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Top 20 players of 2015: flamie (14)
By: stich
Time: 2016-01-07 20:43
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Number 14 on our top 20 ranking powered by EGB.com goes to Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev who is debuting on this list. It was Vasilyev's acquisition in 2015 that finally allowed Na`Vi to pack enough firepower to begin garnering consistent high placings at events.

It is a little known fact that Egor "flamie" Vasilyev, who was then not even sixteen years old, showed up to Copenhagen Games 2013 (the one NiP won to bring their offline record to 85-0 at the time) as part of one of Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov-sponsored Nostalgie teams.

The Russian youngster, who was then completely unknown, was easily the best player on his team with a 1.0 rating, despite Nostalgie losing four straight series with 0-2 scores (or eight straight maps) to leave the event.

Perhaps his team's poor showing was a sign to flamie that he would have to yet bide his time and hone his skills, or perhaps real life obligations got in the way, but the next we hear of the Russian player is in early 2014 when he was involved in a USSR roster.

flamie in Cologne 2014 playing for dAT 

flamie and teammate Alexander "Lk-" Lemeshev were kicked to make room for Anton "kibaken" Kolesnikov and Nikolay "latro" Lee on the roster in January, but by the time the regional Voronezh Cup rolled around a few months later, flamie was back on the team again.

Another interesting thing to note is that Denis "seized" Kostin would play on this USSR roster as a stand-in during Voronezh, perhaps as a favour to ex-Na`Vi teammate kibaken, and that such a chance meeting may have proven fruitful for flamie as well in the long run.

Regardless, USSR lost in the semifinals 1-2 to the Belarussian 97club side and then managed to beat a HellRaisers mix 16-13 to win third place at the event. flamie was easily the best player on his team, with an assertive 1.24 rating, punching in far above his teammates and playing a big role in their success.

flamie also helped USSR win the SLTV ProSeries IX online cup and thus qualify for StarSeries around the same time.

As his skill kept increasing, the next time flamie would stand out would be equally impressive but also controversial.

Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy's dAT team had no doubt noticed the young player’s skill and asked him to play as a stand-in during the European qualifiers for ESL One Cologne 2014, which flamie obliged and proceeded to help wreck all opposition in his way as dAT were one of the first to secure qualification with victories over mousesports and ESG!

flamie playing for HellRaisers in early 2015 

flamie's relatively unknown status outside of the CIS region meant that he became the target of hackusations from certain players who had lost or was called an "onliner," a loaded euphemism which pretty much entails the same idea as cheating. This incident forced flamie and dAT to defend themselves and the then-17-year-old was ultimately vindicated and allowed to attend the major.

It made little difference ironically enough as a tough group draw in Cologne meant that dAT were steamrolled in the group stage by Virtus.pro and iBUYPOWER, with the Ukrainian-Russian team picking up 13 rounds total across both games. flamie scraped in a 0.99 rating, the best on his team by far again.

Not much transpired for flamie for the rest of 2014 in the way of offline events and thus we leap into 2015 where at the beginning of the year flamie and dAT teammate Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev left the squad and linked up with HellRaisers.

HellRaisers attended ASUS ROG Winter 2015 where they finished in 3-4th after losing to event winners NiP in the semifinals. flamie once again was the highest rated player on his team throughout the event, with a 1.05 rating.

The next event was the major of ESL One Katowice, which HellRaisers qualified for by virtue of their top eight finish at DreamHack Winter 2014. Once again, flamie would find himself on a CIS region team bombing out of the group stages, as HellRaisers lost a 14-16 nailbiter to CLG and then a 12-16 game to the Brazilian Keyd Stars team to leave the tournament.

Despite his statistically sound performances until then, flamie was developing a trend of underperforming at the majors, and at Katowice the 17-year-old showed only a 0.93 rating with AdreN rating higher.

The majors were a struggle at first for Vasilyev 

However, flamie would not need to waste his days ruminating on the increasing senility of the HellRaisers lineup as he quickly left the roster following the major. With Na`Vi player Sergey "starix" Ischuk stepping down from his team the next day, it took less than a 1980's calculator to figure out what was going to transpire, and flamie was quickly announced as a stand-in for the team.

The StarSeries XII finals were right around the corner and Na`Vi's youngest addition availed himself well with a 1.07 rating, tying Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev in the former aspect. These statistics are all the more surprising considering that Na`Vi finished last (6th) at the event, after an early 2-1 win against TSM gave away to a double French baguette in the form of losing to EnVyUs and Titan.

Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko and starix must have liked what they saw however, and right around flamie's 18th birthday, the player signed to the organisation.

The signing functioned as something of a good luck charm for the till-then beleaguered Na`Vi as they struggled to transition 1.6 glory into CS:GO success as the team went to Cologne for the ESL Pro League Winter 2014/2015 finals and won the event, triumphing over Titan in the grand final.

The victory was Na`Vi's first international title in over six months and flamie was right at the front of the pack statistically, rated first in his team with 1.16, making him an extremely valuable player during that tournament.

New org, new victory 

flamie had a cooling off period afterward and when the team went to London for the FACEIT Stage 1 finals, the 18-year-old pulled in at a .94 rating while his fragging teammates seized and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács achieved 1.21 and 1.17, respectively. Na`Vi ultimately finished 5-6th place.

Gfinity Spring Masters II, likewise in London, was an improved situation as Na`Vi made the playoffs and finished 3-4th at the event. flamie achieved the kind of results here that are more consistent of his mid-year play, where GuardiaN would often take the reins and flamie would follow behind as a sort of statistics clean-up man. flamie scored a 1.15 rating.

The Fragbite Masters Season 4 finals once again saw flamie polling third on his team in terms of rating (1.01), with Zeus joining the team's Slovakian star ahead of flamie. Na`Vi finished in third place (out of four teams) and continued a streak of moderate finishes.

DreamHack Open Summer saw Na`Vi finish second place and flamie likewise took a second place in the team in terms of performance, this time delivering a 1.07 rating.

Oddly enough, at Na`Vi's second victory of the year in the StarSeries XIII finals, flamie finally dropped off from the consistent and dependable fragging portfolio which he had been building during his time in Na`Vi. flamie had the lowest rating in the team (0.96). With GuardiaN in full elite mode however, perhaps the player knew he could rest on his haunches during this particular event.

Under the spotlight at ESWC 

ESWC 2015 was an interesting event, not least because many remember flamie and seized, the two Russian players on Na`Vi, struggling to secure Canadian visas to attend the event until the last possible second.

It was also an event which Na`Vi exploded at in terms of performance, as the team generally had an easy time until their tense grand final with Cloud9. flamie himself told us in a text interview that his team "wanted to play Cloud9 in the grand final."

flamie was an indispensable part of the team here, putting up a total 1.28 rating at the event and he is also best remembered as getting a clutch triple kill in the final round of the grand final match to avoid overtime and give Na`Vi the win.

flamie would continue to be an on-and-off player throughout the summer however, as evinced by his worst performance of 2015, at the FACEIT Stage 2 finals at DreamHack Valencia. The team as a whole did manage to finish 3-4th, but flamie was conspicuously absent, bringing in a 0.84 rating, the next closest player was Edward at 0.92.

CEVO Season 7 saw a decent performance from flamie, with a 1.08 rating as Na`Vi finished in second place. ESL One Cologne, the second major of the year, would meanwhile be the last time we would see the Russian in the red, and tied for last place on the team with a 0.90 rating.

Na`Vi's form dipped in Aug.-Sep. and flamie was sometimes hard to spot

Na`Vi did manage to make top eight in Cologne but it was also around this time that rumours began to swirl of potential roster changes; others told tales of extreme rage issues or internal discord and many of these centered around in-game leader Zeus and the young flamie.

Whether this was true or not may remain a matter of conjecture forever, but what is objectively true is that from this point onward flamie rocketed off towards an extremely consistent rest of the year, always finishing above a 1.00 rating and generally improving his performance in the server.

Gaming Paradise is perhaps only worth glossing over (1.01 rating, 4th best on the team) but at ESL ESEA Dubai flamie was able to deliver a 1.08 rating in what was overall a disastrous performance by his teammates (GuardiaN had an unthinkable 0.75 rating).

The whole team got their act together afterwards and entered DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, which is a milestone for flamie in that it was his first major where he moved out of the red and achieved a 1.02 rating. Although that major itself was the GuardiaN show for Na`Vi, flamie's contributions alongside his teammates helped bring Na`Vi to the silver medal podium.

flamie's end-of-the-year ratings continued to grow with each event, and despite one more weak run at CEVO Season 8 for the team, he achieved a 1.07 rating which was the second best on the team as he and GuardiaN tried to keep the struggling team afloat at that event.

A constant balancing act of toxicity and skill at times 

Finally, IEM San Jose and ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 were where flamie came into his own in 2015. With Na`Vi winning the former and placing second in the latter event, their young Russian rifler himself picked up a 1.13 and 1.28 rating, 2nd and 1st best on the team, respectively.

EEPL Season 2 was also crucial for flamie in that he was MVP of the whole event despite finishing in second place with his team.

Why is he the 14th best player of 2015?

flamie cannot be called the Guardian Stone of Na`Vi because that team already has an aptly named player who fulfils that role and who is the main driveshaft in the team's firepower. But the young Russian is much more like a powerful piston of the team, an explosive and forceful component that is instrumental in driving the entire structure to its end goal.

Aside from that, flamie is a precocious fragger and only three out of his nineteen events this year have him getting below average kills per round which is impressive considering that his team do not always set him up for these kills. High fragging also comes in conjunction with stellar aim and flamie ranks fifth in headshots per round this year (0.39) and fourth in headshot percentage (53%).

The Russian player is also a consistent contributor in rounds, rather than being a baiter who looks for utility kills. He ranks fourth (67.3%) in rounds where he had a kill, assist, or survived.

Indisputable role in bringing Na`Vi to top three status, as in our current ranking 

There are even more statistical reasons to grant him the laurels today: flamie ranks second in clutches won this year (68) and is also one of only six players to have above average kills-per-round, assists-per-round, and below average deaths-per-round, meaning that he is a player whose impact is nearly constantly felt during the game.

Finally, as mentioned, flamie was the MVP of the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 finals with a dominating performance and he was nearly MVP at two other events (ESWC 2015 and ESL Pro League Winter finals).

From a more subjective perspective, it could be argued that flamie's addition to the Natus Vincere roster solved the final piece of the puzzle that the team were lacking which was more firepower. As he has matured over the year and calmed a sometimes volatile temperament, flamie has brought the ideal package of a young and consistent rifler to a top five team in the world.

What did you think of flamie's 2015? Where would you have rated him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.

Deserved, good player

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2016-01-07 20:44:08
2016-01-07 20:45:35
most (without seized) interesting player from Russia, who deservs that spot!
2016-01-08 05:53:30
2016-01-09 15:51:58
yeah well deserved, also called it :P

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2016-01-07 23:45:33
no he is a fat, ugly and throwing kid
2016-01-08 01:31:22
how much?
2016-01-08 18:10:23
~30$ ;(
2016-01-09 15:37:05
Medkit plz....
2016-01-09 13:01:38
flamie stronk playah
2016-01-08 02:28:59
One of the two players who carry Navi. +1
2016-01-08 16:49:20

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2016-01-07 20:44:11
2016-01-07 20:44:11
he was right
2016-01-07 20:44:13
I thought it was going to be maniac
2016-01-07 20:44:15
and i thought it was gonna be HUNDEN
2016-01-07 21:31:07
Hunden gonna be number 6 yo dawg
2016-01-07 22:36:56
What the hell ? You mean first right?
2016-01-08 17:28:58
2016-01-07 20:44:19
Navi <3

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2016-01-07 20:44:19
2016-01-07 20:44:33
2016-01-07 20:44:34
Pretty much expected
2016-01-07 20:44:35
good job flamie
2016-01-07 20:44:56
2016-01-07 20:44:59
2016-01-07 20:45:01
2016-01-07 20:45:23
flamie better than cajunb? :'DDD
joke :D
2016-01-07 20:45:33
cajun > f0rest was better joke
2016-01-07 20:48:56
forest? How many lans have nip won? Lmfao
2016-01-07 21:39:11
win lan = good player? lol hahaha
2016-01-07 21:48:58
no win = good player? lol hahaha
2016-01-07 21:55:06
simple? nt kid...
2016-01-07 21:56:56
is that why simple is gonna be on this list? nt kid...
2016-01-07 21:57:22
ON brain pls...
2016-01-07 21:58:11
I'm glad you dont have any counter arguments so you have to reply "on brain pls..." which i have no idea what that means.
2016-01-07 21:59:08
ON brain pls...
2016-01-07 22:02:58
thank you for proving my point.
2016-01-07 22:03:36
By your murican logic then pronax is better than f0rest/s1mple skillwise because he just happened to win more tournaments with his team. EleGiggle NA CS EleGiggle
2016-01-07 22:06:02
2016-01-07 22:09:10
holy fucking shit u are stupid. you talked like pronax was on fnatic as a spectator with no contribution to his team whatsoever, but you know what? pronax is actually playing a role called the "in-game-leader". I know that UK doesnt have a scene or team so you guys probably have no idea how pro teams work in cs, but lemme try to briefly explain: not every member of the team are dedicated fraggers, in pronax's case he give out strategies to his team and have fraggers like olofm and krimz to get the kills, so while pronax is not as good as simple or forest skill wise, his calls and strats is what makes him a great player and is a huge part of the reason why fnatic is the #1 team in the world.
2016-01-07 22:29:16
epic logic... hahaha and kick pronax ? hahahah
2016-01-07 22:32:40
first, pronax left on his on will

second, his strats got figured out after dominating the entire scene with it for 9 months.

why am i even arguing with retards like you who knows nothing
2016-01-07 22:47:42
blablablablabla pls. ON!!!
2016-01-07 22:49:30
its sad cuz you are embarrassing the entire eu for using the eu flag when you are probably some 12 years old kid from ex soivet union communist country with no education received.
2016-01-07 22:53:44
blablablabla again?
2016-01-07 22:58:37
does your teacher teach you blablabla at ur shool?
2016-01-07 23:06:13
still blablabla?
2016-01-07 23:09:12
so ur teacher literally teach u 4th worlders blablabla at school. k
2016-01-07 23:16:51
"4th worlders"

hahahaha epic kid...
2016-01-07 23:19:23
You are a moron.
I agreed with you that you don't need wins but damn you're retarded.
2016-01-08 17:30:57
nt kid...
2016-01-08 22:18:07
I admire your patience and stupidity to argue with a moron.
2016-01-08 00:21:14
in cajun's case, he was a beast for the early part of the year, and consistently good until the recent 4 months when he started performing bad.

but i suppose a new fag like u prolly start following the scene 3 months ago lel

uk scene
2016-01-07 22:31:38
>New fag
>Watching competitive cs scene since 2009

Choose one.

My point is you should stop comparing players based only on team achievements.

Post edited 2016-01-07 23:00:57
2016-01-07 23:00:24
he was a beast in early 2015 and was consistently good for most of the year until recent four months. if you keep up with the scene you would know this. wasnt like he literally did nothing for the whole year and gets #15.
2016-01-07 23:05:25
ON!!! pls...
2016-01-07 22:07:01
learn how to talk before posting shit!!! pls!
2016-01-07 22:29:51
OFF? kk
2016-01-07 22:30:46
its like talking to a puppy: "dont take shits on the floor!!!" and you went: "woof woof" and keep shitting
2016-01-07 22:36:15
nt kid
2016-01-07 22:38:02
hahaha EU kids
2016-01-07 23:07:21
hahaha hamburger help?
2016-01-07 23:08:28
Fuckin fatties dont know anything about cs, only think they know because they shoot people in real life
2016-01-08 08:27:57
dumbass mongols dont know shit about cs, only think they know because they get rush b'd by russians every freakin time in history.

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2016-01-09 02:53:58
Retarded poland kid just trolls you, why do you reply to him again and again
2016-01-11 14:17:57
Its fucking annoying to read how some retarded kid is trying to be smarter than you bruv.
2016-01-08 13:34:02
going by that logic, how come kennys was 6th in 2014 when titan hardly won anything, only 2 first places on dreamhacks with a 10k price for first place, while guardian was placed 11 when navi had better results than titan on 2 out of 3 majors that year, won the same amount of first places (starladder and game show league) and earned more money overall (more than 20k usd)?

how come kennys was placed higher than shox or happy in 2014 when ldlc won a freaking major and earned more than 3 times the money titan did.

hell, even dignitas earned more than titan in 2014 and placed better in all 3 majors, yet dupreh and device were "only" 16 and 20 respectively.

i'll tell you how - your logic is absent.
2016-01-08 12:36:52

ty ;)
2016-01-08 13:09:58

kys ;)
2016-01-09 02:47:14
i dont see how your examples are related to my logic in any way. kennys was placed higher because he was a much better player than the rest of his team, was basically a one man army on titan while the rest of his team barely did shit.

Cajunb was beast at the beginning of the year, carrying tsm/ex-dig to win lans, consistently good for mid 2015 but slumped big time the recent few months. it wasnt like he never did shit for his team and just get carried this whole year like the rest of titans players in 2014.

because forest didnt carry nip like kennys carried titan in 2014, he didnt make it an yhigher on the list.

unless you are saying forest was the one man army of nip like kennys was in 2014, single-handedly carried nip to whatever wins they had this year and maikelele/allu/get_right barely did shit for his team.

i'll tell you - your retardation is present.
2016-01-09 02:46:03
my examples are not related to your logic because it is absent, just like i said.

you demonstrated it again by trying to convince me cajunb deserves his spot or that f0rest should be higher on the list, but i never said otherwise. you probably have a difficulty with reading comprehension.

my example was of someone who hardly won anything in 2014 and was still placed high in the ranks because of his individual skill. in other words #169 and #188 are ignorant and irrelevant to the discussion.

reread your initial comment to which i replied and perhaps you'll understand what i am saying.

your 2nd and 3rd paragraph is what you should have replied to #56 if you wanted to make sense.

considering how i have to spoon feed you i think you got a bit confused in your last sentence.

btw, while i agree that cajunb is a really good player, probably one of the best pistol players (or at least used to be) saying he carried tsm at the beginning of 2015 sounds like an exaggeration. here's his stats from the lans they won at the beggining of 2015:

stats wise he was 4th on two of them and 5th on the third. wouldn't call that a carry.

2016-01-09 03:46:51
Do you understand what this list is about? Why would f0rest's teammates be relevant in this discussion?
2016-01-08 04:20:39
it is not 2009 any more, f0rest sucks
2016-01-08 12:27:25
He is better than CajunB :D
2016-01-07 20:49:13
still you don't understand how this ranking works...

2016-01-07 20:50:29
its sad i know
2016-01-07 20:57:57
he is way better than bot b.
2016-01-07 21:18:40
Yes flamie
2016-01-07 20:45:48
2016-01-07 20:45:53
Flamie always looks mad cuz he from 4th world country

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2016-01-07 20:45:54
nt burger
2016-01-07 21:55:40
2016-01-08 10:18:09
2016-01-07 20:46:01
2016-01-07 20:46:16
deserved. top10 next year if he stops playing so much FM :P
2016-01-07 20:46:20

should be higher
2016-01-07 20:46:27
same feeling
2016-01-07 20:56:29
i thought seized would be 15, flamie like 9th or something. whatever, will be top 20 next year for sure
2016-01-07 20:57:09
lets see if seized is in the list, i think he played better than flamie over the whole year to be honest
2016-01-07 20:58:55
true. he will only be ahead by 1 or two spots though. will be surprised if he is in the top 10, but of course will be happy for him :)
2016-01-07 21:15:08
me too, hes one of my favourite players.
2016-01-07 21:16:59
and 0 ukranians on the list. what a fall from grace for you guys :(
2016-01-07 21:19:24
yea sucks :/

edward might be in 15-20 next year if he steps up a bit :)

and s1mple definitely, as long as he gets enough playing time.
2016-01-07 21:20:56
s1mple will def be in the next top 20 if he stays on a team long enough to attend majors etc.
2016-01-07 21:54:23
yes definitely. He will probably be able to attend MLG Columbus with liquid unless he screws up.
2016-01-07 21:59:41
our hope - s1mple :D
2016-01-07 21:37:21
haha yea :D
2016-01-07 21:58:46
Same and feelbadfor seized :( i dont think he will be higher than flamie sadly
2016-01-07 21:38:56
yea i was thinking that originally
2016-01-07 21:57:11
Lol, you must be a crazy fangay if you think Seized will be anywhere near top20. GuardiaN and Flamie are the only players on NaVi to have played at a level deserving top20.
2016-01-08 14:49:48
i understand but seized could have fit in 16-20 range at the most. Now that flamie has gone by I know seized wont be in top 20.
2016-01-08 20:26:57
holy shit second best clutcher this year! didnt expect that

the best clutcher last year was snax with 50, but more events this year so its normal to be higher

Post edited 2016-01-07 20:47:00
2016-01-07 20:46:35
Lol, he isn't the second best clutcher either. HLTV fucked up. Both shox(even without the play it cool) and krimz has more clutches won on LAN for 2015 than flamie. Something is wrong here.
2016-01-07 21:23:41
You do realize that this ranking is based purely on statistics, not on someone opinions, right?
2016-01-08 12:17:22
So was flamie 2nd in clutches then? Look at the stats yourself; both shox and krimz has more clutches won on lan in 2015
2016-01-08 13:03:34
2016-01-07 20:46:43
that means shox > flamie :(
2016-01-07 20:46:44
that means shox won't be in top20 m8
2016-01-07 20:48:11
4 players who didn't play in DHW will be in top20

Flamie, Skadoodle, Guardian and ... ? Probably shox
2016-01-07 20:51:04
actually you might be right

he can be in top20
2016-01-07 20:54:53
Be pretty stupid if he wasn't top 20

He is no where near his 2013-early 2014 form but still played good.

1.09 Rating on LAN
1.11 Lan at majors
2016-01-07 21:28:31
shox isnt in top20,

sadly nobody from titan is

the only other player from navi who is gonna be maybe in top5 will be guardian

there are 13 positions left:

maybe byali ?

and thats it !!!
2016-01-08 07:10:04
Meh some of these shox had a way better year than.

JW had a bad year especially at majors only having a 0.93 rating.

Byali in terms of stats played worst than shox.

If we talk pure stats shox would be on this list.
He also has achievements from his time in envy.
No reason he shouldn't be in it.
2016-01-08 07:21:21
stoped at flusha being the best of 2015, what you benn watching?!
2016-01-08 18:04:47
shox isnt in the top 20
2016-01-07 20:48:19
Why wouldn't he be?
1.09 on LAN
1.11 at majors

2016-01-07 21:29:45
first deserved ranking out of this top 20 HAHAHAHA
2016-01-07 20:47:50
wow he got fat ):
2016-01-07 20:47:52
2016-01-07 20:48:06
2016-01-07 20:48:18
2016-01-07 20:48:26
Is there any kind of "revelation of the year?" or something like that in this top 20?
2016-01-07 20:48:27
2nd best clutcher?? Not expected at all.

Is Snax the best or Happy? I'm confused now

Post edited 2016-01-07 20:49:24
2016-01-07 20:49:10
i'd say snax...
2016-01-07 20:50:19

2016-01-07 20:51:01
more clutches don't mean best clutcher

percentage of 1v1 won, 1v2 won, etc. does
2016-01-07 20:55:48
Agreed, didn't express myself well
2016-01-07 20:58:19
2016-01-07 21:04:35
flusha or Snax
2016-01-08 03:53:10
2nd best clutcher
Who will be 1st? Flusha?
2016-01-07 20:49:12
Both krimz and shox has more clutches won than flamie if you look at their stats for LAN and 2015. So I dunno how hltv put flamie 2nd, when he is 3rd at best.
2016-01-07 20:56:37
This is pretty stupid, I just saw it and Happy and Krimz have more clutches won than Flamie in 2015. So what did this guy watch to put Flamie 2nd?

AND if you go to Flamie page, it says he has won 70 clutches not 68. Doesn't make any sense???

By the HLTV logic I suppose Krimz is gonna be first but not sure...

Post edited 2016-01-07 21:12:38
2016-01-07 21:12:04
You must look at LAN filter only, as HLTV is not counting online matches in their rankings. I know that both shox and krimz got more clutches won on LAN in 2015 than flamie, might be more people as well. But he is def not 2nd in clutches. HLTV fucked up here.
2016-01-07 21:25:48
Ah you're right, only on LAN.

But then it's actually correct, Flamie is 2nd after Krimz. I mean I already guessed it right but you have to suppose Shox isn't in the top 20 list so he doesn't count putting Flamie 2nd. Not sure I agree, Shox stats should count even if he isn't in the list but it's HLTV so ye hahaha
2016-01-07 21:35:26
wp flamie, deserved!
2016-01-07 20:49:55
2016-01-07 20:50:33
WELL deserved
2016-01-07 20:50:47
flamie > cajunB > f0rest OK
2016-01-07 20:50:48
Seems right to me m8
2016-01-07 20:53:02
f0rest is not the same player as before mate.
Look at what flamie and cajunb won in 2015 ..
2016-01-08 02:15:15
where's the problem?
2016-01-08 03:54:04
2016-01-07 20:50:55
flamich, gz br0
2016-01-07 20:51:55
HLTV, check your facts please. You say that Flamie has 2nd most clutch rounds won (68) yet both Shox(72) and krimz(80) has more clutch rounds won. And yes, I took away shox' silly "play it cool" tournament clutches.
2016-01-07 20:52:31
deserved :) great player still remember how delpan&emilio&maikelele call him cheater
2016-01-07 20:52:52
emilio call him cheater
2016-01-07 20:54:11
Top 20 Potential list (Based on the hints given by HLTV) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10epVWy-5fN..

There are only 2 players left who did not attend DHW, and one will certainly be GuardiaN. Who will be the other?
2016-01-07 20:53:25
2016-01-07 20:55:14
deserved, I expect him to be over the 10th this 2016
2016-01-07 20:55:17
2016-01-07 20:55:43
The Russian player is also a consistent contributor in rounds, rather than being a baiter who looks for utility kills.

Damn straight. Even if I think Happy is the better player right now, as the article says Flamie doesn't have it easy when it comes to getting the kills so his stats are pretty impressive.

Imo the best young new talent
2016-01-07 20:56:28
2016-01-07 22:23:56
niko disagrees
2016-01-07 22:54:19
NiKo best young talent
2016-01-08 06:16:57
2016-01-07 20:57:09

Could coldzera be at top 10? oO
2016-01-07 20:58:12
if he had joined the team sooner probably yeah. I'd guess he'll get #12
2016-01-07 21:02:25
He will not be even in top20 He started to performe late in this year, i dont think he will get a place in top20. IMO.
2016-01-07 21:02:37
coldzera missed 8 months so no
2016-01-07 21:38:49
not a chance
2016-01-07 22:10:59
Nah, one player of LG deserves it. From nothing to be the #7.
2016-01-07 22:13:21
Maybe we will see fer on the list, or even Fallen. Too bad Fallen didn't shine a lot in the end of the year, but I think their stats aren't so bad. Coldzera is a beast, but he was playing only for 5 months in 2015.

Post edited 2016-01-08 02:40:26
2016-01-08 02:34:53
Nice, Flamie!
2016-01-07 21:01:06
2016-01-07 21:01:20
2016-01-07 21:02:27
whats funny? flamie did good whole year, and f0rest? Last 3 mounths? Be realistic, and stop crying over and over again SwedeZZzz
2016-01-07 21:02:51
This is an English website you can only use this site if ur white
2016-01-07 21:11:04
nice joke XDDDDDDDDDDDD go clean some toilets kid
2016-01-07 21:15:21
Not kid, not from Poland

pick one.

Cant be insulted by swede + immigrant rofl
2016-01-07 21:31:22
f0rest top20 is a joke
2016-01-07 21:11:37
Emm obviously...f0rest was shit for half a year and flamie was 2nd best on NaVi.
2016-01-07 21:27:54
2016-01-07 21:41:05
yes gimli =)
2016-01-07 21:58:45
Hobbit = Frodo, Gimli = Dwarf
2016-01-08 02:27:09
where's the problem?
2016-01-08 03:55:21
2016-01-07 21:02:04
best flami4
2016-01-07 21:02:42
so no seized?
2016-01-07 21:03:23
2016-01-07 21:12:40
Deserved, flamie stronk!
2016-01-07 21:03:24
expected , very deserved
2016-01-07 21:05:53
2016-01-07 21:08:33
deserved, gl next year flame
2016-01-07 21:09:56
flamie hard to spot dont think so.
2016-01-07 21:14:26
As he has matured over the year and calmed a sometimes volatile temperament
The only person with a volatile temperament aka 200% toxic behaviour on the team is Zeus, the only man who can pull out "ok i'm done do whatever you want" shit in a pro-scene match.
2016-01-07 21:16:05
+1 it's so retarded to call flamie toxic. he's the most civilized and rational person on the team together with edward.
2016-01-07 21:21:58
when did zeus say that?

Post edited 2016-01-07 21:37:34
2016-01-07 21:37:20
always =) But it`s not big problem for Na`Vi. Just default. Dont listen Zeus`s haters.

About Flamie:
He said himself he is mad sometimes. But compared to zeus and #oldflamie he is just best guy in the world. Lately he has changed a lot. Grill, sex...
Btw Edward is also difficult person. Thats why he was kicked from Astana Dragons.

Justnavithings. Crazyteam :D
2016-01-07 21:49:14
Some summer cobblestone match vs envyus with teamspeak recorded.
2016-01-07 22:50:07
it should be higher imo, if there will be get_right higher or some1 from titan/nip it will be shitty ranking ggwp
2016-01-07 21:19:26
it already is a shit ranking in my opinion
2016-01-07 22:09:29
2nd with most clutch rounds won, not bad but that actually doesn't tell who is the best clutcher.

If you see the stats it's between Snax, Krimz and Flusha in 2015.

Post edited 2016-01-07 21:36:39
2016-01-07 21:28:00
nice !
2016-01-07 21:31:55

flamie played so good specially at the end of 2015
2016-01-07 21:36:44
not bad
2016-01-07 21:38:22
finally no GTR in 'HLTV TOP20'
2016-01-07 21:42:20
lmao he deserves top 3 at least!

2016-01-07 21:59:45
n1 flamie <3
2016-01-07 21:42:36
Actually expected him to be higher, +flamie -starix allowed na'vi to become tier 1 team.
2016-01-07 21:44:10
so flamie is a better play an f0rest hahahha
2016-01-07 21:48:30
well looking at 2015 yes he is he was performing godlike in 2015
2016-01-07 21:50:46
Yea sry to tell you m8
2016-01-07 22:22:05
Yes, f0rest shouldnt even be top 20
2016-01-07 23:37:59
Ofc in 2015. ranking are just for 1 year and clearly Forest played mehhhhh..... in 2015 Flamie is way better in 2015. How people can this be stupid?
2016-01-07 23:43:32
f0rest is better easily individually and this year also but they didnt win shit so thats why he is lower on the list
2016-01-08 12:03:43
Nope! individually? You just started watching cs last month? lol. Forest 4 kills on lan map. Flamie never had that low kills this year. Guardian + Flamie carrying Navi to win lans. While Forest is being lazy getting carried by GTR
2016-01-09 01:09:43
No i didnt start watching last month.
2016-01-09 01:21:01
Med swade
2016-01-08 06:19:38
SUKA BLYAT !!!! He should be top10 minimum what is this bullshit
2016-01-07 21:50:09
Russian noob in top 20 FailFish
2016-01-07 21:50:54
mad cuz flamie > f0rest?
2016-01-08 06:18:48
expected top 10! flamie was a monster last year
2016-01-07 21:52:59
2016-01-07 21:54:55
uhh flamie<3
2016-01-07 21:58:43
For mother Russia
2016-01-07 22:00:10
Go v mac dyadya
2016-01-07 22:06:26
Lol, only top 14? I think he must be in top 5.
2016-01-07 22:07:52
top 10 minimum
2016-01-07 22:09:39
2016-01-07 22:10:30
davaii flamie well done young talent)))
2016-01-07 22:16:30
My prediction is :
Dat will be close to the official list (I hope)
2016-01-07 22:37:40
no simple and rain ?
2016-01-07 22:44:43
neither s1mple or rain attended enough big tournaments this year to be included.
2016-01-07 22:46:17
Simple written on his twitter what he is not in the top20 and rain not playing 2 majors and 2 big tournaments
2016-01-07 22:47:31
eh -byali +dupreeh
2016-01-07 23:13:52
Shox is not on the list, I think you're missing Dupreeh

Also Happy top5
2016-01-07 22:45:32
Maybe Dupreeh but disagree with Happy top5 . He is not deserve top5
2016-01-07 22:49:56
Why not and why would you put KennyS over him lol

Look at their rating and stats on LAN in 2015. Happy best rating on EnvyUs + IGL. Good chance he makes top5 barely.
2016-01-07 22:52:29
Eco frags and baiting, KennyS is actually talented and works hard for his respect, stats are not everything you have to watch to see who makes the most impact for their team.

Post edited 2016-01-07 23:47:13
2016-01-07 23:46:37
Agreed about the last part but if you think Happy has a 1.15 rating on LAN cause of baiting I'm not the one who has the problem. He's the most consistent player on the team + IGL.

Post edited 2016-01-07 23:55:34
2016-01-07 23:55:02
Happy is a great, great player with a fantastic set of skills and great intelligence.

However, if you watch closely he often uses his teamm8's to set up baits for him to get frags. It's also always him who gets the 'easy' frags, like in the pistol round CT on cbble, it's always Happy who gets boosted in the ladder room.

He's also their primary lurker, which also naturally brings some easy kills. He's never the guy who goes in first to a site as T.

So yeah his 1.15 rating on LAN is impressive, but still a lot of factors play into it.

Kenny imo should be placed slightly higher than happy.

Post edited 2016-01-08 02:19:16
2016-01-08 02:18:40
He's the lurker so he gets more kills usually because he has that role I feel like people don't understand this concept. That's his role and a lot of the time he's left alone to clutch and does it, this doesn't get valued enough.

Putting him above or below KennyS may be subjective but imo the fact he's been more consistent through the year and being the IGL gives him the edge.

But we'll see:)
2016-01-08 02:34:45
this is the first conversation on hltv when i cant see offence but arguments KEEP IT UP BOIS
2016-01-08 14:31:08
You were right about Shox, I got one stat wrong. He will probably be 12 or 13 like you said.

But no Byali nor Seized as they don't have enough stats to be above Flamie. I think you need to add JW and Cold/Fer not sure.
2016-01-08 02:29:17
I don't really see Byali making the list, he's been really inconsistent this year
2016-01-07 22:50:33
if you wanna switch byali you should use only 3 players Cold , Dupreeh , JW
2016-01-07 22:53:01
No way cold is making the list, he's probably top 71
2016-01-07 23:08:17
Your list is pretty accurate. I would rate Krimz higher though. Flusha lower.

Also I think it's a fault to rate Byali over Dupreeh this year. Dupreeh has performed better imo. So -byali +dupreeh.

Seized and shox are no-brainers. Better than byali this year.
2016-01-08 00:29:45
neither Dupreeh or Byali are in the list rofl. So no, not accurate at all

Post edited 2016-01-08 00:43:38
2016-01-08 00:43:19
flusha > guardian kek
dunno whatc scene you been watching
2016-01-08 18:06:45
what has shox done in 2015 to deserve top 13?
2016-01-08 18:46:19
flamie > cajunB k m8
2016-01-07 22:40:27
It's true lel
2016-01-07 23:54:24
Na`Vi one love...seized and guardian(of course) will be in this top too.

Post edited 2016-01-07 22:51:05
2016-01-07 22:50:48
really? Fallen wont make it to the list? O.o
2016-01-07 22:52:11
and btw italy has no csgo scene cuz we like pasta and pizza to much to care for gaming
2016-01-07 23:00:39
This list just made topqualityjokes.eu
2016-01-07 23:02:54


Now I'm not sure about the last four.

First imo JW shouldn't be in this list but the fact he was in Fnatic makes things hard cause the team is an important aspect in the list. That also includes NBK who has better ranking than JW but he won one less major so HLTV may consider JW top10 worthy, who knows.

Second, the two brazilians. From the list of players without a major these two have the best ratings. Considering Flamie already appeared should mean Seized is not in the list but who knows cause Cold was only half the year in Luminosity. But I put Vold cause Ska also missed one major and started to play later, same as Cold.

Besides that, from the top10, 6,7 and 8 depends on HLTV. Imo KennyS should be the 6th best cause of the major (simple as that) but we all know the crush HLTV has on GTR lol. Snax should be under him tho I think.

Last Happy imo should be above Device just because of the major and the fact Happy is, apart from a crazy fragger, the IGL of the team which is a big plus.
2016-01-07 23:26:45
where is fallen? this guy deserves much better place that fer and even coldzera(at the begining cold was pretty normal)
2016-01-07 23:31:18
Have you read my post?: "Second, the two brazilians (Cold and Fer). From the list of players without a major these two have the best ratings"
2016-01-07 23:37:01
EDIT: Shox for Fer. Got one HLTV stat wrong.
2016-01-08 02:37:56
There will be no Brazilians in Top10. Go home smelly Brazilians you're all drunk
2016-01-07 23:40:36
I mean I'm not brazilian Im european

Second, have you read my post at all? Have you looked at the stats? The fact you think there will be no brazilian in the list makes you look like a retard
2016-01-07 23:49:04
cold was playing only for 5 months in 2015. he's a very nice player, but this time he won't be on the list I guess
2016-01-08 02:39:19
But what about Skadoodle? The only condition wasthe player had to have played two majors at least. And Cold first LAN was ESL Cologne so he has played two majors like Skadoodle.
2016-01-08 02:44:06
Ska attended twice more tournies (or smth like that) than Cold, even before Cologne. I guess that made the trick. I'm not against seeing Cold on the list, I like him and the rest Brazilian boyz.
2016-01-08 02:49:41
I swear one of the brazilians is gonna be in the list. Either Cold or Fer. Cold has attended two majors and two 250k events and has an insane 1.16 rating so I'm almost convinced he's gonna be in the list.

If you're right and they consider Cold joined too late to be placed in top20 then Fer has to be on the list with a 1.09 rating better than Flamie. If this is correct he will be 12 or 13.

Post edited 2016-01-08 03:00:08
2016-01-08 02:58:55
EDIT: Shox for Fer. Got one HLTV stat wrong.
2016-01-08 02:38:41
2016-01-07 23:39:29
WELL DESERVED! SHOULD BE IN TOP 10. without him Navi will still be the same.
2016-01-07 23:41:33
no Screamy?
2016-01-07 23:44:24
ScreaM ? Maybe in the bottom half of a top 30. And maybe not even that.
2016-01-08 00:25:06
gratz Flamie, I think he should be higher, but top14 is great result too! Goodluck guys!
2016-01-07 23:56:37
Expected and deserved :). My prediction from the cajunb-article is still alive:

"My prediction:

1. Olofmeister
2. Guardian
3. device
5. Snax
6. kennyS
7. Happy
8. flusha
9. GeT_RiGhT
10. dupreeh
11. NBK
12. shox
13. seized
14. flamie
15. cajunB
16. f0rest
17. Neo
18. apEX
19. allu
20. Skadoodle

Excited to see, if I get this prediction right :)

no jw, no byali :)"
2016-01-08 00:31:50
2016-01-08 01:02:48
2016-01-08 01:17:09
Why? Shox was a better player in 2015 than JW was.
Shox rating at
LAN - 1.09
Majors - 1.11
JW rating at
LAN - 1.03
Majors - 0.93

They both have achievements
JW has entry fragging going for him but shox wasn't entry fragging the entire year.
2016-01-08 09:01:01
LMAO your logic is ....... lol. JW on lan and majors = played more. Titan in lan and majors played less games. So easily you can get a good rating because you're fighting in groups and easier opponents. Fnatic fighting the best teams until finals that's why it's hard to get a good rating. NA titanFALL logic = FailFish
2016-01-09 01:04:56
- dupreeh
+ jw
2016-01-08 02:20:36
SHOX? LOL. It would be perfect but you put shox and JW is not on the list. LMAO. FAIL! Shox in 2015 is like an NA player who just became pro. lol

Also Flusha and Kenny is in the top 5

Post edited 2016-01-08 03:55:57
2016-01-08 03:55:10
Shox rating on lan in 2015
At Majors

Come again?

JW had a 0.93 rating at Majors.

Calm your Shox hate boner.
2016-01-08 08:54:48
ofc coming from a Titan fan. Factor of being on the list is not just for ratings. Achievements is also aded which Shox lacks this year. lol
2016-01-09 00:59:55
The real question is did Titan win big tourneys this year? NOPE! Doesn't matter even if he had a 3.0 rating when your team can't win anything on lan and majors. Also comparing a rifller to awper is dumb just like what you did. lmao

LMAO your logic is ....... lol. JW on lan and majors = played more. Titan in lan and majors played less games. So easily you can get a good rating because you're fighting in groups and easier opponents. Fnatic fighting the best teams until finals that's why it's hard to get a good rating. NA titanFALL logic = FailFish

Post edited 2016-01-09 01:05:13
2016-01-09 01:02:13
Shox has many achievements from his time in envy. Shox when he was in Envy and played a lot of games still had a way higher rating.

Shox also fought against the best teams and was a way better player.
Fnatic also go through groups and usually face easier teams to boost stats on..
Won many tournaments under envy and was on the best players in tournaments they won.

You sound like you have very little knowledge of CS.
2016-01-09 02:05:59
That's the reason he is number 8 in 2014 and you're bringing the old days when he can easily carry LDLC. This is in 2015 we're he played shit and got kicked in Envy. LOL. Your argument is nonsense if there is someone who needs some research then it is you. You just bought csgo last year in Christmas sale. lol. I've been in cs since half-life and that's way back in 1999. I played it in net cafe's in 2000 and in 2005 I got my own computer. You might be a silver so no need to argue with some brainless NA kid like you who based the 2015 ranking in 2014 performance. lmao
2016-01-10 00:19:27
"This is in 2015 we're he played shit"

Get your eyes checked.

He was Envy's 1st/2nd best player during his time in envy IN 2015.

Blind as fuck. what is with silver kids and pretending to have been playing CS since 1999.
2016-01-10 01:09:28
"He was Envy's 1st/2nd best player during his time in envy IN 2015"


Should I laugh? Oh crap I thought you're joking. LOL

Post edited 2016-01-11 01:47:04
2016-01-11 01:46:06
switch flusha and KRiMZ and its a gr8 list.
2016-01-08 03:59:33
congrats flamie. well deserved
2016-01-08 00:34:00
meant that he became the target of hackusations from certain players who had lost or was called an "onliner," a loaded euphemism which pretty much entails the same idea as cheating. A.K.A. Maikelele's whiney ass on train when flamie was raping the fuck out of his team.
2016-01-08 00:57:02
hate the way the kid looks but is a beast of a player, Navi should be sucking his toes for turning a average team to a top5 in the world. congrats you ugly mutt
2016-01-08 01:19:18
well deserved, but f0rest and neo at 16,17? Alright, time for legends is up, or?
2016-01-08 01:29:59
fuck navi
2016-01-08 01:32:31

2016-01-08 01:56:58
wp huge new talent :)
2016-01-08 02:21:07
The guy is one the best aimers around... deserved this spot
2016-01-08 02:33:20
Now 100% sure one of the brazilians is in the list.

I'd bet it's Cold cause he attended two majors and two 250k events like they said. Also has an insane 1.16 rating.

If they consider Cold joined too late to be placed on the list then Fer has to be on the list with a 1.09 rating better than Flamie.

You'll see
2016-01-08 03:03:19
do f0rest fanboys really think f0rest>flamie? ROFL fucking delusional NiP fanboys are so sad.
2016-01-08 03:58:08
The NiP haters are worse than the fanboys these days...
2016-01-08 04:37:27
I thought the same thing until reading this thread
2016-01-08 21:43:00
flamie > aus, lol!
2016-01-08 04:25:35
Deserved, flamie is sick!
2016-01-08 06:36:18
there are 13 positions left (random order below)

maybe byali ?

2016-01-08 07:11:26
1. olofmeister
2. device
3. GuardiaN
4. KennyS
5. Fallen/JW
6. Snax
7. flusha
9. Happy
10. byali
11. Maikelele
12. GeT_RiGhT
13. aizy/rain/Hiko/s1mple
2016-01-08 07:31:48
the most ridiculous list i ever seen
Fallen ? NotLikeThis
Maikelele ? EleGiggle
Hiko/s1mple? fan? Kappa
Aizy? who is this :D

Post edited 2016-01-08 14:03:56
2016-01-08 14:02:51
wtf list, totally failed except olof being top1
2016-01-08 18:11:25
NiKo, Kjaerbye, cold probably
2016-01-08 07:32:56
No NBK, karrigan, shox, ScreaM, seized, EdWarD.
2016-01-08 07:34:39
Well deserved in my opinion, He and seized i notice work together well and he listens very well.
2016-01-08 07:52:28
2016-01-08 09:16:50
those 11 are 100% in the list
olof, flusha, krimz
kennys, happy, nbk
device, dupreeh

so there is 2 remain
not sure but it's probably two of these :
jw, saized, pasha"because people like him"
2016-01-08 09:25:28
flamie god
2016-01-08 09:32:44
2nd sex god
After Dosia
2016-01-08 10:13:48
2016-01-08 10:22:11
very nice, he deserved, but hope he will be more stable on majors in this year.
2016-01-08 11:15:41
flamie 2015 highlight:
2016-01-08 11:30:47
suka da! the best of the best bratan!
2016-01-08 13:54:46
awesome player, awesome year!
2016-01-08 14:33:56
definitely deserved
2016-01-08 14:51:33
f0rest > flamie
2016-01-08 17:30:27
in your dreams. stop this fanboy sh*t. Flamie was by far better @ 2015.
2016-01-08 17:55:35
lol i think you are fanboy and kid!

in all history of CSGO

f0rest > flamie
2016-01-09 06:49:49
No i'm not a fanboy and I'm not a kid.

This rank is "2015 year rank of players".

2015 year FLamie >>>>>>>>>> f0rest

so he is much higher in rank. that's all. true facts.

so who's fanboy ? why you talking about "history of CS:GO"?

I think you are not only fanboy but a little bit retarded. (or myabe just a troll).

Post edited 2016-01-09 11:39:06
2016-01-09 11:38:00
pidar nuggets why flamie only 14
2016-01-08 19:05:32
shox > flamie by hltv logic
2016-01-08 19:42:54
Glad for flamie
2016-01-10 07:36:32
didint exepeceted at all
2016-01-10 15:02:40
2016-01-11 09:20:51

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