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DreamHack reveal Austin qualifiers
Time: 2017-03-15 20:43
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

DreamHack have revealed the qualifying process for DreamHack Open Austin, whose qualifiers will take place on March 25-26 in both regions.

DreamHack Open Austin qualifiers will once again feature a two-stage format: the open part, which anyone can enter, and the closed part in which the top four sides will join four invited teams.

The qualifiers in both Europe and North America will be played on the weekend of March 25-26, each handing out one spot for the $100,000 DreamHack Open Austin.

ESEA will serve as the platform for the qualifiers; teams interested in taking part can sign up by opening a support ticket on the website and following these guidelines.

March 25th, 15:00  128-slot open qualifier begins
March 26th, 15:00 Closed qualifier begins
North America
March 25th, 21:00 128-slot open qualifier begins
March 26th, 21:00 Closed qualifier begins

DreamHack revealed the following three participants of the main tournament so far:

Immortals  G2  Cloud9

DreamHack Open Austin will take place in Austin, TX, from April 28-30.

can't wait for this! gl C9!

Post edited 2017-03-15 20:44:10
2017-03-15 20:43:49
C9 has 0 chance on winning this hahahah
2017-03-15 20:45:28
nt JonyBoy
2017-03-15 20:48:51
Fuck that retarded cunt he sucks there are a lot of better players in Argentina they just chose him because he was known since .6 but he always sucked
2017-03-15 20:51:36
great community. 1 player
2017-03-15 21:58:45
2017-03-24 16:00:39
ez for liquid

Post edited 2017-03-15 20:44:50
2017-03-15 20:43:50
This event will be so easy for Immortals.

Post edited 2017-03-15 20:44:10
2017-03-15 20:43:50
there will be more teams than these three :9
2017-03-16 15:19:57
Yea, I know, but I don't think that there will be any better teams invited.
2017-03-16 19:33:41
2017-03-15 20:43:50
2017-03-15 20:43:50
2017-03-15 20:43:51
2017-03-15 20:43:52
nice good read
2017-03-15 20:43:53
so IMT, c9 and g2 are invited or they have to play qual ?
2017-03-15 20:44:41
2017-03-15 20:46:13
dreamhack better than esl
2017-03-15 20:46:18
2017-03-15 20:47:37
ez for G2
2017-03-15 20:47:54
128 ez
2017-03-15 20:48:43
Only 128 spots? That'll fill up :/ need 256 minimum
2017-03-15 20:54:11
<3 Let's go BRAZIL zil zil zil!

We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2017-03-15 20:55:23
sk will not be in this, fallen said that it's on the same time as sydney so they wont play this lan
2017-03-15 20:59:21
Ez 4 Immortals
2017-03-15 21:12:40
just 3 qualifier?
2017-03-15 21:37:14
invite Renagades! PLS!
2017-03-16 06:52:04
immortals lul whats this? tier 3 tournament?
2017-03-16 09:27:22
lets go usa !
2017-03-18 15:46:30

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