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aizy signs to G2
Time: 2015-11-12 17:41
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

G2.Kinguin have announced that they have acquired the services of dignitas's Philip 'aizy' Aistrup for an undisclosed fee.

Following the simultaneous announcement that fnatic have decided to sign G2 Swede Dennis "dennis" Edman to their team in lieu of Markus "pronax" Wallsten's departure, it has now been announced that G2 in turn acquired the services of Philip "aizy" Aistrup of dignitas to fill out their squad.

aizy shined at the CEVO Season 8 finals last weekend with a consistent performance that turned heads and a transfer fee has now been paid by G2 with the organisation buying the player out from dignitas.

aizy will join G2's ranks following dennis' departure

The Danish player has been a part of the current dignitas team since its inception at the beginning of this year, and was a part of the CPH Wolves core before that as well.

aizy released a statement on his signing:

"I am happy to announce that I am officially a part of G2. I am glad that I have got the chance to play for such a skilled team and for such a professional organisation. I am very much looking forward to making an impact with these guys, and hopefully we will do big things! I would also like to thank dignitas for having me during all this time, and the players there."

This acquisition by G2 now means that the team comprises one Swedish player, two Norwegians, one Dane, and one Portuguese player, bringing the squad more back in line with its pan-European beginnings.

G2 now have the following roster:

Mikail "Maikelele" Bill
Ricardo "fox" Pacheco
Håvard "rain" Nygaard
Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad
Philip "aizy" Aistrup 

dignitas have now been reduced to a four-man roster, which the team will have to either fill with a stand-in or with a new player ahead of the team's matches taking place today.

Jacob "Pimp" Winneche
Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye
Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen
Jesper "TENZKI" Plougmann

aizy will be seen in action for G2 today as the team have multiple upcoming games in the next few hours.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

2015-11-12 17:41:53
gl aizy and dennis
2015-11-12 17:42:24
2015-11-12 17:45:33
gl to aizy in g2 and gl to dennis in fnatic? what's so hard topkek
2015-11-12 17:47:43
i mean i think yes
2015-11-12 17:48:30
Yess my friend yeeees! it's going to be weird having fnatic without pronax for a while :<
2015-11-12 17:55:28
yup :D but hunden to dignitas!
2015-11-12 17:56:27
2015-11-12 18:49:21
aaaaaaaaaaaaand its dead
2015-11-12 19:03:07
When you thought this was gonna be an all-swedish team
2015-11-13 07:36:01

2015-11-12 18:56:38
g2 to tier 7 confirmed kappa

-fox +twist

maikelulu to ak only
2015-11-12 21:41:29
stich - HLTV.org
author of the article at the top is erroneous, that's my bad
2015-11-12 17:47:53
NotLikeThis :)
2015-11-12 17:54:29
When did pronax leave? :O

How did I miss it :(
2015-11-12 18:06:43
5 minutes ago

2015-11-12 18:08:10
Ehh, why Kappa?
2015-11-12 18:23:50
because it was 7 minutes ago HAAHAHAH

2015-11-12 18:25:42
Sorry for my autistic cousin
2015-11-12 23:17:29
2015-11-12 17:41:57
Holy what?

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:42:05
2015-11-12 17:41:58

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:42:10
2015-11-12 17:42:01
LMAO bb pronax

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:42:34
2015-11-12 17:42:03
cuz dennis want to play with fnatic, and i think he is part of fnatic team now tbh
2015-11-12 17:43:11
Not bb pronax. He said he wants to try something new in 2016. Likely going to NiP.
2015-11-12 18:23:14
you're right! :D
2015-11-12 18:33:31
2015-11-12 17:42:11
2015-11-12 17:42:11
2015-11-12 17:42:14
Wow what
2015-11-12 17:42:20
2015-11-12 17:42:22
2015-11-12 17:42:32
2015-11-12 17:42:32
2015-11-12 17:42:37

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:42:52
2015-11-12 17:42:37
wait wut?
2015-11-12 17:42:41
2015-11-12 17:42:41
ayy lmaoooo
2015-11-12 17:42:41
2015-11-12 17:42:45

rip nip tho
2015-11-12 17:42:46
rip dignitas
2015-11-12 17:42:46
2015-11-12 17:59:06
2015-11-12 18:44:37
2015-11-12 17:42:47
2015-11-12 17:42:49
2015-11-12 17:42:54
Gl to aizy in new good team
2015-11-12 17:42:56
dennis to fnatic loool
2015-11-12 17:42:56
wtf -fox pls
2015-11-12 17:43:00
Because carry VP? 16-0 16-4 16-14 no chance my friend... -Team from poland
2015-11-12 23:39:04
2015-11-12 17:43:16
dennis [*]
2015-11-12 17:43:27
2015-11-12 17:43:29
2015-11-12 17:43:40
I'm not sure if this is an upgrade or not for G2..
2015-11-12 17:43:44
Imo it's the best player to replace dennis. Aizy is skilled enough to take his place in the team and fnatic looks now way to sick.
2015-11-12 17:46:53
2015-11-12 17:50:29
I know aizy is skilled but if anything it should be the weakest player that has to be replaced, not dennis.
2015-11-12 17:50:45
Have you even read?

Dennis didn't get "replaced" he left, got bought out by fnatic.
2015-11-12 17:54:59
K then.
2015-11-12 18:06:59
OMG this firepower on G2 is RIDICILOUS!!
2015-11-12 17:43:53
yep...honestly its a huge upgrade for them...aizy is just on fire atm
2015-11-13 07:48:50
2015-11-12 17:43:57
g2 stronger now guys ? i are think that
2015-11-12 17:44:11
Lmao I F5 HLTV and suddenly dennis in fnatic, aizy in G2
2015-11-12 17:44:22
Same here! I was like, oh great MTG buys out Dreamhack - who gives a shit... Then, "PRONAX LEAVES FNATIC" and "G2 GETS STRONGER". Whirlwind
2015-11-12 20:01:39
rip dennis
2015-11-12 17:44:39
finally aizy is able to play on a good team
2015-11-12 17:45:00
2015-11-12 17:45:10
w0w , gl aizy!
2015-11-12 17:45:19
2015-11-12 17:45:23
2015-11-12 17:45:28
RIP Dignitas
2015-11-12 17:45:29
Your topic is "aizy signs g2"

WHO THE FK CARES, the topic should be "Pronax leaving fnatic, Dennis replaces"
2015-11-12 17:45:50
2015-11-12 17:48:05
Did you read the other article? Mad sweeeed.
2015-11-12 17:51:44
retard much?
2015-11-12 18:38:09
rofl l2r
2015-11-13 03:52:08
G2 is even stronger now, gl!
2015-11-12 17:45:50
Dennis welcome in fnatic
2015-11-12 17:45:52
2015-11-12 17:45:54
I might actually cheer for fnatic now..
2015-11-12 17:45:59
retard spotted.When a team becomes the best youll cheer for it! n1 bro
2015-11-12 18:10:57
yeah, not like the were the best team for more than a year or anything
2015-11-12 18:35:30
I forgive you
2015-11-12 18:56:34
expected no Kappa

2015-11-12 17:46:02
expected af
now g2 are a real team, i mean, powerful, that can disable nV, TSM, Fnatic... and battle for #1 in majors
this is fucking amazing <3
2015-11-12 17:46:06
2015-11-12 17:46:11
expected lol
2015-11-12 17:46:27
LOL???!! that was rly unexpected!
2015-11-12 17:46:28
2015-11-12 17:46:33
2015-11-12 17:46:41
2015-11-12 17:46:55
dignitas sign hunden
2015-11-12 17:47:01
Now that's hell of a good news for Aizy.
2015-11-12 17:47:18
2015-11-12 17:47:27
2015-11-12 17:47:33
2015-11-12 17:47:39
Well, aizy is sick. I would like g2 all the best, but i hope im wrong that without dennis this team would not be what they used to be.
2015-11-12 17:47:41
Pronax rage quit, now dennis is on a team with crybabies JW and Flusha...

At least Aizy now has a good team :D
2015-11-12 17:47:42
2015-11-12 23:32:47
2015-11-13 00:01:30
omg why u cut dennis rofl
2015-11-12 17:47:47
they didnt ... maybe read fnatic bought dennis

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:48:59
2015-11-12 17:48:25
big news
2015-11-12 17:48:01
not shure this is an upgrade? what you guys think?
2015-11-12 17:48:19
2015-11-12 17:48:19
Dignitas tier 6 now lol
2015-11-12 17:48:42
2015-11-12 17:48:44
rip Dignitas...oh wait they already sucked dick
2015-11-12 17:48:48
2015-11-12 17:49:14
2015-11-12 17:49:16
nuttyyy team fuck me
2015-11-12 17:49:17
acilion to dig?
2015-11-12 17:49:20
2015-11-12 17:49:20
+NatoSaphix dignitas
2015-11-12 17:50:22
was about to reply, then i saw your name.. It all makes sense
2015-11-12 18:22:21
Really nice pick up after dennis left. This definetely make G2 stays strong.
2015-11-12 17:50:29
Pimp to sk and just disband dignitas :D
2015-11-12 17:50:57
2015-11-12 17:51:13
c9 get_right c9 pronax confirmed
2015-11-12 17:51:13
what a ugly man , scarface
2015-11-12 17:51:17
nt Snax
2015-11-12 18:00:58
What does that even matter?
2015-11-12 18:09:05
Unless you didn't notice, G2 doesn't compete in a fucking beauty contests but in Counter Strike. And if those 2 would be anywhere near to simillar, I don't think that Fnatic could have won 3 major titles :D

Post edited 2015-11-12 18:26:31
2015-11-12 18:26:07
G2 can live with this, happy for him and dennis!
2015-11-12 17:51:20
what the actual fuck
2015-11-12 17:51:27
Expected. Now aizy doesn't have to carry that hard
2015-11-12 17:51:39
2much firepower on T side from G2.
2015-11-12 17:51:46
2015-11-12 17:51:50
why not RUbino????
2015-11-12 17:51:53
2015-11-12 17:52:14
dennis gona join fnatic

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:57:01
2015-11-12 17:52:41
nip probably KappaRoss
2015-11-12 17:54:47
only just saw the other post. rip nips chance to win
2015-11-12 17:55:19
-lele +dennis = dreamteam
2015-11-12 17:52:43
gj aizy. expected
2015-11-12 17:52:51
ahahahhaha this is amazing
Since begining the community is saying that fox should be the first one leaving
More to follow...
2015-11-12 17:53:36
I know, right? I am laughing to all fox haters as well :D
2015-11-12 18:23:58
Two of them got bought though and fox was the odd man on the team when you look at it in a geographical and linguistic sense. It would have made sense if he were one of the first. fox started out slow but have proven he deserved his spot in the team and have become more comfortable playing in a mixed team like this is.
2015-11-12 18:47:07
i said that trolling xD
2015-11-12 19:32:46
Aizy is a better ak/colt player then Dennis, and Dennis is a better awp/pistol player then Aizy... so for g2 that already got fox and maikelele its at perfect signing of Aizy

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:54:34
2015-11-12 17:53:47
Ez K0nfig to dignitas
2015-11-12 17:53:54
Bah i arent think that
Cioè non lo penso minimamente
2015-11-12 17:55:23
wtf how :D
2015-11-12 17:54:00
Well, that's an improvement! Nice!
2015-11-12 17:54:06
2015-11-12 17:54:33
#EUROshuffle inc!!!
2015-11-12 17:54:38
scandinavian shuffle inc*
2015-11-12 23:33:59
finally aizy with a good team
he had like 200 frags in his last 3 bo3s and didnt win a single one :D
2015-11-12 17:54:43
Yep finally
Finalmente santo dio per un player della madana serviva un team della madana
2015-11-12 17:56:09
haha hunden e dio
2015-11-12 17:57:17
I arent think that u.u
2015-11-12 18:23:41
"undisclosed fee"

Jim White approves. Where's sky sports news hq to report the complete of the signing and is the medical done?
2015-11-12 17:55:05
2015-11-12 17:55:12
The only hope in dignitas I think is bringing in k0nfig or one of SK beast, just as Acillion.

But lets see what happens.
2015-11-12 17:55:28
bb dignitas,no more aizy carry 2 win
2015-11-12 17:55:37
Rip Dig
2015-11-12 17:55:44
2015-11-12 17:55:45

gl aizy!11

Post edited 2015-11-12 17:58:58
2015-11-12 17:55:50
i feel like aizy=dennis with rifles so g2 dont really lose much besides they cant really speak swedish anymore when fox dies.. thats about it
2015-11-12 17:56:20
rifles maybe aizy slightly > dennis but dennis can awp
2015-11-12 18:02:15
who cares if dennis can awp, they got both fox and eksem
2015-11-12 19:14:30
2015-11-12 17:56:21
gl aizy, gl g2, major final inc <3
probably bb dignitas, no carry anymore
2015-11-12 17:56:33
also sick
2015-11-12 17:56:45
sick line up
2015-11-12 17:56:59
G2 honestly going to be fighting TSM and Envy for the numero uno spot now.
2015-11-12 17:57:18
2015-11-12 17:57:46
rip dig
2015-11-12 17:57:49
in shock
2015-11-12 17:58:05
aizy skins
2015-11-12 17:58:05
2015-11-12 17:58:34
fuck you dennis. i love G2 (
2015-11-12 17:58:40
Zonic back in the game!
2015-11-12 17:58:49
2015-11-12 18:00:09
What a mess
2015-11-12 18:01:01
finally aizy in G2 thats what im talking about! but didn't expect its to replace dennis...
2015-11-12 18:01:06
G2 win next major cumfirmed
2015-11-12 18:01:12
rip dignitas and g2
2015-11-12 18:01:26
glad for aizy, deserve a better team than dignitas
2015-11-12 18:01:27
2015-11-12 18:01:35
Dignicrap sinking ship ;-) just like SKaka, they both wont enter top5 (not even top10) at events/majors, mark my words bruhs.
2015-11-12 18:02:00
Lelz 5 clutch players on G2, maikel clutches vs mouz, fox clutches vs nV, rain clutches vs nV, jkaem clutchs vs VP and now aizy who was the clutch player for dignitas
2015-11-12 18:02:44
and absolutely 0 leadership without dennis now, need
- fox
+ pronax
2015-11-12 18:03:55
rain is their igl and they are bringing in coach yes pronax for igl coach
2015-11-12 18:09:25
Rain is IGL and Maikelele is team leader. Nice try idiot. :)
2015-11-12 18:11:58
you can make anyone leader on paper, doens't mean he will be good at it
2015-11-12 18:18:37
G2 top4, almost top2 in Major with that leader combo. :)
2015-11-12 18:20:53
curious to see how this will pan out.
2015-11-12 18:03:07
Wow :o
2015-11-12 18:03:43
2015-11-12 18:03:44
2015-11-12 18:05:30
lol i knew it, i even called this on forum like 2 weeks ago...

A bet maikelele will move to NiP soon too
2015-11-12 18:05:40
pronax to NiP boyzzz
2015-11-12 18:05:42
2015-11-12 18:05:45
sorry, but i think its "rip dignitas"
2015-11-12 18:05:47
2015-11-12 18:05:50
wow huge news.. not sure how i feel about it
2015-11-12 18:06:02
k0nfig will take it :)
2015-11-12 18:06:21
Well, G2 now looks strong as hell. So much firepower and raw talent in the team at this moment.
2015-11-12 18:06:42
Ez Aizy, ez European team:P
2015-11-12 18:07:30
I feel bad for dignitas, they have improved a lot
2015-11-12 18:07:31
nice to see aizy in strong team
2015-11-12 18:08:51
Well played by G2. And well deserved by aizy. He really deserved something better and a team that is actually evolving and becoming better every day.

Great move.
2015-11-12 18:09:00
if -fox +pronax g2 top 3
2015-11-12 18:11:26
damn g2 look great
2015-11-12 18:11:27
I went for a coffe, when I came back all this shit happens. jeezzzz
2015-11-12 18:12:03
cadiaN to Dignitas would be my best bet.
2015-11-12 18:12:17
nah, I would say k0nfig.
2015-11-12 18:13:20
Sad for G2, they showed so much, but they will become like Arsenal. Reviving and making t1 players for others, rip, expecting from aizy to shine even more

Post edited 2015-11-12 18:13:36
2015-11-12 18:13:21
-fox +dennis
2015-11-12 18:13:33
+ur mum
2015-11-12 18:16:21
dignitas disband
2015-11-12 18:13:44
but remember, dennis was THE guy who makes G2 / kinguin relevant, now they lost their gel guy
2015-11-12 18:14:17
Aizy still a godlike player, G2 and Fnatic are in good shape, but Dignitas is pretty fucked.
2015-11-12 18:16:42
agreed, back to the failsquad that was kinguin
2015-11-12 18:16:54
You forgot about their best player, Rain. Jkaem has also been better than dennis after he joined the team.
2015-11-13 00:35:27
I don't really think this is an upgrade or downgrade for the team, aizy has been so good past couple of months.
2015-11-12 18:16:00
and NiP still in their shitty line up
2015-11-12 18:16:56
so how much longer before we see -fox +schneider?
2015-11-12 18:17:28
Very long. Why would theyk ick a player who was carrying them on a major alongside with jkaem?
2015-11-12 18:20:29
communication probably.

plus i don't think it's a question that schneider is a better overall player than fox
2015-11-12 18:24:09
They stated many times that the whole team has no problem with communication in English. And now when they have Aizy there is no reason to want to switch in calling in Swedish since he would not understand properly as well.
2015-11-12 18:28:44
i know they say that, but i don't know how much i buy it. maybe i'm wrong, but fox having one decent tournament isn't enough to convince me he needs to stay.

only time will tell
2015-11-12 18:29:50
k0nfig inc
2015-11-12 18:18:45
Everybody thought that G2 is screwed after ScreaM left and jkaem proved everyone wrong. Aizy is a beast and I think he is a good replacement. The team looks so strong now in the terms of firepower and a raw talent. I believe this will make G2 only stonger.
2015-11-12 18:19:08
2015-11-12 18:20:35
ofcourse this is upgrade

dennis is overrated in csgo
2015-11-12 18:20:36
2015-11-12 18:20:46
sad for dignitas :( hope they can replace him!
2015-11-12 18:21:07
thank god hunden is available
2015-11-12 18:24:56
u forgot kappa :D
2015-11-16 13:31:20
What is this madness 0.o What does pronax do now???
2015-11-12 18:21:58
G2s aim just got even more ridiculous :D
2015-11-12 18:23:48
gl g2
2015-11-12 18:25:21
K0nfig to Dig or ?
2015-11-12 18:26:17
Great job dig you let them "buy out" your best player.
2015-11-12 18:27:01
Congratulations. Very much deserved.. I wish you the best of luck, even though i'm sure you not going to need it! Beast!

2015-11-12 18:27:37
+1 he deserved to be on a better tier team

GL aizy!
2015-11-12 20:31:20
aizy finally gets the team he deserves!
2015-11-12 18:27:50
2015-11-12 18:28:37
RiP dignitas now they are totally worthless
2015-11-12 18:31:11
rip dignitas
2015-11-12 18:32:29
2015-11-12 18:33:14
Aizy deserves that spot
2015-11-12 18:33:17
2015-11-12 18:33:19
-fox +k0nfig, maybe? :P
2015-11-12 18:33:42
Expected that aizy would leave Digshitas unexpected that it's G2 :@

Post edited 2015-11-12 18:37:17
2015-11-12 18:37:06
dignitas disband inc
2015-11-12 18:37:20
K0nfig to dignitas
2015-11-12 18:39:21
2015-11-12 18:39:31
pimp left dig, k0nfig and rubino joined dig
2015-11-12 18:40:12
Holy shit 2222
2015-11-12 18:42:16
YES im pumped to see Aizy being in a team with players of his calibre :D
2015-11-12 18:49:44
- fox
+ scandinavian
2015-11-12 18:55:50
damn #2
2015-11-12 18:56:15
aizy needed a better team than shit dignitas anayway!! good move
2015-11-12 18:58:15
GL aizy, don't suck like ScreaM did in G2/Titan.
2015-11-12 18:58:21
When I'm #SwedenShuffle
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJMWumotUvw&fe.. !
2015-11-12 18:58:22
tsm is fucked, they should have picked aizy now too late , soon g2 will destroy them
2015-11-12 18:59:15
Called this during the major and was told it'd never happen. Although I called fox out and aizy in.
2015-11-12 19:01:00
Kick fox. Bring allu. You will have Scandinavian team. Bring pronax to NIP. Fuck yeah.
2015-11-12 19:03:35
For the last time, Finland is not part of Scandinavia...
2015-11-12 19:11:42
Too bad. They have "similar" flag. Still kick fox and get a second Swedish player.
2015-11-12 21:38:44
Since I can't edit my post below I'll post here.
I did research and indeed it is true. Finland is NOT part of Scandinavia. I mistaken Scandinavia with Nordic countries.
My bad.
2015-11-12 21:56:34
fox > allu. And finnish(finlandia language) is as far from Norwegian/Swedish/Danish as finnish are.

Post edited 2015-11-13 00:31:56
2015-11-13 00:30:57
RIP dignitas.
2015-11-12 19:06:57
New G2 > old G2

anyways Pronax to Nip confirmed

2015-11-12 19:08:31
aizy skins, aizy life!
2015-11-12 19:13:43
I'm calling it right now:

In 2016 when NiP contracts expire, G2 will -fox -aizy +2 from NiP

When TSM fail to make it into top2 or top4 in next major, they will -Xyp9x or cajunb +aizy
2015-11-12 19:14:49
Won't be suprised seems like G2 is a place where players play untill a team they want to play for picks them up.


ScreaM and now Dennis

Won't be surprised if Maikelele leaves if NiP ask him to come back ( I'm not saying they will)
2015-11-12 21:06:49
Well, Dennis went to a better team and a better org, cant say the same about Scream, titan is clearly a downgrade from g2.
2015-11-13 04:34:03
why dennis, why?
2015-11-12 19:24:52
i prefer dennis, but lets see how aizy are good.
2015-11-12 19:30:39
n1 xD
2015-11-12 19:33:14
2015-11-12 19:37:12
Top 1 inc? I aren't think that but maybe?
2015-11-12 19:40:49
Yes they can become top1
I are think too.
Too much raw skill in one team.
2015-11-12 19:48:09
The beginning of the end for G2.. ggwp, it was fun!
2015-11-12 19:47:15
they said the same with scream
2015-11-13 01:05:18
Why Dennis why? :(
2015-11-12 19:47:34
Hopefully he gets comfortable here, really sick player, deserves a shot with a good team!
2015-11-12 19:51:23
good luck
2015-11-12 20:17:45
G2 Norwegian team now
2015-11-12 20:19:16
Byebye g2 :(
2015-11-12 20:19:23
Sad too see dennis leave but aizy is a fucking good replacement
2015-11-12 20:26:33
2015-11-12 20:37:26

stupid move by G2... dennis>aizy any day, any time

aizy had 1 good lan and now he's great player? rofl

tell me why he got kicked from dignitas? because he didn't show up
2015-11-12 20:43:45
salty VP fanboy still crying :D
aizy carrying Dignitas from the beggining of it's new roster.
He was kicked from old dignitas cuz he was onliner and couldn't resist the pressure,now he is capable of doing it,that's why he is a god youngster,as Niko.
2015-11-12 21:20:48
let's w8

but imo they will kick him in few months
2015-11-12 21:24:38
i dont think aizy>dennis right now but no way aizy not a bad player he is just monster and with few months he will be carrying G2 imo

And another for me -fox or maikelele +pronax as igl then G2 tier 1 and top3
2015-11-12 21:31:16
dude,they reached semifinal of the major with rain IGLing,can u imagine if they will add pronax as a coach?They will definetely be 1 of the best teams in the world.AS i wrote that G2 now are looking for a coach,after departure of LEGIJA
2015-11-12 21:36:19
But they didn't have to choice to keep dennis. They were nice to let him go to fnatic.
2015-11-12 21:31:39
lol so funny to see this comment
aizy has been carrying Dignitas for idk since how long ago. he just stood out more this major because his team mates played extremely bad.
and sorry can't agree that dennis > aizy, not saying aizy > dennis now but in the future definitely he will be.
2015-11-13 02:20:04
aizy has been carrying Dignitas


they kicked him from dignitas because he was underperforming big time and you wrote that he was their main carry ROFL

2015-11-13 02:50:41
ROFL. nice. Let stats prove him wrong.
You honestly think they KICKED aizy, not aizy being picked up by G2? G2 is obviously a better team than Dig atm.
2015-11-13 07:29:15
You know that I meant old dignitas with device, fetish right?
2015-11-13 08:12:08
U are one stupid polak.
2015-11-13 12:15:02
tell me why he got kicked from dignitas? because he didn't show up

you know that I meant old dignitas right? With device, FeTiSh etc?
2015-11-13 12:16:32
Wow aizy has a good team now

Deserved for aizy
2015-11-12 20:50:01
TIER 1 confiermed
2015-11-12 21:03:36
Holy shit rest in peace every other tier 1 team...
2015-11-12 21:06:41
I think dennis < aizy so gl foxinho
2015-11-12 21:25:25
-Philip "aizy" Aistrup
2015-11-12 21:30:11
not sure if trolling or dolboeb
2015-11-12 21:37:14
2015-11-12 21:33:43
And give AWP back to Maikelele? No way. Fox is also better skillwise than Pronax.
2015-11-13 00:33:15
2015-11-13 01:02:04
Yeah that's a good point. Forgot about Misselele
2015-11-13 05:31:37
So sad
2015-11-12 21:42:50
sad for dennis for g2, nice for aizy <3
2015-11-12 21:45:25
joining fnatic is not sad for dennis
2015-11-12 22:37:35
sad for g2 bcuz of dennis i meant... not for him personally
2015-11-13 01:38:30
2015-11-12 22:01:57
they need to draw another playerpicture now... :D
2015-11-12 22:10:12

and we have nice flag colours
2015-11-12 22:24:44
-norwegian player + random to have 5 different flags
2015-11-12 22:39:21
rip penguins, back to tier3 again
2015-11-12 22:39:02
So sad, loved g2
2015-11-12 23:04:39
Now G2 needs to kick one of the Norwegians and pick up a Finn to complete the Scandinavian trifecta
2015-11-12 23:52:39
finnland is not scandinavia
2015-11-13 03:32:17
youre talking about the linguistic scandinavia, im talking about the geographic scandinavia
2015-11-13 15:29:25
dennis is good...

buy aizy is way better
2015-11-13 00:28:03
aizy is so good
2015-11-13 03:21:32
Nice, both teams end up stronger after changes imo.
2015-11-13 03:42:53
2015-11-13 07:29:59
just wow!this line up looks good
nice changes
2015-11-13 07:35:51
BARRBAR + G2 plz
2015-11-13 08:56:10
Aizy was the best player in Dignitas, G2 will only get stronger with his arrival
2015-11-13 09:16:31
"now means that the team comprises one Swedish player, two Norwegians, one Dane, and one Portuguese player, bringing the squad more back in line with its pan-European beginnings."

lol, 4 people who speak pretty much the same language and 1 guy who speaks Portuguese... very diverse ;)
2015-11-13 10:14:41
So a team with players from Jamaica, England, Singapore, USA and Nigeria wouldnt be a international team since english is prmiary language in those countries? ;)
2015-11-13 10:52:57
fnatic with dennis will be beast again and G2 (sadly that dennis left becuz he was getting stronger and stronger again) but i think aizy is on his skill level so G2 will do great in future as well... nice for aizy, it wa so sad to see him at dreamhack cluj carrying so hard and lose nevertheless
2015-11-13 10:50:12
fnatic is like

guys we are not top 1 any more we should to a change
2015-11-13 10:54:49
2015-11-13 10:55:20
g2 owner ocelote is the biggest fucking faggot there is, hope he enjoys ruining his own teams for more money

fuck this guy so much
2015-11-13 12:20:49
he didn't ruin shit.He actually did better for his players.Scream always wanted to play in a french speaking team,that's why he let him go and got money for it.Same story with dennis,he wanted to play with his biggest friend Olof and ofc wanted to play in Fnatic,he gave him that opportunity and got money for it.
Don't u think that it's better to keep team motivated to play and better bring in someone who rly wants to play for this team,than keeping smbd who doesn't feek comfotable playing with his team,cuz his organisation owners have such a big ego,that they can't sell him to the team he wants to play in?I think they did a good think,letting him go.
2015-11-13 16:08:43
stopped reading after your username
2015-11-13 19:40:18
>saw your name
>understood how retarded u are
no need to answer to me no more,thx
2015-11-13 19:53:43
How much? Aizy fanboy sucking dick on HLTV is a new one tho

Post edited 2015-11-13 20:14:19
2015-11-13 20:13:19
He makes a good comment at u make a fucking spastic comment. ppl like u are the reason HLTV has cancer atm. fucking leave an take the rest of the idiots with u.
2015-11-13 20:18:19
rip g2 and rip dignitas [*]
2015-11-13 14:45:58
gl aizy
2015-11-13 15:58:41
Eeasy Niko Mikelele Pronax Aizy + 1 good sniper No JW no KennyS (Can be 1 person from Navi) Lets go Make Dream Team ! New Team to get top 1 place.
2015-11-13 18:15:17
Craizy aizy!
2015-11-14 03:38:17
Really strong team
2015-11-16 13:27:44
Nice !
2016-01-04 18:57:52
gl aizy
2016-01-04 19:02:05

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