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ex-Vexed sign for AGG
Time: 2016-03-17 00:48
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

AGG have announced that they have completed the signing of the former Vexed Gaming team.

The Polish team had been playing under the temporary name "noKappa" since parting ways with Vexed Gaming following structural problems, which were later explained in more detail in a statement issued by the players.

While looking for a new organisation, the team competed in the first European closed qualifier for DreamHack Masters Malmö, in which they were eliminated in the quarter-final stage following a 0-2 defeat against mousesports.

noKappa join AGG 

The failed qualification campaign for the $250,000 tournament did not cool interest in the team, however, as the players have agreed to join AGG, who entered the esports scene only last month, when they signed the squad known as SKDC.

Along with the move, the North American organisation have confirmed that they will be pulling the plug on the Canadian team, who are at the foot of the region's ESL Pro League division, with a 0-10 record.

"We wanted to make a move to the larger stage," AGG co-owner Brandon Spearman explained in a statement.

"Picking up a roster in EU with a lot of promise, a nice track record, and multiple major appearance was a no brainer.

"These guys are not only great players but amazing people and we are very excited about the future with them."

In a separate statement, team member Karol "rallen" Rodowicz spoke of his excitement at finding a new organisation as they look to get back on track after failing to secure a spot at the MLG Columbus Major.

"I am very happy that we found a new home for us," he said. "They showed a lot of respect towards us.

"I think we found our dream organization to work with together."

AGG now have the following Counter-Strike squad:

Karol "rallen" Rodowicz
Damian "Furlan" Kislowski
Karol "repo" Cybulski
Dominik "GruBy" Swiderski
Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny

Kuba "KubiK" Kubiak (coach)
Emir "sngz" Udvincic (manager)

Nice my polish friends <3

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:48:59
2016-03-17 00:48:46
rip team OCEANgod
2016-03-17 00:51:11
rip KKona
2016-03-17 11:06:57
wp to the polish players
2016-03-17 13:46:57
Now WFX needs to drop their shitty roster and get a team that can actually achieve something.
2016-03-17 01:11:20
Not qualifying once, got dropped.
BTW, "The failed qualification campaign for the $250,000 tournament", shouldn't it be $1,000,000?
2016-03-17 09:12:29
It's for dreamhack Malmö helps if u read
2016-03-17 09:17:07
heard they got dropped because vexed got ripped off by their sponsors and vexed still owes their team around 10000 euro but vexed wont pay that because they are gone
2016-03-17 09:52:28
You must be such an insider to have this much information. Almost like they had a press release about it
2016-03-17 17:00:34

there, you lazy fuck.
2016-03-17 18:26:37
captain here. @Swifty82 was sarcastic. *flies away*
2016-03-17 21:35:52
Thank you captain, another soul saved.
2016-03-17 21:51:19
2016-03-17 00:48:47
2016-03-17 00:48:48

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:48:56
2016-03-17 00:48:49
nice AGG!
2016-03-17 00:48:50
Why are you everywhere...
2016-03-17 03:16:18
I'm not ',-'
2016-03-17 03:25:33
2016-03-17 00:48:50
2016-03-17 00:48:50
2016-03-17 00:48:50

quite a quick decision

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:50:41
2016-03-17 00:48:51
wtf, RIP NA, gl poorlacks

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:49:50
2016-03-17 00:48:51
Neaderland scene is funny, tell me one good team
2016-03-17 13:02:55
Poorlacks or toilet cleaners is your nick name, nothing wrong with that bruh. We got fuck all. I never stated we did or that your scene is shit, but I know reading is difficult for you lot. Your scene is dying tho. VP is getting worse and vexed and csgl don't seem to get better. The only other team I know of that is on the rise is Team Refuse and they're still a long way away.
2016-03-17 13:15:54
dude stop smoking weed and retype ur comment after smth like 8 hrs ples
2016-03-17 15:29:04
What do you mean Poorlando? Could you repeat that in English for me?
2016-03-17 15:31:06
k high nederlandinho ill rek u in club penguinho scrub
2016-03-17 15:31:48
respond to me dosia's fukboi
2016-03-17 15:35:20
Anyway , we have a lot of good teams. You have only ChrisJ so shut up drugged guy.
2016-03-17 15:44:18
I never said anything about your teams you autistic fuck.
2016-03-17 18:51:38
2016-03-17 00:48:51

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:49:01
2016-03-17 00:48:51
2016-03-17 00:48:52
Never lucky #15

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:49:12
2016-03-17 00:48:52
kbry madafaka
2016-03-17 00:48:53
haha nice
2016-03-17 00:48:54
rip twistzzzz
2016-03-17 00:48:59
2016-03-17 00:49:13
2016-03-17 00:49:16
oh well..
2016-03-17 00:49:25
2016-03-17 00:49:26
2016-03-17 00:49:27
nt idiot
2016-03-19 21:26:04
nice flag toilet cleaner
2016-03-19 22:07:34
kk kid
2016-03-20 01:11:58
2016-03-17 00:49:30
OCEAN now polish O:
2016-03-17 00:49:31
Wait so what about the NA team?
Edit: nvm i need to learn how to read.

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:50:11
2016-03-17 00:49:37
It was a joke anyway kappa
2016-03-17 00:50:20
RIP Ocean Kappa
2016-03-17 00:49:41
Ez 10k wages, no more toilet cleaning.
2016-03-17 00:49:42
2016-03-17 00:49:58
2016-03-17 00:50:03
"I think we found our dream organization to work with together." = A LOT OF MONEYS
2016-03-17 00:50:06
NA rekt
2016-03-17 00:50:09
rip odeag KKona
2016-03-17 00:50:09
LoL O.o ? Good Luck Boys
2016-03-17 00:50:21
2016-03-17 00:51:37
hope these guys make it to the next major, the stickers will be dope af
2016-03-17 00:52:00
2016-03-17 00:54:08
I wonder if (or how long for) they'll stick to the statement that AGG is "dream organization" to work with. Given some of the things I've heard ;)

Edit: Also happy for Twistzz, he'd be a great player for TSM/WFX/Splyce/NRG to pickup. Especially now that his contract is voided.

Post edited 2016-03-17 00:57:43
2016-03-17 00:55:12
AGG is just some kids brand being used as a front by RGN to sponsor a team... i doubt they even pay salary.
2016-03-17 00:56:22
Well, the previous AGG were "salaried". Extra emphasis on the quotation marks.

RGN also ran one of the worst LANs of the year and I've heard of a lot of weirdness surrounding them. Good for the poles though, although I don't know what leagues they play in.
2016-03-17 01:09:51
Should also note, what free_crimea said isn't true.

Seems like we have just another scumbag organization/owner trying to fuck over the players.
2016-03-17 01:59:21
Funny you should say that because the team was gonna leave for that reason.
EDIT: I mean the owner neglected to pay. They didn't get their paycheck.

Post edited 2016-03-17 01:20:00
2016-03-17 01:19:05
2016-03-17 01:42:54
AGG is not owned by anyone from RGN, nor does RGN Own any part of AGG.
2016-03-17 09:19:11
2016-03-17 01:36:22
rip Kkona
2016-03-17 00:56:21
rip odeag
2016-03-17 00:56:33
what about former agg???
2016-03-17 00:56:39
they taken to syria
2016-03-17 01:07:16
2016-03-17 00:58:16
them possible stickers doe :D
2016-03-17 00:58:28
They will never again make it to a major mark my words. I really like Gruby and Rallen tho.
2016-03-17 01:19:33
maybe, but there is something in major qualifiers that they are finding their plow and somehow rekting their opponents. In mlg qualifiers they played without hyper and still it was decent attempt
2016-03-17 01:24:43
rip iBP rip LGB
2016-03-17 00:59:51
Hyper cheater cheater pants on fire.
2016-03-17 01:00:19
rip papa odeag
2016-03-17 01:00:46
2016-03-17 01:01:53
Rip CS God ocean
2016-03-17 01:04:29
2016-03-17 01:04:44

ez Tier 1 best Polish team
2016-03-17 01:07:24
Nice try Ocean ;]
2016-03-17 13:05:24
2016-03-17 01:14:50
holly motha fuckin fak
2016-03-17 01:16:06
2016-03-17 01:20:25
The stickers will look soooooooooooooooooooooo fucking sick if "Vexed/AGG" comes to a major or something, Kreygasm
2016-03-17 01:22:02
2016-03-17 01:58:14
2016-03-17 01:30:48
Hope you understand agg is a trash org, most of thier money come from rng, imba ex-vexxed leave after 3 or 4 month
2016-03-17 01:31:51
n1ce , GL (:
2016-03-17 01:35:16
2016-03-17 01:48:57
2016-03-17 03:11:37
wtf kkona over kurwas
2016-03-17 01:49:02
+ KKona
2016-03-17 01:58:57
2016-03-17 02:10:49
2016-03-17 02:19:59
Nice try ODEAG ;]
2016-03-17 13:17:18
jesus i hate the agg org

(not for this decision though)

Post edited 2016-03-17 02:42:05
2016-03-17 02:41:35
wtf did they do to kkona they dropped him for kurwa mac and co
2016-03-17 02:46:09
2016-03-17 02:52:19
gl escape from tier345456576723 online gaming
2016-03-17 02:54:57
who cares
2016-03-17 02:58:51
The NA guys still haven't received their salaries after 2 months of being signed
2016-03-17 03:03:16
if these idiots from US cant win matches, it's no wonder. 16 LOSES 0 - WIN KAPPA.
2016-03-17 14:40:04
nooo twistzz was a god rip
2016-03-17 03:57:51
2016-03-17 04:01:46
Nice !!!
2016-03-17 06:11:25
Wait I heard AGG was pretty shady, did they solve their issues?
2016-03-17 06:39:31
Just to give some further information, someone told me they didn't pay their previous team, also saw this on reddit just now.

Post edited 2016-03-17 07:22:42
2016-03-17 07:20:47
they didn't solve their issues, i talked to twist earlier and he said that the team hasnt been paid yet.
2016-03-17 07:40:19
yo pyth.
Yes. AGG is making fake giveaways and still they don't paid the na team
2016-03-17 14:18:40
he means the problem about salaries for last team they picked ;p
2016-03-19 11:42:20
They want to come to NA ....
2016-03-17 06:56:53
wont or want?
2016-03-17 08:59:06
Nice kappa.
2016-03-17 13:20:16
It's possible that they will come
2016-03-17 15:11:01
gl AGG <3
2016-03-17 07:07:53
2016-03-17 07:44:01
2016-03-17 08:11:05
AGG? hahahahahaha, shit decition
2016-03-17 08:14:51
2016-03-17 08:26:56
Ez 4 ApparitionsGotGame, 2 bad none of polish players can pronnounce that.
2016-03-17 08:59:50
I'm sure you're the one that can't pronounce it. And btw learn how to spell.
2016-03-17 13:54:45
Ok m8 learn another language besides mother language.
2016-03-17 14:05:23
Well I speak and write fluent Polish so I think we're equal.
2016-03-17 18:13:40
I speak fluent German, English, Croatian / Serbian, good at Italian and Czech, so ye I'd say we're equal.
2016-03-17 18:16:58
nt polish team
2016-03-17 09:17:22
"dream organization" lmao
2016-03-17 10:30:00
Top #1 in PL incoming .
#1 AGG
#3 VP
2016-03-17 10:34:37
good for u polan
2016-03-17 10:54:04
cg at least they dont throw like csgl really like this team
2016-03-17 11:05:33
good job
2016-03-17 11:30:22
insane how many orgs in NA are able to provide LAN support and sallary. AGG, a random shit org that never achieved anything has the money for it.. just NA things^^

Post edited 2016-03-17 12:29:03
2016-03-17 12:28:52
or do they?
2016-03-17 13:25:10
2016-03-17 14:15:48
They are providing shit, big tournaments are providing hotels and travel support for all the teams, org is paying nothing

E: Gruby said on stream that Vexed sent them for only one tournament, rest was paid by the organiser

Post edited 2016-03-17 18:44:00
2016-03-17 18:43:20
2016-03-17 14:01:50
2016-03-17 15:49:16
no hype. ive read about agg scamming :>
2016-03-17 17:17:55
:D ayyy. RIP InVert and Twistzz though.
2016-03-17 15:45:09
They've really big chance ahead
2016-03-17 16:02:49
fail org,gg
2016-03-17 18:10:25
2016-03-17 18:14:56
fuck this retarded org
2016-03-17 18:40:03

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