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wanr0 joins JYP
Time: 2017-04-16 16:31
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

JYP Gaming have reunited with former member Mohd "wanr0" Syazwan Hanafie, replacing their ex-AWPer Andrew "kaze" Khong, who left to join the new Chinese team called Flash Gaming.

Within the span of three months, the Malaysian team witnessed two long-time players depart its active line-up earlier this year with Aiman "aimaNNN" Azham and Andrew "kaze" Khong being replaced with Idzni "clickzai" Rosdi and Mohd "wanr0" Syazwan Hanafie respectively, from the second known team in the country, Orange Esports. 

Formerly known as MVP.Karnal, JYP brings back wanr0, whom they previously competed with for a few months from June to September in 2015, accomplishing a 3rd/4th placing at the Asian Offline Qualifier for ESL One: Cologne Major.

wanr0 returns to his former teammates 

After three weeks of carefully searching for the player they wanted while participating in Season 1 of ZEN League and Beyond Godlike SEA Pro League, here is what Alex "xevR" Pereira had to say on the team's final decision:

"It’s been a tough time for us as we lost kaze very recently to Flash Gaming, but I guess I'm happy for him, and wish him all the best. After his departure, the team took some time off with a short break."

"The team talked about it and came to a conclusion that wanr0 would fit into our team well, due to his experience playing the game for many years. Also, his dedication and love for the game will push us more to achieve bigger things. Wanr0 has been part of the Malaysian community for a very long time and has played with the majority of the line-up before."

"With the Asian Minor being announced, we recently got back into our practice routine and we hope that we are able to qualify for it once again. There is a lot of work ahead of us but I feel with the right mindset and attitude, we will be able to compete at the top again."

 JYP now consists of:

Ashraf "acAp" Firdaus
Alex "xevR" Pereira
Aaron "pzK!D" Pereira
Idzni "clickzai" Rosdi
Mohd "wanr0" Syazwan Hanafie

Izad "Izzy" Rosdi  (Manager)

The top Malaysian roster failed to make it out of groups at the previous Minor for the ELEAGUE Major, and will be looking to improve on that result as they prepare for the upcoming South-East Asian qualifier from April 24-28. 

Cool :D

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2017-04-16 16:31:20

Post edited 2017-04-16 16:31:25
2017-04-16 16:31:20
2017-04-16 16:31:21
2017-04-16 16:31:22
gl JYP! looking good for 2017!
2017-04-16 16:31:31
Lol I read wyv0 joins NiP RiP
2017-04-16 16:31:41
2017-04-16 16:31:49
2017-04-16 16:35:12
Since all these "Who" comments will be deleted, I'd just like to point out that Mohd is not an actual name, and is often used as an abbreviation for Mohammad/Mohammed (depending on your preffered spelling), so @flam3zcsgo, you might want to check that.
2017-04-16 16:38:53
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
He is featured that way everywhere, even on his team's site.
2017-04-17 08:19:38
meh he is only decent tho
2017-04-16 16:39:54
ez top 10 2017
2017-04-16 16:48:25
amazing player. Best known for his smoke/flash/HE skills. He will throw smokes with his eyes closed its his signature move.
2017-04-16 16:55:10
This guy fucking noob
2017-04-16 17:04:46
Wanr0 da beast
2017-04-16 17:53:05
wanr0 > aiman
pzkid carry
2017-04-16 18:04:29
So did AimaNNN retired? Surprised Izzy is still around, I think I played a couple of rounds with him, ClicK and AimaNNN back in the 1.6 era. IRATE FTW

Post edited 2017-04-16 18:46:48
2017-04-16 18:45:47
kick aiman cause noob
who is izzy?
jyp must change acap and davai bettering team
2017-04-17 03:10:34
rip england
2017-04-17 09:10:09
Aiman is 1.6 legend I think he played with Izzy before
2017-04-17 10:08:07
izzy thier coach dude...
2017-04-17 13:44:26
I thinking izzy is manager?
1.6 is not csgo! He rating so lower last event..noob player only good beat malaysia team
2017-04-18 03:31:51
2017-04-16 19:48:33
exciting news
2017-04-16 20:11:29
-jyp +kalpa for hokey wievers =)
2017-04-16 21:37:31
2017-04-19 13:03:31
2017-04-17 02:38:56
2017-04-17 07:05:24
hate that hltv does that, do you really think some1 cares about tier 5 asian team?????????????
2017-04-17 08:41:12
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Then why do you even bother replying?

Spare us the 'who', 'dont care' comments. If you are not interested, simply skip the news. It is as easy as that.
2017-04-17 09:41:34
They didnt care, but for us this is good news because JYP is one of the best SEA teams. I really hope sea cs become better. :)
2017-04-17 10:08:35
yes I do, so STFU or GTFO
2017-04-17 11:54:24
typical hltv retard comment. you are the worst kind of person in this community.
2017-04-17 16:15:44
2017-04-17 09:12:22
I've been following mongolian scene since 1997(year of my birth) and i have to say that was unexpected LUL
2017-04-17 12:40:32
Big news today
2017-04-17 15:32:35
who's awping for JYP now? acAp?
2017-04-17 13:46:08
top 1 after a few months
2017-04-17 19:14:13

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