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Spartak to expand into esports
Time: 2017-04-18 16:36
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Russian sports society Spartak has announced that it will expand into esports with the signing of teams in CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2.

According to Championat.com, a press conference will be held on Wednesday at Otkrytiye Arena, a multi-purpose stadium in Moscow and the home of prestigious football team FC Spartak Moscow, to announce more details about the project.

Founded in 1935, Spartak is an international fitness and sports society involved in many sports, including basketball and ice hockey.

Spartak will announce more details in a press conference on Wednesday 

It currently has no ties to football club FC Spartak Moscow, who secured the services of FIFA player Sergei "KEFIR" Nikiforov in September 2016, just three months after the Russian government officially recognised competitive video gaming as a sport.

"We are happy to announce that a new sport will be entering the Spartak family," said Spartak president Anna Alyoshina.

"We are confident that cybersport men will adequately don the red and white colors of Spartak and honor its history and victorious traditions."

Gl Spartak

Post edited 2017-04-18 16:36:56
2017-04-18 16:36:42
And their roster consists of
B1AD3 (coach)
2017-04-18 16:37:28
nope. their roster will be Gambit LUL. 99% sure.
2017-04-18 16:41:56
Gambit is going nowhere with Mou as their main AWPer and Dosia as their rifler F3 is going nowhere either with B1AD3 and BotLanDer
2017-04-18 16:43:42
Mou is nuts with the awp what r u talking about? He just had a shit tournament at eleague
2017-04-18 16:45:54
"Mou is nuts with the awp" there is literally no other worse awper in the top20 rank atm. Neither takes dragshots, nor has reflex and has no movement with it. Just awful.
2017-04-18 19:47:54
Cool profile links, whats ur point?
2017-04-20 17:25:29
You said there is no worse awper in the top20 rank. mou is better than JUGi by far
2017-04-20 20:56:15
You talk about rating? Mou has probably better rating than a lot of better players but it doesnt make him good with awp. Do you have any stats for awp specifically?
2017-04-20 21:25:37
+1 his reaction is slow
2017-04-19 01:17:02
Dekay lmao at least give a reliable source
2017-04-18 16:55:21
2017-04-18 17:10:08
2017-04-18 18:33:24
Oh look is that dekay and his sources wrong again? Oh I think it is! Nt
2017-04-19 22:29:43
you're such a bad baiter

2017-04-19 22:43:40
Where does everyone get this lineup from? Has there been a leak or smth? You're not the only one who I've seen post this exact lineup. Also There were couple rumours and reports of this current Gambit Lineup switching Organisations.
2017-04-18 16:46:01
That'd be awesome
2017-04-18 17:06:08
this is a very good idea bro, the dream team?
2017-04-18 17:52:37
Oleg Znarok(coach) then no matters who would be on lineup.. easy top1 2017 team!!
2017-04-18 22:46:32
Gambit, EZ Dosia
2017-04-18 16:38:01
Myaso gonna be myaso in game
2017-04-18 17:12:15
u mean fresh meat?
2017-04-19 11:24:59
pls gambit, i would love those stickers
2017-04-18 18:44:19
2017-04-18 16:36:46
2017-04-18 16:36:47
2017-04-18 16:36:50
2017-04-18 16:36:51
2017-04-18 16:36:53
2017-04-18 16:36:53
2017-04-18 16:36:54
inb4 aahuuuu
2017-04-18 16:37:24
2017-04-18 16:36:54
lmao wtf
2017-04-18 16:36:58
2017-04-18 16:37:02
2017-04-18 16:37:04
2017-04-18 16:37:13
Spartak will sign the current Gambit Roster soon. You heard it here first.
2017-04-18 16:37:13
Rumors say that the current players from Gambit will be signed by a NA org but it could be possible
2017-04-18 16:39:31
2017-04-18 17:20:46
gambit will be sign by Lion- proffesional unknown organisation without any fame
2017-04-19 14:08:04
new gambit & f3.
2017-04-18 16:37:14
more and more sports orgs getting to it nice
2017-04-18 16:37:18
wouldnt be surprised if they sign the current gambit lineup cuz gambit dont wanna buyout hobbit from tengri
2017-04-18 16:37:27
And there have been reports of Gambit switching organisations about a week or two ago.
2017-04-18 16:44:28
csgo & dota team for spartak inc
2017-04-18 16:37:30
2017-04-18 16:37:36
Thats kinda cool, wonder what team are they gonna buy tho
2017-04-18 16:37:43
2017-04-18 16:37:44
so, when do we hear about the first CSGO doping scandal now russian sports are involved?
2017-04-18 16:37:47
there was allready doping scandal with Adderal
2017-04-18 16:53:13
wasn't against the rules back then, im talking state sponsored doping, like the russian athletes

Post edited 2017-04-18 16:54:26
2017-04-18 16:54:07
but is there something else that csgo players can use to get better?
2017-04-18 16:58:37
what a stupid question
2017-04-18 16:59:43
No its not, only posible thing they can get from doping is better reflex/focus no? what else they can get from doping?
2017-04-18 17:02:22
you seem to be missing the point, i never once said it wouldn't be adderal, russians are known for doping, so who knows what it could be.

and there are thousands of drugs which can help performance, doesn't have to simply just improve reflexes and focus

Post edited 2017-04-18 17:05:37
2017-04-18 17:04:34
oh, +1 to your karma for not being toxic
2017-04-18 17:05:45
And I have a suspicion that you are a Ukrainian provocateur. You have a kind of war with the Russians there, is that so?
I think that you should not touch politics in sports, and e-sports.
2017-04-18 18:07:15
i think that you should not jump to conclusions.

2017-04-18 18:08:05
more like state sponsored cheat
2017-04-19 06:07:07
It seems to me that doping with Russians was a lie. Probably just a provocation from the European Union
2017-04-18 18:02:13
you sir, are an idiot if you think the doping was a lie
2017-04-18 18:20:48
you sir are an idiot if you believe everything that media tells ya
2017-04-19 19:44:30
i do not, but are you seriously going to tell me that the doping scandal is a lie?

if it's not true and it's fake media, why have federations banned russia and russian athletes, i guess they listen to the media then?

Post edited 2017-04-19 19:45:58
2017-04-19 19:45:11
that sounds so lit
2017-04-18 16:37:50
Who will they sign?
2017-04-18 16:37:52
Gambit squad?
2017-04-18 16:37:57
go-go Spartak
2017-04-18 16:37:57
Spartak to buy NaVi
2017-04-18 16:37:58
League of Legends LMAO
2017-04-18 16:38:04
League of Legends now boasts over 100 million monthly active players worldwide

Post edited 2017-04-18 16:41:49
2017-04-18 16:41:40
yea i know its a huge game but definitely not in russia. most players are asians
2017-04-18 16:43:33
dota is probably more popular just because of w3 legacy, but i dont know any numbers
2017-04-18 22:17:06
yea definitely dota is more popular
i visited quite a few computer clubs in russia and crimea when i was a kid and from my experience no one even had lol installed on their pcs
2017-04-18 22:53:47
spartak moscow?
2017-04-18 16:38:13
No, Moscow football club Spartak and "vsesouznoe" sport society Spartak are two different things. E-sport team would belong to the second one. But FC already has contract with a FIFA player.
2017-04-18 18:41:10
thanks my russian friend
2017-04-18 18:49:20
Please don't disgrace cs

Post edited 2017-04-18 16:39:02
2017-04-18 16:38:34
2017-04-18 16:39:07
more toxic ppl, yay
2017-04-18 16:39:07
Oh yeaaah now we wil get to see some crazy russian fans action like in football Kappa
2017-04-18 16:39:21
Russian football fans are better than english fans or french.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8OdY0RrwCA Lester fans in Madrid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJb_tQdSe0o Lion France
2017-04-19 01:46:57
n1 spartak

Btw imagine this stickers!
2017-04-18 16:40:17
Ssly stickers would be cool!
2017-04-18 19:09:33
Incoming CIS shuffle
2017-04-18 16:40:47
There will be no CIS Shuffle. Spartak is picking up Gambit.
2017-04-18 16:43:03
SpartaK : ( hObbit, WorldEdit, Zeus, AdreN, electroNic ) +B1ad3

> This is breaking into TOP8.
2017-04-18 16:41:20
no we need markeloff to be carried into major
2017-04-18 16:43:48
tbh i can see markeloff going back to form if he is in the same team with Zeus
2017-04-18 16:44:34
too late
2017-04-18 16:47:02
?? He's still been in every major.
2017-04-18 16:53:33
never won any and never will
2017-04-18 17:10:25
IDC just want him there always :)
2017-04-18 17:14:34
There is too many better teams, with F3 its awlways a dissapoitement, eh will just get rekt if he gets there.
2017-04-18 17:15:39
IDC just want him there always :)
2017-04-18 17:16:06
2017-04-18 17:20:08
But Gambit broke in top8 aswel
2017-04-18 18:06:58
TOP10, and its a rare thing, they are not in it to stay im telling you.
2017-04-18 18:28:33
spartak moscow?

Post edited 2017-04-18 16:43:16
2017-04-18 16:42:39
they will sign Gambit 100%
2017-04-18 16:42:47
2017-04-18 16:42:59
2017-04-18 16:43:04
Spartak (bubble, vic7or, shemeta, spyleader, dr3amer)

Confirmed :>
2017-04-18 16:43:16
I would love it man! :D
2017-04-18 17:36:00
2017-04-18 17:40:02
sign dota2 roaster Team Empire
2017-04-18 16:44:54
I think Hooch will be to build a team because he's a Spartak fan
2017-04-18 16:45:52
nice motivation for him tho
2017-04-18 16:47:08
Spartak will be ex-Gambit. My sources confirmed that.
2017-04-18 16:45:59
Your sources aka internet LUL
2017-04-18 16:51:19
My sources aka my friend from Marketing Department?
2017-04-18 17:02:09
"Marketing Department"
2017-04-18 17:44:56
Yes, The Marketing Departament. In soviet russia there is only one marketing departament.
2017-04-18 18:41:58
Starix? Will he be in this roster?
+4 free agents from CIS
2017-04-18 16:46:14
i think they'll acquire gambit's roster
2017-04-18 17:23:31
This would be a preaty cool sticker
2017-04-18 16:46:31
2017-04-18 16:46:36
anyways, they will announce some our tier 999 players who will disband after two months or even less. this shit never ends
2017-04-18 16:47:45
I hope they use Spartak tag and not stupid shit like north did
2017-04-18 16:48:23
never heard of it
2017-04-18 16:50:03
Well you obviously don't follow Football then.
2017-04-18 16:55:23
it's got nothing to do with football

"It currently has no ties to football club FC Spartak Moscow"

you obviously don't read very well
2017-04-18 17:00:55
Translate to englando plox?
2017-04-18 16:53:16
GOOO HOOCH omg Spartak!!!!
2017-04-18 16:56:25
RU Cs lul
2017-04-18 16:57:44
2017-04-18 16:59:02
2017-04-18 17:00:37
2017-04-18 17:01:46
myaso team lol
2017-04-18 17:07:04
2017-04-18 17:07:49
insider's info..
2017-04-18 17:09:46
Raiz info?xd
2017-04-19 19:47:50
Nice, ortodox brothers!
2017-04-18 17:10:34
2017-04-18 17:18:14
More Russians.
2017-04-18 17:20:40
it is not FC Spartak, it is MFSO Spartak

FC Spartak =/= MFSO Spartak
2017-04-18 17:22:15
gambit players joining spartak
2017-04-18 17:22:26
n1ce :D
2017-04-18 17:24:13
Plz Moscow Five reborn.
2017-04-18 17:30:12
who else? i cant remember :(
2017-04-18 18:32:54
hooch? or not?
2017-04-18 20:29:49
2017-04-18 20:47:37
guys, no reasons to hype. Looks like it`s shitstory.
It`s not football club.
2017-04-18 17:34:21
Nice. Pls hooligans come and kill dabbing american fags
2017-04-18 17:37:07
TBH that's a pretty sexy logo
2017-04-18 17:39:13
sounds interesting :)
2017-04-18 17:39:18
ez for gambit
2017-04-18 17:41:28
2017-04-18 17:49:20
inb4 they pick up a tier 4 russian team.. I hope they get a good team!
2017-04-18 17:53:37
2017-04-18 17:54:30
when spain get good team
2017-04-18 18:15:50
Vega Squadrion??
2017-04-18 18:00:53
I am 90% sure it will be vega squadron or spirit if they want to get some team asap and won't wait for month+
2017-04-18 18:13:22
yeah and vega squadron are so good. gambit players are in the limelight since 10 years.

give VegaSquadron a real chance! new Na'Vi. came out of nowhere to stomp NiP
2017-04-18 18:15:28
Vega 50/50 , but spirit ...
2017-04-19 14:33:20

2017-04-18 18:02:05
2017-04-18 22:03:32
2017-04-18 18:02:32
2017-04-18 18:08:34
looks like team heroic
2017-04-18 18:10:21
Team Heroic looks like this.
2017-04-18 18:22:38
When Benfica, Porto, Sporting, Braga, Guimarães? Just one is enought, we need at least one to have finally a pro team.
2017-04-18 18:11:20
football clubs dont need this! its other sport, other rules
2017-04-19 05:09:54
Ahahha unbelivebale, i remember wearing spartak t-shirt and a spartak flag back in 90s in my school days when we had those crazy street fights vs CSKA and DINAMO soccer fans ahahaha those good old days.

Andrey Tihonov lez go! :)

Welcome to CS.
2017-04-18 18:18:27
2017-04-18 18:22:30
Bring back Moscow 5. Btw, is their founder still in jail? What's he up to these days
2017-04-18 18:22:57
He got like 20-30 years in prison, or was facing idk if he was senteced yet. It's been years since I followed that case.

Post edited 2017-04-18 18:45:27
2017-04-18 18:41:27
welcome navi
2017-04-18 18:23:05
Still waiting for Real Madrid E-Sports.
2017-04-18 18:28:35
that's a trend now I guess
noice ^^
2017-04-18 18:31:45
loooooooooooooooool just imagine those stickers
2017-04-18 18:37:40
This gambit will never progress cuz mou and dosia braindead bots
2017-04-18 18:40:14
actualy sounds decent team
2017-04-18 18:44:42
and electronic deserves a chance, he did very well when he was a stand-in a while back
2017-04-18 19:54:10
Spartak Moscow , w0w! :)
2017-04-18 18:48:32
gl, spartak will sign navi and zenit will sign gambit, GG
2017-04-18 18:49:59
hype gl
2017-04-18 18:51:05
Inb4 Spirit to Spartak
2017-04-18 18:57:00
ez putins
2017-04-18 18:58:11
Is like an stadion Real Madrid, FC Kobenhagn ect

Post edited 2017-04-18 18:59:17
2017-04-18 18:58:57
can be interesting but cant imagine this team will be one of the best
2017-04-18 18:59:26
Spartak lineup:


2017-04-18 18:59:51
Gambit perharps
2017-04-18 19:10:49
DAMN Spartak has some serious money behind them, I think this will work out fine, just like North
2017-04-18 19:14:04
2017-04-18 19:19:45
They're signing either Gambit or Vega, most likely Gambit, just my prediction on this
2017-04-18 19:26:13
2017-04-18 19:26:32
Spartak chempion
2017-04-18 19:46:27
2017-04-18 19:53:09
sign gambit
2017-04-18 19:56:44
<3 Spartak <3 Quincy Promes
2017-04-18 20:03:40

2017-04-18 20:03:53
in 2010 maybe
2017-04-18 20:30:40
legend never die
2017-04-19 13:16:31
Esports to eventually be part of olympic games will make a lot of eldery people mad :))
2017-04-18 20:10:42
2017-04-18 20:13:39
Why do 3rd worlders always name everything "Spartak"?

Spartak Moscow
Spartak Trnava
Spartak 78
Spartak Subotica
Baddow Spartak
FK Spartaks Jurmala
Spartak Saint Petersburg

Do you guys know what fantasy is?
2017-04-18 20:14:59
in soviet union it was biggest sport community.
2017-04-18 21:05:32
where are your swedish teams? struggling ot get out of groups in uefa europe league? some shit like aik stokholm or malmo XDDD
2017-04-19 10:18:19
or qualy for major NIP who was knock out by vega xD

Post edited 2017-04-19 11:34:11
2017-04-19 11:34:01
Still better than just FC "randomcitynameblahblah"
2017-04-19 15:37:08
sticker HYPE
2017-04-18 20:42:03
2017-04-18 20:49:55
good news, good for cybersport, gogogo
2017-04-18 21:59:55
Spartak team :


Post edited 2017-04-18 22:03:02
2017-04-18 22:02:50
I think this is good if more sports clubs create esport teams esport became more populare.
2017-04-18 22:15:42
If it won't be Gambit ffs
2017-04-18 23:50:30
Do i need to buy gambit stickers?
2017-04-19 00:10:20
when football or basketball isnt going well for a team, owners try to earn elsewhere.
Waiting for redbull to join in style
2017-04-19 02:43:42
just a few months i think. scheiss rb
2017-04-19 05:12:01
spartak cyber ultras inc! xD
2017-04-19 11:10:04
Gl to players.
2017-04-19 11:17:58
2017-04-19 12:03:23
Zenit vs spartak
2017-04-19 12:42:00
sparta club of a faggot and an slave
2017-04-19 15:25:18
They signed Rush3d , so yeah another fucking useless waste, nothing to see here.
2017-04-19 15:26:20
2017-04-19 16:34:31
tier 4 team lul
2017-04-19 15:31:50
well, glhf.

but their "logo" looks like a merge between Heroic (CS:GO) and Team Empire (DOTA2) which feels a bit "meh".

2017-04-19 17:24:23
This logo exists since 1940s what are you talking about
2017-04-20 13:08:07
the red knight is new. (not the C-part below obviously)
2017-04-24 09:59:15

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