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dAT add markeloff & s1mple
Time: 2015-01-15 15:53
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

dAT Team have told HLTV.org that they are back to a five-man roster following the additions of ex-HellRaisers duo Yegor "markeloff" Markelov and Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

The MCS Open Season 1 champions had been reduced to a three-man roster following the departures of Egor "flamie" Vasilyev and Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev, two players who decided to further their careers in HellRaisers.

dAT Team wasted little time to find replacements for the duo and approached the two players ousted by HellRaisers, Yegor "markeloff" Markelov and Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

B1ad3 and markeloff back together after A-Gaming times

This means that markeloff, who admitted to being fired up by his dismissal from HR and vowed to "reveal" his CS:GO potential, will reunite with former Amazing Gaming team-mate Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy.

"We are very excited to have such talented individuals on our team," dAT captain Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy told HLTV.org.

"This is a new page in the history of our team and it looks very promising. Each and every one is extremely motivated, and we are looking forward to 2015.

"Welcome and thank you, my friends!"

dAT Team will be taking part in SLTV StarSeries XII, in which they have been drawn in Group C, alongside x6tence, Titan and Natus Vincere.

With these changes, dAT Team now have:

Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy
Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk
Georgi "WorldEdit" Yaskin
Yegor "markeloff" Markelov
Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev

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not expected
2015-01-15 15:53:28
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
2015-01-15 15:58:08
I just want to watch WorldEdit :p
2015-01-15 16:36:35
I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger.
2015-01-16 01:12:16
2015-01-16 12:56:24
2015-01-15 15:53:44
2015-01-15 16:07:53
It was expected after they got kicked from HR and dAT had 2 spots
2015-01-15 18:23:51
2015-01-15 21:47:01
Somewhat unexpected

Post edited 2015-01-15 15:54:00
2015-01-15 15:53:50
2015-01-15 15:53:53
dAT #1.
2015-01-15 17:18:43
2015-01-15 15:53:55
a lot stronger than HR
2015-01-15 15:53:59
Great potential in this team, altough I expect atleast s1mple to probably join NaVi when his ban expires next year.
2015-01-15 16:04:35
Yeah, he not even has to improve (which probably will happen by gaining more experience) to join NaVi
2015-01-15 16:09:09
yup, dAT>>>HR
2015-01-15 16:32:53
2015-01-16 06:26:45
dAT > HR
2015-01-15 15:54:07
2015-01-15 15:59:37
2015-01-15 16:24:52
2015-01-15 16:25:03
2015-01-15 17:04:41
2015-01-15 17:06:17
2015-01-15 17:18:53
2015-01-15 17:58:17
2015-01-15 18:32:03
2015-01-15 19:05:06
2015-01-15 19:20:59
2015-01-15 19:39:01
2015-01-16 00:46:41
2015-01-16 06:27:05
2 (3?) awpers kek
2015-01-15 15:54:13
both s1mple and WorldEdit are great riflers
2015-01-15 15:54:56
Gonna be strong on Ct side
2015-01-15 23:10:49
I wanna see 1.6 markeloff back in action. The d2 short master.
2015-01-16 04:44:21
2015-01-17 15:22:41
3 awpers in team, WOW
2015-01-15 15:54:13
markeloff is not an AWPer, please
2015-01-15 16:02:03
Well he is. Another thing is that he doesn't want to take the AWP role.
2015-01-15 16:19:14
He is not an awper. The thing that makes you an awper is actually using the awp often, and consistently.

He is a former awper.
2015-01-15 16:25:26
well said...but markeloff fanboys still living in 2011/2012
2015-01-15 16:46:02
well 2010 was markeloff`s best year so i`d say 2010-2012 but yeah ur right I still hope that he will get back on AWPer role
2015-01-15 18:25:37
awp - WE, mark and s1mple riflers
2015-01-15 16:05:23
s1mple riffler ? i hope not...
2015-01-15 16:11:50
He is better rifler than awper
2015-01-15 16:12:16
nope he's defo one of top snipers in csgo and s1mple > WE
2015-01-15 16:24:56
No he isn't. simple is a great overall player, but he isn't a top awp player because of his lack of consistency - getting bullied on LAN by cadiaN doesn't really show that he should be featured as one of the top awp players in this game.
2015-01-15 16:41:54
They have already played in the same team before, and WorldEdit was better than him with an AWP.
2015-01-15 18:10:31
No, but its like 50/50.
He's so good with both
2015-01-16 00:45:49
He was awp in 1.6, but in csgo its HORRIBLE.
2015-01-16 00:47:19
2015-01-15 15:54:17
lel so expected. now no chance for x6 to do something on starladder
2015-01-15 15:54:24
3 months max!
2015-01-15 15:54:27
2015-01-15 15:54:33
2015-01-15 15:54:40
2015-01-16 00:47:36
stronger than LDLC
2015-01-15 15:54:41
2015-01-15 15:57:00
s1mple n worldedit :O

both are awpers, i expect lineup chanes soon....

Post edited 2015-01-15 15:55:16
2015-01-15 15:54:41
s1mple can play without awp lol
2015-01-15 15:56:29
They played together before s1mple joined HR. I dont see problem in 2 awps today.
2015-01-15 16:01:55
simple only became an awp player because HR needed it, before that, when he played on the dAT team he was a rifler.
2015-01-15 16:43:03
that is not true. WorldEdit was a rifler. s1mple always was a dedicated AWPer
2015-01-16 09:13:10
Actually they both played with it in Hashtag according to stats and older comments, so guess we're both wrong.
2015-01-16 10:18:58
maybe.. but I have seen a few games of Hashtag and always s1mple rocks with AWP and WorldEdit was a beast with AK
2015-01-17 11:05:32
So did I, but with WE as the dominant awp player - specially against HR.mix (one of their last games together)

Post edited 2015-01-17 11:56:48
2015-01-17 11:56:33
to sum it up.. both are amazing with AWP and even with rifle. I am extremely excited to see them play together in one team again. And especially play againts their biggest rivals - HR
2015-01-17 12:25:05
douple awp setup :o
2015-01-15 18:48:57
WorldEdit can Main awp and S1mple can awp when they want to dual AWP
2015-01-15 23:12:27
haha nice if markeloff performs they could be easily better than HR
2015-01-15 15:54:54
When markeloff performs they're better than everyone. He just has to perform, of course (which never happens).
2015-01-16 04:46:12
waste of s1mples potential
2015-01-15 15:54:56
yeah being without a team is better..
2015-01-15 16:19:09
B1ad3 is better than ANGE1 as a cap. It will be another piece of xp for S1mple. And when his ESL ban will be over - doors to Na'Vi will be open. imho
2015-01-15 16:27:54
dem 2 great awpers.. I think WorldEdit will have to play a lot colt/ak..
2015-01-15 15:54:57
not really.. simple is mainly a rifler
2015-01-15 15:56:00
Lul, now dAT better than HR. GZ, and hope they will win do something good in this lineup! :)
2015-01-15 15:54:58
3 awp setup new meta
illuminati confirmed
2015-01-15 15:55:00
cw had 5 before
2015-01-15 16:29:17
so did BlindSpot back in 2001/02... it's not like there is something new.
2015-01-15 16:45:49
and LDLC got 3, i was just kidding

Post edited 2015-01-15 17:51:17
2015-01-15 17:50:57
2015-01-15 15:55:01
lol now dat is op as fuck and hr sucks
i really hate flamies decision of leaving dat
2015-01-15 15:55:34
shh, just sleep ;) sleep little angel <3
2015-01-15 16:19:26

I understand it was a good career move for him, but I feel like he didn't really care about dAT. They had a lot of potential, especially with their recent results with that lineup.
2015-01-15 16:53:36
i know right
they would've gotten a sponsor in due time anyway and flamie would have gotten opportunities to improve and become more successful in dAT
and i kinda feel bad for b1ad3... he's not happy with flamies decision either
2015-01-15 17:03:10
They would have easily gotten a sponsor within a month if their results were looking the same. And in all honesty, I don't even think that this switch benefits HR in any way. If they picked up WorldEdit instead of AdreN, then maybe it would have been worth it, but now HR doesn't have an AWPer that can compete with tier 1 AWPers like KennyS and GuardiaN.

But from what I have seen before, S1mple is just as good with an AK and M4 as he is with an AWP, so I think dAT still has a huge opportunity. Markeloff can also play very well, but it will depend on how he fits in with his team. I think that if dAT does

Blade (IGL)
WorldEdit (AWPer)
S1mple (Entry fragger)
Markeloff (Lurker)
Bondik (Support)

then they will have a lot of success, but I am looking forward to see how they play. Blade is very good at organizing a team. He helped HR a lot in the little time he was given to work with them. If this dAT lineup stays the same, then I think that within 2-3 months, we will see them competing with tier 1 teams. But I just don't see HR getting any better. They lack structure.
2015-01-15 17:14:48
hr did offer worldedit a spot in hr but he refused
+respect to him

and yes i agree with pretty much everything you said
the new dat is most likely even better than the old one anyway
but dat would be so much better with flamie thoo
it kills me dude
2015-01-15 17:28:03
Really? Holy shit. I was a big fan of WorldEdit of before, but I have so much more respect for him now. <3

I know that feeling. :( The new dAT lineup is probably a lot stronger, but it just doesn't feel the same without flamie.
2015-01-15 18:06:52
i hope they take flamie back at some point later on when he realizes that his choice was not the best

the dream is alive!
2015-01-15 20:36:32
do you have a source for that?
2015-01-15 18:23:48
ceh9 said it in a youtube video

Post edited 2015-01-15 20:40:16
2015-01-15 20:35:07
WorldEdit is a smart man confirmed
2015-01-16 09:15:47
this team looks better than hr
2015-01-15 15:56:07
w0w! Top 1 CIS!
2015-01-15 15:56:15
Na`Vi top 1 CIS,lol
2015-01-15 15:57:06
sorry, that really!
2015-01-15 16:03:49
Na'Vi sucks!
2015-01-15 16:32:48
yes,ofc na`vi sucks,they are top5 now.
2015-01-15 17:05:28
u idiot ukraine is not in cis, ukraine only cooperate in some parts of cis deal (some buisnes coordination)
2015-01-15 16:07:35
lol really?! For me all same!
2015-01-15 16:08:54
7-1 for all of us
2015-01-16 09:21:22
ukraine still in CIS...
2015-01-15 17:04:59
expected as fuck
2015-01-15 15:56:21
Wtf the fuck but tweet said return we've all been waiting for
2015-01-15 15:56:26
they were trolling
2015-01-15 15:57:15
hahahahahahah HR noobs. DAT>HR . Adren you're an idiot you kicked out HR sooner or later=)
2015-01-15 15:56:52
Better than HR.
2015-01-15 15:56:53
it's like Titan and LDLC swap

on paper Titan looked stronger but time showed us that LDLC is much stronger

this exact thing will happen there :) dAT will be stronger than HR.
2015-01-15 15:57:46
ur a dumb polak.


and u say titan looked stronger on paper? also stop overrating fucking markelow. simple is a respectable awper and worldedit is not bad, but rest of that team is bullshit.
2015-01-15 16:02:50
yes it looked stronger


2015-01-15 16:04:40
KQLY me a river
2015-01-15 16:15:54
no, it's not
2015-01-15 16:26:21
2015-01-15 16:31:34
nobody knew that Happy will get so good :) I mean he was good but in the recent months he was nuts...
2015-01-15 16:44:44
liked him since i saw the first CSGO match of him
2015-01-15 17:39:58
B1ad3 is a good igl imho
2015-01-15 16:46:31
can't w8 for hr-dat match-up
2015-01-15 15:57:51
yeah! me too.. it is gonna be so exciting
2015-01-16 09:16:40
2 middle tier CIS team was born
dAT and HR
2015-01-15 15:57:59
I wanted to see markeloff back to AWPING :( now 2 awpers in team so i doubt marik will play with awp.
2015-01-15 15:58:10
Shame, he was the god of awp in 1.6 :(
2015-01-15 16:09:20
Yeah, he was one of the best in 1.6, even if he switched only to rifflering still could be TOP 10 easy. I miss the days when people said reflex like markeloff.
2015-01-15 16:11:42
Not one of the best, the best awper in 1.6 history.
2015-01-15 17:20:47
lol when did u start to watch 1.6?
2015-01-15 17:39:47
I take a guess he watched 1.6 for a weekend
2015-01-16 09:22:38
2015-01-15 15:58:48
Still can't play major
2015-01-15 15:58:50
Omg, this lu looks sick on the paper
2015-01-15 15:59:13
Can't wait for the next HR vs dAT match :D worldedit + s1mple fucking OP gl on T side against them
2015-01-15 15:59:27
never gunna give u up nigga
2015-01-15 15:59:43
2015-01-15 16:00:06
They changed a Egor for a Yegor
2015-01-15 16:00:37




2015-01-15 16:00:39
Na'Vi top 4 team in the world
s1mple has ESL ban,so he is shit
2015-01-15 16:01:50
s1mple have ban on ESL, major tournament ......
2015-01-15 16:05:33
starix will never leave Na'Vi unless he retires.
2015-01-16 01:49:32
piece of shit
2015-01-15 16:00:55
dAT > HR
2015-01-15 16:01:10
2 of the best awpers in the world.. probably will works fine.. All maps can be played by 2 awps.

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:01:51
2015-01-15 16:01:13
S1mple is very good with an AWP, but imo, he's even better with an AK or M4.
2015-01-15 16:55:20
in before DAT owns all EU teams
2015-01-15 16:01:17
potencial top 1 CIS
2015-01-15 16:01:21
WorldEdit and S1mple? Omg
2015-01-15 16:01:42
-bondik +dosia
2015-01-15 16:02:21
DAT is now better than HR

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:02:36
2015-01-15 16:02:30
No they aren't? Rofl
2015-01-15 16:04:57
You didn't even see the new HR or dAT play :D
2015-01-15 16:55:44
lol b1ad3 :D:D:D

"Welcome and thank you, my friends!"
2015-01-15 16:03:45
ez dat ez life , go match HR VS DAT = DAT WIN (87%)
2015-01-15 16:03:57
s1mple's ESL ban ends --> s1mple and markeloff returns to HR
2015-01-15 16:04:02
OMG dat>hr easy anytime anywhere
WE+SIMPLE >>> flamie+4
2015-01-15 16:04:19
better then Hellraiser ! they gonna RAPE HR !!
2015-01-15 16:04:40
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck this team is? WorldEdit and s1mple? LOL THEY'RE GOING TO FUCKING OWN
2015-01-15 16:04:46
Edit - AWP
S1mple - ak47 (100%)
2015-01-15 16:05:34
2015-01-15 16:05:59
Sloppy 2nds
2015-01-15 16:06:42
DAT > HR. HR now don't have an AWPer so they will get rekt hard by anyone who does. Awhile ago Ange1 said that they can counter AWPs with smokes but apparently they couldn't cos they kicked adren to get an AWPer. Same problem now. Kucher is a mid-level AWPer. Maybe they are banking on him standing up to Guardian and KennyS, but that seems quite unlikely to me. Also HR still don't have a real captain while b1ad3 is a sick captain.
2015-01-15 16:06:52
The double awp setup works pretty well as CT, look at LDLC when SMithz + Shox awping and Fnatic when Olof and JW decide to awp.
2015-01-15 16:07:43
very expected,but why s1mple?
2015-01-15 16:10:37
2015-01-15 16:10:38
2015-01-15 16:13:21
LOL... cant imagine two good awpers in 1 team.. WORLDEDIT AND s1mple :D
2015-01-15 16:13:51
HR is finished
2015-01-15 16:14:02
TOP 1 CIS - Natus Vincere
TOP 2 CIS - daT Team
TOP 3 CIS - HellRaisers

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:23:20
2015-01-15 16:14:50
Good luck dAt!
2015-01-15 16:15:17
too much awpers , in one team .
2015-01-15 16:16:04
2 is good.. and both can play rifle rly good as well
2015-01-16 09:19:56
dAT > HR
2015-01-15 16:17:04
didn't expect that o0
2015-01-15 16:17:37
You will see how flamie will beg to comeback to dAT to replace bondik since hr will lose all their games with bot kutcher and no awper.
2015-01-15 16:18:00
I agree.. that was a rly stupid move by flamie
2015-01-16 09:20:33
only hope is still on Navi
2015-01-15 16:18:53
1. dAT > HR
2. now dAT have more chances to get organisation (thx to markeloff)
3. sad that s1mple will back to aim-role (like in A-Gaming) and no-longer will be one of the top AWPs in the wrold
2015-01-15 16:19:12
And who told you that? Double AWP is awesome.
2015-01-15 16:19:57
blade great captain and he won't play with 2 awps because its too risky
2015-01-15 16:23:09
You're stupid if you think so. :DDD
2015-01-15 16:35:01
will c
Titan wasn't so good with 2 AWPs till KQLY get banned
s1mple will take op some time, but mostly he will play with AK/M4A1
2015-01-15 16:38:04
Are you new to csgo?
2015-01-15 16:39:25
r u new in csgo? it seems so
2015-01-15 16:40:36
ay lmao. double awp works 90% of the time on maps like cobblestone, dust2, nuke and mirage. Please, quite.
2015-01-15 16:49:20
its hltv statistic i guess?
2015-01-15 17:27:39
It's actually the truth. I didn't think that hohli are so dumb if they think that the team should've only 1 awper, aaay lmao. s1mple will awp, so will we and they both will have a double awp setup.
2015-01-15 17:34:32
mirage & nuke?
2015-01-16 01:30:47
Yes. Optionally. 1 outside, 1 ramps or 1 heaven, 1 ramps etc. Mirage 2 awps, 1 mid, 1B, 1A, 1B etc.
2015-01-16 01:32:17
you have no clue
I agree with cbble and d2 though.
2015-01-16 01:33:11
2015-01-16 01:33:43
Mirage: One smoke and your doomed on A, bad retake options with an awp. B = rush and you're done
On ramp you can't just battle with an awp, a 4v4 situation makes it alot harder on CT, that's why alot of people put the usual support player on ramp, just to get info and go downstairs when they rush.
2015-01-16 01:38:05
Ramp with an awp get a frag than fall back if they start pushing. you dont have to play box with the awp.

There is a crack that you can pick with the awp on B and you can also play the weird step boost or kitchen

Ct spawn can't fully be smoked off so you can still try to be risky and get a pick.

Most teams don't even commit that much on A mirage as it can be easy to retake with enough people. Most of the time it is one playing close and other playing far.
2015-01-16 01:51:15
LDLC double AWPs all the time and it works a lot.
2015-01-15 23:22:01
Double awp setup ? Triple awp setup new meta ? Kappa

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:20:20
2015-01-15 16:20:07
Double awp ? oh shit this is gonna be good.
2015-01-15 16:19:23
no, only WE
2015-01-15 16:23:35
2015-01-15 16:20:32
You stole pasha's line ?? not cool man
2015-01-15 16:20:49
markeloff trolled us with his Na`Vi avatar on steam :p
2015-01-15 16:20:56
seized 2
2015-01-15 16:25:26
I am afraid that this lineup could do mpre damage than HellRaisers
2015-01-15 16:21:37

that would be best team
2015-01-15 16:21:42
Triple awp setup on the ct side B O I Z
2015-01-15 16:22:37
dAT is done .time to beat for dAT GL guys
2015-01-15 16:25:40
what a surprise
2015-01-15 16:26:16
This roster pretty good. But what about major events? S1mple is not allow to play
2015-01-15 16:27:09
only on ESL majors
2015-01-15 16:29:38

3-6 month and Na'Vi will change in lineup, i GUARANTEEEE THAT

1. zues is no longer captain and prefers to play solo now (proof - his youtube chanell)
2. seized is no soo good as captain (they r training nuke now and u c result yesterday)
3. starix is no so good aimer as he was
4. Edward is good
5. Guardian is awesome but if he have a bad day its GG

Na'Vi lineup already reched its peak - 3-4 Place at DH

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:30:55
2015-01-15 16:30:22
if all squades will remain like now after to months dAT will be top-1 in CIS and may be TOP-5 in the world
2015-01-15 16:33:31
2015-01-15 16:31:28
2015-01-15 16:32:03
Better than HR hahaha :D
2015-01-15 16:33:57
markeloff sinking lower and lower
2015-01-15 16:35:51
excepted and better than hr
2015-01-15 16:35:59
Hard times for Ukraine teams right now. Lots of changes.
2015-01-15 16:36:16
2015-01-15 16:36:43
well then markeloff trolled everybody on twitter last night it seems :p
2015-01-15 16:36:46
-blade + flamie

new top5
2015-01-15 16:37:14
That would only go as far as the coach could be in a position to call everything, which isn't allowed at every event. Would be alot easier just to remove bondik.

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:53:21
2015-01-15 16:52:55
2015-01-15 17:10:43
and now they could defeat HR easily. LOL
great job ANGEL
2015-01-15 16:37:20
worldedit + s1mple + markeloff= kennys
2015-01-15 16:37:33
expected ... dat > hr ..
2015-01-15 16:38:27
dAT > HR
2015-01-15 16:38:39
LOL They are now better than HR, which is HILARIOUS
2015-01-15 16:39:02
2015-01-15 16:40:04
2015-01-15 16:40:06
wanted to say the same. I loved that now i love them more. Still would prefer flamie instead of s1mple! :)
2015-01-15 16:41:18
decent team actually
2015-01-15 16:40:44
Team awp?
2015-01-15 16:43:28
2015-01-15 16:45:52
Now they are really strong with Worldedit and s1mple and markeloff :o
2015-01-15 16:46:43
2015-01-15 16:47:21
happy this shit didn't affect on NAVI squad
2015-01-15 16:48:13
Rip hr
2015-01-15 16:48:35
not bad...
2015-01-15 16:54:34
And suddenly dAT is a better team than Hellraisers.
2015-01-15 16:54:55
see you in IEM katowice 2033
2015-01-15 16:57:14
Team with bondik and a guy who can't attend ESL tournaments. I feel bad for markeloff.

Post edited 2015-01-15 16:57:37
2015-01-15 16:57:27
2015-01-15 16:57:39
O baby, its TRIPPLE !
2015-01-15 16:58:28
Everyone keeps focusing on WorldEdit and S1mple in this thread, but I think everyone is forgetting what markeloff can do. It could be the case that he didn't like playing for HR, and lost his passion for CS. If he fits in with his new teammates, then dAT might become a team that can compete with tier 1 teams.
2015-01-15 16:58:58
Hahaha what about Na`Vi
lol Seized troll HLTV
2015-01-15 16:59:08
lol this team now could do huge damage. double awp with worldedit & s1mple
2015-01-15 17:00:44
I think now dAT is better than HR w/ this m8's
2015-01-15 17:04:20
great, now HR and dAT suck :D
2015-01-15 17:05:19
total beast, hope a positive result
2015-01-15 17:09:25
With the departure of the traitor team became even more :)
2015-01-15 17:11:37
-B1ade3 or bondik +flamie
new top team
2015-01-15 17:11:56
Now DAT > HR 100%
2015-01-15 17:12:28
HR picked daT team.
News coming soon...
2015-01-15 17:12:43
look at s1mple twitter. he wrote " natus... " . i thought he will going to na'vi
2015-01-15 17:15:54
Markel and S1mple and Seized were trolling
2015-01-15 23:24:46
Good luck guys
2015-01-15 17:17:32
If bond1k steps up his level, this could be a phenomenal team
2015-01-15 17:24:39
2015-01-15 17:27:14
Reminds me when titan tried to make a better team, guess what they created .. LDLC
2015-01-15 17:28:54
+1 hahah, yup, these roster chances are honestly making the whole scene look cheap and small. I suppose its only true.. embarrassing.
2015-01-15 17:33:07
2015-01-15 17:28:58
2015-01-15 17:31:11
Unexpected Na'Vi+Markeloff again+S1mple= Markeloff, S1mple, & Guardian= Best fucking team ever
2015-01-15 17:36:28
maybe a better team than hr
2015-01-15 17:37:27
Lol the trade. Two beastly awps I'm ready to see them play.
2015-01-15 17:40:19
dAT team..
2015-01-15 17:43:26
Triple awp setup to be the new meta
2015-01-15 17:43:31
s1mple + worldedit sickkkk
2015-01-15 17:47:45
bond1k > kucher
markeloff > AdreN
Blad3 good IGL
WE + s1mple > dosia, flamie, ANGE1
2015-01-15 17:50:17
rape all of them,hehe.

Post edited 2015-01-15 17:53:04
2015-01-15 17:51:46
Oh well double AWP team incoming
2015-01-15 17:59:25
now kick some ass markeloff buoy
2015-01-15 17:59:25
bondik gonna be the key on this lineup .
2015-01-15 17:59:36
s1mple + Worldedit omg ;OO they gonna re-edit the csgo world 2 simple

Post edited 2015-01-15 18:00:05
2015-01-15 17:59:53
luchshaya SNG komanda!
2015-01-15 17:59:58
2015-01-15 18:14:52
really exciting
2015-01-15 18:15:19
Am i the only one that thinks that markeloff is overrated in csgo?
2015-01-15 18:17:48
3awp set up would be sesational! :D Go for it guys!
2015-01-15 18:38:04
new top1
hltv confirmed
2015-01-15 18:41:24
wow nice!
go go marik!
gl DAT <3
2015-01-15 18:52:40
now its even better team :D dAT-Fan <3
2015-01-15 18:53:49
-markeloff +flamie

He did a shit move!

Post edited 2015-01-15 18:56:24
2015-01-15 18:56:09
Lol USSR scene dont be like US Scene plz XD
2015-01-15 19:18:55
cu in hell!! muhhehehhe
2015-01-15 19:45:57
wow this was sick move
2015-01-15 20:10:00
well that escalated quickly... lol.
2015-01-15 20:19:09
And I thought he's goin to navi :(
2015-01-15 20:27:08
i remember blad3 and bond1k playing at ESWC 2007 and doing really well. this lineup has amazing talent. now we will see if their dedication and igl can take them to top level
2015-01-15 20:31:33
WE - respect!
Blade - stop training all shit
Marik - your last chance

2015-01-15 22:03:15
Well, hoping markeloff starts playing like his 1.6 form, because if he doesn't soon nobody will want him.
2015-01-15 22:09:16
lol they will rape HR now :D
2015-01-15 22:30:09
when i saw in the morning news here about new hr lineup, i visited
hr's fan page - there were 41k followers
marik fan page - 24k
then dat fp - 12k

right now i visited them again, 12 hours left
hr - 39k
dat 15k
and Im sure its not "evening yet"

2015-01-15 22:41:46
2015-01-15 22:47:32
GG HR will now go down and Dat will rule the Russian Scene
2015-01-15 22:43:56
russian scene?
2015-01-16 16:56:34
idk why i keep thinking they're russians and now I forgot what nationality they are
2015-01-17 01:06:17
ukrainian, but tbf even at work in england i mostly get called russian, when i moved here most people didint know what ukraine was
2015-01-17 14:22:40
I mean aren't you guys kinda close, geographically?
2015-01-18 09:22:34
yeah right next to them :P, the reason i questioned it was because the team was 4 ukrainians and 1 russian xD
2015-01-18 13:47:45
Well I mean I see dat in CIS Rising and isn't that a Russian tournament? That's probably why I assume they were Russians primarily.
2015-01-18 22:21:05
dat was mostly russians when flamie was there i think anyhow.
2015-01-18 22:50:05
did anyone else read the
"welcome and thank you, my friends"

in pasha's voice? xD
2015-01-15 22:52:47
you got me lmao
2015-01-16 07:46:34
In my opinion dat is over HR right now. Can`t wait to see them playing against each other

Post edited 2015-01-16 00:03:54
2015-01-16 00:03:13
2 awp strats confirmed
2015-01-16 00:16:17
Best lineup DAT could get, think Bl3de is way to optiistic atm, GL DAT!
2015-01-16 00:20:54
good team :P s1mple NR.1
2015-01-16 00:22:33
Lets go markeloff!!
2015-01-16 01:50:17
now dat > HR
2015-01-16 01:55:03
sigh markeloff will never be good again, he NEEDS TO AWP.
2015-01-16 03:07:55
s1mple + worldedit double awp combo

markeloff s1mple worldedit TRIPLEAWP!!
2015-01-16 03:09:22
Blade, Bondik, Worldedit, Simple and Markeloff. Seems like a promising line-up, this team has potential and can do well.
2015-01-16 05:14:30
daT > HR ?
2015-01-16 07:00:14
Nice lineup. Looking forward to watching them play throughout 2015
2015-01-16 09:55:21
dAT is easily better then the current HR rofl.
2015-01-16 11:06:50
like LDLC and Titan after changing line up )))
2015-01-16 17:04:41
dAT is better hr
2015-01-16 12:54:40
i hope marik gets back to his 1.6 level
2015-01-16 15:21:16
daT inc top10 team
2015-01-16 16:09:11

Who will use awp?
2015-01-16 16:44:46
2015-01-16 16:54:44
x3 ez
2015-01-16 17:03:51
Heard markeloff said he will go full-time awp, but s1mple is now in the same team?
2015-01-16 16:52:55
and WorldEdit..
2015-01-16 22:34:11
WorldEdit and S1mple? dAT is now the best Dust2 team HLTV Cumfirmed.
2015-01-17 15:25:44
Now CIS has 3 great teams dAT can do some dmg

Post edited 2015-01-18 03:16:26
2015-01-18 03:15:59
dat will be some sick team for now!
2015-01-18 13:54:45
With this line-up, dat will be so strong
2015-01-18 20:58:37
favorite team. now
2015-01-20 20:50:36
99,9% that FlipSid3 will become the new (and 1th in history) sponsor of Dat Team.

Post edited 2015-01-21 06:29:33
2015-01-21 06:27:39

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