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DH: "Overpass will be replayed"
Time: 2014-11-29 04:50
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Christian "Hellspawn" Lord, the tournament director of DreamHack, has shed some light on the decision of replaying the whole of Overpass between LDLC and fnatic in the following interview.

During the last map of the LDLC-fnatic quarter-final match, de_overpass, fnatic used a controversial position on the CT spawn, which allowed them to see a big part of the map.

After fnatic ended up winning 16-13, LDLC decided to file a complaint against "pixel-walking", suggesting that the boost the fnatic player was using was against the rules.

However, after investigating the situation for several hours, DreamHack announced that there was no such rule in the official rulebook, as the last time pixel-walking was forbidden was at DreamHack Summer 2013.

These rules were never in place for DreamHack major tournaments, the exact rules of DreamHack Winter 2014 are not publicly available, but were said to be provided to teams prior to the event.

olofm used the position in question

During the investigation, DreamHack revealed that the position could be exploited in other ways, as the boosted player couldn't have been shot from most angles. In certain cases, the position would reveal a transparent texture, although those conditions weren't met by fnatic.

As a result, DreamHack decided that the entire second half would be replayed. Fnatic decided to file a complaint of their own afterwards, as LDLC used a similar position on the first side of Overpass.

Taking the new information into consideration, DreamHack then took some more time to investigate LDLC's cases before the final decision was made. The third map, Overpass, will be replayed in full at 16:30 after the first semi-final.

Christian "Hellspawn" Lord payed us a visit at the hotel afterwards to give us a full statement and an interview, which you can watch by hitting play below:

This is the main reason that there needs to be an over-arching CS rules committee (and standard set of rules) for major tournaments. Allowing individual LAN tournament officials to make, change, and justify rules on a whim should not be tolerated by our community.

Valve piggy-backing on existing events is fine, but allowing local admins with no set qualifications is horrendous. Valve spends a lot of money to fly the best commentators to the events to provide the best possible experience for spectators.

How about someone does the same for a set team of admins so this kind of mockery doesn't happen in the future?

Edit: Mockery being back and forth decisions that take place behind closed doors with only one team present for 7-8 hours due to no clear rules in place beforehand.

Edit #2: Not to mention, the admin stated it was illegal at Summer event, but NOT MENTIONED in the rules for Winter. As a player at many international events, I would assume it would still be illegal unless explicitly changed in the new rules posting.

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2014-11-29 04:50:41

Dreamhack admins is clearly biased on this matter. LDLC should be punished for using an exploit, but fnatic should be punished harder for using an exploit every round for an entire half. The punishment for LDLC should be that fnatic doesnt get insta DQ, and the punishment for fnatic should be to play from the half (12-3)
2014-11-29 04:59:44
most retarded logic i've ever seen.
2014-11-29 05:04:19
so if I stole bread from your mother I should get then same punishment as if I killed your mother?
2014-11-29 05:09:18
nope but if you kill my mother and other guy kill my mother and kick his ass is the same thing
2014-11-29 05:13:11
There is no point in discussing the level of penalty that should be applied.
The issue here is the unprofessionalism of DH2014 admin team. Yes, the statement is very clear. However, LDLC used this boost in other games as well. Should those be canceled as well then ? I believe the way LDLC used their boost in comparison with the one of Fnatic is still fairplay, but still from the rule book it's not allowed, so it should have been stoped BEFORE, the first time they did it... That way, Fnatic would never have dared to make such a stun.

Also, why exactly aren't the rules of DH2014 publicly available ? This makes zero sens except if the admins aren't confident in their skills to identify rule breaking and risking a backslash from the community. Well now they got the backslash anyway.

Now, it's sad to see unmature kids playing at being pro. Fnatic is really the worst with regards to fairplay and professionnalism as would be expected at that level : They knew the boost since 2 month, it's part of their job to report such issues, not to keep quiet and use them in competitive play...

Anyway, EZ skin EZ life for those not registered yet : http://splur.gy/r/Zzdkh/r/2SXQwvqbfQM
2014-11-29 09:50:06
It doesnt really mather if the rules are public available or not, the community, the viewers are not the admins and should never have any say in any decision at any point in any tourment.
Final decision should always be done by tourment admins.
2014-11-29 11:07:42
Transparency on the rules is an utmost important factor in all sports, be it eSport or not. It provides the basis for trust in the game so that investors, bets, viewers and the community in general is assured that unforseen and unfair event are not likelly to happen. There is not a single sport competition, including games like chest, go, ... were the rules of a tournament are not publicly available. This seems to be something you see only in eSport, which prove that the competitive scene is not yet mature. For the rest I agree with you, when there is a controversy and the interpretation of the rule is unclear, the final decision is up to the admin. Yet from the video, we see that part of their decision, despite using experts and lot of research, is based on input from the community. Hence making the rule public would actually make their job easier.
2014-11-29 12:12:49
Sure fnatic are indeed pieces of shits, not like that is news to anyone (I hope). But the thing is here, nobody actually did a complaint about pixelwalking before this and when LDLC did it this time (with good reasons of course) you have to take in account that they did pixelwalk aswell the same game... Fnatics way of doing it made a REALLY big difference compared to LDLD's of course, but rules are rules are they not? I'm still torn on this, I think I would rather see a replay of the second half, but again LDLC DID pixelwalk so.. maybe this is the best call, maybe not.
2014-11-29 12:23:40
I agree with you but a little correction: Pixelwalking is not the issue here, it's allowed in this tournament apparently. The issue is double and apply to both boost spot:
> you have partial invincibility, meaning you can shoot people who cannot shoot you back from where they are (even if they can see you, the bullet cannot it that spot)
> you have part of the background which get transparent at some angles (none of the team used those angle), making you see through things you shouldn't be able to see through.
2014-11-29 12:36:16
Nope the Fnatic boost isn't affected by the hitbox boost bug, and it's possible to shoot Olofm without being shot yourself, get on the playground on the thing kids slide down (I don't know the English word :D), jump and look if there is a a boosted player, and then just shoot through the plants.
2014-11-29 12:57:40
Why should other games be canceled if no one of players did complaint of them?
2014-11-29 12:38:25
+1 haha
2014-11-29 11:26:02
No one watches video answering their questions.

Must be hard for you guys to focus for more than 10 seconds.
2014-11-29 05:21:59
+1 xD
2014-11-29 10:46:23
Your logic is just wrong m8 the example you're going for should be "If I stole bread from your mother I should get then same punishment as if I stolen bread every day from your mother"
Get yourself together, then come and talk with good and organizated ideas !
2014-11-29 06:49:13
you can should rather use if i killed your mother quickly or slowly cause there wasnt such a huge differents + the decision is final
2014-11-29 09:04:48
both of ur posts are moronic, pls stop bringing ur fnatic hate or ldlc fanboyism into the situation, thank god u arent an admin. Boost exploit is a boost exploit, no matter how many rounds its used. pls go away.
2014-11-29 11:34:37
What fnatic did wasn't against the rules. There's no reason why they should be punished more severely.
2014-11-29 12:01:25
+1 lol
2014-11-29 05:15:33
2014-11-29 05:49:58
Funny how 3/4 HLTV users can't even read and watch the interview and just scream "oh fuckin fnatic!!! and admins and everything..." :D
2014-11-29 12:12:53
Stupid logic and obviously didn't listen to the video. Fnatics spot was 100% legit and was only cheating if they scoped on a certain spot, which they didn't. It was actually LDLCs spot that had the immortal bug and was seeing through textures (and error by the editor of this piece). If anything LDLC should receive a penalty for using their position. However the rule to rematch is the fairest.

All Fnatic haters just got dealt a nice cold pint of sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Best team in the world. And they aren't cheating to do it. Cry more.
2014-11-29 05:19:49
Yeah. Don't think a single person watched the video at all. It basically explained everything calmly and well. But why the fuck even try to understand when you can have the attentionspan of a planck time and scream instead.
2014-11-29 05:24:21
So true.. when the VACation came to KQLY n' SF the community just went full retard on fnatic for some weird reason. And they have a video that explains EVERY LITTE THING ABOUT WHAT's HAPPENING and they don't even understand :mindblown:
2014-11-29 06:51:19

ofc they aren't. They are just the best, that's why people hate 'em.
btw flusha is my favourite aimer, he's so damn good!! And pronax was soooooo awesome on cache!! That's what i call training :D
2014-11-29 05:43:17
noob i hate fnatic! but its not wh..
2014-11-29 08:34:35
Yeah, they might be the best team in the world, but this was handled unfair. Olofmeister was actually one of my favorite players, but I've literally just lost all of respect for fnatic. And btw maiz, you're a fucking retard.
2014-11-29 08:43:29
Dude, could you tell me please what does "Immortal bug" mean?
2014-11-29 11:04:35
If you do that boost your hitbox messes up and they must aim at your chest to do an hs, which is partially covered. Also they can hit you only from some parts of the map.
2014-11-29 11:34:53
did you watch the video? the fnatic spot is legal by DH rules, and valve is to blame, which I've said from the first fucking minute
2014-11-29 05:21:47
i agree with u. rematch with 0-0 is a fucking joke. ldlc actualy didnt have to be punish because they boost on a truck and they didnt exploit map. meanwhile fnatic boost on pixelwalk. fnatic have to be DQ
2014-11-29 06:36:34
Pixelwalking was allowed. Both teams used other exploit, and they probably didn't even know they did. Fnatic just happened to use theirs for more than LDLC did. Get your head out of the hatetrain and think with your own brains.
2014-11-29 09:37:21
lol ur such an angry fangirl, u didnt even watch the interview, both boosts were 100% legal. The only reason that the match is being replayed is bc of texture issues from the boost and the fact that u cant be shot whilke boosting in those spots. BOTH FNATIC AND LDLC broke the rules. FNATIC DIDNT BREAK THE RULES MORE THAN LDLC, STOP BEING FANGIRLS EVERYBODY. LDLC BROKE THE RULES TOO.
2014-11-29 11:47:36
wtf, never go full retard
2014-11-29 09:30:17
2014-11-29 11:34:16
I stopped reading after "...admins is..."
2014-11-29 11:32:08
IF a team exploited a bug once, twice, three three times or four times, the half will be replayed. That was the rule. Both teams knew that if they exploit a bug, the half would be restarted. What they didn't know was that they were exploiting a new unknown bug called "immortal bug".

This isn't real life, this is Esports. Dreamhack can make their own rules, which is exatly what they did. They decided (before the tournament) that it doesn't matter how many times you use a bug, the punishment will be the same.

Fnatic exploited the bug 14 times = half will be replayed

LDLC exploted the bug 4 times = the first half will be replayed as well

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:44:17
2014-11-29 11:42:52
DH admins watch this 10 round and now replayed whole scene its bullshi....
2014-11-29 12:53:50
Yes. This. So much this.

We absolutely need some sort of central authority to standardise the rules of the game as well as to moderate and enforce a blacklist of cheaters which all tournaments feed into, from Dreamhack to CEVO to ESL to whatever.
2014-11-29 05:00:00
Exactly. Well put.
2014-11-29 05:03:42
Exactly, in our consolidated agreement at work, all rules stand unless amended. I'm sure no one made a conscious decision to add pixel boosting. Probably someone incompetent left it out and LDLC have to pay the price.
2014-11-29 05:15:24
I'm just confused as to why it seems pixel boosts are banned in one dreamhack and legit in another. (just what ive been hearing, haven't fully researched this yet)
2014-11-29 05:34:20
They mentioned one at the log stack at banana so maybe they thought it was legit or too hard to police so they decided to allow pixel boosting. They should always have a disclaimer that Admins can make over ruling decisions in exceptional cases for bad sportsmanship/game breaking exploits etc. seems like they looked back through the rules pack and had nothing on pixel boosting so decided they can't do anything. Sometimes a bit of common sense is needed and they need a rule to accommodate this. Match should be replayed from 13-3 imo, in the spirit of fair play.
2014-11-29 05:46:40

but i really think NIP, NAVI and VP at least should discuss whether they should take any action for this mishandling of DH.

I sure if they leave the tournament, DH lost all his sponsors and never again organize a tournament of CS.

DH made it clear that there is no specific rule for this situation and that many teams use these bugs... then clearly they solved this issue according to LOGIC I guess. ok then using logic. How LDLC can be punished in the same way that FNATIC? no logic in that and you can ask any representative of any team that is participating in DH even titan and epsilon and I'm sure all agree that it is unfair to penalize both in the same way.

This is what DH is doing by sending a replay all match. penalize both equally when the logic clearly shows that the boost made by LDLC not give the same benefits as done by FNATIC. No need to be a professional player to realize that.

Since we do not have a rule that penalizes both teams equally to make these boost, then also must be use "LOGIC" for impart his punishment

what made LDLC may be punished or not like when other teams found boosts in inferno and other maps which later was removed but the teams were not punished because they don't get excessive advantage as if it is done for fnatic.

but OKEY OKEY... DH want to be drastic and punish LDLC? okay... But how? DH pretend to punish the same way to fnatic when they had a virtually panoramic of the entire map and got kills everywhere ... WHERE IS THE LOGIC?

----- this is disgusting and exceeds all limits of tolerance : https://twitter.com/lurppis_/status/53845578576090..

----- How all pro scene (pro players, coaches , managers) commentators (from ESL, ESEA, TWITCH, ETC) and specialized people can see that the decision taken by DREAMHACK is a joke and they can not realize for this? the whole community is united against this desicion .

They think all the other 12 or 16 professional teams hate to fnatic? all expert commentators hate to fnatic? all other organizations like ESEA, ESL hate to fnatic? and all shown their dissatisfaction in social networks with the decision taken by DH to repeat the whole match

only dreamhack can not see the mistake that is committing...

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2014-11-29 09:24:49
2014-11-29 04:50:43
2014-11-29 04:50:50
fucking embarrassing

I lost 100% of the little respect I had left for fnatic.

DH: "Oh we forgot to add no pixelwalking in the rules, eh wtf let's just let it be legal"

Hope LDLC rape the living shit out of fnatic.
inb4 mad cuz lost skins. Didn't bet.

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2014-11-29 04:50:53
Yeah, LDLC use immortal bugs. Fnatic use a spot that can overview the entire map which as Mr Lord said is not up to DreamHack to decide if it's illegal. I don't see why Fnatic have to play this again.
2014-11-29 05:01:54
They have to play again because DH forgot to add no pixelwalking to the rule set.
2014-11-29 05:05:31
they didn't forget they said it was allowed like the boost on inferno
2014-11-29 07:17:07
but they didnt play inferno. why does it matter then? or i just misunderstood something? =)
2014-11-29 10:35:51
however the boost made some walls transparent and this is forbidden in the existing dh ruleset
2014-11-29 09:43:55
If they forget its their foult. Itsa shame fnatic have to replay that map.
2014-11-29 13:54:24
they don't HAVE to play again they GET to play again.

2014-11-29 05:12:06
Show 1 spot the immortal bug made a difference?
2014-11-29 05:17:17
It's honestly a laughable matter. Just deduct points for every round LDLC did that, and do the same to fnatic for every round they used the pixelwalking bug abuse to see 70% of the map. . .

Oh wait, that would mean the fnatic boys would be at a tremendous disadvantage since they used it the whole 2nd half, and carn the old buddy of hellspawn sure think that being a serial offender is the same as first time offender.

DHW just covered it's bias under the pretense of fair judgement since both sides used a bug, not how much and how big the impact was.

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:47:00
2014-11-29 05:45:56
2014-11-29 06:11:44
LDLC broke the rules that were handed to the teams prior to the event. Fnatic broke no such rule, as when they sign the contracts for an event it only covers the time period of the event. As such with no rule present in this dreamhacks set against pixel-walking, but with one against immortal spots. Fnatic should advance, the game should not be played again. But as they are forcing it to happen a complete reset is only 'fair' (its not, ldlc should already be going home and have been banned as soon as they used an immortal spot)
2014-11-29 08:38:43
There was also an immortal bug on the fnatic boost spot, so that goes both way.
2014-11-29 09:23:22
Justice happened and fnatic had to forfeit to keep their face. Laws of karma.
2014-11-29 15:26:42
I hope that they did not forget to add "no cheating" in the rules.
2014-11-29 05:16:24
We'll never know, it looks like the rules were only given to the players. Not the public, for some reason.
2014-11-29 05:32:09
2014-11-29 09:28:27
not really... that's an unfair argument, because you're not passing any of the blame onto valve, the creators of this bug who ignored it for 2 months
2014-11-29 05:22:39
Why would I pass blame on to valve? They didn't make the map. They might have playtested the map, and looked for eventual bugs, but as you can see on reddit (somewhere) the pixelboost isn't even visible with hammer. That makes no sense.
2014-11-29 05:24:54
they ignored the report of the boost from 2 months ago
2014-11-29 05:36:21
Do you have a solid source of it getting reported, or are you just assuming a youtube video is a report?
2014-11-29 05:39:44
the 1 single report that got taken down by the reporter until he put it back up today lol.
2014-11-29 06:31:44
fnatic asked to remove the boost from reddit 4 month ago , they should be dq

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2014-11-29 11:44:53
swede pls translate


it's from another thread

Post edited 2014-11-29 06:38:52
2014-11-29 06:38:27
The conclusion is that the match will be replayed because both teams used some sort of bug.

Post edited 2014-11-29 09:29:31
2014-11-29 09:23:13
>tbh wouldnt the best thing to do be to remove the rounds where the teams use the glitch?
>so the score is 12-3
>LDLC used the boost 1-2 times? and fnatic 12-13 times if im not mistaken?
>so, either 11-4 or 12-3 would be the most logical result to use at a match restart.

lillRobbaN:Im talking to Patrik nu regarding the result. Now, after speaking with Patrik, Christian and Tomas , we have decided that there is going to be a total wipe of the score because both teams used the bugs that exist.

Since the pixelbug doesn't violate any rules it's the other bugs that made us rule this way.
2014-11-29 10:06:33
Actually, dw admitted they knew for 2 months about this and kept the info hidden for a moment like this, when only such godspot saved them from leaving the event.

So I would argue this is not a DH issue, but a communication issue from fnatic with Valve devs, who specifically asked for pro-feedback on overpass in order to make it a better map, worthy for a major, a major funded from your sticker money.

It was a nice intense match up until that boost, then it became barely watchable, even though I placed my stick to fnatic.
2014-11-29 13:08:07
LDLC's boost wasn't even an immortal spot
2014-11-29 06:45:28
2014-11-29 04:50:54
DH changes rules without telling anyone, fnatic unknowingly benefits from this coincidence having been down 13-3. It's not like every other tournament and every previous DH tournament, bans or banned pixelwalking.

What is still illegal? Being able to see over that particular wall at all.

Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

Unless, of course, DH also changed that rule too without telling anyone.

No one is buying it DH. Your brand stinks now. Be careful drafting the new pdf, rest assured every tech savvy person is going to be mining it to figure out if it was actually made before that match was played.

As for you fnatic, I was a relentless defender of flusha and olof against rookie hackusations for weeks now. I enjoyed watching you guys play and kick ass while half the community was trying to hound you out of the tournament. Now? You spit in my face by exploiting like that.

Sure, LDLC might have violated the rule once or twice, unknowingly, but instead you guys most likely knew you were violating what you thought was still a rule (like every other pro did).

I don't buy it for one second that you didn't know you weren't on a visible edge. It takes 2 seconds with the invisible wall command in console to verify there is in fact no visible edge. When you base your whole strat on that one move during the biggest game of the tournament, you'd know if it was pixelwalking or not, and it is.

If you had any integrity you would have talked to Valve or DH admins about it prior to the tournament so as to not cause a massive clsterfk in the middle of a major tournament being watched by 300,000 people. Not only have you screwed it up for LDLC, but for all the other competitors of tomorrow who have to deal with these middle of the night updates, schedule changes and drama.

You were down 12-3, and decided to take the chance that maybe it would be allowed, because what is the worst thing that could happen? You would lose a game you already lost.

If you don't forfeit tomorrow's match, you will have permanently set a huge segment of the GO community against you for blatantly cheating in a major tournament.

Don't pretend you don't owe us anything and it is just you vs the world. Your fans and this community made you, without us you aren't playing for all this money. Without us you have no sponsors. You answer to your fans, and instead you shat all over them. You betrayed Valve's trust that you would provide feedback on the new competitive maps by not reporting a map breaking exploit. You betrayed the trust with your fellow competitors by trying to cheat.

There are no words, you are morally bankrupt, and this tournament will be permanently tainted unless they rectify the decision immediately.

DH needs to forfeit rounds that LDLC might have exploited to fnatic, and do the same for LDLC. LDLC advances. That is the only acceptable choice they can make, because they have already admitted it was in fact an exploit. Also, fix the dispute resolution process... fnatic can stick around to make their case, and LDLC can't? As if this situation doesn't stink so bad already.

I hope some teams boycott tomorrow until DH changes their decision.

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2014-11-29 04:50:54
+ fucking 9999999999
2014-11-29 04:53:32
totally agreed
2014-11-29 05:01:08
"DH changes rules without telling anyone, fnatic unknowingly benefits from this coincidence having been down 13-3. It's not like every other tournament and every previous DH tournament, bans or banned pixelwalking."

What are you talking about? He clearly stated everyone in the tournament was given a copy of the rules prior to the tournament.

LDLC disputed fnatic's play and won their dispute. Olofs position allowed him to see through textures and not get shot because that position is protected by invisible brushes.

fnatic then protested LDLC's play because, from the top of the truck, LDLC could see through textures and they were also protected by invisible brushes.

So what is your problem?

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:04:01
2014-11-29 05:03:25

??? the rules clearly state pixel walking is illegal yet he says its now legal.
2014-11-29 05:05:58
learn to read "DHS13"
2014-11-29 05:07:25
so they don't even bother to put the new rules up.. really professional event.
2014-11-29 05:17:15
Who gives a shit if you know the rules? You're not playing. The players all had the rules before the tournament.
2014-11-29 05:56:47
DHS13.pdf=Dream Hack Summer 2013?
2014-11-29 05:19:34
"He clearly stated everyone in the tournament was giving a copy of the rules prior to the tournament."

And he also claim that the community misunderstood how this tournament is run.
But the community used old rules because the new ones have not been release to the public.

Avoiding which-hunt si good, but it's hard when the rules are kept secret to the public?

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:13:22
2014-11-29 05:12:26
post DH'14 rules than and put an end to this? i mean its just CTLR+C CTRL+V and half the witch hunt is solved already. even a random player could post it since they had it apparently
2014-11-29 05:40:02
wow, you really are sad.
2014-11-29 05:03:29
this is perfect.
Absolutely perfect
2014-11-29 05:03:40
this! +9001
2014-11-29 05:04:13
2014-11-29 05:05:28
i just read the first part of your comment and as you said they should deduct rounds when the boost was used. Ldlc also used a boost similar to that so if they deducted rounds from both sides the resulting score would be ldlc 7-3 fnatic, and in that situation fnatic would be at advantage because they already have 3 rounds at their T side and there are still 5 more rounds which could go either way
2014-11-29 05:07:24
I don't think you know how that works at all. The final score for LDLC would be First half wins, rounds where they used the boost automatically forfeited to fnatic, then fnatic boost rounds forfeited to LDLC.

(12-5)=7+(15)=21 rounds for LDLC

Under Dreamhack's old "exploit = round forfeited to other team" rule it would be trivial to realize that LDLC forfeited 5 rounds and fnatic forfeited 15 rounds. So the final score was 21-9.
2014-11-29 09:57:17
Oh my bad, thanks for correcting me
2014-11-29 09:59:18
I love you.
2014-11-29 05:09:00
+10000 fuck valve, fuck dh, fuck swedes.
2014-11-29 05:11:10
Not every swede is on fnatics side you know, so fuck you.

Post edited 2014-11-29 10:26:29
2014-11-29 10:26:19
Apparently every swede in DH is lol.
2014-11-29 10:38:32
The joke began when Flipside got nominated instead of mousesports. These douchebags called DH admins are losers in real Life and they should feel bad. They do everything to get the most money out of every situation. At least the company name Fnatic is damaged now.
2014-11-29 11:37:16
+1 I honestly thought mousesports were a viable competitor unless a vacban is coming for chrisJ. Its weird they avoid it but still, I think mousesports should of def got an invite to qualifiers atleast..

These fucking DH admin douches are fucking ridiculous. The most biased cunts on the planet and they're in a position to ruin LDLC's dream of winnnig a major.

Fuck this shit
2014-11-29 11:40:52
"DH changes rules without telling anyone"

The guy clearly says all teams were sent the rules in advance. The players probably had to agree to them formally even to be allowed to participate in the tournament. And according to the rules in place, DH's decision was correct. The rules are clearly retarded, and that's a big problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. But the decision, technically speaking, was probably correct.
2014-11-29 05:11:52
This. If the tournament rules indeed did not have a rule against pixel boosting it is in fact legal to use.

That the boost spot generated texture transparencies is the problem then.

I understand the decision made by the admins but I still think it's really harsh to restart at 0-0 considering I didn't see any real advantages LDLC had due to their boost in the match compared to fnatic. In my opinion the 12-3 was a fair scoreline.
2014-11-29 05:19:30
Yeah, I think that'd be fair too. LDLC didn't really benefit at all from their bug explotation; at the very harshest you could remove the one round that they did use it. Fnatic, on the other hand, won because of the bug exploitation. They used it virtually every round, for god's sake. It's a completely different level of offence. Unfortunately the rules don't accommodate for that subtlety. According to the rules, exploiting is exploiting, and the punishment is the same for all.

2014-11-29 05:24:26
While the technically correct decision cannot be argued with, it is a problem where common sense would overwrite basic and "equal justice", cause anyone can see their boost kept them in the semifinals, while on the other team, just gave them vision on a small part of the map in a small angle.
2014-11-29 13:18:56
Yep. It's an ironic case where following the letter of the law actually results in an unfair decision.
2014-11-29 13:25:48
Not to mention it was the first round, whereas Fnatic used that spot that allowed you to see over half the map the entirety of the second half. I'm sorry but that's fucking ridiculous and these DHW admins are bias as fuck. It's a borderline wallhack. They (LDLC) should start at atleast 12-3 if not the 13-3.
2014-11-29 06:36:54
Real score was 21 LDLC to 9 fnatic. Forfeited rounds where exploits were used, per the Dreamhack rules used in the past.
2014-11-29 10:02:30
+1 dreamhack is rigged and be regarded as a dirty organisation
2014-11-29 05:11:58
well put
2014-11-29 05:11:58
+1 well said
2014-11-29 05:19:26
Can't agree more!
2014-11-29 05:25:39
2014-11-29 05:26:21
1. if you watch olofm on the GOTV, it's obvious he thought he was visible and he jumped down early most rounds to prevent being seen

2. you have unrealistic expectations of admins, they're not going to go through the entire match and add a round here, round there; it gets too messy; too debatable

3. i agree fnatic had the feeling that this spot would be controversial, but i don't agree they did this with malicious intent

4. if roles were changed, you do think LDLC would not have used that boost, knowing that it's in full compliance with DH's rules (assuming they didn't know about the texture transparency)?
2014-11-29 05:29:32
I know it is not a coincidence that the only people supporting fnatic's case are Swedish.
2014-11-29 05:50:19
I support both teams. I want the map to be replayed without boosts. If LDLC win, I'll be just as happy as if fnatic win. Again, I do agree fnatic knew this spot was overpowered
2014-11-29 05:58:50
I'm from the UK, I think that some fnatic players have cheated at points, but I do not class what happened against LDLC as 'cheating' or even wrong, they used the only advantage they could find, which was within the rule set, fnatic won fair.

I find it funny how many are claiming fnatic should be dq'd even though LDLC cheated first and should have been banned on the spot, or at least a force pause with the round being played over.
2014-11-29 09:02:57
But that didn't happen. Instead the rounds were allowed to continue. Real score was 21 LDLC to 9 fnatic. Forfeited rounds where exploits were used, per the Dreamhack rules used in the past.
2014-11-29 09:59:46
If roles were changed, this is the 2nd thing If ldlc do this they will start at 12-3 or 13-3 for fnatic
2014-11-29 09:51:34
"4. if roles were changed, you do think LDLC would not have used that boost, knowing that it's in full compliance with DH's rules (assuming they didn't know about the texture transparency)?"

Swedish kids keep making that argument, but it's completely irrelevant speculation. They didn't abuse that bug, period. If you were literally Stalin, you would have probably killed people too, so what, you weren't and you didn't.
2014-11-29 13:06:34
Doesn't matter, they break the rules and they also use this bug against other team.

Ldlc use bug to gain 13-2 advantage = fait.

Fnatic use bug to gain 16-14 = omgbbq bug!!

Its not fnatic's fault the boost is op or the ldlc's is weaker
2014-11-29 14:10:30
Its like you didnt even read. The rules was sent out to the players.
2014-11-29 05:53:33
Yeah obviously LDLC broke the rules "unknowingly" ... jesus, how much fanboy can you be?

You won't boycott shit and you will watch DH like everyone else, so stop that whining and enjoy the re-played map.

May the best team win.
2014-11-29 06:22:59
Real score was 21 LDLC to 9 fnatic. Forfeited rounds where exploits were used, per the Dreamhack rules used in the past.
2014-11-29 10:00:29
2014-11-29 07:51:38
well spoken sir
2014-11-29 08:03:46
lol so why would they take the second instance of cheating as the worst? I love pointing this out to you guys and girls who really can't understand the world around you. LDLC cheated first, the game should have either been paused there and then and fnatic given that exact round on the spot or LDLC DQ'd on the spot, this would have been 'fair' but remember that ldlc would have had to lose their cash for the round win bonus, which would have changed the entire game anyway. They should have had someone go over during the game and speak to the teams after the rounds they 'cheated' (don't class it as cheats myself) in
2014-11-29 08:49:43
2014-11-29 09:30:09
Oh my god that was so gay.
Both used an advantage, map gets replayed, end of story.

PS: Im not that into Fnatic, but this is getting out of hand. DS.
2014-11-29 10:36:38
+1 rematch from 0-0 is a fucking joke it should be 13-3.Just compare how many kill smithzz does with his boost (0) and olof (almost all his ct side kills)
carn did few blowjob and they replay from 0-0.
2014-11-29 11:12:38
"You were down 12-3, and decided to take the chance that maybe it would be allowed, because what is the worst thing that could happen? You would lose a game you already lost."

2014-11-29 11:20:39
True +1
2014-11-29 12:35:42
thank you canadian!
2014-11-29 12:54:16
"You were down 12-3, and decided to take the chance that maybe it would be allowed, because what is the worst thing that could happen? You would lose a game you already lost."

This is exactly why I find it cheating. It is like playing a match, and if you lose, you can just pull the plug and get a rematch or win because of your exploit. I find it so disgusting. There's no sportsmanship over it, no fairness, no honour in winning when the opponent is down on the ground because of an exploit.

http://www.tubechop.com/watch/4242142 <-- This clip shows to me that in this scene Achilles is an honourable opponent. Because he want to win a fair battle, man against man, he won't let a stone/exploit take his glory. People would always say in the history books he only won the battle, because he was lucky that "Hector" fell over a stone. The same with Fnatic, you will never remember Fnatic for winning this battle man to man, they are simply spearing a person lying on the floor, that is what I find disgusting.

If Fnatic get this match "restarted" then again Fnatic won from their cheating. Because being down 12-3 with LDLC on fire, there was a huge chance that LDLC would win. Much larger percentage for them to win than for fnatic to win. So by that logic, fnatic got the best out of this, because them cheating allows them a second chance. Then can correct all their mistakes from the first match, while LDLC mentally will be weaker because they have been pooped on. LDLC is just the greatest loser in this entire game DH and Fnatic are creating. Dreamhack is sending a message that it is okay to cheat, because you can just get your match restarted.

It is like playing a match well-knowing that if you win, you don't care, but if you lose, you can play a card that makes you DQ the opponent, or at least get the match restarted. Winning the map 2 times in a row on such a level is incredible hard, and therefore LDLC again has to bend over and receive.

I am a huge fan that people do everything to win, as long as it in good sportsmanship and following the rules. In football you can also play physically and fight a lot, without kicking the opponent from behind. It's simply the way that you do it that matters.
2014-11-29 13:53:44
Why were fnatic allowed to file their complaint so late though? They wouldn't be able to file that complaint if they treated them the same way they treated LDLC. I know hellspawn and carn are old friends, and I hope that didn't play into their decision to let fnatic represents stay, while sending LDLC to their hotel rooms.
2014-11-29 04:50:57
You can't be a judge of something if you have any biased relations with the parties involved i.e. these 2 being friends. Forgot what the courts call it.

Edit: Conflict of interest

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:14:02
2014-11-29 05:13:18
Just curious if you watched the same video I did? He clearly said that they didn't send anyone to their hotels. They just had to close the E-sport area which they do every night? And after that the evaluation were behind closed doors with no one from LDLC or Fnatic inside.?
2014-11-29 05:19:29
so LDLC is lying then? Because they stated that they got told to go back to the hotel and wait for a text message, while fnatic could stay at the event.

And the fact that it took 6 hours to come to a conclusion of LDLCs complaint, and only 30 minutes on fnatics complaint is fucking mind boggling.

what a horrible mess this is, and I did not have much respect for fnatic before this, not I have none left. scumbag team, scumbag players. GGWP.
2014-11-29 05:52:21
You're making zero sense. Yes, they could be lying, or just don't know better because fnatic was there five mins after they left.

It took them 6 hours because they didn't even judge this on was LDLC reported, pixelwalking. Even though 'pixelwalking' is 'legal' Fnatic wasn't doing it period, there was a visible. Ledge. It don't matter if it had been made to clip, it HAD a VISIBLE. LEEEEEEEEDGGGGGGE. And he could get on it. So it was legal anyways.

Fnatic was hit for seeing through a texture at that boost level, which is why they were reprimanded. It took them 6 hours to review this case, and come up with that decision, because they had to research it. Fnatic then submits on LDLC's boost, which had the SAME glitch. They don't have to do 6 hours of research since they just punshed Fnatic for this(although it was a utterly useless bug, the texture in question only showed a little bit of t-spawn when invis).

Honestly, LDLC and their frenchboys should be praising their almight gawd, because they are getting another shot at this on a purely luck technicality. If that RANDOM texture didn't glitch, there would be no reason for a replay.
2014-11-29 06:15:02
"If that RANDOM texture didn't glitch, there would be no reason for a replay."

No shit cause LDLC would have won the match :)
2014-11-29 06:45:39
...What's wrong with your brain? It wouldn't have kept them from boosting, I'm not talking about boosting, I'm talking about the view, in their peripheral vision looking around there's a missing texture covering part of t-spawn, a small amount. If that texture didn't glitch, both teams would have used their boost, and Fnatic would have won with no overturn. LDLC is lucky, that's all.
2014-11-29 06:48:15
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.

Post edited 2014-11-29 10:06:19
2014-11-29 10:05:07
But how would you punish a team for the Reg looking at you, and telling you it's legal. It's not like this was questionable the whole time it happened, admins gave them the go ahead to keep doing it.
2014-11-29 16:30:55
tbh this is pretty absurd :/
2014-11-29 04:51:15
2014-11-29 04:51:22
2014-11-29 04:51:32
I hope LDLC beat Fnatic until they cry
2014-11-29 04:51:33
I'd love to see this happen.. and I'm not talking about in game.
2014-11-29 04:56:24
I'm talking about both
2014-11-29 04:56:56
gl with that lol ldlc is the smallest and most frail team in csgo xD
2014-11-29 05:09:00
Pasha was on LDLC's side, should be ez.
2014-11-29 05:33:48
Yeah because pasha is going to get charged with assault, disqualified, and lose his job for ldlc.
2014-11-29 05:54:35
Yeah but they're friends with Pasha who could probably bench press the whole fnatic team one handed...

Pretty sure most of the pro scene would like to see fnatic get smashed. Fifflaren's reaction sums things up perfectly, he was disgusted.
2014-11-29 06:11:15
Not to discount pashas strength but jw is a heavy individual ;)
2014-11-29 06:38:53
JW and Flusha, star players of team Fatnatic ;)
2014-11-29 07:34:25
haha. frenchies can't fight mate
2014-11-29 05:30:36
Fnatic get to see an entire ct half for ldlc. They get to see what the did and plan a counter. Ldlc will watch 13 rounds of olof shooting them from that boost, they will not learn anything new.

2014-11-29 06:05:45
And LDLC gets to see 15 rounds of fnatic on T side.
2014-11-29 06:26:18
They already beat them 12-3, not much of an advantage
2014-11-29 06:33:01
i hope fnatic win 16-0. shut all the cry babies up. better team will move on tomorrow.
2014-11-29 06:33:25
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:07:51
VP 2:0
2014-11-29 04:51:37
esl > dreamhack
2014-11-29 04:51:50
2014-11-29 04:54:16
2014-11-29 04:55:46
haha, wtf. It's the same rules there
2014-11-29 05:04:10
No, in ESL pixel walking is banned.


CRTL+F "Pixel Walking"
2014-11-29 05:09:57
Yeah but still no action being taken against it since it's being used all the time.

a-site peeking house from boxes on inferno = Pixel-walk
Banana self-boosting on logs = pixel-walk

It's a part of csgo and is therefor stupid to bring out.
2014-11-29 05:16:46
Yes, maybe.
BUT if they did remove it from the rulebook, why didn't they say anything about it, seems like a semi-big deal, doesn't it?
2014-11-29 05:34:23
They did tell the players though
2014-11-29 17:00:02
Check NBK's twitter, LDLC did not get a rulebook.
2014-11-29 20:20:30
the CT spawn boost fnatic did is not pixel walking

sooner or later people will recognize the appropriate party to blame for creating and ignoring this ridiculous boost: Valve
2014-11-29 05:31:39
The Hammer screenshot says otherwise.
2014-11-29 05:33:25
oh my god.

educate yourself


just because lurpiss tweets something, doesn't make it true
2014-11-29 05:35:13
First of all "Educate yourself > link to HLTV" pls

Also, I read it on reddit not from lurrpis

Please explain why it's Valves fault.
2014-11-29 05:38:45
Well good news gay boy. Your dream team fnatic also used that spot when it was 13-9 to kill shox in sewer. So they did pixelwalk after all.
2014-11-29 08:46:46
first Kappa
2014-11-29 04:51:52
So if they don't have rules for the tournament that means they won't punish players if they will use cheats like aimbot or wh?

What an unprofessional tournament, such a joke really.

Feel so sorry for LDLC, hope they will win it tomorrow but it will be really hard after getting robbed from 13-3 score...
2014-11-29 04:52:11
where did he say they dont have any rules? they said that the DHW14 rules dont contain anything about pixel boosting.
2014-11-29 04:59:13
They should post the rules, then.

And explain what happened in the last 5 months that made him decide to allow pixelwalking.
2014-11-29 05:13:27
olofm's boost wasn't pixel walking, so it doesn't matter any way
2014-11-29 05:32:20
nice b8 m8
2014-11-29 05:55:06
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:10:02
They sent out rules to all the players he said? Deaf maybe?
2014-11-29 05:04:43
what? he said the rules in dreamhack summer 2013 where not used in dreamhack winter 2014, I dont think the public has access to these rules right now.
2014-11-29 05:14:50
Swedish admin mafia!
2014-11-29 04:52:17
DH is a sweden dictatorship
2014-11-29 04:55:01
He said they talked in a group of several admins.
2014-11-29 05:58:04
Fair decision for both teams.
2014-11-29 04:52:22
fair ?????

LDLC get knocked out the DH while fnatic admins (carn & devilwalk if I'm not mistaken) were talking to DH admins !!! and the MOST disgusting thing is they were COMPLAIN about to just rematch the 2nd half

this DH is a COMPLETE joke

2014-11-29 04:56:21
Joke is to see "/boycott" in several comments.
Do you really think that solves the problem? Think about it, bet you did not "/boycott" is that when you're in trouble, but finds a solution.
2014-11-29 05:20:53
the solution was just rematch the 2nd half and not the entire match I guess ! from now on the whole map will be replayed everything can happen (because teams watched the demo)
2014-11-29 05:27:25
I disagree,LDLC also made "pixelwalking" in 1nd half.
So, my opinion remains that it was a fair decision for both.
2014-11-29 05:39:34
not really because as I've said upper from now on fnatic know pretty much all t-side tactics of ldlc and on the other hand ldlc doesn't know that much about fnatic's tactics on ct-side

well admins made their choices and we can't change it so all we've to do is wait untill tomorrow !

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:47:12
2014-11-29 05:46:07
Just LDLC download and study the Demo, this is easy.

Fnatic will not get any advantage by use pixelwalking, you will see tomorrow.
2014-11-29 05:54:09
And what will ldlc learn from the demo? They will learn how olof boosted there and killed them. Meanwhile fnatic can learn all ldlc ct and t side tactics
2014-11-29 06:08:55
Was not the first time that fnatic played in overpass my friend, wait and see the game tomorrow, there will be no difference.
2014-11-29 07:14:05
You bet skins on fnatic lmfao
2014-11-29 04:57:18
not bet skins. is a waste of time.
2014-11-29 05:29:31
HHAHAHAH FAIR DECISION? how the fuck is this fair, LDLC was leading 13-3 in FAIR game, and then this cheaters started abusing this exploit all the time to win the game

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:00:02
2014-11-29 04:58:00
ldlc used it too though?
2014-11-29 05:10:06
yes it's fair you fucking retard. ldlc used a boost that allowed them to see more than they were supposed to, same goes for fnatic. replaying the map without any boosts that allow you to see more then you should is 100% fair. angry fucking fanboy nerd.
2014-11-29 05:19:46
2014-11-29 05:29:57
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:10:15
How does Pick'm Challenge work now?
2014-11-29 04:52:32
well... points aren't counted from the QF and the semi spot is left blank currently
2014-11-29 09:00:59

Post edited 2014-11-29 04:56:31
2014-11-29 04:52:48
absolutely disgusting, embarrassing, and a complete disgrace that it took 7 hours to come to a no decision and "just replay the map"
2014-11-29 04:52:54
overpass shoulnd be replayed. at least all map. if so, then from 12/3 score in favour for ldlc. if not, then fnatic should be disqualified. they abused rules in all rounds - by purpose, it was not accident, and all players know dh rules - not pixelwalk or so. so disqualification.
2014-11-29 04:53:01
Your logic is sad. It's proved that both teams has used an illegal boost. Why the fuck would only one team be punished?
Are you seriously that biased that you really think that?
2014-11-29 05:06:55
Then deduct rounds from both team when they used the boost.
-1 for LDLC
-14 for fnatic.
2014-11-29 07:54:55
count the amount used by LDLC, then count the amount used by fnatic. Now look at what is clever use, and what is clear abuse and bm.
2014-11-29 08:25:19
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:10:50
finally, took like 8 hours to watch a demo
2014-11-29 04:53:03
Really hope dreamhack loses it major status esl all the way
2014-11-29 04:53:12
2014-11-29 04:54:25

Go dreamhack
2014-11-29 04:55:05
"as the last time pixel-walking was forbidden was at DreamHack Summer 2013. These rules were never in place for DreamHack major tournaments"

Holy shit will ldlc actually play after this piece of work?
2014-11-29 04:55:12
Pixel-walking is allowed in every tournament lol? Stop thinking like a 14y/o.
2014-11-29 05:09:50
dhw worst major to date.
2014-11-29 04:55:19
+1 am with u cookie boi
2014-11-29 04:55:46
sad decision about replay dey should jus start from 2nd half .
2014-11-29 04:55:27
Why? So that they could purposely set up Fnatic to fail not to mention that LDLC did some sketchy boosts as well?

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:09:36
2014-11-29 05:09:18
right? the logic here is astounding lol. and i bet on ldlc.
2014-11-29 05:10:59
You're literally commenting every other comment without any constructive to say at all.
2014-11-29 12:33:13
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:11:15
what is this immortal bug they are talking about?
2014-11-29 04:55:41
go check fnatic vs ldlc last map overpass
2014-11-29 04:56:16
olof was invincible while standing o those pixels^^
2014-11-29 05:15:17
No ldlc was standing on the tire not olof.
2014-11-29 05:58:53
olof cant get shot from ldlc during this strange boost,. and thats a fact. sooo yeah.. idk what youre tryin to tell me
2014-11-29 07:05:05
He can. They even got some shots on him at the last round.
2014-11-29 08:45:51
He could get shot, but only from certain angles. Neither could he shoot back as there was an invisible "wall".
2014-11-29 09:37:05
ridiculous decision, it is the rule has to meet. Or at least start in the second half
2014-11-29 04:55:51
yes dey should start from the second half. dreamhack = sweden . fnatic = sweden
partiality lvl 9999
2014-11-29 04:57:18
yes bro
2014-11-29 05:02:09
Are you deaf or what? Obviously was the boost of ldlc just as illegal. Why would you then only punish one team?
Stop being so fucking biased cuz of your opinions against fnatic. Use logic please
2014-11-29 05:08:34
2014-11-29 05:43:07
I don't have s problem with punishing LDLC for illegal boosts as well, but the boost Fnatic did was just absurd - they were able to see the entire map from a secure position and was able to spot rushes and rotations from the LDLC players while also able to get easy picks with the immortality given from Ye position. The boost had way to much impact on the game in comparison to the one LDLC did.
2014-11-29 05:56:25
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:12:04
what a lame call, ldlc earned that half fairly.
2014-11-29 04:56:21
suddenly pixel walking is allowed, fuck off.
2014-11-29 04:56:25
+1 I lol'd
2014-11-29 05:03:40
Suddenly, Dreamhack summer rules became Dreamhack Winter rules.
2014-11-29 05:10:32
from 2013 keep in mind :D
2014-11-29 05:17:08
pixel walking has been banned in every version of cs since fucking 2001 or whatever.. are you kidding me? even the players themselves didn't know it was legal.
2014-11-29 05:18:25
Considering LDLC used a boost on overpass that you can see into right outside Tspawn by sewers by seeing through an object transparently and even pick people off, pretty lame. Fnatic won, its not like they saw LDLC's strat and 5 man stacked a site, shouldn't all the rounds LDLC boosted be replayed in the group stages? pretty stupid, VP wins DH so whateva whateva
2014-11-29 04:56:30
ESL Admins > retarded DreamHack Admins
2014-11-29 04:56:57
2014-11-29 04:58:23
CSGOLOUNGE ADD THIS Fnatic vs LDLC I Will win my 2 Bet all in Fnatic haha , Fnatic Ez Fnatic for The Best
2014-11-29 04:57:11
CS:GO community just needs to start anew, because the pro scene has taken a massive shit on it lately.
2014-11-29 04:57:23
Dumb decision.
2014-11-29 04:57:24
after seeing the shit the admins just pulled one has to wonder if flusha is indeed hacking on lan.
2014-11-29 04:57:38
If he was cheating on LAN, why would he let LDLC get close to beating his team?
2014-11-29 05:12:18
we so the aim locks from yesterday and we so them today to when it all came down to the wire. He is still toggling to check positions
2014-11-29 05:15:18
None of that proved my statement was wrong. He can toggle if he wants, but there's no reason for his team to come this close to losing if he had them.
2014-11-29 05:47:56
yeah gamebreaking as fuck he can see 50% of the map and shoot everyone!!!!

oh wait

2014-11-29 04:59:23
it's official ESL > DH
2014-11-29 04:58:05
Dreamhack following rules = OMG WORST EVENT EVER

Fuck sake, use your brain.
2014-11-29 05:10:50
It's their rules that suck
2014-11-29 05:55:03
Why is that?
2014-11-29 17:00:46
fnatic get out csgo
2014-11-29 04:58:19
NBK=LDLC illuminati confirmed
2014-11-29 04:58:27
This is a load of shit.
2014-11-29 04:58:50
next major (whatever if it'll be ESL or not) => please post the rules BEFORE the event

2014-11-29 04:59:08
all the teams get a copy of the rules beforehand. DH have always done this. They even stated that the teams had the current rule book before the event.... if you aren't going to listen to the interview, don't comment.
2014-11-29 05:04:44
I meant a public post like for DH13 so ..
2014-11-29 05:07:12
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
Guys, regardless of how upset you are, watch your language
2014-11-29 04:59:17
sooooo shady
2014-11-29 05:00:44
i wish ldlc win this match.
i dont want to see fnatic in finals.
i dont care who wins this major
but fnatic you dont deserve this. if devil walk already knew about this 2months back he should had informed this to valve to make it better and more balance map.
2014-11-29 05:01:22
no rules posted for this DHW2k14 = admins can fool us all
2014-11-29 05:04:20
I dont think they can tbh, so many people probibly feel screwed over that if there rulebooks are diffrent they will complain. unless they are all paid!
2014-11-29 05:20:04
I meant basically according to the interview ANY map bugs were allowed during this DH (on the contrary of DH13) and suddenly due to couple of complains there are not any longer so ... well I'm not admin but !
2014-11-29 05:22:25
oups wrong reply sorry m8 :/
2014-11-29 05:05:36
What about all the skins lost that were bet on LDLC :/
2014-11-29 05:01:38
I'm glad that those people lost their skins. I'm 100% sure those people were like: " ez skinz ez lyfe. Thanks for skinz fnatic fangays".

2014-11-29 05:16:54
We're amongst a community where people care more about their in game items than watching a fair, exciting game of Counter Strike at the to level.
2014-11-29 06:04:26
Csgolounge is a seperate organisation.
2014-11-29 09:54:40
They should be lost, deal with it. You should still be happy that the game after all got more fair.

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:37:25
2014-11-29 11:34:26
Having listened to this, I'm actually pretty satisfied that the decision made conformed to the rules of the tournament.

Of course, I think that the rules are shitty. Really, really shitty. But the decision that most closely matched the rules was made, for better or for worse.

So it goes.
2014-11-29 05:01:46
Wow HLTV admins deleting the 1st post that said to boycott dreamhack
hltv admins bias to?
2014-11-29 05:02:09
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
It was deleted because it contained swearing, but nice try
2014-11-29 05:04:47
I see a post every second of people swearing and they never get deleted.
Why this post exactly and not the thousands of other ones with swearing.
2014-11-29 05:06:30
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
Because I'm moderating this one, which I normally don't have time for but am making an exception, at least for now since it's a touchy subject
2014-11-29 05:08:37
So you have next to zero enforcement or punishment against people who spew vitriol and abuse language throughout the majority of the forums, and then you decide to clamp down on people when you admit it's a touchy subject that a lot of people are passionate about?

Sounds backwards...
2014-11-29 05:26:06
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
Yes, because I handle around 100 other things on the website I cannot do this for every topic.

And since we have posted this at such an early hour when our forum moderators aren't necessarily available, I have to moderate because people tend to have very strong outbursts.

Being passionate about something does not give anyone the right to insult someone.
2014-11-29 05:35:45
That's my point though. There are insults in nearly every thread on this forum and none of them ever suffer any repercussions. If you leave a bunch of people who get used to insulting people on the forum they're definitely going to do it when they're especially emotional.

Wouldn't it make more sense to simply moderate the forums better and remove the chronic toxicity so topics like these are less offensive? This is not really directed at you in particular, as I'm sure you have a lot else to do, but it seems a pretty curious management choice.
2014-11-29 05:40:39
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
"Wouldn't it make more sense to simply moderate the forums better and remove the chronic toxicity so topics like these are less offensive"

You have no idea how many times we heard this and just had to smirk at the naivety in it.

You overestimate the ability of a few people to moderate the site and you severely underestimate the number of our users.

Despite what many believe we don't swim in money and we have a small crew that mostly works on a voluntary basis, so as much as we want to have clean forums it is not possible unless we have 3 times as many moderators who spend even more of their time on that.
2014-11-29 05:54:03
I really wouldn't attack a guy who spends a lot of time and energy bringing the community news, stats, and tournament coverage for what appears to be little pay. Show some appreciation.
2014-11-29 08:09:29
After fnatic ended up winning 16-13, LDLC decided to file a complaint against "pixel-walking", suggesting that the boost the fnatic player was using was against the rules.

However, after investigating the situation for several hours, DreamHack announced that there was no such rule in the official rulebook, as the last time pixel-walking was forbidden was at DreamHack Summer 2013. These rules were never in place for DreamHack major tournaments.

So, finally what is decided for 2014 DHW?
Is it allowed or not in replay?
2014-11-29 05:02:22
AHAHAHAHAHA LOL...if LDLC gets CT side first let them allow :P
2014-11-29 05:04:41
listen to the damn interview, all boosting is now banned in CT spawn on Overpass.
2014-11-29 05:05:45
You should look at the video before commenting .
2014-11-29 06:02:00
lmao this no-chin guy is sweeping it under the rug just as expected.
2014-11-29 05:02:56
So Pathetic from dremhack
2014-11-29 05:03:02
Just invite 8 swedish teams next time, we won't get any problem this way.
2014-11-29 05:03:21
Yeah, and please don't follow the rules next time cuz the hltv kids will get mad...

You should try this new thing called logic.
2014-11-29 05:12:43
go job volvo....cs go play with bugs...
2014-11-29 05:03:31
For some reasons,Valve asked Teams and community players do feedback about every bugs on maps. I dont think Valve deserve all haters and get blamed for this situation. Fnatic 80% and Valve 20% this time :)
2014-11-29 05:16:45
they should be disKQLYfy.....
2014-11-29 05:03:47
yes even the valve supports the DreamHack hehe
2014-11-29 05:03:57
"pixel boosting is suddenly allowed even though it was forbidden in every major before"

where is DHW14 rulebook?
2014-11-29 05:03:59
they didn't publish it because they're retarded.
2014-11-29 05:04:19
because fnatic bought dh admins !!
2014-11-29 05:09:16

says pixel walking is illegal
2014-11-29 05:06:32
Notice the file name there. "DHS13_CSGO_RULES". The stance Dreamhack is taking is that they made new rules, where pixelboosting was legal.
2014-11-29 05:10:07
Pixelwalking has been banned in almost EVERY event the last decade, and now suddenly the rulebook is not for public and does no longer contain the rule against pixelwalking? Doesn't that seem shady to you?
2014-11-29 12:36:05
Oh yeah, I agree. I'm just pointing out what Dreamhack is saying.
2014-11-29 14:40:50
2014-11-29 05:04:05
Why do they even bother in having rules man? what a joke
2014-11-29 05:04:22
Hahaha such a joke... the whole community hates you!!!
2014-11-29 05:04:37
ahaha ldlc lucky :D
now fnatic can say why they have to re play overpass when there is no such a rule for "pixlewalking" ?

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:05:51
2014-11-29 05:05:20
2014-11-29 05:06:18
13-3 or riot
2014-11-29 05:05:21
13-3 or riot
2014-11-29 05:06:02
12-3 or riot

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:10:03
2014-11-29 05:09:53
2014-11-29 05:05:29
wow I never thought hltv users were this braindead after reading some comments, watch the videos 3rd worlders.

The real tournament rules were forwarded to the players before the event.
2014-11-29 05:06:04
Thank you, finally someone using logic.
2014-11-29 05:13:53
great job dream hack you are a terrible organization, shady people
2014-11-29 05:06:26
LDLC is a two-faced crying baby. First they cheat against NiP and then they loose against fnatictv and goes to admin and cry. They should have got banned before they even reached the brackets.
2014-11-29 05:06:32
wait which games u guys play ?when did ldlc cheat?
2014-11-29 05:08:35
They did that boost against NiP in groups. They also did it against fnatic.
2014-11-29 05:13:47
But the retards are too busy hating on Fnatic to realize that LDLC exploited as well.
2014-11-29 05:21:24
Disgusting decision. Dreamhack and Lilrobban, no respect at all for you.
2014-11-29 05:06:49

Your logic is:
2 teams uses an illegal boost.
1 team should get punished.

2014-11-29 05:14:47
His logic is more like both teams should get punishments that suit their transgressions.

Your logic is that the guy who commits murder and the guy who eats candy at the candy store without paying for it should get the same sentence.
2014-11-29 05:27:34
Fnatic never got anythin from the illegal part of the boost the only illegal about it was the texture that they never used. So both did equal amount of illegal stuff.
2014-11-29 09:56:45
You're retarded. Fnatic were the only ones to use an 'illegal' boost. Swedish favouritism by DH. Pathetic.
2014-11-29 05:27:57
CAN WE see the rules in DH2014 winter?
if there is not , it means that it still runs previous rules.
2014-11-29 05:07:01
That is what I was thinking also, from what I have read though they like to change there rules without telling anyone.
2014-11-29 05:13:53
it just remember me that Na`vi also REKT by fnatic in other tournament. 1.6 days
2014-11-29 05:20:34
And the rules concern you, how?
2014-11-29 05:22:15
So the round loss for using transparent wall or immortal spot is in the rule book but they "didn't think it was fair for fnatic" so they are having the entire match replayed...

If they followed their rule then LDLC would win just based off round loss for the amount of times fnatic used that immortal spot.
2014-11-29 05:07:14
show us the rule
2014-11-29 05:22:37
watch the video?
2014-11-29 05:23:17
show me where in the video.
2014-11-29 05:33:29
Here. "Because both teams used it several times even if one team used it more we see that removing rounds according to the rules wouldnt be fair in any way therefore we have decided the whole map will be replayed tomorrow.. "

2014-11-29 05:42:31
did you watch the video? the fnatic spot is legal by DH rules, and valve is to blame.
2014-11-29 05:52:06
Sigh.. Please try and watch the full video. It's pretty obvious that you didn't or you wouldn't have me link you to the part.

BTW I did not say the boost was illegal.

"So the round loss for using transparent wall or immortal spot is in the rule book but they "didn't think it was fair for fnatic" so they are having the entire match replayed..."

The Fnatic spot was legal because pixelwalking is legal according to DHW 14 rules. They have to replay the entire map because both LDLC and Fnatic's boost spots were immortal spots. THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE TO REPLAY THE MATCH.

But if DreamHack actually followed their own rules then using immortal spots wouldn't mean DQ or replaying the match. It would mean a round loss for the team using the immortal spot.

The fact that Fnatic used it so many times it would mean an automatic lost for them, but in the video the tournament director said they will not be following the rules and will just replay the entire map.

Now go back and watch the video. I'm not linking you again.
2014-11-29 05:58:12
4:30ish i believe
2014-11-29 06:08:11
That's exactly what I think.

I don't even care about all the "pixelboosting allowed in this edition of DH" problem. Both team should've been sanctioned for using immortal/seethru texture bugs, everyone is okay on that point i think. Lord said himself in the itw, that according to the rule book, they should have applied a round loss for each team, but in that case it wouldn't been "fair in any way".

I can't even... Admins breaking their own rules. You can't stop people thinking that's a fishy move.

I hope valve will stand back from DHW, and push on MLG/International majors now on.

Creating a college of expert to set a rule book applied to all CS tounreys, as someone said earlier in this topic, may also prevent those kind of biased decisions.

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:50:39
2014-11-29 05:43:09
Finally... Someone who gets it. The admins are disregarding their own rules to rule in favor of Fnatic.
2014-11-29 05:46:08
+999 for fnatic =)
2014-11-29 05:07:32
The players should just boycott. This is a huge joke.
2014-11-29 05:07:48
When you stand in CT spawn on Overpass, you will see that there's VERY visible ledge there that you should be able to stand on. It stands out of the wall and you can't miss it. So when Fnatic then tries to boost up on the ledge and it works, they have every reason to believe it is working as intended. When you see a physical object like a ledge in CS, you always assume you can stand on it because thats what you normally can. And they could, too. The only way Fnatic could have known was by opening the map in this 'Hammer' tool, but players arent supposed to have to do that to every map to see what they "can and cannot do".

Not to mention that LDLC started out in the 1st roud of this game vs Fnatic on OVerpass by boosting up Smithzz so he could see if Fnatic went B, and also to shoot them if they went B. http://i.imgur.com/HW2eIj5.jpg It was the first fucking thing LDLC did. Clearly. Planned. Both teams broke the same rule but Fnatic did it more severely. Therefore a 0-0 restart is fair.
2014-11-29 05:07:54
LDLC did it 1 round, fnatic 13+ rounds. 0-0 restart fair??? right. gj swede.
2014-11-29 05:10:47
it takes 3 peopel to do that boost you can CLEARLY see that he's not standing on anything. they knew
2014-11-29 05:19:19
You can strafe onto the ledge dude.
2014-11-29 06:05:09
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:12:56
Im sorry, but you can pixel-walk but not see through texture of the maps.. Isnt it like a fucking package? There is a fine line between boosting and pixel-walking. You are directly allowing players or teams to make use of the maps bugs to get advantage for themselves. It's just fucked up. DreamHack is dumb.
2014-11-29 05:08:31
As long as it favors Fnatic anything is legal
If this was the reverse
LDLC would have been DQd
2014-11-29 05:09:54
Why did they not DQ LDLC after the NiP game then? They did that boost every time they got an awp
2014-11-29 05:16:52
Because NIP did not file a complaint
because NIP are actually a respectful team unlike fnatic and understood that even if LDLC didn't use that spot they would have lost.
2014-11-29 05:18:31
But LDLC did file a complain before fnatic did. So you are saying LDLC is disrespectful? Because the did the opposite of NiP. Think please.
2014-11-29 05:26:11
No because LDLC would have won if Fnatic played legit.
Nip would probably still has lost.
2014-11-29 05:27:33
Let me just get you straight. LDLC would have won by playing illegit, if fnatic had played legit.

I love how you're trying to sanction your argumentation with your own view of the world.
2014-11-29 09:50:53
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:14:06
There is so much more to it than just that.

Receiving a round on because of a lost gunround is bullshit, since a gunround counts for alot more and can help run the entire game. LDLC wins the gunround, they get the momentum, they start to relax more and build up confidence. Had they lost the gunround they might have started forcing up things. Instead they get a solid number of rounds, based on a round in which they should have lost because of illegit play.

Would fnatic have done the boost without being behind 12-3? We will never know, but they might have felt forced to do so, or simply found it perfectly legal, because they didn't know of the bugs (I couldn't see them until shox and olof tried to shoot eachother without hitting anything, and at that point it didn't look like olof was aware of it either). But we can't be discussing if it was with intent, that is something we will never know for sure and there is no evidence for it.

Is it the admins fault? maybe, they should have stopped the game already when smithzz exploited the truck boost. My take is that they simply didn't see it. But they could only really do anything with the smithzz boost, because that was already known. It wasn't until the round I described that they knew something was wrong with the olof boost.

All in all, the game would have been entirely different if fnatic was handed the gunround and just by that they would have had around 4-7 won rounds on the T side. The three we saw in the game, the gunround and zero to three rounds, because it would have forced eco rounds out of LDLC who instead could buy every round.
2014-11-29 16:54:55
Well LDLC versus Fnatic
Usually dreamhack used the rule where you lost the round you used the exploit on and that round was given to the other team.
Also doubt NIP care because they would have had to face Fnatic in quarters.
So if I am not wrong the LDLC would have won just by default. versus Fnatic
Tho i don't think DHW has a rulebook anymore.
2014-11-29 16:16:02

reply to the other guy who wrote pretty much the same as you above.
2014-11-29 16:55:46
bullshit, they followed the rules.

both teams broke the rules so the match is replayed, what is hard to understand about that? oh... i know you're biased as fuck and want only ldlc to be allowed to break the rules. one round or 13 rounds makes no difference, rules were broken by both teams. replay the map and the best team will win. that's the only fair decision.
2014-11-29 05:19:51
honestly dude, i dont give a fuck about which team is involved in such a controversy, they should be punished. but this fucking sloppy explanation from dreamhack tournament director is fucked up. you can pixel walk but not see through map texture, it doesnt fucking make sense to me at all.
2014-11-29 05:41:15
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:14:24
exactly! ldlc should have won with that rule. dreamhack admins are not doing their fucking job!
2014-11-29 11:39:33
What an absolute joke.
2014-11-29 05:08:36
DH Director: "The ban for pixel-walking was for DH Summer, but for this tourney is ok becuase we fucking said so and we feel changing the game rules from tournament to tournament is an splendid idea"

2014-11-29 05:09:19
We are also going to lie about sending all the players updated rules for dreamhack winter 2014.

2014-11-29 05:16:43
How ignorant can you get? haha shitnibb
2014-11-29 05:51:57
Swedish flag. case closed.
2014-11-29 05:59:54
"We are also going to lie about sending all the players updated rules.."

you seem bright.
2014-11-29 06:02:15
2014-11-29 06:07:09
They claimed they sent all the players updated rules. I just linked Shox's twitter and he never got the rules. That would be a lie on dreamhack's part.
2014-11-29 06:09:28
Dreamhack dream final.... NiP/Fnatic... still on the cards.
2014-11-29 05:09:40
Before doing your worthless comments about what's what please watch video interview first.

1) All rules were handed out to teams before tournament.
*) One team did "Texture" bug
*) Other team did "Texture" + "Immortal" bug
2) Pixelwalking or/and pixelboosting is legal in the ruleset that was handed out in point nr.1.
2014-11-29 05:09:45
Shox retweeted a post saying that dreamhack should have given the updated rules.
So I think dreamhack is lying about giving the rules to all players.
2014-11-29 05:11:43
Striker - HLTV.org
Actually, according to the investigation, both of the positions had the immortal bug.
2014-11-29 05:12:35
so if am not wrong one team did texture bug for 1 or maybe 2 rounds and tried to get 12rounds

and other team did texture + immortal bugs for 13rounds and tried to get 13 rounds
2014-11-29 05:13:38
Against NiP LDLC Did that boost every round they had awp
2014-11-29 05:15:37
and it was mostly useless.
2014-11-29 05:19:38
that's not how rules work. it's not "okay you can break the rules if it's not that useful."

it's... this is the rule, you cannot do this.

logic, my friend.
2014-11-29 05:23:24
So what would you be more worried about someone who shoots someone in the foot or someone who goes and shoots up a mall and kills 20+ people?
Neither is right but one is way worse
While neither did right I doubt LDLC understood that they were breaking any rules since they probably found that a few days ago.
Both teams should be penalized but Fnatic did it every round while LDLC did it only a few times
So the score should be something like 8-3 or 9-3

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:26:36
2014-11-29 05:26:13
Dude if you honestly think that you don't understand this game. It's not a matter of oh they broke the rules more often, we should get the rounds where we didn't break the rules. No, cs is a game of momentum and economy, one round affects the next. Rules were broken by both teams which compromised the entire result of the match. The game should be replayed and that's the obvious solution to anyone who isn't being blinded by their hate for fnatic.

I lost $20 on this game and I still think what you're saying is completely ridiculous.

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:40:09
2014-11-29 05:39:57
So you think that fnatic and LDLC glitch was equal
Even tho One won a game by itself and another did close to nothing.
Both bad but one is surely worst and considering fnatic hide it from the public makes it even worst.
If fnatic did the LDLC boost and won that would be a different story and would have been a fair game for them.
The fact that they kept this game breaking bug to themselves for 2 months makes them scumbags.

Edit: Replay it or not fnatic will always be scum for that

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:45:04
2014-11-29 05:44:43
What don't you understand...? It's not about if they're equal... it's very simple... is it legal or is it not legal. Both were not legal so the match is being replayed.

Oh please, stop speculating about if this team did this then this would have happened, it's all nonsense and irrelevant.
2014-11-29 05:57:26
you are wrong my man sorry
2014-11-29 08:42:09
pixel-boosting should NOT be legal if you are gonna ban texture transparency. Most of these boost produce texture bugs.

DH is dumb as fuck.
2014-11-29 05:16:09
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:15:47
2014-11-29 05:10:23
Who else ignored the video and jus started commenting :P
like me
2014-11-29 05:11:12
Ldlc better slaughter fnatic
2014-11-29 05:12:29
Valve should give the majors to ESL, not to the shitty dreamhack admins.
2014-11-29 05:14:04
His explanation is kinda logic to me. Don't know why you guys are so aggressive about it. Ok, sure, it's not like fnatic didn't know their boost was OP, but it's not the worst thing ever to have used it either...

As if you guys wouldn't have used it in MM or praccs if you were the first to discover it lol.
2014-11-29 05:14:22
So new rule no Boost CT spawn, but still they can pixel boost ? Well nice for FNATIC once again they're gonna abuse this one :)

GJ Dreamhack really smart Hope FNATIC gets destroyed and your tournament goes to ashes, you shameless pigs
2014-11-29 05:14:48
i totally agree, i really hope next major will not be in sweden
2014-11-29 05:17:11
haha L O H

zadrot russkiy
2014-11-29 05:54:34
jag är inte rusSKi
2014-11-29 05:56:18

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:17:38
2014-11-29 05:15:30
so many salty individuals in this thread, on that note:: let the best team win GL Swedes & Frenchies overpass act 2... 16:30
2014-11-29 05:15:31
You mean Fnatic gets to study LDLC's CT side and LDLC doesn't get to study Fnatic's CT because they just used the boost spot for their entire CT half. How exactly is that fair?
2014-11-29 05:18:19
It's not like overpass's CT sides are excitingly tactical...
2014-11-29 05:23:37
How tactical CT side is depends on the team. Some teams stay in the site and hold down the bomb sites; other teams move out and get control of the outer areas of the map.

The point is Fnatic now has an advantage which LDLC do not have. They can rewatch the demos and understand LDLC's rotations and setups, while LDLC cannot study fnatics rotations or setups because their entire CT half was based off of that boost.

Fnatic had different setups and rotations based off of that boost, so tomorrow's overpass game will be entirely different for fnatic.
2014-11-29 05:30:43
For god sakes, do you think they re-invent their CT playstyle on overpass for each official game?

They always play the same shit, all the teams. Some like VP like to adventure outside the A bombsite for 30 secs then go back to holding the bombsite like every other team do.

And they're pro, they should be able to prepare a few new things until tomorrow 16.30.
2014-11-29 07:03:06
It doesn't matter if they didn't make any changes to their CT playstyles. Fnatic clearly had a completely different playstyle ready for dreamhack. These are majors we are talking about and if you think they haven't prepared anything then you're being silly.

Obviously right now it doesn't matter anymore, but clearly it would have given a slight advantage to one team and a disadvantage to the other.
2014-11-29 16:06:46
you don't see how outrageous this decision is ? You can't see they're favoring FNATIC over a stupid rulebook ?? man cmon people have reason to be salty this a major tournament, bullshit like that shouldn't happen
2014-11-29 05:18:19
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:17:08
Extremely bizarre that they suddenly decided to make pixelwalking legal. It never has been. Why would they do so now?

The only explanation I can think of was that they decided to revamp the rules or something, and this one slipped out of the net.

Very sad state of affairs. You have to feel bad for LDLC.
2014-11-29 05:17:33
Devilwalk bought him a ham in October after they found the pixelboost and bought him off.
2014-11-29 05:26:56
he lookes so nervous and uncomfortable
2014-11-29 05:18:38
very professional way to deal and inform the community and explain ur steps in this whole thing, bcuz after this it shows that lots of information contributed by fnatic/ldlc players (f.e. ldlc kicked out of dreamhack by NBK or the rules which were posted are from 2013 and have nothing to do with this tournament) itself, some known casters/players are completely false and wrong.

this should be a lesson not to judge either the teams or the organisation such as dreamhack as fast as many did.

very well done dreamhack, keep up the good work
2014-11-29 05:18:44
2014-11-29 05:56:18
2014-11-29 07:28:26
Historically, at DH, when a team used an exploit during a round they won, that would cause that round to be forfeited to the other team.

The exploit was allowed to persist, usually there would have been a pause, but the DH admins fucked up and let the match run its course.

This means the real score would be, at worst, 21 rounds for LDLC and 9 rounds for fnatic. Being generous and saying LDLC cheated 5 rounds, and fnatic cheated the entire 2nd half.
2014-11-29 10:17:33
2014-11-29 11:31:28
dreamhack just jumped into the same hole fnatic was already digging.

GJ ADMINS. how worthless can people be...
2014-11-29 05:19:07
mad cuz lost skins 1337
2014-11-29 05:19:08
Lillrobban, hellspawn or whoever the f else who's an admin for DHW. I sincerely, SINCERELY wish you're never allowed to host a tournament again, you're nothing but a disgrace and I'm ashamed of being swedish right now. If this would have been the other way around, as in LDLC using the r*tarded boost to get an overview over the whole map and be able to pick people apart they'd get instantly disqualified and you know it.

2014-11-29 05:19:10
Ashame of being Swede?
oh well, two csgo admins are danish :>
2014-11-29 09:25:26
sweden apologizes for fnatic :(((((
2014-11-29 05:19:13
Fnatic lost all my respect from that voost. Ldlc better rape them hard yes I lost my skins on Ldlc but Nvm Fnatic still sucks. Go shoxie rape them <3
2014-11-29 05:19:51
"This isnt CS..."
2014-11-29 05:19:54
2014-11-29 05:45:37
LDLC will never win tomorrow. You can't play good when you are angry and they have to be very angry.
2014-11-29 05:22:37
Truly disappointed with this decision. I don't care for either team really, but this should be started from 12-3
2014-11-29 05:23:59
Items will be return? ^_^
2014-11-29 05:24:02
i dont think so :D
2014-11-29 05:35:41
Why blame fnatic if the other team also used the "bug"??.

And i dont think you can seriously call something a cheat if you use a bug. Alot of bugs was allowed in 1.6... except the ones tournaments banned. And every team used them. Thats not cheating, thats playing smart if it isnt against any rules.

And i think most people here are angry because of the earlier cheat rumours. Fnatic have always played a fair game as far as i know and it just seems alot of people dont like them because they have beeen very good lately.

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:25:14
2014-11-29 05:24:12
Yeah, it's usually a tiny amount of map knowledge gained that takes skill to pull off quickly and effectively. The type of shit that can be in game and give only a small edge.

The nuke boost on silo/RR is an example of how this works right.

Post edited 2014-11-29 05:31:16
2014-11-29 05:31:04
They won an entire side because of bug... What a shame seriously.
2014-11-29 05:37:41
Well its not like having wallhack all the time is it? i dont know. But to say they won an entire side on it.. is abit to much imo but i dont know anything about the bug.
2014-11-29 05:41:36
A spot where you can see the whole map, kill everyone with autonoob and cant be killed?

Ts cant even rotate and use strategies because the guy CT sees all map and info how much guys and where?!?
2014-11-29 05:46:51
ok thats pretty sick :) i will look more at this later :).
2014-11-29 05:50:08
He could be killed. Please get your facts straight before implying something you don't know anything about.

(if you're in doubt, go back and watch the game and find the round where they discover where he is).
2014-11-29 09:56:29
I'm out.
For years I used to follow almost every game I could when I had free time.
Since KQLY ban I've watched less and less games and this now is the final blow.

In 1.6 there were bugs as well but at least the teams had respect for each other and things like this weren't used due to gentleman agreements.
2014-11-29 05:27:08
Like kuben on tuscan vs NaVi? So much respect in 1.6...
2014-11-29 05:53:53
Completely the same, blocking a door = seeing an entire map.

Plus it only worked because you couldn't wallbang him with the glocks.
2014-11-29 05:59:55
I was simply responding to your claim:

"In 1.6 there were bugs as well but at least the teams had respect for each other and things like this weren't used due to gentleman agreements."

And I countered it.
2014-11-29 06:00:56
Give me an example of a team exploiting a bug to win 13 rounds in a row on a big tournament and I'll accept your claim.

Until then you are comparing the incomparable.
2014-11-29 06:04:22
I'm not comparing anything... I was responding to your claim that professionals in 1.6 were too "gentlemanly" to exploit bugs in matches. Not sure what else there is to discuss about it?
2014-11-29 06:07:01
He meant about skywalk on dust2 which could be exploited to scout long area.
2014-11-29 06:15:58
In 1.6 there were bugs as well but at least the teams had respect for each other and things like this weren't used due to gentleman agreements.

yeah right...
2014-11-29 09:57:45
Look at all you angry nerds. lololololololol
2014-11-29 05:28:41
LDLC should feel fourtunate.

It turns out that the olofm boost was legal (and it's not even pixel walking, had pixel walking been in the rules). This means that without that transparency bug, fnatic would've had this match hands down

now LDLC gets a replay on a match they would've lost if not for some random error from valve. they should close their twitter page and start focusing on their overpass game
2014-11-29 05:34:14

Valve didnt put this map in tournament to see such joke, a spot where you see 90% of map kill everyone and tell your mates how much guys are rotating and where WTF is that?

This thing will be fixed or forbidden obviously...
2014-11-29 05:43:34
this entire fiasco has tainted this tournament. a damn shame.
2014-11-29 05:34:58
"Because both teams used it several times, even if one team used it more, we see that removing rounds according to the rules wouldn't be fair in any way"

WHY? This makes no fucking sense. You can't just say something that makes no fucking sense and then not explain it at all. If you're going to be following the rules by the book which they're doing by being fine with pixel boosting and not looking at the impact the exploits had on the match, you can't just choose to not follow the rules when it's convenient because it "wouldn't be fair in any way." Either follow the fucking rules exactly as they're written, or make a judgement call. Don't follow the rules exactly as written only when you want to. That's why people think you're favoring the fucking home team instead of running a legitimate competition.

+LDLC used legit boost 1 round and they get nothing from it while fnatic was using pixelwalking and immortal bug 13 rounds in a row and was getting most of the frags from it + all the info cuz they saw like 50% of the spots
2014-11-29 05:38:12
+ fantic used 3 players to do that cheat boost, ldlc did legit 2 players known standard boost
2014-11-29 10:05:35
Given the rules, it seems like a fair decision.
2014-11-29 05:38:47
there is no rules other than the "old one". pros confirmed that on twitter. DH was lying about that
2014-11-29 10:06:14
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, everything is clear.
Ah.... no... maybe not... Where are these damn rules he talk about?
2014-11-29 05:42:35
The problem is in that you can boost your self at the wooden stack at inferno's banana and you can shoot with 95% accuracy the enemy guy who's behind the boxes. That's the massive problem of that boost - you can glitch your self there. The same thing is for mirage's short. You can glitch yourself at the wall and you can watch pretty match 90% from entire bottom of mid (underpass). Even you can glitch yourself at the B bombsite at mirage (where's the white bus) and you can see all the enemies without they can see you. That's also a bug... Volvo removed the "ninja" spots on A and B bombsite, but when they was used a long time ago (they're able to be used before DH summer 2014), then nobody said anything... and now - when someone find something huge, you call him and his team retards?! Shame on you!
2014-11-29 05:44:36
Its ridiculous the game isnt even gonna be played 12-3... and now 0-0 wtf is this bullshit.

LDLC should just use the boost and win 15-0. If they get DQ fuck DHW.
2014-11-29 05:46:00
Only the 2nd half... read the post before talk shits.
2014-11-29 05:48:09
thats u, noob, the whole 3rd map will be replayed ! Did u read the post ? I guess not, your English is not good to understand them all i think :D
2014-11-29 05:50:19
so you didnt read it?
2014-11-29 05:55:56
learn some english before talking shit.

Let alone, common sense to understand the situtation and how complete bullshit it is.

Post edited 2014-11-29 06:30:06
2014-11-29 06:29:46
wrong decision !
LDLC used boost by his teammate like tower ... which is legit
no need to repeat again whats fnatic did !
2014-11-29 05:49:33
This is great handling from the DH staff. Both teams used an illegal boost in their ct-halfs, and then the most logical thing is to replay the entire map. And the fact that the tournament director takes his time to give an in-depth explanaition so late at night, is a positive thing.
2014-11-29 05:52:59
Theres 2 boosts.

One that barely did shit [LDLC]

One that changed the game that SHOULDNT. [Fnatic]
2014-11-29 06:31:46
Rules are rules, i think it would be a worse decision to just punish fnatic. Now they both have a fair chance, the best team wins.
2014-11-29 06:39:35
Rules are rules yet apparently the old rules DIDN't count how bullshit is that.

These admins are braindead when they think both teams were unfair.

I bet you fnatic would be complaining if LDLC did this and got 15-0.
2014-11-29 06:44:38
What message would it send if the admins turned down the complain fnatic made, when LDLC obviously are breaking the rules with their boost?

And saying that admins are ''braindead'' is a little harsh, dont you think ? :)
2014-11-29 07:21:09
fnatic made a bullshit complaint cause LDLC called them out.

I feel LDLC are more justified, they didn't use THAT boost. Theres didn't do shit, it was a fraction of a pixel they can see to maybe get a pick only in that one small spot.

However, for Fnatic they got complete control of sewers, mid and were untouchable.
2014-11-29 07:27:47
If they didn't suddenly throw their previous rules out the window, where a team forfeited rounds where they exploited, then it would be perfectly fine to punish both teams by the rules.

But now we're offsetting penalties like american football or something, except instead of doing it play by play they decided to offset all penalties in the entire game because both teams broke the rules at least once. Makes no sense.

It really is a disgrace that the admins of an FPS tournament that's been around this long can't figure out what its own community thinks is cheating.
2014-11-29 12:31:53
so every team now will find any pixel boosting spots. won't report it to valve and use it to the next dreamhack tournament. coz it's allowed now! Kappa
2014-11-29 05:53:07
m0e did this boost spot on MM and instantly got scouted from spawn lool
2014-11-29 05:58:41
should be replayed from 13-3 not 12-3... very crucial round..
2014-11-29 05:59:21
rip my comments
2014-11-29 06:03:05
"even if one team used it more ... moving rounds ACCORDING TO THE RULES wouldnt be fair in anyway"

our rules are shit

we are retarded

lets decide how ever we want

- Dreamhack 2014

2014-11-29 06:08:49
Rule 322.7-1

No Swedish team may be knocked out before finals.

-dreamhack winter 2014 rulebook
2014-11-29 06:10:07
322 XD

2014-11-29 06:14:47
in the rulebook they "gave out to teams" yet no-one saw so they can make shit up as they go along

2014-11-29 06:25:48
A player should upload that rulebook
2014-11-29 06:35:40
unfortunately they can't, since it doesn't even exist
2014-11-29 06:36:51
why not just forfeit all other team and let nip vs fnatic in the final
2014-11-29 06:28:31
That would probably be admin's ideal result
2014-11-29 06:34:11
I know this is the 'old' rules but


'Binding “+duck“ to the mouse wheel is forbidden;'

Russian walking is not a thing in CS:GO

Basically the rule set has never been updated for CS:GO ever and they are/(were)* using old 1.6 rules and got caught with their pants down in this case. Then proceeded to lie about the current rules not being public to cover themselves.

I for one would love to see the proof of the current rulebook being sent to teams before the event because I would lay good money it never happened

2014-11-29 06:11:16
I believe it should be 13-3 . LDLC won Pistol round they deserve what they won. I believe that LDLC will still win the match but, that's just my opinion.
2014-11-29 06:11:16
This is basically what I think of CS:GO scene right now.
2014-11-29 06:11:30
2014-11-29 06:12:28
I dont really like the decision being made but it is done so in a very rational way hence why it is acceptable lets hope a bit of luck goes ldlc their way to make happen what should of happened.
2014-11-29 06:11:36
-hellspawn +silvers = better decisions anyway
2014-11-29 06:12:11
Proof that teams got the rules beforehand? Copy & Paste pls.
2014-11-29 06:12:46
I smell some conspiracy here.

2014-11-29 06:14:11
LDLC used the boost too. Smithzzz actually used a more "immortal" spot than JW. Stop making your self look stupid.
2014-11-29 06:26:10
LOL thats just some made-up bug, dumb enough to believe it? you could still actually kill the boosted person, try it yourself with your friends then talk.

Post edited 2014-11-29 06:37:24
2014-11-29 06:36:44
I put "immortal" in quotes for a reason LOL
2014-11-29 06:51:35
then I quoted back "you could still actually kill the boosted person" for some reason too ROFL
2014-11-29 06:57:59
both teams use similar bug.
0-0, replayed and mom pls make me popcorn! :D

Post edited 2014-11-29 06:16:54
2014-11-29 06:16:27
They shouldn't replay this, LDLC used an immortal spot when they played fnatic and NiP. So fnatic used a similar spot, this cancels each other's advantage. Either DQ both or let fnatic win.
2014-11-29 06:19:50
For some reason my comment got deleted, and I'm not very partial to conscription so I'll say it again.

There is major bias going on here between Dreamhack and fnatic. I hope you guys realise there's more to it than this.
2014-11-29 06:24:29
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
That reason being your swearing in the previous instance. Like I said above, watch your language.
2014-11-29 06:26:47
Gotcha, apologies, I missed that.
2014-11-29 06:30:06
Lets be honest, every team that played on this map has used the CT boost. The whole tourtament should basically be replayed because some teams were knocked out on this map. You play the map the way it is it's onlf fair for everyone. FNATIC WON FAIR AND SQAURE.
2014-11-29 06:24:55
well this admin is dumb, why in the summer the pixel boosting is illegal and its legal in the winter?
2014-11-29 06:26:53
yes this is not mm why they use bugs play like a pro dont use bugs...
2014-11-29 06:33:32
Nice! We will see normal cs now I guess
Dignitas have 12:3 advantage, right?
2014-11-29 06:37:01
dignitas? it's ldlc, and no, they don't have advantage. the whole map will be played again.
2014-11-29 06:49:37
As a result, DreamHack decided that the entire second half would be replayed. Fnatic decided to file a complaint of their own afterwards, as LDLC used a similar position on the first side of Overpass.
2014-11-29 06:54:58
LOL, and then

"Taking the new information into consideration, DreamHack then took some more time to investigate LDLC's cases before the final decision was made. The third map, Overpass, will be replayed in full at 16:30 after the first semi-final"

2014-11-29 06:57:47
oh, okay thanks
but why the fuck? LDLC were 12-3 up . they used a truck boost once, but they didnt get anything and now they have to replay the whole map
2014-11-29 07:14:24
Fnatic > ACDC

Post edited 2014-11-29 06:43:55
2014-11-29 06:42:06
Biased swede
2014-11-29 06:44:12
overpasT huh? who let this motherfucker weigh in his decision about this matter when he doesn't even know the name of the map? oh right he's the fucking "tournament director". what an assfuckinghole.
2014-11-29 06:44:18
People who don't get how the Fnatic boost was/is ridiculous as fuck are terrible at this game and/or stupid in general. Jesus. Also, if you can't tell the difference between the boosts.....I don't know what to say.

Post edited 2014-11-29 06:49:12
2014-11-29 06:45:56
lose skins fag?
2014-11-29 06:51:16
You must be a Fnatic fanboy, and fag, really? such an ignorant child and terrible troll.
2014-11-29 06:53:04
not fnatics fault map makers (and also valve) failed to remove this from the game.
2014-11-29 06:51:52
they are supposed to report to valve if they see any game breaking glitches like this. instead they waited 2 months to use this glitch to make sure they win when at a disadvantage
2014-11-29 06:57:07
What a mess :/
2014-11-29 06:46:19
this is a ridiculous BS decision by DH.

they should post their csgo tournament rules.

if DH wants to favor the cheaters fnatic over other teams unfairly, I can't be f*ed with them.

smith spot = olof's? freaking kidding me.

Hellspawn saying seeing that much of the map is legit?

fnatic should be kicked out for not reporting that bug spot.

f fnatic, f dh.

If fnatic progress over LDLC in the rematch, i'm not watching anymore DH.
2014-11-29 06:46:28
fuc**ng fnatic, 12:3.

will never ever respect those bastards anymore.
2014-11-29 06:49:07
Revert the rounds for all exploits: count simple.
2014-11-29 07:02:41
his name suits him, a spawn from hell indeed.
2014-11-29 07:04:20
AbirZenith - HLTV.org
This is pathetic , that is all I have to say
2014-11-29 07:04:47
Looks like filing a protest for non-exploiting boost comparing to boost that makes texture disappear is on the same level for DH admins. Good job!

Both of the teams should get their rounds in which they were boosting counted as a lost one. This should happen if DH admins applied THEIR official rules but that would mean Fnatic out of tournament so... REPLAY.

And don't bullshit us on "these are not rules for DHW 2014" - in 2013 rulebook you can clearly see some of them being written specifically for CS 1.6 which means you didn't change them since years, why would you now?

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:08:56
2014-11-29 07:04:50
NICE! Go Go LDLC! Rape this unrescpectful and cheating fnacheat cunts! ];-O
2014-11-29 07:07:32
rules that are not publicly available ! o.O then how do we know if what we are doing is correct or not ?!
2014-11-29 07:08:12
stop being such a dickhead kids and enjoy the rematch, both teams lost something...or maybe most of u are afraid that ldlc wont pull another miracle to get a lead 13:3 again ?
2014-11-29 07:12:13
I've played CS for over a decade (even at a high level in CS:S) and have lurked here since '06. I've never bothered to register an account to comment on a thread. This YouTube video from a DH admin changed that.

Hellspawn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Ha_XjCuA8

The "decision" of LDLC vs. Fnatic and the rationalization behind it is completely illogical and utter nonsense.

According to the admin, pixel walking and therefore boosting upon non-existent ledges/textures of the map is COMPLETELY LEGAL per tournament rules. That being said, the admin claims that THE ONLY REASON the two boosts were deemed ILLEGAL was because the boost happened to create transparent textures and/or the ability to be invulnerable from certain angles.


Hypothetically speaking, if there had been one, two, or even three additional levels of elevation to this boost of pixel walking, (that didn't create transparent textures or invinciblity to enemy fire) it would have been completely legal according to this admin. However, if this ACTUALLY OCCURRED, Fnatic would have been disqualified on the spot. If Olof could have crouched jumped twice more to an even higher elevation with no transparency or invincibility, the admins would have banned the boost - no questions asked, instant disqualification.

HOWEVER, their logic/ruling specifically dictates that if you happen to find a way to jump or boost to non-existent ledges and pixel walk until you can see the entire map like a fucking Call of Duty UAV, it is PERFECTLY LEGAL so long as you can't see through any walls/ceilings and you can be killed by anyone who can see you if you see them.


Please... Admins, think of the implications of your ruling/logic. Pixel walking shouldn't be legal. Ever. At all. Period. SOMEHOW, you feel it's acceptable.

If you're gonna be wrong, you might as well dig in deep and go full retard.

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:27:29
2014-11-29 07:15:49
you are very dedicated to this case, did the skins go down the toileterino?:(
2014-11-29 07:31:43
I use all default skins, have never "bet", and think that fancy colored pixels that have zero functionality are an essentially worthless distraction at the user level.

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:34:10
2014-11-29 07:33:28
Ok, this just doesn't seem fair to LDLC..

Will someone kind of tell me, when did LDLC used bug ?? dafuq happened :\..
2014-11-29 07:16:08
in CT, obviously? But they used it like 1-2 times and still got shit out of it, so yeah, good call admins, good call...
2014-11-29 08:52:32
so it was illegal too ?? or what ?
2014-11-29 09:20:22
Apparently the same way that olofms boost worked: they could theoretically see through textures, but they acutally didnt do that, since it required scoping in the exact spot, which they didnt do. DH admins made some bullshit rule right now that pixelwalking is legal, but it was not earlier, so its all about seeing thru textures. Both boosts apparently give u the opportunity. They should just take 2 rounds from LDLC for their boost, and start the match from 10-2, but DHW admins have their mouths full of swedish dickz atm, and brainz pumped with swedish semen, so its kinda hard for them to think str8
2014-11-29 09:24:50
OMFG. This is so much bullshit, and not fair at all. I can not believe how this is even being analysed. Fnatic won fair and fucking square.

-- By the way; the mobile version of this site is so fucking bad. It's painful trying to use it.. ):
2014-11-29 07:17:13
Take the blinders off. Even when Dreamhack changed the rules on fly it was clear exploit abuse and FNC should be kicked out of the tournament.
2014-11-29 08:14:18
I don't even know why people bother anymore.

The same guy, hellspawn, was criticized by major dota2 pros for his weird and absolutely baffling rules made seemingly on-the-fly and then he was removed or he stepped down from dreamleague director status to give way to james Harding.

The same thing is going on here in csgo. This guy is not being partial or anything. He just has a very liberal approach towards rules and provisions which shouldn't be the case. But there is no bad intention behind any of his actions.
2014-11-29 07:26:20
After its all said and done with the decisions, Tomorrows game will be nuts with this much tension between both of teams.

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:28:35
2014-11-29 07:28:09
I hope DH won't get a chance to host a major again.
2014-11-29 07:28:16
who cares, they play again! both teams abused. may the best team win cleanly this time :)

and csgolounge i want my skins back.

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:30:41
2014-11-29 07:30:06

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:32:14
2014-11-29 07:32:04
why would something be banned in previous dreamhacks but now it's allowed
2014-11-29 07:37:11
Well it's called Fnatic. What DH is trying to do is to please the crowd but still give Fnatic an victory.

I mean why would they drop rules that prevent teams from exploiting suddenly?

Dreamhack is biased organization and took a massive blow in their image. Only shit thing here is they will host majors even in future.

GL LDLC. Wp Dreamhack resetting the map so Fnatic can start from 0.
2014-11-29 08:09:21
Because they realized pixelwalking is present in a lot of places of the game. The problem was the texture bug.
2014-11-29 08:27:33
I will fucking laugh my ass of if the crybaby loses today.

Post edited 2014-11-29 07:48:36
2014-11-29 07:48:24
2014-11-29 08:10:04
Probably the best solution. Both teams will get the same chances, organizators of DH learning something new and avoided complete disaster and Thorin got material for another video. A funny thing is that spectators got chance to see 5th quarter final match for free.
2014-11-29 07:48:58
i have lost my faith of goodness in people
2014-11-29 07:54:25
I'm good. Keep the faith.
2014-11-29 07:58:22
some ppl still good, hltv confirmed

Post edited 2014-11-29 08:04:25
2014-11-29 08:04:15
2014-11-29 08:37:41
First off, I would like to say that I personally have known about this boost for some time. From the second I was made aware of it, I urged my mates not to use it.

Why? Common sense. Common sense dictated (for me anyway) that no way in hell would this boost be deemed "acceptable" by any means, regardless of whether or not this boost was specificially forbidden in the ruleset in whatever tournament. It is a fact that admins can overrule the rules in tournaments(In most cases), this is also the case for dreamhack which according to its 2014 rules states the following: "Under extreme circumstances administrators reserve the right to change the rules."

Fnatic knew about this for two months(according to devilwalk), and "saved" it for this major, but how they in their heads were thinking that this boost ever could be deemed acceptable just because it perhaps is not specifically forbidden in the ruleset, is beyond me. Surely they must know that rules can be overruled by admins?

In the end it is not surprising at all that overpass is to be replayed, it is sad for LDLC because they gained basically nothing from their two man boost whereas fnatic should be grateful that they get a second chance at overpass, they would almost certainly have lost the match had it not been for the boost.

I have nothing left for fnatic after this stunt, I hope they get their asses kicked by LDLC, they have it coming karmically speaking.
2014-11-29 07:56:07
Yeah. Instead of reporting game breaking exploits team Fnatic banks them for an major. Then dreamhack helps them by resetting whole map in case of an uproar.

It's shit day for professional swedish scene. Hacking accusations were only accusations but this is clear indicator that they are willing to abuse bugs and exploits that they should report to Valve.

But just shows what kinda person Devilwalk and team Fnatic is in general. At least LDLC get's to play the map again, which is still corrupted, but better than nothing.
2014-11-29 08:13:06
There is simply right and wrong and the fact that Fanatic still are in this Major is wrong in oh so many ways. Fucking disgrace to the game and the community. Makes me ashamed to be Swedish.

Guess that is how it goes when you have a head admin that is smaller than one of JWs thighs...
2014-11-29 08:01:03
what happened after the interview?
2014-11-29 08:11:45
it should be restarted from 13-3 for LDLC.
2014-11-29 08:13:10
^ this
2014-11-29 08:14:05
Yeah. NBK Twitter sheds some light. Dreamhack acted on Fnatic complains very fast and let Fnatic players talk to the admins...Then suddenly it's full reset of the game rofl.

Dreamhack <3 Let's not carry pixelboosting rules from last year so FNC can abuse them.
2014-11-29 08:18:13
hahahahaha, well, fnatic didn't show up... They do the right thing.

2014-11-29 18:16:23
Lol I think its fucking hilarious that valve FORCES THESE FUCKING MAPS... and fnatic as devilwalk stated.. KNEW THE MAP BETTER.. and now they want to punish fnatic... FUCK VALVE and their shitty maps... TEST UR SHIT BEFORE U FORCE IT 1 MONTH BEFORE A MAJOR WITHOUT HAVING THE MAP IN THE QUALIFIERS (COLOGNE). GO FNATIC... VALVE GET UR SHIT TOGETHER.

edit.. also as I read from above... LDLC USED THE SAME BOOST BUT A SHITTIER VERSION... FUCK THOSE WHINEY FRENCH AND FUCK this red kid above me opinion.

Post edited 2014-11-29 08:17:48
2014-11-29 08:14:02
Yeah you are right, but wait. They could have reported the bug and Valve would have sorted it out.

It's more like fuck dreamhack and team Fnatic.
2014-11-29 08:19:12
This is equivalent to the dota 2 semi-finals to The International when NaVi vs TongFu - Dota 2 #ti3 for the spot in the Finals. NaVi used the chen/pudge combo to win the game and Volvo and admins didn't even care to replay when clearly, TongFu out-played NaVi so bad and was robbed.
2014-11-29 08:17:09
Not even remotely close dude. Fnatic used a boost that changed the whole game easily while LDLC used a legit boost that barely did shit.
2014-11-29 09:40:53
fnatic... in the 1.6 days had a worldwide fan base and was one of the most loved teams.

Now only die hard fanboys supporting. They deserve all the hate they are getting.
2014-11-29 08:20:35
Good, fucking meatball swede cumdumpsters.
2014-11-29 08:22:20
2014-11-29 08:26:32
hope ldlc trash fnatic!
2014-11-29 08:30:06
Biggest joke in CSGO history.

Thanks Fnatic for fucking up DH winter 2014...

U guys are really amazing and made lots of fans overnight!

Damn I hope LDLC wins now or else NaVi, NiP or VP will have to fucking own them.

Post edited 2014-11-29 08:33:50
2014-11-29 08:32:54
shitnatic at their best, lets just hope for 0-16
2014-11-29 08:36:51
2014-11-29 08:37:14
Pretty unfair towards LDLC.
2014-11-29 08:42:03
it should be 13-3 for LDLC not a fkin map replay, incopetent admins
2014-11-29 08:44:23
If ldlc dont win this rematch it will be exactly like FNatic vs NiP @ DH bucharest
2014-11-29 08:44:55
Not acceptable.
DQ fnatic!
Fucking rigged!
2014-11-29 08:50:16
can someone explain/post a video or pic of the boost that ldlc was using that fnatic filed a complaint about?
2014-11-29 08:51:58
ok, so olofm/fnatic can't use this position today, am I right?

Post edited 2014-11-29 08:53:50
2014-11-29 08:53:32
I learned we can do pixelwalking in DreamHack. It's not in the rule
2014-11-29 08:55:17
It was obviously going to be a entire rematch.. DH is in Sweden.. fnatic is a swedish team.. the decision is favoring fnatic.. its not surprising.. GG
2014-11-29 08:55:52
in favour of fnatic, expected

2014-11-29 08:57:53
Admins = Swedish
Fnatic = Swedish
LDLC = French

World view of France = Garlic baguette smothered in cheese eating hairy smelly motherfuckers.

Not sure why this is relevant, but probably factors in their decision subconscious somehow.

Anyway, they should have just followed their rules and given the other team a round each time either one of them use the boost, if there's any rounds left to play, continue from there. That is the FAIR decision.

Personal preference... DQ Fnatic, VAC flusha and his constant 'random' aimlocks on people through walls, once in a while is understandable, to do it EVERY FUCKING GAME GTFO. People blindly defending this guy are so moronic it's beyond the stupidity of George Bush.

I'm not a fan of either team in case i'm accused of bias.
2014-11-29 09:01:05
2/3 Admins = danish
2014-11-29 09:26:18
For real? My bad :D
2014-11-29 10:08:13
Danish gastarbeiters
2014-11-29 12:15:40
2014-11-29 09:02:32
WHAT DID LDLC USE A TRANSPARENT BUG ?! WHERE? PROOF! pixelwalking was okay, but where is the tranparent wall on LDLC's side?!
2014-11-29 09:03:11
Will be interesting to see the match later.
If the kiddy crowd still cheers for fnatic I will lose faith in humanity.

2014-11-29 09:05:35
Fucking unfair, are the admins living on another fucking planet ?

LDLC did not even get anything from that boost and they just used it for 15sec on three round (maybe four) and they saw ONE guy ONCE.

Whereas fnatic did it like 12 rounds and stood in this place until they get benefits from it. How is it fair to replay this map entirely ? How is it professionnal to accept complaint from a team that cheated (using this exploit) ? How is it profesionnal to have a ruleset not banning the same exploit on two different events ? And how the hell is it FAIR/PRO to decide to replay the entire map when you compare LDLC boost, which was mostly useless and smithzzz could not see much and had to be really really fast to catch one guy (which never happened), and the fnatic's one ?

This whole shit is a joke and the admins just shat their pants. Get some balls, moral, and fnatic you are such a disgrace to the pro scene. These guys filed a complaint to LDLC as if their boost was game changing... Yeah sure, you guys have a damn sense of fairplay, as you never got caught from that boost.

Hoping you will get trashed by LDLC and by the community on this & all the upcoming events.
2014-11-29 09:06:22
Swede dicks mang
2014-11-29 09:38:54
Are you dumb? This is for ldlc's favor. Pixel boosting is allowed and fnatic used it and won the reason theres a remach is because there was an invisible texture in the far distance that both teams saw but didnt use. So you should be happy that theres a rematch at all.

Post edited 2014-11-29 09:53:30
2014-11-29 09:52:51
Did you watch the interview ?
Looks like no. What about the immortality bug? But since SmithZz did not hit anyone from that position and never was game changing (fnatic did not even see him) how is it fair toward them ? While the boost fnatic did has been overused and has the immortality bug (invisible texture that prevents any damage from certain angles).
2014-11-29 09:56:46
I saw the whole interview and the only fair thing to do is to rematch. You wont get your skins back and thats it. Stop hating on fnatic for knowing the rules better than ldlc. Your favorite team didn't win and you must accept it. You should be gappy there even is a rematch frenchie.
2014-11-29 10:02:45
What rules???

2014-11-29 10:46:57
Lol if you think I care for skins, you are totally wrong and assuming that I am french also... You have some bad asumptions going on :)

Are you seriously happy on the outcome of this match ? It was awful to watch as an esport & cs:go fan. And these fnatic guys have no shame.
2014-11-29 10:54:18
I was happy untill the reports came in. LDLC reported Fnatic of the pixel walk but at the same time LDLC used the immortal bug the first round so i think a rematch is fair! The teams both get to show what they go for now! It's gonna be historical!
2014-11-29 11:49:33
this is an embarrasment 100% if i've ever seen one
2014-11-29 09:12:04
fuck you dh admins
2014-11-29 09:12:16
get rekt one more time LDLC fan boys :')
2014-11-29 09:12:32
Kick Fnatic ! Unfair di*kheads.
2014-11-29 09:21:39
2014-11-29 09:54:53
Eh, I lost 12 value, I'm pissed off that they didn't start it from 13-3, but at least there's a replay. Fnatic deserve to be kicked out for this.
2014-11-29 09:25:24
I hope LDLC is on their game for the rematch. It's going to sting if they aren't able to do a as well as they did in yesterday's game when they were on the cusp of winning the series. A lot can change in 24 hours.
2014-11-29 09:27:38
it will be really hard for them to show their a game.
It's like as if they come in this rematch after anal rape, while fnatic after disneyland
2014-11-29 09:28:47
Yeah it would be hard, since they might have the feeling of being heavily punished.

That taste of unfairplay... But I hope they can make it up and play at their best.
2014-11-29 09:53:46
ho dignity or any sense of honuor on fnatic confirmed
2014-11-29 09:27:55
i hope they play map other than overpass because right now we can say overpass is a buggy map until it fix
2014-11-29 09:27:56
Stupid decision.
2014-11-29 09:29:48
silver admin
2014-11-29 09:35:04
Fnatic = US Postal!!!
2014-11-29 09:36:01

2014-11-29 09:42:09
dude you watched the video?
2 rules being brake
dafuq are you want
2014-11-29 09:54:37
2 half should be replayed, not first half too, that's retarded and biased
2014-11-29 10:45:17
Hellspawn has always been missing some chromosomes, dont blaim him.
2014-11-29 09:44:35
a fucking disgrace
2014-11-29 09:47:53
the crowd should punch the bacon out of fatflusha and the oinkoinkguy
2014-11-29 09:50:01
fnatic gonna get it up their arses
2014-11-29 09:50:24
If pixel boosting was used then we should demand a replay of all the matches.. This is totally unfair to the other teams.
2014-11-29 09:51:27
knees weak, arms are heavy of dem swedish turds
2014-11-29 09:52:04
"hellspawn" lawl
indeed overpass hellspawn
2014-11-29 09:53:45
flusha ate all of mom's spaghetti :(
2014-11-29 09:54:03
Pixelwalking is legal boyz, and don't bother making argument that ldlc boost barely if at all affected game, it's same as fnatics gamebreaking one.
Doesn't matter if you steal a candy from shop or kill 46 people, you get same punishment
2014-11-29 09:56:06
Haha this is fuc&^ joke!! Fnatic broke the rules. They should be disqualified.
2014-11-29 09:56:12
By your statement LDLC should be disqualified aswell.

That leaves NaVi to proceed to the final, without playing in a semi...

Before you answer back, go watch the video.
2014-11-29 10:04:06
This is a fucking joke.
2014-11-29 09:56:43
Fuck this ruling, swedes gonna swede for swedes..LDLC won overpass, fucking hell..Waking up to such a descision by admins omfg
2014-11-29 09:58:39
2014-11-29 10:01:04
2014-11-29 10:01:50
Don't forget that team LDLC used the same boost to get infomartion. Also, Smithzz tried to shot fnatic's player everytime they went to his crosshair from that boost (he didnt manage to kill anyone but he got info). if they knew how to "improve"that boost, like fnatic did, they would have used it. It's not fair to reply on the secnod half, the intire map should be replyed which is a good decision.
2014-11-29 10:05:16
it wasn't the same boost
2014-11-29 10:13:38
2014-11-29 10:05:54
swedes helps swedes
2014-11-29 10:06:02
i hope ldlc rapes fnatic today
2014-11-29 10:06:10
no, fnatic ll cheat again, in the worst case scenario fnatic ll protest and dh ll be forcing rematches untill fnatic ll win
2014-11-29 10:08:32
Na'Vi used the same boost on Overpass as LDLC, against Flipsid3. Replay?

LDLC used the Overpass boost for the first time against NIP. replay?
2014-11-29 10:06:55
In order to have a replay, someone has to file a complaint. This argument leads nowhere.
2014-11-29 11:05:35
Honestly, I don't get their decision. And yes, I did watch the full video Interview.

So,... not even taking into account that it's retarded to change the "pixelwalk" rule from one event to another, without even explicitely stating in the new rules (why arent these new rules published publically?) that "Pixelwalking is now legal", I still don't understand their decision to replay the whole match.

I thought it was a clear cut rule that, if someone uses an exploit like this, the round it was used in gets overturned to the other team.

So what is the problem is using this rule to solve this problem? Go watch the demo, count the amount of times LDLC did this and how many times Fnatic did this (and no, it shouldn't matter whose boost was more effective or had a bigger impact: breaking a rule is breaking a rule for both sides), and then make the ruling of the new score accordingly.

I didn't count the times the boosts were used on both sides, but I'm assuming that with this rule in mind, LDLC would have probably won this game (or at least the replay would start at a high scoreline for LDLC).

The only conclusion I can thus come to, is that the DH Organisation is very biased towards Fnatic and that is the only reason they decided the way they did: changing their rules on the fly...

A replay is clearly harder for LDLC than for Fnatic. LDLC pretty much had that game won already, but now Fnatic learned from their mistakes (of pretty much losing to them), and are able to counter it in the replay.

Basically, they are given a 2nd chance to try and beat LDLC, while LDLC has to either hope that Fnatic still can't outplay them, or riskily change their setups and hope it works out again.

This is just ridiculous...

2014-11-29 10:10:39
This is soo Fucking pathetic.
2014-11-29 10:11:53
LDLC win dreamhack)
2014-11-29 10:12:21
nothing new

swedes gonna swede, corrupt pieces of shit
2014-11-29 10:13:06
LDLC used the same bug vs NiP.

Let their game be played again too?

Crying frenshmen...
2014-11-29 10:14:58
it wasn't the same boost
2014-11-29 10:16:16
"Pixelboosting is allowed in DH winter, only DH summer had no pixel boosting in the roles" - DHW confirmed

Don't forget pixelboosting is allowed, pros!
2014-11-29 10:17:38
This decision is a shame ... Dreamhack and CSGO, thanks to both Fnatic and the admins, just lost all crdibility...

Hope that the players react on this and make them understand how tard they are.
Pasha please, we trust in you, teach some lesson to both of them
2014-11-29 10:17:45
Bad decision, as it allows to fnatic to be in advantage.
2014-11-29 10:20:57
They should continue from start of 2nd half or just simply ban Fnatic, because they were breaking the rules.

Post edited 2014-11-29 10:29:59
2014-11-29 10:22:51
Shame on you fnatic
2014-11-29 10:23:35
wasn expecting anything else than a swedish-biased result.

was exactly the same with the non-invite to mouz...

also a great showing of fnatic (again), this team is just a big disgrace of sportsmanship.

not like they are already hated even from some big names in csgo scene for that cheating stuff, now they just prove again that they would do anything for victory...

never discrespected a pro team lesser than these...
2014-11-29 10:24:22
This ruling is in favour of LDLC, as pixel-walking doesn't seem to have been banned for this tournament. From the looks of it fnatic did nothing wrong.
2014-11-29 10:34:53
go LDLC!
2014-11-29 10:24:34
To be honest I hope Valve will take some actions after this DH. Hopefully this is last major held by this joke oragnisation so called DH, and fnatic will be banned from future Valve (or rather community) sponsored events for lack of sportsmanship ....
2014-11-29 10:27:30
i hope LillRobbaN foesn't even dare to show up here again
2014-11-29 10:29:22
If it was a non-swedish team doing that it would be an insta-dq.
Its a fucking disgrace that fnatic aint dq'd.
2014-11-29 10:29:31
LDLC is a fkn joke! "We are using íllegal boosts but we still complain" Go home Shoxie crybaby
2014-11-29 10:32:09
Fnatic Pronax WH

http://gfycat.com/DesertedDarlingEasternglasslizar.. Video
2014-11-29 10:32:18
Hears him jumping, so turns at him to hear his position better? With 2.1 settings, you have to aim at them to hear the position correctly. If you hear it just on the right ear, you really can't tell the positioning well.
2014-11-29 10:58:10
SHAME ON FNATIC AND DH ADMINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-11-29 10:32:48
"Pixelwalking is ok, it is legal" Kappa Keepo

Good Night CSGO
2014-11-29 10:36:04
Dreamhack is so fag, srsly i hope fnatic own these fucking french cry kids, damn man... They only have to replay becouse ppl hate fnatic..

retarded community.
2014-11-29 10:36:26
This is OBVIOUSLY made up, what a fucking disgrace how much did fnatic pay you in order to remove a 10 years old rule?
2014-11-29 10:36:32
Haha, cheat is used @12-3 -- replay entire match..
Seems legit
2014-11-29 10:38:20
so sad.
2014-11-29 10:41:12
Dreamhack keep destroying their reputation more and more after this shit match.
They should have just DQd fnatic and given the win to LDLC. The admins just look like clueless fools.
2014-11-29 10:41:16
What a mess, 12-3 ahead (would have been 13-3) and they replay the entire match pretending it's the fairest option.

Making rules up as they go along just to ensure fnatic stay in.

Poor show dh - even after 20 years you still don't have the spine to do what's right.
2014-11-29 10:43:15
"The community missunderstood how the tournament is being runned"

In fact, we all underestimated the admins stupidity and mentality. Excuse us for thinnking that Dreamhack would be the best tournament in history, because it is not.
This is a shame ... I'm kinda speechless

"How to destroy a game" tutroial has came out ...
2014-11-29 10:46:08
Please Fnatic, get the fµck out.
2014-11-29 10:46:12
2014-11-29 10:46:40
Its doesnot matter if fnatic win now. They lost their respect.
2014-11-29 10:48:54
This is so unfair decision..

fnatic fighting for money, thats understandable but admins with final decision = fail of the year

To be FAIR with fnatic, this match should be continued from score 12:3.

I admins are repeating match, because of "pixelwalking" @ LDLC, so NiP should be also punished for that. But now is too late to punish NiP, so they punish only LDLC.. what a farce..
2014-11-29 10:49:52
so in dust2 mid door, i can see T spawn, is it legal?
2014-11-29 10:53:05
Not the same.. Imagine if you could see T base, T side of tunnels, t side of long and short from CT base... And also shoot people there..

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:05:46
2014-11-29 11:04:28
Vot pidori a
2014-11-29 10:54:33
100% fair decision, dealt with professionally, anyone that disagree's with this decision are either biassed or deluded, thanks!
2014-11-29 10:57:08

Free skins
2014-11-29 10:57:34
When ldlc wins this third map, is csgo lounge gonna give the ldlc fans their skins back?
2014-11-29 10:57:48
what a disgrace
2014-11-29 10:59:11
what if na'vi vs dignitas was going to overpass and both teams would have used the bug .... that game was going to be play again as well?
2014-11-29 11:01:45
That was an unfair decision, LDLC play the ct sided map normally, yeah they use the boost, but was not the same boost then fnatic, they dont use pixel boost, they use a regular boost and was only on start of a round, like 3 or 4 times, not the all ct side.
Overpass is a very ct sided map and if fnatic use that boost is impossible to win a round at terrorist so In my opinion, the game would be replayed, but only the second half, because that was a shame
Thanks, shokk.
2014-11-29 11:03:56
Agree with the decision, it's impossible to say how the match would have turned out by just overturning rounds after the match. This is the fairest outcome and makes for even more watchable CSGO so everyone stop whining.

If LDLC are the best team on the day, they will win anyway fair and square. If fnatic are the best, they will fair and square also. Everyone should just accept that and move on.

No need for any flaming of either team or individual players or Dreamhack. Yes it's going to be emotional and stressful but that's to be expected.

So far the tournament has been excellent and the drama just makes it more interesting as a spectator.

gl both teams.
2014-11-29 11:05:24
They were leading 13-3 without using ANY exploits, why should they get punished because of fnatic using dirty tricks?
2014-11-29 11:06:57
Why that replay lol, its normal 3 members boost

2014-11-29 11:07:02
is pixelboosting, and you can see t spawn from there and 3/4 of map, do you think god mode is normal?
2014-11-29 11:10:40
is not a normal boost, its a pixel boost and from different angles Olofmeister was invisible and immortal so its not an fair boost
2014-11-29 11:12:46
why do you reply to me lol if we are saying same shit :P
2014-11-29 11:13:57
2014-11-29 11:07:30
Poor decision.
2014-11-29 11:09:19
Rules are not rules or was rules of DH2013 where pixelboosting was not allowed now IS
WTF srsly DH, GL LDLC fuck off fnatic
2014-11-29 11:09:32
and for flusha's cheat?
2014-11-29 11:11:56
What a way to ruin your own tournament fucking DH. Really hope LDLC win, but I dont see them do that. What a night it must have been for them.
2014-11-29 11:12:57
Fuckin' unfair, they break the rules and they are still in the tournament, wtf?!
More, LDLC had a 12-3 advantage before what happened, and they start now the game from 0-0? They break the rules and DH organisation clearly advantage them again by replaying this game from 0-0.
This is fuckin' awfull, this DH organisation is brainless or corrupt, I can't believe this decision, a shame for fair-play and e-sport. Those fnatic bunch of idiots should not play it if they had a little bit of respect for them, but we all know that they'll not.
2014-11-29 11:13:43
I dont get why the community use time on this anyway, its not like you have any say in it. If people outside the admin crew had any say in it, it would be like going back to the 1300th collecting town folks to judge a local hanging.

The community now a days, so toxic, thinking they have a say in every mather.
2014-11-29 11:14:07
Without community, CS would be nothing, that's why. Plus, what happened is serious and against fair-play, so we're able to say a word about this.
2014-11-29 11:29:06
Lets take your statement and put it in aspect for you:
The people in any country makes a country, does that give them the rigth to judge anyone that does something illeagal? Like If I where to kill your entire family does that gives people that has absolutly nothing to do with it any right to say what kind of punishment I am gonna get?... People now a days...
2014-11-29 11:36:47
If you want to live in silence that's your prob but..

Well, French revolution, 39-45 war, Martin Luther King, more and more exemple showing that, hopefully, people have the right to express themselves when an injustice or something serious is happening.

CS community is acting just like black community was acting in the USA with MLK. (I know this is just for a game, but on the principe, this is the same thing)
2014-11-29 11:50:30
all teams could forfeit in all online games vs fnatic
boosted cheater will win anyway
2014-11-29 11:20:12
2014-11-29 11:24:08
Watch the video, the guy says pixel boosting is *not* illegal. Regardless of whether you think it's dirty/bad/cheating etc, it's not in DHW2014 rules.

LDLC also used the immortal bug...and I watched them boost there on previous matches too.

Since all players were just playing the map to it's limits to win, this is the fairest way to settle 'who is best'
2014-11-29 11:24:30
It aint the same boost.. Just saying
2014-11-29 11:25:47
Worst Decision from DH admins ever.. LDLC boost was so legal though. Fnatic boost was NOT..
2014-11-29 11:25:04
i really hope to start 14:2 and LDLC to be terroris with first round won !
2014-11-29 11:25:51
Sweden Lan , Sweden team , Sweden manager who speack with the admin since all night! no start 12/3 no because it's fnatic ! rematch !!
2014-11-29 11:26:20
Not sure about this decision.
2014-11-29 11:27:32
Massive bullshit.
"We allow pixel walking..." Why would you!?

Plus replaying the WHOLE map? lmfao
2014-11-29 11:28:42
Did you listen to the inteview? Pixelwalking is on pretty much every map that's why the cant ban it
2014-11-29 11:48:09
Yea but it's inconsistent to have it banned on DH Summer, and not on DH Winter... It should just be not allowed on any map.
2014-11-29 12:11:07
that would extremly limit the maps, why not just leave it allowed and ban it just for ct spawn overpass, because it causes immortality and texture transparency? (thats what they did after fnatic revealed the boost)
2014-11-29 12:15:14

WHERE IS THE REMATCH 13/3 , no rematch 0/0 ....

2014-11-29 11:31:44
Did you even listen to the interview?
2014-11-29 11:49:01
ROFL DREAMHACK ADMINS ARE SHIT! They got somes rules but they didn't respect it! cgrtz BTW BYE MY SKINS, ty olof.
2014-11-29 11:32:49
Fuck Fnatic.
2014-11-29 11:32:59
so bad lan
2014-11-29 11:33:35
from 13-3 to 0-0. GG DH, if you want swedish to win just dont replay the map.
2014-11-29 11:34:02
Please just DQ Fnatic
2014-11-29 11:34:44
I think it was a fair decision, and I don't buy into this "if it hadn't been a swedish team they would have been disqualified" at all. I think they would have made the same decision regardless.

Genuine question: Are there (a lot?) of know places (on other maps as well) where you could pixelwalk, but people don't since it has been against the rules?
2014-11-29 11:34:48
I made this little video about the events at Dreamhack Winter 2014! :D

2014-11-29 11:35:29
not fair.
2014-11-29 11:36:36
https://gfycat.com/GrimUniqueInsect sorry buy it has to be started from 3:12
2014-11-29 11:38:12
rofl, why are french people so mad when LDLC also boosted?

you should hate ldlc for choking, and not fnatic for outclassing and outsmarting them

2014-11-29 11:39:05
Player: flusha
Clan: fnatic
2014-11-29 11:52:00

how about answering my question before i report you for writing irrelevant stuff?

EDIT- sorry, just noticed you're polish, so you might not know the answer

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:53:53
2014-11-29 11:53:26
I guess the madness comes from fact that LDLC actually used boost that only involved stacking up 2 players, instead of stacking up 2 players on a non-existant ledge.

Also gotta take the extent of boost use, 1-2 times vs 13 times (basically whole half), normally there should be simply rounds deducted aka every round where boost was used = counts as loss, but as DHW person in video above said "it wouldn't be fair".

To sum this answer that you were craving so much - LDLC boost does not equal fnatic boost, yet it got treated and punished in the same way.
2014-11-29 11:59:25
>LDLC used a shitty, illegal boost that didn't lead to a single kill.

>Fnatic used a way better, illegal boost that actually won them the game.

>LDLC starts crying

>They get a rematch of the map

>LDLC crying intensifies: hurr it should have been 12-3

IMO LDLC got way better than they deserved, and I fucking hate Fnatic.
2014-11-29 11:39:39
you retarded, and fair ofc.
2014-11-29 11:43:16
ridiculous. results should stay as they are. or Valve could interfere and ban this map until they fix it and DH could repeat veto process and get new map to play in that case.
2014-11-29 11:39:48
So many LDLC fanboys been but hurt in a few hours... haha!
2014-11-29 11:39:48
Not only LDLC Fanboys, but also loads of Fnatic haters.
Yes we all hate fnatic because they show no respect to the team, the game and have some childish behaviour.

What image do they give of the game ? of the players ? People who fight for money, not for the beauty of a game.

How is it beautiful to destroy a team like this ? Without showing any skill but "Duck hunter" style ? They didn't even made any clutch, when LDLC made some crazy ones in their CT side.

THIS is why LDLC don't deserve this unfair result, and why we all hate fnatic. It's not a matter of pixelwalking or anything, but their behave destroyed everything on this DHW, which was such a great event so far before ...

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:51:15
2014-11-29 11:48:49
So many fnatic haters*

2014-11-29 12:24:08
2014-11-29 11:39:58
2014-11-29 11:42:58
only second half should be replayed or fnatic disqualified
2014-11-29 11:43:14
So what if NIP file a complaint about the boost when they played ldlc in the groupstage ?
2014-11-29 11:43:42
There probably a time limit for handing in a complain.
2014-11-29 11:48:24
the boost was discovered some month ago, fnatic asked it to be removed from reddit. they had nothing to loose, game was lost..in the end they got a rematch, smart from them.

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:49:25
2014-11-29 11:47:56
Looking at the comments here it's just sad, so much ignorance and hate. The fact is that both teams broke the same rule during the game. That's why it's replayed from scratch.

Post edited 2014-11-29 11:49:18
2014-11-29 11:49:01
2014-11-29 12:21:20
fnatic rats gets everything
2014-11-29 11:49:42
2014-11-29 11:51:32
DH is a fucking joke
2014-11-29 11:52:57
Haha rly?
Fnatic don't deserve to be on DreamHack Winter 2014 , they only know to cheat and use illegal spots and places for their advantage to get to the grand-finals , and LDLC should win this game and this tournament , and flusha with his aim-lock and all of this shit , they don't deserve anything and my respect to them is over , they are done for me , they are worst possible team that dont respect the other teams who in DreamHack Winter 2014 and i think they need to get out of this tournament because they are only using those fucking tricks and hacks and all of this shit to win , but LDLC didnt use any of this illegal spots and shit , and my respect to LDLC is big , and i will be with them always , and they will win today remap on overpass against fnatic and they will win the tournament and if fnatic will some how win with this shit , this is over , fnatic is ruined.
and against HellRaisers game , HellRaisers rekt fnatic and fnatic didnt use any kind of cheats and illegal shit and spots , but now they dont wanna be called losers , so they are using that type of illegal shit and hacks.

fnatic ruined , that's what i have to say against them.

2014-11-29 11:55:36
completely biased. the only 'replay' option that has some logic in it is to replay second half. it makes no sense to replay the whole map since the first half was clearly won by ldlc (the team who didnt use bugs) so punishing them is like saying: "hi fnatic, we give u one more chance cuz we like u". really unprofessional and hope that other teams will comment on this matter too. like its not enough to let them play with at least one cheater, no, lets help them in every single way. (i dont play cs:go so i dont know what this bets are about, im unbiased since i dont give a shit who wins cuz i like both teams equaly)
2014-11-29 11:56:10
2014-11-29 12:18:21
ok, still fnatic should forfeit already in group stage to gain respect for not being willing to play with cheaters on their team. they didnt do it and it is right that community started hating them. next time they should think about consequences before making such decisions. and dont tell me that he doesnt cheat or smth like that, because everyone who has some idea about this game knows this is 100% cheat.

ohh and dont act like a kid, learn to behave better, will help u in the future

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:33:31
2014-11-29 15:30:12
After your mum comes from the work, ask her how did she manage to put 5 dicks in her mouth when me and my friends were having fun.

2014-11-29 15:39:16
haha grow up kid and get brains, this 'hi im lord because i can shit talk someone' attitude wont help u in life, srsly, take this advice and use it. with comments like this u just show other how dumb u are (not saying u cant become smarter) so think before u post next time
2014-11-29 22:26:18
After your mum comes from the work, ask her how did she manage to put 5 dicks in her mouth when me and my friends were having fun.

2014-11-29 22:50:11
THats bullshit. how can they allow pixelwalking in 1 major, but don't have it in another?
2014-11-29 11:57:07
I created this account just to say this:

FUCK YOU Dreamhack, FUCK YOU CSGOLounge and last but not least, FUCK YOU Fnatic, fucking disgrace.

Should be DQ....

GG's CS:GO, what a fucking joke.
2014-11-29 12:08:49
+1 u sir have just said what i was thinking of.
2014-11-29 12:12:29
I created this account just to say:

Hahhahaha, rekt fgt!!!
2014-11-29 12:32:05
Haha, I wasn't rekt.
The CS:GO scene was rekt.
2014-11-29 12:39:47
Fuck this france pussy for getting a Second Chance After a lose... And fuck dreamhack for listening to them! Boosts are always legit, like Semmler Said while the Game. Idiots changing the rules....
2014-11-29 12:13:13
u are fully retard, sorry for u bro :( keep reading
2014-11-29 12:21:24
Just fuck this Shitty admins, was obviously a visible spot
2014-11-29 12:25:35
yes you see 1/5 of his head and he sees whole map with autosniper
2014-11-29 12:53:29
i prefered boosts too, especially in 1.6 but here u can see the whole map and enemy's tactics. It ruin the whole game. It's an exploit that will be removed after DH.
DH admin "Hellspawn" said in the video that u can't shoot the man at that spot, its bugged.
2014-11-29 12:54:23
Its Not fnatics Bad, ldlc could have used it too, like its always with boosts. Blame Valve Not fnatic
2014-11-29 14:51:22
How the fuck can they play the map from start, when the boost only took into effect on the second half when a SWEDISH team was 2-13 or something..BIASED HOMOS FU DH
2014-11-29 12:17:38
I've been watching events since 2001 and this was the most shocking match ever I saw...

admins really have to DQ fnatic for these actions (OR for simple unsportsmanships)
The worst decision is the replay of the FULL map, they should continue from 12-3
(LDLC used boost too, but hadn't any advantage from that)

and no, I'm not an LDLC fanboy... but really hope LDLC can rape fnatic's ass again in CT side

Post edited 2014-11-29 12:28:59
2014-11-29 12:19:42
dreamhack and fnatic are sucking each others dicks
2014-11-29 12:20:58
Regardless of what DH decides of the remake or if fnatic does advance, in my mind, LDLC clearly played better in that match. That said, if fnatic does end up winning the tournament, I won't consider them deserving of winning the event (as many other people also).

One may argue that what they did is legal or smart (which apparently is against DH rules), but the fact is that what they did is simply an exploit they were lucky enough to discover first (which I give credit to them). They destroyed the beauty of Counter-Strike. What we saw was not a match between two HIGHLY-SKILLED teams. The hype and tension of the match completely vanished when olofm HS'ed those two guys with a scout during the 17th round. Its essence as a spectator sport went out the door from that moment.

I'm not a fan of either team so don't care who really advances. But as a spectator, all I want to see is a good and exciting match. The kind where you're on the edge of your seat and holding your breath waiting for that last kill. Sadly, I did not get that feeling watching that 2nd half of the last map.
2014-11-29 12:21:03
unfair! total fail
2014-11-29 12:21:34
I hope people at the dreamhack will spit on fnatic.
2014-11-29 12:23:01
Why dont you be tough guy and go there yourself and do it

cable warrior
2014-11-29 12:44:49
"Sorry guys the rules we did supply or rather you found yourselfs don't really apply here as there are new rules that no on has read since we are really not applying new rules we just want our bestest team to stay in the tournament".

Hellspawn or whatever your face is called (should be douchespawn tbh) go away. Don't ruin esports like this. I am ashamed of you that you are so biased towards fnatic as the head of a tournament. Please don't ever get involved in esports again.
2014-11-29 12:27:07
LDLC did almost the same and since it was not forbidden I dont see problem here. Go cry somewhere else fucking french gays...


2014-11-29 12:29:29
So basicly LDLC win half 12:3

They win pistol next half where fnatic have to force buy which most likely they will lose

so unles LDLC fkd up 2 force buy done by fnatic we have 15:3 score with fnatic having broken economy.

I the end as we know it carn sucked few dicks and we have map replay with fnatic looking on all ldlc strats and ldlc looking at 13 rounds of boosting.

I'm polish guy and i was suposed to get my fkn hype for VP game but i think i'm goin to play Dota or do few raids in Path of Exile.

Post edited 2014-11-29 12:30:37
2014-11-29 12:30:18
This is complete bullshit. How can they completely discount a legit half from LDLC because fnatic broke the rules in the second half. How can LDLC be punished for fnatics infringement? Fucking joke.
2014-11-29 12:32:39
swedes loves swedes :)
2014-11-29 12:32:46
Thanks to

King of Shaves

for supporting this team that can not win with honor.

Thanks to Valve and dreamhack organization for not doing anything against hacking. Thanks to them for supporting this. Get your cash and fu you.

Thanks to them to keep popular player who bring cash, caus kick them out will be a bad publicity for the game. keep winning millions with these stupid stickers, gun skins, operation x & y

Cs go fan aren't fools. There are too much evidences.
2014-11-29 12:33:05
fnatic should be disqualified or the match should start with the state of 13-3 for LDLC. FUCK fnatic & DH.
2014-11-29 12:33:39
fnatic too afraid to start 13-3 or even 12-3 as first half was, they know they'll lose if they do
2014-11-29 12:36:53
DH Admins > UEFA

Fnatic should be happy if they would get 12-3 Restart.

This is 3rd saddest day for 1st was CSGOLounge 2nd was Cheating scandal 3rd is Fnatic
2014-11-29 12:38:19
Fnatic couldnt damage their brand name more if they tried
2014-11-29 12:41:37
Wow, so fnatic utilize the bug to win 13 consecutive rounds actively. The admins clearly states that this is not allowed.

Luckily fnatic found out that LDLC utlized another bug (to MINOR extent at best).

Good job Hellspawn, your lack of balls is now public. But I guess you swedish friends are happy.
2014-11-29 12:42:41
now it seems like it is the same for both teams AHAHAHAA.

ldlc different boost 2 rounds and fnatic retarded boost 13 rounds and same punishment gg retards
2014-11-29 12:54:54
Good job admins.
2014-11-29 12:55:18
2014-11-29 13:00:55
Can someone tell me wat boost ldlc did or link it if its in youtube ? Ty :D
2014-11-29 13:06:45
fnatic did that:

Post edited 2014-11-29 13:18:07
2014-11-29 13:17:49
And how will solve match LDLc vr NIP.
During which was also used LDLc boost.
2014-11-29 13:13:22
Retarded crying frenchs
2014-11-29 13:19:30
I hope Fnatic get completely destroyed this afternoon... I don't even like LDLC but Fnatic showed yesterday the big piece of s*** they are. I didn't liked them already since what happened with NiP when they refused to shake hands and etc.. But what they did yesterday was a huge lack of respect for LDLC and later for all the cs fans/players/spectators when cArn started saying stupid things on twitter. They are a good skilled team but as persons they worth nothing... They knew that boost for 2 months and instead of report that to valve they saved that to use on dreamhack, that shows how dirty players they are. And if what the uploader says here ( http://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/2.. ) is true, then I don't know what to say. This being said wish very Good Luck to LDLC and I hope they win so that justice can be done.
2014-11-29 13:23:29
hahah how mad are you now swedes and fnatic fans wooooo
2014-11-29 13:25:58
No matter how that will end. Fnatics reputation is already destroyed and they will be now remembered as arrogant pricks without even slight sense of fair play.

They just wanna win in every way. But at what cost ?Their reputation was already currupted before DH. If they would be really true fair players they would act like they do now.

No matter what fnatic will pay way more higher prize than potential of winning 100K.

And Carn what a prick. I thought that he is the one who should favor fair play before anything else. And he is even supporting em.

Fnatic is dead and even if they win DH or lose It doesnt matter at this point. Their reputation is fucked.

2014-11-29 13:27:27
always had respect for fnatic but what they did yesterday was just pathetic... and fucking devilwalk with his shitty attitude 'we knew this for 2 months'.. what a fucking idiot

Post edited 2014-11-29 13:30:23
2014-11-29 13:28:53
That boost was just pure genious :D This replay is fucking stupid......
2014-11-29 13:34:13
what about bets?
2014-11-29 13:39:09
thanks god ...
2014-11-29 13:39:49
any better way for this year DH's credibility to get even worse?
this is actually the worst of the most unbalanced decisions I've seen or been aware of in eSports so far.
like is it even real? after all those recent events I thought it was maybe the time for something good or at least well done.
just asking myself who is behind this decision. :|
2014-11-29 13:40:32
2014-11-29 13:55:08
Pathetic admins, pathetic lan, like usual in Sweden, admins only making rules for swedes.
Nothing changed since 1.6
Using a bugboost every single CT rounds, and when finaly a good decision is made, replay at 12-3 (i'd even restart it at 13-3 but nvm), fnatic scumbags said NO, complaining about some BS.. what a fuckin joke.. I always knew pronax was one of the most fuckin retard player in Sweden, now i'm pretty fuckin sure 'bout it!
Scumbags are never ashamed of anything, that's how u can recognize them.. even cheat in lan and fucked their opponents in the ass when they know they were wrong..

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:06:52
2014-11-29 14:01:59
Horrible, incompetent decision on so many levels.
2014-11-29 14:12:19
The DH admins says at 4:34:

"We see that removing rounds according to the rules wouldn't be fair in any way, therefor we decided that the whole maps will be replayed"

So they can't even stand to their own rules. What a joke...
2014-11-29 14:12:59
If that is true, that is indeed a joke.
2014-11-29 14:20:02
That's exactly what he said.

Why the fuck would they take 12 round away from LDLC which they won without breaking any rule?
2014-11-29 14:22:17
I do not like the team fnatik, but the question here is not to them but to the developers of the game. This is not the Problem of players, and those who created it and not finalized, so I think the result is not a serious cancellation and replay (rates did)!
2014-11-29 14:50:08
the things is that fnatic didnt contact vavle to fix this, insteed they asked the guy who discovered it to hide it from internet since months.. they never used it yet cause it was not needed. this a bit weird..

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:59:32
2014-11-29 14:58:35
It must hard for you Striker to hold that mic this long
2014-11-29 15:18:56
what rules IDIOT its not bug he not stay on map textures... he staying on team MATE NAB!
2014-11-30 01:24:50
2015-11-10 12:29:16

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