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Fnatic forfeit LDLC match
Time: 2014-11-29 14:42
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fnatic have forfeited the third map against LDLC that was supposed to be replayed today. LDLC will therefore move on to the semi-final against Natus Vincere.

According to DreamHack officials, fnatic reported to them that they decided to forfeit the third map against LDLC.

fnatic forfeit the third map replay in the LDLC quarter-final

The third map that was originally won by fnatic 16-13 last night was supposed to be replayed today "due to texture transparency and immortal bug used by both teams", but after fnatic's decision LDLC will be moving on to the semi-final against Natus Vincere scheduled for 17:00.


Fnatic have released a statement on their Facebook page:

"Yesterday we competed against LDLC, in one of our toughest matches of the year. However, the result caused a considerable distraction from the joy and excitement that a CS:GO Major should provide the community.

The best matches are still to come, and we want to make sure they get the attention they deserve. With tremendous respect towards the CS:GO community and other teams we have decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Fnatic and the players would like to thank everyone who helped us become, and we look forward to play many events to come.

- Fnatic players and management."

We will still try to conduct an interview with Fnatic's reprentatives later today.

omg :OOO

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2014-11-29 14:40:47
hi pyth
2014-11-29 14:41:19
VACfriends xd
2014-11-29 14:49:06
its not enought
ban cheaters from all leagues if VAC cant caught them

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2014-11-29 14:50:14
joy and excitement bugging every round :D
2014-11-29 19:05:44
If that boost was not forbidden in the rules, I do not understand why the organization has not confirmed the victory of Fnatic...
2014-11-29 14:52:08
It was an illegal boost though, as they could see through textures, which is against the rules.
2014-11-29 14:53:31
Immediately after the victory of Fnatic, the casters said that boost was not illegal. That's what I know so far.
2014-11-29 14:58:20
Well you're very far behind then. NBK then protested the decision and an investigation was started. It turns out both sides actually used an illegal boost, with fnatics being seriously OP.
2014-11-29 14:59:42
I lost $ 13 betting on LDLC. Still, I think that the victory of Fnatic was fair. Both teams used illegal boosts, according to you, which validates the match. But the organization decided to only penalize Fnatic with this decision...

Whether LDLC appealed, what matters is what it says in the rules. If you wear red socks and tomorrow your country enact law prohibits this, you can not be punished. Everything that is not forbidden is allowed. That simple.
2014-11-29 15:18:45
2014-11-29 15:40:15
while fnatic did it all rounds , ldlc did it like 1 or 2 times. and if you watched the admin of DH talking you would know that was not the boost, but seeing trough textures
2014-11-29 15:47:45
Firstly, the boost used by Fnatic allowed them to see the entire map all the way to t spawn and made them very hard to spot or kill. It was insane. LDLC's was a small gimmick that hardly impacted the game. They were both punished the same way by having a complete restart (which tbh favoured fnatic who were losing until they used the boost).

LDLC's boost was also not based on a bug, while fnatic should have reported it to the devs months ago when they found out about it.

That last point is less important because all teams say they would have kept it if legit so.
2014-11-29 15:56:48
You ha en selective hearing. The boost used by ldlc could see through textures and become immortal to certain angles, they're the ones that should have reported. The boost used by fnatic was only found illegal when dream hack recreated it and found when you looked certain ways with scoped weapons you can see through textures. Hellspawn then stated that fnatic did NOT use the seeing through textures bug in any of the games.

The only team at fault here is ldlc. Everyone is victimizing fnatic for no reason, they found a better and 10x more legal boost, and they got fucked over by the community and dreamhack.
2014-11-29 22:49:36
Two wrongs don't make a right.
2014-11-29 18:27:36
2014-11-29 20:48:24
" to only penalize Fnatic with this decision..."
Did you read the article? Fnatic decided on their own to forfeit and not have a chance to go further in the tournament.
2014-11-30 21:42:48
Wow so convenient for you to say it was illegal. Counter strike for years is known pretty much for some balance between T side and CT side. This boost allowed Fnatic to make it a 90% CT side. They knew which bombsite Ldlc were going to hit , and had view of 3 choke points and there is no way for any team to win that. now that is unbalanced and hence should not exist and as in case of fnatic the fair result would've been to replay the Last half which they disagreed to. And the forfeit was them trying save some disgrace and hate.
2014-11-29 15:06:02
Why is it so convenient for me?
2014-11-29 15:09:22
90% CT side? lawl. 100% CT side.
2014-11-29 18:27:41
Casters cant know what is illegal or not because they don't have the rulebook...
2014-11-29 15:18:04
The boost was illegal cause it's was a pixelremove boost, which means that a certain wall towards mid is see trough from that location, which makes the boost illegal. From the location of which LDLC boosted(they didnt use the same) There was no pixelremove, just like ldlc used a leegal boost 3 times, and fnatic used it 300 times(irony cause i dont know the count, but much more)

So Technically it was illegal, it was also a unproffesional exploit by BOTH teams. And a good decision by the Dreamhack admins.

And if youre a Fnatic fanboy just like me, you have to open your mind to share your oppinion on this.
2014-11-29 15:19:49
I presented the reasons for my opinion. Not because I am fanboy. However your opinion is based on pure speculation, because do not know specifically the rulebook forbids that boost. Try not to lower the level of this discussion, okay?

If the prohibition of boost is actually written in the rulebook, I agree with you that the decision of the organization was correct.

My mind is open. And yours?

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:29:29
2014-11-29 15:26:15
If it had been as you described, the decision to play from 12-3, or a win to LDLC, would have been the best decision by DHW admins, but the LDLC boost actually caused transparent walls too.
2014-11-29 15:33:20
I recently conducted a study that concluded that there is a strong positive correlation between being a fnatic fanboy and being a virgin.
2014-11-29 15:41:01
Did you conduct this study with you right hand or your left? 😁
2014-11-29 16:02:45
LDLC used same boost against NiP, they should has been DQ even before fnatic match.
2014-11-29 17:02:29
simple... they read my post and them rape fnatic :D

i don't have my Pick’em Challenge GOLD because i bet for fnatic but i still happy because someone finally punishment somehow to fnatic. as they come in violation of all known rules within the game.

definitely the dirtiest team I've ever seen in the history of CS from the first big tournaments like CPL ESWC etc etc in 1.6

Carn should not let this happen to your team even if he need to leave the top1 because when everything is finally discovered i think he can end up worse.



but i really think NIP, NAVI and VP at least should discuss whether they should take any action for this mishandling of DH.

I sure if they leave the tournament, DH lost all his sponsors and never again organize a tournament of CS.

DH made it clear that there is no specific rule for this situation and that many teams use these bugs... then clearly they solved this issue according to LOGIC I guess. ok then using logic. How LDLC can be punished in the same way that FNATIC? no logic in that and you can ask any representative of any team that is participating in DH even titan and epsilon and I'm sure all agree that it is unfair to penalize both in the same way.

This is what DH is doing by sending a replay all match. penalize both equally when the logic clearly shows that the boost made by LDLC not give the same benefits as done by FNATIC. No need to be a professional player to realize that.

Since we do not have a rule that penalizes both teams equally to make these boost, then also must be use "LOGIC" for impart his punishment

what made LDLC may be punished or not like when other teams found boosts in inferno and other maps which later was removed but the teams were not punished because they don't get excessive advantage as if it is done for fnatic.

but OKEY OKEY... DH want to be drastic and punish LDLC? okay... But how? DH pretend to punish the same way to fnatic when they had a virtually panoramic of the entire map and got kills everywhere ... WHERE IS THE LOGIC?

----- this is disgusting and exceeds all limits of tolerance : https://twitter.com/lurppis_/status/53845578576090..

----- How all pro scene (pro players, coaches , managers) commentators (from ESL, ESEA, TWITCH, ETC) and specialized people can see that the decision taken by DREAMHACK is a joke and they can not realize for this? the whole community is united against this decision .

They think all the other 12 or 16 professional teams hate to fnatic? all expert commentators hate to fnatic? all other organizations like ESEA, ESL hate to fnatic? and all shown their dissatisfaction in social networks with the decision taken by DH to repeat the whole match

only dreamhack can not see the mistake that is committing...

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2014-11-29 15:09:29
rip englando
2014-11-29 15:51:58
dhw sucks
2014-11-29 16:58:06
You sound like someone that never listened to what the dh admins said.
2014-11-29 22:37:17
just worry fnatic
2014-11-29 15:11:09
2014-11-29 19:45:25
i still hate them.
2014-11-29 14:41:31
2014-11-29 14:43:15
hate comes from where?
2014-11-29 14:49:13
2014-11-29 14:43:24
2014-11-29 14:43:54
+1 ;)
2014-11-29 14:48:19
2014-11-29 14:49:13
2014-11-29 14:49:23
still they look a little bit better after doing what is right for once
2014-11-29 14:49:36
indeed. The problem for me is that I like krimz alot, too bad jwpig, automeister and satanwalk is in his team
2014-11-29 15:07:17
+1, I like krimz a lot ;(
2014-11-29 15:11:27
i love fnatic and even I think it was a unsportsman like move to win by bugging...

... jokes, hate fnatic especially JW ugly dog. lataz cheaters

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:05:31
2014-11-29 15:02:59
god, what am i gonna do with this information now?
2014-11-29 15:05:16
No one cares ya little bitch
2014-11-29 16:33:31
boo fucking hoo. why u replying bitch?
2014-11-29 16:36:26
2014-11-29 16:52:41
solid move, props to fnatic. you're still bad-mannered and unethical in my book though
2014-11-29 14:41:39
If they can't cheat, they'll exploit. If they can't exploit, they'll forfeit..
2014-11-29 18:04:13
why so fast
2014-11-29 14:41:54
Congratulations, Pyth.
2014-11-29 14:41:57
Pyth, when vac?
2014-11-29 14:43:20
1st comment hunter
2014-11-29 14:43:41
hltv users posted to many cheat proofs against fnatic..It was logical that they will never EVER beat LDLC without cheats/exploits. Even if fnatic will play 5 v 4 against ldlc they still won't win without cheats. Hopefull sponsors won't support this team in the future and hopefully will disband. And one more thing..hey VALVe i think fnatic need's a VACation... send them to it !
2014-11-29 14:51:34
shut up..french girls just started crying about non-sense shit and kiddie admins accepted their tears..
2014-11-29 14:58:57
lol, waste of oxygen here ...

Overpass was already CT sided ..this boost made it 90% CT 10% T, moron.
2014-11-29 15:01:54
i´m sure u don´t know what oxygen is..
2014-11-29 15:11:02
med feg trin11111l
2014-11-29 15:02:11
stopped reading after 'proofs', videos like that are accusations and NOT proof.

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:10:28
2014-11-29 16:04:19
Wow how fucking dumb are you? Fnatic played just as good as they ever did. Did you evcen watch them play?
2014-11-29 16:23:13
2014-11-29 14:53:05
this is the best edit you can get? omfg jacob can you not form any opinions? ruined a n1 for me.
2014-11-29 14:54:50
hi pyth
2014-11-29 14:54:55
VACation is real pyth!
2014-11-29 14:58:27
it's not enough . just quit csgo .
2014-11-29 15:02:29
What about the skins you bet on LDLC ? Are we going to lose them ? :/
2014-11-29 15:02:44
great sportsmanship from their part. G.G fnatic
2014-11-29 15:03:19
The same bug like in inferno...
2014-11-29 15:15:13
2014-11-29 15:41:37
birds of the same feather =)
2014-11-29 16:14:25
2014-11-29 14:40:53
2014-11-29 14:40:53
Am I the only one who wanted the match played out and see fnatic lose? I wanted to see the "No. 1 team in the world" lose fair n' square but now who ever wins Dreamhack cannot really be called No. 1 because fnatic did not actually lose.
2014-11-29 14:54:16
2014-11-29 14:59:25
True, though we can say that fnatic cant win without using map exploit. How bout that?
2014-11-29 15:53:28
I think that's his point, people can say that, but people don't know now. If they played and lost, it'd be completely true.
2014-11-29 16:29:17
fair enough
2014-11-29 16:51:40
I think it's sad they quit though, they succumed to internet bullies, as they were already having issues before this drama. It's giving credence to all the people acting horribly. Now if they don't agree with a win, they think they can come here or to reddit and complain, threaten their families, and do all kidns of childish shit and they'll get what they want. So sad:(
2014-11-29 17:09:56
Sorry but we dont share the same opinion. While I agree that it's idiotic to threaten them on an internet forum, I am one who thinks that fnatic should get DQ'ed because of what they did (#boostgate). Even I'm starting to get suspicious against flusha, there's too many of his aimlock clips to be called a coincidence.
2014-11-29 17:23:15
Think about it this way, they don't deserve a rematch with such attitude.
2014-11-29 17:23:13
2014-11-29 14:40:54
2014-11-29 14:40:57
2014-11-29 14:40:59
2014-11-29 14:41:00
2014-11-29 14:41:00
good call fnatic
2014-11-29 14:41:00
2014-11-29 14:43:57
Fnatic should be boycotting tournaments from now on. They got more sponsors than any other team and should be given proper respect.
2014-11-29 14:51:54
How can you say they deserve respect, have you seen them play?
2014-11-29 14:55:39
they play amazing lol, ur going to base ur opinions on 1 map now like every other whiny little 12 yr old girl on this website. Meanwhile ldlc used a boost that was also against the rules...but no1 is going to talk about that in the future, it is only going to be about fnatic and how they cheat,have no honor, worst team in history(which is complete bullshit btw)...
2014-11-29 17:10:28
Yeah, they should, would be happier with every tournament without their unsportsmanship behavior...

Whenever you face something like this boost, even if it could only distantly break any rules than don't do it or consult with admins/ref.

This step probably came from somebody higher than the players, they need to keep some kin of reputation, otherwise even the sponsors will start to leave them.
2014-11-29 15:00:23
Sponsors wont leave them.

As long as they can show up at major events and make money from stickers and prize pools, sponsors will stay.

It's cute though that people think that theres some sort of "moral code" to e-sports in general.
2014-11-29 15:02:53
tournaments should boycott fnatic
2014-11-29 16:16:09
2014-11-29 14:41:01
2014-11-29 14:41:01
2014-11-29 14:41:01
2014-11-29 14:41:01
2014-11-29 14:41:02
2014-11-29 14:41:02
2014-11-29 14:41:02

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:41:24
2014-11-29 14:41:03
2014-11-29 14:41:03
"If a team forfeits: the bet will be closed and all items will be returned to their owners, regardless of format or score."
2014-11-29 14:41:04
in your wet dreams
2014-11-29 14:41:41
no one cares about your skins
2014-11-29 14:42:16
skins will be back?
2014-11-29 14:51:36
no, fnatic won that bo3 but forfeitted next bo1
2014-11-29 15:17:37
Lol, the match isn't even on lounge, nice try, fag.
2014-11-29 14:43:15
yes it was.. but rule 18 so people who bet on LDLC wont get anything back.
2014-11-29 14:44:22
Haha you're the fucking homo here, I feel sorry for your parents. Get a life faggot.
2014-11-29 14:47:57
yeah but they can't get returned cuz ppl already took them, lounge has no power there
2014-11-29 14:44:44
After all this the first thing you give a shit about is your skins?

Perfect example of how cancerous it is to the CS scene having kids gamble their shit away.
2014-11-29 14:55:06
I don't see any skins being returned. They don't probably even have a system in place to do it, after the skins have been given out to people. Think about it, there's no good way of doing it. I imagine a lot of people have already transferred the skins back into their steam accounts.
2014-11-29 14:58:54
2014-11-29 14:41:04
2014-11-29 14:41:05
2014-11-29 14:41:06
2014-11-29 14:41:07
GG fnatic
2014-11-29 14:41:07
2014-11-29 14:41:09
favorites never win i guess
2014-11-29 14:41:11
Fnatic trying to save face, they know they did a massive blunder pulling off the crap they did yesterday. This wont be enough to change my opinion by them, they have shown their true colors. LDLC clearly were a better team on overpass yesterday and its likely to believe the outcome would have gone in LDLCs favor today anyway.

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:47:06
2014-11-29 14:41:11
reason for forfeit - they dont want to play in this tournament anymore because they feel people have been accusing them.

But not the fact they LITERALLY cheated for what seems to be a good 14 rounds on overpass?

Fnatic lost every bit of respect from anyone who actually has a braincell.
2014-11-29 14:44:59
stfu u dumb fuck, ldlc did the same thing
2014-11-29 14:46:44
you closet fuck, they did nothing similar, read the rulebook if there was any. Fairplay will win.
2014-11-29 14:48:35
the rule fnatic broke was that the boost COULD give a view through walls, not fucking pixelwalking. LDLC did a similar boost on their ct side and they could ALSO SEE THROUGH WALLS, now I don't care much for fnatic but still, after this I don't care for LDLC either

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:03:32
2014-11-29 15:03:13
I see your flag and ignore it

First, they removed the pixelwalking from the rulebook.

Second, you lose a round everytime you use that boost, In that case LDLC already won.

I dont expect you to see the rational side of it. But justice has been served.
By sponsors and fnatic ORg.

The player will remain to those low-life fucks as when they refused handshakes and shouted curses to Nip.
Remember People dont change.
2014-11-29 15:07:07
Whats not rational?`Fnatic "broke the rules" and the second half going to be replayed, all was fine. Fnatic filed their report on LDLC, who also broke the same rule, and the whole map was going to be replayed and suddenly everyone went apeshit?
2014-11-29 15:40:27
The DH "summer" rulebook said that you lose round for each illegality in that case fnatic lose the whole half whereas LDLC lose only 3 rounds.

2014-11-29 15:53:32
I'm sorry did hibernate for 6 months, or is it infact not summer?
2014-11-29 16:01:46
No its winter.
2014-11-29 16:04:38
so then what does the dh summer rules have to do with this?
2014-11-29 16:13:40
no, they didnt you fat murican
2014-11-29 14:55:06
they did tho, not as gamebreaking but it falls under the same rule
2014-11-29 15:54:49
lol they did the same exact violation u dumb fuck, u can call me fat all u want, at least i have enough education that i can read information and listen to an interview. You are completely wrong and anyone that watched the interview with the head of DH knows u are wrong. bye 3rd worlder
2014-11-29 16:55:54
LDLC used the same boost in round 1 and no one gave a shit, including Fnatic. Fnatic uses it against them and LDLC goes butthurt.
2014-11-29 14:46:59
Thats not even close to same boost
2014-11-29 14:48:33
Not the same boost, Smithzz stood on the car not on the air like Krimz did.
2014-11-29 14:49:09
Not the same boost at all. LDLCs boost is a boost many teams have used, it is just two guys standing on top of each other and it barely gives a glimmer of a certain part of the map. LDLC got 0 kills and spotted 0 players from that boost as far as I remember the match.
2014-11-29 14:49:51
if many teams have used that boost, how come everyone was so blown away when they saw it? Even fifflaren said he had never seen it before...
2014-11-29 16:57:03
not the same, u faggot. it was on truck
2014-11-29 14:50:57
lol mad kid.
2014-11-29 14:52:29
Retarded fanboyswede
2014-11-29 15:55:05
Lol retard,ldlc use boost against NiP so stfu
2014-11-29 14:47:41
not the same one..
2014-11-29 14:52:02
You are fucking blind
2014-11-29 14:57:56
2014-11-29 15:26:38
This ^
2014-11-29 14:50:01
2014-11-29 14:53:24
2014-11-29 14:55:55
hahaha atleast something.. shame on you tho
2014-11-29 14:41:11
2014-11-29 14:41:12
completely right, they sucked balls in the quarter-final
2014-11-29 14:41:13
2014-11-29 14:41:14
2014-11-29 14:41:15
2014-11-29 14:41:16
2014-11-29 14:41:16
Good call Fnatic :D
2014-11-29 14:41:17
2014-11-29 14:41:17
Only good solution!
2014-11-29 14:41:18
2014-11-29 14:41:18
Aw the little crying babies aka fnatic
2014-11-29 14:41:19
2014-11-29 14:41:19
fnatic fan boys go fuck yourself
2014-11-29 14:41:21
with your skins XD!
2014-11-29 14:46:18
2014-11-29 14:41:22
Disgusting circlejerk from the community incoming
2014-11-29 14:41:23
Your brain is shit m8.
2014-11-29 14:44:44
At least I have one, unlike you
2014-11-29 14:51:55
why ??? LOL why ?
2014-11-29 14:41:25
Are you ok?
2014-11-29 14:41:48
ye i think fnatic players are tired as fuck play against them if they win fuck it typical frenchies
2014-11-29 14:56:26
i don't even
2014-11-29 15:03:07
RESPECT + (little bit)
2014-11-29 14:41:26
I guess they knew they couldn't do shit without that boost.
2014-11-29 14:41:28
exactly,cheating scrubs..
2014-11-29 14:42:38
Yeah, like they are the only one boosting and doing weird things... Oh this hypocrite kiddos.
2014-11-29 16:46:21
They are the only one boosting and seeing the whole fucking map thou
2014-11-29 18:27:13
they ve made the wise decision, I still have a bit of hope
2014-11-29 14:41:29
Dayum. Well, I'm out of popcorn anyway.
2014-11-29 14:41:33
rip in pepperoni
2014-11-29 14:41:36
n1 + 1
2014-11-29 14:41:37
2014-11-29 14:41:38
hahahah pussies, so lame move
2014-11-29 14:41:39
favorites never win
2014-11-29 14:41:40
Bye cheaters.
2014-11-29 14:41:40

2014-11-29 14:41:40
cheaters got afraid
2014-11-29 14:41:40
ultimate tl; dr news article right here
2014-11-29 14:41:41
Flushas cheats subscription ended'
2014-11-29 14:41:44
2014-11-29 14:41:44
gg wp
2014-11-29 14:41:45
Good decision from them, but they are still dicks.
2014-11-29 14:41:46
2014-11-29 14:41:46
pro level, good job
2014-11-29 14:41:47
2014-11-29 14:41:50
2014-11-29 14:41:50
gooood bye chiterinho
2014-11-29 14:41:52
Danggg, wanna hear the reasoning behind that
2014-11-29 14:41:53
2014-11-29 14:41:54
2014-11-29 14:41:55
gg fnatic, respect restored from -131395421 to 0
2014-11-29 14:41:56
2014-11-29 14:45:21
It was just a decision for public relations. They didnt forfeit cuz they regret abusing this bug, they did forfeit cuz they had to. Otherwise they would ruin fnatics reputation completely!
They held this boost back for 2 months to abuse it at dreamhack! fnatic are pathetic fat cheater kids who are ruining counter-strike...if they can't hack, they have to abuse bugs!
2014-11-29 15:30:06
they were in the quarter finals, get sticker money anyway. this and MAYBE to keep the rest of reputation that is left probably weights the price money off...
2014-11-29 15:58:47
Omg, gz you lucky frenchies
2014-11-29 14:41:58
:D they know that they gonna get vac banned... :D so they went to hiding asap :D
2014-11-29 14:41:59
2014-11-29 14:42:02
go home and never come back
2014-11-29 14:42:06
Ihr lows fnatic :DD
2014-11-29 14:42:06
Amazing news!
2014-11-29 14:42:09
2014-11-29 14:42:10
2014-11-29 14:42:11
2014-11-29 14:42:15
Justice has been made LDLC GOGOGO <3
2014-11-29 14:42:15
2014-11-29 14:42:15
Deserved win for fnatic, its the map creators fault, LDLC cry more plez.

2014-11-29 14:42:17
u f0cking w0t m8
2014-11-29 14:42:17
1. Justice is Served
2. Fnatic clearly doing damage control do save their severely tarnished reputation.

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:44:02
2014-11-29 14:42:19
reputation to? a community full of retards and keyboard warriors wich have basically no clue what they talking about ?
2014-11-29 15:05:52
A community which their business model is basically based on. If you don't understand, then you don't understand. But it's really all about the brand and the fans, not winning the games.
2014-11-29 15:18:34
we are all people in the end. the community may seem sometimes pretty nuts but thats still the mankind and society we use to know and you will meet all over the world at any place. crazy, pathetic, often very mean - but at the same time emotional, passionate and kind. humans show many faces my frend.
2014-11-29 16:04:25
2014-11-29 18:23:27
2014-11-29 15:33:32
Good frickin call! I think it was Carn who was behind this.
2014-11-29 14:42:20
2014-11-29 14:42:22
DH getting job done for them, gg
2014-11-29 14:42:25
2014-11-29 14:42:26
2014-11-29 14:42:27
azazazazazaza funboys fntc hate french:>
2014-11-29 14:42:31
maybe some1 threatened them
2014-11-29 14:42:33
We did it Kappa
2014-11-29 14:42:34
Vacation incoming :>
2014-11-29 14:42:38
2014-11-29 14:42:40
This is what the stupid, unprofessional, bullying and hating comes down to.

NBK's twitter rampage was at least as, if not more, unprofessional than fnatic's move on Overpass.

For shame.
2014-11-29 14:42:45
I agree.
2014-11-29 14:43:44
saw swedish flag -> http://weknowgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/d..
2014-11-29 14:46:24
I can remove the swedish flag if that would make you actually read the comment, but if you're that focused on nationality that your problem.

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:50:47
2014-11-29 14:50:24
Saw USA flag and felt a shot of ignorance through me at 24 freedoms per second.
2014-11-29 16:06:31
2014-11-29 14:45:06
what are u talking about?
that he can't sleep because of that match? u are retard, fnatic deserves much more hate...
2014-11-29 14:45:28
So what if he cant sleep over it? That makes him even less professional if he cant take a loss.

imho it was a cheap way to win the game, but it was won nontheless. If people need someone to blame for this, blame Valve that put this map in rotation, even after fixing previous boost-spots.
2014-11-29 14:47:17
I'm just curious if you can take a loss like this...
I can't blame NBK for this, and don't think his twitter posts is a rampage
2014-11-29 14:52:36
I'm sorry but I'm not a professional CS player, I'm just comparing it to how professional athletes answer to situations like this, and as far as I know, they dont use twitter to throw insults around.

I used to have massive respect for LDLC as a team, but I don't think they handled this situation right on any level.

2014-11-29 14:56:10
LDLC lose 1 fan(you).
LDLC gains thousand fans(others). gg
2014-11-29 15:59:05
2014-11-29 14:53:41
Yeah blame valve, also blame valve that there are so many cheaters around because they should of closed off the code that allow them to cheat. Not cheaters fault no no no.

Great logic, blame valve not the people that make the conscious decision to use those bugs.
2014-11-29 16:02:55
and another mad swede
2014-11-29 14:46:16
IT's stupid and unprofessional move by fnatic, if they can't play with a hostil atmosphere than they should stay at home with their moms, people don't need to show love to them. Bullying? I never saw fifflaren walking away from an offline event, never saw k1ck giving up, never saw onlinej getting affected.

2014-11-29 14:53:39
But it wasnt, it was a cheap way of using the map, but they didnt cheat in any way.

Just like a soccer player might throw himself on the ground and cry as if his legs had been shattered, its all part of the game. Cheap moves might be cheap, but whatever wins you the games you need to win.

And tbh I think its unfair to compare the kind of bullying fnatic have been taking the last weeks, and the flack fiffy and the likes have been receiving.
2014-11-29 14:59:42
Imo the bullying agaisnt fiffy was way worst, it was 2 years shitting on him.

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:09:16
2014-11-29 15:04:08
The community yeah, but players dont give a shit about what the community says.

If other pro players would've jumped him on social media (like Pita jumped flusha), it would've been a different story.
2014-11-29 15:09:10
pita is not a pro player anymore, so i can compare what pita said with what lurppis said for 2y about fiffy, but yeah a lot of pro players (like shox) shit on flusha, still that's not an excuse and this move by fnatic just gave more reasons to "haters" to reinforce what they believe.
2014-11-29 15:16:02
Agreed, to some extent this could hurt the fnatic team even more than it should've, and I was looking forward to a new game played between the teams.

I just want this whole relentless hate-situation end. fnatic has been a big organization for years in CS and it'd be a shame for the current team to end like this.
2014-11-29 15:24:46
"didn't cheat"

They pixelwalked, there was no ledge there in hammer. Pixelwalking is against the rules. How much clearer do you want it to be?
2014-11-29 16:04:23
Flushas cheats subscription ended..
2014-11-29 14:42:47
thanks fnatic.
2014-11-29 14:42:47
fnatic's sponsors forced them to do it, fnatic players and carn are still cheating cunts
2014-11-29 14:42:51
The only right thing that fnatic do in the whole tournament
2014-11-29 14:42:52
2014-11-29 14:42:52
Respect for fnatic !!! Really!! Respect jw fluscha olofm krimz pronax !
2014-11-29 14:42:57
Yeah , now I see them again as before that 2nd half.
They didn't have to do it, yet they chose this so kudos to them, I think this sends the right message to the community.
2014-11-29 14:49:56
People like you are retarded. This does not change the fact that Fanatic is a bunch of cheaters, liars and thiefs. Flusha should be in jail.. not get creds to do finally do something right.

Fuck fanatic you dont deserve any respect, you finally relised what the right thing to do was and it was on time. Flusha, admit the cheat now or be embarassed later.
2014-11-29 22:00:59
I may be retarded or you may just vent your frustration with fnatic on me, but imagine how it would have been if they didn't FF, that's all I'm saying.
They weren't fair play, community reacted, they FFed, they made the right call.
It is natural to forgive, we're not judge&executioners here, we all make mistakes we learn from.
2014-11-30 00:56:01
Sorry you are obviously not the retard, I was.
But I stand on with what I said about fnatic. FLusha is 110 % hacker and he is not the only one in the team.
2014-11-30 08:21:13
2014-11-29 14:42:59
hahahhahahahha BYE BYE bugers&cheaters!!!!!!
2014-11-29 14:43:00
rip fnatic
2014-11-29 14:43:03
2014-11-29 14:43:04
bye cheaters
2014-11-29 14:43:05
As fucked up as the whole situation is, fnatic shouldnt be solely blamed for the whole controversy, DreamHack admins should also be blamed for it. Their decision made people hate them lesser I guess.
2014-11-29 14:43:06
2014-11-29 14:43:36
nice :)
2014-11-29 14:43:10
2014-11-29 14:43:10
Fnatic can't buy themselves out of this only by forfeiting.

Hate 4 ever
2014-11-29 14:43:11
2014-11-29 14:43:11
good, it was the right decision.
2014-11-29 14:43:12
cya cheaters
2014-11-29 14:43:16
Nice. But fanatic we will still hate u
2014-11-29 14:43:17
speak for yourself cornball
2014-11-29 14:46:19
i still got paid
2014-11-29 14:43:17
2014-11-29 14:43:19
I bet Happy is really happy right now
2014-11-29 14:43:22
-1 I hate you. That was the worst joke. Burn in the depths of hell.
2014-11-29 14:47:28
2014-11-29 14:43:23
2014-11-29 14:43:25
http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy190/duchap/MJ.. bye bye fnatic...now the next step of their journey is the VACations
2014-11-29 14:43:26

Sorry, I was just trying to be as pathetic as you guys were yesterday.
2014-11-29 14:43:28
You did a good job! :)
2014-11-29 14:46:55
cheaters r afraid :D
2014-11-29 14:43:29
2014-11-29 14:43:33
Do not think any better of this team. Their sponsors probably just contacted them and gave them are warning. They are cheating scum.
2014-11-29 14:43:33
2014-11-29 14:43:33
2014-11-29 14:43:33
lol all are losers
2014-11-29 14:43:35
ldlc pussies rofl

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:43:55
2014-11-29 14:43:36
Can you repeat that please? who made the final call? yes that's what I thought now get the fuck off please
2014-11-29 14:45:34
2014-11-29 14:43:36
2014-11-29 14:43:40
2014-11-29 14:43:41
2014-11-29 14:43:42
the law wins
2014-11-29 14:43:44
+respect again
2014-11-29 14:43:44
This was the only right thing to do for Fnatic to save a little bit of face for their organisation.
It's a good thing that the whole community spoke out against the scum moves Fnatic made and it's good to see that our voice still counts.
2014-11-29 14:43:45
2014-11-29 14:43:49
Well done, Fnatic.
2014-11-29 14:43:52
2014-11-29 14:43:55
the team didn't decide shit. devilwalk and company are still a bunch of douche bags.

fnatic PR reps for the organization forced their hand 100% when they saw the backlash and their credibility going down the drain last night.
2014-11-29 14:43:57
it got even worse with this tho. if ur gonna be assholes, at least pull through with it! its not like theyre gonna weasel themselves out of being assholes by simply chickening out of the match.
2014-11-29 14:46:41
agreed. i dont think this did anything to change the image everyone has of them after last night.
2014-11-29 16:08:08
byebye cheaters
2014-11-29 14:43:58
2014-11-29 14:44:01
2014-11-29 14:44:01
france cry baby fnatic its winer
2014-11-29 14:44:05
2014-11-29 14:44:06
Respect Fnatic
2014-11-29 14:44:12
flusha banned thats why !
2014-11-29 14:44:13
Lol I think the same. At least one of them, maybe..
2014-11-29 15:26:43
A sensible choice in my opinion.
2014-11-29 14:44:18
lol Anders. Are you having fun at the tourney??!
2014-11-29 14:47:30
they simply knew that they dropped themselves into a big hole by winning overpass on that way (with boosting etc.) and they were suddenly turned into most hated team in the community

so now with this move they hope to regain some respect from people and other players...it's very lame move from fnatic organization overall, especially from cArn as their CEO and Devilwalk as a coach

2014-11-29 14:48:23
2014-11-29 14:44:18
Still don't have any respect for them. Fucking dirty team.
2014-11-29 14:44:18
2014-11-29 14:44:26
2014-11-29 14:44:30
Bye bye cheaters ^^

Love how they said they felt victimized by the community. When you play with cheats, the community wont like you ;)
2014-11-29 14:44:32
2014-11-29 14:44:32
Shortest news 2014
2014-11-29 14:44:33
Hahaha awwwh, why so sad fnatic?
2014-11-29 14:44:40
What Fnatic did was wrong, but you have to respect people when they admit their mistakes, not everyone are big enough to do that.

So please don't spit on people who admit their mistakes, respect them for "at least" admitting they were wrong.

Thanks Fnatic, this removes a stone from my heart. Hopefully you have learned from this, and we can move on as a strong CS.GO community together. Let this be a lesson for all of us.
2014-11-29 14:44:41
Fnatic didn't admit shit. They pulled out for damage control and are now crying about being unfairly targeted. If 99% of a community think that something you did was a scumbag move it probably was a scumbag move.

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:59:18
2014-11-29 14:58:43
No doubt it was a scumbag move. I also find it disgusting if it is true "they feel unfairly targeted" (I haven't personally seen it, but it is probably true, when so many people mention it)

The only thing I am happy about in this, is that LDLC does not have to replay the damn match, they have already been raped enough. So whatever person who said they should "forfeit" got my respect, I would feel raped as well if LDLC had to replay that match, all that work for nothing.

Win or lose doesn't matter to me. The only thing that bothers me are injustice, and this entire situation has been anything but fair to LDLC. It could have been you or I in that situation, so of course it affects me. Whoever gets treated unfairly.

Edit: Another point I think of is that in Denmark we have this law saying "If you are aware of a crime, but you are not doing anything about it, you are also a part of the crime"

Valve had clearly said if the pro's found any bugs, they should report it, so they could co-operate to make the scene strong. But Fnatic was aware of this crime for 2 months, and decided to keep it secret. All in their team/org who were aware of this is part of the crime. Fnatic has for a long time been one of my favourite organisations, but they should really think about if they want to go on with these players, with those morale issues.

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:22:24
2014-11-29 16:13:36
thanks!!! fu fnatic
2014-11-29 14:44:44
Was expecting fnatic management realised that the cs team was damaging their brand to much. But apparantly they forfeit because "its not fun and fair". They still think they should have been allowed to use that gamebreaking boost lol
2014-11-29 14:44:45
Just because the organization made the team forfeit doesnt mean that these scummy players deserve any respect
2014-11-29 14:44:45
2014-11-29 14:44:46
good decision fnatic
2014-11-29 14:44:52
good bye scumbags
2014-11-29 14:45:00
what? what? what?
2014-11-29 14:45:02
Yay, those sore LDLC losers must be really happy now, knowing they won't get schooled even without the boost.

As for fnatic, respect. They don't need and deserve to take so much baseless shit from some 14yo kids who ate all the knowledge in the world.
2014-11-29 14:45:04
I always considered you as a smart one here on hltv, the same way I thought fnatic players didn't cheat...


2014-11-29 14:53:28
Shame I don't really care.

*Join the haters club today and claim the last exclusive fuck I give!*
2014-11-29 14:56:34
thanks for the invitation
2014-11-29 14:58:13
When so much people are against you, it is time to wondering if you did the right thing or not. If they were in their right, and felt good about it, they would not have forfeit.

Even NiP players were disguted by the fnatic move, and NiP is highly respected.

Stop hating french people, that's the only reason why you are on the fnatic side.
2014-11-29 14:54:15
2014-11-29 14:58:36
NiP is highly respected by the actual fankids, who cheer for everyone who is now on a winning streak.

Also, I don't hate french people and have no idea how did you come to this conclusion. Maybe you are a little bit self-centered?

I am a fnatic fan ever since they first appeared in 1.6 and it has nothing to do with my supposed hate towards frenchies.
2014-11-29 14:59:11
So you are a fnatic fan since 1.6 and are obviously biased about the issue. How about you shut your mouth then?
2014-11-29 15:01:38
So as a fan of fnatic I can no longer use this forum? Uncle Adolf would love this train of thought!
2014-11-29 15:04:52
hahaha wp
2014-11-29 15:04:19
gj Pita
2014-11-29 14:45:04
gj haters u made it again
First Fifflaren
Second Fnatic
Third Whos is next?
2014-11-29 14:45:11
KUDOS TO FNATIC, They got my respect back
2014-11-29 14:45:16
Now you can comment whatever you want on this post but, since i go for LDLC. I believe Fnatic have made a great choice clearly we would have seen LDLC take Overpass. My prediction for the game was 16-7. Fnatic played very well but, LDLC came here to dominate and that they did. Congrats to LDLC and Thank you Fnatic for making the right decision.
2014-11-29 14:45:17
fnatic mentol
2014-11-29 14:45:19
now what? they go back to blatantly cheating in online comps?
2014-11-29 14:45:21
bad day for csgo
2014-11-29 14:45:25
now fnatic jump into the victim role
2014-11-29 14:45:25
got afraid of getting caught cheating......
2014-11-29 14:45:28
cheat bugged?
2014-11-29 14:45:28
at least they walked out with style. help all those faggot frencies and hltv noobs sleep easier @ night. are you happy NBK ? does your life have a meaning again? i hope it does , you 50% of my whole body is the head whiny sissy.... i hope fnatic gets some uber cheat so you can go back to sauce and whine and bitch there like you did in the 1.6 days. freaking douch nation.
2014-11-29 14:45:28
And now LDLC are allowed to use their variant of illegal boost?
2014-11-29 14:45:31
They felt Guilty, gg Fnatic well done.

2014-11-29 14:45:33
wow the hltv community should be ashamed..a bunch of 20 year old people gets destroyed without evidence and without brain..gg community
2014-11-29 14:45:37
300.000+ people saw their scumbag move live on stream. So what are you talking about "without evidence"?
2014-11-29 15:08:36
fnatic decide to go in VACations
2014-11-29 14:45:44
was it a DQ or Fnatic decision?
2014-11-29 14:45:48
2014-11-29 14:45:48
2014-11-29 14:45:49
Pathetic. Fnatic won, LDLC are the ones who should have forfeited.
2014-11-29 14:45:50
That did not change anything. FNC<MYASS
2014-11-29 14:45:51
I wouldn't call it "+1 respect" fnatic won the map unfairly, this is what at least they should to do.
Now they should forgive for being such retards. worst fnatic team since forver (in terms of people)
2014-11-29 14:45:52
lol this is fucking dumb, they won and dont get through the semis, of course they forfeit. can anyone show me the offical rules of not abusing the map? i dont like fnatic either but this is so undeserved. i hope navi beat them
2014-11-29 14:45:53
+1 fnatic deserves semi ,, but anyway hope navi crush those whine boys
2014-11-29 14:49:32
LDLC * whinebK-
2014-11-29 14:51:37
Watch the official video of the DH admins about why the map has to be replayed so obviously what fnatic did was against the rules. It was also disgusting.
2014-11-29 15:11:16
link? didnt see any vid

tbh i wanna see clear offical rules for that event, if not its so undeserved.
i bet any other team wouldve done it if they knew it. in any other sport if you have an edge on your opponent you just abuse it
2014-11-29 15:17:04
correct choice
2014-11-29 14:45:56
Glad to see this,
fnatic is the shame of CS:GO forever.
2014-11-29 14:45:57
2014-11-29 15:30:40
u mad fantic fanboys Keepo
2014-11-29 14:45:58

uhmmm you kinda did...
2014-11-29 14:46:00
2014-11-29 14:46:44
This piece of shit team worked together with DH organizers, no wonder they let them cheat their way and go out with such 'forfeit'
2014-11-29 15:44:00
waiting for nbk to whine about fnatic forfeiting ..
2014-11-29 14:46:01
I feel sad for fnatic tbh. They just played to win.
2014-11-29 14:46:06
if i kill the enemy team in football then i just play to win?
2014-11-29 14:50:28
fnatic didn't kill anyone to win
2014-11-29 14:55:12
ok if you don't understand the easiest comparisons your IQ must be below 90.
2014-11-29 14:57:23
It's a ridiculous comparison, that's just my point
2014-11-29 15:11:05
it's not. if you play against the rules you cant say you just play to win.
2014-11-29 15:13:50
2014-11-29 14:46:06
Fuc*ing French... learn to lose.. Justice for Fnatic and OLOFboost.. Pure organization
2014-11-29 14:46:13
they are scared of Na'Vi :D
2014-11-29 14:46:15
unexpected, I'm shocked oO
2014-11-29 14:46:16
2014-11-29 14:46:19
what the fuck? you cant beat those baguettes? disappointed
2014-11-29 14:46:27
AHAHAHA fucking nice!!!
2014-11-29 14:46:27
don't like the forfeit... should have just stuck with the original decision and replayed from 12-3
2014-11-29 14:46:34
Well dreamhack just be such dickheads against fnc and taking away a Win from fnatic... Right decision #boycottdreamhack
2014-11-29 14:46:38
:D are you on meth?
2014-11-29 14:51:35
2014-11-29 14:46:46
Yesterday i was angry but now i must say : Respect fnatic
2014-11-29 14:46:46
nice, hope you never more will get invited
2014-11-29 14:46:47
They were going to loose anyway :) GJ Fnatic.
2014-11-29 14:46:47
they cant win overpass without that boost so they forfeit
2014-11-29 14:46:55

I think fnatic players got vac banned and dh was kind enough to let them leave with dignity
2014-11-29 14:46:58

2014-11-29 14:47:07
You do realize they both cheated...so LDLC dont deserve semi-finals either.
2014-11-29 14:48:40
i guess cArn has a big sack of balls after all.
2014-11-29 14:47:09
they should have agreed to play 13-2 and die with thier heads up
2014-11-29 14:47:11
+rep they did the right thing. Hope this is legit decision and not forced by the admins.
2014-11-29 14:47:13
Prolly scared to play under such scrutiny...would have lost 16-3 , if not for that boost.

Plus them aimlocks.
2014-11-29 14:47:13
2014-11-29 14:47:14
Damage control from fnatic org, the players themselves would've never forfeitted
2014-11-29 14:47:14
2014-11-29 14:47:17
2014-11-29 14:47:20
Can somebody explain why everybody is so mad at fnatic. Is it becasue they are better then the other teams currently or because pronax found a awesome boost that nobody else found?
2014-11-29 14:47:20
cuz fnatic scum
2014-11-29 14:49:08
That boost was not found by pronax. It was posted on reddit ~3 weeks ago, fnatic players asked to remove it so that it stays secret and fnatic can use it in DHW.


upload date 10/11
2014-11-29 14:49:41
Fnatic found an obvious bug in the map and kept it secret for two months so that they could abuse it when they where outmatched. Thats not awesome, that's disgusting.
2014-11-29 15:14:57
respect fnatic, LDLC guys can learn something from this, especially that NBK.
you will never beat fnatic in face to face.
now they're in the semis, otherwise they wouldnt.

win this NiP/VP/NaVi

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:52:07
2014-11-29 14:47:27
omg Fnatic idiots
2014-11-29 14:47:37
This made my day!:D
2014-11-29 14:47:38
respect to fnatic
2014-11-29 14:47:38
nice move, could have been better to replay from 13-3 but fnatic making this protest was just w0w
2014-11-29 14:47:40
haahah, glad2see LDLC
2014-11-29 14:47:43
2014-11-29 14:47:43
well deserved.
2014-11-29 14:47:47
shame for dreamhack
2014-11-29 14:47:51
Yep, LDLC only chance to win tournaments is forfeits.

Much honor, wow
2014-11-29 14:48:05
fnatic only chance is use a bug map illegal !
2014-11-29 14:49:24
winning hitbox tournament against dignitas when you're down 0:1 because of ddos, much glory wow.

winning quarter against fnatic when you used the SAME boost and whining like little bitches.

LDLC lost all the respect today
2014-11-29 14:56:18
same boost? are you a fucking retard ?

My god, these kids did not even see their boost and talking... Go download the gotv replay and then come here again to talk.
2014-11-29 15:36:41
they did a less powerful boost indeed but it was still in the way to see over walls.

Same shit.
2014-11-29 15:37:29
2014-11-29 14:48:05
They should have been disqualified not forfeited. That would be justice, seeing things like this, seams they have the control they wanned to do that cuz they can cuz they think the organization sucks and thats wrong. Thay used a bug, and using bugs its not fair, its the same as goin underground on the previous games, running under the floor.
2014-11-29 14:48:17
2014-11-29 14:48:17
They have done the most noble thing there. When the whole community hates them so much, and opponents (and ppl who bet skins on them) are crying over a clever boost, using it as an excuse to cancel the game and succeding on it, there is no point trying to be the champion.

This is a poor management of Dreamhack's side. And csgo is actually ruined by betting
2014-11-29 14:48:26
An obvious bug in the map (which also violates several tournament rules) is not a clever boost.
2014-11-29 15:17:09
wad up now sweeeeeds
2014-11-29 14:48:35
but of course csgolounge already dealt the skins because they're corrupt assholes who are just in it for the money

pretty sad that it has come to this. all fnatic members being accused constantly isn't right and probably played a part in them not doing so great this major. anyway, nice seeing LDLC going through; they were the better team in the Overpass match, of course.

they probably did this because:

1. it's not fun when you're supposedly all cheaters and abusers of a map bug

2. integrity - they all look like massive assholes after doing this.
2014-11-29 14:48:37
+REP a lil bit
2014-11-29 14:48:47
2014-11-29 14:48:47
wat up now swedes? WOOH!

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:45:25
2014-11-29 15:45:15
OlofAutoSniperPixelBoostMeister bb =))
2014-11-29 14:48:48
They fucking used time to get a 0-0 replay of the match and then are being martyrs and forfeit.
2014-11-29 14:48:48
Fnatic found a trick at Overpass. They turn the game around because of that and the results are that LDLC and ever child out there who beted on LDLC to rage.

After the admins checked the rules they found that the boost was legal but some bugg had struck some weird transparity. None of the teams used this bugg but because the French were crying so much DH needed to do something.

Okey now Fnatic know that is way more cleaver for the brand to back out of the tournament and let LDLC win. I Really hope you all understand that this totally bullshit and Fnatic earned the win on a cheesy way in the first place. When the emotions from LDLC loss turns down people will realise this.
2014-11-29 14:48:48
That "weird transparity" happened because fnatic used a spot which wasnt supposed to be used, krimz was also pixel walking. Although, pixel walking wasnt against rules, fnatic needed that trick to win that game, without that, ldlc would've won.
2014-11-29 14:55:54
you are lying. the weird transparency was only visible if you zoomed in, and all it allowed you too see was a part of T spawn. wtf is that supposed to help you with? the admin of dreamhack also said that olofm never scoped in there, so they didnt ever even see anything whatsoever from the transparency bug. honestly only reason fnatic had to suffer was public outrage and idiocy that has made any sane person quit the cs go scene after this tournament. haters killed everything.
2014-11-29 18:10:34
Yea you fucking LDLC little bitches, good that fnatic leaves your whole DREAMHACK setup is obviously garbage if they rather leave than compete you guys all look like idiots, GOOD JOB FNATIC FUCK THOSE GUYS
2014-11-29 14:48:50
lol, fnatic cheats and are generally douchebags. fnatic's cs players didnt choose to leave, the organisation forced them, they would never leave on their own.
2014-11-29 14:51:21
idiot. there is no proof fnatic cheat. and no, the players left because all you haters made them cry (not olofm but jw, flusha, pronax etc). yes, im not kidding. carn deleted a tweet about it.
2014-11-29 18:13:25
Respect to fnatic. If LDLC wins the tounrnament that wont be a sweat victory.
2014-11-29 14:48:54
im so sad :( cmon fnatic :(
2014-11-29 14:48:54
Very good decision. There is such a thing as honor. I hope it was not crying.
2014-11-29 14:48:56
They should do this after game not 24h after......
2014-11-29 14:48:56
At least they savage the little honor they still have.

Good call cArn
2014-11-29 14:48:56
Still,Fnatic admited their mistake.

<3 Fnatic
2014-11-29 14:48:58
Good :>
2014-11-29 14:49:03
2014-11-29 14:49:07
did they forfeit cache and gonna play after nip/vp overpass?or forfeit match?
2014-11-29 14:49:13
cache? what is wrong with fucking cache? they were only supposed to replay overpass. but they ff'd it
2014-11-29 14:52:34
2014-11-29 14:49:14
2014-11-29 14:49:21
2014-11-29 14:49:33
ldlc cry babies
2014-11-29 14:49:40
2014-11-29 14:49:41
this is so fucking sad. Fnatic just won the map fair and square and those fucking snaileaters can't have it. DreamHack are fucking retards, those admins should fucking hang theirself

ESL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DREAMHACK
2014-11-29 14:49:42
Nice bait.
2014-11-29 15:37:10
pretty decent move by fnatic tbh
2014-11-29 14:49:45
Good decision fnatic!
2014-11-29 14:49:55
Cheaters gonnna cheat Kappa.
2014-11-29 14:49:59
Fnatic proving to all the haters they're legit. You guys suck.
2014-11-29 14:50:05
Fnatic proving that they have some guys in their organisation that know what damage control means...
2014-11-29 15:20:12
the right decision would have been dQ but atleast Fnatic is a better organzation than Dreamhack.
2014-11-29 14:50:06
Devilwalk aka Pixelwalk RIP IN PEPERONI
2014-11-29 14:50:08
NBK now please wipe your french tears away, pick up your toys and STFU on Twitter


2014-11-29 14:50:10
hahahaha :DDD
2014-11-29 15:10:49
good PR move. pigs are pigs
2014-11-29 14:50:13
What if fnatic forfeited the match because they know they can't win against LDLC on overpass without that bug OR without hacks.
2014-11-29 14:50:16
fuck ldlc
2014-11-29 14:50:27
At least now you have my respect back.
2014-11-29 14:50:33
good for ldlc, hope they win against NaVi and against NiP/VP
2014-11-29 14:50:37
fu flusha
2014-11-29 14:50:45
respect but LDLC is full of cunts, just wanna see NAVI kicking NBK's ass
2014-11-29 14:50:48
very nice news
2014-11-29 14:50:54
much respect to fnatic
2014-11-29 14:51:00
Pussy can win only with cheats and bugs
Shame on you fnatic
2014-11-29 14:51:03
Honourable. They should loose.
2014-11-29 14:51:11
It's too late, cArn. The damage has been done. Fuck your organisation and bad sportsmanship.
2014-11-29 14:51:12


Post edited 2014-11-29 14:57:08
2014-11-29 14:51:15
Hahahahahahaha fnatic fangirls were so happy yesterday, now their dream is ruined hahahahahahahahaha
2014-11-29 14:51:18
Good call, you may have regained a glimmer of respect back from the community.
2014-11-29 14:51:18
good decision, whatever the reasons are
2014-11-29 14:51:24
2014-11-29 14:51:24
Hopefully they realize the responsibility of a real esports organization and admit the boost was unfair, and should have been reported instead of the shit they pulled off. Sadly im pretty sure this is coming from their sponsors,not the players themselves. In any case, this was the fair thing to happen.
2014-11-29 14:51:24
Respect lost for LDLC bunch of complainers.
2014-11-29 14:51:30
NO ONE like to play with cheaters thats why
2014-11-29 14:51:35
biggest text news so far http://i.imgur.com/KEgalCa.jpg
2014-11-29 14:51:40
2014-11-29 14:51:45
fnatic you still blow, look at all these sudden fnatic fanboys rolf. turned off your cheats and you still can't win anything. get the fuck outta here
2014-11-29 14:51:54
I have to give some props for this. I didn't see the match live unfortunately but reading and seeing the boost afterwards... I mean that was truly exploiting the game and map dynamics. It was not fair against LDLC. But it is very unfortunate that this kind of thing is possible. I can see Fnatics point: the boost is there, so why it would be wrong to use it. These maps should be designed more simply so that kind of things wouldn't be there.
2014-11-29 14:52:01
Why was'nt LDLC disqualified? They used a boost where you could see thru walls first?
2014-11-29 14:52:03
the boost LDLC used was completely different - it did not involve boosting someone onto an imaginary ledge and then boosting to get on top of that persons head.

LDLC's gave a lot of info, but fnatics was mental.

LDLC - http://youtu.be/RIrdvxH8uDg
fnatic - http://youtu.be/USeHh7xKMuo

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:58:43
2014-11-29 14:55:18
2014-11-29 15:46:17
The only way LDLC can win over fnatic? :P
2014-11-29 14:52:03
Fear of NBK and Pasha xD
2014-11-29 14:52:10
I was about to say that it was a honorable move. But when Hellspawn said on stream they did it cuz they felt accused from the start and whatnot, and thus trying to place themselves as the victim it became distasteful.
2014-11-29 14:52:14
2014-11-29 14:52:24
Good decision
2014-11-29 14:52:25
wtf why? they are gonna be hated by community anyway I dont understand
2014-11-29 14:52:25
2014-11-29 14:52:27
LDLC vs NiP will be fantastic to watch. Na'vi? Not really.
2014-11-29 14:52:29
VP vs Na'Vi.
2014-11-29 14:53:32
NiP ? not really
2014-11-29 14:54:15
good decision fnatic
2014-11-29 14:52:33
and i thought the LoL community would be toxic
2014-11-29 14:52:37
faith in humanity restored
2014-11-29 14:52:39
Possibly the best team succumbed to the pressure of this hateful, toxic community. The witchhunt reached it's end, and ignorant, stupid people reached their end goal. Fnatic morality was questionable I agree, but just be honest to yourselves: You would have done exactly the same thing with that much money on the line.

Shame on you, haters. I don't think the current Fnatic will survive this hit, sadly.
2014-11-29 14:52:43
+1 why is fnatic getting all the hate when LDLC did the same type of boost...
2014-11-29 14:54:56
What a shitty organization, sulking because of admin's decision.
2014-11-29 14:52:46
LOL. They won this match :) Should play against Navi. Where is honor of LDLC?
2014-11-29 14:54:32
respect! justice at last
2014-11-29 14:52:49
2014-11-29 14:52:56
obv fnatic hacked,disband after tournament soon,we never see this hacked idiots in cs like flusha,olof.
2014-11-29 14:53:03

so devilwalk, are you smiling now?

2014-11-29 14:53:05
hahahahha REKTTTTTT
2014-11-29 15:46:58
Wow so they both cheated and fnatic has to back out because everyone decided to flame them? LDLC used the same boost ON THE VERY FIRST CT ROUND. So if all you babies are crying about cheating it was cheater vs. cheater and fnatic won because they outplayed LDLC at there own game. LDLC should have backed out and Fnatic should be in the semi finals.
2014-11-29 14:53:06
fnatic is still good enough to win DH...sad that they used this bug.
2014-11-29 14:53:09
seems like PASZA`s talk helps to nbk`s team :D
2014-11-29 14:53:20
Respect to the fnatic team and organisation, sad to see things pan out this way.
2014-11-29 14:53:20
2014-11-29 14:53:21
lol what?
2014-11-29 14:53:22
So unfair from admin team. Fnatic deserved that victory, with that creative move. I understand the decesion of the swedish team. And NBK's tweat is one of the most unprofessional move, what I ever seen.
2014-11-29 14:53:25
hahahahha bye fnatic byeeeeeeeee !
2014-11-29 14:53:30
ambitious boyz
2014-11-29 14:53:30
Fair enough they don't deserve it
But they are try to play the innocent and the one to be the victim with they staitement !
2014-11-29 14:53:38
fu fnatic lovers ...
honestly, knowiing about "mapbug" 2 months, not telling anyone a sh*t, travelling to DH knowing about that mapbug and count on potentially use it in the worst case ... and then when they have a chance to play it fair-play again, they just take offence and forfeit the match ... what a bunch of kids!
2014-11-29 14:53:44
LDLC would use the same boost if they found it first. Also the community have ruined Fnatic's reputation with cheating-accusations that at this moment are false.

I don't see how you guys can hate on Fnatic so much. I mean sure, it wasn't good sportsmanship showed by Fnatic, but this is a $250K tournament, you will do anything you can to overcome your oponent.
2014-11-29 14:54:19
justice! even though they are trying to save face with this i dont care
2014-11-29 14:54:19
get rekt fnatic shittards
2014-11-29 14:54:25
Usually i expect frenchies to surrender Kappa
2014-11-29 14:54:28
Nice call! +1 Fnatic. ([email protected] called this GJ)
2014-11-29 14:54:29
2014-11-29 14:54:59
This isn't surprising... I don't think the players will have been the one that made that decision. It will have been the organisation as a part of damage control. The CS:GO team's reputation is impacting very negatively on fnatic as a whole. May i remind everyone of this...

2014-11-29 14:55:04
yesterday pixelwalk proudly said they where hiding boost for 2 months and now forfeight?
I bet carn affected this decision a lot, or some other people from management, not players itself changed their mind.

Post edited 2014-11-29 14:57:01
2014-11-29 14:55:14
now i have some respect for fnatic...
2014-11-29 14:55:17
Whining works! Wipe your tears LDLC, you got through.
2014-11-29 14:55:19
What about your fans, FNATIC?
2014-11-29 14:55:21
Whats about bet and Pick'em ?
2014-11-29 14:55:47
fnatic moron\s
2014-11-29 14:56:07
best news of the day
2014-11-29 14:56:13
1 good thing won't change how we will about fnatic.
2014-11-29 14:57:08
where is my skins.. fuckers ! bet on LDLC and DAT FAIL..
2014-11-29 14:57:19
2014-11-29 14:57:28
Fucking cheaters from Sweden, never had skills, just cheats.
2014-11-29 14:57:31
Cheaters vacATIONS!
2014-11-29 14:57:36
2014-11-29 14:57:38
thanks for your skins douche
2014-11-29 15:51:21
Can someone explain me why Fnatic forfeit this map? They won their complaint so it would not be 12/3 but 0/0... They can easily take this one.
I don't understand why forfeit after filling a complaint...
2014-11-29 14:57:44
Because LDLC kept crying after the decision to replay from 0-0.
2014-11-29 16:02:15
fnatic couldnt take the backlash and had to do this to try and save some face, some retards might think that it was done because of the players good heart and spend money on the brand again
2014-11-29 14:57:58
GG's Fnatic, fucking scumbags.
2014-11-29 14:58:02
I imagine the Org got involved, their rep was just getting out of hand, the team was becoming a bit of a disgrace to the fnatic brand. Good decision
2014-11-29 14:58:30
Ruining probably the best team we have ever seen in csgo. You fucking lowlife scums, go get a fucking job and stop jerking off to your skins. Scrubs... Fnatic <3 best team ever...
LDLC just can't win fnatic :)
2014-11-29 14:58:33
It's not about skins at all... Everyone hates fnatic.


Thats why.
2014-11-29 14:59:58
a very piggy behavior from one guy there :S
2014-11-29 15:48:35
n1 , byebye fnatic
2014-11-29 14:58:41
i lost 100+ value because of fnatic but now they have my respect back good decision
2014-11-29 14:58:46
Desperate attempt to save what can still be saved, or is there another reason?
2014-11-29 14:58:52
Fnatic still trash organization for pulling that move. I bet the fanbois who were saluting the shit out of it are really happy that their team played legit and shit? :D
2014-11-29 14:59:07
For anyone interested, here you are...

LDLC - http://youtu.be/RIrdvxH8uDg
fnatic - http://youtu.be/USeHh7xKMuo

Completely different.

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:01:05
2014-11-29 14:59:11
Truth has spoken,Dont ever dont come back Fnatic,scumbacks of csgo.
2014-11-29 14:59:12
Did both team use the bug??
2014-11-29 14:59:20
only Fnatic gain advantage

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:03:08
2014-11-29 15:01:11
2014-11-29 15:01:29
Fnatic didnt did it cause it was the right thing to do they did it cause they think they are the victims on the Replay !!!!!
2014-11-29 14:59:25
This was a sponsor move. Comercial reasons.
2014-11-29 14:59:55
playing with cheats and exploiting a bugged area of overpass

the feeling of guilt is never fun, good choice to forfeit
2014-11-29 15:00:09
i enjoy this very much :) fnatic nubs
2014-11-29 15:00:12
some Burger Festival started today in Jönköping or what
2014-11-29 15:00:21
bye bye fnatic :)
2014-11-29 15:00:37
Congratz to Fnatic at least they showed some honor.
2014-11-29 15:00:41
Why would they do that ??? According to Hellspawn fnatic did not break the rules anyway, it was LDLC indeed who used the immortal bug... Something is veeery fishy here, fnatic would not just throw 50-100k out of the window...
2014-11-29 15:00:46
as long as they get the sticker money it's all good :)
2014-11-29 15:03:05
2014-11-29 15:00:54
how much? lol
2014-11-29 15:03:05
Faith in fnatic restored! Thanks for making the right decision.
2014-11-29 15:00:56
flusha will retire before VACation
2014-11-29 15:00:59
Pickem Fnatic&LDLC win 8point pls pls
2014-11-29 15:01:21
It seems good for pros-community but i hope that someday this fucking community will be judge for destroy CSGO and blame players/teams
2014-11-29 15:01:46
haha pussies...go home u fucking pigs with ur aimlocks and zero fairplay
2014-11-29 15:01:47
No statement from fnatic yet even though Hellspawn said they let him know about the forfeit 1-2 hours ago?
2014-11-29 15:01:56

hahahaha chickens!
2014-11-29 15:02:00
It was both teams used bug boosts to see b long and other locations ..
so it was fair match
BUT the womens LDLC start crying after the match because they are too low to beat fnatic ..
so these pussys go in semi finals with loss
that is a big mistake by dreamhack organisation
in the future LDLC will be boosted from the organisators because they are all gays like dream hark organisation team
so they can fuck each other which is the best for both sides.
2014-11-29 15:02:22
lol you're retarded
2014-11-29 15:03:10
seems like your brain has been separated from your head.
2014-11-29 15:04:34
So, if this is reasoned in fair play, what has happened since filing a protest of their own last night? This HAS to be a decision made by the organization, there doesn't seem to be any bit of fair play in the players, so can't believe it's the team's doing. Even if any official statement is saying otherwise.
2014-11-29 15:02:50
^ This is pretty logic
2014-11-29 15:07:25
What's that immortal bug? Can someone send me a video please? I've seen just that boost :D
2014-11-29 15:03:01
This is fucking fishy shit right here. They do not want more proof of these locks or what the fuck is going on?
2014-11-29 15:03:01

2014-11-29 15:03:12
2014-11-29 15:03:31
Hi, guys.

What about the skins we had bet on LDLC ? Are we going to get items back ?
2014-11-29 15:03:43
never u cheering for nothing rofl
2014-11-29 15:06:09

2014-11-29 15:03:43
i'm tired of seeing flusha not being punished for something that is obvious!!
2014-11-29 15:05:53
he's from fnatic, he'll be the last one being VAC'd sadly..
2014-11-29 15:07:35
Please go home, you're drunk. And take your 3 braincells with you
2014-11-29 15:07:38
or you can just fuck off, swedish retard
2014-11-29 15:09:25
I'm honest, anyone can see how an ignorant fool you are. You're free to act like one but don't for a second think it will go unnoticed. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You just won the ignorant-fool-prize, congratulations!
2014-11-29 15:13:23
hmm dude, I guess you should just be quit since nobody asked anything.

Just to spice even more things, I've been reading your last posts and you are one of the fools that dont believe that fat bearded pig is cheating, so GG, you can now go watch LDLC vs Na'Vi since your favourite team forfeited ;)

what a retard, I wont even answer you anymore since you're a waste of time, a really moron! Have fun, enjoy your weekend!
2014-11-29 15:28:54
And yet again your ignorance and foolishness is just obvious. My comments are 100% justified only by looking at yours. I'm not nasty, I'm just stating facts.

Where is the evidence of Flusha cheating? Only an ignorant fool accuses someone/something without solid evidence. And there we have it, the proof of you being an ignorant fool.
2014-11-29 15:40:02
You should speak out loud when typing, you sound like a fucking idiot speaking like a guy from the 19th century.

You can't say there isn't any proof against flusha, there is a reason former pro's and current pro's have called him out. It's you who is ignorant.
2014-11-29 15:56:11
Another vegetable to deal with. Ok, let's go. Where is the real evidence that will get Flusha VAC-banned? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT? Currently there are rumors and thin evidences - that's far from enough. A mature, average intelligent person will be very careful with accusations in a situation like this. A vegetable/ignorant/fool will of course behave like you and flybyy: acting as if he is convicted by VALVE.

So what about the pros then, why do they fuel the hate hype against primarily flusha? Do they maybe have anything to gain by weakening their biggest opponent? Indeed they have. By accusing flusha, without solid evidence, they legitimate the hate and encouraging the community (which mainly consists of vegetables and ignorant fools) to do the dirty work for them and weaken fnatic mentally by attacking them on social media. In other words: the pros that are behind the accusations have very much to gain in terms of success and money.

Post edited 2014-11-29 17:18:02
2014-11-29 17:15:40
Wow, nice paragraph. Anyways you read too much into it, like it's some huge conspiracy. Go to bed kiddo.
2014-11-29 18:04:34
I understand it's hard for a person like you to understand. That's why you belong on the hate-fnatic-blindly-train. It's ok for people with low brain capacity to express themselves but unfortunately I intend to illuminate your weak minded opinions
2014-11-29 19:47:45
Man leave Norway!
2014-11-29 20:31:30
you're so pathetic. did u learn a new word? "ignorant"? you must be so mad.
2014-11-29 19:33:43
Oh, I'm dealing with a detective here? haha

I'm mad yes, and it feels great to expose fools that's hurting the CS:GO scene. It's ok to act like a fool, but I will make sure they face the reality about themselves
2014-11-29 19:53:12
Atleast im not a nerd like you seem to be.
2014-11-29 19:59:55
Their sponsors are mainly behind this to revert fnatic brand effect I think.

Fnatic brand stinks now. That's what they do to gain some credibility back
2014-11-29 15:03:46
RIP fnatic! take care now :)
2014-11-29 15:03:55
In my opinion they just don't want risk the VACation.

This is how Fnatic cheats on DH 2014:
2014-11-29 15:04:07
Unnecessary move. It is only valve's fail to add bugged map to the pool.
2014-11-29 15:04:22
and my Skines? csgolounge plz
2014-11-29 15:04:48
Seriously did the other team and NiP and even more teams use the same boost???? if thats the case stop blaming fnatic fanboy haters :).
2014-11-29 15:04:49
saw flag, stopped reading
2014-11-29 15:06:14
saw flag, stopped reading.
2014-11-29 15:09:24
Well thats because i know that Swedish top teams have been known for fairplay. This just seems like hate on fnatic since they are good.
2014-11-29 15:12:02
I didn't see a lot of hate for Nip when they where winning 38747347 tournaments in a row...

Saving an obvious map bug to abuse it in a major, than bragging about how you kept that bug secret for two months... that's some special kind of disgusting.
2014-11-29 15:44:33
ok...but still people hate fnatic abit to much for this. Probably because a rumour that flusha used cheats...with no proof.
2014-11-29 15:47:25
good. but i want to know what stands behind this decision

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:05:18
2014-11-29 15:04:54
flusha got vac-banned in warmup today..
2014-11-29 15:06:41
*Note this is not a fanboy/flamer's view, just an honest opinion.

Nice. You have chosen to save some face. Just for a side note, if you were to continue playing the map, let alone win, you will be condemned by the community forever. You've done what most have expected you to do. However, the fact that it has taken you guys this long to actually admit this amidst the Counter-protest, you have not redeem yourselves from us.

First the cheating accusations, which in my honest opinion as a neutral supporter, are innocent until proven guilty (although videos shows very compelling evidence) which have took away most of their supporters, then pulling off this dirty tactic. Adding fuel to the fire, after LDLC won their appeal/protest after 6 DREADFUL hours, Fnatic has the BALLS to counter protest and won the admins in a matter of 30 MINS. REALLY SHAMEFUL of both Fnatic and the admins imo.

Kudos for doing the right thing, but more needs to be done before you can redeem yourselves in the scene.
2014-11-29 15:05:16
2014-11-29 15:10:47
dirty game from both team.....
2014-11-29 15:05:19
Good. Stil hate them , they shouldn't look like the good guys after this.
2014-11-29 15:05:30
RIP fnatic
2014-11-29 15:05:36
Lol. I`m not a fan of fnatic or ldlc.com team, but respect for bought of them specially for fnatic. They were wrong..they admited..they forfait. Verry nice of them...but lets be onest...ldlc has no chance in final if that will be nip vs ldlc. So gl all teams, may the best win
2014-11-29 15:05:51
the only forfeit, cause flusha was vac-banned before..
2014-11-29 15:07:11
What exactly did they admit? According to the stream, they pulled out because they feel wrongfully accused. That's not admitting fault, that's drawing the victim card.
2014-11-29 15:46:56
I think cArn is too smart to allow this to continue and fnatic regained some respect at least from me. This might mean the flusha accusations are not right and they are legit. They thought it's fair, they have not seen the texture but and they did not know that you are invincible from some points. Exactly the same as LDLC, they did not know any of the troubles that Smithzz's boost causes. LDLC really deserved to continue to the semis despite all this. So kudos to fnatic, I think pronax and cArn deserve full respect.
2014-11-29 15:06:20
2014-11-29 15:06:21
hell yeah...
2014-11-29 15:07:51
LDLC are so lucky :O
2014-11-29 15:08:27
Imo, even if they forfeited, the decision is coming from Fnatic organisation so still no honnor for players that would have never take this decision.
2014-11-29 15:08:31
2014-11-29 15:09:06
best solution
2014-11-29 15:08:36
Apologies to @FNATIC for this heated night. It has been tough for everyone and there's no hard feeling now. GG

2014-11-29 15:08:44
NBK looks mad lol
2014-11-29 17:42:21
Boost FTW!
2014-11-29 15:08:45
LDLCry, i hope those crybabies are happy. no respect for these cunts. NBK twitter drama queen.

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:09:17
2014-11-29 15:09:01
This decision didn't come from the team nor from devilwalk. Don't be silly guys, it's the management trying to save whatever was left from the respect people had to their org.
2014-11-29 15:09:37
As expected
2014-11-29 15:09:54
good move from fnatic, cuz franchies cry a lot now they easy will lose with navi
2014-11-29 15:10:03
Can't understand why Fnatic are getting respect for this decision.

They got a second chance to replay from 0-0. Not 12-3.
A great chance to show the haters and their fans that they can win without a game breaking boots.
Instead they go out like little kids, throwing away a chance to win the entire tournament.
Even though I hate Fnatic, they are still a talented team. Stupid decision.
2014-11-29 15:10:27
I think they are doing this cause of the huge shitstorm. First the thing with flusha maybe hacking, than the boost.. maybe u didnt noticed it but there was huge hate for fnatic. I think its a good decision to show some sportsmanship.
2014-11-29 15:15:02
It wouldn't have been a fair win even if they had won the game from 0-0 because LDLC pretty much already had won the map when they started abusing the bug. So essentially their bug abuse would have gotten them a second chance to win the map. Continuing from 12-3 would've been correct.

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:21:08
2014-11-29 15:20:44
Yeah but considering that LDLC also used a bug that resulted in rulebreaking, starting from 0-0 was the fair decision.

I lost respect for LDLC as well, mostly NBK's tweeting.
It could've been solved much better by both parties, but then again, it's a semi-final spot in a major. Of course the would be upset.
I hope this doesn't fuck up E-Sports too much.
2014-11-29 16:30:07
Well, if you go strictly by the rules, you're correct. But I think you also have to account for the fairness of the game, the bug used by LDLC did have no real impact to the game and they only used it on two rounds. Fnatic's bug abuse practically won them over 10 rounds and the game. So even though both broke the rules, you can't really judge them the same IMO. If we had gone by the rules of earlier year, the rounds would have been overturned and in that case LDLC would have won by default.

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:34:25
2014-11-29 16:34:11
That is true.
Still a shame they gave LDLC the win without fighting for it.
2014-11-29 16:46:08
2014-11-29 15:10:51
Because they were clearly responsible of all this mess and their own organisation knew it.
2014-11-29 15:12:32
fnatic mimimimimimmiimimimimmimimiiiiiii
2014-11-29 15:12:29
flusha xiter
2014-11-29 15:12:31
2014-11-29 15:12:35
2014-11-29 15:12:48
i called it earlier, twitted to carn that they should forfeit if there is still some decency left in them.

2014-11-29 15:14:14
tåp löl
2014-11-29 15:14:38
flusha did cheat. for sure.
2014-11-29 15:14:38
VAC banned fcking cheater
2014-11-29 15:14:51
pussy out way

deserved & owned
2014-11-29 15:14:59
last move to save flusha alive
2014-11-29 15:17:15
whatever haters, thanks FOR A REALLY TONS OF SKINS YESTERDAY =D
2014-11-29 15:17:35
2014-11-29 15:18:17
2014-11-29 15:18:30
Would have at least tried ..
2014-11-29 15:18:33
2014-11-29 15:19:05
i knew that fnatic will drop out in quaterfinals, i made a thread to but it was deleted :/
2014-11-29 15:20:48
wp fnatic +respect
2014-11-29 15:21:03
carn with the damage control
2014-11-29 15:21:22
seems like this was cArn's decision ..lemme knw if am right ?
2014-11-29 15:22:09
Respectable decision by Fnatic to forfeit.
But this constant hunting on certain teams and players makes me lose my interest in the cs community and professional scene...
2014-11-29 15:26:50
Fortunately , there is still a lot of players and / or teams that have enough of teamplay to dispense with the use of bugs or cheat.

keep the faith in your favorite game.
2014-11-29 15:33:33
Like ldlc boosting, they should forfait too.
2014-11-29 16:50:05
I'm glad they did this, but they already lost a fan here! To earn the respect back, they have a long road ahead! Good luck!
2014-11-29 15:27:52
Great decision.
2014-11-29 15:28:24
Respect to Fnatic for once, for doing the right thing! :)
2014-11-29 15:28:48
Respect to Fnatic.I think the right desision is to replay the whole match not only 3rd map. That will be fair for both temas but its not possible. So gl to ldlc but if they win the tournament that wont be a sweet victory.
2014-11-29 15:29:07
Wrong answer fnatic.

You shouldn't be forfeiting because you're not having fun. You should be forfeiting, because you used to an unfair exploit to win a series you were surely losing.
2014-11-29 15:29:08
Good decision, but respect stay at -10 000, nothing else to say about this "team".
2014-11-29 15:29:39
It was just a decision for public relations. They didnt forfeit cuz they regret abusing this bug, they did forfeit cuz they had to. Otherwise they would ruin fnatics reputation completely!
They held this boost back for 2 months to abuse it at dreamhack! fnatic are pathetic fat cheater kids who are ruining counter-strike...if they can't hack, they have to abuse bugs!
2014-11-29 15:30:16
I hope you bullies are happy now, you succeeded.
2014-11-29 15:30:46
Who wouldnt be? We dont need cheaters here. You can go home crying too.
2014-11-29 15:33:20
agree, awful to see :(
2014-11-29 15:39:23
muhahah lowZ
2014-11-29 15:31:10
Too many whining kids in this community
2014-11-29 15:31:38
Goodbye cheaters! carn go home!
2014-11-29 15:32:50
hahahahaha good job nubnatic
2014-11-29 15:33:45
"we will not replay because we respect ldlc"
no way for fnatic, they had to forfeit because they can't win ldlc without hax and bugs
2014-11-29 15:33:50
ofcourse they can win :D
2014-11-29 15:37:19
2014-11-29 15:35:36
finally. fair play teams still exist!
very nice decision from fnatic
2014-11-29 15:35:37
Absolument !
2014-11-29 15:36:38
There are still many players who do not need to cheat to win.

Keep faith in your favorite game.
2014-11-29 15:35:54
They're trying to save some face. In my opinion, they did.

Still, their image isn't the same and there are other pending issues. Like forced vacations.

LCDC deserve to be on the semi-finals. Good luck against Na'Vi.
2014-11-29 15:37:47
they gained 'some' face by forfeiting. the fact that they knew about the game-breaking boost 2 months prior and failed to notify anyone is still low class bullshit coming from a pro team.
2014-11-29 15:38:20
That feelin' when 2 points short for gold pick'em badge cuz of this :D
2014-11-29 15:39:51
i dont think any other team would have been capable to forteit, not only they are the best team in the world they really show great sportmanship. i even think they should have played the game, they had all the right in the world to do that.

but whatever...it doesnt really matter, they will be ruling the scene for couple of next years and make insane amount of cash during that time if they just stick together and stay motivated. . they are a young team and the talent haven't even peaked yet, cant say the same for the most other teams.
2014-11-29 15:40:06
That's just a fairytale zou're telling us.
Fnatic management told them to forfeit because this scandal was really destroying the organisation's reputation.
2014-11-29 15:58:10
In what world do you live ? Do you really think fnatic players wouldve forfeit by their own ?
2014-11-29 18:30:47
fnatic is not able to cheat today, so they prefer to quit

ez ldlc

2014-11-29 15:41:11
can someone explain me how can they forfeit match for $22,000? okay now they have $10,000 but not to fight for +$12,000? wtf
2014-11-29 15:41:51
fnatic are a multi-tier gaming organization with teams in games like DOTA2 and so on.
CS is probably one of their smallest teams/earners.

the PR for the brand/organization coming off of what their csgo team did last night was very bad for business.

the company most likely went into damage control and tried to salvage what was left of their image/sportsmanship in regards to their CSGO team.
2014-11-29 15:54:14
cry baguettes. fnatic didnt handle the pressure of cheating acussations.
2014-11-29 15:42:04
i was a huge fnatic fanboy and had sticks on weapons until flusha was cheating. fuck them for the boost even more.
2014-11-29 15:43:38
Suspected cheat , use boost in dreamhack and forfeit just BIG JOKE and report BOOST LDLC FNATIC GO split ur BAD
2014-11-29 15:44:55
NIP will rape LDLC in GF, enjoy
2014-11-29 15:45:31
2014-11-29 15:52:26
2014-11-30 12:00:49
Good start, but still long road ahead to gain respect again.
2014-11-29 15:46:14
Stupid LDLC's Fans cant even support Good game. What a Game where Losers will proceed when same thing was done by both side.
2014-11-29 15:48:58
what a game when someone see the whole fuckin map like a spectator. go play pokemon retard
2014-11-29 17:12:40
get your facts straight
2014-11-29 18:20:05
Funny to see all the hate on LDLC trying to make them look like they used the same boost... You guys have not see the match to tell such bullshit.

fnatic should have felt ashamed the moment their protested against the LDLC boost which did not impact the game at all whereas their boost (the fnatic one) literally turned the game into fnatic's favor.

I feel very sorry for the organization (fnatic), because I am pretty sure it was not the players decision to forfeit this match. I am glad to see them out of this competition as it would have been disgusting for a team like LDLC to start all over again when they had the match under control.

The feeling of unfairness would have been a huge feeling to deal with and I think they would not have been able to concentrate properly.

Finally some karma, even though it would have been better to see a good match between these two teams without any shit involved. Because I love this game and I want to see good cs:go.
2014-11-29 15:50:04
All the hate on LDLC? Are you fucking kidding me? When I read the comments it's 99% Fnatic hate comments.

This "community" disgusts me, people can't act like people.
2014-11-29 15:53:14
There are a lot of comments pointing that LDLC are unsportsmanship & such... Like they deserve to lose, etc... Even flaming.

These guys did not watch the match, clearly.

It is a sad day for good esport.

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:01:12
2014-11-29 16:00:58
u r wrong
2014-11-29 15:54:26
LDLC used other shitty boost exploiting overpass not only to Fnatic but to NiP previously... So they should forfeit and being DQ even before fnatic match.

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:54:32
2014-11-29 16:53:44
right decision by fnatic's team.
2014-11-29 15:51:32
Final saving grace to forfeit imo. The only thing they could do to save some face after making the wrong turn on each opportunity given.

1. They should have reported the boost to Valve
2. They shouldn´t have reported LDLC to admins, and should have agreed to recommence the match at 13-2 or whatever the score was. They could still have won, and if they had done so, then good on them.
2014-11-29 16:01:22
Disgrace that a professional team does this in a major tournament.

2014-11-29 15:54:49
but their counter stance did earned them some respect. don't be so harsh
2014-11-29 15:56:02
They just realise they went too far. Eventually it will be proven they are cheaters, adding on top of that such a scandal was too much.

Now DH admins should also understand how retarded their decision was.

Post edited 2014-11-29 15:56:47
2014-11-29 15:55:59
faith in pro cs go spirit restored
2014-11-29 15:56:42
Stop mate, you will make me cry...
2014-11-29 15:58:38
baby don't cry, you had my heart, atleast for the most part :d
2014-11-29 16:00:06
2014-11-29 15:58:13
Strange... They first file a complaint, making a lot of people go trough alot of hassle and when they finally get what they wanted, they forfeit the match :@
2014-11-29 16:00:09
exactly -.-
2014-11-29 16:02:48
Their complaint was the point of no return. Where they just looked like pure assholes. They pushed it too far to get respected again.

I guess the decision was made by the organisation to restore some respect for fnatic.

They pissed a lot of people! Including me... I was a fan of them, mostly pronax & krimz :)

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:04:02
2014-11-29 16:03:26
by both teams?? which bug used ldlc?
2014-11-29 16:00:20
The textures glitch. Read the articles and watch the interview.
2014-11-29 16:03:19
The stupid thing is that fnatic filled a complaint about LDLC's boost after the first decision got released and now they forfeit? No doubt it was a sponsorship decision..
2014-11-29 16:02:07
2014-11-29 16:03:45
nice dreamhack, no swedish final, and the tournament was kaos thanks to admins decision. easy fact, fnatic won --> killed more enemys by using allowed strategy. like thorin said " they should give a correct rule paper with player signs. now dreamhack is not a good partner compare to ESEA,faceit,esl.
2014-11-29 16:03:45

2014-11-29 16:04:52
said the fnatic fanboi and went off crying under his pillow. dude dreamhack admins made the right decisions - this is no stupid court where you have stick to fucking lawbooks. this is the real world and there will be justice served - cold!
2014-11-29 16:10:26
there is no justice in this world

2014-11-29 18:35:53
great move. something had to be done to stop rules bending at will.
2014-11-29 16:04:57
2014-11-29 16:10:58
I can almost guarantee you if LDLC win dreamhack there will be a shit load of threadsaying they dont deserve it

Let the circlejerk begin
2014-11-29 16:07:28
Kinda sad i was looking forward to watch some real Cs on the third map, like VP NiP this is really good
Anyway bravo to them, i wouldn't want to be any LDLC or Fnc player right now :/
2014-11-29 16:07:46
Thank you Fnatic I gained some of my respect back for the players
But still fuck
Carn and Devilwalk
They gave 0 fucks while their players were crying
2014-11-29 16:10:40
Damn. Mad respect to Fnatic.
2014-11-29 16:11:36
search fnatic in google and read the reddit article...Many flusha things...
2014-11-29 16:12:57
I really think LDLC deserves the semifinal spot after what happened yesterday, but I still don't understand this decision from fnatic? Would love to hear why they did this.
2014-11-29 16:18:35
So csgolounge, give back all skins!

2014-11-29 16:21:51
to conclude, fnatic is out of dhw ?
2014-11-29 16:23:26
Definitely cause of pride. fnatic prolly thought of it as such a disrespectful, disgraceful act. Its tough I cant really blame them for going "eff this we won that map screw this rematch" but that boost was just a total gamebreaker
2014-11-29 16:27:13
Thank you fnatic. You guys did the right thing. You earned my respect again.
2014-11-29 16:30:06
It seems evident that flusha cheating and people posting about it has pushed them away. No one would ever pass on the top 4 money because of pride. The amount of things that we've seen in the CS world.. that is definitely not what happens
2014-11-29 16:30:15
2014-11-29 16:31:00
respect to fnatic? fuck fnatic, the only reason they forfieted was because their manager told them to, its fucking obvious, they are scum, i hope fnatic drop them.
2014-11-29 16:34:42
2014-11-29 16:35:32
cArn, dsn, GTR, f0rest and Gux; this was real fnatic, miss you guys! :)
2014-11-29 16:40:19
we'll never know the real reason fnatic forfeited.

without a statement to accompany your decision to forfeit, it just seems like it WASN'T their choice but rather forced by upper management / sponsors.

so no respect for fnatic

2014-11-29 16:40:37
Only thing to do before failing miserably.
2014-11-29 16:44:23
good job cs go mafia
2014-11-29 16:45:57
maybe they were not sure if they are able to hack this time so rather forfeit than have to play legit

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:51:44
2014-11-29 16:50:27
tricky tricky decision
2014-11-29 16:52:34
pussyies hahaha
2014-11-29 16:54:01

look at this again, fnatic forfeits

if fnatic actually realised their error, they would instead say, we Disqualify ourselves.

Big difference between forfeit vs self disqualify

Just like in golf when in the spirit of integrity, the player calls a penalty on himself.

So fnatic is not remorseful or sorry about their actions at all!

they are doing this to try and come out as "victims".

no respect.

Post edited 2014-11-29 16:55:37
2014-11-29 16:54:36
clever guy outta hhere
2014-11-29 17:34:04
wo0o0o0o0o0o0ow !
- fnatic
and LDLC win this shit cup 2014 honolululu ?
fuck this false scene ... its official over CS! ;(
only $$$...
2014-11-29 16:54:54
Fnatic website is like "We all know what happens when Fnatic is forced to replay a match"

Then forfeits. Trash tier organization !
2014-11-29 16:56:10
cry cry cry ldlc
2014-11-29 16:59:36
Dead Game is Dead game... cheats, illegal boosts.. complete shit. Why in Dota there is no such thing, when NaVi used Pudge Chen bug in The International semifinals, with prizepool cople millions, and actually won that game because of that, and go thrue to the finals, noone punish them. if its in game its in game, shortly after new patch came out they remove that bug, but noone tell to replay navi that game or give them a def loss because of that... Dota dev did right decition, its not players or teams foult, its devs foult, and if its not fixed u simply canot punish teams for that. but here we see something alse, which in my opinion is wrong. so CSGO is dead just because of that kind of shitty stuff
2014-11-29 17:01:32
well it was in dreamhacks rules, it is not a "valve" tournament like the international.
2014-11-29 17:12:40
2014-11-29 17:03:11
always with fnatic
2014-11-29 17:03:37
most of ppl who defending fnatic is clearly new to cs scene and definitely is a noob player (scrubs/low rank)
2014-11-29 17:04:49
they probebly did becouse all the shit they was giving from the community, the only ones who was on they side was all fnatic fan boys/kids, And who also defending flusha with their lifes, pathetic. NiP for the win.

Post edited 2014-11-29 17:08:47
2014-11-29 17:08:26
wow unexpected
2014-11-29 17:11:51
they knew they would lose, and even if they won no one would just accept it.

forfeiting was A) the right thing to do and B) the only way they could save face after that shameful display.
2014-11-29 17:15:45
bye bye fuck fat porks
2014-11-29 17:23:00
I don`t get it why they forfeit. someone explain it to me, please
2014-11-29 17:24:07
Nows ldlc' chance to tell fnatic that they should rematch to give the fans what they want, a true quarter final.

But that won't happen. Props to fnatic for forfeiting but we all know it was a processing stunt that the players probably had absolutely no decision in. Sadly this stunt probably won't earn them nearly as much respect they think it will earn em. Most likely fnatic will post a statement and somehow mention that all the negative backlash from the community caused it.
2014-11-29 17:27:32
They should get DC'd from the next major aswell
2014-11-29 17:28:59
fnatic cheating just to get through tourney . wonder how long they been cheating this year?
2014-11-29 17:33:28
you deserve it FNATIC fuck your mothers :)
2014-11-29 17:36:58
They quit because of shitty community wines. They found a secret and got extremely lucky to use it in an important match - that was awesome. If that's a bug, developers should fix it in the next tournament, but no, let's destroy the fun! The public liked the show, all the sane people enjoyed the match to no end. It was something unique, something unlike all the other mundane matches. It was a show.

For me it reminded a round in cs1.6 when SpawN boosted to ceiling in nuke's ramp. The rushing guys didn't even understand where did they get shot from... It is fun to no end when players find a creative way to destroy their opponents. That's a whole new level of skill.
2014-11-29 17:40:49
Rofl haha. SpawN got boosted into an legit spot in the map. Fnatic pixelwalked and stood in air.

They found a exploit that they did not turn in for Valve to get fixed, instead they abused and used as an wallhack to know what LDLC will be doing.

SpawN boost was found the second he started to shoot from that location. How many rounds did olof just look around from the spot?

And you blame community when team that even fellow pro's accuse of cheating is abusing exploits and gloat about it in interviews.

You must really take the fanboi status seriously, most core fans have been silent or hating that their favorite team did something like this. Keep your blinders on and carry Flusha to VACation.
2014-11-29 17:46:04
Pixelwalking is allowed. There is pixelwalking in almost all matches played at Dreamhack. IDIOT. LDLC boosted in the first fucking round and "stood in the air".
2014-11-29 18:16:28
I agree with u
2014-11-30 07:38:38
Fnatic acutally knew that "bug" for weeks and didn't report it to the developers. The only one to blame here is Fnatic since they didn't read Dreamhacks rulebook about pixelwalking.

Not only did they pixelwalk but also exploit a position where they could see 75% of the map, if that aint an exploit hacking isnt an exploit.
2014-11-29 17:46:21
You're an idiot, thats not CS, im sorry you enjoyed it, but most of the community did not.

Pro tournaments arent designed for teams to exploit glitches in maps. Even f0rest said.."this isn't cs"

If fnatic truly cared, they should of approached Valve and DH prior to the tourny to see if this boost was acceptable or not.

So there you go fanboy...
2014-11-29 18:11:29
2014-11-29 18:15:52
Good sportsman ship, good job fnatic. you did what you were supposed to do. gratz for that.
2014-11-29 17:52:52
fnatic.com: "We all know what happens when Fnatic are forced to replay!"

they turn into cod kids ?
2014-11-29 17:53:05
I'm so confused, why did they FF?
2014-11-29 18:07:45
Carn deleted a tweet last night about his players crying and wanting to leave the tournament. Despite a confident Olofm and Devilwalk giving interviews, you can be sure that some of their less confident and younger players will never be the same again after what you evil people have made them endure. I hope you enjoy hurting others emotionally.
2014-11-29 18:14:44
I enjoy hurting cheaters and 2 pigs :)
2014-11-30 07:39:27
2014-11-29 18:25:10
I bet we will soon get a statement where they cry about being unfair treated and so on...they should just shut the fuck up.
I mean the decision of the DH officials did favor fnatic a lot. They actually ignored their own rules in favor of fnatic. I quote the DH admin word for word:

"We see that removing rounds according to the rules wouldn't be fair in any way, therefor we decided that the whole maps will be replayed"

If they had followed the rule-book, the re-match would have started at 12:3 in favor of LDLC.

If this forfeit is meant to be an act of protest I lost my last bit of respect for fnatic.
If however this forfeit was done because they realized they were wrong, my respect for cArn would be restored.

Post edited 2014-11-29 18:27:18
2014-11-29 18:25:47
This was actually pretty classy of the organization. With that being said, devilwalk is still a fucking bitch.
2014-11-29 18:31:32
Great LDLC win crying
2014-11-29 18:35:32
Hahahahahaaa.... fnatic sucks and allways will be!!!
2014-11-29 18:37:17
2014-11-29 19:19:05



fnatic players have bind on keyboard when they click enemy head is tagged
2014-11-29 18:49:14
these things happen often on pro matches, just watch any demo with wh on and you will find some. just coincidence
2014-11-29 19:26:22
LOL, what is that? Looks like aimkey through the walls :D
2014-11-29 20:35:41
with a lot respect i would like to say to fnatic, thank you for your statement, and i am hoping to see you guys to play at your best again at the next match!
regarding the boost: well tested, you guys do definatly your homework at your best as a team.
but this time, it backfired which was expectable.
2014-11-29 19:06:01
cArn probably saw the fishy flusha gifs from this DH and pulled his team out before something truly embarassing happens. Incoming flusha retirement and fnatic|schneider
2014-11-29 19:11:48
^ or twist
2014-11-29 19:25:46
I believe what the director said about it being more to restart the map at 0-0. I mean have been talking about ldlc's boost but can't show any image of exploitation of transparent walls to t-spawn and the only pictures I can find of that is based on Fnatic's boost. I have already replicated LDLC's boost with bots using bot_place to place bots on top of each other and then went down to b sewers and found that you can be seen much clearer from this boost than the other and can avoid being seen by just hugging the left wall while running . I then proceed tore move the top not and stand on top of the booster bot to see what LDLC would see and find that vision to long B sewers were narrower than they were of Fnatic's boost as well as Insearched for any transparent texture towards t spawn but could not find any.
2014-11-29 19:31:36
gg ldlc :)
2014-11-29 19:49:02
ayyy lmao
2014-11-29 20:10:59
Glad they left, they're a disgrace to CSGO. Hopefully this will be one of the last tournaments we see those players at.
2014-11-29 20:30:22
not gonna happen but i agree.. shameful statement LOL they have no respect.. pricks haha
2014-11-29 20:49:21
Good, fucking pigs.
2014-11-29 20:53:09
Their statement really does try to make them sound like the heroes haha... Just wanting people to enjoy good CS! Yeah bullshit, quit trying to get sympathy. But yeah, they'll probably still get to play, despite the things we've seen in olofm/flusha demos...
2014-11-29 21:10:20
They did forfeit because of you losers. Cs is all about fans when everyone is hating on you it is not that funny anymore. They do not deserve all this hate. They do not care about money, they care about you losers. But you do not deserve an inch of respect, you are like animals.
2014-11-29 21:34:22
Why not because of the fnatic brand? They're actin like retards destroying the name of this powerhouse.

Forfeit or disband. They chosen...
2014-11-30 00:48:02
Im sure maikelele has no awp skill like any other top awp player have
2014-11-29 21:44:15
2014-11-29 22:08:26
Waiting for Forest's "Yeah baby, This is CS"
2014-11-29 22:31:12
2014-11-29 22:34:47
a sad day for csgo.
2014-11-29 23:21:37
2014-11-29 23:52:52
pls remove that pig's picture.

VAC for the cheaters...
2014-11-30 00:58:24
did NOT expect that!

but it is the right course of action.
2014-11-30 01:23:15
They scared from LDLC bcs they are BEAST.
2014-11-30 02:27:34
carn - This is fu...ing unbelievable. How the fu.k can you get away with this on a pro level at a pro level event?( i mean flusha aim lock ) or whatever is call.
Its a joke dude ?
2014-11-30 03:39:00
I think that they had to forfeit,bcuz there is a Flusha is cheating scandal going on+ they got a pretty bad rep after the boost.I don't think that they wanted to forfeit but i believe that their sponsors said that they would have to.
2014-11-30 07:25:20
i lost my ak-47 fire serpent field tested and 81 euros in win because of this match, any one who knows if u will get your items back??
2014-11-30 15:15:46
To the extent people have to cheat just to make a living...fking cs gypsy. Go get a real life job if you are not that good in cs. I despise worms with no integrity and honor!
2014-12-01 03:40:31
GJ community GJ
witchhunt ftw

(Irony over 9000)
2014-12-04 14:35:44
2015-02-12 05:38:32
I think that this is the exact time/reason they became the most hated team in the scene.

2015-02-12 05:48:27
Most hated team? Orly?
2015-02-12 05:52:59
ok so tell me, what team is more hated than fnatic?
2015-02-12 06:46:33
Scream ofc ma frend
2015-02-14 14:23:49
scream is a team hltv confirmed
2015-02-14 14:41:50
I can say nip atm. Makelek case
2015-02-15 03:05:01
Oh dafuq. I didn't even realize.. U r pollandball.
2015-02-15 03:06:05

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