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Top 20 players of 2015: apEX (18)
Time: 2016-01-03 20:04
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dan "apEX" Madesclaire makes our top 20 ranking for the second year in a row. As number 18 on the list, Madesclaire boasts a strong T side and is a big impact player when on point, although he missed out on ranking higher due to his volatile play, which occurs not only between events, but even map-to-map.

Dan "apEX" Madesclaire has been playing with a lot of the players at the top of French CS for years, including playing in a CS:Source lineup for 3DMAX as an 18 year old with Richard "shox" Papillon, Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, and current teammate Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer which managed to finish 3rd at Copenhagen Games in 2011.

After a bumpy stint in VeryGames, CS:GO came out and apEX joined Happy and player turned analyst Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez under the eXtensive banner, a team that would go on to become LDLC and eventually also include Kenny "kennyS" Schrub.

LDLC disbanded and apEX went on to play for Clan-Mystik with another one of his current team members, Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey, in a team that beat VG at the ESWC 2013 finals against all odds.

The Mystik days 

Clan-Mystik now vanished, apEX got reunited with Maniac and Happy in LDLC, but this time joined by the infamous Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian—a player who would go on to crush apEX’s dream of playing the Dreamhack Winter 2014 major with their next team, KÚvin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans’s Titan. Despite this setback, however, apEX still managed to make last year’s top 20 ranking in 15th place.

This year started off well for apEX with two solid performances at ASUS ROG and at the Inferno Online Pantamera challenge, where he posted ratings of 1.17 (+15) and 1.15 (+18) respectively despite losing the finals—2-0 in both cases—to NiP and fnatic.

ESL One Katowice, the first major of the year, ended up being apEX’s first dip in a bipolar year with Titan out of the tournament after a measly two maps. apEX shared the team’s lowest rating (0.64) with IGL Ex6TenZ, the latter even ending up with two more frags.

Titan, a bumpy ride for apEX

After the blunder that was Katowice, apEX got serene at SLTV’s StarSeries XXII finals, forgetting his old nonsense and achieving a 1.12 (+16) rating. Quite a fea,considering Titan ended up fourth out of six teams losing a majority of the maps played.

The next three events apEX attended were ESL Pro League Winter 2014-15 finals, ESEA Invite Season 18 Global Finals, and Dreamhack Open Tours. This period of the year was relatively quiet, with the ESEA LAN being his best event of the three (1.03, +2) and DH Tours being the worst (0.90, -7) and the shortest with only three maps being played and marking nother early exit at an event where apEX’s performance was not up to snuff.

apEX’s last good tournament with Titan was Gfinity Spring Masters 2, one of the rare tournaments in which the whole team played fairly well despite falling 2-1 to eventual champions fnatic in the semifinal, an event apEX finished with a rating of 1.09 (+28), the third best on the team.

The beginning of the end for apEX’s time in Titan came during Dreamhack Open Summer 2015 (0.97, -16), the first of three tournaments in the red that got incrementally worse with Gfinity Summer Masters 1 (0.92, -18) and ESWC (0.80, -13), where the team failed once again to survive through the group stage.

While Titan were struggling, things at the EnVyUs camp weren’t particularly smooth either, and after they lost 2-0 to Cloud9 at ESWC amidst internal disputes, apEX was about to get a new beginning.

apEX and kennyS win the swap

On July 15th, news of a swap between the two top French teams came out, which would see apEX and teammate kennyS get an upgrade as they switched spots with shox and Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux.

On a top team now and relieved of certain stress, apEX touted a 1.09 (+19) rating in 9 maps at IEM Gamescom, the second best in the team, which helped nV win their first international event with the new lineup in preparation for their first major, ESL One Cologne.

ESL One Cologne rolled around two weeks later, and apEX basically mirrored his performance with a 1.09 (+18) rating, except this time it was as the team’s top performer. While EnVyUs couldn’t take the trophy home, apEX showed he could and would show up at the majors.

apEX went hard in Cologne

With two good events under his belt, apEX hit a slump at ESL ESEA Dubai and Dreamhack Open London, being the worst rated player on his team in both tournaments. While ESL ESEA Dubai was a disappointment as a whole, nV still managed to win DH London despite apEX’s below average play and a particularly disastrous grand final performance in which he ended up with an incredibly low rating of 0.52 (-25).

Just like at IEM Gamescom, apEX found his form again one tournament before the next major in his team’s victory at the Gfinity Champion of Champions, his best performance of the year. His rating of 1.07 (+16) was worthy of the team’s MVP, a title he battled Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt for.

Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca was apEX’s time to solidify his status as a player that shows up at big events, and he certainly did, ending in him and kennyS winning their first major. While not the highest rated player on the team or having many mind blowing moments, apEX still had a 1.11 (+20) rating and fulfilled his duties well. The importance of apEX’s multi-kills in this event was paramount, considering 42 out of the 47 (89%) rounds he got 2 or more kills in were eventually won by hi team.

The major dream comes true in Romania

The same way ESL ESEA Dubai had not gone so well after the ESL One Cologne major, the post-major depression after DH Cluj-Napoca settled in and apEX put in his worst showing of the year since he joined nV at the FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 finals with a 0.82 (-12) rating, the 4th lowest on the team and his only showing under 0.85 with EnVyUs all year.

The last event of this rollercoaster of a year for apEX was ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 finals. apEX played one last solid tournament in Burbank (1.07, +9) to close out the year despite nV falling out in the semifinals.

Why is he the 18th best player of 2015?

apEX made the list for two reasons, mainly, and the first one is the influence he had on his teams. When apEX didn’t show up, his teams struggled, as seen in the group stage exits his teams had in ESL One Katowice, DH Tours, ESWC, ESL ESEA Dubai, and Faceit Season 3. Meanwhile, at events like ASUS ROG, Pantamera, IEM Gamescom, and more importantly the last two majors in which apEX had strong showings, his teams went far.

Added to the fact that he is the most aggressive opening fragger in the game (involved in 32.3% of first duels on T side), this makes for an explosive combination that has highly swayed—for good and bad—how his teams have fared, particularly during his time in Titan where he couldn’t share the load the way he could in the talent-packed roster that is EnVyUs.

This ties into the second biggest factor that put apEX in this ranking, and that is the importance he has had in both of his major runs with EnVyUs, culminating in his first major victory in Romania.

Leading the team to a final in Cologne was no small feat as an opening fragger, particularly one as aggressive as himself. The same can be said of DH Cluj-Napoca, an event in which while he did not necessarily have the best statistics, we saw how fundamentally important his rounds with two kills or more were to his team. Add in the fact that he has an above average multi-kill round percentage (19%), and apEX can be lethal.

apEX at DH Cluj-Napoca

Several things have impeded him being higher up on the list, however, with the most obvious one being a clear lack of consistency from tournament to tournament, between matches in a tournament, and between maps in matches. 

One thing that has been consistent and detrimental to his placing in our ranking is the fact that apEX has the third lowest rating out of all of this year’s top 20 players in big matches, with a 0.99 rating in semifinals and finals, and an even worse 0.96 average from all eight of the finals he played in.

His importance to the team differed greatly between his time in Titan during the first half of the year and his time in EnVyUs during the second half.

apEX was the 2nd most important player in Titan, a team struggling greatly to win rounds in which he didn't get at least one kill (they only managed to do it 32.8% of the time), while in EnVyUs he contributed more consistently and was more efficient in getting the opening kills.

What is your opinion on apEX's level of play in 2015? Where would you have rated him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.


Post edited 2016-01-03 20:05:12
2016-01-03 20:05:02
2016-01-03 20:05:02
i think apex deserved to be a little bit higher like 13 or 14 but nevermind
2016-01-03 22:02:17
His current form deserves a higher ranking. But when he was on Titan he was just average. And that's obviously included.
2016-01-03 23:33:50
2016-01-04 00:08:30
you can't think logically like that, you have to blindly rate only the last 3 months and only his good games.

Post edited 2016-01-04 01:28:21
2016-01-04 01:28:01
2016-01-04 01:52:46
2016-01-03 20:05:04
EZ expected
2016-01-03 20:05:07
2016-01-03 20:05:07
2016-01-03 20:05:08
nt Frog eaters
2016-01-03 20:05:11
hello pasha top 200
2016-01-03 23:44:52
2016-01-03 20:05:15
2016-01-03 20:05:27
apex from dubai?
2016-01-03 20:05:29
2016-01-03 20:05:32
2016-01-03 20:05:39
2016-01-03 20:05:52
apex 18? so bad
2016-01-03 20:05:57
2016-01-03 20:06:04
2016-01-03 20:06:06
Easy rapex <3333
2016-01-03 20:06:07
I could have eaten this (baguette) top kek
2016-01-03 20:06:10

Post edited 2016-01-03 20:06:45
2016-01-03 20:06:10
2016-01-03 20:06:11
2016-01-03 20:06:11
how did this low get into the top20 lol?
2016-01-03 20:06:30
2016-01-03 20:08:44
better aim than device
2016-01-03 20:12:05
i dont doubt that. every pro should have superb aim

2016-01-03 20:13:41
device doesn't have superb aim. He is just good player overall (max top 15)
2016-01-03 20:50:05
totaly agree. I like Device, he is a good player but he is overated
2016-01-03 22:02:48
You know there is stats for these things right? You don't need to guess or rely on what you saw him do on that one game you saw on stream. Look up the stats and stop being ignorant.
2016-01-04 14:41:56
Stats doesn't say anything. 50% his frags was from eco rounds or when he save weapon in 1vsX situation. I don't say that he is bad player. But he is overrated.
2016-01-04 14:54:21
Read the text maybe?
2016-01-03 20:19:00
give me a short version please. probably carried into top20 by his major title
2016-01-03 20:27:14
Yeah... Achievements tend to get noticed you know... You can be a totally unknown player that has the potential to be the best, but if u dont actually accomplish anything then how can anyone gauge their performance when it matters?
2016-01-03 21:08:41
hes just that low on the list because of his time in titan, he would be much higher if it wasnt for that so nice try my man.
2016-01-04 00:09:57
Kennys top 1
2016-01-03 20:07:17
2016-01-03 20:07:57
2016-01-03 20:07:59
only 18 ?
2016-01-03 20:08:23
39th fuckyea we did it reddit

Post edited 2016-01-03 20:09:19
2016-01-03 20:09:07
2016-01-03 20:09:18
should be higher
2016-01-03 20:09:25
Apex > ki0
2016-01-03 20:09:50
ofc but kio isnt in top 20, and if it is, it's because apex only played with nv for less than half the year and did nothing prior to it.
2016-01-03 20:12:46
2016-01-03 20:09:57
When apex was in Clan Mystik he was like Eminem oO
2016-01-03 20:11:07
18? wtf
2016-01-03 20:11:58
should definitely be higher up there! Top 3 entry fragger easily. When he hits his highest level he's fkin nuts
2016-01-03 20:12:52
Read the stats, you're obviously wrong. Pretty much every top player is nuts when they hit their highest level, really dumb argument. The question is who does it most consecutively, and that's for sure not apex.
2016-01-04 01:07:38
lmao are u expecting an entry fragger to have insane stats or what? Their job is to open up a site, normally they get 1 kill and die. At few times maybe 2-3 and die/still survive.
2016-01-04 20:35:59
Apex is a god entry like 1/10 games and very good 1/5, this is not good enough for better than #18.
2016-01-05 01:52:26
If you're saying that he's a top three entry fragger, then it would show in the entry stats, obviously. If you compare him to other entry fraggers it's clear that he's not as good as you think he is. He's not consistent enought, simple as that. Get out of his ass.
2016-01-05 03:59:29
LOOOL should hiher top 10 at least
2016-01-03 20:13:03
Not really
2016-01-03 20:24:53
Taking stats to rank an entryfragger player is not the smartest choice.
2016-01-03 20:13:38
Yea well this list isn't role-specific and it doesn't take into account your playstyle. It'd be way too hard to rank players and adjusting their impact to the role they're playing.

Apex still has amazing stats for an entry.
2016-01-03 20:16:06

Post edited 2016-01-03 20:13:58
2016-01-03 20:13:45
Apex 18?
2016-01-03 20:14:58
He can be in a better position if he was more regular
2016-01-03 20:15:04
2016-01-03 20:15:44
undeserved imo

edit: thinking about it, I'm not so sure. I guess I'm fine with him at #18 but I would put him 19 or 20

Post edited 2016-01-03 20:19:42
2016-01-03 20:15:59
2016-01-03 20:17:28
deserved, he became better in Envy
2016-01-03 20:17:38
I have always been able to understand why HLTV places a certain player at their rankings although sometimes i dont agree always.However i really dont get why apex is top18:

He has numerous events with bad rating.

His major's rating is horrible(overall)

He was unable to go big in any Final

For the first 6 months of the year he had several maps where he destroyed top10-12 teams alone but aside from this he did not impress a lot in any tournament for a 1/2 year period.
2016-01-03 20:18:02
1+ rating in majors isnt horrible exactly, its good and since majors count for a lot, the placing is just fine.
2016-01-03 20:30:53
if there is one thing I hate on hltv is how you constantly use player's surname, so annoying
2016-01-03 20:18:43
'Madesclaire at DH-Cluj' is way better than 'Dan at DH-Cluj', and actual names barely get used anyway, this is allright.
2016-01-03 20:28:14
2016-01-03 20:19:26
yes agree
very good underrated playar
2016-01-03 20:21:32
Nice analysis
2016-01-03 20:22:19
Thank mr apex
2016-01-03 20:22:32
not expected
2016-01-03 20:22:35
NBK top 12 inc
2016-01-03 20:23:08
Amazing entryfragger!
2016-01-03 20:28:07
2016-01-03 20:29:17
apEX 18?
lol what?
2016-01-03 20:31:20
Seized next? xD :D
2016-01-03 20:31:42
2016-01-03 20:36:25
Well he acctually played just aswell at majors (perfomance 1.08) as Happy, KennyS, NBK, F0rest and dupreeh.
2016-01-03 20:44:19
Happy top 10 confirmed
2016-01-03 20:39:02
Kripparrian no 1
2016-01-03 20:39:03
imo best entry in da world
2016-01-03 20:39:29
Fox in top 20?
2016-01-03 20:41:19
maybe when all pros retire ::::::::)))))))
2016-01-03 20:43:50
You have so fun ahahaha
2016-01-03 20:45:29
2016-01-03 20:42:59
He totally should be in top15
2016-01-03 20:44:12
Yeah right
2016-01-03 20:44:13
not expected rank
2016-01-03 20:53:58
wp apex
2016-01-03 20:54:03
it annoys me that fucking Jordan n0thing Gilbert is gonna be higher on the top than apEX , his LIFE is overhyped and overrated
2016-01-03 20:54:55
he's done n0thing to deserve a place in a top 20 list, highly disappointing if he ends up on it at all at any position.

ohgodsorry for the pun

Post edited 2016-01-03 21:01:11
2016-01-03 21:01:01
in what world would he get in the top20 list? use your brain before posting
2016-01-03 21:11:29
just wait and see...
2016-01-03 21:51:03
n0thing wont be in the top 20 dont worry.
2016-01-03 22:00:07
If it's not him it's gonna be Shroud , none of them n0thing nor Shroud should be above apEX , arguebly Skadoodle.
2016-01-03 22:25:58
skadoodle is where he should be place 20 ( hes a very good player) and no NA player will be higher
2016-01-04 00:12:25
lmao dude theres no way
2016-01-03 22:01:19
You deluded moron, Jordan can't make the list.. It's impossible, Skadoodle was the highest rated player at the majority of events for C9. Therefore no one on C9 can be on this list. If only you had a brain to understand what I just said, but you don't and will probably argue against it. Sad sad world.
2016-01-04 00:42:31
wouldve expected him slightly higher, still gj, ranking seems legit so far
2016-01-03 20:59:16
2016-01-03 21:00:51
apEX deserves more than that !
2016-01-03 21:02:43
ska > apex this ranking is literally aids
2016-01-03 21:08:56
apEX like top 5 LOL
2016-01-03 21:09:42
not expected but n1
2016-01-03 21:17:09
two russians at rank expected
2016-01-03 21:23:35
consistent in envy wp
2016-01-03 21:24:32
big kappa
2016-01-03 21:38:45
These are the 17 other players I think will be in the top20 (random order) :)


Post edited 2016-01-03 21:55:43
2016-01-03 21:54:17
Rain>GTR f0rest dupreeh snax flusha Nbk Kenny Happy
2016-01-03 22:09:52
Might be, didn't say he weren't
2016-01-03 22:32:53
coldzera ? o.O...
2016-01-03 22:10:53
He wasn't part of the pro scene for more than half of the year and that's why I think he won't be a part of the top20 but I might be wrong
2016-01-03 22:36:18
100% missing:


probably missing:


questionable players on your list:


questionable players missing:


100% not top 20:


so imo:



last 2 spots:

neo, niko, aizy, simple, cold... pick 2

Post edited 2016-01-03 23:43:37
2016-01-03 23:42:03
This list is cancer.
2016-01-03 21:56:29
if any nip member is gnna be in the list, so higher placed than apex then im fucking done..
2016-01-03 22:01:06
ofc yes
gtr, f0rest >>>>> apex
just stfu, if you are stupid
2016-01-03 22:05:11
<3 NiP

Do you even think for a second that im gonna take u serious?
2016-01-03 22:38:14
haha, i don't give a fuck
i just said that you are fucking stupid
really, how old are you?
2016-01-03 22:42:19
2016-01-04 00:44:21
I dislike NiP more then anyone and love them losing to everyone, but as a hater f0rest and GTR through out the year have been better players individually then Apex.. Don't be a kid and let your hate for them cloud your judgement on how good they are for their team, they made many top 4 finishes in the year.. They won't get ranked in the top 10 but they should atleast be in the top 10-20.
2016-01-04 04:12:25
M8, i don't say theyre bad players lmao, f0rest is after neo the best player that ever touched the game, we're graced to have someone like him but imo apex was better than both GTR and f0rest THIS YEAR, this doesnt mean he's a better player than them overall im just stating the individual performances. f0rest has been shit throughout the whole year, he started to get back to his level the past few months while apex reached a level that I have rarely seen for an entry fragger.
2016-01-04 16:51:43
gtr >>>>>> Apex
f0rest >>>>>> Apex

Wait and see
2016-01-03 22:06:30
true, apex played much better than nip this year except for forest maybe.
2016-01-04 05:27:13
Yee my broo
2016-01-03 22:08:57
apex not in top5 or at least top8?

nice joke ranking lol
2016-01-03 22:32:14
fangay detected
2016-01-03 22:48:37
2016-01-04 12:43:36
Apex deserves top 5 atleast
2016-01-03 22:45:49
deserve top5?

He do nothing first 6 mounths of 2015, he suck at titan, and he only get some achievements on envy, only that, how deserve top5? rlly, stop be so fangay.
2016-01-03 22:49:45
stupid fanboy
2016-01-03 22:55:54
It's for the whole YEAR, not 2 months LOL.
2016-01-04 00:43:20


no order :D
2016-01-04 12:10:15
i can confirm nro.20 ska and nro.19 allu, but this shit on my personal computer screen no way. He havent done anyhting special in 2015, and no i dont mean like fucking epic clutch 1vs5 but fucking nothing. Maybe yes if you only look stats, but in team like envyus it doesnt mean shit.
2016-01-03 23:13:43
best entryfragger ever
2016-01-03 23:32:01
This guy deserves top 10 atleast....,......
2016-01-03 23:35:15
Why for been utter useless for 8 months of the year, and Envy only picking him up because he was a raw entry fragger that will do that job no questions asked and there was no other option in France. So he was good for 1/4 of the year. It's top 20 of the YEAR, not 1/4 of the year moron. He doesn't deserve any higher. It's more then logical.
2016-01-04 00:45:08
Such gr8 analysis dude, you deserve an award for the most retarded comment of this thread well played!
2016-01-04 13:43:28
You are like 10 years old, so your comment means dick all.
2016-01-05 01:38:11
good player at the begining and half of the year, gl hf in the future.
2016-01-03 23:46:31
Apex top 8 at least but ok
2016-01-03 23:48:55
Apex fanboys wanting Apex to be rated at least Top 10 and below EleGiggle

2016-01-03 23:55:54
top kek
2016-01-04 00:01:52
he was decent at ESL Koln 2015, in a
2016-01-04 00:06:00
le joke
2016-01-04 00:13:53
2016-01-04 00:45:20
The only thing that will make this better is if ScreaM is ranked higher lolol hltv will EXPLODE
2016-01-04 00:50:04
#4ScreaM confirmed
2016-01-04 05:42:59
expected (y)
2016-01-04 01:56:31
2016-01-04 02:05:05
lol.. Titan was bumpy road? Look at stats with nV, not bumpy just going to the bottom
2016-01-04 02:52:20
where can you find "detailed" stats? ratio of rounds won, success rate etc
2016-01-04 04:18:27
Pronax Top 3... GG
2016-01-04 04:38:10
overrated and bad
2016-01-04 05:13:30
lol wut
2016-01-04 05:42:16
rapex best
2016-01-04 07:24:51
should be higher! good year for him! congrats!
2016-01-04 12:26:07
OK no need to have a look at all those useless stats if the result makes absolutely no sense at all...
2016-01-04 13:40:56
money f*cked?? o.O
2016-01-04 14:33:50
2016-01-04 16:53:45
top 1 entry fragger

he's insane at winning 1v1 aimduels and cleaning bombsites

best t player in the world

underrated as fuck

RAPEX <33333333333333
2016-01-04 18:01:14

He is amazingly inconsistent. He has great games but you will struggle to find any player playing for a good team with such low ratings.

He is very good at a small part of the game, an important part yes but only a small part. The rest of the game he can be terrible at and if he is not hitting his shots he can become basically useless.
2016-01-05 17:09:31
I wouldn't watch for the ratings concerning that player, in some cases rating don't mean much, just need to see the impact he has on some round when he takes entry/multi frags, and his complicated role needs to be taken into consideration too.

He was able to be very impactful during the last 2 majors (especially Koln), contrary to some players with such high rating in general

I'm biased as fuck btw
2016-01-05 17:29:41
Sorry for late reply. I do not take much from rating tbh because they do not say much. my point is hes so often really bad, as often as he is really good.

As I said he does have a difficult role but it is not the only role he plays, he is not entry fragging every situation and half the game (ct) he obviously is never entry fragging. His entry fragging can be arguably be the best there is due to his speed and skill, but its quite a rare sight to see and the rest of the game hes usually crap. He turned up to his first major with EnvyUs on form, and he was amazing but thats the only way hes performing at a top level is if you catch him on form.
2016-01-06 14:48:43
About right players
2016-01-05 17:33:31
Would have personally place him a bit higher but probably too biased because french ^^

Anyways, being the 18th world best player is probably alright for Dan, and he fully deserves it.

You're making lots of boys proud at home <3
2016-01-06 19:23:38
UNEXPECTED! Better than Skadoodle? NOPE!
2016-01-08 00:00:33

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