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Examining Astralis' Major spot
Time: 2016-10-12 14:46
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

With Finn "karrigan" Andersen being benched in Astralis, the team only has two out of five players in the active roster that hold the Legends' spot at ELEAGUE's Major. We've taken the liberty of examinining possible routes Astralis can take to secure their spot at the Atlanta event.

Prior to ESL One Cologne, Astralis swapped René "cajunb" Borg for dignitas' Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye. As a result, Astralis had to use Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander instead of Kjaerbye, who was part of the Minor cycle with dignitas and thus couldn't attend the Major with another team.

The exclusion of karrigan from the starting roster puts Astralis in a peculiar position 

During the event's group stage, Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen fell ill and was forced to sit out the rest of the event, having to undergo surgery. Astralis used coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen instead in their last two matches (against dignitas in groups and Virtus.pro in playoffs).

As Astralis played with coach zonic in the match that clinched the quarter-final spot, and thus their Legend status, the following players would have to form a trio to remain invited for ELEAGUE's Major, Valve confirmed to HLTV.org:

Nicolai "device" Reedtz
Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth
Finn "karrigan" Andersen
Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander
Danny "zonic" Sørensen

That means that as things currently stand (karrigan recently being benched), the team only has two out of five players in the active roster eligible for the spot at the next Major: Nicolai "device" Reedtz and Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth.

To secure their spot at the Major, Astralis have several options: they can bring back Finn "karrigan" Andersen, sign gla1ve from Heroic, use zonic once again, or qualify through the Minor and the Main Qualifier.

Scenario #1 -  gla1ve

If Astralis mean to sign gla1ve, they need to "prevent" him from playing the European Minor, which kicks off on November 4.

If Heroic played the Minor with their current roster, gla1ve wouldn't be able to play in the current Major cycle with another team, according to Valve's rules.

Nicolai "device" Reedtz (Legends spot holder)
Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth (Legends spot holder)
Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander (Legends spot holder)
Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye

Danny "zonic" Sørensen (coach) 

Scenario #2 - zonic

Another possibility would be for zonic to step into the active roster once again, as he did at ESL One Cologne, where he and the team held their own against Virtus.pro in the quarter-finals. 

However, there's one more option in which Astralis could use zonic but wouldn't have to play any matches with him. Valve's rules say that the team can swap the coach with one of the players in the active roster at any point before or during the tournament in a one-time capacity. NiP used that option at MLG Columbus, when Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi was unable to travel to the States and the team used coach Björn "THREAT" Pers instead.

Astralis could use that same rule to their advantage. They could sign a new player who isn't listed in the roster above and register him as coach before swapping zonic for the new addition prior to their first match. Valve verified to HLTV.org that this would be a possible scenario according to current rules.

Astralis could technically only field two out of five spot holders if they registered zonic

If they were to attempt to sign a player from dignitas, Astralis would probably have to complete the negotiations more than two weeks before the Main Qualifier begins (December 15). That was the case prior to ESL One Cologne, although ELEAGUE is yet to announce roster lock deadlines for their Major.

In this case, zonic would get the honour of having his own stickers in the game and the money from them despite playing none of the matches. The coach could personally transfer the money to that new player, though that would fall under massive double taxation due to Danish laws.

Nicolai "device" Reedtz (Legends spot holder)
Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth (Legends spot holder)
Danny "zonic" Sørensen (Legends spot holder)
Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye

Previously unlisted player (coach)

Scenario #3 - karrigan

Astralis naturally have the option to bring karrigan back and play the Major with him, if they don't want to or can't pursue the other possibilities. In that case, the roster would remain unchanged:

Nicolai "device" Reedtz (Legends spot holder)
Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth (Legends spot holder)
Finn "karrigan" Andersen (Legends spot holder)
Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye

Danny "zonic" Sørensen (coach) 

Scenario #4 - start from scratch

The Danes have a very limited amount of time to figure out whether they want to qualify with a new player, if they don't want to pursue scenario #2.

For that they'd have to start from scratch: advance to the Minor through the online qualifiers (which start next week), finish top two in Bucharest and then fight their way through the Main Qualifier.

That's obviously a very risky route considering they need to go through all three steps of qualifiers, the last of which will likely become the hardest Main Qualifier to date.


Which scenario do you see as the most likely? Let us know in the comments section below.

we want gla1ve!

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2016-10-12 14:46:41
2016-10-12 14:46:58
What if heroic qualifies?
What if they have to start from the bottom ? Will another Team get the Slot? Maybe Dignitas cause they lost to them? Would be nice cuz diggi is better than astralis

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2016-10-12 14:50:15
Fnatjc nip kmmortals c9 astralis. What else ??

Ez qualify

2016-10-12 15:04:30
isn't nV there aswell? (yes they're, just checked)
EZSIEST Qualify ever
2016-10-12 15:31:30
2016-10-12 15:37:57
of fucking course
no tier99(RNG) teams there xDDDDDDDDD
2016-10-12 15:38:23
x.x OMG
2016-10-12 16:29:59
And NiP xD
2016-10-12 19:14:01
-karrigan +gla1ve
-Xyp9x +valde
2016-10-12 15:21:44
gla1ve is trash tho
2016-10-15 14:47:49
Great piece Striker! Finally something to read and ponder.
2016-10-12 14:54:48
this is ridiculous

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2016-10-12 14:47:29
What happens if they just start from scratch and there is no team with 3 of the players, then there would be only 7 legends teams. Does that mean there would be 9 qualifying teams?

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:51:38
2016-10-12 14:49:12
Yes, I'm pretty sure that would have to happen.
2016-10-12 14:52:47
Yes, like it was in Cologne in 2014 with Titan
2016-10-12 14:56:56
Pretty sure DHW 2014 only had 6 invited Legends teams in the end because of the Titan and Epsilon scandals.
2016-10-12 15:06:54
Yes, there was also a qualifier with 4 teams, only 2 would make it out for the major to fill the spots
2016-10-12 23:02:03
And -xyp9x cu he sucks
2016-10-12 15:23:13
gla1ve doesn't he will probably stay w/ Heroic they have strong line up and still Top 1 in Denmark
2016-10-12 15:30:29
They have never been top 1 in Denmark
2016-10-12 16:07:55
they won lan there all top danish teams were competing so, i think they have this title as top 1 in denmark
2016-10-12 16:54:14
Sure thing and NAVI is number one in the wold because they won the last tournement...
2016-10-12 17:50:14
Dont lie plz, dont be ignorant and stupid because of fucking powerlan, come on man.
2016-10-12 19:12:59
no we want cajunb back
2016-10-12 19:10:10
Ye me too
2016-10-14 10:15:02
2016-10-12 14:46:42
I love Astralis and zonic's autograph would be great, i love his fucking big booty, body and his shit smells god like. I want him in skwad and karrigan to die, and gle1ve to go his way with Heroic. ASTRALIS #1 2017 YEAR, #1 MAJOR ELAGUE, 16-0 EVERY MATCH. ZONIC TO CARRY 150:0 (150 IS AMOUNT OF KILLS: ACE EVERY ROUND 30x). CMON ASTRALIS, ZONIC TO GO IN SKWAD FOR THIS YEAR, N YALL WILL SEE HOW FUCKING AMAZING HIS FATTNES IS!!!!! LETS FITTA KURWA CYKA FUCK GOOOOO!!!!
2016-10-12 17:00:41
Ok, 16:0 and 150k can't be in one match... So 16:14 with zonic's 150k, or 16:0 with his 80k
2016-10-12 17:03:20

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2016-10-12 14:46:42
nice :DD

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:46:49
2016-10-12 14:46:43
2016-10-12 14:46:44
2016-10-12 14:46:44
cool read, ty hltv gods

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2016-10-12 14:46:44
2016-10-12 14:46:45
2016-10-12 14:46:45
LUL zonic
2016-10-12 14:47:04
Get rekt
2016-10-12 14:47:07
2016-10-12 14:47:08
2016-10-12 14:47:22
2016-10-12 14:47:28
2016-10-12 14:47:32
Even with Glaive they will suck dick loool no future with that squad
2016-10-12 14:48:09
2016-10-12 14:48:52
2016-10-12 14:48:55
They shouldn't count zonic as part of the lineup. He was just a stand-in because of dupreeh getting sick. It was totally out of Astralis control.
2016-10-12 14:48:58
And? Who ever plays in thr quarters has a legend status, valve doesnt care.
2016-10-12 14:51:02
it's one thing to count the stand-in if he is put into the lineup before the tournament, like s1mple into liquid. It's another when the stand-in is basically rushed into the lineup because of an injury/sickness happening during the tournament. It's not like it was their choice to play with zonic, who in all respect isn't who he used to be in 1.6
2016-10-12 14:54:36
Astralis's fault then for not having a back up player...
2016-10-12 14:55:21
there is not a single team that just has an extra player with them to a major ready to play in case something happens that's just not where cs is at yet. No team can afford a 6th on the payroll to just follow them around in case shit hits the fan.
2016-10-12 14:58:01
Then who is to blame? You know who.
2016-10-12 14:58:33
i really don't
2016-10-12 14:59:35
Astralis could've prepared for something like this. They didnt, very well knowing what would happen (zonic having to stand in + him holding the legend spot). So yeah, astralis is to blame.
2016-10-12 15:01:32
You're retarded
2016-10-12 15:05:24
Don't argue with the troll, it's pointless.
2016-10-12 15:11:41
troll? i'm not even close to trolling, you people don't realise that Valve is a billion dollar company and they are the ones who make the rules. what do they care if a danish team has to qualify for their majors? they're in it for the money, not for other peoples entertainment.
2016-10-12 17:28:41
idk if youre not reading what im writing or you're just baiting. No cs team at the moment is ready for one of their players getting hospitalized.
2016-10-12 15:10:27
Unfontunally there's people like thus guy.. I completely agree with you (it is a commom sense, the right thing to think and do). I think Valve should review dupreeh's situation. The guy literally had an cirgury during the major. He played the first match with fever (dont know if i wrote in the right way) and a lot of pain. Sadly there's people like this belgiam guy... I could enter in the topic that even if he was right about an sixth player, how this player would be able to pracc with the team???
2016-10-12 15:21:20
sirgury I think, but anywho's, I completely agree with you that volvo should rethink the situation because HE HAD TO UNDERGO FUCKING SURGERY!
it's not like he had just a headache and didn't want to play ffs
2016-10-12 15:35:33
nope still wrong. Surgery*
2016-10-12 16:40:17
whatever, but I totally agree with Valve reviewing the situtation
2016-10-12 18:16:48
thats such a stupid ideer. so Astralis should have had a 6th player with them but not just that should also have practiced with him(cause if not whats the point) but they could not know which player (or even if a player would become sick) so there for they would need to practice with the stand-in but remove a differnt core member every time as they would not know who he had to stand-in for

great fucking plan mate
2016-10-12 16:08:10
everyone is jumping on this guy, but in reality, he's probably right when it comes to how valve is looking at this situation.
2016-10-12 16:38:24
I mean if it was like with dig and Aizy and Rubino i could see it happening they know each other well and could make it work on the fly. but there is a huge problem with that and it's that Aizy is going to the qualifier with Faze and there for can't join Dig as stand-in even if Faxe did not quailfied. Thats it teams in the top 10 can't get a back up stand-in just in case with high enough skill and experience that are willing to not even try to quailfie for the major for the chance to maybe stand-in(and then most likely lose)
2016-10-12 17:09:10
Why do you think they didnt? It seems pretty obvious they use zonic to get invite. He is part of org already, now they just have to announce their real 5th.
2016-10-12 17:41:52
honestly they should enter with zonic, have an elephant step on his nuts and just replace him with whoever they want their 5th to be
2016-10-13 01:47:57
2016-10-12 14:51:43
I know right, it's totally retarded that Zonic is the holder instead of dupreeh.... just wtf valve
2016-10-12 22:11:17
gla1ve for presindent
2016-10-12 14:50:59
This was a very ensightful article, thanks for writing it
2016-10-12 14:51:09
RIP chokestralis, device and dupreeh in dignitas and ez top1 Danish team in the world - rubino - msl
2016-10-12 14:51:17
Dupreeh sucks Device is a Eco warrior and without MSL they'll lose structure but who cares about that we only need "fraggers"
2016-10-12 14:52:26
You already try to play as entry fragger on your games? Cause its hard man... And djpreeh is ome of the best in doing that...
2016-10-12 15:23:47
I never tried to play this game ^^ and your right actually so I'd understand it. But even then he is still horrible in form
2016-10-12 15:29:38

an ideal Danish superteam would have neither device nor dupreeh on it. They've had their chance (quite a few of them, actually) for four years. They remind me of the old curse.NA core that would constantly raid other rosters and make swaps, but were consistent only in failing expectations
2016-10-12 18:12:52
I don't think so, because MSL is IGL, then it would have to be -konfig

Dignitas have the following lineup:
2016-10-12 15:37:40
Op lineup tbh.
2016-10-12 16:53:16
Let's just ban Astralis' free seat for the next major, whatever the line up they use (even with at least 3 players from previous).

More than 6 months after, the 3 players from the same line up argument is a stupid one, because even when the team still has 4 or even the full identical roster, the team might be performing completely differently (underperforming now) making the "they were legends" (and they used stand in and a coach anyway) so they automatically qualify to next major stupid.

Astralis HAS TO (in my opinion) QUALIFY to next major by winning the qualifier ...


Post edited 2016-10-12 14:53:09
2016-10-12 14:52:26
shut up
2016-10-12 14:57:37
Well - you could use that argument for every single team regardless of roster changes.

Fortunately it is the major rules and not your personal opinion that will decide...
2016-10-12 15:09:11
I would be for no "legends" thing that makes you qualify to the next major.
Or if you don't do that, only top 4 at major, not 8 (especially when the groups aren't fair at all) keeps their seat for the next major (but a major in 3 maximum 4 months, 6 months + in that case was utterly stupid).

Astralis group was shit + they used some stand in/coaches, their line up looks completely different, they don't deserve to keep that spot :)

But business will be business, so they will keep it (would have loved to see them fight against Heroic or Dignitas on the major qualifiers, if they had to play against each other, it would have been fireworks ;) )

Post edited 2016-10-12 15:12:47
2016-10-12 15:12:01
+1, legends for top 4 only

edit: or sort the fucking groups out

Post edited 2016-10-12 16:41:22
2016-10-12 16:41:06
your argument is quite flawed:

"the team might be performing completely differently (underperforming now) ... they automatically qualify to next major stupid"

by that logic you would remove the legendary status even if they were "overperforming" which makes no sense to me, why punish a team for improving? either you have the legendary status or you don't. sure Astralis "don't deserve"the spot but at the same time you risk VP not make the major, I mean they are notorious for struggling online.

personally I think top 4 gets legendary status, 4 get invites and the rest needs to go through the qualifiers
2016-10-12 16:25:41
Question is rather whether Legend status should follow the team or the majority of players that achieved the status. A discussion internally about that situation may very well be necessary. Giving the status to the organisation flips the power back in the hand of the organisation and may create more loyal team players to their organisation as well. Although the players may appear to be the ones doing all the hard work, there is no doubt that the organisation is providing players with all the tools and assets they need in order to succeed.

Therefore, is it not also reasonable that the Legend status should follow the organisation and not the majority of the players?

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:54:52
2016-10-12 14:53:02
Valve has never given Legends spots to organisation, only to the majorities of the Legends status rosters, and they won't start now or ever I'm sure. If that was the case, Virtus.pro (for example) could sign five random tier 3 players (not even Polish) and they would be invited regardless.

Post edited 2016-10-12 15:11:46
2016-10-12 15:11:15
I don't think so! The Legend status should follow the players!

The organisations sometimes switch teams - in some cases we might end up seeing some random low tier teams optaining a seat that an other team qualified for them.
2016-10-12 15:12:42
could work but you'd have a lot of problems to get around.

fnatic just changed the majority of their lineup and haven't been nearly as good as before, an even more extreme example is if an org changes all of their players, remember when device and co created Astralis and TSM picked up some shit NA team?

Also, you could have a situation like a with Luminosity/SK, where LG essentially forced the players to stay in their poor contracts because the ELEAGUE spot belonged to LG.
2016-10-12 16:45:50
Very interesting and informative article. GJ HLTV! I´d like to see #4 with valde poached but if I was at their shoes I´d pursue some of the other options for sure. This is going to cause some headache to the players.

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:54:26
2016-10-12 14:53:09
what a mess

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:54:17
2016-10-12 14:54:12
Just give up the legend spot
2016-10-12 14:54:50
Idk..just start from scratch since they would not even get to the quarter finals
2016-10-12 14:54:55
they should really just give up on the spot and go through the qualifiers. At least if they want to build for the future, all other alternatives are just short sighted with the sole aim of playing the major at all costs (which I guess is very likley to happen seing how significant the free money part is of majors). If they stick to the major at all costs they will invest a lot of precious time in to that with a team that have no real future, time that could have gone into practice sessions with a real team. Sure they could also just go and play the major with zonic for the luls and with no or very little preperation/hope of doing good (or maybe at least reach legend, which I guess is ok but is still sad for the tournament itself), but that is just sad for the scene as whole (still quite high chance to happen I guess). Or get gla1ve if it is even possible :)

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:58:15
2016-10-12 14:55:44
Scenario #1 - gla1ve

do it, just do it
2016-10-12 14:55:45
scenario 1 100 %

Post edited 2016-10-12 14:56:40
2016-10-12 14:56:23
karrigan, gla1ve and zonic can make their own team, fuck off astralis :D
2016-10-12 14:58:53
3 IGLs

2016-10-12 15:01:05
who cares, still on major, without even trying
2016-10-12 15:02:21
and out in groups
2016-10-12 16:48:33
lol this would be so crazy, I know it's not gonna happen but image heroic do -snappi -friss +karrigan +zonic
2016-10-12 15:02:38
2016-10-12 15:12:55
Good luck Mohamed zonic!
2016-10-12 15:01:28
good luck indeed
2016-10-12 15:09:39

Post edited 2016-10-12 15:03:58
2016-10-12 15:01:49
What will happen if they give up their legends spot? Will another team get it or will there be 7 legends and 9 challengers?

Post edited 2016-10-12 15:02:18
2016-10-12 15:02:00
7 Legends and 9 Challengers. DH 2014 had 6 legends and 10 challengers because of VAC bans
2016-10-12 15:05:24
Thanks mixwell
2016-10-12 15:05:59
What was the other team besides Titan?
2016-10-12 15:06:22
Epsilon because Sf was vac banned
2016-10-12 15:06:46
oh ty
2016-10-13 12:36:44
gla1ve will choose Heroic.
I would love a legendary zonic sticker.
And Carrygan would be the smartest option imo.
2016-10-12 15:03:12
+gla1ve. In this scenario valde ideally joins dig replacing rubino and karrigan retires or joins heroic. It's better to have two legit competitive teams than spread the talent across a lot of t2-3 teams like it happened in swedistan
2016-10-12 15:04:54

And you think Heroic wants to get f*cked by the "cool story" of it's better to have 2 very good teams, than 3 ok ?
They have invested in their organization like Astralis did, so they don't want to get rekt in the trades.

And looking how bad Astralis is right now, i wouldn't consider Astralis to be in a superior situation to negociate with Heroic :)
2016-10-12 15:27:29
astralis definitely have the negotiating power over heroic lol, but yeah I agree, heroic are coming along nicely.
2016-10-12 16:48:56
Maybe moneywise, but i'm not sure gla1ve would love to leave a team (Heroic) that isn't performing really well right now (not as good as a few weeks ago) to a completely depressed and unstable team.
Maybe slightly better right now than Heroic (fixed forgot a few words), but wasn't the case a few weeks ago, and Astralis can definitely become even worse (for me Xyp9x was quite clearly worse than Karrigan, so it's another shit decision that they took).

Post edited 2016-10-12 16:53:43
2016-10-12 16:51:27
i don't know if gla1ve will leave heroic or not, my point was just that in general, astralis have more negotiating power than heroic cause their team is just so much better, brand-wise and performance-wise, although admittedly they are in a slump atm.

They may even hold more cards over dignitas as well. I mean astralis are one of only two teams to make it out of every major group stage ever. And they do have device and dupreeh; two kings of denmark. Everyone knows the potential they have, dignitas hasn't reached the kind of heights astralis can reach yet.
2016-10-12 16:58:40
Yeah you're probably right, would be pretty unfair for Dignitas though, if even right now Astralis has the edge over them in terms of exchanging players.
2016-10-12 17:06:29
do u really wanna tell me that u contacted valve and they replied?

not only that, but they also replied super quickly?

i dont believe any of that shit xD
2016-10-12 15:06:23
2016-10-13 06:41:03
gla1ve dA KiNG
2016-10-12 15:07:54
this team is dead why gla1ve waste his position in heroic for this desperate team lolz let them play with notan from online qualifiers I bet they cant even reach the minor

Post edited 2016-10-12 15:09:14
2016-10-12 15:08:15
ASStralis in 2016
2016-10-12 15:08:41
either 1 or 3
2016-10-12 15:10:25
Astralis should just disband honestly.
2016-10-12 15:11:14
the return of the super zonic!

2016-10-12 15:11:24
2016-10-12 15:12:20
2016-10-12 15:13:55
2016-10-12 16:58:02
heroic top 1. leave gla1ve alone
2016-10-12 15:14:23
hopefully they use the first one
2016-10-12 15:19:40
Karrigan to heroic
gla1ve to Astralis
2016-10-12 15:19:48
Just bring karrigan back. It's not like Astralis has any chance to win anyway.
2016-10-12 15:21:25
gla1ve won't leave an upcoming team for a sinking ship, no way in hell lol
2016-10-12 15:29:43
+gla1ve 100%
2016-10-12 15:30:35
Valde or riot!
2016-10-12 15:31:56
2016-10-12 15:32:06
Why kjaerbye and dupreeh can't play? Lol
2016-10-12 15:32:55
interesting read. well done, striker :D
2016-10-12 15:33:15
valve's bullshit rules.
2016-10-12 15:35:16
they should just dont give a fuck about the major...there are so many other tournaments and LAN's right now!

More important is to get back a stable 5 man team and become a T1 Team again!
2016-10-12 15:36:52
imho, they dont care about success, being tier1 team. They just playing it for money, choking so hard in quaterfinals or semis everytime, cant even get to final of big tournament so just dispand Astralis.
2016-10-12 17:29:38
Why are you even picking gla1ve up? 0 chance of that happening.
2016-10-12 15:39:29
so stupid move if they just don't continue with their current line up: karrigan, device, dupreeh, Kjaerbye & Xyp9x until the majorand after that do changes
2016-10-12 15:39:53
Pls play with Zonic lets go LEGEND ZONIC
2016-10-12 15:41:02
You forgot the most obvious option for Astalis: HUNDEN
2016-10-12 15:43:37
#karriganback plsss
2016-10-12 15:43:44
I'd just use Zonic. He played Decent enough at Eleague and The Major.
2016-10-12 15:43:50
We want Zonic stickers!
2016-10-12 15:54:14
Who cares asstralis would go out in groups anyway
2016-10-12 16:00:12
<3 SmithZz
ayy lmao
2016-10-12 17:13:38
We are talking about asstralis not whiffz u mong
2016-10-12 17:20:44
Those rules are honestly pretty stupid. They attended the major with dupreeh as a part of their team and he played the first game with them as well.
2016-10-12 16:07:45
Karri will play
2016-10-12 16:18:33
Do Scenario 2, Sørensen is a great player.
2016-10-12 16:21:16
Haha no he's not, he's terrible!
2016-10-12 16:38:16
he suck
2016-10-12 16:51:26
gj hltv ty
2016-10-12 16:26:07
What was the reason to make that changes now?
Couldnt they stick to karrigan and try to improve each player roles? Now it is one big mess. They need some kind of stabilization.
IMO they should begin with brand new roster from the qualifiers and give up legends status. But I dont see that happening coz ofc - easy money.
2016-10-12 16:28:58
I would be open to play with them? I'm a pretty decent pistol player and i can noscope the shit out of the awp. Hit me up on my email astralis. But don't disturb me after 9PM.
2016-10-12 16:32:36
kallu on the bench =DD
2016-10-12 16:33:02
Scenario #3 seems like the most likely, without a doubt. Karrigan is just benched temporarily after all.
2016-10-12 16:37:10
valve rules are cancer, the whole company is cancer from that core
2016-10-12 16:38:09
Signing Gla1ve would certainly be a fun and interesting route
2016-10-12 16:42:44
Astralis dun goofed
2016-10-12 16:46:47
very interesting, but many people say they want to add gla1ve permanently anyway, if not then karrigan should play
2016-10-12 16:51:48
who cares about tier 3 teams..
2016-10-12 16:57:13
says the italian LMAO
2016-10-12 17:11:01
a mix, w/out xaBu finished 9th
your pizza team ended up being 16th
2016-10-12 17:19:57
it wasnt even the best mix of ours, they had shitty players
2016-10-12 17:20:34
same as ours
2016-10-12 17:26:53
2016-10-12 17:27:45
no xaBu and others. xaBu>italian scene
2016-10-12 20:07:56
cla and sparker >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> georgia scene
2016-10-12 20:09:06
Obviously +gla1ve, astralis just waiting for EPL to end
2016-10-12 17:06:02
I still don't understand why dupreeh has no Legend spot, like we did play the first game against Dignitas and the second game vs Gambit during the Major. Is legends status given only to the 5 players who played in the match that made the team advance to the playoffs? That's retarded...
2016-10-12 17:27:27
+1 but atm they dont deserve a spot :( i wonder who will even get a spot if astralis let theirs drop
2016-10-12 17:50:04
If Astralis doesn't keep their spot, I think the major qualifier will be offering 9 spots. Im not sure how the seeding would work
2016-10-17 11:53:57
2016-10-17 11:51:58
+k0nfig / valde
2016-10-12 17:40:51
-karrigan +gla1ve
- xyp9x + valde
just restart and grind out qualifiers, this team could be great.
2016-10-12 17:41:39
-karrigan +gla1ve
-kjaerbye +valde

2016-10-12 18:55:34
So they will kick BOT device after major.
2016-10-12 17:54:10
There it is.
2016-10-12 19:03:40
Zonic's sticker, please!
2016-10-12 17:55:31
They need Zonic so far
2016-10-12 18:07:49
dupreeh has sticker so should has legend status also

anyway astralis can play with zonic one game and then dupreeh will play for him
2016-10-12 18:09:32

start from scratch


easy major titles, astralis will now be showering in money
2016-10-12 18:20:15
Scenario 5 Karrin and zonic join heroic
2016-10-12 18:34:50
just let them play with their line up who the fuck cares...

stop doing bs and destroying team's hope

Post edited 2016-10-12 18:50:59
2016-10-12 18:50:38
it's pretty straight foward. astralis has said that notan will only play temporarily, ergo: karrigan will be back for the major
2016-10-12 18:52:18
Gla1ve to major.
2016-10-12 18:52:30
tbh I just wish heroic could keep their roster for the major. Them and dignitas are much better than astralis right now.
2016-10-12 18:56:04
Omg this is problem
2016-10-12 19:08:15
i hope this happens:

gla1ve, zonic and karrigan make a team for the major, get auto-qualified l0l
2016-10-12 19:21:13
Waste of time, they lose anyway.. They have done nothing since astralis is formed... Nor when they were tsm.. Nothing
2016-10-12 19:47:32
These fucking retards fucking themselves up once again. I'm really starting to dislike this team.

As if karrigan was a problem to this lineup. They already choked when FeTiSh was there, they brought karrigan and he transcended this line up. Until they started to choke even harder against far inferior teams.

I'd understand if gla1ve joined them because they're supposed to be the best team in denmark, but they would actually be insane in Heroic if it was the other way around, like -Friis +device.

It would be a huge mistake to leave Heroic right now, as they are on the rise.
2016-10-12 19:48:28
Noob analysis as always.

IT IS OBVIOUS that they will bring CAJUNB back.
2016-10-12 20:37:27
astralis kicked cajunb for kid and karrigan for kid wtf are thinking? DISBAND ASTRALIS DISBAND, BAD PERSONS.
2016-10-12 20:40:47
Kjaerbye throws some weird fucking 'nades, exposing his lack of experience, he doesn't seem like a smart player TBH.

Karrigan - We can only guess on the exact reasons for his benching, as that more than likely has to do with what happens on teamspeak.
2016-10-12 21:31:33
wow i know the reasons now, i cant believe this.
2016-10-13 00:06:53
Astralis whoo????? ohhh another tier 1233215 team ....get out with these grab danski teams pls no 1 cares about
2016-10-12 20:49:00
says the german.
like 90% of your scene are cheaters and 100% tier3
2016-10-15 14:57:22
Dupreeh was sick and is part of the legend status team wtf?

Only Kjarebye shouldn't have major status. WTF

The entire Astralis roster who played in the major should have the Major status like the Coach and Dupreeh just not Kjarebye. This shouldn't be a problem.
2016-10-12 21:23:15
Zlex should be able to stand in
2016-10-12 21:36:59
+ gla1ve

Astralis to become top3
2016-10-12 21:50:17
step 1: -xyp -carrygan (Kappa) +valde +gla1ve
step 2: start from a scratch
step 3: qualify
step 4: win a semifinal.
if they success at doing these steps they are a top3 team. if not top1/2 lul
2016-10-14 17:12:31
2016-10-13 06:50:18
Astralis is just wasting spot in every minor and major.
2016-10-13 10:06:52
wtf why did they kick CARRYgan
2016-10-13 13:05:14
4 Kappa
2016-10-13 15:25:11
g2 benched SmithZz
2016-10-13 17:19:31
dont care they will just get smashed on anyway
2016-10-13 22:04:07
Kick the kid /closed
2016-10-14 00:04:17
notan1dgl Kappa
2016-10-14 02:03:02

2016-10-14 10:06:30
2016-10-14 14:38:02
what da fck is Legends spot Holder ! author is imba rofl X3
2016-10-14 12:05:32
#4 or pussies
2016-10-14 14:58:50
ez for device by himself for $500 keyboard

2016-10-16 01:41:12
inb4 it's hunden
2016-10-16 21:46:09
If they dont bring back Karrigan i would LOVE to se Gla1ve as the new fifth player. But anyway i just hope wee will hear something very soon....
2016-10-17 02:57:00
RIP Astralis.
2016-10-17 11:34:23
2017-01-02 11:18:56
nothing to examine anymore ez major for astralis with device, the best player to ever touch cs <3
2016-12-03 19:00:25
Scenario #1 - gla1ve

If Astralis mean to sign gla1ve, they need to "prevent" him from playing the European Minor, which kicks off on November 4.

If Heroic played the Minor with their current roster, gla1ve wouldn't be able to play in the current Major cycle with another team, according to Valve's rules.

Nicolai "device" Reedtz (Legends spot holder)
Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth (Legends spot holder)
Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander (Legends spot holder)
Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye

Danny "zonic" Sørensen (coach)

2016-12-25 15:29:12

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