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fnatic win DreamHack Winter 2013
Time: 2013-12-01 01:40
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fnatic have been crowned the Dreamhack Winter 2013 champions after winning against Ninjas in Pyjamas in a best of three (16-14 de_dust2, 6-16 de_inferno, 16-2 de_train)

 With the grand final of the biggest Counter Strike tournament to date kicking off, most viewers anticipated an easy win for the defending champions.

Last time these two teams met was at Dreamhack Bucharest two months ago in the group stages and fnatic were the team who came out on top.

In the meantime they swapped Andreas "MODDII" Fridh with Markus "pronax" Wallsten who stepped in a role of their in-game leader. The team describe how satisfied they are with the new lead and that was heavily displayed in the current tournament.

Wallsten led his towards winning the pistol round in the grand finals but it didn't take too long for NiP Gaming to reply with a powerfull eco to level the score.

That launched to a three to one lead but Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund starred in the following rounds to make it 5-1 before fnatic managed to stopped their momentum.

Both teams looked determined to win that $100,000 check but it was NiP who seemed to be getting the upper edge in the battle.

Spectator area at the Dreamhack Arena was divided as both of the teams were playing on their home soil. 

Fnatic were mostly trying to save the money in order to deliver an AWP into the hands of Jesper "jw" Wecksell in order to provide opening picks for his team, something that he is widely known for being capable of.

Alesund's team didn't make that task for them really easy as they kept securing round after round with the score climbing to 10-3 overall.

Next round followed another eco for the shaken up fnatic side where both Alesund and his teammate Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg played it really carefully and got two frags each as we moved to the final round of the first half.

NiP couldn't stop an amazing comeback on de_dust2

AWP in Wecksell's hand didn't surprise Ninjas in Pyjamas since he got only one frag before being taken down by the ak47 of Adam "friberg" Friberg which led to a bomb plant on A bombsite, which turned out to be a very hard task for fnatic to retake.

Once again it was Wallsten's team who won the pistol round but this time around they didn't let their competitors surprise them again and eventually they managed to come few steps closer.

The following round brought us a smart fake from Markus "pronax" Wallsten who simply tried to trick his opponents to rotate towards A bombsite while his teammates were set for a B push afterwards.

Instead of that, he picked three frags while faking the site before being taken out but that was another round on board for fnatic.

Round number 23 brought us a push towards middle where the fnatic side got a pick on Lindberg but NiP's captain Richard "Xizt" Landstrom turned it around with two frags before he was taken down.

Two fnatic players came into B bombsite and get the bomb down, while NiP made a communication misunderstanding, not having a coherent retake so they were killed quite easily by Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg.

They managed to even the game with thirteen rounds each as Ninjas in Pyjamas went for a risky buy which didn't turn out to be a good decision for them and fnatic were in the lead for the first time after the initial pistol round.

What they failed to do in that round, paid off in the following as they went for another weak buy with FAMASes and MAG-7, but this time with a way more offensive setup.

Final two rounds went to fnatic as they secure the map with 16-14 to shock everyone in the room, making one of the best comebacks in the tournament.

The Ninjas got the upper hand on de_inferno, with some great teamplay helping them get a five to nothing lead as terrorists.

That made Jesper "jw" Wecksell completely angry as he made three entry kills to finally clinch the first round for his squad.

Wecksell was on form once again for fnatic

Both of the teams had a significant help from their managers in the shape of Patrik "cArn" Sättermon and Emil "HeatoN" Christensen who were supporting them with emotional reactions in-between rounds.

Fnatic picked the game up a bit, but just when they hit the turnpoint with the bomb down on A site with a two versus one, Friberg was the one clutching the round and that was the sign of things to come.

First half ended up with 11-4 and they did really well in the pistol as they got the round down, but Andreas "schneider" Lindberg got a ninja defuse with Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson but once again.

MSI BeatIt! runners-up lost against an eco once again and they couldn't do anything by the end of de_inferno which went in favour of NiP Gaming.

Final map, determining on who will win $100,000 was on de_train. Both teams played only one opponent on that map throughout the whole tournament. Ninjas in Pyjamas won 16-10 over Recursive while fnatic overcame their compatriots LGB eSports with 16-9.

Fnatic got the early lead on the map with a successfull retake on the inner bombsite while being on the statistically stronger Counter-Terrorist side.

The youngsters of Patrik "cArn" Sättermon were anticipating every NiP move and it has been working well for them, which meant they have prepared really strong coming into this map.

Another techical hiccup gave NiP a chance to cool down after a 0-5 deficit and it seemed they got the most of it, picking their first round of the map.

Their momentum didn't last for too long as fnatic kept on winning round after round to make the score 11-1 until it was once again Alesund making a one versus three clutch to win the round.

After a 13-2 half time score, 146,000 ecstatic viewers on both twitch.tv and GOTV were waiting for the second pistol round to pan out and it was Wecksell once again a star with three kills to lead his team two rounds away from the victory.

Fnatic simply weren't ready to give a happy ending to NiP's TV6 documentary and they have jumped from their seats to celebrate their DreamHack Winter 2013 victory.

DreamHack Winter 201..

K - D
HS %
K - D
HS %

DreamHack Winter final standings:

1.  fnatic - $100,000
2.  Ninjas in Pyjamas - $50,000
3-4.  Team VeryGamess - $22,000
3-4.  compLexity - $22,000
5-8.  Recursive - $10,000
5-8.  LGB eSports - $10,000
5-8.  Astana Dragons - $10,000
5-8.  Copenhagen Wolves - $10,000
9-16.  Natus Vincere - $2,000
9-16.  Universal Soldiers - $2,000
9-16.  Clan Mystik - $2,000
9-16.  iBUYPOWER - $2,000
9-16.  n!faculty - $2,000
9-16.  SK Gaming - $2,000
9-16.  xapso - $2,000
 Reason Gaming - $2,000

ESWC - Clan-Mystik
DH - fnatic

2013-12-01 01:40:38
fnatic new top 1 jw best discuss pls
2013-12-01 01:41:28
Pronax Changed fnatic !
2013-12-01 01:41:56
2013-12-01 01:46:17
nip good but not best (jw 1st)
2013-12-01 03:09:56
i think, every team is catching up NIP in every aspect(i mean tact, aim, form) wise...there's nothing to be surprise.
2013-12-01 10:24:21
too bad I couldn't watch the final, but congratz to fnatic! I guess the (jw best) puns will relive now :D
2013-12-01 15:18:52
Agreed! Fnatic cutting MODDII for Pronax just 18 days before this event and the new IGL leading his team to victory with such little prep time is pretty sick.

Even NBK gave major props to the new IGL:


Also it was cool to see Carn coaching behind his boys and showing off that MSI laptop as free advertising to 100,000 people at the same time.

Congratulations to Fnatic.
2013-12-01 02:05:41
well said
2013-12-01 15:02:41
2013-12-01 03:24:34
you are right
2013-12-01 06:15:42
NiP looks like they didn't really prepare against the other teams. I mean, their tactics were mostly based on the fact that f0rest and GeT_RiGhT are awesome. In my opinion, they would own everyone again with the tactics of VG or fnatic. The game is developing, it is not enough to shoot well now. Maybe it will reach the level of the older games. Every team need an Ex6TenZ or a pronax :D
2013-12-01 12:07:17
Not anymore
2016-01-08 18:53:56
Fnatic deserved it
2013-12-01 20:10:22
If they don't win another prestigous tournament i think NiP will undergo some serious changes...
2013-12-01 01:42:44
didn't they say in an interview they would change roster if they didn't win DH,?
2013-12-01 01:44:15
no. it was lurrpis and thorin saying that on podcast

still 2nd place isnt bad
2013-12-01 01:48:16
oh I see, I fucking hope they don't change, they are the best in the world, they beat VG shows that. Just really unlucky against fnatic, who played so well. Give it some months, NiP will be crushing again, now that the VG barrier has been broken.
2013-12-01 01:54:44
i guess the only situation when they would change a player, will be when one of them decides to quit/retire himself.
2013-12-01 02:00:08
yeah, hopefully none do, I'd hate that D:
2013-12-01 02:01:24
ummmm fnatic is the best in the world
2013-12-01 02:00:55
2013-12-01 02:01:54
they played better this tournament for sure, but to say they're the best is a great overstatement.
2013-12-01 02:34:22
2013-12-01 10:51:18
fnatic good but not best (jw best)
2013-12-01 02:44:01
They 1 of the best in the world BUT losing vs fnatic is not unlucky. Fnatic just PLAYED WELL! And in VG game if VG won the 1st map(dust2 with 10-5 lead), NiP won't be in the finals. Be a fanboy but don't talk too much that's show you're a bandwagon fanboy. :P
2013-12-01 04:23:55
sad, but true :C
fnatic better this time
deserved to be best in this tourn.
NiP never win any tournament versus really stronG enemy like VG, fnatic, if they play only in individual skills ever since :(
too much fails and misses in team at this moment

2013-12-01 10:59:25
But in this event, NiP already playing slow tactics. And it's good for them to be more tactical wise like VG. If a team got a BETTER tactics and all of the members are on fire, they will be a champ.

I did not see the final games but i can't say fnatic got a better tactics than NiP. Like i said, if the finals was VG vs fnatic, i dont think fnatic can win the event. If you'll play against NiP, just out aimed them then you will win like fnatics have done. But if NiP will be more tactical wiser next event, then that would be a better NiP soon ;)
2013-12-01 12:10:19
i dont agreed with you in 1 thing - fnatic better than nip in aim.
you said:
"If you'll play against NiP, just out aimed them then you will win like fnatics have done"

As i see - fnatic win, because they got 3 things
1) got tactical component, got own game and proceed at this direction
Remove MODDII from squad for pronaX - good decision for all team.
Nip at this direction was be not so serious and dangerous.
2) They know, how to beat nip at this tournament:
Watch their games, have drawn conclusion, and they know, what
NiP, as many other team in tourney, got some features(like forest's pistol, sniper-support by fifl and other) and used contered thing against this,
like CoL disabled JW at inferno(always flashed, smoke, smoke :D)
3)they find game key to nip, anti-tactics, as doing VG at their time :)

game key at nip, this time, was a very simple thing - secure game, wait for mistakes from enemy and use it againts them.
As i said - nip got too much fails and mistakes and result of all this - loss in biggest GlOffensive tournament in history.

Post edited 2013-12-01 13:14:50
2013-12-01 13:12:34
The only problem here was that nobody gave a fuck about fnatic. Everybody was like: they just changed their roster, with any luck they might make the semifinals but probably not. And NiP is like: okay, we start train t-side, but with all our star players we will be able to string some rounds together because they are just not good enough. That proved to be wrong bcs most of fnatic was on point and there was no entry even for NiPs stars. Hadn't they concentrated on beating VG and Astana Dragons in their bootcamp so much, they would have won that.
About roster changes: thats BS. Look at the frag list above, Fifflaren is in the bottom. But by how much? 12 kills more for the top fragger Friberg. But he is also an entry fragger, he naturally gets more kills. So the difference is too small to start messing around.
2013-12-02 04:46:34
I haven't got a clue why you think I'm a fanboy? Your post sounded really angry which kinda makes you look like a fnatic fanboy, but whatever.

So would you say fnatic are the best in the world then?
I'd say NiP are, because before this, VG was the team that was stopping them from becoming the best in the world again, now that barrier is broken, what teams can regularly defeat NiP now?
2013-12-01 14:00:43
teams have caught up to nip and possibly surpassed them. statistically fifflaren is the worst player in NiP (statistically..not necessarily the worst) we may see some changes in NiP.. maybe moddii? hard to say. I'm not saying fiff is bad, but if nips makes changes for the new year, he may be the target.
2013-12-01 01:45:14
Moddii will never join NiP.

Perhaps someone from SK though, after their fail?
That would be more like it :)

Delpan would be sick!

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:56:18
2013-12-01 01:46:39
delpan would be the obvious choice imo
2013-12-01 01:51:58
delpan/jw/dennis would be best choices, although i doubt jw will join now lol.
2013-12-01 02:44:25
neither would dennis imo

besides, forest, gtr and xizt have already played with delpan, so if anyone is going to nip it's him
2013-12-01 02:48:28
If Delpan joins NiP im gonna switch it up and become a full fan of AD. It just doesnt make any sense to try to go with a full AWP player in NiP. And I doubt that it makes sense in any team. Delpan has also been playing kinda crappy a lot more often nowadays then he has been playing good. They shouldnt mess up the roster, beating VG showed that they are still top favourites in any tournament they attend.
2013-12-02 04:49:44
they won't do any changes imo. All they need are some strats. maybe fiffl isn't as talented as others but he's doing his job.
p.s. f0rest 3-14 on de_train :D
2013-12-01 01:52:32
Well fnatic won 100k and CM won like 20k i think , so even if fnatic wont win the next 5 tournaments it doesnt mean shit, they won the biggest tournament ever

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:46:55
2013-12-01 01:46:24
2013-12-01 04:27:15
unexpected :p
2013-12-01 06:56:16
Raped NIP on their best map... gg wp
2013-12-01 01:40:44
so, not their best map :)
2013-12-01 01:43:52
...one of the best map :]
2013-12-01 10:54:45
they only won because they knew every nip strategy
2013-12-01 16:12:50
That is called knowing your opponent lolz Some epic real battles in history were won not because of firepower or man advantage, but yes by strategy. Just look up for the french invasion of Russia. A might army defeated without engaging in battle most of times lol When going for war, preparations are the most important thing lol Just admit fnatic were the best team and won fair and square. NIP were shut down on their best map.
2013-12-02 04:58:15
Yeah GG
2013-12-01 01:40:46
Keep calm and Support fnatic, as i did and telling u bitches too :P .. Just see How JW did this.. Actually after watching this game compare to old time, NIP were playing wid all Individual Skills but in Todays match, fnatic played like a pure team Cordination... They used time in a very classy way.. and did it Like a Boss xD :)
2013-12-01 01:49:00
2013-12-01 01:40:49
They deserved it well played!

2013-12-01 01:40:55

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:41:25
2013-12-01 01:40:55
unlucky, gg
2013-12-01 01:40:56
How's that unlucky getting totally raped? :D
2013-12-01 01:46:14
2-1 is not totally raped....but ok
2013-12-01 01:47:07
16-2 is totally raped
2013-12-01 01:49:36
Not rly. beeing down 13-2 from T-side isnt that strange. Its all about that pistol round man ;)
2013-12-01 02:46:55
I'm not a nip fan, I was cheering for fnatic
But train is CT map..
13-2 as CT + pistol as terrorists :P Classic train.
2013-12-01 15:05:50
2013-12-01 01:41:00
that's it

GG boys
2013-12-01 01:41:06
mad props, +respect fnatic
2013-12-01 01:41:07
2013-12-01 01:41:08
2013-12-01 01:41:08
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNFxh1UBYyQ OH WAIT-

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:41:22
2013-12-01 01:41:09
2013-12-01 01:41:10
THAT WAS Really fast:P
2013-12-01 01:41:11
2013-12-01 01:41:11
GG well played fnatic
2013-12-01 01:41:14
great job by fnatic, Nip will be so sad for losing dust2
2013-12-01 01:41:14
2013-12-01 01:41:15
Tha Resurrection of fnatic !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2013-12-01 01:41:16
but dat pants doe
2013-12-01 01:41:19
2013-12-01 01:41:20
fnatic got lucky. they had to play shit teams to get to the final and basically just cheesed to win terrorists rounds.
2013-12-01 01:41:21
NiP beat all the teams that they faced in the playoffs, so did fnatic. Then fnatic beat NiP, I think that proves that they deserved the win.
2013-12-01 02:16:00
Doesn't matter, in the grand final they won the best team, so they deserved it
2013-12-01 03:20:37
Worst logic ever. fnatic beat everyone in playoffs just like nip and they also beat vg just nip, eventually beating nip. How is that lucky? You're just being a fan boy.
2013-12-01 04:21:48
/replied to wrong guy/

Post edited 2013-12-01 10:53:02
2013-12-01 10:52:36
2013-12-01 01:41:22
the akward moment winning verygames and loose the 1st place! :D
2013-12-01 01:41:33
Verygames would have lost too. Didn't even win against coL.
2013-12-01 01:45:57
im not talking about verygames coL etc,
im talking about NiP and NiP fans, as they propable said, "well we won verygames, 1st place is ours" :P
2013-12-01 01:48:38
Only team that won against coL was fnatic, what's your point?
2013-12-01 05:54:32
My point is that VG didn't win against coL while fnatic did.
2013-12-01 06:49:51
1 map 16-14 okay lose is lose but dont make a statement atm in csgo like those the whole scene is really random atm I mean it could be like:

Fnatic > NiP > coL > VG > Fnatic

We will never know nor we must think logical that VG would have lost against fnatic.
2013-12-01 16:56:55
i also wanna just point out that lurppis predicted fnatic go out in the group stages

from now on i'm doing the opposite of what lurppis predicts
2013-12-01 01:41:36
Bookies sometimes lies aswell :)
2013-12-01 01:43:43
lorppis has no idea, he thought na'vi would go through groups aha. thoorin is dumb as well for think that "fnatic won't take 10 rounds on both maps"

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:48:17
2013-12-01 01:48:01
did you predicted fnatic was going to won Dreamhack?
2013-12-01 10:10:56
I and most other people predicted them to come 1st in their group and reach probably semis. Then when VG and AD fucked up, it was quite obvious they would be in the final and give a good game against NiP. I thought nip would win but definitely fnatic to take more than 10 rounds...
2013-12-01 13:49:17
Dunno man, it was a tough choice in that group. CM just won ESWC, if anything they should come as favorites in that group. Its pretty much 3 teams fighting for the 2nd spot, which fnatic seems pretty inconsistent at times plus they came with pronax with just about 2 weeks of preparation. NaVi on the other hand got prepared for months for this event. If someone predicted it this way, they have reason for that.
2013-12-01 14:34:26
It's not hard to see that CM aren't the super power everyone thought they were when they won eswc, the put up some bad performances before they came to DH. Maybe they would've got 2nd. As for na'vi, they have lost almost every game since eswc, I am really struggling to see why anyone would think they would progress through group stages. fnatic are probably the most consistent team in that group, at least, in the time leading up to DH. And removing moddii for an amazing igl is always gonna be helpful, more than not. The most reasonable prediction would be 1. Fnatic, 2. CM, 3. LGB, 4. Na'vi
2013-12-01 14:57:31
Regarding on CM bad result, its online. Hardly proved anything.

As for fnatic, chemistry is a big issue in CS. Before they came to DH, no one can predict pronax can blend well into the team this fast. (more importantly because he's an IGL, would be hard to play a different style, limited time to practice tactics, list could go on.)

Well I curiously looked for NaVi recent matches before DH. It's not as bad as what you told. Well they lost some but mostly win tho.

Objectively, out of 4 teams its really a tough choice to put 2 names to came out from this group. They could beat each other when they are in top forms. Its a fact that fnatic was playing at their best ever.

Post edited 2013-12-01 16:29:09
2013-12-01 16:25:45
Sorry, i stopped reading after you said that online games hardly prove anything.

Post edited 2013-12-01 16:49:40
2013-12-01 16:48:22
Well.. its not that uncommon that teams who played bad online but a real beast at LAN. Or was that something you never heard?

G5 in the past, NaVi was the same I think.
Its quite normal.
2013-12-02 04:45:09
2013-12-01 01:42:07
2013-12-01 01:42:16
2013-12-01 02:09:21
2013-12-01 13:50:19
haha ^^
2013-12-01 13:52:22
jw truly the best
2013-12-01 01:41:39

He went from being ditched by pyth in n!faculty to winning DHW with fnatic, talk about the ultimate CS success story

extremely good plays by him and he is definitely the reason fnatic won IMO
2013-12-01 01:41:44
cArn is reason why fnatic won.
2013-12-01 01:42:32
carn picked up pronax specifically for his role as IGL

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:44:51
2013-12-01 01:44:42
Carn has always complimented pronax, in 1.6 and in CS:GO.. seems like carn know what hes talking about
2013-12-01 03:13:05
well tbh i asked myself why they never picked a IGL before (and i have to do with the cs-team since march this year^^)
the karrigan-transfer didnt made sense and even the epsilon + moddi (with moddii as a IGL) didnt made sense .__.

sad that nico + gla1ve weren't able to join back in the days, could've worked out but nevertheless: pronax seems to be really competent

Post edited 2013-12-01 06:18:39
2013-12-01 06:16:09
what in the FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK??!@#?!@#!?@
2013-12-01 01:41:46
now way, this is awesome
2013-12-01 01:41:47
Evolved they have. Fuck yeah!
2013-12-01 01:41:48
The fluke strikes again...
2013-12-01 01:41:49
Flukes don't strike more than once, nice logic
2013-12-01 02:07:29
Flukes in cs don't make a team win by 16-2
2013-12-01 03:22:07
Pure domination on train, rly nice play. Well deserved!
2013-12-01 01:42:11
2013-12-01 01:42:16
wondering how MODDI feels
2013-12-01 01:42:19
Great job fnatic!
I bet moddii is crying on the corner now.
2013-12-01 01:42:21
hopefully :)
2013-12-01 01:49:20
Hopefully? That's an asshole thing to say, moddii is a nice guy. Its not his fault he was kicked
2013-12-01 02:10:53
He's not a nice guy
2013-12-01 02:40:46
Moddii is actually a douche, met him a few times at various lans lol
2013-12-01 23:25:10
If he knows that they fnatic won't of won with him, probably not.
2013-12-01 02:18:36
fuck me cinderella story, alot of people thouhg they couldent even get thru the group
2013-12-01 01:42:26
Epic result.

Gratz Fnatic, well played this tournament.

Flusha, Schneider & JW were madfraggers, Devilwalk good supportplayer and Pronax made his mark with his tactics, and only been so short in the team.
2013-12-01 01:42:27
Thanks Fifflaren.

-Fnatic management
2013-12-01 01:42:33
glad for cArn! gj fnatic's guys!
2013-12-01 01:42:34
well deserved fnatic
2013-12-01 01:42:36
nice game
2013-12-01 01:42:37

man carn must be so happy
2013-12-01 01:42:45
Just fucking sick how much they have improved since pronax is there.

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:43:19
2013-12-01 01:42:47
imagine pronax joining them just like 2 weeks ago to win 100k$ haha;d
2013-12-01 01:42:56
+ 7000$ at MSI BEAT IT
2013-12-01 06:29:40
GG PRONNE, I'm so proud of you! GGWP FNATIC!
2013-12-01 01:42:57
gz fnatic. best play this tourney
pronax :)

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:45:18
2013-12-01 01:43:31
NiP need make changes or just disband cuz they will no win more anything with this lineup.
2013-12-01 01:43:36
why disband if you win 50k
2013-12-01 01:46:33
Changes aka replace fiffnaben.
2013-12-01 01:46:48
they won everymatch except for fnatic , disband ofc

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:47:20
2013-12-01 01:47:10
With your logic all teams except fnatic should disband. Such a reatrd.
2013-12-01 01:56:09
dude dont talk about bullshit, NiP dont win anything now dont you see? since 4 tournaments they dont win nothing... something its wrong!
2013-12-01 01:59:48
Erm they won 50k??
2013-12-01 04:27:30
Best tournament, sad that its over..
But GG fnatic, gg.

2013-12-01 01:43:45
I hope next time is 300k :PP damn it was nice tournament
2013-12-01 01:45:17
so sick guys, you absolutely deserve it <3
2013-12-01 01:43:52
Fnatic is the future...


21 games, 0 drops
2013-12-01 01:44:13
So many good calls from Pronax.
2013-12-01 01:44:14
2013-12-01 01:44:18
2013-12-01 01:44:22
Yes, fifflaren is the worst player in CSGO proscene. Not hitting 1 shot with awp in 3 maps. He lost d2 alone.
2013-12-01 03:55:18
Didnt deserve it tbh. VG would have stomped them but ok...
2013-12-01 01:44:23
fnatic > NIP > VG = fnatic > VG
2013-12-01 03:12:02
Fnatic got stomped in China by VG... NiP just won because VG fucked up, not because NiP was playing out of their minds.
2013-12-01 12:59:18
2013-12-01 16:22:48
It's true though. VG really failed to play on their A-game on this tournament (which takes nothing away from NiP or fnatic because there is no excuse to be bad in the most important event of the year) and especially ScreaM underperformed a LOT which can be seen in his less than 1.00 rating. Also NBK was a lot weaker than he usually is and shox had a few bad games here and there.

Basically what I am saying is that while NiP deserved to win against VG by all means and fnatic more than deserved to get the title, it had a lot to do with the fact that VG didn't bring their A-game for some reason.
2013-12-02 11:24:24
Of course, then again VG didnt deserve it as well. They got trashed by NiP.
2013-12-01 10:16:06
Fantastic Fnatic Fantastic!!!
NiP go home lolz
2013-12-01 01:44:30
2013-12-01 01:44:40
Next level of Counter-Strike to be honest..
2013-12-01 01:44:53
Agreed. Fnatic played nontraditional angles and had anti-strats clearly prepped. It was just good play.
2013-12-01 01:46:25
moddii cry
2013-12-01 01:44:54
Well played fnatic, didnt expected that.
2013-12-01 01:44:59
gg fnatic
2013-12-01 01:45:01
omfg, sick played well deserved !
2013-12-01 01:45:22
WP fnatic!
2013-12-01 01:45:27
just.. wow...
2013-12-01 01:45:33
2013-12-01 01:45:53

2013-12-01 01:45:36
2013-12-01 01:46:00
2013-12-01 13:54:40
the crowd didn't like it
2013-12-01 01:45:38
that dust 2 game lost them 100gran
2013-12-01 01:45:39
So did it for VG where they were quite better with guns but bad to lose both pistols.
2013-12-01 09:17:13
raped on train.. holy s*** :D
2013-12-01 01:45:42
Well fu**ing played fnatic! EARNED
2013-12-01 01:45:42
2013-12-01 01:45:44
haha yeah moodii how do you feel now you whining little cry baby "ohh look at me im moodii i have an ego" little nerd.
2013-12-01 01:45:53
holy shit not even NiP

ggwp fnatic. my respect
2013-12-01 01:45:55
gegee. -fifflaren + delpan
2013-12-01 01:45:57
whats up now swedes????

oh wait...


gj fnatic
2013-12-01 01:45:57
hahaha #116
1 sec earlier xD
2013-12-01 01:46:26
ahahahahahhaha n1 mate
2013-12-01 01:47:03
fifflarens awping on dust2 A site is maybe the saddest thing i ever saw in professional cs... fnatic GG schneider,flusha and jw BEASTS

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:46:34
2013-12-01 01:46:01
yeah fiflaren miss a lot of easy and no really difficult awp shoots... it's so sad to watch that...
2013-12-01 01:55:29
Unbelievable, great final and fantastic tournament. 150k viewers. CSGO is getting better!
2013-12-01 01:46:01
GGWP fnatic, wanted NiP to win. But fnatic is worth it, no doubt about it. Gonna say it again, pronax is an amazing IGL.

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:46:26
2013-12-01 01:46:09
2013-12-01 01:46:57
lol that jw.... beast
2013-12-01 01:46:10
2013-12-01 01:46:13
2013-12-01 01:46:36
pronax calls are unbelievebles. he was perfect in this champ.

cgts guys!
2013-12-01 01:46:25
2013-12-01 01:46:25
2013-12-01 01:46:37
Amazing tournament. Hope other tournaments can follow up this!
2013-12-01 01:46:40
2013-12-01 01:46:41
really amazing play fnatic gg :)

It's cool that more teams can compete to win tournaments, more rivalry it's good!

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:47:13
2013-12-01 01:46:51
This is what happens when you have Fifflaren in your team (missing crucial shots at A on D2, missing easy shots with the AWP, etc.).

And the rest of the team underperfoming like never before, except for Friberg.

GJ fnatic!
2013-12-01 01:46:54
gj by fnatic, they played so good in this tournament and they suprised me a lot

but nip also proved that they are still strong
2013-12-01 01:46:57
gg Fnatic, greatly deserved, DHW has been full of surprises.
2013-12-01 01:46:58
Awesome fnatic,really good game!
2013-12-01 01:47:00
When fnatic lost inferno, they already had the advantage since they were able to start on CT side. If it was NiP that chose train as 3rd map, it is a big mistake. Because, it is always too risky to play a heavily ct/t-sided map as a decider. But still fnatic played amazing throughout the whole event
2013-12-01 01:47:00
same shit for verygames
2013-12-01 02:05:27
You are right
2013-12-01 11:11:25
Well, the thing was, that NiP's map choice was dust2 and fnatic chose inferno. If anything, they probably thought that they might lose inferno, which would give them the ct side on train. So from their pre-game perspective that seems like a pretty good deal. A bit unlucky, yes, but you can't really blame them for that. I mean, who would've predicted both teams to lose their map choice?
2013-12-01 20:06:30
train should be called de_nip they said. yeah
2013-12-01 01:47:03
pronax deserves it!
2013-12-01 01:47:08
Awesome! Good job fnatic!
2013-12-01 01:47:10
jw the best
2013-12-01 01:47:12
gz CS:GO with 150 000 spectators
2013-12-01 01:47:23
fnatic surprised but will they continue that solid game or Clan mystik will be like?
2013-12-01 01:47:31
Expected, wp nip!
2013-12-01 01:47:39
Deserved win by fnatic.
2013-12-01 01:47:50

Fifflarens awping on Dust 2 made me cry.... Horrible played by him!

NIP cant win everything and thank god for that, hehe....

But imo is still NIP a solid nr.1, It cant be decided from one match.... NIP's record is still the best out there.
2013-12-01 01:47:57
2013-12-01 01:47:58
Respect Pronax and Carn have done it
of course with support of

JW da King
Devilwalk da pants down
Flusha & schneider


next news NIP change their lineup :D
2013-12-01 01:48:03
Where is the all newbies fans of NiP? :D
GJ fnatic =D
2013-12-01 01:48:14
I love u pronax!
good fuckin job!
2013-12-01 01:48:25
2013-12-01 01:48:36
NiP deserved more, imo
2013-12-01 01:49:02
the thing is that nip stayed in home for 2 long while fnatic played a tournament really recently which made them routined for dreamhack while nip kinda were slugish
2013-12-01 01:49:07
That's a really silly and close-minded explanation honestly... Especially given the fact that prior to MSI, they specifically stated that they wouldn't be going in order to prepare for dreamhack. That time they had was only beneficial for them. Fnatic played really well, give credit where it's due...

Post edited 2013-12-01 02:26:56
2013-12-01 02:22:12
what pronax has done with this team... its amazing... gj fnatic
2013-12-01 01:49:16
Now it's over and the drops are over, has anyone got a link to all the skins? Really want to see what they look like
2013-12-01 01:49:18
Awesome :D
2013-12-01 01:49:20
fnatic, NiP gg WP ! :(
2013-12-01 01:49:20
NiP good but not best (fnatic best)
2013-12-01 01:49:29
JW simple prooved that the sentence "but not best (jw best)" is correct.
2013-12-01 01:49:33
16-2 on train, mothaf*cking rape!
2013-12-01 01:49:37
Congratulation fnatic
2013-12-01 01:49:41
2013-12-01 01:50:04
First tournament won by FNATIC in csgo = biggest tournament in CS history! HATS Off!
2013-12-01 01:50:16
All hail pronax.
2013-12-01 01:50:16
I'm so freaking happy for them. they so deserved first place I love it. their games were most entertaining to watch. and they just proved their style is enough to take the best down.
GJ Fnatic!
oh and I got a drop
2013-12-01 01:50:18
Totally deserved, wp !
2013-12-01 01:50:28
well played. nice final.
2013-12-01 01:50:36
2013-12-01 01:50:39
suck it nip fanboys :DDD

2013-12-01 01:50:44
I really wonder what carn was saying in mumble.
2013-12-01 01:51:21
"rape em" ...and so they did
2013-12-01 01:52:52
2013-12-01 02:01:05
2013-12-01 02:06:41
2013-12-01 02:07:52
2013-12-01 02:14:16
2013-12-01 03:24:31
he couldn't talk
2013-12-01 01:59:51
He could talk to them over headset.
Carn was just making them aware of what nip might would do, what strat nip might have called, what things does fnatic to be aware of, etc.
2013-12-01 02:14:28
Actually no, he's not allowed to talk to them, they really need to clear this up, because a lot of people seem to think this.
2013-12-01 02:23:29
He talked to pronax, i saw him on stream man..

i don't know that his mic was off or on, but he definitely was talking to pronax during the end of the round.
2013-12-01 02:27:01
GoMeZ - HLTV.org
you are incorrect. He was talking to them on teamspeak. HE was allowed to be in TS but not the game.
2013-12-01 14:04:57
2013-12-01 01:51:56
2013-12-01 01:52:06
How much of the prize money do players genuinely see? Do they get the whole lot?
2013-12-01 01:52:17
2013-12-01 01:52:23
FUCK ME, JW really is best...
2013-12-01 01:52:38
NiP really has to refine them selfes
2013-12-01 01:52:49
Dexter'end good but Tv6 documentary best
2013-12-01 01:52:57
I was raging watching NiP playing like in pubs, just rushing sites without any strategies/nades and getting moled down.

They felt #1 in their pockets after edging VG, they were overconfident and it got back at their faces. They could have easily won skillwise if they were to play with a little more brain.

Losing the last match of the grand final 16-2 it's just ridiculus, and casters even saying "This is good CS action" !! Really?! 16-2 domination is "good CS" to you? That's strange cause i thought a match that ends something like 16-14 it's GOOD CS...

2013-12-01 01:53:30
2013-12-01 02:01:19
Nice CS:GO has become so unpredictabel

Gj fnatic + Complexity
2013-12-01 01:53:37
Devilwalk dropping his pants off in front of the crowd ROFL
2013-12-01 01:55:07
2013-12-01 01:55:13
Gooood... I thought there will be no more fnatic without moddii, but... They seem to be so strong now. Fnatic forevah'! I'm gonna buy original fnatic t-shirt now. Greetings guys! :)

Post edited 2013-12-01 01:57:23
2013-12-01 01:55:30
gg wp
2013-12-01 01:55:39
GJ fnatic :)
2013-12-01 01:55:51
good game, grats fnatic
2013-12-01 01:57:08
2013-12-01 01:57:08
2013-12-01 01:57:16
congratz :)
2013-12-01 01:57:23
Very well-played fnatic! Good job.
2013-12-01 01:57:29
those two pistol round wins on de_train.
2013-12-01 01:57:42
jw actually best
2013-12-01 01:57:53
amazing pronax, gg fnatic gg nip thanks for this show
2013-12-01 01:58:03
Really enjoyed following the stream. Good job and congratulations to Fnatic, they were just so good!
2013-12-01 01:58:21
NiP saved strats for sure ;)
2013-12-01 01:58:45
cArn-Top of the cs managers
2013-12-01 01:59:07
sad. nip deserved to win this.
2013-12-01 01:59:24
2013-12-01 01:59:28
gg guys
2013-12-01 01:59:44
VG >>>>> Fnatic ... just being lucky
2013-12-01 01:59:54
I agree, i feel like VG would have owned fnatic if they were in NiP shoes.
2013-12-01 03:19:12
I would like to se now face of MODII.
2013-12-01 02:00:52
Jesper 'jw' Wecksell 59-49 +10 52.5 1.16 (jw best)
2013-12-01 02:01:12

gz fnatic
2013-12-01 02:01:29
fcuk fnatic, f*uck all... fnatic the best play EVA
gj, GRATS, n1................
2013-12-01 02:01:32
well played!
2013-12-01 02:01:55
I'm feeling sad for f0rest. He deserved this trophy in my opinion.

But I'm also happy for fnatic. Well played boys! :)
2013-12-01 02:02:09
pronax you dog, you fucking did it!
2013-12-01 02:02:21
now its out in the open Fnatic with moddii woudn't even pass the fkn group stages he is dead weight, kick him bring in a good igl with clear ideas and leadership like pronax and people like jw and others will flourish gg wp fnatic and management wp to nip to was nice event again pity for all the delays and issues overall good event nice numbers gg cs go
2013-12-01 02:04:07
gz fnatic, well play f0rp
2013-12-01 02:04:14
Congratulation with a well deserved victory. WP.
2013-12-01 02:04:27
fnatic <3
2013-12-01 02:04:34
fnatic writte history of CS with largest prize win they just played amaizing but i'm feeling sad for NiP. GG both teams i love CS <3
2013-12-01 02:05:18
Anyone crying for nip to replace fifflaren is retarded. He played probably his best tournament yet and nip overall still had a very succesful tournament, not to menchion that they've won a plethora of events with that exact lineup. If it aint broke, don't fix it.
2013-12-01 02:06:18
Am i the only one that thinks results in csgo are random? Ok we can say in the beginning NiP really dominated, but how tournamets are passin it feels like u dont know whos gonna win? And im not talking about evolving, it just feels strange.
2013-12-01 02:08:15
I dont think thats a bad thing. We just have many teams that can beat eachother depending on the day and which players are playing the best.
2013-12-01 02:10:11
2 teams have won nearly every frigin tournament wat are u talkin about random

we saw the same shit in 1.6 all the time
2013-12-01 02:11:03
2 teams have won everything? What the hell are you talking about? Please be my guest and have look at the last 15 tournaments. God you're actually clueless.
2013-12-01 04:34:48
NiP and Verygames, no?
2013-12-01 10:19:53
Erm no.
2013-12-01 12:13:13
Thats hands down the dumbest thing I've heard in a while and you managed to prove yourself wrong within the same post.

NiP dominated for over a year and won pretty much everything there was to win, while VG was second almost every time. Now, there are more than 10 good players in CSGO so its only natural some other teams will catch up in time but still we've seen the past three tournaments (ESWC, MSI Beat it and DHW) there has always been one of the two "best teams" in the finals. ESWC was VG v Mystik (NiP was unlucky to meet VG in semis). MSI Beat it fnatic (winner of DHW) lost against VG in the final and here NiP (the best all time team) lost against fnatic on the final.

There has been so far NOTHING random about these results, if you look at any other game or sports there are bound to be many contenders for the final spot but in CSGO the competition has usually been only between maybe 2-3 teams in each tournament realistically - ofc there are some upsets here and there but thats just good for the competition and the scene as a whole.

You dont know who is gonna win the next tournament? Isn't that a good thing?

I can give you a hint that it will be either NiP, fnatic or VG quite certainly.
2013-12-02 11:31:43
Well i think the big difference between NIP 1 year ago vs Nip now is that they dont have aim advantage anymore.

At the early stages of CS:Go Forest and Get_right and also Friberg to some extent
simply aimed better than most players of other teams. They were winning almost all critical 1v1 duells or 2v2 low health duells at the end of close rounds.

As most pro players now have more than 2000h of Trainig in CS:GO aim the gap is not existent anymore.

VG,Fnatic,Astana,CPHW,CM and even Complexity and some others have the aim to win these 1v1 or 2v2 close rounds now.

Post edited 2013-12-01 02:13:35
2013-12-01 02:12:21
<3 fnatic!
2013-12-01 02:12:30
well played fnatic you deserved this so much gv!!!
2013-12-01 02:13:40
Devilwalk showed his enormous balls :D

Post edited 2013-12-01 02:17:40
2013-12-01 02:17:27
Did he take off his pants??
2013-12-01 02:23:06
naa you can see the balls even with his pants on :D
2013-12-01 02:26:55
You could have meant that he did something that took a lot of balls thats why I asked :d
2013-12-01 04:00:55

Post edited 2013-12-01 02:34:16
2013-12-01 02:33:49
Pronax MVP ... he has turned Fnatic into a disciplined well-oiled NINJUTSU SQUAD!
I even think he called fairly good on inferno... on a lot the rounds they lost, they were simply up against a forest going 26-10 (or something like that).
2013-12-01 02:19:52
But the thing was that friberg was the beast on inferno, f0rest got like more than half of his kills on eco bashes, he didn't do those important clutches/weapon frags like friberg did. GeT_RiGhT had some huge moments as well, fifflaren and xizt as well. thats why you can't stare blindly on the stats. But friberg was the beast on inferno, no doubt about it.
2013-12-01 02:25:22
Sure, I agree :) ... Forest was more of an example. My point was that quite a few rounds, Pronax brought Fnatic in "winnable" positions with 3vs3, 3vs2 and 2vs3s where the bomb is planted. After that it is more up to the individual players to hold their positions and have good communication (if that makes sense).
2013-12-01 05:47:48
No pronax no fnatic,wp fnatic
2013-12-01 02:23:02
2013-12-01 02:25:12
lol sure
2013-12-01 02:32:29
gz fnatic
2013-12-01 02:29:06
mvp to fifflaren and jw or flusha
2013-12-01 02:32:51
yea because someone of the losing team should be mvp.....
2013-12-01 02:42:12
You didn't get the joke
After three years do you understand it now?
2016-01-08 19:06:49
WP Fnatic - thanks for a good final.

Hope to see you all at Dreamhack summer as well, if they want us back ;)
2013-12-01 02:35:26
so happy for carn gg!
2013-12-01 02:35:43
for me it looks as follows now:

top group (can't name a clear number 1):

slightly behind:
Copenhagen Wolves

then really long nothing at all

and then the rest.

lets see which team steps up next.
2013-12-01 02:36:34
that looks reasonable
2013-12-01 02:59:40
I would swap Astana and fnatic placement: i think AD just had a bad tournament while on the other hand fnatic just had it "easy" till the grand final and they happened to be on a roll (plus a bad overall match from NiP which helped) at the end.

IMO the top 3 teams are still AD, VG and NiP, because their results are constant, while other teams are up and coming (see Clan-Mystic and fnatic).
2013-12-01 03:27:53
gg, the last words I want to say is that VG would actually won a final against fnatic if that happened (considering fnatic beating nip in semi-finals and coming up against VG in grand final) as someone stated, fnatic pretty much anti-strated nip, they prepared perfectly against them, VG would actually out-skill the swedes from fnatic but it's my opinion
2013-12-01 02:37:29
2013-12-01 03:28:34
Still not convinced that fnatic won this, but oh well
2013-12-01 02:38:58
Because you are probably still crying over that the snaileaters LOST.

2013-12-01 02:52:17
lulz source shows its worth

did you really think 1.6ers would let VG place in the top 2 in the biggest counter strike tournament to date?

they're lucky to be in the top 4
2013-12-01 06:36:46
2013-12-01 11:54:31
well deserved , first time i saw fnatic know what they are doing.
2013-12-01 02:40:41
wp fnatic, gg, SICK GAME, 115k viewers lololol
2013-12-01 02:49:21
i didnt expect this. But, fnatic deserved this.
2013-12-01 02:50:33

wait... what?
2013-12-01 02:52:20
? Swedes won over swedes :s
2013-12-01 03:13:13
yes - JW BEST!
2013-12-01 03:05:04
Gg wp
2013-12-01 03:05:42
I honestly feel fnatic wouldve defeated vg if they met in the finals. During semis, i was sure nip will win considering vg is obviously off tournament wise. During their final game at msi china, fnatic played a hell of a game only to fell short. This time they wont be denied.
2013-12-01 03:07:56
To all vg fans, stop saying vg deserve to win. Its not all the time vg will win or mow down everyone in every tourna.. its just simply fnatic' s time to shine. To nip, a deserved 2nd place. The game couldve gone eitherway.

Had nip won d2, fnatic for sure picked train and win that map. 3rd map for sure is inferno, where nip prevails and win the series 2-1.
2013-12-01 03:13:20
MOLODCI! Well done - proud of the team fnatic, to be honest, I kept only players Nip 1.6 School
2013-12-01 03:14:18
Happy for fnatic. Gg!!!
1.6 stronk.
Gg wp NiP too.
2013-12-01 03:18:09
GGWP,now carn can claim they are No.1 again.(JW BEST)
2013-12-01 03:18:40
Really impressed by Pronax, 1 month before DHW he changes Fnatic to an top-team.

Post edited 2013-12-01 03:23:40
2013-12-01 03:23:29
It would be awesome if people could support this


Its time to show the world the true number of CS players and not have the media and other gamers say we are only around 50,000 !
2013-12-01 03:23:34
This is CM's victory over VG in the ESWC grand finals all over again.
2013-12-01 03:24:33
i didnt expect this! anyway...gg
2013-12-01 03:24:51
Grats to fnatic :D Since the start i said the finale will be nip vs fnatic and i was sure Nip will win anyways next time i will know beter :)) Hope fnatic win DH Bucharest again :D
2013-12-01 03:30:02
DH Summer Final : NiP vs Epsilon

DH Winter Final : NiP vs fnatic (Ex-Epsilon, with pronax instead of cENTRYZ)
2013-12-01 03:34:19
all crew were fantastic, really loved the production, the aftertalk show,everything. it was just an amazing tournament
2013-12-01 03:51:48
I thought that i could be happy for Fnatic, (I actually cheer for NiP) but after I saw this video i got pretty upset, i thought Fnatic were good guys...
2013-12-01 04:06:53
ahhaha, "but after I saw.." xDDDD u know what the situation was? fnatic had like 60% right to do that after nip "the best team ever" whining after a loss. I totally aint fnatic fanboy but I totally screamed when they won.. they were the least favorite for me from the top4 of dhw.
2013-12-01 07:16:14
that shit again?move pass it please
2013-12-01 11:52:13
And I thought cArn would raise a team with better manners :p
2013-12-01 04:09:05
Worst DHW winner ever
2013-12-01 04:11:36
what a shame
2013-12-01 05:31:58
yeah what a shame thaat fnatic won the ultimate dominator of cs:go in a best of 3 pretty easily on their best map 16:2.. WHAT A SHAME.. lucky. /sarcasm off
2013-12-01 07:13:17
fuck hltv admins jw bestestst
2013-12-01 04:45:21
GG fnatic...wp
2013-12-01 05:56:41
vod of the final? anyone xdD?
2013-12-01 05:58:51
GG great tournament, this will raise the bar in the competitive scene. More tournaments like this Valve thank you !!
2013-12-01 06:06:20
nice surprise
2013-12-01 06:31:05
lol wat da fuck GG WP fnatic

ps: jw best
2013-12-01 07:07:41
say what you will, the swedes always deliver when everything is on the line. 2 swedes top 2, again.
2013-12-01 07:09:24
hats off to carn, amazing coaching TBH. I had all sorts of doubts after their capitulation in groups vs NiP (cant remember what tournament it was now) with the BM comments flying around and carns inability to control his boys.

I dunno what carn and co have said to them the past few months but crickey it worked.

Or perhaps pronax is the element keeping his teammates on task and focused.

Anyway, amazing effort, pronax for MVP "Mr Intangibles" and carn for morpheus style coaching.
2013-12-01 07:11:12
Is there a twitch.tv demo or somekinda youtube video somewhere for the final game? I dont have the game installed on my laptop right now and would like to watch the game somehow now afterwards! ty.
2013-12-01 07:13:07
ofcourse. twitch records every stream
final stars at 11:00:00
2013-12-01 09:00:59
thx too much!
2013-12-01 12:51:07
sorry Fiffy.. although u played a fucking good tournament.. ATLEAST you will be cut from the team.
2013-12-01 07:18:09
Pronax/Carn deserved this so much. Love to see Sweden yet again proving to be the greatest e-spost nation of all time.
2013-12-01 07:34:07
Delpan to NiP please!!!

GJ fnatic!
2013-12-01 07:50:04
16:2 on train for fnatic? dat come back on d2?

u know what... even though I still think AD HAD THAT LAST MAP WIN AGAINST coL, but just FAILEd big time and I do think if AD overpowered coL then they'd probly end up in finals and, therefore, possible won the 100k vs fnatic (if that was the case)... I have to admit I was at work and couldnt watch the grand final, but will absolutely watch VOds as I guess they deserved that win! That was a great comeback from what I so far read ppl were saying and that train score was absolutely insane and ya, I guess I have to say it winning both map 16:7 vs coL we NOW have to count as an achievemet considering the fact that coL beat AD 2:1 in maps, so ya... These DM's results were a little unexpected and hard to predict, not blaming lurppis on this one, even me (PRO) with 13 years CS experience (unfortunately) did not predict to go that far considering them "darkhorses", but whatever....

gj fnatic

AD had to go further than coL obviously... coL is not the team AD should be losing to, but obviously IS a team AD should watch out for and never underestimate, but u cant blame the winner right? :) so hope to see good stufffrom coL in the future, please play european teams more if you want to achieve a lot and in tournaments and dont just go by how CA/US teams play on esea, cause that wont get you far...

and gl to AD as welll, I hope this will actually be a good boost to calm down and rethink some stuff and be maybe a little more carefull and concentrated in all the aspects of the game and obviously alsways prepare for each opponent as if it was grand final...


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2013-12-01 07:51:36
problem is that they cant train properly against EU-teams from their home :D and they can't afford to bootcamp several weeks :D
2013-12-01 08:44:07
Well now I admit jw is good.
2013-12-01 07:59:19
money changes everybody :D
2013-12-01 08:19:07
lol NICE
f0rest and gtr pretty good,but not best (jw BEST!)
2013-12-01 08:20:41
Awesome play by fnatic. Almost flawless!
2013-12-01 08:21:43
Fuck yeah! Finally! :)
2013-12-01 08:43:36
Why cArn using headset? I mean, he's also talking to the team or let's say coaching?
2013-12-01 08:46:41
Yes. Both managers got the option to talk to their team but HeatoN refused as he was trusting his team, while Carn chose to help their team a little.
2013-12-01 09:52:05
Lol, heaton giving an advice? Someone will need a new keyboard.
2013-12-01 10:25:30
what you mean?
2013-12-01 12:10:59
There was a famous scene, where he was smashing his keyboard because he was so mad at practice.

it was this:

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2013-12-02 04:37:33
Oh thanks.
2013-12-02 05:18:05
It's just advice, not an advice. It's uncountable. Also, I just copied someone's post from somewhere else.
2013-12-01 18:20:13
then that should be done in group stage. But it's good to see. Now organization will find a good coach than can lift up the team's spirit when they're down just like NiaK and cArn doing ;)
2013-12-01 12:12:50
gg wp
2013-12-01 08:49:17
2013-12-01 09:26:55
carn watching the stream from his laptop and telling fnatic where 2 go ....
2013-12-01 09:31:51
so jw best? ^_^
2013-12-01 09:32:54
where can i watch the match again ?
2013-12-01 09:36:45

NIP ain't playing serious because DH winter is coming up, Saving strats.. Now it didn't work for them.. What are your excuses this time NIP fans?..

2013-12-01 09:38:19
Mh Mh MHH...


2013-12-01 11:12:25
they came in 2nd, is that bad in the biggest cs go tourney thus far?
2013-12-01 12:28:57
nip saving strats for MM
2013-12-01 14:36:47
2013-12-01 09:47:03
2013-12-01 10:01:55
One shot not more
2013-12-01 10:10:17
2013-12-01 10:34:00
wp fnatic,deserved xD
2013-12-01 10:35:37
GJ ! WP ! GG !
2013-12-01 10:49:21
A little dissapoiting 3rd game, but I'm glad for Fnatic :)
2013-12-01 10:56:01
Fnatic Christmas Quest


You can win amazing prizes!!!

The answer is London.

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2013-12-01 11:02:48
most anticlimatic ending ever
2013-12-01 11:05:43
NiP maybe good team but not best (jw best)
2013-12-01 11:10:31
I don't follow GO, but if i'm not wrong these guys were just a onliners in 1.6 xD
2013-12-01 11:18:14
And now they are lanners winning $100,000! Your point?
2013-12-01 14:23:25
just sayin'
2013-12-01 15:50:20
I knew it
2013-12-01 11:36:17
DREAMTEAM : GTR,Forest,Shoxie,Flusha,JW
2013-12-01 11:47:10
f0rest da eco killer
2013-12-01 11:53:43
2013-12-01 11:56:47
congrats fnatic! They played the entire tournament amazing.
2013-12-01 12:02:58
2013-12-01 12:07:25
2013-12-01 12:08:26
GG Fnatic, a shame it was not VG vs Fnatic in the final.
2013-12-01 12:16:59
(jw best)
2013-12-01 12:29:19
If fnatic wants to continue on this and roll on, devilwalk must step it up really..and even pronax a bit maybe. Gj fnatic <3
2013-12-01 12:30:37
dude what? pronax step it up, are you crazy?


and did you see any other statistics than finals (because I KNOW you didnt see matches but just stats if you say pronax must step it up)

here are the 2 detail pages on the maps against coL



I hope you get my point but if you don't, I'll try and elaborate on the ingame roles of players and the focus/sacrifice required by entry fraggers/IGLs

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2013-12-01 14:31:27
Looks like u didn't get me as I said "a bit maybe", and I do watch every fnatic match, and also I know that pronax must focus on calls more than fragging as he's the igl...sometimes in nip xizt was carrying them I believe, hope u got my point :)
2013-12-01 15:09:24
true, but like I said, he does alot of entry picks and that is not easy, especially against NiP.
also you must have seen then that he played great against coL and other teams.
and Im sure he will step it up with time, if these 5 stay together.
if you ever were IGL you know how much harder it is for you to focus on fragging in the beginning of a team, or after a player switch
2013-12-01 17:30:48
It was incredible to see how much they evolved in this short period of time with pronax. Its like they really had eachother backs now, took angles together and just had teamplay so their individual talent could shine.
2013-12-01 12:37:22
I feel so happy for cArn, he deserved his team to win for the trust that he put in this team and for all the problems that he had to encouter because of them. WP fnatic!
2013-12-01 13:12:33
2013-12-01 13:15:21
sad for NiP, how did they lost on dd2 :( but well played by fnatic jw he was that who won this tournament for them
2013-12-01 13:39:07
And Faillaren too.. For fnatic..

GTR plays shit in final too.. Only try backstab fnatic and fail everytime.
2013-12-01 16:29:11
2013-12-02 09:46:43
2013-12-01 13:39:41
Once more Get_RiGHT proved that he don't know how to lose. Right after defeat, when fnatic celebrated he came to their side and wanted to shake their hands. Hell, let boys celebrate their first major win and after that shake their hands. Some swede guy, could you say what GeT_RiGHT said before the match? He said something on swedish and what I understood was "blablabla, fnatic, haha!" ?
I was so happy for fnatic, csgod bless them.
2013-12-01 13:40:17
Thanks volvo for giefing 3 drops during the final match! :)
2013-12-01 13:40:33
Dat jump from cArn
2013-12-01 13:41:22
Awesome tournament! increasing cs:go level and statistics. Thanks Dreamhack and Valve for this one.

Let's GO!
2013-12-01 13:56:21
The guy who won 3rd place in dreamteam didn't even change it once. wow

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2013-12-01 14:01:19
what was his LU ? :P
2013-12-01 14:28:25
are like schneider and f0rest related cuz same families
2013-12-01 14:04:23
probably not
2013-12-01 14:11:03
nope different lindbergs (there are a bazillion lindbergs in sweden btw
2013-12-01 14:28:10
I know pronax is -14 but he's IGL and usually goes for entries as much as his teammates or more, and his HS percentage is bazonkers (in a final for fat stacks of cash with a new team especially)
he really is worth his weight in gold for fnatic.
2013-12-01 14:27:41
:) Gj
2013-12-01 14:35:24
very well done to the squad of players! and congratz to coach carn! i hope they continue their form for future events
2013-12-01 14:53:04
nip out?
2013-12-01 15:01:36
Say what you will, but Carn's in-game coaching made the difference!
fnatic were so much more composed than NiP
2013-12-01 15:19:30
nip with failarin
no win
i saw one map train
he play completely a noob
a lot of his moments reminds my past:
teamates all die
me left
no know what to do
make noob shoot try luck tell enmey where you are
watch time about to end
go out to die in bullet hell

these fucking things i all see from failarin
how nip kept that noob this long
besides gtr plays shit too
1on1 he play t wait 30s hold position squating dream fn player come to his as only left himself 15s for action fucking noob choise like old navi
2013-12-01 16:21:26
why old navi cant win the most dominated cs1.6 ever xizt moddii + 3dk team
bcuz they are more aimer than navi
navi ? no aim no team
navi team normaly no strat
wait for 1.5m left themself 30s for rush use aim
you outaim thenm you win
so easy
dont learn navi gtr they are noob
id rather see our china team play
at least they dont play lke a pusy
2013-12-01 16:30:16
Who's your english teacher?
2013-12-01 16:35:06
2013-12-02 02:48:05
2013-12-02 10:25:25
Make sense..
2013-12-02 15:44:37
ROFL,must be Google
2013-12-03 07:17:20
gg's wp fnatic
2013-12-01 16:31:00
GTR every fucking round try backstab fnatic and fail... No help teammates to hold fnatic rushs!

And Faillaren every fucking full-round by Nip try AWP!! And no hits one chicken!! No hits nothing!! And Die!! A lot of money for nothing!! He hits 1/10 shots.. Man is fucking crazy!! Nip saves awp for a blind/no reflex noob... With rifles he's a bot.. With awp he is nothing!!

For me GTR and Faillaren ruins nip at Dreamhack.

2013-12-01 16:35:44
Didn't expect ..but still better than NIP wining again ..
2013-12-01 18:04:37
gj boys!
2013-12-01 19:28:33
Nice ! Good job guys .
2013-12-01 21:59:31
fnatic won dh, ok nice, where is your god now?
2013-12-02 10:38:26
NiP walk around like they're celebrities (except xizt) and fiff is so far up his own ars3 it's unless so i'm glad they lost
2013-12-02 10:59:04
And no one noticed it's written by new HLTV journalist.
2013-12-02 11:26:31
Good job ! fnatic !!
2013-12-02 12:16:21
So much for the NiP documentary, this has just ruined it imo lol.
2013-12-03 08:15:34
yeah, if they end up doing it fnatic will look much better.
2013-12-05 10:38:49
100k prize!! nice :D
2013-12-07 11:52:44
2013-12-09 17:04:06
2015-07-22 23:02:56

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