matchmakin
    - good anticheat to ban all morrons cheatin in matchmakin
    2013-03-22 16:17:07
    hello, valve

    fix the deagle
    get _se maps in matchmaking

    2013-03-22 16:27:13
    nice update
    2013-03-22 16:39:35


    1. Fix deagle
    2. Add mirage and cache to matchmaker. PLEASE!
    3. Add se maps please

    Post edited 2013-03-22 16:56:51
    2013-03-22 16:54:48
    2. fix cl_righthand 0
    2013-03-22 20:51:15
    Love the jumping fix. But otherwise, meh.. not that great of an update for the scene.
    2013-03-22 23:17:51
    official servers in south america! ;)
    2013-03-23 02:27:25
    "CTs win a round when the first hostage is rescued."

    2013-03-23 03:28:19
    Nice update, the new hostage mode looks good, but what I'm really looking for:

    - Improved GOTV. Let commentators broadcast their shows directly through the client (at least the audio, can't be that hard).
    - South american official servers, PLEASE.
    - Fix deagle, I don't care how, just make it worth the price.
    2013-03-23 20:16:07
    Good update! I like the new menu really much too :)

    2013-03-23 23:02:26
    i just tested the new things and i don't like it at all..
    this new militia is f*cking horrible, so is the new menu.. why??
    and this new hostage rescue mode is quite ridiculous, this is not the good old hostage mode what we all know well, this is not anymore the counter-strike hostage rescue.. this was really unnecessary..

    things we need dear Valve:
    - _se maps for matchmaker !!!
    - mirage for matchmaker !
    - 2 flashes in matchmaker !
    - fix dgl !
    - improve GOTV
    - a good anticheat
    2013-03-23 23:58:24

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