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RUSH: "Our preparation was limited"
Time: 2017-01-25 03:37
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Will "RUSH" Wierzba gave us an interview about OpTic's journey at the ELEAGUE Major following eliminating FlipSid3 in the third round of the Swiss format.

OpTic started their journey at the ELEAGUE Major with two narrow losses to Virtus.pro and Astralis, but the third round saw them surviving the elimination match with FlipSid3 after a close Train.

We asked Will "RUSH" Wierzba about OpTic's three matches, the issues they faced prior to the Major, and the Swiss format as a whole:

Make sure to check out the other interviews we've conducted on the first three days of the Major:

Day three
Finn "karrigan" Andersen: "allu's 1v2 was key"
Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács: "We came with only one goal"
Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen: "We had a great bootcamp"
Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer: "Didn't expect Dust2"
Day two
Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski: "I hope Gambit will be nervous"
Nicolai "device" Reedtz: "It was important for us to start well"
Dennis "dennis" Edman: "[YOLO teams] will go far"
Spencer "Hiko" Martin: "It doesn't feel like we won"
Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo: "Gonna fight as hard as we can"
Chris "chrisJ" de Jong: "Confident about our map pool"
Day one
Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey: "Everyone's happy with their roles"
Markus "pronax" Wallsten: "I'm happy it went to Train"
Dan "apEX" Madesclaire: "It was hard after jdm's 1v5"
Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev: "Hope to show beautiful CS"
Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski: "It's always close vs. OpTic"
Ricardo "fox" Pacheco: "We played 12-14 hours a day"
Richard "shox" Papillon: "FaZe can do pretty well here"
Abay "HObbit" Khasenov: "We prepared for everyone"
Nice interview!

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:37:40
2017-01-25 03:37:35
Good job RUSH. Well deserved!

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:38:00
2017-01-25 03:37:42
they just got unlucky will 3-2 unless they face SK

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:38:03
2017-01-25 03:37:36
Even then I like their chances to 3-2 versus what's left
2017-01-25 04:00:33
yeah if flipside didnt throw they would go 0-3 already. rly unlucky
2017-01-25 10:30:44
yeah and if they didnt throw they would win vs vp first game
2017-01-25 11:21:29
pls revel it to me, how did optic throw vs VP ???
2017-01-25 11:52:08
you called the optic comeback a throw of flipside

i called vp comeback a throw of optic whats the difference ?
2017-01-25 12:04:17
winning 16-13 after 6-9 half in a less favorable side is not comeback :( winning 16-13 after 5-10 half in a more favorable side is comeback. Comeback made cuz of sloppy play and irrational decision of enemy is called a throw.

That's the diffrence

PS. not to mention 2 lose vs full eco

Post edited 2017-01-25 12:23:33
2017-01-25 12:20:48
Wasn't really that many irrational decision by f3 as CT, optic outplayed and out aimed them
2017-01-25 12:38:02
and if they didn't face two top 3 teams they would be in playoffs already. your point?
2017-01-25 18:02:28
... they are going out in few hours be patient
2017-01-25 18:04:00
why are polands so triggered all the time? cuz only one decent team and hasnt won a big tournament in ages? or what?
2017-01-25 18:04:48
mad cuz you know its true ? :(
2017-01-25 18:12:34
you just replied this while ignoring my comment about the obvious reason you're so salty LOL
2017-01-25 18:29:59
yup im salty cuz VP went 3-0 :(
2017-01-25 18:31:10
and they'll lose in quarters or semis again and then everyone will go "wow vp such good performance on major"

sorry u could only get 1 big tournament win in 2016 cuz the best team got ejected LUL
2017-01-25 18:31:57
qf is still far more than whole NA :(
2017-01-25 18:32:40
last major major final, i think u made major final like 3 years ago or smthn?
2017-01-25 18:34:15
this major ?
2017-01-25 18:35:29
as said flipside bottled against trsh optic ... go hype more in NA sandbox

Post edited 2017-01-25 20:44:46
2017-01-25 20:44:31
ez 4 rush

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:38:06
2017-01-25 03:37:36
nice comeback optic

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:37:55
2017-01-25 03:37:38
2017-01-25 03:37:38
Nice comeback Optic!

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:38:03
2017-01-25 03:37:38
Lucky to still be in the major..

Post edited 2017-01-25 03:38:13
2017-01-25 03:37:40
Is rush super short?
2017-01-25 03:38:25
2017-01-25 03:57:38
Excuses coming out
2017-01-25 03:39:27
Did anyone actually practice up to this Major? hahaha
2017-01-25 04:10:22
Navi xD We all vp just show up and wreck shit
2017-01-25 04:53:40
He is the budget version of get_right
2017-01-25 04:52:56
Why no interview with HR or Flipside while having 2 with several teams already?
2017-01-25 05:01:19
He shoulda said his preparation was rushed... missed opportunity
2017-01-25 05:06:59
man what a great guy. love this team and their maturity
2017-01-25 05:16:11
yes so mature to blame it on hardware, time and the moonphases for loosing a match :)))
2017-01-25 09:03:45
that fucking moonphases I hate them.
2017-01-25 12:47:55
yeah so awful to play on a half-moon

fwcks up your aiming so hard
2017-01-25 14:36:14
Optic > F3 > NIP confirmed
2017-01-25 05:39:38
if you compared their game time to other teams, they hardly played in the last 3-4 weeks. upsetting cause you knew they needed a break, but they still should have been practicing more for the major. you knew you'd hear this excuse if they didn't perform.
2017-01-25 15:56:39

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