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Fifflaren leaves NiP
Time: 2014-11-03 19:18
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ninjas in Pyjamas have announced that they have parted ways with longtime member Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson, who has retired from gaming.

The decision comes in the aftermath of the team's group stage exit at ESWC 2014 following defeats against HellRaisers, Titan and Platinium-Servers.

NiP's run of poor form, however, stretches back a few months, with the ESL One Cologne champions failing to qualify for the FACEIT Finals and for the fragbite Masters Finals, while bowing out of DreamHack Stockholm in the group stage.

Winning ESL One Cologne was the pinnacle of Fifflaren's NiP spell

With DreamHack Winter just around the corner, NiP have announced that Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson, who has been the team's main AWPer and has sometimes combined such role with that of ingame leader, has retired from gaming.

The news will certainly come as a shock to NiP's fans as this is the first roster change for them since the team came together, in August 2012.

“These past two years have been the experience of a lifetime, I’ve learnt so much, travelled all over the world and had a chance to get to know four amazing people who I am proud to call my friends," he told Aftonbladet.

"These are memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In addition to that, we got to rebuild the legendary NiP-brand and that is the heritage we leave behind us as we go further to realize other dreams in our lives.

"No matter who takes my place, I sincerely hope that the team will play well and win, which has always been our ultimate goal and they truly deserve it. I want to thank my ex-teammates, the management of NiP who made it all possible, and a special thanks to all of my fans for the love and support over the years."

Fifflaren had certainly had more than his fair share of criticism throughout his 27-month spell in NiP, much because of his inability to put up big numbers. His rating stands at 0.95, much lower than everyone else on the team. The fourth-rated player in NiP, Adam "friberg" Friberg, for example, sits at 1.09.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Fifflaren has been offered a position in the NiP organisation, but nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

NiP currently have the following four-man roster:

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg
Richard "Xizt" Landström
Adam "friberg" Friberg

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gg wp fiffy ! :/
+schneider or +dennis ?

remember that dennis is an awper but i dont think he wants because he already has a fulltime job...

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:23:10
2014-11-03 19:18:24
lurppis is soooooo happy
2014-11-03 19:18:53
why :P
2014-11-03 19:19:08
well, lurppis is hating on fifflaren for the past year or so
2014-11-03 19:20:54
past 2 yrs
2014-11-03 19:32:10
Maikelele or schneider PLZZZZZ ;)
2014-11-03 19:37:10
plz not maikelele he will make the team disband in a month
schneider can't awp, most top teams now have an adequate awper and making f9rest awp would be a big waste
dennis retired from cs
2014-11-03 20:15:41
hope dennis back to cs
2014-11-03 20:45:31
fiffy retiering is like edard stark execution
2014-11-03 22:36:10
That means all of NiP will get brutally murdered by their enemies like fnatic or something, then someone will come back that was kind of the mother of the team and avenge on the murderers.
2014-11-04 17:06:41
dennis plz
2014-11-04 00:21:42
I would prefer to see a new up and comer in the team. Would be exciting
2014-11-04 00:21:30
incorrect. lurppis has been pointing out nip needs to cut fifflaren. he wasn't hating, just a bit rude.
2014-11-03 19:39:37
Yeah sure, read his twitter bro :)
2014-11-03 20:08:17
He was hating.
2014-11-03 20:25:29
the truth hurts, he wasnt hating.
2014-11-03 20:35:30
Whether it was truthful or not, he was hating. Read his tweets.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:50:10
2014-11-03 20:50:00
ive read them, its probably more about the fact that he was mind blown about how the #1 team in csgo history could allow for 1 of their members to perform way below expectations over and over, and allow the entire team/org to suffer bc of it...
2014-11-03 21:01:20
Doesn't matter why, he was still hating like a motherfucker. Name calling and everything.
2014-11-03 21:11:17
2014-11-04 00:01:24
2014-11-04 00:44:22
I think fiffy is dogshit. I'm not a fanboy. I've been calling for his replacement for over 6 months. Still doesn't change the fact that lurrpis is a hater and has to put others down to feel good, especially when he was less than spectacular in his 1.6 career.

No respectable journalist acts and name calls people like he does. If he lived in America, he would be perfect working for FOX News.

Post edited 2014-11-04 04:26:19
2014-11-04 04:21:46
But Lurppis had a good career and he was a good player. He played across several teams and continents.

2014-11-04 13:51:42
Doesn't change the fact Lurppis is a child.
2014-11-04 15:07:48
or that he was an average pro player. he actually left the better euro scene to play with the washed up remnants of EG.
2014-11-05 05:37:26
you have no idea
2014-11-09 08:15:01
Lurppis isn't a hater, he was just driven crazy by the blatant denial of reality of the nip organization and all these rabid defenders.
2014-11-04 20:38:29
he was
2014-11-03 21:16:42
+1 "even" Fiffy would beat the self-announced "expert" lurpiss blind-folded ...
seriosly, what was/is lurpiss contribution to the CSGO community other than releasing immature and controverse statements for the sake of being controverse ?

Btw. gg wp Robin !!
2014-11-03 20:00:59
His knowledge. He knew this day would come, didn't he. That is his contribution.
2014-11-03 20:08:39
ok one day f0rest will retire
hltv hire me!
2014-11-03 20:29:36
2014-11-03 20:54:14
2014-11-04 00:32:13
wp bro
2014-11-04 03:25:52
By those standards, I and hundreds, if not thousands of others could become an analyst today and go dick around in the analysts' desks for any event.
2014-11-03 20:30:41
except u know nothing compared to what lurppis knows about cs, and no1 would give a shit about what u say.
2014-11-03 20:36:29
2014-11-03 23:41:12
And nobody gives a shit about what lurpis says either.
2014-11-04 04:02:52
except thats not true...
2014-11-04 05:45:36
Why don't you just log in to your normal account lurrpis?
2014-11-04 10:20:20
2014-11-03 20:54:32

I don't hate lurrpis by any means but your explanation isn't making a convincing point.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:45:18
2014-11-03 20:44:53
wtf? he had no clue about the work fifflaren used to do in team .. u watch his game, it's mainly about being baited, flashing for teammates, smoking .. such players can't have a good score line abviously .. lurpis is just a professional dog who doesn't understand shit
2014-11-04 05:53:00
lurppis is piece of ugly shit, nobody cares about him, he is way worse than fiffy
2014-11-03 20:12:50
haha yeah dude he is way worse than someone who has played for over 2 years at the highest level of the game, makes all of his arguments wrong haha
2014-11-03 21:57:45
you arent able to say that cuz lurppis make so much more stuff than you ever make ... his flame was kinda right but nip stay together and accept him as "support player"
2014-11-03 22:25:12
2014-11-03 22:34:09
Like Nazis hate Jews, lurppis hates Fifflaren.
Lurppis' hate campaing was sad and tragic.
2014-11-04 00:50:26
I think most people who like to see NiP doing well are somewhat happy.
2014-11-03 19:35:03
2014-11-03 19:50:34
OMG fifflaren fan...
2014-11-03 19:54:39
Yeah I´m a NiP "Fan" and I think that they changed alot of things exept players and I´m sad because I think Fifflaren is a really nice guy and was very good
for the NiP spirit but I´m actually quite exited. I really hope that they will come back and have fifflaren sitting next to them at events next to Heaton or something.
2014-11-03 20:10:40
I do not think anyone ever contested Fifflaren being a nice guy or that he was good for the team spirit - after all this is why they stuck with him for so long. Rather, it became clear months ago that he was no longer carrying his own in the fragging department and this was bringing down the team's performance. I think that NiP made a huge mistake waiting this long to replace him. If they had made the change 6 months ago they would already have 6 months worth of practice with a new 5th. Whoever their new 5th is, I do not see NiP being in top form for DHW, although I would obviously be glad to be proven wrong.
2014-11-03 20:30:53
Fnatic brought in olofm and krimz and look where they ended up in Cologne (2nd place) so meh it could be done, but harder at such short notice

Post edited 2014-11-04 01:33:33
2014-11-04 01:33:10
True, but when fnatic made the switch the game was a one team show. That is no longer the case - the competition is fierce.

Also, fnatic already had a very strong roster and olofm and krimz only made it stronger. I genuinely do not see who could be the ideal new 5th for NiP. Delpan sucks in GO, Dennis is retired but quite frankly he is far from amazing anyway, Maikelele has attitude issues and twist is unproven. There are no strong freelance AWPs around.

And obviously the other issue is the performance of other NiP players. If the roster change does not bring back the motivation it would also be about time to start thinking about replacing Friberg, because he has not been carrying his weight for some time now.
2014-11-04 09:25:20
thy should pick a young guy who no onr knows and build a new f0redt or get right out of him
2014-11-04 15:31:33
Agreed with the last paragraph, except for the part on friberg, he saved NiP during ESL Cologne for the matches before the Finals*
2014-11-04 15:49:19
4k against HR and ace fnatic :d friberg<3
2014-11-04 18:07:53
Yes those moments are what I'm referring to :P
2014-11-05 16:25:18
Omg wtf
2014-11-03 20:38:28
lurppis is retarded
2014-11-03 20:39:24
lurppis idioto !
2014-11-03 23:49:25
He won't be if someone tells him I'm the new 5th.
2014-11-04 00:48:11
good thing you isnt
2014-11-04 00:53:07
rip in fiffylaren
2014-11-03 19:20:56
Goodnight, sweet prince. :(
2014-11-03 19:33:24
2014-11-03 19:53:12
Fiffy pls fedora
2014-11-03 22:13:25

we will miss him :\
2014-11-03 19:35:55
Made me laugh so much XD
2014-11-03 19:38:38
haha dat vid
2014-11-03 19:39:54
made my day xD

P.S. Made my "night" - for some grammar nazi watching at the time it was posted xD
2014-11-04 00:37:26
Maikelele m8
2014-11-03 19:22:56
WOW, or delpan or eksem or pita
2014-11-03 20:12:51
eksem is maikelele
2014-11-03 20:34:36
i think delpan will join :)
2014-11-03 19:26:01
You can try too :P
2014-11-03 20:22:32
try what?
2014-11-03 20:23:44
Try Joining NIP gaming, slot is still free :P
2014-11-04 03:38:14
I believe and really hope that you're wrong.

Post edited 2014-11-03 21:16:06
2014-11-03 21:15:56
Dennis or twist would be sick for NiP imo. Don't really think schneider would be a good fit for NiP in terms of comms/friendship. Pretty sure Dennis would return for NiP tho :D
2014-11-03 19:26:20
2014-11-03 19:26:39
eksem, delpan or dennis. The best choices =D
2014-11-03 19:28:39
eksem, delpan are idiot. They respect nobody, only their cheat teammates.

dennis OP! he should left his work :/
2014-11-03 20:12:50
I hope they pick Dennis, Twist or Maikelele. Delpan is also an option I guess but he seems to up and down in his play. The other three are much more consistent.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:30:20
2014-11-03 19:29:20
Delpan cheat.
2014-11-03 20:17:13
Maikelele is toxic in the ways of blaming his mates so no, NiP wont take maikelele.
2014-11-04 17:30:01
Maybe Maikelele.
2014-11-03 19:29:51
omg you got the comment of the decade
2014-11-03 19:32:26
i did, right :D ?
2014-11-03 19:35:11
yes congratz add me to get the prize :
2014-11-03 19:58:31
2014-11-03 20:32:59
2014-11-03 19:56:33
2014-11-03 19:38:14
2014-11-03 20:37:27
not true
2014-11-09 10:27:05
dennis sucks dude.. when he he was stand in from fnatic he was so terrible at times, cringe worthy. missing so many awp shots, no spray control.

+ schneider or +eksem
2014-11-03 19:40:10
Dennis was great when he played in LGB though. I think he just needs some time to fit into a team. Also, I don't think he was playing very much when he was a standin.
2014-11-03 19:52:13
it will be better if they add twist!
2014-11-03 20:10:06
2014-11-03 20:29:36
delpan !
2014-11-03 20:35:15
delpan is shit. when did you see him the last time performing good on an international tournement?
2014-11-04 15:36:46
delpan ?
2014-11-03 20:38:56
2014-11-03 20:41:11
Fifflaren problem was bad game reading. He was consistently catch off position. And dead without kills. When other teams catch up nip with skill level it become very transparent.
Same happens to neo and taz but they have some progress when fiffy did not. At that skill level micro difference is macro during game and experience won't balance it all
2014-11-03 20:45:38
2014-11-03 21:25:09
salary in NiP-Gaming is same or even better as fulltime job.
2014-11-03 23:12:00
well life goes ON, all good things to you and see you as a manager someday...

#neverforget vitriolic-di-best-
2014-11-04 00:42:46
Fly me out to Sweden coach.
2014-11-04 00:47:18
U my friend got a first comment in a legendary topic.Congratz
2014-11-04 13:45:21
ehheeh im quite happy bro i admit it :D
2014-11-04 15:02:56
Gl fiffy<3
2014-11-04 20:26:38
2014-11-09 09:30:27
2015-01-01 06:16:37
finally it's true!

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:18:42
2014-11-03 19:18:27

But in all seriousness, he is an amazing guy and i hoped for months that he'd be able to find his mojo. For NiP this is good news. Fiffy will still be around the scene, hopefully as coach.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:29:24
2014-11-03 19:23:06
Pita its nips coach already
2014-11-03 20:49:32
about time aye :)
2014-11-04 00:15:57
2014-11-03 19:18:28
"The night is dark and full of hodors"
2014-11-03 19:23:15
what means hodors
2014-11-03 19:41:55
hodor = hodor
2014-11-03 19:55:16
2014-11-03 21:51:06
It's a swedish word for sausage.
2014-11-03 19:57:34
pfff nope hodor is hodor
2014-11-03 21:22:52
what means hodors
2014-11-03 20:07:04
2014-11-03 20:17:12
2014-11-03 20:33:24
hodooor !?
2014-11-03 20:39:08
Hodors.. You lost me there
2014-11-03 20:31:13
2014-11-03 19:18:29
lol there's been no change to the line up. they're still playing 4 vs 5 xD
2014-11-03 20:18:00
Rude but funny:)
2014-11-03 22:00:14
2014-11-04 00:45:36
omg hahahaha
2014-11-04 00:53:45
wow such a surprise
2014-11-03 19:18:31
2014-11-03 19:18:32
2014-11-03 19:18:32
2014-11-03 19:18:33
2014-11-03 19:18:34

I have never seen a bad player like this in my entire life in the pro scene.
2014-11-04 00:19:55
2014-11-03 19:18:39
2014-11-03 19:28:05
dennis inc
2014-11-03 19:18:41
+1 hopefully not delpan..
2014-11-03 19:21:08
holy shit
2014-11-03 19:18:44
xD "holy shit" was same thing i said
2014-11-03 20:51:36
krugher krugher krugher krugher!!!!
2014-11-03 21:37:05
Holy shit!
2014-11-03 19:18:45
this is the moment i have been waiting for

2014-11-03 19:18:49
This means -f0rest aswell mark my words...
2014-11-03 19:18:50
What makes you think that?
2014-11-03 19:23:15
f0rest said one time that if fiffy left, he would leave nip aswell
2014-11-03 19:26:59
Wasn't that friberg?
2014-11-03 21:08:26
Since both f0rest and Fiffi are 27 years old i doubt f0rp wants to be the oldest in the team alone and also f0rest has done it all by know. Hopefully the new blood will keep him motivated.
2014-11-03 19:35:31
"Since both f0rest and Fiffi are 27 years old i doubt f0rp wants to be the oldest in the team alone" This is the worst thing I have ever heard lmao
2014-11-03 19:36:22
Well he might feel that its his time to retire aswell now since Fiffi also did it...
2014-11-03 19:51:52
except forest carries NIP and fiff dragged them thru the mud...
2014-11-03 20:40:03
2014-11-03 20:12:04
I thought it was GR and f0rest?
2014-11-03 19:27:19
I am sure they meant if he was kicked, he has made the choice to retire, I am sure it was either his decision or a group decision.
2014-11-03 19:32:56
Yeah, sometimes Fiffi does good, but 90-95% of the time he's mediocre at best now.
2014-11-03 19:38:25
so you thinkink
-f0rest and co
+jw and co

2014-11-03 19:32:50
Hope not, JW is just an overgrown baby
2014-11-03 21:16:24
lmao as if JW would leave fnatic just as they got to the very top..
2014-11-04 00:08:03
not only jw, i meant jw and actual fnatic lineup
2014-11-04 09:44:03
coz fnatic's such a terrible orga to be part of. moving to nip would probably be a step down, or at the very least sideways.
2014-11-04 12:13:01
well at first they will atempt to win DHW with a new line up, and then who knows... it's all about motivation
2014-11-03 19:34:10
nop, he said if nip will kick fifflaren he leave, but fifflaren left by himself
2014-11-03 19:36:33
what? forest was the one who kicked fify...
2014-11-03 19:56:15
I think he meant to leave if fiffy would get kicked or sth like this.. not a retirement
2014-11-03 20:09:29
not rly a shock
2014-11-03 19:18:50
thank god
2014-11-03 19:18:50
2014-11-03 19:18:50
say whaaat
2014-11-03 19:18:51
2014-11-03 19:18:52
2014-11-03 19:18:53
2014-11-03 19:18:54

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:20:49
2014-11-03 19:18:55
Twist, please join
2014-11-03 19:18:55
2014-11-03 19:18:57
oh no :( rip fiffy :/
2014-11-03 19:18:59
He was called, he served, he is counted.
2014-11-03 19:18:59
2014-11-03 19:19:31
Yep. Fiffy was a true professional through and through. Not many people could take all that criticism and not lash out and make a fool of themselves. Fiffy took it all in stride and set a good example for the next generation of players.
2014-11-03 19:25:26
2014-11-03 19:28:13
This. Absolutely. He can be so proud of himself. I wish him only the very best for his future!
2014-11-03 19:31:04
Completely agree. Not many people could take all that shit and still be as nice and respectful as he is. I also criticised Fifflaren, but I always respected him for being a genuinely nice person and still a good player, even if he was the weakest individually in the team.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:35:04
2014-11-03 19:34:25
2014-11-03 19:35:57
this. also he looks like a cool guy irl
2014-11-03 19:42:16
2014-11-03 19:43:11
2014-11-03 19:45:59
This, class personality if u can keep on with all the negativity around him, and not retaliate back.
2014-11-03 20:06:36

and RiP NiP
2014-11-03 20:11:25

He seems like a really nice guy irl :) Best of luck Fiff!
2014-11-03 20:38:01
+1, respect!
2014-11-03 20:57:57
well said +1
2014-11-03 21:06:52
2014-11-03 21:11:40
Totally agree. Hope he stays around the scene as he's a decent guy with a huge amount of experience and understanding of the scene.

Not really sure if his English is up to it but I'd like to see him casting as he knows the players and the game as well as anyone.

GL NiP and Fiff in the future.
2014-11-03 21:31:18
+1, well said
2014-11-04 04:02:32
You guys should invite him to cast sometime, I loved his casting at Katwoice (I belive).
2014-11-03 19:27:58
2014-11-03 19:40:23
yes please
2014-11-03 19:52:01
omg fifflaren becoming caster would be AWESOME.
2014-11-03 20:44:03
+1 , yeah anders plz !
2014-11-03 20:44:44
Maybe his position in NiP will be to revive NiP-TV
2014-11-03 21:53:15
It is so saddening if he does not accept a position in the nip organisation. He belongs in nip alongside the roster, heaton and all the others. He is so integrated and such a nice character. Just because he lacked the aim of his team mates, he has served nip well; I hope he won't be leaving gaming with a feeling of failure because this is by no means the case. Good luck to fiffy and the remaining roster in the future.
2014-11-03 19:30:43
well said anders
2014-11-03 20:23:37
That sounds really cringy D:
2014-11-03 20:25:18
that would be the case if he would step down after esl.


much better for this occasion.
2014-11-04 18:10:59
totally agree
2014-11-03 20:28:09
That my friend, noone can beat being more right!
2014-11-04 03:02:23
next will be -anders :P
2014-11-04 14:42:29
2014-11-03 19:19:00
Love you robin gl brotha x
2014-11-03 19:19:01
2014-11-03 19:22:07
Yeah, he is very likable and charismatic individual, it's just hard to be in a team with GTR& Forest :)
2014-11-04 02:19:14
omg lol
2014-11-03 19:19:03
I don't believe my eyes! Wow

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:21:27
2014-11-03 19:19:03
2014-11-03 19:19:03
2014-11-03 19:19:03
NiP top team incoming
2014-11-03 19:19:05
Tnks god
2014-11-03 19:19:07
rip nip
2014-11-03 19:19:07
2014-11-03 19:19:07
2014-11-03 19:19:08
We'll miss you fiffly :'(
2014-11-03 19:19:12
2014-11-03 19:19:14
Surprised ?
2014-11-03 19:19:15
sad day for cs
2014-11-03 19:19:17
2014-11-03 19:22:30
2014-11-03 19:23:58
2014-11-03 20:52:34
Fiffyy noooo
2014-11-03 19:19:18

2014-11-03 19:19:18
Is this just fantasy?
2014-11-03 21:33:46
Caught in a landslide
2014-11-04 13:47:18
2014-11-03 19:19:18
2014-11-03 19:19:19
2014-11-03 19:19:20
ntm couscous fragile
2014-11-03 20:05:17
2014-11-03 20:09:31
Schneider or dennis pls :D
2014-11-03 19:19:20
holy shit
2014-11-03 19:19:22
2014-11-03 19:19:22
2014-11-03 19:19:26
BB <3
2014-11-03 19:19:33

really i hope he stays active in the community in some way
2014-11-03 19:19:37
good lucky fify :(
2014-11-03 19:19:38
=))))))))))))))))))))))))))) finally!!!!!!!!!
2014-11-03 19:19:43
2014-11-03 19:19:43
expected,but sad when it actually happens we will miss fifflaren, especially Lurppis
2014-11-03 19:19:43
Granted he wasn't at the same level with his teammates, but he is a really nice person. Hope he stays involved.
2014-11-03 19:19:45
2014-11-03 19:19:46
Fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:19:46

gl fif

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:20:24
2014-11-03 19:19:47
2014-11-03 19:19:48
2014-11-03 19:19:48
Schneider incomming my niggas! YEEEEAH! i'm sad for fiffy but i'm happy for nip! gogo boys
2014-11-03 19:19:49
They'll get over it. Schneider said on stream he'd play for NiP if they offered, GTR and f0rest care about winning more than anything. Schneider is just a better version of Fifflaren.
2014-11-03 21:15:13
a way way way way better player than fifflaren, most pros are. But I'm no hater of fifflaren, he was part of probably the best team ever in cs:go history, and he did his role quite well. RIP Fiffi!
2014-11-03 21:27:48
schneider best player <3
2014-11-03 23:53:47
FOX J please
2014-11-03 19:19:51
2014-11-03 19:20:58
Well you are in Marijuuana for sure
2014-11-03 19:26:42
2014-11-03 20:08:15
did we made them split ? lol
2014-11-03 19:19:54
I don't think so. You beat them when they are at their weakest but still you guys did well. However i think you guys are the last ones to ever play and win against the legendary NiP team who ever managed to get 86-0 offline?
Pretty awesome.
2014-11-03 19:50:37
You guys aren't the only team which defeated them, but even if you were the reason, that would mean they couldn't handle being defeated by a god awful team, cuz if it was a good team, there wouldn't be anything to be ashamed.
2014-11-03 20:13:45
naah was always coming.
2014-11-04 00:17:55
sad for fiffy =/
2014-11-03 19:19:55
oh yes
2014-11-03 19:19:55
expected 8 months ago

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:20:02
2014-11-03 19:19:56
just need Any kennyS and NiP is comeback
2014-11-03 19:20:00
Worst History in the World
2014-11-03 19:20:00
noooooooooooooooooooooo :(
2014-11-03 19:20:02
2014-11-03 19:20:03
schneider incoming to beat the shit out of fnatic.
2014-11-03 19:20:03
rly hope this happens
2014-11-03 19:41:50
I'd love to see this for karmic reasons, but my gut says he might be a sub for a while but they'll find an up-and-comer to be the full-time replacement.
2014-11-03 21:57:02
i dont know.. what should we hate on now?

fiffy pls :(
2014-11-03 19:20:04
2014-11-03 19:20:04
2014-11-04 01:50:07
shame as hes such a nice dude but it had to happen, im glad he has done this for the sake of his team. they need twist or someone top quality like that, and NiP will be back :)
2014-11-03 19:20:06
2014-11-03 19:46:01
thank god
2014-11-03 19:20:08
2014-11-03 19:20:08
expected, but sad. gl fiffy
2014-11-03 19:20:09
2014-11-03 19:20:12
2014-11-03 19:20:16
main AWPer ... shock to NiP's fans


anyway gl fifi

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:20:46
2014-11-03 19:20:20
yep, pretty big shock, I thought they'd at least have waited until DH Winter to see if things picked up. In these last months it didn't even seem like fifflaren was the problem, but the other 4 under performing...
2014-11-03 19:34:59
I agree, if they don't pick up someone really really good, this whole plan could just backfire on them, then what? disband lol...
2014-11-03 19:53:22
With their roster, name, and sponsorship they can have pick at nearly anyone.
2014-11-04 02:03:14
I guess we shall see right =D
2014-11-04 02:38:58
how fucking long are they supposed to wait to see if things pickup? he shoulda been gone a year ago...
2014-11-03 20:45:49
2014-11-03 19:20:22
2014-11-03 19:20:23
Sad :[
2014-11-03 19:20:23
2014-11-03 19:20:24
2014-11-03 19:20:26
2014-11-03 19:20:30
and hltv explodes
2014-11-03 19:20:32
2014-11-03 19:20:32
gl br0
2014-11-03 19:20:36
2014-11-03 19:20:38
My heart kind of sank when I saw this. I wish he had retired after ESL Cologne, at least then he could have gone out on top. It really makes me sad to see him go out like this, w/ all the criticism and bullshit probably getting in his head.

Thanks for the memories Fiffy and GL w/ NiP & your future life endeavors!
2014-11-03 19:20:38
2014-11-03 19:20:38
+Maikelele pls
2014-11-03 19:20:39

2014-11-03 19:20:40
sad :(
2014-11-03 19:20:41
2014-11-03 19:20:43
with schneider nip will not do anything...
2014-11-03 21:54:22
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice and now +schneider pls

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:20:57
2014-11-03 19:20:45
inb4 schneider pls
2014-11-03 19:20:46
ehhhh that's sad :(
2014-11-03 19:20:47
fiffy :(
2014-11-03 19:20:48
2014-11-03 19:20:49
OMFG, i wish we'd become an coach
2014-11-03 19:20:51
2014-11-03 19:20:52
GGWP Fifflaren. We always love you ^^ &#9829;
2014-11-03 19:21:02
so.. the real question is not who will NiP bring in, the real question is, who will lurpiss hate now??? :O

ps: bring in fox, kkthxbb
2014-11-03 19:21:03
oh sad( , gl in future
2014-11-03 19:21:04
Bye fiffy…
2014-11-03 19:21:05
2014-11-03 19:21:05
2014-11-03 19:21:07
finally... who is gonna replace him? zet, spawn, schneider? :D
2014-11-03 19:21:08
Fiffy :( <3

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:21:16
2014-11-03 19:21:10
DElpan D:
2014-11-03 19:21:10
Sad but interesting
2014-11-03 19:21:12
2014-11-03 19:21:13
RIP any words on possible replacements??
2014-11-03 19:21:15
not yet, but I hope it isn't schneider or maikelele like everyone here is guessing it will be.
2014-11-03 19:36:27
2014-11-03 19:50:25
Who do you think it should be besides those 2?
2014-11-03 21:03:57
not a clue really, twist is better than schneider and as good as maikelele but I actually have no idea, really excited to see who it is though!!!
2014-11-03 21:09:23
Agreed! I don't understand why so many want it to be them.
2014-11-03 21:34:02
get_right told in an interveiew some time ago that if he changes team he would like to play with dennis and wist ;)
2014-11-03 23:14:12
2014-11-03 19:21:17

so he will stay in NiP as tactic caller ?
2014-11-03 19:21:18

Maikelele will join
2014-11-03 19:21:20
2014-11-03 19:21:22
2014-11-03 19:21:22
GL to the future!
2014-11-03 19:21:27
illuminati made them do it
2014-11-03 19:21:29
opa gangnam style
2014-11-03 19:21:31
2014-11-03 19:21:32
fiffy coach?
2014-11-03 19:21:34
Kinda sad, but it needed to happen. Good luck in your future fiffy.
2014-11-03 19:21:42
hello, delpan!
2014-11-03 19:21:44
gg..you will be missed
2014-11-03 19:21:45
2014-11-03 19:21:46
Good luck to you, Robin!
2014-11-03 19:21:50
OMG. Am sooo sad. We will miss you Fiffy and also the threads about you. :'(
Fiffy is love. Fiffy is life. <3
2014-11-03 19:21:50
the fiff fankids are back
2014-11-03 19:40:52
are you happy now hltv? the haters have been knocking his confidence for month, making him perform worse and worse until his career is ended. So sad.
2014-11-03 19:21:50
2014-11-03 19:22:48
if hltv.org made his performances worse (which i doubt 100%) then he certainly couldnt handle the pressure of playing on LAN aswell lol
that argument is BULLSHIT
2014-11-03 19:23:27
Is it?
The same thing is happening to for example chrisJ right now.
The impact of mass hate on sites like this should not be underestimated.
If you read hundreds of comments saying that you really need to start proving yourself, the pressure becomes way harder to handle for most people.
Fifflaren became a victim of this as well, ofcourse its not the only or even main reason of him underperforming, but saying that it plays no part at all is true BS.
2014-11-03 19:33:06
I remember he said he barely checks HLTV anymore.
2014-11-03 19:37:31
lol? hltv loves chrisj. He is 1.6, one of us. Fifi was arogant douche sourcer. wtf dude?

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:59:10
2014-11-03 19:58:25
HLTV definitely does not love chrisj, what with the constant taunts of "onlineJ" and baseless cheating accusations.
2014-11-03 22:11:02
Well considering HLTV is now a CS:GO page, and not some stupid one.point.pixels site anymore, saying "one of us" means Fifflaren aswell, cause he was infact, a CS:GO player.
And secondly, he is the most humble player you will ever find. I don't get your stupid mentality about coming from CS:S makes you arrogant or a douche.
Either you are a troll, or you have no clue about the game at the moment, as in we are one big community, and not divided into "saucers" and "pixelers".
2014-11-03 22:15:53
he said fuck you to hltv
2014-11-04 00:36:00
Looking at your previous posts, I would without a doubt say "Fuck you" to you too if I saw that shit every single day.
2014-11-04 15:10:45
Lmao, do you really believe what you just wrote? haha
2014-11-03 19:24:06
i krai evritaim
2014-11-03 19:35:15
Now hltv will miss -fiffy +fiffy thing :D

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:22:40
2014-11-03 19:21:52
No, now there will be -someone +fiffy
2014-11-03 19:45:56
150 comments in 3 minutes?
2014-11-03 19:21:52
it makes me sad. Really.

hope to see you soon Fiffy
2014-11-03 19:21:57
w0w for NiP
sad for fiffy :c
2014-11-03 19:21:57
GL fif! you got the brains, the experience, the wotk ethic to become manager in the organization and help Heaton make NIP even bigger!
2014-11-03 19:21:58
2014-11-03 19:21:58
It probably had to happen, but still, fifflaren = NiP.
Thanks for some awesome games and GL with whatever your next step is gonna be.
Fuck the haters, keep ur chin up.
2014-11-03 19:22:01
GL in the future :-)
2014-11-03 19:22:03
erm, any good awps out there? i think its going to be delpan
2014-11-03 19:22:04
+ Dennis !
2014-11-03 19:22:10
If they want a world class awper, they should get JW.

No other world class swed awpers IMO

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:23:14
2014-11-03 19:22:13
maikel is but they wont take him
2014-11-03 19:36:42
Bye fiff :(
2014-11-03 19:22:14
good call, they need some radical changes
2014-11-03 19:22:16
gl fiffy for your life! HF!
2014-11-03 19:22:20
GL Fiffy! (:
2014-11-03 19:22:23
GL to Fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:22:30
RIP fiffy :(
2014-11-03 19:22:31
2014-11-03 19:22:31
They just said what all members here knew for more than one month already :D
2014-11-03 19:22:34
NICE!!! + DelpaN
2014-11-03 19:22:38
2014-11-03 19:33:48
I'm actually sad, because he's a great tactic guy and he did so much for NiP. Everything is changing :(

GGWP Fiffy.
2014-11-03 19:22:41
this a joke? I never expected to be honest, all the best in the future fifflaren!
2014-11-03 19:22:41
JW ???? :DDDD
2014-11-03 19:22:44
dude, why should JW change team now? he and his team has basically won 2 tournaments in a row now. and they are pretty god damn strong atm.
2014-11-03 20:01:10
gg wp Fiff! You will be missed my friend! Still remember the short time together when you were in orgless with gem, friberg etc. GL in the future !
2014-11-03 19:22:44
The nicest guy in the scene, I wish you the best of luck for the future fiffy :-)
2014-11-03 19:22:45
Did you forget his "fuck you" to hltv community? He was a douche.
2014-11-03 20:00:21
wow, that is wierd, 100 threads about him every match he is playing. i would fucking break HLTV forum if i got that much hate xD
2014-11-03 20:02:28
Somehow taz and neo are ok and love hltv.
2014-11-03 20:04:32
Maybe cause they don't get that much hate?
2014-11-03 20:06:35
I can just say that he is the most outgoing guy at events, always greeting everyone no matter who it is.
2014-11-03 20:23:38
Really? Even cly and emilio? :D
2014-11-03 20:25:12
Dont know about that actually :-D
2014-11-03 20:26:53
the hltv community is the worst dude, it's like 99% faggots, me included...
2014-11-03 20:33:02
wanna have sex?
2014-11-03 20:51:50
you deserved it.

here's more.

fuck u.
2014-11-04 08:20:05
wow... we all know there are stupid comments on hltv but this is buy far the worst
2014-11-04 17:06:40
dude unban me
2014-11-03 20:52:48
+schneider for best all round player
+maikelele best choice skillwise but bad attitude
+dennis if they want an awp
2014-11-03 19:22:45
twist >> schneider tho
2014-11-03 19:38:39
u trippin
2014-11-03 19:39:55
nooo,bye fiffy :(
2014-11-03 19:22:46
GL man :D

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:23:05
2014-11-03 19:22:47
Twist,schneider or m0DDI :D
2014-11-03 19:22:50
bb fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:22:50
This is going to kill NiP, they will never win shit again. RIP NIP BOYS
2014-11-03 19:22:54
gg nice
2014-11-03 19:22:55
Fifflaren don't leave!!!
2014-11-03 19:23:00
2014-11-03 19:23:01
+Schneider please
2014-11-03 19:23:10
2014-11-03 19:23:14
shocked me, really, gl fiffy

+schneider ?
2014-11-03 19:23:20
:/ Sad to see him leave, wishing the best of luck to you Robin! Thanks for the time in the scene!

In 5 years we will look back at you as a Legend!
2014-11-03 19:23:22
+1 o/
2014-11-03 19:29:26
2014-11-03 19:33:38
Im not Robin bro. RobbAN
2014-11-03 19:38:03
orly :D
2014-11-03 19:43:56
Ye bro, rly!
2014-11-03 19:44:34
2014-11-03 19:45:25
2014-11-03 19:37:03
fiff you make good job in the past!
2014-11-03 19:23:22
inb4 lurppis
2014-11-03 19:23:31
kudos to fiffy, you will be missed.
2014-11-03 19:23:31
schnedier maikelele dennis twist delpan pyth WHO IS IT???
2014-11-03 19:23:32
With the amount of hate that delpan and eksem received these past few months, i really dont think that NIP would let them be associated with those two, especially for a team that thrives on having a good chemistry between players. Schneider would be a good addition, but they probably need a main awper to fill the role. +spawn maybe? Lol. One can only hope..
2014-11-04 09:39:58
Most awaited news 2014.
2014-11-03 19:23:32
ahhahaha lol
2014-11-03 19:23:38
This news actually saddens me, i know fiffi got alot of stick but i cant imagine a nip without him, thanks fif
2014-11-03 19:23:41
He knew it himself, he had said it a long time ago in interviews. We knew it by results, no surprise.
2014-11-03 19:23:42
nooooo :(


Post edited 2014-11-03 19:25:30
2014-11-03 19:23:46
2014-11-03 19:23:54
about time even though i love fiffy it's the best for the team
2014-11-03 19:23:59
sad, hope nip find a good replacement
2014-11-03 19:24:02
2014-11-03 19:24:04
Welcome Scheider/meikelle
2014-11-03 19:24:05
2014-11-03 19:24:08
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Fiffy im here for you.
2014-11-03 19:24:14
Johansson had certainly had more than his fair share of criticism throughout his 27-month spell in NiP, much because of his inability to put up big numbers. His rating stands at 0.95, much lower than everyone else on the team. The fourth-rated player in NiP, Adam "friberg" Friberg, for example, sits at 1.09.

give it a rest
2014-11-03 19:24:18
- fifi
+ lurppis
2014-11-03 19:24:18
In with Tweeday!!!
2014-11-03 19:24:20
If friberg, forest and get_right won't step up their game, this change will mean nothing.
2014-11-03 19:24:23
NiP will be worse without him
2014-11-03 19:24:24
2014-11-03 19:54:55
Song for fifflaren :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ntKgLxgY9s
2014-11-03 19:24:25
2014-11-03 19:40:22
2014-11-03 20:01:04
fiffy why??? :,c
2014-11-03 19:24:26
2014-11-03 19:24:27
Now if NiP is smart they should pick Pimp
2014-11-03 19:24:31
Danish is like Swedish but with a hot potato in your mouth

So no.
2014-11-03 20:56:40
Thanks for these 2 amazing years with NiP. Respect for handling this hate, hltv is full of trash.

Good luck further in life
2014-11-03 19:24:33
Fifflaren as coach and add Maikelele/Dennis/Twist/Schneider
2014-11-03 19:24:33
All of my body is shivering, love you fiffy you are huge!!!

I am actually sad..

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:25:27
2014-11-03 19:24:35
hollly shittt
2014-11-03 19:24:35
Holy shieeet!
2014-11-03 19:24:37
Ah what a shame! Probably a wise choice for the lad, great memories and all the best. War NiP...

Who will be the fifth? Interesting...

2014-11-03 19:24:39
eksem/schneider/twist/dennis gg :) would be great

but i guess schneider deserves the most

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:25:22
2014-11-03 19:24:53
2014-11-03 19:24:53
Come on Miraa, those last sentences weren't really necessary...
2014-11-03 19:25:04
2014-11-04 10:29:42
thank you fiffy and gl irl
2014-11-03 19:25:08
I hope he comes back as a coach!!
2014-11-03 19:25:10
well robin thanks mate, for leaving nip because you didnt try enough i think thanks for everything lets hope for maikelelelelelelellelelelele now
2014-11-03 19:25:14
2014-11-03 19:25:16

good decision. In my opinion, a little too late.
2014-11-03 19:25:20
2014-11-03 19:25:20
-fifflaren :(
2014-11-03 19:25:28
1k comments inc
2014-11-03 19:25:31
now haters masturbating .. gg fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:25:35
2014-11-03 19:25:36
fify :(
2014-11-03 19:25:37
2014-11-03 19:25:39
2014-11-03 19:25:39
Not the only guy to blame for NiP's recent results, although he was never really up to the skill-level of the rest of the team so I can see why they had to drop him.
2014-11-03 19:25:39
i'm really sad right now :(

this gives me some hope tho

'Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson has been offered a position within the NiP organization, but no contracts have been written at this time.'

Coach Fifflaren inc i hope :)
2014-11-03 19:25:40
We will miss you!
2014-11-03 19:25:41
what the actual fuck? :(((
2014-11-03 19:25:43
gl in the future fiffy ! <3. fuck the haters.
2014-11-03 19:25:54
SpawN comeback inc!!!

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:26:10
2014-11-03 19:25:58
No :C
2014-11-03 19:26:00
it was a good run, fifflaren!
2014-11-03 19:26:01
finnally u dumbfucking haterz made him leave ...
2014-11-03 19:26:04
Sad but True :\

2014-11-03 19:29:24
2014-11-03 19:31:04
2014-11-03 20:06:57
i still dont believe
2014-11-03 19:26:09
2014-11-03 19:26:10
Schneider/Twist - Yes

Maikelele/Delpan - No, way too toxic and Delpan is bad at CS:GO
2014-11-03 20:52:00
Delpan hasn't been in a good team yet. He's played with GTR+f0rest before, and at the start of NiP they mentioned Delpan being a possibility.
2014-11-03 22:10:28
2014-11-03 19:26:16


but seriously, a lineup change will help nip. several other teams have shown it.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:27:14
2014-11-03 19:26:17
Teams which had no chemistry, this will only destroy things
2014-11-04 00:15:59
2014-11-03 19:26:18
no +maikelelelelele
2014-11-03 19:28:44
u forgot da le
2014-11-03 20:53:45
lol i've never been thinking it's really going to happen :C

fifflaren is such a nice guy, hope he won't retire from CS
2014-11-03 19:26:25
RIP Fiffy, NiP made the right choice but you will be missed :(
2014-11-03 19:26:26
It was needed, glad he could figure it out for himself and did the best for his team.
2014-11-03 19:26:28
no way... why fiffy? D:
2014-11-03 19:26:31
Knew this day was gonna come, very sad to see him leave. But I think it is the right choice to do this, fiffi is love fiffi is life!

Let's see what will happen, I hope he will take the offer from NiP :)

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:26:56
2014-11-03 19:26:31
Feel sorry for him:( Good luck Fiffy, stay with us <3
2014-11-03 19:26:32
Actually it might be Eksem because he has a relationship with pita but then again it might be Delpan because with the Emilio ban he doesn't have to commit to property. I hoped for twist but he doesn't look like he wants to leave Flip side since its new.


-new guy
2014-11-03 19:26:33
Lurppis was saying for the last 2 years that as soon as Nip starts losing they will kick fifflaren and he got so much shit for saying that. Well look what happened....
2014-11-03 19:26:33
Fifflaren leaves NiP

2014-11-03 19:29:01
1. it wasnt as soon as they started losing
2. he wasn't kicked
3. fiffy wasn't the problem
2014-11-03 19:29:26
My bad i meant leave, not kicked. Still though it was pretty obvious this would happen eventually. And i actually have nothing against fifflaren, just funny that people were flaming lurppis so hard for saying things.
2014-11-03 19:34:09
afaik fiffy even said it himself that when they lose he will leave since he can go back to his job in ireland in banking.
2014-11-03 19:35:13
Yeah i remember something like that too. I just hope that they will get a sick AWPer to the team now.
2014-11-03 19:39:37
They flamed him for those stupid "Fifflaren is dog shit" kind of comments.
2014-11-03 23:06:25
He was flamed for being a populist attention-seeking whore.

Post edited 2014-11-04 09:17:18
2014-11-04 09:17:05
Fiffy, I know you won't read this but, I love and you I know we'll see you in the TOP 20 Players of 2014, because kill's doesn't matter as much as info and the fact that a support player is the real carrier of the game.

<3 Love
2014-11-03 19:26:34
2014-11-03 19:26:55
It's a joke, but Fiffy wasn't bad! :) He is one of the best according to NiP.
2014-11-03 19:28:32
2014-11-03 19:26:36
emilio should join 4 win
2014-11-03 19:26:39
im in shock cant be true good luck fiffly i will miss u :(
2014-11-03 19:26:42
RIP, good luck out there bud.
2014-11-03 19:26:44
inc delpan
2014-11-03 19:26:46
2014-11-03 19:26:48
i can't believe its true, I LOVE YOU FIFFY <3
2014-11-03 19:26:54
OMG this is news
2014-11-03 19:26:55
2014-11-03 19:26:57
gl Robin
2014-11-03 19:26:59
Who will hltv blame now when nip loses? :/
2014-11-03 19:27:00
:DDDD +1 , nip will rape all
2014-11-03 19:33:54
2014-11-03 19:41:07
2014-11-03 19:27:03
2014-11-03 19:27:03
inb4 fifflaren joins another team and destroys everyone lmao
2014-11-03 19:27:04
Fiffy :(( We will miss you!
2014-11-03 19:27:12
Guess its Dennis or Twist :)
Gl anyway to Nip and Fifflaren.
2014-11-03 19:27:14

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:27:31
2014-11-03 19:27:15
GL Fif & NiP
2014-11-03 19:27:19
Gonna miss you fiff. I hope these faggots on HLTV werent considered in your decision.
2014-11-03 19:27:22
2014-11-03 19:27:23
2014-11-03 19:27:25
+1 Delpan is love, Delpan is life.
2014-11-03 22:15:43
FACEIT League EU Season 2: Fifflaren vs. Epsilon

Overrated clips, he did an ace will saving his AWP, the bomb explod.

Anyway gl to him in futur.
I don't think 1 change will make it really better, maybe before, but currently they are not that's good at all.
2014-11-03 19:27:26
+1, he had so many better clips.
2014-11-03 19:41:39
+schneinder! I'm 100% sure my friends.
2014-11-03 19:27:30
finally lol
2014-11-03 19:27:34
about fuckin time
2014-11-03 19:27:35
Im shocked.. I actually find it sad that Fifflarem left
2014-11-03 19:27:38
gg wp Fiff : (
2014-11-03 19:27:39
f0rest gonna leave soon too
2014-11-03 19:27:40
damn.. I with they would pick up good AWP'er.. Maikelele for example.
2014-11-03 19:27:40
2014-11-03 19:27:40
2014-11-03 19:27:41
Pyth actually getting the chance to play in a top team would be awesome.

His aim is just so nuts. Anytime he plays stand-in for teams he rips and ends up usually top fragging.

Didn't he have a 1v5 pistol round win against NiP as a stand-in using only 1-mag?

Yeah, I'd like to see Pyth, Schneider or Twist get this spot.

Maikelele and Delpan are toxic and wouldn't fit in NiP
2014-11-03 20:56:12
pyth ++++++

it was 1v4 but yeah

unfortunately I don't think it's going to realistically happen with his reputation for team splitting and his personality... but if they somehow made the team chemistry work they would be unstoppable. twist or schneider still good too though
2014-11-04 00:19:58
2014-11-03 19:27:44
2014-11-03 19:27:46
Goodluck in whatever you do Fifflaren, a fucking boss of a guy

now get twist twist twist twist !!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-11-03 19:27:46
2014-11-03 19:27:46
+allu and nip will be right back on top
2014-11-03 19:27:47
u said it son. U said it..
2014-11-03 20:14:59
The news will certainly come as a shock to NiP's fans

Not really?
2014-11-03 19:27:48
Even tho you weren't playing that good the last months, you still are a great player.Good luck robin!
2014-11-03 19:27:54
2014-11-03 19:27:58
2014-11-03 19:28:07
GL Fiffy. I would say karrigan, but that dude joined mouz.. maybe nico, if they can overcome the language barrier .
Definitely not maikelele or shneider.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:30:43
2014-11-03 19:28:07
2014-11-03 19:28:44
im pretty fuckin sure it will be either:

or, if nothing works out, Delpan

twist is a top contender though. Hes way too good for F3.
2014-11-03 19:30:19
I forgot about twist. We'll see.
2014-11-03 19:31:51
Get_Right even mentioned him in his relfectiosn with Thorin that if he could potentially under any cicrumstances pick a player to replace a player in nip it would be twist. he certainly seems like one of the people who could potentially help them, hes both an amazing rifler and decent awper, same goes for maikelele though)
2014-11-03 19:34:04
2014-11-03 19:28:25
gl :)
2014-11-03 19:28:26
2014-11-03 19:28:26
Goodnight sweet Fiff, xo
2014-11-03 19:28:26
Good luck in the future!
2014-11-03 19:28:27
2014-11-03 19:28:27
Delpan inc or eksem
2014-11-03 19:28:27
They will probably add one of twist/eksem/schneider/dennis. I'd probably add twist if I were them.
2014-11-03 19:28:29
2014-11-03 19:28:30
I promest, NiP will never be top 1 again even if they replace fifflaren.
2014-11-03 19:28:33
My awp will forever be named Fifflaren in honor of this great person.

GL HF in ur future, Fluffy!
2014-11-03 19:28:38
2014-11-03 19:28:39
gg wp
2014-11-03 19:28:40
Rip Fnatic
2014-11-03 19:28:42
thank you Fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:28:46
3000 comments inc , fiffy i wish you the best
2014-11-03 19:28:49
dennis or twist 100%
2014-11-03 19:28:53
Good luck in what ever you choose to do Fifflaren. Would be great to see you continue in the e-sport scene. You have a great personality and would be a good ambassadeur for e-sport in general.
2014-11-03 19:28:54
We will miss you Fifflaren.You are a good person.
2014-11-03 19:28:58
btw. 350 comments in about 10 minutes...
2014-11-03 19:29:00
ye, what i noticed too.

Trollers had to troll, now that it's real, everyone cries.. wow
2014-11-03 19:29:46
It was expected, but damn it's kind of sad, i mean those 5 NiP was beast in the past and see NiP without fiffy looks weird.

2014-11-03 19:29:03
Fiffy always in our hearts <3 gl in future
btw 1k comments incoming
2014-11-03 19:29:07
2014-11-03 19:29:11
in b4 1000 posts
2014-11-03 19:29:11
Maikelele or Delpan inc
2014-11-03 19:29:13
holy fuck
2014-11-03 19:29:13
I dont know why people are so happy about this this isnt really good news now it means nip is subject to more roster changes, they broke their winning streak spell now their roster spell. If they lose again we might see some more changes
2014-11-03 19:29:20
NOO! :'(
2014-11-03 19:29:21
sad, great player.
2014-11-03 19:29:28
thx God, it was time!
2014-11-03 19:29:28
What a moron, should leave after cologne like Lurppis and Thorin said.
2014-11-03 19:29:30
Finally!No more 4v5, doesnt matter who replace him, nip will be much better.
2014-11-03 19:29:36
Sad, I feel bad for him, but I think it was time for him to go.

GL with your new adventures Robin!

No matter what people say the community has lost something in this, and I personally will miss him
2014-11-03 19:29:36
Hope dennis will join.
2014-11-03 19:29:39
let's celebrate

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:30:03
2014-11-03 19:29:40
2014-11-03 23:44:52
fuckin ell :/
2014-11-03 19:29:42
They should have done this months ago, I cant really see who the pick right now. Certainly JW wont leave fnatic for NiP now, maybe he would have done so a few months back. It's too late now :>
2014-11-03 19:29:43
similar situation in fnatic as its in nip i believe, JW and flusha are too good friends to go apart, they have been in teams together since csgo launched?
2014-11-03 19:31:31
Fiffy :'(
2014-11-03 19:29:45
Good luck Robin. You are for sure an exemple for all of us. Ty for this last years, and for showing us how a e-sports professional, should behave.
2014-11-03 19:29:47
2014-11-03 19:33:42
I'm having the time of my life now that he's gone, stone cold stunners for everyone! Nevertheless I wish him the best of luck and I hope he still stays within the NiP organization.
2014-11-03 19:29:58
SHIIIIIIIET, no one expected this
2014-11-03 19:30:02
gl fiffy, we <3 u!..
2014-11-03 19:30:05
I have heard that NiP has replaced Fiff with Late.
2014-11-03 19:30:09
I have heard this rumour too
2014-11-03 19:31:10
2014-11-03 19:36:35
Sad, good luck guys.
2014-11-03 19:30:10
+SpawN or +Snajdan :))
2014-11-03 19:30:16
2014-11-03 19:30:18
fifflarN <3
2014-11-03 19:30:18
2014-11-03 19:30:19
maikelele or schneider GO
2014-11-03 19:30:19
2014-11-03 19:30:22
much love fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:30:23
2014-11-03 19:30:25
gl in the future fiffy

cmon NiP now crush all the nabss
2014-11-03 19:30:33
Been a fun ride!

GL Fiffy, start streaming pls. <3
2014-11-03 19:30:37
classic topic INC
2014-11-03 19:30:45
2014-11-03 19:30:46
2014-11-03 19:30:49
sad :/
gl fiffy anyway, I hope you will stay in NiP orga :)
2014-11-03 19:30:50
2014-11-03 19:31:01
2014-11-03 19:31:03
2014-11-03 19:31:04
WTF really
2014-11-03 19:31:08
for sure he wasn't a nip top frager, but well gl to him !
2014-11-03 19:31:14
no fify no party :(
2014-11-03 19:31:18
2014-11-03 19:31:23
forever in our hearts </3
2014-11-03 19:31:23
This is so sad :/
2014-11-03 19:31:24
bye fiffy ;(
2014-11-03 19:31:30
2014-11-03 19:31:30
2014-11-03 19:31:38
2014-11-03 19:31:48
Sad day.. end of legendary NiP lineup .. good luck fiff in real life!
2014-11-03 19:31:52
dude u will allways be missed and i'm sad but life goes on i guess
2014-11-03 19:31:57
its gonna be pita or dennis i hope :D
2014-11-03 19:31:57
2014-11-03 19:32:01
2014-11-03 19:32:02
Good luck in real life Robin.
2014-11-03 19:32:04
Nice, I'm looking forward to what changes will occur after this.
2014-11-03 19:32:04
FifflarN! I will remember You 4eva ;)

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:32:21
2014-11-03 19:32:05
2014-11-03 19:32:09
will miss u buddy
I hope NiP improves though
2014-11-03 19:32:11
Ty for all Fifflaren 87-0 never forget
2014-11-03 19:32:16
2014-11-03 19:32:17
GL Fiffy

2014-11-03 19:32:19
gl in ur live and gl nip , #letsgobacktop1
2014-11-03 19:32:20
2014-11-03 19:32:23
wow we will miss u fifflaren :(
2014-11-03 19:32:26
This is so sad :(((((((((
2014-11-03 19:32:27
Interesting to see who they pick up.

gl fifflaren in your future endeavors.
2014-11-03 19:32:29
2014-11-03 19:32:31
After all this time. Really sad, but this change was honestly needed if NiP wants to be a consistent top team.
2014-11-03 19:32:33
Bye fiffyyyy, it was time, honestly.
2014-11-03 19:32:33
2014-11-03 19:32:34
PLEASE TAKE Schnaider to NIP! He deserves it! He will show to stupid fnatic who is the best!
2014-11-03 19:32:35

2014-11-03 19:32:36
2014-11-03 19:32:36
2014-11-03 19:32:37
+1. also n1
2014-11-03 20:15:35
very cool man, all the best :)
2014-11-03 19:32:47
2014-11-03 19:32:47
sad new

fiffly in our hearths
2014-11-03 19:32:49
Such a sad day. I don't know if you decided to quit because of all the hate or if you did it because you thought it was the right choice. If it was the first one, I am deeply sorry that you had to listen to all these idiots on HLTV.

I wish you the best of luck in the future Fifflaren! <3
2014-11-03 19:32:50
2014-11-03 19:33:39
2014-11-03 19:43:38
2014-11-03 19:37:30
+twist or +dennis?
2014-11-03 19:32:50
they need a great awp , if delpan will come maybe top3 eu teams
2014-11-03 19:32:55
2014-11-03 19:32:56
2014-11-03 19:33:02
Good luck Fiffy.
2014-11-03 19:33:14
I will miss you fiff :(
2014-11-03 19:33:17
2014-11-03 19:33:19
What are hltv users now gonna write? :(
2014-11-03 19:33:20
Rip Nip
2014-11-03 19:33:23
+ michu
2014-11-03 19:33:23
It's Chistmas everybody!
2014-11-03 19:33:28
Fifflaren forever NIP. I am upset... :(
2014-11-03 19:33:32
rip in pepperoni.
2014-11-03 19:33:33
2014-11-03 19:33:34
No Fifflaren NOOOo! :(((
2014-11-03 19:33:43
It hurts me when people was hating so much on fiffy.
I hope we soon will see a replacement and Good luck in the future Fifflaren.

Go Ninja Go ! <3
2014-11-03 19:33:48
Bad move. You would have won the next 250k tournament. Probably the team want some fresh air. Probably it's not fiflaren fault.
2014-11-03 19:33:49
This is so sad :'( Fiffy was one of the best and he can't be replaced by anyone. Really hope that he will change his mind and come back but if not then best of luck in the future BROW! Fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:33:49
Damn would I love to see JW With this lineup, a sick awper together with f0rest and GTR.
2014-11-03 19:33:53
Now when the sit is real he leaves. What a loser.
2014-11-03 19:33:56
Shut the fuck up. I've seen you throughout this thread spouting nothing but idiotic nonsense.

You are exactly what HLTV needs to get rid of.
2014-11-03 21:01:03
2014-11-03 19:33:56
2014-11-03 19:33:57
gl in the future!
2014-11-03 19:34:00
pyth or Maikelele
2014-11-03 19:34:00
2014-11-03 19:34:02
if they need a awper then Maikelele if not Schneider or twist btw im sad for Fiffy
2014-11-03 19:34:04
Hopefully NiP will get a great fill for the team, even tho I think they will never be the same again. They were like a family or so. Adding a new player may break the chemistry of the team, which was brilliant. Goodbye fiffy, we (or at least a part of the community) will miss you!
2014-11-03 19:34:07
let's hope it going to be better ;)
2014-11-03 19:35:42
dennis plss
2014-11-03 19:34:25
'Ninjas in Pyjamas have announced that they have cut ties with longtime member Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson'

They have not 'cut ties' with him, they have offered him a job inside the organisation. Lets not make out as if they have kicked him in disgrace...
2014-11-03 19:34:26
Unreal, you were great with the team mate, you din have to leave, good luck with life though, great player and person!
2014-11-03 19:34:32
he was playing better now than before, unexpected. Good luck Fiffy you will be remembered!
2014-11-03 19:34:33
fiffy, biceps is always with you!
2014-11-03 19:34:33
GL in the future bye fiffy
2014-11-03 19:34:36
2014-11-03 19:34:37
they'd rather play with 4 than have him
2014-11-03 19:37:16
Guy probably took more abuse than anyone in CS history (except maybe ozstrik3r) Will truly be missed, good luck Fifflaren!
2014-11-03 19:34:38
yeah, sad for him in the last event is not the guys to blame
2014-11-03 19:35:51
ceh9 ?
2014-11-03 19:44:25
Yeah I considered saying that too, but if I'm honest I wasn't active on hltv.org back then so I would have just been guessing he got hate!
2014-11-03 19:45:18
he didnt got as much hate as fifflaren because navi never went from #1 without any doubt to cant survive groupstage, but still more than most people could handle
2014-11-03 20:21:28
ohhhhhhh nooooooo:(
Fiffy i will miss you
2014-11-03 19:34:40
U will be missed.. anyway wise choice.
2014-11-03 19:34:46
My jaw fell down...
Fiffy, thank you for all the amazing moments, thank you for all you did not only for NiP, but also for all of us, your fans !
All the best in your life, hope to see you back !

This feels like one part of my life is over

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:35:59
2014-11-03 19:34:47
http://tinyurl.com/fiffybye this gid made me a lot sader then it should have...
2014-11-03 19:34:48
cya fiffy, you will be missed brother
2014-11-03 19:34:51
nip pls add schneider
2014-11-03 19:34:56
2014-11-03 19:34:56
Inb4 Disband
2014-11-03 19:35:02
2014-11-03 19:35:02
pyth inc
2014-11-03 19:35:03
Suddenly everyone is sad.. fuck you HLTV community.
2014-11-03 19:35:03
2014-11-03 19:35:20
schnieder or twist
2014-11-03 19:35:04
cmon fiffy why? have fun in real life
2014-11-03 19:35:07
GL in the future XDD
2014-11-03 19:35:07
im really gonna miss him i will, but he was a decent player, it was for the best.

2014-11-03 19:35:13
:( R.I.P
2014-11-03 19:35:15
It was high time. But anyway, gg fiffy, what you have achieved with this team will remain known forever. Good luck in the future
2014-11-03 19:35:17
pita ?
2014-11-03 19:35:17
This will not bring the solution for NIP problems, It will make everything just even worst. #markmywords
2014-11-03 19:35:17
2014-11-03 19:35:19
Take care fiffy!
2014-11-03 19:35:27
*Sigh* :(
Bye bye Fiffy. Gonna miss you la.
NiP.pyth incoming? maybe.
2014-11-03 19:35:30
2014-11-03 19:36:10
2014-11-03 19:36:55
pyth.. lol
2014-11-03 19:36:30
why? pyth is young. look at the trend these days, teams tend to add young players to their roster
It will be either pyth/Delpan
I don't think they'll add schneider or maikelele
only if f0rest leaves as well, then they'll consider either one of them but for now, Keep faith. The trio of delpzie, gtr and f0rest is coming back!
2014-11-03 19:44:40
Today is a happy day for fiffy haters *.*
2014-11-03 19:35:30
2014-11-03 19:35:30
2014-11-03 19:35:48
I will miss u fiffy, im not joking, its makes me sad, really.
2014-11-03 19:35:51
2014-11-03 19:35:55
2014-11-03 19:35:58
2014-11-03 19:36:00
2014-11-03 19:36:01
really im happy hes leaving nip because of his own individual skil , but i hope 1 day that he will return and play like a god shox or something and he will prove everyone !!! but thank god he leaves nip now
2014-11-03 19:36:03
rest in niplaren
2014-11-03 19:36:03
+schneider 100%
2014-11-03 19:36:03
no fucking way. so sad
2014-11-03 19:36:12
sad but true... Delpan, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT = SK members again plz.
2014-11-03 19:36:16
good luck in future my friend! biceps is always with you!
2014-11-03 19:36:18
Thank you fifflaren for all the time you have been in NiP. You will not be forgotten. Change is hard for all the ones that loved you but time has come and a new era of NiP will be born.

Endless thank you for you and all the CSGO you have given your team and us fans all around the world.

We salute you.
2014-11-03 19:36:18
562 comments in 14 mins. Biggest news in the history of csgo!
2014-11-03 19:36:24
Please Delpan in NiP <3
2014-11-03 19:36:28
good luck fiffy!
2014-11-03 19:36:33
this guys career was killed by trolls and hltv

hltv broke his confidence as a player and as a men
2014-11-03 19:36:42
+dennis,please, He deserves it, since krimz and olof got to fnatic.
and goodbye fiffy :(
2014-11-03 19:36:48
2014-11-03 19:36:48
+ gux
2014-11-03 19:36:49
lol russians are terrible
2014-11-03 19:36:53
I don't believe this. A sad day for Cs regardless.
2014-11-03 19:36:54
the day hltv stopped
2014-11-03 19:37:06
i m shock :(
2014-11-03 19:37:13
Finally :D
2014-11-03 19:37:19
You will be missed :( I hope to see him as a caster or a member in NiP's org, I just can't accept the idea that he disappears suddenly, it makes me so sad :/
2014-11-03 19:37:20
I think NiP may have finally needed a change but I'm still sad to see fiffy go; I hope he stays aboard NiP in some capacity (preferably coach over pita) even though he's probably gonna take that IBM job in Ireland again

As for the possible replacements people have mentioned

maikelele--kid is a cunt, NiP will never want someone so immature


Dennis--not good enough for NiP, they need a TOP tier awper

Twist / Pyth--too young and online

Schneider--doesn't really bring anything NiP doesn't already have
2014-11-03 19:37:26
Who else could be on that list in your opinion, but actually make it into the team?
2014-11-03 19:39:07
2014-11-03 19:40:22
too young and online - twist? wtf
2014-11-03 19:44:26
Everyone thought Shroud was online too
2014-11-03 21:05:01
2014-11-03 19:37:26
OK.I know he's bad and everything else,but I don't think he deserves to leave them.
2014-11-03 19:37:28
lots of pressure, but i think he did well and NiP really needs a new good awper
2014-11-03 20:11:14
Dont think this will change anything,fifflaren was stepping it up lately,nip were winning events when he played worse than now.Its just simply that gtr and f0rest are not the best two players anymore.Im really exited to see who are they gonna pick up tho,but i dont really see them reaching the level of where fnatic are right now.
2014-11-03 19:37:30
Forever fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:37:35
I wasn't really a fiffy fan but seeing him retiring from gaming is not fun at all he wasn't that bad how every1 said tho :/

P.S Schneider pl0x

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:38:39
2014-11-03 19:37:42

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:40:41
2014-11-03 19:37:42
+ pyth
2014-11-03 19:37:46
Nooooo way. Are u kidding me ? The darkest day in cybersport history.
2014-11-03 19:37:47
Bad form talking about his rating.
2014-11-03 19:37:48
2014-11-03 19:37:58
will be missed..
2014-11-03 19:38:05
100 % ZET will join, now i said it !
2014-11-03 19:38:08
It was expected.
Sad for Fiffy tho but he didn't perform that good as he did in the past
GL Fifflaren, hope u will find something around cs (coach/analyst/caster etc) :)
2014-11-03 19:38:09
2014-11-03 19:38:13
eksem the best
2014-11-03 19:38:28
2014-11-03 19:38:29
GL Fiffy !
2014-11-03 19:38:30

2014-11-03 19:38:34
I looked at this thread 10 minutes ago, it had 100 comments. I look at it now, it has 600. Wow.
2014-11-03 19:38:38
Omg, love you fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:38:43
Gonna miss fiff assist role :/ take care and hope u still stay in team
2014-11-03 19:38:47
2014-11-03 19:38:56
finally... now nip can be better and better :)
2014-11-03 19:39:02
I love fiffy but he was bad last few mounths...
2014-11-03 19:39:08
Wow.. :(
2014-11-03 19:39:16
finally , gl in future mr. Fifflaren
2014-11-03 19:39:19
Never been a hater of fifflaren
he is a great guy

I hope for Dennis to join NiP
they know each other with gtr and f0rest
he is the best option (so is schneider tho)
2014-11-03 19:39:20
Only Maikelele can make this change worth it.

And more respect for fifflaren he make a best team in cs history and is so sad this out.
2014-11-03 19:39:41
-fify pls
2014-11-03 19:39:43
bb fiff;(
2014-11-03 19:39:47
he sucked but it's heartbreaking...why retire and not prove himself in another team?
2014-11-03 19:39:55
Finnaly !
2014-11-03 19:39:57
Thank god.

2014-11-03 19:39:59
this will be very interesting!

edit: fifflaren is a very nice guy but i feel like nip will do better now, depending of course who will they pick. gl to fifflaren in lyfe!

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:41:23
2014-11-03 19:40:00
-fiff +kuben
2014-11-03 19:40:11
hope he will become a great coach <3
gl in future fifflaren
2014-11-03 19:40:13
2014-11-03 19:40:14
+lulu please!
2014-11-03 19:40:17
3k € per month is not enough ~ Kappa
2014-11-03 19:42:18
Man, this is absolutely hilarious. They finally win a major, and then only a couple months later it's "Oh noes! We failed to qualify online for some small tournaments that nobody cares about... time to change roster@!$%&!11oneoneeleventy".

(Obviously I'm exaggerating a bit, the ESWC loss seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back rather than failing to qualify for Faceit. But it's funny nonetheless.)
2014-11-03 19:40:21
because they are retarded
2014-11-03 19:41:07
lol mate, he got carried at ESL ONE. xD

he was awarded for sucking big time
2014-11-03 19:41:33
Anyone who isn't blind can see that 999/1000 times they wouldnt win the major if they played like they did at cologne. They should and probably did consider themselves lucky and a thing that they can't repeat

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:43:42
2014-11-03 19:43:22
I'm sorry, you don't win a major by luck alone.

Aside from the last two months, NiP have been by far the most consistently high-performing team this year.

This seems like exactly the same thing that happened with Fnatic in 2010. "Another team is playing better than us? ZOMG LETS KIK CRAN AND DSN!%$£" Except this time Fifflaren didn't choose to fight it.
2014-11-03 19:56:03
A combination of luck and last minute map pool changes which nip knew of before other teams is enough to win a major though, as proven by NiP.
2014-11-03 20:02:16
Do what you want but he was amazing guy with big heart for playing. Thx FIFI FOR ALL THAT GRATE AND UNFORGETABLE MOMENTS!!! Make a good life, but dont quit e-sport dude! You are grate, and i love your sleeve tatoo (no homo)
2014-11-03 19:40:28
This is sad. Fifflaren good luck man!
2014-11-03 19:40:30
2014-11-03 19:40:31
2014-11-03 20:33:24
Maikelelelelelele plzzz
2014-11-03 19:40:33
This is actually pretty sad.
2014-11-03 19:40:43
time for KennyS to leave Titan and join NiP ;)
2014-11-03 19:40:57
This is good for both parts...i never said that fifflaren is bad or something but i was sure that his teamates derserve another type of player...something with balls..like "allu" for example...a guy with skill and a bitt agressive...You had another role in game and you did well but all the team improved allot so nip needed this...GOOD LUCK in your new life!!!
2014-11-03 19:41:01
why does everyone say +dennis? when he was stand in for fnatic at times he was so shitty. misses easy awp shots has no spray control on rifles and hes just bad imo compared to schneider or eksem.
2014-11-03 19:41:01
so much comments, bye fifa
2014-11-03 19:41:02
2014-11-03 19:41:03
Sad to see him go.

Now HeatoN take your place in the chair !
2014-11-03 19:41:03
Thanks for the show Fiffy! You're undoubtedly a really nice guy, wish you the best in the future!

2014-11-03 19:41:06
-fiff + fnatic
2014-11-03 19:41:10
+ FACE !
2014-11-03 19:41:15
"But...but Fifflaren has a very important role in NiP, you are just too stupid to understand his role" Where are the retards who kept saying this and defending him?
Now they just need to replace friberg to become a team that can keep up with fnatic.
Hope that fifflaren keeps in touch with the game and gets one of those useless positions that they call game analyst for weak players that still want to get money from ex teammate friends withouth dragging the team down.
2014-11-03 19:41:16
So the next victim is friberg ?
2014-11-03 19:50:32
Tweeday must make a tribute video about fiffy
2014-11-03 19:41:17
he was a really great friendly guy , good luck in the future Fiffy! :)
2014-11-03 19:41:17
Thanks Fiffy for good times :) Good luck in future.

Lets see what's going to happen now.
2014-11-03 19:41:25
Surprised actually. I was hoping this to happen for so long that I actually started to believe that it would never happen. And to be honest, I thought they would wait until DHW. But hoping for Dennis to hop in, I'm sure he would quit his daily job in order to play in Nip and earn similar monthly salary plus all the winnings from tournaments.
2014-11-03 19:41:43
Oh and somehow I'm have my doubts that changing one member is not enough. They need a superb AWPer for sure (Dennis) but given how Friberg has played lately, getting another madfragger wouldn't hurt either.
2014-11-03 19:43:50
friberg will step up. but i don't think dennis is the right choice
2014-11-03 19:51:46
It's possible and most likely Friberg is good enough as there are not that many mad fragger free in Sweden... But I think Dennis is good enough, or at least used to be. He was the main AWPer in Katowice for LGB and was fricking awesome.
2014-11-03 19:54:36
yeah dennis definitely played well there but that happened in 1.6 also. he played sick but couldn't compete when picked up by sk (was it sk?)
2014-11-03 19:58:26
nip new top1 confirmed
2014-11-03 19:41:44
Gaming isn't always for gamers, its for dicks.

Love ya babe
2014-11-03 19:41:47
Gl fiffy :) Delpan inc
2014-11-03 19:41:55
+eksem pls
2014-11-03 19:41:55
No more ez skins ez life betting against NiP.
2014-11-03 19:41:56
posting in epic thread
2014-11-03 19:41:57
2014-11-03 19:42:15
m0E to join nip, he said minim0E goodbye and is already on the plane to move to sweden

they need m0Etivation

nr 1 awp m0E
2014-11-03 19:42:22
2014-11-03 19:42:36
2014-11-03 19:42:22
schneider or moodii please <3
2014-11-03 19:42:23
Really sad for Fiffy <3 - GL in the future man.
This is the end of the Legendary NiP Team !
2014-11-03 19:42:24
I think it is very very sad, Really like fiff and i dont think he diserves all hate he gets. But maybe its a good thing to for nip to add a new player for the team.

We will miss u fiff.
And good luck to u

Fiff is love, Fiff is life.


Post edited 2014-11-03 19:44:02
2014-11-03 19:42:27
SpawN the legend inc
2014-11-03 19:42:29
2014-11-03 19:42:43
bye n00b
2014-11-03 19:42:48
Christmas came today, thank you!
2014-11-03 19:42:49
As good as i think this decision is, it also marks the end of an era. We will always remember the team that dominated a game for a whole year, and we hope to see similar again. Go NiP!
2014-11-03 19:42:51
How can you guys be so fucking bad mannered?

Fifflaren won A LOT and he was an awesome player.

gl hf irl! :)
2014-11-03 19:42:55
allu to nip!

won't happen of course.
2014-11-03 19:42:57
can he speak swedish? :D
in my opinion allu would be the best fit (jw wont leave fnatic) and seeing as the need an awper.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:44:34
2014-11-03 19:44:02
he doesn't :/
2014-11-03 19:47:37
2014-11-03 19:48:30
Then what is "pakkoruotsi" all about?
2014-11-03 20:02:16
Hulter =D=D HLTV best comment eu. :D
2014-11-03 20:22:53
Gl Fify. :D

+Schinider PLS
2014-11-03 19:43:01
This is sad, I have always liked him. But NiP might need some motivation, maybe a new player can bring motivation and new energy to the team.

GL NiP and GL Fifflaren.
2014-11-03 19:43:02
GG Fiffy :(
2014-11-03 19:43:05
T-T will miss you ...
2014-11-03 19:43:14
gl to ur future fiffy :)

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:43:24
2014-11-03 19:43:16
dude kynes i played with you in MM and you are bad fella so stop talking shitty about Fifflare ...he earned in this game much than you will leanr in your life so stfu and respect that
2014-11-03 19:43:19
hell, it's about time
2014-11-03 19:43:25
+ juliano
2014-11-03 19:43:28
2014-11-03 19:43:34
Well, good luck for the future Fiffy!
2014-11-03 19:43:39
2014-11-03 19:43:50
I'm really sad to see NiP changing their line up... I hope he becomes coach at least.
2014-11-03 19:43:51
coach? lol what does he have to offer as a coach? how to tag along with 4 other players while being shit??

2014-11-03 19:45:09
I'm not even going to a start an argument here because it won't go anywhere. But that is Ok, you have your opinion and I have mine.
2014-11-03 19:47:33
+1. I like your additude here, agree with what i think you were going to say
2014-11-03 23:41:10
much love fiffy! iam ur biggest fan!
2014-11-03 19:43:52
#allu 4 nip PLS
2014-11-03 19:44:06
2014-11-03 19:44:06
thank god
2014-11-03 19:44:07
Oh my fucking god, please tell me this is a troll thread. I mean sure fiffy was holding NiP back and all that...but that was so sudden it came as a shock even to me as I am a -fifflaren supporter.I am kind of sad now. But oh well, since it happened, it happened, best of luck to Fifflaren in whatever he decides to do with his life from now on. Also to give my opinion on the replacement, +twist or +dennis, the rest are cancer IMO.
2014-11-03 19:44:11
Fiffy.. :( <3

RiP 3/11-2014

2014-11-03 19:44:12
-fiffshitty +SpawN
2014-11-03 19:44:18
i hope its twist. i remember in one of interviews GTR told that he would like to play with young players like twist or from LGB lineup :)

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:45:23
2014-11-03 19:44:20
Wonder what the most replied thread in HLTV history is?
2014-11-03 19:44:25
delpan will never play in NiP
imo +pyth or Maikelele
2014-11-03 19:44:25
why not? Delpan played with forest and Get_R in SK.gaming Legendary team in cs1.6
2014-11-03 19:46:39

You've been part of great team.

This LAN record you guys had at the beginning of CSGO is unbeatable.

All the best for you Fifflaren!
2014-11-03 19:44:26
nobody will read this because there is so much comments

my penis is small
2014-11-03 19:44:39
2014-11-03 19:45:07
nobody except MADrunnr
2014-11-03 19:45:48
Nope, you are wrong. I read it. Soooooo now I know everything about you and your little dick <3
2014-11-03 19:45:30
to short ; did read
2014-11-03 19:45:34
2014-11-03 19:46:10
Good luck in the future Robin :)
2014-11-03 19:44:41
omg..can not
2014-11-03 19:45:08
NOOOOO Fiffy :'(
2014-11-03 19:45:08
2014-11-03 19:45:08
Rip in Jalapenopepperoni.
2014-11-03 19:45:11
Finally. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the scene though.
But Schneider or Mikael..? Just a big no guys. :-P
2014-11-03 19:45:18
Schneider isn't a player for NiP... I would like to see Maikelele or maybe dennis, but dennis won't come. I just want to see if they will suck more and who will you blame then...
2014-11-03 19:45:23
2014-11-03 19:45:25
lol hltv ruined fifflaren confidence honestly plz let twist or delpan join i think delpan is the best fit since the friends and i wouldnt mind cutting the 4th rated player friberg... get rid of the saucers.
2014-11-03 19:45:25
sad news, not expected.

he really was a next generation gamer, tons of criticism everyday and he didn't react to it in any way.

good luck in future Fifflaren! :)
2014-11-03 19:45:27
Please let it be dennis he has the full package and he also was standing for SK in 1.6 days so he knows how to work properly in a big organisation.

Every one defending Fifflaren need a reality check people have been calling him out from the 1st days of CS:GO he never improved and people surpassed him in game knowledge aim and everything there is to it.

Just been nice doesn't account for much when your job is to win.
He might be a great person but NiP is a team and not a random one at that they cannot afford to have people who cannot do the job.
2014-11-03 19:45:33
lol dennis was trash when stand in for fnatic. misses so many easy awp shots spray control bad..
2014-11-03 19:46:46
FYRR73 :D I would love to see that guy on stage again
2014-11-03 19:45:35
gl fiffy !
2014-11-03 19:45:39

Same day, can't be a coincidence, Maikelelelelelelelelelelelele confirmed.

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:45:54
2014-11-03 19:45:42

Look at the TAB top left ;)
2014-11-03 19:45:45
probably just rumors because allu is also mentioned (will not happend)
2014-11-03 19:46:44
A replacement is not found yet, but there are several rumors that Maikelele or allu could replace him.
2014-11-03 19:49:22
ahh okay :D i dont speak german so :S
2014-11-03 19:49:51
I wonder if they found these rumors from HLTV.org
2014-11-03 20:58:46
Feel sad for fiffy ....he got the guts to go ahead and retire for the good of the team....true sportsman

2014-11-03 19:45:50
+schneider, please, nip!!!!!!
2014-11-03 19:45:51
gl fiff
2014-11-03 19:45:59
2014-11-03 19:46:12
NICE, hope they finally can get an awper to the time.
2014-11-03 19:46:15
hope he stays in NiP and contributes to the rebirth of the team ! He made the hard but right choice
gl to him
2014-11-03 19:46:22
"he made"
2014-11-03 19:47:22
they ? :p
2014-11-03 21:24:12
Most likely.
2014-11-04 16:31:11
lol rekt :D
2014-11-05 15:03:43
2014-11-05 19:51:41
Fifflaren the man!
2014-11-03 19:46:23
2014-11-03 19:47:51
-pita +fifflaren
pita advising didn't help at all
2014-11-03 19:46:23
They won the major tournament with pita for the first time. lol
2014-11-03 19:51:12
Ok ta mere
2014-11-03 19:46:31
2014-11-03 19:46:49
GG fiffy <3
2014-11-03 19:46:52
2014-11-03 19:46:57
2014-11-03 19:53:10
2014-11-03 19:54:26
I hate on Fifflaren, but Robin Johansson is a great guy. Best of luck!
2014-11-03 19:47:00
Hello new NIP ..
2014-11-03 19:47:04
AHAHAHAHHAAH F*** yea!!! i've been waiting for this for so long xD <3
2014-11-03 19:47:17
I dont think I've seen a thread get so many comments so fast before o.O
2014-11-03 19:47:38
haters won :(
2014-11-03 19:47:39
Sad to see Fiffy go since he is such a nice guy but he just wasnt at NiP's level. Would be awesome to see Delpan join. Best awp 1.6 has ever seen!
2014-11-03 19:47:43
2014-11-03 19:47:43
+SpawN gg NIP
2014-11-03 19:47:51
2014-11-03 19:47:53
Please tell me this is a joke. I honestly can't believe it.
Now i agree with everyone, NiP just died.
2014-11-03 19:47:55
didnt see it coming

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:48:30
2014-11-03 19:47:55
2014-11-03 19:47:56
End of an era.
2014-11-03 19:48:03
yes, it is
2014-11-04 00:25:37
2014-11-03 19:48:07
Goodluck Fiffy! :(
2014-11-03 19:48:24
gg fiffy! u will be missed!
2014-11-03 19:48:35
NiP-Fifflaren- never forget
2014-11-03 19:48:42
2014-11-03 19:48:42
maikelele PLS
2014-11-03 19:48:44
+ schneider!
2014-11-03 19:48:53
2014-11-03 19:49:10
2014-11-03 19:49:26
No person can replace fifflaren, he is the best support player in the world and he will be missed! <3
2014-11-03 19:49:36
Good luck in future endeavours.
2014-11-03 19:49:46
Its sad, but it was actually expected. I hope he will be part of the team, like Cen9 is part of NAVI
2014-11-03 19:49:56
JW TO NiP! Kappa

#PrayForFiffi. Lmao
2014-11-03 19:50:03
You did a good job fifflaren :). Be successful in your "new" life :). GG
2014-11-03 19:50:19
Respect to fiffy, thanks for all the memories you gave us <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu5B-ZFWocw <3

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:51:17
2014-11-03 19:50:27
delpan please ....
2014-11-03 19:50:44
2014-11-03 19:50:47
<3 respect fiffy! thanks for everything!
2014-11-03 19:50:48
legend fiff<3
2014-11-03 19:50:52
tnx for 2 years efforts .. you did your best, gl Robin :)
2014-11-03 19:50:52
hltv can be laid 2 rest
2014-11-03 19:50:52
Haters pls say -fifflaren ONE MORE TIME
2014-11-03 19:50:55
cya later fifflaren you fucking shitcunt, ratz stay ratz
2014-11-03 19:50:57
sad that this legend retire from cs go
2014-11-03 19:50:58
2014-11-03 19:51:00
Fifi :/
2014-11-03 19:51:02
Get rid of someone else!
Bring back Fiffy!
Fiffy OP!
2014-11-03 19:51:09
Best of luck with whatever you do :)
2014-11-03 19:51:52

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:55:47
2014-11-03 19:51:52
Fiffy OP man! Fiffy OP!
2014-11-03 19:54:43
1000 comments incoming
2014-11-03 19:51:55
To bad, I really love Fifflaren.
2014-11-03 19:52:03
It was expected
2014-11-03 19:52:09
2014-11-03 19:52:13
2014-11-03 19:52:18
Is this real life?
2014-11-03 19:52:18
1 eternity later it happened

good riddance faget!


2014-11-03 19:52:20
2014-11-03 19:52:22
"( bye fifi thanks for everything
2014-11-03 19:52:37
You heard it here first.

2014-11-03 19:52:46
we will miss fiffy!
<3 ripperino pastarino fiffirino bestarino
2014-11-03 19:52:50
2014-11-03 19:52:57
2014-11-03 19:52:58
2014-11-03 19:54:34
I'd like to see Delpan in NiP
2014-11-03 19:52:59
GG Fiffi :D
2014-11-03 19:53:03
Guys im sad. Im just sad... Fiffy you was the best of all :/ *love*
2014-11-03 19:53:08
delpan or twist
2014-11-03 19:53:10
finally that noob is out
2014-11-03 19:53:14
rip hltv
2014-11-03 19:53:15
gl for him
2014-11-03 19:53:22
2014-11-03 19:53:37
Delpan or dennis pls
2014-11-03 19:53:39
I will always like NiP & fiffy where ever he goes
2014-11-03 19:53:46
inb4 3000 comments
2014-11-03 19:53:47
2014-11-03 19:53:51
Comment #944!

9-44 never forget
2014-11-03 19:55:52
9-44 never forget
2014-11-05 04:20:34
Makes me sad. You will be missed
2014-11-03 19:53:55
finally Spawn in
2014-11-03 19:53:55
gj fifflaren
2014-11-03 19:54:10
2014-11-03 19:54:18
Moddii is very weak in GO
I would like to see Twist
2014-11-03 19:55:38
posting in epik bread
2014-11-03 19:54:30
s1mple :D
2014-11-03 19:54:38
I'm really sad for Fiffy :(
2014-11-03 19:54:38
2014-11-03 19:54:40
NiP will pick twist mark my words. If not, they still won't win anything. Goodbye and thank me later GeT_RiGhT and btw put Fifflaren as a coach please
2014-11-03 19:54:42
or they going to put pita as IGL
2014-11-03 19:59:41



And please. You have must respect Fifflaren!
2014-11-03 20:03:35
2014-11-03 19:55:03
fiffy rekt hltv forum today :D
2014-11-03 19:55:18
I wish Fifflaren all good things in the future <3 Thx for everything :)
2014-11-03 19:55:21
All the best in life for the legend!
2014-11-03 19:55:23
he should have retired after cologne. he would have left as a winner, now he is the bad boy :(

thats not what he deserved.
2014-11-03 19:55:28
2014-11-03 19:55:30
nip needs now one top AWPer maybe eksem, but he is too toxic
2014-11-03 19:55:39
"Delpan is joining NiP", confirmed by Cristiano Ronaldo
2014-11-03 19:55:48
yessssssssssssssssssss good finally :))
2014-11-03 19:55:52
GG fiffy, will miss you and threads about you <3
2014-11-03 19:55:52
Almost 1000 comments in less than an hour must be some sort of record?
2014-11-03 19:56:06
fiffy will never be forgotten :c
2014-11-03 19:56:09
Thanks for all the memories fiffy <3 your the best!
2014-11-03 19:56:11
no one will read this but fiffy was the best player in nip
2014-11-03 19:56:26
2014-11-03 20:41:05
Forever in our hearts!
Good luck to you , Robin .
2014-11-03 19:56:31
2014-11-03 19:56:41
they just put swenden players So

or Pyth not more to good players chose
2014-11-03 19:56:43
Schneider > all

Post edited 2014-11-03 19:58:01
2014-11-03 19:57:45
+obama ? ? ? ?
2014-11-03 19:56:50
GeT_RiGhT once said he would like to see how twist plays
2014-11-03 19:56:52
GG WP Fiffy. We will really miss you. Wish you all the best in the future! 9-44? More like 87-0!!
2014-11-03 19:57:01
1000comments in 30 minutes. WTF
2014-11-03 19:57:05
Good luck to him.
2014-11-03 19:57:07
about time.
2014-11-03 19:57:08
I think we must show respect, he made the right choice.
2014-11-03 19:57:24
Sick thread
2014-11-03 19:57:30
DELPAN gonna be the best
2014-11-03 19:57:32
gg fifflaren :(
2014-11-03 19:57:35
2014-11-03 19:57:44
ure 1000! congratulations! xDDD
2014-11-03 19:58:23
l0l, I have been sitting here 4 atleast 10 hours trying to get #1000.

thx my friend and every1 4 ur support
2014-11-03 19:59:19
extra comment with a smiley when u realised that u were the 999 spot XD
2014-11-03 19:59:33
yes l0l
2014-11-03 20:01:12
hahaha a lot of comments :D

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:00:14
2014-11-03 19:57:51
Really sad to see this, however, I hope for Maikelele to join NiP now.
2014-11-03 19:57:52
how many hours does delpan have in cs go?
2014-11-03 19:57:54
maybe 3000h
2014-11-03 20:01:19
doubt it, more like 1500
2014-11-03 20:03:34
He's still better than the average user here. Respect though
2014-11-03 19:57:58
guardian 5th. Kappa
2014-11-03 19:58:13
holy shit i didnt expect this tbh, i thought they'll stay together till the bitter end

im kinda sad, altough i dont like nip

gl Robin, i think you should stay as coach instead pita
2014-11-03 19:58:20
+ Twist
2014-11-03 19:58:20
about time
2014-11-03 19:58:38
2014-11-03 19:58:40
take delpan :D
2014-11-03 19:58:48
2014-11-03 19:58:53
I believe that SpawN
2014-11-03 19:58:54
Olofm? Krimz? Dennis? Maikelele? Twist?
2014-11-03 19:58:54
RESPECT! GL in RL Fifflaren!
2014-11-03 19:58:55
gl fiffy
2014-11-03 19:58:58
omg noooo
2014-11-03 19:59:01
the only thing i like about this is that lurppis didn't wrote that article. i'm very sad that such a great player (fuck off with your k/d's) has come to an end :(
2014-11-03 19:59:11
People seem to have forgotten pita.

It's out of:
- Pita
- Maikelele
- schneider
- pyth
- twist

In my opinion it'll be either pyth or pita.
2014-11-03 19:59:14
+1 and pita IGL
2014-11-03 20:01:01
DENNIS, he def would quit his job to play for NIP.
2014-11-03 20:01:20
He's so overrated it's incredible, every player I named is better than dennis except possibly pyth. Depending on how confident Xizt is with his fragging ability, I think pita could be a good pickup, fills the IGL spot and can frag
2014-11-03 23:02:20
Yeah you kinda forgot Dennis actually ^^

And i really really hope it will be Dennis...
2014-11-03 22:40:44
maikelele inc. Mark my words noobz
2014-11-03 19:59:15
go back to bed
2014-11-04 10:22:54
2014-11-04 19:58:46
I really hope they pick coloN or JW.
2014-11-03 19:59:24
pita in
2014-11-03 19:59:25
gg NiP
fiffy was best
2014-11-03 19:59:36
gl Fiffy
2014-11-03 19:59:40
No point on the headlines, from what it seems, it was fifflaren's decision to retire and not NiP's to cut ties with him.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:01:01
2014-11-03 19:59:41
Thanks Fiffy, u made this site thrive with activity

Enjoy IRL life
2014-11-03 19:59:47
finally no -Fifflaren threads
2014-11-03 19:59:49
2014-11-03 19:59:57
wow,here is a twist
2014-11-03 20:00:29
sad to see him leave but it is for the better :(
2014-11-03 20:00:45
Wow! Didn't think this would happen until after DHW.
2014-11-03 20:00:48
GG Fifflaren. Wish you all the best. F*ck these hltv tards, you did something that they can only dream of. Wp
2014-11-03 20:00:55
I bet lurppis has a huge shit eating grin right now
2014-11-03 20:00:55
Will miss ya fiffy :(
9-44, Never Forget!
2014-11-03 20:01:22
Come Schneider or Maikelele. GO GO GO!
2014-11-03 20:01:23
gl in future,you didn't deserve all the hate..
2014-11-03 20:01:24
Sad news, I'm sorry to hear that 12 year old's and stupid polski/russians/sweds got to him.

You will always be remembered as a part of the greatest csgo team in history.

Next stop: flame friberg for having terrible stats because he comes from sauce. Until you get him to leave so IdiotPan plays or ragelelele join nip.

A True legend, everyone who met him other than the socially awkward midget said he's a great guy.

2014-11-03 20:01:29
2014-11-03 20:09:15
he's a great guy, so what? all-buddy line-up is not working anymore. are you saying that you would rather see them continue failing everywhere with this frendie roster instead of having a chance to be back on top again? true fan.
2014-11-03 20:14:55
How can you determine its not working when they are not even playing? They just started practicing before this event in one week.
2014-11-03 20:15:55
it wasnt working for several months now, how did you not see that? they barely won a major event, failed to qualify for a couple of lans and 2 times didn't make it out of groups, which was disappointing to all the true fans, except i guess for those blind fifflaren fanboys.

and the funniest part is that when nip failed at those lans everyone was like 'omg sad to see nip like that' and when they finally make a decision that could help them to be the best again all those ppl are like 'omg why fifflaren omg omg omg'.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:19:19
2014-11-03 20:17:48
Regardless if it wasn't working or not, in the end as IGL in the earlier days of NiP he was repsonsible for much of it's success... ofcourse, he had quality players to work with but still, nobody ever felt the need to mention it.

I always found him to be a sympathic figure in most of his interviews, very liekable for sure. He was the last person you'd wish this shit upon, lets face it, retiring or whatever... he must've felt quite a bit of stress to leave as results were working against NiP. Unfair imo, if others had stepped up their game it might've worked out otherwise.

;/ I wish the guy the best, I hope he stays employed whitin the NiP organization, he certainly would make a great ambassador or coach for the team.

Thanks for all the great years Fifflaren, Captain Fantastic!
2014-11-03 20:31:42
ill quote what Thorin said (althought i hate this guy, but he's right):

"Respect to NiP for making what must have been a hard decision, relationship-wise, but was a necessary one if they are to succeed."
2014-11-03 20:32:59
I absolutely agree with you something had to change, and he might've been the best choice when it came to such a decision.

Still, I had wished him a better ending to his carreer and not on this note.
2014-11-03 20:35:07
well, it actually is a very good ending of his career. he won the last majot and retired. i don't really think that he cares A LOT about all this hate about him in the past like 2 months, i mean he could care, but not that much. and for sure the hate is not the reason he left but the fact that he saw that something stopped working in his team and something needs to be changed IS, and it deserves a respect no doubt.
2014-11-03 20:39:20
Let's hope he doesn't take it too much to heart yes. Haha, maybe I'm living in a naiviety Hollywood mindset of wishing the guy a epic comeback in the end and silencing all the haters... it wasn't to be in the end!

Still, great carreer and run with NiP. If he did indeed stepdown on his own accord without being pressured to do so, I respect him even more for it.
2014-11-03 20:41:19
"It wasn't working for several months now"
Yet they won a major
"They barely won a major event"
How does someone barely win a major? It's like saying you barely won the worldcup. They didn't play up their usual until the final, but then again it only worked for them like that.
"failed to qualify for a couple of lans and didn't make it our of groups stage"
They withdrew from most online tournament, so i guess they don't give a shit. They didn't participate in SLTV and ESEA. They got disqualified by fnatic in fragbite after making them drop a map which most teams couldn't do. They had one terrible event ESWC.

Yet again, They had one terrible event before Katowice and they still reached the final. They had one before cologne and they won the event they had one terrible event before dhw and they still got to the final.

but yeah im wasting my time with people like you, you are so happy that you think lolpan will play with NiP.
2014-11-04 11:29:33
i hate delpan, i think he is a douche and doesn't deserve a spot in this team. so no need to offend me, bro. i hope someone who can make nip top1 again will take fiff's place.

anyway, despite you said that they only had 1 bad event why Xizt wrote that this is embarassing for him and the team and he's not sure where to go from there? because of 1 event? i don't think so.

by 'barely won a major' i mean exactly what i mean, they won the last map 16-14 on cbble with that real lucky round when they had a shit-buy and f0rest did the whole job hiding with mag-7 behind the ladder. so you consider it as convincing victory? lol, ok, your opinion is your opinion.
2014-11-04 11:34:40
Xizt is their leader, if he doesn't know what to do why shouldn't he leave?
because of the rating thing?

cLy had the 3rd best rating in csgo history he turned out to be a hacker.

KennyS had the 4th best rating at that time, and he got kicked from titan and then titan bloomed.

Rating is not everything, lurppis depends solely on stats to brainwash people to thinking that fifflaren is a liability, lets bring back lurppis' stats in 1.6 shall we?
2014-11-04 12:26:00
lol, did i say a single word about rating? changing the roster was the last option NiP had (at least in their minds, obviously), so who would you rather let go if not Fifflaren?

Post edited 2014-11-04 16:32:35
2014-11-04 16:32:03
2014-11-04 00:17:56
maybe Delpan
2014-11-03 20:01:36
sad :S
gg fiffy
2014-11-03 20:01:46
2014-11-03 20:01:55
Pyth better be incoming.
2014-11-03 20:02:12
much love fiffi, gl in future
2014-11-03 20:02:33
:( Good luck now Fiffy =)
2014-11-03 20:02:35
Hahahahah later FIFFY
2014-11-03 20:02:39
ggs ggl fiff!
2014-11-03 20:03:06
Fiffy <3 :'(
2014-11-03 20:03:07
9-44 forever forgotten
2014-11-03 20:03:25
n1 tho they can now just play 4v5 as they always did
2014-11-03 20:03:32
2014-11-03 20:13:14
hahaha you're not funny man gtfo
2014-11-04 10:22:35
they can be all nice about, but fifflaren was kicked. Get_right even tweeted directly after them dropping out of their last event "Not. Any. More.". Obviously fifflaren should have left the team a long time ago, he probably wouldn't = kicked.
2014-11-03 20:03:34
GL FIFFY, come schnider or maikelele. GO GO GO!!!
2014-11-03 20:03:36
And it's over. GL NiP new best team in the world soon.
2014-11-03 20:04:04
Delphan :]
2014-11-03 20:04:15
great move
2014-11-03 20:04:15
Congratulations on all your success Fifflaren
Best of luck
2014-11-03 20:04:21
:/, Fiffy!<3
2014-11-03 20:04:25
NiP back woop woop
2014-11-03 20:04:27
It's past your bedtime.

Go sleep
2014-11-03 20:05:14
who are you?
2014-11-03 20:05:31
Your father.
2014-11-03 20:14:58
oh shit hey dad
2014-11-03 20:31:38
Don't use the S word. And go back to bed or no pc for tomorrow.
2014-11-03 20:46:52
2014-11-03 21:05:47
2014-11-03 20:04:37
no way
gl bro
2014-11-03 20:04:41
delpan plssssssssssss!
2014-11-03 20:04:54
2014-11-03 20:04:59
2014-11-03 20:05:05
2014-11-03 20:05:17
twist gna joIn
2014-11-03 20:05:19
NiP will twist

2014-11-03 20:05:20
maikelele is comming !
2014-11-03 20:05:22

It's gonna be interesting to say the least.
2014-11-03 20:05:25
Delpan ?
2014-11-03 20:05:26
Fifflaren is such a nice guy, but if NiP wants to win, yeah, they need some changes.
2014-11-03 20:05:28

"lurppis &#8207;@lurppis_

Well well well.. It almost seems like some smart dude who said it'd make most sense for Fifflaren to retire on top post-major win was right."

that self-praise :(
2014-11-03 20:05:32
2014-11-03 20:05:47
u fokin wat
2014-11-03 20:14:57
:o ? - I love Fifflaren!
2014-11-03 20:16:52
sad day for cs , gl fiffy <3 http://i.imgur.com/P8R64rN.gif

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:08:03
2014-11-03 20:05:56
2014-11-03 20:06:15
2014-11-03 20:06:20
I feel that it should be Lurpis to anounce these news...
2014-11-03 20:06:30
1337 inc
2014-11-03 20:06:36
about time.

now we might finally see the full potential of this team.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:07:49
2014-11-03 20:06:38
2014-11-03 20:06:44
Good luck with all future endeavors fiffy. You will be missed. I do think it was the best thing for the team however. And no the whole crew can start fresh and get some motivation back
2014-11-03 20:06:53
Gl irl Robin! Huge respect to you!
2014-11-03 20:07:05
TY GOD !!!!!!
2014-11-03 20:07:07
+ Delpan
2014-11-03 20:07:10
2014-11-03 20:07:24
+ Maikelele
2014-11-03 20:07:28
Honestly it's sad for Fifflaren it had to get this far. If you look over his HLTV page, and you look at his performances early when NiP was a force to be reckoned with, he was actually a strong player for the team. I don't know what happened, but the Fifflaren we saw in the late stages of his career, is not the guy I will remember.

Fifflaren was strong, but he got lost somewhere.

GL in real life Fifflaren.
2014-11-03 20:07:33
sad but this was expected from 2012
2014-11-03 20:07:36
I think when Get_right said on his facebook: "Not, Any, More" He meant that they will not let fiffy play tournament anymore. I think they wanted to kick him faster, but they gave him the last chance on the last touurnament and he didn't use that good enough.
2014-11-03 20:07:39
No when he said that he was referring to not being the best anymore.
2014-11-03 20:15:52
Heaton comeback time!
2014-11-03 20:07:52
Really sad for him , he was a really professionnel,respectful aand cool guy ,gl in the future robin we will miss you !
2014-11-03 20:08:13
2014-11-03 20:08:19
Holy shit, well this is for the better of NiP. Fifflaren was a good player for them when they were ahead of the competition, he accomplished much and should be proud of himself but it was really time to step down. The right decision imo.

Goodluck in life!
2014-11-03 20:08:22
OMG the untouchable team of CSGO need to change who said that 1 year ago.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:08:45
2014-11-03 20:08:26
2014-11-03 20:08:39
Sad news :(
2014-11-03 20:08:55
2014-11-03 20:09:04
2014-11-03 20:09:12
87:0 never forget
2014-11-03 20:09:30
2014-11-03 20:09:30
gl in the future Fifflaren!
2014-11-03 20:09:37
I am sad
Though this move was due.But still,Fifflaren will be missed :(
Good to know though he might be around :))
2014-11-03 20:09:39
Sad too, good luck fiffi
2014-11-03 20:11:19
+ spawn/maikelele/schneider/dennis
2014-11-03 20:09:43
this thread is going so fast no one will notice i am straight
2014-11-03 20:09:54
Haha this guy likes boobs!
2014-11-03 21:43:58
Good luck Fiffy! Good luck NiP!
2014-11-03 20:09:54
gl fiffy!!!!!!!1
2014-11-03 20:09:54
2014-11-03 20:10:01
+ Schneider for total rekage! Hard bootcamp and DHW ready!
2014-11-03 20:10:08
+delpzie :)
2014-11-03 20:10:13
2014-11-03 20:10:47

I am soo sad right now... I LOVE ROBIN!

I hope he stays in NiP but I think if there wasnt this big hate he would have stayed....

2014-11-03 20:10:14
2014-11-03 20:21:07
+99999999999999 FIFF <3
2014-11-03 20:28:48
2014-11-03 23:08:02
+Michu :D
2014-11-03 20:10:20
2014-11-03 20:10:22
wow i hope who ever they bring in must be an awper so they can fill that role so the assaulters dont have to awp
2014-11-03 20:10:22
RiP Csgo
2014-11-03 20:10:22
still love you Robin <>>>><<<>><><<>><
2014-11-03 20:10:25
Maikelele 100%, you can quote me.
2014-11-03 20:10:30
thank you God !!!!
2014-11-03 20:10:48
NIP TOP 1 incoming
2014-11-03 20:10:51
better if they add twist ..
2014-11-03 20:10:55
I can't see NiP in the eyes without the Fifflaren face :((
2014-11-03 20:10:58
2014-11-03 20:11:22
2014-11-03 20:11:39
Damn :/
2014-11-03 20:11:41
so fiffy got kicked and Delpan comes in
well done no hate against the fiffy but they had to change something and obviously he wasnt the AWP'r they needed glhf
2014-11-03 20:11:42
they didn't kick fiffy, he retired
2014-11-03 20:12:21
I'm a bit shocked O.o
2014-11-03 20:11:47
I don't think they will choose dennis. It's more probable twist or schneider at this point.
2014-11-03 20:11:55
RIP in peace

Fiffy will always be the best <3
2014-11-03 20:11:56
oh god
2014-11-03 20:12:02
troubley has spoken
2014-11-03 20:12:34
2014-11-03 20:12:10
although i've never been a fan of his playstyle and i also dont like NiP, fiff was a true professional and deserves respect.

wp fifflaren and gl.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:12:36
2014-11-03 20:12:20
2014-11-03 20:12:31

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:13:17
2014-11-03 20:12:36
he wasnt the problem. The problem was swedish lan hacks got detected - they couldnt use them any longer.
2014-11-03 20:12:44
Finally. He was a good guy, but very bad player on this level. I hope dennis joining.. :)
2014-11-03 20:12:46
2014-11-03 20:13:12
It's happening! gl in future Fiffy!<3
2014-11-03 20:13:21
It had to happen :( but unfortunately it wont help them unless GTR and f0rest become magic again
2014-11-03 20:14:01
Can´t believe that you leave Fifflaren in my opinion you were a really good player without you nip wont be what it is nowdays a #1 team RESPECT FIFFLAREN IDC WHAT EVERYONE SAYS AbOUT YOU YOU ARE A GOOD PLAYER !
Rest in peace Fiffy ;)
2014-11-03 20:14:05
Can´t believe that you leave Fifflaren in my opinion you were a really good player without you nip wont be that what it is nowdays a #1 team RESPECT FIFFLAREN IDC WHAT EVERYONE SAYS AbOUT YOU YOU ARE A GOOD PLAYER !
Rest in peace Fiffy ;)
2014-11-03 20:14:23
2014-11-03 20:14:42
schneider official in NiP
2014-11-03 20:14:45
I think they should maybe pick up modii, if he still plays tho. He was pretty good and always said he wanted a good team who wanted to win and evolve all the time.
2014-11-03 20:14:58
with moddii's attitude? what are you smoking?
2014-11-03 21:01:22
:( I feel sorry for the dude
2014-11-03 20:14:59
Respect for Fifflaren! GL in future!
2014-11-03 20:15:14
omg :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9999
2014-11-03 20:15:24
Fifflaren NiP symbol...
I'm sad...
2014-11-03 20:15:37
Lets hope for Delpan boys!!! f0rest and Delpan ARE BACK! HELL YEAH
2014-11-03 20:16:00
That's somehow even worse choice than fiffy.
2014-11-03 20:19:03
go fuck urself
2014-11-03 20:23:56
What a reply!

ps. Markeloff is bad too.
2014-11-03 21:01:19
dont like you but agree with that
2014-11-03 20:28:49
Delpan fucking sucks.
2014-11-03 21:00:52
<3 fiffy
2014-11-03 20:16:08
OH EM GEE !! What am i reading ? RIP Fifflaren :|
2014-11-03 20:16:10
:( gl in future fiffy <3
2014-11-03 20:16:36
Much needed change. Cant wait to see the new player announcement.
2014-11-03 20:17:01
such hltv
2014-11-03 20:31:16
Holy Moly !
2014-11-03 20:17:08
Good luck fiflaren:) thanks for your play:)

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:17:25
2014-11-03 20:17:08
hope fiffy will stay with nip as a coach
2014-11-03 20:17:09
They have pita as a coach
2014-11-03 20:19:09
i know, but fiffy would be a better fit, since he is/was an igl and nobody knows more about nip than him.
2014-11-03 20:32:47
Bye fiffy. Sad that you are retiring from NiP.
2014-11-03 20:18:38
or twist ;)
2014-11-03 20:33:06
fiff in riplaren
2014-11-03 20:19:07
+maikelelele pls
2014-11-03 20:19:07
GL fiffy, hope you succeed in everything in life.
Krimz would be one hell of a replacement, and trust me, even if fnatic is top 1 right now, he would consider the offer.
2014-11-03 20:19:21
No he wouldn't
2014-11-03 20:24:58
Any inside info or are you just saying this because they're top1 ?
2014-11-03 20:31:05
Just common sense. Krimz and olofm are really good friends, he plays in a perfect team and he is currently in the best shape of his life. Nothing but a huge money offer would make a normal person change that situation which would mean playing in a worse team and the risk of losing his current form.

Post edited 2014-11-03 20:37:55
2014-11-03 20:37:18
a team full of c. ronaldos wouldn't win the football WC
2014-11-04 00:53:49
Krimz isn't only an aimer if that's what you meant.
2014-11-04 01:13:10
dont discuss, just copy past:

"<3 respect fiffy! thanks for everything!"
2014-11-03 20:19:22
never forget
2014-11-03 20:19:22
if maikel joins Nip will disband
2014-11-03 20:19:24
Thanks for your service Robin...! you did your job to perfection. I really hope you guys will pick up dennis, that dude is so fucking sick and you would probably fit IRL aswell. GL!!
2014-11-03 20:19:28
2014-11-03 20:19:41
What a pussy. If only he stayed and showed the world he can do it! but he rather backs off..
2014-11-03 20:20:07
lol. yeah, devilwalk also, what a fucking pussy, instead of staying in the team and tryharding to be top1 but failing he left the team and allowed fnatic to actually become top1. same with fifflaren. fucking pussies, right?
2014-11-03 20:23:05
That is beside the point. I'm not saying it's a bad move... all i'm saying is it is "easy" to back away. I would've prefered him too rebound. Improve nip strats, improve himself aim/skill wise and make it back to the top... but that's just me
2014-11-03 22:41:50
he probably didn't have enough motivation to do so. and you can't do much without it.
2014-11-03 22:58:26
2014-11-03 20:20:42
gl fiff
gl nip
2014-11-03 20:20:48
2014-11-03 20:21:42