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rain: "Knew nV would play pug-style"
Time: 2017-01-26 04:52
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We grabbed Håvard "rain" Nygaard for a quick interview about FaZe advancing to playoffs over EnVyUs and match-ups they'd like in the quarter-finals.

With a 16-11 victory on Nuke against EnVyUs, FaZe clinched their place in the quarter-finals at a 3-2 record.

rain would like to face Na`Vi or Virtus.pro in the playoffs 

One of our last interviews from the ELEAGUE Major group stage is with Hĺvard "rain" Nygaard, who talked about some of the important shifts in the EnVyUs match as well as potential quarter-finals match-ups:

What were your expectations for EnVy's Nuke before the match?

We didn't really have a plan on how they play, kio and karrigan had some input, but we knew they were going to play like a pug-style game. They didn't really have any set strats that we felt like we needed to counter or anything.

Towards the end they somewhat started coming back into it, what did you have issues with in those rounds?

They just started hitting their shots more, we made some mistakes and our communication wasn't on point. Then we had this key round, when we won the eco round, or the forcebuy, and the momentum switched, we just won out straight after.

Was that forcebuy a set strategy you had prepared or was it improvized?

I think everyone that played Nuke against us knows that we have a push inside, in the lobby, we can do it in eco's or gunrounds, it worked out perfectly this time.

Going into playoffs, there are obviously quite a lot of hard match-ups, is there anyone you want to play?

We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first. At least I always had an easy time playing against VP. We think we can beat Na`Vi on a good day as well, so we're excited to play them.

What would be the keys to beat those teams?

We just have a playstyle that's needed to play them, we have the skillset, we have karrigan's mind, I think it's gonna be good.

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Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen: "We had a great bootcamp"
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Day two
Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski: "I hope Gambit will be nervous"
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Day one
Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey: "Everyone's happy with their roles"
Markus "pronax" Wallsten: "I'm happy it went to Train"
Dan "apEX" Madesclaire: "It was hard after jdm's 1v5"
Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev: "Hope to show beautiful CS"
Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski: "It's always close vs. OpTic"
Ricardo "fox" Pacheco: "We played 12-14 hours a day"
Richard "shox" Papillon: "FaZe can do pretty well here"
Abay "HObbit" Khasenov: "We prepared for everyone"
Rain the god

Post edited 2017-01-26 04:53:07
2017-01-26 04:52:47
yeah, teh french shuffle is coming boys!

Post edited 2017-01-26 04:53:54
2017-01-26 04:52:48
Ez for rain

Post edited 2017-01-26 04:53:02
2017-01-26 04:52:49
Yes 11 rounds against Pug. Lul. Will get eliminated as possible as that faze
2017-01-26 20:24:46
2017-01-26 04:52:51
lol nt
2017-01-26 04:52:54
We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first. At least I always had an easy time playing against VP. We think we can beat Na`Vi on a good day as well, so we're excited to play them.


Post edited 2017-01-26 04:54:06
2017-01-26 04:53:47
I hope it was a joke by him! :DDD
2017-01-26 04:56:41
He's having fun with it, sure. Not like it's not true though. Rain has been shitting on VP since he played in fucking London Conspiracy.
2017-01-26 10:40:47
Even without karrigan Faze managed to win many times against VP
2017-01-26 14:10:04
AHAHAH +1 Spytt!
2017-01-27 09:26:40
+1 seems like a b8
2017-01-26 04:59:14
16-0 kinguin my friend.

2017-01-26 05:05:42
cache in that victory :D
2017-01-26 06:30:37
well... i cant even remember vp winning against rain since kinguin.. of course they won against him few times but most of the time kinguin/g2/faze won against vp :D
2017-01-26 19:47:39
still 11 rounds for a PUG team lul
2017-01-26 04:54:03
Going into playoffs, there are obviously quite a lot of hard match-ups, is there anyone you want to play?

"We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first. At least I always had an easy time playing against VP. We think we can beat Na`Vi on a good day as well, so we're excited to play them."

Is he on drugs? He would like to face Na`Vi? Seriously?! And VP? LMAO, it seems even worse than Flusha's answers! xD
2017-01-26 04:54:17
FaZe always beats VP, its their kryptonite, but idk why would u want to face NaVi
2017-01-26 09:21:54
Becausr k1o said in an interview that they practiced navi a lot and they don't seem too strong for them or at least for their playstyle
2017-01-26 14:11:37
Ez for faze
2017-01-26 04:54:25
"would like to face Navi"

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... gl dude, you will need it (you must be sick)
2017-01-26 04:55:30
rain would like to play against Navi and VP xdddddddddddd
2017-01-26 04:56:04
stopped reading at "We would like to face Na`Vi.." xD
2017-01-26 04:57:14
Are you seriously would like to play against Na`Vi? I mean... Now? At this Major? You must be ill dude!!!
2017-01-26 04:58:40
inb4 navi got rekt by audistralis xddddddddd
2017-01-27 13:20:01
"We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first."

2017-01-26 05:00:06
So he'd like to be raped at first? Facing Na`Vi... You know.
2017-01-26 05:02:06
We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first LUL
2017-01-26 05:03:30
2017-01-26 05:04:18
so he likes to be raped in the ass if he really wants to face Navi or Vp imo.
2017-01-26 05:05:34
i wouldn't be that overconfident dude.
2017-01-26 05:06:46
We would like to face Na`Vi

2017-01-26 05:07:54
2017-01-26 05:08:19
:DDD gl dude
2017-01-26 05:08:33
"We would like to face Na`Vi.."

2017-01-26 05:10:16
'We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first.' =DDDDDDDDD
2017-01-26 05:12:04
thorin was right https://youtu.be/7ft29W3mKPo?t=13m20s

Post edited 2017-01-26 05:12:50
2017-01-26 05:12:10
he knows faze won't win so it's better to lose vs Navi/VP
2017-01-26 05:12:53
2017-01-26 05:14:26
"We would like to face Na`Vi or VP first."

Don't do this dude, the words can become the truth. And you gonna be raped too hard.
2017-01-26 05:13:27
i dream him to face Na`Vi from now... :D would be funny
2017-01-26 05:15:24
"We would like to face Na`Vi"
ok. i hope you won't lose 0:16.

Post edited 2017-01-26 05:17:18
2017-01-26 05:16:42
2017-01-26 05:18:13
VP vs faze finals elgiggle
2017-01-26 05:36:28
goodluck dude!
2017-01-26 05:41:15
want to see Taz take back his words when Faze beats the crap out of VP

"I think he should look at where FaZe is in the rankings, he should look at where FaZe is at the tournaments and he should pour a huge bucket of cold water over his head."
2017-01-26 05:52:43
He said that about jkaem, trashcan player....

Faze was ultimate shit at that moment.

Then they kicked the trash player called jkaem and added karrigan and added back kio
2017-01-26 16:33:04
Everyone is overhyping NaVi tbh. I know they played almost flawless group stage but that shouldn't give them 'granted' road to the final.
2017-01-26 06:32:37
That phenomenal performance in the Group-stage by Na`Vi just proves that they are f*cking prepared to win this event. At least they have more chances than other teams who were weak in groups.

This is not "overhyping", this is just pure logic.

Post edited 2017-01-26 06:40:59
2017-01-26 06:40:11
You're giving BO1's way too much credit.

EnVy and Mouz are pretty shit and SK on d2 have a 50% chance to play like total bots.

remember when Astralis used to plow through groupstages only to get dicked in playoffs?

Na'Vi will choke in semis or quarters probably
2017-01-26 10:34:36
If Envyus are shit who are GODSent?
2017-01-26 16:03:28
yeah godsent are obviously more shit, what's your point except proving autism?
2017-01-26 16:05:08
So NV are cool
2017-01-26 16:06:33
ok :D
2017-01-26 16:09:05
sorry I'm stupid
2017-01-26 16:10:12
Group stage:

Na`Vi [16:3] SK @ Dust2

Na`Vi [16:6] EnVyUs @ Cobblestone

Na`Vi [16:3] mousesports @ Cobblestone

"overhyping" sure.. LUL
2017-01-26 06:47:58
Sk with stand-in. And frags are not everything. Addition of fox has screwed over their team play. Fallen isn't awping.



So I'm not sure I'll read too much into it. And we haven't seen navis weak map yet. QF will be bo3

Astralis map pool is a good match with navis
2017-01-26 07:43:03
Trash sk=same lv astralis
Who not tradh this event?vp???
2017-01-26 09:18:19
That guy is a faze fanboi, ignore him
2017-01-26 16:33:58
That's one BO1 against top10 team. Overhyping.. exactly.
2017-01-26 14:45:16
Gl even tho lost vs gmbit
2017-01-26 06:50:37
NaVi FaZe final
2017-01-26 09:28:07
Gambit v FaZe incoming!
2017-01-26 14:45:57
Kio say that on scrim faze beat 4 maps on navi
2017-01-26 20:21:47

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