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Top 20 players of 2014: flusha (2)
Time: 2015-01-19 22:49
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist is our #2 on the Top 20 players of 2014 ranking presented by Xtrfy! His consistency throughout the year was unmatched, and his level of play more often than not made him one of the best players of a tournament, especially at SLTV StarSeries X and Fragbite Masters 3 where he had MVP-worthy performances.

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist's story begins in 2011 when he first tried to swim out of Sweden's deep CS 1.6 talent pool. He never fully made it out, barring an appearance and a quick group stage exit at DH Winter 2011.

CS:GO's arrival in 2012 gave his rising career a breath of fresh air and he immediately started getting noticed as part of the SY&b team that brought on NiP's first ever defeat, albeit online.

He went on to prove himself on LAN throughout 2013 with great performances at Copenhagen Games, ESWC and most importantly the first major DreamHack Winter, where he was one of the keys to fnatic's big and unexpected triumph.

For those efforts he ended up 13th on our Top 20 players of 2013 ranking, but he remained in the shadow of his star teammate Jesper "JW" Wecksell who was the team's MVP during both of their big runs at DH Winter and Summer.

fnatic's first event in 2014 was DreamHack Stockholm, and all eyes were on the major champions in anticipation of either their rise to the very top or proving that the big triumph was a fluke.

They started off great by notching in a dominant 16-5 win over dignitas, with flusha as the Man of the Match (25:9, 1.85 rating, POV).

But with the spotlight on them even more after that, fnatic didn't manage to defeat Titan or NiP, so they ended their first event in 3rd place.

flusha played well in both of the losses too, so he had a 1.32 rating for the tournament, shared best along with Richard "shox" Papillon.

With 94% involvement in fnatic's 34 round wins he was by far the most influential player in the team, which along with his overall great performance made him one of the most impressive players at the tournament.

While the Stockholm event did feature some of the best teams in the world, the real test came at the first major of 2014 – EMS One Katowice – where fnatic were tasked with defending the title.

Shaky start to the year for fnatic, but not for flusha

They couldn't have started worse than the 12-16 loss to Reason, despite brilliant play from flusha in that clash – 30:21 (1.49 rating).

He didn't perform as well when they knocked out iBUYPOWER, but he did in the re-match against Reason for the spot in the playoffs, putting in a Man of the Match performance with a 27:12 score (1.87 rating, 8 assists, VOD).

However, despite fnatic big trio's efforts, including another set of good displays by flusha, the team lost to their compatriots LGB in the quarter-final with a devastating 14-16 third map score.

flusha's almost-clutch at 14-14 on map 3 against LGB

flusha was fnatic's best fragger in Katowice with 0.88 kills per round, although his 1.25 rating was no better than his teammate Andreas "znajder" Lindberg's.

He also ended up contributing less in the rounds fnatic won than znajder, so he wasn't the team's star on this occasion. On the other hand, it was his efforts that helped them get through another group stage at a major.

It was a similar story at Copenhagen Games, as fnatic fell in the quarter-final – this time to dignitas after two overtime maps 20-22, 16-19 – while flusha had the best rating in the team (1.19) but wasn't the one making the biggest difference in the rounds they won.

However, his consistent good play has to count for something, and he did put up the most resistance against the Danes, as well as had a Man of the Match performance in the previous round against Publiclir (30:14 on map one, 1.76 rating, POV).

On that occasion flusha also revealed his desire to make it to top 3 of this very ranking. He was on a good path towards that individually, but the team's results were lacking.

Results went from bad to worse in the first half of the year

The situation was even worse after their next event, DreamHack Summer, where they lost to SK twice in the group stage and found themselves knocked out even before the playoffs.

But once again flusha wasn't to blame as he put up a solid fight against Faruk "pita" Pita's squad and was the Man of the Match of their only win which came against London Conspiracy (23:6, 1.74 rating, 5 entry kills, VOD).

He ended up as the team's best player in every regard at the tournament, with a 1.16 rating and contributing in 94% of round wins, but it was again without success.

Six months had already passed in the year and fnatic had achieved nothing, so the team decided it's time for a change. Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg became the coach and znajder was removed, while Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson and Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer were brought in from an already disbanded LGB squad.

The new squad already fared better at their first event, reaching the semi-final of Gfinity 3 after a near-flawless group stage.

flusha was solid in the group stage, just like all of fnatic members, and he stepped up even more in the playoffs against mousesports. The new team ran into a lot of resistance from the Germans and they needed overtime on the third map to overcome them.

Fresh start with the new lineup at Gfinity 3

But flusha was there as the best player of the series with an 80:59 score (1.31 rating, 20 assists, map 1 CT POV, map 3 CT POV) while being involved with a kill, assist or surviving in an astonishing 98% of fnatic's round wins (44 of 45).

However, Titan were too much to handle for the Swedes, and despite flusha's Man of the Match performance on map two (25:11, 1.67 rating, 6 assists, POV), he underperformed in the other two maps and ended up with only 0.58 kills per round in the series.

Nevertheless, even though his 1.12 rating for the tournament ranked second in the team slightly behind KRIMZ, he was once again fnatic's top fragger (0.76 KPR) and by far the most influential player in their round wins.

ESL One Cologne was next, and the new roster showed its full potential on that occasion. After topping the group fnatic went on to eliminate Na`Vi and dignitas, before losing a nailbiter to Ninjas in Pyjamas in the grand final.

flusha was again solid in the group stage, and even better in the playoffs when it mattered more.

His performance in the quarter-final against Na`Vi was perhaps his highlight of the year considering the importance and the stage it was done at, as he put in a Man of the Match display on map three while clinching the victory with a 1-on-3 clutch (30:16, 1.53 rating, 7 assists, POV).

1-on-3 clutch to win the quarter-final series against Na`Vi at ESL One Cologne

He didn't stop there, continuing with another Man of the Match performance on the first map of the dignitas semi-final (25:13, 1.44 rating, 6 assists, POV), and later ending up as the top rated player of the series (49:31, 1.36 rating).

In the final he also played well on every map despite the loss, and he ended it as the team's top rated player (66:49, 1.24 rating, map 2 POV).

Thanks to the great playoff performance flusha had one of the best ratings of the tournament (1.24), although he was the second best fragger in the team with 0.81 KPR and he contributed slightly less than olofmeister in their round wins overall.

Nevertheless, it was a superb display from flusha at the major, and he followed it up with an even better one at SLTV StarSeries X Finals where he led fnatic to their first 2014 title as the MVP.

After starting with a Man of the Match performance against myXMG in the upper bracket semi-final (45:15, 1.88 rating, map 1 POV), he went on to play very well in both clashes against Na`Vi, especially getting the job done on the last map of the final – which was another 16-14 win against the Ukrainians – with a 26:16 score (1.33 rating, POV).

In the end he had a 1.28 rating for the tournament, shared best with his teammate KRIMZ, but it was flusha who was making the most difference by being involved in 93% of fnatic's round wins.

They followed up their first win with a disappointing semi-final exit at DreamHack Stockholm, once again at the hands of Titan.

flusha had his only below average performance on this occasion, although not too bad with a 0.95 rating. He did, however, underperform in the Titan loss, just like the majority of the team.

FACEIT Season 2 Finals saw both him and the team back in top shape, as they came out on top of iBUYPOWER in the final and clinched the second title.

fnatic with the FACEIT Season 2 trophy

flusha had great displays already in the group stage against dignitas (23:5, 1.98 rating, 5 assists, POV) and iBUYPOWER (27:11, 1.39 rating, 11 assists, CT side POV).

He of course added more good play in the playoffs, although without much impact but contributing consistently in the semi-final against Virtus.pro, and then as the second best player of the final against iBUYPOWER, along with a Man of the Match performance on the third of four maps (25:14, 1.67 rating, CT side POV).

In the end flusha had a 1.24 rating and was overcome by KRIMZ in the MVP race during the final, but he was still a close second.

The Swedes added another title at ESWC, although flusha this time didn't stand out in any match. However, he continued contributing consistently and playing well in almost every match.

Still, he was actually fourth in the team with a 1.13 rating, and he didn't make impact in the round wins more than any of the team's three stars at that event, so it was technically one of his less influential performances.

However, he didn't fail to leave a mark by recording one of his best moves of the year during the group stage match against Na`Vi:

Clutch against Na`Vi in the group stage at ESWC

flusha bounced back a week later at Fragbite Masters 3 Finals where he put in his best performance of the year, leading fnatic to another title, from the lower bracket no less, with an MVP performance.

As the best or second best player in each series, and as the Man of the Match on 4 out of 8 maps, flusha ended up with a 1.30 rating and contributed in 74% of rounds with a kill, assist or surviving (92% of rounds won), both highest at the tournament.

His best performances came on the first map of the Virtus.pro consolidation final (26:8, 2.17 rating, POV) and the first map of the grand final against LDLC (30:15, 1.68 rating, contributed in all round wins, POV). He was also the team's best on the fourth and last map of the LDLC clash with 25:17 (1.31 rating, 5 assists), rounding up his already strong MVP claim.

But in the two weeks after that win and before DreamHack Winter and following a VAC-ban that hit Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian, accusations about flusha's possible cheating started appearing and gathering speed.

Nevertheless, the Swedes came into the last major as the main favorites for taking the $100,000 prize due to their recent winning streak.

Difficult times at the last major of the year

However, after an easy match against South African Bravado where flusha went crazy and had a 26:7 score (2.41 rating, 10 assists, POV), he underperformed in a 14-16 loss against HellRaisers, scoring a kill in only 10 of 30 rounds.

He made up for it with solid play in the win over Cloud9 (19:8, 1.40 rating) that sent them to playoffs, but more problems hit them there.

The by now very infamous boost incident in the LDLC quarter-final was followed up by fnatic's pulling out from the tournament, leaving the team in shambles after further community onslaught.

flusha ended up as the team's highest rated player at another major with a 1.26 rating, although it was largely influenced by his performance in the opening match.

If we remove the Bravado clash from the equation, he would end up with a 1.05 rating from the remaining two group stage matches and the first two maps against LDLC, ranking third in the team. Nevertheless, even then he contributed in the most rounds for the team (66%).

After the event flusha did finally respond to the accusations, while the team admitted they are having a hard time finding motivation to keep playing.

Despite that, they cooled their heads off and attended ESEA Season 17 Global Finals a week later, where they notched up their 5th title of the year.

Back to winning ways at ESEA S17 Finals

flusha had another good set of performances leading up to the final, where he somehow disappeared on a couple of maps, but he still ended up as one of the team's best in the tournament with a 1.08 rating. He was second in terms of impact on round wins, and he had an incredible 10 clutches won throughout the event.

Why is he the 2nd best player of 2014?

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist was the most consistent player of the year across all events, as he put up good performances regardless of his team's results, including the silent period in the first half of the year and the winning streak in the second half.

Although notably, he didn't excel during some of the main success runs for fnatic - such as their biggest triumph at ESWC, and sometimes wasn't the one making the most impact when they reached the podium - such as at FACEIT Season 2 Finals or ESL One Cologne.

But despite that, he performed great at all of those occasions, especially at their most successful major run in Cologne where his playoff performance was remarkable. Overall, he had a 1.23 rating in the majors, ranking 4th overall and third among those who played all three $250,000 events.

He also had two MVP-worthy performances throughout the year, although it was during the smallest events his team won, SLTV StarSeries X and Fragbite Masters 3.

flusha was also one of the best players in "big matches", scoring a 1.12 rating in them which ranks 2nd behind his teammate JW.

Consistent throughout the whole year

He was one of the best fraggers overall with 0.80 kills per round (3rd), although he had the most assisted kills out of all players (0.20 per round, or 25% of all his kills). On the other hand, he was also one of the best assisters with 0.19 assists per round.

Furthermore, he was the best rated player on the CT-side throughout the year with a 1.41 rating and one of the best clutchers with 35 1-on-X situations won.

Regarding his consistency, not only did he have second most maps with a rating above 1.00 (74%), but he had a rating above 1.10 in 11 of his 13 tournaments, and was even one of the players who contributed most often on a per round basis – 67.7% of rounds with a kill, assist or survived (7th).

Overall, his consistency and such a high level of play at the biggest stages, in the big matches, and during his team's title runs put him in contention for the first spot, but the fact that he wasn't the one stepping up when it mattered most during the best runs his team had (ESWC, FACEIT S2, ESL One Cologne) prevented him from getting the first place. 

What is your take on Robin "flusha" Rönnquist's performance in 2014? Is the 2nd place the right one for him?

Our Introduction article has all the info you need to know about the Top 20 players of 2014 ranking presented by Xtrfy, including an updated list.

Follow Robin "flusha" Rönnquist on Facebook and Twitter.

imho not top2 this year but still great player =)
2015-01-19 22:49:38

Love you GT! <3
2015-01-19 22:53:12
Nip fanboy detected :D
2015-01-19 22:58:49
get_right don't deserve for it!
2015-01-19 23:07:08
GTR #1

[email protected]@[email protected]@ such a joke lmao
2015-01-19 23:11:37
Will be it though
2015-01-19 23:12:39
Yeah, I know. That's so disappointing.
2015-01-19 23:14:06
You will all look so retarded when hltv posts the article with his stats for 2014. You'll see then why he's numnber 1.
2015-01-19 23:33:40
We all know that he is placed so high only because of NiP's major results.
2015-01-19 23:43:28
that's your opinion, speak for yourself.

wait for the article.
2015-01-19 23:48:22
& stats lol

2015-01-20 08:50:02
stats from 2012 to 2014 lol

2015-01-20 09:27:52
he has still been very ! good its not his foult that NIP came 2...
2015-01-20 13:01:55
allu top #4 confirmed
2015-01-20 16:56:45
lol flusa has better stats in all categories ..... You look really retarded...
2015-01-21 21:45:01
Yea. This ranking is shit xd
2015-01-20 12:03:26
get_right def deserve top1 or flusha ;3 but he got #2 so
2015-01-20 01:00:24
2015-01-20 07:55:43
ahahah yeah i think so :P im sweede but im titan fangay :D
2015-01-20 13:22:56
Gay right
2015-01-20 06:38:32
Still better than you.
2015-01-20 07:33:12
no shit sherlock
2015-01-20 09:17:29
cool, hacker 2nd best player of year what does that say about csgo
2015-01-20 12:57:59
He's not a cheater. Check all the gifs in 128 tick and watch how he plays with the mouse IRL.
2015-01-20 14:30:21
You see his rating? blind?
2015-01-19 22:56:38
In B4 GeT_RiGhT #1
2015-01-20 00:02:15
GTR picks up mouse more clearly
2015-01-19 23:16:42
heyyy GTR never picks up mouse!
2015-01-20 01:22:22
lifting since 2013. GG VAC ! ez lift ez money. cheatsnatic best <3

Post edited 2015-01-19 23:23:34
2015-01-19 23:22:27
sweden got the top2 in the world, and ppl say sweden isnt the best csgo country lmao hahah
2015-01-20 13:24:07
2015-01-19 22:49:42
2015-01-19 22:49:44
big time.

this list lost its legitimacy way before.

pasha @3, this guy @2, gtr best.....

2015-01-20 11:55:32
no way
2015-01-19 22:49:45
expected, still not banned from anything...
2015-01-19 22:49:46
2015-01-19 22:49:47
2015-01-19 22:49:48
2015-01-19 22:49:48
i think gtr wasn't top1 in 2014 :/

Post edited 2015-01-19 22:50:57
2015-01-19 22:49:49
TricoN - HLTV.org
Deserved to be top2.
2015-01-19 22:49:50
I really thought he's gonna be #1 TBH, I hope these cheating accusations didn't make you guys change your mind!
2015-01-19 23:04:59
GTR top1 forever bro.... Kefak :D
2015-01-20 04:34:33
bro I hate you for leaving without telling :)
2015-01-20 21:02:18
"cheating accusations" have you seen them? Its so obvious I got cancer in my eyes after watching dude
2015-01-20 20:44:19
Yeah I saw them and they very very suspicious specially that one on dd2 against NaVi.
But how do you expect HLTV to lay him off if he didn't get a vac ban or any other official suspension?
2015-01-20 21:01:11
+1 Best ranking ever! if only JW #1 flusha 2, 2015 it will be!
2015-01-20 00:42:59
fnatic will never be #1, they are to young and to childish
2015-01-20 11:52:31
2015-01-19 22:49:51
Dont think GTR is best player this year :-)

Post edited 2015-01-19 22:50:00
2015-01-19 22:49:51
2015-01-19 22:51:39
2015-01-19 22:51:58
Then who?
2015-01-19 22:51:59
Flusha should have been.
2015-01-20 00:09:44
Xizt! Dundundun
2015-01-20 03:57:15
JW, KennyS, Flusha, Pasha, Snax ?
2015-01-20 07:38:09
2015-01-20 09:41:53
yeah me too (,-,)
2015-01-19 22:52:08
Than who is the best player this year cadian?
2015-01-19 22:52:29
probably the 4 rankings above him deserve it more then he does.
2015-01-20 00:44:45
How? NiP did more than fnatic this year, lol. You're glued on the last 3 months. xD
2015-01-20 06:47:23
and u in the first 6, the problem is that flusha and even jw were constant though fnatic was shit, GTR didnt
2015-01-20 08:33:22
The problem is flusha lifts his mouse alot!
2015-01-20 10:46:12
so let's quit flusha from here because of some speculations

come on man, just solid arguments are valid here
2015-01-20 11:07:33
wat? we are on hltv my freind
2015-01-20 15:41:44
Well he admit that he lifts his mouse, so isnt that a solid argument?

"I lift my mouse alot" #flusha2014
2015-01-20 16:11:11
2015-01-19 22:52:36
No one really was the obvious choice, gtr has been better than others tho
2015-01-19 22:53:34
Me too... my top5 would be kennys, flusha, snax, gtr, f0rest, but w/e
2015-01-19 22:53:52
You are right cadiaN, but with his team performances you can't blame HLTV's choice.
2015-01-19 22:57:39
2015-01-19 23:00:32
2015-01-19 23:04:51
plus Juan
2015-01-19 23:15:41
+1, I am :D
2015-01-19 23:21:56
2015-01-19 23:25:56
+1 LOL
2015-01-20 00:43:11
flusha played better this year
2015-01-20 05:11:54
*Flusha lifted his mouse better this year
2015-01-20 10:47:11
Come on badiaN , badiaN is best player this year

2015-01-20 08:29:14
ye, I think cadian is going to take that spot this year
2015-01-20 09:19:39
dat edit
2015-01-20 11:28:35
21 seconds later and EDITED.

What is he hiding? D:
2015-01-20 12:58:31
now you wont know it, because i've edited mine aswell

Post edited 2015-01-20 13:21:04
2015-01-20 13:19:03
2015-01-19 22:49:52
2015-01-19 22:49:53
get right best player 2014? lol
2015-01-19 22:49:54
gtr top 1 confirmed
2015-01-19 22:49:59
it's either GTR or cadian, i'll go for cadian
2015-01-20 09:20:51
oh come on guys, i believe in Fifflaren! <3
2015-01-20 11:37:28
That would be a nice exit tho.
2015-01-20 12:59:53
twist top1
2015-01-19 22:49:59
best joke ever, gtr 1...
2015-01-19 22:50:00
Name me a better player in 2014? Hard righty? Gtr may not have been as good as he was in 2013 but he was still better than anyone else
2015-01-19 22:55:21
2015-01-19 22:59:14
...didnt win anything.
2015-01-20 13:09:35
He said "name me a better player in 2014" not "name me a player who won more in 2014"
2015-01-20 16:09:01
you can be the very best but without any pokemon it doesnt matter. ^^
2015-01-29 23:23:10
flusha, f0rest, happy, kennyS, snax, pasha (if u dont believe that, look at his stadistics)...

maybe u dont agree in some of them, but man, if u say that GTR was the best of the year is because u lost a huge part from the year
2015-01-19 23:00:21
L m a o, nobody on the list can be compared to GTR except for kenny. I'm sorry but flusha? This isn't a list of best cheaters. f0rest? GTR is better than forest in every aspect of the game except pistol and awping, thats fact. Happy? This list is based on the whole of 2014, not November - December. Snax isn't even top 1 in vp let alone in the world lmao. Pasha is good but he's not quite get right
2015-01-19 23:05:27
man, u should start watching cs go and thinking about it, you are only answering me with fanboys' arguments
this is stupid lol
2015-01-19 23:08:01
2015-01-20 01:17:29
how is it fanboy argument? Gtr's rating end of 2013, 1.32. End of 2014, 1.27. You're telling me some fat cheater, whos been caught before cheating, and is still cheating with a rating of 1.19 is better than GTR?

Maybe if you actually watched CS:GO for the whole eyar, and not from august - december, you'd know GTR is the clear best of 2014. It's a rating for the whole year, not the last 4 months. Which is why fnatic don't get number 1.

My number 1 is KennyS, then gtr. But if it's not Kennys then gtr deserves number 1, hes an insane player, and was always there when NiP needed him. (that is, when 1 person is slacking, he picks their wieght up)
2015-01-20 01:38:14
when did he get caught cheating?
2015-01-20 03:10:12
1.27 is the rating of his whole career in cs go, and this year he clearly is not in that rating, the problem is that flusha was pretty good during the whole year, the most consistent player, while GTR passed a QUARTER of the whole year playing like shit
2015-01-20 08:35:32
and f0rest was quite more consistent than gtr
2015-01-19 23:08:49
No, he was not.
2015-01-19 23:28:03
Oh c'mon... Exept DHW, just look at stats you idiot.
2015-01-20 04:02:37
man dont bother with these mindless retards, they think somehow that the list is comprised of subjective thoughts and opinions and not hard stats. they obviously value stats in majors greatly, hence kennys's "bad" rank
2015-01-19 23:12:56
Flusha had the best stats though...
2015-01-20 00:14:09
and he only played in one major final this year
2015-01-20 00:44:08
So? He won SLTV, ESWC, FACEIT, Fragbite Masters and ESEA.
2015-01-20 00:46:50
You do realize NiP were in every major final, and wan a major this year?

NiP have been in way more finals than Fnatic this year, and have made twice the amount of money Fnatic amde this eyar.

GTRs rating is 1.27, flusha is 1.19. yet you think flusha is better.
2015-01-20 01:39:49
His rating isn't 1.27 lol
2015-01-20 01:55:59
That's all you can reply with, lol. Sit down kid.
2015-01-20 02:01:10
Yeah, i guess all I can reply with is a statement that shows your comment was wrong.. I'm an idiot :(
2015-01-20 02:31:07
well, that rating argument is false, so it's like if I say that flusha got 1.41 rating

why are u so silly?
2015-01-20 08:37:03
kenny all the way. But ofc 'his team sucked blabla', not his fault his teammates don't match. kenny is 1st in almost any statistic there is this year.
2015-01-19 23:02:05
Too bad he couldn't step it up when he needed to in order to bring his teams more titles. It's also about performing in the right matches, not overall being a beast.
2015-01-20 09:48:00
Not at all, kennys (even if he didnt attend every majors), jw and snax, and also flusha if you consider him clean had a way better year than get right.
2015-01-19 23:02:14
JW has been better than gtr in 2014? LMFAOOO JW is good but he sucks at majors, All 3 majors this year he has been outshone by flusha, snax and Pasha
2015-01-19 23:08:34
how does that work for u?
2015-01-19 23:10:16
#1 kpr in big matches, #1 entry kpr in big matches, #1 rating in big matches. I value performances in big matches more than those in majors (which include random groupstage matches we don't care about).
2015-01-19 23:12:13
2015-01-19 23:20:46
should be top1
2015-01-19 22:50:02
2015-01-19 22:50:05
get right best player of 2014? lel
2015-01-19 22:50:06
2015-01-19 22:50:08
2015-01-19 22:50:08
2015-01-19 22:50:12
2015-01-19 22:50:18
2015-01-19 22:50:21
2015-01-19 22:50:24
2015-01-19 22:50:26
Why? whats wrong with that?
2015-01-20 00:44:50
ez pz
2015-01-19 22:50:28
seriously ? nooo
2015-01-19 22:50:31
srsly? noo...
2015-01-20 08:30:15
2015-01-19 22:50:39
2015-01-19 22:50:46
2015-01-19 22:50:48
2015-01-19 22:51:10
wooooohoooo gtr tha best <3
2015-01-19 22:51:12
2015-01-19 22:51:14
AbirZenith - HLTV.org
Well dunno if anyone should be top 1 over KennyS. But better Get_Right than Flusha !
2015-01-19 22:51:15
ehh i was expecting N1 nvm still good, great player!! gz flusha

Post edited 2015-01-19 22:51:32
2015-01-19 22:51:16
2015-01-19 22:51:27
2015-01-19 22:51:27
lol, get_right first ?? dafuk ???
maybe gtr is not on the top20 ?? :D
2015-01-19 22:51:50
You drunk French baguette.
2015-01-20 04:05:05
2015-01-20 08:30:52
Omellette du fromage!

2015-01-20 17:04:48
gtr gg m8
2015-01-19 22:51:56
cheater? no.
2015-01-19 22:52:03
congratz for flusha, but gtr top1? lol
2015-01-19 22:52:18
GTR The best in the World :D
So much hard work and so much dedication to the game .. Achievements as well ! :)
Well Deserved ! <3
2015-01-19 22:52:21
missed it again
2015-01-19 22:52:24
get_right no.1 confirmed...........
2015-01-19 22:52:27
GTR for the win!
2015-01-19 22:53:03
GTR top1 just confirms this year's ranking is a big joke imo.
2015-01-19 22:53:25
The team achievements are all what matters for this ranking :)
2015-01-19 22:58:56
that's not about how the ranking is done, was GTR the best player of 2014? just no
2015-01-19 23:16:17
Who was then?
2015-01-19 23:18:48
no, kennys, flush and maybe snax were better than him.
But with his pretty good stats + Majors he is nr 1.
2015-01-19 23:26:18
This listing should be renamed. It doesn't indeed show what it is supposed to be representing.

Its just some stats combined over the year, it doesn't reflect anything.

2015-01-20 01:18:56
Oh, I thought it reflected his performance by showing relevant stats combined over the year, my mistake.
2015-01-20 09:53:01
it is a player ranking , not team rankings and get_right didnt even attended the events after cologne because they didn`t QUALIFIED
2015-01-19 23:32:33
but then again he was 2nd at the last major of da year boy
2015-01-19 23:37:55
but then again, losing online doesnt say a shit :) Going to every major, infront of big crowds carrying your team does :)) So jokes on the Onlinemeisters.
2015-01-20 10:53:24
but then again ..
2015-01-20 11:48:43
Who was top 1 then? There was no obvious choice. Whoever it would've been, there would have been controversy. Get right was the safest option because we all know he's the best rifler and has the stats and achievements tonshow for it.
2015-01-19 23:00:21
He's the best rifler? Definitely not. He's very efficient and his role/ingame intelligence gets him many easy frags, but he's definitely not a best rifler.
2015-01-19 23:03:54
Nope I think you will find he is the best rifler, name someone better
2015-01-19 23:10:25
Krimz is better, with both ak and m4, that's for sure, most likely flusha aswell, could probably name a few more that I'd say could be better.
2015-01-19 23:11:42
AbirZenith - HLTV.org
krimz and flusha were only better in teh last few months, So technically GTR is still far superior with the rifle
2015-01-19 23:51:22
How does what you just said make sense? So, they were worse before and got better than him, but they are worse than him cause they were worse before? FUCK LOGIC. Right now they ARE better than him if you consider rifle skills.
2015-01-19 23:52:55
the ranking is for the whole year.. jesus why do people have such a hard time understanding this.. it doesn't matter if krimz had a couple of sick months.. get a fucking clue
2015-01-20 00:10:47
Where did I say krimz should be higher than gtr lol? Learn to read, I said krimz is a better rifler. And as a matter of fact, flusha had a great entire year, he was better than gtr, didn't have a single slump, he has better stats, but he's lower cause 'he didn't win a major blabla'.
2015-01-20 01:51:08
So you say, having good score online is better then performing at his best on mainstage, majors? Wow thats logic.

In that case im 1, cause i killed flusha in MM :) Im better riflrer then flusha hihi good to know!
2015-01-20 10:55:10
Are you braindead? Who said anything about online? They just published an article about flusha, look at his LAN ratings, they're better than everyone else's except kennyS.
2015-01-20 14:51:44
Aaand.... fnatic won exactly how much last year?
2015-01-20 16:12:12
This is where it's dumb. Personal rating is personal rating, even though fnatic was definitely a top3 team in 2k14.
2015-01-20 17:49:49
No... Being the best player means being good on stage where the crowd cheer, and ur heart is beating like fuck..... obviously Fnatic doesnt have the chilly mindset enough to win the major, even though they had alot better form then NiP comming into the event.

2015-01-20 19:14:45
2015-01-19 23:01:31
If statistics say so...
2015-01-19 22:53:44
2015-01-19 22:54:14
GET_RIGHT 1st <3 (or KQLY :P)
2015-01-19 22:54:30
csgo legend
2015-01-19 22:54:31
didnt expect tbh, was thinking around top 5, so good job and keep going flushaaaa!
2015-01-19 22:54:37
Everyone on this tread is so toxic.
2015-01-19 22:54:38
What to expect from silvers? :D
2015-01-19 22:55:38
hltv should really start ip banning these kind of ppl.
2015-01-19 22:59:52
2015-01-19 23:00:42
No don't, We need some fun!
2015-01-20 08:24:42
actually he deserved to be number 1 this year !
2015-01-19 22:55:23
classic gtr :D
2015-01-19 22:55:48
GTR top1? what kind of BULLSHIT is this. No offence to GTR, truly nice person. But come on, skillwise he isnt even top 10.
2015-01-19 22:55:54
:D what about pasha?
2015-01-19 22:58:41
pasha skillwise>GTR..pasha was the best player in the world for a long period of time in 2014.
2015-01-19 23:00:48
2015-01-19 23:43:32
nice joke, write more
2015-01-20 09:56:26
2015-01-19 23:11:22

I expected him around 4 to 6 and kenny, flusha, snax higher than him.
Ranking seems fuckin baised
2015-01-19 23:01:37
skillwise no , teamwise and achievement wise yes
GTR was never a skilled player like f0rest , not aimwise.
but he showed up most of the year and carried NIP to 3 major finals and win 1 . also winning 3 seperate tournaments on the side which is an achievement on it's own.
embrace the spraying style
2015-01-20 00:18:12
GTR #1!!!!
2015-01-19 22:55:59
flusha <3
2015-01-19 22:56:26
gtr again lol :D
2015-01-19 22:56:27

GeT_RiGhT is 1st and he deserves is so much!
2015-01-19 22:56:46
Glad for GeT_RiGhT. flusha has been great this year. If he cheated or not? I guess we will never know for sure. But innocent until proven guilty.
2015-01-19 22:56:58
Nice work
2015-01-19 22:57:28
His rating is sick, compared to pashas
2015-01-19 22:57:52
How is his rating in majors 1.23 when he got, 1.25 in Katowice, 1.24 in Cologne and 1.26 at DHW ?
Doesn't make much sense.
2015-01-19 22:58:00
2015-01-20 00:25:15
2015-01-19 22:58:05
GTR #1, he clearly deserves, absolutely the best and most consistent player ;)
2015-01-19 22:58:10
most consistent buhahahaha they have good 3 tournaments exactly majors but friberg win cologne not gtr and 2 other tournament in the first half of the year . in second they play shit outside majors and u think that 3 good play in year is enough ?
2015-01-19 23:04:48
gtr top1 for sure but 2013 is not this year upss hltv
2015-01-19 22:58:20
would you imagine the credibily of this if he actually cheats
2015-01-19 22:58:30
I like the fact that people are whining about GTR being top 1 this year. He was the best player for the the first 6 months of 2014. If it was the other way around, and he would have been the best player for the last 6 months of 2014 noone would be complaining right now.
2015-01-19 22:58:31
"He was the best player for the the first 6 months of 2014"

Pasha was actually better for the first part of the year.
2015-01-19 23:07:43
2015-01-19 23:33:45
+1, none of the people that are defending gtr being #1 have looked at stats at all...
2015-01-20 00:27:12
Do they need to? Just wait for the article. It will show all stats for sure. complaining Before Reading the #1 article with stats in front is just as stupid imo.

Post edited 2015-01-20 10:26:26
2015-01-20 10:25:47
Ok, then they can wait for the article then. Rather than saying things like "gtr was the best player in the world for the first half of the year", which is obviously wrong.
2015-01-20 11:55:22
Those who complain about GTR being #1 or even in the top at all is just as wrong though, which is my Point. I'm sure the article will explain all that needs to be said and that he, after all actually do deserve the #1 spot.
2015-01-20 11:58:35
I disagree, I'll be interested to see which stats of his are the best in the world. I personally think HLTV are bearing too much importance for the majors.
2015-01-20 12:47:47
gtr top1? for what?
2015-01-19 22:59:12
Being the engine behind NiP reaching the grand final of three majors, and winning one?
2015-01-19 23:00:34
That would be friberg. Gtr only showed up in the finals. If it wasnt for friberg they wouldnt even made it to the semis..
2015-01-19 23:38:02
Fuck this they wouldn't even have made it out of the groups, lol!
2015-01-19 23:43:50
Guyz For God's Sake
Xtrfy does the sponsoring
HLTV Does the ranking based on so many statistics !! it had nthn to do with Xtrfy
Stop Saying that it's sweden only Rankings !! :)
2015-01-19 22:59:31
2015-01-20 03:18:54
Razer fanboy spotted.
2015-01-20 04:09:40
hahahahaha =D
2015-01-20 08:44:12
2015-01-19 22:59:53
GTR is the best player in the world, that's what I only care
2015-01-19 23:00:03
well well
2015-01-19 23:00:12
this has got to be the worst top 20 ive ever seen, get right 1 ? seriously ? he didnt do shit
2015-01-19 23:00:12
and f0rest 7 is the bigger joke if get right is 1
2015-01-19 23:00:29
Seriously. If he is top 1 he for sure deserves a top 5 on everybodys list if they just look at the stats Before judging. Just wait for the article and you'll see the explanations.
2015-01-20 10:29:59
GTR just dosnt deserve to be top3 for me GTR might be the best player but not this year he is top 4 or 5 i think for 2014 but top1 no, but you know xtry sponsors so i dont wannt to say more words GJ to all those who made to top 20 players.
2015-01-19 23:00:18
it was GTRs worst year from 2009 and still first

fnatic destroyed every team for 6 months but .....
2015-01-19 23:00:24
Congratz! Still, should've been #1.
2015-01-19 23:01:05
+1, really looking forward to the justification of GTR being number 1 though :)
2015-01-20 00:30:15
agree.. ~_~
2015-01-20 00:47:54
2015-01-19 23:01:18
Ahahaha all hltv children going berserk. Deserved spot for a great player, gj!
2015-01-19 23:02:48
So he is #2 in the world, but in fnatic JW is the best? wtf
2015-01-19 23:04:39
2015-01-19 23:05:00
You cant be serious? GeT_RiGhT over flusha?
2015-01-19 23:05:54
2015-01-19 23:06:12
Do you guys really think that get_right is gonna be #1 because of XTRFY? Oh my god!
2015-01-19 23:06:40
How do you get #2 when you are #1 on the #1 team in the world ?
2015-01-19 23:07:02
Because it's a team game?
2015-01-19 23:27:10
In what way are fnatic best team? Ur point is invalid
2015-01-20 11:00:41
wp flusha!
2015-01-19 23:08:51
he deserves it :D

Post edited 2015-01-19 23:10:23
2015-01-19 23:09:46
2015-01-19 23:09:49
Im a huge NiP fan.. but this is just wrong. seriusly. If GT get's first place i have lost all faith too HLTV
JW with out question best players season 2014 with flusha and Happy right next too him, GT have not played close too his potential. This is just wrong srry.

2015-01-19 23:10:01
based on Team achievements my friend :/

it's not Best Skill player of the year..
2015-01-19 23:11:07
i know.. but it's still kind of sad. team achivements should not mather when they list the players after individual skill :(
2015-01-19 23:14:45

Post edited 2015-01-19 23:41:21
2015-01-19 23:40:41
xizt and friberg above pasha, fvck me
2015-01-19 23:41:32
Your list is so full of shit, its clear you have not watched many matches this year.
2015-01-19 23:51:05
your list is based on past 3 months what dont you understand about best player of the YEAR? YEAR.
2015-01-20 00:11:49
GTR 1st what a joke. Flusha/Snax>Pasha>GTR
2015-01-19 23:10:08
Congrats GT <3
2015-01-19 23:10:24
noobs saying he is a cheater not even anything suspect in those videoes he should have more clpis like that since he played like 1000 matches.
2015-01-19 23:11:46
I don't think GTR deserved for top 1 this year. I'd rather put snax/flusha there. Although gratz.
2015-01-19 23:13:04
rolf... your right man.
2015-01-19 23:53:02
At Dreamhack Winter 2014 there was no way to cheat.

They did not have internet access.

They had to send in config and drivers in advance for it to be pre-approved by the admins.

Their hardware was checked before they were allowed to plug it in and Swag wasn't allowed to use his own mouse (see his Twitter).

Admins were sitting behind Flusha and spectating him more or less the whole event from what I saw.

At ESEA, with people swarming him once more and playing on their anti-cheat that you all adore, he was once again not banned or suspected.

Dignitas members posted a misleading picture during DHW that lead you to believe they had internet access. You can see it here: https://twitter.com/DignitasXyp9x/status/537905445..
But as you can see in the lower corner, it says "Disconnected", meaning he is not connected to internet. Lillrobban posted either here or on Reddit in reply to that picture that this was indeed what it meant.

Basically, a couple of stupid pros posted misleading shit during Dreamhack that made you believe that it was possible to hack there, or that they even had internet. But this was not the case.

Congratulations on this placing Flusha, you worked hard for it.

Post edited 2015-01-19 23:15:12
2015-01-19 23:13:27
So that he didnt cheat on DHW, 1 week after all VACations, proves he never did cheat?

U lift your mouse alot?
2015-01-20 11:03:05
Oh shit, silver kids mad now :'(
2015-01-19 23:13:52
2015-01-19 23:14:25
Yeah GTR had a nice start, but the second half of the year was soooo shit. Typical HLTV
2015-01-19 23:15:38
Check his stats. They were actually good the whole year.
2015-01-19 23:16:38
2015-01-19 23:15:42
KennyS TOP 1 :)
2015-01-19 23:15:54
top 2? Snax -> Flusha
2015-01-19 23:15:54
Deserved! Congratz flusha!
2015-01-19 23:16:36
2015-01-19 23:18:02
if you think this man cheats or cheated you are a joke end of story
2015-01-19 23:18:39
at least he's not #1...
2015-01-19 23:20:05
Everyone claming that GTR shouldn't be number 1 forgot that the months of January-June did actually exist.
2015-01-19 23:22:21
Well what can you expect from kids? :)
2015-01-20 00:34:14
In which pasha was the best player..
2015-01-20 00:35:55
Arguable. Doesn't take anything away from what GTR did though whatever your opinion of pasha is.
2015-01-20 03:06:08
True, it was flusha, pasha, gtr, kenny and shox ahead of everyone for the first half of the year. But after that it went way down hill for gtr and nip. Their only success after cologne was reaching the final at dh winter.
Compare this to flusha, who didn't have a slump at the end of the year, in fact the opposite. Fnatic dominated the scene for a long time.

Is it right to say that gtr's good start to the year, followed by a major title and another major final, surrounded by terrible losses, is better than flusha's almost as good start to the year, followed by a major final and 5 LAN titles?
2015-01-20 03:39:16
You brought up good points. However, I'm in the kennyS boat where I think that he should have been #1, even though his teams weren't too successful. The stuff he did in the game and his personal performance surpasses the other players IMO.

I was basically saying that there is a case for GTR to be #1. I don't think he should have been #1, but it's not like someone ridiculous like JW was #1. I can see why they did it, but I don't agree. GTR would have been my 2/3 behind kennyS.

Secretly I'm hoping for pronax to be #1. How mad would hltv fanboys be if the IGL for the #1 team in 2014 was named the #1 player? It would be glorious. (real talk, i think pronax should have been somewhere in the top20 even if his stats weren't up to par).

Post edited 2015-01-20 08:55:23
2015-01-20 08:53:57
2013: #13
2014: #2

gr8 player (NiP fanboy)
2015-01-19 23:23:11
Terrible choice... wtf is wrong with you people?
2015-01-19 23:23:32
I know right, flusha should have been first :/ atleast you agree.
2015-01-20 03:07:31
Nice try Flusha
2015-01-20 04:37:00
Just ridiculous and even more ridiculous if GTR is #1.
2015-01-19 23:25:09

Post edited 2015-01-19 23:31:46
2015-01-19 23:26:23
2015-01-19 23:27:44
nice, well deserved Flusha :)
2015-01-19 23:28:21
Deserves top1, gratz tho flusha!
2015-01-19 23:28:58
GTR number one, kill me please.

He can fart once a year and he'll be 1st

top10 yep, top5 probably yep but not top1
2015-01-19 23:29:55
Embarassing that this is what CS has become, flusha #2 LOL.
2015-01-19 23:30:25
don't see how it's either embarrassing or funny? Unless you're a jealous nerd :3
2015-01-20 03:08:23
2015-01-20 15:48:13
Well deserved!!
2015-01-19 23:30:34
should have been #1
2015-01-19 23:31:05
Not correct in my opinion. No it´s not the typical "Flusha is cheating" post. It´s just:

Snax > JW > Flusha > Pasha.

However HLTV thinks that Pasha > JW for example. I don´t agree at all. Same for flusha > snax!
2015-01-19 23:31:15
I think flusha is #1, #2 kennyS, #3 pasha #4 jw #5 get_right
2015-01-19 23:31:21
2015-01-19 23:31:56
GTR majors: 1.12, 1.06, 1.33 -> avg: 1.17 (done in head, might be wrong)
flusha majors: 1.24, 1.25, 1.26 -> avg: 1,25
2015-01-19 23:32:35
But 4 finals, are you dumb ?
2015-01-20 04:12:38
Did I disagree with that? Learn to read you illiterate retard.
2015-01-20 20:58:42
ye and gtr maps against flusha maps?rITe
2015-01-20 04:40:32
It all makes sense now. HLTV rankings are like NBA MVP voting. Being the best player doesn't make you #1. Being the best player on the best team makes you #1. Really dumb way of ranking people.
2015-01-19 23:43:25
How OKC was the best team last year?
2015-01-19 23:45:31
regular seasonmvp doesn't take playoffs into account

OKC was one of the three teams that were contending for the title.
2015-01-19 23:50:27
get_right 1? don't deserved
2015-01-19 23:44:40
Not GTR, nor pasha or flusha deserves the TOP1.
2015-01-19 23:45:10
im not kennySfan but he deserves top1 imo...list of top players based on a team achievments is a fuckin bullshit... top20->device? like wtf? he would easiely rekt whole this crap list
2015-01-19 23:46:45
KennyS & JW top 1 & 2
2015-01-19 23:48:13
Deserved Flusha!! WP
2015-01-19 23:48:46
2015-01-19 23:49:22
I posted a comment asking if anyone had the list of Flusha's aimlocks and it was deleted. Why? I didn't say he was cheating, I was just wondering if anyone had the GIFs. The entire thread is full of accusations, but my comment was the one that got nuked? I don't get it.

Anyway if anyone has it put it on my profile or something so the mods don't have another aneurysm.
2015-01-19 23:52:13
See you.
2015-01-19 23:52:26
like he doesn't deserve it? Who's better atm then?
2015-01-20 00:59:11
Of course he deserved !
2015-01-20 07:07:52
I mean cmon 2013 GTR #1 ok he deserved but this year...

NiP and GTR dont do anything 2nd half of the year JW Shox Flusha Snax these guys better than GTR imo

I think list should be like this


Edit:Ok I change my mind Snax>Flusha in this year

Post edited 2015-01-19 23:55:30
2015-01-19 23:53:32
where is krimz lel? he was mvp of some tournaments
2015-01-19 23:56:13
KRIMZ like 10-9 he is great after he joined Fnatic but list comprised whole 2014

Right now my list like


2015-01-20 00:24:42
"but list comprised whole 2014" but you put players who just played well the second half. #hltvuserlogic.
2015-01-20 01:31:28
You should celebrate with some good'ol vacations.
2015-01-19 23:56:12
What?????????He should be #1
2015-01-19 23:56:18
flusha #1 always..get_right dont deserve it..
2015-01-19 23:56:28
So gtr 1st...

Post edited 2015-01-20 00:01:46
2015-01-19 23:58:50
gtr. shox and f0rest are already in the list.
2015-01-20 00:01:23
Well deserved! Both to GTR and flusha!
2015-01-20 00:01:06
HA HA HA WTF flush'a 2nd -.- end of the world
2015-01-20 00:01:35
Gratz flusha
2015-01-20 00:05:28
uf at least not first
2015-01-20 00:06:36
GetRight made a huge impact on all 3 majors and he deserves the first spot , Flusha is a better candidate next year for a top 1 player
2015-01-20 00:10:59
imo flusha should be 1st, GeT_RiGhT 2nd but well I guess it's only a HLTV ranking...
2015-01-20 00:18:04
number #2?
I disagree, Flusha should be #1 imo, getting away with what he has done is the most MVP worthy I have ever seen in any organised e-sport. not buying anymore esports cases until this gets sorted out, thats for sure.
2015-01-20 00:21:43
hltv isn't e-sports, it's just a bunch of nerds like most people on here that have power. There are maybe 2 cool admins in hltv like striker.
2015-01-20 02:47:22
great player imo, gratz and keep it up flusha dont listen to this retarded silvers
2015-01-20 00:23:36
2015-01-20 00:29:45
I can't believe gtr will get the spot again... Flusha deserved it
2015-01-20 00:31:31
Congrats flusha! Well deserved, played so good kids be cryin CHEEEEETS!
2015-01-20 00:36:46
congratz flusha, well deserved even though I hold you as number one!

GTR being number one this year is quite wierd imo. NiP barely played or qualifier for any events outside the majors.

GZ again!

<3 fnatic
2015-01-20 00:41:38
majors are like 200% of every other tournament,if not more
2015-01-20 04:39:55
gratz flusha

Post edited 2015-01-20 00:42:46
2015-01-20 00:41:56
I have a really hard time believing he didnt cheat;) but congrats anyway. well played
2015-01-20 00:42:24
2015-01-20 00:43:31
disagree with that Sweden expansion !
2015-01-20 00:43:58
He was brilliant against Na'vi on de_mirage, definitely a high level pro strategy, reminded me SpawN !

Congrats flusha !
2015-01-20 00:46:58
congrats liftmaster
2015-01-20 00:48:20
Someone please explain to me GeT_RiGhT as top 1... I just can't warp my mind around this idea

Post edited 2015-01-20 00:50:27
2015-01-20 00:49:58
pretty much the same how Kenny got so high without really achieving anything at all
2015-01-20 00:53:43
get_right performed better then anyone else. the major NiP won.. essentially GET_right carried them over fnatic.. TOP PERFORMANCE AT TOP LAN = TOP PLAYERS

keep crying you obviously get how playing LAN works.
2015-01-20 00:54:08
Well deserved
2015-01-20 00:58:08
omg get_right 1st again...
2015-01-20 00:58:54
I used to be on the bandwagon against Flusha (called him flushack). But after realizing his "wallhacks" were actually present in many other clean pro csgo players, and the fact that demos are shown in a fucked up tickrate, I concluded that Flusha was just another victim of an unjust Salem witch hunt.

Flusha best.
2015-01-20 01:25:51
thank you for been converted from retard to normal person
2015-01-20 02:45:58
No problemo, Robin
2015-01-20 08:08:32
thanks Robin
2015-01-20 11:24:09
Flusha N1.
2015-01-20 01:37:40
2015-01-20 01:38:03
GZ fluflu, this year gonna be top1 show them all who is the best, KiDS gonna cry
2015-01-20 01:38:31
why is all so horny in kennys? He assent been concisted the whole year only the past 4 months maybe, Kennys fanbois.. Kennys is overrated as fuck, i dont say he is bad but so fuckin overrated
2015-01-20 01:59:57
he had 1.26 rating 2014... flusha only 1.19 ;) and kennys lost many more games, which makes his stat even more impressive
2015-01-20 03:26:45
He also played in 0 semi's and 0 finals where everyone is at their best
2015-01-20 05:18:32
word about what the canadian dude said, And u are the one pepole who only go on stats on hltv... And thats just wrong. And like i said kennys has only been good later of 2014 not in the begining. If he would have been as good in the begining of 2014 as he is now he would be top1/top2 but thats not the case. If u only go on stats your fuckin dumb..Just saying
2015-01-20 10:01:49
haha fnatic fanboys bb gtr ftw
2015-01-20 02:00:37
Shaving beard!
2015-01-20 02:04:22
2015-01-20 02:22:26
lol WTF , not even 4 real ...
2015-01-20 02:23:22
GTR no 1 . again
Gtr f**ing bad whole year. Biased result, He doesn't deserve no 1 back stabber idiot. Bored of watching him securing 1 posi every year. U must be kidding
2015-01-20 02:23:56
Nah its ok, because he played well in 2013 and it carries over... Derr.
2015-01-20 02:39:14
Please curry.
2015-01-20 04:36:05
I love guy who do the "Lift mouse joke" Probably don't even realise that he does change mouse pos alot more often than other players. xD
2015-01-20 03:01:46
Wtf ? Still get right gets #1 seriously
2015-01-20 03:22:23
Imo shox was better than flusha and f0rest better than pasha anytime
2015-01-20 03:26:29
proof? statistics?
2015-01-20 03:51:50
u obviously only look at their famous names and not how they performed.
pasha/flusha played way better 2014 than shox/f0rest and its not even close
2015-01-20 06:14:17
KennyS and shox truly underrated in rankings it's sad. KennyS #1 for me
2015-01-20 03:27:22
Ure right with kennyS, but shox is rather overrated than underrated, he should be clearly below other players in this ranking. he shouldnt be above Happy, apEX or krimz just because he got so much fame. he didnt have his best year, aswell as f0rest or GTR but all 3 get the fame-bonus which is kinda sad.
2015-01-20 04:59:30
deserved :)
2015-01-20 04:21:52
rip cs
2015-01-20 04:48:39
said the ruskie
2015-01-20 05:10:38
should be 1 <3
2015-01-20 05:09:56
well deserved
2015-01-20 05:26:46
Nice try Flusha.
Gtr again... srly gtr isn't the best choice in 2014
2015-01-20 05:55:08
Faltopfake ?
Fifflaren #1 soo?
2015-01-20 06:01:31
2015-01-20 06:22:51
nice flusha!
2015-01-20 06:26:12
Chill out guys the guy is only "LEFTS HIS MOUSE ALOT"
2015-01-20 06:26:41
next time release #1 before #2

great job btw
2015-01-20 06:33:59
People forget how large gtr had to go to carry his team in so many matches. NiP would have achieved nothing if not for his consistently huge performances. NiP won a major with a bot (fifflaren) that is how large gtr was having to go. Deserves no.1 easy. fnatic are more rounded, flusha performed great but we didn't see him carrying as huge as gtr did.
2015-01-20 06:39:13
gj lance armstrong
2015-01-20 06:56:50
Xtrfy is joking. everybody talked about so obvious cheating used also proven, he is #2 on the Top 20 players of 2014.

as a result, somebody wanted to determine the winners of this tournament organizers and apparently they have been in this business ... !! I think the biggest scandal..

Dont deride us.
2015-01-20 07:00:40
Nandu - HLTV.org
Xtrfy does not decide who is in the ranking and who is not.
2015-01-20 07:08:34
I'm not sure how the rating for majors was calculated, because from what I know

(1.24 + 1.25 + 1.26) : 3 = 1.25.

2015-01-20 07:01:46
Nandu - HLTV.org
I see, thanks for the link.
2015-01-20 07:26:01
Did u read the article? It says his rating was boosted by the match against bavado, so I guess they removed that match from the calculation so that major he had 1.05 rating...
2015-01-20 10:20:05
WTF ???? flusha 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leXjNLDjVXw ........... Come on !
2015-01-20 07:32:35
Is that even a freaking joke? TOP2 CHEATER?
2015-01-20 07:44:18
Haha ...what do you guys expect? just because you WANT to believe he cheats doesn't mean that everyone else will completely abandon logic and share your opinion.
2015-01-20 07:50:31
for the past 3 hours i've been posting on threads s1mple top 1

and all of them have been deleted..

i think its a sign..
2015-01-20 07:56:13
s1mple top 1
2015-01-20 07:56:27
2015-01-20 07:59:11
gtr top1. fucking joke...
2015-01-20 08:07:21
who would you rather have?
2015-01-20 08:26:23
Lift ur mouse more scrub
2015-01-20 08:07:45
lol rank a hack suspect #2 for more page views, HLTV?

Mouse lifter maybe? ROFL
2015-01-20 08:16:31
Nandu - HLTV.org
Hack suspect. Well done.
2015-01-20 19:19:17
gay rigt number one
2015-01-20 08:20:43

Post edited 2015-01-20 08:25:04
2015-01-20 08:21:51
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leXjNLDjVXw all you fucking fanboys get_rekt
2015-01-20 08:24:41
Plz try to banned Torqued from All Tournament Fucking Throw Player Steel and Moe
2015-01-20 08:36:04
should be #1
2015-01-20 08:40:13
If you 1think get_right is first and doesn't deserve it, just wait until the No. 1 is released and watch the arguments. I'm pretty sure lurppis and his mates have done their math. Stats will obviously support the choice of 2014's No.1 player! Take a chill pill and stop flaming :)

Post edited 2015-01-20 08:43:43
2015-01-20 08:43:01
No one here mentioned why GTR will be #1 he is a lurk(I don't know how this spelled) player all his kills is a backshot kills and last man hunting and once and a while clutch or two I don't think he deserves #1
2015-01-20 09:07:50
to lurk, a lurker.
2015-01-20 09:08:48
Can't wait until I see the stats trying to clarify how Get_Right ended up #1 when he got carried to the final in ESL Cologne by friberg and how he got carried by f0rest at Dreamhack Winter. Get_Right was not playing anywhere near his own standard for the last 3-4 months, unlike Snax and flusha who always played at the highest level.
2015-01-20 09:08:06
and in final in Cologne, he was the beast...?
2015-01-20 13:21:09
So because he showed up in ONE game that entire tournament, he should be #1?

Or what is your point?
2015-01-20 13:38:22
Einar backwards is raniE
2015-01-20 09:09:10
I knew Broly would be #1 this year. So proud!
2015-01-20 09:12:28
The amount of work HLTV.org puts into this is huge and has my respect since ever.

I have two thoughts from this:

1. I am one of those who can't get rid of the idea that flusha cheats. Don't flame on me, I'm trying to get rid of it, I follow competitive CS since 2001, and I can see a consistent playing-style from him. That can only be because it's a "natural" movement, and I'm hopping / trying to adapt myself to the idea that the natural movement is really human, from him! All those locks are consistent, but they can be only an optical illusion.

2. I mean, obviously, stats-wise, flusha deserves the spot or even higher. But this year I think the ranking was not so accurate as other years. This can be just me, because of those assists, something you "can't see" on games as cleary as clutchs and aces and kills... I don't look cleary to assists and importance in the team, and if this ranking and new formulas are accurate, it's a very important ranking.

Good job HLTV.org and flusha
2015-01-20 09:23:31
if he got banned, this is gonna be the biggest joke of 2015.
2015-01-20 09:39:51
HLTV.org already is.
2015-01-20 12:34:46
It's like a conspiracy, right?
2015-01-20 15:38:31
wow did the admin not see the aimlocking videos?
2015-01-20 10:00:53

Post edited 2015-01-20 12:34:34
2015-01-20 12:34:13
Nandu - HLTV.org
Just saw 129830912 posts of you on this topic and I gotta say you're not the smartest user. Enough said. Xtrfy does NOT decide who is placed in the top20 and who is not. The list is not based on opinions. If you don't understand what I'm trying to say, then sorry, I have nothing to add.
2015-01-20 19:17:46
Someone is being a nazi mod today
2015-01-20 10:05:01
Alesund is top1 again, everything has been bought )) rofl
2015-01-20 10:30:39
"Why is he the 2nd best player of 2014?" That question made me laugh
2015-01-20 10:33:34
2015-01-20 10:34:21
stanko51:OMFG 0:25 That's 100% aimbot!!! (aimbot autoselect the head of the 2nd guy walking near the crosshair far away..)
1:38 very suspicious too
and I know what I'm talking about i'm at my 3rd VAC ban in 6 month. But hey, apparently i'm not alone :)&#65279;

i like this one
2015-01-20 10:37:39
Pita crie evyrteim haha...
2015-01-20 10:52:21
Con-fucking-Gratz Flusha!
2015-01-20 10:55:29
cheater at nr2? gg
2015-01-20 11:14:00
Inb4 Olofmeister gets first!
The funny thing is that his gona be the 1.
2015-01-20 11:17:55
I'm kinda disapointed they didn't push the non-sense far enough to put flusha on top 1.
2015-01-20 11:20:45
The clutch against navi was unreal
Flicking to Edward wasn't a huge suprise but just slightly fishy, but starting to walk all the way from hell to ramp is just bs.
2015-01-20 11:22:59
Didnt he aimlock twice on that last round against Na'vi?
2015-01-20 11:57:00
Yes, through the wall once and into the garage
But i will take it with a pinch of salt.
Although him walking ALL THE WAY FROM HELL TO RAMP is just so fucking obvious, if GuardiaN wasn't there, GuardiaN would've just won this outright
2015-01-20 14:37:11
Yup. Sad part is, hltv.org doesn't care. Seems cheating has become approved by the writers.
2015-01-20 15:37:02
This ranking has about as much credibility as the professional cyclist rankings before Armstrong-gate.
2015-01-20 11:28:42
To be fair everybody was doping back then

He should be able to keep his awards for being the best doper of the bunch haha
2015-01-20 11:30:02
Hear, hear!
2015-01-20 15:37:20
Get_right namber one <3
2015-01-20 11:44:06
2015-01-20 12:54:25
get_right will be #1 because of his rating in big games.

In katowice they lost the first map to complexity in the quarters. after that map GTR had an avarage 1.315 rating in the following 4 maps until the final. But VP was to strong in final.

In ESL one Colonge he had a rating of 1.49 in the deciding map against Cloud9 in the quarters.
And in the final he had ratings of 1.62 and 1.49 in the maps they won.

DHW deciding map against VP, rating 1.38
Bringing a third map against LDLC with a 1.71 rating in the 2nd.

I don't think he should have been #1 though.

2015-01-20 11:53:11
2015-01-20 11:57:36
apparently its ok to cheat even though you're caught if you play for fnatic
2015-01-20 12:00:40
GeT_RighT diserves it. He was, throught all 2014, the most consistent player. Altho i miss neo and taz on the top 20.

ps.: cogu would be top 1 if he was still playing

Post edited 2015-01-20 12:09:16
2015-01-20 12:08:23
get right again #1 ... f0rest was simply better this year
2015-01-20 12:08:35
2015-01-20 12:21:38
"fan of f0rest", yep mate, yep...
2015-01-20 13:07:21
i'm not fan of forest but > gtr all the time.

Post edited 2015-01-20 13:09:41
2015-01-20 13:09:03
not this year
2015-01-20 13:10:48
also in 2013 not
2010 not ...so
GTR > f0rest
2015-01-20 13:17:34
Flusha KING
2015-01-20 12:53:12
can't wait for the top 20 players of 2014 video
2015-01-20 13:04:30
and gtr 1? what a fuking joke.

gtr and his shitty play...

sorry but no sense this rank.
2015-01-20 13:07:27
Kqly # 1
2015-01-20 13:43:56
christopher &#305; love you
2015-01-20 13:55:27
Typical HLTV stuff. People argue about GTR deserving the #1 spot or not under a post about flusha...simply put, noone cares wther you think he deserves it or not, it HAS BEEN STATED that these rankings are strictly connected to STATISTICS and not OPPINIONS. Just fucking accept it, cause you can't do anything about it.
2015-01-20 14:06:16
Statistics say the truth ?
Statistics say what you want them to say.
It just depends on the variables you select and the weighting you determine.
This aint exact science here.
2015-01-20 15:32:47
never said they were truth, or do you see that word anywhere? I just said that this countdown actually has something to refer to other than plain oppinions.

Post edited 2015-01-20 16:06:10
2015-01-20 16:05:57
k den
2015-01-20 18:32:18
Fifflaren top1

Not joking because he deserves the fucking respect!
2015-01-20 14:13:35
Top4 3 lurkers and pasha. Something is fucked up hard!

Half of comments deleted! HLTV admins went full soviet retard! When you think HLTV cant go lower they proof you wrong. Lol.
2015-01-20 14:35:43
Indeed, something's up..
2015-01-20 15:35:34
maybe fifflaren is no 1 ?
2015-01-20 14:43:05
2015-01-20 14:51:21
it's joke? ...
2015-01-20 14:55:01
Proof that lifting the mouse A LOT is op :)
2015-01-20 14:57:40
Poor CS... flusha congratulated by the community...
2015-01-20 15:13:00
juan top1
2015-01-20 15:16:02
he is not on his VACation yet?
2015-01-20 15:18:45
and shame on you HLTV.org
2015-01-20 15:19:01
Need robben in that matchup
2015-01-20 15:39:40
GeT_RiGhT 1:a <333333
2015-01-20 15:56:21
Taz in first place <3
2015-01-20 16:08:49
HLTV is then biggest joke in CS:GO scene.
2015-01-20 16:09:56
sweden masterrace
2015-01-20 16:10:06
I would have preferred flusha above GeT_RiGhT, but whatever lolol
2015-01-20 16:15:02
Aimlocker must be top 2 :troll:
2015-01-20 16:20:51
Flusha mouselifting himself to top 2! Nice one! Magic mouse <3
2015-01-20 16:25:47
expected but not deserved
2015-01-20 16:38:55
Flusha deserve the first :(
2015-01-20 16:40:39
GeT_RiGhT first!!!!!!!!
2015-01-20 16:46:51
2015-01-20 16:54:14
Flusha deserves to be the best player on earth. His mouse lifting skills are unreached.
2015-01-20 16:59:07
well his skills in hacking without getting a vac-ban although you can clearly see it are also pretty good
2015-01-20 17:41:45
get_right #1? R.I.P this top 20...
2015-01-20 17:01:52
get_right # 1
confirmed :D
2015-01-20 17:07:36
l m f a o
2015-01-20 17:41:23
2015-01-20 17:51:52
This player do incredible things, just flushathings. He can't even explain it. Heavly accused of cheating, became 2nd player of the year... So den, okey...
2015-01-20 18:05:45
should be #1
2015-01-20 18:09:43
2015-01-20 18:31:01
2015-01-21 08:47:47
2015-01-20 18:21:04
Maybe I'll start cheating too and I'll be in the top 2 in a year or two.
2015-01-20 19:14:32
Uses cheats, cant get to #1.
2015-01-20 19:26:51
i guess get_right is the michael jordan of cs
2015-01-20 20:19:50
cheater ranked #2. Wp
2015-01-20 20:42:07
he 1st
2015-01-20 20:49:37
Deserved. :)
2015-01-20 21:10:04
2015-01-20 21:38:11
2015-01-21 00:09:07
nice try flusha
2015-01-21 15:11:45
Go for 1000
2015-01-29 23:25:19

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