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MSL joins dignitas; FeTiSh out
Time: 2015-03-17 16:48
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Team dignitas have announced that that they have signed Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen to replace Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen.

The Danish team had been expected to undergo changes since cutting a frustrating figure at the offline qualifier for ESL One Katowice last month.

After beating ESC Gaming in their first match, dignitas were downed 13-16 by Vox Eminor before suffering a humiliating 3-16 mauling at the hands of KaBuM.

With Copenhagen Games just around the corner, dignitas have decided to change their ingame leader by signing Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen from CPH Wolves.

MSL will take the reins of dignitas' CS:GO team 

Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen has not yet commented on what his next move will be, but a statement from dignitas reads that the British-based organisation will help the player "seize opportunities in a new direction within eSports."

dignitas, who will field their new roster against Reason Gaming later today, now have:

Jacob "Pimp" Winneche
 Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye
 Philip "aizy" Aistrup
 Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen
 Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen

tbh expected

Post edited 2015-03-17 16:49:20
2015-03-17 16:49:12
not at all kappa
2015-03-17 17:13:46
It was obvious
2015-03-17 17:34:31
ty sherlock
2015-03-17 17:34:59
My name is not Sherlock ? Do i sound like a fking sherlock to u m9 ?
2015-03-17 17:39:24
What are you trying to tell me Watson?
2015-03-17 17:55:00
2015-03-17 18:24:10
Do i look or sound like a mother fking Watson to u allu fanboy ?
2015-03-17 19:39:54
ty 39% nipfangayz easiest skins of my life
2015-03-17 19:42:06
Wat ?
2015-03-17 19:58:55
2015-03-17 20:56:30
Lele im a nip fan but i dont bet so that make no sense
2015-03-17 20:58:14

I'm a fan of nip myself. It didnt make sense at all ;)
2015-03-17 21:16:41
lmao fnatic > nip
2015-03-17 21:51:30
2015-03-17 16:49:12
2015-03-17 16:49:20
Expected :)
2015-03-17 16:49:47
2015-03-17 16:50:06
nice gl
2015-03-17 16:50:14
Actually everyone expected this... Fetish is dead in CS:GO
2015-03-17 16:50:17
2015-03-17 16:52:06
He should become a coach for TSM. Think that would work perfectly to have him behind the team with input and motivation :)
2015-03-17 17:04:50
2015-03-17 17:06:04
agree 100%
2015-03-17 17:11:43
2015-03-17 17:14:01
I want him in CPH wolves with SandeN kinda.
2015-03-17 17:14:41
2015-03-17 17:16:51
Yes, u want him in cph wolves with sanden so they can play 3vs5 ..
fetish and hunden in same team lol
2015-03-17 19:14:32
2015-03-18 01:44:24
I dont personally agree because he was the problem before, with his terrible t side strats, but I understand where you're coming from
2015-03-17 17:16:50
He was a problem as a player maybe, but as coach he would fill a different roll i feel and could focus all his energy on team management and tactics. He is the most experienced IGL in Denmark and at the moment TSMs T side seems better while their CT has gone worse :) Worth a shot i feel.
2015-03-17 17:21:19
He is gonna team up with zonic, minet, trace and friss
2015-03-17 17:32:39
would be nice.
2015-03-17 18:58:33
Its gonna happen. They are going to join a big org, get good salary and eventually, fail :)
2015-03-17 20:38:14
what makes you think that they have to fail? :-D
2015-03-18 17:44:45
Because Friss has shown consistently that he is an low/mid teir awp that fails to many easy shots to be considered top 20 awp. He was one of the best in 1.6 yes, however not finding his form in CS:GO.

zonic, minet, trace havent really seen much of them, but starting this early they need so many hours to compete with many of the "youngsters".

And fetishlol is basically calling STD every round so no comment.
2015-03-19 09:03:38
Wont let me edit, was meant to write "late" instead of early ofc
2015-03-19 09:04:13
have fetish control TSM on CT sides, and have karrigan on T sides. Best team world.
2015-03-17 18:15:54
this roflcoptrrr
2015-03-17 22:00:04
He already has a full time job actually. No suprise if he wanted to quit cs since he's getting old and it'll be hard to compete against T1 teams
2015-03-18 03:51:11
2015-03-18 14:54:05
2015-03-17 17:25:08
2015-03-17 16:50:18
2015-03-17 16:50:27
as i said -..-
2015-03-17 16:50:35
absolutely retardele
2015-03-17 16:50:39
RIP fetish ..
2015-03-17 16:50:40
2015-03-17 18:26:05
Flamie in for Starix, JW stand-in for Property, MSL replacing Fetish...all expected.
2015-03-17 16:50:43
Flamie/ starix was kiinda expected, starix said he would drop if he play poorly at katowice.
2015-03-17 17:04:25
2015-03-17 16:50:43
Shitnitas. Worst possible team right now of Denmark.
Players like Nico lack soo much dedication, all he cares about is his gf.
2015-03-17 16:51:00
you're a complete idiot. 1 incident and now al he cres about is his girlfriend. Like seriously, get a decent education. I know it's hard in your 10th world country, but please try.
2015-03-17 17:17:53
1 incident? no.
2015-03-17 18:42:43
Don't try to talk sense into people from India. It's not worth your time. They still think gang raping innocent girls is the way of going...
2015-03-17 22:59:03
2015-03-18 00:31:15
The vatican approves of this new age indian interpretation.
2015-03-18 10:55:26
2015-03-19 15:58:55
2015-03-17 16:51:05
msl igl? or pimp?
2015-03-17 16:51:17
2015-03-17 17:20:33
2015-03-17 16:51:28
yay top 10
2015-03-17 16:51:35
yay top 100

fixed 4 u
2015-03-17 18:02:55
Please get AcilioN in a good team for fuck sake.
2015-03-17 16:51:37
+1 This
2015-03-17 16:55:42
2015-03-17 17:06:02
that's a dumb change imo
2015-03-17 16:51:37
yeah. he was just 28 years old.
2015-03-17 17:47:46
so what? f0rest will turn 27 and neo has 27 as well. not to mention Taz.
2015-03-18 04:49:43
With or without fetish
2015-03-17 16:51:38
good decision, MSL seems to be a good support player
2015-03-17 16:51:39
2015-03-17 16:51:40
2015-03-17 16:52:23
They somehow found the 1 igl in Denmark that was worse at fragging than Fetish.
2015-03-17 16:52:48
2015-03-17 17:13:36
Oh ya, I forgot he was calling for them.
2015-03-17 20:05:31
MSL frags about 5 times as much as Fetish though, so you're wrong anyway.
2015-03-18 08:42:37
standard schuffle in denmark
2015-03-17 16:53:18
2015-03-17 16:53:23
rip fetish da legend
2015-03-17 16:53:24
2015-03-17 16:53:30
Ayy lmao is time to retire fetish
2015-03-17 16:53:38
new best team
2015-03-17 16:54:12
2015-03-17 16:55:33
WTF fetish?
2015-03-17 16:55:42
rip fetish
2015-03-17 16:55:45
rip fetish :(
2015-03-17 16:56:02
2015-03-17 16:56:03
lol ok
2015-03-17 16:56:15
Why did they wait for ESL One Katowice to be over to announce this ? Maybe some Danish Shuffle incoming ?
2015-03-17 16:56:22
-pimp +gla1ve and they are good
2015-03-17 16:56:23
lol pimp is almost always topfragger for them, he has the best stats among them i think

-aizy + gla1ve

Post edited 2015-03-17 18:17:04
2015-03-17 18:16:46
The chances that Pimp and gla1ve will play on the same team again is slim to none. So stop writing something fictional "dream" scenarios that won't happen.
2015-03-18 09:12:55
oh forgot about that
2015-03-18 14:30:33
Yes and no. The only time Kjaerbye really shined, was when gla1ve was calling for him. Kjaerbye is an amazing player, but I think he needs certain guidance, and personally I think gla1ve is the only one who is willing and knows how to do so. I REALLY want them to get back on the same team, so they can actually CHALLENGE the top.

THOUGH, imo; -MSL +gla1ve

And on a side-note, gla1ve is the ultimate igl in Denmark, atm. He's calling like a dream, and his fragging is excellent too.
(Please remember that this is all my personal opinion, and I have not spoken to any of the guys)
2015-03-19 15:54:53
rip diggy :(
2015-03-17 16:56:41
haha fetish kicked twice lol.
2015-03-17 16:56:54
2015-03-17 16:58:01
2015-03-17 16:58:02
this is the 2nd time hes kicked from dignitas doesnt he get the idea already
2015-03-17 16:58:12
2015-03-17 17:30:34
rip f3t1sh
2015-03-17 16:58:13
Well, they still didnt fix their online problem, aizy. Even with this change, aizy will still be ddosed every online match, and they will be forced to forfit
2015-03-17 16:58:56
Nico, Pimp and MSL.

Look like Western Wolves Line up.

-aizy + glaive.
2015-03-17 16:59:30
2015-03-18 09:13:33
fetish dont give a fuck about CS anymore :(
2015-03-17 16:59:31
back to tsm as coach
2015-03-17 16:59:34
Prob yeah.
2015-03-17 17:33:30
MSL the 2-20


Post edited 2015-03-17 17:07:05
2015-03-17 17:00:16
poor fetish. :(
2015-03-17 17:00:37
FeTiSh probably stand-in for CPHW and he will probably join them aswell :D
2015-03-17 17:01:33
lel dignitas will be even lower now
2015-03-17 17:01:35
They switch members every month. There is no hope for this team.
2015-03-17 17:02:02
LOL Fetish wasn't great, but he's better than any CPH Wolves members...
2015-03-17 17:04:04
sad for fetish... and AcilioN !
2015-03-17 17:04:38
Atleast! His time was gone long time ago. If you dont have time and dedication even for 2nd danish team, you must retire or go as coach.

Post edited 2015-03-17 17:08:10
2015-03-17 17:07:00
2015-03-17 17:07:04
Acillon > msl. Bad move!
2015-03-17 17:07:27
acilion igl Kappa
pls read before to comment

Post edited 2015-03-17 17:13:57
2015-03-17 17:13:26
You've got a very good head on your shoulders fetish, I'm sure you'll land on your feet.
2015-03-17 17:08:31
2015-03-17 17:09:36
rip fetish :(
2015-03-17 17:10:40
2015-03-17 17:12:47
Yooooo this is a good move, now if only -aizy +gla1ve and you have the old Western Wolves team.
2015-03-17 17:12:49
Besides theres still this kjaerby :)
2015-03-17 18:24:56
Not a bad addition though. :p
2015-03-18 10:57:55
source too low for go?
2015-03-17 17:14:58
Bad luck FeTiSh... always replaced :(
2015-03-17 17:20:50
He's a bad-mannered fag.
2015-03-17 17:23:56
Think this is their last chance to get better results - otherwise Dignitas choose another team.

Post edited 2015-03-17 17:22:16
2015-03-17 17:21:53
As if there was any better free team...
2015-03-17 17:34:51
Internationally I think there is.
2015-03-17 19:34:52
No there isn't.
2015-03-17 19:43:39
2015-03-17 17:22:24
Expected cuz its Danish scene xDDD
2015-03-17 17:22:45
It won't work, I'm 100% sure.
There is no proper IGL among them. Kick Nico, pick up gla1ve, and let Pimp be your main AWPer.
2015-03-17 17:23:02
2nd best team in Denmark. GLHF.
2015-03-17 17:27:04
Finally FeTisH out :D
2015-03-17 17:30:54
Western wolves was nuts
2015-03-17 17:32:04
Western Wolves back!!
2015-03-17 17:33:01
Good move.
2015-03-17 17:33:08
Pimp and Nico need to be removed from the scene all together they are fucking every team they get in to.
2015-03-17 17:39:44
Great move! MSL is sick
2015-03-17 17:45:34
Fetish>MSL all time...
2015-03-17 17:48:48
I would think than the org was more involved on kick Fetish and not so much the players, surely there where some hard feelings from when he left the previous Dig team
2015-03-17 17:50:32
Feel bad for FeTiSh :C

It's not like MSL is a great player. I guess we'll see what he brings to the table.
2015-03-17 17:51:05
lol rip.. he can only play autosniper
2015-03-17 17:55:32
how come im not suprised
2015-03-17 18:01:21
lol...msl...no words...
2015-03-17 18:05:23
Any team with Pimp in it wont achieve anything.
2015-03-17 18:16:10
hahahha BAD CHOICE . Dignitas now will be fucking underdog
2015-03-17 18:21:11

Show me your skills now!
2015-03-17 18:26:52
They suck anyway
2015-03-17 18:35:54
I love it... this was one of my favorite lineups back when they were in 3DMax! Well, real similar, but MSL, Aizy and Pimp and even Nico played with them some, but I really do like this lineup. They were never the best, but I just enjoyed watching them! good luck!
2015-03-17 18:42:14
2015-03-19 15:56:47
2015-03-17 18:52:50
rekt by Keyd
2015-03-17 18:54:15
pls go away MSL
2015-03-17 18:59:16
Hope fetish finally decides to go into a coach role. His strats are nice but his in-game performance doesn't allow him to keep up with the top tier anymore.

Would be amazing to see TSM having fetish taking care of the CT side and karrigan taking care of the T side strats.
2015-03-17 19:12:13
RIP Dignitas
2015-03-17 19:25:11
bringing in MSL might potentially reinvigorate this squad as it seem only Nico has been playing up to his potential lately
2015-03-17 19:40:04
MDL would had been better choice =))
2015-03-17 20:06:25
2015-03-17 20:35:31
-aizy +acilion and that team could be something.
2015-03-17 20:40:38
+1 Was just thinking this myself!
2015-03-17 20:53:51
Fetish slowly moving his way down the food chain. I think it's time to hang up the mouse...
2015-03-17 20:59:35
cpw > dignitas tbh...
2015-03-17 21:04:53
average week
2015-03-17 21:12:05
Expected. Fetish is the danish fiffy. Just semi-pro
2015-03-17 21:54:33
fetish coach inc
2015-03-17 22:07:24
FeTiSh deserves more credit then he gets. The guy has been around for ages and has given many youngsters the change to evolve to stars for example device and cajunb. Without him the danish CS:GO wouldn't contain the kinda players it does like now.

But fuck yeah, 13 year olds on HLTV only care about who's topfragging.
2015-03-17 22:56:52
Not really. I'd say most care about who's winning.

Dignitas wasn't winning. Like, at all.
2015-03-18 09:14:30

and they can achieve something.
2015-03-18 02:59:08
fetish kicked off 2 teams lol
2015-03-18 03:35:29
-aizy +AcilioN this team would be huge I think.
2015-03-18 03:43:24
i was expecting a change tbh
2015-03-18 04:21:14
where are all you fetish defenders now. he suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2015-03-18 07:49:45
You cant defend that man, he is done.
Maybe as coaching he can do something, if he wants to stay in the E-sport scene
2015-03-18 09:49:12
Must be about his strategics, since his individual performances have been very impressive the last year or so. Good luck to MSL tho', can't wait to see all chat in use when the MSL-TACTICS works.

"læst" lololol
2015-03-18 10:53:24
bad move. they should've kept fetish on as coach. now this team will fall apart within a few months.
2015-03-18 15:24:44
What? Fetish the master mind.. :/
2015-03-18 15:41:46
Good move !
2015-05-14 02:00:44
...and Golden Shovel Award goes to.................
2015-05-14 02:03:41

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