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ptr to miss Counter Pit finals
Time: 2016-03-14 14:29
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

NRG member Peter "ptr" Gurney has announced via Twitter that he will miss the Counter Pit League Finals because of a broken foot.

The former CLG member was injured during his flight to Croatia, where the event will take place, after the plane experienced severe turbulence.

Peter "ptr" Gurney will have to undergo surgery immediately, ruling him out of the Counter Pit League Finals, which will kick off on Thursday.

ptr broke his foot when the plane hit a rough patch 

NRG are now in a race against time to find a last-minute replacement, with their first match in the tournament pitting them against the new EnVyUs roster.

The North American side currently have the following quartet available for the tournament:

Justin "just9n" Ortiz
Samuel "SileNt" Portillo
Fatih "gob b" Dayik
Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninić

no :(

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2016-03-14 14:29:25
2016-03-14 14:31:03
"pitting them against"
2016-03-14 14:31:54
breaks foot on plane . hahahahhahaha frigile man
2016-03-14 14:32:02
"heavy turbulence"

2016-03-14 14:40:04
2016-03-14 14:46:34
How do you break your foot though? You're sitting in a cushioned chair. Most of your weight is on your butt in the chair. Unless he was standing or had his feet lifted in the air for some odd reason, he's pretty fragile to be breaking his foot like that lol.
2016-03-14 14:49:00
Needs to drink some milk brah. :()
2016-03-14 14:53:21
inform urself before saying something stupid :D.

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2016-03-14 20:58:45
it was jokes m8 :() no need to be so autistic. is cool ok.
2016-03-15 00:33:24
He said it is more his ankle, and it was while he was walking to the bathroom.
2016-03-14 14:53:36
There was a snake on board, bit his foot :(
2016-03-14 15:27:01
2016-03-14 15:37:58
2016-03-14 16:52:44
2016-03-14 17:17:37
this snake, did he fuck your mom?
2016-03-14 18:38:12
Typical NA IQ. Maybe he was walking to the toilet while it happened?
2016-03-14 17:23:38
There's always the "stay seated" warning. He could hold it in for like 15 mins of turbulence. Maybe Ethiopian airlines too poor for turbulence warning?
2016-03-14 18:01:01
Unless you are from an Asian country your iq is basically the same lol
2016-03-14 23:20:08
You just answered your own question and the lower leg has a lot of bones. It's super easy to break a foot
2016-03-14 18:13:29
stich - HLTV.org
although winter is generally considered the season most likely to experience CAT (clear air turbulence, an unavoidable type of wind shear that cannot currently be detected by radar), it is an ever possible occurrence especially on transatlantic flights (i.e. affected by the Gulf Stream).

now imagine being possibly out of your seat for an undetectable CAT that the F/O could not have imagined as there were no METARs nor PIREPS to allow him to avoid it. moderate turbulence is considered .5g to 1g whereas severe can be 1-2. that goes up to a 60 foot drop in the matter of a second if the plane hits a nasty downdraft.

there are many more scenarios than breaking your foot in such a case, he may even have gotten off luckily.

Post edited 2016-03-14 18:35:37
2016-03-14 18:34:09
interested in airplanes and stuff ? :D
2016-03-14 18:56:08
stich - HLTV.org
interested in a lot of fields of knowledge :)
2016-03-15 03:30:47
Thank you for the information stich. I had no idea these things existed wow. Well I stand corrected sir. I'll have to google a lot of these terms you used :D
2016-03-14 19:26:16
stich - HLTV.org
np my friend :D
2016-03-15 03:30:54
2016-03-14 19:34:12
There are many causes for CAT, wind shear is one of them. That is why it is so hard to detect(also the fact that there are no visual cues). It can occur near jet streams(fast flowing air currents) or through the change of temperature over a distance in a direction(temperature gradient). Otherwise, a good explanation. A CPL licensed pilot here;).
Sometimes, CAT is predicted and we can find the symbol for CAT in aviation weather maps such as in the significant weather chart. In these weather charts we can see the flight level at what the occurrence of CAT is possible.
PS: a SWC: https://www.aro.lfv.se/Links/Link/ShowSWC?time=060../WC%2006&selectedSourceName=SWC&fileMaxAge=1200

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2016-03-15 17:45:55
stich - HLTV.org
hey man nice comment, I like hearing from actual experts :D
2016-03-15 18:12:08
+1 :D
2016-03-16 04:16:53
Generally your route can also help avoid CAT... in New Zealand we avoid flying above mountains except for the Queenstown flights. I imagine in crowded airspace such as the states its more of an issue. Perhaps the FAA should take a look at some of their air corridors and narrow down ones that get a lot of cat... now i know mountains are only one of many causes but eliminating one of the causes will help.

I'll just leave this here for u stich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mxmFCw-Dig

Gonna film my own this coming winter.

2016-03-16 09:01:45
wait, he needs his foot to play csgo?
2016-03-14 15:32:39
no, but he needs a surgery as fast as possible
2016-03-14 15:41:29
"Peter "ptr" Gurney will have to undergo surgery immediately"...
2016-03-14 15:43:24
u know how hard u can get hurt from heavy turbulence when u just walk to the toilet and suddenly u plane is shaking and u land with ur leg on some metal and its broken bingo
2016-03-14 20:52:29
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2016-03-15 03:31:34
how can he brake a foot in a airplane, usually when there is turbulence you're not allowed to walk in the plane, you have to stay in your seat ^^ Im confused right now ^^
2016-03-15 17:04:49
2016-03-14 14:29:25
2016-03-14 14:29:55
2016-03-14 14:29:26
broke his foot & can't play

m8 does he play with a pedal or something?
2016-03-14 20:50:39
ye :D
2016-03-14 21:01:27
he's a pussy
2016-03-15 12:56:45
2016-03-14 14:29:27

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2016-03-14 14:29:27
2016-03-14 14:29:28
oh no
2016-03-14 14:29:29
2016-03-14 14:29:31
2016-03-14 14:30:03
aha :D
2016-03-14 17:11:40
2016-03-14 14:29:33
super kappa XD

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2016-03-14 14:29:34
2016-03-14 14:29:34
2016-03-14 14:29:37
2016-03-14 14:29:43
plane plane. That's cool
2016-03-14 14:29:43
Yep, i was just thinking the same :D
2016-03-14 14:30:27
2016-03-14 14:29:48
that sucks
2016-03-14 14:29:56
just get niko. ez
2016-03-14 14:30:00
when the plane plane
2016-03-14 14:30:01
2016-03-14 14:30:03
rip best player
2016-03-14 14:30:21
maybe niko
2016-03-14 14:30:25
2016-03-14 14:30:27
Plane plane?
2016-03-14 14:30:30
2016-03-14 14:30:33
poor kid did not have seat belt on
2016-03-14 14:30:40
You wear seat belt while going to the WC?
2016-03-14 15:21:33
NA excuses again, guy even breaking his own foot just to not play vs EU

next level lan dodging.

Post edited 2016-03-14 14:35:32
2016-03-14 14:30:41
He broke it on the flight there and needs surgery, doesn't really afford the opportunity to play.
2016-03-14 14:37:20
He's obviously joking...
2016-03-14 16:53:32
You didnt just take the bait you swallowed it whole down the windpipe brah.
2016-03-14 23:21:26
2016-03-14 18:39:59
lan dodger fo' sho'
2016-03-14 14:30:46
2016-03-14 23:10:39
Damn when is the last time this dude even competed on lan?
2016-03-14 14:31:00
He competed in november Mr fakeflqgger
2016-03-14 15:09:59
2016-03-14 15:55:55
EleGiggle NA BONES EleGiggle
2016-03-14 14:31:20
2016-03-14 18:56:41
lmao. get well soon
2016-03-14 14:31:28
Pfff, broken leg would never stop real gamer. PTR is pussy.
2016-03-14 14:31:44
2016-03-14 14:32:07
2016-03-14 14:32:46
lawyer up, get some of that airline skrilla
2016-03-14 14:32:11
act of god
2016-03-14 16:48:26
what he actual fuck
2016-03-14 14:32:28
These NA excuses are getting shittier everytime
2016-03-14 14:32:39
yeah, breaking a leg is obv a shitty excuse you dumbfuck
2016-03-14 14:34:07
2016-03-14 14:50:54
he need surgery
2016-03-14 14:57:05
youre a faggot
2016-03-15 01:03:14
How the hell did he manage to do that? lmao
2016-03-14 14:32:42
He was going to bathroom, bad luck for sure.
2016-03-14 14:36:20
2016-03-14 14:50:56
that timing thou
2016-03-14 15:04:24
2016-03-14 14:33:15
NA plane
2016-03-14 14:33:30
2016-03-14 17:13:18
2016-03-14 18:58:12
2016-03-14 21:49:52
Must be.

Other countries still use prop planes.

its 2016, get your plane game up
2016-03-14 23:44:19
"broken foot"

I hate when that happens to me and I can't play with my pinky toe
2016-03-14 14:33:54
wouldn't like moving in a wheelchair either, though it wouldn't matter his performance, unless there's constant pain
2016-03-14 15:04:33
it says he needs surgery immediately pls read the whole article b4 making smartass comments
2016-03-14 15:23:34
2016-03-14 15:25:40
who cares? its not like nrg would get more than 5 rounds in a bo3 anyways
2016-03-14 14:34:31
idk man, if they play against a german team its possible
2016-03-14 14:37:54
ayyy burnn
2016-03-14 15:22:39
Spoiler:there is no german team at the event
2016-03-14 15:28:48
they play vs envyus first round.
2016-03-14 15:39:28
They won BO3 over CLG and maps over LG, they looked pretty solid so far
2016-03-14 17:16:32
wtf what kind of turbulence is that?
2016-03-14 14:36:33
2016-03-14 14:41:18
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA this cant be true right?
2016-03-14 14:36:55
A blind person an a person without legs climbed mount Everest but a broken foot is stopping him from playing video games. k.
2016-03-14 14:38:04
nice landing
2016-03-14 14:38:44
Broke foot on a plane lol fat
2016-03-14 14:39:17
... what the actual fuck...
2016-03-14 14:40:08
mOE inc
2016-03-14 14:41:09
2016-03-14 14:41:43
how the fuck do you even brake your foot?
did the plane barrel roll or what?
2016-03-14 14:42:53
Yes plane flew 2 fast 4 him so he had to slow down but he couldn't brake fast enuff with his foot so it broke :)
2016-03-14 17:00:29
He was going to the toilet
2016-03-14 17:15:16
wtf? murican airplane?
2016-03-14 14:42:57
Seeing as how this literally never happens over here, and they were going to Europe, I'd say euro plane
2016-03-14 23:31:37
cool i didnt know ptr played cs with his foots. will try it, maybe i can get as good as him.
2016-03-14 14:43:15
apparently your english teacher teaches with blindfolder on
2016-03-14 16:22:11
Should take m0e or Adren!
2016-03-14 14:43:42
wait wait wait HOW DO YOU BREAK YOUR LEG ON A PLANE?! Are his bones made of drywall
Edit: Welp thats what you get for standing up and walking around in a plane rip ptr

Post edited 2016-03-14 14:45:27
2016-03-14 14:43:49
example: some planes has stairs to go to the second floor or first floor (the big ones), maybe he was on that type of planes and he was going up in the stairs right when the turbulance started and he fell off, its very easy to break a foot honestly
2016-03-14 14:58:37
I honestly feel bad for the guy and hope he recovers soon I know he's really nice, its just that there should have been a warning about upcoming turbulence which would ask passengers to sit down and put on their belts but I guess its not his fault if there was no warning
2016-03-14 15:01:59
they don't know every time, that's why (in australia at least) they tell passengers to keep seatbelts on in case of unexpected turbulence. ptr is just super unlucky.
2016-03-14 16:18:42
First the handshake with deman now this FeelsBadMan
2016-03-14 16:21:26
2016-03-14 14:45:10
fking hell... must of been very bad turbulence wtf
2016-03-14 14:46:11
2016-03-14 14:46:40
lol, he can probably sue for millions now
2016-03-14 14:47:24
excuse cus he rather play FPL
2016-03-14 14:48:59
gob b probably fell on his foot, he weighs around 120kg so it was rip insta for ptrs foot :(
2016-03-14 14:49:20
2016-03-15 00:22:01
lol i find this kind of funny, but feel bad for ptr. also it was his ankle he broke which makes more sense
2016-03-14 14:49:23
Dude cmon, u can still be able to play cs even with the broken foot, unless the surgery is the same day the lan is played :c

Post edited 2016-03-14 14:51:25
2016-03-14 14:49:41
rip in pepperonis
2016-03-14 14:49:49
At least your plane didnt crash into a skyscraper or a mountain. Could be worse.
2016-03-14 14:51:05
didnt know ptr played cs with his foot. put him in a wheelchair to play, makes no difference
2016-03-14 14:51:15
I was thinking the same XD
2016-03-14 14:55:51
Peter "ptr" Gurney will have to undergo surgery immediately
2016-03-14 14:59:18
fuck read the fucking article
2016-03-14 15:33:59
Need more Calcium and Vitamins
2016-03-14 14:52:06
LOL, fucking fragile gamers :D
2016-03-14 14:52:07
2016-03-14 15:09:07
Pete :(
2016-03-14 14:52:58
Bad Luck ptr

Fails at handshakes
Breaks foot on plane cuz why not
2016-03-14 14:53:36
what a weird lineup! :D
2016-03-14 14:55:31
2016-03-14 14:58:10
Staying on a plane with a broken foot has to hurt as shit
2016-03-14 14:58:21
damn your empathy is of the roof, you are going somewhere m8
2016-03-14 15:02:02
Not really, it is just that such a high amount of people on this site has no empathy
2016-03-14 15:03:19
daaaaamn selfreflecting and down to earth, who are you!
2016-03-14 15:09:11
Just a normal citizen that roams around a weird site just as you do to see people troll and insult each other :D
2016-03-14 17:39:04
rip nrg only good fragger

2016-03-14 14:58:29
Tabsen will play most likely
2016-03-14 15:02:12
NA plane top kek
2016-03-14 15:02:14
take notes joelz
2016-03-14 15:04:35
Kek that's why joelz missed all those lans
2016-03-14 15:47:31
2016-03-14 15:04:49
lmao wat
2016-03-14 15:05:00
NeXT time buy a ticket with a seat number.
2016-03-14 15:05:57

Post edited 2016-03-14 15:07:18
2016-03-14 15:06:29
wow that is some bad luck lol.
2016-03-14 15:07:04
black ddk to standin
2016-03-14 15:09:55
Way too many retards posting in this news.. Shit happens and ptr got unlucky, hope he gets well soon.
2016-03-14 15:11:07
Everyone's just joking mate. No one is serious here.
2016-03-14 15:29:07
Tabsen is confirmed on Twitter to be standing in for ptr
2016-03-14 15:12:31
Enjoy that sweet sweet compo
2016-03-14 15:12:38
NA foot ?
2016-03-14 15:14:58
2016-03-14 16:22:49
So fucking unlucky, this was NRGs first chance to prove themselves vs EU teams on LAN.
2016-03-14 15:15:00
Badluck Brian
2016-03-14 15:16:55
missing tournaments like a handshake :D
2016-03-14 15:22:21
Sue the airplane company and get mad monies. Like seriously how do you break your foot on an airplane because of turbulence
2016-03-14 15:26:04
Because turbulence isn't something that can always be predicted ? That's how you break your foot on an airplane. You're just going to take a piss and boom the turbulence hits and you break your foot.
2016-03-14 16:23:47
Hagrid took his glasses.
2016-03-14 15:26:55
allu inc, ezzzzzz.
2016-03-14 15:27:13
broke his foot? wthh
2016-03-14 15:29:15
dafuq, what kind of turbulence was that rofl, are his legs made of glass?

get well soon
2016-03-14 15:29:45
this is kinda funny and sad in the same time. xDDDDDDDDDD
2016-03-14 15:31:40
Contact me NRG i got this im Silver 2 but i should play global always those random noobs :(
2016-03-14 15:33:07
2016-03-14 15:40:59
Will ptr sue them?
2016-03-14 15:42:19
"An airline is not liable for accidents that occur due to "acts of god," that is, unforeseen events of nature that cannot be prevented. Turbulence is a good example of an act of god. The airline cannot always anticipate turbulence, and if a passenger is injured from turbulence while the airline and attendants were vigilant in protecting everyone, the airline will not be held liable.

However, airlines cannot always hide behind the "act of god" defense when passengers are injured in turbulence. For example, if the flight crew was able to foresee the turbulence (and often they can), but failed to warn passengers to fasten seat belts or otherwise take precautions to protect passengers from injury, the airline might be liable for passenger injuries. Similarly, if the pilot should have been able to predict the turbulence, but failed to do so due to lack of vigilance, the airline could be on the hook for injuries caused by the turbulence."

Just reading this would make me not do the hassle of suing.
2016-03-14 15:50:59
thank you
2016-03-14 15:56:10
Never knew that.. thanks for the information
2016-03-14 15:57:57
Well it isn't worth it here, but worth the hassle in USA.
2016-03-14 16:06:20
yeah probably. If you fart next to a person in the states you can get sued for it :ASDFASDF
2016-03-14 17:49:03
2016, even companys hides behind "acts of god"... wow...
2016-03-14 16:59:55
does he plays with his feets?
2016-03-14 15:46:16
How in the the hell is that even possible?
2016-03-14 15:46:17
I am curious how he fell though. And for people screaming:"WHY NO WHEELCHAIR GAMING?"

Well...if you break your foot and you get a surgery, you need to keep your foot steadily higher than your knee (and your knee higher than your hip). That for couple of days (has to do something with swelling).
2016-03-14 15:48:26
sue the company =D
2016-03-14 15:49:07
no peeta =\
2016-03-14 15:50:41
2016-03-14 15:52:00
you mean to tell us you can't sit infront of a computer and game cus your feet is disabled?
2016-03-14 15:53:32
mby learn to read before you comment pls
2016-03-14 18:02:27
dude hes a little fkn bitch and is crying about it to get surgery on the day of the event LOL. retard Americans T_T
2016-03-15 01:35:42
I can stand in for them.
2016-03-14 15:53:58
So what if he break his foot? Isnt he playing with the arms? What a coward, just take some medicine and go to hospital after the even. Go dedicate more
2016-03-14 15:58:27
More like his leg, not his foot. I guess your IQ is lower double digit. "Take some medicine", thats not how it works. You don't know in what way it's broken, depending on that he can have pain for years. Also he need surgery asap. Even after that, he has to keep his foot steadily higher than his knee, and his knee higher that his hip for a couple of days.
2016-03-14 17:42:34
health above gaming. I can assume you're not that healthy.
2016-03-14 19:55:25
NA Plane
2016-03-14 15:58:57
Get surgery and play anyway imo, do it for the team.
2016-03-14 15:59:18
2016-03-14 15:59:40
im available huehue
2016-03-14 16:02:03
drink more milk
2016-03-14 16:06:58
Rip NRGs chances without their carry. Incoming tabseN from PENTA as standin?
Hes stood in for Just9n and Silent3m teams in the past a few times.
2016-03-14 16:07:28
Look at that fucking call.
2016-03-15 01:07:23
wowzers. you ok if i tell this story my grandchils dude? needless to say that all rights reserved
2016-03-15 01:29:34
NRG's main carry missing finals gg
2016-03-14 16:08:44
2016-03-14 16:08:56
So unfortunate for them :(

Bet a German will fly over.
2016-03-14 16:11:55
or turk
2016-03-14 16:17:47
Just call Niko, he's close enough :D
2016-03-14 16:11:57
Is he playing with his foot?
2016-03-14 16:14:22
2016-03-14 16:18:45
Yeah what are you on about a lot of people do.
2016-03-14 16:26:16
Flusha needs his feet for his gaming socks, to see through walls. Kappa
2016-03-14 16:26:18
2016-03-14 16:16:48
9/11 ptr confirmed
2016-03-14 16:22:58
Lan dodger :d
2016-03-14 16:27:08
ptr be like https://youtu.be/y3OzHBEcymw?t=1m13s

Post edited 2016-03-14 16:35:29
2016-03-14 16:34:41
I remember how Markeloff played in Valencia, when his leg was in plaster.
0-16 but still good example for NA pussies.
2016-03-14 16:43:10
ptr has to go right in for surgery. though I don't know, i'm guessing markeloff's leg was just healing or whatever. this is not a good example of NA pussies.
2016-03-14 16:58:01
I still remember when russian people knew how to read english, oh wait no i dont remember
2016-03-14 18:24:36
why does this guy piss me off
2016-03-14 16:48:41
He's easily one of the nicest pros lol
2016-03-14 16:49:41
Hes playing cs with his foot? wtf lets not call eachother a pussy now ;)
2016-03-14 16:59:09
Had no idea ptr played CS with his feet
2016-03-14 17:07:50
2016-03-14 17:13:14
pain? he's going to be sitting on his ass playing a video game.


Real athletes who played through injuries that actually affect parts of their bodies they need to use to compete. There are many more, was trying to find the hockey player who played with a broken leg and scored the winning goal.

Ptr is a pussy hands down, and to miss the LAN finals ???? Joke.
2016-03-14 17:30:12
Imagine flying 17h and after 14h you break your fucking leg in a plain and have to lie down on the plane's ground for 3 more hours after you just broke your leg. Depending on what kind of breaking it was, the pain can stay for years and can be enormous.
2016-03-14 17:39:47
His injury needed surgery? is he gonna play from the hospital bed under anesthetic?
2016-03-14 17:41:30
That's awful... Feel better Pete ;(
2016-03-14 17:12:18
Fat people... :/
2016-03-14 17:13:53
Take me Im global
2016-03-14 17:14:45
wow how bad the turbulence does have to be for someone to actually break a foot.... thats scary...

get better soon...


Post edited 2016-03-14 17:15:30
2016-03-14 17:15:05
dude he break his goot due to turbulance, HE ALMOST DIED NIGGA wtf =ooooo for sure he needs emotional rest too, hope the best for him!
2016-03-14 17:19:06
How the flying fuck you break your foot like that?
2016-03-14 17:23:15
ahaahahahah FLYING fuck get it
2016-03-14 17:28:11
rip peter.
2016-03-14 17:26:02
2016-03-14 17:27:41
Gets $10 Million from Airlines for the leg.
2016-03-14 17:28:02
That's a skripper!
2016-03-14 17:42:48
2016-03-14 17:45:33
BC. you can't play computer with a broken foot..

rofl.. he should join TrashSM
2016-03-14 17:48:03
can you fucking retards read the whole article before posting your stupid comments, pls you can do better.

Post edited 2016-03-14 18:09:24
2016-03-14 18:03:57
Heart and soul!

2016-03-14 17:48:09
How do u fling break a foot in an airplane? What kind of turbulence was it?
2016-03-14 17:49:21
Thats the absolute dumbest shiet ive ever heard.
Anyways, good recovery man
2016-03-14 17:52:18
how does plane turbulence make u break ur foot ?
2016-03-14 18:04:24
he was walking to bathroom
2016-03-14 18:23:24
come back soon ptr we love you!
2016-03-14 18:12:48
i wonder if he was using a gurney to get around
2016-03-14 18:12:54
What a fucking wuss, get the foot straight, bandage that shit and play. Like wtf man, even playing with a broken wrist is totally fine.
2016-03-14 18:13:03
You don't know in what way it's broken, depending on that he can have pain for years. Also he need surgery asap. Even after that, he has to keep his foot steadily higher than his knee, and his knee higher that his hip for a couple of days.

I know it looks like he is a pussy (and he probably is), but it's the smarter decision regarding he will have to live for some more years after his CS pro career ;)
2016-03-14 18:19:07
2016-03-14 18:18:07
probably tabsen
2016-03-14 18:22:36
lol thats such a weird way to break a bone. must have something or someone fall on it. drink milk pete
2016-03-14 18:22:48
NA calcium
2016-03-14 18:24:10
So many smartass comments here.. But well what should I expect, its hltv
2016-03-14 18:34:50
lmao NA excuses
2016-03-14 18:46:01
Lmao EU planes
2016-03-15 02:47:50
what the fuck lol? turbulence BROKE HIS FOOT?

How does this happen, how is this not in the news somewhere?

Rofl. I have never heard something like this before.
2016-03-14 18:55:57
#299 explains it pretty good
2016-03-14 23:30:26
What an unfortunate way to miss the tournament :(
NRG's performance will be seriously impacted, although their prospects were not very high in the first place.
2016-03-14 18:58:54
ptr ;(
2016-03-14 19:02:59
Nice dodge.
2016-03-14 19:04:15
i heard that gob b accidentaly sat on his foot
2016-03-14 19:17:19
did he plays with his foot?
2016-03-14 19:17:37
He needs immediate surgery you stupid fuck. Say your mother dies and you understandably skip out on your next lan. Did you need your mom to play cs? Weak fuck.
2016-03-14 19:19:57
NA Plane FailFish
2016-03-14 19:19:51
Counter Pit League Finals, which will ,,kick off'' on Thursday.

2016-03-14 19:30:02
Put me in Coach !
2016-03-14 19:38:56
Yes I can confirm he is a weak man. I have a similar situation to this happen to me...we are dropping 1000 ft in 1 second and I am walking to my seat...but because I have genetics of a Greek god it is impossible for me to break anything...the gravity has gone and now I am floating in the air...so I grab the face of the nearest person to me (it was a baby) and fly through the air whilst flexing my abs and my biceps..all the girls are happy...and I fly into the hottest hostess and make love to her and everyone claps...this is a true story and why did he not do this?
2016-03-14 20:34:38
2016-03-14 21:05:35
Typical EU third world flights Thanks again EU
2016-03-14 20:40:23
that's some next level NA lan dodging shit
2016-03-14 20:53:57
I shouldn't laugh at this. Hope the surgery goes well.
2016-03-14 20:55:11
Didn't know ptr plays Csgo with his feet
2016-03-14 21:12:24

this is not a joke man, also he broke his leg not his foot
2016-03-14 23:19:22
Damn, they really had a shot to win this thing with ptr too :[, KAPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
2016-03-14 21:48:01
2016-03-14 22:05:18
LMAO fucking pencil thin kid. Hope he gets enough calcium pumped into him during the surgery LOL.
2016-03-14 22:45:20
ptr with crutches :DD http://imgur.com/AC8682o
2016-03-14 23:14:43
2016-03-15 19:42:23
brooke his foot on a airplane you cant go more nerd than that
2016-03-14 23:17:53
2016-03-14 23:22:09
If he went into surgery immediately that means he should be out 1-2 days prior to the event. Use some crutches to get around and play with your hands. Surgery doesn't take 3-4 days in a bed for 1 operation, you MIGHT have to stay overnight but its highly unlikely.
2016-03-14 23:36:07
Epsilon Draken stand-in confirmed?
2016-03-14 23:40:29
Typical EU.

Get better planes. Thanks.
2016-03-14 23:45:36
tabsen stand in
2016-03-15 00:01:40
2016-03-15 00:41:45
2016-03-15 01:06:32
2016-03-15 02:19:32
It's just a foot, not a hand? How can't he play, what a sissy.
2016-03-15 08:48:34
R.I.P :(
2016-03-15 13:56:47
rofl, what kind of bones he have? breaking foot while sitting on airplane?

also cant play because of it :D

2016-03-15 19:56:26
well this is how fragile you can get if your whole fkin day consists of walking the distance to the bathroom,kitchen and siting in a chair for 12hrs+ even so what a fkin pus*y jeez these muricans
2016-03-15 21:27:03
Better get the ptr gurney
2016-03-16 03:16:05
That's why one should be wearing their seatbelt. CAT is a pain in the ass and only gets picked up half the time or less by the doppler radar onboard our aircraft. We don't get it often flying in NZ because our routes apart from one don't put us too close to mountains.
2016-03-16 08:55:15
idiot cant think of the reason why other ppl are safe
2016-03-17 11:42:45
ptr now
2016-03-18 20:10:48

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