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Top 20 players of 2015: kennyS (6)
Time: 2016-01-15 21:24
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Number 6 on our top 20 ranking powered by EGB.com belongs to Kenny "kennyS" Schrub for the second year running. His impactful role in Titan and EnVyUs, combined with his incredible form at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, made him one of the most important players over the last 12 months.

Kenny "kennyS" Schrub had some trouble to find a way to the professional CS:Source scene due to his insane talent at a very young age. Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer played a crucial role in his development as he took a then unproven 16-year-old kennyS under his wing and brought him to a Mumble channel where professional players regularly played scrims, at a time when the young AWPer had a reputation as a cheater.

Following a brief stint with eXtensive! in early 2012 in which he proved his doubters wrong, kennyS joined the highly-successful VeryGames team, whom he helped to win several tournaments during the dying months of CS:S, including two insomnia Festival events, ESL Major Series Season X and the French Master Series Finals.

After CS:GO was released, kennyS quickly established himself as one of the finest AWPers in the game, but his raw talent alone did not prevent him from being removed from VeryGames in May 2013 as the team looked to close the gap on Ninjas in Pyjamas. For the next six months, he drifted between teams - LDLC.com, WARMAKER, WE GOT GAME and Recursive -, but still managed to reach the playoffs of the first major, DreamHack Winter, and ended in 12th place in our Top 20 ranking of 2013.

VeryGames was kennyS' first team in CS:GO 

In January 2014, Recursive released the team due to financial problems, and kennyS found himself in Clan-Mystik, who had won ESWC a few months before. He would not be there for long, however, as Titan came knocking in April, seeking a replacement for Richard "shox" Papillon - the exact same player who had replaced him while still in VeryGames. Titan's results were not particularly impressive in the remainder of 2014, with only one title to the team's name - DreamHack Stockholm Invitational II - but kennyS continued to play at a consistent level and topped the year's charts in many categories, including most kills per round, most AWP kills per round and highest success in entry duels, which earned him the sixth spot in our top 20 ranking of the year.

Titan began the year with a trip to Helsinki for the $25,000 ASUS ROG Winter. It was kennyS's first event of the year and it ended up being his best as he posted an impressive 1.45 rating (+65 K/D differential), finishing as the event's top performer by quite some distance, even though Titan were runners-up to Ninjas in Pyjamas. kennyS managed the feat of scoring positive ratings in each of the seven maps he played, even in his team's 5-16 thrashing by NiP on de_dust2 in the grand final.

kennyS was on fire in Helsinki

When February came rolling over, Titan returned to Scandinavia, this time flying to Stockholm for the Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge. The French team gave a great account of themselves and topped the round-robin stage with four victories from five games - with kennyS posting positive ratings in each of those wins. A 0.40 rating in a 2-16 defeat against Virtus.pro in the last group match fired up the 20-year-old, who delivered an MVP performance in the final against fnatic, putting in 76 frags (1.49 rating) throughout the series, including 50 frags on de_inferno. Once again, Titan had to settle for silver despite a phenomenal campaign by kennyS, who was the highest rated player in the entire tournament at 1.32.

Next up on the calendar was ESL One Katowice, where Titan bowed out in the group stage without glory following defeats against domestic rivals EnVyUs and German side PENTA Sports. kennyS took little comfort in the fact that he led the charts for his team as he still finished the event on a 0.92 rating - his worst event performance of the year.

Later in March, Titan travelled to Kiev to compete at the SLTV StarSeries XII Finals. Defeats against NiP and TSM saw Titan finish just outside the top three, and for kennyS it was a strange experience as he did not lead in rating for the first time since the start of the year, despite finishing in the green on a 1.05 rating (+18), the team's second-highest.

At the ESL Pro League Winter Finals, where Titan finished second, kennyS was also the second best on his team, with a 1.04 rating and a +26 K/D difference. The young AWPer boasted positive ratings in eight out of 14 maps and was particularly impressive against 3DMAX, picking up an average 21.8 frags per map against the Finnish team.

kennyS' spell in Titan was painful at times 

At the ESEA Invite Season 18 finals, Titan raised eyebrows during the early stages of the tournament, moving past Luminosity and fnatic without dropping a single map, but they were ultimately eliminated by the Swedish giants in the Consolidation Final. kennyS seemed to be back to his true self as he led the charge for his team with a 1.16 rating (+38).

Titan gave a poor showing at their next event, DreamHack Open Tours, where they were sent packing in the group stage by HellRaisers, a team they had thrashed 16-3 during the first round of the group stage. For kennyS, the match against the CIS team was particularly disappointing as he bottomfragged for Titan (10-22 score), which brought his tournament rating down to 0.94 - still the third-highest on the team.

The next two events - Gfinity Spring Masters 2 and DreamHack Open Summer - brought back-to-back 3rd-4th place finishes for Titan, and it was business as usual for kennyS, who led the team in both tournaments, with a 1.21 rating (+68) in London and a 1.10 rating (+15) in Jönköping. More misery would soon would fall onto Titan, who cut frustrating figures at Gfinity Summer Masters 1 and ESWC. kennyS was the top performer for the Frenchmen in both cases (1.10 rating and +14 in London, 1.02 rating and +1 in Montreal), but as the team continued to underperform as a whole, the threat of roster changes loomed large over the players.

ESWC 2015 was his last event under Titan 

Later in July came the swap involving the two French giants, seeing kennyS and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire join EnVyUs, who sent Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux and shox in the opposite direction. The move brought instant success to the 20-year-old AWPer, who won his first title of the year at IEM Gamescom, but a 1.08 rating - only the team's third-highest - showed that he was still adapting to his new surroundings.

EnVyUs did not rely as heavily on kennyS putting in big numbers to win matches as Titan had, and this became even clearer at ESL One Cologne, where he posted negative ratings on every map in the semifinals and in the grand final. He finished the major with a 0.94 rating (+1), the lowest record on the entire team, who were outplayed by fnatic in the title decider.

The French giants travelled to Dubai riding a wave after their runners-up finish at the major, but the team did not have such a good showing at the ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational, finishing third of their group followings defeats against Virtus.pro and NiP. For kennyS, there were positives to take from the tournament as he was the only player from the team to score a positive rating (1.01, +6).

After a slow start in EnVyUs, he began to put in big numbers 

But DreamHack Open London was the first event under EnVyUs where kennyS really showed his true colours. The young AWPer picked up over 20 frags in four of the six matches played and inspired his team to win the top prize of $20,000 with a 1.31 event rating - the highest in the competition.

EnVyUs followed it up by winning the Gfinity Champion of Champions, a tournament which pitted the top four teams from previous Gfinity events against each other. kennyS placed fourth in the team in terms of ranking (1.04) but still delivered an all-important performance in the five-map thriller against fnatic in the final (1.13 rating, +21).

The third major of the year, DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, was the next stop for EnVyUs and kennyS. After unconvincing campaigns in Katowice and Cologne, kennyS finally stepped up a gear and proved his worth at a major in 2015. He played a key role in the EnVyUs' title run and was the top performer in both the semifinal match against G2 (1.21 rating, +21) and in the grand final against Na`Vi (1.48 rating, +17), finishing the event with a team-leading rating of 1.23, being surpassed only by Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski in the charts. He also finished in the top five in other categories, including Total Kills (206), Most Clutches (6), Total AWP kills (101) and Total Opening Kills (31).

After the incredible run in Romania, EnVyUs went through a slump in form that saw them finish rock-bottom at the FACEIT League Stage 3 Finals following defeats against NiP and Luminosity. The team's performance was nothing short of unimpressive, but kennyS still gave a good account of himself and scored a 1.16 rating (+12) in what was a frustrating event for the Frenchmen.

EnVyUs flew to Burbank for the season finals of the ESL ESEA Pro League seeking redemption, and things were looking up for them at first as they beat Liquid and fnatic. Na`Vi then proved to be too hot to handle, so the French team had to settle for a 3rd-4th place finish, with kennyS finishing third best in the team with a 1.03 rating (+14).

Why is he the 6th best player of 2015?

The biggest factor in kennyS's placing is the deep impact he had in his teams throughout 2015. With a tournament rating lower than his teams' average at just four of 19 events - DreamHack Open Tours, IEM Gamescom, ESL One Cologne and Gfinity Champion of Champions -, he was clearly one of the best performers in both Titan and EnVyUs at almost every competition.

The 20-year-old played a leading role at two of the four events he won with EnVyUs - DreamHack Open London and DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca -, and also single-handedly carried Titan's team at the Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge, where he managed to score 50 frags in one single game during the final.

Of all the players in our Top 20, kennyS boasts the second-highest rating in terms of big matches (Semi-Finals, Upper Finals, Consolidation Finals and Grand Finals), which means that he remains one of the game's most impactful players when it matters most. And despite his poor showing in the ESL One Cologne final, he was the best player in title deciders overall (1.18 rating, eight matches, 21 maps).

He remained the best Terrorist player in the game and had the second-highest number of AWP Kills (1336), the fourth-highest AWP Kills/Round ratio (0.38) and the sixth-highest success rate in entry duels (59%). It is worth noting, however, that he led two of these last three categories in 2014, which shows a small decline over the last 12 months.

kennyS's MVP-like displays in Cluj-Napoca and his impressive contribution in big matches throughout the year play a big role in his position in our top 20 ranking. But his lack of success in Titan, in which he spent most of the year, and his poor form at the first two majors of 2015 hindered him from being higher up on our list.

What do you make of kennyS's performances in 2015? Would you have rated him higher or lower? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.

2016-01-15 21:24:38
2016-01-15 22:10:30
why should he be?? c9 shined like for about a month in this whole year!!
2016-01-16 07:27:42
salty fat american
2016-01-16 15:56:14
2016-01-18 19:07:18
Only fucking 6th my ass
2016-01-16 09:29:58
2016-01-16 12:03:39
Kenny overrated af.
2016-01-16 15:16:04
Yes sir.
2016-01-16 16:10:27

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:25:19
2016-01-15 21:24:38
agree! kenny is very good almost top 5, but not already there yet.
i actually think that happy should be above kenny, but they are very close in this rank, so its just fine.
2016-01-15 22:12:48
4th :(((

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:24:57
2016-01-15 21:24:40
2016-01-15 21:24:40
2016-01-15 21:24:40
2016-01-15 21:24:42
2016-01-15 21:24:45
2016-01-15 21:24:46
2016-01-15 21:24:47

Top 5 - Snax
Top 4 - Guardian/Devve
Top 3 - Guardian/Devve
Top 2 - Flusha
Top 1 - Olofmeister

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:27:49
2016-01-15 21:24:47
You're fucking dog ?
2016-01-15 21:27:53
1. Olof
2. Guardian
3. Flusha
4. Snax
5. Device
2016-01-15 21:29:27
2016-01-15 21:45:57
4. FNX
2016-01-15 21:53:20
2016-01-15 22:41:52
2016-01-15 22:49:42
2016-01-15 23:05:54
bolts hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
2016-01-16 11:00:57
What about seized? :D
2016-01-15 22:04:23
Won't be on there
2016-01-16 11:01:20
2016-01-15 22:09:28
yep, mby device>snax
2016-01-15 23:14:17
1. Olof
2. Guardian
3. Flusha
4. Kennys
5. Snax
6. Krimz
7. device

what i thought
2016-01-16 12:32:09
I agree with this.
2016-01-16 15:43:39
as we all se right now: snax>kennyS,flusha.
As a Pole i love Snax (noHomo) but hm... was he better than flusha in 2015? Some of his actions were sick so mby thats why...
2016-01-17 16:25:12
2016-01-15 21:30:31
Devve gonna be Top 2
2016-01-15 21:36:57
yeah, probably correct
2016-01-15 21:47:51
top 1 coldzera
2016-01-16 01:32:08
Finally HLTV nods that GuardiaN > KennyS in 2015.


Post edited 2016-01-15 21:26:17
2016-01-15 21:24:48
GuardiaN just won more, because kennyS was on Titan 3/4 of the year.
2016-01-15 21:31:47
True ;D and I forgot how HLTV considers 'LAN' stats
2016-01-15 21:35:26
he would be #1 if not the awp nerf

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:27:34
2016-01-15 21:24:49
Still kenny is insane even after awp nerf. he was just on titan 3/4 of the year and won nothing. I'm looking forward to see kenny in this year. Hope Kenny and Happy will be top3 2016 :)
2016-01-16 07:55:39
KennyS he is the french-european player but the envy he is the AWP stars
2016-01-18 19:08:41
2016-01-15 21:24:52
2016-01-15 21:24:53
Not expected at all, should be top5 at least.

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:25:48
2016-01-15 21:25:00
not really
2016-01-15 21:26:57
imo he should be the fourth. Lets see who is going to be the 5th then I'll see if it is right.
2016-01-15 21:28:38
I can tell you that it will be device or Snax
2016-01-15 21:30:13
If device is going to be top3 i'll explode hltv.

2016-01-15 21:31:47

he will be 5th
2016-01-15 21:32:32
hope so haha. He is a good player, but not a top3.
2016-01-15 21:33:07
He could be top3 but unfortunately he didn't play good at all majors + 0 finals
2016-01-15 21:35:53

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:37:01
2016-01-15 21:36:54
2016-01-15 21:25:00
not top 5? wtf
2016-01-15 21:25:05
2016-01-15 21:25:16
2016-01-15 21:25:20
Not top 1 ;)
2016-01-15 21:25:26
2016-01-15 21:25:29
KennyS good but not best (jw best)
2016-01-15 21:25:30
jw good but not best (allu bot)
2016-01-16 00:30:07
2016-01-15 21:25:35
?? Wtf is this
2016-01-15 21:25:36
2016-01-15 21:25:38

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:26:04
2016-01-15 21:25:44
skadoodle better
2016-01-15 21:25:48
2016-01-15 21:25:51
2016-01-15 21:25:56
Expected #5 will be SNAX
2016-01-15 21:25:57
2016-01-15 21:26:05
2016-01-15 21:26:11
2016-01-15 21:26:12
2016-01-15 21:26:17
2016-01-15 21:26:21
6? rofl
2016-01-15 21:26:21
he is low, sorry. no cry
2016-01-16 17:14:47
I wonder who's going to be on top 5 then, it should be funny
2016-01-16 17:29:49
Dunno who make this top, but next time do it before drinking...
2016-01-15 21:26:30
2016-01-15 21:29:17
"EnvyUsFanGay" ok
2016-01-15 21:45:36
+1, kennyS in top 10? haha wtf
2016-01-16 02:27:54
+1 kennyS in top 10? haha wtf
2016-01-16 03:43:43
+1, kennyS in top 10? haha wtf
2016-01-16 04:30:39

Final LIST
2016-01-15 21:26:30
2016-01-15 21:27:28

2016-01-15 21:30:59
1. olof
2. flusha
3. GuardiaN
4. Snax
5. device

2016-01-15 21:33:37

2016-01-16 02:45:35
GuardiaN won't be 2nd

wanna bet?
2016-01-16 03:03:53
be sure he will
2016-01-16 17:15:19
mai boi kennyS
2016-01-15 21:26:32
noice kenny
2016-01-15 21:26:42
Is this because we are from BULGARIA ?????
2016-01-15 21:26:42
is this happens because we are from BULGARIA?*
get your memes right

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:28:07
2016-01-15 21:27:53
is this happens because we are from BULGARIA?
2016-01-15 21:28:47
2016-01-15 21:28:59
2016-01-15 21:26:47
GG kennys, I expected higher doe :)
2016-01-15 21:26:47
People who said Kennys>Guardian and KennyS #2 XDDD
2016-01-15 21:26:47
expected him there. gj, deserved.

Last year #6 coz of his monster stats, this year cuz of achievements.
2016-01-15 21:27:02
? its the reason why not - even in the future.
2016-01-15 21:27:05
ok yeah this whole list just lost all credibility. ridiculous that kenny and happy are both rated so low. there really shouldn't be a way you can justify ranking flusha, device and snax over these two
2016-01-15 21:27:05
LOL nt envyus manager
2016-01-15 21:38:29
2016-01-15 21:27:06
Snax over kennys and krimz a y y l m a o
2016-01-15 21:27:13
ya sad >.<
2016-01-16 08:00:52
2016-01-15 21:27:14
damn son
2016-01-15 21:27:22
2016-01-15 21:27:22
Not deserved, deserves to be 10-20 happy is better
2016-01-15 21:27:25
What we expect from americano? go and eat some burger bro!
2016-01-15 21:28:50
Hello sideways Mexico
2016-01-15 21:29:38
go and eat mc burger
2016-01-15 21:37:13
R u playinr team element?
2016-01-15 22:28:10
WTF are you want
2016-01-15 22:33:09
Replied to the wrong guy.
2016-01-15 23:56:32
rip kennys top1 dream
2016-01-15 21:27:26
Called it
2016-01-15 21:27:30
2016-01-15 21:28:01
hahahah so it will be device > kenny? such a joke
2016-01-15 21:28:37
device > kenny
happy > kenny
guardian > kenny
snax > kenny
everyone > kenny
2016-01-15 21:32:31
2016-01-16 08:01:59
olof, guardian, snax/flusha, flusha/snax, devveeee
2016-01-15 21:29:00
2016-01-15 21:29:02
inb4 they put device highter than happy , kenny ect... jesus this site
2016-01-15 21:29:16
happy shouldnt be in top 20*

Post edited 2016-01-15 21:30:27
2016-01-15 21:29:58
...but it is clear that device was better than both.
2016-01-15 21:31:37
Happy shouldn't be in top 20, though.
2016-01-16 02:29:22
obvious now Coldzera is in top 5
2016-01-15 21:29:40
2016-01-15 21:40:00
5th Flushy
4th Device
3th Snax
2th Guardian
1th Olofmeister
2016-01-15 21:29:52
5. device
4. Snax
3. GuardiaN
2. flusha
1. olof
2016-01-15 21:31:55
flusha max 3 imo.
2016-01-15 22:46:28
Too high. He sucked for a big part of year, Happy was definitely better. Kenny should be around 10-9
2016-01-15 21:30:04
haha, get rekt kennyS fanboys :D
2016-01-15 21:30:06
HLTV you are fking kidding me acutally
2016-01-15 21:30:17
wow, k den.
2016-01-15 21:30:19
Not deserved :)
2016-01-15 21:30:22
KING OF AWP, but really so many noname say not deserved why?
he has a team now, he doesnt need to carry all games.
rip englando!
2016-01-15 21:30:33
2016-01-15 21:30:37
The most obvious and easy to predict since NBK's.
2016-01-15 21:30:38
kennys good
2016-01-15 21:30:43
2016-01-15 21:31:11
He used to be so good... Then he left left Titan mentally, losing his motivation. He joined EnVy and we haven't seen the real kennyS. Sad, really.
2016-01-15 21:31:47
too high on the list
2016-01-15 21:32:07
Guardian > kennyS :D
2016-01-15 21:32:13
Bad performances at Katowice and Cologne didn't put him on top5.
2016-01-15 21:32:22
yep pretty much
2016-01-15 22:10:38
should be 5th
2016-01-15 21:32:25
2016-01-15 21:32:46
maybe snax 4 and devve 5 :D
2016-01-15 21:36:18
devve shouldn't be in the list because he played under the name device for most of the year
2016-01-15 22:28:08

imho. ;) even tho im devve's #1 fangrill.
2016-01-15 21:33:08
lol device 2

clearly danish fangay
2016-01-15 21:45:35
k we'll see and a ain't born danish brah.
2016-01-15 21:51:28
1. Device
2. Device
3. Device
4. Device
5. Device
2016-01-16 12:27:33
Rofl. I'm playing with TSM bois all the time, ujelly?
2016-01-16 12:28:34
Expected, GuardiaN should be above kennyS in all aspects
2016-01-15 21:33:29
still olofmeister, flusha, guardian, snax and maybe coldzera left
2016-01-15 21:33:40
not cold xD

flusha, olof, device, snax and guardian is your top 5
2016-01-15 21:38:35
yeah that's true
2016-01-15 21:43:25
2016-01-15 21:33:52
change him with happy and its ok
2016-01-15 21:34:05
2016-01-15 21:35:13
Seriously..? #6 of 2015?
2016-01-15 21:36:21
yeah in 2014 but not 2015
2016-01-15 23:38:59
bullshit #6 ? _)_
2016-01-15 21:39:37
Kennys > Guardian

Hahahahahaha now you have it blind fanboys...
2016-01-15 21:39:46
we all saw who was actually better across 3 maps in dh cluj
2016-01-15 22:29:42
because 1 event=whole year right?
2016-01-15 22:48:28
How many majors did Guardian won?
And how many titles NaVi has over EnVy? Oh wait..
2016-01-16 00:10:40
why do you talk about envy here? kennys played with envy only 8 events last year...

so yes,overall guardian was more successful,he performed better than kennys and he will be ranked higher bcs of it.as simple as that
2016-01-16 00:12:58
Let me edit my comment..how man titles NaVi has over EnVy since kenny and apex joined them?
oh still..
Guardian is like Kenny in the old Titan lineup when kenny had to carry their ass and was a beast,same with Guardian right now he carries NaVi and has beastmode on. Now in EnVy he doesnt need to step up that much but still i dont think that in main and important matches Guardian was better oh and ye kennys not aswell,they was pretty much at the same level throught the year. So if Guardian better than #5 this list will be a joke imo
2016-01-16 00:18:35
but you have to realize that this ranking is from whole year.who cares how long did kennys played in titan? how is this even relevant?

and why do you even try to compare kennys in titan with guardian in navi? i mean what kennys achieved with titan? he wasnt able to carry them even out of group stage most of the time last year while guardian actually carried his team for achievments and to the final of major.the difference is HUGE.

guardian will be easily in top3,probably second.you will see yourself(and it will be well deserved)
2016-01-16 00:24:07
and not to mention the fact that kennys have better teammates in envy than guardian in navi, which actually allows kenny to win more titles.
2016-01-16 15:16:19
1. Xantares ROFL
2016-01-15 21:42:54
hltv sponsored by device rofl
2016-01-15 21:44:06

2016-01-15 21:44:08
1. s1mple
2. GuardiaN
3. Hunden
2016-01-15 21:44:41
so in 2015 kennys > happy ?

top kek this ranking lmao
2016-01-15 21:44:42
All of you who say that this rank is shit etc. are retarded

Do you even know that MAJORS are more worth than some tier 24124 lans? and its for WHOLE year not last few months

peace newfags
2016-01-15 21:44:51
2016-01-15 21:47:08
also device > kennys ?

this ranking is biased as shit can't believe people are taking it seriously
2016-01-15 21:47:21
KennyS higher than KrimZ, what a fucking joke
2016-01-15 21:50:23
2016-01-16 10:04:49
1. Olofm
2. GuardiaN
3. Flusha
4. Device
5. Snax
2016-01-15 21:50:30
Guardian > KennyS confirmed
2016-01-15 21:51:15
1000% sure!
2016-01-15 21:52:11
2016-01-15 21:52:39
Happy should be above KennyS. This is really strange.
2016-01-15 21:54:09
2016-01-15 21:54:16
kennys overrated expected
2016-01-15 21:56:02
At least he didn't get an undeserved #1 like in the Game Awards
2016-01-15 21:56:17
Actually pretty accurate, can be easily top1 next year
2016-01-15 21:56:21
So a team who won 2 majors, and was the best team in the world for a good long period, doesn't have a top5 player?

Is this a joke HLTV?

kennyS and maybe even Happy should clearly be above both Device and snax if you consider achievements imo

I can't see how envyUS CANT have a top 5 player in their team and then have so much succes as they had last year
2016-01-15 21:56:36
yeah it's debatable but the others specially Snax was just a beast on the big events
2016-01-15 22:04:43
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
It's quite simple really if you think about it, the contribution to winning in their team is most evenly spread out of all.

5 of their 7 players throughout the year are in the top 20 and kioShiMa would be just outside, around 22-23.

And they weren't really that close to fnatic's success (who won 5 of the 7 $250k events of the year among others)
2016-01-16 03:33:31
Well If you use that Logic tsm has 3 out of 5 players in top 20 and xyp just outside top20 i guess? And envyus pretty much dominated tsm throughout the year right?

I just cant see envyus NOT having a top 5 player in The World, thats my opinion and based on stats they really should, but i agree that overall they had 5 players close or in top 20 and i understand your logic aswell
2016-01-16 11:38:22
Tgwri1s - HLTV.org
No, Xyp9x and karrigan weren't that close to the top 20, but around 30.

And fnatic dominated EnVyUs for most of the year until the last few months, but tsm had their number for a while, so looking at team matchups is as useless as it gets unless one of them is dominating overall.

You're judging this based of off feelings, because you feel nV should have a player who was top 5 cause they were the #2 team, but you don't look at reasons for why or that they made 2 player changes, or which tournament performances they should have achieved that with.

They were the only top team that didn't have a true superstar who played the best almost every time they won something. Instead they alternated, one event it was Happy, one shox, one NBK, then kennyS.
2016-01-16 11:48:48
Yeah okay i get what you are saying
2016-01-16 13:06:01
KennyGood but not KennybeSt (krimz bester)
2016-01-15 22:02:52
undeserved but god allu
2016-01-15 22:05:10
5. Snax
4. Flusha
3. Device
2. Guardian
1. Olof
2016-01-15 22:05:45
Exactly, +1
2016-01-15 23:42:40
lolwat, kennyS NOT EVEN TOP 5???

are you crazzy??
2016-01-15 22:05:55
HLTV statistics rating is not everything.

You also have to consider other things (like AWP skill).
2016-01-16 14:23:32
man, i'm so happy
GuardiaN the best
nt, majorBOT

Post edited 2016-01-16 15:38:31
2016-01-16 15:38:22
great awper but maybe should've been in top5?
2016-01-15 22:07:04
kennyS top8? Unexpected.
2016-01-15 22:09:21
1. Olof
2. GuardiaN
3. Device
4. Snax
5. Flusha
2016-01-15 22:12:03
Small tournament good, Major bad, its like when i am smurfing i am good and real rank fuckin boosted
2016-01-15 22:13:41
wp kenny
2016-01-15 22:14:07
shouldnt be higher than krimz but whatever congrats kenny
2016-01-15 22:20:17
1. olof
2. flusha
3. device
4. snax
5. guardian
2016-01-15 22:23:44
Happy had better rating and more trophies. What is this ranking?
2016-01-15 22:27:00

The ranking is as always based on statistical parameters from big LAN events (that at least several top teams attended). Being the best player at an event (MVP) or one of the best, was valued more than just playing well and as always contribution to team success was the main parameter.

We also looked at contribution in rounds won vs. rounds lost, consistency, performance in big matches, getting the first kills, winning the clutches and more. Different events also carried different weight, and good performances at majors also made players stand out, albeit not as much as last year due to 2015 having a lot more events where top players met each other, including four other $250,000 ones.
2016-01-15 22:32:35
1. olof
2. flusha
3. guardian
4. device
5. snax
2016-01-15 22:27:44
guardian over flusha
2016-01-15 22:35:52
new year, same spot
2016-01-15 22:28:15
2016-01-15 22:28:58
Guardian <3
2016-01-15 22:29:45
good player.
2016-01-15 22:33:50
2016-01-15 22:35:13
Deserved! But not a single brazilian on this list ?? they played actually better than Allu in my opinion ;(
2016-01-15 22:40:27
is not about who played the best, but about stats and results.
2016-01-15 22:57:42
Its just that luminosty played really well but only half of the Year i am sure cold would be a top 10 player if he played like that the whole Year but he didnt.
2016-01-16 09:40:52
you are right bro!! 2015's top 20 players HLTV.org will be CRAZY! I'm a lot curious to know the next 4 'u', I imagine : sNax, than device, than GuardiaN, and finally Olofm;
2016-01-17 20:35:27
And you were right lol
2016-01-18 07:53:59
lol! accurate as f*ck dude :D
2016-01-26 03:36:18
2016-01-26 07:14:09
50 bomb vs fnatic on grand final, never forget
2016-01-15 22:52:03
gratz CarryS!

1 Olof
2 GuardiaN
3 Snax
4 Device
5 Flusha
2016-01-15 22:58:13
Snax 5th ;)
2016-01-15 23:41:05
in my opinion Flusha / Device :) we will see :)
2016-01-15 23:42:01
Snax had a HUGE slump in the summer, he will be behind device and flusha for sure
2016-01-16 00:14:31
2016-01-15 23:01:00
So you guys telling me Kenny played better than dupreeh happy krimz nbk flamie apex ??? That is just pure bs Kenny Shoxie and GTR most overrated players in cs scene and this list fucking joke
2016-01-15 23:02:25
he was easily better than dupreeh,nbk,flamie and apex.krimz and happy are debatable
2016-01-15 23:07:19
hltv ranking always involves player's fan base
pasha top3 2015 #neverforget
2016-01-16 04:36:34
still no fox
2016-01-15 23:11:47
Guardian > Kennys =)
2016-01-15 23:28:52
1. olof
2. device
3. GuardiaN
4. flusha
5. Snax

s1mple cry cry cry
2016-01-15 23:30:19
lol noob nice.
2016-01-15 23:35:53
rekt by GuardiaN
2016-01-16 00:23:44
Expected. For kennyS fans...I would be happy he got the 6th place
2016-01-16 00:49:49
More justified than last year... shows u hope stupid 6th was 2014
2016-01-16 00:58:41
Deserved. Sad that he was dragged down only by the fact that he was in Titan. Thanks Ex6
2016-01-16 01:01:12
I don't think device was better than happy and kennyS, sure a great player but idk... gratz anyways! :D
2016-01-16 01:35:02
kennyS deserved top 1 last year honestly, but I think 6th is about right for 2015.
2016-01-16 01:35:46
How the fuck is he higher than Happy?
2016-01-16 01:46:23
what a name to have :( esp in the csgo community lol

Kenny Schrub ( take the H away lol ) :( his parents are evil
2016-01-16 01:56:41
i aren't think that.
2016-01-16 02:24:23
1. Olof
2. Flusha
3. GuardiaN
4. Device
5. Snax

For sure.

PS. KennyS was not top 10 this year. He was a pure BOT at two of the three majors, lost his team one major single-handedly (Cologne) and did NOTHING with Titan for half the year.

Post edited 2016-01-16 02:31:30
2016-01-16 02:28:31
did nothing half the year? you do realize he was the best player in the world for the first 2-3 months?
2016-01-16 06:24:01
No fr player in top 5. This is a good joke. Gonna laugh till my death with device choking still in 2022 ...
2016-01-16 02:40:43
Happy deserved more to be in top 5 than Kenny, u are right thoe. Device should be let out, and Happy should be let in the top 5
2016-01-16 15:35:17
Rofl i was drunk when i posted that shit yesterday :p
But yeah Happy deserved way more than 8th ...
2016-01-16 16:34:22
Lol. Haha, but u are right about Device thoe... He should have been in the 9/8 spot
2016-01-16 18:22:37
My ranking:

top10 (100%):


top20 (100%):
someone ?/tsm

top20 (maybe):

Ranking hltv.org:



6. kennys
7. krimz
8. happy
9. nbk

2016-01-16 02:52:55
Flusha ans olof top 5 ? Lol... Not gold test for us (just esl one)
2016-01-16 03:29:00
EXPECTED af!HAHAHA. This is even too high. The ranking is about the whole year not just in 1 month and Kenny didn't perform well the whole year. Even got 3 kills in major finals where considered the determining factor of his ranking.

Top 5
2016-01-16 04:34:51
Did this guy win esports - player of 2015???
2016-01-16 07:07:13
1. Olofm
2. GuardiaN
3. SnaX
4. Device
5. Rain

Mark my words, its gonna happen.
2016-01-16 07:13:27
gj kennys
2016-01-16 08:04:47
Snax, Flusha, GuardiaN, Device and Olof will be in the top 5?
2016-01-16 08:33:27
I feel like this article doesn't explain how fucking insane kenny used to be, atleast for new players reading.
2016-01-16 08:51:43
#1 - Taco
2016-01-16 09:21:33
this year place 6th? overrated af!... the best player of nV was NBK (and maybe, just maybe Happy)

Post edited 2016-01-16 09:30:34
2016-01-16 09:30:14
He should be 2-4 position.
2016-01-16 09:44:49
2016-01-16 10:04:40
get rekt kenny fangays
5 snax
4 devve
3 flusha
2 guardian
1 olof
2016-01-16 10:10:54
Not even top-5, wuuuuuuut?
2016-01-16 10:19:52
pasha top 1 confirm
2016-01-16 11:19:56
When hype compensates the lack of results, you get boosted in a top 6 spot you don't deserve.
Lucky kennyS, I hope for him that people will keep this illusion of a great player, otherwise his fall will be brutal.
2016-01-16 11:33:34
2016-01-16 12:43:43
pasha top 3?
2016-01-16 13:24:31
bubble or dreamer, ofc)
2016-01-16 15:34:58
ofc my friend
2016-01-16 17:09:18
not even top10
2016-01-16 13:51:29
2016-01-16 14:26:41
2016-01-16 13:54:48
2016-01-16 15:32:21
2016-01-16 15:33:30
someone can explain why in this ranking kennyS>krimz>happy ?
2016-01-16 14:04:07
He was a beast at the first quarter of 2015 but he wasnt that good in late 2015. He doesnt deserves that spot much I think.
2016-01-16 15:15:59
The numbers dude, look at them...
2016-01-16 15:23:47
Such a talented player, and Titan almost destroyed him. This EnvyUs jersey suits him very well, glad to see him back on a monster level, no pun intended.
2016-01-16 15:23:17
this ranking is a joke
2016-01-16 15:25:38
I'm so happy
-kennyS on top3. Yeaaaah!!!
2016-01-16 15:34:07
2016-01-16 15:47:04
How is KennyS higher than Happy? Seriously HLTV? What next? Kioshima top1?...
KennyS should be barely #10
2016-01-16 16:16:25
1336 tho :/
2016-01-16 16:27:57
n1, next will be :
5. Device
4. Snax
3. flusha
2. GuardiaN
1. olof
2016-01-16 16:28:03
this rank is a joke
2016-01-16 16:39:26
olofm and flusha oviously on top 5-1 and guardian as well
2016-01-16 16:56:39
2016-01-16 18:33:40
How was KennyS better than krimz last year? He definitely wasn't...
2016-01-18 07:52:16
KennyS is my fam... i still like u guardian :)))))
2016-01-25 18:58:26
so overrated
2016-03-10 15:27:45

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