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dennis: "[YOLO teams] will go far"
Time: 2017-01-23 23:33
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In our next interview from day two at the ELEAGUE Major, Dennis "dennis" Edman talked about fnatic's loss to G2, their narrow victory over North, and shed some light on his team's preparation.

fnatic started out their journey at the Major with a loss to G2 on Cache before they came back on the second day to win their Cobblestone encounter with North following a close affair.

dennis believes teams who play more individually will go far

Prior to the event, there was a lot of discussion surrounding fnatic's preparation, which we asked Dennis "dennis" Edman about in the following interview, where he also talked about the Swedes' two matches so far:

Let's start with North - overall a very close match-up, run me through the match, what were the keys to win against the Danes?

Our CT half was really bad, actually, they just destroyed us at B, more or less. They just took B without doing anything, they just got it every time. As T we had a really good read on how they were playing, because Jumpy is really good at his job. He just said what we should do, what we should think of, and that's about it, we had a really good read. When we were at 13-13, we paused because he had an idea and the idea was to molotov left side, rush right side, and that's when we won.

I'd like to ask about the anti-eco you lost at 10-11; where did it go wrong?

The call was to more or less just go as a group in mid, the only way to lose that was if they were stacking mid. It was just bad communication, we spread out and they got us one by one and we lost, it happens, it was a mistake.

Going back to G2, your first match, also a fairly close affair even though not as close as this one with North. One thing I want to ask about is shox's 1v2 in the pistol, how did it look from your point of view?

Yesterday was not a good day for me at least, I played really bad. We didn't get any pistols and it ended at 16-10, it didn't feel like we were on point, any of us, even though we did some clutches. That round when shox had 8 hp and did a 1v2 in the pistol, we didn't know that he was low so we didn't took a duel, we wanted to play it safe.

There has been a lot of different information about how much you played before the tournament, can you shed some light on that? How many days, how many hours a day...

Absolutely, we started to practice a lot and then we felt ready, we had enough tactics on each map and didn't want to repeat them anymore, you can't have too many. We did enough tactics and felt like we knew them all, then we just said we wouldn't practice anymore and rather play individually. Because to win is not all about teamplay, practice, and teamwork whatsoever, it's about individual plays, mostly about individual plays. If one guy steps up and gets 30 frags, you're most likely to win the game. And about hours, everyone has at least 100 hours per two weeks, so that's just some... rumour.

This is actually your first tournament with disco doplan in the full lineup, as at ELEAGUE Jumpy was standing in for you, how do you feel about his play and how he fits into the team?

He fits really well. He's a calm player who does the right decisions, he might be new but we don't really notice it. So he fits very well I would say.

Let's talk about the other teams at the Major; we don't know too much about their form, who do you think are going to be the best teams and who could be a dark horse, some underdog that will surprise?

Actually, I think the best teams that's gonna go far in this tournament would be maybe GODSENT, FaZe, teams that play YOLO, they don't really play like a lot of tactics, they play more individually. I think the teams that play more individually and don't use as much smokes, flashes everywhere, they're gonna go far.

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made big man tyrone proud
2017-01-23 23:33:39
yolo in 2017 lul
2017-01-23 23:34:06
yolo lul SK rekt faze
2017-01-23 23:34:07
they didnt get rekt, it was a close match where faze should have closed it out
2017-01-24 22:29:37
YOLO rush b p90
2017-01-23 23:34:39
Dennis has an interesting view of the game.
2017-01-23 23:35:04

"We didn't any pistols and it ended at 16-10"

fix : )

Post edited 2017-01-23 23:35:56
2017-01-23 23:35:14
thank mr dennis
2017-01-23 23:35:17
2017-01-23 23:35:31
go far to home or go far to top4?
2017-01-23 23:35:33
I'm sry guys, this redneck just found out about YOLO like yesterday.
2017-01-23 23:35:52
fuck you, dennis best, #yolo :()
2017-01-23 23:43:18
2017-01-23 23:44:04
Yolo xd
2017-01-23 23:44:37
this is by far the funniest statement i've ever seen.
2017-01-23 23:45:17
2017-01-23 23:45:59
The epitome of everything that's wrong with CS currently
2017-01-23 23:47:38
So fuck teamwork, fuck flashes and fuck smokes. It's all about that 30 bomb. lawl, COD.
2017-01-23 23:48:28
every t round in fnatic vs north was smoke connector, flash in smoke and ez xdxdxdxd
2017-01-23 23:50:06
vp and sk will easily counter that sort of plays
2017-01-23 23:55:34
any team that not yolo will counter that sort of plays
2017-01-24 08:34:14
Every team tried to counter that when Fnatic won 6 straight tournaments - no one could. Time to confess that Swedish YOLO skills can beat any tactical team and always could.
2017-01-24 13:29:28
Reason 1: flusha
2017-01-24 13:46:09
I agree, but that doesn't change the fact that Fnatic played the same style then. Flusha didn't invent some mad tactics, he kept the team together, made sure rotations were on point and let Dennis entry-YOLO all over the place.

It worked and it will always work to some degree. That's why teams like C9 and Optic won tournaments this year, even if they couldn't do it all the time like fnatic.
2017-01-24 14:41:02
Did he really just mention GODSENT and FaZe with pronax & karrigan as IGLs as "YOLO"?
FaZe looked way better tactic wise compared to SK on their respective T side on mirage couple of hours ago to name 1 example.

Post edited 2017-01-23 23:55:43
2017-01-23 23:54:49
Karrigan calls quite a loose and individual style..
2017-01-24 08:18:16
loose doesnt mean its not tactical minded
2017-01-24 16:24:59
yolo bitch
2017-01-24 12:08:16
2017-01-23 23:57:33
"YOLO" Teams will get completely slaughtered by VP and NaVi
2017-01-23 23:59:58
like fnatic? i dont think so :v
2017-01-24 00:00:33
2017-01-24 00:02:13
Thats a fucking dumb opinion to be serious, dennis master troll
2017-01-24 00:02:34
speaking like a random MM player :/
2017-01-24 00:03:01
They will go far back home =D
2017-01-24 00:11:32
where are all the video interviews?
2017-01-24 00:13:27
i tink fnatic have a lot of tatics, maybe they are trying win playoff's without show what they are capable of. So they can suprise in playoffs.
2017-01-24 00:18:00
RUSH B like godsent
2017-01-24 00:44:31
Yolo teams aka Fnatic
2017-01-24 01:15:08
aka teams that will change their roster after the major
2017-01-24 01:16:01
So fnatic aswell
2017-01-24 01:16:33
CS:GO is not about Teamplay. Jesus Dennis with bis shit talking.
2017-01-24 01:27:41
Dennis just said aim>tactics
and he thinks FaZe is a no brain all aim team.

He needs to know the reason FaZe is doing better now is because Karygan!
2017-01-24 01:51:20
Oh yeah, they'll go far - away from the tournament.
2017-01-24 04:02:22
fnatic will never win a major again with this point of view! csgo nowadays is alot more about teamplay and tactical moves!
2017-01-24 07:19:56
shut up and yolo it
2017-01-24 12:08:48
You sure? Fnatic won 6 straight tournaments with this mindset just a few months ago... wasn't that long ago, even if it feels like it.
2017-01-24 13:27:14
every ponint of view is legit, but i really dont like this one
2017-01-24 12:01:38
dennis top1 pistol players
2017-01-24 13:17:45
Dennis wrekin' everybody with his 2017 YOLO statement, mad respect for him and his insane pistols.
2017-01-24 13:25:55
voice_enable 0 = win?
2017-01-24 17:22:41
thats why i like this guy
2017-01-24 21:02:21
Since TL has no tactics and need yungliGE, they will win it all
2017-01-24 21:03:32
lmao best interview

dennis is love <3
2017-01-24 21:04:59
man it's all about fun and dennis most troll player in the scene atm. ask olof
2017-01-24 21:06:44

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