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Titan shuts down
Time: 2016-01-13 22:21
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Singaporean organization Titan is ceasing all operations, Damien Grust, CEO and founder, has just revealed via the team's website.

Titan have been in the esport waters since September 2013, and since have been home to some of the world's most renowned players and teams in numerous games, including Quake, Dota 2, SMITE and, CS:GO, among others.

The CS:GO team around KÚvin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans has been part of the organisation since January 2014, when the ex-VeryGames squad joined after having been left out to dry by their long-time organization.

KQLY's VAC ban shook Titan's structure for 2015, according to Grust

Now the team is without professional backing once more, as Titan have announced their shutdown due to financial issues. According to the announcement, "sponsors and partners backed out of deals for 2015" after having learned that Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian received a ban for all professional competitions.

During their time in Titan, various iterations of the lineup brought numerous top three finishes into the organisation, including silver medals at ASUS ROG Winter, Inferno Online Challenge Pantamera, and ESL Pro League Winter 2014/2015 finals in 2015.

"Sponsors and partners with whom we were about to sign, understandably backed out of deals, not wanting to be associated with a company that had just been tarnished. Needless to say, our budget for 2015 had gone up in smoke from one day to another." explains CEO Damien Grust in a statement.

"This means that as of today, Titan is ceasing operations and releasing all current players and staff into this beautiful esports wilderness. Our CS:GO team will move on and hopefully find a new home worthy of their loyalty and determination."

Titan boasted the following roster, who are now on the lookout for a new organization:

KÚvin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans
Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom
CÚdric "RpK" Guipouy
Richard "shox" Papillon
Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux 

The team is currently in Minsk, Belarus, waiting for their time to come in the group of death of the SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals, which also features fnatic, EnVyUs, and Question Mark.

nice 150k buyout
2016-01-13 22:22:02
2016-01-13 22:22:59

2016-01-14 00:08:56
kqly strikes back. return of kqly. the phantom kqly. attack of the kqly. revenge of kqly. the clone kqly. the kqly awakens.

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2016-01-14 02:12:49
2016-01-14 02:19:37
the kqly unleashed
2016-01-14 02:46:15
Kqly at war, kqly academy, kqly outcast
2016-01-14 05:47:10
kqly returns, kqly forever, kqly & sf
2016-01-14 06:34:54
The adventures of kqly
2016-01-14 08:56:06
This was my childhood
2016-01-14 08:55:20
KQLY unchained !!!!!
2016-01-14 16:48:19
The KQLY Wars
2016-01-15 10:44:33
2016-01-13 22:23:00
2016-01-13 22:23:30
lol nah
2016-01-13 22:25:23
lol yes
2016-01-13 22:35:20
2016-01-14 00:58:49
2016-01-14 07:46:13
2016-01-14 18:56:00
2016-01-13 22:23:18
haha this guys must be watched all scream hs youtube clips. lel
2016-01-13 22:23:55
Poor Scream, every team he gets on get shit on in the end..
2016-01-14 02:05:27
Nice fake flagging russian kappa
2016-01-14 07:44:22
He was an idiot for going from G2 to Titan in the first place...
2016-01-14 10:54:37
scream was never bought for 150k. probably 1500$
2016-01-14 09:15:46
nt titan :(
2016-01-13 22:22:02
hltv took my 1st first away :(
2016-01-14 02:43:03
Feel ya, happened to the best
2016-01-14 02:56:22
Sry to hear m8,u will be 1st again stay strong
2016-01-14 03:15:36
2016-01-13 22:22:02
kqly i loved you

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:22:28
2016-01-13 22:22:03
thats when you buy scream for 150k hahaha
2016-01-13 22:22:08
2016-01-13 22:23:00
2016-01-13 22:25:16
would be hilarious if scream returned to g2 now
2016-01-13 22:36:57
2016-01-13 22:42:59
Yea !
2016-01-13 22:43:18
Maikelele just dislike screaM, if you're wondering why i said "NO"
2016-01-13 22:45:29
well sure it's not likely at all. I'm just saying that if they paid 150k for scream and he'd just go back after few months, it'd be funny.
2016-01-13 22:46:34
agree, but it won't happen :D
2016-01-13 22:48:39
malk m39éde a sat... xD
2016-01-13 22:53:52
houa bgha itkhayel ana wa9i3i sma7 lia machi t39ad :D hah
2016-01-13 22:58:52
7ta nta ghi sir m3ah f nfsse lkhéte les polonais mklkhine ^^
2016-01-14 00:21:39
hh lah ismah lina ra ghir mtall3inha f had HLTV
2016-01-14 01:57:04
Dafuq is this language why are Numbers in your Words xd

Post edited 2016-01-14 02:15:48
2016-01-14 02:15:19
2016-01-14 02:42:17
It is called L337. xD
2016-01-14 03:29:21
But its worse than 1337 lol
2016-01-14 07:24:29
Thats arabic without arabic letters i am not kidding ^^
2016-01-14 07:25:20
yeah i know i am german too i have learned it in the nearest flüchtlingsheim gg pegida
2016-01-14 08:53:13
Und jetzt nimm dein zeug und verpiss dich
2016-01-14 12:32:27
Aaha, this is our local morrocan language (not every arabic ppl can inderstand it) we use numbers sometimes to replace some letters

Post edited 2016-01-14 11:13:54
2016-01-14 11:07:46
Source to that ?
2016-01-13 22:54:54
RLewis kappa
2016-01-13 23:28:11
2016-01-13 23:23:59
hahahah rip Titans investing strategies
2016-01-14 03:31:56
2016-01-14 05:28:06
2016-01-13 22:22:09
2016-01-13 22:22:12
look at the market .-.
2016-01-13 22:23:57
RIP Market
2016-01-13 22:26:51
bought 1 for 4.6$ ._.
2016-01-13 22:32:44
2016-01-13 22:47:52
LOL The prices are dropping!
2016-01-13 23:39:51
interesting what will happen after few weeks ;}
2016-01-14 14:24:58
I bought 20 for 21 cents each -> sold them for 80 Euros now :D
2016-01-13 23:45:40
2016-01-13 22:22:13
nice flag
2016-01-13 22:22:14
Reverse Polak flag :)
2016-01-13 22:23:14
https://twitter.com/Thooorin check his Twitter, he made a freaking poem about the history of VG/Titan :D

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:23:03
2016-01-13 22:22:15
ScreaM's buyout probably didn't help.

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:22:49
2016-01-13 22:22:16
rip [*]
2016-01-13 22:22:17
sad news ... rip :(
2016-01-13 22:22:18
2016-01-13 22:22:19
LDLC inc
2016-01-13 22:22:20
Loool was thinking the same, was looking for that comment
2016-01-14 11:41:03
Kukli did nothing wrong
2016-01-13 22:22:20
Lmao like cheating was right
2016-01-14 00:01:46
2016-01-13 22:22:20
2016-01-13 22:22:22
2016-01-13 22:22:23
2016-01-13 22:22:23
2016-01-13 22:22:24
2016-01-13 22:22:29
2016-01-13 22:22:33
2016-01-13 22:22:35
2016-01-13 22:22:39
2016-01-13 22:22:40
rip titan
2016-01-13 22:22:41
2016-01-13 22:22:42
2016-01-13 22:22:47
hope scream is happy, he made these idiots bankrupt with his fee and salary for what? nothing? just useless frags and no teamplay what an idiot
2016-01-13 22:22:50
If scream is happy, who is happy then? Or are they the same person? :O and what has n0thing to do with all of this?
2016-01-13 22:27:35
2016-01-13 22:35:17
like it is his fault when titan buys him from g2 for that amount. It is not scream, who received that money and it wasnt him deciding the amount
2016-01-13 22:28:40
The guy clearly said kukli is the real reason why all of the sponsors left them...
2016-01-13 22:32:28
yes and usa landed on moon. get real idiote lol
2016-01-13 23:29:56
You pathetic idiot , you think 150k buyout is a lot for a player like ScreaM ? He has a huge fanbase , and generates $ , After 1 major the sticker money returned double of it probably. But paying for all the teams they sponsor and staff , without really any results was the problem. Lack of fucking results , not the ScreaM buyout. 150k is a lot in your reality , but from the Titan owner perspective it was a little investition , a good attempt to get budget back on track , which unfortunetely failed.
2016-01-13 22:42:23
so much fanbase that the org shuts down directly because of the poor results since he join. idiote. they blame it on kqly cos in truth no1 sponsor overhyped noobs
2016-01-13 23:28:39
Idiote is French... you must be a French fake flagger.
2016-01-14 00:05:14
If Titan only had CSGO team, they woild not be bankrupt....
2016-01-14 00:49:33
150k$ is a shit ton of money for a player who is not even top 20.
2016-01-14 04:34:33
Gz for the most retarded post of the day. Did you even read the article?
2016-01-13 23:13:14
It was a gamble by the organization in hopes that this would bring Titan some tournament wins. Also, Scream didn't receive that money, g2 received that money since it was their contract.

There is some partial truth to your comment here though. Scream is one of the best in terms of aim, but his team play and mental awareness is lacking big time.
2016-01-14 00:02:38
Yeah, blame Scream. Not the corporation who couldn't keep track of its own finances.
2016-01-14 01:27:49
dont be a retard its not all about winnings, scream is a known streamer and a star who can bring lots of sponsers to the team, im sure he was worth every peny.
like ppl talk about 150k buy..
this guys gets 20k slaries per month
2016-01-14 05:53:46
No.. No he doesnt.. Not even fnatic gets that.. C'mon dude, stop lying to yourself.
2016-01-14 07:45:43
They spend 150k for Scream and this XDDDDDDDD
2016-01-13 22:22:50
That's what you get when you buy the world's most overrated player for an exorbitant price.
2016-01-13 22:22:58
You're sort of missing the fact that he probably brought in double what they bought him for
2016-01-14 05:03:19
RIP Titan, I really loved them. They were so nice @ Botkamp and I even won some stuff through them. RIP
2016-01-13 22:23:01
Give it back, they need it more than u.
2016-01-14 05:59:12
its not that they are bankrupt, they just stop before going bankrupt.
2016-01-14 17:34:33
2016-01-13 22:23:05
kqly everywhere nowadays rofl
2016-01-13 22:23:11
2016-01-13 22:23:12
Thank Mr.KQLY! :<
2016-01-13 22:23:12

2016-01-13 22:23:13
man HLTV you're so late on some of this news...
2016-01-13 22:23:17
Titanfall ggwp
2016-01-13 22:23:20
Hopefully they'll get a nice sponsor that is going to give them something more than Titan did, good luck Titan. or.. ex-Titan

#GoVG #GoTitan #Go???
2016-01-13 22:23:24
2016-01-13 22:23:27
fuck kqly
2016-01-13 22:23:38
RiP no more nice stickers / holo ones [*]
2016-01-13 22:23:40
rip :(
2016-01-13 22:23:44
RiP in pieces....
2016-01-13 22:23:47
2016-01-13 22:23:48
2016-01-13 22:23:49
yes xD
2016-01-14 08:57:01
2016-01-13 22:23:49
2016-01-13 22:23:50
poor shox :(
2016-01-13 22:23:51
au revoir Titan :(
2016-01-13 22:23:54
2016-01-13 22:24:02
2016-01-13 23:42:19
Wont get 3000, cause it crashed from 7 to 2 back to 4. sold some really low, but I will get about 1000.
2016-01-13 23:43:30
gz anyways :D
2016-01-13 23:44:07
2016-01-13 22:24:05
150k for a decoy when it's only worth $50
2016-01-13 22:24:07
#211 retard learn how the business works
2016-01-13 23:03:23
nice :D
2016-01-15 20:10:03
Top flag
2016-01-13 22:24:09
thank mr kqly
2016-01-13 22:24:11
2016-01-13 22:31:16
Stickers BibleThump
2016-01-13 22:24:31

actually quite sad about this :(

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:29:57
2016-01-13 22:24:32
ayy lmao
2016-01-13 22:24:43
2016-01-13 22:24:43
2016-01-13 22:24:46
> no budget
> buys ScreaM for a shitload of money

makes sense
2016-01-13 22:25:01
2016-01-13 22:25:02
lol singapore XD never knew this FAK ME
2016-01-13 22:25:13
shrekt noobs
2016-01-13 22:25:17
Finally! Please no more existenz
2016-01-13 22:25:23
rip organization, not roster
2016-01-13 22:27:24
That's why i said please, maybe the next org will not sign him (has it happen sometimes)
2016-01-13 22:38:11
I know braindead fanboys like you don' realize but without him no one in the team can't do anything.I know you only look at the scoreboard but he is the best IGL in the world or at least one of the best and he is leading his team every single time.For you tho,if he doesn't get good frag you think that he is a bad player
2016-01-14 00:30:19
You're right in some points, also i know that's respect to other don't exist in hltv so i'm not gonna complain about it: ExistenZ is a one of the best IGL out there, but like nip, his strats are know too old. Also thanks to give opinion on people you don't know, existenZ is a veteran and as one, he sometimes overplay, but his in game leading is now outdated (look for instance the d2 game against TQM at the red dot, there are a lot of obvious leading error, the teams position are just disorganized.
Finally, i will not respond to you as i have opinions like you which must be respected, as yours

2016-01-14 14:13:47
nt evil poland
2016-01-13 22:25:48
RIP [*]
2016-01-13 22:25:53
VeryGames inc?

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:26:10
2016-01-13 22:25:56
Seriously. Sponsors are retarded.

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:27:03
2016-01-13 22:26:05
2016-01-13 22:26:12
"RIP TITAN" as pasha said
2016-01-13 22:26:25
fuck kqly
2016-01-13 22:26:27
2016-01-13 22:26:32
2016-01-13 22:26:39
2016-01-13 22:26:48
2016-01-13 22:26:59
TSM inc?
2016-01-13 22:27:02
lolz , rip [*]
2016-01-13 22:27:05
KQLY and ScreaM ruined the org
2016-01-13 22:27:12
2016-01-13 22:27:30
I hope ex5tenz will find a job now.
2016-01-13 22:27:33
i hope for ex3tenz too
2016-01-13 22:36:38
2016-01-13 22:27:41
RiP [*]
2016-01-13 22:27:53
expected, was only a matter of time.
2016-01-13 22:28:02
2016-01-13 22:28:11
[*] <3
2016-01-13 22:28:13
2016-01-13 22:28:16
RiP [*]
2016-01-13 22:28:50
2016-01-13 22:29:09
or they really have no money and the 150k rumour is just bullshit
2016-01-13 22:39:41
2016-01-14 01:08:08
RIP one of the coolest sticker

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:29:25
2016-01-13 22:29:11
2016-01-13 22:33:59
2016-01-13 22:29:19
blaming kqly is bs imo
2016-01-13 22:29:26
he is not blaming, he says that investors and sponsors turned away when the news about kqly ban arrived. So he is blaming finances
2016-01-13 22:34:41
finances are bad because sponsors turned away.
sponsors turned away because of kqly.
are you comprendo ?
2016-01-13 22:41:27
So..he is not blaming kqly..it were sponsors that blamed kqly...
2016-01-13 22:54:29
who said i wasnt talking about sponsors m8 ?
whoever dafuk blames kqly its bs. i don't even like him but with all the pros wich are cheating or has been cheating i think this is hypocrisy and mistaking the community for naive kids.
which is the case for the majority so, who cares.
i'm high af m8 AMA.
2016-01-13 22:58:48
The thing is - that sponsors saw a problem, that could hit their image, like in a real sport...it also makes Titan organization look bad, because they did not check their players, just believed them - which was normal before those pro vacs, now organizations have to make sure that their players do not cheat :/

Anyways I do agree with you on subject, that sponsors should not care about 1 player action, but rather look how the TITAN managed the situation, and they did quite a good job
2016-01-13 23:03:36
2016-01-14 10:52:01
why? he is a fucking cheater and it was his faulth the whole team couldnt attend the upcoming major, if sponsors turned away because didnt want to get bad reputation its fair to blame him.
2016-01-13 23:02:09
sponsors still could go for the organization, because TITAn org did pretty well with KQLY, showing that there is no place for cheaters and they did not know that he was a cheater, that they believed him and respected as a professional.
2016-01-13 23:05:02
when was this kqly drama taking place again ? more than 1 yr ago. They should have shut down the team at this time if its true.
they just waited to see if the new rosters would bring success and money to the organization. As the teams failed to do so they needed an excuse for shutting down the organization.
i doubt kqly is known out of the cs community and they still use him to blame the shutdown of the whole organization which includes teams on other games.
2016-01-13 23:10:49
Blame it all on KQLY but It really comes down to this. Titan can't win tournaments. They can't even win a SINGLE tournament. They weren't able to have success and bring money to the organization. You have to achieve results to get paid.

They are all extremely talented players but in my opinion some of these guys just aren't as intelligent as players on Fnatic, EnVyUS, TQM, or even Na'Vi and VP. They consistently fall behind all of these teams.
2016-01-14 00:14:31
no this bastard deserve that
2016-01-14 01:08:45
> pays a fuckload of money for scream
> shuts the team down

best management xD
2016-01-13 22:29:42
Ok,time for the real LDLC team :)
2016-01-13 22:29:46
Ldlc red boiiiis
2016-01-14 17:43:39
2016-01-13 22:29:53
2016-01-13 22:29:57
2016-01-13 22:30:01
2016-01-13 22:30:02

sad to see shox go
2016-01-13 22:30:37
2016-01-13 22:30:40
rip, TSM inc?
2016-01-13 22:30:42
EHOME expected
2016-01-13 22:31:00
2016-01-13 22:31:02
LDLC or VG ?
2016-01-13 22:31:03
2016-01-13 22:31:16

2016-01-13 22:31:17
rip Titan
rip Optic
2016-01-13 22:31:19
are people stupid enough to believe that a broke Titan bought scream for 150k ? Hello ?
2016-01-13 22:31:30
2016-01-13 22:32:56
This x 100000000000
2016-01-13 22:33:00

More likely its cuz titan cant win shit.
2016-01-13 22:35:01
lmao @ all these 12 year old kids talking about money, you dont know shit about how economics work, 150k is nothing for an organisation, the money the org and sponsors make on their players is a fucking shit ton, so much so that players are underpaid even with salaries of 3k$ a month.
2016-01-13 22:47:23
Do you think a player who earns 3k a month would be ok to see two orgs trading his contract for 150k ? You're mad dumb.
2016-01-13 23:00:13
No Chance my friend
2016-01-13 22:32:27
2016-01-13 22:32:55
i hope they're picked up by tsm so thoorin is triggered out of his mind
2016-01-13 22:33:02
KQLY god damnit
2016-01-13 22:33:06
2016-01-13 22:33:07
rip money they bought Scream
2016-01-13 22:33:18
i think they get some money when they sell this team?

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:34:58
2016-01-13 22:34:44
the contracts of the team are vanished. noone has to buy them they are for "free"
2016-01-13 22:37:34
2016-01-13 22:39:57
rational thinking.

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:43:12
2016-01-13 22:42:34
I do not know a built-in kitchen of contracts in e-sports, and so on but I heard that Scream they bought for big money
2016-01-13 22:49:40
2016-01-13 22:33:22
Kukli you motherfucker.
2016-01-13 22:33:25
So titan players become ??? team
2016-01-13 22:33:29
Rip xD
2016-01-13 22:34:02
How can someone believe that Titan paid 150k to get scream? lol

Just unreal
2016-01-13 22:34:13
singapore??? always thought it was a french org
2016-01-13 22:34:14
Monaco, lol.
2016-01-13 22:37:17
no there's written : The Singaporean organization Titan
2016-01-13 22:39:36
Uhhh, my bad, didn't even read the bolded part. Now I'm even more suprised.
2016-01-13 22:40:28
Nice education.
2016-01-13 22:49:20
2016-01-13 23:50:59
2016-01-13 22:34:28
* My gosh.
2016-01-13 22:35:17
Fun Fact: Titan never passed the groupstages of a Major in two years. Shocking.
2016-01-13 22:35:02
Wait wut?
2016-01-13 22:46:54
Why is it shocking,they have no players for that.Ex6TenZ might be the best IGL but he has no players to work with
2016-01-14 00:32:46
they deserved. 150k for a player that is "dead" since late 2013.
2016-01-13 22:35:25
rip :(
2016-01-13 22:35:32
2016-01-13 22:35:37
2016-01-13 22:35:55

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:37:51
2016-01-13 22:36:07
so basically kqly fucked them lol
2016-01-13 22:36:38
2016-01-13 22:36:40
kqly just ruined a whole corperation by himself....
2016-01-13 22:37:05
2016-01-13 22:38:49
Titan KennyS never forget
2016-01-13 22:38:56
Is time for selling all Titan stickers?

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:39:51
2016-01-13 22:39:32
keep, the foil stickers will skyrocket one day to 400 dollars.
2016-01-13 22:42:22
My ones are "normal" stickers. Katowice 2015, Cologne 2015 and Napoca 2015. Will they skyrocket fairly? Or juist a bit? Or maybe they go down? Because of news related to Titan..
2016-01-13 22:44:55
Wait 6 months
2016-01-14 00:56:20
-they look cool
-they won't come out again
Basically like the iBP stickers,but definitely won't come out again,unlike the iBP stickers,because who knows if they will have another team in the future or not, since the org haven't shut down just yet
2016-01-14 17:46:55
2016-01-13 22:39:42
2016-01-13 22:39:43
gl finding org ex-titan
2016-01-13 22:39:45
Also rip the prices of Titan stickers they gonna skyrocket
2016-01-13 22:39:49
not surprise, expected
2016-01-13 22:39:54
2016-01-13 22:40:56
2016-01-13 22:41:17
My favorite org. in csgo. This is a sad moment, it was such a nice feeling to see games featuring Titan. RIP <3
2016-01-13 22:41:26
2016-01-13 22:41:29
Hope they find a good org
2016-01-13 22:42:19
How did they afford to buy out scream if they didn't have any money?
2016-01-13 22:42:29
TSM incoming
2016-01-13 22:42:47
2016-01-13 22:42:52
2016-01-13 22:43:15
Holly shit:D

This would be amazing, HyperX will then say fuck you to C9 :v

And some real amazing orgs will start jouning CS xD

:D Ez AdmiralBulldog rat strategies to win majors
2016-01-14 05:07:19
Thats ur chance TSM.
2016-01-13 22:43:31
well rip gl
2016-01-13 22:43:38
old titan to faze inc
2016-01-13 22:43:59
titan fall...
2016-01-13 22:44:12
Just sold 10 titan cluj napoca stickers for 1 euro each on fanobet. Now they are 4 euro each. just my luck...
2016-01-13 22:44:29
lol stickers price:D
2016-01-13 22:44:48
Why the fuck are people overreacting to this whole 150k thing? Its going to be normal now because of how esports is growing. In fact, that money is nothing compared to what orgs and sponsors make on their players.

Little 12 year old kids on this forum need to learn about economics, fkn faggots.
2016-01-13 22:45:49
Because it is as retarded as Chelsea paying 50m for Torres...
2016-01-14 01:01:19
2016-01-13 22:45:51
just as i was to buy alot of stickers.. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
2016-01-13 22:46:30
VeryGames please
2016-01-13 22:46:37
Obey inc. or Red.

2016-01-13 22:46:43
2016-01-13 22:46:59
Good flag, nice HLTV.org, love you all.
2016-01-13 22:47:30
If only optic waited an extra week.
2016-01-13 22:47:40
Please no EHOME. I'd rather see LDLC red or something like that.
2016-01-13 22:47:47
Good thing I kept all those titan stickers, gl to ex6 and co too
2016-01-13 22:47:58
RIP [*]
2016-01-13 22:48:34
Kick all the ldlc players boom.. New org
2016-01-13 22:49:01
srsly? no... rip titan and fuck KQLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-01-13 22:49:33
And yet KQLY keeps streaming on Twitch like it's nothing :D Same shit with ex-iBP.. all these players can thank their gods they didn't get fucking sued by their old orgs and sponsors as would be the case in the real world (Lance Armstrong for instance: When he lost all his titles due to his doping a few years ago a lot of former sponsors sued him for tarnishing their reputation).

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:50:49
2016-01-13 22:50:07

2016-01-13 22:50:11
Ayyyyy Lmao #Schmoked

FaZe_Titan hltv confirmed

Post edited 2016-01-13 22:52:08
2016-01-13 22:50:34
Inb4 TSM picks them up

2016-01-13 22:51:59
tsm wont pick eu team
2016-01-13 23:24:36
btw buy ur titan stickers they are going up in price boyssssssssssss


Post edited 2016-01-13 22:56:16
2016-01-13 22:53:01
I feel sorry for Titan org
2016-01-13 22:53:24
they jsut make new orga with same managment and no problemo
2016-01-13 22:53:31
rip :(
2016-01-13 22:53:34
Michelin tires Inc?
2016-01-13 22:53:36
gg kqly
2016-01-13 22:54:24
600 euros earned on 100 titan cologne 2k15 stickers <33333
2016-01-13 22:54:27
I have 3 Titan from Katowice 2014, after this hype there is 3 in total on the market. I do also have alot of Titan from several other tournaments. Thank you KQLY for fast cash
2016-01-13 22:57:26
price went down, but i've sold 100 stickers for 8 euros each <3 fast cash, love it mr kqly
2016-01-13 22:59:15
Thank Mr. KQLY
2016-01-13 22:54:34
kukli OP
2016-01-13 22:55:02
2016-01-13 22:55:31
2016-01-13 22:55:38
C9 kick stewie pick up shox
2016-01-13 22:56:24
2016-01-13 22:56:41
maybe they will be able to pass groupstage at major :(
2016-01-13 22:56:41

Im not a fanboy of Titan or anything, but this f*cking blows, KQLY f*cked his former friends and his former organisation in the ass.

I bet EX-Titan will find a new org soon tho, Maybe new TSM? or VeryGames!
2016-01-13 22:56:52
and tomorrow you will see "titan site was hacked" and thanks to all they made quick a sum of money since everyone went buying titan stickers ez money
2016-01-13 22:57:10
no please not :(
2016-01-13 22:58:47
2016-01-13 22:59:14
LOL! Ok this is unexpected. I really thought the big names in Titan could carry its name, but apparently not. I actually thought poor results warranted having big names. Guess not.
2016-01-13 22:59:57
RIP Titan
You still had the coolest name and branding
2016-01-13 23:00:14
New Home,
Evil Geniuses, VeryGames, iBUYPOWER ?

2016-01-13 23:00:16
KQLY, amazing friend.
2016-01-13 23:00:26
Seriously? Nooooo. Seriously? Nooooo. Seriously?
2016-01-13 23:00:33
Titan shut down? Noooo
2016-01-13 23:00:36
KUKLI you ruined whole titan
2016-01-13 23:01:22

VG it's your time baby
2016-01-13 23:01:42
I feel sorry for Titan
2016-01-13 23:01:51
2016-01-13 23:01:52
would love verygames back, smithzz did bait with it the other day :P
2016-01-13 23:02:05
Is this happens because they are from BULARIA
2016-01-13 23:02:20
If kukly wouldnt get vac banned,this team would have won a major.. rip a legendary org...
2016-01-13 23:02:20
This is a very sad day for CS as a whole what the actual fk.
2016-01-13 23:02:23
Now Titan can move to usa.
2016-01-13 23:03:16
2016-01-13 23:03:37
spending 150k on scream probably didnt help their financial status.
2016-01-13 23:03:59
ty KQLY ...
2016-01-13 23:04:25
2016-01-13 23:05:31
2016-01-13 23:05:40
LDLC inc?
2016-01-13 23:05:55
FaZe shox
2016-01-13 23:06:28
thank mr kqly
2016-01-13 23:06:29
fuck you kqly
2016-01-13 23:07:09

what happened?
2016-01-13 23:07:23
NA org pick them up :D
2016-01-13 23:08:49
2016-01-13 23:09:41
kqly vafanculo

2016-01-13 23:10:14
Good luck for the French players, wish all the best in new organization

Post edited 2016-01-13 23:10:49
2016-01-13 23:10:32
NOO, I love Titan org :(
2016-01-13 23:11:52
Thanks KQLY
2016-01-13 23:11:59
2016-01-13 23:12:16
Hope the roster still keeps playing :( I really liked their logo tho
2016-01-13 23:12:34
that organisation was like a curse to the roster..ever since they moved to titan they sucked bad.. wish them gl in the future
2016-01-13 23:12:49
that ex6tenz was like a curse to the roster*
2016-01-13 23:15:04
well yeah thats true ;d
2016-01-14 00:18:28
RIP stickers on every of my weapons
2016-01-13 23:14:10
2016-01-13 23:15:47
fak kqly
2016-01-13 23:17:23
Very sad day. I really liked titan.
2016-01-13 23:19:48
thank you for game kqly, you play like fokin bitch
2016-01-13 23:21:06
2016-01-13 23:21:15
2016-01-13 23:24:00
Fucking KQLY disgraceful scum
2016-01-13 23:24:37
2016-01-14 00:39:35
Hovik my friend, you fucked everything up
2016-01-13 23:25:16
Wish they would play with VeryGames tag until they find anew home.
2016-01-13 23:25:52
This makes me really pissed.

KQLY's fucking pathetic and immature behaviourment resulted in problems for the rest of the CSGO squad and now we can read it also hit the whole organisation hard? Fuck you KQLY, fuck your ugly face and fuck your low-living life. Hope I'll never see another article where his nick is mentioned again.

Post edited 2016-01-13 23:27:24
2016-01-13 23:26:53
Who are the idiots trying to drive up the price of all the Titan stickers?
2016-01-13 23:27:33
idk but they just earned me 80 euros of virtual steam wallet, with an investment of just 8 Euros of real money:D
2016-01-13 23:42:50
titan was bad for them, hope they'll will bounce back and find a good team <3
2016-01-13 23:27:45
EHOME was about to sign international team, here we go :)
2016-01-13 23:27:48
ty titan for 400 dollar katowice 2014 sticker ez stickerz ez lyfe xdd
2016-01-13 23:31:13
csgo is dying
2016-01-13 23:31:36
ty kqly
2016-01-13 23:31:48
2016-01-13 23:31:50
expected for like 12 months
2016-01-13 23:33:45
GL team
2016-01-13 23:34:50
Shox to envyus.
-kio +shox.
2016-01-13 23:37:42
Ex6 most likely to quit, so is RpK. shox will find another team for sure even though he's not as good as he used to be before. Or that could be a good reason for him to quit actually.
2016-01-13 23:40:25
why upside down pl flag
2016-01-13 23:42:49

There is now AMPLE legal footing for suing kqly on damages, big ones in fact. If the CEO of Titan knows anything he should take legal action immediately.

Post edited 2016-01-13 23:45:33
2016-01-13 23:44:03
Retarded US logic does not work in the rest of the world...
2016-01-14 01:05:46
How is that retarded? He broke a contract he was legally signed to, which caused thousands of dollars in damages. ur retarded if you think suing for breach of contract is dumb especially if it resulted in the organization going broke. have fun in europe bro nice GDP and HDI and GINI. hope you enjoy being a peasant.
2016-01-14 18:42:17
and how suing KQLY helps? He would just declare bankruptcy in 5 years. He would probably pay few hundred euros every month...

Just pointless...

Post edited 2016-01-15 00:10:20
2016-01-15 00:09:26
set a precedent.he would be forced to give up any assets which could cover most legal costs as well as damages.
2016-01-15 00:10:21
You now.EU law not based on precedents, but actually is based on laws, and not some retarded judge/jury decisions..

Even if you are in huge debt, you are still supposed to have enough money for living, before paying debts. Like apartment rent/food expenses and other shit before paying your debt
2016-01-15 00:16:01
he doesnt need his car or his computer
2016-01-15 00:56:10
Breaking news "Piter will sign ex-Titan squad"

2016-01-13 23:45:32
lol I never realized this was the Singaporean Titan... I thought it was just another team with the same name.
2016-01-13 23:45:32
so whats the problem ? salaries are to high and renting a house for practice ?
2016-01-13 23:45:45
ez titan stickers, rofl
2016-01-13 23:47:35
time for shox to abandon ship

NA needs good players...
2016-01-13 23:53:21
KQLY vac ban ?
2016-01-13 23:53:41
2016-01-13 23:59:40
RIP Titan

eSports is not going that fine.
2016-01-13 23:58:22
Yes, its KUKLI guilty
2016-01-14 00:00:01
2016-01-14 00:00:03
wow get_rekked

belgian LDLC inc

2016-01-14 00:00:48
2016-01-14 00:02:31
At least I still have a Titan Jersey still never got a hoodie. I guess ill make it :D
2016-01-14 00:02:37
French please surrender.
2016-01-14 00:03:20
wonder which team will rise up after this
2016-01-14 00:09:54
Lets hope that they find a new organization and play just as well as they good in titan :D:D
2016-01-14 00:10:45
It is funny because they blame KQLY for the whole org shutting down :DDD
2016-01-14 00:12:13
2016-01-14 00:15:56
It is sad how one asshole destroyed whole organization
2016-01-14 00:17:07
shows how much damage 1 player can cause with their selfish need to cheat at this level.
2016-01-14 00:17:21
lol. They've always had so many teams at once (SMITE team? lel wtf) and none of them win much.
Not to mention really good social media coverage, e.g. Twitter, Vine. and whatnot.

Pity to see them go. I'll miss the org.

The team sucks, they can disband or all die in a plane crash, I wouldn't care.

At least my Titan stickers worth more now $$$
2016-01-14 00:18:00
something is wrong with you
2016-01-14 00:26:37
VP Polar will sponsor them

NoKappa My Friends
2016-01-14 00:20:46
KQLY should pay now :)
2016-01-14 00:28:28
Real LDLC roster's coming :)
2016-01-14 00:31:25
VeryGames comeback
2016-01-14 00:36:10
2016-01-14 00:36:44
$150k for Scream to make him jobless, lol.
2016-01-14 00:40:20
Scream will be picked up VERY fast.
2016-01-14 01:30:04
2016-01-14 00:40:26
Buy the stickers fast.
2016-01-14 00:44:57
inb4 faze picks them up.
2016-01-14 00:46:43
Should I dump my 300 titan stickers or nah? I have 75 of each signature capsules and 75 of the team ones from last two majors.. EZ $900 LOL I payed like $75 for them..
2016-01-14 00:50:12
you should give me those i will give you a banana
2016-01-14 00:56:11
Sell the signatures.
2016-01-14 02:46:53
the titan he is the french stars but azk he is the north american player.
2016-01-14 00:56:24
titanic was the name for this mess from the very start
2016-01-14 01:01:12
2016-01-14 01:06:47
team exclamation mark
2016-01-14 01:13:15
2016-01-14 01:18:02
2016-01-14 01:18:03
i wish there was a +1 on hltv, i dont feel like scrolling through shit.
2016-01-14 01:28:29
LGD or Vicii Gaming orr EHOME inc ? :D

Hopefully we see these orgs going huge in CSGO too~

Only if CDEC and iG aand EG joins CSGO

Then real organisations will lead CSGO instead of those jokes x)
2016-01-14 01:30:10
i think chinese orgs are already late signing some team. CSGO will be HUGE in 2016 and foward
2016-01-14 02:05:23
Late ? x) really ?

You realize how big those organisations are ? :D

Any of them is bigger than all CSGO Orgs...

And not really :v 2015 was the best year for CSGO, it wont grow more than this at this rate...

It's not ready to be 'HUGE' yet :D

Since no one takes care of it like Dota 2, LoL, WoW etc...
2016-01-14 04:52:51
good job KQLY you fucking faggot. You deserve the lifetime ban and a hell of a lot more. Go fuck yourself with a cactus you faggot frog fuck.
2016-01-14 01:32:27
He is currently making a living by streaming 3:>
2016-01-14 03:00:06
FaZe takes ex Titan lineup
2016-01-14 02:10:42

3 days ago i bought 12 titan foils from cologne to put on my default skins on smurf account.
Glad there was trade restriction.
2016-01-14 02:17:20
EHOME sign sign sign
2016-01-14 02:22:20
-exy +bodyy

+french org

=verygames is back
2016-01-14 02:40:53
2016-01-14 02:42:20
rip one of the best teams in cs history, u will be missed
2016-01-14 03:01:42
Titan is sg org? 0.o
2016-01-14 03:07:51
Alot of orgs are from countries that you wouldn't expect them to be from
2016-01-14 03:50:33
fnatic was straya ayyyy
2016-01-14 05:26:45
Envyus Blue
Envyus White

2016-01-14 03:20:07
2016-01-14 03:35:24
ex-titan to ehome
2016-01-14 03:44:43
2016-01-14 03:48:04
Ship them over here to NA and maybe an NA Sponsor will do like what Happened with the Brazilians? Kaboom -> KeyD Stars -> LG... maybe the former team titan can do same?
2016-01-14 03:50:22
2016-01-14 03:58:22
2016-01-14 03:59:14
2016-01-14 07:00:02
EHOME.shoxieJESUS[A] incoming?
2016-01-14 04:03:24
I'm surprised they even hold up for so long with so little success.

And it's easy putting all the blame on KQLY because of his shitty reputation but you guys still bought that overrated superstar for 150k knowing full well that you're financially screwed. That's totally begging for imminent doom.
2016-01-14 04:33:22
2016-01-14 04:38:46
Oh my god, the whole reason why Titan is shutting down is based on KQLY cheating and getting banned, 1 CSGO player ruins an entire organization, THATS AMAZING!
2016-01-14 04:47:11
2016-01-14 05:18:12
shox scream toxic
2016-01-14 05:19:24

scream fanboys said the organization made all screams buyout back from selling his stickers

do you guys mean that hltvs top financial analysts didn't know this was coming?
2016-01-14 05:31:49
2016-01-14 05:36:48
rip titan stickers((
2016-01-14 05:40:58
Titan EleGiggle
2016-01-14 05:58:36
U say RIP Titan; I hear -friberg + Shoxiee
Heard he awps well too, speaks English well too, rifles well too .....


but then I also heard
-friberg + pronax
-friberg + rain
-friberg + delpan
-friberg + jkaem

Damn u friburger :@
2016-01-14 06:08:26
Question is why would any one buy stickers of a worthless orga in the 1st place?

Even the players are bad in all its iterations.
2016-01-14 06:16:15
Is this happens because they are not from BULGARIA ????

Just kidding.

Seriously though, they are underachievers but by no means worthless. Their style of play may not be the most effective but they are quite entertaining to watch. By your logic teams like c9, mouz, g2, RNG, Luminosity are worthless too cause they have achieved no better than Titan did in the last 2 years.
2016-01-14 06:30:44
One of the saddest moments on cs go's history :(
2016-01-14 06:41:10
2016-01-14 06:42:43
ty kqly
2016-01-14 06:54:20
RIP french stars :))
2016-01-14 06:57:05
people really think titan bought scream for 150k? cmoon.
2016-01-14 07:05:53
but anyways r.i.p my favorite organisation [*]
2016-01-14 07:09:33
Beware KQLY, some people might wanna punch you if they see you on the streets.
2016-01-14 07:12:10
I have my ak with titan stickers on it for trade :)
2016-01-14 07:18:58
Faze now is your time to pick up best team
2016-01-14 07:19:14
>Buys ScreaM for 150k
>No budget for 2016

2016-01-14 07:48:54
FaZe shox
FaZe ScreaM

2016-01-14 07:56:02
shox do other then french team ? i arent think that
2016-01-14 08:53:51
ScreaM bankrupted TitaN rip
2016-01-14 07:56:12
Thank you so much KQLY
2016-01-14 07:58:19
PiTeR Smithz
PiTeR ScreaM
2016-01-14 08:01:01
2016-01-14 08:07:56
ScreaM the TRAITOR
2016-01-14 08:25:57
Faze best chance to pickup a good team
2016-01-14 08:54:42
Recursive ?
2016-01-14 08:58:08
Not likely due to a lot of reasons, but name wise it would be cool to see nV picking up ScreaM and Shox to form a lineup consisting of:
2016-01-14 09:05:08
Scream over nbk you Sir are a retard
2016-01-14 09:21:50
That's why I said 'name wise'.
I'm pretty sure most of the community would agree ScreaM (and Shox for that matter) are bigger names than NBK- and kioShiMa. I'm not saying that neither Scream or Shox are better players than NBK-, mind you.
2016-01-14 09:28:08
oh ok. Name wise.
2016-01-14 09:34:22
If you want name, NBK- is way more popular than apex since forever.
2016-01-14 10:01:51
Leaving out nbk, a guy who is ranked 9th in the world by HLTV for a guy who still lacks basic fundamentals and has won?
2016-01-14 09:33:17
seriously? no
2016-01-14 09:52:19
I hope that there will be a new Clan-Mystik- or VeryGames Team
2016-01-14 10:13:35
poland yes?
2016-01-14 10:35:11
2016-01-14 10:38:17
2016-01-14 10:48:31
Unexpected, hoefuelly find the right one yes, inb4 they get bombed with offers
2016-01-14 11:36:19
Wouldn't be twice surprised if either envy went to ldlc (there was some photo on happy's twitter or fb with ldlc hq in background) and then ex-titan going to envy. Or just titan going to ldlc
2016-01-14 11:39:14
>Maniac quitted his job to go full time with titan
>Titan backstabbed maniac by replacing him with ScreaM with overpriced 150k
>maniac got a coach role at the better team, while titan shutted down because of financial problem

That'S a karma for titan i guess
2016-01-14 11:49:10
2016-01-14 12:29:33
In which team Maniac is coaching?
2016-01-14 12:46:06
2016-01-14 12:53:12
Thx. I was wondering, is it like coaches get same salary as players?
2016-01-14 20:59:22
Will they all visit KQLYfornia for vacations?
2016-01-14 13:01:11
Actually they should found their own org, called "KQLYfornia". That would be hilarious
2016-01-14 13:02:35
2016-01-14 13:19:33
2016-01-14 15:23:47
i am glad..Scream hype over..worthless piece of shut
2016-01-14 15:26:00
it's easy to blame everything on kqly..
2016-01-14 15:51:29
WB verygames =D
RIP titan :/
2016-01-14 16:07:15
2016-01-14 17:36:10
VG hype
If its VeryGames I'll be happy
If its Vici Gaming I'll be even more happy
2016-01-14 17:50:34
Ty for sticker price
2016-01-14 20:01:18
bring back VERYGAMES
2016-01-15 00:17:35
Sad to see the organization go.
2016-01-15 17:41:59
Sad that ones players failure resulted in an org going down. Hopefully orgs will have rules for things like this.
2016-01-19 18:54:11

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