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Cloud9 release ShahZaM, SEMPHIS
Time: 2015-04-24 10:21
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Cloud9 have announced that they have cut ties with Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan and Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen.

The North American team had been expected to undergo major roster changes following a series of mixed results that culminated with a 7th-8th place finish at the ESEA finals last weekend.

Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan, who had been brought in at the end of 2014 to replace Spencer "Hiko" Martin, had particularly come under fire from the community for some lacklustre performances in both domestic and international events. 

ShahZaM out of Cloud9 

The former Denial member has now been shown the exit door by Cloud9, with the player admitting to being unsatisfied with his individual performances during his five-month spell on the team.

"Honestly I’d like to thank the guys and Cloud9 itself for even giving me the opportunity in the first place," Khan said in a statement.

"I got the chance to experience many amazing things and travel places I never thought I would.Obviously things didn’t go as planned and the results these last couple months were lackluster.

"Cloud9 gave us everything we needed to achieve and we still didn’t deliver, representing NA CS:GO has a whole poorly. I was not satisfied with my own performances as well.

"It is completely understandable that there needed to be a change. The guys are still some of the best friends I could have made in my time playing CS and I honestly wish the best for their future.

"I look forward to seeing them competing as one of the best again."

ShahZaM is not the only player heading towards the exit door, however, as Cloud9 have also decided to release Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen, who had been part of the team since the early days of CS:GO, when they were donning Area51's colors.

SEMPHIS released by Cloud9 

In a statement, Cloud9 described this as "one of the more difficult moves" the organisation has had to make, but explained that the lineup was "simply not one of a functioning successful capacity."

"Going forward will be a challenge just as it is with any sort of change. At this point, I can safely say that we have hit rock bottom in terms of performance," said Cloud9 manager Tres “stunna” Saranthus.

"The common theme I read on forums is that we don’t care or that we aren’t trying and the reality is it’s easy for those on the outside to say that.

"Allow me to say and be very upfront, this isn’t a free ride nor will it ever be. I fully intend to bring Cloud9 CS:GO back to the tier it belongs within the global Counter-Strike community."

Cloud9 are the first side to act in what is expected to be a period of intense transfer activity in the top tier of North American Counter-Strike. CLG and Team Liquid have also been strongly linked with changes following sub-par results of their own in recent events.

North American fans were disappointed to see their teams finish in the bottom four places at the ESEA Finals without getting a single map off of European opposition in six matches. 

Last night, the Daily Dot reported that CLG had benched Peter "ptr" Gurney following the team's 5th-6th place finish in Dallas.. Since then, speculation has been rife that he could be joining Cloud9, who are now looking for someone to take up the AWP following ShahZaM's departure.

Cloud9 currently have:

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
Mike "shroud" Grzesiek
Sean "[email protected]" Gares 

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rofl peace
2015-04-24 10:22:22
Who release what?
2015-04-24 10:23:26
[*] so it begins...
2015-04-24 10:26:34
LOL and they did a 'meantweet' where they were like "huh we are good we dont need to split"
2015-04-24 10:28:25
it was probably recorded a while ago and they didnt get the chance to realize that they were shit lol
2015-04-24 10:37:58
pretty sure those are scripted
2015-04-24 17:13:16
finalle ANELE down..
2015-04-24 10:29:04
Semphis instead of n0thing? Wrong move, very wrong. Semphis is better than n0thing on most lans. N0thing is most inconsistent player, and he is only good in 1/10 matches. N0thing is unmotivated and meets late for practise, basically only playing for paycheck and gear. Hiko doesn't want to play with n0thing so now they can't get hiko back..............
2015-04-24 10:30:26
What are you talking about. Sure n0thing has had a terrible time lately, but so has everyone on C9. N0thing atleast has potential but Semphis is always terrible.
2015-04-24 11:16:57
Nothing had potential since 1.6. He's like a mini forest - incredibly high peak but almost never reaches it.
2015-04-24 11:19:30
Yep, f0rest at his peak is the best player, but at least he can still play decently on other days.
2015-04-24 11:32:48
Yep. Too bad he has one of these insane halves and then disappears for the rest of the match/sereis and just plays "ok" for his standards.
2015-04-24 12:10:20
n0thing no longer has potential. He's "had potential" for like 5 years since 1.6. I think it's about time to stop using that word when describing him.
2015-04-24 16:59:05
By potential I meant, potential to be a good and consistent player. Not the potential to be the best player in the world lol.
2015-04-24 17:47:38
He doesn't even have the potential to be a great player. He's peaked and is so spotty. He won't change.
2015-04-25 07:12:27
Nice try semphis
2015-04-24 11:22:57
lol, semphis left c9 cuz he is the only one motivated there to win. c9 find out that and they "relesead" him to look better. his contract was finished at 1st may anyway.
2015-04-24 12:18:53
I laughed
2015-04-24 17:20:48
Thank goat we have the german coach of C9 who knows everything to clarify the situation for us!
2015-04-24 13:19:24
They didn't want to use the cheats I gave them for the upcoming lans :'(
2015-04-24 13:20:25
New big scene coming to CS:GO.
2015-04-24 10:41:46
2015-04-24 11:11:55
very nice one..gj now improveeee!
2015-04-24 10:22:41

but still sad, hopefully these guys can go join another team and make a solid contender for NA #1.
2015-04-24 11:41:50
yeah, dont understand why they let seangares stay though...
2015-04-24 12:16:59
I think he's one of the more solid leaders and he performs decent for being a leader.

I think the general gameplay of the members was the problem, and they cut shahzam who lost them ALOT of rounds/games, I dont mean to offend him but ye.

Semphis is well.. inconsistent.
2015-04-24 12:34:18
2015-04-24 10:22:43
IMO +mOE and +FODDER = GG NA and EU scene . ;)
2015-04-24 14:53:04
maikelele in c9
2015-04-25 00:41:09
2015-04-24 10:22:45
why semphis? :(
2015-04-24 10:22:47
because semphis is bot
2015-04-24 10:31:30
he would still rape your anus so prepare
2015-04-24 10:42:00
Hahaha sorry my job not the pro gaming, so yes Semphis gonna rape me.
2015-04-24 10:43:29
Actually you should have said, he is not going to get a chance ;)
2015-04-24 12:32:02
because he can't even kill not moving, defusing guy with 10 hp.
2015-04-24 12:31:19
semphis will probs join hiko's mystery team
2015-04-24 10:52:40
No he wont, Hiko already has five players and most likely one of them is european player
2015-04-24 12:42:02
But europeans dont speak englisch
2015-04-24 13:38:03
hiko your buddy told you that right ????
2015-04-24 13:38:54
2015-04-24 13:42:40
2015-04-24 10:22:50
2015-04-24 10:22:50
2015-04-24 10:22:53
2015-04-24 10:22:54
skadoodle, hiko inc?
2015-04-24 10:22:57
That's the only right thing to say when something's not official. If he said "Yes I'm going back to c9" before they kicked someone, it would be really fucking wrong. :)
2015-04-24 10:50:24
He will never be back in c9
2015-04-24 10:52:29
Nothing is written in stone! Especially not in the NA scene. :P
2015-04-24 10:54:31
He left c9 not the other way
I will say it like that - he will never play in a team if n0thing is play there*
2015-04-24 11:49:53
whats the problem here between hiko and nothin...can u say more pls?
2015-04-24 12:34:06
I've heard n0thing doesn't take practice seriously, shows up late and sometimes even high. But that's only what i've heard
2015-04-24 14:14:08
He won't play with n0thing
2015-04-24 10:52:12
fREAKAZOiD incoming?
2015-04-24 10:22:57
thats is the dream we all hoping for, freakkazoid and mOE incoming
2015-04-24 11:41:07
byebye shahzam
2015-04-24 10:22:58
+freak is 100% now
2015-04-24 10:22:59
Pretty expected tbh.
2015-04-24 10:23:00
2015-04-24 10:23:01
So bad to remove Semphis...
2015-04-24 10:23:05
ye so bad to remove the worst player even before shazam
2015-04-24 10:32:54
2015-04-24 10:23:08
2015-04-24 10:23:11
you wot m8
2015-04-24 10:23:14
hmm,where is Sean ?
2015-04-24 10:23:21
ayy lmao
2015-04-24 10:23:31
2015-04-24 10:23:35
2015-04-24 10:23:35
rip in piece
2015-04-24 10:23:40
It was Time
2015-04-24 10:23:42
but at least the EXITING B duo will leave together.
2015-04-24 10:23:50
HAHAHHAHAHAHHA :D damn such an underrated comment
2015-04-24 11:50:53
Exiting B? More like Exiting C...9. HUE
2015-04-24 14:43:33
2015-04-24 19:20:55
2015-04-24 18:21:29
YEEES fucking finally.
ShahZaM go play Tibia or something you beggar.
2015-04-24 10:23:52
2015-04-24 10:29:50
He's certified microsoft technician he will fix your computer from malicious files for one time fee...
2015-04-24 13:07:59
2015-04-24 10:23:57
2015-04-24 10:23:58
2015-04-24 10:23:59
2015-04-24 10:24:03
2015-04-24 10:24:08
rip in pizza
2015-04-24 10:24:16
Finally something good
2015-04-24 10:24:32
finnaly semphis... and shahzam didnt fit the team, GL c9
2015-04-24 10:24:42
2015-04-24 10:24:45
Hiko, Ska, nitr0, desi, semphis (igl) GG WP
2015-04-24 10:24:50
legit !!!!!!!!
2015-04-24 22:55:55
Im sure semphis left for something bigger
2015-04-24 10:24:52
semphis didnt leave. got cut
2015-04-24 10:28:32
stream confirmed?
2015-04-24 17:45:28
I think he's going to join Hiko's new team
2015-04-24 10:29:02
doubt it
2015-04-24 10:30:28
I doubt your doubt.
2015-04-24 10:51:19
I doubt you doubt his doubt.
2015-04-24 12:36:10
2015-04-24 10:24:54
2015-04-24 10:25:02
2015-04-24 10:25:09
good to see those noobs gone.
2015-04-24 10:25:19
+ptr +sancz
you heard it here first
2015-04-24 10:25:20
sancz? who
2015-04-24 10:49:24
sanczington from Nihilum
2015-04-24 11:04:21
Tarik said Nihilum won't be affected by the NA Shuffle.
2015-04-24 11:08:17
tarik also said that CLG wouldn't be affected by the NA shuffle either!
2015-04-24 16:44:46
sancz is sick! but i don't think so.
2015-04-24 11:09:30
2015-04-24 10:25:27
2015-04-24 10:25:36
oh cia
2015-04-24 10:25:38
2015-04-24 10:25:47
I'm exiting B, I'm exiting B, Please don't cut us!
2015-04-24 10:25:49
Im sorry kory
2015-04-24 10:27:22
Good riddance
2015-04-24 10:26:05
2015-04-24 10:26:17
about time
2015-04-24 10:26:26
+ptr 100%
2015-04-24 10:26:54
there are more details over on the ESEA site
2015-04-24 10:27:05
nice try lpkane
2015-04-24 10:50:14
Kick n0thing, not semphis...
2015-04-24 10:27:08
exiting c9 DONT SHOOT
im sori kory
2015-04-24 10:27:15
Seems fake, he didn't write anything about it, just said that they cut shazam and semphis, inb4 hltv has been hacked again
2015-04-24 10:27:51
check esea
2015-04-24 10:40:58
steel: -ptr so C9 +ptr?
2015-04-24 10:27:59
that would honestly be one of the dumbest things they could do lol
2015-04-24 11:36:25
ayy lmao
2015-04-24 10:28:02
exiting team, exiting team, don't cut
2015-04-24 10:28:05
Sucks for Semphis.
2015-04-24 10:28:11
riperino finnaly
2015-04-24 10:28:28
maikelele to cloud9 confirmed
2015-04-24 10:28:45
This seems interesting. Maybe most of people will think +hiko and +ska, but after counter points episode this whole thing is tricky. This will be interesting.
2015-04-24 10:28:50
hiko said that he wont join c9 for sure
2015-04-24 10:33:47
It's the american scene, you can't count on that.
2015-04-24 10:40:58
hiko and semphis even where on thorins show together few days ago, speeking freely on c9 problems, most likely they will play together now
2015-04-24 10:43:37
2015-04-24 10:49:00
They wont play together
2015-04-24 12:43:06
Do you still have the link? :)
2015-04-24 13:35:43
nothing really interesting ther tho, a lot of theory-crafting
2015-04-24 13:42:33
Ok well I guess I'll skip it then.

Imo Hiko is the hardest player to figure out.
Whenever he starts talking about old clanmembers, new team or something like that I always get's the feeling that he is not telling the whole truth but again who is? :D
2015-04-24 14:18:27
2015-04-24 10:28:55
+nitr0, PLS
2015-04-24 10:29:15
+freakazoid +mOE???
2015-04-24 10:29:27
+ swag #FreeSwag
+ skadoodle

2015-04-24 10:29:32
[*] pls become t1 team
2015-04-24 10:29:32

2015-04-24 10:29:52
100% expected
2015-04-24 10:30:08
2015-04-24 10:30:09
2015-04-24 10:30:16
finally :d
2015-04-24 10:30:20
Sad to see SEMMPHIS go, but it is nessasary to bring in top class in Hiko and Skadoodle
2015-04-24 10:30:42
Semphis is better than n0thing and hiko left C9 because he does not wanted to play with n0thing. I think n1tro and skadoodle'll join C9. ;)
2015-04-24 10:46:20
nothing > semphis
2015-04-24 10:49:52
Expected! Ptr inc
2015-04-24 10:30:44
2015-04-24 10:30:52
2015-04-24 10:30:54
feel bad for semphis, he's been there since the beginning but it's probably for the better.

cutting shahzam will be beneficial though, he needs to work on a lot of gameplay issues (at least he fixed a lot of his personality/drama issues though)

glad they're finally making some much needed changes
2015-04-24 10:31:02
2015-04-24 10:33:42
2015-04-24 10:31:11
2015-04-24 10:31:41
2015-04-24 10:31:45
with swag barred for majors? no way...
2015-04-24 13:26:49
+ptr inc
2015-04-24 10:32:01
NAs last hope
2015-04-24 10:32:19
2015-04-24 10:32:24
wooooooooo yessss
2015-04-24 10:32:28
2015-04-24 10:32:51
2015-04-24 10:32:53
2015-04-24 10:33:24
2015-04-24 10:33:49
2015-04-24 10:33:52
im sorry kory ;/
2015-04-24 10:34:08
2015-04-24 10:34:34
2015-04-24 10:34:40
Hiko will not join c9 he said, hes making his own team with ska
2015-04-24 10:34:56
I fucking hate Semphis haters. He was used to be good as f and some guys dont remember the first Katowice and complexity times when he was one of their best players.

Also I dont think Hiko and Ska will join. Most likely ptr will leave CLG and maybe Freakazoid?
2015-04-24 10:35:00
If they do pick up Freakzoid it would be crazy. He just started playing again, but watch you be right. C9 FREAKZOID CONFIRMED!
2015-04-24 10:44:38
youre goddamn right bro . Semhpis was their best player katowice 2015 . He had so many entrys and shit :(
2015-04-24 11:10:56
Ayy rip na scene
2015-04-24 10:35:13
Was always dead since the iBP ban
2015-04-24 10:49:25
2015-04-24 10:35:57
2015-04-24 10:37:11
Semphis has been playing below par for a while now, but if you look up his ESEA stats for example, he was the top fragger for C9 for literally 5 seasons straight by a notable margin. Definitely a good player, sucks they played so poorly that it had to come to this.
2015-04-24 10:37:35
I think semphis will find a new team(maybe already has?) which could potentially be better than C9
2015-04-24 10:40:27
Semphis' ingame calls were atrocious.
2015-04-24 10:46:48
Freakazoid and ptr incoming.

New lineup : Hiko, Ska, Semphis, roca, desi/elige

HLTV confirmed.
2015-04-24 10:37:43
ska semphis never gonna happen !
2015-04-24 11:21:00
2015-04-24 12:45:53
nitr0, elige, desi > roca
2015-04-24 22:39:04
2015-04-24 10:37:49
exiting c9, exiting c9
2015-04-24 10:38:11
+hiko +skadodle
2015-04-24 10:38:19
maikele to c9 inc.
2015-04-24 10:38:20
nice try maikelele
2015-04-24 13:04:58
it can only go better from here
2015-04-24 10:38:52
+ freakazoid most likely, even steel deleted his tweet about it
2015-04-24 10:38:54
just hiko and skadoodle, its your time c9, c'mon
2015-04-24 10:38:59
2015-04-24 10:40:25
2015-04-24 10:40:30
2015-04-24 10:40:49
expected +hiko +skadoodle top 1 na top 20 in world
2015-04-24 10:41:07
+Hiko +Skadoodle
2015-04-24 10:41:07
+Ptr or +Maikelele and a rifler, hiko will never play for the C9 org again or a team with n0thing on it
2015-04-24 10:41:18
2015-04-24 10:41:34
SEMPHIS - finally!!!
2015-04-24 10:41:43
Finally! Hiko and Ska incoming
2015-04-24 10:41:52
Nope, Hiko will not join C9.
2015-04-24 10:48:35
They probably want to move to EU so misselele and someone else?
2015-04-24 10:42:12
This is my thought
Scream & maikeleelelelele?
2015-04-24 11:40:20
UNEXPECTED but finally good call
2015-04-24 10:42:59
+swag inc and one other
2015-04-24 10:43:57
+swag +hiko
2015-04-24 10:46:17
RiP NA scene fucking scrubs
2015-04-24 10:47:22
cause the finnish scene is so good
2015-04-24 12:54:29
2015-04-24 19:19:17
Yea, Encore did good at Katowiche.

2015-04-24 20:10:03
Hiko + Ska + Semphis + ?
2015-04-24 10:47:48
It begins.
2015-04-24 10:48:00
+skadoodle, + swag
2015-04-24 10:48:49
Tarik said that during yesterday's 100 sub train.
2015-04-24 11:12:36
+swag please <3 And maybe tarik?
2015-04-24 10:49:18
SEMPHIS lost kg and skill :(
2015-04-24 10:49:24
Btw, some funny thing which is not serious - imagine if they add moe and freakazoid :D They will be even more entertaining than before haha :D n0thing, moe and freak on the same page its gonna be hilarious
2015-04-24 10:50:06
2015-04-24 10:50:09
thank god
2015-04-24 10:50:39
shaGuar returns
2015-04-24 10:50:39
2015-04-24 10:50:40
No offense to the players, but seems like a good change. ShahZam never really looked like he was comfortable in-game with C9 and Semphis has had streaks of not performing up-to-par with the rest of the pack.

Really interested to see who they'll pick up to replace them.
2015-04-24 10:51:58
2015-04-24 10:53:35
2015-04-24 10:53:42
Expected, hope they pick up some decent players now.
2015-04-24 10:53:54
2015-04-24 10:54:33
GG 2 noobs, bring adren to c9
2015-04-24 10:54:34
+1 , adreN is one smart player
2015-04-24 12:56:29
WHY NOT release fucking [email protected] and nothing? Then Semphis and shroud on c9 and fuck shahzam man.. but now it's hundred procent that freak and moe is joinnig
2015-04-24 10:54:53
Why kick semphis?
2015-04-24 10:55:12
he played so bad since Cologne 2014
2015-04-24 10:57:46
Nice try shazham, its too bad it didnt work out. Good luck in the future, dont listen to any of these fgt hltv kiddos. Keep ur head up. Also sad to see semphis go, hes been a great player for years. I dont think cutting him was the right move. Hopefully both of u will find new teams and get back to the form u should be in.

Also stop saying +hiko and +ska....ska is retiring and hiko will not play with n0thing.
2015-04-24 10:55:25
Clg players will move to c9,clg gets semphis & shazam. Clg wins ez against them:p
2015-04-24 11:25:27
hiko + ska
2015-04-24 10:57:26
+ semphis.
2015-04-24 10:59:14
Semphis isnt good enough.
2015-04-24 11:53:09
He is. Hiko and Semphis go very well together.

2015-04-24 12:32:20
Ohyea, let's kick him. And then ask him back.
2015-04-24 14:30:44
Nope. Hiko will not rejoin C9. But Semphis might team up with him and ska, for whatever org.
2015-04-24 14:33:57
why are you speculating so random to someones reply which is rly about the topic. Hou je hoofd er bij.
2015-04-26 10:03:01
Exiting B Exiting B


You guys really exited.

2015-04-24 10:58:05
Is it too much to hope for the great Thooorin to make a vid about this.. I would really enjoy that.

Best of luck to c9 to hopefully soon to be yet a top contender :)
2015-04-24 10:58:13
Feel bad for semphis :/
Good luck c9.
2015-04-24 10:58:16
after all the changes, na will still suck - m0e
2015-04-24 10:58:19
the "exiting B duo" has become the "exiting c9 duo" ayyyyy
2015-04-24 10:58:53
TBH why not try screaM? Not the best english but it could work , and ofc skadoodle , skadoodle will join c9 what so ever.
2015-04-24 10:59:35
2015-04-24 11:01:13
+Skadoodle +Niko
2015-04-24 11:03:58
finally dude
2015-04-24 11:04:42
2015-04-24 11:05:03
"Your reply was not posted, reason: High spam score detected, rephrase your post and try again."

What can I write here????
2015-04-24 11:05:03
This gets posted but not "Add autimatic and Skadoodle, easy top 1 in 3 weeks."
2015-04-24 11:06:17
2015-04-24 11:05:51
+skadoodle +hiko expected!
2015-04-24 11:06:22
not hiko...
2015-04-24 11:37:22
then... who?
2015-04-24 11:47:55
dunno :(
2015-04-24 12:40:31
now kick [email protected] and you might be able to build something good from it
2015-04-24 11:06:46
2015-04-24 11:07:08
+mOE +ptr
2015-04-24 11:07:34
Not sure if semphis was better choice than nothing but shahzam surely had to go. Looking forward for new additions!
2015-04-24 11:08:28
good decision :)
2015-04-24 11:08:58
muhahahahahahahaha OWNED PAKISTAN BOY
2015-04-24 11:09:30
2015-04-24 11:09:35
what if i told you tarik will join c9
2015-04-24 11:09:50
finally shazham is out
2015-04-24 11:10:22
2015-04-24 11:10:26
2015-04-24 11:11:06
I don't really see this team ever working with sgares as IGL he just isn't a leader, listening to their comms just proves how little control they have inside the team. And obv he isn't a good enough player to just stay on as a player.
2015-04-24 11:11:20
+ska +hiko
2015-04-24 11:11:24
+Maikelele +Ptr
2015-04-24 11:11:41
SEM: exiting c9, exiting c9, dont kill me!
ShaZ: Boom! Am with you bro
2015-04-24 11:12:05
2015-04-24 11:13:34
C9 will always be shit with n0thing. That guy is done. Unless they kick him they will always struggle against good teams.

I really hope it's Ska+Hiko+Semphis. What a beast lineup as it is.
2015-04-24 11:13:55
2015-04-24 11:15:11
right choice
2015-04-24 11:15:30
sad for Semph
2015-04-24 11:17:00
now for god´s sake +hiko +skadoodle and you have atleast a team capable of getting stronger
2015-04-24 11:18:07
Shazam go back to liquid and show them what toure capable of, nitro will probably go and you have to take that spot asap
2015-04-24 11:20:59
Oh and totaly forgot to add, if hiko joins he would just confirm hes a massive doublefaced fuck since he was constantly saying on thorin reflections that he will deffo not join c9 and he likes semphis etc, semphis leaves hiko joins? Probably not
2015-04-24 11:23:24
ptr and Hiko !!!
2015-04-24 11:22:52
2015-04-24 11:23:40
2015-04-24 11:23:44
- seangares also ty
2015-04-24 11:24:05
mikelele in :D
2015-04-24 11:24:41
A shame, I like semphis
2015-04-24 11:24:58
2015-04-24 11:25:35
I was gonna say +hiko and ska but apparently hiko isn't interested and I get the feeling skadoodle is going wherever hiko is going so I have no idea what's coming next
2015-04-24 11:26:47
I would assume Hiko and Ska are making a team. Hiko said he isn't going to say anything until the news is posted w/e that means.
2015-04-24 11:29:31
Took them long enough.
They have a chance to compete with EU if they add hiko and skadoodle.. Don't think it will happen tho.
2015-04-24 11:27:21
now +hiko and +ska = top team
2015-04-24 11:27:50
Atleast NA is #1 in the drama section.
2015-04-24 11:28:48
rip SEMPHIS, funny, entertaining player.
2015-04-24 11:31:01
+nitr0 +ptr
2015-04-24 11:31:51
C9 moves to Germany - + Maikel +Hiko
2015-04-24 11:32:38
2015-04-24 11:36:56
Nice, NA shuffle hype.
2015-04-24 11:36:23
They had to do something. Now I hope they take their time and pick the right players.
2015-04-24 11:38:20
Finally.... That should've been done A LONG time a ago.
Get in some new blood and start performing guys! Go c9 <3
2015-04-24 11:40:16
I'm glad sean and shroud are staying at least, hope n0thing can be more consistent in the future. ptr + 1 joining could be interesting to see
2015-04-24 11:42:32
2015-04-24 11:42:55
good decision imo
2015-04-24 11:43:38
they should rather move to europe and grab some eu players so they could compete against the best. NA scene is dead anyway
2015-04-24 11:44:07
why Semphis not sgares ? wtf sempis is better than sean
2015-04-24 11:45:48
cause sean is the igl that they want to play with
2015-04-24 11:46:45
IMO m0E should never be allowed to play competitively again, same with other verified cheaters. I tweeted C9 to ask them to pick me! pick me! XD
2015-04-24 11:46:44
why is n0thing still there then?
2015-04-24 11:51:16
Always sad to see players that just can´t make it work. But it just tells how competetive GO is atm. I´d like to see C9 bring in roca and skadoodle.

One continent dominating all others means less exciting tournaments. So get it together. GL for C9 and the NA scene in general.

2015-04-24 11:48:57
i'm sorry Kory
2015-04-24 11:49:09
Maikelelele here he comes :)
2015-04-24 11:50:32
Now they just need -Shroud -n0thing -sean
+a team that deserves a good sponsor
2015-04-24 11:50:45

2015-04-24 13:55:57
Drop the rest of the players, they have never won anything.
2015-04-24 14:37:13
Maikelele inc Kappa
2015-04-24 11:51:08
Great decision, these 2 players haven't been playing up to their expected potential for a very long time.
2015-04-24 11:55:16
+Ska +freakazoid plis?
2015-04-24 11:55:17
or maybe +ptr +tarik
2015-04-24 11:56:46
kick seangares too hes K/D sucks I know hes igl but if they want to be a top team he got to go..

and +Hiko
2015-04-24 11:56:58
Hiko won't come back to c9, get your shit together while posting this crap.
2015-04-24 12:10:36
2015-04-24 11:58:20
2015-04-24 12:01:52

+ x2 Fifflaren !
Boss Battle Incoming !
2015-04-24 12:02:06
2015-04-24 12:02:58
Cloud 9 Skadoodle inc
2015-04-24 12:06:31
2015-04-24 13:26:59
u can rename your nickname
2015-04-24 13:43:07

moe and freakazoid are joining in.
2015-04-24 12:07:25
Exiting C9, Exiting C9

sori kori
2015-04-24 12:09:36
Best NA team IMHO:
2015-04-24 12:10:30
2015-04-24 13:08:34
Desi is good IGL
2015-04-24 17:36:26
2015-04-24 12:10:30
ha! told you!
2015-04-24 12:12:13
Stop hating m0e, he only cheated like 3 times.
2015-04-24 12:12:17
Skadoodle joining c9 is a possibility since semphis has been removed so +freakazoid +skadoodle would be very interesting to see.
2015-04-24 12:16:18
semphis is playing with autimatic and valens, so sancz is probably joining c9?
2015-04-24 12:17:13
+tarik +ptr
2015-04-24 12:17:49
I will not see NA like a t1 team if not
I would prefer swag instead of n0thing and AZK instead of shroud but...

U will say n0thing and hiko bad chemistry, they don't like each other, blablabla. That's not proffesional so go bed muricans instead of playing cs

Anyways i am better than all this guys

2015-04-24 12:19:13
shroud>azk imo
2015-04-24 17:11:27
nah g
2015-04-24 19:23:10
2015-04-24 12:20:37
to me this looks ike a good core - now they just need to find 2 players perfectly adapting to them..
2015-04-24 12:27:39
+moe and cro

top of number 1 world incoming
2015-04-24 12:27:59
Heard that this will be hikos new team:

2015-04-24 12:28:10
not zbm
2015-04-24 12:29:28
You sure? He suppose to be a active part of the line-up according to what i have heard.
2015-04-24 12:30:34
2 awpers in a same team not gonna happen...
2015-04-24 13:25:50
Is Zbm a awper? Cause Maikel is not, he is just like s1mple. Rifler that picked up awp cause he had to :)
2015-04-24 13:34:28
2015-04-24 12:29:31
2015-04-24 12:30:37
Since they are stream "team", and c9 cares only about twitch viewers and stuff like that, i wouldnt be suprsied if they add moe only because of his stream.
2015-04-24 12:34:08
2015-04-24 12:36:55
if freakazoid would be on his old level, then i would agree. But he was gone from NA scene for a while. And i don't know if C9 has time to wait for him to get his game back.
2015-04-24 12:37:26
this could actually be good for cloud9. be interesting to see what the future holds for them.
2015-04-24 12:38:27
seangares has to leave too..
2015-04-24 12:39:28
2015-04-24 12:44:20
he is IGL
2015-04-24 12:46:34
m0e + summit inc
2015-04-24 12:39:50
2015-04-24 12:40:53
AT LAST! Thank you C9!!
2015-04-24 12:43:14
release? what were they caged or something

like nicholas caged xDD
2015-04-24 12:45:46
nicolas* cage*
2015-04-24 12:55:12
you mean nicholas got caged? XDD
2015-04-24 12:56:07
i like semphis but.. he was shit.. lately..
Shazam was awfull.
2015-04-24 12:47:08
Ska and Hiko wont join C9, Hiko will announce his team soon and Semphis is not included. NA scene will probably have one european player
2015-04-24 12:48:10
2015-04-24 13:25:56
+ maikelele
2015-04-24 12:50:30
Good start, but sean needs to go aswell..
2015-04-24 12:51:16
best IGL NA
2015-04-24 12:55:47
As a C9 fan, I'll have to admit I've been waiting for this for some time. I'll have to admit I still hope for something like +hiko +ska.

To those saying that Hiko wont play with n0thing, do you care to elaborate? I remember when he left C9, he said that he wanted the team to change their playstyle and the others wouldn't change, so he left. Where do you get from that n0thing was the problem?
2015-04-24 12:52:00
I think this was a bad move... they should fire Shroud as he doesn't care about his team at all. He rather streams and pugs with friends than actually work on his teamplay with his teammates. And with his 2,1k subscribers on twitch he makes more than 50k $ each month. With this income i wouldn't care about it too.
2015-04-24 12:53:45
50k/month? where the fuck did you get those numbers? 2.1k = 7.3k from subs IF he had the BIGGER contracts from twitch which gives him 3.5 per sub. I doubt he has one of the bigger contracts though. fine donation money, but 40k+ from donations? motherfucker wake up dude.
2015-04-24 13:15:24
1. Moving to Europe (since they have talked about it for a long time
2. Bringing in one or two European players, such as Maikelele (Maikelele announced that he have some excting news)
3. Still fail and /surrender
2015-04-24 12:53:47
ty god

+ska+tarik/hiko (i believe tarik)
2015-04-24 12:54:22
or maybe nitr0, he is good enough
2015-04-24 12:56:42
tarik + ptr = gg
2015-04-24 13:00:47
They needed to release two players because Hiko is so fat that he takes two places
2015-04-24 13:08:02
maikelelel joins c9 you heard it here first
2015-04-24 13:09:49
2015-04-24 13:14:42
Bring in some European bois and ye shall do well...
2015-04-24 13:16:53
Im sorry i trolled you so hard semphis :( but it had to be done man.. This team was going nowhere.
2015-04-24 13:18:41
Maybe + Roca and skadoodle`?
2015-04-24 13:20:58
Roca is probably joining C9, not skadoodle
2015-04-24 13:29:58
imo they should have released seangares and shahzam, i know that sgares is igl, but they should add storm as igl and skadoodle as awper.
2015-04-24 13:24:37
top 10 EU teams > the best NA line up so who cares
2015-04-24 13:28:29
+adren :(
2015-04-24 13:29:28
2015-04-24 13:30:11
I've heard 1000 people say "hiko won't join cloud9" but i've never actually sen/heard him say it (lately).
2015-04-24 13:31:19
no he has in thorins interview him semphis and ska def starting a team
2015-04-24 19:11:39
2015-04-24 13:32:46
Hiko as an all-weapon-master
ptr as main-awp

2015-04-24 13:34:16

gg wp
2015-04-24 13:35:56
ptr+someone from liquid inc.
2015-04-24 13:37:07
If they dont pick up hiko/ska, they are retarded
2015-04-24 13:38:29
They could`ve also remove Jordan, I think Semphis and him have the same issues. I`d rather see Hiko and Skadoodle playing with them.
2015-04-24 13:40:15
2015-04-24 13:40:35
Its about Fucking Time
2015-04-24 13:41:50
Why is this gares noob still in the team?
2015-04-24 13:42:31
he is their IGL afterall. I guess that is the reason why
2015-04-24 13:43:11
I get tired of the people who say its ok to aim like a gold nova as igl... no its not ok
2015-04-24 13:46:23
well he would probaly still rek you
2015-04-24 14:11:27
lol no way
2015-04-24 14:11:50
+Skadoodle = ez for C9
2015-04-24 13:42:36
Tbh I don't think this change solves anything, one of the main problems is Sean calling is not working, didn't you say you had to change the strats at the LANs? and N0thing is so inconsistent...
2015-04-24 13:43:05
2015-04-24 13:45:42
+hiko + ka
2015-04-24 13:47:14
- n0thing
+ Hiko
2015-04-24 13:49:08
2015-04-24 13:50:14
+ptr 99%
And anyone else
2015-04-24 13:50:49
2015-04-24 13:51:13
+freakazoid :)
2015-04-24 13:52:36
+ Ska + Hiko pls
2015-04-24 13:55:28
+ tarik +ptr
2015-04-24 13:59:12
already +freakazoid
2015-04-24 14:00:13
Rofl sorry Kory
2015-04-24 14:06:50
Really confused why n0thing is kept in the lineup. Much rather have Semphis.
2015-04-24 14:07:31
If Semphis joins Ska/Hiko + 2 other players that team could be better then the lineup C9 gets. So i dont know if he loses/gains on this change, we have to wait and see i guess
2015-04-24 14:14:16
I completely agree, I'd just like shroud to be involved in the potential lineup with Hiko/Ska/Semphis. Oh well
2015-04-24 14:17:22
Ahh finally shahzam got thrown out. Time to make C9 to be able to fight against EU teams again?
2015-04-24 14:08:28
2015-04-24 14:13:22
Is it possible that Maikelele will be joining? He said when he left LGB that something new came up and he is going to put his heart into it, maybe C9 are going to make an international team?
2015-04-24 14:14:14
they will make a new team: BestOnlineTeam

BOT Shahzam
BOT Semphis
2015-04-24 14:19:10
Feel bad for semphis :(
2015-04-24 14:19:31
It's confirm that it most likely will be freakzoid that to take semphis spot. I have hard proof that it's mostly likely him. As for the AWP I'm not sure.
2015-04-24 14:21:47
Hiko and Skadoodle makes the most sense for NA. I hope they can put all their differences aside and make this happen!! Also I'm really glad they got rid of shazham...the kid is straight up garbage
2015-04-24 14:25:05
About fucking time.
2015-04-24 14:25:17
+hiko +skadoodle
would be best NA lineup
2015-04-24 14:26:54
''representing NA CS:GO has a whole poorly'' The fuck is this sentence
2015-04-24 14:26:59
Finally good desicion. Hiko and Skadodle.
2015-04-24 14:27:13
next step -n0thing
2015-04-24 14:27:23
2015-04-24 14:29:10
they did it good job cloud 9 10 times better team already
2015-04-24 14:30:40
2015-04-24 14:31:47
I r8 8/8 m8
2015-04-24 14:36:17
it's hltv confirmed
2015-04-24 14:39:30
2015-04-24 14:33:11
yea Kory is bad in last 3-4moths but this is bad move, Kory is one of the smartest player and have amazing aim when he is in form. I agree about shazam he dosent fit in C9
2015-04-24 14:36:06
This is fucking HILARIOUS.
Shazam and Semphis used to play like gifted children before they were spoiled by Clown9...
This is what salary does to CS players, look at the way these people play CS now after they've been invited to C9.
2015-04-24 14:36:43
2015-04-24 14:37:13
2015-04-24 14:38:34
+roca and ska
2015-04-24 14:39:03
moe and freakazoid incoming
2015-04-24 14:39:25
A daft decision by CLG? Ptr and tarik are the core of that team and the only reason they have had any success at all.
2015-04-24 14:40:37
Ska is working with Hiko and Semphis is probably doing the same. Hiko is gonna igl, semphis probably support, ska awper so they need their 2 entry players..
2015-04-24 14:43:53
+mOE and GG
2015-04-24 14:51:39
+ska +freakazoid
2015-04-24 14:54:57
+semphis -sean
2015-04-24 15:10:50
any official reasons why semphis was out and not n0thing for example? any statements from semphis?

2015-04-24 15:11:24
Watch Thorin's last Counter-Points.
2015-04-24 15:12:49
2015-04-24 15:16:36
Lmao did they kick Sem cuz of Thorin's video? Would be funny
2015-04-24 15:16:02
2015-04-24 15:21:45
New team incoming... "nvidia"
2015-04-25 14:52:34
hahaha I can't believe the drama of NA CS, I mean what's the problem?

"I wont play with him", "He's bad at calling" and these cringeworthy interviews with Thorin, dissecting a subject that isn't even supposed to be there in the first place.

If you want to be a part of top flight teams then act like it, not like prepubertal dramatic over-sensitive teenagers with aspergers.. 90's kids, jeez.
2015-04-24 15:22:28
Na shuffle na shuffle na shuffle na shuffle OMFGGGGGGGGG +1+1+1+1
2015-04-24 15:22:55
+ skadoodle
+ freak/nitr0/desi?
2015-04-24 15:33:47
they'd better get rid of nothing
2015-04-24 16:09:50
they should drop sgares too omg...
2015-04-24 16:13:58
Shahzam vs Cloud9, thought they were gonna show his team kills

Post edited 2015-04-24 16:33:10
2015-04-24 16:32:58
Finally, Bye Semphis.
2015-04-24 16:34:28
2015-04-24 16:41:38
and sean continues hahaha what a joke!
2015-04-24 16:47:26
holy fucking shit yes!!!!!!! this is legit a dream come true <3
2015-04-24 16:59:11
2015-04-24 17:03:33
haha seantrash and n0walls are still there, just shut the fucking team down already

Post edited 2015-04-24 17:08:59
2015-04-24 17:08:50
Bit surprised about Semphis, Shahzam seems like a real nice guy!
2015-04-24 17:25:12
just disband already.
seangares still defens shahzam in his interviews,n0thing thinks he's best(it's easy when your teammates are silver2), and shroud? he's the 1man army like scream, 1v5. lol

btw, 0:59


Post edited 2015-04-24 17:30:03
2015-04-24 17:27:42

2015-04-24 17:35:16
please dont pick up ptr i think he suxx
2015-04-24 17:35:33
nice bye bye shazam and semphis
2015-04-24 17:41:56
+swag and hiko or tarik or skododle :)
2015-04-24 17:45:51
LOLYOU to c9? :3
2015-04-24 18:22:30
- i told that 2 years ago Semphis has no brain and has too much ego
2015-04-24 18:40:31
and no one cared, still yet no one cares
2015-04-24 18:48:31
2015-04-24 18:54:40
About time +hiko +skadoodle.
2015-04-24 19:06:06
ShaZaM was expected
2015-04-24 19:06:46
Ryan "fREAKAZOiD" Abadir appears to have accidentally leaked that he is poised to join Cloud9.
2015-04-24 19:14:50
2015-04-24 19:50:38


2015-04-24 19:58:33
- seangares too pls
2015-04-24 20:22:21
I can't wait to see DaZed video about this
2015-04-24 20:28:11
+ M0e
+ Swag
2015-04-24 20:31:14
The Daily Dot article is blatantly false. It had no sources. Nobody on CLG has confirmed the article, and tarik denied it last night on stream. Sad to see this HLTV article give that scam some credibility.
2015-04-24 20:35:51
fuck freakabicepsZoid
+hiko +skadoodle make it happen motherfuckeeeers
2015-04-24 21:26:52
should be interesting now.
2015-04-24 21:42:50
rip9 cloud9 rip america
2015-04-24 22:34:05
half expected
2015-04-24 22:37:16
shazam got kicked cuz of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
2015-04-24 22:39:42
are you kidding me ? Semphis ? REALLY ? semphis is a beast
2015-04-24 23:13:38
I love all this NA drama, such a blatant attempt to stay relevant
2015-04-24 23:30:44
^^^ mad his parents wouldnt move to the USA
2015-04-24 23:42:54
I wish hiko and n0thing got along :/
2015-04-24 23:46:36
+hiko and skadoodle plz
2015-04-25 04:54:42
Just kick n0thing, he's playing like shit... Cost me 50 euros vs nihilum you clown9 bitches -_-
2015-04-25 10:50:12
You cost yourself 50 euros.
2015-04-25 10:57:59
GL in future to both
2015-04-25 14:09:15

NVIDIA team incoming
2015-04-25 15:00:41
Ayyy lmao have fun working at Mcdonalds @Shahzam and SEMPHIS no team is gonna pick you up just be happy you were actually being paid to play the game when you're that bad at it. Also sidenote Swag is still banned, no NA roster can be successful without Swag hes proven this way to many times none of this shuffle shit gonna do anything but make more pug teams in NA lol.
2015-04-25 17:36:58
Oh no. :/
2015-04-25 17:42:57

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