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Team Ranking: January 2016
By: stich
Time: 2016-02-01 22:42
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We have updated our Global Team Ranking—powered by EGB.com—for January 2016 and the new year has brought plenty of changes following several high profile events.

The first month of 2016 has brought numerous ground-shaking developments within the CS:GO scene, particularly in regards to player and team acquisitions.

On the field of battle however, the month has been marked by two high profile tournaments: the $200,000 StarSeries XIV finals in Minsk, Belarus and the $100,000 DreamHack Open stop in Leipzig, Germany.

In addition, four $50,000 Minor tournaments have brought lesser known teams offline exposure and a chance to qualify for the MLG Columbus Main qualifier in February, while online qualification battles have continued to rage this month although the usual leagues have yet to commence.

HLTV.org's rankings expert Julien "topeiko" Hottias has updated the monthly Global Rankings as a result for January 2016.

As always, the rankings are based on teams' achievements over the past year (with severe decay in points throughout each month), recent form over the last 2 months, and performance at the last ten offline events.

fnatic remain the world's best team

That ranking is itself predicated around a three-man core each team is required to have in order to retain past points earned. Online matches and tournaments are included, but with a diminishing factor which means they cannot make a big difference among the top teams, and mainly serve to put new teams on the map.

We will always have a special page where you will be able to find the latest version of our ranking (which is updated weekly during busy months).

Here is the current top 30 table as of February 1st, 2016, which goes more in-depth into the way points are distributed. We have added ten new slots to reflect the scene's growth.

Please note that the +/- gain on this table differs from our weekly rankings page, and is in relation to the ranking update of December 2015.

Top 30 Team Ranking Powered by EGB.com

Rank Team Achievements Form LANs Total points +/-
1. fnatic 500 200 300 1000 -
2. Natus Vincere 450 179 252 881 +1
3. EnVyUs 394 121 152 667 -1
4. Astralis 439 116 91 646 -
5. Luminosity 205 144 121 470 +2
6. Virtus.pro 341 13 63 417 -1
7. NiP 167 39 56 262 -1
8. FaZe 135 40 55 230 -
9. dignitas 72 99 31 202 +4
10. mousesports 95 74 30 199 +1
11. G2 88 75 18 181 +1
12. Cloud9 120 10 24 154 -3
13. Liquid 99 9 32 140 -3
14. FlipSid3 67 46 2 115 +3
15. OpTic 50 42 19 111 +1
16. CLG 74 14 12 100 -2
17. SK 27 50 16 93 +1
18. E-frag.net 48 40 0 88 +1
19. Renegades 57 8 6 71 -4
20. Vexed 36 30 2 68 +1
21. CSGL 33 25 0 58 -1
22. HellRaisers 30 24 0 54 -
23. Gambit 26 23 0 49 +4
24. Enemy 13 34 0 47 +1
25. Immunity 24 6 9 39 -2
26. CyberZen 14 17 7 38 +11
27. Winterfox 9 26 3 38 +5
28. ALTERNATE 8 29 0 37 +4
29. CPH Wolves 2 32 0 34 +9
30. TheMongolz 9 24 0 33 +21

As is custom, we will now discuss the recent performances of the top fifteen teams, with reference to tournament placings, statistics, and the odd humorous photo caption or two.

1. fnatic

Player Age Rating
Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer 24 1.17
Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson 21 1.13
Jesper "JW" Wecksell 20 1.05
Dennis "dennis" Edman 25 1.04
Robin "flusha" Rönnquist 22 1.03

fnatic only popped up in January to visit the frigid lands of Belarus and win first place at the StarSeries XIV finals and thereby take home a $90,000 check.

While the Swedish powerhouse lost their opener to EnVyUs with a 0-2 score and therefore had to claw their way back through an elimination match against ex-Titan/now G2 (1-2), a decider match against the Danes of ?/now Astralis (1-2), a fairly easy quarter-finals against G2/now FaZe, and a very narrow semifinals against the red-hot Luminosity team (1-2) before finally dominating Na`Vi in the grand finals.

"This guy over here will mouselift us to victory time and time again"

It was a grand final in which fnatic's newest addition Dennis "dennis" Edman came into his own, going 42-18 with a 1.72 rating although the tournament as a whole saw the usual figure of Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer step into the foreground as the team's best, scoring a +45 kdd and 1.14 rating and overall being the event's MVP.

Analysts and pundits, including the author of this article, have sometimes questioned the feasability of this lineup to live up to the achievements of the Markus "pronax" Wallsten-led fnatic of 2015, mostly due to Robin "flusha" Rönnquist's yet developing leading abilities and a lack of concrete roles for some of the team's players on certain maps.

However, the newfangled fnatic lineup has proven that it can work, and that it can win as the Swedish team are now four for four in event attendances and first place finishes and thus they continue to roost at the top of the CS:GO competitive pyramid.

2. Natus Vincere

Player Age Rating
Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács 24 1.16
Egor "flamie" Vasilyev 18 1.14
Denis "seized" Kostin 21 0.98
Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko 28 0.95
Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev 28 0.93

Propelled off the back of a historic spate of first or second place finishes that may have seemed unexpected for this lineup a year ago, Natus Vincere (or Na`Vi) have displaced EnVyUs as the second best team in the world.

After late 2015 runs that included second place finishes at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca and ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2, NaVi's January saw them finish second place behind fnatic at the StarSeries XIV finals and win DreamHack Open Leipzig outright.

GuardiaN has his eye on the prize, and the prize could fund a $10,000 Dragon Lore

Like fnatic in Minsk, Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko and his men struggled mightily to make the grand final of StarSeries XIV, as the team were put into extremely close series against ? and the old G2, as well as losing their group winners' match to Luminosity 0-2.

The Ukrainian-Russian-Slovak team got their act together for the semifinals where they demolished EnVyUs in two maps thanks to Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev but they were unable to put up a fight against fnatic in the grand final (a now recurring theme) and had to settle for second place in a stacked event. Interestingly, GuardiaN had the best statistics at the entire event with a 1.26 rating and a +75 kdd.

Despite being tested by Luminosity on two overtime maps in the grand final of DreamHack Open Leipzig, Na`Vi made knife's work of other teams at the German event and generally cruised to a first place finish with Egor "flamie" Vasilyev delivering a MVP performance.

Na`Vi still appear prone to mid-game meltdowns and occasional deflationary pressures that see them outplayed on certain maps, however it is undeniable that this team are now firmly wedged into the elite core as they take second place on our Ranking for the first time ever.

3. EnVyUs

Player Age Rating
Kenny "kennyS" Schrub 20 1.11
Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer 24 1.09
Dan "apEX" Madesclaire 22 1.00
Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt 21 0.99
Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey 21 0.93

EnVyUs take a light tumble down from second place to third place, however they are unlike Humpty Dumpty in the nursery rhyme in that there is no evidence to suggest the team cannot be put back together again. If anything, they remain among that core of teams always contending to be in the top three.

An early January upset loss for EnVyUs was to their rivals of ? (now Astralis) in the online Red Dot Invitational finals, which were meant to be an offline event at first.

A shaky start for 2016, but nV remain top three

nV's sole offline event in January, the StarSeries XIV finals, was curiously something of a fortuitous attendance as the team filled in for the North American team Method, who were disintegrating and unable to attend the event themselves.

However, the Minsk attendance at first looked like it was in EnVyUs' pocket as the French team defeated both fnatic 2-0 and "?" 2-0 in the group stage to advance to the semifinals and appear poised for a gold medal if they kept up that level of play.

Unfortunately for EnVyUs, every team has a counter and the Frenchmen have struggled mightily against Na`Vi recently and it was this exact team that stopped their run short in the semifinal with a fairly solid 2-0 victory.

Losing to a strong rival brooks no disappointment however and nV still remain among the top three teams in the world. They will have a chance to build on their points this weekend at the Game Show Global eSports Cup in Lithuania.

4. Astralis

Player Age Rating
Nicolai "device" Reedtz 20 1.08
Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen 22 1.08
Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth 20 1.02
René "cajunb" Borg 26 0.99
Finn "karrigan" Andersen 25 0.96

This Danish superteam spent the first half of the month retaining the name of questionmark or ? before they rebranded as Astralis, a new organisation using venture capital and co-owned by the players themselves.

The new organisation should motivate device & co. to battle for top three again

As mentioned in the EnVyUs section, the Danes got off to a strong start in the Red Dot Invitational which they won and thus pocketed $25,000 for the road to Minsk, Belarus where the team went into a stacked Group B that included fnatic and EnVyUs.

? made quick work of the ex-Titan lineup but were then narrowly defeated by EnVyUs in the winners' match (losing the two map series 14-16 and 13-16) and then the Danes caved in the decider match against fnatic, losing 1-2 in a series where team star Nicolai "device" Reedtz faltered in particular.

Having to settle for a disappointing 5-6th place finish, ? then became known as Astralis and DreamHack Open Leipzig was the first event for the newly named and newly apparelled team.

Similar to how EnVyUs had dominated the group stage of SLTV XIV before bowing out in the semifinals, Astralis took down dignitas and mousesports (the latter in an overtime thriller) to reach the semifinals early, but they were then dismantled by the Brazilian samba train that was Luminosity across two maps and had to finish in 3-4th place (device notably had another weak series).

There is no cause to fret yet for the Danish talent, although their January could at best be described as "iffy." With the Game Show Global eSports Cup coming up this weekend, the team could gain back a lot of their diminished flair as the playing field will be relatively mild with only EnVyUs as another top five team at the event.

5. Luminosity

Player Age Rating
Marcelo "coldzera" David 21 1.20
Fernando "fer" Alvarenga 24 1.14
Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo 24 1.13
Lincoln "fnx" Lau 26 1.10
Epitacio "TACO" de Melo 21 0.89

Much like what GuardiaN of Na`Vi told HLTV.org after his team won DreamHack Open Leipzig, Luminosity are indeed now a top five team.

The Brazilians are putting their doubters to rest and expanding the global scope of CS:GO with each tournament they attend and January saw them continue to perform extremely well: well enough to be able to climb two spots and steal fifth place away from Virtus.pro.

The undisputed architect behind Luminosity's success is FalleN

The Brazilians travelled far and wide to both Belarus and Germany and return back to the Western hemisphere with a 3-4th place finish at StarSeries XIV and a second place finish at DreamHack Open Leipzig under their belts. Event by event, the South American team continue to expose as shams the age-old North American excuses about travel, lack of a robust practice scene, and event fatigue by actually appearing at events and performing well.

In terms of their players, January was the month of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Marcelo "coldzera" David as both the leader and the main fragger dominated the ratings for their team and delivered numerous good performances across Luminosity's runs at both events.

There is no reason to suggest that Luminosity cannot continue their miraculous climb to the top as well, as they have defeated all of the teams above them on offline maps (and aside from fnatic, in best-of-three series as well).

6. Virtus.pro

Player Age Rating
Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski 27 1.11
Filip "NEO" Kubski 28 1.02
Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski 22 1.00
Paweł "byali" Bieliński 21 0.98
Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas 29 0.88

The Poles of Virtus.pro are the most struggling team in our Top 30 as they have lost the most points and fall out of the top five. Although partially the result of the team's inactivity in December and only one event attendance in January, their overall performance has no doubt dropped off in recent times as well.

VP's slump is as apparent as that of global commodity prices

Filip "NEO" Kubski and his men only had to attend DreamHack Open Leipzig in January where, after a 5-16 loss to mousesports in their opener, they fell to dignitas in the Group A elimination match with a 1-2 score (which included a third map thriller on de_cbble).

While they showed signs of warming up to the usual Virtus.pro style of offline play towards the end of the series against dignitas, this warm-up came too little, too late and saw the Poles exit the tournament in a fairly humbling 7-8th place.

Any danger of falling to seventh place however is still quite remote as the difference between 6 and 7 is a fair share and would require serious performances from the teams below VP and an even stronger drop-off in February for the Poles.

7. NiP

Player Age Rating
Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg 27 1.15
Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund 25 1.12
Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi 22 1.01
Richard "Xizt" Landström 24 0.95
Adam "friberg" Friberg 24 0.94

NiP have yet to attend an offline event with their new signee Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi, who was signed back in late December. As a result, the team fall one spot and lose a small amount of points.

8. FaZe

Player Age Rating
Philip "aizy" Aistrup 19 1.05
Håvard "rain" Nygaard 21 1.03
Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad 21 0.98
Mikail "Maikelele" Bill 24 0.97
Ricardo "fox" Pacheco 29 0.95

FaZe retain their eighth place spot, despite underdoing an organisation change that did not see the lineup itself affected. However, fairly weak performances at both StarSeries XIV and DreamHack Open Leipzig, both of which the team attended, have cost them some points.

In Minsk, FaZe (who were then still called G2) finished in 5-6th place and their sole achievement was surviving a narrow scare against Chinese team CyberZen and perhaps taking Na`Vi to a very close series where Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad and Ricardo "fox" Pacheco performed and the rest of the team struggled.

In their matches against Luminosity (the opener) and fnatic (the quarter-finals) on the other hand, Mikail "Maikelele" Bill's team were simply blown out of the water.

New jersey but it's been no garden state for the team this month

At DreamHack Open Leipzig, FaZe again finished in 5-6th place despite a promising opening best-of-one victory against Luminosity (16-9) that then transitioned into 0-2 losses to both Na`Vi and Luminosity to send the European superstar-mix out of the tournament.

While such finishes don't live up to the Majors semifinals finish that the core of this team achieved last year, FaZe were able to show that they can take maps off of teams ranked above them in January and thus hold steady at eighth place.

9. dignitas

Player Age Rating
Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye 17 1.17
Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke 18 1.11
Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel 21 1.07
Jesper "TENZKI" Plougmann 21 0.98
Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen 21 0.89

dignitas leapfrog four spots from 13th place in the world to ninth place, taking advantage of both a very strong 3-4th place run at DreamHack Open Leipzig and the steady decline of North American teams who did not attend international events in January.

"VAC-bye" got over his LAN shakiness and delivered a monster performance in Leipzig

After losing their opener in Leipzig against Astralis 9-16, dignitas took down Virtus.pro 2-1 in the group decider and mousesports 2-0 in the quarter-finals before finally succumbing to a superior Na`Vi in the semifinals. Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye, who struggled at offline events in 2015, was the second best player of the tournament with a 1.21 rating and +40 kdd, a true breakout performance for the 17-year-old.

With successful qualification bids for the Game Show Global eSports Cup and the ESL Expo in Barcelona, as well as plans to attend the MLG Columbus Main qualifier, February could see this team rise even further in the rankings.

10. mousesports

Player Age Rating
Nikola "NiKo" Kovač 18 1.19
Chris "chrisJ" de Jong 25 1.04
Timo "Spiidi" Richter 20 1.00
Johannes "nex" Maget 23 0.98
Denis "denis" Howell 21 0.93

mousesports move up a spot in our ranking and breach the top ten, part of a larger effort that sees European teams force out the two North American teams who were situated in the top ten last month: Liquid and Cloud9.

chrisJ was pivotal in the Virtus.pro Leipzig takedown

Attending DreamHack Open Leipzig as the German invite team, mousesports lived up to the burden of being hometown favourites with a stunning 16-5 demolition of Virtus.pro in the team's opener.

The German team then gave Astralis a scare by sending them into overtime before ultimately losing 19-22, and then they ultimately fell short in the quarter-finals against dignitas to lose 0-2 and bow out in 5-6th place.

The team showed glimmers of potential however, reminiscent of their strong run during the CEVO Season 8 finals, and appear poised to continue to move up in the list.

11. G2

Player Age Rating
Richard "shox" Papillon 23 1.04
Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom 21 1.04
Cédric "RpK" Guipouy 26 0.94
Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux 27 0.93
Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans 25 0.82

Officially G2 Esports as of today, the ex-Titan team only attended the StarSeries XIV finals in January where they lost games to ? and fnatic (taking one map off the latter team) to finish in 7-8th place at the event.

Considering how heavily stacked Group B was in Minsk, the result was expected and a map taken off the world's best team plus a successful Game Show qualification bid that saw them take down NiP have together given the new G2 team a slight nudge up in the rankings, moving them from 12th to 11th place.

12. Cloud9

Player Age Rating
Mike "shroud" Grzesiek 21 1.13
Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham 22 1.09
Jake "Stewie2K" Yip 18 1.04
Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert 25 1.03
Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir 23 0.96

Signing the upcoming and yet unproven talent of Jake "Stewie2K" Yip at the beginning of January, Cloud9 were busy moving into a new team house in the California area and meshing as a team and played zero maps in January. As a result, point decay sees them drop three spots to 12th place.

With an upcoming attendance this weekend at the Game Show Global eSports Cup, the North American team will have a chance to salvage some of these points in a group stage that includes Astralis, Method, and G2.

13. Liquid

Player Age Rating
Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev 18 1.31
Nick "nitr0" Cannella 20 1.12
Spencer "Hiko" Martin 25 1.06
Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski 18 1.03
Eric "adreN" Hoag 25 0.98

Very similar to Cloud9, Liquid have signed a new fifth in Ukrainian prodigy Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and spent the month meshing as a team and preparing to bring s1mple over Stateside to play in North America. As a result of zero games in January, they suffer point decay and drop three spots.

Unlike Cloud9 however, Liquid will not attend the Game Show finals in Lithuania and thus will have to wait quite awhile longer (the MLG Columbus Main qualifier at the end of February) to recover those lost points.

14. FlipSid3

Player Age Rating
Georgi "WorldEdit" Yaskin 24 1.11
Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk 22 1.03
Yegor "markeloff" Markelov 27 1.01
Oleksandr "Shara" Hordieyev 23 0.98
Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy 29 0.88

Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's FlipSid3 move up three spots with a rather humorous three point gain, which is more indicative of several teams below them sinking into the abyss (such as Renegades and CLG).

The Ukrainian-Russian team added Oleksandr "Shara" Hordieyev to their lineup in December and only played in the DreamHack Leipzig closed qualifiers online, where they defeated Aleksi "allu" Jalli's ENCE but narrowly lost to SK in the qualification match for the offline event.

15. OpTic

Player Age Rating
Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan 22 1.12
Keith "NAF" Markovic 18 1.10
Will "RUSH" Wierzba 21 1.07
Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz 21 0.98
Damian "daps" Steele 22 0.89

Despite losing a light amount of points, OpTic gain one spot in the ranking and sneak into our top 15. The Canadian-American team won the ELEAGUE Road to Vegas over CSGOLounge (a minor and notable offline feat) but at the actual Americas Minor they fell flat against SPLYCE in the semifinal.

To make matters worse, OpTic lost to Winterfox 1-2 in the Last Chance NA qualifiers for the MLG Columbus Main qualifier and thus have no chance to attend the first Major of 2016.


We have also updated our graph showing the evolution of teams' points throughout 2015 and into 2016.

You can also see which teams round up the Top 20 over at our dedicated Team ranking page and we continue to expand and improve the list over time.

February 2016 will see several large events take place such as the upcoming $200,000 Game Show Global eSports Cup and the ~$81,000 ESL Expo in Barcelona, in addition to a few smaller events that will likely be limited to European teams.

Most importantly, the end of the month will see the MLG Columbus Main qualifier transpire to determine the Eight 'Challengers' who will meet the 'Legends' in the Major and this event will likely have a massive impact on future Rankings for teams that succeed.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

2016-02-01 22:42:52
Missing the old NiP
2016-02-01 22:50:42
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2016-02-01 22:56:29
OpTic 15?
2016-02-01 23:05:29
should be lower i know
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They shouldnt be in top 20 lol
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mongolz top5
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NA has 5 teams in the top 25...impressive

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well since there are some NA teams in top20 i arent think that
2016-02-02 15:05:06
This presents such a huge problem with your ranking: The rating cap at 1000 points, meaning fnatic didn't get any more from winning a tournament. Eventually the number 2 team (navi) might get 900++ points too despite being MUCH worse than fnatic and losing consistently to them. Because fnatic just can't get over 1000 they will look as if they're close in skill then even if they're not.

2016-02-01 22:44:55
It's not an absolute measurement, but only a relative one (which is the intent, I think). The data, for all we know, could be on a [0-infinity] scale that is just normalized to [0-1000].

It's not as big of a deal as you're making it.

Edit -renormalized+normalized, feelsbadman

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2016-02-01 22:48:57
Doesn't work like this, there are absolute scores hidden behind the relative scores displayed. For example, the 1000 of fnatic is better now than the 1000 from last month because they won i-league and boosted again their total.
It's just that NaVi played 2 tournaments for one win and one final so they are catching up a bit
2016-02-01 22:48:58

Post edited 2016-02-01 22:54:29
2016-02-01 22:53:18

RelativeScore = 1000 * [(AbsoluteScore - MinAbsoluteScore)/(MaxAbsoluteScore - MinAbsoluteScore)]

This is what he is doing. The Max/Min absolute scores change monthly, so 1000 this month could be different than 1000 last month.
2016-02-01 22:56:14
Yes I'm doing this but in 3 different sub-rankings and not doing this would lead to change the importance of the factors.
2016-02-01 22:57:56
There are 3 sub-rankings, if the max points are not set we can have problems ->

Example :
Fnatic achievements- form-LAN : 500-200-300 become 562-191-287
The sub-rankings don't have the same importance anymore and in another case like TSM streak 3months ago we could have a team in the lead just because its points got huge in the form ranking.

I've been thinking about this a lot of time mate ! I know it's not as simple but at least you see the relative forces between teams
2016-02-01 22:56:47
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2016-02-01 22:46:17
Ye, I also hoped that PGL Minor title is gonna put them back in TOP 20 again...
2016-02-01 22:52:26
well to be fair they beaten only efrag with stand in who are on 18 place, thats it, this minor is like a t5 tournament, and their only result, cant give many points for that
2016-02-01 22:52:51
in the graph of LANs they got 0 points, so that means that PGL Minor will be reckoned for February\
cause they won over e-frag 1/02/2016
or not?
2016-02-01 22:55:36
good find, then yea, i guess result didn't count yet

Post edited 2016-02-01 22:57:01
2016-02-01 22:56:55
No in fact, LANs is a misleading name. It's a ranking based on "big" LANs only. To emphasis important performances of small teams when they qualify and to balance top teams points more quickly in time.

They got achievements and form points for their victory, but the opponents were "bad" and their previous performances too so the leap is not huge for them.. Let's wait the actual major qualification (probably big LAN)
2016-02-01 23:01:20
ty for explanation, gonna wait MLG Columbus
2016-02-01 23:05:35
"This guy over here will mouselift us to victory time and time again"
2016-02-01 22:46:22
Is stewie2k 27 years old?! That has to be a mistake, there is no fucking way that he is that old.
2016-02-01 22:46:22
stich - HLTV.org
mistake indeed! our bad
2016-02-01 22:48:39
No worries, everyone does them!
2016-02-01 23:19:45
"Event by event, the South American team continue to expose as shams the age-old North American excuses about travel, lack of a robust practice scene, and event fatigue by actually appearing at events and performing well."

2016-02-01 22:47:02
NA>AU still
2016-02-02 03:11:48
22 hr
2016-02-01 22:47:25
2016-02-01 22:48:34
so much change
2016-02-01 22:49:27
G2 > NiP/Mouz/Dig/FaZe
2016-02-01 22:49:54
*dat username "
This comes from them dropping out of the group stage (in the most stacked Group ever) of the only tournament they attended, but I have to agree with Titan > Mouz & Dig for sure, maybe NiP but not Faze.
2016-02-02 16:52:53
cold 1.20 rating
niko 1.19 rating

I hope that those 2 players have a great 2016.
2016-02-01 22:49:59
s1mple 1.31
a y y l m a o
2016-02-01 23:23:36
stewie2k have 27 years old? XDDDDDDDDDDDD
2016-02-01 22:50:14
no, 18
2016-02-01 23:25:56
nice englando
2016-02-02 15:07:16
LG top3 or top4
2016-02-01 22:52:53
2016-02-01 23:22:00

lg top 2 feb

ence top 10 march

***Heard it here first***
2016-02-01 22:53:51
with almost no events in February ?
2016-02-01 23:10:56
ye sorry thought katopwice was in feb...

march then
2016-02-01 23:13:53
seems like GuardiaN bought that awp:)
2016-02-01 22:56:32
mongolz top 20 confirmed!
2016-02-01 22:57:42
wow, fox is 29?
2016-02-01 22:58:08
Enemy and Winterfox in front of Games Academy LMAO
2016-02-01 22:59:52
+1, GA is only below top 30 because lack of events, they didnt get invited to EEPL, but that propably gonna change after MLG Qualifier
2016-02-01 23:08:46
I hope g2 will get atleast top 8 in 2016
2016-02-01 23:00:36
i need a bigger screen on my phone. can't find nip...
2016-02-01 23:00:46
holy shit the burn
2016-02-02 09:30:36
NiP before FaZe hahahahhaha
2016-02-01 23:01:51
s1mple 1.31 rating ayyy what a monster
2016-02-01 23:05:51
Only 16 maps played in the past 3 months though, compare to coldzera 91 maps played with 1.20 rating.

cold > s1mple
2016-02-02 18:17:36
NIP TOP 7 EleGiggle
2016-02-01 23:06:06
How can Astralis be before Luminosity?
2016-02-01 23:06:24
point based on "Achievements Form LANs "
2016-02-01 23:13:00
Winterfox top 30 but not even GA? wth...
2016-02-01 23:09:43
Winterfox have better results this month, top30 is very volatile unfortunately..
2016-02-01 23:11:29
hm I get you. I hope that changes after the major qualifier tho!
2016-02-01 23:12:38
mongolz deserve top 20
2016-02-01 23:10:02
2016-02-01 23:10:12
NIP Still top 10

Enemy/Winterfox top 30

good jokes hltv
2016-02-01 23:13:26
The list is based on results... I don't see the joke...
2016-02-02 02:32:00
Pasha dominating the others in VP ^^
2016-02-01 23:13:36
mongolz top 5, cuz they win mlg major
2016-02-01 23:14:13
smithz 27 y.o?????????? wtf i give him 24 max

Post edited 2016-02-01 23:15:02
2016-02-01 23:14:27
Why dont have GamesAcademy?
They are better than most of teams on downside of table..
2016-02-01 23:15:31
the only even slightly notable thing they have done in a long time is beat winterfox online.. so please WTF
2016-02-01 23:22:30
navi luminosity and dignitas deserved :D
2016-02-01 23:15:47
where games academy???? and lg top 3
2016-02-01 23:20:50
2016-02-01 23:23:34
Worst bait I have seen today.
2016-02-01 23:28:46
TheMongolz, 1st tournament, top 30 world, hltv's things
2016-02-01 23:22:58
after dominating online they won the biggest asian lan yet beating renagades (top 20 team) twice on lan... who below them has done something more to deserve the 30th spot?
2016-02-01 23:26:21
2016-02-01 23:50:58
the only thing they've done is beat winterfox and mOE online.......... WTF
2016-02-01 23:51:51
they qualified to the major qualifier too, and they're playing a pro league in NA
2016-02-01 23:59:31
and the mongolz qualified to the same major qualifier, but on lan and against better teams.

GA didn't play any other games other than the online qualifiers, what is this pro league
2016-02-02 00:03:03
yeah tell me same about winterfox n enemy which are actually in top30 and GA not!
2016-02-02 05:31:07
GA didn't play a single match from 19th of november to January, whereas WF and enemy were winning games all throughout.

On top of that Enemy won mlg americas minor championship, on lan, not only beating WF but optic as well
2016-02-02 10:37:05
better teams? who? Chiefs? Renegades? LMAO
2016-02-02 17:54:08
renagades are a lot better than WF imo
2016-02-02 20:33:45
this rank >> thoorins rank
2016-02-01 23:24:22
Event by event, the South American team continue to expose as shams the age-old North American excuses about travel, lack of a robust practice scene, and event fatigue by actually appearing at events and performing well.

LMAO that banter
2016-02-01 23:25:30
Not too bad.
2016-02-01 23:27:25
Games Academy post :

They are 31st ..
They have not been playing a lot recently, winning the last chance NA qualifier is their only performance taken in account. They clearly have the level of the top30 teams and will get in it after the main qualifier but were unlucky in this top because of its volatility (lower ranks determined by online matches and daily matches)

PixelFire was 32nd, those 2 teams deserve to be in this top too and will probably be in the next monthly ranking if they keep up the good performances!

Post edited 2016-02-01 23:28:50
2016-02-01 23:28:43
thanks for clarifying!
2016-02-02 01:33:58
Thanks for the answer
2016-02-02 18:14:32
noice. doubt there's a UK team close up there? :~)
2016-02-03 16:04:48
Hum.. Around 60th place.. Let's wait for team BEAST ? perhaps.. ^^
2016-02-03 18:08:02
love your rankings topeiko, keep it up! :)
2016-02-01 23:29:15
Ty, means a lot for me :)
2016-02-01 23:44:24
1-10 tier 1 or?
2016-02-01 23:33:01
atm just 1-5
2016-02-01 23:34:27
HR no points for LANs nor achievements?
2016-02-01 23:47:32
2016-02-02 00:16:44
gj topeiko
simples rating wow 1.31
same solo beast like guardian niko cold & kjaerbye
2016-02-02 00:20:54
Such a shame that mousesports is so inconsistent. They got the potential to be a T1 team; NiKo is a BEAST, chrisJ can be an insane AWPer, nex is arguably the best german aimer and Spiidi and denis are more than decent too.
2016-02-02 00:32:15
coldzera 1.20 rating, wow..
2016-02-02 00:37:29
Nice ranking topeiko. Good as always.
2016-02-02 00:55:18
Thanks guy ! :)
2016-02-03 18:06:28


not even top10 anymore
2016-02-02 00:55:35
2016-02-02 00:55:40
simple rating 1.31 playing vs tier 33 eu
cold rating 1.20 vs eu tier 1
cold > simple
2016-02-02 01:03:49
The mongols
2016-02-02 01:25:14
2016-02-02 02:20:38
Wow, respects to asian cs, they grow so fuckin fast, what a lame that SA it's the opposite except brazil :(
2016-02-02 02:27:37
Brazilians have saint FalleN pouring his soul into the scene. Wouldn't be surprised if he tried to expand his project to the rest of SA, though
2016-02-02 15:14:08
Really GJ Topeiko... as always!
Most reliable ranking available imo...
2016-02-02 02:35:32
HR are not gaining any points after winning that PGL Minor?
2016-02-02 02:36:32
KUKLI hacks dont stand a chance against flusha undetectable hax
2016-02-02 03:06:43
huehuehues > astralis

switch mongolz with renebots

only changes I'd make
2016-02-02 03:15:41
Nice still somehow in the top 20 :) lol
2016-02-02 03:23:01
Top 30? What happened to top20?
2016-02-02 04:04:50
2016-02-02 04:14:13
Scream and Niko always fighting for that 10th spot.
2016-02-02 04:19:17
ez TheMongolz top 1 by the end of 2016
2016-02-02 04:46:27
luminosity made it to top 5 (expected)
theMongolz and cyberZen made it to top 30 ( gj asia )
2016-02-02 05:22:46
Lol VP has 13 points in form due to inactivity.
2016-02-02 06:50:29
Yeah, they got pretty inactive after being knocked out in groups by Dignitas two weeks ago.
2016-02-02 11:22:38
Since novemeber last year,they have not played much...
2016-02-02 11:50:26
Well, they did play CEVO, FACEIT, IEM San Jose and now Dreamhack Leipzig, that's not any less then any other team, maybe 1-2 small tournaments less, looking at the past 2-3 months. Wasn't that much happening in december for any team, for obvious reasons.

They have been playing like shit though, that's why their form is embarrassingly low.

Post edited 2016-02-02 17:00:22
2016-02-02 16:59:53
ez for theMongolz
2016-02-02 08:42:37
I'm so glad that NiP are #7 for literally doing nothing gg
2016-02-02 09:16:30
Sure ! BUT... the others teams did nothing too :/

achievments, form, lans => SUM = 7#
2016-02-02 09:29:19
gj keep it up :^)
2016-02-02 09:34:08
NA CS axaxaxaxaxaxax
2016-02-02 10:09:53
Ridiculous rating on the LG players, crazy high. Although fnatic is the only team in the ranking where all five players have the rating one or higher.
2016-02-02 11:21:13
How many points does a team get from PGL?
2016-02-02 12:11:53
FNX was 26???
2016-02-02 12:38:14
He's 26 right now and this year will make 10 years since he has become a CS world champion.
2016-02-02 14:59:43
lmao hellraisers winning EU minor and havent eved moved a single place? gj
2016-02-02 12:49:17
me being biased towards HR doesnt have to do anything with their placement, all i am saying is that their spot doesnt correspond with their latest lan achievement, meaning they should have been placed higher and if not, they should have been given some points for winning minor.. and tell me, whats not so logical here...
2016-02-02 17:26:21
Nip #7 really????? Long time no playing, problem team, lose 80% match against tier 1.
Who make this are fanboy nip.
2016-02-02 12:57:41
True! FaZe, Dignitas, mousesports and G2 have been so amazing it's such a shame they are behind NiP !
2016-02-02 13:01:32
NiP's and VP's graphs in that last image are hilarious.
2016-02-02 14:40:38
For a start I would like to mention that I am extremely happy to see that the newer Asian team "Mongolz" has made it onto this top 20, its time we started seeing more countries flags on this list. Focussing on the top 5, I think that its list is completely just, Fnatic and EnvyUs although not being part of 2016 much do still deserve to be on top because of the success late last year and throughout 2015, there is no reason for their movement or the movement of other teams to surpass them. Astralis although "dipping" in performance still 100% deserves their 4th spot in this list. As for NaVi and Luminosity, they are undoubtly first class teams, growing insanely this past few months, Luminosty and NaVi's placing's in recent tournaments have been outstanding to say the least, even without more top teams attending the lans e.g. EnVyUs and Fnatic.
2016-02-02 14:45:06
too ez for fnatic
2016-02-02 15:49:55
where is PENTA
2016-02-02 16:36:25
hm... when there is attax and Mongolz...next month we will see them :>
2016-02-02 19:46:46
Go Nip Go f0rest
2016-02-02 16:39:39
WFX and NME > GA? ffs
2016-02-02 17:52:13
why is optic above clg???
2016-02-02 18:04:26
HR & Renegades should swap places, otherwise actually a good list, gj whoever wrote this
2016-02-03 16:45:03

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