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Titan, Epsilon disqualified from DHW
Time: 2014-11-21 02:02
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Titan and Epsilon have been disqualified from DreamHack Winter following the VAC bans handed to Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian and Gordon "Sf" Giry, the event’s organisers have confirmed.

Questions about Titan’s and Epsilon’s places at the Swedish major were immediately raised after Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian and Gordon "Sf" Giry were caught in Valve’s web as the latest wave of VAC bans struck the CS:GO scene today.

To replace the two French teams, a LAN qualifier will take place on Saturday at Inferno Online Stockholm with four Europeans teams in attendance, all of whom will be flown by Valve itself.

Titan disqualified from DH Winter

DreamHack is currently reaching out to teams potentially interested in attending this qualifier, and the participants' list will be revealed shortly. The tournament will use a single-elimination format, with every match being played in a best-of-three mode.

Despite two teams being removed, the group draw will not be repeated. However, there have been some changes in the seeding distribution in Groups B and D, which now looks as follows:

  • Group B: dignitas get the top seed and will face PENTA Sports in the first round, while iBUYPOWER will take on a team from the LAN qualifier;
  • Group D: Na`Vi will take on a team from the LAN qualifier in the opening round, while Virtus.pro and myXMG will still face each other.
2014-11-21 02:02:21
+ voxeminor
+ cph wolves
2014-11-21 02:03:01
If it was only that easy for Vox to attend on a weeks notice...
2014-11-21 02:04:43
I believe
2014-11-21 02:05:36
valve has more than enough money i guess
2014-11-21 02:05:37
let's hope so :/ they neeeeeeed to get their
who cares about visas and stuff, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT CS:GO WE NEED THEM
2014-11-21 02:05:50
I don't think they would need visas to visit Sweden.

That being said they wouldn't even be here in time for the qualifier or be completely destroyed by the jetlag.
2014-11-21 02:15:32
yep, ur completely right on all u said.
2014-11-21 02:29:19
Well they can disguise themselfs as immigrants from the middle east and our government would welcome them with open arms :))

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:21:26
2014-11-21 02:20:48
2014-11-21 07:24:40
2014-11-21 09:40:08
Want some pro tips on being a successful New Zealand immigrant?
Get a work visa, buy a building, start a pointless $2 shop. Within 2 years you can get your family over. You win, well done you beat our autistic government.
2014-11-21 13:03:32
2014-11-21 13:48:26
This is actually true, Sweden are taking exceptionally many immigrants in. They are probably the country taking the most. Denmark is like top 3, and Sweden takes in 4 times as many as Denmark.
2014-11-21 15:01:31
They won't go. Topgun is getting married the week of DreamHack
2014-11-21 02:27:38
obviously he should cancel
2014-11-21 03:07:19
2014-11-21 04:41:39
or move wedding to stockholm
2014-11-21 07:53:43
2014-11-21 13:04:17
2014-11-21 14:47:24
Get married on centre stage
2014-11-21 04:08:39
2014-11-21 04:18:23
Best marriage ever with 200k spectators.
2014-11-21 12:10:12
Hahahha! :D
2014-11-21 16:01:01
please kangoroos! +vox
2014-11-21 12:07:47
2014-11-21 02:05:02
2014-11-21 02:06:30
2014-11-21 02:09:10
2014-11-21 02:14:54
+1 In IBP's bracket as well haha

Post edited 2014-11-21 04:09:20
2014-11-21 04:08:53
No, in an other bracket, for the final match ;)
2014-11-21 05:43:10
Would never happen. I think Torqued has better chances of getting through the brackets than iBP.
2014-11-21 15:03:41
+ 3DMAX natu confirmed
2014-11-21 02:51:06
2014-11-21 07:29:16
2014-11-21 13:32:55
Would love to see an australian team like Vox Eminor at DHW
2014-11-21 03:38:44
but they are not strong enough thou
2014-11-21 04:19:40
2014-11-21 04:17:24
-vox +LC
2014-11-21 04:51:34
cph dogs too low, sry bro
2014-11-21 12:38:42
2014-11-21 02:02:22
This event has lost a lot of meaning/value. Especially if more people are caught before or after.
2014-11-21 02:36:52
I disagree, less cheaters = more value
2014-11-21 02:59:52
So Anders opens the stream with:

"We have some very upsetting news. Unfortunately, 4 teams that qualified for this tournament have been disqualified because they were cheating. It's a sad day for professional GO, but at least the rest of the teams haven't had any of their players caught (yet). Valve have flown some very low level teams to the tournament to fill in for the cheaters. We hope you enjoy the last major of the year. We be back in 30 minutes to an hour as there is a delay."

Post edited 2014-11-21 05:24:43
2014-11-21 05:21:16
2014-11-21 12:45:24
Its gonna be even worse if more will get caught AFTER... Lets just say that fnatic wins and one of them would be caught after the tournament --> DH and Valve would get the blame for favoring a team.
2014-11-21 08:12:47
wow unexpected
2014-11-21 02:02:23
2014-11-21 02:03:14
too late..
2014-11-21 02:03:15
Nah, called it.
2014-11-21 02:20:22
2014-11-21 02:02:24
2014-11-21 02:02:25
You learned your lesson?
2014-11-21 02:37:23
2014-11-21 02:48:58
Expected, I'm happy the DHW crew have the balls to actually go through with the decision.

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:04:00
2014-11-21 02:02:26
rest in peperoni
2014-11-21 02:04:07
Massive +1, about time somebody set the standard.
2014-11-21 02:21:00
This. They have to create a good product and this is this the best, and arguably only, option they had.
2014-11-21 02:37:09
I do agree that this was the most logical option to take, it will be interesting to see what teams Valve will fly in for replacement.
2014-11-21 02:54:35
Whatever is best for NiP.

Maybe Fifflaren will be forced to make a come back!?

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:38:23
2014-11-21 02:37:41
I do agree with you to some extend that organizers and Valve have given NiP some advantages (some in hush hush others more openly) but in this case I honestly think NiP wasn't even in their thought process.

Regarding your second sentence, I can't deduct if you're thinking of someone cheating in NiP (I personally feel that is highly unlikely) or if your point is that other teams won't play at their usual level due to this ban wave. Enabling Fifflaren to preform on the "new" top level.
2014-11-21 02:53:54
Who is NiP's new member?
2014-11-21 05:33:02
im suspecting maikelele too mate, it would be shock for community.
2014-11-21 07:20:26
Yeah, sucks that Titan won't be there because ex6/kenny/apeX are all clean (as of now) but I really respect Valve making the tough but correct decision to disqualify the teams involved.

+1 Volvo & Lord Gaben
2014-11-21 03:00:33
2014-11-21 02:02:26
Cya m8
2014-11-21 02:02:26
2014-11-21 02:02:27
2014-11-21 02:02:28
2014-11-21 02:02:29
2014-11-21 02:02:29
2014-11-21 02:02:31
2014-11-21 02:02:32
2014-11-21 02:02:34
Top Kek
2014-11-21 02:02:35
:( RIP France
2014-11-21 02:02:35
2014-11-21 02:02:38
2014-11-21 02:02:38
2014-11-21 02:02:38

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:03:41
2014-11-21 02:02:38
2014-11-21 02:02:40
2014-11-21 02:02:40
holyyyy shitttt
2014-11-21 02:02:40
2014-11-21 02:02:41
more to follow
2014-11-21 02:02:42
2014-11-21 02:02:42
lmfao @ this
2014-11-21 02:24:52
god dammit
2014-11-21 02:02:44
2014-11-21 02:02:44
Rest on VACation
2014-11-21 02:02:46
2014-11-21 02:02:46
2014-11-21 02:02:47
So what if Titan add Uzzi?
They should get it back right?
2014-11-21 02:02:48
Thank you very much :)
Forgot about this rule

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:08:29
2014-11-21 02:08:05
ESL =/= Dreamhack
2014-11-21 05:37:44
Same is applied to all Valve majors whether it is ESL or DH.
2014-11-21 10:38:43
They are disqualified.
2014-11-21 02:07:09
2014-11-21 02:02:51
2014-11-21 02:02:54
I wonder which teams will replace them.
2014-11-21 02:02:55
rip :(
2014-11-21 02:02:57
2014-11-21 02:02:57
2014-11-21 02:03:13
2014-11-21 02:04:45
Is this all just a conspiracy? Did steel hack their accounts to cheat on them, VAC them, and take their place afterwards? ?_?
2014-11-21 02:04:54
2014-11-21 02:05:35
mOE and you bestest!
2014-11-21 02:07:08
what he said!
2014-11-21 02:07:11
"Four top European teams will be invited to play for entry into the tournament."

Sorry bro
2014-11-21 02:07:45
I wonder what are those 4?

Mouz, 3dmax, CW, ?
2014-11-21 07:26:48
bill u are not better why u rape those girls :(
u should get vacation too
2014-11-21 08:33:24
It was my friend who took my disquise and harrassed the girls. I am innocent for real.

I have never harrassed anyone, it was just my friend, my friend.
2014-11-21 08:40:06
i belive u
2014-11-21 09:09:17
LIkely LC.
2014-11-21 10:09:17
Chrisj told in facebook that team invited were f3, cw, 3dmax and lc.
2014-11-21 10:16:17
no mouz?

I assume these 4 teams lost in previously qualifier matches?
2014-11-21 10:17:16
Yeah he was bit angry that mouz was thought as lower seed than 3dmax and lc.

IMO mouz is stronger than f3 and 3dmax atleast.
2014-11-21 10:19:17
http://www.dreamhack.se/dhw14/2014/11/21/dreamhack.. Four top European teams will be invited to play for entry into the tournament. Sorry steel </3
2014-11-21 02:09:18
I shit talked you after Cologne but after all these cheating bans u guys def deserve a go at another major


my body is ready
2014-11-21 02:10:22
2014-11-21 02:16:00
Worth a punt at least mate.

Those in the frame might have made other plans...
2014-11-21 02:22:42
pretty sure HLTV users suports this ! ;D
2014-11-21 02:22:56
2014-11-21 02:35:36
2014-11-21 02:39:19
Is Moe?

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:40:50
2014-11-21 02:39:53
2014-11-21 02:45:10

can't this happen???
2014-11-21 05:43:07
2014-11-21 08:20:11
2014-11-21 11:55:51
rip in pepperonis
2014-11-21 02:02:57
2014-11-21 02:02:58
2014-11-21 02:02:59
Nandu - HLTV.org
Oh no
2014-11-21 02:02:59
2014-11-21 02:03:00
8D kasidee


NiP win on walkover.
2014-11-21 07:36:47
2014-11-21 02:03:01

2014-11-21 02:03:01
Just add 2 places in BYOC tournaments.
2014-11-21 02:03:02
good. bye kids.
2014-11-21 02:03:04
2014-11-21 02:03:04
2014-11-21 02:03:06
I like it.
2014-11-21 02:03:06
Next incomming...

2014-11-21 02:03:06
i read this and thought Pawel "Innocent" Mocek was banned :))

Post edited 2014-11-21 08:37:22
2014-11-21 08:36:41
2014-11-21 02:03:07
RIP :(
2014-11-21 02:03:08
2014-11-21 02:03:08
2014-11-21 02:03:08
I choked from laughter at this
2014-11-21 02:04:35
faceIT is forgotten already Kappa
2014-11-21 10:10:07

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:05:45
2014-11-21 02:03:08
Feeling sorry for kennys, ex6tenz, gmx and scream
2014-11-21 02:03:08
haha gg france takes the #1 spot from germany for cheaters detected :P
2014-11-21 02:03:09
2014-11-21 02:03:11

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:04:03
2014-11-21 02:03:11
GJ Valve, not tolerating cheaters.
2014-11-21 02:03:12
SIMPLY LOVE THE More to follow... :D
2014-11-21 02:03:13
2014-11-21 02:03:14

LDLC + fnatic neXt

NiP no1....pita was right :OOO

2014-11-21 02:03:15
Navi clean and Navi>NiP
2014-11-21 02:23:02
No sir.
2014-11-21 02:27:17
2014-11-22 02:23:34
2014-11-21 02:03:16
2014-11-21 02:03:16
Let Titan invite Uzzziii and play, faggots!
2014-11-21 02:03:18
they can't omfg are u retarded?
2014-11-21 06:51:43
So just because theyre famous, theyre above the law? Gtfo
2014-11-21 08:15:41
rest of the big name bans wont be until after dhw
2014-11-21 02:03:18
2014-11-21 02:03:20
Im so fucking proud of valve FUCK tHE SCUM!
2014-11-21 02:03:20
rip in pep
2014-11-21 02:03:20
2014-11-21 02:03:21
damn imagine if even more teams get disqualified :D
2014-11-21 02:03:23
now that's sad, 8 players have to suffer because of 2 retards
2014-11-21 02:03:23
ldlc next if kioshima gets banned.
2014-11-21 02:03:27
-Everybody but NIP
easy win for NIP
2014-11-21 02:10:54
This game is broken
2014-11-21 02:03:29
v a c b o y s
2014-11-21 02:03:30
2014-11-21 02:03:35
2014-11-21 02:03:36
hahahaha fucking cheaters
2014-11-21 02:03:36
oh boy, they maybe got infos from valve statement already... to do this.. woaw

csgo is nuked.
2014-11-21 02:03:41
rekt in pieces
2014-11-21 02:03:43
will there be any team left except nip that can play @dreamhack???
2014-11-21 02:03:43
All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!
2014-11-21 02:03:44
And more VACations incoming soon... Guys BRACE YOURSELVES VACation is coming!
2014-11-21 02:03:50
2014-11-21 02:03:53
0 Not REKT

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:04:58
2014-11-21 02:03:58
Ooooooly shit!!
2014-11-21 02:03:59
Badian & co. be ready...
2014-11-21 02:04:04
gg France
2014-11-21 02:04:04
"four teams in attendance, all of them being flown by Valve itself."

2014-11-21 02:04:08
Good Guy Valve :)
2014-11-21 02:32:33
My guess thats all the relevant bans for DHW. No point in going out with this twice?
2014-11-21 02:04:09
2014-11-21 02:04:10
scum, nothing more to say
2014-11-21 02:04:12
titan with uzii at inferno qualify Kappa
2014-11-21 02:04:12
2014-11-21 02:04:14
I think Titan orga will kick their CS:GO squad after this...
2014-11-21 02:04:18
RIP csgo scene.
2014-11-21 02:04:19
2014-11-21 02:04:21
2014-11-21 02:04:21
right call, my friend. gj
2014-11-21 02:15:59
Congratulations crZy, now fuck the other cheaters - apex kioshima kennys and the fnatic kids
2014-11-21 02:17:55
rip France HAHAHA
2014-11-21 02:04:25
+mousesports +mspaz +denial +copenhagenwolves

Please volvo
2014-11-21 02:04:28
what if more pro player get ban ? :C
2014-11-21 02:04:29
Not "what", it's "when"
2014-11-21 03:05:59
maybe just some fresh blood will come :)
of talented legit players
2014-11-21 08:43:07
2014-11-21 02:04:30
2014-11-21 02:04:31
so sad for the legit players :-(
2014-11-21 02:04:32
Rekt hard !
2014-11-21 02:04:32
2014-11-21 02:04:34
they'd both be knocked out in the groups anyway, who gives a fuck
2014-11-21 02:04:36
IN on history
2014-11-21 02:04:41
[x] REKT
2014-11-21 02:04:42
"Dreamhack" isn´t Dreamhack now HEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE
2014-11-21 02:04:45
2014-11-21 02:05:32
This is sad though for Scream and all the other legit players in these two teams, damn!
2014-11-21 02:04:45
2014-11-21 02:04:52
wow, imagine their teammates. They lost like up to 10k$ each from sticker moneys, i'd be absolute fuming. Also the organization lost alot of money. Fuckn cunt cheaters
2014-11-21 02:04:53
!! fuck yeah!!so right!
i hope that every fucking "top" player who is cheated/ing will get rekt.
2014-11-21 02:04:54
2014-11-21 02:04:57
gg idiot ppl who needs cheats to make good performances, better valve take all of them off
2014-11-21 02:04:59
2014-11-21 02:05:03
"all of them being flown by Valve itself"

2014-11-21 02:05:03
2014-11-21 02:06:35
Least they could do given their anti-cheat wasn't up to the task in time to catch cheats earlier in the season.
2014-11-21 02:27:05

2014-11-21 02:05:03
2014-11-21 02:05:07
get rekt
2014-11-21 02:05:08
'Since this is very last minute, Valve will help fund the travel and accommodation expenses for the attending qualifier teams. Four top European teams will be invited to play for entry into the tournament.'
2014-11-21 02:05:09
Shit that really sucks for the players that put in the effort legitimately.
2014-11-21 02:05:15
2014-11-21 02:05:15
rest in baguettes
2014-11-21 02:05:16
this is so sad :(
2014-11-21 02:05:18
GG valve offline qualification
2014-11-21 02:05:26
2014-11-21 02:05:31
+Mousesports plz! :D
2014-11-21 02:05:33
invite Virtual Impact
2014-11-21 02:05:35
Shittiest major yet inc
2014-11-21 02:05:39
why lol you want to see cheaters ??
2014-11-21 02:06:31
No lol the quality of the teams attending are the worst yet
2014-11-21 20:48:01
better worst than cheaters
2014-11-21 20:54:18
would you rather watch pro cheaters?
2014-11-21 02:07:04
ye, let's watch aimbot jump headshots instead
2014-11-21 02:10:01
That would be KQLY vs pasha
2014-11-21 02:25:25
The Integrity of the tournament/game is way more important than being entertained from flashy cheating kills
2014-11-21 04:27:07
2014-11-21 02:05:41
cant wait to see LC or 3DMAX in stockholm!!
2014-11-21 02:05:42
I feel sorry for GMX, he is ready waiting on the hotel to go to sweden :(
2014-11-21 02:05:44
Natus vince, win DREANHACK <3
2014-11-21 02:05:49
2014-11-21 02:05:52
gg wp.
2014-11-21 02:05:55
i like it. gj dh gj valve
2014-11-21 02:06:00
Thats sad..

The teammates are really pissed, i bet they are about to punch these idiots in their faces!
2014-11-21 02:06:16
GG :/
2014-11-21 02:06:19
"all of them being flown by Valve itself."

Nice. Hopefully some teams from Madagascar or Taiwan. One South African team isnt enough. We need more. From all over the world.
2014-11-21 02:06:21
"four Europeans teams in attendance, all of whom will be flown by Valve itself."

Madagascar, Taiwan, South Africa are not in Europe
2014-11-21 03:14:32
2014-11-21 02:06:21
"To replace the two French teams, a LAN qualifier will take place this weekend at Inferno Online Stockholm with four teams in attendance, all of them being flown by Valve itself."

Well thats sounds fishy, it looks like it was planned beforehand :D
2014-11-21 02:06:22
invite KaBuM.TD
2014-11-21 02:06:23
2014-11-21 02:06:27
INVITE K1CK PLS they can be top 16 atm
2014-11-21 02:06:40
This is so sad, yet so exciting.
2014-11-21 02:06:41
french cs scene is joke
2014-11-21 02:06:52
Indeed and not just on the pro scene, the number of hackers in total is beyond funny :s
2014-11-21 02:28:43
I feel for Ex6TenZ
2014-11-21 02:06:59
K1CK top 16 atm, they qualified for ESL Pro League!
2014-11-21 02:07:01
gogo mouz <3
2014-11-21 02:07:06
- Mouspaz
- mouz
- Titan with ScreaM instead
2014-11-21 02:07:07
Sad night for french CS :(
2014-11-21 02:07:07
gj f*ckers
now ban someone from fnatic, ldlc, dignitas and vp, disqualify them all, and let nip win the tournament
2014-11-21 02:07:08
Who hacks in VP and Dignitas?
2014-11-21 07:56:45
Let's say byali and device, respectivly.
2014-11-21 09:27:36
And you're prove is where? I don't think either of them hack.
2014-11-22 05:58:50
Almost nobody thought Sf could be a cheater, except for some persons who knew more than we did. And smn - did he do anything suspicious?.. I don't remember...
device is great online, but just decent on LAN, so who knows...
2014-11-22 13:33:22
"Almost nobody thought Sf could be a cheater" that's you're own sience... He is now VAC banned along with KQLY and smn so they did cheat now that's outta the way you can't say byali and device play bad at LANS perhaps some of the dumbest shit i ever heard, device plays good at LANS, and what about byali you dident deepen you're aissumpton, give prove or invalid comment
2014-11-22 19:19:17
I said device chokes at LANs, I said nothing about byali at LANs, lol.
2014-11-22 19:26:41
Give me prove of him cheating, idgaf who chokes where no prove then invalid comment
2014-11-22 19:35:35
So there will be no more bans then. Four teams qualifying for two spots or what? If Valve announced this and is paying for this they must know no more teams will end up disqualified. Does this mean the end of the VACening?
2014-11-21 02:07:16
looks like it
2014-11-21 02:07:42
Doesn't have to be the end. Just that on the French teams there where other issues. They don't have enough original members to be allowed to play in DHW.

Could be other Vac Banned players coming up. Just not more than two from qualified teams
2014-11-21 17:03:14
Props for the decision, it's about time this type of mark was set.
2014-11-21 02:07:26
Look at this :D
kioshima transfer all of hims items from the fear of VACation ;D
2014-11-21 02:07:32
ahahah XD
2014-11-21 02:12:07
2014-11-21 02:32:03
Packing bags for a trip to KQLYFornia gonna be a good VACation with smn, KQLY, and Sf maybe Flusha will join soon.
2014-11-22 19:21:07
This is the best "Pop-corn day" in all CS history. Nothing better then dramma.

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:09:58
2014-11-21 02:07:37
2014-11-21 02:07:58
2014-11-21 02:07:59
Torqued INC
2014-11-21 02:08:10
Holy Fuck shit ball this is sooo fucking much drama. How the fuck im going to sleep tonight, I bet if I fall asleep and wake up half the 1/4 of the players going to DHW mighht be VAC
2014-11-21 02:08:11
2014-11-21 02:08:13
-Titan +Torqued
2014-11-21 02:08:15
2014-11-21 02:08:19
2014-11-21 02:11:11
That's just sad. Scream, GMX, Uzzzi, fxy0, KennyS, apeX, we're gonna miss all of these players just because one of their teammates decided they wanted to hack? That's disappointing from Valve to say the least. The only teams I would say are worthy of replacing them are mousesports and copenhagen wolves, and even then, Dreamhack is going to be terrible because mouz suck on LAN and CPH can't compete with top tier teams.
2014-11-21 02:08:24
How do you know they can't compete?

What if they played clean but the others didn't?
2014-11-21 02:16:12
I highly doubt it that every top team is going to have a hacker on it.

But anyway, the legit Epsilon/Titan players don't deserve this to be taken away from them. Instead, they'll just bring in some random european teams that will just be eliminated in the group stages by VP, Dig, IBP, and Na'Vi

Also this alone expresses my point: http://puu.sh/cZ7Np/8e1917565b.png. Scream, GMX, KennyS, apeX, all of these top players give it their all for their team and then get replaced by crappy T2 European teams. This major is going to be the weakest one yet.

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:23:32
2014-11-21 02:20:43
All mixed feelings about this. It's terrible for the legit guys, not able to play DHW.
But I fully understand this move by Valve. You just can't let this happen over and over again. ".. oh well, just bring someone else".
If you want to be serious about esport you have to make moves like this. Make it clear that no cheaters are allowed what so ever. Risking your spot, and bring damage (in worst case) to your team-branding.

2014-11-21 02:39:34
True, you must be strict on matters such as this so it doesn't come up often. But then again, I feel at the very least Dreamhack could allow those players to participate in the last chance qualifiers with a new 5th player.
2014-11-21 02:40:56
It's the right decision imo, you can't throw away the possibility that their teammates knew about this and did nothing. Epsylon crew is shady as fuck and on the other hand apex and maniac played with kqly even before they joined Titan. Not saying they did, yet it is possible.
2014-11-21 02:43:14
CPH can't compete with top tier teams.

We have seen them once on LAN with 1½ week of playtime together - if it was even that much. Since then they have only played mouz, dAT, the qualifier yesterday and a danish qualifier for a local tournament.

Lets see what they can do, if they get the chance, before we really judge them. Epsilon had become a tier 3 mixteam who stayed together because of the sticker money for DHW, better to be replaced by two tier 2 teams, in theory.

And no, it is not freaking sad for the Titan players, they of all people should have known that he was cheating. Of course they may have been blind to it, but the possiblity of that is very slim when they play together from their gaming house.
2014-11-21 09:10:21
time to bring in the Silver Elite clans to DHW.

2014-11-21 02:08:27
Requiescat in pace
2014-11-21 02:08:30
poor ScreaM :'(
2014-11-21 02:08:53
I fear for KQLYs life, he will get killed in the gaming house tonight.
2014-11-21 02:08:56
hahahhhhahahaahha yesssss, feeel bad for the others but fuck cheaters !!!!
2014-11-21 02:09:12
operation vacation
2014-11-21 02:09:14
Gj dreamhack
2014-11-21 02:09:16
Flipsid3 is next in line, just fucked up if they dont get the chance.

And nah, im not in the team anymore fyi
2014-11-21 02:09:19
2014-11-21 02:09:21
I was feeling pretty bad since I always suspected frenchies for beeing cheater. And then I had to see that they outrun most of the others and I sadly had to change my mind. Glad to see that I can go on with my former prejudice.

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:10:16
2014-11-21 02:09:21
To be fair, I dont think Titan or epsilon would have done anything anyways
2014-11-21 02:09:25
bye bye frencies hahhaha
2014-11-21 02:09:33
Right decision.
2014-11-21 02:09:34
This is madness hahaha. Best cs:go week ever
2014-11-21 02:09:39
Bloody frenchies
2014-11-21 02:09:48
Why four teams? Why not all the teams that failed in the EU Closed qualifier? :S
2014-11-21 02:09:49
2014-11-21 02:09:54
mouz at dhw?
2014-11-21 02:09:59
damn, this shit is huge

also, mouz
2014-11-21 02:10:06
This is awesome.
2014-11-21 02:10:12
2014-11-21 02:10:22
I cant watch another sick play in the pro scene without thinking about what cheat he's using
2014-11-21 02:10:24
2014-11-21 02:10:26
Holy shit!!! Can't even imagine how the clean players are feeling right now, being robbed of their chance at a major so close to it happening.
2014-11-21 02:10:29
"all of whom will be flown by Valve itself."

This means DH is currently, or has been, in direct contact with Valve regarding these issues. Which means that there won't be anymore bans. At least something.
2014-11-21 02:10:37
the VACuum cleaning up CSGO pro scene
2014-11-21 02:10:39
ex6tence please!!
2014-11-21 02:10:41
well, if there are more VAC bans coming, the 4 teams dont need to play the qualifier
2014-11-21 02:10:42
sad for others teammates, bye bye baguettes.
2014-11-21 02:10:50
OMG Before VALVe confirm anything from this, they get disqualified
2014-11-21 02:10:51
Pretty sure this is confirmation
2014-11-21 02:12:40
It says on the dreamhack page that they have been confirmed by valve.
2014-11-21 02:19:46
titan and epsilon disqualified?
no problem, just get ALTERNATE, they were very close to qualifying! oh wait, smn...
never mind, get mousesports instead! there is no way the most online team ever uses cheats, so we are safe either way!
2014-11-21 02:10:59
At least at LAN. :chrisjface:
2014-11-21 02:13:24
2014-11-21 02:11:03
IMHO K1CK should be invited because they were denied a spot in Fragbite Masters by a team with a cheater.

2014-11-21 02:11:30
*looks at flag*

*lols hard*
2014-11-21 16:16:30
*looks at flag*

*lols hard*u
2014-11-21 16:16:41
why does it even post twice ;F
2014-11-21 16:21:25
2014-11-21 02:11:34
invite DAT team pls
2014-11-21 02:11:36
i feel bad for scream:((
2014-11-21 02:11:49
2014-11-21 02:11:52
Go K1CK!
2014-11-21 02:12:07
2014-11-21 02:12:29
Baguettes should learn from ChrisJ how to do it.
2014-11-21 02:12:29
Wasn't Sf kicked from epsilon last week? and then if he was that's a really bad from dh and valve to kick Espilon from the tournament!
2014-11-21 02:12:31
Epsilon needed
to play at Dreamhack
without them they do not qualify.
2014-11-21 02:13:25
Omg WHY NO RE-draw?????
2014-11-21 02:12:33
gg wp. whos next?
2014-11-21 02:12:35
Kio Scammed :/
2014-11-21 02:12:57
bad day
2014-11-21 02:12:59
OK CHRISJ 10$: Invite Mousesports pls!
2014-11-21 02:13:05
2014-11-21 02:13:11
So sad for the other members...
2014-11-21 02:13:13
Ex6TenZ KennyS aPEX Maniac feel sorry for them :[
2014-11-21 02:13:24
Thanks Valve! noKappa
2014-11-21 02:13:45
inb4 most competitive cs:go major Kappa

at least with no cheaters :D
2014-11-21 02:13:46
Which team pls?
2014-11-21 02:14:06
valve knew this was coming, I wonder if it's just them two teams though otherwise wouldn't they keep quiet until all the bans have gone out?
2014-11-21 02:14:25
2014-11-21 02:14:26
this is big.
2014-11-21 02:14:44
that plane ticket is gonna cost a buttload on such short notice
2014-11-21 02:15:17
3DMAX pls
2014-11-21 02:15:23
scream gonna kill sf
2014-11-21 02:15:29
RIP Titan.
Org will disband, i guarantee it.
2014-11-21 02:15:44
LC/k1ck/Flipsid3 and mouz?
2014-11-21 02:16:03
LC, k1ck, torqued or team ORBIT

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:16:54
2014-11-21 02:16:26
XMG got invited to DH for being from the most competitive region, but on the same note you could say that they or any other EU team shouldn't be invited for being from the most cheat-ridden region.
2014-11-21 02:17:08
This pro scene.. http://imgur.com/XVp0b5x
2014-11-21 02:17:14
iBuypower out of groups for the first time at a major? They've clearly gotten the lucky end of the stick with titan getting disqualified, while c9 is still stuck in a harder group with the likes of fnatic and hr
2014-11-21 02:17:16
stuck with fnatic for now. ESEA said there is more to come.. not accusing anyone, but I am suspicious of one.
2014-11-21 04:36:35
ye this is becoming pretty sketchy if you ask me..
2014-11-21 04:41:39
2014-11-21 02:17:16
kio empty his inventory. vac inc

2014-11-21 02:17:48
It's either, k1ck/ f3 / 3dmax or cph wolves :P
2014-11-21 02:18:34
2014-11-21 02:18:37
Titan and epsilon should be given the chance to requalify with substitute players this weekend. Otherwise it's just not fair to the legit players.
2014-11-21 02:19:07
You arent understanding. Rest of the players will be banned after dhw.
2014-11-21 02:21:26
i feel sad for ex6tenz tbh
2014-11-21 02:19:07
Why? He knew it
2014-11-21 02:21:48
bet he didnt
2014-11-21 02:25:09
NEW TEAM-Lineup:SF,KQLY,smn,emilio,+1(Kioshima/jw)
2014-11-21 02:19:10
+ Cly
2014-11-21 02:20:22
I think they need PKD manager as their manager, or maybe call cphw for some ideas.
2014-11-21 03:00:12
Titan should go to the qualifers with scream instead of KQLY
2014-11-21 02:19:26
k1ck will gonna be invited :D
2014-11-21 02:20:28
I don't remember when was the last time i laughed this hard while reading hltv.
2014-11-21 02:20:35
Cool. Mouz to win a major inc.
2014-11-21 02:20:53
mouz not invited according to [email protected]
2014-11-21 02:27:32
Yeah I just read it. Weird.
2014-11-21 02:28:34
I heard you need a VACcine to attend LANs now and someone from Mouz wouldn't get one. jk
2014-11-21 02:49:14
inventory of kioshima

you need fast removals, call kio
2014-11-21 02:21:21
wtf, thats like admitting that he cheated what a cunt
2014-11-21 02:56:46
2014-11-21 08:46:10

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:21:50
2014-11-21 02:21:39
Probably noone else gonna get banned. Otherwise valve wouldn't have annoucned this.
2014-11-21 02:22:09
mousesports and Copenhagen Wolves inc.
2014-11-21 02:23:19
Very good
2014-11-21 02:23:25
"Four top European teams will be invited to play for entry into the tournament."

What top EU teams left are there though? You can't just call them a top-team just because they're European. Valve should be in charge of allocating these extra slots because this is DH are clearly biased as hell.

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:24:38
2014-11-21 02:23:51
mouz, cphw, 3dmax, lc ... there are some teams with some lan success
2014-11-21 02:58:46
frenchies dont hack :P
2014-11-21 02:24:14
No, never, neverever. All legit.
2014-11-21 08:46:34
So fucking sad this is happening, I was looking forward to see titan play!
2014-11-21 02:24:28
Really bad for the innocent teamm8s
2014-11-21 02:24:49
hope for mouz 3dmax lc and wolves
2014-11-21 02:24:53
not good
im against the cheaters but kqly was in taht gaming house for a 5-6 months now and obviously didnt cheat during that time

this is unfair to the oher 4 guys ,let them get a stand in
2014-11-21 02:26:28
feel bad for scream
2014-11-21 02:27:08
Why don't they just send out invitations as whimsically as when they decided to invite xmg for ridiculous reasons. No qualifier needed.
2014-11-21 02:27:51
in before DH canceled
2014-11-21 02:28:38
+ldlc and k1ck =)
2014-11-21 02:31:12
Hahahahhahahahaha i bet they do this so NiP can win,because they suck...
2014-11-21 02:33:20
LDLC next wait for it Rip KIO its gonna happen
2014-11-21 02:33:36
mousesports, here is your chance to play at LAN for free. GOGO
2014-11-21 02:34:36
Good stuff.
2014-11-21 02:34:46
2014-11-21 02:35:06
Good to see that Valve is gonna shell out for the travel expense. Anyone word on who is gonna cast the qualifier?
2014-11-21 02:35:53
definately there will be EN and other languages streams, usual faces...
2014-11-21 02:37:01
Nice, VACation m8
2014-11-21 02:37:45
navi win DH
2014-11-21 02:38:23
Any news what kind 4 teams will try qualify in lan qualifier for 2spots?
2014-11-21 02:38:27
2014-11-21 02:38:43
2014-11-21 02:46:09
m0e is banned in esea for walling. He should be banned from majors like these euro pros. So no torqued, not with m0e at least
2014-11-21 03:03:33
onlinej is next :D
2014-11-21 02:38:50
The should really do something about the source players.
2014-11-21 02:39:21
ibp and navi?
2014-11-21 02:39:45
Prop - HLTV.org
Valve doing well to try and remedy this mess. Hopefully no more players are banned in the upcoming week, this is enough of a headache already
2014-11-21 02:41:17
According to the statement from ESEA there's more bans coming...
2014-11-21 02:44:26
i hope they all get ban this week (there are a lot more) and make dreamhack a fiasco, we(community) need this mess to turn for a good path

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:55:19
2014-11-21 02:52:37
Kioshima just cleared his inventory today, i guess hes expecting a ban.
2014-11-21 02:44:33
lol wow, fucking french pussies
2014-11-21 03:00:50
His twitter was hacked.
He traded his inventory to be safe
(According to him could be a lie)
2014-11-21 03:06:06
Hahahah, worst excuse ever. :)
2014-11-21 08:47:13
Would be really weird if LC and 3dmax didn't attend this
2014-11-21 02:46:53
Any info on those 4teams?
2014-11-21 02:48:05
cya titan/epsilon fans
2014-11-21 02:49:11
+ dat team
2014-11-21 02:57:22
2014-11-21 08:07:54
why don't they just merge under the titan name? pretty fucked up for the guys who weren't cheating to get dq'd... mainly scream

Post edited 2014-11-21 02:59:40
2014-11-21 02:59:12
we want moooooooaaaaaaaar :D
2014-11-21 03:00:03
i feel bad for kennyS
2014-11-21 03:01:29
he will be next...probably...
2014-11-21 03:04:38
doubt it, he seems like the kind of guy that really wants to be the best at this game so he'll work hard to get there...i cant see him cheating, at least i hope not
2014-11-21 03:06:44
meh i dont think kenny cheating

since css scene
2014-11-21 03:45:02
Peace Frenchies Hopefully they replace you with CHina and India or a country that deserves to be there
2014-11-21 03:04:52
Christmas sale of VACbans ... dont miss your chance !
2014-11-21 03:05:12
GabeN did finally something good...
1 week before DHW
no money 4 cheaters...

GJ volvo... finally...
2014-11-21 03:05:25
Sad for clean players (unless they knew), but a good call nonetheless.
2014-11-21 03:09:43
No wonder why i lost over $3200.00 USD worth of skins and real money in match fixing and hackers.
I hope they burn in hell i hope they hands get chopped off and never be able to play any games.
Bunch of rektedard hackers.
2014-11-21 03:14:08
mad cuz lost skinz? oh wait...you actually are.
2014-11-21 04:35:12
if there would be no _suspected_ matchfixing, you would have 99% win ratio, right?
2014-11-21 16:40:45
wtf how about investigation ... wtf valvo !
2014-11-21 03:16:45
cant fkcn believe that serious .. these guys played tons of LANS even finals ... how they go trough that with cheats ...
VALVE plz release anti-cheat client for MM .... PLEASE PLEAZE PLEESEE !
2014-11-21 03:20:31
I ahve a question: What the hell is going happen with the stickers?
2014-11-21 03:22:13
A good thing is that it'll probably teach a lesson to pro players who thought about cheating or are already cheating.

But unfortunately it also means that we'll have two unprepared teams at the event to replace these, and that's not a good thing at all.

Not a big deal concerning Epsilon who didn't have a big chance to make a good run, but Titan not attending is a big loss. Let's hope bootcamp will be enough for these two replacements.
2014-11-21 03:27:10
rip french scene
2014-11-21 03:30:00
That is what has become of CS, a mockery to it's predecessor... Blatant cheaters and rage aimbotters in literally every matchmaking game, "pro" players getting busted once a month for cheating, match fixing, ddos and the list goes on.
I regret the day I started playing CS:GO, should have quit long time ago. This community is worse than the DotA2, atleast people over there are plain stupid, unlike cs:go where 90% of the players are literally braindead or/and cheating.
Goodbye and good riddance.
2014-11-21 03:30:05
a mockery to it's predecessor... Blatant cheaters and rage aimbotters in literally every matchmaking game

Yeah I'm pretty sure there were no cheaters in 1.6 matchmaking lmao
2014-11-21 04:02:10
I don't know if you're trolling or you're just an idiot, back in 1.6 things like this didn't happen because people were a bit more decent and the community wasn't full of 12-15yo trying to prove they're "pro".
2014-11-21 13:42:55
Titan DISBAND incoming
2014-11-21 03:34:15
GoMeZ - HLTV.org
If only this was 2 weeks earlier. We would of gone to DHW.

GL to those attending.

Post edited 2014-11-21 03:47:50
2014-11-21 03:47:29

2014-11-21 03:52:49
I hope Valve finds them all and destroys them. Scrubs can't do it on LAN so they cheat!
2014-11-21 03:55:44
actually they did probably (cheat) on lan too :P
2014-11-21 04:41:00
2014-11-21 03:59:23
been waiting for this.
2014-11-21 04:06:24
Fucki***** *******
2014-11-21 04:14:28
nAV to win DHW? Sonic HYPE
2014-11-21 04:19:33
Its sad tho that Titan will miss dhw
2014-11-21 04:28:21
titan and epsilon out, whos in to replace?
2014-11-21 04:29:35
lan qualify, read plz
2014-11-21 04:36:59
no shit Sherlock, i wanna know which 4 teams will play on LAN qualifier thks for the information
2014-11-21 05:25:12
French scene top 1 :kappa:
2014-11-21 04:36:25
2014-11-21 04:50:26
I thinked they are excellent players, so sad
2014-11-21 05:09:02
i hope mouz will attend this qualifier <3
2014-11-21 05:15:02
Nope, chrisJ tweeted that they didnt get invite :/
LC,3DMax,CWolves and F3 got invite
2014-11-21 06:10:52
get rekt fgts
2014-11-21 05:20:34
2014-11-21 05:23:41
#RIP my Scream
2014-11-21 05:40:39
feel bad for ex6 and screamy
2014-11-21 05:43:10
HAHHA titan would have never passed the groupstage anyway so who cares
and sf like i said 100 times he is one of the worst cs go player & now a confirmed faggot cheater
2014-11-21 05:52:17
too bad :( , they should kick the hackers for their teams so they can get a lasts player and participate
2014-11-21 06:09:26
he is, but for a legit reason. Mouz is far better than any of those teams. Well maybe CHW is at similar level but others are far worse
2014-11-21 06:55:46
The scene ain't gonna be to good after this xd
2014-11-21 06:30:28
it's gonna be much better, we can finally have some new players instead of these lowlifes
2014-11-21 06:40:32
Depends how big it is, if kqly,smn and sf are the only cheaters, it wont affect the scene much, it will probably only be positive, better anticheat work by valve, lan quals, etc. BUT if there are more players in the tier 1 scene cheating, it could have a very negative effect
2014-11-21 10:26:52
..Ok then.
2014-11-21 06:38:33
I wonder how much beating KQLY took from them
2014-11-21 06:38:53
great. ban all cheaters
2014-11-21 06:44:07
"Rest in Paris" Heard they've the best airlines for VACation in France.
2014-11-21 06:56:00
pls make a new qualification of dreamhack
2014-11-21 06:56:09
rip epsilon and titan
2014-11-21 06:56:31
more to come, SICK
2014-11-21 06:59:29
Waiting for fnatic busts...
2014-11-21 07:04:52
2014-11-21 07:24:25
Still for fnatic to get busted.
2014-11-21 07:26:18
Hope titan and epsilon get a spot in the lan qualifiers
2014-11-21 07:28:21
haha :D

nip default win.

Post edited 2014-11-21 07:38:10
2014-11-21 07:37:57
interesting so far
2014-11-21 07:38:15
Team VACation
2014-11-21 07:39:10
2014-11-21 07:39:54
Maikele VAC banned, NiP suspended from Dreamhack winter
2014-11-21 07:48:32
Im sure you know this but they could go with anyone, since it's still 4 left from original qualified group. Maybe they wouldnt even take a stand in as they are used to play 4v5 =)
2014-11-21 08:42:01
exten cry bitch that is ur player choise :)
2014-11-21 07:49:11
"Who is next?" - after every new pro's VAC ban
2014-11-21 07:56:08
I would be devastated if I were one of the remaining members and lost my shot at $250000 because of a selfish cheater that got the team disqualified.
2014-11-21 07:57:52
Who is the next one to pack his inventory?
2014-11-21 08:01:20
well this sucks for the others in the teams!

Post edited 2014-11-21 08:20:49
2014-11-21 08:13:42
fuck this guys who are cheating
2014-11-21 08:20:17
Hope valve catches every goddamn one of those pathetic losers. Prefer before DHW, who can be trusted now, when one after one pro is getting vacced?
2014-11-21 08:30:47
Bravodo for the win!!!!
2014-11-21 08:57:50
lol rip 2 dig steam acc, i thought my 4 dig was cool
2014-11-21 08:58:18
K1ck should get an invite. Didn't they play against Emilio's team on an online qualifier and he was cheating or something?
2014-11-21 08:58:49
What really make the French Boys on Bootcamp. Lan Cheat Test? fucking ......!!!!!!
2014-11-21 09:12:00
great, fuck the cheaters!!!
2014-11-21 09:13:21
gg France
2014-11-21 09:14:37
CS GO scene is comming back my friends;] no more odds 90-10 !!!
2014-11-21 09:14:44
JOELZ ,JW COMMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-11-21 09:16:23
Lesson to the Teams/players/managers to never ever use cheat anymore.
2014-11-21 09:18:31


Kioshima has already taken all items from his inventory so he doesn't lose them skinz when he gets banned.
2014-11-21 09:30:01
This haha
2014-11-21 12:12:56
2014-11-21 09:32:29
Good let this be a lessons to Team orgs to monitor the shit heads they hire to represent their brand / team
2014-11-21 09:35:23
It's not fair for hard worker players
2014-11-21 09:38:15
I would like to see Titan/Epsilon to sue these guys. They lost a spot on a major event and possibility of getting a lot of money through stickers/prize money/sponsors. Please Titan/Epsilon, do it !
2014-11-21 09:46:03
Ex6 and maniac to retire ...
2014-11-21 09:48:32
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. So freaking nice. Bye bye cheaters.
2014-11-21 09:53:42
Gabens to do list for the week...

2014-11-21 09:54:10
can som1 tell me according to valve rules , is this disqualification is permanent ? or only for this DHw ?!
can titan play next DH with new player and not kqly ?
2014-11-21 09:55:37
Never again with kukli. They have to go thru quali.
2014-11-21 10:17:00
feel bad for scream tho
2014-11-21 09:58:54
2014-11-21 10:07:50
RIP CS. we had a nice time together.
2014-11-21 10:18:28
omg, these fucking source players, what T fuk are they doing? so low so low
2014-11-21 10:33:02
not only source players :)
2014-11-21 10:40:46
This fucking sucks
2014-11-21 10:47:50
French CS:GO scene is in destroying.

2014-11-21 10:58:32
Now go others country, ban start for france
2014-11-21 11:00:15
Others bans coming soon, Start for France, now go Sweden, deutschland, etc ........
2014-11-21 10:59:37
2014-11-21 11:02:30
They are making the CSGO scene a joke... The game is being ruined for real
2014-11-21 11:03:09
poor kenny's cannot reach her dream :( http://youtu.be/_HmAj5NKBMQ?t=6m10s

Post edited 2014-11-21 11:25:26
2014-11-21 11:25:14
French StroNK
2014-11-21 11:27:03
+ k1ck and x6tence
2014-11-21 11:30:38
Fifi is certainly clear :)

Post edited 2014-11-21 11:41:02
2014-11-21 11:40:49
2014-11-21 11:41:38
-Titan -Epsilon +x6tence
2014-11-21 11:49:15
2014-11-21 11:51:45
This is so unfair and unprofessional decision from Valve. Think about the rest 80 % of the team and get the news just weeks before the LAN. Jesus
2014-11-21 11:52:16
Choosing bad friends in life sadly has consequences. CS is a team sport. Just like in any other profession, your colleagues' actions will affect you directly.

Half of the current Titan and Epsilon players don't really deserve to be at DHW in any way, as they'd be freeloading on earlier players' and cheaters' achievements.
2014-11-21 17:16:41
you serious right now? elaborating the similarities isn't a proper way anyhow. Do you think a whole team in hockey, football or any other team sport suffer because of one player. No they don't. Sf has also been inactive for some time in Epsilon and being merely inactive for months.
2014-11-21 18:15:28
Now we found why NiP was not succeeding anymore.
"Titan was one of the hardest team to call."
"Titan aggressive"


How this system works in mm? Do I get rank boosted after playing some talent hs only player.

Wtf is unfair? They had cheater on their team. This punishment is right call for justice. Well the teams tried t!o get dhw is still playing pro matches.

Valve thanks for decision

Post edited 2014-11-21 12:00:00
2014-11-21 11:54:44
+ dAT Team
2014-11-21 12:08:17
if there is more to come, in the following days its gonna be like volcano .... so brace yourself's more disqualifications coming in.
2014-11-21 12:32:31
3dmax/cph/voxe/dat/k1ck/londonC incoming
2014-11-21 12:44:42
2014-11-21 12:45:51
damn cheaters, thats so lame. what a disgrace
2014-11-21 13:04:48
FUCKING VALVE ONLY DESTORED TEAMS !!! i dont BELIEVE kqly and sf cheating .... yes have vac why not disqualified . FUCK YOU VALVE ! i never dont play CSGO from now!
2014-11-21 13:34:31
Titan is new Titanic.
2014-11-21 13:35:59
why cant they play with stand ins?
2014-11-21 13:40:53
So teams can free hack before majors and qualify DHW. And if one hacks they can replace him. Omg you guys sound naive.. So teams don't get punishment for hacker.. Sick world you are living...
2014-11-21 14:56:23
these VACation guys surely gonna release their debut album as "VAC Street Boys"
2014-11-21 13:56:22
wanna see mouz
2014-11-21 14:01:33
2014-11-21 14:01:43
2014-11-21 14:01:54
The only fair choice.
2014-11-21 14:01:59
2014-11-21 14:50:27
Bad times that :(
2014-11-21 15:00:18
I dont believe in it ... it`s not any error VAC sistem ?
2014-11-21 15:26:26
2014-11-21 15:54:06
poor Ex6 and KennyS.
2014-11-21 15:59:10
2014-11-21 16:12:18
Is it just me or does KQLY just look like there Dad in this photo? What age is he anyway? 45?
2014-11-21 16:50:11
The question is who will attend to that qualifier. I am curious now
2014-11-21 16:57:18
Massive props to Valve.
2014-11-21 17:07:08
2014-11-21 17:19:13
its the right thing!
2014-11-21 17:43:19
Nice, gj! French cheaters elite will die
2014-11-21 18:05:44
-KQLY + ScreaM
2014-11-21 19:09:37
2014-11-21 19:10:44

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