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Top 20 players of 2015: GuardiaN (2)
Time: 2016-01-19 20:30
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Number two in our Top 20 Ranking of 2015 powered by EGB.com goes to Natus Vincere's Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács. No other player had such a tremendous impact in a team over the year, and the big numbers he put it on a regular basis helped the CIS team to win some international events and finish second at the final major.

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács is one of the rare cases of players who have competed at the top in all three iterations of Counter-Strike. He took his first steps in the franchise in 1.6 before making the switch to CS:Source, in which he really made the grade. 2009 was a particularly successful year for GuardiaN and his then team, Reason Gaming, who won all three iSeries events on top of DreamHack Winter and UKeSA Premiership Season 1.

When CS:GO was released, GuardiaN continued to play alongside Slovakian and Czech players in a team called ex-BEASTS, who would win the first big event in the region, MCR 2012, over nEophyte. But it was under the wings of myDGB that GuardiaN would show himself to the international CS:GO community for the first time as the team finished third to Ninjas in Pyjamas at the AMD Sapphire CS:GO Invitational, in Prague, with VeryGames coming in second place.

After internal problems swept through the team, GuardiaN had a brief spell in TCM-Gaming, but despite some promising results the roster fell apart when Richard "shox" Papillon signed for VeryGames to replace Kenny "kennyS" Schrub. For the Slovakian talent, motivation had hit an all-time low, making him consider retirement. One month later, he would join Virtus.pro's Russian/Ukrainian mixture, but his tenure there was extremely short-lived as the organisation would soon cut ties with the players.

GuardiaN during his days with myDGB.net 

Months went by, and at one point GuardiaN flirted with the idea of creating the first big international roster, together with players like Martin "STYKO" Styk, Ricardo "fox" Pacheco and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire. But it was in Na`Vi that the Slovakian found his home, right before the end of 2013. Despite all the problems throughout the year, he still managed to secure the tenth spot in our Top 20 Ranking, mostly because of his contribution to the success of his teams.

In 2014, GuardiaN proved that he is indeed one of the finest AWPers in the game, but he seemed unable to perform to the best of his abilities at big events, which landed him just the 11th spot of that year's Top 20 Ranking. 2015 would truly be GuardiaN's year, but first he would require some weight to be taken off his shoulders by a soon-to-come recruit…

For Na`Vi, 2015's LAN journey kicked off with nothing less than a major, ESL One Katowice. After finishing second of their group with a 7-16 defeat by fnatic sandwiched by convincing victories over FlipSid3 Tactics and Vox Eminor, Na`Vi were thrown out of the tournament by EnVyUs in a three-map game, with GuardiaN putting in 29 frags on Dust2 when his teammates were underperforming to take the game to a third map. Despite Na`Vi’s disappointing 5th-8th finish, which fell shy of their semi-final run at the previous major, GuardiaN was still the second-best performer of his team on a 1.19 rating - the fifth-highest of the entire event - and had the highest AWP kills per round (0.55) ratio.

Upon returning from Katowice, Na`Vi underwent a roster change, with Sergey "starix" Ischuk stepping down from the active lineup and Egor "flamie" Vasilyev being recruited. The then 17-year-old was widely regarded as one of the finest talents in Eastern Europe, but the new Na`Vi team would show at the StarSeries XII Finals that they needed some time to gel. After raising eyebrows with a 2-1 victory over TSM, the CIS side fell short against EnVyUs and Titan and had to settle for a 5th-6th place. GuardiaN had no positives to take from the event as he scored a 0.93 rating (-8 Kill/Death) difference - with this being one of the few times where he had a sub-1.0 tournament rating.

But GuardiaN redeemed himself weeks later during Na`Vi's title run at the ESL Pro League Winter Finals. In Cologne, the team showed incredible composure and went all the way after losing their first match in the tournament against dignitas. The Slovakian did not have the best rating of his team - he finished tied-second with Denis "seized" Kostin at 1.13, behind flamie's 1.16 - but he was still the MVP of the event as he contributed in most round wins, dominated in several other categories - including KD difference, AWP kills per round and entry kills - and had a better performance in the final than the 18-year-old.

ESL Pro League Winter Finals gave Na`Vi their first title of 2015 

Next up were the FACEIT League Stage 1 Finals, where Na`Vi were sent packing in the group stage with two defeats - both against TSM - and a comfortable victory over eLevate. GuardiaN was one of the two Na`Vi players to finish the event on a positive rating (1.17) - the other one being seized - but his numbers, just like those of his Russian teammate, were clearly inflated by the match against eLevate.

Weeks later, Na`Vi travelled to London for Gfinity 2015 Spring Masters 2, where GuardiaN had one of his best tournaments of the year, putting in positive ratings in every match except during a 0-2 group defeat against fnatic. After topping their group, Na`Vi were downed 0-2 by Virtus.pro in the semifinals despite GuardiaN carrying his team with 65 frags (1.12 rating), including 40 in the 22-25 defeat on de_inferno. Overall, the 24-year-old posted a team-leading rating of 1.24 and he excelled in many other metrics, including AWP kills per round, opening kills and clutches won.

With the start of the summer season came Na`Vi's most successful period of the year, but the CIS team would have to wait some more time before they could get their hands on a trophy again. Na`Vi came in third place at the fragbite Masters Season 4 Finals and finished runners-up at DreamHack Open Summer 2015, with GuardiaN leading the team on both occasions, with ratings of 1.12 and 1.16 respectively.

Na`Vi returned to winning ways at the offline finals of StarSeries XIII, in mid-June. The team's campaign in the group stage was extremely disappointing, winning three out of five matches, but their playoff run was incredible as they eased past FlipSid3 Tactics 2-0 before beating EnVyUs 3-1 in the final. GuardiaN played an important role in his team's campaign, posting the second-highest rating of the tournament (1.22, +68) and staying in the green in all but three maps played in Kiev.

With GuardiaN in top form, Na`Vi won ESWC  

GuardiaN and his teammates were able to carry that momentum into the ESWC finals, in Montreal, as the team topped their group on a perfect 3-0 record before beating Renegades, FlipSid3 Tactics and Cloud9 in the playoffs while conceding just one map along the way. Once again, the Slovakian turned in performances in line with his pedigree as he was the top performer overall in Montreal (1.36 rating, +81), leading the charts in seven different categories.

Spain was the next destination for Na`Vi, but this time around the team were unable to extend their winning run. At the FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 Finals, Na`Vi finished 3rd-4th, with GuardiaN being the second highest rated player on the squad at 1.05 (+15). Before the end of July, Na`Vi flew to Columbus, Ohio, for the CEVO Season 7 finals, and it was business as usual for the Slovakian, who posted a team-leading rating of 1.14 to help his side to clinch the silver medal.

ESL One Cologne was the next event on the calendar, and it was another low-point for Na`Vi, who repeated the top-eight finish from the previous event, and for GuardiaN himself. The 24-year-old was the top performer of his team at a rating of 0.97, but there were no smiles coming from the Na`Vi camp and morale was extremely low.

Na`Vi responded to rumours of unrest within the team by placing second at their following event, Gaming Paradise, where GuardiaN was the second-best player of his squad, with a rating of 1.12 (+33). But poor form saw Na`Vi finish last at the ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational, in Dubai, following 10-16 defeats against TSM and Titan. For GuardiaN in particular, this was a tournament to forget as he put up a 0.75 rating - the second worst of the team.

The Slovakian was a true star in Cluj-Napoca 

DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca came up next, much to the relief of Na`Vi, who were finally able to get their game together. After powering the team to the playoffs with 100 frags across five group matches, GuardiaN continued to impress and posted team-leading ratings of 1.25 against Luminosity and 1.84 against NiP. EnVyUs proved to be far too hot for Na`Vi to handle, but still the Slovakian continued to pick up kills left and right, finishing the match – a 0-2 defeat – with a 1.25 rating. He ended up with a 1.30 event rating, the highest of all players in attendance, and was in the top 5 in a whopping 13 stats categories  making him the second-best player of the event, only behind kennyS.

Next up were three trips to the United States, for the CEVO Season 8 finals, IEM San Jose and the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals. The former proved to be a disaster for Na`Vi, who went out after two matches despite GuardiaN putting up the sixth-highest rating of the tournament at 1.12 (+14). But Na`Vi made up for that with a fantastic run at the IEM event, which they won without dropping a single map. With positive ratings in every match, GuardiaN finished the event ranked first in Na`Vi (1.16, +31) and with the title of MVP to his name. Finally, the CIS team ended the year with another impressive campaign at the Pro League Finals, beating Luminosity twice in the group stage and then EnVyUs in the semi-finals but losing to fnatic in the grand final in a five-game thriller. GuardiaN was in great form up until the match against the Swedes, with his grand final performance bringing his event rating down to 1.06.

Why is he the 2nd best player of 2015?

The first thing that comes to mind when addressing GuardiaN's year are his fantastic AWP stats over this period. He was first in terms of total AWP kills (1686) and second in AWP Kills per round (0.42), losing only to Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, who, however, had over 1000 AWP frags fewer than the Slovakian.

Despite not performing to the best of his abilities at ESL One Katowice and ESL One Cologne, GuardiaN was still the best AWPer of the majors, with an average 0.48 AWP kills per round, and had the best record in opening kills per round (0.18) at Valve-sponsored events.

With a +222 record in opening duels, GuardiaN had by far the biggest impact at the start of rounds, on both CT and T sides, although more so on the CT side. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that 22 per cent of Na`Vi's round wins came on the back of an opening kill by GuardiaN, who also boasted a 1.11 rating in round wins - the highest within top 6 teams.

And finally, the 1.59 ratio of rounds won after his opening kill to rounds lost after his opening death speaks of the effect his early aggression had on Na`Vi's success.

A key part about GuardiaN's placing is his consistency - he had a positive rating in 64 per cent of the maps he played and a rating higher than 1.15 in 49 per cent of the maps. He finished 15 out of 18 tournaments with a rating of 1.00 or above and 17 as one of the top performers in his team.

On top of being the MVP at the four different events (ESL Pro League Winter, SLTV XIII, ESWC and IEM San Jose) which Na`Vi won, he was among the top performers at several others, including the major in Cluj-Napoca, Gaming Paradise and DreamHack Summer. And even though the tournaments of which GuardiaN was the MVP were all relatively small, no player was more impactful to their team's title runs and good placings over these 12 months.

What did you think of GuardiaN's performances in 2015? Where would you have rated him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

There is just one player left in our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by EGB.com. You can keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.

Congratulations to Guardian and even his teammates! He was great this year at 50,000 and 100,000$ tournaments. But I think he's a bit of a choker in the biggest tournaments and here's why:

Let's look at his statistics at 250,000$ tournaments this year. The most stacked tournaments where everyone is trying their hardest and come in with practice hours, unlike the small tournaments:

First off, in Cluj he was just amazing until the final: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=2757&..

Cologne: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=2757&.. negative rating on all maps except 1, dropping out in the quarters. Really a terrible performance.

Katowice: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=2757&.. here he rating farmed against Flipsid3 and Vox Eminor and had under 1.0 rating against tier 1 teams, with several horrible map performances. He went out in the quarters yet again with minimal impact.

Now let's look at the smaller but still big tournaments of the year, namely the 250k non-major ones:

In Dubai he had a 0,75 rating and went out in groups, absolutely atrocious: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=2757&..

At ESL Pro League Season 2 he was decent until the final against fnatic, where he choked entirely. Had he showed up they would no doubt have won the series: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=2757&..

Those are all the 250k tournaments he even attended this year. But less dollar is on the line, he shows up like none other. Much like device. Still a great player but he might want to to work on his nerves if he wants to be the best.
2016-01-19 20:27:51
+1 undeserved CIS player got the spot only cause hes CIS
2016-01-19 20:37:26
Slovakia isnt CIS but ok :D
2016-01-19 20:39:17
Education at it's top level. Poor NA.
2016-01-19 20:43:27
i think he sucks
2016-01-19 20:45:04
+1 and let me tell you what I think

i think he is

2016-01-19 23:24:23
and remember guardian noob getting knifed by KennyS in Cologne ???
de_stroyed ROFL
2016-01-19 23:30:51
still GuardiaN>overratedS
2016-01-20 10:08:42
2016-01-20 12:07:33
2016-01-20 19:17:36
2016-01-20 16:38:22
2016-01-20 16:40:52
2016-01-20 16:45:01
2016-01-20 17:05:11
what are you talking about? when na'vi were in a slump this guys was doing the carry of a lifetime
2016-01-20 13:28:43
Yes, but when they are winning and reach big finals he usually doesn't step up, and that's where they need him the most.
2016-01-20 16:39:08
im sure u didnt watch him hes soo dangerous :( if he gets awp = 80% gg actually i hate him too cos lost over 100# because of him fat asshole but hes the best :(

Post edited 2016-01-20 00:11:31
2016-01-20 00:10:36
Blame others for you retarded actions.... GG
2016-01-20 01:16:01
did i blame any1 ? lol read 1 more time and look who s retarded.
2016-01-22 01:16:05
"i hate him too cos lost over 100# because of him"

KK, you didn't blame anyone... Idiot.
2016-01-22 01:20:20
why so madbro ?:D
2016-01-22 10:00:59
Not mad, just anoyed that a retard called me a retard. I'll that that comment as a win for me. Ty rekt cya! pleb
2016-01-22 15:50:12
omg kid ok idont know ur problem but its fine go f*ck urself.
2016-01-22 16:35:06
Don't pretend that you know me, mad boy.
2016-01-22 16:46:25
at least their cs is g.. oh wait
2016-01-19 20:46:06
Please tell me who is better than him among top 20>3 players in HLTV ratings?
2016-01-20 06:33:57
2016-01-22 23:39:28
I agree with that
2016-01-19 20:45:24
you are exaggerating his poor performances and underrating his good performances. the only event he 'choked' was dubai, and we only saw two maps there. other than that hes still always the best or the second best on his team.


its ridiculous to say he choked at the cluj final, he was the second best on his team on train behind seized who went god mode, and was the best on cobble even though his entire team was getting stomped. he may not perform 200% in the big games like flusha, but that doesnt make him a 'choker'.
2016-01-19 20:46:30
you're looking at his overall lan statistic, which is irrelevant in nearly all tournaments. you have to look at who he played and what he did against who. i am only paying attention to his performances in the 5x 250k tournaments he played, and in 3 of them he was straight up BAD, in one he was great and in one he was decent.

teams like flipsid3 and vox eminor are making him look good in your image, as well as him fraghunting pointlessly when his team is already losing anyway, making him the best in the team even though he would never win them the match with his play. it was exactly the same against fnatic in minsk.
2016-01-19 22:56:42
dubai is the only one where he was straight up bad. yes i am taking into consideration the actual matches, youre not taking into consideration that as an awper his team has to have a stable economy for him to do well, so in the 16-7 games of course he cant carry like snax or device could.
2016-01-20 00:30:27
How the fuck did GuardiaN play bad at Katowice? You only watched his perf against Fnatic, didn't you? He played absolutely great against nV.
2016-01-20 00:32:00
If you actually look at each of these lost games, he is usually not the biggest underperformer on Na'Vi at all.

When a team is losing, they are economically fucked. GuardiaN is an AWP player. If his team is crumbling and they lose economy, he will not have the same impact as when they pull their weight and the economy is good.

Your theory of nerves is ridiculous, really. GuardiaN has been playing at the top end of CS in LAN finals for 8 years at least, one of the absolute most experienced players in the CS:GO scene and has won many. He is a LAN monster.

Look at him during finals, is he seriously emotional or choking like KennyS? Or some of Astralis? No, he is always the one calm as fuck in Na'Vi, even more than Edward.
2016-01-20 02:41:20
Jesus! How much time have you spent refreshing the page today? :D

I definitely agree with you. In my opinion flusha should take 2nd place and I'd also put both KRiMZ and Happy in the top5.
2016-01-19 21:14:15
Probably 1000+ times from 19:10 until 20:30. Problem is the admins have deleted the comment several times for no reason so it didn't serve the purpose I wanted anyway.

Post edited 2016-01-19 22:57:32
2016-01-19 22:52:39
Dude, get a life. Seriously...
2016-01-20 00:45:37
Salty GuardiaN fangay is salty! I have a perfectly nice life and had a few hours to spare.
2016-01-20 11:50:42
Hmmm... I don't think so
2016-01-20 17:50:59
top kek
2016-01-20 20:20:36
At cologne, he played decently for every map besides from vs clg but at least he carried them vs titan.

At cluj, he still played really well in the finales, even as good as kennyS, but his teammates were nowhere to be seen (besides from seized on train)
It's hard to be the only player doing something on cobble.
I still think he deserved the mvp for cluj, but they only give mvps to the players from the team that won.

Katowice, he only did bad vs fnatic. Can't really count the 16 - 3 game when they all got completely rekt and out stratted. That's the teams fault. He can't carry all games.

Dubai - bad event from him, but also probably the only bad 1 (where he did bad compared to score and teammates)

Esl pro league, he was amazing till the finales, yes, but if you don't count the first map of the finales, he was still the best player in the finales on na'vi (or at least tied with flamie)

Post edited 2016-01-19 23:55:27
2016-01-19 23:55:12
#1 comment, no edit !!
You came prepared, ayy
2016-01-20 06:17:12
+1 ahahhaa
2016-01-20 16:42:10
Its sad that the admin decided to delete my post because i disagreed with you.

fnatic fanboys to another new level

2016-01-20 12:15:02
2016-01-19 20:27:57
2016-01-19 20:28:25
2016-01-19 20:28:43
2016-01-19 20:29:46
2016-01-19 20:29:48
2016-01-19 20:28:29
Called it
2016-01-19 20:28:29
best individually of 2015
2016-01-19 20:28:53
+1 he's a god.

inb4 kennys fangays spamming kennyS>>>>>>>>>>>>Guardian
2016-01-19 20:33:45
kennyS didn't even deserve top 10 just like jw didn't even deserve top 20
2016-01-19 20:34:12
2016-01-19 20:34:25
kennyS deserves #6. people tend to forget that he was the best player in the world for the first two months of 2015.
2016-01-19 21:04:45
no he wasn't
and no he doesn't
this year; olof, guardian, flusha, happy, snax, device, and krimz were all 100% better than him
2016-01-19 21:06:55
he definitely was the best player at the start of the year. If he deserves top 6 is debatable
2016-01-19 21:09:00
Yes best player who is out of group every single time

Kennys ratung was so high cauz he was fighting against lower teams also his teammates expect apex which he is most inconsistent player ever all of them was low players Ex6tenz rpk maniac they re all shit for fragging and Titan was playing like 4 support and 1 carry they re setting up for Kenny every single game

So KennyS most overrated player in cs go history and he isnt top10 this year for me not even top20 but we can talk abaout that but one thing sure Happy Krimz dupreeh flamie seized all of these names overall had better year then kennyshit
2016-01-19 22:33:13
I agree, kennys had an insane rating with titan but that did nothing- the team was still complete shit against top teams at tournaments, where titan would go out in groups after facing mediocre teams. On envy though, his stats show that he definitely has a huge impact, so I think he still deserves top 10 as the second best member of the very successful envy roster as far as stats go. ( Also was the second best awper of 2015 )
2016-01-19 22:49:55
without him Titan would have been complete crap. With him they were at least able to stay in the Top 10.
2016-01-20 16:27:32
roflmao, he was by far best player first few months..
2016-01-19 21:32:44
KennyS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Guardian all day long.. Guardian did not even deserve top10.
2016-01-19 21:02:11
2016-01-19 21:24:22
he deserved 1 but you idiots want all top players to be sweedish. Well no
2016-01-20 11:11:23
stop embarassing swedan you twat
2016-01-20 15:30:39
lol learnd a new word?
2016-01-20 22:17:37
nope but you could
2016-01-22 13:37:13
2014 calls
They want you back
2016-01-20 17:17:49
Lol do you guys even know anything about ratings?

How many tournament did Guardian win this year? 1? 2?.. and those werent even close to a major.

KennyS won much more and even 1 Major.

Suck it GuardianFanBoi's you need to grow up now.
2016-01-20 19:07:55
the error guy is probably mad, cos NiP won shit last year rofl, and when you talk about majors won and stuff, then why is overrated_right in this top20? why is bot allu in top 20? huh
2016-01-20 20:18:05
Hahaha are you rly this stupid?

Ofc you can be in top20 without a major win.. But you cant be top1... maybe you should take your tongue out of Guardians ass before you start trying to think something out.

And tho my favorite team (NiP) didnt win anything im not even mad cuz there is other good teams out there... and its a good scene.. but Guardian did NOT diserve this place.

And in terms of AWP skills... KennyS > Guardian anyday.

KennyS "lowpoint" was when he were in Titan and in which only HE did the shooting.. Now when he's in a new team he is rising again.

Post edited 2016-01-20 22:14:19
2016-01-20 22:10:57
more like expected as fuck
2016-01-19 20:30:57
#1 deserved
2016-01-19 20:33:05
kind of funny though
2016-01-19 20:45:22
rip 1st and 2nd :((((
2016-01-19 20:49:50
So Olof must be first
2016-01-19 21:19:18
nah I think coldzera will be first

2016-01-19 21:57:32
what did he win in last year :D? btw. so bad bait, bro!
2016-01-19 22:16:29
I hope u r joking...
2016-01-20 10:21:58
nope, FalleN already gave it to them more
2016-01-21 10:45:20
2016-01-19 20:27:57
well deserved
2016-01-19 20:29:23
deserved? he should be 1st
2016-01-19 20:54:35
EXACTLY My point. Its easy to play when u have teammates like flusha and krimz. Guardian dragged his team's ass along the way, even when flamie didnt come around.
2016-01-19 22:31:49
If he dragged it a bit more in atleast one of the majors he might have beaten olof, in the first two majors olof individually carried fnatic in many maps not to mention his great form in other events, it makes statistical and common sense.
2016-01-20 05:03:15
Exactly! thats whay i'm saying here, but all these sweedish fangays are crying because they want all top20 to be sweeds. If guardian was top1 these kids would cry like a 2 yr old when they shit their diapers
2016-01-20 11:12:37
guardian should have deserved top1
2016-01-19 22:24:41
2016-01-20 05:16:05
nice hello
2016-01-19 20:27:59
2016-01-19 21:06:10
Shruud top 1 m8, easy
2016-01-19 21:08:22
2016-01-19 22:50:48
rip NA
2016-01-20 01:02:47
ez 4 olof

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:28:19
2016-01-19 20:28:03
top 1 pasha :D
2016-01-19 22:06:54
2016-01-19 20:28:04
Maybe olof first ;c

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:28:23
2016-01-19 20:28:06
you don't think it's gonna be pasha?
2016-01-19 20:46:55
No chance.

Toss up between LG steel, Liquid AdreN, NiP friberg, and G2 fox.
2016-01-19 20:58:23
thorin's smurf in disguise?
2016-01-19 21:26:11
olof #1
2016-01-19 20:28:10
1 - olof
0 - pasha
-1 - joelz
2016-01-19 20:52:44
-2 hunden
2016-01-19 23:09:30
i are indeed think that
2016-01-19 23:33:45
2016-01-19 20:28:12

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:28:26
2016-01-19 20:28:14
no, HUNDEN #1
2016-01-19 20:47:24
hunden will take first place for sure!
2016-01-19 21:29:13
2016-01-19 20:28:15
gg wp
2016-01-19 20:28:17
2016-01-19 20:28:17
2016-01-19 20:28:17
2016-01-19 20:28:18
best awp in CS:GO
2016-01-19 20:28:20
2016-01-19 20:30:23
+1 best awp of my heart <3 Guardian <3
2016-01-19 20:47:25
2016-01-19 20:57:48
no doubt, he is amazing player
2016-01-19 22:08:45
i am better silver 1 but play like global trust me im better than kennys and guardin combined ))))))
2016-01-20 03:03:17
inb4 vacban
2016-01-20 06:20:42
2016-01-19 20:28:20
2016-01-19 20:28:21
not sure if b8 or you are blind but k.
2016-01-19 20:53:41
bad b8
2016-01-19 21:51:53
not b8 actually.
put someone from top awpers in navi and he'll do same thing what guardian is doing.
flamie came in middle of 2015. tell me how many navi players are in top20 except flamie
2016-01-20 14:07:29
2016-01-20 14:41:45
welcome to autism
2016-01-20 20:15:08
2016-01-19 23:25:31
Well earned! Gz bro! keep up the good worK :D
2016-01-19 20:28:23
2016-01-19 20:28:30
2016-01-19 20:28:34
2016-01-19 20:28:35
2016-01-19 20:28:38
olof not even on the list? lol?
2016-01-19 20:28:40
who would u put over him?

just curiosity
2016-01-19 20:34:08
James Bardolph
2016-01-19 20:54:01
2016-01-19 21:11:01
Nice one
2016-01-19 20:28:41
olof 1# confirmed
2016-01-19 20:28:42
2016-01-19 20:28:43
2016-01-19 20:28:43
Deserved nothing to complain
2016-01-19 20:28:44

CadiaN QTpie #1
2016-01-19 20:28:50
niiiiiiiiiiiice guardian, nice.
2016-01-19 20:28:54
deserved, what a monster
2016-01-19 20:29:01
2016-01-19 20:29:09
well deserved
2016-01-19 20:29:12
friberg top1 YEEEEEEAAAAAA
2016-01-19 20:29:21
it will be olof :(
2016-01-19 22:00:20
one man army
2016-01-19 20:29:26
2016-01-20 00:17:21
Great player overall, 1 of my favorites
2016-01-19 20:29:35
2016-01-20 00:19:28
2016-01-19 20:29:41
Moe top 1
2016-01-19 20:29:41
hunden i top1
2016-01-19 21:30:01
expected and deserved
2016-01-19 20:29:46
2016-01-19 20:29:51
Wtf..makes no sense. Whose going to be 1st then??
2016-01-19 20:29:57
2016-01-19 20:32:08
2016-01-19 20:32:38
2016-01-19 20:34:35
fan of fnatic doesnt realize olof is 1st... 4head
2016-01-20 10:03:06
The force that carried NaVi the whole year.
2016-01-19 20:29:58
when both use full skill its always
with AWp
2016-01-19 20:29:59
sure fanboy
2016-01-19 20:31:07
not even close, when na'vi play with envy i cheer for navi and guardian because i always cheer for underdogs, same with awp battles i cheer for guardian because i know his skill is not that high like kennyS ;], but lately kennyS is underperforming and Guardian is on his best life form
2016-01-19 20:58:27
Doesn't really matter when Kenny cant perform unless all the planets align.
2016-01-20 01:15:18
2016-01-19 20:30:04
2016-01-19 20:33:21
m0e or shroud top 1?
2016-01-19 20:30:12
2016-01-19 20:30:20
then it's settled, hunden takes #1 spot
2016-01-19 20:30:31
really gj, proud
2016-01-19 20:30:33
2016-01-19 20:41:28
iz katka for VP Quardian 2016 mark me post
2016-01-19 20:30:38
Deserved, he is consistent as a fuck. Best awper indeed. Shame on that red stat on ESL dubai ;_;

Btw, at this point, HLTV should just release #1 player. No point in waiting till tomorrow for olof's article, is too obvious. Gz olofmeister.

inb4 coldzera top1 kek

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:33:16
2016-01-19 20:30:48
1. will be olofmeister
2016-01-19 20:30:49
2016-01-19 21:12:40
no way?
2016-01-19 21:17:54
the oracle has spoken, folks!
2016-01-20 00:37:41
2016-01-19 20:30:50
2016-01-19 20:30:56
Not surprised at all. Great impact on the team. Best of luck this year.
2016-01-19 20:31:17
pasha top 1 then, as expected
2016-01-19 20:31:24
Im really proud of him <3 Guardian
2016-01-19 20:31:42
Number ONE!
2016-01-19 20:31:52
OLOF #1 <3
2016-01-19 20:31:56
2016-01-19 20:31:58
2016-01-19 20:32:19
2016-01-19 20:32:21
2016-01-19 20:32:28
The cum swallowing is strong in this thread
2016-01-19 20:32:33
2016-01-19 20:32:33
Olof #1 inc :D
2016-01-19 20:32:33
the best and humble guardian

may 2016 be YOUR year

gl and hf
2016-01-19 20:32:39
2016-01-19 20:32:46
Hunden top 1 then as expected
2016-01-19 20:32:53
olof 1
2016-01-19 20:33:03
no shit
2016-01-19 20:33:46
Ohhh nooooooooooooooooooooooo

He should be #1.
2016-01-19 20:33:26
come on.. this is bullshit, we all know he was definetely better than olof..
2016-01-19 20:33:32
Na'Vi won like 2-3 tournaments while at the same time fnatic won probably like 10 if not more
2016-01-19 20:48:54
what does fnatics and na'vis acheivments as a team got to do with Guardians and olofs individual skill?
2016-01-19 20:50:47
Well........ alot cuz its a team game
2016-01-19 20:55:02
yes it is. so.... your point is? Guardians team has been slacking this past year while all of fnatic were on point, The only reason Olof got #1 is because Fnatic preformed well this year. But had the rest of Na'vi preformed even half as good as Guardian they would have outranked Fnatic, But they didn't and since Fnatic is the #1 team, they decided they had to have a fnatic player as #1. Yes olof is fnatics best player but he is not better than Guardian
2016-01-19 20:58:08
I don't argue with people from Great Britain, I am so sry.
2016-01-19 21:06:43
okay swedistan
2016-01-19 21:07:50
no worries, even his first argument was autistic af...
2016-01-19 21:42:50
its a team game, but this is individual awards, use ur brain pls..
2016-01-19 21:41:40
im probably better individual than guardian at matchmaking, why am I not on this list then???!??!?
2016-01-20 14:52:35
cuz ur still potato master 8..
2016-01-20 15:11:55
2016-01-20 15:14:59
wtf is this argument rofl.. ur arab, so wtf is ur problem... fkin swedistan pleb

Post edited 2016-01-20 16:27:44
2016-01-20 16:26:56
i just dont have the time to make a arguement on a so obvious thing like that you cant be the best player over the year if you havent even been "close" to winning a "decent" tournament. / case closed
2016-01-20 16:42:13
because that's how this ranking works?
2016-01-19 21:38:21
exactly, it goes of team achievements, not players individual skill. meaning the ranking is skewed
2016-01-19 21:40:29
2016-01-19 22:19:10
Guardian can't be #1 because he didn't play in a lot of finals and semi-finals as olof did.

The same thing happened year or 2 ago when people were saying that KennyS should be #1 because he was really playing like crazy for Titan but they were in 1 or 2 finals in a whole year. You can't be #1 without playing the hardest games with the most pressure and if you perform good in those games well then you will be #1 no doubt about that.
2016-01-20 14:52:31
not really

olof 2 majors, insane form in first half of 2015
2016-01-19 21:37:15
maybe right now, but not throughout 2015.
2016-01-20 03:03:48
Congratulations to Guardian and to NaVi for their success in 2015, hopefully 2016 will be even better.
2016-01-19 20:33:35
As you may probably guess Scream aka Mr.Ican'tpressingmouse1 is top1, ty hltv, it was ez analytics.
2016-01-19 20:33:42
2016-01-19 20:34:18
ggwp Ladislav
2016-01-19 20:34:36
Not expected
2016-01-19 20:34:47
pasha top1
2016-01-19 20:35:07
One of the best players to have ever played counter strike
2016-01-19 20:35:08
fakin mods man

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:35:17
2016-01-19 20:35:09
nice guardian
2016-01-19 20:35:14
Za Ukrainu brAtaN
2016-01-19 20:35:19
ok, we know now, moe top 1
2016-01-19 20:35:19
omg pasha top1...
2016-01-19 20:35:35
2016-01-19 20:35:39
For me you are best player + awper in the world my friend
2016-01-19 20:35:55
I hope NaVi will become even more consistent in 2016 :)
2016-01-19 20:36:18
2016-01-19 20:36:20
Over rated af all I'm going to say, the only rank they got right was Olof who is #1 but everything else was ranked based on the amount of fanboys a player has not how good they actually was except for Flusha because he has more haters than fans for no reason.
2016-01-19 20:36:26
2016-01-19 20:37:57
i hope you are just trolling on the way u write dude.
2016-01-19 20:41:02
olof is much more overrated than Guardian, Guardian really had to earn respect this past year, olof did not earn his, he just got it for being a goofball
2016-01-19 20:49:00
Olof was the best player in the world for 9-10 months out of 12 in 2015 is thats over rated to you go follow Dota 2 or LoL.
2016-01-20 04:31:06
Soo... Because I dont think Olof is the best, I should watch Dota 2 or LoL? That makes no sense swedistan
2016-01-20 14:52:45
2016-01-19 20:36:27
Deserved, his impact on the game is monstrous!
2016-01-19 20:36:27
2016-01-19 20:36:42
GuardiaN so cut
GuardiaN please hit me with your big AWPen:X
2016-01-19 20:39:30
sad cus guardian the pooh > fallen?
2016-01-19 20:40:10
Actually I agree with you.
Im not emulating yor comment, this is my "joke" opinion.


GuardiaN had an amazing 2015!

GuardiaN > FalleN atm for sure!!
2016-01-19 20:41:22
thank you based favela
2016-01-19 20:43:52
you're welcome my icecream friend
favela loves you
2016-01-19 20:46:44
just ice, no cream :(
2016-01-19 20:47:11
2016-01-19 20:48:02
But you have really good vodka tho.
2016-01-19 20:56:01
it's the russians who have vodka, we have viina
2016-01-19 21:09:51
Well Viina is kind of vodka so
2016-01-19 22:08:14
2016-01-19 22:25:10
best is #2 loooooooooool
2016-01-19 20:36:43
Best player
2016-01-19 20:36:55
Hmm, so HUNDEN is #1? Nice.
2016-01-19 20:37:24
2016-01-19 20:37:27
Pasha from top3 to top200 in one year =D
gz Guardian
2016-01-19 20:37:29
top200? idiot?
2016-01-19 20:40:21
God Laco
2016-01-19 20:37:49
im wondering who no1 is going to be
2016-01-19 20:38:06
2016-01-19 20:38:18
Nicely done
2016-01-19 20:38:45
2016-01-19 20:38:51
Bombardian <3
2016-01-19 20:39:09
great player
2016-01-19 20:39:12
2016-01-19 20:39:33
hard work from guardian in 2015 always carrying his team
2016-01-19 20:39:56
deserved, best awper and one of my favorite cs:go players but I must admit that olof was unchallengeable, for no1 place, player.
2016-01-19 20:40:09
+1 +1 +1
2016-01-19 20:45:10
olof had 2 great months, Guardian has been great all year. Guardian deserves #1
2016-01-19 20:46:52
Guardian havent won anything big this year tho.. Olof has won like everything there is to win.
2016-01-19 21:04:48
Fnatic won a lot, Fnatic as a team are #1, i wont deny that, but Guardian is better than olof as individuals
2016-01-19 21:06:02
stopped reading your more comments after i saw ur flag xD but nt
2016-01-19 22:11:01
olof was unchallengeable

2016-01-19 20:55:17
I love this player <33
deserved this place !
2016-01-19 20:41:29
finally a deserved placement
Good year for guardian
2016-01-19 20:41:31
expected and deserved
2016-01-19 20:41:39
Expected and very well deserved for carrying his team.

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:41:56
2016-01-19 20:41:41
cyka blyat
2016-01-19 20:41:44
2016-01-19 20:41:59
Well deserved, he's been an absolute god of the game even as far back as his CS:S days. Truly a top5 player of all time.
2016-01-19 20:42:09
of all time only on csgo though
2016-01-19 21:57:58
Won't say all time CS,but definitely top 5 all time CSGO for now
2016-01-20 17:21:35
Guardian > BOT Olof.
2016-01-19 20:42:22
this rank is shit
2016-01-19 20:42:47

Post edited 2016-01-19 20:44:33
2016-01-19 20:43:15
Guardian thx for all what are you doing for Na'Vi.
2016-01-19 20:43:56
Guardian 1st !! ( but cg
2016-01-19 20:44:50
2016-01-19 20:44:55
Hes an amazing player who always plays good/ carry but the awpnerf was the bestthing what could happen for him.
2016-01-19 20:45:03
2016-01-19 20:45:03
2016-01-19 20:45:22
shit ranking, Guardian has been preforming better than olof for most of the year, olof has 2 great months and somehow hes the best? bs
2016-01-19 20:45:29
+1 but fnatic top1 of year so they decided to put Olof @ 1st place.
2016-01-19 20:54:31
I can see your tears in the text :D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D
2016-01-20 04:29:07
no tears dude, just pure facts.
2016-01-20 11:54:42
two great months? nice b8. hes been nr1 for the majority of 2015.
2016-01-20 10:04:53
Top1 Olof inc
2016-01-19 20:46:11
deserved godian!
2016-01-19 20:47:17
2016-01-19 20:48:01
gz Laco
2016-01-19 20:48:05
joelz *1
2016-01-19 20:48:21
he deserves the top 1 :/
2016-01-19 20:48:21
GuardiaN would have been top1, if he played on Fnatic.

Individually, GuardiaN >>> olof, but Fnatic, as the best team of 2015 by far, deserved its top player to take the #1 spot.
2016-01-19 20:48:50
Expected and deserved
2016-01-19 20:49:00
olof #1 confirmed
2016-01-19 20:49:29
One question, after cs:s but before cs:go, he did play some matches in 1.6, right? or am I wrong?
2016-01-19 20:50:11
He played 1.6 mainly before CS:S
2016-01-19 20:53:18
1.6 -> cs:s -> 1.6 -> cs:go
2016-01-19 20:58:48
I was right! Thanks :)
2016-01-20 15:59:22
You can read it here: http://www.twitch.tv/rguardian
2016-01-19 21:01:14
2016-01-19 20:50:19
2016-01-19 20:51:12
Xyp9x #1

So fucking deserved man!
2016-01-19 20:51:25
2016-01-19 20:52:51
GuardiaN is a beast.Definitely top 1 player.
2016-01-19 20:51:44
2016-01-19 20:52:49
kennySuck you mean.
2016-01-19 20:55:57
Deserved! I think he deserved even 1st spot, but fnatic were top1 so he is 2nd.
2016-01-19 20:53:52
If Na'Vi wasnt so bad and they have actually won something during 2015 Guardian would eeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssiiiiillllllyyyyyy be top1 lol
2016-01-19 20:54:09
2016-01-19 20:54:58
Deserved #best awper in the world
2016-01-19 20:55:06
This is the correct ranking for Guardian
2016-01-19 20:55:19
so Fallen #1, deserved
2016-01-19 20:55:39
2016-01-19 22:02:02
So friberg #1 omg
2016-01-19 20:55:54
2016-01-19 20:56:18
this cutie totally deserved it
2016-01-19 20:56:25
Deserved af. Well done guardian!
2016-01-19 20:57:04
Cold #1 xD
2016-01-19 20:58:39
he is deserved. good job guardian
2016-01-19 21:00:02
BS, he should be nr1...
2016-01-19 21:00:36
#1 going to be friberg 100%
2016-01-19 21:01:31
2016-01-19 21:01:31
2016-01-19 21:02:16
deserved expected olof top 1 gg
2016-01-19 21:03:10
2016-01-19 21:04:58
2016-01-19 21:05:28
If there was a MVP award like in NBA he would get it. Most Valueable Player for a team for sure. No one carried like that. Hard carry of the year.

Olof was statswise the best but he got a much better team to back him up. Guardian is a one man army and da true MVP.
2016-01-19 21:06:25
Guardian is better than olof so, olof dont deserve on 1st place.
2016-01-19 21:06:51
the only one who plays in navi xaxaxaxaxa

Post edited 2016-01-19 21:09:04
2016-01-19 21:08:47
deserved #1
2016-01-19 21:08:57
ez !
2016-01-19 21:10:10
should be top1

Olof is not the best player even in fnatic (JW best)
2016-01-19 21:10:19
2016-01-19 21:10:46
N1 gonna be HUNDEN So swug B|
2016-01-19 21:10:52
GJ laco but we still think you deserve a better team.
You might be the #2 best player in the world in 2016 but you are #1 MVP like ... forever.
2016-01-19 21:11:12
2016-01-19 21:11:20
monster Ladik , gratz :)

olof 8 months god - clearly top 1.
2016-01-19 21:11:21
Does anyone know who played with Guardian during his time in Reason when they dominated ?
2016-01-19 21:11:31

I don't know about the last one, I think WT only joined later on so I don't know if he ever played with GuardiaN?
2016-01-19 21:17:28
sneix the last. WT was replaced by GuardiaN as far as I know.
2016-01-19 21:28:09
ty both. to be honest i thought that he played in some international mix ;-) Good to know that our neighbours ruled in CSS at one point :)
2016-01-19 21:55:55
GuardiaN best
2016-01-19 21:12:12
inb4 Hunden top 1
2016-01-19 21:12:34
#1 - XANTARES/coldzera for sure rip olof
2016-01-19 21:12:35
GuardiaN = MM kid that cries about getting oneshotted by AK and now decides to save 1 million times to finally buy his one-shot kill awp
2016-01-19 21:13:09
2016-01-19 21:17:39
also, Na'Vi without GuardiaN awp kid = tier 345343
2016-01-19 21:24:13
You realize that this is a compliment to GuardiaN right? Jesus what are you 9?
2016-01-19 21:39:08
Deserved. GuardiaN > kennyS everyday
2016-01-19 21:13:11
so true...
2016-01-19 21:18:40
2016-01-20 08:33:35
very good, nice 1 GUARDIAN GOD
2016-01-19 21:14:04
Guardian &#1083;&#1091;&#1095;&#1096;&#1077;!!!!
2016-01-19 21:14:13
2016-01-19 21:14:16
vuggo #1
2016-01-19 21:14:53
seems legit.
2016-01-19 21:18:44
Fiffy nr 1 <3
2016-01-19 21:16:35
who will be n1?
2016-01-19 21:17:01
olof for sure
2016-01-19 21:23:54
stop chatting shit plz we all know HUNDEN will be ñ1 omg stupid fnatic fangays everywhere Kappa
2016-01-20 10:30:21
lol im not not fnatic fan
2016-01-22 18:39:38
just bantering about man
2016-01-22 19:42:16
great player! Gratz Ladislav - well deserved!
2016-01-19 21:17:17
gratz Guardian :)
2016-01-19 21:18:04
guardian > olof
2016-01-19 21:18:59
2016-01-19 21:19:37
well deserved
2016-01-19 21:19:46
amazing player becoming top2 player with shit as teammates who always go negative
2016-01-19 21:20:42
Nice GuardiaN really good players, its a place well deserved :D !
2016-01-19 21:20:56
2016-01-19 21:20:59
i arent think that
2016-01-19 21:21:04
all his best frags in 2015
2016-01-19 21:21:04
2016-01-19 21:21:12
Expected and ofc deserved. GOD Guardian <3
2016-01-19 21:21:23
Guardian can easily take number 1 spot in 2016. Olof with a shaky start and Guardian with a blast start of the year carrying IVAN as always
2016-01-19 21:21:48
2016-01-19 21:22:37
KQLY EZ top 1. Woooohh! The best!

EDIT: It is VUGGO who got number 1 :(
2016-01-19 21:23:00
Guardian has 1.26 rating, not 1.14.
2016-01-19 21:23:25
Cold EZ top1
2016-01-19 21:25:12
JW deserved this much more. Best awper in world. Guardian chokemeister
2016-01-19 21:25:28
blind fanboy

jw did nothing special in 2015
2016-01-19 23:57:15
Surely b8
2016-01-20 08:05:32
2016-01-19 21:25:34
so deserved from him, incredible player
2016-01-19 21:25:47
GuardiaN #1 in 2015!
2016-01-19 21:27:46
boostmeister #1 confirmed
2016-01-19 21:28:10
Gaming Paradise LOL
2016-01-19 21:29:17
1) Olofmeister
2016-01-19 21:30:32
GuardiaN would have been top1 for sure if Na'Vi stopped force buying every freaking time, or just 4 guys force and GuardiaN save, he got his AWP really late in a lot of important matches.

In terms of skill, he is the best player for sure, he can AWP like a god, he can handle the AK better than many t1 riflers, and he can DEAG like he is da real JUAN DEAG.
2016-01-19 21:31:18
Well,this makes it Olof n1 however why's Pasha not in top 20 list?
2016-01-19 21:32:20
so pasha top 1
2016-01-19 21:34:14
top 100*
2016-01-20 01:03:30
gj guardian
2016-01-19 21:35:23
impressive player with the BEST carrying potential of the word
2016-01-19 21:35:23
Guardian > Olof.

Guardian carry Na'Vi most of the times. Olof have Krimz, Flusha and the rest of your team.
2016-01-19 21:35:55
...should be number 1.
2016-01-19 21:35:59
guardian deserved #1 btw.
2016-01-19 21:36:54
expected and deserved.
2016-01-19 21:37:42
simply the best! :D
2016-01-19 21:41:39
2016-01-19 21:42:16
top 1 hunden confirmed
2016-01-19 21:43:15
then Olof. GuardiaN is great player. Sad to see byali not on this list though :|
2016-01-19 21:43:24
grats guardian!!!
2016-01-19 21:44:58
Expected. GuardiaN top kek awper
2016-01-19 21:46:18
He really deserved it!
2016-01-19 21:46:19
Hunden confirmed No.1.
2016-01-19 21:46:38
So much deserved, hands down for this man... Big respect, I just hope you conquer some more this year. GL Ladislav Kovács :)
2016-01-19 21:50:18
Top players of 2015: GOD james (1)
2016-01-19 21:50:37
Who the fuck is james
2016-01-19 22:46:11
You know, black ddk, jzfb?
2016-01-20 08:44:00
lol does he even play? :D isn't he only caster or something like that?
2016-01-20 19:04:00
Well he is a caster, but he played at the play it cool challange, you should definetly see the video :D
2016-01-20 19:08:16
expected :v
and now 1º is...Olof
2016-01-19 21:52:01
guardian congratz:) but we know now olof will be 1
2016-01-19 21:53:20
2016-01-19 21:57:50
AWP chrisJ > Guardian anytime anywhere
2016-01-19 22:00:56
Lol you really think that?
2016-01-19 22:47:58
papa pasha no. 1
2016-01-19 22:01:16
1- Olofmeister

But. Where the hell is COLDZERA?
This list un-respectful witout Coldzera and Nothing

Post edited 2016-01-19 22:04:13
2016-01-19 22:03:30
Coldzera should have been here

n0thing didnt really deserve a spot in this list seeing his year, not saying he's bad, just that it's the top 20 of the players in the world and he's simply not in that list
2016-01-19 23:11:23
2016-01-19 22:04:21
LOL #2, biggest onliner in the scene...
2016-01-19 22:05:25
moe should be #1 2015, shouldnt he ?

Post edited 2016-01-19 22:13:54
2016-01-19 22:13:22
This is just bull***** He should be #1. If anyone thinks that olof ( most over-rated player ever ) is better than a one man army star awper/rifler/clutcher/ makes me wanna lmao
2016-01-19 22:06:45
lol guardian is great but 2015 was not anything special from him and navi
2016-01-20 02:32:13
True that it was nothing special from the team Na'Vi but you are completely wrong about GuardiaN, he played out of his mind in 2015, the amount of plays he made far exceeds any other player on this ranking ;)
2016-01-20 17:36:13
My point was that his rankings aren't that great if you look at the individual tournaments
2016-01-21 00:25:04
Unlike Olof and Device, Guardian has the benefit of his team playing around him, but even considering that, his raw skill is really amazing. He succeeds at crazy rounds more often than any other player, but that doesn't translate so often in round wins.
All-in-all he is the most important player on tier1 teams, but that doesn't make him the best.
2016-01-19 22:10:26
damn olof cya feelsbadman how did xantares claimed top place
2016-01-19 22:12:09
so #1 is coldzera
2016-01-19 22:13:30
olof #1
2016-01-19 22:15:14
Totally deserved, a great player & a friendly player too.
But take care of your weight dear GuardiaN.
2016-01-19 22:18:04
olof #1
2016-01-19 22:18:27

nice to see a player that doesnt just run and spam tec9
2016-01-19 22:19:31
olof 1 easyyyyyyyyyyyy
2016-01-19 22:21:45
2016-01-19 22:25:01
He's actually better than Olofmeister but I guess this rank is not only raw skill
2016-01-19 22:31:02

coldzera #1?
2016-01-19 22:32:40
if GuardiaN 2nd then again olofmeister will be 1st??
2016-01-19 22:35:06
He would have been #1 if he was in a team with more crazy fraggers like krimz or flusha
2016-01-19 22:39:33
It was expected and also I think deserved. That 'deserved' word is not by other AWPer's fanboy. It's from me, a person who is from the same country as GuardiaN - Slovakia if you want - and believe me or not, I would really like him on that first place. I'm sure that if he could win DH Cluj-Napoca, he will be first. I'm very sorry to see that EnVy has won it.
Better luck next time, GuardiaN :)
2016-01-19 22:43:27
#1 Xantares!
2016-01-19 22:43:57
#1 Aryan Bitch :)
2016-01-19 22:45:23
Atm he is best player in the world but cmon olof played amazing fucking 6 months and win everything

Deserved and gz for GODIAN i believe he will win major this year and ranked top1 player in 2016

2016 will be year of NaVi and VP


2016-01-19 22:46:12
East Europe gross
2016-01-19 22:47:42
Isnt polska neighbour deutchland ?
2016-01-20 08:46:08
yeah xD
2016-01-20 20:49:27
Top 5 went as expected. Man i cant wait for Pasha to be nr 1 player in 2015.
2016-01-19 22:49:44
2016-01-19 22:50:37
For the 1st place----> Pasha vs Olof (bo3)
2016-01-19 22:51:26
hunden 1º
2016-01-19 22:53:29
0 majors, ty my friend.
2016-01-19 22:56:18
expected and deserved. gratz Guardiano
2016-01-19 22:56:37
Check this guardian movie out! :)
2016-01-19 22:57:00
you have amazing videos, can u share your view model?
2016-01-20 01:02:20
2016-01-19 23:01:37
2016-01-19 23:03:22
2016-01-19 23:10:47
2016-01-19 23:18:30
2016-01-19 23:31:52
sick year, best awper
2016-01-19 23:33:34
In terms of individual skills, he is the best no doubt, carrying 4 turds all year, this guy deserves top1 for sure
2016-01-19 23:38:48
now its obv olof, whats the point of holding it
2016-01-19 23:46:12
Guardiam gratz ! u da best awp !
2016-01-19 23:46:32
why #1 player is #2?
2016-01-19 23:47:25
2016-01-20 00:01:54
Deserved top 1 but he carries na'vi on his shoulders
2016-01-20 00:19:23
I love you guardian you look like my puppy :*
2016-01-20 00:25:46
Roca is #1
2016-01-20 00:27:29
Shroud not even in top 20 lmao
2016-01-20 00:29:02
2016-01-20 00:53:10
2016-01-20 05:21:06
fucking god, always fun to watch your matches!!!!
2016-01-20 00:33:29
olof #1 confirmed
2016-01-20 00:34:10
dazed #1

2016-01-20 00:49:11
Good job <3 You deserve it.
2016-01-20 01:21:12
2016-01-20 01:24:25
It's time for cold

#1 coldzera
#2 guardian
#3 device
2016-01-20 01:36:26
2016-01-20 03:03:28
LOL that steel pose
2016-01-20 02:30:18
nice read
2016-01-20 02:51:15
2016-01-20 03:18:00
what a let down..
imo, guardian > olofm
2016-01-20 03:25:06
Big Respect from Slovakia!
2016-01-20 03:37:58
Olofmeister Ruskimeister first?
2016-01-20 03:45:40
ez blyat
2016-01-20 04:05:20
ez olof
2016-01-20 04:23:47
olofmeister no 21 he didnt quite make it.

surely number 1 shall be HUNDEN
2016-01-20 05:10:44
olof you are the beast, but if I have to choose between these two I would definitely pick Ladislav.
2016-01-20 05:23:03
olof top1 !!!!
2016-01-20 06:50:04
5Devve* or still device?(*Shit nn btw)
2016-01-20 06:56:02
snax at 3 is a joke but otherwise correct
2016-01-20 10:12:48
you don't see alot of matches do you?

Post edited 2016-01-20 11:43:40
2016-01-20 11:43:22
every big game. im not saying hes bad. def top 10, just not top 3.
2016-01-20 13:12:05
2016-01-20 07:10:09
wtf guArdIan noob
2016-01-20 07:28:00
You worked hard, you deserve it, you have got it!
2016-01-20 07:32:11
xantares top1 hltv confirmed



Post edited 2016-01-20 08:43:34
2016-01-20 08:41:52
So cold vs papa vs GOD HUNDEN vs SEX GOD DOSIA

Who will be top1 guys ???
2016-01-20 08:50:43
Should have been #1. Much deserved!
2016-01-20 09:01:43
Deserved <3333
2016-01-20 09:04:20
2016-01-20 09:18:25
GJ Guardian
2016-01-20 09:24:43
2016-01-20 10:07:07
why are people saying its such an advantage for olof playing with better players? surely there's more competition for the kills when olof is playing with krimz etc. GuardiaN is never gonna be the guy who saves or isnt in the prime spot to get kills. His team always makes sure to drop him the awp and put him in the right place. olof ez nr1, guardian solid nr2.
2016-01-20 10:09:51
I love how you think olof is better than guardian skillwise. He just won more titles in 2k15. This is the only reason he became top 1
2016-01-20 14:56:35
well he was the biggest reason for fnatics success so dont tell me that isn't valid reasoning. and btw hes better than guardian both skillwise and gamesense.
2016-01-26 09:55:23
2016-01-26 15:24:44
i have no problem disagreeing:)
2016-01-27 10:37:22
world nr 1 sniper, thought he was gonna be nr 1 on this list.

Post edited 2016-01-20 11:42:55
2016-01-20 11:42:46
2016-01-20 12:12:23
Olof n1 confirmed
2016-01-20 12:48:14
no pasha,taz,byali suprised or expected?
2016-01-20 12:57:52
taz #1 ffs
2016-01-20 15:14:10
Scream top #1, best skill of the world. kisses
2016-01-20 13:39:04
2016-01-20 14:54:00
Guardian < xenn
2016-01-20 14:27:42
lol no brazilian players
2016-01-20 15:01:20
Well deserved imo
2016-01-20 15:02:52
even thoug i think guardian was way better than olof this year, olof deserves 1st place cause he won almost everything, and when ur on a team with stars its even harder to shine.
Also to remind i prefer olof agressive playstyle.
2016-01-20 16:16:38
Guardian > #1 anytime
2016-01-20 16:23:59
super congratulations :)
2016-01-20 16:39:20
deserved, amazing player.
2016-01-20 16:46:26
cg ;)
2016-01-20 17:18:38
Coldzera top 1
2016-01-20 17:23:05
is it me or is olofmeister a bit of a boring player

like u see it at the end of the game
"oh wow olof has 32 kills"
but u can never remember them.

can u remember a single olof kill ?

but try guardian...u can see the flick
i remember a guardian flick.
2016-01-20 17:42:31
because olof is eco frag hunter
2016-01-20 20:40:01
so much true brother
2016-01-22 15:23:25
god awper, deserved
2016-01-20 18:05:29
veri najs
2016-01-20 18:14:21
#1 Joelz
2016-01-20 20:14:04
Guardian after all this years still can't find a decent lineup without carrying so hard. Why doesn't s1mple just join navi or somthing?
2016-01-21 08:43:56
because muricans got money and they pay more for him...
2016-01-22 15:22:17
Our God
2016-01-21 17:30:16
Guardian did the flick but Starix did the history so Starix > guardian but flick happens a lot
2016-04-08 10:40:00

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