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VeryGames win StarSeries VII
Time: 2013-10-13 17:10
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

VeryGames have become SLTV StarSeries VII champions after defeating Astana Dragons 3-0 in the grand final (16-12 on de_mirage_ce, 16-9 on de_inferno_se), winning $7,500 in the process.

The rematch of yesterday's upper bracket final was set to be played in a best-of-five mode, with VeryGames having an automatic 1-0 advantage due to coming from the upper bracket.

It started on de_mirage_ce, which Astana won 16-12 in their encounter the day before, but the very beginning hinted at how this would play out.

Astana planted the C4 in the A bombsite, but before they could get into action, VeryGames smoked everything off and defused, going up 1-0.

Having still scored kills and survived, Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow prompted his team to buy in the second round, but it completely backfired as they were barely able to scratch their opponents.

After going up 3-0, VG tried to change things around and go aggressive, but it didn't pay off, and a round later Karasiow's 1-on-3 stopped VG's defuse and made the score 3-2.

SmithZz top fragged on mirage with 29:17

With both teams low on money, round 6 was worth double and it was the Frenchmen who came out on top, which eventually propelled them to a 7-2 lead, courtesy of some great actions by Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux.

However, the next five rounds went Astana's way and the score stood even at 7-7 before Nathan "NBK" Schmitt surprised his enemies with a SCAR-20 purchase, scoring 3 kills to take the lead at the half, 8-7 VeryGames.

Despite getting two entries in the second pistol, the Dragons fell to Dubourdeaux's two and Richard "shox" Papillon's three kills in a 3-on-5, setting up an 11-7 lead for the French-Belgian team.

With the full buy coming into play, CTs shut down the A bombsite and started another mini-comeback, later resulting in a 12-12 scoreline and putting VeryGames on the back foot and low on money.  

Kevin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans once again brought out the best in his team, orchestrating a semi-buy which kept them in the lead, before himself going clutch in a 2-on-2 situation inside the B bombsite for 14-12.

Papillon's 3 AK47 headshots singlehandedly put VG on match point, and despite Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's now almost trademark SSG 08 entry kill in round 28, the map concluded 16-12 in favor of VeryGames.

Dragons were in trouble after a must-win map one

The second map was also a repeat from yesterday order, de_inferno_se, and unlike then when VG only managed to take 4 terrorist rounds, this time they had a flying start.

Dubourdeaux continued riding his great form from map one and scored three kills, with Papillon adding two to secure the pistol and eventually a 3-0 lead.

During the first buy round Schmitt sneaked around the A bombsite, taking out two members and securing what would turn into a 5-0 advantage, already surpassing his team's T-side total from the day before.

Dragons then finally started winning rounds, but a grenade suicide from Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev paved way to Papillon's 1-on-4 clutch for 6-3.

Even though Astana consolidated and won the next five rounds, the last one of the half went to VG, and so did yet another pistol round (4 out of 4) making the score 8-8.

After a necessary eco, Karasiow instructed his team to buy in the third round despite having no bomb plants earlier, but it once again backfired as VeryGames' defense for the coming situation was perfect.

shox is a solid candidate for the MVP of the tournament after another strong performance

Being up 11-8, they did drop one round, but from that point on they defended against every attack in an almost perfect manner, getting the entry kills and executing retakes well.

Astana's best chance to get back into the game was actually an eco round at 13-9, but some easy shots were missed by Sukhariev and his teammates before that, and VeryGames were only minutes away from victory, 14-9.

And so it was, the last two rounds also showed Astana had no answer to their opponents' setup and the French-Belgian squad triumphed 16-9 on de_inferno_se, 3-0 overall to clinch the SLTV StarSeries VII title and a $7,500 cheque.

SLTV StarSeries VII ..

K - D
HS %
K - D
HS %

Final standings of SLTV StarSeries VII:

1. VeryGames - $7,500
2. Astana Dragons - $4,000
3. NiP - $2,000
4. fnatic - $1,500

In its fourth season since introducing CS:GO, SLTV StarSeries received a fourth different champion, as VeryGames followed in the steps of ESC Gaming, Virtus.pro and NiP.

2013-10-13 17:10:23
Not the first time you get 2nd place? :D:D
2013-10-13 17:16:08
2013-10-13 17:10:29
2013-10-13 17:10:35
Fucking Finally gg VG

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:11:08
2013-10-13 17:10:43
VG just needed time to adapt to CS:GO from the technically superior CS:S.

1.6ers had it so easy, playing the same game with better graphics, but now that sourcers have adapted its game over for the easy-mode players.
2013-10-13 17:16:33
You sir, are so retarded.

Let me correct you.

sAucers had it so easy, since it's pretty much all CSS game. recoil, graphics, movement.. ye, kinda everything. Die
2013-10-13 17:21:08
You can't compare the movement and recoil too source. They are very different, I'd say that 1.6 and source has more of the same recoil pattern than source and GO tbh.
2013-10-13 17:23:20
Try source's recoil and movement before trashtalking.. Braindead
2013-10-13 17:29:09
Lol, dude it's other way around, don't talk nonsense.
2013-10-13 17:21:27
never go full retard
2013-10-13 17:21:50
ever heard of sarcasm?
2013-10-13 17:23:46
you have no clue about cs 1.6 gameplay or maps if you rly think that
2013-10-13 17:22:17
not sure if troll
2013-10-13 17:23:49
wrong place to be sarcastic, you need a brain to get it and it seems not every one has a brain
2013-10-13 17:26:05
this is the most retarded comment ive ever seen
2013-10-13 17:53:52
2013-10-14 17:06:52
2013-10-13 17:54:33
thnx for the flamebait

i enjoyed reading all the mad 1.6fanboys reply to you
2013-10-13 18:21:23
:D, people need to fix their sarcasm detector
2013-10-13 19:55:25
+1 people falling for obvious troll ...
2013-10-13 20:06:54
so much bait, omg
2013-10-14 01:46:25
bang bang bangggg
2013-10-14 06:29:07
I would be very happy if someone create same game as 1.6 with better graphics.
2013-10-14 17:28:20
2013-10-13 17:10:45
2013-10-13 17:10:54
ez pz
2013-10-13 17:10:55
lm sq
2013-10-13 17:11:44
2013-10-13 17:12:54
2013-10-13 17:10:55
2013-10-13 17:10:57
2013-10-13 17:10:59
ad best :D
2013-10-13 17:11:05
In CIS region.
2013-10-13 21:52:11
2013-10-13 17:11:08
well played swedes
2013-10-13 17:11:08
2013-10-13 17:14:53
2013-10-13 17:11:08
NiP saving strats for DH Winter.
2013-10-13 17:11:09
We'll see when NiP is knocked out in DHW. haha
2013-10-13 17:13:48
2013-10-13 17:16:06

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:23:02
2013-10-13 17:22:08
Nice Game VG!
2013-10-13 17:11:11
goodgame france)
2013-10-13 17:11:12

2013-10-13 17:11:12
gg AD need to win pistol rounds to have a chance
2013-10-13 17:11:13
lemon squeezy
2013-10-13 17:11:14
2013-10-13 17:11:15
2013-10-13 17:11:17
NBK monster

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:11:56
2013-10-13 17:11:18
Happy for them, waited a loooong time for this.
2013-10-13 17:11:32
Welldone VG.
2013-10-13 17:11:38
waddup now swedes wooohooo
2013-10-13 17:11:39
2013-10-13 17:11:41
source ez
2013-10-13 17:11:43
2013-10-13 17:12:36
GG VG! :)
2013-10-13 17:11:44
DH:W is gonna be disappointing if VG win.
2013-10-13 17:11:45
2013-10-13 17:12:32
2013-10-13 17:13:10
he is a NiP fanboy

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:18:51
2013-10-13 17:18:32
2013-10-13 17:19:28
n1. GJ VG!!

2013-10-13 17:11:52
wp Verygames!
2013-10-13 17:11:52
gg shox the mvp!
2013-10-13 17:11:52
VG best
2013-10-13 17:11:54
Sourcer Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2013-10-13 17:11:55
I really think DHW will have no history, as one team will dominate the event, but this time it's not going to be NiP but VG.
2013-10-13 17:12:31
Uganda Dragons too tired after playing vs NiP last night
2013-10-13 17:12:38
im very happy for vg :D new era!
2013-10-13 17:12:40
that smoke banana strat by VG
2013-10-13 17:12:42
Too easy for VeryGames
2013-10-13 17:12:47
Time to RC EMS One Fall :D
2013-10-13 17:12:47
Well deserved win VG.
2013-10-13 17:12:49
expected - gg - in any case this is a better result than NiP were able to show a few days ago against the Frenhmen, especially the 1st map, so NT AD.
2013-10-13 17:12:50
VG upsets everyone!
2013-10-13 17:12:56
fuck yeah!
2013-10-13 17:12:57
2013-10-13 17:13:02
gg edward mvp for 36jumps in one round
2013-10-13 17:13:03
Another disappointing final after all, don't think nip would've beaten vg, so gg wp and congratz!
2013-10-13 17:13:04
how is this disappointing?
2013-10-13 21:40:12
expected! VG > all

Scream = f0rest+marik+gtr+penguin
2013-10-13 17:13:07
wp both teams
2013-10-13 17:13:11
ScreaM wasn't on fire in this match but GG ;/
2013-10-13 17:13:11
scream 82.4 hsp :o
2013-10-13 17:13:18
as usual...
he shots enemy in the head or misses..)))
2013-10-13 22:48:11
Raped gg VG <3
2013-10-13 17:13:32
82.4% >
2013-10-13 17:13:36
Very good game VERYGAMES!
2013-10-13 17:13:46
Scream getting closer to 100% HS rate.
2013-10-13 17:14:10
and again getting closer to the bottom of the scoreboard..unbelievable
2013-10-13 18:13:44
Doesn't matter if you're the winner.
2013-10-13 19:54:09
VeryGames are just domnating the scene right now
2013-10-13 17:14:16
lol 82.4% HS
2013-10-13 17:15:07
Contain your fangasms please. NiP will win DHW without problems.
2013-10-13 17:15:43
like they won the last 2 events?
2013-10-13 17:23:29
last 2 events didnt have 100k on the line.
2013-10-13 17:27:03
when NiP lose they're saving strats @ NiP fanboys logic

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:27:51
2013-10-13 17:27:18
They lost one online game and first loss on LAN against vg, woho.. gz
2013-10-13 21:54:08
CSGO is now fun to watch....
2013-10-13 17:15:44
it has never been, and will never be :(
2013-10-13 17:22:02
like dis if u crai everi taim, 1.64lyfe
2013-10-13 17:29:45
me liek dis
2013-10-13 17:31:34
congratz verygames, well deserved win :b
2013-10-13 17:16:15
sourcers for the second day running beat 1.6ers. hahahah CSS>CS1.6
2013-10-13 17:16:42
in css!gj!
2013-10-13 17:21:27
calling csgo -> css? never go full, my son
2013-10-13 18:38:20
Its base mechanics are the same as of css,and i dont care what you think and write,so quit it.
2013-10-13 19:02:22
you clearly have no clue about css lol, ive played it since 2005 jan so I think I know a little bit better..

and no, csgo is nothing like css, the recent movement update MAY have favoured css teams a bit, but no it's still not close to css at all.
2013-10-13 19:09:37
It is played the same way,in that you DO NOT get punished for stupid peeks,and if you watch closely what many source players do,you would see that,but like you said you played css since 2k5 :D
2013-10-13 19:19:52
yet this has nothing to do with your first statement which I replied, that csgo is css, which ain't true, lol
2013-10-13 19:47:57
cool story bro :D
2013-10-13 20:35:28
he is an obvious 1.6 diehard, what's the point in arguing with him? He won't listen to the arguments, since he is a blind fanboy.
2013-10-14 06:59:56
Bravo !
2013-10-13 17:17:11
Gz vg!
2013-10-13 17:17:21
smithz top player, top choice!
2013-10-13 17:17:30
1. VG
2. NiP + AD
2013-10-13 17:17:36
SmithZz stepping up, nice.
2013-10-13 17:17:52
I can finally recognize VeryGames again!
This is how they used to do back in css
2013-10-13 17:17:57

so nice to have them back!
steamrollin the shit out of everyone out there!
2013-10-13 17:33:43
hilarious angel been the topfragger a lot lately
2013-10-13 17:18:31
Great games from vp and ad, but i do believe nip will win dhw very easily, just my gut.
2013-10-13 17:18:54
wow, I wanted vg to win as nip and ad fanboys are annoying, but source fans are even more annoying :(
2013-10-13 17:18:55
Do you remember when NiP won first lan in CS:GO against VG. Comments: "hahaha sauce sux, 1.6 > sauce, sauce gonna sauce. "

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:35:26
2013-10-13 17:31:36
And it was also annoying
2013-10-13 17:51:12
You seem to cry a little bit too much on this thread, let's just enjoy VG's victory :) But I agree that everybody is css>1.6 but back in the days when nip won over vg it was always 1.6>sauce... In any sports, average supporters are idiot. It's the game, it's how it works :s
2013-10-13 17:31:55
They had to wait one year to write shit like that. Long time of suffering and finally they got released.¨

But yes, they are even more delusional than any other type of fan-boys. "VG dominating now" ahahaha, they just won 1 tournament. What a domination.
2013-10-13 18:08:25
Well played VG, you deserved it! keep it up <3
2013-10-13 17:19:00
wp vg
2013-10-13 17:19:55
Good job VG, dominating performace indeed.
2013-10-13 17:20:51
I thought this was a best of five?
2013-10-13 17:21:19
as vg were coming from the winner bracket, they only needed 2
2013-10-13 17:23:25
They had a 1-0 benefit for coming from winner bracket!
2013-10-13 17:26:23
Guys ,you dont need to say CSS>1.6, its stupid to say that :)
Stop with that, dont make that same mistake like thoose fags from 1.6 who said that :)

2013-10-13 17:21:29
2013-10-13 17:32:18
"Guys ,you dont need to say CSS>1.6, its stupid to say that :)"

"dont make that same mistake like thoose fags from 1.6 who said that :)"

Yeah, 1.6 fags.

2013-10-13 18:08:16
saucer`s , where have u been all this time ? under a rock an complain ?
2013-10-13 17:21:40
actually you dont see here any saucers complaining, i can only see 1.6 players who act childish
2013-10-13 17:26:21
+1 lol
2013-10-13 18:41:18
2013-10-13 17:23:09
ScreaM 82.4% HS *____*
2013-10-13 17:23:30
shox best player by far this tournament
2013-10-13 17:23:42
2013-10-13 17:26:19
gj VG :D !
2013-10-13 17:23:43
NiP 20-1 Very noobes :xD
GL Dragons.
2013-10-13 17:23:43
in 3/4 month 20-20
2013-10-13 18:09:14
2013-10-13 17:25:31
NiP winning 98% of csgo tournaments (-fiff).... verygames win 1 AMAGAD SAUCE>1.6, astana go home, get_fucked. this is fucking mental really.

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:26:24
2013-10-13 17:25:38
Most of the comments here just try to get people mad, they don't even give a damn about source.
2013-10-13 17:30:38
actually no. they are butthurt VG fanboys that finally achieved something vs NiP and they discovered happiness from continuous ejaculation since yesterday. and ofcourse that is russians fault because they were raging vs csgo at this forum for the past year.
2013-10-13 17:53:41
2013-10-13 18:07:16
Since csgo is out, hltv's community seems retarded. ;)
2013-10-13 22:15:07
It has always been retarded
2013-10-13 23:54:15
2013-10-14 04:00:09
oh god.
2013-10-14 04:28:28
SmithzZ on the top? unbelievable.
2013-10-13 17:26:17


I think AD would be #1 with those changes
2013-10-13 17:27:44
you're an idiot.
2013-10-13 17:28:11
why :(

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:31:19
2013-10-13 17:31:02
that doesn't make sense, dosia and adren are way better than guardian and fox.
2013-10-13 17:33:39
maybe maybe. I just dont like adrens playstyle at all and they are kinda missing awper atm so guardian could take that role, eventhough awp is not that important in csgo
2013-10-13 17:40:27
AdreN is definetely top3 in AD. I do not know why people always blame him..
2013-10-13 17:47:33
-Adren and AD will be disbanned :P.
2013-10-13 17:46:11
Dosia is by far the best player on AD... are you on crack guy?
2013-10-13 17:58:24
- marik & edward
and there u have almost ex VP
2013-10-13 23:19:16
Verygames Legacy =)
2013-10-13 17:29:22
gj VG!

shox <333
2013-10-13 17:32:32
even though Dragons managed to win against NiP, but still Virtus.pro looked more solid overall than AD currently is now.

Post edited 2013-10-13 17:33:46
2013-10-13 17:33:10
AD beat NiP.. so AD is at least on the same level as VP. It's just that VG is curb stomping teams right now (best source team is now best go team)
2013-10-13 17:34:43
+1, if they kept playing together they would crush NiP easily now.
2013-10-13 17:35:56
hey VG fanboys look at the stats of csgo still nip is the first you guys have a long road to beat NIP hehehehe :))

i know this was your first time that vg defeat nip in sltv starseries..... and you guys happy but look at all matches nip from 2012, NIP is still better so go home, hope you guys enjoy cause this victory is short and nip again and again will win
2013-10-13 17:34:07
so many dumb people getting baited, unbelievable.
2013-10-13 17:36:31
u miss the point, from NOW VG will just crush swedes.
2013-10-13 17:37:06
true story bro
2013-10-13 17:37:37
nip fanboy...stop living in past.

Its like you saying that Diego Maradona is still best player
2013-10-14 09:54:55
What I was saying AD diehard fanboys?


I told you VG will destroy them.

2013-10-13 17:36:22
Watched both matches vg vs nip and vg vs ad

Both matches were horrible from viewer point.
This game is dull there is not much of excitement even when f0rest plays this should tell you everything you need to know about this game.

Gz to VG winning a tournament in a very dull game.
Gz to NiP for keeping it up with this awful game for so long and Gz to Astana for proving that with some practice for short time they can actually play with people who have played this forsaken game for so long.

Over all very dull experience from a viewers point.
Valve needs to make something happen or this game will just fade.
2013-10-13 17:38:27
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
I disagree, for me it was very fun from a viewer's point.

Now what? What gives you the right to proclaim this game is boring to watch in the name of all viewers?

You and the others like you just need to accept that there is many of us who actually like watching this game as much as we liked watching CS 1.6.

This game is doing anything but fading, since numbers all around have only been going up since the beginning.
2013-10-13 17:50:34
You should refer as "Your" viewer point, not Viewers since i can garantee 90% of the people dont share the same opinion as you, let me rephrase it, Your Opinion. Dont watch it if you dont like it, pretty easy isnt it?
2013-10-13 18:46:12
may be it was horrible from your viewer point, because i see a lot of people who actually enjoyed these matches. Please don't be a 1.6 diehard and stop crying all the time.
2013-10-14 07:04:54
WP VeryGames! SmithZz was on fire today!
2013-10-13 17:39:51
vg deserved this lets see what happens in upcoming events
2013-10-13 17:41:42
Poor vg fanboys their so happy they finally won hahahaha =)))
2013-10-13 17:42:50
poor NIP FANBOY, NOW CRYING because NiP did not went to FINALS!
2013-10-14 06:52:53
Well, it's like tennis nowadays

Federer - NiP
Nadal - AD
Djokovic - VG

Nadal really happy that finally was beating Federer but in the end there was still Djokovic who, in the end, wins the championship.

Of course that Im not considering this year, whrn Rafa is unstoppable.
2013-10-13 17:43:06
And Federer having his worst year since 2002 or something:P But I agree with you. Could be quite a few interesting match ups in the future
2013-10-13 17:45:01
Well if NiP is Federer, that means they won't win a major title anymore?

2013-10-13 17:45:16
Nadal happy for beating Federer ? :D Matches against Federer must be boring for him already, he own's him almost every time lol
2013-10-14 00:42:06
To me it feels like VG have the psychological advantage vs. Astana, NiP have the advantage over VG and Astana over NiP. Could be many great games in the future!

VG have looked solid since Shox joined. They won EMS one, Madcatz invitational and got knocked out of DH Bucharest by NiP. This makes it 3/4 lan wins for VG since Shox joined them(not including domestic lans).
2013-10-13 17:43:46
Astana advantage over NiP? LOL
2013-10-13 18:04:40
Verygames domination is starting again :(
2013-10-13 17:45:40
they wont dominate anything in csgo. chill out.
2013-10-13 17:54:52

As with NiP did, VG will set a new bench mark prior to DHW, people will then have a chance to knock them off their perch at DHW.

At the end of the day current form suggests VG are the strongest side in CSGO.
2013-10-13 18:37:00
Setting a new bench mark is what i'd call dominating. NiP have dominated this game since the beginning until now, I think Verygames are going to do the same from now until god who knows.

Post edited 2013-10-13 22:37:16
2013-10-13 22:35:43
yeap i agree with your statement. and ofcourse VG current form is the best right now as it was Virtus pro form in april(or may? i dont remember) when they won vs nip on lan. also im a little bit reserved about NiP's latest sluggish performances on lesser tournaments like starseries as they might have an ace in their sleeves for DHW. ofcourse this is me making senarios but it might be true
2013-10-13 23:57:13
No I absolutely agree with you.

I feel NiP are just changing how they play currently considering DHW is their main goal.

We shall see, certainly makes the next month or so really interesting especially if NiP don't win them or look in trouble as it could make an interesting story going into DHW.
2013-10-14 13:09:35
They won one "Major" in CSS? One ESWC right?

They didn't win CGS, WCG and CPHG right?

Not hard to dominate a game, where Teams can't even attend events because of missing organisations.

My point of view at least. And yes i've played CSS.
2013-10-13 19:17:54
They won CPHG 1 time in 2011.
They were not in the game at CGS time like wtf?
And WCG has never been to source i think ?

Post edited 2013-10-13 20:46:03
2013-10-13 20:42:19
There were two WCG's for CSS and two CGS seasons. The only CPHG which was big was in 2012. Decent participants as well as a decent prize pool. They placed 5th-8th.

They entered CSS, when the game was already dead. That's what i ment.

The EMS CS GO Tournament was probably their biggest win so far and even that is just a minor tournament.

Still, they are a world class Team :)
2013-10-14 19:03:36
I dont know if 2012 CPH was the only big one, that's an opinion yes? But you asked if they ever won one CPH title and they did in 2011 :)
And actually they placed 9-12 and 2012 CPH :D

They also won DSRack lan 3
Maybe one of the best tournout ever.

EDIT: Okay there was one WCG at 2005 :D Fact is they won everything from year 2009 if that's not domination i dont know what is

Post edited 2013-10-17 20:49:22
2013-10-17 20:46:18
welcome back verygames! steamrollin everyone, everywhere, anytime!
2013-10-13 17:53:02
#239 this is my opinion i'm not saying that is the case for every one.

What ever you liked it or not does not concern me what concerns me as a Counter-strike fan following it since 1.1 this game has nothing to offer to me.

This is why i wrote what i did and i do believe i'm not the only one and if i am the only one that is fine but do not tell me the game was fun because i can go back in time and name you at least 40 more fun matches from 1.1 to 1.6 versions of cs , CSGO is yet to produce something like this even with all the viewers it had it just does not have that flavor of awsomeness just yet.
2013-10-13 17:54:09
I can name you 15 matches from the last year of CSGO, that were better than this final. 1.6 would have been pretty shit, if you couldn't name 40 games from the last decade... Its like saying after a boring football world cup final, that football has no spirit, and will just fade.
2013-10-13 18:01:36
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
But that's exactly my point, you wrote it as if you were speaking for everyone, saying Valve needs to change something or the game will fail.

That's just your opinion, which also contradicts reality of the game's following constantly increasing.

Fine, the game is not fun for you, no one is forcing you to watch it, but you don't get to speak for everyone and say stuff like that.

And you don't get to say "What ever you liked it or not does not concern me" because as I said, what makes you the representative of all "Counter-strike fans" only because this game has nothing to offer to you?

For me it does have the flavor of awesomeness because I follow all teams and players very closely, I understand the dynamics of this new game, I care about what will happen in matches like this and how teams will adapt to various things.
2013-10-13 18:11:23
Well said +1

CSGO 2014 is gonna be huge :)
2013-10-13 18:32:01
"Overall dull experience from a viewer's standpoint" -implying that he speaks for a majority of viewers

"Your opinion does not concern me"
-refusal to listen to arguments that strongly suggest he does not represent a majority of CS:GO viewers

logic: 0

Post edited 2013-10-13 18:32:50
2013-10-13 18:32:03
Well played VG.

But it is fun to see how many people call VG the new number one in CS GO.

They did win a 4 Team Minor tournament. NiP did win DH Bucarest just a few weeks ago ;)

VG and AD are way closer to NiP's level now but that's it. VG and AD can proof their weekend performance at ESWC, EMS One, MSI and of course DHW, where the competition is way higher and bigger.

Virtus Pro also won versus NiP and won SLTV. Probably the most unimportant CS GO tournament we have atm considering the low amount of prize money and Teams.
2013-10-13 17:57:36
Logic or reason do not dictate here in HLTV.org

Most people are just dumb as bricks, others are trolling. It's just a big cesspool really, always has been, always will be, which is also why it's so entertaining.

Let the retarded kiddies bicker. They will remain stupid no matter what you do, so why bother, on top of which the mods here will remain useless, so for the minirity of us capable of civil discussion it's a lose-lose situation.
2013-10-13 19:39:16
With that 4 teams(fnatic, AD, NiP, VG), prize doesn't matter.

Maybe it matters with you because you're not a LONG TIME pro(or not even a PRO).

When you're a REAL PRO, money only comes 2nd. 1ST is their PRIDE and DIGNITY winning the event vs 3 currently TOP 3 teams ATM, IMO.
2013-10-14 06:57:57
Let me hear you ScreaM!
2013-10-13 18:05:02
Well deserved, VG is an awesome team
2013-10-13 18:06:22
AD dethroning NiP is much better than VG taking 1st place :)

Post edited 2013-10-13 18:07:32
2013-10-13 18:07:16
VG won against nip aswell, so what's ur point?
2013-10-13 22:08:54
His point is that HE IS A RETARD!
2013-10-14 06:59:15
Smith MVP :)
2013-10-13 18:09:04
vg played very well in this tournament they deserved victory. looks like training has done improvements.
2013-10-13 18:09:11
VG won one tournament over NiP and that's it, they are top1 now.
Logic, at least google it.
2013-10-13 18:09:38
Vg win 2 on lan nip win 50

Top 1 is.......
2013-10-13 18:11:03
VG because WE KNOW the word "NOW"! If SK/FNATIC will win the DHW, they are the top 1 after that event.
2013-10-14 07:04:54
ScreaM 82% HS!
2013-10-13 18:11:36
smith with half of the hs but he was the reason why vg won mirage,strange much?:P
2013-10-13 18:14:14
ScreaM - 82.4 % HS :O

2013-10-13 18:14:58
I've got a feeling VG might just go on another lan winning streak as they did in source.

2013-10-13 18:17:49
oh stfu you guys vg wins this game all about fun right :(
2013-10-13 18:20:01
imo it was a borin final.. AD gettin bash all the way
2013-10-13 18:20:04
I will remember this tournament for nip vs astana on 3rd map d2 - epic, just epic! :)
2013-10-13 18:39:36
Saucers too stronk
2013-10-13 18:46:17
So here we are:
1. NiP
2. VG
3. AD
NiP still da BesT!!!
2013-10-13 18:50:59
ahhaha really? i love you!

1. Vg
2-3 AD, NIP
fan of AD

Post edited 2013-10-13 19:28:21
2013-10-13 19:28:06
ScreaMy 82.4% HS :O
2013-10-13 18:52:53
Shox dat smile :DDDD
2013-10-13 19:03:17
tasty sauce
2013-10-13 19:05:46
gj, shox best without doubt
2013-10-13 19:07:22
smithz proving what kind of player he is...
2013-10-13 19:11:49
ex6 really stepped up lately and that seems to have been the turning point.

Huge congratulations to them.
2013-10-13 19:15:59
Since picking up shox, ex6 hasn't had to spend so much time coaching his players. He can now focus on improving his own game now, which has had a huge net bonus for the entire team.
2013-10-13 20:33:32
shox is the key. Coaching your teammate what to do while trying to concentrate on your game is SO SO DIFFICULT. Just look at NiP, xizt is ALMOST quit and can always focus on his game.
2013-10-14 07:16:35
gg, saucy saucers
2013-10-13 19:48:02
I miss team like mousesports or mtw in this game :(
2013-10-13 19:48:58
consider VG as mTw, silver boys on shining period now
2013-10-13 23:24:49
gz VG
2013-10-13 19:59:35
well deserved
2013-10-13 20:11:30
gg saucers
2013-10-13 20:18:40
Finally a win which can't be taken away from VG. Congratz guys, you deserve it. I hope to see you in top shape for ESWC and DHW. Keep it up !
2013-10-13 20:24:46
AD after all getting stronger. Each tournament will be played better and certainly not said the last word. What happened to the NiP? I don't know. I think that Cph can also be a problem for others.
2013-10-13 20:25:57
SCREAM So far he is godlike best aimer and player, VG new era of dominate will start :>
2013-10-13 20:38:05
82.4 HS % on scream mother of god
2013-10-13 20:43:57
yaaaay good job, they could beat nip after 1 year of trying, good job saucers
2013-10-13 21:55:30
when VeryGames win DreamHack Winter, THEN you can call them #1
2013-10-13 23:03:47
maybe not yet. a couple more major events and they're worthy of #1 title.
2013-10-14 06:19:49
Congrats VG, looking forward to DHW. I think AD proved themselves too now, good showing :).
2013-10-14 00:17:24
VG TOP Team.
2013-10-14 00:37:04
some textbook css verygames strats on inferno
2013-10-14 02:04:52
lol people that think VG are far superior to nip now are just silly, I do admit I personally rank VG #1 atm but nip are so strong and will bounce back! DH Winter will be anyones game!
2013-10-14 02:22:02
They still strong but not SO STRONG!
2013-10-14 07:18:51
Dynamic in csgo?
Please even Battlefield is more dynamic then CSGO atm.
2013-10-14 03:43:32
Are you one of the guys who think that 1.6 was more dynamic than csgo? The game where everyone was holding "shift" till 0:20 and held angles using the bug which allowed you to hide your head behind a wall?
2013-10-14 06:18:36
so boring, always VG winning
2013-10-14 05:54:22
2013-10-14 06:18:07
2013-10-14 08:42:15
gg vg
2013-10-14 09:08:23
gg saucers finally got one win !! they deserve it. I remember the 3 first months of vg when they were playing like sheeps running with no brain. Now they play really good.
2013-10-14 09:29:55
2013-10-14 09:30:02
2013-10-14 10:08:14
Remember a few months ago when pretty much everyone thought changing kennys for shox was like the worst idea ever ? http://www.hltv.org/news/10656-kennys-out-shoxie-j..
2013-10-14 10:28:10
I didn't! :D
But then, pretty much everyone here is mildly retarded...
2013-10-14 17:58:29
Gratz VG, it was deserved!
but what a stupid fanboys we have there :/
2013-10-14 14:01:57
markeloff gotta step it up, show why he decided to split with navi.
2013-10-14 15:37:15
Nice to see everyone on VG has the potential to carry the team when they need it.
2013-10-14 15:42:19
Well done VG, cracking performance!
2013-10-14 16:59:28
I really want see how much hours scream have in 2weeks
2013-10-14 23:13:00

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