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Top 20 players of 2015: GeT_RiGhT (11)
Time: 2016-01-10 20:02
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We close out the first half of players in our Top 20 Ranking of 2015 with Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, whose tournament-to-tournament, match-to-match, and round-to-round consistency helped him take the 11th spot.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund is another player who can nowadays be considered a veteran, having had more than eight years of professional play behind him.

Having gone through lineups of NiP, fnatic—who became team of the year 2009—, and SK Gaming towards the end of Counter-Strike 1.6, the Swedish lurker has established himself as one of the best players of all time, combined with the last three-and-a-half years in CS:GO.

In 2009 he was voted eSports player of the year and Counter-Strike player of the year by ESL, and ever since 2010 he has been in HLTV.org's Top 20 rankings each year, with the exception of 2012 (which hasn't been made due to the switch to CS:GO half-way through the year).

He came in 2nd place in 2010, and 2nd again in 2011, before eventually reaching the highest step twice in a row, in 2013, and 2014.

MLG X-Games Aspen was the first event of 2015 for GeT_RiGhT and the whole of NiP, who would go on to reach 2nd place following a grand final loss to LDLC. The lurker played a pivotal role on two maps especially, NiP's overtime win against dignitas in the group stage (32-23, 1.28 rating), and the semi-finals de_mirage decider versus fnatic. That was one of his best maps all year, as he recorded a 27-15 score (1.50 rating, POV) in a 16-12 victory on a decider of a big match.

The Swedish squad returned to Europe afterwards to take part in ASUS ROG Winter 2015, which would become their only tournament victory of the year. GeT_RiGhT was a solid player at the event, having only dropped slightly below 1.00 rating on two maps (0.95 versus mousesports, 0.96 on the grand final's decider versus Titan).

After Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge where NiP dropped out in groups and he was the team's best player, ESL One Katowice was upon the Swede and his team. One of the greatest maps all year from GeT_RiGhT came from the first major of the year, specifically the decider of the TSM quarter-final (32-16, 1.68 rating in a 16-12 victory on de_nuke; POV). In the grand final, he and his new teammate Aleksi "allu" Jalli were the main reasons why the duel lasted for 85 rounds (1.27 rating). Not only was he by far NiP's best player at ESL One Katowice, he was one of the best at the event. He placed in the top five of 11 (out of the 20 that HLTV.org features) different leaderboards, some of which are Rating (1.20, 4th), Kills per round (0.82, 4th), and Sucess in opening duels (62.1%, 4th).

GeT_RiGhT's clutch versus TSM was ranked #6 in our Top 10 Frag Highlights of 2015

In another one of NiP's top two finishes at Gfinity Spring Masters 1, GeT_RiGhT had a rare average showing with a 1.00 rating; still the team's second highest behind Adam "friberg" Friberg. SLTV StarSeries XII Finals turned out much better—GeT_RiGhT topped the charts for NiP with a 1.13 rating, and he was the only one to have turned up in the very one-sided grand final against EnVyUs.

When NiP placed 3rd out of four teams at CCS Kick-off Season Finals, the Swede still maintained his prime position within the team with a 1.04 rating overall.

It didn't seem as if NiP's results had an effect on GeT_RiGhT's individual performance at the two events afterwards. At both FACEIT Stage 1 Finals and Gfinity Spring Masters 2— two contrasting tournaments for the team as a whole, as NiP placed 2nd and 5th-6th, respectively—GeT_RiGhT played above his average.

He also played well on home turf at DreamHack Open Summer, at least in the group stage. NiP's semi-final encounter with fnatic turned out to be a bit of a rollercoaster for GeT_RiGhT. On the one hand, he and Richard "Xizt" Landström were the only ones to turn up to the whitewash that was map one, de_dust2. On the other, he was the team's worst player on map two, de_train, which NiP lost 14-16—a very rare case for him in big matches in the first half of 2015.

In some matches GeT_RiGhT was the only one to turn up

Before a truly rough period started for NiP as 2015 was heading into the second half, they added another silver medal to their trophy cabinet at Gfinity Summer Masters 1. While it was one of the worst events GeT_RiGhT had overall this year, with quite poor competition too, he once again topped the scoreboard for NiP in the 0-3 grand final versus EnVyUs.

At ESWC, his only sub-1.00 rating was in a 16-4 win against QeeYou, interestingly enough. Otherwise it was another one of his solid performances, and that goes for the FlipSid3 quarter-final upset as well. He recorded a +15 kdd there (1.27 rating), the highest in the series.

After the second of three shared 5th finishes in a row at FACEIT Stage 2 Finals in Valencia, the second major, ESL One Cologne, rolled around. NiP's track record of grand final finishes at majors stopped there, and GeT_RiGhT turned in his first unsatisfying major performance. The only map he finished with a rating of above 1.00 was in the group stage's decider against Renegades, a 16-5 result on de_inferno.

To contrast his ESL One Cologne form, at ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational he displayed one of his best performances all year, and against top-notch competition. NiP kicked it off with a one-sided loss to Virtus.pro, but GeT_RiGhT was the second best player on the server (22-14, 1.35 rating). He didn't stop there, as he helped NiP overcome a scary Cloud9 in overtime on de_dust2 with a beastly 1.69 rating (39-20 score). He turned down the heat for the EnVyUs decider, albeit slightly—he was still well above his average with a 1.24 rating. By the time TSM arrived in the semi-final he cooled down quite a bit, and NiP's journey stopped there.

GeT_RiGhT's POV versus Cloud9, where he accumulated a 39-20 score

The same couldn't be said about his form at the following three events, starting with Gfinity Champion of Champions. NiP only played one best-of-five in London, quite a limited sample size, and while he did help Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg share some of the weight on the two maps NiP won in that series, he was the team's third best player, and recorded a sub-1.00 rating overall (0.99).

The second below-average tournament for the Swede was another major, the last in 2015, DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca. While NiP went out in the semi-finals, more than what was expected of them, the road there was rocky. Throughout the entire tournament he had one very good map, de_dust2 in the TSM quarter-final, where he lifted most of the weight with a 1.75 rating. Overall it wasn't a particularly bad tournament for GeT_RiGhT, generally speaking, but not a good one either, especially by his standards.

GeT_RiGhT retained his #1 position within NiP

His single truly bad tournament in 2015 was FACEIT Stage 3 Finals at DreamHack Winter. He started out well with a 1.32 rating in a surprising victory over EnVyUs, but things went downhill from there. His record in the Luminosity group decider naturally played a big part in his overall statistics. He was the second worst player on the server despite being NiP's best on de_cache, a map NiP managed to win in overtime, which speaks to his performance in the remainder of the series.

Same as NiP as a whole, GeT_RiGhT finished 2015 off on a high note. Fragbite Masters Season 5 Finals was another good event for him, slightly above his average in fact, even though six out of eight maps were against the red-hot fnatic. He finished the event with a 1.15 rating, which he shared with allu in first place, and in all three series he played well. He wasn't the team's best in either of their wins (against SK, and fnatic in the upper final), but he was in the grand final that NiP ended up losing (1.08 rating).

Why is he the 11th best player of 2015?

Similarly to his long-time teammate f0rest, GeT_RiGhT's consistency was a big factor. He only had one tournament in the red zone throughout the entire year and at most other events he was either NiP's best or second best player.

He very rarely had a bad game. In 80% of the maps he played he had above 0.85 rating (7th highest overall), and in 54.5% he recorded a rating of above 1.00. Not only is he a consistent player tournament-to-tournament and match-to-match, he placed 11th in rounds in which he had a kill, assist or survived with 66.6%, which means he was also a consistent contributor round-to-round.

GeT_RiGhT was one of the best fraggers of the year as well, having recorded 0.75 kills per round, good for 13th highest overall, as shown in the table below.

Despite his so-so performances at ESL One Cologne and DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, he was NiP's best-rated player at the seven $250,000 events with a 1.08 rating. His best performance in those was at ESL One Katowice, where he was one of the best players overall.

Along with his consistency, due to him being a star of his team, GeT_RiGhT is placed above some of the players that were on a very similar level throughout the year, but weren't the main contributors to their teams' success.

The main reason why he couldn't be higher on the list is his lack of MVP titles. GeT_RiGhT was never the best player at an event, as—again, similarly to f0rest—his peaks weren't high enough, even though he had a few, most notably at ESL One Katowice, FACEIT Stage 1 Finals, and ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational.

What also didn't help him was the fact that his statistics have one of the largest shares in rounds lost, although his round win contribution is still the highest within NiP.

What did you make of GeT_RiGhT's performances in 2015? Does he deserve the 11th place? If not, where would you have placed him? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.

2016-01-10 20:02:04
GTR not #1 anymore?
wtf this most be fake

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:10:45
2016-01-10 20:09:03
2016-01-10 20:10:16
expected to be expected
2016-01-10 20:11:25
expected to be expected to be expected
2016-01-11 10:28:06
totally not expected
2016-01-11 10:50:15
expected to be totally not expected
2016-01-11 12:50:46
expected to not expect he totally expected unexpect
2016-01-11 19:28:42
tbh... expected
2016-01-11 20:17:03
He's shit like NA players
2016-01-10 20:31:29
#1 is too much s1mple, hes double #1 now :dd
2016-01-10 20:39:17
wtf u want? Now he's even two TOP1... 1 and 1
2016-01-10 20:50:08
gtr #1 worst hair
2016-01-10 23:42:15
If you think he is still number 1 in 2015 then you must just watched the last month of 2015 or just bought the csgo in Christmas sale. lol
2016-01-11 01:40:57
he should be number 1
2016-01-11 17:53:54
2016-01-12 17:53:10
GTR definitely deserves to be on the list...but no coldzera? What were you thinking, Petar?

Even skadoodle is on the list, wtf... you are ruining years of reputation and hard work because of fanboyism

"He didnt play the whole year, ska did" - Yea, because dominating the EU scene for 4 months (2 majors and 2 other $250,000 events) is worse than playing domestic matchs versus crap NA teams for 5 months, right?

Btw, Hiko in 2013.. http://www.hltv.org/news/11929-top-20-players-of-2..

2016-01-10 20:10:46
such a mad fanboy
2016-01-10 20:11:41
+1 brazilians shouldn't be allowed computer access in these 20 days, they think top10 is whole Luminosity and Games Academy lol
2016-01-10 20:18:42
7-1 never forget

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:25:49
2016-01-10 20:24:47
UK scene pls
2016-01-10 21:14:03
still 7-1 is nothing to forget
2016-01-10 21:19:56
i know but Brazilian fangays are the most annoying after few good scores :|
2016-01-10 21:29:11
I agree with this br. He is completly right , GT should be arround 18 this year, while allu should be in this position, he was the best nip player by far.

Post edited 2016-01-11 16:46:53
2016-01-11 16:41:32
okay, GTR should be lower but cold top10? Just stop
2016-01-11 21:36:46
i agree that coldzera should be on top20 but meh..
who knows what goes in HLTV admins' mind when they put that list together.. last year kennyS should have defenetly been number #1 but he was like #6 because of the "lack in team achievements"..

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:16:22
2016-01-10 20:15:55
How should coldzera be on the list? How long has he been dominant? No one even knew coldzera until the later part of 2015...
2016-01-10 22:16:41
+1 great reason
2016-01-11 00:36:32
Im brazilian and i think Fallen deserved more than cold to be on this list, but def not on top10. I'd say like between top 20-15 max.

I'll really be suprised if cold get into this top 20, i mean.. there are 6 spots that are 100% taken.

Oloif, KennyS, Happy, Device, Krimz, Guardian. This is prob the top 6 players of 2016.

So we basecly are missing 4 spots left and there are so many good names that did more than cold this year that could be added such as siezed, edward, pascha, snax, jw and flusha.... i dont think cold has any chance (or fallen wich is the player that deserved more tbh)

ps: just one thing : Adding shox into the 13rth place was ridiculous, he did nothing this year. We all know he is great, but cmon.... what did he own after the first 4rth of this year? He is in a mediocre clan that gets smashed by LG any day.
2016-01-11 16:47:33
I agree man. FalleN or maybe even Fer should be on the top 20 above Shoxie... Shoxie wasnt too good this year. The Brazilians did really well this year. Coldzera just wasnt around long enough to be on the list, no matter how good he was. But +1 for u not being a biased fanboy. I agree with you.
2016-01-11 18:12:03
dont worry favela, the top5 will look like this:
2016-01-10 20:16:33
almost. but fer and fallen top 10 indeed.
2016-01-10 20:23:47
omg u forgot hunden on 5, olofm shit

2016-01-10 21:20:52
Whatever Coldzera did during the year would have to be divided by 3 as he only was active a third of the year

if you really think he did three times better than skadoodles average for this four months, then that's on you, i dont
2016-01-10 20:16:59
coldzera should definitely be in the top 10, just chill man
2016-01-10 20:20:17
coldzera gonna be top #3 chill brasilia
2016-01-10 20:22:17
That happens when every retard can have a internet connection.
2016-01-10 20:22:30
I didnt even know who is.coldzera until september
2016-01-10 20:24:43
+1 lol
2016-01-10 21:03:14
+1 u r genius
2016-01-11 14:40:09
He's only been playing for Luminosity since October or November and most of these statistics are based on major performances, ratings and stats throughout the year 2015. I don't know how favela maths work but I think it's impossible to have more 'points' than someone who has been active throughout the year.
2016-01-10 20:25:59
2016-01-10 20:53:11
he play since july. And it's not a fanboy saying, it's just logic, how I said in other post..
LG grown so much this year, the team that more advanced in rank, did amazing tournaments(never down in group stage), was legend in all majors, and finished the year as the better of Americas. I don't know who will be, and if will be a political decision, but I think really hard one player of c9 inside top20 and any of LG. If Fallen or Fer already was appear in top20, would be ok. But in top 10, I think just Cold can appear.
2016-01-10 20:57:08
coldzera is a very good player. but he didn't achieve enough during the whole year to make this list.
2016-01-10 23:05:35
coldzera is shit m8
2016-01-10 20:31:10
coldzera is bot, LG in 2015 in top4 of tournament and fanboys coming
2016-01-10 20:31:55
Lol wasn't the best placing LG got at an international LAN 2nd place one time? At least Ska did that like three times.
2016-01-10 20:39:35
ofc no coldzera
2016-01-10 20:46:36
''"He didnt play the whole year, ska did" - Yea, because dominating the EU scene for 4 months (2 majors and 2 other $250,000 events) is worse than playing domestic matchs versus crap NA teams for 5 months, right?''

¿¿¿¿¿ lol ?????

''On top of consistency is the weight he carried within his team, having an AWP kill in 39% of C9’s won rounds, and the most AWP kills per round of 2015. It is also worthwhile mentioning that out of the 60 maps Latham played, 40 were played against teams from “the big 6” of 2015 (NiP, VP, TSM, Na`Vi, nV, and fnatic).''

source: http://www.hltv.org/news/16703-top-20-players-of-2..

/rekt /close

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:52:09
2016-01-10 20:51:52
2016-01-10 21:02:02
He was top 20 for 4 months, not 12. Calm down.
2016-01-10 21:02:49
Ska wasnt either
2016-01-10 21:29:29
Compare stats from Ska and cold throughout the year. I don't really want to waste my time explaining obvious stuff to you.
2016-01-10 23:27:57
yeah cold > ska lol
2016-01-10 23:34:19
OH MY GOD. You really can't be bothered to use your brain. Good luck in life, pinhead.
2016-01-11 19:42:52
just look at the stats toilet cleaner lol
2016-01-11 19:43:27
So now you go to middle-school level insutls. BRAVO! Thanks for a good laugh, imbecile.
2016-01-11 23:59:23
why so mad?
2016-01-12 00:28:03
Not mad, just amused. ;)
2016-01-12 01:58:28
Do you really want to compare them, toilet lover? lel
2016-01-11 17:50:52
dominating the EU scene

2016-01-10 21:49:21
some best play of GeT_RiGhT:
2016-01-10 21:56:43
again fanboys think that Brasil is best in the world , rly shame
2016-01-10 22:09:22
You are delusional if you think this list might ruin someone's rep or career lol
2016-01-10 22:10:58
Cold should be 10th
2016-01-10 22:26:28
Dude, just let it go
2016-01-10 22:26:33
Is coldzera the one who came to LG in the last 4 months?
2016-01-10 23:15:51
Stop embarrassing us dude!
2016-01-10 23:22:11
"dominating the EU scene for 4 months"

2016-01-11 16:21:20
i was hoping a little bit higher place
2016-01-10 21:40:23
2016-01-10 20:02:08
If only this top 20 was sponsored by Xtrfy GTR would be #1 :3
2016-01-10 20:15:07
That is so fucking true.
2016-01-10 22:05:20
Ikr, this is a joke. Gtr top 30 maybe at best.
2016-01-10 21:38:26
2016-01-10 20:02:13
2016-01-10 20:20:51
2016-01-10 20:02:13
2016-01-10 20:02:14
2016-01-10 20:02:15
2016-01-10 20:02:18
2016-01-10 20:02:19
2016-01-10 20:02:19
2016-01-10 20:02:24
2016-01-10 20:02:25
2016-01-10 20:02:31
2016-01-10 20:02:34
2016-01-10 20:02:37
nice not sure if deserved kek
2016-01-10 20:02:39
2016-01-10 20:02:40
Cold top 10 Orgulho BR <3
2016-01-10 20:02:40
2016-01-10 20:03:13
Acho q sim em, vamo torcer
2016-01-10 20:04:07
No cold in this top20
2016-01-10 20:04:24

No chances for Cold, RiP. I would give him a <5% chances to be #10, but not happening.
2016-01-10 20:04:57
JW ? JW ? JW? -_-
2016-01-10 20:05:33
If not JW, byali then or even kioshima.

Achievements prevail, JW major count = 2.
2016-01-10 20:06:50
Ok let's wait. They're all good players, achievements can make the difference indeed .-.
2016-01-10 20:09:17
sry mate, next year will be Coldzera's ;)
2016-01-10 20:18:01
It's not team success, it's contribution to team success. JW was the worst/second worst player in most tournaments (even the wins).
2016-01-10 20:12:39
Agree about that, but there are no players left for that #10 spot.

Only one of those: JW, byali or kioshima, will get that #10 spot.

#1-9 are clear.
2016-01-10 20:17:56
It's more likely to see kio or seized than jw or byali, both of them had a really rough year.
2016-01-11 13:51:12
10 # byali / seizd / jw
2016-01-10 20:29:33
I think COLD is better than these 3 but, he played just a few camps this year .-.
2016-01-10 20:30:58
top kek
2016-01-10 20:54:30
Cold is a great player, but he played just six months and only got to one final. If it's just about skill Cold would be here, but then we will have to include people like Niko, rain or S1mple than didn't get into the top neither
2016-01-11 13:55:27
I agree with these names, maybe not the order but I don't think JW will have a chance, would say Byali/pasha in 10th
2016-01-10 20:08:29
Nah, as soon as JW has a rating above 1 in 2k15 he is kind of ok'ish statwise. And, we all know the achievements has a big weight on the decision and he won 2 out of 3 in 2k15.

JW will be #10 most likely.
2016-01-10 20:11:01
True true but the other fnatic players have had so much impact and three of them will be in this top10, I doubt there will be four :)
2016-01-10 20:14:07
There will be four without any doubt :)
2016-01-10 20:20:17
Don't think so, although Fnatic have been monstrous this year I think there will be 3 VP players in the list and not only two
2016-01-10 21:36:44
No way man, Pasha and Taz no chance... Byali? I think it wouldn't be fair if Byali was above Dupreeh...
2016-01-10 22:47:40
Looks like you were spot on my friend
2016-01-11 20:55:56
Yeah, this time I was lucky.
2016-01-11 21:03:16
I think JW should have been top 20 but he should have been lower, he has been too bad in the majors and became an onliner recently
2016-01-10 20:17:49
Ok with your list but instead of JW or Byali it will be seized
2016-01-10 20:15:56
Seized isn't there because of the minimum of tournaments that has to be attended in order to get a spot.
2016-01-10 20:19:24
You are idiot seized played as much tournaments us flamie or guardian did
2016-01-10 20:26:43
That's why seized won't be on the list ;)

''Some clues for those trying to guess the ranking: all 20 players attended at least 2 majors and 2 other $250,000 events, 11 were at ESWC and 16 at FACEIT Stage 3 Finals at DHW.''

source: http://www.hltv.org/news/16700-top-20-players-of-2..

Before spitting bullshit, try to make sure about your facts

also, https://twitter.com/seizedwf/status/68553634028127..

2016-01-10 20:29:03
JW is one of the best players imo but not stats-wise. He often doesn't perform well but I think he's incredible as a joker. He does the best plays in the world but it doesn't always work out in his favor.

Don't think he's on the list tbh
2016-01-10 20:29:06
"best plays in the world" = Random pushes, and hiding in smoke...
2016-01-10 23:07:59

Or that time where he bhopped his way through drop to A without any enemies noticing and then hid in A site, winning his team the round.

Nobody else does stuff like that. What are the most insane plays in your opinion then, if it's not stuff like that?
2016-01-10 23:39:31
Do you realize that he makes those shots every 10-20 games, and for the rest of the time he plays below average? He is the 4th/3rd best player on his team, and there are tons of better and more valuable players that will deliver you results EVERY game, not once in a while if he is lucky enough. Nobody in their right minds will ever put JW as a top 10 best players...
2016-01-11 00:00:46
Every 10-20 games? Nope, much more often. The thing is, his role in the team isn't to perform well every match, he has 3 teammates who are already some of the best in the world at being consistent (flusha, olof, krimz). He is a joker who is used to confuse, disorientate and destabilize the enemy team. He already does that every match.
2016-01-11 09:07:59
Yeah... and that might have worked out for him a year ago, but now everyone knows how he plays, and he can't get shit done anymore, it's just like GTRs lurking, it was super effective when people didnt know what to expect, but once it got predictable it stopped working. He is dragging fnatic down, and they would definetly benefit from having an actual AWPer on their team, that hits important shots, instead of hiding in every smoke near him, doing those plays just fucks up rounds for them more than anything, and he is the next on the list to go for sure, they deserve better.
2016-01-11 16:26:50
krimz> JW
2016-01-10 20:34:52
krimz had a better year than JW, yeah, that's why I put him higher. Whats the problem?
2016-01-10 20:39:06
Lol, people here have no clue :D.
2016-01-11 01:29:03
That was meant to me?
2016-01-11 01:38:41
Yeah, but not about you.. :-)
2016-01-11 03:13:01
And obviously (kind of) it was JW, as you said too!
2016-01-11 21:58:58
I think #10 will be seized. He was obviously contributing most of navi's winning title in 2015. byali had so-so year I guess. And I think GuardiaN will be #2. Excpet these, I totally agree with you.
2016-01-11 03:11:20
Oh, sorry I just realized that hltv's hints.
2016-01-11 03:16:00
Xyp9x ;)
2016-01-11 14:34:31
Players which will be in TOP 10 will be: Olof, Krimz, Flusha, JW, NBK, KennyS, Happy, Snax, Guardian, Device, sry no place for Brazil.
2016-01-10 20:13:28
dumb fanboy, do u rly think a guy who got 2 major quarter-finals and a grand final at faceit finals throughout all year, is gonna be top10? typical brazilian retard fanboy.
2016-01-10 20:14:09
its normal its ranking of 2015 not of 1 lan
2016-01-10 20:39:17
Coldzera not going to be in the top, because he start to play good just like 4-5 months ago.
2016-01-10 20:17:29
How can you expect cold to be on the list if he only played for like 4 months????? SERIOUSLY? First you go and lose 7-1 to Germany and now you want coldzera on the list? Stop humiliating yourself!
2016-01-10 23:18:32
Oh shit, this time unexpected.
2016-01-10 20:02:47
2016-01-10 20:02:54
no numba waaaan this year
2016-01-10 20:02:56
2016-01-10 20:03:01
Finally ! Omg ... he can't be in top 10, so that was a close one !
2016-01-10 20:03:05
2016-01-10 20:03:08
kek af
2016-01-10 20:03:10
Jw better than Get_Right in 2015?

I aren't think that
2016-01-10 20:03:10
JW will not be in the list don't worry bro x)
2016-01-10 20:16:56
then who? The only other one would be Cold and you're gonna tell me hes not too so who?
2016-01-10 20:18:54
2016-01-10 20:19:16
Not gonna happen bro not even in a million times cause Flamie (arguably 2nd best in Na'Vi) has already appeared. Even Seized himself said it: https://twitter.com/seizedwf/status/68553634028127..

It's gonna be probably JW which is gonna be a complete joke considering how bad he's played in 2015 (much worse than GTR).
2016-01-10 20:26:26
2016-01-10 20:41:25
2016-01-10 20:03:12
so low lol
2016-01-10 20:03:14
never seen GTR and f0rest out of top 5 for the past years , time changed my friend
2016-01-10 20:03:27
f0rest was 7th last year m8
2016-01-10 20:08:13
he ment both of them together
2016-01-10 20:10:14
individually they are top notch still but without wins you cant be high on the list.
they had awfull year as a team
2016-01-10 20:48:18
indeed they are
2016-01-10 20:49:42
2016-01-11 02:39:10
2016-01-10 20:03:31
LOL from top1 to 11th place
2016-01-10 20:03:38
it means he's #1 #1 number UNO
2016-01-10 20:32:47
2016-01-10 20:03:39
Just gonna copy what I wrote in another news. This is the reason why GT got nr1 2014, that's why he was nr1 that year and not flusha according to hltv. Flusha still imo could have been the nr1 that year, but some of the things I pointed out down here was that made GT nr1.

The thing people need to realize is that HLTV-ranking is very much decided from big tournaments and mostly playoffs etc. And round win share is a big part, but that's what not people realize.

And it is the WHOLE year that we talk about, not last 3 months that people think.

There is so much more to this than you guys think, just stop trying to be the "expert" when you know nothing, thanks!
2016-01-10 20:07:51
+1 most people only remember the latter half of the year (if that even) which is understandable, same here. But then don't act like you know shit, right?
2016-01-10 20:21:00
Get off your high horse, not everyone on this site knows nothing...
2016-01-10 22:12:45
I didn't say everyone, but maybe should have made it more clear.
2016-01-10 22:52:05
2016-01-10 20:03:47
2016-01-10 20:03:48
olof top 1 :D
2016-01-10 20:03:49
2016-01-10 20:04:02
not bad for this year
2016-01-10 20:04:13
Not expected but pretty good choice imo
btw. do u think byali will be in top 10?
2016-01-10 20:04:44
rather snax
2016-01-10 20:07:24
nope, only snax
2016-01-10 20:07:32
why snax? din't see him playing any good in 2015...
2016-01-10 20:50:30
so u are blind
2016-01-10 23:07:26
do you watch streams?
2016-01-10 23:54:25
2016-01-10 20:05:01
2016-01-10 20:05:16
for this year it isn't so bad, hope he'll be back on top in this year with new lineup.
2016-01-10 20:05:19
2016-01-10 20:07:00
lol no chance
2016-01-10 20:18:21
worse lineup lol
2016-01-10 20:33:24
Coldzera 10#
2016-01-10 20:05:29
lmao rekt
2016-01-10 20:05:44
ez coldzera top 1
2016-01-10 20:06:09
2016-01-10 20:06:17
2016-01-10 20:06:17
next JW
2016-01-10 20:07:03
2016-01-10 20:07:03
2016-01-10 20:07:20
lol.. how is gt higher than f0rest
2016-01-10 20:07:21
Well, It's about the whole year mate. And not the last months of the year.
2016-01-10 20:09:09
2016-01-11 15:24:24
gtr always higher in rank than f0rest. like all years.
2016-01-10 21:49:33
all csgo years, you mean...
2016-01-11 02:39:55
Nope, since HLTV started with their top20 rankings GeT_RiGhT have always had better ranking than f0rest, even in 1.6.

f0rest had his prime before GT joined fnatic.

Still f0rest is the king of 1.6 along with neo, but if GT would have been playing 1.6 in the pro-scene as long as them he would be king as well.

Post edited 2016-01-11 17:57:11
2016-01-11 17:55:52
oh, ok then, you are talking about HLTV ranking, not career awards.
Just to remember, in 2005 and 2006 f0rest was already running for best cs player of the year and best e-sports player of the year.

And about predicting that GTR would have been a legend like neo and forest if he had started before is your personal opinion, beacause its impossible to predict this kind of thing based on any data.

MY personal opinion, is that GTR would not have been a legend like them, GTR was an excelent ak/colt player and very smart player and clutcher for his time, as many were before and after him. For exemple we have Edward in 2010 after him...
2016-01-11 21:00:42
ayy wat
2016-01-10 20:07:51
Very reasonable Rating. Top 10 would be a little too much
2016-01-10 20:08:30
Krzysiek is love Krzysiek is life
2016-01-10 20:09:03
Good bamn, I hope for the top ten
2016-01-10 20:09:43
deserved and expected
2016-01-10 20:09:49
expected or unexpected, that is the question
2016-01-10 20:09:57
deranking from 1 to 11 is not good...
2016-01-10 20:10:05
confirmed gtr played too much mm
2016-01-10 23:57:25
This is the place he deserved last year lol.
2016-01-10 20:10:27
Srs ? Joke ?
2016-01-10 20:10:37
Friberg is ruining NiP. GTR at fucking eleven? I hope the dude eats a banana and leaves NiP so GTR can become the best player again.
2016-01-10 20:10:54
friberg plays shit because nip plays shit, you cannot be entry fragger without any tactics and nades.
2016-01-10 20:14:00
the most retarded assumption I've ever seen
2016-01-10 20:16:28
because you are retarded russian
2016-01-10 22:06:01
So retarded
2016-01-11 00:05:37
expected but not deserved
2016-01-10 20:10:55
Number 11 from his name alone, if it was any other tier1 player with as bad a performance as him he wouldnt be top20.
2016-01-10 20:11:09
dude look at his rating 1.09,better than all the other players ranked before.ofcourse he deserves this place.He was the one consistently performing when nip were in hge slump during summer
2016-01-10 20:19:04
no it's just you judging him in a prism of his past achievements etc.
2016-01-10 21:02:39
u know it's bad when u can't remember stuff that happened more than 2 months ago
2016-01-10 22:02:35
Friberg 10 confirmed
2016-01-10 20:11:38
finally hltv realized he isn't #1, gj

but still overrated imo

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:12:26
2016-01-10 20:11:46
expected. I hope that GTR does better in 2016.
2016-01-10 20:12:28
i was right
2016-01-10 20:13:49
Fake, GR not 1.
2016-01-10 20:14:13
lol ahahahaha not deserved
2016-01-10 20:15:29
2016-01-10 20:16:07
reaching #11 with nip in dis year. ayy lmao
2016-01-10 20:16:21
TOP 10 will be:
1. Olofmeister
2. Guardian
3. Device
4. NBK
5. Krimz
6. Happy
7. Snax
8. KennyS
9. Flusha
10. JW

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:17:10
2016-01-10 20:16:43
flusha way higher, either 1st or 2nd. no doubt bout that; the rest is accurate
2016-01-10 20:28:17
Why would JW be even on this list? Also flusha will be in top 3 for sure.
2016-01-10 20:28:36
No way Flusha will be top 3. Above him must be olof, Guardian, Device and Krimz. And it will be joke if Skadoodle will be above JW...
2016-01-10 20:34:19
device/krimz, nice joke lol. flusha is top 2 with olof for sure.

navi didnt win anything big, so guardian top 5 not 3
2016-01-11 11:33:27
3. Device and 4th NBK? You must be kidding me.
2016-01-10 20:37:41
3. Device surely. I overrated NBK :P
2016-01-10 21:26:05
i think happy should be in a higher position than nbk this year, but both should be very close..
2016-01-11 02:42:16
look at the stats in the article happy is the third top fraggger of 2015 , he will be in the top 5 for sure
2016-01-10 20:38:15
We will see :) He surely can't be higher than 4th place. Olof, Guardian and Device must be above him.
2016-01-10 21:24:58
Flusha will be #1. The guy has the best stats out there.
2016-01-10 21:03:10
lol no ? hahah he can even be out of top5 , he only has great stats at those 3 Majors
2016-01-10 23:38:11
N1 b8
2016-01-11 07:39:31
snax top5...
2016-01-11 02:03:04
Sure if that's in random order, otherwise rofl. Flusha will be top 5 guarenteed.
2016-01-11 09:26:41
He won't be 100%, because there must be Olof, Guardian, Device, Krimz and Happy :)
2016-01-11 19:05:17
GeT_RiGhT in top 20? GeT_RiGhT > f0rest? Best joke in 2016, gj hltv admins...
2016-01-10 20:17:32
its for the entire year you delusional 3rd worlder. You recall only the later stages of 2015 like the other fangays
2016-01-10 20:23:28
GTR>f0rest without question you faggot fanboy
2016-01-10 21:49:44
2016-01-11 19:38:56
Omg wtf is that that is best joke i ever seen !
2016-01-10 20:19:06
rip #1
2016-01-10 20:19:30
Feel like f0rest and allu should have been ranked higher than GTR, but well HLTV never lies =D

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:19:42
2016-01-10 20:19:31
maybe top11 but still top5 skillwise
2016-01-10 20:19:34
2016-01-10 20:19:56
From hero,to zero... :(
2016-01-10 20:20:02
people think GTR is in his glory form. #11 seems about right. RIP NIP
2016-01-10 20:20:43
JW better than GTR in 2015??? LOL What a joke...
2016-01-10 20:20:52
no jw my friend
2016-01-10 20:23:06
Why are people saying JW won't be on the list without saying who's then??

There's liteerally no one else apart from him (Olof,Guardian,Krimz,Flusha,Happy,Device,KennyS,Snax,NBK and (...)?
2016-01-10 20:57:12
2016-01-11 10:35:08
Who will be then? It's fuckin JW bro, it's a joke...
2016-01-10 20:59:20
kio nbk kenny happy, olof, krimz, flusha, snax, device , guardian in random order my friend
2016-01-11 10:34:11
You made my day

2016-01-11 13:52:23
in 2015 i'm afraid kio > jw
2016-01-11 15:15:09
JW won't even be in the top 20 dude, he clearly was in a slump in the 2nd half of the year
2016-01-10 20:25:53
Who will be then? It's fuckin JW bro, it's a joke...
2016-01-10 21:01:36
2016-01-10 20:21:23
GeT_RiGhT placed 11th? must be joke. he to stronk!

hehe ty :)
2016-01-10 20:21:42
as much as i love NIP... unexpected rlly
2016-01-10 20:22:13
The fuck
2016-01-10 20:25:43
f0rest was better this year, only reason with allu nip wasn't utter shit the whole year
2016-01-10 20:26:14
i agree
2016-01-10 20:41:29
#1 without competition
#11 with competition

Where he trully belong, outside top10.
Stay salty NiP fanboys.
2016-01-10 20:26:19

skillwise he is at the same level as olof, flusha, GuardiaN, Snax or device
2016-01-10 20:52:21
Pathetic hater lol.
2016-01-10 21:29:16
f0rest is, GTR isnt.

Player(s) : zet,forest,spitfire.
Stay salty 05 NiP / SK fan.

Your reply is irrevelant.
Truth must be painful for you.
He couldnt bait his teammates this year to make top10.
If only EIZO and Xtrfy could sponsor this ranklist.

You call me pathetic right?
But your 1.6 > all try hard trash topic and comments are even more pathetic. Before you ask, Im from 1.6 aswell, you emberrasing close minded fool.
2016-01-10 22:38:17
From your reply people can easilly notice how your memory is pretty damaged and can only recall 1-2 months or so :P
2016-01-11 01:52:45
ouch! The drop down is real
2016-01-10 20:27:15
hahah xd
2016-01-10 20:27:15
2016-01-10 20:28:47
The thing people need to realize is that HLTV-ranking is very much decided from big tournaments and mostly playoffs etc. And round win share is a big part, but that's what not people realize.

And it is the WHOLE year that we talk about, not last 3 months that people think.

There is so much more to this than you guys think, just stop trying to be the "expert" when you know nothing, thanks!

Gonna keep on copy paste this. People still don't get it.

Post edited 2016-01-10 20:31:16
2016-01-10 20:30:15
thing is, nip was utter shit back in summer(they were getting destroyed by envy like 16-2,16-1), so no one noticed how good gtr was back then.
2016-01-10 21:00:17
Ye, GT was almost the sole reason NiP even got to the final in katowice.
2016-01-10 22:53:05
GeT_RiGhT best player when all CS games combined

GeT_RiGhT is love<3
2016-01-10 20:31:25
f0rest > Gtr
2016-01-10 21:28:25
lol jew
2016-01-10 22:10:24
2016-01-10 20:35:08
2016-01-10 20:35:32
2016-01-10 20:36:04
finally hltv rankings getting things right :P
2016-01-10 20:36:53
2016-01-10 20:38:30
Cold inside top 10, chupa mundo ;)
2016-01-10 20:41:36
coldzera #1
2016-01-10 20:43:27
Pasha in TOP10 ?
2016-01-10 20:43:49
niby za co? snax jeszcze i tyle z polakow.
2016-01-10 20:44:35
no polaks in top 10.

polaks top 30-40.
2016-01-10 20:49:58
Snax will be 5th my retarded russian friend
2016-01-10 20:55:35
1- olof
2- guardian
3- flusha
4- kennys
5- happy
6- krimz
7- snax
2016-01-11 13:54:41
snax and byali in top10 for sure m8
2016-01-10 21:00:00
lol byali
2016-01-10 22:51:19
Snax will be in top 5 100 percent.
2016-01-10 21:09:35
1 = 11 easy
2016-01-10 20:44:32
Deserved and expected.
2016-01-10 20:45:35
2016-01-10 20:46:15
2016-01-10 20:49:21
1. olofmeister
2. flusha
3. Happy
4. GuardiaN
5. Snax
6. device
7. KRiMZ
8. kennyS
9. NBK
10. cold/byali/kioshima
2016-01-10 20:49:44
3. Happy

lol'd irl
2016-01-10 21:01:52
we will see

Happy won a major, been in the final of another major, played good and consistent for LDLC/EnVyUS in 2015

Post edited 2016-01-10 21:05:24
2016-01-10 21:05:17
bait frags, no impact frags. i explained how he's the biggest rat in history here before, don't know if you saw that post.
2016-01-10 21:06:02
2016-01-10 23:46:06
Never peeks unless he's perfectly flashed in or baited for by at least one teammate. It's just insane. By far the biggest rat in CS history. Feel so bad for his teammates. He's dragging them down to stroke his own ego and compensate for his napoleon syndrome.
2016-01-11 00:40:21
2016-01-11 11:17:10
"NO" impact frags <-> singlehandely deagles down the whole team on a force :P
2016-01-11 01:54:21
Autism intensifies
2016-01-11 02:56:15
supexo confirmed
2016-01-11 12:56:30
Where is pig?

Post edited 2016-01-10 21:11:23
2016-01-10 21:11:06
2016-01-10 20:51:52
2016-01-10 20:53:21
unexpected tbh
2016-01-10 20:56:19
so byali top10 and snax top5
2016-01-10 20:59:08
2016-01-10 21:00:05
hmm so pasha > getright
2016-01-10 21:01:07
Pasha wont be there
2016-01-10 21:05:43
yes he will, he was toppfragger in every major
2016-01-10 21:06:24
Nice GTR
2016-01-10 21:03:32
from 1st place to 11th

rip nip
2016-01-10 21:05:02
Who is it?
2016-01-10 21:06:08
Rank made for EU, really nice!
2016-01-10 21:06:12
Rank made for the TOP 20 best players...

Who NA/SA can you add to this top if in all global tournaments european teams are better...

I think that this year noone more American should be here, cause they didn't make a extremly good year... Yes, sometimes Cloud9 win a row of matches or LG, but it doesn't enought.
2016-01-10 21:14:08
Just shut up bro...
2016-01-10 21:38:06
2016-01-10 22:52:21
finally a list that isn't sponsored by xrtfy eksdee
2016-01-10 21:09:30
Poor GR
2016-01-10 21:10:30
That was a bad year for Ninjas and a bad year for GetRight... in my opinion he shouldn't be on TOP 20
2016-01-10 21:11:23
GTR above Dupreeh, lol.
2016-01-10 21:15:41
hahaha owned
2016-01-10 21:17:32
Finally no more rigged rankings god bless hltv
2016-01-10 21:25:53
No xtrfy sponsor = no 1st place

rip nip
2016-01-10 21:29:14
no xtrfy, no top 5
2016-01-10 21:34:24
What up now swedes woooooooooooooooooooooo
2016-01-10 21:34:40
2016-01-10 21:36:01
2016-01-10 21:37:16
coldzera top 10
2016-01-10 21:40:22
11th ? with only one win ?? Ok....


You will see
2016-01-10 21:43:06
happy LOL
2016-01-10 21:43:59
guardian number 10 LOL???????
2016-01-10 21:47:37
top2 GuardiaN
2016-01-10 21:50:43
2016-01-10 22:11:04
Byali instead of seized
2016-01-11 01:02:44

cold or jw #10
2016-01-11 16:50:50
Lmao NT but they see through fake stats like happy has. They won't give them nearly as much weight as those of entry fraggers.
2016-01-11 02:55:24
2016-01-11 03:52:05
you will see.. and jW not seized sorry
2016-01-10 21:44:41
Deserved. Great player just not top 10
2016-01-10 21:46:57
2016-01-10 21:47:52
best play of GeT_RiGhT 2015
2016-01-10 21:54:50
hahaha this is allu and 11 christopher
2016-01-10 22:08:55
#1 gonna be friberg muhahahahahahahahaha

Post edited 2016-01-10 22:13:12
2016-01-10 22:12:50
2016-01-10 22:15:33
So, we've 3 NiP members who won only one low stack tournament. In the other hand, we will have only 2 members of NaVi and VP, those teams won 5 tournaments each.
2016-01-10 22:16:00
that should tell something about the last 2 players in nip ;)
2016-01-10 23:09:59
mediocre player on a mediocre team. expected
2016-01-10 22:24:32
no top 10 expected
2016-01-10 22:46:11
Top 1 in CS 1.6
2016-01-10 23:06:11
WHAT!!!! HOW? :S
2016-01-10 23:06:45
HOW? Do you really mean to ask that? He didn't perform well in 2015. Doesn't even deserve to be in the top 15. Should be in 15-20
2016-01-11 01:43:16
Dude you don't understand why I seem surprised. I don't even get why he is in top 20. He doesn't deserve any spot on that list. It's bullshit tbh. :S
2016-01-11 09:17:34
he's just too good, he's got two first places
2016-01-10 23:08:09
NiP was utter shit entire year but some how 3 players in top20 such a good list

And Gtr>>dupreeh hahahahahahahhahahah just ignore this shitty list who cares only fanboys and players popularity
2016-01-10 23:10:40
2016-01-10 23:28:35
GTR still number 1(1) EleGiggle
2016-01-10 23:30:52
10.JW probably
that will be the top10 most likely by the stats for the whole 2015
2016-01-10 23:43:14
actually looks very solid :D
2016-01-11 00:01:55
Guardian will never be in top5
2016-01-11 21:35:50
Kenny n°3/4

and Byali instead od JW
2016-01-11 01:04:01
Kennys barely top 10 because he had terrible performances at all majors except cluj and played in shitty Titan (see apex), and because he has never been a great awper since nerf. JW is also 100% since he has the most entry frags in 2015 of all players.
2016-01-11 02:51:56
I'm not fond of kennyS but he will be higher.

Jw maybe, some said seized others Rain.
I think Byali was the most consistent but maybe...
2016-01-11 03:46:12
2016-01-10 23:46:54
Christopher i think you have to fix your faults. Maybe you will not accept but on the last times you were looking so swagger in your matches with NiP. Maybe sometimes you were acting like you are playing with mix-team in normal online tournament but it was totally wrong for you. Even you are doing the same thing on your streams, sometimes i can catch your streams and i can see this. I watched Patrik`s performance and it was so great. Maybe he had to be a bit swagger but you did it. One guy wrote to here; "From n1 to n11" and it was so deep message i think. You have to take it serious.

Good luck.
2016-01-10 23:56:08
2016-01-11 00:55:52
Expected as fuck
2016-01-11 01:04:50
2016-01-11 01:38:07
finally gtr not 1st
2016-01-11 01:17:53
I think 11th is a good place for him this year, 2014 he was top1, but a few other people stepped up 2015 so dropping to 11th is fair, still my favorite player though.
2016-01-11 01:26:14
from 1 to 11? good job
2016-01-11 01:29:09
11-10=1st ez for GTR
2016-01-11 01:40:40
EXPECTED af. He played ......... in 2015 LOL
2016-01-11 01:44:07
Another joke from HLTV. Good job.
2016-01-11 02:03:29
gtr will be much higher in 2016 tho, hes still one of the best
2016-01-11 02:54:01
Get_RiGhT the best! always top1.
2016-01-11 03:17:43
Jesus!....Allu 19th...gj...gj!
2016-01-11 04:19:02
nip fangays salty xD
2016-01-11 04:58:11
Device will be #1 those are purely based on statics it seems
2016-01-11 05:13:22
Not deserved! Bad this year
2016-01-11 05:15:37
3 top 20 players but won shit. LOL. RIP other two players.
2016-01-11 06:11:13
cold top #1
2016-01-11 06:59:19
s1ple top5 confirmed
2016-01-11 07:06:44
Top 2 2011
Top 1 2013
Top 1 2014
Double top 1 2015
What a player
2016-01-11 08:19:13
fnaticfanboys... hope he will be top 1 again in 2016 and rekt everyone.
2016-01-11 10:19:47
What makes you think that I'm a fnatic fanboy other than my name?
I wrote nothing that says or cheers for fnatic in my comment and I'm pretty sure I wrote nothing offensive towards gtr (unless you take sarcastic jokes seriously) or protect fnatic
And before you say I'm just a mad jw fanboy, I'm trying to provide an argument without sounding like a total retard
2016-01-14 17:58:55
get_right is top 5 player
2016-01-11 08:21:32
Getright better than duppe ? Haha nt hltv! Nip had a shitty shitty year, yet 3 players from their team made it on to this list! Shitty list Hltv! Bad bad bad!

Post edited 2016-01-11 09:22:36
2016-01-11 09:21:26

Oh yes, no xyrfy -EIZO-
2016-01-11 12:41:33
2016-01-11 13:15:58
not first? rigged.
2016-01-11 14:52:32
Lol wtf get_right, forest is better
2016-01-11 16:21:23
getright,f0rest,shoxie > Krimz , flusha , NBK
2016-01-11 16:43:42
kappa or dunno?
2016-01-11 16:51:50
get_right is the true #1
2016-01-11 18:43:30
gtr is love, eventhough 2015 wasnt as good as 13 and 14, but im dying to see what they will achieve with THREAT and pyth
2016-01-11 20:01:13

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