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NiP win DH Bucharest over LD
Time: 2013-09-15 16:28
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

NiP have won the battle of Sweden versus Lemondogs 2-0 (16-11 de_inferno_se, 16-4 de_dust2_se) to win DreamHack Bucharest 2013 and $7,500.

Lemondogs started the DreamHack grand final with a very aggressive push down the middle as counter-terrorists on de_inferno_se, and managed to catch NiP completely off guard.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund ruined the party soon after though, as he scored four kills, including a one-on-two win, in the following save round, turning the economy back in their favor.

Jerry "xelos" Råberg and Isak "cype" Rydman put up two frags each to tie the game, but it wouldn't last for long as the Ninjas shifted to a higher gear, winning six unanswered rounds.

Faruk "pita" Pita and Simon "twist" Eliasson won Lemondogs a B bombsite retake for their third round, and Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson scored his first frag a round later in a lost one-on-two with Rydman coming out on top.

Now up 8-4, Alesund took matters to his own hands yet again and scored an ace with his AK47, once again shifting momentum in NiP's favor and leading to three easy round wins.

Delpan's Lemondogs put up a good fight on the first map

Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg's triple wasn't enough on the second pistol round as Eliasson kept LD's hopes alive by taking him out with a Glock headshot in the A bombsite. NiP attempted their standard two shotgun save round, but fell to a 0-3 start.

NiP got back on top on the fourth round, as Richard "Xizt" Landström's double opened the round. Marcus "Delpan" Larsson's team then got back into the game by winning the next round, thus forcing NiP on a save.

Now down 9-12, Larsson tried the hero's cape on as he clutched a huge one-on-two situation in B in a triple kill round, once again breaking NiP's economy and bringing the score to 11-12.

In the deciding round of the map, Adam "friberg" Friberg and Landström secured a two-on-two retake in the A site, and the captain then followed it up by key frags from his signature spot on the balcony.

NiP wasted no time in securing a 1-0 map lead as Lindberg and Friberg split the pot to get map point, and Lindberg teamed up with Landström on the final round to clinch a 16-11 win on de_inferno_se.

Lindberg scored a triple kill on the counter-terrorist pistol round of de_dust2_se, and NiP rode it for a 3-0 lead before surrendering a round and having to pause the game due to Pita crashing.

NiP win yet another tournament

Once game continued Alesund attempted to knife Larsson in a three-on-one that almost cost his team a round, and forced NiP to save after LD were able to take the following round.

Saving didn't stop NiP though, as Alesund scored three kills to shift the momentum back in their favor at 5-2. Lindberg won an AWP duel versus ex-teammate Larsson next, but his team still came up short.

Next round Larsson took down Johansson, who was trying to cross the double doors, and added another kill on top of A to make it 4-5, with Lindberg saving his AWP for the next round.

That AWP wound up being costly as Lindberg's two kills won NiP another save round. Friberg added a triple AK47 kill a few rounds later to make it 9-4, and another triple, including a one-on-one win, in the final round.

Up 11-4 after the harder side of the map, NiP simply cruised to a comfortable 16-4 win on de_dust2_se to clinch the DreamHack Bucharest 2013 title with a 2-0 win over Lemondogs.

DreamHack Bucharest ..

K - D
HS %
K - D
HS %

K - D
HS %
K - D
HS %

DreamHack Bucharest 2013 final standings:

1. NiP - $7,500
2. Lemondogs - $4,500 + DreamHack Winter spot
3-4. Astana Dragons - $1,500
3-4. Natus Vincere - $1,500
5-8. Copenhagen Wolves
5-8. VeryGames
5-8. fnatic
5-8. n!faculty

NiP are the defending DreamHack champions so they already hold a spot for the tournament, so the DreamHack Winter spot up for grabs in Bucharest was given to runner-ups Lemondogs instead.

DreamHack Bucharest may be over, but we're still in the process of adding more photos and plenty of highlight clips from the tournament. You can find full statistics here.

low sh1t

that's unbelievable how boring this tournament was :S

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:33:06
2013-09-15 16:28:25
2013-09-15 16:46:15
Then you didint watch it.
2013-09-15 16:52:40
well, in whole tournament I was excited from only 3 matches
2013-09-15 16:56:19
thats enought :)
2013-09-15 20:30:33
fnatic vs Nip was pretty good tho :)
2013-09-18 11:17:42
You did watch the matches right?
cause if you only think 3 matches was good i think you should go and play call of duty.
2013-09-15 16:58:49
2013-09-16 17:15:44
yep, Navi and Astana are much better... Dogs had to lose to them, cause this way NaVi or DRAGONS could even be 1st oh ya oh ya
2013-09-15 17:41:37
2013-09-15 19:20:01
There's realy no reason to support your statment. It's plane silly.
2013-09-15 22:50:01
u just supported it by simply replying to my post :)
2013-09-15 22:55:49
So if they were better, why did lemondogs beat them and ended up in the final?
2013-09-16 17:16:38
cuz nip was beaten only once ?
2013-09-15 22:19:06
Seriously? I think that noone could predict this... NiP unmanner

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:29:56
2013-09-15 16:28:32
2013-09-15 16:28:46
gl expected
2013-09-15 16:28:51
expected right , but CPH , and VG was unexpected trololol
2013-09-15 22:02:07
2013-09-15 16:28:52
wp NiP
2013-09-15 16:28:54
2013-09-15 16:28:59
gg nip
2013-09-15 16:29:07
xd what a surprise,
2013-09-15 16:29:08
1.6'ers taking over :D
2013-09-15 16:29:09
60% of the team is 1.6, it's hardly '1.6ers'

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:48:20
2013-09-15 16:47:57
He ment the teams in total I believe.
NiP is 60% 1.6ers,
NaVi is somewhere 60-100% 1.6ers,
Lemondogs is 80%(?) 1.6ers,
fnatic 80%,
CPH 80%

I would say that is mostly 1.6ers my friend,
however my predictions might not be accurate :p
2013-09-15 16:53:40
who played source from fnatic?
2013-09-15 16:56:46
Devilwalk did, didnt he?
2013-09-15 17:05:38
2013-09-15 17:09:25
cph wolves 60% source
2013-09-15 17:03:04
5-8 th place

I was hoping that they would go to the finals
:( they were well prepared.
2013-09-15 18:01:26
they were well prepared???

Loosing their IGL 1 day before the event

"they were well prepared"

Fuck logic
2013-09-15 18:06:08
I mean matte that they were practing for 1 month
2013-09-16 07:55:54
NaVi 100%
AD 100%
2013-09-15 17:05:08
fnatic 100% 1.6ers
Lemondogs 60% 1.6ers
2013-09-15 17:10:07
Navi 100%
2013-09-15 17:11:51
Navi are 100% 1.6, as is AD.
2013-09-15 17:16:36
It's nothing but a status for fans to circle jerk each other with. "heuheueh he played 1.6, he betta dan u!"

Who cares. New game, new rules. I would say it has more to do with these player's determination to win matches rather than, them being some sort of 'gods' because they played 1.6 before.
2013-09-15 17:18:47
Yep, thats what I meant.

16 1.6er's & 4 saucers probably. People will now start fighting about how this is only one tournament and all.

But I think we should get used to seeing this from here on. Especially a number of NiP vs AD finals from now on.

2013-09-15 20:48:01
NiP - 60%
Lemondogs - 60%
Na`Vi - 100%
AD - 100%
VG - 0%
fnatic - 100%
CPH - 40%
n!faculty - 60%

but counting how many people are coming from either 1.6 or source is just plain stupid. Get over with this 1.6 and source war.
2013-09-16 09:58:42
2013-09-17 21:33:27
guess he meant lemondogs, navi and astana

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:55:46
2013-09-15 16:54:32
stupid comment is stupid....dont you think, stupid?
2013-09-15 17:46:26
Have you ever hared about Friberg? He seams to own a lot of 1.6'ers. It remind me of that stupid photographers fighting about whats better Canon or Nikon. I don't think that it matters at all. What is important is what is here and now. And what decisions the player makes at the very moment.
2013-09-15 23:11:55
there were only 2 source teams in attendance, one of which had a stand-in in place of their caller (and was only 60% from source anyway) and the other lost to a 40% source team. no matter what happened, there was no way there would've been more source players in top4 since there were like 10 source players at the whole LAN.
2013-09-15 23:36:47
friberg played well
2013-09-15 16:29:12
2013-09-15 16:56:40
So many ex-1.6 players top 4. OMG.
2013-09-15 16:29:29
1st time hun...
2013-09-15 16:30:30
Its a hard life being a sAuce.
2013-09-15 16:30:54
If you say , why is hard?
2013-09-15 16:31:26
easier opponents
2013-09-15 16:33:32
Yea, easy bots them sAucers. ;-)
2013-09-17 03:36:26
Get used to it
2013-09-15 16:33:37
I dont have any problem , you 1.6rs are so happy i dont know why , this is csgo for me they are csgo players.
2013-09-15 17:02:53
16 1.6'er , 4 saucer I think
2013-09-15 16:37:05
Come on , have you seen another lans?

are you just being indian?
2013-09-15 17:01:15
Yes, I have seen them all, and I still stand by my statement.

Just an opinion though, no need to start a fight just because yours is different from mine.
2013-09-15 20:40:22
who cares, they all play csgo now, their previous game doesn't matter anymore.
2013-09-15 19:38:33
2013-09-15 16:29:49
Starting to get bored ... tournaments are not that exciting any more.
2013-09-15 16:29:58
2013-09-15 16:30:09
friberg !!! nice
2013-09-15 16:30:23
Someone should tell anders to stfu and stop lying to himself no one is getting close to NiP been hearing this shit alot..I am amazed a dead game gets more viewers then csgo which got like tournaments every month also the prize money compared to 1.6 is really shit and low..LOL

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:33:31
2013-09-15 16:30:32
exactly, people said that teams are getting close to NiP 6 months ago, its hilarious how clueless anders can be
2013-09-15 18:45:48
exactly, people said that teams are getting close to NiP 6 months ago, its hilarious how clueless anders can be, anders and semmler are fucking amateurs.

CSGO has a shit scene and shit production team nowadays.

2013-09-15 18:46:02
Don't criticize the casters. They're just hyping the match. Would you actually watch if they were so pessimistic by saying, "Yeah NiP is gonna win this...AGAIN." If they did that, they would be horrible casters. Think about what you say before you make your comment.
2013-09-15 20:25:51
I wonder why are u even posting if that's a dead game??? O_0 Go play something not dead. Personally i enjoy GO so much better than 1.6. And how can u compare viewer count, 1.6 was what? - 12 years old game? It's a lot of time to build a fan base in a video game don't u think?
2013-09-15 23:20:08
when did I said csgo is dead.. I meant 1.6 is dead and still gets more viewers if there is some show match lol..learn to read
2013-09-15 23:55:18
gg nip you are now more rich with 7,500$ :))
2013-09-15 16:30:52
If tournament prices rise as expected thanks to the eSport crates.. I can't imagine how rich will those guys be. xD
2013-09-15 16:42:21
2013-09-15 16:30:55
hahahaha fnatic
2013-09-15 16:31:03
well deserved
2013-09-15 16:31:06
cool tournament and LOL at fnatic
2013-09-15 16:31:22
nip....always nip... boring scene
2013-09-15 16:31:30
Boring tournament
2013-09-15 16:31:44
BORING, EASY, PREDICTABLE....same old same old....zzzzz
2013-09-15 16:31:53
2013-09-15 16:31:57
Nip has only lost 2 lans, when they attended right?
2013-09-15 16:32:02
EMS Summer and SLTV 6, right
2013-09-15 16:33:23
Starladder versus Virtus pro and the other LAN?
2013-09-15 17:12:24
The Raidcall EMS final, that VeryGames won. I think that in that lan, they lost vs virtus again. But i'm not sure.
2013-09-15 17:14:36
Totally missed that LAN, thanks! :)
2013-09-15 17:18:05
yahp they lost against vp in semifinal
2013-09-15 17:43:17
Love the prize distribution! WP Lemondogs.
2013-09-15 16:32:38
boring as fuck
2013-09-15 16:32:39
2013-09-15 16:36:17
"fuck" is not boring dude o_O :D
2013-09-15 18:49:44
as always
2013-09-15 16:33:04
WP LD and NiP. Plus Navi surprised me.
2013-09-15 16:33:18
One of the worst finals I've seen by far recently... casters didn't give a fuck that NiP won it was like so regular thing..

I really think something needs to happen before CSGO ... u know.

Valve doesn't read this site but if this game doesn't get major changes this game will not live for long, I don't see this game in competitive scene after the next 1-2 year(s).
2013-09-15 16:33:31
Then i need sell my computer and leave gaming
2013-09-15 16:34:26
Who said you need to leave gaming, CSGO shouldn't even be anyones #1 priority cause this has like 50k players...

Many don't own a decent PC to run CSGO and this game really isn't worth even buying a new one actually.
2013-09-15 16:37:12
lol you want valve to nerf NIP?

Other teams just needs to step the fuck up and act like true professionals
2013-09-15 16:36:42
he just a* mad fanboy leave him be looool

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:40:41
2013-09-15 16:40:25
Actually I don't mind NiP it's just that this game sucks balls and if Valve doesn't do anything, most likely this game will be abandoned.

This game needs updates and fast, no fucking chickens and all that clusterfuck!

Tagging, wallbanging, improved movement not just ADAD faggotlike sprays, autosniper nerfs, pistol nerfs, shotgun nerfs this game needs a lot of fixes!

NiP won over AD for few reasons and here are some:
1. They won most of the pistol rounds and actually games were close and I'm sure if Edward would be like he was in 1.6 AD would be #1 right now.
2. They bought AUTOSNIPERS how fucking professional is that?
3.Edward/dosia were not doing shitall in inferno besides CT side for edward...

This game needs MAJOR UPDATES for some MAJOR TOURNAMENT to pick this shit up and finally get players in it.


Post edited 2013-09-15 16:41:48
2013-09-15 16:41:09
You must pray to the volvo gods.
2013-09-15 16:49:57
Ikr. But I think huge updates need to be implemented not like 1 fucking update after 1 year like what the hell valve...
2013-09-15 16:52:49
2. They bought AUTOSNIPERS how fucking professional is that?

Are you serious? Why the f should they not use auto's just because they are pro's....

2013-09-15 16:53:04
Does autosniper require any more skill besides holding Mouse1 and u can even shoot legs and u still need only 2 shots to kill anyone.
2013-09-15 16:54:32
AD can do the same...
2013-09-15 17:14:10
ye but they won't cause they know how the game is played fair and square.

Back in 1.6 u didn't see autosnipers for a reason even though T autosniper was very strong!
2013-09-15 17:16:16
It is fair and if AD don't want to use the autosniper it's their problem and we did see autosnipering in 1.6 when the terrorists had alot of money at the end of the game/half, they would buy it, depending on the map ofc...
2013-09-15 17:20:15
We saw it rarely, getright has used it since idk... and now I saw xizt using it pretty frequently.
2013-09-15 17:23:39
Why is there a problem GeT_RiGhT and Xizt using the autosniper? If AD or other teams doesn't use it it's their problem not NiP's. It's the same for everyone...
2013-09-15 17:28:33
2013-09-15 20:02:32
So you are saying that:

a) Buying autosniper is quaranteed 5 kills every round? Wow thanks, I will start winning tournaments tomorrow.

b) The most professional thing would be everyone to use knife only- because it's requires most skill/is the hardest way to kill therefore is the most proffessional.

2013-09-15 17:18:23
Fact is autosniper is good to stop rushes and u saw xizt was smoked yet just mouse 1 and -3 easy.

You should be stupid if u go by ur logic. Did u see this shit in 1.6? No, cause that bullshit wasn't OP.
2013-09-15 17:20:45
Actually the terrorist autosniper WAS bullshit OP.

Mid air jumpshots noscoped no problem (first shot) and was accurate.

And no, it doesn't make NiP less professional because they buy autosnipers. We all play the same game and all players/teams have the right to buy autosniper if they want to.

It is not 1.6 and some of the new weapons are strong, better get used to it ;)
2013-09-15 20:20:00
T autosniper was good as I stated but only one who used it frequently was coloN but atleast used it to a good effect, airshots as u mentioned.
2013-09-15 22:16:21
So doing airshots with autosniper are considered more professional to you than stopping important rushes with an autosniper?

I dont really get your logic. Put it to good effect by doing airshots? How is that putting it to good effect.

I think you need to get out of your biased mindset and realize that CS 1.6 also had its flaws (autosniper wise) and it was just as OP as the CT autosniper in CSGO. You dont see people in CSGO airshotting from train ladders to backline with the autosniper in CSGO, do you? :P

It may not look "professional" to a spectator when watching someone buying an autosniper, but thats only because it was considered a lame weapon in 1.6 (and probably CSS as well). It is actually a really strong weapon and I think you'll just have to get used to that. People will ofcourse use weapons that are good, otherwise they are just handicapping themselves.

Post edited 2013-09-16 02:31:49
2013-09-16 02:28:00
It was something that was worth watching while it still takes more skill then holding Mouse1 only.
2013-09-16 15:11:45
+1 lol
2013-09-15 17:22:50
Valve fuck on normal players like you and me :) deal with it. Mainly for them are players like f0rest, ... and why AD lost game vs NiP ? Because NiP are better .. nothing more .. luck and badluck are in sport and e-sport mainly things :)
2013-09-15 17:19:23
NiP ain't better just shit day for AD + pistol skills for them otherwise AD better definitely.
2013-09-15 17:22:28
NiP ain't better but they beat your AD -.- ok +1 for you dude :)
2013-09-15 17:27:49
You just explaned to everyone how to win lans and make a lot of money in csgo! A genius formula.
No realy man how can you post this shit?
I acctually think that tha spay of guns ir realy nice when you take time to learn... And that autosniper part is such rubish! :D
2013-09-16 11:15:15
Dude did I say anything about guns spray??? I am talking about ADAD faggotry.
2013-09-16 15:14:38
More maps. This is what we need.
2013-09-15 17:02:04
Feel free to create some if you are so good at it. Really anyone can create new maps but they have to be good, but volvo should start working on their game before it's too late.
2013-09-15 17:03:57
sick didn't expect this
2013-09-15 16:34:42
steam rolled.. gg tho.. i guess.. would have loved if it was VG in the grand.
2013-09-15 16:34:56
2013-09-15 16:34:59
Nip :D :D
2013-09-15 16:35:06
fnatic - jw banned from all this years tournaments. More info coming soon...
2013-09-15 16:35:08
what?! really?
2013-09-15 16:36:15
Some caster said in romanian stream. There will be soon info about it @fnatic homepage.

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:47:44
2013-09-15 16:47:26
2013-09-15 16:40:34
finally the cheater nuublo got banned
2013-09-15 16:45:09
ya maybe he can find his chin and look less disgusting... cs is not doing him any favors.
2013-09-15 17:13:02
2013-09-15 17:31:54
Nasty... lets hope jw reads this :D
2013-09-15 20:50:22
We need an international in CSGO. 1 million $ in cash prizes, professional coverage, inverviews and more. Valve step up! :D
2013-09-15 16:35:20
keep dreaming
2013-09-15 16:36:31
First Fix this game,fix p90, fix auto sniper and the ice skating movement then talk about TI
2013-09-15 16:39:20
2013-09-15 16:44:54
Aaaand more than 1 team who can take the first place.
2013-09-15 17:04:20
why would they invest 1million into a game that can barely break 20k viewers for a finals?

Some ugly virgin playing LoL or DotA in pubs gets more viewers than that.
2013-09-15 17:13:59
Why would they do it? Cmon, it's easy money for NIP... First fix the game, although I find it amusing, it could use some important fixes for the competitive scene, and only then worry about making major tournaments. Basic rule.
2013-09-15 18:49:16
Congratulation. NIP are slowly becoming legends. They are the epitome of professional counterstrike players and lets be real something the counter strike community has been lacking.

And I don't understand people who say its boring. CSGO permits the best players to flourish. When other teams starts to act professional then they will be at NIP level.
2013-09-15 16:35:47
You sound like my english teacher STFU..Csgo is getting boring deal with it
2013-09-15 16:39:49
hmm....naaah...before this happpens CSGO dies and all pro teams quit the game
2013-09-15 16:40:36
you're boring
2013-09-15 16:49:13
other teams should pay money to NIP players for their earlier retirement
2013-09-15 16:36:00
gz lemondogs
2013-09-15 16:36:17
maybe they win, not the best player( jw best)
2013-09-15 16:36:43
NiP noobs AD and NAVI <3
2013-09-15 16:37:01
2013-09-15 17:16:28
starcraft to be aired on swedish and romanian television broadcasting networks, meanwhile here in csgo......*cricket noices*
2013-09-15 16:37:05
gg fnatic LOL
2013-09-15 16:38:13
2013-09-15 16:38:56
Nice NIP
2013-09-15 16:39:16
Same LD
2013-09-15 16:39:24
Developers do read this chat. Why aren't anyone able to beat NiP? :) Even if they try and go full on dedicated 100%. I'm amazed. I won't blame it on NiP, but the others. They/NiP are simply too good.

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:40:39
2013-09-15 16:40:11
Valve will add whatever NiP wants in this game.

Now come at me

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:41:38
2013-09-15 16:41:26
2013-09-15 16:42:56
cry us a river here pls
2013-09-15 16:45:37
So suprised.

2013-09-15 16:42:50
I just miss the good old days,the hype,those emotions,the drama etc- csgo has nothing its sad to see one team winning everything while others look like a bunch of newbies compared to them. To me cs is dead since 2010- Going back to SC
C ya

Post edited 2013-09-15 16:46:37
2013-09-15 16:44:57
earlier 1.6 had 45k viewers but now cs go has only 20k for such big tournament. Cs go its boring... some take over tip plzz its almost killing the scene fed up with this. No gud comptetion
2013-09-15 16:45:06
csgo boring game. dead game in 4 months. heard it here first
2013-09-15 16:46:08
best tournament ever seen in csgo til now
most unpredictable and exciting matches ever in this game!!

2013-09-15 16:46:27
Best game in tournament was NIP vs VG and this should be the final
2013-09-15 16:46:56
say what?
2013-09-15 16:48:47
he wanned to say the granf final had to be ESC vs NiP
2013-09-15 19:47:50
16-2 lol.
2013-09-15 16:57:59
haters gonna hate
2013-09-15 16:48:00
GJ guys :)
2013-09-15 16:48:45
fnatic 5-8 sadd hahahaha
2013-09-15 16:48:50
nothing sad, they got what they deserved up to this point...

TOP 4 is NiP / VG / AD / NaVi
2013-09-15 19:49:31
Lemondogs nice achievement :) 4500$ it also is not a little money
2013-09-15 16:50:21
Well, split into 5 and it's not alot of money anymore.
2013-09-15 22:10:36
surprise, surprise
2013-09-15 16:51:11
CSGO Boring..
2013-09-15 16:51:38
where is old Virtus.Pro ? ))
2013-09-15 16:52:29
virtus pro where the only team who could take down nip. Sad!
2013-09-15 16:52:40
NIP? wow. congratulations with first major title, guys
2013-09-15 16:52:40
2013-09-15 16:57:03
u mad he doesnt know the CS:GO history? :)
2013-09-15 19:50:40
he was been sarcastic donkey
2013-09-16 02:42:28
"he was been" ahahahahah ahahahahhaha
2013-09-16 03:32:28
oh god, reminds me of English at school, some nerd laughing about a mistake or some shit. You're a pig country, nuff said.
2013-09-16 07:27:20
im shocked
2013-09-15 16:53:35
2013-09-15 16:59:37
I'm also shoked .. the lost 15 rounds & did't protest! Damn.. i'm going to drink something... my bloodpresure is too hight!
2013-09-15 17:12:54
who care about cs;go ?

all > 1.6 4ver
2013-09-15 16:56:31
I think you just did a major fail mate... didnt you want to put this instead

"all < 1.6 4ever"... Don't know if math fail or keyboard...
2013-09-15 18:52:46
NiP !
2013-09-15 16:57:27
3-4. Astana Dragons - $1,500
3-4. Natus Vincere - $1,500

so good for their first tournament and both almost to the final..
2013-09-15 16:57:46
Yes AD is doing really well. I think AD is the teams to watch in the future if they keep it up
2013-09-15 17:00:49
Na'Vi doing good too.
2013-09-15 17:04:53
2013-09-15 17:07:06
yeah they did well...oh wait fnatic did well too
2013-09-15 17:08:07
fnatic are bad comparing to SUPER REDICOLOUSLY PRO TEAMS like NaVi and DRAGONS so...
2013-09-15 19:53:51
+1 LOL
2013-09-16 14:54:40
I wish thay had to play for that 3rd place victory. And add that money and make a sweet 3k :P
2013-09-15 23:23:22
zzz its done?
2013-09-15 16:59:01
i do non steam cs go
2013-09-15 17:03:29
2013-09-15 17:05:56
2013-09-15 17:07:21
boring and predictable :/
2013-09-15 17:09:32
Nobody cares boring CS:GO, we want 1.6!
2013-09-15 17:11:57
Fifflaren was so baaaaaad again : D
2013-09-15 17:13:29
Doesn't matter till they won everything :D
2013-09-15 17:24:51
He always hold the site which the other team never attacks or rush. So it'snot his fault completely =D
2013-09-15 17:28:01
so unexpected...
2013-09-15 17:14:58
big things to come AD and navi and it's just a matter of time before fiffbot gets kicked.
delpan stronk, haters wronk.
2013-09-15 17:16:55
In this situation, you are a hater buddy
2013-09-23 22:19:42
Well played NiP. Still impressive by LD. As a semi prof. Team to make it into the grandfinal :)

To bad there are only three fulltime prof. Teams in CS GO.

Of course Teams need to step it up to bring down NiP, but you can't blame all those Teams, because they don't have a decent salary and can't play that much compared to NiP.

NiP, fnatic, Astana and NaVi are the only organisations who actually can support the players to become good. The others can't.

NiP almost won 165.000 euros in total now. VG on second place won close to 60.000 euros. Don't even need to talk about the other Teams. The difference is so huge. But lurppis already said it. We Need Majors and with higher prize money. CS GO isnt even the biggest competitive FPS game out there. In europe yes but that's it.

2013-09-15 17:19:11
In order to get more majors we need more viewers/players so the sponsors think it's worth putting up that kind of money and I think it's on Valve's table to get more people to play their game...
2013-09-15 17:24:45
AD vs NiP was worth the grand final, this was a truly boring match.
2013-09-15 17:19:38
2013-09-15 17:20:58
fnatic couldnt make it top 3 but fucked the tournament.
2013-09-15 17:26:39
2013-09-15 17:29:43
didnt expect that
2013-09-15 17:29:47
fiff -10 :DD
wp twist and xelos
2013-09-15 17:32:15
It's a shame that two of the teams that could probably challenge nip in the final dont actually get to the final, sort that out please!
Final as usual not the most exciting one but semis and qfs + some group matches were awesome :)
2013-09-15 17:32:57
gg nip :D
2013-09-15 17:44:23
2013-09-15 17:49:48
ORLYYY?! boring
2013-09-15 17:56:37
2013-09-15 17:58:34
2013-09-15 18:08:06
gg wp. tournament was good. grand final was boring...
2013-09-15 18:05:43
+1 Lemons are bad
2013-09-15 18:22:43
> Na'vi, fnatic
2013-09-15 19:00:44
too much lucky in de_train against navi... i think Na'vi > Lemonsocks
2013-09-15 19:05:28
2013-09-15 18:43:44
stepped up this tournament while f0rest became a little less scary
2013-09-15 19:58:26
Fifflaren all the way!
2013-09-15 20:17:47
srsly other teams step the fuck up plz
2013-09-15 18:49:24
NiP destroying all teams :) GG
2013-09-15 18:54:12
GuardiaN, Fox comeback please :) make new VP
2013-09-15 19:03:33
So what do we have?
So-called "top2" VG sucked so bad.
Two new teams finished 3-4th. If they keep improving they will go very far for sure. AD totally has the potential to beat NiP next time. kibaken and seized proved to be really skilled motherfuckers.
Impressive play by Lemondogs, I expected them to go to semifinals easily but not grand final. Good job LD.

Post edited 2013-09-15 19:07:35
2013-09-15 19:04:15
Everything up to the final was alright! Fiffy made som good clutch rounds, I like that.
2013-09-15 19:12:18
Anyone else tired of seeing the same team win every single tournament pretty much?
2013-09-15 19:23:17
2013-09-15 20:34:11
not really
2013-09-15 21:49:21
It's impressive not boring
2013-09-15 21:57:30
No interviews?
2013-09-15 20:06:49
Whining tarts
2013-09-15 20:14:22
2013-09-15 20:50:04
Fifflaren impressed a lot this tournament. Really good to see he's a strong player worthy of a place as much as any of the other 4.
2013-09-15 21:24:41
- ange1 + starix

starix IGL
2013-09-15 21:58:57
Delpan awp is getting overpowered :S

bad luck for VG that nip was 2nd in group stage they would be 2nd again :)
2013-09-15 22:20:05

1 NiP
2 VG
3 Astana Dragons
4 NaVi

The 1st and 2nd might not stay 1st and 2nd for long anymore taking into consideration the fact how fast AD and NaVi were able to put up good fights and reach the top after so little time together even though they know each other for a while and with not too much of practice time with new line ups...


Now let me sit back, refill my glass of beer and read the angry boiz's replies to my post and laugh at them, if anyone wants to argue with my 13 year CS scene experience...

Post edited 2013-09-15 23:13:07
2013-09-15 23:10:43
LD > Navi.. omfg so 1241231. Na`Vi
2013-09-16 04:17:09
The Grand final match for me was NiP vs AD. AD actually put up a good fight considering they are a new team and they have already won a map against NiP at LAN. I know that markeloff said he was tired of using the awp but in order to defeat NiP YOU NEED A GOOD AWPER. Seeing how NiP had such a hard time trying to control GuardiaN when they played against VP is a proof of this. Also when Na`Vi played against NiP at Starladder 6 grand finals markeloff was a key player when awping so markeloff MUST resume his duties as an awper. The other problem with AD at the moment is Edward. He somehow is not playing at the same level he did for Na`Vi as if his role in AD doesn't suit him well. Verygames seems like in order to being closer to beat NiP they need like 5 hours of watching NiP demos so they know what to do. As for now, the team closest to defeat NiP is AD.
2013-09-16 05:06:07
2013-09-16 08:23:07
- pita
+ pyth
= LD monster
2013-09-16 10:21:39
or +olofm ;)
the funny thing is, LD did drop pyth for emilio 2 month ago :D

Post edited 2013-09-16 10:56:41
2013-09-16 10:55:24
I don't even play starcraft 2, but I watched the stream and found it interesting. I love playing CS GO, but watching it was just not very interesting. I just think that CS GO is awesome to play, but not great to spectate.
2013-09-16 11:51:39
2013-09-16 22:32:43
it is boring... back 1.6 <3 luq, zonicc, etc
2013-09-22 13:13:27

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