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Skadoodle treated in hospital
Time: 2017-03-16 21:22
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Cloud9 AWPer Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham is currently being treated at a hospital after potential complications from a routine surgery.

Mike "shroud" Grzesiek revealed on his stream that Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham was rushed to a hospital emergency room earlier this week after passing out, with doctors detecting that the player was suffering from internal bleeding, potentially caused by an operation he had recently undergone because of a cyst in his intestines.

Cloud9 have not yet revealed any details about Skadoodle's current health state but shared a tweet from Jake "Stewie2K" Yip in which the 19-year-old asked the community to send their best wishes to his teammate.

Doctors are still puzzled by Skadoodle's health state, according to shroud 

With the North American side due to face Misfits later tonight in an ESL Pro League match, team coach Soham "valens" Chowdhury, formerly of Nihilum and compLexity, will fill in for Skadoodle, Stewie2K added.

Get well soon Tyler. One of the best awpers in CS:GO history.

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2017-03-16 21:22:38
hope he gets better

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2017-03-16 21:22:43
2017-03-17 13:47:50
get well soon skadaddy!
2017-03-16 21:22:45
What the fuck are you talking about OMG one of the best awpers in CSGO history?
2017-03-16 21:24:28
For a while he was easily top3 in the world
2017-03-16 21:30:04
"For a while" nt c9 fangay
2017-03-16 22:43:21
And who is a good awpet for you brainwashed fuckface
2017-03-17 18:40:01
Brainwashed? Ahaha Awpet? AHAAH gtfo piece of shit
2017-03-18 15:47:31
Dem swedish fagboys future of cs is in NA sweedish cs is dead
2017-04-16 00:32:46
2017-04-16 01:38:55
for like a few weeks in 2015 lol
2017-03-17 00:44:37
Check Thoorin's tweet and k0nfig's reply to him
2017-03-16 21:34:06
lol konfig is retarded
2017-03-16 21:55:11
2017-03-16 22:00:51
I don't think any of them are wrong, I do think that k0nfig thinks Thorin meant Ska is one of the best awper RIGHT NOW. "Of all time" probably didn't hit him. The fact that Thorin shits on Ska all the fcking time is probably what k0nfig was mad about. If the guy keeps hating on someone and that someone is having health issues and there's this guy who keeps talking shit about him for the past what? 2 years? He is probably a hypocrite.
2017-03-18 17:38:28
Link? Get well Ska! You rock buddy!
2017-03-16 22:07:55
Thorin said one of the best csgo awpers of all time in a tweet, k0nfig said shut up and thought he was joking and spiraled out of control like usual:


2017-03-16 22:25:44
Nah it wasn't cos he thought Thorin was joking. It's cos Thorin sent some rather nasty tweets about Skadoodle before (very immature, classic Thorin) and k0nfig is calling him out for being two-faced.
2017-03-17 01:09:23
k0nfig thought that Thorin was being sarcastic when Thorin said that "skadoodle was one of the best awpers in history".

k0nfig got angry because it would have been horrible thing to do in a serious medical situation like this.

It's Thoorins reputation that caused it. He has made some very questionable comments before like "monkeys on the stage".
2017-03-17 09:58:34
This makes sense to me.
2017-03-17 16:34:13
Its not really being two faced. Just because Thorin criticizes a player doesn't mean he has to shit on everything that player does for all eternity. You're probably the kind of person to dislike someone and never give credit when credit is due.
2017-03-17 11:21:08
"you' re mind is fucked up"
K0nfag pls
2017-03-17 10:59:18
Ofc he is, have you seen him in 2k14 and 2k15?, at one point in time he was the 3rd best awper behind only kennyS and GuardiaN when this two were smoking everyone on the server.

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2017-03-16 21:56:13
Na olof was there
2017-03-16 21:58:35
Alright, you haven't been around before that. Can't talk with you.
2017-03-16 22:08:14
Gogo mixwell retarded fan appeared
2017-03-16 22:41:50
i was around longer before that and in 2014, Ska wasn't a top1 nor top2 awper, in fact, he wasn't even a top3 awper for half of 2014, he just had a few weeks in 2015 (3 finals run C9) where he was a top2 and then when the teams caught up to C9's counter-stratting, you can stretch it really hard and say that he is one of the best awpers of csgo's history, but at that point in time you'd have to put several people above him and the list would lose it's prestige.
If we're going to name heat-peak players historical players then Jkaem would be above Dennis.swe for csgo's history , see how idiotic that sounds?
regardless if you agree or not or if you're biased or not, those are the facts and Thorin was just trying to be polite but went in a bit too far.
2017-03-17 11:18:57
Dude, who is saying that he was at one point in time considered top1 or 2?, at best #3 to only kennyS and GuardiaN, and there is no shame in being #3 to those 2 because at that point in time these 2 were rekting everyone left and right by their own.

Skadoodle at one point in time with iBP was the best awper in the world behind only those 2, if that doesn't make you one of the best to hold it, then what?

And I'm not even talking about his achievements with c9, those came up later that period.

You might wanna check your facts, cuz ska in 2014 was a beast.

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2017-03-17 12:04:50
He deserves a bann because he threw that game with steel and dazed
2017-03-17 12:08:39
Proofs say he didn't get anything, so no ban boludito.
2017-03-17 12:09:13
Skadoodle with iBP was not top3 AWPer , because when Skadoodle joined iBP both JW and SmithzZz were better than him, so he was top5 at best , and that is not counting the upcoming stars, in my opinion (and i've said this since day 1) s1mple with HR was a better AWPer than Skadoodle, but just becase s1mple wasn't popular back then we will pretend like he didn't exist (being kind to you dumbass casual newfag skadoodle fans)
The Argument that people bring up to defend Skadoodle is that he is more of a pure AWPer, whilst VG-Titan SmithzZz and JW are more like 30 or 40% CZ and 70 or 60% AWPing , but that always seemed very hypocritical because they completly ignore the fact that both SmithzZz and JW play much, much more agressive, takes much more risks and care less about themselves, whereas Skadoodle plays overly passive and in case you don't remember, outside of n.a he used to get outawped on LAN @ awp duels
Im telling you right now, force JW and SmithzZz of 2013 and 2014 to play as passive as skadoodle and they will do slightly better than him lowball, highball who knows....maybe much better.
But make Skadoodle run around the map fast and take hard-to-hit , split-second shots and he will not do even 1/4 as good as JW and SmithzZz did.
Those are all facts, if you just dismiss them becase Skadoodle had 5 good maps on 2 tier 2 lans vs Europeans and completly ignore everthing else about feats, history and context of roles/agressiveness then you can't call anyone a newfag.

And aaaalll of that ^^^^^^^ is all besides the point, because when we talk about the ENTIRE History of csgo, you talk about all points in time, and as much as it pains you, from 2012 to 2017 there have been many AWPers with much higher and prettier-to-the-eye peaks than Skadoodle, much more impact and even much more efectiveness.
If you make a REAL serious top5 best AWPers of csgo of all time, you'd have to twist history quite a bit to put Skadoodle there.
2017-03-17 12:16:07
Bro, stop going around it that much. Skadoodle was a top3 caliber at one point in time, that doesn't mean he held that position for ever, the point being made is that he was one of the elite at his role and he never dropped from there, he always kept himself on the top, either being a top3 at his best or a top5 when other names came around.

That point made is to justify skadoodles legitimacy as one of the best awpers to play CSGO. I can only name 6 awpers that were and are better than him overall through history, kennyS, GuardiaN, JW, FalleN, s1mple and Device. Ska is definetly a top10 material when it comes to awpers in CSGOs history, his stats, his performances and achievements speak for themselves. He is indeed one of the best awpers to ever play CSGO, like it or not.
2017-03-17 12:24:30
"Skadoodle was a top3 caliber at one point in time"

Yes, 2015 when KennyS was past his prime and the AWP nerf came out , not in 2014.

"the point being made is that he was one of the elite at his role and he never dropped from there"

There is not much to say here, you're just straight up an idiot, newfag and casual fanboy (seems like you don't even watch the vods) Skadoodle after the 3 finals run of 2015 Summer C9 was not an Elite AWPer under any way shape or form

"That point made is to justify skadoodles legitimacy as one of the best awpers to play CSGO. I can only name 6 awpers that were and are better than him overall through history"

As i said, you have to stretch the list, i literally said that if you made a serious list of real all time great awpers from csgo you'd put just 5 players, now you literally just said that Skadoodle would be #7 at best, furthering my point.

"his stats, his performances and achievements speak for themselves."

They do indeed, so why not actually go through them? so let's see 2014 = bunch of stat pads against online N.A tier 4 non-salaried semi-pro teams (what a god he got average 25 kills vs them, must be a bonjwa)
Followed by 3 straight up booms @ groupstages at majors, followed by 3 booms at groupstages at non-majors, and oh yeah, won an ESEA LAN with a couple of tier 1 europeans that were not even trying, and that even people at the lan confirmed that Titan players were fucking around with their cellphones and all, then Beat C9 in the other ESEA LAN and btw, in both lans, it was Swag who carried them, not Skadoodle.
Now let's go to 2015? doesnt play for 3 months, then gets picked up for C9 with the highest bonus in GO's history at that point in time (50.000$) and goes on to make 3 finals, lose the 3 finals, one of those 3 finals that they lost they got absolutely raped, and the other one was vs dying teams.
then the major comes up and they boom in groupstages again, after ESL One Cologne 2015 there really is just no point in going thru his "feats" since he was no longer even a tier 1 player, let alone Elite Player , with your logic i could say "well Hunden is one of the best players of CSGO's history, he is like top400 of all of csgo" .....no man, when you make a top list about the absolute best, its usually just a top3, maybe a top5, you don't go up to the 7th just to be able to say that Skadoodle is part of it , that is idiotic.
2017-03-17 12:38:17
Am I a newfag?

wew, such a good argument. For a moment, I thought u were one of the few reasonable users around this place lol
2017-03-17 12:40:08
i dont know if you're a newfag to be honest, but you are 100% casual and delusional.
is just that Cloud9 fans are usually players that started cs with GO and used to play CoD or BF before.
2017-03-17 12:41:06
You jumped to many conclusion out of your ass lmao, I'm being an objective talker here. I really don't fangay anyone. It's pretty funny when kids like you feel cornered they insta jump to those ''newfag'' and ''fanboy'' type of arguments to make it out.

Do you realize how dumb your argument sound? ''Yes, 2015 when KennyS was past his prime and the AWP nerf came out , not in 2014.''

That logic implies that Neymar for example in football or bale or whatever good player this days, can't be considered one of the best in the world because Messi is out of his prime. Lmao.

It's not possible to make a reasonable debate when one of the parts gets mad, learn how to be mature first boludito.
2017-03-17 13:00:47
"You jumped to many conclusion out of your ass lmao"

Such as?

"I'm being an objective talker here"

Im being objective** and no, you're not, in fact you're being quite pedantic.

"Do you realize how dumb your argument sound? ''Yes, 2015 when KennyS was past his prime and the AWP nerf came out , not in 2014."

You said "Skadoodle was a top3 awper at one point in time" i merely pointed out @ what point in time Skadoodle actually was a top3/top2 awper.

"That logic implies that Neymar for example in football or bale or whatever good player this days, can't be considered one of the best in the world because Messi is out of his prime. Lmao."

Not really no, since all i did was point out when was Skadoodle a top3 AWPer (after you said that he was top3 once) , are you retarded?

"It's not possible to make a reasonable debate when one of the parts gets mad, learn how to be mature first boludito."

That you're right, you seem very upset, tho i don't think you can have a real argument because what you like, in reality, is not the best, and you just can't accept it.

"Learn how to be mature first boludito"
Nice maturity+English you got there young man.
2017-03-17 13:08:20
''Such as?''

How I'm a C9 fan or a ska hardcore fan?, you made up that. Your credibility stops right there, the moment you make up shit.

Skillwise, ska is one of the best to hold the big green gun in CSGO. Simple as that. Get over it.

Proofs -->

2014 LAN stats, http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=173&playerid=7440&..

2015 LAN stats,

Overall LAN stats, http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=173&statsfilter=20..

The only thing going against him is his majors record. But anyways, one thing can't take over many others.
2017-03-17 13:20:09


Yes, 1.2 rating vs n.a tier 4 teams online
bunch of qualifiers , ESWC2014 brutally dominated by navi, Gfinity 3 dominated by Titan.

Ouside of that in 2014 he literally just played qualifiers and N.A Leagues online.
wtf is wrong with you
2017-03-17 15:50:04
Stop baiting nerd.
2017-03-18 23:07:39
WTF?!A person from Argentina?
2017-03-16 23:34:48
He is top3 awper in 2015. Are you dumb fuck?
2017-03-17 06:39:10
typical, when someone is sick or dead, then people start to say HE WAS BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD AND BEST PLAYER , also paul walker, i still cant understand how earth didnt explode after his death
2017-03-17 12:39:39
You are totally right
2017-03-17 14:52:50
Calm down guys, he will not die.
Get well soon mate.
2017-03-16 21:28:56
2017-03-16 21:31:35
dunno who is he, but get well
2017-03-16 21:33:35
tf u talking about history t_t?
2017-03-16 21:55:52
- Thorin, 2017
2017-03-16 21:59:07
2017-03-16 22:59:15
nt thooorin
2017-03-16 23:10:16
2017-03-16 23:16:24
"one of the best awpers in CS:GO history"

LOL delusions
2017-03-17 11:13:44
2017-03-17 11:52:07
Shut up
2017-03-17 15:22:43
shut up
2017-03-17 18:23:13

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2017-03-16 21:22:38
2017-03-16 21:23:59
American medics 3rd world lmao!
2017-03-16 21:42:38
Hope ur kidding
2017-03-17 01:11:43
Get well soon!

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2017-03-16 21:22:38
get well soon :(

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2017-03-16 21:22:39
Get_Well soon Ska

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2017-03-16 21:22:39
get well soon :/

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2017-03-16 21:22:39

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2017-03-16 21:22:39
That's a sad one. I hope he gets better

Post edited 2017-03-16 21:22:58
2017-03-16 21:22:39
Speedy recovery Ska :(

Post edited 2017-03-16 21:23:22
2017-03-16 21:22:39
get well soon

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2017-03-16 21:22:39
hope he gets better!

Post edited 2017-03-16 21:22:51
2017-03-16 21:22:40
What a nice nickname, dude -_-
2017-03-16 21:32:29
2017-03-16 21:48:55
2017-03-16 21:51:00
2017-03-17 01:34:00
2017-03-17 08:34:44
get well

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2017-03-16 21:22:40
get soon
2017-03-16 21:22:40
2017-03-16 21:22:41
2017-03-16 21:22:41
2017-03-16 21:22:42

Post edited 2017-03-16 21:22:51
2017-03-16 21:22:42
poor dood :(

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2017-03-16 21:22:45
Best NA awper

best wishes

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2017-03-16 21:22:45
ptr is better
2017-03-17 20:07:58
get well soon
2017-03-16 21:22:46
Get well soon SKA!!!
2017-03-16 21:22:49
Best of luck !
2017-03-16 21:22:51
wow poor ska :(
2017-03-16 21:22:51
get well soon
2017-03-16 21:22:58
gws ska <333
2017-03-16 21:22:59
get well soon buddy
2017-03-16 21:23:02
Gl ska
2017-03-16 21:23:03
2017-03-16 21:23:07
that's bad
2017-03-16 21:23:13
2017-03-16 21:23:14
oh shit, get well soon ska!
2017-03-16 21:23:14
get better ska daddy <3
2017-03-16 21:23:15
sending <3
2017-03-16 21:23:16
Damn best of luck Skadoodle :(
2017-03-16 21:23:18
NOOOOOOOO :((((((((( <3 <3 <3
2017-03-16 21:23:18
That fucking sucks.. Get well soon man
2017-03-16 21:23:21
Hope everything will turn out alright!
2017-03-16 21:23:21
get well soon!
2017-03-16 21:23:34
2017-03-17 02:41:19
Get well! king ska
2017-03-16 21:23:47
Get well soon SkaDaddy <3.
2017-03-16 21:23:50
Get better soon, Ska.
2017-03-16 21:23:51
best wish godoodle
2017-03-16 21:23:52
Get well soon Ska ;(
2017-03-16 21:24:02
2017-03-16 21:24:21
2017-03-16 21:24:27
Get well ASAP skaaa :)
2017-03-16 21:25:00
noodle <3
2017-03-16 21:25:01
get well :(
2017-03-16 21:25:14
Get well Skadoodle <3
2017-03-16 21:25:37
cyst in his intestines.

Oh my.

Best wishes and get well soon skadongles.
2017-03-16 21:25:38
get well mah dude :(
2017-03-16 21:25:42
Get well
2017-03-16 21:25:51
Get well soon man
2017-03-16 21:26:01
get well soon ska
2017-03-16 21:26:20
so sad :((((
2017-03-16 21:26:25
Get well soon doodle :(
2017-03-16 21:26:39
His situation sounds rlly bad, internal bleeding and they don't know what it is
2017-03-16 21:26:45
we need gregory house on this : /
2017-03-17 08:36:42
good luck bro and get well
best wishes
2017-03-16 21:28:14
Best wishes from Brazil, Ska.
2017-03-16 21:29:52
get well soon
2017-03-16 21:31:03
Please get well Tyler , we need kind people like you in this world
2017-03-16 21:31:28
Best wishes to Ska.
Hope he is fine and recovers soon!
CS can wait.
2017-03-16 21:31:41
We love you boy <3
2017-03-16 21:32:28
Get well soon, duder <3
2017-03-16 21:33:06
Even if I don't like the team, please get well soon and fast!
2017-03-16 21:34:04
best wishes to skadoodle :)
2017-03-16 21:34:32
hope he'll get better
2017-03-16 21:36:47
get well please buddy
2017-03-16 21:36:49
Get well soon Ska
2017-03-16 21:36:58
Get well soon Tyler I wish you the best
2017-03-16 21:37:39
Get well soon ska
2017-03-16 21:39:04
Get well Ska, i hope u arent next Cyx :(
2017-03-16 21:39:44
get well soon!

2017-03-16 21:40:22
all the best <3
2017-03-16 21:40:47
get well soon ska!
2017-03-16 21:41:04
recover fast ska!! <3
2017-03-16 21:42:56
get well soon, broderik
2017-03-16 21:44:15
the most disciplined player i've ever seen , get well ska
2017-03-16 21:44:45
get well ska!!!
2017-03-16 21:44:57
Get well soon, hopefully everything ends well :(
2017-03-16 21:45:13
Skadaddy, take my energy, you'll be fine <3
2017-03-16 21:45:26
get well soon ska
i hope artstar is treating you well
2017-03-16 21:46:50
Get well soon Ska :( <3
2017-03-16 21:46:53
Skababy take my energy <3 BibleThump
2017-03-16 21:47:03
Best wishes ska, hopefully this does not lead to something more serious. :(
2017-03-16 21:49:39
Get well m8 <3 :(
2017-03-16 21:49:57
get well doodle!
2017-03-16 21:51:52
Get well soon :(

Also lul US 3rd world healthcare
2017-03-16 21:52:02
get well &#9829;
2017-03-16 21:52:46
Get well <3
2017-03-16 21:53:01
GET WELL SOON, no matter who you rooting for, this is what community is about! FOR SUPPORT #GetWellSka
2017-03-16 21:53:47
get well bud.
2017-03-16 21:55:26
get well!


2017-03-16 21:55:36
hope you get better soon champ!!
2017-03-16 21:56:03
Love you m8, get well soon.
2017-03-16 21:56:15
Get well fast, HLTV is with you my friend.
2017-03-16 21:56:32
skadoodluh get well bruh
2017-03-16 21:57:04
get well bro
2017-03-16 21:57:44
omg not good.
2017-03-16 21:57:56
get well tyler <3
2017-03-16 21:58:15
2017-03-16 21:58:52
get better soon skaduro
2017-03-16 22:00:46
get well soon!
2017-03-16 22:01:48
ska ;<
2017-03-16 22:04:50
get well soon ska, u will become top1 awper after this u got it
2017-03-16 22:06:00
2017-03-16 22:06:27
get well man
2017-03-16 22:06:43
2017-03-16 22:07:21
2017-03-16 23:10:00
pretty sure na has the best doctors and medicine in the world
2017-03-16 23:18:01
i´m pretty sure they don´t
2017-03-17 05:26:52
Nah they dont have the best health care but treatment is better than any other
2017-03-17 14:14:01
Not sure if you are baiting, but I am pretty sure USA has the best doctors, pharmaceuticals and medicine in the world by far.
2017-03-17 17:25:36
get well soon Ska
2017-03-16 22:09:13
best wishes for his recovery
2017-03-16 22:10:23
2017-03-16 22:15:36
Best wishes for ska
2017-03-16 22:17:00
Get well soon buddy! <3
2017-03-16 22:18:28
Get well ska
2017-03-16 22:19:24
Get well!
2017-03-16 22:20:19
Get well soon Tyler. One of the best awpers in CS:GO history.
2017-03-16 22:22:42
Damn, get well soon ska :(
2017-03-16 22:23:14
get well soon, luv ya skadoodle <3
2017-03-16 22:23:39
Skadaddy get well soon :(
2017-03-16 22:24:56
Get well!
2017-03-16 22:25:01
NA healthcare :(
2017-03-16 22:25:59
Internal bleeding after surgery in 2017, wtf??

Hope you.recover champ!
2017-03-16 22:26:16
yeah, was also surprised... shouldn't happen
2017-03-16 23:03:09
NA doctors
2017-03-17 01:17:38
Get well Ska!
2017-03-16 22:31:20
good luck ska :/
2017-03-16 22:32:44
Get well Skadoodle !
2017-03-16 22:40:16
wish all the best for him! god bless
2017-03-16 22:41:08
some of you trolls are savage. I hope ska gets well soon. Why is CS even being talked about? Hes bleeding internally, thats very serious.
2017-03-16 22:43:02
Get well soon dude!
wtf happens with csgo players?
2017-03-16 22:43:08
These are very upsetting news, internal bleeding is one of the most hard one to stop and detect. All the best to him.
2017-03-16 22:45:14
Wtf is going on with the players? So many complications and injuries all around such a small scene.

Get well ska
2017-03-16 22:46:41
I wouldn't call this a small scene tf
2017-03-16 23:19:00
In comparison to any regular sport's scene it is fairly small. Even more so If you isolate the top tier
2017-03-16 23:23:38
lol just because your country has one good player doesn't mean the scene is small
2017-03-17 00:34:55
yes, that is really relevant
2017-03-17 00:52:29
"So many complications and injuries" you probably can't name more than 5
2017-03-17 01:39:43
Dupreeh , olof, guardian, fer, device and now ska.
2017-03-17 01:41:51
i don't think you follow any other sport if you think that's a lot of injuries
2017-03-17 01:45:14
You questioned If I could name 5, I did.
In propotion to the number of relevant teams it is kinda a lot. Not to mention that comparing esports to sports injuries is a joke
2017-03-17 01:55:32
in other sport you can actually get injured though, how are you gonna get hurt sitting infront of your pc
2017-03-17 10:35:17
Always liked the guy, the only iBP player that didn't get banned, and he's the best NA AWPer in CS:GO history. Seems like a great, chill person with great attitude while being a great player. Wish the best for him, hope he gets better soon
2017-03-16 22:57:47
Get well soon Ska best wishes!
2017-03-16 22:58:52
murica healthcare, most expensive ever, still shit FeelsBadMan
2017-03-16 22:58:59
Get well Ska! CS community is with you (apart from some idiots ofc).
2017-03-16 23:01:56
Hope he doesnt die
2017-03-16 23:02:48
get well son
2017-03-16 23:08:05
Get well soon Skadoodle
2017-03-16 23:16:17
get well soon Tyler my favourite awper
2017-03-16 23:18:04
hope you get well!
2017-03-16 23:20:06
Damn.. that's really sad info. Get well Skadoodle.
2017-03-16 23:24:19
Get well buddy
2017-03-16 23:27:10

get well
2017-03-16 23:29:21
Poor kid :(
2017-03-16 23:42:13
damn =( hope everything goes fine for him! positive vibrations.
2017-03-16 23:44:47
Praying for you Ska, get well soon.
2017-03-16 23:53:18
GG American healtcare, continues to impress. Get well Skadoodle
2017-03-16 23:53:58
He most likely has paid healthcare so its good.
2017-03-17 00:03:43
lol people come from all over the world for our treatments. we have great healthcare, as long as you have a job and aren't uninsured
2017-03-17 08:39:24
What about the great number of poor people? They are not welcome to get good treatment? Capitalism in a nutshell.
2017-03-17 15:15:23
poor people that drink and do drugs that live off welfare already have it made by not having to work lol. and if you are talking about homeless well they kind of choose that life
2017-03-18 00:15:49
Sure, but there are still employed people who work their ass off who still cant afford healthcare or pay for their kids school.
2017-03-18 00:28:36
get well soon
2017-03-17 00:14:17
Holy shit, that's scary. Hope he gets better soon.
2017-03-17 00:18:33
Can the mods do a better job of supervising these threads? People saying that he's gonna die or that they hope he dies is kind of messed up...
2017-03-17 00:19:00
I hope he gets better. Amazing AWPer, stay strong Mr. Latham!
2017-03-17 00:29:33
Please, ska, please get better, let the gods heal skadaddy
2017-03-17 00:33:35
Get well Ska!
2017-03-17 00:35:10
2 things
don't die skadaddy
and make tyler great again 2k17 @doctors
2017-03-17 00:38:50
poor :(
2017-03-17 00:46:15
2017-03-17 00:49:33
Damn, that sucks... Get well soon Skadaddy!
2017-03-17 00:52:31
good guy stewie
2017-03-17 00:58:14
Get well soon Tyler! You are a inspiration for us plebs! <3
2017-03-17 00:59:20
Now they can't even drop him because that would be rude...
2017-03-17 01:04:19
get well doodle!

We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2017-03-17 01:04:40
yo made worst buddy get a fk out with your shity meme
2017-03-17 09:51:58
thank you for ur jealous, we appreciate that!
2017-03-17 09:52:54
Get well soon, Ska!
2017-03-17 01:11:03
Get well soon.
2017-03-17 01:34:56
Get Well Soon Skadoodle, hope you could recover quickly.
2017-03-17 01:47:05
D: Nu. Not the legend himself. ;-;
2017-03-17 02:03:52
rip ska
2017-03-17 02:04:50
get well soon, ska!
2017-03-17 02:51:20
Get well soon ska..
2017-03-17 05:25:56
best wishes
2017-03-17 05:53:55
sad news, #forzaskadoodle
2017-03-17 06:08:48
Internal bleeding is no joke, and the fact it came from an error in a 'routine surgery' sounds just horrible. Of course you dumb kids wouldn't understand that. Get well soon Ska.
2017-03-17 06:45:17
It isn't a routine surgery, mesenteric cysts (if indeed that's what it was) are quite rare and usually asymptomatic so it must have caused a major issue in the first place to require surgery.

Secondary haemorrhage after a procedure is something every surgeon tries to avoid, but sometimes ligatures slip and electrocautery isn't 100% effective. Not to mention looking through over 6 metres of bowel plus their mesentery through what I assume was keyhole surgery is no easy task.

People are quick to blame medical personnel for complications but sometimes it just boils down to luck.

That been said, it is extremely unfortunate and I hope he gets well soon.
2017-03-17 09:20:37
Ive been in intensive care twice with internal bleeding and that thing is no joke. Multiple blood transfusions, feeling like passing out all day long, awful smell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melena ), praying that things get better. Get well ska.

Post edited 2017-03-17 07:51:35
2017-03-17 07:51:02
if they can't find what's wrong with him hope he gets worse it'll be easier to find what's wrong and treat it
2017-03-17 07:59:03
get well soon ska feelsbadman :(
2017-03-17 08:32:42
Poor Ska! I wish him a swift recovery. It's a damn shame such things happen in 2017 in the US or anywhere for that matter...
2017-03-17 09:02:41
Damn internal hemorrhage can lead to death. Hope they rushed him instantly. Hope he has life insurance.

Post edited 2017-03-17 09:10:10
2017-03-17 09:09:24
Humble guy and a sick player. Good luck with the treatment. :(
2017-03-17 09:11:58
Get well soon ska, in the mean time we'll be missing you!
2017-03-17 09:52:54
get well soon
2017-03-17 10:10:08
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
I hope he will be doing fine in no time. Anything else is secondary.

My sincere support for his family and friends.

Please, think twice before posting your comments with the latest "fun"/disrespectful thought that has crossed your mind. Thank you in advance.

2017-03-17 10:13:12
It did cross my mind instantly actually. I thought it must be dehydration or maybe fell down stairs or something. Internal Hemorrhage scares the shit out of me. No personal experience with it just that it takes a few minutes just to bleed internally and its undetectable externally until you actually literally start dying. Cancer can be better detected than that. Its no joke at all. I mean I was thinking if he had life insurance or not when I read it. No way he survives unless if someone had caught him actually falling unconscious and falling down immediately. Imagine how terrifying it would be if it happened in his sleep.
2017-03-17 15:29:01
Hope you get better soon!
2017-03-17 10:15:27
GeT_RiGhT, opps I mean GeT_WeLl

Hope you are back to playing CS soon.
2017-03-17 10:18:41
Feelsbadman get better skadoodle :)
2017-03-17 10:33:33
Get well soon, Dude. Wish you the best!
2017-03-17 10:50:17
get well dude!!!!
2017-03-17 11:15:29
get well soon best wishes to you and your family
2017-03-17 11:23:14
I don't get how this has even turned into a debate. Why do people even remotely think his level in CS matters one bit. I would literally want anyone, be it coldzera or a silver 1, to get well, and overcome their sickness.

So ofcourse, I want to wish you the best Tyler, you'll amke it through this ezpz.
2017-03-17 11:53:47
All the best, gl with recovering
2017-03-17 12:06:10
get well tyler, u look like a nice person

and also great csgo player
2017-03-17 12:19:29
Gl, hf with recovering
2017-03-17 12:54:36
gl hf Skadududududule :)
2017-03-17 13:07:39
scary, get better soon <3
2017-03-17 13:28:51
Ivan Drago would say:
If he dies, he dies.
2017-03-17 13:32:12
ScreaM would say:
If i kill him, I kill him.
2017-03-17 13:36:04
ye but since ska does not live in a 3rd world country, he will most likely get well soon

no kill for scream
2017-03-17 13:39:05
even for top level healthcare in a 1st world country internal bleeding is pretty serious shit.
2017-03-17 13:44:45
2017-03-17 13:54:00
2017-03-17 13:55:40
Get well skadoodle
2017-03-17 14:16:11
Get well bro
2017-03-17 14:49:20
Get well soon Ska!!! <33333333
2017-03-17 14:49:27
Damn internal bleeding
2017-03-17 15:09:37
cmon dude get better and get back to winning <3
2017-03-17 15:57:26
Get well soon dude
2017-03-17 17:15:23
SO is skadoodle better?
2017-03-17 17:27:45
get well mate, I wish you all the best!
2017-03-17 19:26:51
It does not matter at this time whether he is a good player or not, I just hope his health will be 100% again. GL ska :)
2017-03-17 19:28:00
get well soon
2017-03-17 23:22:13
indeed, Get wel soon Ska and don't die in Hospital, you still have life in front of you ...
2017-03-18 10:08:14
Wishing him well
2017-03-18 14:26:26
PLease skadoodle get well soon, my luck is really terrible so i was hesitant.
2017-03-19 03:24:15
Holding fingers for You bro
2017-03-23 08:57:05

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