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Top 20 players of 2015: Snax (4)
Time: 2016-01-17 21:27
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The fourth place of our Top 20 players of 2015 powered by EGB.com goes to Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski, who stood behind most of Virtus.pro's success and always stepped up at the biggest stages.

Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski has been on the radar since late 2010, when he started showing up in some of Poland's top three rosters, namely Universal Soldiers, DELTA and MaxFloPlay.

He has also been part of the NationsCup team Poland since 2011, which was when he first got to play with members of the Golden Five. It wasn't until 2013 that he first showed up on the international stage, side by side with his current teammate Paweł "byali" Bieliński in GF-Gaming.

That team, who also featured Piotr "peet" Ćwikliński and Jacek "MINISE" Jeziak, went on to reach quarter-finals at Prague Challenge in mid-2013, where they lost to a Nostalgie mix boasting Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and Filip "NEO" Kubski. He would finally get a chance to play in Poland's best lineup later on that year, as he and byali were picked up by the remaining trio of current Virtus.pro.

The early days of Snax 

It took the lineup a few months before they found success at EMS One Katowice 2014, where Virtus.pro famously took down NiP in the grand final one-sidedly. Since then they were considered a force to be reckoned with in the highest ranks, and even picked up another trophy at Gfinity 3, as well as a second place at Copenhagen Games and several 3rd-4th finishes, including DreamHack Winter 2014.

Due to his carrying capabilities, major performances and clutch play, Snax earned the fourth place in our top 20 players of 2014 ranking.

Virtus.pro's start into 2015 was quite underwhelming, as was Snax's. ASUS ROG Winter proved to be a tough nut to crack despite somewhat poor competition, as Virtus.pro went out in the group stage after losses to Johannes "nex" Maget's PENTA and HellRaisers. In one of few cases, Snax ended up in fourth place in rating among Virtus.pro, and his HR showing was especially disappointing.

While as a team Virtus.pro stayed on the same track at Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge, finishing fourth (above LGB and NiP), the difference in Snax's performance was astonishing. Out of the five maps he played there he only found himself below 1.00 rating once, in a 10-16 loss to EnVyUs. Outside of that result he was an absolute monster for his team, especially in Virtus.pro's bashing of Titan (27-5, 2.39 rating in a 16-2 win). Despite the Poles' finish in Stockholm, Snax was the second-best rated player at the event, and he scored a beastly 0.95 kills per round—the most at the event and his highest in 2015.

Virtus.pro couldn't defend their title at Katowice, the first major of the year, but Snax put in a solid performance on home turf (1.16 rating). Only recording one map below 0.85 rating, the Pole was his team's second-best player, and most notably the best on a couple of close maps: de_overpass in a Keyd Stars quarter-final encounter and de_cbble in the semi-final against fnatic, both of which Virtus.pro lost 17-19.

After having to skip Gfinity Spring Masters 1 due to an illness, Snax had his worst tournament in 2015, SLTV StarSeries XII Finals, where the entire team didn't show up. Virtus.pro went on to come out on top of Copenhagen Games afterwards. While admittedly it was an event with poor competition—the only top six team there was TSM—, Snax was one of the best players of the two close series against the Danes.

Snax played very well in all of Virtus.pro's triumphs

When another event where the whole team put in a sub-1.00 rating and finished in last place (ESL Pro League Winter 2014/15 finals) passed, Snax was awarded the MVP of ESEA Invite Season 18 Global Finals. He didn't put in such a great performance in the grand final against fnatic, nobody really played exceptionally there, but he did carry the team throughout the rest of the event. He finished the event in Dallas with the highest rating (1.23), kills per round (0.84), and success in opening duels (70.0%), as shown in the leaders section.

Virtus.pro then travelled to London, United Kingdom, for FACEIT Stage 1 Finals, which wound up being a somewhat inconsistent showing from Snax overall. He was the team's best player by a fair margin in the group stage against eLevate and TSM, but he dropped off significantly in the series against NiP in semi-finals compared to the rest of the team; a rare sight for the Pole.

He was back to his usual self in time for Gfinity Spring Masters 2, where he only scored two out of 13 maps below 0.85 rating, although he had a hiccup in a Na`Vi triple-overtime thriller in the semi-finals. He still helped Virtus.pro reach another podium finish, a second place, with the best performance within the team overall (1.14 rating).

Gfinity Summer Masters 1, another event held in London, was a showcase of Virtus.pro's results correlating with Snax's form. When he was on, the team was winning, and when he was not, the team had issues. The latter was the case at Gfinity more than not, especially on the four maps Virtus.pro lost against mousesports there.

The next two events, ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 finals and FACEIT Stage 2 Finals, were both underwhelming from the team as a whole, but very different for Snax. At the former, he was barely the team's fourth best in a 3rd-4th finish—not a bad result, but the group stage was quite comfortable for Virtus.pro, who were known not to have problems against North American teams and had Luminosity (the one led by Alexander "LeX" Deily at the time) and Cloud9 in their group. At the latter, Virtus.pro finished in last place, and Snax was by far the team's best there. The Poles famously went out after a perfect de_cache from Kinguin, and naturally Snax wasn't a good player on that map. He was great on the other three though, recording an above-1.15 rating on all of them.

Snax certainly had a reason to smirk at CEVO Season 7 Finals

CEVO Professional Season 7 Finals was one of the two events where Snax didn't have to the team's best overall for Virtus.pro to win. He still turned in a solid performance there, especially in their three-map series versus Cloud9 (60-42, 1.30 rating).

By that time the second major of the year, ESL One Cologne, was around the corner. Similarly to ESL One Katowice, the team went out in 3rd-4th place after a loss to fnatic. Snax was good in the group stage, a monster in the NiP quarter-final, but not quite as influential against fnatic; quite the opposite, actually. Overall it was an event worth of a 1.11 rating, the second highest within Virtus.pro.

After Gaming Paradise 2015, an event many would surely rather forget, Virtus.pro took another title home, this time against top-notch competition. ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational was one of most stacked tournaments, featuring all top six teams together with Cloud9 and Titan. Apart from a hiccup in a group stage match where he seemingly wasn't needed anyway—against NiP (16-7 win for Virtus.pro)—, Snax carried the team in every match. On the two maps Virtus.pro won against fnatic in the semi-final, he was an absolute monster, and he continued providing similar results in the best-of-five grand final with TSM. Simply put, Snax was the MVP of a big event.

Despite Virtus.pro only playing a single best-of-five against EnVyUs, Snax topped the charts at Gfinity Champion of Champions as well. Thanks to three very good maps against the Frenchmen he deserved the best rating at the event (1.16), most kills per round (0.89), most 1+ kill rounds (58.2%), as well as most opening kills per round (0.16) and the second highest success in opening duels (62.5%); not bad for someone who went out after one series.

At another four-team event, PGL Season 1 Finals, he proved his worth for Virtus.pro yet again. In the group stage Liquid proved to be a tough opponent after all, and Snax was the main reason Virtus.pro survived the initial battle without losing a map. He dropped off quite significantly in the upper final versus TSM, and had two unsatisfying performances there in narrow results, but he was back in the driving seat in the consolidation final versus fnatic. In Virtus.pro's TSM re-match in the grand final, he stepped up from their first encounter and was the man of the hour for his team, but it wasn't enough to take the Danes down.

Snax played well at the third major, the team as a whole did not

Virtus.pro's next tournament, DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, wound up being their only big event placing outside of the top four (out of six they attended), but it was by no means due to Snax. He was VP's best player by far in Romania (1.29 rating). Liquid was once again close to beating the Poles in the group stage, this time on de_cbble, but Virtus.pro were able to come back from a big deficit and win in overtime—much thanks to Snax, as he paved the way with a 34-20 score (1.39 rating). He and byali were the main force in the winners' match against Titan on de_train as well. On top of that, Snax was nearly able to keep up with Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad in the quarter-finals on de_cache, scoring more kills than any other two Virtus.pro members combined. While he dropped off on de_train, the closer of the two maps against G2, the event as a whole was more than satisfactory from the Pole, as he put on another great performance at a big event.

When the team travelled across the pond once again, they defended their CEVO-P Finals title from July, with Snax providing an MVP-worthy performance. He recorded a rating of above-1.15 on seven out of ten maps there, and never dropped below 0.85. Every single match was a showcase of Snax's abilities, especially the mousesports grand final. He reached an absolutely ridiculous level on de_cbble, where he pretty much single-handedly destroyed the German-based team with a 36-9 (2.76 rating) scoreline in a 16-4 victory.

Snax's POV video from a godlike one-man show against mousesports (36-9, 2.76 rating on de_cbble)

He had to skip another tournament, IEM San Jose, due to health problems, but he recovered in time for FACEIT Stage 3 Finals, Virtus.pro's last event in 2015. His overall showing there wasn't exactly bad, as he still had three solid maps, although he wasn't the force he had been at the two previous events. His team went out in 3rd-4th place, courtesy of fnatic once again, and he was mediocre in the semi-finals.

Why is he the 4th best player of 2015?

Snax had 0.77 kills per round, which is good for 10th place overall, or 5th if we're only counting players above 100 maps (players of the top six teams plus Titan), making him one of the very best fraggers of the year.

Due to several highs in 2015, Snax earned MVP titles in three of Virtus.pro's five triumphs. That includes a highly competitive ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational, as well as ESEA Invite Season 18 Global Finals with a fnatic upset in the grand final, and lastly CEVO Professional Season 8 Finals.

He was also one of the best players at the other two events VP won in 2015, at CEVO Season 7 and at Copenhagen Games, as well as at PGL Season 1 Finals, where he was a big contributor to Virtus.pro's second place.

His impact in round wins is the third highest among players from top six teams (1.09 rating). A lot of that impact in round wins comes from his aggression and opening kills (Virtus.pro won 77.4% of rounds where he got an opening kill), at which he was very successful, especially on the CT side (67.4% success rate in opening duels as CT, 2.64 ratio of round wins after opening kills versus round losses after opening death).

Another way his impact can be seen is in the table above which shows how often he had 2 or more kills (19.9% of rounds), which was not only 10th most frequent, but also one of the most useful as his team won 82.4% of those rounds.

Snax was another player who always showed up for the majors—he ranks fourth in rating at majors with 1.17—, as well as big events overall—shared second highest at 1.13 rating from his six $250,000 events. The same could also be said for grand finals, in which he holds the third highest rating (1.11 from 22 maps in seven finals). Overall, he stepped up at the biggest events and in the biggest of matches, which played a big part in his high placing.

What did you think of Snax's level in 2015? Where would you have rated him if it were you putting the ranking together? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.


Device most overrated player on earth

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2016-01-17 21:27:49
2016-01-17 21:28:21
2016-01-17 21:28:24

2016-01-17 21:29:50
STFU CUNT DEVICE #2 this year
2016-01-17 21:56:06
2016-01-17 22:32:16
lol yall know device has the best LAN rating of the year right?
2016-01-18 15:53:18
from playing in smaller LANs lmao, where were these amazing LAN stats in 250K lan finals or major finals? Oh, right..
2016-01-19 00:59:24
Oh you mean FaceIt S1 and 2? Or Fragbite Masters? Or CCS Kickoff? Or PGL S1?
Or would you prefer ESL ESEA Dubai (which they didnt win, I know, but he still really performed there)
2016-01-19 14:51:58
Faceit LANS were 100k, PGL nowhere near 250k, frag bite oh you mean when they got rekt by SK ROFL. Device isn't a top 3 player when he and his team can only perform in the lesser LANS /thread
2016-01-19 17:55:27
Snax was not better than flusha, kennys or krimz either......
2016-01-17 22:03:38
Snax was one man army for VP this year, come on man, they wouldnt even be top10 w/o him lel

KennyS was shit this year, he lost Cologne finals for EnVy by himself ^^

Flusha was good on majors... and thats all, he was ban on LANs and early this year he was worst fnatic player BY FAR

Krimz was really good I can agree but they are on similiar level with snax.
2016-01-17 22:08:28
Flusha > Snax all the time.
2016-01-18 03:48:22
lol no he wasn't he bottomfragged multiple matches in the key matches, whilst when VP played against low tier teams he top fragged. He only rarely topfragged against the top 5.
2016-01-18 08:34:46
? SNAX WAS 4393903 times better than kennys this year , i agree with the other 2
2016-01-17 23:01:52
Device has the highest lan rating throughout 2015 (tied with Guardian), so stop crying...
2016-01-17 23:11:43
Ye good ratings on matches vs noobs and shit ratings vs pro teams, good
2016-01-17 23:34:54
u mad polish kid ?
2016-01-18 01:59:59
Just facts
2016-01-18 13:00:03
Not really, kiddo....
2016-01-18 16:29:03
You don't get the highest rating of all pro players by having shit stats vs pro teams.

Just dry you eyes.... it's all gonna be ok...

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2016-01-18 16:27:53
<3 dupreeh :DDDDD
Definitely not TSM fanboy xDDDDDD
2016-01-18 16:41:51
Impressive perception...! Your IQ must at least..........25! ^^
2016-01-18 23:22:57
But with Krimz it's true
2016-01-18 09:47:36
2016-01-17 21:30:12
Ye shroud the Pugstar

2016-01-17 21:30:35
pug star lan choker but reddit fap to him everyday
2016-01-17 23:03:22
shroud top 40 maybe
2016-01-17 21:31:16
stfu fake chile
2016-01-17 21:31:56
man u make my cry!

2016-01-17 21:35:27
hello habibi, it is steel
2016-01-17 21:36:52
sup my nigga
2016-01-18 00:31:47
pick a country idiot
2016-01-18 00:15:41
NA CS ElleGiggle
2016-01-18 21:16:24
Fake Chile stfu
2016-01-18 21:38:05
no, Chile is fake Czech
2016-01-19 20:42:06
If you count Online games then maybe
2016-01-17 21:32:03
if you count Matchmaking matches then maybe
2016-01-17 21:51:42
hohoho le fanboy getting mad
2016-01-17 21:45:25
if snax is on 4th , device is on 3rd , guardian or olof top2

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:34:26
2016-01-17 21:33:41
Bai towa copil facut la laba nici aici nu scapam de tine parazit mic iti dai tu cu parerea cine e in top fututi pisatu ma-tii
2016-01-18 16:46:02
taci bagamias pula in ma-ta de retard mental , tu nu vezi fmm de tigan borat esti vi si-mi comentezi ca esti un handicapat si un mare slab la jocu asta taci in gatu si morti ma-ti
2016-01-18 17:05:03
Daca ar stii ma-ta ce faci pe net si vezi ca se scrie "mortii" si "ma-tii" copil agramat ce esti ca nu stie nimeni de tine esti un cacat atata tot un cacat prost fara creier de doar 15 ani fara minte
2016-01-18 17:15:08
De cand cacatii ca tine fara viata isi permit sa comenteze fututi mortii ma-tii de parazit jegos ca daca as pune mana pe tine te-as juca in picioare fututi cacatu ma-tii de copil. BA DA daca erai un jucator cu rezultate la lanuri da jos palaria DAR TU IN MORTII MA-TII ESTI DOAR UN COPIL DE 15 ANI CARE SE JOACA DOAR LA UN WN si pe mm Mars in mortii tai numai da reply cand nu iti permiti sa zici niste chestii in fata. Te mai faci si de ras jegule ca esti un nimeni asta esti la jocul asta. Tu esti zero barat esti o nulitate care face jocul asta de ras. Iti permiti tu sa comentezi cand tu ai bulina rosie cu VAC la 1.6 pisat fara creier nulitate mica
2016-01-18 17:21:05
A da... Mai mergi in mortii ma-tii la scoala poate inveti sa mai scrii si lasa datul cu parerea cand tu nu iti permiti cand esti o rusine la jocul asta. Prost sunt eu ca imi pun mintea cu un cacat mic de 50 de kg

Post edited 2016-01-18 17:26:32
2016-01-18 17:26:02
Mai faci colectie de steamuri banate parazit mic macac mic ce esti

Post edited 2016-01-18 17:42:35
2016-01-18 17:42:24
Device will not be there.. it's cold, rlx ;D
2016-01-17 21:35:58
I would honestly prefer to see Cold there than Device lol
Even though cold is overhyper he is still doing more for his team than Device and his team is at least getting to semis ^.^
2016-01-17 21:37:50
You must be a newfag xD
2016-01-17 22:06:13

Post edited 2016-01-17 23:06:47
2016-01-17 23:03:41
2016-01-17 23:12:43
2016-01-18 01:32:44
But to be honest - No Coldzera in top20...Fucking joke.
2016-01-18 13:01:45
People who think coldzera and his 4 months on pro level are enough to be in 20 - this is a fucking joke!
2016-01-18 15:06:30
But he is better than half of this list so...why not? He carried LG to tier 1/2 team, so i my opinion he deserved.
2016-01-18 15:27:12
In those 4 months hr achieved more than any NiP player for all of 2015 :V
2016-01-19 18:01:42
not really, its whole 2015, not autumn to rest of the year so it will be Device, maybe next year my 7-1 friend
2016-01-17 21:39:11
are u for real? like srsly.
2016-01-17 23:02:57
ofc a joke ;x
2016-01-17 23:07:01
just stfu.
if now device play like shit
doesnt mean he play like shit in 2015.
in 2015 he is definitely a top3 player
2016-01-17 21:37:57
He was the biggest choker from all players during this year, he has good rating, but if you judge players only by rating then gg, XANTARES top1 player in the world
2016-01-17 21:39:01
no i dont judge him by rating.
but tsm won many events in 2015 and device doing superior job for his team. he is not biggest choker, all tsm team playin bad on majors

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:41:52
2016-01-17 21:41:28
Still not worth to give him #3 lol there were many better and way more consistent players during last year
2016-01-17 21:46:39
Explain how only guardian has better stats 2015, looking at rating :i Dont be jelly. He even outrates Olof.
2016-01-17 22:51:25
Ye stats mean everything lol
2016-01-17 23:11:28
Lmao, you cant look at it like that. You have to consider the players above guardian and device aren't playing against top teams every single time, like against fnatic, nv etc. Dont be ignorant pls.
You shouldn't look at player from teams outside of top 6-7, these are the ratings you can compare.
2016-01-17 23:17:09
So stop copmnaring Device with his epic KDA vs low teams and trash KDA vs good teams with Guardian who is consistent in every single game lol
2016-01-17 23:36:08
But he only plays at tournaments with high rated teams, so i wont do. /closed
2016-01-17 23:50:14
2016-01-17 23:54:06
how deep is the dick of snax in you ?
2016-01-18 01:59:18
snax sucks!
2016-01-17 22:10:57
Cry more device top2
2016-01-17 22:50:53
should have been 1 olof 2 god-ian 3 flusha 4 snax 5 devve/happy
2016-01-18 10:15:15
2016-01-20 18:25:48
sooo xpeketed

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:28:22
2016-01-17 21:27:50
whad did snax do this year? EleGiggle
2016-01-17 21:28:46
2016-01-17 21:27:53
2016-01-17 21:30:16

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:28:54
2016-01-17 21:27:53
snaxik op
2016-01-17 21:27:56
2016-01-17 21:27:57
expected snax boar
2016-01-17 21:27:58
2016-01-17 21:27:59
2016-01-17 21:28:00
Ez pz
2016-01-17 21:28:00
2016-01-17 21:28:01
2016-01-17 21:28:06
expected but happy>snax
2016-01-17 21:28:09
2016-01-17 21:28:09
Nice gj
2016-01-17 21:28:11
2016-01-17 21:28:15
2016-01-17 21:28:16
overrated player
2016-01-17 21:28:30
you legit know nothing about cs if you think that
2016-01-17 21:29:04
you legit know nothing about cs if you think that snax deserve to be in top 5 this year
2016-01-17 21:30:26
you're retarded, he obviously deserved top5 for sure
2016-01-17 21:37:44
Nope, Fusha, KennyS, Happy > Snax.
2016-01-17 21:41:51
Wtf ok baguette fangay
2016-01-17 21:50:37
Wtf ok burger fangay
2016-01-17 21:52:58
XDDd please I hate NA CS
2016-01-17 21:57:01
"fan of xantares" says it all....
2016-01-17 22:04:02
lol in the feels.
2016-01-17 23:02:33
i can agree with flusha but HAPPY HAHAHAHA, kennys also wasnt better
2016-01-17 22:02:24
2016-01-17 22:42:00
happy? nice joke, he is so shit lol.

just lucky he has a team with the best aimers like shox/nbk/kio/etc
2016-01-17 23:43:09
Shox is not in his team.
2016-01-18 11:52:39
Fucking new fags, he was on his team for months in 2015.
2016-01-18 13:51:34
ok Mattie94
2016-01-17 21:30:31
2016-01-17 21:33:31
nt device
2016-01-17 21:35:18
Like device ?
2016-01-17 22:22:16
Snax > Devve
2016-01-17 21:28:30
how is Device over him and FLusha? Are you kidding me? hahaha
2016-01-17 21:30:17
real top 5:
5. Devve
4. Snax
3. Flusha
2. Guardian
1. Olofmeister
2016-01-17 21:31:07
2016-01-17 21:33:44
2016-01-17 21:35:08
real top5 doesnt include shitvice
2016-01-17 21:39:46
2016-01-17 21:56:51
totally agree
2016-01-17 21:57:36
2016-01-17 22:07:10
2016-01-17 22:25:55
2016-01-17 22:30:36
still i would rather put krimz or happy over device. Srsly by what logic is he top3 player?
2016-01-17 22:36:42
maybe with -flusha +happy, but still good top 5 ;)
2016-01-17 22:44:25
so they're still people with some brain in hltv
2016-01-18 00:39:33
2016-01-19 01:01:05
2016-01-17 21:28:33
Device top 1
2016-01-17 21:28:42
2016-01-17 21:28:43
wtf ...snax > happy,flusha,kennys? i arent think that
2016-01-17 21:28:46
byali top 1
2016-01-17 21:28:50
12th placera maybe.
Definetely not 4th....
2016-01-17 21:28:50
hltv top 20 crazy
2016-01-17 21:28:56
2016-01-17 21:29:00


Post edited 2016-01-17 21:29:27
2016-01-17 21:29:01
2016-01-17 21:52:41
really low bait XD It's not 2013, lol.
2016-01-17 23:45:31
hahahahaha n1 gayJ
2016-01-18 00:08:04
Chrisj is from the Netherlands while I'm fakeflagging Luxembourg. Learn geography,toilet cleaner
2016-01-19 15:54:39
2016-01-17 21:29:09
<3 snax
2016-01-17 21:29:18
well done!
2016-01-17 21:29:19
Pasha>snax tbh
2016-01-17 21:29:34
What? Xdxdxd nice joka Pasha not even top 4000
2016-01-17 21:45:41
Do u even watch pashas stream top5 obv
Only blind fanbois cant see that
2016-01-17 22:03:43
gr8 b8 m8
2016-01-17 22:11:52
2016-01-17 22:40:16
I don't rly know if u are so stupid or are u just joking, its top 20 players including achiwments from LANs and online tournaments not amount of money earned on streams.
2016-01-18 08:29:40
Obv b8
2016-01-18 20:47:10
I guess coldzera is top3 then br fans...

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:30:07
2016-01-17 21:29:34
top3 guardian olof device (unsorted)
2016-01-17 21:31:28
cold can't be on top3 because he didn't achieved anything very important and was seen in the international scene for the last 6 months only
2016-01-17 21:35:36
do I really need to put /s there? Obviously it's not going to be cold!
2016-01-18 18:59:48
Device top3? I are not think that
2016-01-17 21:29:42
Snax - top-3
Device - top-4
2016-01-17 21:29:50
2016-01-17 23:47:29
2016-01-17 21:29:58
Definitely deserved for that :)
2016-01-17 21:30:07
2016-01-17 21:30:12
topkek expected
2016-01-17 21:30:22
i dont agree snax>flusha in 2015
2016-01-17 21:30:26
2016-01-17 21:30:37
2016-01-17 21:30:52
he deserved top5 but he wasn't better than flusha in 2015
2016-01-17 21:30:52
flusha should be higher but Snax deserves his 4th place

device should be 5th instead of flusha
2016-01-17 21:36:37
2016-01-17 21:44:24

5. snax
4. flusha/device
3. device/flusha
2016-01-18 14:32:23
device top 3? underserved, at least snax is a smart player probably the trickiest and unpredictable, devve is just overrated
2016-01-17 21:31:05

Trashvice and his ChokeSM bunch of overrated noobs
2016-01-17 21:33:04
i like xyp9x tho, he is decent most of the time and doesnt choke like his teammates
2016-01-17 21:35:47
Exacly what I said in other topic, xyp9x is the only good player on this bunch of chokers with device getting crazy ratings on matches vs noob teams and choking with 5 kills per half vs good teams
2016-01-17 21:36:46
did people already forget how in a bad form xyp9x was in the first half of 2015? his stats were even worse than karrigans
2016-01-18 14:33:39
2016-01-17 21:31:09
1. Olof
2. GuardiaN
3. Devve
2016-01-17 21:31:11
2016-01-17 21:31:37
1. Olofm
2. guardn
3. pashaBcps
2016-01-17 21:32:03
2016-01-17 21:42:34
nt my friend
2016-01-17 21:55:13
3rd worlder
2016-01-17 21:32:13
he's insane
2016-01-17 21:32:14
should be top2
2016-01-17 21:32:32
2016-01-17 21:33:04
1. olof
2. guardian
3. device
2016-01-17 21:33:06
Snax should definitely be higher than Device.
2016-01-17 21:33:19
Device > Snax and Flusha :D?
2016-01-17 21:33:28
ahahhahaha lmao,wtf is wrong with this ranking
2016-01-17 21:33:30
Why the fuck hasn't rain been on this list yet. ;-;
2016-01-17 21:33:36
2016-01-17 21:37:41
Rain might be our #1
2016-01-17 23:04:53
team achievements brah, individually he is diffidently in the top 10, but statistically waaay far behind.
2016-01-17 23:05:41
diffidently hahahaha
2016-01-17 23:44:41

can't even remember more players i find to be better than rain, so wouldn't put him in top 10 imo
2016-01-18 14:36:59
Snax > Flusha? I dont think so...

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:34:04
2016-01-17 21:33:50
Can mute people burp?
2016-01-17 21:33:57

4. Snax (2014)
4. Snax (2015)

fuller expected.

1. olof
2. device
3. GuardiaN


Post edited 2016-01-17 21:34:47
2016-01-17 21:34:15
guardian #2
2016-01-17 21:36:17
2016-01-17 21:43:25
2016-01-17 21:34:17
Bullshit ranking
2016-01-17 21:35:14

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:35:27
2016-01-17 21:35:17
2016-01-17 21:35:29
flusha > snax > devve
2016-01-17 21:35:39
Snax is the reason why vp is top5. Who cares if Kennys or flusha went lower than Snax. Remember that flusha and kennys doesnt play "alone" Snax is always top fragging meanwhile others are playing like bots
2016-01-17 21:35:56
also he is making openings, flanking trough smokes and killing in the back, holding sites alone, clutching 1v2
super versatile player
2016-01-17 21:48:06
just like guardian in navi
2016-01-17 22:45:54
That's why he will be top 2 this year.
2016-01-18 11:00:13
true dat
2016-01-18 17:32:10
damn. flusha was so much better
2016-01-17 21:36:20
So much? Nope

He was better and won more than Snax but not by a huge margin.

Same goes with device, he should be 5th. No way he was better player than flusha in 2015
2016-01-17 21:39:55
keep HALLUCINATING smelly Polish. VP didn't win anything. Individual performance 1 vs 1 FLusha will eat VP any day. lmao
2016-01-18 18:29:32
Didn't win anything

2016-01-18 18:55:20
Onliner device top3? i arent think that
2016-01-17 21:37:04
gratz dziku
2016-01-17 21:37:29
expected snax to be top3 and device top4
2016-01-17 21:38:03
Mouz killer, Expected, gratz Snax.

2016-01-17 21:38:13
deserved !!!
2016-01-17 21:38:49
device wont be in top 20 i hope... -_-
2016-01-17 21:38:58
3 devve <omg> 2 guardain 1 olof, u dont have more players to be at 3rd spot instead of him, cuz who? pasza? byali? seized?scream? k i will stop making u laugh
2016-01-17 21:47:08
I dont care... he still sucks
2016-01-17 22:21:55
yeap, devve most overrated player in scene
2016-01-17 23:59:26
These rankings were making perfect sense until Happy got 8th, Then it all went to shit.

I think some of these people in the comments have a very selective memory though. Device has had a year only rivaled by Olof, Guardian, and Flusha. Snax is good, but he hasn't had a year better than anyone in the top 10.
2016-01-17 21:39:38
because he had a far better year than everyone in top 10, to carry vp is a hard task, especially in big tournaments.
2016-01-17 23:46:15
Imagine a swede Snax, playing for fnatic, fnatic wouldn't lose a single round.

Or even in nip, he can work with forest and get right, it would get the team to top 2 at least.
2016-01-18 13:58:57
2016-01-17 21:40:02
How is Device above Snax? Are you serious, he didn't play as good as him in the biggest events lol
2016-01-17 21:40:19
2016-01-17 21:40:54
snax god, hardcarry VP to all their wins.
Even tho I'm a huge fan, can't see how he can possibly end up above flusha this year.
Also Snax > device, snax goes huge on big games, device does the opposite.

Post edited 2016-01-17 21:43:26
2016-01-17 21:42:41
snax #4 is correct, but flusha should be 3rd and device 5th
2016-01-18 00:13:20
2016-01-18 00:13:45
Devve > Snax > Flusha, Krimz and kennyS? hahahaha hltv please
2016-01-17 21:42:47
I dont know... but device's stats > flusha's stats > snax's stats... Sooooooooooo device in top 3, LOL
2016-01-17 21:42:57
and pasha 3rd as in 2k14


Post edited 2016-01-17 21:43:44
2016-01-17 21:43:06
not deserved
2016-01-17 21:43:18
overrated player. shouldnt even be top10 but whatever.
atleast hltv is smart and puts device above him
2016-01-17 21:43:28
k den - <3 ?

Based on what Device's 2k15 is better than flusha and snax's 2k15?, oh wait, u are biased ayyyy.
2016-01-17 21:53:39
Maybe his team didnt achive as much as fnatic or nV, but snax is one of the smartest player and imo he deserved TOP5. Maybe flusha should be above him.
2016-01-17 21:54:21
i agree
2016-01-17 22:01:33
i am polish and i'm proud of snax but on the other hand, snax better than flusha? hltv please
2016-01-17 21:44:02
snax > devve
2016-01-17 21:44:19
but gj janusz anyway
2016-01-17 21:44:30

2016-01-17 21:44:54
2016-01-17 21:45:06
snax > flusha? kk
2016-01-17 21:45:29
All the way
2016-01-17 21:48:37
snax's brain > Flusha's brain
2016-01-17 23:47:50
2016-01-18 00:16:43
2016-01-18 00:19:11
Ofc coming from Smelly Polish. This is not school where you based it on brain. lmao.

Flusha,Kenny,Krimz,GTR>Snax . lmao shit rankings
2016-01-18 07:10:31
Philipines man, go watch some cs
2016-01-18 11:13:30
2016-01-17 21:46:02
device #3?
2016-01-17 21:46:14
joke player what 365 days carry VP in 2015 to wins on all lans will be lower than some random danish onliner from TSM
2016-01-17 21:46:28
true dat
2016-01-17 21:49:07
kozak snaxik
2016-01-17 21:46:52
janusz "boar" snax
2016-01-17 21:47:32
device next
2016-01-17 21:49:06
Based on what Device is better than players like Flusha or Snax?

inb4 he is top1.
2016-01-17 21:49:13
rating alone for sure.. Device is good, but a player that can't perform when his team needs the most can't even be in the top 5, much less in top 3 :\
2016-01-17 21:58:43
exactly, I would say his right placement is around #6-7.
2016-01-17 22:02:27
snax>>>>kenny, snax>>>>device, flusha should be above kenny and device, so should snax
2016-01-17 21:50:55
byali? fallen? pasha?

kk where?
2016-01-17 21:52:27
not on the list, retard
2016-01-17 21:53:55
kk stopped playing professionally in 2010 I think
2016-01-18 08:16:04
fallen xd
2016-01-18 11:58:59
I remember when idiots tried to tell me Snax is a lurker, HE NEVER WAS A LURKER FFS
2016-01-17 21:52:38
lol poland fangays so mad
2016-01-17 21:53:24
nice joke
2016-01-17 21:56:17
According to the imbecile who made this list snax had a better 2015 than flusha
2016-01-17 21:56:19
pasha>device,guardian,olof tbh
2016-01-17 21:56:25
Hahaha Device top 3. Wow...
2016-01-17 21:56:32
2016-01-17 21:57:54
what? should be top3...
2016-01-17 21:58:41
k den device top3 or this is piece of sh*t
2016-01-17 21:59:06
yes device top3 easily. he was soooo good *.*
2016-01-17 22:02:54
so good for choke
2016-01-18 00:14:15
he havent played enough finals , havent won enough tournaments to be considered a top 4 player, not that year, he def wasnt better than flusha,krimz and happy, whcih have been beasting at finals the whole year
2016-01-17 21:59:22
2016-01-17 21:59:43
1. olof
2. Guardian
3. Device
2016-01-17 22:00:59
1. olof
2. guardian
3. device
2016-01-17 22:02:12
what if devve isn't in the top20
illuminati cuntfirmed
2016-01-17 22:02:15
really, pasha > snax?


3. pasha
2. device
1. olof
2016-01-17 22:02:30
pasha in this top 20

i arent think that
2016-01-17 22:06:02


how much did u paided snax?
2016-01-17 22:03:06
2016-01-17 22:21:10
2016-01-17 22:04:36
guardian top 1
2016-01-17 22:06:01

2016-01-17 22:06:40
gud player, gud choice
2016-01-17 22:06:42
Who da fuck cares about this rank?
Snax > Flusha? trololol
2016-01-17 22:07:17
top 3 atleast lol, no way device is 3
2016-01-17 22:07:28
2016-01-18 01:33:20
good job snax!
2016-01-17 22:08:09
1. pasha
2. byali
3. TaZmanian Devil
2016-01-17 22:08:24
not fair
2016-01-17 22:09:23
so the rest is pretty obvious:

1. Olofmeister
2. Guardian
3. Device
2016-01-17 22:10:28
my friend!
2016-01-17 22:11:00
snax in top 20? PLEASE LOL
2016-01-17 22:11:46
Comments like this should be deleted man, you can't possibly be that retarded
2016-01-17 22:35:20
Snax is the greatest player!
2016-01-17 22:13:56
Congratulations Janusz , you are monsterinho :)

1 Olof
2 GuardiaN
3 Device

Post edited 2016-01-17 22:17:27
2016-01-17 22:17:07

2016-01-17 22:17:10
Maybe Device isnt even in Top 20?
2016-01-17 22:17:47
at this rate i think device didn't make the list XD
2016-01-17 22:19:39
device = most overrated shit in history
2016-01-17 22:19:48
whole exTSM is overrated
2016-01-17 22:23:29
madcuzpolando is bad
2016-01-17 22:26:13
hey Canada, where is your player?

Post edited 2016-01-17 22:38:21
2016-01-17 22:38:13
are u disturbed?? Only polands say things like that, Stop talking crap and buy a brain xDDD
2016-01-17 22:49:59
and another gay without good cs players

gg wp
2016-01-17 23:01:23
shroud > snax
2016-01-17 22:50:55
Snax is way way batter than Sheoud. Shroud is good online at fpl but on lans shroud is just normal player, nothing special. And if u dont know Shroud is half Polish XDD
2016-01-17 22:53:51
lmao go back to hockey m8 cuz u know shit about cs
2016-01-18 00:15:38
Your best player is Polak, didn't you know that?
2016-01-18 08:18:13
2014 - 1) GTR , 2015 - 3 nip players top 20! Nip winning only 1 tournament. + Device > Snax

2/10 ranking.
2016-01-17 22:21:49
wp snax
2016-01-17 22:21:51
wtf skadoodle in top20 but coldzera not ? ok hltv u can go fuck yourself now
2016-01-17 22:24:10
It's 2015 ranking. If Coldzera will keep up his performance he will easy make top 10 next year.
2016-01-18 11:15:49
1. Device
2. Guardian
3. olofm

100% HLTV logic.
2016-01-17 22:29:54
wtf Device top3 XDXDXDXDXD snax>>>>Device
2016-01-17 22:30:09
brawo snax ! el snaxior
2016-01-17 22:30:10
2016-01-17 22:31:12
Device top 3 kek
2016-01-17 22:31:32
<3 kochany snax najlepszy gracz na &#347;wiecie
2016-01-17 22:33:46
Guys really are u thinking that Happy or Kennys are better then Snax? Happy in all 2015 has only one action in inferno. Kenny? Anything.

Post edited 2016-01-17 22:35:29
2016-01-17 22:34:18
2016-01-17 22:34:40
flusha 5 -__-,
top kek,tarik top 1
2016-01-17 22:36:56
1 pot kirat, kek pot
,-__- 5 ahsulf

sorry, i no english
2016-01-17 22:43:58
James Bardolph top 1.
2016-01-17 22:35:39
Guardian device and olof last 3 obviously now
2016-01-17 22:37:24
2016-01-17 22:41:23
who is snax?!
2016-01-17 22:41:43
a guy who can eat you easily and win 1 vs all your friends (if you have) and family together.

Post edited 2016-01-17 22:49:32
2016-01-17 22:48:37
just because you eat human and pets in your country doesnt mean he does :)

Post edited 2016-01-17 22:51:41
2016-01-17 22:51:14
device is number 1, hes the best
2016-01-17 22:43:22
2016-01-17 22:48:56
Only for polska hltv fans
2016-01-17 22:50:29
Deserved! He is ROAR and best Polish player of course. TOP 3 will be imo 3.Device 2.Guardian 1.Olof
2016-01-17 22:51:04
2016-01-17 22:54:33
deserved. great player!
2016-01-17 22:56:40
Out of the 4 remaining players (Snax, olofmeister, GuardiaN and device), this was deserved and expected.

4: Snax
3: device
2: GuardiaN
1: olofmeister
2016-01-17 22:59:51
2016-01-18 15:28:14
2016-01-17 23:01:07
Deserved but I expected 3rd :S
2016-01-17 23:01:18
2016-01-17 23:04:36
Guys, remebmebr last year when kennyS dominated and he was the best rated player in 2015, and yet he got the 6th in rankings because of his team's achievements?
Well, same case here.
2016-01-17 23:07:59
2016-01-17 23:14:20
jANUSz "Snax" Pogorzelski
2016-01-17 23:20:43
Was hoping to see him higher than that, but 4rd is still very good.
2016-01-17 23:20:47
2016-01-17 23:22:05
Haha, yes!

Thanks. :-)
Was thinking he should be 3rd when I wrote it. :)
2016-01-17 23:35:14
1 olof
2 guardian
3 device
2016-01-17 23:26:11
device changed name to devve you fucking moron.

1 olof
2 guardian
3 devve
2016-01-17 23:27:29
2016-01-17 23:27:54
2016-01-17 23:31:07
2016-01-18 01:37:46
2016-01-17 23:30:58
devve really that high?? or he is not on the list lol
2016-01-17 23:40:35
DESERVED. Polish monster <3 The most inteligent player in history

Post edited 2016-01-17 23:47:16
2016-01-17 23:46:50
ofc coming from a Polish. lmao. The fact that people saying UNDESERVING says it all. Shouldn't be higher than Flusha. lol
2016-01-18 15:51:46
inb4 pasha is the 3rd and no device on the list LMAO
2016-01-17 23:55:05
if that happen I will cut my dick
2016-01-18 00:04:51
3 pasha
2 byali
1 taz
2016-01-18 01:42:17
The rest will obviously be:
2016-01-18 01:31:37
the rest is device, olof and Guardian
2016-01-18 01:55:22
Olof and Guardian are obvious, but the third is not. Could be Device, or Coldzero, or S1mple.
2016-01-18 02:36:06
Think if devve is #2 on the list... people will go mad :D
2016-01-18 02:46:21
I dont understand people bitching about device being top3, did you even watch games the whole 2015? or just the last quarter of it? He was ranked a the topplayer above olof for some months because of his performance. He may not be top3 NOW, but this is for 2015 as a whole.
2016-01-18 03:02:14
Snax, torch-bearer of Polish counter-strike.
2016-01-18 03:15:29
2016-01-18 03:20:53
2016-01-18 03:26:52
1 -me
2 -myself
3 -& I
2016-01-18 03:49:26
2016-01-18 04:02:37
What it should be
1. Olofmeister
2. Guardian
3. Devve

What it will be
1. Olofmeister
2. Devve
3. Guardian
2016-01-18 05:54:29
Device top 3? I aren't think that
2016-01-18 06:18:54
yeah hes gonna be in top3, no.1 choker, but when he didn`t choke he played godlike

1. olof
2. guardian
3. device

thats it folks

ty come again
2016-01-18 07:09:23
That's true I guess, I just would've thought top 3 would be Olof, Guardian and Flusha because of Fnatic's dominant performance in 2015
2016-01-18 08:15:55

Post edited 2016-01-18 06:21:48
2016-01-18 06:21:03
BETTER THAN FLUSHA and KENNY? LMAO. If you talk about individual performance Snax is shit in 2015 if you talk Team performance VP is also shit in short he doesn't deserve it. lol

Post edited 2016-01-18 07:12:17
2016-01-18 07:11:39
2016-01-18 10:09:54
rofl snax won way more tournaments than kenny.. and to talk about kenny... how much did he suck after the awp update cmon don't be retarded mate...
2016-01-18 11:43:55
"more tournaments" LMAO. In 2015? LOL. Seems like you just bought csgo in the Christmas sale. VP never win any tourney in 2015 while Envy won a major. lmao
2016-01-18 18:26:01
hahah 3rd the best team in the 2015 won nothing? loled
2016-01-18 17:27:16
3rd best team? who? VP? LMAO. Thanks for the laugh. That's a nice joke to start the year
2016-01-18 18:27:05
yea, stats and money dont lie ;)
2016-01-19 17:23:22
2016-01-18 07:39:43
god job HLTV
2016-01-18 08:23:01
Device shouldnt even be on this list. What did ex-tsm achieve this year? Nothing as usually.
2016-01-18 08:30:10
1 Olof
2 Guardian
3 ...
2016-01-18 08:56:22
guardian n snax should thank their shitty teams

Post edited 2016-01-18 09:49:27
2016-01-18 09:49:19
expected. Next guardian for sure
2016-01-18 10:07:28
Flusha shitted on Snax erry clutch EleGiggle
2016-01-18 10:25:12
dont cry....
2016-01-18 11:48:47
really won skins from ur toilet ass 4head
2016-01-18 11:49:23
from your muslim dad ANELE /
2016-01-18 12:12:09
sry i live in north with gtr n friburger
2016-01-18 12:12:36
You should defend your country against Muslims,do not write ond HLTV. Maybe you can do that better.

Post edited 2016-01-20 11:07:55
2016-01-20 11:07:20
Post edited 2016-01-20 11:07:55

lern 2 tyep

ps im ok so no need worri. i still fuka ur best polando bitches in da club
2016-01-21 08:26:30
Very Nice Snax is Awesome player
2016-01-18 11:36:36
I'm scared of Devve getting top2 and HLTV users get mad :>

Post edited 2016-01-18 12:21:52
2016-01-18 12:21:34
2016-01-18 12:47:26
2016-01-18 13:55:31
wtf did he do this year? infact what the fuck did any of the top5 do this year? apart from fnatic players the rest were way under par
2016-01-18 14:13:29
Interesting how s1mple was best almost in every aspect... shame he played so little
2016-01-18 14:27:31
3. Device
2. Guardian
1. Olof

Though device is hardly top 10 imo.

Post edited 2016-01-18 14:50:54
2016-01-18 14:49:51
4 place for one cheater ahahah omg...
2016-01-18 15:11:26
Snax & Device > Happy ??? wtf
2016-01-18 15:16:57
2016-01-18 15:52:50
2016-01-18 16:14:55
2016-01-18 16:52:11
janusz snax
runda nasza
kurde nie rymuje sie
2016-01-18 17:11:29
janusz snax
w vp gra hax
2016-01-18 17:50:22
1. Guardian
2. Olof
3. Device
2016-01-18 17:50:49
device most overrated fuck on the game
2016-01-18 18:17:33
I counted the EXPECTED comments and it is 18 all from Polish silvers. LMAO. SHIT rankings Snax didn't do anything in 2015. lol. Better than Flusha,Kenny,Krimz and many more. Such a joke! lol
2016-01-18 18:31:18
1. Guardian
2. Olof
3. Device

simple as fuck...
2016-01-18 18:32:29
snay played very well no doubt, but better than flusha? meehh no
2016-01-18 19:12:31
Amazing Player <3
2016-01-19 10:45:31
Only Polish says that just like you. LMAO. Let other people say it then it is true. LOL
2016-01-19 17:37:27
2016-01-19 17:36:56

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