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KQLY: "Ban was justified"
Time: 2014-11-21 23:07
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Former Titan member Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian has admitted that his VAC ban was justified and that he tried a cheating software for a week.

Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian was on Thursday handed a VAC bac, which cost him his place on the team and resulted in Titan being disqualified from DreamHack Winter.

In a statement issued on his Facebook page, KQLY apologised to his fans and to his team and admitted that he tried a cheating program after being convinced by its developer that many professional players were using it.

KQLY apologised to his fans and to Titan 

However, the French player stressed that he only used it for a week, and it was before joining Titan, thus rejecting suggestions that he had used it in competitive tournaments.

"As you saw yesterday, I was banned by VAC and unfortunately it was justified," he wrote on Facebook.

"I wanted to say that I'm really sorry to all the people who supported me, I am aware that with this bullsh*t my career is now over and my team are a very bad position. They did not deserve that.

"At the end of August, I was contacted by a supex0 progammer, who built a strong case and told me that a lot of pros were using the program. 

"Instantly, I became curious. He gave me access to the program for seven days. Like an idiot, I fell into temptation, which was too great. I wanted to see what it looked like on public servers and matchmaking.

"I did not use it after that. I was going to join Titan and I did not need to take unnecessary risks while I had all that I needed: a top team, with a solid structure behind it. My curiosity failed me and now my career is over CS after 12 years.

"I lost everything and I do not expect any compassion, I made a mistake and I will pay it for it. Unfortunately everything ends here. Once again, I'm really sorry to have disappointed everyone."

remember remember 20 of november =D

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2014-11-21 23:07:37
cuz cheat detected only now
2014-11-21 23:11:52
so valve was influeced by crZy/smn list... k
2014-11-21 23:12:34
More like this; http://www.hltv.org/blog/8956-the-truth-about-the-..
2014-11-21 23:15:42

all what everyone must read :<
2014-11-22 00:15:14
He never made a list, he just said that there are some cheaters in pro scene. He never pointed out players.. lol
2014-11-22 11:05:33
KQLY, SMN and SF should explain everything about the hack in a public statement. No point of hiding the info unless they want to protect others.
2014-11-22 00:43:14
Because the cheat have been undetectable until now.
2014-11-21 23:12:25
If she never used it after it was detected, how could it detect him

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2014-11-21 23:36:35
Why are you saying she stfu
2014-11-22 02:06:31
sorry I forgot english pronouns too hard :x
2014-11-25 06:52:02
Good point. I would love to see how the new VAC system works, because banning players for using hacks 3 months ago is riddiculous.

Considering his statement, he used hacks in MM, at the end of August, for 7 days. How on earth would it affect his official matches?!
I know it shouldn't happen anyways, but It's like banning Cristiano Ronaldo from football, because he did cheat his neighbour while playing fifa15 last weekend :o

At least we know why kuben is not going to come back. He was caught using a wh in an official match back in the day, before joining g5 lineup in 1.6. I'm sure his account is, or will be in the next wave, banned forever!
2014-11-22 09:19:40
Yes its was the first time ever. Like when you catch your kid smoking, its his first time too. Started 5min earlier infact.
2014-11-21 23:48:07
O jesus You know vac ban with delay? For example you cheat 1 april for one Day and then u play clean (u think u not get ban) but after ~1 month u will get banned
2014-11-21 23:58:47
it can't be a delayed ban because it just was detected this week, while kukly is saying he used it in august, thats a big fucking contradiction. Kukly can't admit that he was still using the cheat at the time he got banned because he will be in even deeper shit...... Praise Gaben the ruthless!!!!

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2014-11-22 00:15:56
the answer is ...
2014-11-21 23:12:53
People are way too harsh for a so called 'cheater' but they forget even if the 'cheater' doesn't cheat, they still cannot beat him.

Also, for a video game, as the same as in real life, it is reasonable that you will get attracted once you have a big 'chance' like KQLY faced to gain such 'advantages' during game period. No matter whether you cheat or not, and how you cheat, this activity is understandable, and people who get cheated should be those who are really mad, but not us.

People are way too harsh with things that they aren't really involved. I'd like to 'give' KQLY a 'chance', but I don't know what 'chance' I can give - so do all the naive people. I think which is just to be nice for everything happened in CSGO. From time to time I saw this as a joke, not a chance to criticize or talk shit in some noob forum. At least all of them are not illegal in real life.

This sounds like 'get a real life noobs & trolls in HLTV', but this is what I want to say.
(I'm here not for a debate)
2014-11-21 23:21:16
That is shit logic. If there are no severe punishments for cheating, everyone will try it out.

Furthermore this is not just a game. It is a profession to some people, and they put many many hours of their life into it. By taking a legit pro players place in lets say a major, he basically steals his money.
2014-11-21 23:27:07
Actually, your logic is shit logic consideri g that same logic is why americas prison system is awful.
2014-11-22 03:21:48
Oh my God, that was probably one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said on these forums.

That analogy with the incarceration in the States, you have to be a complete moron for to think that it would work on any level. So basically you're comparing VAC ban to a prison sentence? Or do you think that VAC banning works for-profit purposes?

The reason why the judiciary system and the length of the sentences in the US are shit is because putting people into prison for minor offenses is not only dumb but counter-productive, there is a widespread consensus within the criminologists - that the major cause for crime is poverty and poor possibilities to enhance own life, lack of choices and the environmental pressure, that comes with living in the 'prospects'.

VAC ban however, is to punish those who are getting an unfair advantage by perfomance enhancing programs in a videogame, good analogy for that would be the use of doping in professional sports.

The severe punishments are necessary, but even more important is to get the risk of getting caught as high as possible.

Using that analogy with doping, if there is almost no tests for it and the likelihood of punishment is low (like for example in the NHL) it will be used by pretty much everyone.

However if there are continuous and extensive tests and attempts to catch people and there is a career ending punishment on the line for the ones that do get caught, you will see how the use of doping is much, much less common. Sure, you can never stop people from trying but it will be less rational with the huge chance of getting caught.

KQLY should never be given another chance in CS, ever again. This case should work as an example of how you're career is over once you get caught and that even with private hacks you are not safe.
2014-11-22 09:16:19
congrats on that pwnage, sir. couldn't have said it better
2014-11-22 10:33:33

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2014-11-23 23:32:07
2014-11-24 00:06:33
What the fuck, never thought I'd see a cheating apologist on HLTV. We have no right to be angry when a top player in a top team cheats? There are thousands of kids who want to be the best and practice for hours every day to get there, and at the moment what they are learning is that you need to cheat, because the pros are probably doing it also. This kind of thing poisons our community and you're telling us not to be upset? What universe do you live in?
2014-11-21 23:48:02
This pretty much.
2014-11-22 05:30:20
Nobody ever confirmed KQLY cheated in an official match.

He admitted that he cheated in an unofficial conditions, he received the timed ban for it. No other actions should be taken, because with what we know, we can only assume that all he did in official matches was legit.

Back in the day players used wh to check wallbanging spots - so what?! They didn't cheat in the official matches, that's all.
2014-11-22 09:28:57
he should get 2 years ban. that's all
2014-11-21 23:51:21
lifetime at minimum
2014-11-22 00:15:42
definitely lifetime.
2014-11-23 23:32:22
You do realize it's pretty damn hard to tell if someone is using this hack right? If their already a damn good aimer, then it'll just look like they're having some of the best gaming moments of their life... I guarantee he's just confessing to make the best out of the situation so he doesn't get as much backlash from the community.
2014-11-21 23:54:20
That would depend upon the settings being used.

If the information released was accurate, then the hack could turn a medicore player into a pro level aimer as well.

In addition even if the 30% bracket was being used, the resultant increase in hits on target and damage done could turn a better than average ESEA pugger into a high level player.

The missing information is clarity as to how long it's been used. I'm disinclined to believe either of the statements that the hack was only used for 'one week', or 'one mm game'.
2014-11-22 00:01:22
lol people get angry because they take the game seriously. People want a clean professional scene. You are not as dedicated to the pro csgo scene as the players who are real fans of the scene and take it more seriously. So stop trying to excuse cheaters plz. We like the professional scene to stay professional and not be polluted by noobs who think its not that bad to cheat
2014-11-21 23:58:41
AMEN to that.
2014-11-22 00:13:10
You guys have the most tunnel vision i've ever seen. Learn to look at both sides of the story, nowhere did I say they shouldn't be banned.
2014-11-23 23:29:26
Lul says the guy who cheated before, ofc understandable
2014-11-22 00:36:00
You have just posted one of dumbest shit ever.
2014-11-22 15:59:32
Cheat undetectable before, thanks to ESEA and smn it is now.
2014-11-21 23:24:52
I wanted to see what it looked like on public servers and matchmaking.

"I did not use it after that. I was going to join Titan and I did not need to take unnecessary risks

Who trust him?, for only used for fun?:D

sorry for reply :D
2014-11-21 23:27:40
the pro player's treason and plots
I know of no reason
why the sneaking and cheating
should ever quite be forgot
2014-11-21 23:51:45
At least he doesnt try to make up a bullshit story like cly even tho we dont know how long he realy was cheating.
2014-11-22 10:10:00
report him mafaka
2014-11-23 16:57:31
Lets go vote : strawpoll.me/3054262 VACtion prediction
2014-11-24 07:37:20
Remember 23 of March, the day he was unbanned from ESL and IEM events =D
2017-03-23 21:38:34
2014-11-21 23:07:38
2014-11-21 23:07:40
nr1 :))
2014-11-21 23:07:50
stich - HLTV.org
Very professional on his part at least (you reading cly?), I hope he can move on from this a stronger person
2014-11-21 23:08:13
What exactly is professional about that statement? It clearly is a forced statement so the orga won't look like a fool in first hand. Him, cheating for a week only on an alternate account is just another big lie.
2014-11-21 23:13:01
They can't force a player to make statements since he got disbanded from the team! Honestly i felt he was pretty honest here.
2014-11-21 23:15:45
On a serious note, this is theft and fraud. Titans are not able to attend to DHW and thus they miss the opportunity to win the purse, they could, in theory, press charges from KQLY. This statement clearly is made up and published in accordance with Titans in order to not make them look like a fool and a desperate attempt to keep up their reputation.

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:31:16
2014-11-21 23:22:21
They can if they threaten legal action if he doesn't, and he was under contract with him they probably have a clause in there that allows them to sue if something like this happens.
2014-11-21 23:26:15
Hopefully there is such a clause and hopefully they sue him. Would be an efficient warning towards all other so-called progamers to refrain from cheating.
2014-11-21 23:29:09
In one way they can. Organization can sue him for the lost money from the stickers. like they will do with sf as they have announced
2014-11-21 23:33:01
cant believe that some1 fall for that
2014-11-21 23:45:35
yeah i find this very hard to believe. they always first deny, then after that option is no longer available they tell part of the truth.

maybe the whole truth comes out later
2014-11-21 23:16:39
probably never. They always start with some new bullshit. as seizune mentioned. Kqly cheated for some time..Read it, i am sure you will find it interesting
2014-11-21 23:37:35
says nothing about an alternate acount in this statement? or did i read something wrong ?
2014-11-21 23:18:12
Yeah, sorry, dunno where that came from, you're right, doesn't change anything, though.

Edit: I think NiaK Said something like that he was using the cheats on an alternate account, but I cannot find that statement anymore.

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:33:24
2014-11-21 23:25:05
we definetly have not heard the end of this. there are so many things that makes no sense, so many loose ends. i have no idea what to expect next.
2014-11-21 23:35:33
Me neither. I am part of this for 14 years now and I am shocked what all this has become.
2014-11-21 23:38:43
i have no idea what to do haha, guess im just a naive idiot :/
2014-11-21 23:53:30
2014-11-21 23:18:23
2014-11-22 11:32:16
I suspect very few will believe that he only cheated "for a week" and in non-competitive environment.

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:10:12
2014-11-21 23:08:25
speculate whatever the fuck you want
with no further proof, your suspections don't matter to anybody
2014-11-21 23:14:18
looks like someone just watched Thooorin's video
2014-11-21 23:20:22
true, the only thing that matters is that he got a VAC BAN!
2014-11-21 23:21:47
It's word versus word, it doesn't matter who the guy is.

See through the shit people spoon feed you once in a while - not everyone is being 100% honest all the time.

The proof in his VAC ban, so he is the one that'd need to counter it, providing proof of him cheating for the seven days only. In the end, I agree it doesn't matter.

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:30:24
2014-11-21 23:29:01
No point in suspecting anything, the dirty cancer to the CS:GO community is getting slowly done with, so we're all happy :)
2014-11-21 23:30:26
nevertheless, it is the first guy who admitted it, not accusing his dog of playing with cheats
2014-11-21 23:52:09
exactly, why would people cheated "for a week", in their main account
2014-11-22 01:25:57
I do, I'm not the HLTV typical hater. Word against word, you can imagine and judge whoever you want, you'll never be right without any proof.
2014-11-22 02:58:19
Do you also believe that Sf cheated just once in matchmaking? Even tough people in the cheat-scene have been saying that he has been cheating for years (since CS:S). Sf and KQLY were incriminated way before they were actually caught. All this evidence is not conclusive by any means but it makes me believe that these guys have been using hacks in competitive matches online and possibly on LAN as well.

I mean why would they get in touch with private cheat maker and pay money to get private cheats that are specifically made to be used in LAN environment if they just wanted to casually use them on matchmaking? I mean it makes no sense. And why on earth would they use their main accounts? I have hard time to believe that they would be so stupid.
2014-11-22 09:35:41
I guess we will never know that.. but yea, people are gonna find it difficult to believe a cheater.
2014-11-22 11:42:26
2014-11-21 23:08:40
KQLY i want to see ur smurf acc where u use this cheat if u get vac ban :)
2014-11-21 23:08:43
where he said he did use a smurf ? Oo
2014-11-21 23:19:07
The Titan.Org official statement said it.
2014-11-21 23:31:10
k thx
2014-11-22 00:15:39
No shit. He was so stupid do use the same e-mail for smurf account? O.O
2014-11-22 00:15:43
curiosity killed the kukli
2014-11-21 23:08:44
2014-11-22 05:52:19
lol rekt
2014-11-21 23:08:44
I doubt he is telling the truth, only a complete idiot would risk their whole career to cheat on match making or public. Makes literally no sense.
2014-11-21 23:08:46
2014-11-21 23:10:17
Try program first and then change his mind and go back to reason?
2014-11-21 23:10:22
yeah but surely if he even had one brain cell he would do that on a second account?
2014-11-21 23:12:17
He did it on second account. VALVe still bans ur second and main account.
2014-11-21 23:14:41
only if they're both tied to the same email, right? unless im mistaken...
2014-11-21 23:17:08
depends on if he hid his ip etc etc which i doubt
2014-11-21 23:23:32
IDK really, i just know that my friend was getting banned on every single account that he made.

He had to change PC to not get banned.

I was proud of VALVe that day :D
2014-11-21 23:28:45
very interesting, didnt know that!
2014-11-22 00:10:46
what about the small issue of net cafes?
2014-11-22 00:12:31
That's just what the troll hacks do. I can confirm you don't get banned If you use a different email. This is because people share computers.
2014-11-22 00:32:25
Afaik they can only do that if you use same email or steam family sharing -feature? So why wouldn't he just use different email, makes literally zero sense. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.
2014-11-21 23:19:27
If you buy with the same credit card on two accounts?
2014-11-21 23:22:22
God you are stupid... read brento's comment and suck my dick
2014-11-21 23:36:02
even if he did, he'd need to use a proxy to hide his ip, create a new alias(new account with no links to 'kqly')and use a different machine.

nah, i think he was alluded with the cheatsuppliers' words about how undetectable and safe the cheat was, so he just didn't bother with it.
if it wasn't for simon, it would had never came up either.
2014-11-21 23:19:05
obviously he doesnt if he tried out and cheat and was going to use it if he didnt get into titan
2014-11-23 00:28:05

funny that he really thinks ppl will believe this bullshit
2014-11-21 23:10:35
2014-11-21 23:10:48
So you ruled out him being a complete idiot?
2014-11-21 23:10:53
2014-11-21 23:11:15
2014-11-21 23:12:26
2014-11-21 23:08:47
We don't need your kind in this scene, goodbye!
2014-11-21 23:09:02
so sad :(
2014-11-21 23:09:12
So it's sad that cheaters get banned?

Kill yourself.
2014-11-21 23:32:04
maybe he means that its sad that he trys the cheat out?

2014-11-22 06:35:09
one week for sure... nice story dude!
2014-11-21 23:09:23
i smell something.

yeah, definitely smell of bullshit.
2014-11-21 23:09:30
2014-11-21 23:09:37
2014-11-21 23:42:25
poor kukly ballz
2014-11-22 02:27:29
And if "the cheaters" is females?...
2014-11-22 09:00:49
gl in life
2014-11-21 23:09:39
who's next?
2014-11-21 23:09:51
Oh my god... I used to like KQLY.
2014-11-21 23:09:56
Kukli :(
2014-11-21 23:10:01
Atleast he isn't being a pansy and lying. Though I don't see why there is temptation to cheat when you are already at the highest level :/
2014-11-21 23:10:03
well he is lying, he's trying to make it sound like its not as bad as it really is by only partially admitting.
2014-11-21 23:11:24
2014-11-21 23:17:17
[citation needed]
2014-11-21 23:19:51
the dude ruined his 12 year career making one stupid decision. also lost his fans, friends respect. sad that it ended like this, but there is no other choice than to retire
2014-11-21 23:10:11
2014-11-21 23:10:12
yeah 1 week #believe #kappa
2014-11-21 23:10:17
BULLSHIT alarm going crazy
2014-11-21 23:10:19
solong see you when VACation is over! Which is like.... never...
2014-11-21 23:10:20
"I want to say that i admit having cheated during ESWC 2013 finals and DHInv. I have a check ready to give the money back."
Lets face it, he couldnt admit that.
2014-11-21 23:10:20
I bet titan didnt want that either ;)
2014-11-22 08:28:32
August? Vac isn't that delayed, something weird is going on
2014-11-21 23:10:22
Cool story bro. Enjoy VACation

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:10:39
2014-11-21 23:10:28
"some dude came to me and said hey man, you're good at the game, why not cheat? all the cool kids do it."

get the fuck outta here.
2014-11-21 23:10:39
he fucked his team/friends
2014-11-21 23:10:39
video or didnt happen
2014-11-22 23:06:01
rizla story confirmed by kqly

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:15:15
2014-11-21 23:10:40
2014-11-21 23:10:47
Why didn't he try out the cheats on a smurf acc? I don't buy his story.
2014-11-21 23:10:50
2014-11-21 23:32:00
2014-11-21 23:10:54
2014-11-21 23:10:55
He lied twice :
1 -playing on a high level with a cheat.
2 -saying he cheated in MM

dude seriously ..
2014-11-21 23:11:04
Idiot. It is almost everyones dream to earn money doing what they like. And he just ruined that with bs like that.
2014-11-21 23:11:08
Am I the only one who hope Valve to clarify this case, meaning tell if that cheat was used only during the period announced by KQLY ?
2014-11-21 23:11:08
lol [email protected] kukli
2014-11-21 23:11:14
2014-11-21 23:11:17
2014-11-21 23:11:18
blya ))
armyashka :))suka norm :Dahah
2014-11-21 23:35:33
....a lot of pros were using the program."
Fuck*ng awesome...
2014-11-21 23:11:33
maybe the cheat provider told that to everyone he offered it.
you know, to talk them into using the cheats? ;D
2014-11-21 23:21:32
well, at least he wasn't a little fucking bitch like cly or emilio and didn't say it was his brother or that he got hacked. cya noob.
2014-11-21 23:11:34
emilio should learn a thing or two from this statement
2014-11-21 23:11:36
Hahaha he was contacted by a cheat coder? Seriously? Who would do that, it's not like they are in desperate need of clients.
2014-11-21 23:11:43
your point being?
he's got his name out there now.
the difference between cheat providers and pros is that once you reveal a pro cheating, their careers end but once you reveal a cheat provider providing cheats for pros, your career only then starts ;}
2014-11-21 23:23:19
cheaters gonna cheat.

i would've expected it if he was 13yo and his curiousity could take over.. but a grown man... nah, no compassion.
2014-11-21 23:11:50
emilio should learn from him.
2014-11-21 23:11:50
fuck kqly anyway
2014-11-21 23:16:30
yes, but atleast he has the guts to tell the truth, not like that pathetic, coward cunt
2014-11-22 00:20:08
"the truuuuuth"... Yeah atleast 5% of it.
2014-11-22 06:52:35
2014-11-21 23:12:02
Made up shit. The only one who admitted cheating "properly" was smn.
2014-11-21 23:12:03
I am pro player and i test cheats on public servers on my main account because random guy told me others are doing it aswell.
2014-11-21 23:12:06
seems legit, i feel so sorry for you

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:20:24
2014-11-21 23:20:14
at least he took it like a man. respect
2014-11-21 23:12:07
ban all of them
2014-11-21 23:12:21
everyone deserves second chance.
2014-11-21 23:12:33
like serial killers etc
2014-11-21 23:17:00
you're comparing a cheater on a computer game to a serial killer

kinda low life xD
2014-11-21 23:25:04

Serial killers brake the law, cheater brake the law (ingame, event rules)

that's the same

noone deserves sec chance
2014-11-21 23:34:48
I once went a few km/h over the speed limit once

I shouldn't be allowed a second chance because I broke the law ofc as well as half of the world
2014-11-22 00:44:29
y u shouldn't cuz u're probably too retarded for drivin' a car
2014-11-22 00:55:32
yes because nobody has ever driven a few kilometers over the speed limit in their life
2014-11-22 01:00:32
I crossed the road out of the legal place to do it (cross walk) and broke the law, I shouldn't be allowed to cross roads again in my life.
2014-11-22 03:04:37
"Serial killers brake the law, cheater brake the law (ingame, event rules)"

"that's the same"


i lold
2014-11-22 00:52:20
y it's the same, probably its because u've got so many criminals in Scandinavia
2014-11-22 00:56:02
grow up buddy
2014-11-22 01:21:30
keep it up bro,retard of the year award is waitin'
2014-11-22 08:32:14
2014-11-22 11:48:57
lol Israel is the most criminal "country" in the world.
2014-11-22 13:08:06
ROFL. Ignoramus.
2014-11-22 13:14:55
Can't you see his flag?
2014-11-22 08:08:26

sorry bro, we are not so retarded to believe your bullshit.
2014-11-21 23:12:45
u'd be surprised... it's seems like there's a lot of retarded fanboys willing to believe that bs : )
2014-11-22 06:55:57
GG man, everyone makes mistakes, just keep on moving. You can still be present at CSGO scene at any other role.
2014-11-21 23:13:26

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:15:36
2014-11-21 23:13:31
bad, but force KQLY!
2014-11-21 23:14:00
“Instantly, I became curious. He gave me access to the program for seven days. Like an idiot, I fell into the temptation, which was too great, and I wanted to see what it looked like on public servers and matchmaking.

“I did not use it after that[...]"

AHAHAH "Yeah this one guy just came to me and asked if I wanted to try out this private cheat and I thought why not... get real kiddo.
2014-11-21 23:14:31
sad, but deserved. have a good vacvation man
2014-11-21 23:14:39
I really don't get it. How old is he? 10? Acting like a damn kid.
2014-11-21 23:14:48

he used it in pro matches too

you could EASY see skill difference when he streamed/played offstream

i got 1 matchmaking demo of him blatantly aimbotting and that was in 2013 with clan mystic
2014-11-21 23:14:50
2014-11-21 23:15:49
i could post matchmaking watch URL later if you really are interested

2014-11-21 23:17:51
go for it, i'm pretty curious considering I suspected Sf of hacking months ago but KQLY was a huge surprise to me
2014-11-21 23:24:31
Have you ever played CS in your life?

When you play with your own team you have better teamplay, better mates, more informations and ofc you play better.
2014-11-21 23:20:28
Well it actually goes opposite
2014-11-21 23:30:25
[citation needed]
2014-11-21 23:25:46
2014-11-21 23:47:51
"Instantly, I became curious. He gave me access to the program for seven days. Like an idiot, I fell into temptation, which was too great. I wanted to see what it looked like on public servers and matchmaking.

2014-11-21 23:14:53
This part sounds very made up lol
2014-11-22 11:51:27
a "week"
2014-11-21 23:15:32
Good bye KQLY, at least now we have 1 less f*cked nickname which is hard to pronounce.
2014-11-21 23:15:33
Still no respect.
Using his knowledge of the cheat and working with leagues/organizations to catch other users would get him some respect.
2014-11-21 23:15:41
bullshit, if he is not using it on official matches, why try it with is main account?
2014-11-21 23:16:26

You really think Valve stores such in-depth volumes of historic data that after getting the details of the hack from ESEA a couple weeks ago, they were able to go back and interrogate all gameplay data from the last 3 months and detect that he used this cheat in August?
2014-11-21 23:16:28
prove false? ;D
2014-11-21 23:26:53
That's what I've said as well yesterday - I find it hard to believe they'd keep logs starting with every login and logout from a particular steam account, with detail, for millions of accounts on their platform. That shit would take tons of space, or no?
2014-11-21 23:32:11
Sad, but deserved.

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:17:35
2014-11-21 23:16:28
cya frenchie
2014-11-21 23:16:40
2014-11-21 23:17:03
Such a bad and expected excuse. "Only used at mm for a week", bull fucking shit
2014-11-21 23:17:32
2014-11-21 23:17:41
Sorry, but there is noway this "I only tried it once" bullshit is true.
Think about it a bit deeper, why in fuck hell would a professional CS player "try" to use a cheat on his main acc? Do you realize how patheticly poor that excuse is?
No one with a brian would do that, and I don't believe that KQLY is legally retarded, It's way more likely that he used the cheat more than that.
2014-11-21 23:18:02
still waiting for more Bans!
2014-11-21 23:18:49
"i only tried it in matchmaking for 7 days"

suuuure you did.

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:19:04
2014-11-21 23:18:51
Your opinion means nothing.
2014-11-21 23:20:37
thooorin is that you?
2014-11-21 23:25:32
Your opinion means nothing.
2014-11-21 23:27:39
2014-11-21 23:27:48
And yours does? lmao
2014-11-21 23:41:12
I don't care about KQLY anymore. I care about the others pros that cheat.

smn said that list was actually his, 95% sure that it was correct, and maybe 30-40% of the pro scene cheat. Rizla/DEVGRUsson said 1 year ago that smn, Sf cheated and others definitely did too.

That means potentially 3/5 fnatic players cheat, some players in VP cheat, apEX cheats, kioShiMa cheats, etc.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck.
2014-11-21 23:19:06
+1 sad :/
2014-11-21 23:26:46
i like how everyone stays vague about the vp players.
in every other "my speculations are facts" thread or reply you read, there's talk about several players and then "some players in vp".

what's the matter? did your imagination stop at this point to point any fingers at specific vp players?
2014-11-21 23:29:34
I like how you're too fucking stupid to read up on details.

The list by crZy (that smn first claims to strux1 is not his but later says it was his on his stream chat) only lists "Virtus.pro (dont know exactly which players from VP)".


I thought it was absolute bullshit at first but after seeing that post from 1 whole fucking year ago mention 2 banned cheaters and smn say that the list was his on stream, that list now has validity.
Sure smn could just be taking credit and making shit up but what benefit would he get? He's already scum of the pro scene.
2014-11-21 23:32:56
At least he's man enough to tell the truth
2014-11-21 23:19:37
How truthful is it? He comes clean about using a third party program for a week but never at LAN. At best we can take it as a half truth until further evidence is revealed. It would be awesome if he didn't use a third party program during professional matches. We just can't know for sure at this point.
2014-11-21 23:25:27
well that's true, but he did however confessed that he had been using cheats for a week (after he was banned of course)
But he didn't deny it, like another "pro" player did.
2014-11-22 00:00:27
disKQLYfied?! x_X
2014-11-21 23:20:38
2014-11-21 23:30:02
Well at least he is not a pussy like rest who got cought. But I dont believe he used it for a week in public MM out of curiosity.
More like "once i realized that it is VAC secured I used it for a long time as many people use it".
2014-11-21 23:21:23
This is a prolonged version of: "I only used once, for fun".

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:21:41
2014-11-21 23:21:29
lol at this excuse

though his approach to lying is a bit better
2014-11-21 23:21:30
I don't believe a word about "only one week and not on tournaments".
2014-11-21 23:21:51
plz volvo catch others who "tried it only once"
2014-11-21 23:21:57
Once a cheater - always a cheater. No respect for this statement. He could at least call out the other hackers and open source the hack.
2014-11-21 23:23:06
Goodbye KQLY, it's been nice
Hope you find your paradise

2014-11-21 23:23:14
He's so stupid that he used it on his main account.
2014-11-21 23:23:37
Why is everyone flaming, he admitted he cheated and that he deserves his punishment. It's over.
2014-11-21 23:23:55
lol at this excuse

though his approach to lying is a bit better- amitting using the cheats but "only in publics for a week". It's a bit better than "I brrowed my account to a friend" but still, it's so fucking pathetic. Noone who's not an idiot or a fanboy won't believe this. GTFO, have a good vacation noob
2014-11-21 23:24:07
well at least you explained something, we can move on
2014-11-21 23:24:30
The funny thing is that his best performances were before he (apparently) got that cheat. Why would someone with such a sick aim and such a great talent even consider to use a cheat?

Also it's actually pretty weird, that the developer contacted him and not vice versa...considering that these type of private hacks are kept very secret. The devs put a lot of work into them and they make a shitload of money every month (the number of users is limited and the users need to pay every month). KQLY could have acted like he's interested but then reveal everything to the public..

That story sounds fishy

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:26:12
2014-11-21 23:25:38
2014-11-21 23:27:51
At the end of August, I was contacted by a supex0 progammer, who built a strong case and told me that a lot of pros were using the program.

2014-11-21 23:25:44
There's been about 8 lists released.

JW, olofmeister, kioshima, kennyS, pauf, pyth, chrisJ and tabseN are all to come.
2014-11-21 23:28:03
"The talk then moves on to detection and this is where it gets scary.. The author disclosed to me that the only way this cheat would ever get detected, would be if it was leaked to valve by the user base. To prevent this, the author never exceeds 30 users. This could in theory be 6 pro teams."

now you can think what teams and what players :)
2014-11-21 23:29:39
well yeah but now they stopped using it, he will tweak the cheats, and they wont get caught..
2014-11-21 23:35:28
They got caught already, they just won't get banned at the moment so VOVLO can save the face of the DH.
Players will stop using it as they probably been warned and don't want their careers to end.

And DH will be full of surprises. WIN/WIN VOLVO

They just made an exemple out of those 3.

That's a fact. They can't do anything else, would ruin their event and make the scene look (even more) like shit.

Post edited 2014-11-22 07:22:56
2014-11-22 07:18:13
I have a lot more respect for him than the other cheaters who do the whole: "OMG... WTF VOLVO PLS ADMINS HELP ME I DIDNT EVEN CHET LOL PLS VOLVO".

At least he admitted it.
2014-11-21 23:27:19
1 week doesn't = 1 year fucking moron
2014-11-21 23:27:24
"At the end of August, I was contacted by a supex0 progammer, who built a strong case and told me that a lot of pros were using the program."

is not over yet!! popcorn readY
2014-11-21 23:27:48
When GTR gets nominated, others are banned. We can see who is professional and who is not.
2014-11-21 23:29:14
2014-11-22 00:41:01
you opened my mind on this one , and KQLY and smn would never make it to nominates ... so it's a low possibility .
2014-11-22 01:43:05
kinda sad :(
2014-11-21 23:29:18
Noone will ever know whether or not KQLY used cheat for longer then 7 days, only himself. He might say stuff like this because he doesn't wanna say he has cheated the entire time he's been "pro" but he might be telling the truth aswell, either way his career is fucked.

Also on the other thread, NiaK said that he cheated on another account, like that's literally the worst bullshit ever cause then you wouldn't get your main account banned.
2014-11-21 23:29:32
2014-11-22 07:27:17
yea, "FOR A WEEK"
2014-11-21 23:31:26
"Yes honey, I did cheat on you, but it was only once and I was drunk. I know now that our relationship of 10 years is likely over, but I promise you that it was only that one time. I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry."

All I hear is "bla bla bla...I'm a stupid cunt like the rest of the stupid cunts."
2014-11-21 23:31:31
Cheated for only 1 week and on MM.


Post edited 2014-11-21 23:34:14
2014-11-21 23:31:39
2014-11-21 23:31:40
you can be vac banned 3 months after using a cheat ?
2014-11-21 23:32:11
Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian was on Thursday handed a VAC bac, which cost him his place on the team and resulted in Titan being disqualified from DreamHack Winter.

Another Mistake by Volvo.
2014-11-21 23:32:18
Can someone tell me when exactly he joined Titan? Day and month
2014-11-21 23:34:25
search news ,not that long ago
2014-11-22 08:42:47
Only kids will believe fairy tale that kind of story
2014-11-21 23:34:27
it was just for a week..before joining titan..who the fuck care?
2014-11-21 23:35:01
moe cheated in a pug and people seem to care
2014-11-21 23:37:22
2014-11-21 23:36:04
I don't believe one person on this website actually believes this fuck in saying he Didnt use it in professional competitve play. gg and fuck u kqly
2014-11-21 23:36:29
KUKII what u now say PASHA?
He was u frend,he love U.
But now he kill U!
2014-11-21 23:37:13
Well if this is true, then VALVE knows that KQLY didn't use cheat on his main account so they shouldn't have removed TITAN from DH, as he never cheater with them (once again, if this is true).
2014-11-21 23:38:15
Okay. Respect for say "I'm guilty."

But no respect for cheaters. Sorry KQLY. You had everything. You played in the TOP team and you all screwed up.
2014-11-21 23:38:32
2014-11-21 23:43:44
She said she was eighteen !
2014-11-21 23:39:37
2014-11-21 23:40:09
Even now he cant tell the truth. GO to hell KQLY, you are a bastard and have been cheating for long time. No mercy for this kind of ppl. Get a decent job and pay your bills now.
2014-11-21 23:40:58
2014-11-21 23:43:53
Janukovich style:) SRY SRY SRY
2014-11-21 23:44:14
20 Novemberino #neverforget
2014-11-21 23:44:17
Oh yeah, cheaters tactics: admit cheating to look sincere, then lie that you never used it in competitive environment.

I mean... just look at sf, "he used it once on MM"... pathetic :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2014-11-21 23:44:40
I feel sad for him since he could have been a really good player, and already was, but then did this stupid thing... justified, but sad.
2014-11-21 23:45:48
He is still lying. 'I wanted to see what it looked like on public servers and matchmaking' 'I did not use it after that.' Lie

A nobody in source and a nobody in csgo without cheats

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:47:28
2014-11-21 23:46:04
get lost kid and like Armstrong they should reclaim all the prizemoney he ever won

Post edited 2014-11-21 23:46:36
2014-11-21 23:46:08
couldn't agree more
2014-11-22 07:31:04
great, hope that i will never see you in csgo again. get out of here.
2014-11-21 23:46:10
>after being convinced by its developer that many professional players were using it
>Age: 24

2014-11-21 23:46:42
sad :/
2014-11-21 23:47:41
>Says he used the cheat for a week on a smurf
>Gets banned on main account

k den.
I don't bite this story, it seems to stupid to be real. Why would a guy that had contacts to join titan (at the time the best french team on paper) use a cheat on MM? Makes no sense at all.
And even worse.. "I tried it because some random dude told me the other kids were using it too."
Is he 12? jesus

2014-11-21 23:48:26
"once a cheater always a cheater"
2014-11-21 23:48:30
I don't believe in single word he said. Coder contacted him AHHAHAHAHA
2014-11-21 23:49:02
'In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.' - Spread the WORD! ;)
2014-11-21 23:51:38
atleast he admitted it.
2014-11-21 23:53:07
He-He-He Rip Nop
2014-11-21 23:53:39
2014-11-21 23:55:06
bye bye KQLY =;(
2014-11-21 23:55:07
Well played esea. Esea knew this much before anyone could even think of but they were just waiting for the right moment to go to the police i mean valve. Dont know whether they had any personal grudges with kqly and sf or some good relationships with smn but in the end everything happens for a reason maybe good or bad.
2014-11-21 23:56:39
cant help but feel bad for him, this isnt his love, hobby, JOB, but his CAREER. now he has to join the real world. sucks for him to lose everything in a blink of an eye.

Though, I want to point out in any other professional sporting leagues, the organization is not punished for the act/crimes of its players. If a player beats his wife, uses performance enhancers, etc. they are dealt with by the organization, league, and perhaps legal system if need be. The league DOES NOT ban the organization from competing and winning championships.
2014-11-21 23:58:31
cmon man, dont believe what a fucking cheater says. he was using it way before august and gaining unfair advantage over teams that play fair. why would you feel bad for a guy that cheated his teammates AND other legit teams for money this esport provides?
2014-11-22 00:02:28
Was not aware that his team was banned.
2014-11-22 00:02:46
Lol what a bullshit statement. He hacked like hell for a LONG time, not "testing a cheat".

He is trying to cover the little ass he has here.
2014-11-22 00:04:39
VAC bac
2014-11-22 00:06:12
dota players is a cheaters kappa
2014-11-22 00:07:10
Sorry, but I don't believe this "I just wanted to try and curious" - why, for the love of God, WHY?
He was good without it. Just curious but use it on your legit account(stupid)? Why not use it on another if you are only curious. Why risk a nice career???

Even if that's true, then fuck temptation man, your career is over. Boom, you are out, no longer respect, fans, money, prestige and improvement.
You are done in CSGO and possibly any other serious competitive game.

Man, I'm so disappointed. Even though I did not really like him I admired his skills and performance, the problem is - was that skill? or was it the cheat? I have no clue now.

Even though I did not like him, I was curious how he was doing. He was becoming better and better in the recent days. 3 kills CLUTCH with AWP vs Virtus on Cache! That was impressive - was that skill or cheat though?
Some of his peeks and AWP kills were crazy - I was saying "No fucking way man", but then he was the "pro" - he spent his life playing this game for money and getting decent results, and I'm a filthy bottom feeder in CSGO - I'm noone compared to him. What now? Where is his real skill?

Fail, big time. It's sad to see "pro" players do this shit.

Post edited 2014-11-22 00:10:59
2014-11-22 00:08:05
Valve never talks about vac bans.
KQLY knows that.
2014-11-22 00:08:45
Yeah he cheated only for a little bit so long ago, and was only banned now?
2014-11-22 00:09:06
One week? Yeah right KQLY..

It's so damn pathetic that neither you or Sf (and others before this) can come clean about it instead of trying to pull off the worst lies ever. The whole scene knows what it's about but you still try to make it sound better? That's so damn pathetic.

Post edited 2014-11-22 00:12:56
2014-11-22 00:12:11
2014-11-22 00:12:19
Hahahahahaha, so you used this before you were in Titan, and almost half a year goes by and you got caught... This doesn't pass the smell test.. What he should say is that the developer gave him new cheats... Cuz he has been cheating the entire time lol...
2014-11-22 00:13:35
Pro's Don't Fake.
2014-11-22 00:14:06
this statement is entirely bullshit imo. the titan's organisation told him to do exactly what he did now. telling the community that he cheated for a one week period just to test it with no influence on any competitive game they played. no one would believe this with a bit brain in his skull.

- if kqly wanted to just "test" the cheat, he would have known that if he does it on his own pc, it doesnt matter which steam account he takes, he will get banned anyway. so he would have tested it on another computer with another IP and on a new steam account with no connection to his own steam acc. everything else makes no sense.

- if kqly would have admited that he cheated for a long period now, titan would be in huge trouble since tournament funds are in danger and would maybe be reclaimed by the losers team. even judicial steps against titan are possible.

this statement tries to talk down the issues completely. i dont believe him a single word here.

i feel so sorry for the rest of the titan members :/

Post edited 2014-11-22 00:23:50
2014-11-22 00:14:21

Fully agree!


Wow! It's spIder! You're still alive :D
Haven't heard of you since many years. Good to know you're still sticking around.

Post edited 2014-11-22 00:17:45
2014-11-22 00:16:55
hey =) playing csgo since half a year or so ^^ pretty into it now - such a good game, sad what happened to the community over the years :/
2014-11-22 01:31:00
totally agree, I also sill play (though not that excessive anymore, just casually), but wen I take a look at what happened to the CS community it just makes me sad. In particular the German community...not to speak about the Swiss one (which already disappeared in 2009). Good old times on gamebase.ch :D

Post edited 2014-11-22 01:36:38
2014-11-22 01:36:00
+1 =)
2014-11-22 01:38:30
2014-11-22 00:22:57
+1 exactly :)
2014-11-22 00:35:05
Indeed, and while I appreciate it's a business I imagine lots of those watching will have much less sympathy now for a team that was ejected from the tournament.
2014-11-22 00:54:22
+1 obviously this is bullshit
2014-11-22 16:42:55
You write all this to say in the end that you are sorry for all titan members.
they ALL knew it, even before kqly joined them.
2014-11-22 17:02:00
[*] kukli
2014-11-22 00:15:12
[*] kukli
2014-11-22 00:20:46
Oh well just wait for the next cs, and make a comeback! Was so surprised when I saw Krystal is playing at dhw. Banned hacker, goes pro again.
2014-11-22 00:19:33
to me admitting would be telling the truth, not saying he tryed cheating software for 1 week. loosers gonna loose
2014-11-22 00:23:47
Learn English before joining conversation ok?
lose and loser.
No double O.
2014-11-22 00:25:49

"Learn English before joining in on the conversation, ok?"

L2P kiddo.
2014-11-22 03:00:21
if somebody offers you a cheat for 7 days and you have a 12 years long career, dont tell me you are that retarded with iq 10 to try it on your main account for matchmaking... plz just stop, if you had any respect left you would tell the truth and expose everything including titan knowing
2014-11-22 00:26:33
that was just what I was thinking, I dont believe him for a second. One Cheater down, many to go
2014-11-22 00:27:36
i do believe he is bullshitting but if valve actually used the esea way to confirm whether he cheated or not, it is plausible.
2014-11-22 00:38:42

Mind Blown.
2014-11-22 00:30:25
seriously tho, Kukli answering like he is in politics caught in bed with a 15 year old.
2014-11-22 00:30:40
now fuck off
2014-11-22 00:36:07
2014-11-22 00:40:40
dont sorry about anythink say sorry to yourself YOU ARE FUCKING PRO PLAYER AND USING CHEATS??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME
2014-11-22 00:49:03
n0thing also use cheats before... and his a pro that has been ban. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O7jSS--5T4
The reason why he hasn't been ban because when he did it and where he did it.
2014-11-22 01:09:37
2014-11-22 00:52:18
I wonder if he already deleted the cheats. If he is truly sorry and regret what he have done, he should help Valve out and submit the cheats to them to catch the other cheating fuckers.
2014-11-22 00:52:37
If he didn't cheat in tournament then why ban him? n0thing cheated but it wasn't for his anything huge so no one got that pissed :/ let the motherfucker stay and change the rules into. If you cheat at any tournament = ban.
2014-11-22 01:07:33
I truly hope this is all a lie and every article i read pertaining to this scandal is just a figment of my imagination...

Well dip my balls in cream and squat me in a kitchen full of kittens.

Frankly, did they have a choice? If 30 players are currently using this cheat then who are they? Can a decent algorithm determine which teams statistics shot up over a specific period of time? Is this why NiPs performance dropped dramatically..because the teams they played with were indeed using this cheat?

Fnatic hit the spotlight for quite some time...

Titans new roster seemed to boost their performance and then we figured out why.
2014-11-22 01:09:28
His excuse seems to be bullshit but maybe it really isn't. If Valve used ESEA method, then KQLY should be banned in ESEA too and he isn't (at least not yet). I doubt he'd be cheating in LANs and other tournaments and specifically not on ESEA - where he did play well as well
2014-11-22 01:09:44
Sure, this is bullshit, you have cheated before for sure, same like others did
2014-11-22 01:10:41
Why he didn't use another account to test that cheat? xD
2014-11-22 01:14:18
I don't believe this one bit. Let us assume what he said is true. Then he already was fucking good without cheats. Why the hell would he then try out a cheat. Even for just 1 week. That makes aboslutely no sense.

And somehow i doubt that valve still has anti cheat logs from August. I can be wrong though.

I think valve should give a statement here. I mean they could just say if they actually only detected a cheat in August. This would in no way compromise their detection methods or give cheat coders any advantages.

Post edited 2014-11-22 01:17:31
2014-11-22 01:14:29
So he decided to try a cheat someone gave him ON his main account? Even the stupidest guy on earth wouldn't have done that, i'm not buying that bullshit story.
2014-11-22 01:16:46
All hail Rizla!!
2014-11-22 01:29:56
2014-11-22 01:30:51
to be honest props to him for manning up and taking responsibility... obviously what he did was not right but admitting he actually did it is something most people being caught dont do.
2014-11-22 01:38:39
At least he maned up and confessed his crime , #MyRespect to you KQLY , you will now take a long VACation , lol , but really , u r a good guy now , god loves u , jesus is with u ... , oh hell no , u cheated , pain and gain Loser .
2014-11-22 01:40:40

2014-11-22 01:43:40
I want a pasha's reaction video about kukli's ban.
2014-11-22 01:51:14
degage fdp on sen fou des tes excuses
2014-11-22 02:13:30
Ones a cheater always a cheater!
2014-11-22 02:14:36
How fucking stupit can u be after 12 years of cs ... this is just sad :/
2014-11-22 02:19:52
at least he has the balls to admit!
2014-11-22 02:29:25
you were one of my favorite awpers and player kqly so sad :(
2014-11-22 02:33:25
Idiot KQLY :/
2014-11-22 02:39:05
feel sorry for you KUKLI :]
But cmon , you was cheating on MM , remember when you played MM and others had uses cheats - you was very angry.
To say , what did you just said to all of us its a big step ( and i hope we all gave you chance , and you will coming back strong) but the punishment must be done.

Enjoy you ban.

Keep you head up ,see you in the future!
2014-11-22 02:39:15
+1 you say all
2014-11-22 02:56:16
http://i.imgur.com/TIJG8ei.png Pasha wtf
2014-11-22 03:23:11
Edit: Good photoshop attempt though l0l

Post edited 2014-11-22 03:39:35
2014-11-22 03:37:21
ofc not. lol.
2014-11-22 03:40:20
i dont belive whatever he says, he should never come back
2014-11-22 03:36:52
Kukly, you deserve to be praised. at least it wasn't your "brother", your "friend" or your dog. thank you for being honest.
2014-11-22 03:39:21
Anyway, ScreaM back to Titan.
2014-11-22 03:40:51
Either he is too dumb to create a subaccount to test,
or he DID cheated in online tournament
2014-11-22 03:47:29
The funniest part of all is the level of contempt this bs admission actually demonstrates to those watching.

"I tested it for one week..." - seriously?

So you've been told point blank this cheat is being used by your professional competition.

You then 'test it', see that it does actually work as advertised, and then instead of contacting your organisation with the evidence - (or indeed Valve!!), you decide to just keep it all to yourself and say nothing.

All the while knowing you'll be playing against other professionals who apparently use this shit even on LAN and therefore that you and your team mates are being cheated out of your rightful professional earnings..?

Yeah....sounds legit to me. Fuck off.
2014-11-22 03:50:18
i wish we could know by fact how much he actually cheated
2014-11-22 03:58:24
check hs on pasha :D
2014-11-22 08:47:44
Except none of this is true."Testing for 1 week" is way better than "Cheating all day every day"

If the latter happens, the shitstorm would be much bigger for Titan.His career is over anyway, he's just trying to lessen the damage he takes since if titan get ripped from theirt stockholm title etc, they could sue him and that might not be very good.
2014-11-22 10:31:57
Yes, that's the point of the post you replied to.

In fact Titan then made an official announcement in which they effectively confirmed that was the case.

There is no doubt he's full of shit, and by extension therefore there's no doubt Titan have looked at this and decided it benefits them to maintain that lie.

After that clear attempt to manipulate the situation in order to keep their financial revenue from employing a cheat, I can't see why anyone would have sympathy for Titan (not necessarily the players) after their expulsion.

// tl;dr KQLY obviously lying, even if not before then Titan now knows, but went with the same bs lies to protect the money they've already made. No sympathy for removal of Titan from DHW after announcement.

Post edited 2014-11-22 17:18:28
2014-11-22 17:17:30
noob. I play better him
2014-11-22 03:51:24
i accept apologize, yolo I trust him on this one, wonder how much he really cheated
2014-11-22 03:57:59
Wow KQLY... Can't even be honest now. Sad.
2014-11-22 04:15:37
yaw chris,you got any comments on cheaters situation/supex0 or wanna snitch any names?i got my popcorn ready

Post edited 2014-11-22 08:48:49
2014-11-22 08:48:33
:D ofc he cant say i was cheating during ESWC...what about his or team price money?....
2014-11-22 15:29:30
You are next enjoy
2014-11-22 16:54:43
IF it was just for fun, you would use another account!! Liar...just a f!"#!"#$"#$ liar!!! Hope you have to pay all you won to TITAN!!!
2014-11-22 04:22:20
2014-11-22 04:23:12
i think he don't be honest. if only test ,why don't use another account?
2014-11-22 04:38:35
"I lost everything and I do not expect any compassion, I made a mistake and I will pay it for it. Unfortunately everything ends here. Once again, I'm really sorry to have disappointed everyone."

This just makes me feel like he's happy to take the blame for a so-called 7-day trial. That looks like he's been using it A LOT MORE than that.
2014-11-22 04:57:26
this this this,
He and titan try to evade the shitstorm
2014-11-22 08:49:40
I'm more suspicious of his claiming the coder contacted him. If I were coding a private cheat the last thing I would do is offer it to random pro players and ask them to try it. They could easily just hand it over to valve and all my work is down the drain.
2014-11-22 05:09:48
Give them a second chance fckn valve . u have to release a good anti-cheat client first .. and after giving the VAC bans !

or do a deep investigation .. not like a fckn overwatch !
2014-11-22 05:17:44
Not like a fckn overwatch? Erhm, do you even know what you're talking about? I seriously hope not.

And a second chance? No way in hell that'd happen. Especially when he's trying to bullshit us all by saying that he have been trying the cheat from some random guy and it was all of pure curiousity.

Hah, anyone with a brain wouldn't be stupid enough to buy that story, nah man.

Post edited 2014-11-22 05:35:36
2014-11-22 05:33:37
KQLY and Sf were cheating for ages, not just a week.
2014-11-22 05:27:49
like flies, my god.
2014-11-22 05:33:48
I actually like KQLY, he's a hilarious baguette. Should get a second chance if his story is true.
2014-11-22 05:41:02
"I wanted to see what it looked like on public servers and matchmaking."

2014-11-22 05:42:33
What can we expect from semi-pro's then? What can we expect from mm heroes? If someone like this guy needs those things...so greedy, but, where are the money KQLY, the money you earned? GO TO JAIL MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!

Post edited 2014-11-22 06:46:32
2014-11-22 06:45:47
And another thing, you can go fuck yourselves TITAN ORGA, you all knew about this, and the rest of the players too. Fuck you all trashkids. RESPECT: GTR, FOREST, NEO. You guys deserve to be legends, not these retards.
2014-11-22 06:49:22
And valve, learn to put price on a clean game you fuckers, not only skins, stickers and chickens.
2014-11-22 06:51:39
2014-11-22 12:23:24
Am i right or what? CONVICT
2014-11-22 12:31:46
2014-11-22 06:53:23
C'est la vie.
2014-11-22 07:01:41
JesusWonderkid, when ? I'm eagerly waiting!
2014-11-22 07:13:56
2014-11-22 08:50:59
fuck this lying cunt

no one spends 800 euros to cheat in fucking mm for a week

and if his story is somehow true hes STILL a piece of shit because the coder tells him about all these other pros cheating and he does nothing about it? doesn't tell the rest of his team? fuck off
2014-11-22 07:33:59
Well surely he didn't pay for it

"He gave me access to the program for seven days."

Not that it matters, because hes lying about it anyway
2014-11-22 07:59:27
"At the end of August, I was contacted by a supex0 progammer, who built a strong case and told me that a lot of pros were using the program."

That's the most stupid thing I've ever read.
2014-11-22 07:42:48
level excuse 1/1337!
2014-11-22 16:36:50
He tested cheat on his man accaunt... Are he fucking stupid? or just liar

P.S. "lot of pros were using the program" it is fucking scary
2014-11-22 07:43:00
At first it was scary.. now it's depressive -_-
2014-11-22 08:47:10
This game is fucked.. Dont know who to trust.. so many pro players cheating
2014-11-22 07:54:35
Not sure if he is honest or if it's all well calculated.
2014-11-22 07:57:09
he probably hacked even before getting into the pro teams :) that's how he got "pro".. Rizla detailed everything..
2014-11-22 08:29:45
LOL that supex guy set him up!! fck u frenchie!
2014-11-22 08:51:16
I just hope for that clean dhw,a lot of fanboys will cly rivers,salty rivers.
Vacation after dhw incomiiing
2014-11-22 08:53:09
do not need to make excuses and lie, you got what he deserved , bb KQLY
2014-11-22 09:07:59
2014-11-22 09:13:52
2014-11-22 09:19:47
Are you stupid KQLY hmm i guess Yes said bye on your csgo carrier fucking piece of shit hyhxAYHXAYH
2014-11-22 09:22:40
stupid retarded idiotic and fucking selfish deed.
2014-11-22 09:26:03
fuckin lyin cunt said hacking before he joined titan... once a hacker always a hacker and all hackers are fugly!! burn in hell u baguette piece of shieeeeet !!

Post edited 2014-11-22 09:33:10
2014-11-22 09:31:48
Dirty cheat that has been doing it for ages
Ofcourse hes only gonna tell you for a week before he joined titan its like entering a guilty plea u accept u was wrong but theres always circumstances. I suspect there was quite a few who have "tried" it that are now shitting themselves
2014-11-22 09:44:39
Good "words", but I still hate you KQLY.
2014-11-22 09:53:45
Seems only NiP is clean, maybe now we know why they are sucking hard nowadays.
No one will cheat at DH, they are shitting in their paints. Maybe we will see another final Nip vs VP.
2014-11-22 10:15:49

Tarik next?
2014-11-22 10:16:55
2014-11-22 16:38:49
BIceps in ur face
2014-11-22 16:39:10
still full of shit, you move like a bot and play in titan.
2014-11-22 10:28:20
why he apologozie if he don't cheat?
2014-11-22 10:57:24
Fuck u kqly i dont believe u! U tested the hack for a week? In August? And in November u get vacced? cl_brain 0 have Balls And say yes i used this fucking hack in the most Matches
2014-11-22 11:18:15
2014-11-22 11:33:42
2014-11-22 11:41:33
Yeah try makin' it seem small when you actually should rat out who ever else in ur circle knew and get fined all the money uve made off this game. I'd say he's getting off easy, just being real.
2014-11-22 11:49:38
You are full of shit KQLY. ESWC :-)
2014-11-22 11:51:19
Well, all of you that knew and didnt said nothing till now, are full of shit. Shame on you

Post edited 2014-11-22 12:34:53
2014-11-22 12:34:10
+1 ty..you know his feeling dont you :)

Post edited 2014-11-22 15:30:53
2014-11-22 15:26:31
you got caught red handed, least admit the full truth you absolute bellend. Your career is over anyway....tera
2014-11-22 11:55:15
Yeah right, you tested it for one week on public servers and MM. And you do this on your own steam acc, sure.
Lying prick, your career is over anyway, at least have the dignity to tell the truth.
2014-11-22 12:00:37
Tri Leva about KQLY
2014-11-22 12:01:03
I'd like to see the chat log on how he was tempted into using the cheat by a seemingly random guy as his comments suggest. I mean, it's the normal scam right guys? A guy comes up to you and offers you something that is unbelievable and not to mention against the rulings of the game and of course they add in the extra secure line of 'everyone uses it!' - fucking bullshit. Look at his face, face of a scumbag cheater like the rest of them.

For example, for those of you who get them, call centers on phones calling your house offering you these 'amazing new deals everyone is getting one time only offer' - any person over 16 should have better control of their lives.

I think he is telling half the story here, need more information to be honest.

Post edited 2014-11-22 12:30:08
2014-11-22 12:27:13
Better to say he was misled by the tournament having name DreamHACK, you dumb

Post edited 2014-11-22 12:30:53
2014-11-22 12:30:41
2014-11-22 15:08:16
rest in bed boring like a TED :o
2014-11-22 12:45:15
lol fuckin cheater
2014-11-22 12:47:51
well, at the age of 24, it might be a good decision to finally start a career IRL.
2014-11-22 12:49:35
What hobbit can do irl?
2014-11-22 12:54:10
Carry some rings from A to B, or something similar to that.
2014-11-22 13:51:10
FFFFFuuucking cheater!! ESWC ... and the many other.. unbelievable!! i will not surprise if , VAC will find new France cheater from that ESWC team Mistic!!
2014-11-22 12:56:11
ggbb no respect now =[
2014-11-22 13:02:01
dont trust this shit... sry but it is just another emilio's level excuse
2014-11-22 14:57:23
KQLY----->> you could use cheat on MM with other ACC :D fucking idiot cheater enjoy your ban and no life now :)
2014-11-22 15:03:06
well 'all the other pros are using it' Kappa :D
2014-11-22 15:08:45

Post edited 2014-11-22 15:10:16
2014-11-22 15:10:06
cmon dont try to fool us... 12 years player would never try any cheat just for curiosity
2014-11-22 15:10:10
ohh that cheater !~@
2014-11-22 15:40:53
fair play for not denying everything.

But here is my question, when pros are contacted by a programmer offering them a weeks access to a hack that they claim is being used widely by other pros, why not take those access details and turn them over to valve so they can test it for a week and create detection systems for it??

This would also seem to suggest the coders contact a number of pros to get them to test it in the hope they will purchase it. Do none of these pros contacted decide to give the information to Valve?

Post edited 2014-11-22 15:59:56
2014-11-22 15:55:24
You are assuming he's telling the truth which is wrong.He is just lying because organisation titan will be in big trouble if he is accepted to be cheated all the time by dreamhack.For an example they will be ripped off their dh stockholm title, and legal trouble will be following this.
2014-11-22 17:27:03
Ok first of all fuck all of you fucking piece of retarded shits who is saying that is not fair he cheated before joining titan just once in MM bla bla bla if you cheated that's it you are cheater fuck you ban for life get out this community i'm so fucking tired of this retarded mentally ill kids who are talking bullshit you can't cheat and if you are VAC BAN. Plus in those countries like Germany France they should make a law where if pro players caught cheating police should come to there house and take their PC out and that person should get internet access restriction like (BAN FOR 3 YEARS) because it is fact that they are mentally ill people diagnosed with very low IQ pricks.

Post edited 2014-11-22 16:31:54
2014-11-22 16:29:13
Respect the honesty, but still you deserve to be hated. Now just tell who other frenchies are using it.
2014-11-22 16:33:32
cmon dont be naive about his excuse
2014-11-22 16:37:52
cukly why you cheat so much ?
2014-11-22 16:37:29
The best thing is :
KennyS always been better than kukly without cheat xD
2014-11-22 16:58:40
Lol bullshit story. Get rekt newb.
2014-11-22 16:59:03
maybe kennyS cheat. just saying
or speculating right thorin? cause our opinion is worthless and u have the gift of righteousness. now that i saw his shots and some kenny shots. they look a like. inhuman reactions.
2014-11-22 17:01:56
i dont give a shit about bans but Sf is so dumb omg he had steam id 0:0:18...
2014-11-22 17:16:56
really? omg
2014-11-22 17:19:17
Who's next in line?
2014-11-22 18:16:50
"for a week" HAH get a load of this shit
2014-11-22 20:12:23

hahahahahahaha check it GUYS ! :D
2014-11-22 23:34:50
Why he didn't try that cheat program on smurf acc? Why does his need to use hack on his first account?
2014-11-23 04:02:14
bcz hes lieing. "want to try out ONLY on pub/mm" omg,sure not.. dont be so naive
2014-11-23 11:33:48
2014-11-23 12:17:30
kqly is already cheating on second account under name headstyle

2014-11-24 00:09:41
kqly retard
2014-11-24 14:44:57
why the fuck tries to cheat, he play good...
2014-11-24 22:35:33
kqly is best. f0ck haters
2014-11-25 01:39:32
planted would like you to jail
2014-11-25 06:02:31
for a week... or 30 weeks u fckn scumbag eat dogshit!!!!
2014-11-25 18:41:45
Welp, what now?
2017-03-24 01:49:12

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