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OpTic Gaming pick up ex-Conquest
Time: 2016-01-04 20:11
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

OpTic Gaming, an American organization with deep roots in Call of Duty, have picked up the ex-Conquest roster around Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan.

Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan and company have been left without an organization after cutting ties with Conquest to look for a new home for 2016.

After exploring their options for a couple of weeks the lineup have found a new organization to represent in OpTic Gaming.

ShahZaM's roster become OpTic Gaming

OpTic is a well-known organization within the Call of Duty scene, who also brought up the likes of Matt "NaDeSHoT" Haag. They have just announced their venture into CS:GO with ex-Conquest's exact same roster despite rumours of another major shuffle within North America.

OpTic's roster is following:

Damian "daps" Steele
Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan
Keith "NAF" Markovic
Will "RUSH" Wierzba
Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz 

The team's debut in the new home will be the ELEAGUE Road To Vegas finale, where they will meet CSGL on January 7th.

The organization also released a video, which goes quite in-depth into the individual players, the whole lineup and its plans in the future, including a gaming house, among other things:

2016-01-04 20:12:18

ex-conquest gaming??? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

fucking wow, another SK gaming pick up a shit team org.

what a joke, ex-TSM are literally free

Are OpTic autists?
2016-01-04 21:12:37
typical eu shit not even watching the vid

coming from no scene uk nonetheless
2016-01-04 21:16:54
dont need to watch the video, i can see how garbage the roster is from the list.

2016-01-04 21:23:52
you said they were autists because they didn't pick up TSm, you though are an autist because they said they tried but couldn't get the deal through. Also conquest is a really good team definitely top 5 US they used to be first and beat VP which are currently third world.

also conquest is obviously > than every UK team

fuck UK

Uk scene sucks donkey cock.
2016-01-04 21:49:22
You are so delusional, sad.
2016-01-04 21:50:49
2016-01-04 21:51:12
don't listen to him probably got brain dmg from paris
2016-01-04 21:53:12
poor frenchie fry. atleast US girls shave their legs amirite?
2016-01-04 21:53:55

2016-01-04 21:57:35
Faze signs Mousesports. since they were there in germany in meetings with mousesports manager
2016-01-04 22:22:35
source ?
2016-01-04 22:39:19
It was told in a snapchat from the owners of faze. They didn't finalize the contracts or they didn't even made a move, o
2016-01-04 23:48:45
damn if hardcore CoD orgs turn to CS:GO cod must be fucking dead
2016-01-05 02:56:23
lmfao you think french girls don't shave their legs ? welcome to america that doesn't know any other cultures, and we also doesn't have electricity to play cs.
2016-01-05 00:57:27
Uh u got the wrong idea about America lol
2016-01-05 01:26:53
like you getting the wrong idea about french girls ?
2016-01-05 01:46:22
I never said anything about French girls?? Strange assumption
2016-01-05 20:28:33
America=Kids killing their parents every week and lots of burgers and shit cs players

Post edited 2016-01-05 01:53:14
2016-01-05 01:52:53
sorry i misread the nickname.
2016-01-05 23:38:02
lol that grammar op
2016-01-05 04:32:04
do you speak french ?
2016-01-05 14:39:54
2016-01-05 14:59:05
Dude there are dumbasses everywherr. I know french ppl who think I live in a igloo and own deers as pets
2016-01-05 12:19:16

Post edited 2016-01-05 15:37:52
2016-01-05 15:37:38
How is he delusional when all he did was state facts?
You fucking retarded baguette
OpTiC couldn't pick up exTSM (FACT)
He proved that other kid wrong because he didnt watch the video (FACT)
Conquest was ranked top 5 NA team (FACT)
dumbass frenchie
2016-01-04 23:46:26
South Korea smallest dick size in the world. FeelsBadMan
2016-01-05 00:06:38
lmfao that's the only insult you have aussie fag?
Where's your proof anyway? Hm?
Aussies fucking blow at every esport hahahahaha
2016-01-05 00:18:27
Lol I don't care about Australian scene in esports. Unlike you my life doesn't revolve around gaming and esports :>

2016-01-05 00:48:15
And unlike you my life doesn't revolve around talking about random people's penises. Touche
2016-01-05 00:49:12
It doesn't - I was just making a point.
2016-01-05 00:49:53
Neither does my life. I was just making a point too
2016-01-05 00:50:43
LOL damn you're really into penises hahahahahaha. Pathetic aussies man. Good for nothing but talking about penises
2016-01-05 02:20:14
Don't mind him, probably some bogan that failed school
2016-01-05 03:52:53
you da real mvp
2016-01-05 05:18:00
Jamenson's search history: "Average penis sizes across the globe"
Hahahahahahahaha man you're definitely a penis lover. But I wont judge
2016-01-05 02:22:37
(you asked for it, bad b8)
2016-01-05 03:07:03
ROFL guy really looks up stats on penis size rofl i know theres better things to do in AU man c'mon
2016-01-05 04:33:57
2016-01-05 05:25:25
top 5 na useless international..
2016-01-05 16:54:06
I agree with you that ex-conquest is a pretty good team and can hang with the top the american teams. And since there in america it makes it easier than going after an eu team.
2016-01-04 23:28:53
OMG someone who understand what was said in the video. Finally a brain on HLTV
2016-01-05 04:34:47
im not sad enough to fucking seek out what region team Optic were looking for.

also insulting UK scene is literally pathetic rofl
2016-01-05 00:35:32
but your sad enough to complain about it? your so fucking stupid.
2016-01-07 01:56:07
complaining about it? i was making a point not complaining you weird cunt
2016-01-07 02:22:24
deluded NA kid, the UK scene has nothing to do with this.
2016-01-05 15:43:17
dont let him represent uk. greenwall boyss
2016-01-05 19:01:25
top 5 us < top 200 eu
2016-01-06 14:47:20
They said they tried negotiating with teams but failed and also felt more comfortable with picking an NA team up since they would be in better contact. Also this team has lots of potential and is getting much better
2016-01-04 22:53:01
conquest will never win anything and i guarantee they will not stick together.

i just find big orgs like SK and Optic picking up dogshit teams to be retarded, i dont see the logic, unless they just rush into it and want easy quick money
2016-01-05 00:38:20
Having a team is better than no team. They'll still go to LANs and will still play. I'm not disagreeing with you but picking the team up is in a way justified. The roster has a long history together and with stan they have no problems, they'll be together for awhile guaranteed.
2016-01-05 00:47:10
Isn't that the idea? to make money in the end. You really think that these orgs are banking on teams to win championships to generate money? No they pick up teams who have fans and in this case they wanted to stay in NA and grab a local team who's picking up steam here in NA. You really think NiP is making money off of the tournaments that they win rofl. damn dude
2016-01-05 04:38:10
You make people from the UK look stupid. *FACEPALM*
2016-01-05 00:13:49
just because i didnt bother to find out and seek info on OpTic specifically wanting an NA team doesnt make me stupid.

meanwhile i have to deal with all these fucking third worlders replying to me giving me notifications

2016-01-05 00:32:58
No it doesn't make you stupid it makes you ignorant.
2016-01-05 04:39:53
yes RJP
2016-01-05 06:28:37
2016-01-05 11:02:53
it's an american org, and they picked up an available NA team. what don't you understand?
2016-01-05 14:42:27
i know that now, look at the flood of replies
2016-01-05 17:20:40
Either you're baiting or doesn't know that even on TSM's blogpost it said that they were looking for a EU org.
2016-01-04 21:17:01
yeah because i always check the the TSM blog on a daily
2016-01-04 21:24:26
(it was posted a lot on HLTV by users)
2016-01-04 21:25:01
u really think i click on user threads and actually treat them as legit?

99% of HLTV user threads are cancer
2016-01-04 21:34:24
They had sources, but if you read them with a set way to think beforehand it's not gonna help tho.
2016-01-04 21:35:55
i literally open user threads for a laugh, never for anything serious news wise
2016-01-04 21:37:10
You sarcasm has been noted, your clueslessness too
2016-01-04 21:28:18
2016-01-04 21:35:03
2016-01-05 04:40:55
Yea but u also assumed that Optic were stupid for picking up Conquest as if they were their first choice, when in fact you were wrong and now you're trying to be defensive and not look like a dumbass for realizing that's not what happened. Fucking dipshit UK people i swear
2016-01-04 23:48:08
OpTic don't want a EU team are you autistic?

They should of signed CLG/Liqiud
2016-01-04 21:27:35
they are stupid to not sign TSM, thats all i know
2016-01-04 21:33:22
you aren't very smart. 8/
2016-01-04 21:58:48
and why's that? ex-tsm are much better, therefore more prize money and world recognition.
2016-01-04 22:24:42
They DO NOT WANT A EU/SA/ETC Team. They want a NA team where they can hang-out get to know each other and have a good vibe from the other Optic members, any team that's that's from EU isn't going to move to NA just to get to know the other members and that's why they want only a NA team.
2016-01-04 22:26:39
well then, that's their loss not. probably a very stupid way of thinking but whatever. i wish them luck
2016-01-04 22:30:37
They said that they want to have a connection to their players and have them make content and form a close bond with the community as that's how Optic works. They aren't really interested in purely winning and results.
2016-01-05 04:00:58
look at what happened to ex-TSM. they were doing good, but the org/org owner has no connections with them and gave no fucks about releasing their contracts.
2016-01-05 14:44:58
and that's a problem of communication, i strongly believe that you can communicate via internet or mobile phone. but if the org doesn't care to win more money it's ok for me.
2016-01-06 00:40:57
well... this isnt a csgo team this is a party gang. how hang-out and get to know each other with COD BOYS will help them to win other teams/win anything?
2016-01-06 14:49:41
Sadly ex-tsm wanted an eu org. which i think is the problem they had with getting an eu team

Post edited 2016-01-05 06:30:34
2016-01-05 06:30:15
Maybe ex tsm didnt want to sign to optic because their offer was mediocre. Can you stop saying random shit and start thinking before you type anything.thanks
2016-01-05 12:24:44
are you fucking retarded or something? please tell me. you just go to random comments and comment like a retarded autistic child?
2016-01-06 00:38:21
liquid is a huge org xDDDDDDDDDD why would they leave
2016-01-05 03:58:12
lol retard alert

optic are not any gaming org they want connection with their players
2016-01-04 21:35:54
racist thinking they cant "connect" with people from EU.
2016-01-04 21:36:31
You are truly retarded.

Cant tell i b8 but nonetheless
2016-01-04 21:41:32
nope not at all will ex tsm move into a gaming house in north america because im 100% percent they wont
2016-01-04 22:23:56
did not pick up ex-tsm cos tommorow confirmed Faze Device
2016-01-04 22:00:53
2016-01-04 23:23:10
If you watched the video, the guy in the video said that they planned to pick up an EU team, but that opportunity left, which means that they planned to take questionmark, but they chose Team Secret or whoever their new org is.

The guy looked like he believed in those lads so I guess it's worth seeing what they achieve in the next 6 months. Also Optic focuses on content creation a lot and that's where those guys can come in once again, not many teams create content.
2016-01-04 22:36:12
ex-tsm are not literally free you mongrel fuck, they've already decided on their org weeks ago
2016-01-05 00:49:14
which org did they choose?
2016-01-05 00:49:34
did they announce it yet? no. there's no way to know which org, but they confirmed the date and device talked about it on stream that they already have their choice of org.
2016-01-05 03:50:56
ah cool thanks for the info
2016-01-05 05:02:15
dupreeh said they already have an org
2016-01-05 02:07:20
ex-TSM said they want an organisation that based on Europe, not NA. Also I arent think that OpTiC Gaming is able to afford the salary and other stuff that ex-TSM is asking.
2016-01-05 03:51:02
i would rather have no team than have conquest.
2016-01-05 04:25:32
Why would you want fucking Optic to have a good team? Not at all like the SK case. SK has history as a top orga in CS for like 10 years, while optic is a shitty cod orga
2016-01-05 05:37:50
its a big org
2016-01-05 05:42:54
No, it has a lot of money. Big difference in my eyes.
2016-01-05 05:43:17
are you kidding? pretty much the entire gaming community knows what Optic is, its super fucking popular in cod as well
2016-01-05 06:16:11
Its not a big esport organization and it has no history of real esport. I know its a fucking cod orga man, doesnt matter, they are not comparable to a real orga like SK
2016-01-05 11:58:53
you are so wrong its unreal.

OpTic is the most popular cod esports org in the world probably
2016-01-05 17:19:45
Exactly. Cod. Thats not even a real esport ffs
2016-01-05 17:46:07
yes it is, its massive
2016-01-05 17:49:27
so true.
2016-01-05 05:47:46
Ex-TSM have said on multiple occasions that they don't want another NA org, it's understandable
2016-01-06 13:08:27
-stan(if he cant perform on lan)

+ryx(make up with rush or w/e)
2016-01-04 21:15:26
shahzeb is very good
2016-01-04 22:25:58
nah, too aggro, not worth it.
2016-01-04 22:32:09
2016-01-04 20:12:30
2016-01-04 21:56:25
"optic stickers will soon be in the game"

lmao these guys won't get to a major
2016-01-04 20:12:45
nt scream
2016-01-04 20:32:03
nt hiko
2016-01-04 20:37:16
nt ex6tenz
2016-01-04 20:46:14
nt pyth

i mean devilwalk

i mean fifflaren

i mean dazed

i mean steel

i mean swag

i mean shazam
2016-01-05 00:50:51
hes right doe. if this team manages to get qualified i will please hiko and dosia orally on skype.
2016-01-04 20:54:59
now they have to get to the major, and they have chance to do it because they have been fighting very well in their last tournaments (CEVO for example)
2016-01-04 20:46:19
Where they way over performed, then they went back to their normal level.
2016-01-04 21:23:04
I can see an NA fluke ending up putting them at a major, especially with how volatile our scene is. C9/CLG underperform and suddenly OpTic takes that last slot.

Of course, the chances are super slim, but there's still that chance.
2016-01-04 21:39:33
I actually have very little hope of C9 going to the next major if it comes down to a BO3 vs any decent NA team. They need a lucky draw in order to make it.
2016-01-04 22:04:53
You can't say that until we even get a hint at their possible 5th...I honestly have no clue who it could be...it's not gob, sean's not gonna coach, won't be swag, and they won't give the younger players a chance which is DUMB because they did exactly that with shroud. No matter who the 5th is, I still see Liquid as the best NA team now since they acquired a world-class complete player, and couple that with nitr0 (if he stays on the level he was at,) Hiko, and EliGE? yeah. I still think adreN sucks as IGL/caller, so if they still fail with s1mple then we all know he's not a good IGL/caller. He literally has all the pieces.

Post edited 2016-01-04 23:53:49
2016-01-04 23:51:22
ok 1. Adren doesn't suck as an IGL ask any pro player from NA and they'll say the same thing the dudes not the greatest but now that he can focus purely on calling will do nothin but help Liquid. I mean they have a great T side and a not so consistent CT side which adding s1mple as aggressive as he is will do nothing but make their t side even better while boosting their ct side to a new level. C9 gave shroud the shot because he was a complete monster and everyone knew from the gate this guy was something special. your talking young player so im guessing its Stewie whos just IMO not ready for the bigger teams C9 Liquid CLG etc. With time the guy could become a top NA player but hes just to inexperienced ATM and just needs more playing time honestly but def has the potential as for other players i agree have no idea who it could possibly be but someone from EU that were all overlooking
2016-01-05 04:50:09
Yeah, we'll see if they improve as much as we hope, this time adreN has NO EXCUSE, literally none, he has a world-class player, and 3 skilled others behind s1mple, he literally has every piece needed. They have a great T side cause of players like nitr0/EliGE/Hiko....don't fool yourself. Again, we'll see if it turns out how it should, and I don't mean young as in age....just in the game/top of NA scene, so I wasn't talking about stewie.

I have no clue who it'd be if it's from EU...nobody I can think of that's a free agent will be joining a C9 WITHOUT sean, unless it's someone like gobb/etc, but even with gobb it'll be the same if not worse than before.

Post edited 2016-01-05 05:40:07
2016-01-05 05:37:55
2016-01-04 20:12:48
2016-01-04 20:12:50
2016-01-04 20:12:51
FaZe when
2016-01-04 20:12:52
"FaZe pick up ex-tsm" :P
2016-01-04 20:47:05
2016-01-04 21:55:17
2016-01-04 23:53:10
FaZe Cajunb inc.
2016-01-04 21:04:32
2016-01-04 20:13:09
wtf is that video, they're talking about milkshake flavours

Post edited 2016-01-04 20:13:21
2016-01-04 20:13:15
GJ optic, sign the worst free team in NA xd
2016-01-04 20:13:16
By what metric?
2016-01-04 20:14:48
They are definetely top5 in NA.


I don't think coL is better.. maybe GA with their new lineup.
2016-01-04 20:19:15
They are definetely top5 in NA.

that's why they dindt will archieve nothing until

-daps and maybe -rush

+semphis autimatic best options avaible
2016-01-04 20:30:14
why -rush? He is a top 10 player in NA. Semphis and autimatic both suck. I'm not going against -daps cause he could function better as a coach but rush is sick so this just shows how little you follow the NA scene
2016-01-04 20:32:34
maybe -rush? please dude lmao
2016-01-04 20:37:51
optic > CLG
CLG is so bad right now
2016-01-04 20:54:57
semphis isn't even that great
2016-01-04 21:03:35

You just showed how stupid you are
2016-01-04 21:21:21
Not sure if you just happened to watch a game where Rush isn't doing well, but he's usually consistent and in the 20 frag range.
I would definitely NOT -Rush
2016-01-04 21:27:40
- all five + five clones of moe ez #1 world 9999-0 inc
2016-01-04 23:24:55
(-)Daps: Arguable, but right now the team are doing well together so I don't see why they would make any changes.

(-)Rush: Not at this moment. He's doing well in OpTiC right now, and there are no viable options available.

(+)Semphis: Please no. He's so overhyped, all he did was awp super shit in compLexity until Hiko ran away. Imagine how shit he was if Hiko ran.

(+)autimatic: I don't see where he'll fit in this team.
2016-01-04 23:49:20
I'd say that roca should be the first choice if needed :D
2016-01-05 01:32:20
nah I think you are right if you change liquid and c9
2016-01-04 20:31:13
It's not in order. It's just the top5.
And thinking how we may not even count LG and GA.
2016-01-04 20:46:52
LG doesn't count
2016-01-04 20:32:45
top 5 NA is shit
2016-01-04 20:52:30
Yeah but they get lots of exposure. And with the correct changes (maybe even roster) and the resourceful practice given to them they can be top2, it's not like it is that hard....
2016-01-04 21:07:33
They aren't enemy and splyce are better they are 7th place
2016-01-04 23:06:57
Nice try.
2016-01-04 23:22:49
enemy is pretty good but conquest is better
2016-01-04 23:50:11
I would say OpTic is better than CLG, mainly because OpTic has beaten CLG a lot, and OpTic have travelled further in the majors that included both CLG and OpTic.
2016-01-04 23:51:29
wtf do fast???
2016-01-04 20:13:22
ayy lmao
2016-01-04 20:13:24
#greenwall b o i z
2016-01-04 20:13:31
ayy nice
2016-01-04 20:13:31
2016-01-04 20:13:31
joke right?
2016-01-04 20:13:34
2016-01-04 20:13:36
optic is the best eSports org :v
2016-01-04 20:13:38
esports? u mean COD
2016-01-04 20:16:23
cod is eSports too :v
2016-01-04 20:19:47
Can't watch ppl fighting it out with auto-aim on pads... Skill ceiling is crap in that game.
It hurts when you say this, although this is partially true unfortunately because of the salaries and prize pools this gets...
2016-01-04 20:30:57
Are you exaggerating or do they really use aim assist?

2016-01-04 22:27:52
nope. You can play with or without aim assist.
2016-01-04 22:48:24
They use aim assist. Otherwise you wouldn't have a pro scene, because no one would look at pros who miss 70% of their shots.
2016-01-05 05:48:01
2016-01-04 20:41:23
Wake up.
2016-01-05 05:49:40
How can i type asleep?
2016-01-05 06:56:43
How can you be so ignorant? CoD as an e-sport have never been bigger than right now. Same goes for Halo.
2016-01-05 10:05:15
kill yourself
2016-01-05 14:52:05
Fnatic is the best eSports org by a landslide.
2016-01-04 21:02:12
2016-01-04 20:13:38
2016-01-04 20:13:41
oh god no
2016-01-04 20:13:54
2016-01-04 20:14:03
Ahahhahahahah . FaZe is cominh boiz
2016-01-04 20:14:04
no tsm? srsly
2016-01-04 20:14:09
Should've gotten rid of Daps tho
2016-01-04 20:15:10
2016-01-04 20:17:17
he's their IGL, though, afaik.
2016-01-04 20:17:58
2016-01-04 20:15:14
Who gives a fuck
2016-01-04 20:15:18
2016-01-04 20:15:20
What's next? FaZe picks up ex-TSM?
2016-01-04 20:15:34
rip tsm? :/
2016-01-04 20:15:43
Great for them but another team that doesn't deserve the support they deserve :3
2016-01-04 20:16:03
That's just NA CS for you, several teams that are on higher salaries and have more support than a bunch of solid European teams who are a lot better than they are, that's just how it is.
2016-01-04 20:25:07
I know and I found that saddening :(
2016-01-04 20:27:00
2016-01-04 20:29:41
The support they receive. My bad m9
2016-01-04 20:45:49
this right here pisses me really off.
2016-01-04 20:43:14
Get ready for the trickshots
2016-01-04 20:16:10
gl guys ;)
2016-01-04 20:16:33
2016-01-04 20:16:34
2016-01-04 20:16:48
2016-01-04 20:17:15
waste of money
2016-01-04 20:17:33
Called it
2016-01-04 20:17:40
2016-01-04 20:17:52
2016-01-04 20:18:06
I think people give optic too much hate just cause their main game is COD. Doesn't really mean he org is bad. Gl to OpTic_ShaZam
2016-01-04 20:18:11
Ppl hate, because better teams are with shittier support...
2016-01-04 22:01:50
2016-01-04 20:18:13
waste of money lol why do they invest in these bottom of barrel teams? They arent even a top NA team which is sad. guess beggars cant be choosers i suppose?
2016-01-04 20:18:16
gl ShahZaM
2016-01-04 20:18:25
2016-01-04 20:18:32
Remember how nV was a COD org first? Pepperidge farm remembers.
2016-01-04 20:19:03
At least they picked up a good team.
This is a tier 3 team at best, even in NA theres not much to get for them.
2016-01-04 20:55:16
Shahzam always seemed like the kind of guy who should represent optic or faze. Dunno why tho ;)
2016-01-04 20:19:16
Shahzam 420 noscope ez
2016-01-04 20:19:53
2016-01-04 20:19:58
rip ex-TSM
2016-01-04 20:20:06
2016-01-04 20:20:26
Anyone knows the fucking intro SONG? its so dope
2016-01-04 20:21:12
Inb4 FaZe signs ex - TSM

Thank me later
2016-01-04 20:21:55
they wont
2016-01-05 06:01:05
stanislaw from Poland!?
2016-01-04 20:22:23
Why ze fuk not "?". They could buy better teams than this :(
2016-01-04 20:22:31
2016-01-04 20:22:52
ugly logo = ugly stickers

ty thx bye
2016-01-04 20:23:08
the problem is that they wont even make to majors XDDDDDDD
2016-01-04 20:23:38
better for us
2016-01-04 20:26:37
MLG inc
2016-01-04 20:23:23
first for sure
2016-01-04 20:23:29
Finally some fucking brown on the Green Wall&#65279;
2016-01-04 20:24:22
dropped in a month
2016-01-04 20:25:07
We CoD now boys
2016-01-04 20:25:20
360 noscopes incumming
2016-01-04 20:25:27
OpTiC Shahzam
2016-01-04 20:26:10
do u even quicksc00pe
2016-01-04 20:26:15
2016-01-04 20:26:32
2016-01-04 20:26:33

Post edited 2016-01-04 20:27:05
2016-01-04 20:26:40
rofl wasted
2016-01-04 20:26:54
Is this a joke?
2016-01-04 20:30:45
2016-01-04 20:31:18
2016-01-04 20:31:59
rip optic
2016-01-04 20:32:03
lmao yet another NA team getting a salary they dont deserve, crazy
2016-01-04 20:32:54
fuck c9
2016-01-05 00:34:01
sorry Kory
2016-01-04 20:33:18
2016-01-04 20:36:54
2016-01-04 20:33:33
FaZe should sign a CS:GO team as well. :D
2016-01-04 20:33:36
They are actually going to.. They announced that
2016-01-04 21:52:05
Conquest the last half of the year were only under Liquid in accomplishments.

They are a brand new team with pretty substantial accomplishments in a short time frame. Now that they will be all moved under the same roof, they will play much better. I expect them to do well.
2016-01-04 20:33:49
shahzam gonna do them 360 no scopes
2016-01-04 20:34:59
Inb4 Optic go bankrupt because of them
2016-01-04 20:36:02
2016-01-04 20:37:16
2016-01-04 20:37:18
the most desperate move. even liquid picking up s1mple was considered the most desperate one but this tops it for sure.
2016-01-04 20:37:18
They're not gonna go anywhere until daps goes to coach, and they pick up another solid rifler, also imo stan is too weak a fragger to be on the team..
2016-01-04 20:37:55
stan weak?

new to cs

2016-01-04 21:15:29
Doesn't matter how new I am, he doesn't frag hard, it's that simple lol; either that or you kick RUSH and pick up a godmode entry like Roca
2016-01-04 21:34:55
roca over rush LOOL youre fucking retarded

nothing can be done for you

2016-01-04 21:37:56
Yes, roca over rush. Cry about it lol
2016-01-04 21:42:45
Stop trying to defend these players, they all suck on Lan, Stan literally turns into a bot. Do I need to remind you how they basically got 16-0'd by fnatic until fnatic started trolling with shotguns and all rushed mid. This team has only 1 good performance and that's it.
2016-01-04 23:12:06
optic shaz :DDDDDDDDDDDD
2016-01-04 20:38:41
2016-01-04 20:40:21
Looking forward to not seeing their stickers in game.
2016-01-04 20:40:40
I don't see too much chance
2016-01-04 20:43:07
e x a c t l y
2016-01-05 15:21:54
ugly ass logo tho
2016-01-04 20:40:53
Optic ShaZaM vs. FaZe Device?
2016-01-04 20:42:01
Except, any LEM can AWP as good as device
2016-01-04 21:10:50
The bait is strong in this one.
2016-01-04 21:55:37
+1 He is decent AWPer but nothing more.
2016-01-04 21:56:13
Im Gold Nova and I confirm this.
2016-01-05 00:42:02
I'm just glad they finally picked up a team, any team. Great for the growth of CS:GO as they bring a big playerbase that we need if we want the game to keep growing in the west!
2016-01-04 20:42:44
What the fuck? A positive comment?

Where the fuck am I

Where is HLTV
2016-01-04 21:36:18
Nice gl
2016-01-04 20:50:17
good team good potential gL
2016-01-04 20:50:44
2016-01-04 20:51:39
great pick up for an org just getting into csgo. Hope shahzam the troll and NAF do well.
2016-01-04 20:51:46

Top 2 NA confirmed
2016-01-04 20:53:39
2016-01-04 20:53:59
u wot m9??????
2016-01-04 20:54:54
LMAO The introducing video is hilarious:

"I wanted to expand into CSGO and I'd have had to acquire a Europe team and have little to no contact..." BUT instead you get a SHITTY NA team that you can talk with as much as you want but they will be TRASH FOREVER ROFL

Post edited 2016-01-04 20:56:05
2016-01-04 20:55:25
didn't watch the video completely?
2016-01-05 04:32:55
Optic did this so they can participate in the league
2016-01-04 20:59:13
Optic will force them to 5 awp/scout setup every round
2016-01-04 21:01:53
2016-01-04 21:02:05
2016-01-04 21:03:38
GL OpTic you'll need it
2016-01-04 21:04:14
Faze > OpTic


2016-01-04 21:05:41
2016-01-04 21:12:24
Just look them bring the COD kids with them #ripCS
2016-01-04 21:13:47
Here comes da 360 noscopes train
2016-01-04 21:21:39
LOL; Shahzam 360 quickshots inc

Post edited 2016-01-04 21:30:42
2016-01-04 21:30:17
FaZe 2.0 - ex-TSM
2016-01-04 21:30:27
I thought optic was going to get a good team
2016-01-04 21:44:48
nice.. i love this ex-conquest team
2016-01-04 21:58:15
Great pick-up by OpTic, makes complete sense why they would go with this team. Good luck!!
2016-01-04 22:00:55
can't wait for itz tr1cksh0tz monztagezzz
2016-01-04 22:01:57
Optic will bust in a new line-up 6 months easy.
2016-01-04 22:02:41
ahhahhahah 5 man scout teams no scope 360 only
2016-01-04 22:09:50
2016-01-04 22:11:00
FaZe Clan is coming...
2016-01-04 22:11:13
Scuf Gaming Mouse?
2016-01-04 22:27:28
wtg optic
2016-01-04 22:34:47
"Follow the same things that we done and replicate them but on a different game" MOM GET THE CAMERA
2016-01-04 22:36:31
Not surprising when I heard their negotiations fell through with TQM
2016-01-04 22:42:15
nice, team that will never qualify for major so we will never get nice OpTiC stickers, I hate optic for picking such a bad team, I wanted dem stickers! fuck this fuck you optic
2016-01-04 22:44:43
if it makes you feel any better, they are probably a bit better than teams like vexed and flipside, so they probably have a chance to qualify for majors, just no chance to compete in them.
2016-01-05 02:54:22
I think thats the ultimate goal for this lineup

Qualify for a major, and they'll make so much in sticker money because of the brand
2016-01-05 04:39:48
SHAHZAM TRASHING OPTIC I ARENT THINK THAT www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwrbVC7pqog
2016-01-04 23:18:15
FaZe incoming :v
2016-01-04 23:19:11
2016-01-04 23:20:39
Should've signed fucking ex-TSM, but good luck with your 1 month long, tier 10 NA team.
2016-01-04 23:28:58
Sometimes it's just not in your hands. H3cz tried but ultimately TQM have gotten a better offer.
2016-01-04 23:54:27
When they'll finally announce their new organization?
2016-01-05 10:57:21
eeeeeehhhh...way 2 much 2 wait
2016-01-05 11:56:53
Optic got scammed hard
2016-01-04 23:44:36
ex-conquest? Really? Such a fucking shame.
2016-01-04 23:52:04
They wanted a NA team. I support conquest there good! Hope this is what they need to get to where they need to be.

Gl daps and co
2016-01-05 00:27:12
2016-01-05 00:58:27
2016-01-05 00:58:56
I remember them saying that we will see Optic stickers soon. Sounds like we won't see them now.
2016-01-05 02:46:00
nice that optic supports the na scene
2016-01-05 02:47:14
good pick up. these guys were awesome to watch last year with some very big upsets. GL HF.
2016-01-05 02:52:32
comical but not at all surprising how many of the fourteen year old EU circlejerkers here don't understand concepts like brand exposure and why Optic picked up a roster that's almost certainly going to be in ELeague
2016-01-05 03:45:14
2 months max
2016-01-05 04:26:23
they're gonna compete in a 1.2million league per season, i think they'll stay as a team for 1 year at least.
2016-01-05 04:42:07
hmm under these conditions i raise the bar to 4 months maybe 5 when the dont have any chances to get into the finals

Post edited 2016-01-05 04:45:00
2016-01-05 04:43:05
they will probably roster change after the next season of esea, but optic will hang onto the team for a long time and try to develop them into marketable personalities.
2016-01-05 05:30:20
Now pls qualify for MLG
2016-01-05 06:09:53
exiting b exiting b
2016-01-05 07:04:39
3000$ salary for tier 3 team ok
2016-01-05 10:56:08
What a waste of good org.
2016-01-05 12:20:26
they could also sign me, would make more sense
2016-01-05 13:14:25
itt: little shits that think cod is an esports
2016-01-05 14:53:38
2016-01-05 14:54:05
trickshot? Kappa
2016-01-05 15:33:34
360 noscope hitmarker
2016-01-05 15:46:35
how did i miss this news
2016-01-06 06:13:45
what a shitty orga name, just like cod
2016-01-07 17:41:07
fish n chips anyone? with fruit punch?
2016-01-07 20:09:29
good luck to the optic team
2016-01-07 23:02:12
I think this is good for both sides. Optic get into cs and the team gets a decent sponsor
2016-01-19 19:10:56

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