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fnatic win IEM Katowice 2016
Time: 2016-03-05 22:12
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

IEM Katowice ended today with fnatic being crowned champion at the Spodek Arena in Poland, where the Swedes were able to keep their win streak alive for the sixth consecutive event after winning three maps (de_overpass, 19-17, de_cache, 16-3, and de_inferno, 19-15) over Luminosity in the best-of-five series. 

Luminosity were off to a great start on the CT side of de_overpass, as the Brazilians were able to capitalize on the pistol round and follow it up winning six rounds in a row until fnatic were finally able to pick up their first.

A 1vs1 clutch in the eighth by Fernando "fer" Alvarenga gave Brazil the 7-1 advantage, putting fnatic on the back foot as their economic got reset. At 8-1, fnatic already called their first time out of the match to try and stop LG’s momentum. fnatic got a two man lead straight out of the timeout, but a triple by Epitacio "TACO" de Melo allowed a 1vs1 to be played between Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Robin "flusha" Rönnquist, which the former eventually won to keep fnatic under water. 

IEM Katowice’s very own big ears

LG kept the brick wall up, and chained rounds together all the way up to 11-1, losing the 13th to a forceful push onto A by the Swedish side. Luminosity stiffled the comeback dream quickly, though, closing the half at 12-3 with an impressive no-scope AWP shot by FalleN to clutch, defuse, and pocket the last round.

An ace clutch in the pistol round by Lincoln "fnx" Lau absolutely shattered fnatic, but only momentarily as the Swedes were able to rally together and win the eco with a pistols and armor buy. fnatic, having nothing to lose, went on the offensive in the following rounds neutralizing Luminosity completely. 

Not being able to close on de_overpass cost Luminosity dearly

Grinding rounds out, fnatic were able to bring the match back to a 13-8, but a perfect entry on A by the Brazilians got them the 14th and the light at the end of the tunnel. The Swedish side wasn’t giving up, though, and forced Luminosity into a tactical pause at 14-10. Five rounds later, fnatic had the match point, but in a last ditch effort Luminosity won their third round of the half to bring it to overtime thanks to a great play by TACO.

The same player gave his team the first round of the overtime with some pinpoint aim, breaking the 30 frag barrier on the first round of overtime. Both teams then traded rounds and ended the half 17-16.

After two rounds as terrorists, fnatic found themselves once again on the match point, 17-18, a point they would go on to bag the following round.

The second map played in Katowice was de_cache, and LG flew through the pistol round with TACO opening with a double and fer slicing through flusha like butter. fnatic had enough for a buy on the third round, which they went on to take after an A execute which caught Luminosity out of position. 

fnatic had perfect composure during the match

The Swedish side was then able to carry that momentum forward winning five straight rounds until Luminosity were able to put another one up on the board. fnatic were able to take the next two rounds, though, and increase their lead casting doubts on LG’s ability to stop fnatic on this map.

Rounds kept being racked up by fnatic, as none of LG’s adjustments in mid were able to garner them control, something which the Swedish team used to punish their adversaries time and time again closing the side 12-3. A 4on4 retake by fnatic on A gave them the first round of the half, catapulting them to a 16-3 victory. 

Luminosity bagged the pistol round once again, this time as CTs on de_inferno. A 1on3 clutch from pit by fnx allowed the Brazilian team to keep the momentum in the first gun round. After losing the following eco, fnatic weren’t quite ready to let the game slip away, though, and they were able to get on the board in sixth. Their attempts were rendered futile on the next round, however, as the Brazilian team retook the B site to force fnatic back into an eco, and putting themselves ahead 7-1.

dennis was crucial to fnatic’s comeback on de_inferno

LG locked the map down denied fnatic over and over again, giving up only two more rounds before the half. flusha was able to clutch a 1v2 after plan on B in the pistol round to keep fnatic’s hopes alive on the CT side and try to mimic the outcome from Overpass.

Luminosity was able to stop fnatic's momentum after four rounds, tallying their 13th, but weren’t able to follow it up, having their economy reset and fnatic starting to get back into the game with eight rounds of their own. 

Luminosity won a Tec 9 push on B to take the 14th round, but couldn't seem to string two rounds together despite fnatic having a complicated financial situation, and the Swedes were able to get themselves within two, at 14-12. 

Luminosity's worst nightmares became true as fnatic just kept plowing through rounds, eventually taking the lead and the tournament point, 15-12, thanks to a swift triple by flusha. The match wouldn’t end quite yet as Luminosity kept the match alive by sheer willpower and taking it to overtime.

Will was not enough in the end and the Swedes showed why they're number one by winning the first three of overtime, and wrapping it up speedily in the fourth and final round take home the $100,000 prize allotted to the champion. 

IEM Katowice 2016

IEM Katowice 2016 final standings:

1. fnatic - $104,000
2. Luminosity - $44,000
3-4. Astralis - $25,000
3-4. Na`Vi - $23,000
5-6. Tempo Storm - $13,000
5-6. Virtus.pro - $13,000
7-8. FaZe - $7,000
7-8. mousesports - $7,000
9-10. NiP - $5,000
9-10. E-frag.net - $4,000
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000
11-12. TheMongolz - $2,000 


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2016-03-05 22:12:14

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2016-03-05 22:12:19
ez & expected. Favelas might beat randoms but they can't beat Sweden.
2016-03-05 22:12:36
? the mentality of hltv people are so 80's tbh, keep with that thinking, hope they can get the revenge at columbos :D and dont forget, 12-5 16 12 from LG
2016-03-05 22:15:49

what did you say again? :D
2016-03-05 22:43:13
+1 best shit @hltv
2016-03-05 23:16:26
"as their economic got reset. {P2}" most best English ever
2016-03-05 23:27:34
Top tier teams are "randoms"?
2016-03-05 22:18:25
rapestan lmao
2016-03-05 22:18:28
I understand your frustration, even Brazilian players using 56k modems in the jungle are able to compete on the top level while NA teams swimming in cash struggle to make it out of groups at anything international.

Let it all out man :(
2016-03-05 22:26:28
rapestan mad?
2016-03-05 22:58:59
top bants
2016-03-05 22:59:52
But you have a feminist government who has turned your Viking nation into a nation of rapist Muslim refugees
2016-03-05 23:48:26
Could be gayer than that
At least they're still brutal
2016-03-06 09:35:55
yep, only in the uk feminism is a bad thing
2016-03-06 11:41:16
not as easy as expected though. far from it

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2016-03-05 22:20:32
I don't think you can call 2x overtime ez, fnatic had their trouble! But expected for sure.
2016-03-06 01:20:34
Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly / wtf ?

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2016-03-05 22:26:41
2016-03-05 22:12:19
tryharder typed 1, i typed gg, still not enough i cri

edit: oops meant OP!

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2016-03-05 22:12:47
2016-03-05 22:12:32
seriously nooo
2016-03-05 22:13:14
gz gz
2016-03-05 22:32:18

what a game, insane!

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2016-03-05 22:12:14
What's the worst: Donald Trump or Luminosity's T-side?
2016-03-05 22:27:54
you understand that fnatic got same amount of t rounds on 2 maps?
2016-03-06 00:47:23
2016-03-06 01:03:19
2016-03-06 11:39:00
donald trump is great
2016-03-06 21:57:32
expected :)

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2016-03-05 22:12:15
why there are differences in prize money?

'sorry for stealing this place'
2016-03-05 23:03:01
+1000$ bonus for every match won and some teams won more matches than other in the group stages
2016-03-05 23:23:11
oh that makes sense :) thanks
2016-03-06 00:10:21
Very nice
2016-03-05 22:12:15

Good run by LG though

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2016-03-05 22:12:15

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2016-03-05 22:12:16
2016-03-05 22:12:16
2016-03-05 22:12:16
"Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly"

you mean not being able to close on overpass?

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:13:26
2016-03-05 22:12:16
and inferno lol rip *gestures cross sign*
2016-03-05 22:28:49
No, he means chace!
2016-03-05 22:36:01
gj Luminosity

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2016-03-05 22:12:16
2016-03-05 22:12:17
7/7 w/ dennis expected

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:13:24
2016-03-05 22:12:17
U mean 87/87?
2016-03-06 17:51:57
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:12:34
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17
LG should have won on papaer...

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:12:41
2016-03-05 22:12:17
lol never fakeflagger
2016-03-05 22:20:20
Fakeflagger? wow...
2016-03-05 22:20:38
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:17
2016-03-05 22:12:18
2016-03-05 22:12:18
2016-03-05 22:12:18
2016-03-05 22:12:18
2016-03-05 22:12:19
i hope they dont win mlg
2016-03-05 22:12:19
But why?
Please don't give me those "flusho hax me lost skin" reddit bullshit as one of the reasons
2016-03-06 09:38:31
they are just reminding me of john cena
2016-03-06 10:54:15
2016-03-05 22:12:19
2016-03-05 22:12:19
2016-03-05 22:12:19
2016-03-05 22:12:19
2016-03-05 22:12:19
2016-03-05 22:12:20
nt by LG
2016-03-05 22:12:20
2016-03-05 22:12:20
2016-03-05 22:12:20
2016-03-05 22:12:20
ez xD
2016-03-05 22:12:20
fk yea
2016-03-05 22:12:21
2016-03-05 22:12:21
fnatic boring team
2016-03-05 22:12:21
cuz everyone else is shit :(
2016-03-05 22:15:05
thats true my latvian brother
2016-03-05 22:15:31
2016-03-05 22:23:23
2016-03-05 22:12:21
2016-03-05 22:12:22
2016-03-05 22:12:22
2016-03-05 22:12:22
ez for cloud 9
2016-03-05 22:12:22
Fnatic Tier one alone
2016-03-05 22:12:23

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:12:31
2016-03-05 22:12:23
2016-03-05 22:12:24
luminosity da gama
2016-03-05 22:12:25
LG threw
2016-03-05 22:12:25
fnatic won their 6th tournament in a row, but obviously LG threw and easily couldve won it instead. that logic
2016-03-05 22:13:40
Logic from a brazillian? that logic
2016-03-05 22:30:08
2016-03-05 22:30:31
good logic favela
2016-03-05 22:48:29
2016-03-05 22:12:26
2016-03-05 22:12:27
Simply incredible.
2016-03-05 22:12:27
2016-03-05 22:12:29
2016-03-05 22:12:29
ez for jw
2016-03-05 22:12:31
2016-03-05 22:12:31
very expected but good showing from lg
2016-03-05 22:12:33
2016-03-05 22:12:33
germans cheaters
2016-03-05 22:13:19
2016-03-05 22:13:37
very nice
2016-03-05 22:12:34
2016-03-05 22:12:35
you're 100% gay
2016-03-06 09:32:20
2016-03-06 10:50:32
2016-03-06 17:12:01
2016-03-05 22:12:35
rip LG/VP/NiP/nV/Na'vi
2016-03-05 22:12:44
best cs team in history, congratulations!
2016-03-05 22:12:45
2016-03-05 22:12:46
well , when a cheater is on final and im still sitting in my room , sure fnatic wins
2016-03-05 22:12:46
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000
2016-03-05 22:12:49
congrats fnatic!

navi win next year:)
2016-03-05 22:12:49
pro scene is boring these days

gg fnatic
2016-03-05 22:12:51
was so much fun when nip was on 80+/0 maps
2016-03-05 22:18:58
You know what hes saying tho
2016-03-05 22:40:05
I prefer to see a few top teams having some good matchups like in 2014 with VP/NiP/fnatix/LDLC

not even hating fnatic, its just boring
2016-03-06 01:32:55
strange then that the scene has more viewers than ever, by some margin.
2016-03-06 09:33:03
Bigger doesn't mean more exciting
But at least CSGO is expanding in some aspect
2016-03-06 09:40:57
just like esports in general, has nothing to do with that

2016-03-06 14:02:34
Its obvious now that no one will beat them. They are forever top1.
2016-03-05 22:12:52
expected, wp LG tho
2016-03-05 22:12:54
wp fnatic, again :)
2016-03-05 22:12:56


Post edited 2016-03-05 22:13:34
2016-03-05 22:13:06
NV 11-12 LMAO
2016-03-05 22:13:15
wp :")
2016-03-05 22:13:16
Favelas has dreams that will be only dreams 4ever EleGiggle
2016-03-05 22:13:18
2016-03-05 22:13:18
You can't beat cheaters. I am really hoping that Gaben finally will do something about it.
2016-03-05 22:13:19
cheat on lan? gl virtus throw
2016-03-05 22:13:51
Kql, Smn, emilio?
2016-03-05 22:14:13
on those big tournaments?
2016-03-05 22:15:24
Kqly? Played for Titan on those big tournaments, nothing stopped him from cheating there? The only reason he got caught was not because VAC suddenly detected his cheats, but supexo decided to grass them in.

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:20:19
2016-03-05 22:17:06
None of the players he named ever cheated on LAN.
2016-03-05 22:17:12
how you know that?
2016-03-05 22:56:22
The first 2 were banned online during a live online game and KQLY there is no evidence that ever showed he cheated on LAN.
2016-03-06 02:23:59
that doesn't mean they didn't cheat on LAN tho.
2016-03-06 07:06:41
ur stupid fxy0 even said he knew that kqly was cheating next to him on lan :P
2016-03-06 13:27:35
a long time ago before events started doing something about it, bro. stop bringing those three names up constantly. also only possible because steam cloud which is long fixed.
2016-03-05 22:16:44
Onliners, never on LAN
2016-03-05 22:16:55
Keep believing that :) You guys are so naive :)
2016-03-05 22:19:14
Hah, FALLEN did crazier shots than anyone on Fnatic, and you don't complain on him for cheating?
2016-03-05 22:20:32
Fallen is also cheating :) Just like fnx and fer if im not mistaken. It's not about crazy shots, it's about those "mouse lifting skills".
2016-03-05 22:21:29
2016-03-05 22:26:53
Omg buy a life.
2016-03-05 22:54:44
yea you're a fucking troll or just beyond stupid.
2016-03-06 17:47:39
Lifes rough when VP are taking it up the ass from every single team they face? I feel for you man
2016-03-08 01:58:54
2016-03-05 22:13:19

2016-03-05 22:13:21
2016-03-05 22:13:21
2016-03-05 22:13:22
2016-03-05 22:13:22
Gratz swedes! Insane streaks 6 tournaments in a row
2016-03-05 22:13:22
3-4. Astralis - $25,000
3-4. Na`Vi - $23,000

wat? why?
2016-03-05 22:13:24
Astralis won 5 games in group stage, Na'Vi only 3

1k$ for every won game in group
2016-03-05 22:14:24
every match win on group stage = 1k
2016-03-05 22:15:00
20k for 3rd/4th place

1000$ for every won map in groups
- astralis 5, navi 3;
2016-03-05 22:15:36
expected :)
2016-03-05 22:13:24
2016-03-05 22:13:26
2016-03-05 22:13:28
gg wp =)
2016-03-05 22:13:29
fnatic too stronk
2016-03-05 22:13:30
Only way to beat fnatic is in Bo1, in Bo3 they figure the way out how to comeback and win.
2016-03-05 22:13:35
Fuck this
2016-03-05 22:13:38
ez pz :D
2016-03-05 22:13:44
Easy Money 4 LG.
2016-03-05 22:13:45
ez loss for LG you mean
2016-03-05 22:15:16
But have money, Buyaka is happy about it
2016-03-05 22:18:27
me too, ty for ez skins <3
2016-03-05 22:37:38
Buyaka gets 0 of that money
2016-03-06 09:29:03
Why does Envy get more money than Mongolz?
2016-03-05 22:13:56
extra money per win. mongolz had 0 wins, envy had 1.
2016-03-05 22:14:27
Because Envy won 1 match, and Mongolz won 0 match
2016-03-05 22:16:11
Yeah I got it at the first reply. :)
2016-03-05 22:16:52
Nv won 1 match mongolz won 0
2016-03-05 23:52:15
Nv won 1 match mongolz won 0.
2016-03-06 16:46:38
Nv vann en match och mongolz vann 0
2016-03-08 02:00:06
fnatic 2 stronk, no chance for anyone.
props to LG, most finals against fnatic have been boring games, this guys were able to put a serious fight.
2016-03-05 22:13:56
you simply can't beat cheaters but one day you will raise a trophy LG!

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:14:31
2016-03-05 22:13:58
fnatic forever
2016-03-05 22:14:09
The best team in csgo history
2016-03-05 22:14:20
Fnatic is what best for business.
2016-03-05 22:14:23
2016-03-05 22:14:26
2016-03-05 22:14:52
There is a bag of runners-up teams and then we have fnatic, GGWP fnattar
2016-03-05 22:15:00
WP LG!! ur guys will back stronger for the next major

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:16:06
2016-03-05 22:15:22
jW cheating
2016-03-05 22:15:27
How much?
2016-03-05 22:45:52
Nice run LG but fnatic 2 stronk. Gratz.
2016-03-05 22:15:31
6 titles in a row.
2016-03-05 22:15:43
envyus ayyy
2016-03-05 22:15:46
2016-03-05 22:15:47
2016-03-05 22:15:51
great tournament, but shows how much do current castors know about cs, except moses :P
2016-03-05 22:15:57
Yep. So incredibly stupid and just surprising to see them predict both Astralis (ayy lmao) and LG to win.
2016-03-05 22:17:06
envyus 11 ayy lmao
2016-03-05 22:16:03
rip NV
2016-03-05 23:24:44
2016-03-05 23:56:46
2016-03-05 22:16:15
I thought you said fnatic wouldnt win katowice? :D
2016-03-05 22:32:53
Yep I did! I didn't think so. Didn't except this level from them. Flusha had 20 hours last 2 weeks before the tournament. Surprised and happy :)
2016-03-05 22:33:23
You said you are the biggest fan of fnatic. Why no faith bro? :D anyways super happy here too. Am a massive fnatic fan too :). Todays a good day... :D
2016-03-05 22:46:59
I'm pretty sure at one point it was 14-14 on Inferno?
2016-03-05 22:16:19
"Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly"
2016-03-05 22:16:31
Sweden saving europe again just like WW2

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:16:57
2016-03-05 22:16:43
not like now, Sweden will destroy Europe with Germany with their refugees, ISIS have already atleast 30.000 man army in europe its just matter of time when they will attack
2016-03-06 17:17:09
Yeah,we all gotta admit that Fnatic is the best team that ever existed in history of this quite young game.But the main question is,when will that end?I mean that synergy and teamwork in this team is on some unbelievable level,i am not even talking about their skill level and reading of the game.
It's just getting rly boring,that nobody can win them
2016-03-05 22:16:55
They don't even celebrate. "Just another trophy, okay... Gimme my money."
2016-03-05 22:20:31
+1, boring top1 scene really
2016-03-05 22:20:51
It's not boring at all, why is everyone saying this? They're great to watch and LG put up an extremely good fight against them. Sure, it was 3-0, but (apart from Cache) it was much closer than that suggests. It was way less fun when NiP were 87-0 and the competition was way weaker. Now, if nV bring themselves back to top form and LG and Na'Vi continue improving we'll have fnatic having to fight off all three of them, as well as Astralis if they return to form too. I think it's fantastic. Plus the fact fnatic are so solidly in first place; everyone else will be dedicated to beating them. These are good times for CS.

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:48:19
2016-03-05 22:38:07
I kinda understand why you try to whitewash whats happening right now,but Its not the reality. Nobody can beat fnatic in a bo3 when it matters. They have to go all out and even if you think they beat fnatic ( 12-3 half) they never do ( they means the other great teams). you just know fnatic will win anyway
2016-03-05 22:46:09
They're not even the current Major champions. It's not like this run has been going on for over a year (like NiP)... It's been a few months. They will lose at some point, just wait and see. I'm more worried about nV falling to pieces than fnatic winning everything in 2016. Also see my comment #261 you'll understand that being 12-3 up on both those maps' CT-side is in no way a guaranteed win.
2016-03-05 22:51:24
yeah,it's strange how nV didn't work out in a long run.They wouldn't have been able to win a major if fnatic wouldn't have been in a slump,imho.
They have the best french line-up possible,but when it worked well at the beggining of the EnVy when they just out-aimed everybody,doesn't work now,cuz aim is just so good on even tier2 teams nowadays.
2016-03-05 22:56:11
Last major was a different team.we are talking about the Dennis fnatic, and they won every Single tournament in a very competitive era of cs go. Nobody can beat them.
And the current meta is pretty t-sided, just Look at how the tournament played out before the final. Thats why Its so annoying: even in a time where especially fnatic among others are heavily t sided, they lose the t half 12-3 and Maybe you thought to yourself: Wow lg can win this! But of course they dont because suddenly fnatic become ct gods
2016-03-05 22:59:41
Dennis is good but I think jw coming back to form impacted their play way more
2016-03-06 22:27:39
I Agree
2016-03-07 00:26:47
inb4; 87-0 boys arrive =D
2016-03-05 22:49:47
if smbd will bring up that 87-0 NiP streak is obviously retarded,cuz what Fnatic does and what NiP did is uncomparable,cuz NiP were playing good when level of the competition wasn't even at the half of a level where it is now.
IMHO ofc.
2016-03-05 22:53:38
And i totally agree with you!

There was some good comp, early CS:GO
however - they were just simply ahead of people

- However, fnatic are playing flawless CS - NiP didn't back then (they were just better)
2016-03-05 22:54:35
yeah,good point was made by YNK? or moses? i guess.That Fnatic leveled up and improved to the certain point where they don't rely on strats,their teamwork,that's what is winning matches and tournaments for them.
And that's smth,which i have to suddenly admit FaZe Clan team,which i am a fan of,will accomplish,cuz of their communication.Which is sad,cuz i am a rly big fan of them.
2016-03-05 22:59:15
too easy
2016-03-05 22:17:05
ez money ez life
2016-03-05 22:17:07
They play better than LG.

2016-03-05 22:18:00
They play better than any team by a great margin.
LG top 2 no shame
2016-03-05 23:53:50
Predicted it.

They believed that the kings would be dethroned, but the only thing that remains is blood and bones before the throne.

The challengers have been slaughtered. The reign continues.

Come one, come all, come hell or high water.


Post edited 2016-03-05 22:18:27
2016-03-05 22:18:08
just sad
2016-03-05 22:18:18
GG. Once again Sweden delivers even though I wanted LG to win since they deserve it so much.
2016-03-05 22:18:29
I hate Fnatic, cheat team!!
2016-03-05 22:18:46
"de_chace" LOL wtf is that a new map? I didnt know that map was in the current map pool
2016-03-05 22:18:49
Good Game, more luck in future for us, gz Fnatic
2016-03-05 22:19:02
2016-03-05 22:19:03
rip nV
2016-03-05 22:19:09
"Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly"

You mean Overpass?
2016-03-05 22:19:17
Thank Mr.Fnatic no more LG fangays on HLTV
2016-03-05 22:19:37
de_chace in the second photo
2016-03-05 22:20:13
cold underperformed so hard...
2016-03-05 22:20:37
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000

2016-03-05 22:20:37
Well, that was a sick start by LG and a sick inferno 1st half, but not enough, not enough....

2016-03-05 22:21:04
ez comebacks. how could it happen 2 times? WAKE UP LG :D

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:21:50
2016-03-05 22:21:13
11-12. EnVyUs

hahahaha shitty french csgo scene going down.
2016-03-05 22:21:22
Poland talking :>
2016-03-05 22:22:10
Finland talking :> maybe ENCE will get out of the group stage at pantamera next year??
2016-03-05 22:25:26
jokes on you we never had a scene to begin with :>
2016-03-05 22:25:57
i never mentioned your scene since you dont have one. You do have a couple of shitty tier 5 teams though (ENCE & co).

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:29:21
2016-03-05 22:29:04
so why mention finland if were talking about scenes? makes no sense. besides i agree with you, you just got butthurt from the truth about polish scene
2016-03-05 22:32:33
Yes im from Poland, or i might just be fakeflagging. So butthurt indeed. I dont give a shit about Virtus "pro".
2016-03-05 22:34:55
gz, now we can kiss
2016-03-05 22:37:17
Expected. Nowadays only LG can challenge fnatic, but fnatic are slightly better anyway.
fnatic will win the upcoming major, that's for sure. It's as boring as it was in 2012-2013, when NiP had been winning everything till VG added shox and stepped it up, but now there are no teams to defeat fnatic, and it's extremely boring, I can fully understand, why VP fans didn't watch the matches - after VP lost it was obvious, that fnatic would win.

EnVyUs should do the same as fnatic did with ex-LGB trio - they gathered the strongest players in one team, and managed to success. nV should make shox come back, and pick ScreaM instead of apEX and kioShiMa, otherwise they will never win vs fnatic.
2016-03-05 22:21:25
I seriously doubt anything will come out of EnvyUs unless they get their heads out of their asses and start actually working. But +1 Fnatic makes it boring
2016-03-05 22:23:52
overpass was fucking close, on that map they lost the tournament
2016-03-05 22:24:53
Right, I don't get people calling for -apEX, he's one of their best players... -kio is much more understandable.
2016-03-05 22:42:04
Well, because apEX is not in Envys steam group anymore - so something is happening, thats why people do -apex (Also KennyS was removed as moderator in it)

Edit: apex posted this https://twitter.com/ENVYUS_apEX/status/70619262347..
- but people are pretty sure he was seen in it.

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:53:39
2016-03-05 22:50:42
Yeah I heard that they have internal problems. But I'm getting the impression that some people are saying -apEX for in-game reasons which, in my opinion, would be pretty dumb. Also I'm not getting all the +shox/ScreaM either. I would personally replace kio with rpk. Maybe ScreaM, but I'm a bit unsure about that.
2016-03-05 22:54:32
2016-03-06 01:11:33
See you are missing the point here!!! Back in 2012 when NiP were dominating the scores were never 3-12 down first-half for NiP and they mounting a major comeback as such.. they were very much winning it straight cuz of the level of play from other teams was not that great.. see that was boring cuz you knew NiP is gonna win anyway cuz of the low level of competition.. I won't blame NiP for that cuz the scene was just evolving back then.. but now with teams like NV, Navi, Luminosity you really can't say who will win it.. It's upto the teams now to figure out why can't they close out a match when they have an upper hand in the first half.. I don't how you guys find these matches boring.. insane clutches and comebacks..ace rounds and what not... Look at the quality of play..
2016-03-06 08:11:02
the scores were never 3-12 down first-half for NiP

2016-03-12 19:58:07
ok you got me there!!! But nuke is a ct map which nobody can argue on.. enlighten me with some other examples of comebacks in inferno, d2
2016-03-13 11:54:23
FNATIC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL TEAM IN CS HISTORY
2016-03-05 22:21:50
3-4. Astralis - $25,000
3-4. Na`Vi - $23,000


Post edited 2016-03-05 22:22:17
2016-03-05 22:22:01
denmark standards of living are expensive, m8

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:22:44
2016-03-05 22:22:36
yeah, how come?
2016-03-05 22:22:37
they get money for round robin wins.
2016-03-05 22:25:25
thx man
2016-03-06 01:44:09
astralis won 5 mathes during group stage, navi won 3
$1000 for each win on a group stage
2016-03-05 22:26:44
2016-03-05 22:29:12
thx bro
2016-03-06 01:44:58
GG FNATIC. WP guys. @olof all the way!
2016-03-05 22:22:09
GG Fnatic

MLG Major will be ez for Fnatic too
2016-03-05 22:22:53
EnVyUs top 2 team ^^
2016-03-05 22:22:56
I expect after this luminosity will lose their form ..
2016-03-05 22:23:11
2016-03-05 22:24:36
flusha fuking strong

well done Fnatic !
2016-03-05 22:23:11
3-0 but was very hard game.

gg fnatic best team ever and props to LG for great tournament (and fuck their fans)
2016-03-05 22:23:22
de_chace wot ?
2016-03-05 22:23:33
de chace 10/ 10 would read again

nt Lucas AM

naaa im just kidding :P
2016-03-05 22:23:53
Light a candle for cs :(
Fnatic have taken over the world
2016-03-05 22:24:24
2016-03-05 22:24:30
change title to Luminosity choked IEM Katowice 2016 away

2016-03-05 22:25:03
2016-03-05 22:25:04
i had a smile on my face when i saw the twitch chat when it was 13-3 to LG on overpass and i saw all the hate towards Sweden





pathetic really

Swedish Masterrace

Swedish Superiority
2016-03-05 22:25:23
nt muslim
2016-03-05 22:27:13
fuck yeah swedeeeeennn <3
2016-03-05 23:57:59
Not able to close on cache:)) nice
2016-03-05 22:25:43
2016-03-05 22:26:00
not fnatics fault lg couldnt fucking close out overpass and inferno hahahahahahahahaha
2016-03-05 22:27:08
Katowice always best eat sh*t Velve and now steal some money from NA...

Btw. Nice performance LG

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:27:53
2016-03-05 22:27:17
Congratulations fnatic. Sick matches.
2016-03-05 22:28:34
Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly
2016-03-05 22:28:39
LG blew it in both overpass and inferno... a team that had both big leads and still lose both maps doesn't deserve to win at all.

Huge choke, +pros to fnatic, they are so good its annoying.
2016-03-05 22:28:52
If you watched the maps you would know it wasn't a choke at all as all the Fnatic CT rounds were Fnatic dominating and many rounds in LG CT side were very close.

Like many have already said, Fnatic started always in the T side. If they would have started as CT there wouldn't have been OT in neither Overpass or Inferno. Stilk they made it 3-0.
2016-03-05 22:42:42
Jesus... I swear to god every person on HLTV nowadays has the mindset of Gold Nova 4 at best. Overpass is very CT-sided, 10-5/11-4. Inferno is also pretty CT-sided, 10-5/11-4. So, despite LG getting 12-3 on both CT sides, they were against the best team in the world who also have incredible CT sides... Like, what do people not get about this? It's not like they went up 12-3 on Inferno T-side and then lost (which then yes, would be a hard choke). I knew as soon as they hit 12-3 on Inferno (didn't watch Overpass), if they lost the pistol they would tie it up. Once the CT-side gets rolling on Inferno it's so hard to get a round in.
2016-03-05 22:47:27
do you even understand how cs works?
2016-03-05 22:59:16
gg 6/6
fnatic will do 88-0 tournament streak
2016-03-05 22:30:33
Dont be retard... They lost 1 match at Katowice
2016-03-06 09:37:47
88-0 in tournaments
now it's 6-0
2016-03-06 16:51:22
are you serious? :DDDDDDDD 88-0 means 88 matches win, not 88 LAN tournaments win.... lmao
2016-03-06 17:05:34
oh god
2016-03-06 18:31:57
I actually got dumber reading this comment. Thanks a lot dude..
2016-03-08 02:09:44
Under first picture "De_Chace"
2016-03-05 22:32:48
nt Lumino <3
2016-03-05 22:32:55
can somebody stop these guys? I think not

Post edited 2016-03-05 22:40:28
2016-03-05 22:33:51
1st map = DreamHack Winter Grand Final LDLC vs. NiP flashback
2016-03-05 22:34:23
Thank you fnatic for saving HLTV! :D
2016-03-05 22:35:29
The comeback is unreal! GG WP!
2016-03-05 22:35:42
ggwp fnatic :(
2016-03-05 22:36:29
"Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly"
De_chace? :D
2016-03-05 22:37:18
That's a world scale fail and you are a genius.

It's called "typo".
2016-03-06 00:16:37
oooooooooooo,u so smart noooooooooooow
2016-03-06 01:03:30
"Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly"

2016-03-05 22:37:58
This was pretty expected! GG
2016-03-05 22:41:59
fnatic's got ice in their veins
2016-03-05 22:42:04
nah they're just used to winning for so long, its a normal thing for them ;)
2016-03-06 04:19:40
great job from my boys!

<3 fnatic
2016-03-05 22:46:32

also nV 3000$ lmao
2016-03-05 22:49:07
eznatic. so boring to watch finals same result every time
2016-03-05 22:51:19
Jee Jee.

Sweden beats all again. We dominate the world. Easy as that.
2016-03-05 22:51:27
true dat, in half life.
2016-03-05 23:58:25
2016-03-05 22:52:26
Fnatic rocks
2016-03-05 22:52:30
2016-03-05 22:59:25
2016-03-05 22:59:42
Not being able to close on de_chace cost Luminosity dearly
2016-03-05 22:59:57
They are in another level
2016-03-05 23:00:48
fnatic is op, but lg is also strong,i think there are 2 quality teams only, others are quantity. just getting their salaries, and dont give a shit
2016-03-05 23:01:06
3-4. Astralis - $25,000
3-4. Na`Vi - $23,000

2016-03-05 23:03:04
+$1000 for every map won in groupstage
2016-03-05 23:16:37
2016-03-05 23:03:48
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000

nt baguettes
2016-03-05 23:04:27
2016-03-05 23:08:08
2016-03-05 23:12:15
E-Frag got more price money than EnVy, top kek. Hahahaha my sides.
2016-03-05 23:15:37
Good job fnatic, another one in the pocket. And gz to LG
2016-03-05 23:24:33
2016-03-05 23:24:57
i dont see any brazilian fanboys comments
where they at ?
2016-03-05 23:26:45
they hid in a cave
2016-03-05 23:39:29
i'm here, whats the problem?
2016-03-06 01:21:39
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000
2016-03-05 23:32:06
:) Can't wait for next KATOWICE!
2016-03-05 23:33:26
GG <3
2016-03-05 23:37:42
Unfortunatelly, LG still feels the pressure in Finals. They didn't win any yet and Fnatic is used to. They are near to win a big tourneament, when it happens they will begin to win more often, they got talent.
Congratulation for Fnatic (once again).
2016-03-05 23:38:12
they are so fucking goOD!!!!!!
2016-03-05 23:38:27
fnx he is the favela player but to csgo he is the soon banned
2016-03-05 23:39:02
LG = Fedex delivery
2016-03-05 23:40:04
Olaf still beasting
2016-03-05 23:43:49
2016-03-05 23:47:59
CSGO is much like any top sport. Just like they have issues with performance-enhancers, so does CSGO. Every top team probably has'em, wether if it's adderall or the "mouselift" help. Truth is out there.
2016-03-05 23:49:59
fnatic #1

AU could never accomplish these goals.
2016-03-05 23:52:43
GOOD Bye the best tournament
2016-03-05 23:59:23
this is getting boring, Vulva should disband fantic cuz it's not funny anymore
2016-03-05 23:59:40
like nip 87/0 was something else
2016-03-06 00:08:36
yeah because envy sucks
2016-03-06 00:37:33
nt hater, in fact I don't like this team at all
2016-03-06 13:47:58
fnatic.exe is undetectable in VAC system forever.&#65279;

Post edited 2016-03-06 00:15:53
2016-03-06 00:08:36
2016-03-06 00:11:43
how much baguette???
2016-03-06 17:46:13
i never bet :D nt !


2016-03-06 18:49:03
okey all your skins.. got it
2016-03-06 19:20:11
Wasted spot for the mongoloids
2016-03-06 00:20:21
and Envy
2016-03-06 00:36:58
This was their 1st time . So shouldnt say that
2016-03-06 08:04:25
So obv that fnc win xd
2016-03-06 00:23:17
11/12 nV so sad ...
2016-03-06 00:25:40
lmao @ envyus 11th/12th with mongolz, their new scrim partner XD XD XD
2016-03-06 00:29:08
2016-03-06 00:30:16
fnatic will keep on winning until they cant cheat at lan anymore.

deal with it :D
2016-03-06 00:42:02
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000 xd
2016-03-06 00:42:44
EnvyUS is tier 2 now? :(
2016-03-06 00:45:11
Fnatic should play with 4 players to make it more fair imo
2016-03-06 00:48:08
in my opinion the reason of fnatic's win is lack of high skilled aimer .
this is truth accept ir ot not .
2016-03-06 01:01:08
No it's not rofl
2016-03-06 01:04:02
Fnatic is in a whole other level atm , today they showed us that there is a big gap between them and the top2. Luminosity was on fire, and even then, couldn't take a single map from the swedes. I know that it seems "boring" to see them win everything but a few years from now,when these lineup is gone, we are gonna miss them and that's a fact.
2016-03-06 01:19:12
Yeah, well said. I personally don't think it's boring... I enjoyed seeing LG try to take on the final boss. LG looked terrific as well imo, pleasure to watch them play
2016-03-06 01:30:10
Yeah, let's hope we see a rematch in the major.
2016-03-06 01:31:24
ez and expected.
2016-03-06 01:38:47
2016-03-06 03:19:37
2016-03-06 03:20:34
As much as I hate to admit it, Fnatic dominates hard, hands down.
2016-03-06 03:32:32
"A 1vs1 clutch in the eighth by Fernando "fer" Alvarenga gave Brazil the 7-1 advantage"

LOL props to whoever made this article.
2016-03-06 03:38:25
You can see who made it up top.
2016-03-06 09:29:40
Doesn't Surprise Us
2016-03-06 04:11:06
deserved, but respect luminosity, they can probably stop fnatic in few months
2016-03-06 04:16:50
Bet on fnatic = $$$
They can never lose if flusha is not banned..
2016-03-06 04:17:17
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get a life
2016-03-06 17:46:46
its not interesting when fnatic wins every tournament
2016-03-06 07:52:19
Fnatic too strong
2016-03-06 08:21:21
Fnatic 2014-2016 > SK 2003, Na'Vi 2010, G5 and all other 1.6 legendary teams
2016-03-06 09:36:00
They're starting to carve their name on CS history if they haven't already
We could even say they're the best CS team of all time right now
2016-03-06 09:49:47
gave brasil the 7-1 advantage
2016-03-06 12:11:22
11-12. EnVyUs - $3,000
xD xD
2016-03-06 12:29:28
2016-03-06 12:55:15
2016-03-06 12:49:11
ez money for envy
2016-03-06 13:40:36
some of the best cs i´ve ever seen, well done, both of you!
2016-03-06 15:57:50
2016-03-06 16:42:07
And polaks of course shouting Virtus pro in the end, not knowing their pathetic team was completely humiliated. No idea what is their logic behind it.
2016-03-06 17:01:31
Logical thinking is too much for 10-12 yo kids
2016-03-06 17:50:16
EZ for Sweden :)
2016-03-06 17:15:55
fnatic 2 good ma frend
2016-03-06 20:29:39
nt LG <3
nt TS <3
Brazil For Ever

Post edited 2016-03-06 22:04:57
2016-03-06 22:04:16
EZ Last place for Mongolz lul
2016-03-07 06:27:11
fuck ur weed
2016-03-07 06:41:49
surprice? boring tbh if fnati is in no chance not one team coming close
2016-03-07 09:32:57
Fnatic Tier one alone.
2016-03-07 19:41:26
I said to my friend that it will be 3-0 to fnatic, and he lauged at me. Now i am laughing at him. Kappa
2016-03-07 21:04:27
2016-03-10 05:48:12
Pathetic Chinese infidels.
2016-03-21 06:07:40
good game!
2016-05-22 21:55:43

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