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Top 20 players of 2015: cajunb (15)
Time: 2016-01-06 19:27
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Number 15 on our top 20 ranking powered by EGB.com goes to René "cajunb" Borg, a first timer on the list. While Borg is known to fly under the radar more often than not, he has has been an incredibly consistent swiss-army knife type of a player throughout 2015.

René "cajunb" Borg started to gain some notoriety in 2011 playing for CS:S team CKRAS with Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen, the IGL who would end up bringing cajunb to the team he is in today, although not without some hiccups.

When CS:GO had just come out, cajunb started playing in HastaLaVista with the likes of Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen and Jacob "Pimp" Winneche, a team that would end up being picked up by Anexis right before ESWC 2012.

After his time in Anexis, cajunb took a short break to go through basic training in the military before reuniting with FeTiSh in CPH Wolves, a team that also featured Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen and Nicolai "device" Reedtz in the lineup.

cajunb at DH Summer 2013 with CPH Wolves

During the umpteenth shuffle in Denmark, cajunb ended up leaving this lineup and in his stead came Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth. cajunb then signed for Pimp’s PRIMETIME, which lasted a week until three of its players joined n!faculty, where cajunb and Finn "karrigan" Andersen would meet.

CPH Wolves had just lost their CS:GO team, which now went by the name über G33KZ when Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen was kicked out due to internal disputes. Brought in to replace him was none other than cajunb.

His stay wouldn’t be long though as a few months later cajunb left the team to join his ex-teammates karrigan and Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander, his teammate from Anexis Pimp, and the player he replaced in dignitas (then known as über G33KZ) Nico to form LeftoverZ, a team which would go on to be signed by CPH Wolves.

Same jersey, different faces

The project broke down and cajunb was on his way back to dignitas to replace a young Philip "aizy" Aistrup, the player brought in during his absence. Finally, karrigan replaced FeTiSh and gave the team a tactical facelift, at last putting together a stable lineup for cajunb.

With two years of instability left behind, cajunb wouldn’t be all that wrong when he said: "Without jinxing it too much, I do believe that this will be our year. We have the right fundamentals and support that we need to reach our goals next year."

After MLG X Games in Aspen, Colorado, where cajunb had a 1.06 (+16) rating in a bronze medal run, the team left dignitas and found a new home in TSM with the prospects of growth. The team’s first major event under their new sovereign was ESL One Katowice, where they fell to Ninjas in Pyjamas (2-1) in the quarterfinals.

A bronze medal at their last event for dignitas

Let’s talk about Borg’s quarterfinal match, though. TSM lost to NiP and yet he was tied for the highest rating of the four quarterfinal matches with 1.32 and had the second highest kill-death difference (+22) for a spectacular performance in that series.

cajunb’s rating at the Polish major was 1.13 with a +22 kill-death difference (he was even before the NiP quarterfinal), earning him the best rating in the team for the first out of four times in 2015.

The next event TSM would attend was SLTV StarSeries XII in Kiev, where they lost in the lower bracket final to Ninjas in Pyjamas for another 3rd place finish. cajunb had the second best stats in the team behind device with a 1.01 (+6) rating.

The next tournament the team played was CPH Games on home turf, where cajunb ended up having over 100 kdd (+105) and a 1.27 in the team’s run to the final which they would end up losing to Virtus.pro.

cajunb had a great event at CPH Games

The team’s next event was ESL’s Pro League Winter 2014/15 finals. TSM made another semifinal run with Casper "cadiaN" Møller standing in for device who had to sit the tournament out due to sickness, and cajunb was a big part of that run with a 1.14 (+41) rating, the second best in the team.

TSM had won the CCS Blue Group over fnatic (2-1) earning them a spot at the CCS finals in Bucharest, which would end up being their first tournament win of the year—again at fnatic's expense (2-1). cajunb was the team’s second best player with a rating of 1 (+8). 

cajunb’s first two tournaments in the red zone in 2015 happened at FACEIT League 2015 Stage 1 finals and Fragbite Masters S4 finals. He had a 0.92 rating in both tournaments, but he wasn’t really a drag considering the team went on to win both and he contributed in an above average number of rounds in both wins.

ESL ESEA Season 1 finals proved to be disastrous for the team. cajunb managed a 1.39 rating in two maps, though, including a monstrous 1.76 (+12) performance in an agonizing 16-14 loss to fnatic, showing he can step-up to the plate when his team needs him the most.

Next up was FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 finals in Valencia, cajunb’s best tournament of the year. He led his team in rating 1.30 (+48) throughout the tournament and had 81.3% of rounds with a kill, assist, or survival in the 2-0 victory over Cloud9

cajunb at DH Valencia, his best tournament of the year 

The biggest upset of the year in terms of losing to lesser opposition came at Acer Predator Masters Season 1, where the team were out in 7th-8th position after 5 maps, with all players on the team with a rating of less than 1. cajunb was tied for the best rating in the team with 0.97. 

The team came back up for air at IEM Gamescom in preparation for the ESL One Cologne major coming up later in the month. The tournament went well for cajunb who ended up with a 1.19 (+47) rating, second best in the team, who ended up losing the oddly formatted final to EnVyUs (3-0) in the battle for first place.

ESL One Cologne rolled around and TSM were ready to prove that their successes during the year were no fluke, and they were now a team contending for the highest of achievements. The team however eventually dropped out in the semifinal after losing 2-1 to EnVyUs, failing to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. cajunb had a 0.96 rating and was the worst in the team for the first of only three times all year.

ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational 2015 and DreamHack Open London 2015 were two good tournaments for TSM as they made the finals both times. cajunb had ratings of 1.00 and 1.01 with a +6 kdd in both.

PGL Season 1 was going to be the team’s last first place finish of the year, with a well-deserved win over VP in the final. cajunb came last in the team with a 0.97 (-4) rating, which seems to cement the theory that cajunb shows up the most when the team really needs him, and lets his teammates take the spotlight when they’re on fire.

Getting the victory in Bucharest

After eight finals and five first places in the last 11 tournaments played, TSM were highly favored to finally take home a top trophy in Cluj-Napoca. The major ended up being the biggest disappointment of the year for TSM, though, as they fell out during their quarterfinals clash against NiP, being dominated 2-0 (16-8, 16-10).

cajunb showed he could show up to the big events, and posted a 1.08 (+10) rating in Cluj, the second best in the team, before the team’s 5th-8th place exit.

The team’s next events were IEM San Jose, where cajunb had a solid showing in the team’s second place run with a 1.13 (+22) rating, and FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 Finals, where TSM finished 3rd-4th and where cajunb had a 1.01 (+2) showing. 

The team rebranded as team questionmark, or quite simply “?”. The first tournament they played since leaving TSM was Fragbite Masters Season 5 Finals. The tournament was an absolute disaster for cajunb who had his only bad tournament of the year (under 0.85) with a 0.79 (-20) rating, the worst in the team.

The last event of the year, ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 wasn’t particularly hot for cajunb either as he ended up with one of his lower ratings (0.90) on the team during their semifinal run in Burbank.

Why is he the 15th best player of 2015? 

cajunb wasn’t particularly exceptional at any one facet of the game during the whole year, but what makes him so incredibly useful is the fact that he is above average in almost every aspect. As an all-around player, cajunb is in a group with only four other players to have above average ratings with pistols, rifles, and AWPing.

cajunb showed character as he was able to perform when his team was down which, while not being something that counts toward the ranking, shines through in his overall consistency.

While cajunb wasn’t really an MVP in any occassion, even in tournaments where he had the highest rating of the team, he was a highly valued player in three tournaments, CPH Games, where the team were finalists, CCS kick-off, where the team won, and FACEIT League Stage 2, his best tournament of the year.

cajunb during TSM's opening match at IEM San Jose against Cloud9 

With 76.8% of maps (88% at majors) above a 0.85 rating, cajunb rarely had a poor game. On top of that, he boasts a +291 kdd and only 0.64 deaths per round, the 12th best of the year in both statistics.

Finally, while cajunb may not necessarily be considered the second best player in the team, he is the second best performer in important matches (semifinals and finals), according to his 1.01 rating.

What did you think of cajunb's 2015? Where would you have rated him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.

2016-01-06 19:28:17
Well pasha isn't in the top20 it's certain at this point, but also someone out of the three of flamie, seized and shox won't be in the top20 either... wonder which one it's going to be, probably shox funny enough as flamie and seized just gotta be.
2016-01-06 19:56:57
Shox will be in the top 20, you'll see.
2016-01-06 20:00:38
Flamie and siezed definetly maybe also shox since hes a half god i suppose :p
2016-01-06 20:04:24
the problem is, there aren't enough spots left.


JW and above are 100 percent on the top20 list, also according to one of the hints that were given "4 players didn't attend FACEIT Stage 3 Finals at DHW", Guardian, Shox, Seized, Flamie and Skadoodle didn't attent so that narrowes it down to Seized, Flamie and Shox all remaining three can't be on the list.

I mean it's really hard for me to imagine either one of seized and flamie not being on the top20 as they basically were tied for being NaVi's second best player in 2015...
2016-01-06 20:15:52
no byali in top20?
2016-01-06 20:27:22
byali had really bad year if you compare it to 2014
2016-01-06 20:52:58
lol but still definitely byali > neo in 2015
2016-01-06 20:58:51
VP is my favorite team but neo did more for the team than byali, what with his clutches and at times in game leading/knowledge.
2016-01-06 22:18:32
statistically in important tournaments? no.
2016-01-07 00:16:28
2016-01-06 22:15:37
kennys should be number 1
2016-01-06 20:31:11
KennyS shouldn't even be top 10
2016-01-06 20:36:39
nice try guardian fanboy. kenny outfragged guardian on 3 maps at cluj, and he was by a huge margin the best player in the world for the first quarter of the year
2016-01-06 20:37:16
LOL nice fucking joke
2016-01-06 22:29:53
Check the stats.
2016-01-06 22:31:39
2016-01-07 04:42:08
at least Kenny won esports athelete of the year.
2016-01-07 14:56:57
esports player of the year award was a fan based poll. It wasn't based off any stats or actually gameplay. Gob b couldve won player of the year if he had more fans
2016-01-07 15:27:19
you'd need to be a complete idiot to say he was the best e-sports athlete of the year, then again this site is literally a leech on thick skulls
2016-01-18 00:13:54
2016-01-18 01:19:07
LOL kennys fanboys destroyed
2016-01-07 18:48:06
nice argument, it's so easy to defeat deluded guardian fangirls
2016-01-06 22:32:39
GuardiaN online: 1.20
kennyS online: 1.11

GuardiaN LAN: 1.15
kennyS LAN: 1.13

GuardiaN Major: 1.19
kennyS Major: 1.08

But nice try kid I know you tried your hardest to defend your favorite player

2016-01-06 23:21:24
Hahaha very nice setup mate, easy reck' guardian top3 confirmed
2016-01-06 23:30:54
ez for Godian
2016-01-06 23:37:52
For 2015 as a whole GuardiaN has done better than kennyS BY A LOT
2016-01-06 22:31:10
kenny shouldn't even be on this list
2016-01-07 13:31:26
i dont want to live on this planet anymore
2016-01-06 20:54:56
this guy knows nothing.
2016-01-11 10:08:52
lol device 8th

Post edited 2016-01-06 20:38:06
2016-01-06 20:37:56
Why do you place seized before shox? They have achieved the same in 2015, but shox has way better ratings/stats. Shox has better entry frag rating, better clutcher, better MAJOR rating, better LAN rating, better K/D as well.

Seized won't be on the list.

Post edited 2016-01-06 20:56:39
2016-01-06 20:53:57
they didn't achieve the same actually, for shox the year basically ended in july when he was out of EnVyUs. Shox won 4 professional lans (all with envyus of course), Seized had also won 4 lans but one very recently.

Overall Seized had a lot more money finishes and won much more aswell, also he had FAR better major placings than shox who was twice out in groups with titan, while seized made it to the playoffs all times and in cluj finished second place...

also I forget to mention the stats but actually back in EnVyUs shox was rated 3rd after NBK (who was very close) and Happy.

Post edited 2016-01-06 21:27:47
2016-01-06 21:26:37
Shox won 5 events this year, not 4.:
world championships(france
MLG aspen
Gfinity spring
Gfinity summer

Shox has also better rating than seized in ALL categories, while being an IGL/entryfragger for half a year each role.

Also, regarding prize money; if you are using liqupedia, Shox' 3-4th placings with nV are not being counted for whatever reason.

You will see soon that If only one of them is on the list, it's going to be shox.

If seized is on the list, then flamie is the one to go off the list, not shox.

Post edited 2016-01-06 21:35:46
2016-01-06 21:31:21
the mix team event doesnt count as far as I'm concerned as france was the only country with their A team, while every other country had barely tier2 players (poland finished second with Furlan innocent MICHU peet szpero).

rating doesn't mean much when it doesn't impact the results, as I said back in EnVyUs he wasn't even rated 2nd best and while his major rating is 1.11 he lost twice in group stage...
2016-01-06 21:38:18
JW is indeed very interesting choice there my friend
2016-01-06 20:54:00
maybe jw out
2016-01-06 21:12:30
GTR cant be in the list sry. No reason he would be better than f0rest.
2016-01-06 22:18:18
not shox
2016-01-06 23:54:13
ScreaM is 11
2016-01-07 01:11:26
shox ? seized ??

only guardian and flamie are gonna be in top20 from navi...

from fnatic there will be: olof, krimz, flusha and JW

from envy: kennys, nbk and happy

from ex-tsm: device and dupreeh

from vp: snax

from nip: GTR

and thats it!! trust me
2016-01-07 07:13:39
Device will be higher than flusha, around 2-5
2016-01-07 09:48:40
That list is in no particular order i suppose? Sinece u put krimz on 4th. And there will be no JW, he just CANT be on the list. I kinda changed my mind about shox and im pretty sure he wont be on the list also.
2016-01-07 11:10:37
it's a general arrangement which isn't far from what I suppose they will do. Of course it's unlikely that both krimz and flusha will be in the top4 but I personally wanted to give them the respect because they certainly deserve it.

JW and above are 100 percent on the list it's not even a question... and yeah about shox, it's extremely unlikely he will be there considering the hints and the remaining players.

Post edited 2016-01-07 12:21:04
2016-01-07 12:20:47
Cant see get_Right make it that far this time.
2016-01-07 17:58:54
seized is either 13/14 or isnt in. shox and flamie will be in for sure, though shox might not make top10. device and dupree both will be top10, i expect flusha to appear someewhere around 8-12.
2016-01-06 21:20:40
I think flusha will be top 5, maybe top3.

He has the best major rating for 2015(1.22) and his LAN rating is pretty good too(1.08).
2016-01-06 21:37:02
Yeah i would call him top3 as well, but with that performance drop at the end I don't know how. I mean device and olof are in top3 most likely but the 3rd guy is a mystery to me, cant be gtr, unfortunately wont be krimz or snax so might be flush.
2016-01-06 21:38:19
kennyS for example
2016-01-07 11:37:05
Flamie should be closer to the top because he performed god like in 2015.
2016-01-06 23:22:31
2016-01-06 20:25:01
2016-01-07 17:25:30
2016-01-07 21:03:14
2016-01-07 21:18:31
2016-01-07 21:23:07
2016-01-06 19:28:30
indeed lol
2016-01-06 19:39:15

Post edited 2016-01-06 21:41:26
2016-01-06 21:41:08
2016-01-06 19:28:31
I dont really know how he got into the top 20.

Really unexpexted, probably because of his awping on dust 2 :D

CajunBs settings and setup can be found here:

2016-01-06 21:41:44
2016-01-06 19:28:32
2016-01-06 19:28:33
2016-01-06 19:28:33
2016-01-06 19:28:34
2016-01-06 19:28:42
2016-01-06 19:28:42
2016-01-06 19:28:46
2016-01-06 19:28:48
I expected xyp9x here
2016-01-06 19:28:50
xyp9x is now more overrated than scream is

"best support player in the world"
not even in the top 20 haha oh I am laffin
xyp9x fanboys on suicide watch
2016-01-06 20:32:06
haha calm down man. hes great at what hes doing, maybe at the end he deserved top 20 but whole year never
2016-01-06 20:38:12
2016-01-06 20:52:48
don't kill yourself man.. there's more to life than fanboying for mediocre csgo players
2016-01-06 20:59:39
xyp was on top 20 in 2014 and 2013 pls go kill urself
2016-01-06 23:00:36
he was not top 20 in 2014. And he was at 20. place in 2013
2016-01-07 00:49:48
2016-01-06 19:29:02
Don't mind me, I just come here to read comments complaining how unfair this top 20 is.
2016-01-06 19:29:09
2016-01-06 19:35:29
2016-01-06 21:03:17
2016-01-06 19:29:17
not bad
2016-01-06 19:29:28
2016-01-07 00:23:13
2016-01-07 10:33:02
I say Cajun you say B...

2016-01-06 19:29:29
2016-01-06 19:30:41
2016-01-06 19:31:02
2016-01-06 19:31:08
2016-01-06 19:47:35
2016-01-07 07:01:19
HLTV pls stop
2016-01-06 19:29:31
2016-01-06 19:29:44
2016-01-06 19:29:49
expected canjunc here
2016-01-06 19:29:54
2016-01-06 19:29:55
2016-01-06 19:29:56
2016-01-06 19:30:17
rofl good joke HLTV, in no way is he the 15th best player of 2015 hahahhajhahahahashsahashsah
2016-01-06 19:30:20
We found the retard boys.
2016-01-06 19:31:04
Yep, well done
2016-01-06 20:05:19
Obviously you dont even watch CS, and you are probably silver...
2016-01-06 19:31:20
rofl you must be silver beta boi u thinkin cajun is is 15th best hahahhahahahahaha

hltv u drunk go home wtf
2016-01-06 19:47:28
Apex, ska, forest and neo are all better.
2016-01-06 19:56:57
no, they´re not. Cajun has been lacking a bit lately but for the rest of the year he was insane. Sad people dont remember this in CS
2016-01-06 20:24:20
It seems like people only remember how far back they want to :D
2016-01-06 21:21:00
Exactly. And when a player is rated higher than their favorite, they go mental
2016-01-06 21:43:14
cajun was beast during early 2015, but 80% of people here werent following the scene yet at that time
2016-01-06 23:05:34
rofl been following cs since 2003 DansGame

Yeah cajun was great early 2015, thats why they won so many tournaments and he was carrying them to greatness

oh wait he was average and then fell of
2016-01-06 23:29:57
did you read the article?
2016-01-07 00:07:19
2016-01-07 15:14:53
2016-01-06 20:42:24
true, that's why their teams were so succesful during the year LOL.
2016-01-07 06:01:11
Wow. Remember fiffy? Yea 87-0 with him. Your argument gotta be the worst lmao
2016-01-07 14:11:11
People always forget that its not only the past 3 months that counts. He was a beast at the start of the year, but played poorly the last 4 months or so.
2016-01-06 19:58:23
The reason for forgetting is that like 9events feels like 6months or even 12months. Yet its only like 2-3 months. So its harder for people to remember what happened during the start of the year and even during the summer.
2016-01-06 21:00:23
well play
2016-01-06 19:30:49
spoils the list
2016-01-06 19:30:56
HAHAHA CajunBot #15 he got carried by devve, dupreeh and xyp9x
2016-01-06 19:31:12
Carried by devve yes. Xyp9x support player and dupreeh streaky as fuck
2016-01-06 19:36:00
Dupreeh streaky af? What? He's very consistent and the best entry in the whole scene imo, ex-TSM's right hand.

Post edited 2016-01-06 20:09:50
2016-01-06 20:09:36
dupreeh is not even dedicated entry, cajun device or karrigan entries too dumbfuck
2016-01-06 23:07:11
by your logic no top team has a dedicated entry
2016-01-06 23:09:36
tsm had stated that they dont have a person dedicated to entry
2016-01-07 02:32:39
cajun b>f0rest hltv confirmed
2016-01-06 19:31:30
TBH I don't even know what f0rest is doing in this top. Keeping the fanboys happy I guess. He's been silent, just like his whole team, pretty much the entire year. And he was in no way better than Allu IMO.
2016-01-06 20:01:56
CajunB>f0rest in 2015 all the time indeed
2016-01-06 20:06:56
f0rest showed the fuck up in some tournaments dude. Have u seen every match he's played in? And he was incredibly consistent this year. He had less than a 1.0 rating in only 4 tournament matches out of the rest. He made the top 20 so quit being salty about it. If u don't like it then make your own list as a "pro" analyst you are
2016-01-06 20:23:33
2016-01-06 20:25:14
What the fuck does that have to do with my post? I didn't even mention CajunB... I only talked about f0rest
2016-01-06 20:25:59
Sorry wasnt supposed to reply to your post :DD
2016-01-06 20:33:28
2016-01-06 20:33:57
You know this comment section is made so you can post your opinion. I don't have to be a 'pro analyst' to post my opinion, you're mentally retarded if you put the problem this way. Just because I have a different opinion than yours it doesn't mean than I'm in some way pretending to be an analyst. I simply have a different opinion and in a healthy community people have different opinions and are exchanging them in a civilized manner without being bashed by retards like you, who don't understand the purpose of comment sections. Sadly, this community is far from being healthy and retards like you seem to be outnumbering the others heavily.

Using ratings as your argument shows how stupid you are. KennyS for instance still has a better rating than Olofmeister. Is KennyS still better than Olofmeister? If you're trying to prove that a player is better than another, never bring into the discussion each player's rating, KDD or HS%. There are a lot of other more important stats than these like Kills per round , Opening kills, Opening kills per round, number of clutches, success with rifles / AWP / pistols and so on. The rating includes these stats: kills per round, survived rounds per match, a value based on number of rounds with multiple kills
So for instance a guy with 2 triple kills made during enemy eco rounds and will have a better rating than the guy with just 2 1v1 clutches even though the latter obviously had more impact. Why? Because the ratings don't cover the number of successful clutches. Also the system can't tell the difference between an eco round triple kill and a gun round triple kill. That's why ratings are very inaccurate.

F0rest only performed towards the end of 2015. To be more precise: from DH Cluj until the end while Allu has been consistently playing well throughout the whole year. My point is that Allu should be placed above his former NiP team mates in any top player list.
2016-01-06 21:23:54
And I didn't just post my opinion? Wow, talk about hypocrisy. So you're being upset that I don't agree with your opinion? When you literally just did the same thing I did. Okay. Well it is the comment sections is it not?
And I didn't just say ratings are the only things considered. How the fuck would that make sense anyway? Of course there are other variables at play. My point is just that a bunch of analysts who developed this list know better than your fuckass who says they just put f0rest up "to keep the fanboys happy". THAT'S ignorance and stupidity right there. As if the analysts would do that.. Fucking idiot. And they are more educated on the matter than you. They HAVE watched every player from the start of the year and considered all the variables that rank them accordingly.
So yes, u DONT need to be an analyst to hold an opinion, but you saying that the analysts put f0rest up just for fans' sake just makes u look so fucking salty and stupid. And quit being a fucking hypocrite. You're probably one of the idiots who also say "NiP fanfaggots", as if the community wasn't already toxic enough without faggots like you. You're the worst of the community, so quit running your fucking mouth like you have an educated opinion, when you don't.
2016-01-07 01:10:26
Wrote an answer but for some reason it did't post. Won't bother to do it again. One thing though. Before engaging into such discussions, take into consideration the following:

1. Make sure that you do understand the purpose of comment sections.

2. Opinions are just opinions and can't be taken as the general truth, regardless of the person who has them (analyst or not).

3. You can't call someone an ignorant based on a CS:GO opinion. We didn't compare our general knowledge and if we did I'd be sending you back to primary school right away, I bet that.

4. 'Educated opinions' are worthless since education (the one that is given to you by others) is a form of good or bad influence over somebody's thinking, habits etc. A genuine opinion is the one that you're expressing all by yourself without being influenced in anyway.

5. If you don't have the mental ability to have your very own opinions don't start talking shit about those who have this ability. It makes you look like a retard.

Post edited 2016-01-07 02:50:57
2016-01-07 02:49:29
For some reason mine didn't either. But anyway, I have my own reasons as to why f0rest belongs in the top 20. One of them being him being a crucial part of NiP's success as a top 5-6 team of 2015. He's the most well rounded player of NiP, being the best pistoler, arguably best rifler, and secondary AWPer, all of which he's exceptionally good at. He's had a tremendous amount of highlight reels this year because of his next level plays. This year he's only had 4 matches in the major tournaments where his rating was below 1.0. That's pretty damn consistent, with only Allu being slightly more consistent than him in terms of rating.
All of what i'm saying more or less goes along with what the analysts have said and have been saying this year about f0rest's performance. Like it or not, he's in the top 20, and not because of your shitty reasoning that it's for the "fans". You're just a fucking idiot for thinking that. Truly, you are an idiot.

Also wtf do u mean "educated opinions are worthless"? You're so ridiculously stupid. Education is neither inherently good or bad. It CAN be good or bad depending on what is taught that may influence one's morality, but what we're discussing, is neither good or bad... How fucking stupid are you dude. That's the dumbest shit i've ever heard. So your "genuine" opinion is without proper reasoning huh? Because for one to have good reasoning behind an opinion, is for that opinion to be educated. I guess your "genuine opinion" is "Oh I just think f0rest doesn't deserve it because.... oh wait I don't need a real reason because then it'd be educated and I don't want an educated opinion" LOL fucking idiot. You just out-thought yourself there..
2016-01-07 04:05:04
Once again you're talking about shit you have no idea about yet you're claiming I'm the idiot. An overall ratio around 1.0 indicates that the player is AVERAGE. Are you trying to prove that f0rest is an average player or a top player because I don't get it.

You can see how ratings are made over here and you should read this before crapping out more retarded replies. You clearly don't know how this system works yet you're having an opinion on something that you know nothing of. And you're calling other people idiots which makes it even more hilarious.

Also try to imagine what would've happened if f0rest wouldn't have been included in this list. The HLTV forums would've gone crazy with mad fanboys complaining about the fact that f0rest is not part of this list. The idea regarding the possibility of having f0rest included in this list, as well as other CS legends who are currently underperforming, just to keep the fanboys happy came to me after I saw some discussions on this matter. I thought about it myself and it makes a lot of sense since HLTV would've put themselves in a very delicate spot. If you ask me NEO shouldn't be part of this list either. And while I must admit that I can't imagine a top player list without these 2 either, knowing that some newer players who are actually performing won't be included, makes me feel a bit frustrated because I don't find it fair.

Also you must be new here if you're claiming that NiP's top 5-6 placing is a performance. In case you didn't know, NiP is the best team in the history of CS:GO and GeT_RiGhT and f0rest are the best players in the history of CS:GO, perhaps in the history of CS, since they were the best players in the world during their 1.6 era as well. Xizt is a 1.6 legend as well who has a background with GTR and f0rest and Friberg is a top source player. So for a team with players who are used to being the number 1 at what they're doing, wherever they are doing it, a top 5-6 placing is a shame not a performance and you're a complete moron if you think that it is something they're proud of.

Apparently I misunderstood what you meant when you said 'educated opinion' and I'm still not sure what you meant. And that's all because of your inability to showcase your ideas properly... if there are any. I thought that you consider an 'educated opinion' to be an opinion which is influenced by some sort of person who you see as having a better understanding of facts, situations etc. But whatever I'm not gonna bother trying to find sense in what an idiot is saying. That's actually a mistake on my part.

I also don't know how you came to the conclusion that I consider a genuine opinion to be an opinion that lacks reasoning. First of all, I'm still the one with longer comments with than yours. And I'm assuring you that I'm not typing stuff randomly and that I'm reading with great attention what you're saying and doing my best trying to understand what you're saying and break it down properly. So as far as reasoning goes, I'm obviously doing it better than you. I don't know why you're talking about it because you've just put yourself at disadvantage but whatever. Second of all, unless you're dyslexic or simply retarded you would've seen that I've stated very clearly that in my view, a genuine opinion is the one that you're expressing all by yourself without being influenced by other minds in anyway. So what I'm saying is that you should do the reasoning with your very own views not with someone else's. Now I do see that you have opinions of your own. But you could've displayed them from the very beginning without making yourself look like an idiot. But you were too busy typing over and over again that I'm an idiot. Well, prove with facts then, don't repeat it obsessively.
2016-01-07 14:43:21
2016-01-07 15:00:20
You seem to be the type of retard I was talking about.
2016-01-07 15:05:19
u mad bro ?
2016-01-07 15:12:07
Yeah seriously im not reading all that shit... All i know is that youre salty hes on the list and your explanation is that its to keep the fanboys happy. LOL. Btw your theory makes no sense because hltv posts shit that people complain about all the time hahahaha. Are u seriously THAT fucking stupid? "Hur dur its because they dont want ppl to spam threads about it." At this point youre just trying your hardest to come up with some reasonable explanation, but it really just makes u look stupid. Hes on the list. Mostly everyone knows why he is, so u can cry about it but no one cares about your "genuine opinion" lmfao. Because youre wrong basically

Post edited 2016-01-07 19:07:31
2016-01-07 19:04:36
No I just came up with an explanation for that theory. Let's just say that theory is totally wrong. I still came up with a lot more than that. I wrote about the ratings too. Nothing to say about that? I even showed you how they work. Of course you won't say anything about it since you don't actually have any idea about this topic and you obviously can't see my point. So as said before: don't join a discussion on a topic you have no idea about. It only makes you look like an idiot.
2016-01-07 22:07:59
That's funny. I already gave my reasoning as to why f0rest is in the top 20. I literally wrote it back like 5 posts. I guess you just can't read. And yes, your "theory" is completely wrong. It's fucking stupid as well. Your explanations were so fucking vague, you gave no details. Just shut up already, he's in the top 20 so stop crying. If you don't remember what I wrote about f0rest, go back and read it and quit crying
2016-01-07 22:24:07
I didn't say anything about your reasoning this time. What. The. Actual. Fuck. You're dumb as fuck I swear. You're either extremely dumb or you ignore what I say just to try to make yourself better. Just get the fuck lost I'm fucking sick of retards. This community used to be so much better a while ago. Now it's populated by complete fucking retards who can only crap out the shittiest stuff human brain can possibly produce. This is fucking worrying.
2016-01-07 23:50:42
"Of course you won't say anything about it since you don't actually have any idea about this topic and you obviously can't see my point. "
Then wtf are you talking about u idiot?
"Now it's populated by complete fucking retards"
I think you're talking about yourself you fucking idiot. You're in such denial because u can't wrap your head around the fact that f0rest is in the top 20. Keep crying about it. Maybe he'll be taken off if you cry hard enough. I mean that was what this discussion was about right? You crying about f0rest unjustly being in the top 20? Yes or no? Fucking hypocrite
2016-01-08 00:08:04
I'm not crying at all. Look at how mad you are though. I stated before that I can't imagine a top player list without f0rest or Neo. The only thing that I pointed out is that I think that there are players who played better this year but won't make in this list because of such placements. That's all. You keep trying to put things I never said in my mouth. Well you can't do that, you're completely retarded if you think that this will win you an argument.

And regarding the fanboy theory you can't rule it out since such things happened before. But you can't know this since you obviously haven't been around for long. After all you're the one who thinks that a top 5-6 for NiP is a 'performance' and you don't even know how ratings work yet you tried to use them as an argument towards your deluded so called reasoning. I'm just gonna keep making you spit more crap out of your mouth. Maybe some mod sees it and we get one less toxic kid around here.
2016-01-08 01:48:36
I've been around the CS scene for 8 years. Add me if you want faggot, steamcommunity.com/id/taidaikai/
I guarantee you blow at cs anyway. And nope, I never put words in your mouth. I only restated what you said, which was "f0rest was put on the list to satisfy fangays". Did you not say that? Explain what else I claimed you said that you didn't. Can you?

And yes being a 5-6 top team is still an achievement hahahahahaha. Holy shit you really are stupid. It's a decline for NiP, but it's still an achievement because CS is so much more competitive now. And give me an example where hltv added a player to the top20 unjustly to satisfy the fans. I want proof of it, because I guarantee you're probably bullshitting. And I already gave my reasoning as to why f0rest belongs in the top 20, idc if you read it or not. It went along with what the article said as well. Regarding his impact frags, exceptional awping, rifling, clutch rounds, and consistency. You're telling me that's NOT how a player should be ranked? And what have I said for you to believe that I don't know how ratings work? If anything, the only one spewing bullshit here and making vague waffly statements with no grounds is YOU. All i've done is back up my claims, when you've just been offended like "BUT ITS MY OPINION SO STOP ATTACKING ME I DON'T NEED AN EDUCATED OPINION BLAH BLAH BLAH"

or w.e bullshit you said. Now don't dodge anything I wrote and answer thoroughly while avoiding vague responses yea?
2016-01-08 04:22:30
For a person who has been around for 8 years you sound just way too dumb. You should know too well that GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, in fact NiP as a whole are at their worst. Once again. How could a top 5-6 placing be a performance for a team that only knew the top spot for so many years. Your logic is mind-blowing. So all that is left for me is to assume that you're a mad fanboy because you don't seem to accept a very obvious truth.

Yes CS is much more competitive now and NiP look like they're stuck in the past. Fifflaren himself siad that they're still using the exact same strats that they were using back when he was playing for them. And ever since he left the scene as a pro player the meta has changed almost entirely. They are outaimed by most teams out there and let's be real. They only retained a top 6 spot just because teams like Titan, Cloud 9, mousesports, dignitas etc didn't play at their full potential and they couldn't overtake NiP. It wasn't the Ninjas doing anything amazing, it was their challengers who got stopped in their own tracks. Needless to say that they didn't win any LAN worth mentioning so where exactly is that performance that you keep talking about?

Also regarding the 'keeping the fanboys happy' matter just remember the first 6 teams that got invited at ESL ESEA Dubai. To justify NiP's invitation, ESL made a nonsense top team list in which they 'accidentally' split ex-TSM's points between them and Team Dignitas. This was enough to justify not inviting them and inviting NiP instead. It was obvious as fuck. It was CS' comeback in Dubai and they had to get NiP in there somehow in order to keep the local fanboys happy and the Arab money flowing. And this was freaking retarded as TSM at the time was arguably the best team in the world since they managed to win 4 big LAN's in a row. You don't need an analyst or someone from ESL to come out and say 'yes we've only wanted to keep the fanboys happy' to make the assumption based on ESL's behavior those days. What's even more intriguing is that after they triggered a mass outrage, and they finally invited TSM together with Titan, ESL never updated that top teams list until like 3 or 4 months later. This indicated once again the fact that the top only had a short-lived purpose and it was not meant to indicate any accurate ranking of the world's CS:GO teams.

I like your logic though. To sum it up, in a case of murder, if the killer doesn't admit the crime then he can't be convicted. And those forensic detectives, attorneys and so on should shut their asses up. I mean who the fuck do they think they are? Some sort of gods who know what the guy actually did and how he did it? Their theories are so dumb. If the guys says that he didn't do it or if he says nothing at all then it means that he's not the killer. End of story.

That's exactly how your reasoning on my fanboy theory sounds like. And once again. It's just a theory, a 'guess' as I called it. Never claimed that it was the actual truth but whatever.

Also, I'm pretty damn sure that you didn't have a single clue what the rating actually was but of course that you can now claim that you knew since I gave you that article. You're welcome.

I also find it hilarious that you called me shit at this game without having any knowledge of my playstyle, rank, stats, without having ever played with me. Anywyay, I took the time to compare our stats.

You have 62,000 kills and I have 56,000. Your KDR is 1.17 and mine is 1.49. You have a 43.7 HS% I have a 39.9 HS%. I have 3 times the AWP kills that you have and that's the main reason why my HS% is lower. Also our accuracy is 14.3 whereas mine is 19.1. So you're basically saying that I'm shit even though I have generally better stats than you do and I managed to get all these stats in half the time that you got yours. You have 1200 of played hours whereas I have 600. How could I be worse than you? How retarded are you?

Also I'm not bullshitting you or giving vague answers. I'm still the one who writes longer comments than you do and I'm always going in depth on any matter. If I'm not able to touch on subjects that you expect me to, it's simply because your reasoning goes like this: you're writing something which looks like an opinion but doesn't make a lot of sense so it's up to me to break it down and find some sense in it. Then you go on and call me an idiot in a caps rage and then you type some bullshit and claim that I said it. I'm sorry but if you want better answers you need to change a lot of aspects regarding your so called reasoning.
2016-01-08 05:57:25
LOL okay let's start off with this " if the killer doesn't admit the crime then he can't be convicted. And those forensic detectives, attorneys and so on should shut their asses up. I mean who the fuck do they think they are? Some sort of gods who know what the guy actually did and how he did it? Their theories are so dumb. If the guys says that he didn't do it or if he says nothing at all then it means that he's not the killer. End of story."
you are ACTUALLY fucking retarded. So if someone doesn't admit a crime then it means he didn't do it? Am I reading that correctly? Holy fucking ballsacks you are fucking stupid as shit haahahahaha. And you're comparing fucking cs go stats? Are you serious? That means fucking nothing hahahahaha. If you really want to find out who's better than add me or give me your steam page and we'll find out who's better okay? Don't pussy out. Your logic is fucking terrible LOL. These are stats based off of shit that doesn't even matter. Do you think the analysts take stats of pro's performance outside of tournaments and major events? You think they give a fuck what their stats are for fucking pugs and matchmaking and deathmatch collectively? WOW you are beyond beyond beyond retarded. That's a terrible comparison and you know it, but you're trying to find any reason to claim you're better. Only ONE WAY to find out, 1 v 1 me. Add me or give me your steam page if you're not a pussy. If you're not even LEM then don't bother then. You're too shit anyway.

But that's besides the point anyway. The fact you wrote this " if the killer doesn't admit the crime then he can't be convicted. And those forensic detectives, attorneys and so on should shut their asses up. I mean who the fuck do they think they are? Some sort of gods who know what the guy actually did and how he did it? Their theories are so dumb. If the guys says that he didn't do it or if he says nothing at all then it means that he's not the killer. End of story." closes my case about you. You are, fucking, retarded. End of story.

In regards to the "performance" i'm talking about for NiP, i'm CLEARLY talking relative to not NiP's former performance, but in a general ranking. Did I ever fucking say NiP is doing better than they were before? Of course not. I never said that and you can never quote me saying that. Everything is relative, and I wasn't comparing NiP's old performance to new, I was making a generalization of their ranking. Being 5-6th is still GOOD relatively, despite their OVERALL performance decline since the 2013-mid2014 domination days. You are just full of stupidity.

The mishap with ESL Dubai is in no way related to what we're discussing here. Way to completely make a loose comparison of player ranking to a mistake made for a tournament invitation. Those two aren't related at all hahahaha, not to mention their mistake was not indicative in the slightest of it being what you claim it was for. "To make fans happy". PFFT, yet you're claiming it caused controversy because it happened, more controversy than it would've caused had the mistake not happened. If NiP doesn't deserve something then so be it. Again, f0rest AND Allu made 16 and 19, respectively, and with clear reasons why. So again, be salty all you want, your speculation is without evidence, your claims are retarded and full of shit, and you're still an idiot for half the shit you say. At the end of the day you're not changing anything with your crying. Cry all you want, f0rest is in the top 20. You must hate NiP with a passion if you're still trying to argue otherwise. You're just one of the few idiots blinded by anger. Cry cry cry cry. Keep crying madboy
2016-01-08 06:20:58
*facepalm*. I do know that the example with the killer was completely retarded. And you know why? Because it was meant to portray your judgement on my fanboy theory. The paragraph about it started like this: 'I like your logic though. To sum it up, in a case of murder...' I don't know how you managed to draw another conclusion. I guess you're either dyslexic or simply mentally retarded.

And if indeed you are from Korea we have no reason to 1v1. One of us will have 5 ping and the other will have 100+. Though I like it how you changed yourself completely. Up until I made the stat comparison between the 2 of us you kept on claiming that stats like ratings are the only things that matter in deciding who is the better player. Now that I've shown you that I have way better stats than you do you came forward with this childish 'only 1v1's matter so 1v1 me skrub' bullshit. Fucking hilarious. But sure I can add you.

And I never claimed that there were other top-player lists made in a fanboy friendly manner before. What I said instead is that orgs have taken fanboy friendly decisions before and I gave you the ESL Dubai example and the way the made that leaderboard in such a way that it justified inviting NiP instead of TSM.
2016-01-08 18:47:39
No. Your killer theory was in no way similar to what i thought of your fanboy theory. Your theory is stupid and without evidence at all. Convicting a killer is with substantial evidence. Big difference. But yea try again buddy maybe youll think of something better.

And no i never boasted my capabilities at all. I said one sentence. And that was that youre probably inexperienced and shit at the game REPLY to u claiming im new to the community. And quote me saying only ratings matter. Hm? I never said only ratings matter. Again you have poor shitty memory. I even agreed when i said there are more variables at play when judging a players rank in the top 20. The fact u think stats for pugs, dm, and MM matter just shows your inexperience. "I HAVE A BETTER K/D SO IM BETTER". U can have a fucking silver elite with a 2.0 k/d. It doesnt mean shit u idiot. Especially not for shit thats meaningless. What rank are u anyway? Like LE or some scrub shit like that? I know rank doesnt mean everything, but it gives a general indication of your skill level and capabilities. But w.e if u dont wanma 1 v 1 thats fine pussy. U can keep telling yourself youre better off of fucking stats for fucking dm/mm/pubs LOL. Theres a reason why stats for pros are only considered in tournaments u idiot, and not meaningless shit.

So far we know youre twisting the argument using a straw man fallacy.
2016-01-08 19:51:28
Evidence is not always entirely conclusive. There are life and even death sentences which are only based on claims of other people, timing and other very shaky forms of evidence. Some sentences are even issued on assumptions without being based on any physical evidence like a murder weapon, any type of prints or DNA. But this looks like another subject you have no knowledge on. So you replace the evidence in a murder case with my assumption or even the evidence that I brought forward, indicating how misleading ratings can be and you get a perfect link between the killer theory and the way you're judging my fanboy theory.

I used to be LEM but I got demoted due to this new ranking system, as a lot of other people did. I still have no problem dropping 25+ frags per map in SMFC and GE matches with ease. I even played in online tournaments with MGE-LE teams against SMFC and GE teams and managed to win maps and even entire series. And bringing forward each player's stats in order to find out who's better is still a much brighter idea than a 1v1. Both you and I are beyond the newbie point so comparing our stats makes sense, especially if we're taking into consideration the amount of hours that both of us have put in the game. And more important, even though it is true that the figures of each stat in part may not be the best indication as to who is better, it's the way that they're evolving that indicates who's better. In my case, my stats are still growing whereas yours are declinig. This means that I'm still able to exceed my current level whereas you have reached your limit, whatever that is, because you never told me what rank you are.
2016-01-08 20:31:27
LOL you are a fucking idiot, seriously. You're so fucking scared to 1 v 1 so you're basing your claim that you're better than me off stats that are MEANINGLESS. You ever consider that you and I BOTH might have stats better than a professional player who afk's in deathmatch like I do. Or play in pub games where you're clearly not trying whatsoever but just having fun? Tell me why pro's stats are not considered outside of major tournaments and official pro league matches. PLEASE tell me why. You know the answer why, it's because it doesn't mean SHIT. And you're fucking LE. How great. You're just a shitty kid who claims stats matter and is afraid to 1 v 1.

Point made u shitty LE. After the new ranking system I ranked up from LEM to Supreme because I played my ass off and didn't lose a single match. I'll show u my match history and screenshot if u want. I dropped 25-30 frags nearly every game. Meanwhile you're all talk and no walk. "HUR DUR I'M LE BUT I CAN PLAY AGAINST GLOBAL, TRUE STORY BRUH"
LOL you're not even worth it man. Once you hit supreme or global then I MIGHT consider you somewhat of a challenge. Whenever I play against shitty LE's they all go like 5-20. I've never seen an LE do well against supremes and globals, except maybe 2-3 times where the person is just a global smurfing with a new account. The fact u even admitted you got demoted to LE but claim you're "getting better" while i've "reached my limit" BASED OFF OF FUCKING MEANINGLESS STATS LMFAO.

Let me tell you something. If I purposely ranked down to LE then played in matchmaking games, tried in deathmatch and didn't Idle or go for one deags only, and tried my hardest not to die, i'd probably have a 3.5 rating at least. It's so fucking easy dude hahahaha. Even LEM is easy as fuck. I'm like one or two matches away from global, after a 5 match win streak and top fragging. You're telling me stats for meaningless shit included like deathmatch and pugs means more than simply matches that matter where I actually try? Okay kid you can keep telling yourself that since it makes you comfortable. Your logic is so stupid hahahaha
2016-01-08 20:58:18
I wonder who has the time to read all these walls of text on HLTV, let alone WRITE that stuff :D

rip life
2016-01-07 17:33:13
Looks like retards have finally found each other. The amount of stupidity in this comment section is getting just way too high.
2016-01-07 23:53:11
be quiet you internet virgin
please write more essays
2016-01-08 03:32:28
I guess you've never written an essay. Not even in school. Probably that's why you're so retarded. Criticizing someone for the ability to write essays as you call them only shows how limited your thinking is. Yet you display this with pride.
2016-01-08 04:02:30
mad internet knight is mad
go make love to your keyboard
2016-01-08 13:13:44
He claims f0rest was put in the top 20 bc hltv wanted to satisfy fans LOL.. And hes trying to make an argument based off that... Like hes so stupid
2016-01-08 19:55:13
I'm not the one who's callimg others virgins over the web, like the internet fuckboy that you are. You're the one who's posing like a lifer in the same comment section in which you claim I'm spending my whole time. You're not quite a lifer really. So what are you talking about? The amount of stupidity in your commemts is so damn high.
2016-01-08 20:36:32
thx for notifications
2016-01-09 15:34:24
While it is your opinion, when you imply that the only reason someone would put f0rest in their top is because their a fanboy you're insulting them especially if they don't actually like f0rest. Maybe they're influenced by previous years results, maybe they look at something different then you, or maybe they've just come to that conclusion after considering everything.

Either way I think it's a bit hypocritical to call someone retarded while defending your opinion against someone defending their opinion because you believe the only way someone could put him in the list is to be a fanboy. Which I'm sure a majority are fanboys, I agree with you there. However when having a direct conversation with someone who's bringing up valid points justifying their opinion and you start talking about how you should be able to share your opinion without being attacked, then begin to attack them for defending their opinion after you indirectly but intentionally insulted them. It make you come off as a bit unreasonable and hypocritical along with you becoming almost exactly what you said was wrong and retarded.

Instead if you want to effectively and reasonably make your viewpoint don't insinuate that only fanboys think f0rest or whoever belong on the list because that not only invalidates but opposes what you say you are against. Just state that you don't think he should be on there and even can go as far as saying you don't see how someone unbiasedly could logically conclude <insert player> belongs at <insert rank>. That way it opens conversation for the people who oppose it too provide unbiased reasoning and logical support used to come to their conclusion without insulting them or being condescending. Also prevents a personal bashing war and keeps a productive debate going which maybe make you aware of something you haven't considered or remind you of it.

All I'm saying is claiming that someone has to be stupid and a fanboy because they share a different opinion then you, then act like they're some vicious, deranged lunatic because they defend themselves and you wish everyone could have healthy productive input into the conversation like you. Then go on to do the opposite again is not going to achieve what you want. Use logically concluded reasoning supported by facts and stats without making belittling assumptions or personal attacks against the other person, you will have what you want. And if the other person starts personally insulting or clearly intentionally trying to undermine you call them out and humiliate them for acting unreasonable/childish as well as having/providing no real argument or stats against your opinion so he's had to result to the lowest level of arguing possibly indicating his level of intelligence. That way at least you aren't insulting him for holding a different rather because he chose to attempt bringing the argument down to a unproductive name calling and personal attack war due to his lack of logic and statistical support for his argument.

As Gandhi once wisely stated-
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
2016-01-07 07:33:29
I agree with most of the things that you're saying. The only issue I have with your comment though, is the fact that you're mainly referring to the fanboy thing. I will say to you the same thing that I said to the Korean guy. Try to imagine what would the forums be like if f0rest was not part of this list. Also this list can't be influenced by the previous year's stats since the ratings are made based on each player's performance in 2015, as the headline says it very clearly: `Top players of 2015'. It's common sense. I've also seen some discussions about the possibility of not having some of the underperforming legends included in this list and the concerns expressed there should definitely be taken in consideration by well-known orgs like HLTV that are running large communities like this one. So there actually is a chance that whoever made this list might have actually considered keeping the fanboys happy. The forum mods are working really hard to keep this community healthy as they're done of the amount of idiots who are spreading shit all over the place. I know this because I've helped one ban a possibly mentally ill guy who was saying some really awful things. So I'm pretty sure that they do realize that once this list is finished there will be some mad fanboys who will be spitting a bunch of toxic stuff out of their mouths and not having players like f0rest or Neo included would only worsen the situation. So yet again, there might be a possibility that what I stated there could actually be true.

Apart from that, I've also given my opinion on why f0rest shouldn't be part of this top performance wise and why I thinks that ratings and KDD's are not good criteria to be taken into consideration when making a top player list. All you have to do is read my comments if you're interested.

Post edited 2016-01-07 15:04:42
2016-01-07 15:02:03
The fact you really believe what you're saying makes me think you're the mentally sick one. You think a group of analysts all got together and thought "aw we should throw f0rest in there as well because we don't want hltv to be spammed with posts"? In that case, he'd be put at number 20, not number 17... If what you're saying is true, that'd imply Ska deserved a higher ranking than him, when Ska was absent for at least half the year.

And you make it seem like hltv actually CARES about posting controversial articles or not. They post shit that riles up the community ALL THE TIME. They honestly don't give a fuck, and the fact u can't see that is beyond me. You can hold on your stupid theory all you'd like, but hltv posts shit that causes uproar in the community all the time, and you know this. You think they'd unjustly put f0rest in the list just to avoid your assumption that everyone would freak out about it? The truth is, no matter who gets put on this list, there's going to be players who are left out that fanboys are going to freak out about. Your theory is pretty dumb but it's the only argument u have left apparently
2016-01-07 19:15:05
2016-01-06 19:31:47
yung sherman brazilian i dont think so sadboys
2016-01-06 23:45:30
2016-01-06 19:31:53
nice joke pls me > cajunscrub
2016-01-06 19:32:05
2016-01-06 19:32:20
2016-01-06 19:32:38
Are u kidding me nip fanfag
2016-01-06 20:11:14
cajunb with karrigan are the worst in tqm, but finn is igl
2016-01-06 20:30:46
did you start watching cs go three months ago?
2016-01-06 22:12:35
kek dupreeh, xyp9x and device > cajun, buy it doesnt mean that cajun is shit, he is great
2016-01-06 22:17:44
murica sucks
2016-01-06 20:55:53
lol cant suck more than a 3rd world no scener like u
2016-01-06 23:10:42
good first half of the year but fell off atfer. didn't expect him in here
2016-01-06 19:32:41
When two men get married to each other, do they both go to the same bachelor party?
2016-01-06 19:32:51
you say cajunb i say
2016-01-06 19:32:54
2016-01-06 19:35:33
2016-01-06 19:33:07
Hes not even good!
2016-01-06 19:33:30
Do you even use your eyes, bruh?
2016-01-06 19:41:38
2016-01-06 19:44:15
Obvious bait. Maybe if you watched the scene all year instead of the last 3 months, you would know he is amazing and an all around amazing player.
2016-01-06 20:26:41
Yeah OK fanboy go back to reddit
2016-01-06 20:40:24
Mad cuz Swag, Steel and dazed banned. RIP burger
2016-01-06 20:46:40
Steel is from CA and a little bitch just like dazed and swag is jail bait
2016-01-06 20:52:55
how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
2016-01-07 17:33:53
HLTV Top 20 Potentials List (Based on hints given by HLTV) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10epVWy-5fN..

2016-01-06 19:33:38
cold carries LG and is top 49?? Ska ago all of CLG??rofl

Post edited 2016-01-06 22:27:10
2016-01-06 22:25:58
Meeting the criteria has nothing to do with performance, just events attended.
2016-01-06 22:28:11
top20 players that most played in 2015.. doesn't mean anything
2016-01-06 22:33:25
"All 20 players attended at least 2 majors and 2 other $250,000 events, 11 were at ESWC and 16 at FACEIT Stage 3 Finals at DHW."

This is the criteria that happens to describe all of the players in the Top 20. I don't know what else to tell you.
2016-01-06 22:49:08
I understood with the criteria, just doesn't mean anything.. Do you agree with the list?? I don't think so
2016-01-06 22:52:30
The hints don't describe the "top 49" or how the rankings were decided - they describe attributes of the Top 20 after it was already decided upon.
2016-01-06 22:55:54
I can guarantee you Cold will be on top 20.
2016-01-07 01:45:22
i just dont get this ranking gtr who was totally utter shit the last 4 months will be infront cajunb who totally beasted the first half of this year
2016-01-06 19:34:09
When i say Cajun, you say B

2016-01-06 19:34:46
started off well but hes shit now
2016-01-06 19:34:50
hahaha cajun over f0rest, noe and allu yeah right what is this shit :D
2016-01-06 19:34:51
2015 not 2011
2016-01-06 19:36:41
f0rest wasnt even that good in 2011.

2016-01-06 21:02:03
i don't remember any bad f0rest's year since 2006, he was always on top, one year better, one year worse, sorry man
2016-01-07 02:14:46
Well f0rest wasnt as good as he was in lets say 2006-2009 he dropped of abit at 2011 but was still amazing none the less
2016-01-07 16:10:46
pasha will be higher lmao
2016-01-06 19:35:02
Pasha wont be top 20 this year.
2016-01-06 19:43:08
lol he will not be in this list at all
2016-01-06 20:58:29
2016-01-06 19:36:10
Is this a joke?
2016-01-06 19:36:14
"he has has been an incredibly consistent"
2016-01-06 19:36:16
cold beteween top10?

Post edited 2016-01-06 19:36:38
2016-01-06 19:36:26
dont think so unfortunately. Maybe next year if he continues performing.
2016-01-06 20:28:04
I'm sure one of LG will be in top20.. They just can put Fallen or Cold. And even Cold playing just last 5~6 months of 2015, I think will be he ;D
2016-01-06 20:45:37
Ofc no LG players will be in the top 20. its impossible considering they are not a top tier team an never won 1 tourney.
2016-01-07 15:21:12
Let's see ;D
2016-01-07 17:02:47
I'm sure he will be top 20 in 2015, just wait.
2016-01-07 01:47:02
when he is on his game, cajunb is one of my favorite players to watch
2016-01-06 19:36:37

other team is all 'b is clear guys', and they come strolling in.

suddenly...cajunb, since he was there the whole time, unspotted.
2016-01-07 16:04:10
Wtf is this shit
2016-01-06 19:36:38
2016-01-06 19:36:41
no cold
no rain
no NiKo

hltv.org confirmed
2016-01-06 19:37:00
cold top 10 bru.
2016-01-06 19:38:43
JW,seized,pasha,bialy,NBK,Happy > cold
probably no cold in top20

Post edited 2016-01-07 01:50:56
2016-01-07 01:49:46
nice one
2016-01-06 19:37:01
how dafuq is cajunb > forest ??? ( and im a big cajunb fan , my favorite in ex-TSM)
still ... even in the graph u've attached to the article forest has better stats than cajun .... cmon ...
2016-01-06 19:37:03
Lol, f0rest is shit this year fanboy :3 cajun is way better than him.
2016-01-06 19:40:12
better in what? For sure not in CS>
2016-01-06 19:54:13
You obviously havent watched the scene all year. Cajun carried hard in the first 6 months. Just a slump the last 3 months.
2016-01-06 20:29:04
Yes he was good player in the first 6 months but still fails in the crucial moments for TSM
2016-01-06 21:25:25
No he doesn´t? Everyone has bad moments but i remember more good ones than bad ones. And i watch almost every TQM game.
2016-01-06 21:44:41
GG Jay Cutler
2016-01-06 19:38:55
has has
2016-01-06 19:38:56
2016-01-06 19:39:08
"Forest should be above him." Remind me again how many trophies forest won this year?
2016-01-06 19:40:21
CS = Individual game
cajunb won the tourney by himself :v

2016-01-06 19:41:49
achievments do matter for this ranking, see KennyS last year,
2016-01-06 19:45:49
that's the point IF it's about top players.. they should only thinking about individual skill not team achievement.
2016-01-06 19:49:55
you realise cajun is like 0.01-0.02 raitings less than f0rest ? now cosider that cajun got further in tournaments, and thus played against better opposition. simple as that.

wait you have nip in your name why did i ever start arguing

Post edited 2016-01-07 00:03:38
2016-01-07 00:03:21
cajunb better than f0rest lmao gj EGB nice shit

Post edited 2016-01-06 19:41:15
2016-01-06 19:40:43
Karrigan TOP 1 Wooohoooo
2016-01-06 19:40:43
2016-01-06 19:41:02
This list just the players in the top6 teams, fnatic nip envy tsm navi vp, like All the players in those teams is better than Everyone els.
2016-01-06 19:41:55
the remaining 14 should be:


if not then id be very surprised.
2016-01-06 19:42:12
TricoN - HLTV.org
Your list got 12 players who attended ESWC and it should be only 11...

So you need remove one of them; GuardiaN, KennyS, Happy, NBK, flamie, GTR, shox or Seized :P

Skadoodle, apEX, allu & f0rest were in ESWC 2015 too.

I think it will be JW instead of Seized in the top20.
2016-01-06 20:02:42
JW Should definently not be in the top20
2016-01-06 21:05:05
jw will be 14 or 13 trust me
2016-01-06 23:36:19
he is better than gtr and forest so I think he will be there
2016-01-07 04:21:35
well then its obviously shox or seized - hopefully seized is in the top20, he was so impactful for his team this year.

i feel like its shox for jw. shox was good in the first half of the year, around the level f0rest was - but then he really didnt do all that much since he left for titan. seized was there the whole year however.
2016-01-06 21:48:41
TricoN - HLTV.org
I'm sure that we will see players in top20 100%:

Olofmeister, GuardiaN, Device, flusha, Happy, Snax, KRIMZ, KennyS, GeT_RiGhT, NBK, dupreeh & flamie.

I have 2 slots left for top20 and I'm missing:
- 1 player was in ESWC 2015
- 1 player wasnt in ESWC 2015
- 1 player wasnt in DHW 2015

And I found only 5 players who can be in last 2 spots.

Shox & Seized played in ESWC 2015, and they didnt play DHW 2015.

JW, byali & pasha didnt play in ESWC 2015, and they played DHW 2015.

Shox vs Seized: one of them will be in the top20,
and JW vs byali vs pasha: one of them will be in the top20.

And I picked Shox & JW for the 2 last spots

Reason: Shox had 1.09 rating in 2015, and he played for envyus in first 5 months, and his major rating was neither bad. JW got "only" 1.03 rating in LAN tournament, but he was first killer, so I think, that he was huge impact for fnatic in 2015 but not sure... Dont forget that fnatic won 2 x majors & 2 x 250k$ in 2015...
2016-01-06 22:19:08
agree with the players we will see 100%, that is my top12 (in a slightly different order).

thanks for clarifying who the other options are.

agree that jw > byali and pasha this year.

as for shox vs seized - its a tough call, but i really want to go with seized. yes, shox has a higher rating overall, on lan, and in majors - but seized has been more important for navi than shox has been for envy, and titan didnt do well this year so the second half of the year was very uneventful for shox.

seized is always 0.02 rating behind shox actually, and im putting him above shox for the following reasons.

[1] seized was the topfragger of that train game in the cluj final. it was so incredibly close, and navi had 20% more frags, yet envy stole it 16-14. if not for seized (and guardian) it would be nowhere near as close.

B) little known fact - seized was probably the best t side overpass player for a few months in the middle of this year. overpass was navis best map at the time, and he was a huge part of that. the way he played sewers defined the meta for overpass this year. navi didnt stop playing overpass because they got worse at it, they stopped playing it because teams would ban it against them - something id massively credit seized for, though guardian and flamie were great on overpass too. (watch this game from DH valencia if you have spare time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CDFUjMU_O8 its amazing. or at least the first half)

III. seized is probably the most underrated clutch player right now. seriously, this guy has 66% 1v1 win rate on LAN, and the vast majority of them are vs teams like VP, envy, TSM. although of course he isnt the best clutcher in the game, and players like in fact shox are even more amazing - the thing im pointing out is that hes by far the best clutcher on his team, and is one of their most important things for winning matches vs top teams. his team relies on his clutches for the big games as much as fnatic relies on olofs. he has a better 1v1 ratio than players like flusha, snax, device, kennys, guardian, etc and only ones that beat him in that regard are the clutch gods like xyp9x olof krimz shox or dupreeh.

four: seized is a very well rounded player - much like NBK actually. he can, and often does do calling in his team, hes a support player but also a lurker, he can carry his team and often does when things go to shit, and right now he is the secondary awper on his team as well as the main scout player. he doesnt use the mag7 or the autosniper but thats why NBK is in the top10 and not him :p. he is a great rifler, but also great with pistols. hes really efficient, and great at locking down bombsites in rushes. often when the game is close, hes the one coming up with ideas on those gambles like pushing 2 mid or triple stacking apps.

admittedly though shox was overall a better player and probably will get it instead of seized :/ im just a fanboy of seized :p
2016-01-06 23:15:55
shox? hahahaha
2016-01-06 21:13:17
Dupreeh prob way better
2016-01-06 21:34:46
-shox +byali
2016-01-06 21:45:31
if -shox then it would be +jw. he was better than byali this year, especially in the first half of the year.
2016-01-06 21:50:18
what? CAJUN?
2016-01-06 19:42:25
cajunb #15?? marijuana 2 stronk
2016-01-06 19:42:49
What the fuck.

What a fucking joke. This is list must be joke

So cajun is better than f0rest and apex? Hahahahahahhaha

He's the worst TQM player and always bottomfragged in every matches
2016-01-06 19:44:02
No. /Closed
2016-01-06 20:31:07
You must be his blindfanboy LOL
2016-01-07 03:16:57
What a joke. Not even top 20.
2016-01-06 19:46:27
cabunj is better
2016-01-06 19:48:24
wow never noticed that karrigan is gon be bald soon
2016-01-06 19:49:58
Cajun bot started out great but has since become by far the worst player on his team.
2016-01-06 19:52:45
Lol'ed so hard. He was better than allu, f0rest or NEO? I aren't think that.
2016-01-06 19:58:01
Lol, of course he was better than Neo. but he still sucked and shouldn't be on the list.
2016-01-06 20:04:22
Better in what? NEO was 2nd best player of VP while cajun can't perform like 3th best in ex-TSM.
2016-01-06 20:11:46
maybe you should look into the time before they became ex-tsm then
2016-01-06 22:58:11
Xyp9x is swiss army knife player.....
2016-01-06 20:01:24
nono cajun because he is versatile as an awper and xyp9x does not awp
2016-01-06 21:15:52
ah right i forgot xyp9x awps
2016-01-06 21:16:16
he doesn't awp...
2016-01-07 03:58:54
cajubn better than f0rest? lmao
2016-01-06 20:04:07
better stats, not better.
2016-01-07 19:06:31
waaat wtf wtf

he's not even #30
2016-01-06 20:06:21
LOOOOOL better than f0rest??? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA the joke!
Anyway Cajunb is good player, deserved this 15 place. ;)
2016-01-06 20:07:30
I don't think so
2016-01-06 20:07:48
REALLY?!?!!??!?! Even skadoodle is better

Post edited 2016-01-06 20:11:05
2016-01-06 20:10:42
when i say anger you say fist...
2016-01-06 20:11:09
LOL his stats regarding 12th most K/D difference is wrong. There are at least 13 players with better K/D on LAN for 2015 than CajunB.
2016-01-06 20:11:59
#1 happy
#2 olof
#3 kennys
#4 device
#5 guardian
#6 krimz
#7 snax
#8 flamie
#9 nbk
#10 get_right
2016-01-06 20:12:34
what the hell did i just read lol:DD

you actually made my day with this
2016-01-06 21:02:14
White flag confirmed
2016-01-06 22:12:44
#1 GTR confirmed
2016-01-06 20:16:29
2016-01-06 20:17:46
2016-01-06 20:39:31
2016-01-06 20:20:22
l0l seriously? he even had more tournaments placed 5th than 1st what is this?
2016-01-06 20:20:37
Lmao not deserved. Very bad year for him.
2016-01-06 20:26:56
1. olofmeister
2. flusha
3. guardian
4. kennyS
5. snax
6. device
7. happy
8. GeT_RiGhT
9. JW
10. rain
11. dupreeh
12. allu
13. niko
14. s1mple
15. neo
16. forest
17. apex
18. krimz
19. dennis
20. coldzera
2016-01-06 20:27:30
Doesnt belong to the top 20.
2016-01-06 20:28:28
yes he does. Watch the scene all year and you´d know.
2016-01-06 20:32:44
retards inc with their logic

gz cajun

Post edited 2016-01-06 20:30:08
2016-01-06 20:29:47
when TSM struggled cajunb was always the one who went beastmode
2016-01-06 20:33:24
this is not based comparing players each other, this is how they made an impact for the team and tournaments overall whole year, and i can proudly say totally deserved 15 spot..
2016-01-06 20:38:43
Friberg #14 hyyyype
2016-01-06 20:40:05
Omfg hltv full retard confirmed

Cajunb obv deserved that spot yed he is bad lately but in general he was beast and def had better year than f0rest but all kids with their fish mind they only care last faking month

Btw this list wrong af imo too.They put gtr probabyl like 15-8 and thats unfair,gtr done shit this year allu was their best player in general and f0rest carrying them like 2-3 months and same shit goes with KennyS i really hope he wouldnt there also but kids love kenny and gtr

Annnnd im not saying gtr or kenny bad player ofc (which i dont like them and they re overrated) they both brillant player but in 2015 there was plenty players better both of them

Sorry for my london


All of these players had better year then Kenny and gtr i mean NiP didnt do shit entire year and kenny in titan either (and he was average) and in nV Happy apex nbk much more better than him

2016-01-06 20:41:31
2016-01-06 20:46:35
kenny no in top 20
what an idiot
2016-01-06 20:52:54
one of the most delusional post here...
2016-01-06 21:06:55
2016-01-06 21:33:22
-cold +kenny -fallen +gtr -seized +pimp
2016-01-06 21:49:01
u forgot pimp and k0nfig and msl m8
2016-01-07 04:19:22
jumping on the B bandwagon

2016-01-06 20:58:41
what the fuck
2016-01-06 21:08:45
No Xyp9x in top 20 confirmed.
2016-01-06 21:17:13
of course not, he has only really stepped up the last 3-4 months
2016-01-06 23:40:53
swag would be top 5 if not banned. FU volvo
2016-01-06 21:34:36
im TQM fan but if canjub over forest??.....
joke of the year
2016-01-06 21:35:50
f0rest should not even be in top20, as well as gtr
2016-01-06 23:48:07
and you should in top 5?
2016-01-07 14:42:43

2016-01-07 23:09:20
where is coldzera?
2016-01-06 22:12:46
sitting in favela
2016-01-07 14:19:06
oh no :(
2016-01-07 17:39:46
2016-01-06 22:13:26
2016-01-07 00:04:17
CanjunB was definitely not better then F0rest
2016-01-06 22:20:19
Doesn't really contribute in TSM's wins. Aside from his above-average stat in pistol/rifle/awp KPR I don't see how the fuck he's top15.

This ranking just went to shit.
2016-01-06 23:20:59
When I say Cajun you say B

2016-01-06 23:25:31
i say it
2016-01-06 23:52:07
wtf cajun top 10 ez
2016-01-07 00:01:06
WHY WOULD NOMAJORSB be in top10???
2016-01-07 00:45:59
better than f0rest :D Okkkk
2016-01-07 01:05:24
No coldzera No game
2016-01-07 01:19:16
fer #1
2016-01-07 01:24:38
2016-01-07 01:58:37
Why does this guy have hes mouth open always lmao?
2016-01-07 01:59:19

Post edited 2016-01-07 02:18:10
2016-01-07 02:18:00
I don't fancy cajunb that much tbh, I would at least swap his position with f0rest's.
2016-01-07 02:30:26
rip coldzeera
2016-01-07 03:26:06
I can be crazy, but if there is a chance to see a Brazilian in the ranking it will be fer. cold won't be there just because he played half of the year, he was clearly one of the best.

fer on majors had better rating than: jw, allu, dennis, flamie and rain, for example.

Counting all lans in 2015 he has better rating than: flusha, NBK, f0rest, dupreeh, cajunb, jw, neo and byali.

Sum to that his good entry-fragging job (stats also prove that), and the number of lan maps eh played (89) and he is the only Brazilian availabe and with good arguments to make it to this ranking. Unfortunately, if he didn't appeared in the 20th-15th positions, his chances are mild now.
2016-01-07 04:18:39
My prediction:

1. Olofmeister
2. Guardian
3. device
5. Snax
6. kennyS
7. Happy
8. flusha
9. GeT_RiGhT
10. dupreeh
11. NBK
12. shox
13. seized
14. flamie
15. cajunB
16. f0rest
17. Neo
18. apEX
19. allu
20. Skadoodle

Excited to see, if I get this prediction right :)

no jw, no byali :)

Post edited 2016-01-07 04:52:04
2016-01-07 04:45:27
2016-01-07 04:56:03
yeah..and now put friberg to top10 and get right #1.
Joke ranking, so many overrated players
2016-01-07 05:49:24
Retard spotted guys
2016-01-07 19:06:06
Why can't you guys use their in-game name instead of their real name -_- Confusing af
2016-01-07 05:54:28
1. olofmeister
2. guardian
3. flusha
4. happy
5. device
6. snax
7. kennyass
8. krimz
9. gtr
10. dupreeh
11. nbk
12. flamie
13. seized
14. jw
2016-01-07 06:25:34
2016-01-07 09:20:25
flamie 80% top 20
2016-01-07 10:16:51
2016-01-07 10:38:25
2016-01-07 10:56:19
2016-01-07 11:13:34
So, it's possibly mean that there will be no place for seized. Well, sad story for him. This year he absolutely deserved spot in top20.
2016-01-07 14:09:03

2016-01-07 16:01:20
Tillykke ven - flot klaret =)
2016-01-07 17:01:35
2016-01-07 17:02:12
strong man
2016-01-07 17:04:48
f0rest > Cajunb
2016-01-07 18:50:42
people dont seem to understand this list is based on stats and results.
2016-01-07 19:07:50
GJ, Cajunb!
2016-01-07 19:23:28
fking joke lol f0rest, neo,apex even allu >>>>cajunB
2016-01-07 22:00:45
Well deserved!
2016-01-07 23:47:22
1st guardian
2016-01-08 04:02:28
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPjGAmXFNH0 here's a fragmovie about him :)
2016-01-08 10:37:18
zajibat axuel markelof best minecraft gamer ever made in thys life, because hes going to make some money on putin death. Because obama cant gymkhana
2016-01-11 15:03:36

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