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World Championships captains unveiled
Time: 2015-05-14 02:41
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

E-frag.net has revealed the full list of national team captains for the first edition of the World Championships.

After earning rave reviews for its two European Championships, E-frag.net has partnered up with Hitbox.tv and G2A to host its first global nations tournament, called the World Championships, with a whopping $100,000 on offer.

A total of 78 nations will be competing in regional qualifiers to secure one of the 16 places at the offline finals, which will take place from October 8-11 at Sava Centar, a congress centre located in New Belgrade. Travel and accomodation costs for the LAN teams will be covered by E-frag.net.

Offline finals will feature the top 16 nations 

After analysing applications for the role of team captain over the last two months, E-frag.net has now selected the skippers, who will be tasked with putting together the best possible national squads for the World Championships.

Below you can find all the 78 participating nations in the World Championships and their respective captains:

Australia  Chris "GoMeZ" Orfanellis
 New Zealand  Matt "Spect" Rodger
North America  
 United States  Tres “stunna” Saranthus
 Canada  Steve “Buyaka” Maida
 Mexico  Juan Pablo “E13cTrOfLoW” Garcia Ramirez
South America  
 Brazil  Renan “Philip” Philip
 Chile  Cesar Anibal “DatmetalplS” Guerrero Acevedo
 Argentina  Martin "ch4k3nio" Biolchi
 Paraguay  Fernando "ferlex" Mendez
 Uruguay  Leandro "Lean" Sena
 Colombia  Juan Esteban "sickLy" Valencia Estrada
 Venezuela  Eliomar "glou" Hernandez
 Ecuador  Carlos Alberto "Saru" Virues Ayora
 Peru  Eliana "QuEen" Aponte
 Egypt  Rami "DareDev1L" Rahman
 Libya  Lybian e-Sports Association
 Tunisia  Attia “Attiaz“ Bahaeddine
 Algeria  Chakib Arslan “Cursed“ Boudjakdji
 South Africa  Ryan "Snowflake" Boyes
Morocco Moujeb "Salah" Salah
 Thailand  Chanignun "CuteBoy" Thipairote
 Singapore  Eugene "qu|kZ" Tay
 India  Karthik "Katalyst" Rao
 Maldives  Ismail "Levitan" Azmee Adnan
 Vietnam  Nguyen "Tu Binh" Gia Dat
 Japan  Taro "ShirleyAstre" Yamauchi
 South Korea  Eun "SunBi" Jang
 China  Yan "KIndy" Dongwei
 Philippines   Ryland Shane "z3r02" Wong
 Kyrgyzstan   Bakir "pachanga" Kurbanaliev
 Malaysia   Aiman "aimaNNN" Azham
 Indonesia   Richard "frgd" Permana
Palestine Nandu "Nandu" Babul
 Russia  Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov
 Germany  Christian "PsYcHo" Lenz
 Bulgaria  Ilian "Cas7ell0" Aleksandrov
 Turkey  Çağatay "DESPE" Sedef
 Greece  Konstantinos "tsack" Theodoropoulos
 Netherlands   Chris "chrisJ" de Jong
 Croatia  Luka "Caliph" Mečenero
 Hungary  Viktor "flash" Tamás Bea
 Spain  Sergio "g0tt" Garcia-Moreno Ramirez
 Kazakhstan   Shukrat "rafa" Mametaliev
 Sweden  Markus "pronax" Wallsten
 Denmark  Jacob "Pimp" Winneche
 Israel  Avraham "spooky" Maduel
 Estonia  Taavet "nuga" Pruli
 Georgia  Nikusha "xaBu" Khaburzania
 Italy  Riccardo "kIMERA" D'Urso
 Latvia  Pavel "osi" Shtyriov
 Moldova  Ivan "JUMPERJkE" Chervotkin
 Ireland  Neil "NeiL_M" Murphy
 Iceland  Thorir "TurboDrake" Vidarsson
 Czech Republic  David "KAPARZO" Lacina
 Ukraine  Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina
 Belgium  Antoine "to1nou" Pirard
 Norway  Pål "Polly" Kammen
 Montenegro  Slobodan "ZEEERYX" Franeta
 Luxembourg  Guirsch "JAGER" Romain
 Macedonia  Anel "NENO" Ceković
 France  Jerome "NiaK" Sudries
 Finland  Aleksi "allu" Jalli
 Poland Filip "NEO" Kubski
 Serbia  Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović
 Belarus  Pavel "Flex" Volkov
 Malta  Carl "Sixoku" Bugeja
 Slovenia  Nino "n1nnx" Vojinović
 Slovakia  Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács
 Romania  Alexandru "Pulsar" Daraban
 United Kingdom  Brandon "weber" Weber
 Albania   Seldir "NET1 HA" Isa
 Azerbaijan   Ramil Aliyev
 Austria Alexander "kakafu" Szymanczyk
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Nikola "NiKo" Kovač
 Portugal  Ricardo "fox" Pacheco
 Lithuania  Evaldas "havan" Cepla
 Switzerland   Michael "chline" Bieri
 Cyprus   Andreas "inssss" Constantinou

Update: Palestine and Morocco were added to the list

Prop - HLTV.org
dont disappoint us Rami :D
2015-05-14 03:41:39
COME ON NZ. Spect, I dont know who you are,but I have put all my faith in you. Lets go NZ :)
2015-05-14 03:50:14
Spect is alright, goes hard. Has 4000hours.
2015-05-14 03:54:46
If either us or Aussies even make enough frags to make a highlight reel, ill be stoked.
2015-05-14 07:28:08
2015-05-14 09:38:29
Lets be honest here thats not gonna fucking happen lmao
2015-05-15 12:47:17
vietnam and china captains got their first and last name swapped please fix it

literally unplayable
2015-05-14 03:57:41
Chanignun "CuteBoy" Thipairote

Ladyboy confirmed
2015-05-14 11:09:19
Stripes - HLTV.org
A quick gl to GoMeZ as well ;)
2015-05-14 03:58:42
Yes! Hopefully Australia makes da LAN!
2015-05-14 05:46:51
Go Austria!
2015-05-14 05:56:29
ez for Egypt
2015-05-14 05:15:05
2015-05-14 12:10:30
GL guys :)
2015-05-14 15:05:57
you 2 bro.
2015-05-14 18:19:45
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
I'll try my best :)
2015-05-14 13:41:42
fake flagger Kappa
2015-05-14 13:54:09
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
Haha, actually I admitted being dual nationality (born and raised as Danish) even before I became an admin here :).
2015-05-14 13:57:12
But your team is playing on an African server aren't you going to have like a 150 ping?
2015-05-15 19:28:04
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
Nah the hosts are terrible in Africa, we'll most likely be playing on EU servers. Will kind of be an unfair advantage for me since I'm playing from Denmark but what can you do.
2015-05-15 19:48:56
2015-05-14 14:42:51
Lel I only know 15 of those names :D
2015-05-14 23:28:31
lol Anyone notice the amount of maps played both Guardian and Neo have?
2015-05-15 00:40:27
2015-05-14 03:42:24
2015-05-14 03:42:39
"Travel and accomodation costs for the LAN teams will be covered by E-frag.net."

how? there's what, fifty+ teams?
2015-05-14 03:42:43
only 16 qualify.
2015-05-14 03:43:19
2015-05-14 03:44:56
Lead us to the finals! Im sure you can do it.
2015-05-14 04:02:50
let's hope you pick the best players this time :p
2015-05-14 04:10:15
ScreaMy and Ex6 will be include for sure
2015-05-14 06:25:02
Surprised ex6 wasn't team captain

Oh well, I will be rooting for Belgium anyway cuz to1nou scream and exy
2015-05-14 07:25:28
i assume its because ex6 is never involved with his country's scene / doesn't know about the other belgian players at all. its like he's been with the frenchies since forever..
2015-05-14 07:42:23
to1nou, Ex6tenz, ScreaM, STRYKER, Monu.
Tactics/Strats/Teamwork/aim/experience will be insane
2015-05-14 09:39:38
Insane I don't know but maybe reach playoffs
2015-05-14 16:54:43
I'll assume STRYKER and Monu are flemish since they're on the dutch orbit roster so that all depends on their french.
2015-05-14 18:14:09
2015-05-14 20:45:42
nvm, I wonder how many of these teams end up going to the lan
2015-05-14 03:43:27
ah ty 12
2015-05-14 03:44:00
A total of 76 nations will be competing in regional qualifiers to secure one of the 16 places at the offline finals
2015-05-14 03:44:06
You're everywhere you are.
2015-05-14 04:01:07
I guess every region has it's group stage and such at first.
2015-05-14 03:45:03
A total of 76 nations will be competing in regional qualifiers to secure one of the 16 places at the offline finals, which will take place from October 8-11 at Sava Centar, a congress centre located in New Belgrade. Travel and accomodation costs for the LAN teams will be covered by E-frag.net.

Reading is difficult, i know.
2015-05-14 03:46:28
2015-05-14 03:42:44
Let's go fox!
2015-05-14 03:42:49
lol spect.
2015-05-14 03:43:13
Wow thats alot of teams
2015-05-14 03:43:16
still Sweden>All ;)
2015-05-14 13:00:08
2015-05-14 13:34:26
Xizt, Get_right, JW, Olofmeister and Krimz > all
2015-05-14 13:38:31
there will be property guys + maybe flusha
2015-05-14 13:45:50
there will be g2 players and maybe neo
2015-05-14 15:26:13
enough for top1
2015-05-14 16:36:02
you are so ignorant.
The Polish scene isnt even top 3 country wise in cs
2015-05-14 16:39:34
Why not? France, Poland and Sweden would be Top 3 at the moment.
2015-05-14 16:54:25
Sweden Denmark France best national teams
The advantage is they get 5 players who all played with virtus at some event. 3 virtus + michu and minise
2015-05-14 16:58:16
2015-05-14 18:08:17
oh Zitron... You know nothing!
This prove you're wrong.

About Denmark... I know only 1 magnificent team from this country it was called mTw.
2015-05-14 18:21:08
At least they were in the ESEC final last year. Can't say the same for SWE.
2015-05-15 00:06:57
So you believe that if Sweden is gonna use their tier 1-2 players instead of property guys , they will still go out without coming to final?
2015-05-15 00:53:55
there's a lot of money so i bet there's gonna be all the good players
2015-05-14 20:47:20
KennyS, olof, snax > all
2015-05-14 14:05:53
+1 lol whoever gave pimp captain for Denmark should just suicide. Enjoy win Sweden.
2015-05-14 16:55:25
so all the other wins pimp has with the team doesnt matter :)?
2015-05-15 18:53:34
hmmm, why ?He can still chose not to play and pick the players right ?And I wouldn't say a line up like this is bad for example
2015-08-09 19:45:02
No igl. RIP, and ofc he wil choose himself to play..
2015-08-10 07:47:17
karrigan then, np
2015-08-10 13:28:18
renan wat
2015-05-14 03:43:27
Renan who?
WTF? Renan “Philip” Philip
2015-05-14 03:46:32
He works on Keyd.
2015-05-14 03:47:34
I don't understand why some of them are players and some of them aren't
2015-05-14 03:48:33
because the main job of Captain is not to play, but to create a roster
2015-05-14 07:04:53
Still, a lot of those guys will be in the rosters almost 100% (allu, neo, to1nou, chrisj, tsack, niko)
2015-05-14 12:53:16
more precisely, he is keyd manager..
2015-05-14 05:42:47
He is Keyd manager
2015-05-14 15:47:23
wtf Philip????
2015-05-15 04:01:54
Argentinaaaaa yaaaaaaaaay they will get rekt in first phase but yaaaaay
2015-05-14 03:43:29
I'm sure ch4k3nio will do a good job, I have him on steam and he is a very inteligent man.
2015-05-14 04:04:59
a friend o' mine said that too
2015-05-14 04:43:38
but who's ch4k3nio :(
2015-05-14 04:13:13
from brekan
2015-05-14 04:38:18
Brekan boss
2015-05-14 04:54:12
It's really funny because ch4k3nio being Brekan's boss prefers to hire a Venezuelan Team instead of a Argentinian Team for their CS:GO Squad
2015-05-14 22:21:51
Hahahahahahahahahahaha, if you heart want it... Dreams comes true
2015-05-15 01:21:36
are there even this many countries in the world?

2015-05-14 03:43:40
wat, you been living under a stone?
2015-05-14 03:47:33
Theres tons of more countries.
2015-05-14 05:13:15
Orly? Such as?
2015-05-14 14:48:14
Just think of all the middle-eastern countries, african countries, tons of other asian countries. And also the tons of islands which are considered countries '-'
2015-05-14 17:14:42
Name one
2015-05-14 19:20:56
Ye but please name one
2015-05-14 23:16:28
2015-05-15 12:15:18
obviously murican
2015-05-17 08:34:28
wow nice :O
2015-05-14 03:44:12
world's longest online stage inbound.
2015-05-14 03:44:50
holy shit , maldives will take it
2015-05-14 03:45:15
I could actually play for them, half Maldivian :D

Would be sick if they did well
2015-05-14 08:46:01
I doubt you could play for them since you're bad.
2015-08-09 19:30:25
no vatican no party
2015-05-14 03:45:56
Kosovo :c
2015-05-14 07:49:29
so theres maldives but no hong kong :((
2015-05-14 03:46:06
2015-05-14 17:33:25
cant wait :)!
2015-05-14 03:46:24
ez for germany
2015-05-14 03:46:30
ez for sweden & france unfortunately
2015-05-14 04:14:27
I am exited finally something very global.
2015-05-14 03:47:20
Ez for weber
2015-05-14 03:47:34
EZ for chline.
2015-05-14 03:47:40
Niak is the coach of titan now he will play for france, LeL france gonna lose their title
2015-05-14 03:47:41
He won't play for france, just deciding the players
2015-05-14 03:50:46
ok tought so ^^
2015-05-14 04:09:47
2015-05-14 03:47:45
So whats the point of this? Do the captains pick players from their region or??? Kinda confused.
2015-05-14 03:47:57
Probably because
Ukraine Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina
Germany Christian "PsYcHo" Lenz

I pretty sure they managers for the teams.
2015-05-14 03:49:48
Stunna who is the captain for the USA team is also the manager for cloud9.
2015-05-14 16:25:54
PsYcHo was managing Virtus.pro for long time, I think he is managing mouz (?) at the moment.
2015-05-14 16:55:13
yup is managing mouz right now :>
2015-05-14 18:37:03
They'll ask and pick players for the team. I guess some captains will also be playing while others will just be managers.
2015-05-14 03:50:13
This event will be awesome. Only sad thing is that it will be streamed on hitbox :(
2015-05-14 03:48:21
2015-05-14 04:28:40
Indeed.. Availer and Kassad to cast also, haha
2015-05-14 04:32:08
2015-05-14 08:57:20
Availer is ok but kassad..
2015-05-14 08:57:31
Use livestreamer to export the picture to VLC for example.
2015-05-14 06:21:49
ez for canada
2015-05-14 03:48:22

2015-05-14 03:48:38
2015-05-14 03:56:24
2015-05-14 04:02:10

2015-05-14 04:05:58

That's a fuckin dream team.
2015-05-14 04:22:19
seangares lol no, maybe as coach, he doesn't know how to lead a team
2015-05-14 04:27:16
Yeah, let's have a lot of fraggers without some1 to lead them
2015-05-14 04:30:01
Hiko can IGL, maybe -Cutler +ptr as igl and 2nd awper
2015-05-14 04:36:01
Why would you waste Hiko as an IGL when you could have sgares who is a very good IGL
2015-05-14 07:00:39
any proof that sgares is a good igl?
2015-05-14 10:43:28
was playing esea with him once, he followed all my calls and played really well, so there's your proof.
2015-05-14 11:06:36
Stop spoilering got already
2015-05-15 00:06:23
LMAO no igl is very good in NA apart from steel and dazed. Did you listen to c9 voice comms from ESL? Absolute chaos pug style play.
2015-05-14 16:27:11
10/10 canadian team
2015-05-14 04:52:56
2015-05-14 03:49:08
Is the captain the "IGL"? or just the captain for the team?
2015-05-14 03:49:13
Just the captain. Thats why stunna is for na
2015-05-14 03:50:44
Ty, I saw pronax name, Pimp and neo so I wasn't sure ^^
2015-05-14 03:53:31
Yeah I think some captains will play, some won't.
2015-05-14 05:58:54
just captain for the team, but not igl
2015-05-14 03:53:37
edit: just saw u got answered lol wat
2015-05-14 03:54:21
captain for the team and he will select the players from their country to play in the tournament
2015-05-14 03:54:35
Can the captains decide to take a place in the squad and play?
2015-05-14 03:56:39
2015-05-14 03:58:49
y Vladyslava is IGL

2015-05-14 09:02:16
2015-05-14 03:50:10
This could be alot of fun!
2015-05-14 03:50:31
dis gun b good
2015-05-14 03:51:06
lel, who is ch4k3nio?
2015-05-14 03:51:11
One of the admins and manager for the biggest and only league in Argentina, GTL Argentina.
2015-05-14 04:07:05
well, i think its ok. do you know what are the best teams in argentina right now?

2015-05-14 04:11:29
The Right Stuff, Money Organization and Business, Secret Team and Coliseo Dragons
2015-05-14 04:28:28
thanks for taking time to reply.
2015-05-14 04:31:58
2015-05-14 06:58:04
2015-05-14 22:11:01
Stunna representing US, not surprised there. WHY IS HOOCH REPRESENTING RUSSIA
2015-05-14 03:51:37
Hooch is an OG, players from that region respect him.
2015-08-09 19:35:52

ok geography
2015-05-14 03:53:20
like in football
2015-05-14 04:24:21
in all sports we count as europe, we use to play in asian event but it just led to conflicts and teams not showing up.
2015-05-14 10:02:45
Wonder why #NoKappa
2015-05-14 12:08:55
it's pretty str8 forwards.
2015-05-14 13:02:19
+1 lol
2015-05-14 17:26:47
Ukraine : Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina

haha :D
2015-05-14 03:53:22
? Captain don't have to actually play as far as i know. I think they chose the teams.
2015-05-14 13:17:57
And the captains also train the teams...like in football !
2015-05-14 17:27:33
She'll just offer them blowjobs if they win. Best training for them.
2015-05-15 13:12:07
gl kimera and kaparzo <3
2015-05-14 03:53:42
philip used to be League of Legends coach. Now he's e-sport manager of Keyd Stars. Idk how he'll put together a CS squad since he's never played the game professionaly.

I think gaules would be a much better choice.
2015-05-14 03:54:31
I think Bida would be a better choice! :P

Anyway just put keyd team, and if that is not possible add Cold and someone else.
2015-05-14 04:03:38
Are the 5 players from KeyD the best 5 players in Brazil? Just curious.
2015-05-14 16:28:34
Its a long discussion, but one think is sure, today Fallen, Fer and Boltz are the best 3 players here.

Let me tell you the story on the formation of Keyd:

Fallen and Fer used to play with Hen1, Lucas1 and Fnx, but after the ESWC they decided to kick Fnx due to low performance.

When they were looking for a 5 player, Zqk and Steel invited them to unite the 2 team (PG.TD the second best team and Kabum, fallen's team), at that time Zqk was the best Awp in brazil (fallen wasn't playing to much because of hen1 be only good at awp not rifles).
Another point was that fer was tired of playing with Hen1 because of his playstyle. So they decided to kick Hen1 and Lucas1 (they are twin brothers).

The new team was formed with Fallen, Fer and Zqk the TOP3 of that time, + Steel who was not performing so good, the last player to call was one of those: Cold, Felps or Boltz. They pick'd Boltz because he was already at Zqk's team. At that time nobody really know who Boltz was ( I followed him when he start playing at Baixissimo Nivel, so I knew it was a good choice).

With the five players chosen they start to compete and there were anybody that could bet them. After some time Taco's team (dexterity) finally maybe hosted changes and decided to practices hard, at the begin of May they finally bet Keyd on a Bo3 @Net. Dexterity is formed by: TACO, Cold, Hen1, Lucas1 and Prd.

Duo to Zqk low performance today i would stay Hen1 is better than him, but i would NEVER change Keyd members. Cold, Felps and Lucas1 are at a high level too.


Top3: Faller, Fer, Boltz
Awp Choices: Zqk or Hen1
Rifle Choices: Steel, Cold, Lucas1 or Felps.
2015-05-14 18:48:44
You made a very good game reading, but forgot that Felps and Cold can also play Awp, then I was replacing the Steel by Cold. Cold today is the soul of Dexterity, he who puts the team up to and the calls for the team, may not be the most madfragger the team, but his role is equal to the Fallen for his team, another exchange would enter Felps / Hen1 / Taco by ZQK, either
 these 3 would add something to the team, these three players have different styles:
Felps is probably what has more individual skill from 3, both with rifles as awp, we could then see him and the Fallen turns the Awp 1, although it is still an immature player and it would have a low income the same as at the beginning Boltz , to get experience.
Meanwhile Hen1 can have a Awp better than Felps, but he is a player who only limited to Awp because of this he is a player with the same style ZQK, the difference here is that Hen1 lives a better time than ZQK, but he's dumber than the last, we can not know what would happen here.
Finally the last option is Taco today it has one of the best sights in Brazil and is one of the players who is dedicated to improving, many will criticize me for quoting him because he does not have the same style as the ZQK, but if the change is with TACO, Fallen and Cold would make the AWP function, so other madfragger could follow mainly Fer in entryfrags as the other players off the Fallen are not as aggressive.
Because of this I was team manager of Keyd would effect changes between Cold Steel and for obvious reasons, taking the experience today is above the Cold Steel on all questions, so he would add very mainly the Fallen style of play and would take a little weight back in just the same he take care the game.
In the case of ZQK many would choose the Hen1, but I think the opposite, change ZQK by Hen1 would replace 6 by 6, however ZQK is weaker individually when not with the awp in hand it becomes a Support Fer , this is important Role and Hen1 can not play even a little good this with rifles, and also by Keyd be a very tactical team, with input from the Hen1 the team would lose some of that, so choose the Taco or Felps, change the way the Keyd play, but from that we will have much more individual skill with Rifles, and we can see the Fallen as Awp 1, where he actually plays 100%.
2015-05-15 15:08:34
I agree with you in some parts but in one I disagree

put Fallen was Awp 1, an i will try to explain why.

Fallen role as a captain depends a lot on see what the other players are doing and decide what to do next, also Fallen usually plays as support buying Galil/Famas + more grenades, change Fallen to Awp1 would change a lot of Keyd style, another point is that the enemy team never knows if Fallen has an Awp and where he is, because he can rotate a lot in the map, due to his positions.

I think Fallen is insane with Awp, but in Keyd current playstl
yle he NEEDS to be the n2 Awp.

About Cold I totally agree with you, he is great, but he is the kind of guy that would replace Fallen on an team so he could give his 100%.
That is why I only said about his ak/colt skills.

About TACO, I personally don't think he is as good as people think, yes he is dedicated, but IMO he needs to improve a lot to be compared with the others.

Talk about Felps is difficult, he seems to be improving but I don't think he is ready, so I agree with you.

The problem I see changing Zqk for Hen1 is that he can not perform well with rifles (not that Zqk is doing good with that too), and I don't like his in game attitude, he talks a lot, make jokes, and not always is sure of what he is doing.

ALL that i said was about Keyd's playstyle, but l the roles can be changed in this new team.


Keyd's playstyle team:
1. Fallen IGL, 2Awp
2. Hen1/ Zqk 1Awp
3. Fer
4. Boltz
5. Steel / Cold

Another option:
1. Cold IGL 2 Awp
2. Fallen 1 Awp
3. Boltz
4. Fer
5. Steel / TACO / Felps / Lucas1

2015-05-15 19:22:05
For me the better choice is:
Fallen 1 AWP
Cold IGL 2 AWP
Fer Entry
Boltz Support
Felps/Taco Lurker
2015-05-15 21:21:04
Fallen 1 AWP
Cold IGL/Support
Felps 2 AWP/Lurker
Fer EntryFrag
BOltz EntryFrag
2015-05-15 21:29:49
FalleN will give him a hand :)
2015-05-14 04:33:46
I feel so sad :(

Wanna move to Algeria or Tunisia right now LOL
2015-05-14 03:54:35
i feel u bro :(
2015-05-14 15:42:32
Imagine whole North Africa is there but Morocco lol, but it's not Morocco's fault I guess, because you had the choice to apply for your country, but I didn't know about it :(
2015-05-14 16:21:50
excuse me but, do the Moroccans play csgo? cuz i saw only a bunch of Moroccan people playing csgo, the rest play 1.6 for sure... am i wrong?
2015-05-14 16:25:41
true, very small community
2015-05-14 17:05:07
i hope it improves :)
2015-05-14 17:10:32
thx bro <3
2015-05-14 17:16:20
welp, you got your spot :D
2015-05-14 22:38:34
haha :D
2015-05-15 00:16:55
my dad is from algeria
wish i could be reppin my country
2015-05-14 16:19:38
nice bro :)
2015-05-14 16:21:19
kifach ? ou 3lach salah mektoub tema mafhmatchi
2015-05-15 01:03:18
mghrib 3ad daro application lyoma makantch temma :) safi hdert m3a salah :)
2015-05-15 02:29:35
ou fayen yemkenlek tjbar app
2015-05-15 02:43:29

la bghiti dkhel f team MA mp cpt
2015-05-15 02:44:35
2015-05-15 02:48:39
chokran kho
2015-05-15 03:07:19
Sweden/France/Denmark ezpz
2015-05-14 03:57:00
Fascinating stuff.
2015-05-14 03:57:36
This is just beautiful!
2015-05-14 03:57:42
like if the qualifications are online, how south africa gonna play vs algeria or tunisia its like 8000 km far
2015-05-15 14:58:27
Pronax will make us proud! :D
2015-05-14 03:58:44
denmark - pimp lol :P
2015-05-14 03:59:10
15 places already gonna be taken by those pro players like chris j fox n all xD
2015-05-14 04:00:25
Argentina - Martin "ch4k3nio" Biolchi???quien es???
2015-05-14 04:02:07
Ez MESSI lol
2015-05-14 04:03:19
Admin of Brekan Gaming, search.
2015-05-14 05:01:45
:O omg Brekan.net admin :O
2015-05-14 05:37:09
Wtf Maldives?
2015-05-14 04:02:17
Venezuela will win this B O Y S (*__*)
2015-05-14 04:03:13
Final 8 - Sweden, France, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Ukraine, USA

Final 4 - Sweden, France, Poland, Ukraine

Final - Sweden, France.... Sweden for the win.
2015-05-14 04:04:27
No Brazil, what a joke!

Brazil > Denmark, Australia, Germany.

Brazil = USA
2015-05-14 04:07:18
Brazil > Denmark? This is the real joke.
2015-05-14 04:37:26
MY mistake! tks for the warning!

Denamark >> Brazil
2015-05-14 05:00:47
Thats right :D
also didn't get Freshleaves' point by placing Australia instead of Brazil
2015-05-14 05:06:50
Sorry, you're right. Between Brazil and Australia, Brazil would probably make the final 8 first.
2015-05-14 05:22:48
Brazil > Denmark? what?
2015-05-14 08:32:25
Brazil>Germany what

mouse beat them with bot legija and bot zonixx in the team.

now they are even stronger
2015-05-14 08:51:47
no ChrisJ for you
2015-05-14 13:49:29
lol and?

we have other good players aswell.

I could imagine our lineup would be

2015-05-14 14:02:15
Denmark will be top3
2015-05-14 14:57:08
When are the games starting?
2015-05-14 04:04:46
i bet Kyrgyzstan are gonna be a solid squad
2015-05-14 04:05:21

Then we can call the winners of this tournament the true global elites.
2015-05-14 04:06:27
GL hooch
2015-05-14 04:07:14
You guys need to relax. Not like the managers have anything to say. The players will choose their friends and such as always anyway. It's just that they wanted their name on that "paper".
2015-05-14 04:07:47
sooo... who is lean from uruguay?
2015-05-14 04:09:20
Chris "chrisJ" de Jong
he's IGL??
2015-05-14 04:09:35
16 places?
2015-05-14 04:11:28
1 from Oceania
1 from North America
2 from South America
2 from Africa
2 from Asia
8 from Europe
2015-05-14 04:26:23
2 From South America? Brazil and Chile/Argentina
2015-05-14 04:29:32
Um, while it make sense that only 1 comes from Oceania, how do you get 2 from South America and yet only one from NA? What other country than Brazil in South America can field a team that can beat BOTH USA AND Canada?

Corrected for outside Europe: Australia, USA, Canada, and Brazil.
2015-05-14 05:27:26
propably there are better teams in argentine and chile.
2015-05-14 10:47:04
SA - 9 countries
NA - 3 countries

It's about the amount of teams
2015-05-14 15:42:46
Chile or Argentina can beat us perfectly, not because they leave HLTV must have a low level :). you will be surprised
2015-05-15 23:42:24
Really Colombia > Chile and Argentina now, being objective :). We played them in ESEA and Latinamerican Leagues
2015-05-18 00:03:34
Is E-Frag pure serbian orga and how they will buy tickets for the australian and NA/SA guys? O_O
2015-05-14 04:15:11
They have sponsors, people were eager to fund this (city,mobile companies, internet providers etc...), don't worry about that. Event will be a good marketing for our tourism, and that's why people are ready to fund this, it will benefit the city on longer period.
2015-05-14 15:21:56
Niceeee this is exactly what the game needs! Excited for this :D
2015-05-14 04:15:45
As argentinian, i never heard about "ch4k3nio" who the fuck is that guy?
2015-05-14 04:18:02
2015-05-14 04:38:54
He es a owner the "Brekan", search to more info my friend :)
2015-05-14 08:26:45
I hope the players take this more seriously than they have in past years.

I'm assuming since this isn't a Valve/ESEA event, banned players can participate?

Skadoodle, shroud, swag, DaZeD and steel would be awesome to see.
2015-05-14 04:21:33
Drop steel for hiko and it would be a hell of a team
2015-05-14 04:28:38
shroud is canadian though
2015-05-14 04:32:57
Skadoodle, Dazed, swag = muricans
steel, shroud = Canada
2015-05-14 04:33:27

2015-05-17 10:10:47
by Venezuela will not go the best players, they had to put someone who really choose the best players and not their friends. GG
2015-05-14 04:29:27
2015-05-14 04:37:37
LOL Cachi kike glou jalabola
2015-05-14 05:11:46
2015-05-15 03:00:10
2015-05-14 04:30:21
Easy for Sweden!
2015-05-14 04:30:54
Philip <3
2015-05-14 04:34:22
Oh man, this feels so damn sick, really hyped about this.
This is something like WCG used to be. :v
2015-05-14 04:36:27
let's fuuucking gooo Uruguay

2015-05-14 04:40:46

2015-05-14 05:25:15
2015-05-14 06:56:23
who is chrisJ?
2015-05-14 04:43:29
2015-05-14 04:49:03
nice :D
2015-05-14 04:49:22
CSGL pls add xD
2015-05-14 04:49:51
Who the fuck is Philip? #quit
2015-05-14 04:51:34
dis gon be gud
2015-05-14 04:51:43
boludos are gonna get rekt
2015-05-14 04:54:26
Vladyslava the hot grill :D
2015-05-14 05:00:39
Why no Uzbekistan in Asia? :(
2015-05-14 05:01:23
who the fuck is buyaka
2015-05-14 05:02:21
founder/manager of lg and former manager/owner of skdc
2015-05-14 06:13:05
Inb4 Canada beats the US
2015-05-14 05:03:01
I doubt it, but if so I'd go for them at that point.
2015-05-14 05:19:20
2015-05-14 05:06:42
bolludos hue
2015-05-14 05:10:20
2015-05-14 05:13:29
Pronax, olofM, JW, Gtr, f0rest! Cmon pronax!!!
2015-05-14 05:16:51
switch the underperforming f0rest with flusha then its ok
2015-05-14 08:54:26
Be nice if THIS was the $1 million prize, being the World Championship and truly more global in scope.
2015-05-14 05:20:16
If this goes the way we hope it'll go, the sky will be the limit bro ;)
2015-05-14 13:31:30
2015-05-14 05:22:35
there is no good New Zealand team, all the half decent NZ players are in Australian teams

2015-05-14 05:27:24
Doesn't mean they can't get together and form an okay team.
2015-05-14 18:20:10
yeah i totally misunderstood the way this works :p

my bad!
2015-05-14 23:54:50
Guys what would be your line up for Sweden? :D
2015-05-14 05:30:15
2015-05-14 06:24:21
gtr at all, f0rest not anymore
2015-05-14 06:36:55
Pronax, olofm, flusha, krimz, jw
2015-05-14 06:35:24
2015-05-14 06:38:13
sure... the current best team in the world called unsportsmanlike by some mad nip fangirls. Times changes
2015-05-14 06:41:41
that's why it's unsportsmanlike to send them, you tard

also probably not allowed more than 3 players from any team
2015-05-14 06:47:40
lmao its unsportsmanlike to send already a full practiced team against national mixes idiot

sure take some fnatic players, but also its chance for other swe players to play together :xx
2015-05-14 10:45:53
I hope they take a player each from NiP, Property, Fnatic, Acer and that other swedish team who I can't remember the name of at the moment. That would be interesting.
2015-05-14 16:30:38
Acer guy
Property guy (I know them better than Acer but don't know who would fit the team best)
+Skytten IGL
2015-05-15 00:47:02
Only 3 players from the same team allowed mate.
2015-05-14 13:32:50
last year it ware 3 guys from Property + pronach and flusha
2015-05-14 13:52:07
final: sweden vs poland. you heard here first.
2015-05-14 05:30:24
So will Aus and NZ play each other and the winners attends finals? They can't exactly play anyone else online.
2015-05-14 05:41:37
Not necessarily. The team caption would get an all-star group for each respective nation and so there'd be a separate team for each. I'd bet it would be purely coincidental if they played each other in the first round. They may not even be in the same bracket. Depends how they structure the brackets. On some level it makes sense, but I'll bet the Europeans won't like that idea as they dominate the higher rankings.
2015-05-14 06:19:57
But who will we play? We can't play anyone outside of Oceania because of ping...
2015-05-14 07:58:15
Just realised how it will work, everyone will be restricted to their own regions (duh). So Oceanic will be one group of 2 teams, NA one group of 3 teams etc etc
2015-05-14 08:06:22
i think the brazilians should be

fallen, fer,boltz,cOld,hen1. Or fallen, fer boltz, cold and taco. I think they are the best brazilians players.
2015-05-14 06:09:52
RSA Represent ^^
2015-05-14 06:13:21
huurr snowflake ? who is that :D?
2015-05-14 06:19:44
Lol what a joke, 1000s of cs players in SA and not one person has heard of the guy that is captain of our team.

Has a whole 168 hours of cs behind his name.

We plenty of players with 3000+ hours and have been around the SA competitive scene for over a decade.

How does this even happen, this kind of thing makes a joke of our community and the e-frag organizers
2015-05-14 09:14:29
To whom it may Concern,

This Ryan "Snowflake" Boyes is a fraud and is using this competition to get a free trip overseas!
We the community of South Africa call for a change to this. This player has no experience in CSGO nor has anyone even heard of him!

Here is his steam profile
His hours are worth nothing. Plays in no SA leagues. Is not part of the strong 2000 player community.

I ask on behalf of the South African community that you change this player and get feedback from known community leaders which I can get you in touch with.
I would like to see South Africa field the best team we can for this competition. Top 4 teams being DC, EN, BVD, EC.

Please feel free to contact me with more information on why Ryan "Snowflake" Boyes is a fraud and if you would like to see the community’s reaction please contact me!
2015-05-14 09:35:41
Thank you Craan
2015-05-14 09:41:53
2015-05-14 09:42:12
2015-05-14 13:05:47
2015-05-14 13:47:56
probably the only one who sent an application. blame your scene leaders.
2015-05-14 14:54:00
I blame e-frag for accepting a fake application...
2015-05-14 15:07:07
2015-05-14 15:26:56
+1 wtf is that :/
2015-05-14 18:23:27
He was chosen as a manager by your e-sports association.
2015-05-14 11:23:19
Who is our E-sports association. We do no recognize this player nor do we recognize MSSA. They do not represent South Africa or the community. This is ridiculous. Is there a way to contact e-frag. This needs answers and we cant get the answers! MSSA refuse to answer questions. This should be considered fraud as they have no interest in sending the best but them selves for a holiday!
2015-05-14 14:30:59
2015-05-14 15:37:20
2015-05-14 18:36:20
Well, they have to win first..
2015-05-14 18:47:43
uhhmmmm who da fuck is snowflake S O U T H A F R I C A N B O Y S HELP PLS
2015-05-14 06:18:41
2015-05-14 12:24:45
Availer : "He was chosen as a manager by your e-sports association. "
2015-05-14 13:36:19
OMG our "e-sports association" chose someone who is like a nova with like 130 hours
HAHA what a joke.. GG
2015-05-14 14:12:18
He was chosen by a fake organisation! 1 that benefits its self for profit and not for the gaming community!
2015-05-14 14:36:54
2015-05-14 15:36:18
Just to clear everything up, they will be releasing a statement but as per tournament rules, the e-sports governing body gets the decision on who is the manager.

"Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and recognised by the Department of Sport and Recreation (SRSA) as the national controlling body in terms of the Sport and Recreation Act of 1998 (as amended). The said Act recognises Mind Sports South Africa as the sole authority for its disciplines as a sport and/or as a recreation in the Republic."

I suggest you contact them if you have any discrepancies with the captain.
2015-05-14 19:48:00
Unfortunately as other comments have alluded to this MSSA organisation does not represent the South African community and as such any team they send will not comprise of any decent players, its like making a team from a random league two team and flinging them into the England Football national team, its going to look bad for every one involved.

Had to create an account here just because it sucks so much to see South Africa being represented this way :/
2015-05-14 22:58:09

166 hours on CSGO ...
Never ranked in a comp...
None of the CSGO players in ZA know of him

I dont even think his played CSGO in DGL... and yet he gets to represent South Africa cause he submitted an application or paid/knows someone...

The CSGO community of ZA should not be represented by a DOTA2 player with 166 hours on csgo.

If you want players to represent South Africa for CSGO, have a look at the DGL.

Very sad news for the CSGO scene in South Africa.

I will definitely not want to watch any of their games.
2015-05-14 23:38:11
MSSA has taken a monopolistic approach to esports , esports in SA is being held back due to their archaic rules. MSSA was created for board games and their extension into esports is not recognized by the community. We as a community decided to avoid the MSSA and not take part in their qualifiers but some members decided to get a free trip over seas. Therefore the scum of our community will represent our country. They will be shunned from our community. MSSA can't be negotiated with, rather ridiculous situation but one we are stuck with...
2015-05-15 12:36:49
No one recognizes them as our governing body, they are corrupt and money hungry. They have taken a number of gamers to court, you are not allowed sponsorship. Guess this is another comp SA will skip yet again. and Availer. Our government has suspended MSSA as the governing body. AS i stated above they are a fake and fraud organisation. e-frag should never have allowed them to get this.
2015-05-15 14:07:01
Let's go Canada!
2015-05-14 06:19:57
2015-05-14 06:38:47
Felps is a kid. He dont have mentality to play a high level championship.
2015-05-14 08:33:47
He is really good tho
2015-05-14 18:30:54
2015-05-14 20:29:35
2015-05-14 17:50:09
I hope it's offline qualifiers, so there isn't any disadvantage related to high pings between the teams.

For example: I have ping 40 on argentina and ping 70 on chile.
But, it depends on the route, pings from Brasil to Argentina can reach 100, and to Chile 160. And vice versa.
2015-05-14 06:43:01
1. This is so cool because everyone can rep there own country
2. On that note GO NUGA AND ESTONIA
3.where da FAQ is UAE
2015-05-14 06:45:53
Ukraine nice manager Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina
2015-05-14 06:50:45
anyway to add panama into the mix?
2015-05-14 06:50:57
i think panama is too op
2015-05-14 08:52:45
2015-05-14 13:02:06
This gonna be good!
2015-05-14 06:54:48
Lol even my country is there !.
2015-05-14 07:11:01
This is going be interesting as fuck.
2015-05-14 07:17:29
gl Tunisia
2015-05-14 07:20:44
Ukraine Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina lol
2015-05-14 07:30:46
Ukraine Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina
2015-05-14 07:35:11
You know she's not playing, and she will be a manager(ish), right?

Besides, best Ukrainian line-up I can think of is:

- s1mple

- Edward

- Zeus

- bondik

- kucheR
2015-05-14 08:08:45
angel instead of kucher, angel is a good entry fragger if hes not calling. that the best line up in my head anyhow
2015-05-14 13:19:07
angel is so bad
2015-05-14 15:05:19
bondik, Zeus, kucheR?
2015-05-14 13:58:00
No Team Pakistan?
Fail Event bye
2015-05-14 07:34:11
2 months to apply, nobody did from pakistan :(
2015-05-14 11:03:34
did you have more than 1 application for a country? if yes how did you decide who to pick?
2015-05-14 14:57:39
The best luck for all my friends, we'll try to qualify for the Global Finals! COLOMBIA FTW!
2015-05-14 07:37:34
GO :)
2015-05-14 07:37:58
Sweden - top 1

France - top 2


Denmark- top 3

US - top 4

others. not worth entioning

2015-05-14 07:39:28

Maybe Denmark top2 and France top 3
2015-05-14 07:54:43
Pimp will never pick glaive lol
2015-05-14 08:24:22
Im sorry, but BR>US
2015-05-14 08:34:57
"others. not worth entioning"

ukraine, russia, poland, germany

btw US won't even make it to the offline finals :)

2015-05-14 11:15:31
Poland > US
2015-05-14 11:27:18
US top 4 good one.

Poland,Russia,Ukraine,Slovakia > US
2015-05-14 13:20:11
No Pakistan :(
2015-05-14 07:45:48
Vladyslava <3
2015-05-14 07:48:07
Ukraine Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina

? ? ?
2015-05-14 07:48:41
Yep. HellRaisers Manager
2015-05-14 08:51:01
ya znay kto eto, kakogo xy9 ona kapitan
2015-05-14 21:32:31
I'm wondering the same thing. Why her?
2015-05-14 22:43:02
sweden ......


2015-05-14 07:53:20
2015-05-14 14:40:36
nip players will never play with flusha/jw in one team
2015-05-14 14:58:34

2015-05-14 07:59:33
When the qualification start? :D I really love this tournament. :3
2015-05-14 08:00:48

hades/glorinzs/XP3(if he counts)
2015-05-14 08:04:26
or let IBP players play this tournament



2015-05-14 08:08:20
would that make a difference? no
would that make sense? no
2015-05-14 08:45:52
Im all fine with allu being the captain, BUT wouldnt natu be the better choice? As allu needs to concentrate more to NiP and on the contrary natu has all the spare time novadays. Plus natu has the superiority in experience :p
2015-05-14 08:22:21
2015-05-14 08:26:28
how big is the CS scene in Ireland? I've lived here for 2 and a half years now and I have never even heard/read about cs anywhere. Console players?
2015-05-14 12:52:09
2015-05-14 15:26:50
I've never even heard of him before
2015-05-14 19:53:59
I have heard about him a few times in Ireland National team (but that team was consisted of 2 Northern (Who are British)...
2015-05-14 20:16:50
neo byali snax innocent michu, make it happen
2015-05-14 08:27:31
who is the awp?
2015-05-14 08:39:16
snax/neo can awp
2015-05-14 08:44:54
2015-05-14 08:29:32
why is polak a captain of Austria NT?
2015-05-14 08:38:06
spooky don't disappoint us :)
2015-05-14 08:40:09
who is the german leader Psycho?

i never heard of him
2015-05-14 08:45:54
Manager of Mousesports
2015-05-14 09:13:49
ah ok thanks
2015-05-14 09:20:14
former VP Manager in there Prime Time.
2015-05-14 15:08:37
Go go go dyadya Mitya!
2015-05-14 08:46:08
missing countries like taiwan, pakistan or uzbekistan !
2015-05-14 08:51:07
there are even more countries missing
2015-05-14 08:58:49
Wtf NiaK for France ?
2015-05-14 08:57:34
It's not new...
2015-05-15 02:14:47
gogo pachanga !:D
2015-05-14 08:58:17
Really excited for the beginning of this tournament! It's been a lot of work getting this many teams and organizing such a massive tournament. I really hope that the whole experience will be incredible for the players involved and the viewers. We will try our absolute best to create the best possible broadcast for the event from the first match :).

2015-05-14 08:59:13
How does Kazakhstan count as a European team? Literally 4% of it is in Europe, the rest is Asia :S
2015-05-14 09:05:32
because of latency
2015-05-14 09:47:38
ez win 4 Georgia ;)
2015-05-14 09:07:14
Go go Georgia!
2015-05-14 10:14:34
Easy for UK hahahaha
2015-05-14 09:07:31
BOT allu team ez
2015-05-14 09:09:19
Israel, Kazakstan and Azerbaijan all Asian countrys that are listed under Europe. GJ HLTV you really did your research.
2015-05-14 09:14:51
because of obvious reasons israel participate in European sport events and not Asian.
2015-05-14 10:01:38
Really good job by us, considering this is e-frag's list. Also those counties compete in European tournaments in football, for example.
2015-05-14 13:16:34
2015-05-14 14:34:25
so you're admitting to copy and pasting your articles?


I don't watch football, so i wasn't aware that some countries compete in European tournament despite not being a European country. Oh well, guess i know now.
2015-05-15 16:34:25
politics, politics.
2015-05-15 16:36:16
go Lëtzebuerg <3
2015-05-14 09:14:56
Neo Kreygasm
2015-05-14 09:21:27
gl xaBu hope to see you in 1st round
2015-05-14 09:22:45
thanks basch!
2015-05-14 12:18:57
If UK make It to the LAN I'll sell all my skins and buy all the COD's plus all the DLC
2015-05-14 09:37:52
Team GuardiaN TOP8 expected. no kappa.
2015-05-14 09:39:55
yep no kappa, I'm expecting Slovaks in the final tournament,don't disappoint me guys
2015-05-14 09:45:54
Money in the bank for team Sweden :)

2015-05-14 09:41:27
you stand no chance vs France best team imo
2015-05-14 15:25:01
Dafffuq Maldives have CS scene o_o
2015-05-14 09:45:20
Katalyst who is this guy??
2015-05-14 09:45:36
I'm In palestine .. why hvaen't u asked us for that .. we have a team here ! :)
2015-05-14 09:49:13
okey now after adding us it's okey :D
2015-05-14 14:28:31
Supremely impressed with how many South American and Asian countries are included in this, not to mention how many lesser known countries from Europe. Way to go E-Frag!

Go Canada! :D
2015-05-14 09:52:11
I really want to see NA's Lineup,would be great if stunna calls dazed :d
2015-05-14 09:57:49
haha, love that names from columbia, chile or mexico :D:D
2015-05-14 10:01:06
go spooky! go israel!
2015-05-14 10:03:33
spooky black
2015-05-14 10:03:58
nah just sephardi maybe yemenite.
2015-05-14 10:13:30
this is really cool and all, but isn't ESWC the World Championship?
2015-05-14 10:04:07
In 'teams' yes. This is Country's
2015-05-14 15:06:13
thanks, didn't really think about that. Cool that its Wolrd Championship now, not only European Championship. Really good for the global CS:GO Scene
2015-05-14 15:44:17
2015-05-14 10:07:21
ez for uruguay :D
2015-05-14 10:16:59
2015-05-14 10:24:09
allu is not from Sweden -.-
2015-05-14 11:44:23
Vladyslava is beautiful manager in this lineup <3

but, go go POLANDO !

Neo, Byali, Snax, Michu, Innocent - best lineup !
2015-05-14 10:26:02
Latin America hype!!!
2015-05-14 10:31:14
dare dev1l fake flagger
2015-05-14 10:36:24
Ukraine WTF?!
2015-05-14 10:39:34
Vlada best cpt ever:)
2015-05-14 11:56:17
nt monako
2015-05-14 10:50:22
2015-05-14 10:51:00
Love this concept, best of luck E-Frag! :)
2015-05-14 10:52:23
This should be very interesting :)
2015-05-14 10:54:05
To1nou instead of Ex6TenZ :o
2015-05-14 10:56:18
2015-05-14 10:56:30
lol, the organizers need to change the SA captain. What a joke, havent heard of him at all over the past 12 years of CS in South Africa.

2015-05-14 10:57:40
I hope Israel manages to win a map this time
2015-05-14 11:00:10
eu: Poland, Ukraina, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway, Finland

na: Canada

sa: Brazil, Peru

oc: Australia

as: Vietnam, China

af: Republic of South Africa, Algeria
2015-05-14 11:00:34
i think you have no idea about tunisia ;)
2015-05-14 11:08:02
2015-05-14 14:03:17
2015-05-14 14:46:16
it's just 1 slot for Southamerica, Colombia is gonna take it
2015-05-14 20:05:06
"Ryan "Snowflake" Boyes" - No one in SOuth Africa has ever heard of this guy lol
2015-05-14 11:01:24
ez for Juan Pablo “E13cTrOfLoW” Garcia Ramirez
2015-05-14 11:05:04
2015-05-14 11:05:41
2015-05-14 11:05:52
INDIA Karthik "Katalyst" Rao

2015-05-14 11:07:58
why lol?
I am honestly curious. (:
2015-05-14 12:44:30
omfg? you got nothing else to do except hate on India?

holy shit get a life
2015-05-14 13:57:07
Lol this year is serious many countries
2015-05-14 11:08:19
Maldives??? Loool.
2015-05-14 11:08:29
2015-05-14 11:09:20
2015-05-14 11:13:18
2015-05-14 11:15:01
GG South Africa, hope it's only joke or some mistake

best captain ever... (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/765611979940705..
2015-05-14 11:15:07
haha he doesn't even have CS:GO
2015-05-14 11:46:11
actually he has CS:GO but only with 162 hours gg
2015-05-14 11:46:51
I believe the captain is more like a manager no?
Cause i don't see why france has niak as a player then.
2015-05-14 19:47:39
not always... sometimes is captain only manager just like u say, but mostly he is also a player

but anyway, who wants he to call into representation, if he doesn't know anyone and nobody knows him
2015-05-15 12:44:38
wow Lean didn't heard from him since like 2011

rooting for SA
2015-05-14 11:16:35
Go Allu!
2015-05-14 11:18:49
How the hell can I apply for my country ?

How the nations are chosen ? BibleThump

liek if u kray evrytaym cuz ur shit country doesn't give a damn bout esports <3
2015-05-14 11:26:12
there was an application page about 2 months ago, and there was also a criteria to be chosen to represent a country. I guess simply no one from morocco filled that application.

2015-05-14 13:09:27
I didn't know about it, now i'm really sad :(
2015-05-14 13:14:49
A lot of whos
2015-05-14 11:30:27
Sweden Markus "pronax" Wallsten <3

Let's go Sweden!
2015-05-14 11:31:51
Thailand: Chanignun "CuteBoy" Thipairote

2015-05-14 11:42:11

2015-05-14 13:58:40
2015-05-14 14:50:15
2015-05-14 22:31:12
Germany Christian "PsYcHo" Lenz

2015-05-14 11:43:18
ex VP manager
2015-05-14 15:01:19
2015-05-14 11:45:12

joelz would not come to lan anyway so
2015-05-14 11:48:48
ez maledives
2015-05-14 11:48:55

2015-05-14 11:50:52
what are the rules to assemble a squad (eg. only 3 players per team)??
2015-05-14 11:51:11
Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina
I hope it will be manager
2015-05-14 11:56:25
I believe "respective captains" are people who represent their country's team. Not necessarily team member or manager. At least, I hope so.
2015-05-14 12:16:03
Pashqa Flex ))
2015-05-14 12:04:11
KZ rafa srsly?
2015-05-14 12:12:12
Funny how Israel is in Europe but Palestine is in Asia :)
2015-05-14 12:13:04
pretty obvious, israel is playing in europe in every sports because arab states didn't play against israel back when we played in asia, palestine doesn't have that problem.
2015-05-14 13:06:35
Reunion Island pls.
2015-05-14 12:15:30
Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina <3
2015-05-14 12:17:30
snax, byali, neo, michu, innocent for the win! :)
2015-05-14 12:23:23
+1, i ll riot if the lu ll be different. maybe taz as coach and to do interviews as their 6th
2015-05-14 15:02:15
georgia! ftw
2015-05-14 12:25:00
letsgo sl0v3ni4...remember 3 players from each team max! :D
2015-05-14 12:44:15
lucky there are no teams here
2015-05-14 15:43:55
xD what about TeAm MiA
2015-05-14 16:14:55
2015-05-14 18:45:44
"we gonna try to do some DMgG" - Nino "n1nnx" Vojinovic
2015-05-14 18:49:08
sadly slovenians are retards and its just a matter of time until one retard goes full retard and fucks everything up :)
2015-05-14 18:50:45
yes i'm retarded cause i'm not rich and cause im ntg v2 #byeMouse

also i've heard 15 times from u that u'll never again play with n1nnx in a team&n1nnx said the same for ntg long time ago
not gonna discuss with u about what happened on hltv :) aj
2015-05-14 18:55:19
i didnt point anybody out so idk what you are talking about.

i never played with anybody in a team since enro, it was a mix, im done with cs anyways so idk anymore
2015-05-14 19:00:34
well i thought that u were talking about me :)
well dno i'm "sad" cause ur quiting ... thx 4 all anyway :*
2015-05-14 20:28:26
well edit button is not working for me :O + sry for all

2015-05-14 20:29:13
2015-05-14 12:49:20
Wow, awesome!
2015-05-14 12:49:38
"Travel and accomodation costs for the LAN teams will be covered by E-frag.net."

if each team has 6 players/staff that would be 96 people x ~$1,000 for travel/accommodation = ~$100,000 just for this
2015-05-14 12:50:49
Nandu - HLTV.org
Boys, do not mess politics with e-Sports please (Palestine & Israel), posts will be deleted and users will eventually get banned. Good luck to everyone and happy fragging :)
2015-05-14 13:00:48
how will they play qualifications?
2015-05-14 15:03:07
Nandu - HLTV.org
2015-05-14 15:17:56
Go Libya :D
2015-05-14 13:09:17
I sense sarcasm
2015-05-14 13:10:21
i can sense it as well :D
2015-05-14 13:29:27
ez 4 holland
2015-05-14 13:10:53
I wonder how the regional qualifiers will work out since south africa will have ping problems when playing against north african teams
2015-05-14 13:11:50
that's a good point actually, wonder how they will sort that out
2015-05-14 13:30:04
server in the middle (kenya or sth)?
2015-05-14 15:03:38
no server hosting providers there, you can hardly find any good server hosting here in north africa. I guess they'll have to play on EU servers, which is really fine for Tunisia since we get 40-50ping in DE servers
2015-05-14 17:13:16
around 60~100 here, which is relevantly fine as well.
2015-05-14 23:35:52
2015-05-14 13:14:34
Austria - Alexander "kakafu" Szymanczyk

Lol, another polish being best player in the EU country.
2015-05-14 13:15:39
2015-05-14 13:20:28
Should also state that team captains don't generally have to play they just chose the team.

So for Ukraine vladyslava will most likly chose the 5 players not actually participate in the event.
2015-05-14 13:21:27
inb4 weber picks the usual blend of UK players who haven't performed the last few years.
2015-05-14 13:21:38
No UK players have performed for years so who exactly is he supposed to pick?
2015-05-14 18:31:17
How can a noob with vac ban be a captain of his country?
2015-05-14 13:23:13
Leggo Weber
2015-05-14 13:31:06
Finally Korea and China? Will see.
2015-05-14 13:44:34
Denmark Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

2015-05-14 13:45:01
+1 just send all of tsm easy win
2015-05-16 01:35:37
Nice! Should get in touch with miraa and get it added to the article.
2015-05-14 14:07:10
gl mama africa :D
2015-05-14 13:51:23
hitbox as a sponsor..
2015-05-14 13:51:24
Interesting idea. I hope it'll work. :)
2015-05-14 13:55:38
India ez pz
2015-05-14 13:59:32
Neo, snax, pasha, michu, innocent?
top3 is real, gogo Proland
2015-05-14 14:00:37
Malaysia ez win
2015-05-14 14:02:13
gogogo Albania <3
2015-05-14 14:02:59
GL Alexandru "Pulslaren" Daraban !

PS: pi&#355;urCrazy didn't manage to do much, maybe you will :D...may the scum saucer Godz be with you Kappa
2015-05-14 14:03:28
ez for france, sweden and poland. maybe norway and denmark can surprise
2015-05-14 14:03:44
ez for UK ez for weber
2015-05-14 14:03:55
kyrgyzstan ftw
2015-05-14 14:09:04
2015-05-14 20:53:54
Ukraine Vladyslava "Vladyslava" Zakhliebina xD lolololololo ahahahahahajajaahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
2015-05-14 14:09:51
So the captains don't need to play, right?
Some of team are managers of current pro teams so I hope they'll do the same job for the team they assemble...
2015-05-14 14:11:17
Well, probably, since Vladislava is capitan of Ukraine :D
2015-05-14 19:43:45
vladislava is maneger team HellReisers, she isn't captain
2015-05-14 14:12:20
Its going to be good!!!
2015-05-14 14:12:30
Stunna? :O
2015-05-14 14:17:18
Yup! C9's coach. This excites me a lot because he probably had a lot of input in the roster reforms recently, which have worked well, also coached them to quarterfinals in Cologne where they were 2 rounds away from beating NiP in a best of 3. :D
Whatever roster he puts together can't be underestimated.
2015-05-15 00:19:29
GL for Palestine <3
2015-05-14 14:26:41
Sgares (igl)
2015-05-14 14:32:24
Who the fuck is Ilian "Cas7ell0" Aleksandrov?
2015-05-14 14:32:29
That's what I want to know......
2015-05-14 18:33:10
m0e on palestine?
2015-05-14 14:37:33
no twitch no party
2015-05-14 14:40:59
Well I'm curious to see if Sweden brings a TOPTEAM this year or a BTEAM again. Hopefully, they will have better players since it's alot more money up for grabs.
2015-05-14 14:43:23
dunno, nip fnatic hate is strong, i dont blame nip though
2015-05-14 15:05:25
haha theres no hate.. just among the fanboys ^^
2015-05-14 15:08:42
lmao, forest and gtr dont evet talk with flusha/jw
2015-05-14 15:18:44
Well I just asked Flusha on friends. It's just bullshit Kolo2
2015-05-14 15:31:29
f0rest and JW were on skype together on Tuesday and f0rest finally said he loves him so stfu.
2015-05-14 18:32:21
Ez for Guardian
2015-05-14 14:43:26

Di Maria
2015-05-14 14:44:54
Argentina not good at cs my friend :( such a shame we had a lot of cybers with 1.6 lans but we still suck
2015-05-14 22:13:56
Maraba Televole
2015-05-14 14:46:40
Props for the organisers.
2015-05-14 14:47:31
2015-05-14 14:49:15
waylander gogogo
2015-05-14 14:49:45
hooch ;-)
2015-05-15 08:55:02

but why no twitch?
2015-05-14 14:50:41
12 points for the nickname goes to Mexico
2015-05-14 14:51:37
ez 4 hungary
2015-05-14 15:01:09
Messi >>>>> JW
2015-05-14 15:02:43
Just let TSM be Denmark's lineup for this please :(

Anyways.. GO DENMARK!
2015-05-14 15:10:55
schneider, gtr, flusha, olofm, pauf... ezpz
2015-05-14 15:12:34
TSM = denmark lineup plz

also france is promising, usually the french international teams are always 3 of nV + kennyS + apEX
2015-05-14 15:22:07
3 players max from 1 team
2015-05-14 15:27:44
ez 4 Argentina, no opponents.
2015-05-14 15:30:23
offline finals =
1. Denmark
2. Sweden
3. France
4. Portugal
5. America
6. Netherlands
7. Finalnd
8. Poland
9. Norway
10. Bosnia
11. Switzerland
12. Germany
13. Russia
14. Belgium
15. Ukraine
16. Slovakia

Kazakhstan, UK, and Brazil also have a chance to make it to the LAN.

However, most likely not because they would have to get the absolute BEST players to have a chance.

also order means nothing, just peeps who will qualify
2015-05-14 15:31:36
2015-05-14 16:23:21
Well #569 that top 16 will not happen. Since they don't have spots for that many European teams. The top 16 will have represents from all over the world.

South America
North America

"A total of 77 nations will be competing in regional qualifiers to secure one of the 16 places at the offline finals"
2015-05-14 16:32:07
ik but this guy is funny cause pl is like 15 times better than finland imo
2015-05-14 16:33:27
2015-05-14 21:00:40
Argentina can beat switzerland easy... isurus gaming
2015-05-14 23:31:03
Are you assuming teams will play with 200+ms ping?
You probably just lost time by making that list. Will most likely be something as:
8~12 EU
1~2 NA
1 Oceania
1~3 Asia
1~3 SA
1~2 Africa
2015-05-17 09:11:48
2015-05-14 15:35:49
oh boy the dream! gl TN boys
2015-05-14 15:38:10
Rip Lithuania
2015-05-14 15:42:42
RIP xeNN - best player in Lithuania BIG KAPPA
2015-05-14 16:59:06
lel mr pro BIG BIG BIG KAPPA
2015-05-14 17:45:03
Ukraine - Vladyslava Zakhlebina

2015-05-14 15:46:15
ez for pronax
2015-05-14 15:46:15
i wonder why theres no slot for Jordan in Asia, altho we're better than alot of listed name above.
2015-05-14 15:55:52
True, Iv'e played with people from Jordan, they do deserve a spot in this.
2015-05-14 16:03:40
Maybe no one from Jordan sent in an application?
2015-05-14 17:08:02
oh there were a registration? i didnt know that, thanks for informing tho.
2015-05-14 20:37:04
why no kosovo?
2015-05-14 15:58:46
Kosovo is Serbia !!!
2015-05-14 16:14:10
2015-05-14 19:00:58
You cant wake up from dreaming ! so hardcore right ?
2015-05-16 21:04:25
Team Poland
2015-05-14 16:09:22
rip denmark
easy 4 belgium and sweden
2015-05-14 16:10:27
gl Tunisia! :D
2015-05-14 16:14:43
Where is Afghanistan?
2015-05-14 16:25:51
Kazakhstan and Israel in Europe? Is this some kind of error or just classified as EU teams on CS scene?
2015-05-14 16:27:36
I heard geography wasn't MIRAA's strongest subject.
2015-05-14 16:29:13
its about latency, somebdoy above said. Also, israel participate in EU competitions in many sports, mostly because their friendly relationship with other neighbour countrys :D
2015-05-14 19:45:10
true, also agreements since Israel's existence that allow Israel into European competitions.
2015-05-14 22:32:35
Team Sweden
Flusha (IGL)
2015-05-14 16:37:55
Chile es la cumbia!
Gl all on south América im Live on usa now:'(
2015-05-14 16:57:49
ShirleyAstrey can just win with the power of his mousepad.
2015-05-14 17:02:50
n1 Tournament, I hope spain will top 10
2015-05-14 17:06:01
1# Palestine 4 sure....
2015-05-14 17:06:10
Team Finland:
Mark my words
2015-05-14 17:14:42
Lithuania lol
2015-05-14 17:17:21
go luxembourg
2015-05-14 17:25:16
go hoooch....
2015-05-14 17:36:38
go chile :D! <3
2015-05-14 17:38:55
2015-05-14 17:44:44
best possible lineup for belgium would be ScreaM ton1ou Deki PlamakeR abd naybe Ex6tenz top4 otherwise gg
2015-05-14 17:46:31
pronax over xizt ? lol
2015-05-14 17:46:34
it has been the case for the last 10+ months
2015-05-17 08:56:14
C3!! are you kidding me NO hell no,no tournament was made to tc choose who will represent our country,for god sake wtf is this?...............
2015-05-14 17:47:52
2015-05-14 19:07:55
HR's manager, looool!
2015-05-14 17:49:38
Anyone knows Latvian rooster? I don't want to see Skillz line-up, due to the fact, that they aren't that good.
2015-05-14 17:51:40
come on UK!
2015-05-14 17:55:51
Why not just write the list in alphabetical order...?
2015-05-14 18:00:36
? +me will be best but will be someone like slayn


2015-05-14 18:10:02
ez money for Sweden
2015-05-14 18:14:19
GG bolivia
2015-05-14 18:21:53
gl to the ten guys from Venezuela. I hope for at least wins in the regional qualifier.
2015-05-14 18:22:34
france/sweden to win
uk to come third ez Kappa
2015-05-14 18:28:52
I want to know how is going to be the amounts of places available for every region. I would say 1 Oceania, 1 NA, 3 South America, 2 Africa, 3 Asia and the other 6 for Europe.
2015-05-14 18:31:12
But, like rly. Why 3 places for SA, or 2 for africa, or 3 Asia. Their scene is not strong enoguh atm, and it would be waste of slot if you give 2 slots for africa, and 3 for SA and Asia.
2015-05-14 19:46:46
Because it is a World Championship and it would be the fair number. A world tournament is not about the scenes, but the even number of countries from all region to play it. I did my math depending on the numbers of teams playing from each region.
2015-05-15 00:01:59
But, its pointless, isnt it? Every tournament (in every sport) want to have best of best there, and that is good from every point of view, for scene, and for viewers. Having bad teams only because of math instead of more good teams from good region is not good for game. CS:GO is waiting for Asians for 1 year, and they dont look intersted to play this game on that level like they play MOBA's.
2015-05-15 00:14:17
3 asia, 8 europe, 1 africa, 1 sa, 2 na, 1 oceania :)
2015-05-15 01:11:57
Imo, waste of slot, but since its WC, well, you have to do on way like that. Hope that you will host also ESEC like separated event. You can do events 2x per year, so, that would be great, if you found that much moneyz ofc :D
2015-05-15 01:17:20
ez for uruguay KAPPA!
2015-05-14 18:47:01
2015-05-14 18:56:42
cmon Bulgaria it's ur chance
2015-05-14 19:02:56
Some nonamer is the captain
2015-05-14 19:08:50
the owner of HSBG is nonamer hmm
2015-05-14 22:15:58
Yes lol
2015-05-14 22:23:36
Stunna pls recruit ex-ibp -AZK k ty
2015-05-14 19:03:05
Pick one
2015-05-14 19:11:59
2015-05-14 19:22:58
2015-05-14 19:26:26
2015-05-14 19:52:01
2 spots for South America my friend, 16 go to LAN in total
2015-05-14 22:15:07
its just 1 slot for SouthAmerica, idk why :S
2015-05-18 00:09:15
2015-05-15 03:04:23
ez for lithuania :DD
2015-05-14 19:49:24
GL for all countries and organizers!
2015-05-14 19:59:44
Allu must call Joelz
2015-05-14 20:03:24
2015-05-14 20:10:50
So I don't understand so every region has a online qualifier but only one country can win that region? or what?!
I understand that each country is gonna recruit the best of the best players within their respective country, but the qualifying process from each continent that I don't understand.
2015-05-14 21:59:48

North America:

South America:

South Africa
Some random african team


2015-05-14 22:18:47
how do you know how much slots each region has?
2015-05-14 22:41:34
+1 bro

2015-05-14 22:48:58
A question to OP : There's Palestine but no Kosovo , any reason?
No interest or no given opportunity ?
2015-05-14 22:37:19
Germany is gonna rule its
2015-05-14 23:03:51
salah <3
2015-05-14 23:41:48
finally morocco in an event
2015-05-15 00:00:08
2015-05-15 02:30:05
damn we are fuck, buyaka
2015-05-15 00:14:57
nice =D
2015-05-15 00:18:16
Imagine if you woke up this morning and you've just seen the news on HLTV.org 'World Championships - Captains Unveiled' and then it suddenly sinks in. You've got NeiL_M as your captain.

2015-05-15 00:27:31
2015-08-09 19:11:02
SALAH , GO BRO !!!!!!!!!!
2015-05-15 00:57:47
In4 my country gets rekt
2015-05-15 01:04:13
hahahahah morroco will win bro :D , you dont know us ?
we have talents like ScreaM .. just unknown be careful
2015-05-15 01:04:34
+1 this i got some Moroccan friends i gotta say it runs in there blood to play cs most of them got sick aim as well
2015-06-15 02:30:18
shitbox going to ruin this too
2015-05-15 01:11:50
So many nations, so many garbage teams incoming
2015-05-15 01:32:28
lol unbalanced as f***, poland will destroy all teams i guess that's unfair tbh, gl for african teams :D
2015-05-15 01:34:12
LMAO ( &#865;° &#860;&#662; &#865;°)
2015-05-15 13:59:59
Go Kyrgyzstan!
2015-05-15 03:09:53
I hope Salah will find good team for my loved Poland
2015-05-15 04:14:24
Its funny to see a captain who isnt peruvian and not even known as something for us as captain for my country #onlyhappensinperumyfriend

Btw wish them the best but sad for our community see this kind of staff, people from other country making decisions for us fcking sad probably the peruvians who are going to assist are 3 from pvore and i hope so not those that arent active including myself, friendship too stronk here to make those stupid decisions
2015-05-15 04:40:34
2015-05-15 11:44:52
ez for India..
2015-05-15 11:50:46
pls practice
2015-05-15 13:36:21
Palestine :O
2015-05-15 13:57:21
2015-05-15 14:13:49
RIP France [*] :/
2015-05-15 15:19:35
Brazil will play with the team Keyd, while the other selections will be with mixed teams and most uncoordinated, I believe that for this reason they can surprise and get among the first places, because a team can not lose to a mix as easy because of this place my top8:

Sweden / France / Brazil / Denmark / Poland / Finland / Australia or United States

Finland and Australia are likely to play with Team 3DMAX and Vox / Immunity so it will also be prepared, while the United States has many players and if they make the right mix they can surprise.
Place as the championship disappointments team of Ukraine and Germany.
The other teams do not have to say anything on the list, each have the best players in the world, has only chance to lose if team came up with the joke.

Optimal marketing gimmick this World Cup csgo, who had this idea was a very intelligent group, good luck for the tournament, which can become a Major in the nearby editions. Hopefully everything right in all regions and the qualifier is fair.
2015-05-15 15:21:31
max 3 players from 1 team can play in it
2015-05-15 16:47:05
Sorry bro, I did not know that , then Brazil will probably struggle to stay between 8 without major expectations
2015-05-15 18:39:31
Mastermind and Dexterity has great players
2015-05-15 23:26:29
2015-05-15 16:16:46
2015-05-15 16:18:25
lol palestine on asia wut
2015-05-15 16:38:05

2015-05-15 17:06:12
Lean for URUGUAY, a big newbie, this is so bad
2015-05-15 19:17:50
Why Isreal is on Europe and Paslestine is on Asia ? wtf
2015-05-15 19:39:01
2015-05-15 21:03:51
2015-05-15 23:15:13
Lets go Greece!
2015-05-15 23:48:12
wtf no Montenegro??????????!!!!!!!!!!
2015-05-16 04:11:27
Remove Ireland and add Scotland. Ireland only have about 3 people with a PC.
2015-05-16 14:18:07
Scotland is part of the UK...
2015-08-09 19:12:54
palestine in asia? wtf :D
2015-05-16 19:12:22
Good Luck Albania ! Show no mercy
2015-05-16 21:02:54


2015-05-17 08:46:21
Sweden has so much choice into making a brillant team just like back in 1.6 it's unbelievable.
I don't see any other final but Sweden vs France to be honest
2015-05-18 00:12:12
gl Palestine
2015-05-18 00:18:41
awesome ;3
2015-05-19 14:57:27
Buyaka pls save us
2015-05-21 07:37:16
Argentine team player

2015-06-10 04:45:44

Guillermo “guishorro” Areco
Tomás “Nyogen” Castiglione
Alejandro “otto” Mendive
Roberto “reversive” Themtham
Alejandro “alexze” Marinelli

Jonathan “JonY BoY” Muñoz
Ignacio “nch” Devita
Facundo “minimal” Pereyra
Miguel “nash” San Martin
Rodrigo “dinamo” Haro
2015-06-10 04:51:46
PALESTINE Vs ISrael dust 2 plz
would be so realstic
2015-07-07 16:25:37
go go vp pro
2015-07-22 11:04:17
Vladyslava? xD LOL, she is mg2 o.o
2015-07-29 00:14:05
2015-08-04 13:37:25

I'm from slovakia as well!
2015-08-05 15:15:00
Lybian e-Sports Association

Way to make video games sound scary.
2015-08-09 19:44:54

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