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allen returns to SK Gaming
By: Pus
Time: 2011-05-23 20:17
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6

SK Gaming have announced that Jimmy "allen" Allen will be returning to action in their Counter-Strike division.

The news comes as somewhat of a surprise, although Jimmy "allen" Allen said his leave of absense would only be until further notice, when he stepped down less than two months ago.

Allen initially decided to take a break after his recent illness had become a problem for his Counter-Strike commitment, which had started effecting him negatively in terms of playing the game.

However, Allen will now be returning to activity in SK Gaming, for whom he will act as a stand-in at the Swedish World Cyber Games qualifier.

allen returns in SK jersey 

Out of the blue, SK Gaming have released Dennis "dennis" Edman, who first began his adventure with the team in February, when he was brought in for the IEM5 World Championship.

Commenting on the matter and Dennis "dennis" Edman's exit, team manager Tim "merusame" Ellersiek said the following on the team's website:

"After several months with dennis in the lineup the team came to the decision that they won't continue in the same formation. The reasons behind this decision are extremely complex. Dennis has been a superb asset to the team and has also played extremely precious tournaments with and for SK Gaming.

"Former SK Gaming player Jimmy Allen will be playing the upcoming WCG Qualifier in Stockholm. Once again thank you Dennis, your time as a very talented SK player is appreciated in a great manner." 

With Dennis "dennis" Edman on board, Allen's temporary replacement, SK Gaming recently secured a second-place finish at Xperia PLAY 2011, as well as winning Inferno Online 3.3.

SK Gaming now have:

 Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
 Jimmy "allen" Allen
 Johan "face" Klasson
 Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg
 Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström

The team will make their next appearance at another preliminary stage of the Swedish World Cyber Games qualifier, which will take place at Inferno Online Stockholm on May 28.

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omg dennis > allen
2011-05-23 20:18:07
In your dreams lool.
2011-05-23 20:22:34
wake up for life
2011-05-23 20:27:12
Ok , you will se ;)
2011-05-23 20:30:20
where's dennis now? teamless?
2011-05-23 21:16:52
supose that he's still backup player 4 SK, as he was until allen got sick
2011-05-23 22:07:28
TY :)
2011-05-23 22:30:51
i didnt see allen for a long time
for now its dennis=allen
2011-05-23 22:19:42
with or without allen,sk's its not the same and never will be...
get_right should join as decent team becauz on sk's he has no future anymore..
2011-05-24 04:45:23
2011-05-24 18:33:22
you just dont understand,a team is not only skill -.-
2011-05-23 23:43:12
nah true story bro
2011-05-23 20:28:57
for now i think dennis was better then allen don't forget he has months of absence :/
2011-05-23 20:53:09
hard to say considering that allen hasnt played for quite a while...:/
2011-05-23 21:00:26
Maybe he was practicing hard all the time?
2011-05-23 21:39:15
yeah, he took a break (according to the news) and despite that he kept practising even harder...
2011-05-23 22:27:02
i don't think he will start as good as when he left, but with time..
2011-05-24 00:25:57
I agree, what I meant is that there was some purpose behind his break, so he surely was not practising ^^
2011-05-26 22:47:26
2011-05-23 21:06:49
2011-05-24 15:19:11
omg dennis < allen

2011-05-23 20:28:37
agree, agree
now allen just need some time
2011-05-23 20:32:58
allen > dennis > RobbaN
2011-05-23 21:51:34


2011-05-23 21:59:32


2011-05-23 22:19:48
2011-05-24 11:55:29
2011-05-23 22:08:26
Dennis has nothing to do in sk's "dreamteam"
2011-05-23 23:49:26
I think Dennis is playing good in SK now,and Dennis > allen.Why SK want allen instead of Dennis?
2011-05-24 04:00:38
Because allen is far better than dennis ,dennis is good but good as allen
2011-05-24 16:15:53
cmooooooooon guys you can't do that to dennis!
DENNIS >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALLEN
2011-05-23 20:39:21
2011-05-24 04:01:03
hehehe, maybe @ intet.
2011-05-23 20:45:20
2011-05-23 20:55:11
It's not about skill man , it's about in-game relationship among players. Allen can help Robban with strats and calling and so he will be an important asset for SK.
And don't forget that allen quite masters the m4.
Isn't that obvious that in a theam it's not only about mad fraggers ? Ok u have face , forest and gtr in a team , and the team is not winning anything. This means that you must work elsewhere.
Don't fool yourselves , this game isn't about skill anymore , it's about brain and practice.
Every idiot can aim , but not everyone can understand the game and play it in an effective manner for a team.
Why people don't talk about Na'Vi : +f0rest - ceh9. I'll tell you why , because they are winning and they have a good chemistry among them.
In Ukraine there are better aimers than zeus and ceh9 , but you never talk about -ceh9 +everyone else.
Stop being kids ffs.
2011-05-23 21:15:18
face isn't a madfragger to me, he's a support player. Sk has to madfraggers, gtr & forest, one igl-sniper, RobbaN, and two support players, face & allen.
dennis was great cuz he was able to play with the big green instead of RobbaN, now RobbaN'll be the one and only sniper in the team (with forest awping on de_train once in a while), and that's not good according to me !
2011-05-23 21:32:51
ahahah dude ) ceh9 and the others of Na'Vi team are equal ,for instance if markeloff doesn't want to play with awp, Edward or starix will do it as they are both awpers and it doesn't mean that ceh9 or Zeus are less skilled . I watched old pov demos of Numbazz and KNET back in the days when Zeus and esenin were in theirs' lineup - believe me they can easily run on the map fragging enemies , but they wont win this way ,thats why ceh9 frags less than Edward for example - he performs his role )
2011-05-23 21:58:23
I've never ever seen edward play with AWP.
Are u rly from Ukraine?
2011-05-23 23:46:16
Edward is a master with AWP,this navi does not need him to use awp when they have Markloff and starix.Iv watched enough demos and vod when Edward was using awp,1vs5 OR 4 several times ,dude,are you new to CS?
2011-05-23 23:56:50
edward use the awp when play with pro100 in 2007
2011-05-24 05:31:49
NaVi > All Team world))
2011-05-24 00:20:00
only now.Let's see what happen next time.
2011-05-24 04:19:51
next when ? when they get tired and will work as all ordinary people ?
So navi best ever since 2010
2011-05-24 17:30:41
edward was AWPers in his team before ..starix too, but in Na`Vi those pisition is played by markeloff, so they take riffleman position..
2011-05-24 03:10:42
look at the anhillation 2 -_-
2011-05-24 16:18:51
owned :{
2011-05-24 17:27:34
2011-05-23 22:22:33
2011-05-23 21:21:58
allen > dennis > RobbaN

see the one that SK should remove
2011-05-23 21:51:10
Yeah, pretty clever. Then get right would be igl?LOL
2011-05-24 00:55:40
they have some experience :x
2011-05-24 18:37:57
Allen has performed way better than Dennis before his illness occurred; Although Dennis did play exceptionally well he wasn't playing on top as allen was at major tourneys.
2011-05-24 05:16:13
2011-05-24 17:36:07
well that's nice
2011-05-23 20:18:11
2011-05-23 20:18:15
2011-05-23 20:18:15
2011-05-23 20:18:18
2011-05-23 20:18:24
Niceeee :D
2011-05-23 20:18:35
lol dennis > allen

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:18:59
2011-05-23 20:18:40
2011-05-23 20:18:50
keep going sk

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:25:43
2011-05-23 20:18:53
and GeT_RiGhT
2011-05-23 20:32:06
true dude a friend said me the same xD
2011-05-23 20:35:46
lol jack
2011-05-23 20:42:38
honestly, there should be "anti-SK" consisting of
- dennis
- Gux
- Delpan
- GeT_RiGhT
they will crush any line up of SK.
2011-05-23 20:50:33
lol true best of sweden.
2011-05-23 20:59:27
i like this idea! ^^
2011-05-23 21:02:09
2011-05-23 21:11:44
lol no.
2011-05-24 06:00:08
2011-05-23 21:16:15
dennis and Delpan are only STAND-IN , not official players on SK !
2011-05-23 21:31:03
and kHRYSTAL why not? ^^,
2011-05-23 21:57:36
haha poor SK
anti-SK >> SK

Post edited 2011-05-23 22:34:09
2011-05-23 22:33:30
what are you talking about,omg they didn't need delpan so they kick him,what's problem ? than what will looke like if it'll be "anti-MYM" ? What a stupid posts ,by you and guys below
2011-05-24 16:23:16
lol u sound mad, bad mark at school today?
2011-05-24 20:50:06
hahah finito with school :D not that ,i support SK ,but you must be realistic SK is institution in gaming world ! And allen is allen you most admit it
2011-05-25 13:28:59
ok, just making sure everything is fine.. I say SK will replace allen quite soon!
2011-05-25 14:40:56
delpan was just a standin
2011-05-23 20:55:43
2011-05-23 22:42:45
allen gl goooooooooo
2011-05-23 20:19:01
Holy nice. Really awesome, can't wait to see him play again. WB!
2011-05-23 20:19:11
wth.........not good
2011-05-23 20:19:23
nice :)

here ppl forgot how allen is good
2011-05-23 20:19:31
allen is good, dennis is just better
2011-05-23 20:29:37
you think so ?
well when I remember allen's game...
Dennis is really sick playa :)
2011-05-23 20:31:16
no he's not!
2011-05-23 20:43:11
welcome back
2011-05-23 20:19:32
a bit harsh for dennis who was finally doing well but good to see allen again

a2g dennis?

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:21:00
2011-05-23 20:19:45
hope so
2011-05-23 20:43:31
2011-05-23 20:43:34
2011-05-23 20:50:45
well this sucks
2011-05-23 20:19:49
2011-05-23 20:19:53
YEEE Jimmy Neutron is BACK!
2011-05-23 20:19:53
no the Grinch is back
2011-05-23 20:54:48
lol SK crax!!! again!!
2011-05-23 20:19:59
2011-05-23 20:20:03
2011-05-23 20:20:08
MODDII > allen > dennis = )

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:20:41
2011-05-23 20:20:23
2011-05-23 20:52:50
2011-05-23 21:06:31
2011-05-23 22:12:17
-1 C-C-C-C-c-c-c-coooombooooBreaakeeeerrr!!
2011-05-23 23:33:56
c-c-c-combo breakers work for 5 plus comments. so this is a fail. ty.
2011-05-24 02:32:25
rofl. Combo breakers work for breaking combo's, get it right
2011-05-24 06:02:06
2011-05-23 20:20:26
2011-05-23 20:20:37
wb allen
2011-05-23 20:20:51
sk mistake...
2011-05-23 20:21:08
so go to become the new SK-manager!! U ARE THE BEST!
2011-05-23 20:23:24
he can only do it better ?
2011-05-23 20:31:02
We are here to give our opinions so.
2011-05-23 22:32:59
lol :P
2011-05-23 20:21:14
What the hell :S oh well welcome back jimmy
2011-05-23 20:21:19
once again, SK using players and throwing them away.

not saying it's not a good thing that allen is coming back (although personally I think dennis is better) but SK as an org really keep disappointing.
2011-05-23 20:21:37
There are no emotions in economy!
2011-05-23 20:30:55
forget him, that guy only says C**P
2011-05-23 20:44:28
Crap is not a naughty word, young man.

In order to prove my point: Shit, dick, cunt, bollocks!
2011-05-23 20:51:29
young man? thats about it
2011-05-23 20:52:38
Was not meant like that. Sarcasm doesn't do well on the world wide web...
2011-05-23 20:55:16
especially not with that guy.
2011-05-23 21:01:02
No need for either of you to "insult" one another.
2011-05-23 22:17:52
I dig your steez.
2011-05-24 03:27:42
if you can't see what I pointed out, you really are hopeless.

what they did here with dennis happened several times before, and it also includes GeT_RiGhT. if you are not aware of it, then fine, but don't come and say I only say crap, because this is 100% true :)
2011-05-23 20:56:30
just making my point man.. when it comes to SK u only say crap.. dont even bother to reply, i wont change my mind and clearly neither will u, after all this years!
2011-05-23 21:00:43
you can like SK all you want but it doesn't change the fact that these are... well, facts.

and if you don't want me to reply, don't insult me in the first place (yes, saying I ONLY say crap is an insult).
2011-05-23 21:02:21
I don't think it's SK's fault, I mean the organization's fault you know. Why would they change him, if the team is doing just fine. If the players were happy and they didn't have any problems and they didn't want any changes. You can't blame the organization for changing players. Obviously something was wrong in the team. And the players came down to a decision to remove dennis and add allen back.

Everyone always thinks, that SK as an organization is very bad. Of course, they had their up's and down's by not paying salaries etc, but I mean the SK staff, so to speak, can't really change players, when they have a problem with someone or something or they don't like someone or something. If the team is showing results and everything is fine in the team itself, the staff almost has no right to change someone.

SK is one of the best organization out there in my opinion. They send their team to a lot of tournaments. I mean, why would players like f0rest and GTR join SK, if they wouldn't get salaries etc. I'm pretty sure the players made this decision.

And my guess allen fixed his health problem and wanted to go back, to competitive gaming. Maybe he asked RobbaN to change dennis or something. And as RobbaN is the last one of the original SK, maybe he wanted his old friend back too.
It's not like, he would add allen, because he is his friend, but the team maybe would work even better with him. I mean, since walle left, I'm no longer a SK fan and definitely they change players way too much, but it will be interesting to see, what dennis has to say and how it will work out for them.
2011-05-23 20:45:21
they didnt really had to remove dennis from the team, cause he agreed to be just a stand-in, thats what i dont get in this guys! everytime SK swaps a player it always the same shitty comments around, its really retarded to say what that guy said, obviously, u sir are right!
2011-05-23 20:55:10
True.. the truth is if SK asked you to be a stand-in. Hell yes. why not..who cares about salaries..I dun mind paying them back lol.
dennis probably know he would have to leave anytime. but he must have enjoyed.

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:04:24
2011-05-23 21:04:00
dude you can't say they are one of the best organizations...
all you said is true but I can't let you say that.

among the big organizations, they are by far the one with the most problems pointed out. have you ever heard any complaints about Na'Vi, fnatic, mTw, mousesports, etc...? SK is the only big org with such problems.
sending players to tournaments is a small part of what's making an org a good one.

and I understand why RobbaN could have wanted allen back, but let's be honest, dennis was playing great.
2011-05-23 21:00:33
cant agree more. and i dun think they need another rifler when they already have GTR and f0rest.
2011-05-23 21:05:54
So, if dennis was playing great, why would they change him? Most definitely, they had problems in the team itself. That would be so absurd, to change dennis, just because the SK staff wasn't happy or something. I really can't imagine, why in the earth they would change him, if the team was happy and they were showing good results. Obviously everything wasn't okey in the team, so they changed him, simple as that.

And of course, from 4 really good organizations you named and other good organizations you didn't name, 1/10 organization will have problems. Unfortunely SK is the 1 org, who has these problems and no matter what, people will bitch how bad the organization is, when they will change their line-up.
2011-05-23 21:22:07
yeah, in the end of the day it was the players decision.
2011-05-23 21:35:03
it was planned from the beginning that dennis' had only a temporary spot in SK unless allen couldn't recover though, dennis himself said he was ok with that
2011-05-23 21:38:13
breaking news!!
2011-05-23 20:21:37
lol, sk gaming is a joke.

"Dennis has been a superb asset to the team and has also played extremely precious tournaments with and for SK Gaming"

nice reasons
2011-05-23 20:21:50
dennis > allen :(
2011-05-23 20:22:07
dennis is better than allen for me :|
2011-05-23 20:22:09
thats not a reason to kick allen and keep dennis in the team...allen is playing for sk like 3-4 years and he is more closed to the team and the players,and no dennis isnt better
2011-05-23 22:05:38
gl jimmy <3
2011-05-23 20:22:12
dennis will get a good offer soon.
2011-05-23 20:22:22
dennis please join a2g/Lions!
2011-05-23 20:22:30
keiz,niko,theat,gux and dennis nice :D
2011-05-23 21:47:56
gux,keiz,dennis,khrystal,niko =D
2011-05-24 13:31:14
bad move imo
2011-05-23 20:22:34
so want to see MODDII joining SK on permanent base instead of allen

GeT_RiGhT f0rest MODDII <3 hell yeah !
2011-05-23 20:22:49
the other sk players don't like moddii as person so not gonna happen
2011-05-23 20:32:34
how the fuck do u know that? ur just making that up man. i've seen ihl demos of get_right and him and moddii were just laughing together about stuff man, and even when they were opponents. and moddii played with robban, face and allen for like 6 months if they didnt like him, they would have kicked him, delpan was a free agent at the time.. dont make stuff up pls
2011-05-23 20:47:08
2011-05-23 21:03:28
2011-05-23 21:07:23
in addition to #201, face said moddii was his room mate while his time in SK and he was a funny guy.
2011-05-23 23:26:24
poor move!
2011-05-23 20:23:18
omfg without dennis sk will be worst...lol...and agree denis > allen especialy now that allen didn play cs...just my opinion...
2011-05-23 20:23:28
FUCK YEAH now they will win any tournament :D okay okay maybe not but they will perfom more consistently

i guess also a2g will perform better with dennis

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:24:07
2011-05-23 20:23:30
lol they aint gona win anythign if they keep changing lineup and dennis > allen. also allen after break so his skill has probably decreased abit
2011-05-23 20:23:33
a2g or maybe even lions

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:23:54
2011-05-23 20:23:36
lol ridiculous...
2011-05-23 20:23:40
2011-05-23 20:23:42
2011-05-23 20:23:57
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Even though I really hope all is fine with allen nowadays it comes quite as a suprise for him to return when I thought SK was rebuilding their team with dennis...
2011-05-23 20:24:01
And still we have no further info about allen's health. Will this (allen) last long enough in the team?

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:35:02
2011-05-23 20:33:58
He's obviously fit again when he's joining the team.
2011-05-23 20:37:15
Well, I expect they can put that in clear.
2011-05-23 20:38:45
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
If it is a private issue he has no obligation in making it public. Remember that he said when going inactive that it was also hard for him to talk about whatever affected/affects him.
2011-05-23 20:40:51
Yes ofc. it's absolutely private, but I was actually aiming to his availability to play again, if he's able to mantain his health while playing CS. His disease is, obviously, not on our concern.
2011-05-23 20:49:09
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
SK management appear to think he does.
2011-05-23 20:54:47
OH YEAH, you really don't know how awsome is allen for sure! dennis did a great job, but allen is so nice :)
2011-05-23 20:24:03
Yeah agree , dennis do a good job for sure but allen is so more experience player..
2011-05-23 20:26:28
allen is not only experienced(oldest sk member from that lineup) hes also one of the best clutch players.
2011-05-23 20:29:56
Yeah , but this guys prefer dennis i dont know why..
2011-05-23 20:30:50
...and a great aimer overall
2011-05-23 20:35:25
he might be more experienced, but if you have seen SK matches with allen then almost always when the pressure is on allen is bottom of the scoreboard.
2011-05-23 20:39:08
maybe he was getting ill at this time
2011-05-23 20:45:00
I remember a lot of matches from the past. WCG 2010, Arbalet Dallas 2010, IEM V Europe vs FX @ groupstage etc. there are so many. He is good in groupstages and when it comes to playoffs he sucks. I think he has anxiety issues.
2011-05-23 20:47:10
a player wich played for over 4 years in big lan tournaments with sk? hmm i will still stick with his illness problem
since he knows what he had and how to prevent/defend it i guess he will do a lot better at the next events lets see :-)

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:52:26
2011-05-23 20:49:01
and what are those great results with SK in 5 years? It´s has been the always the same old story with SK when they play vs another top team. They play 3 maps, might even lead 3rd map big but in the end they still lose it.

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:52:48
2011-05-23 20:52:34
won several events like
1:st Samsung Euro Championship 2007
NL 1:st Kode5 Qualify Netherlands 2007
SE 1:st Dreamhack Skellefteå 2007
SE 1:st Eswc Qualify Dreamhack summer
DE 1:st ENC playoffs TEAM SWEDEN 2009
SE 1:st Wcg Qualify Dreamhack Skellefteå 2008
US 1:st ESL EM III Global Challenge L.A in Los Angeles CA, USA
SE 1:st Inferno-online League Season #1
SE 1:st Dreamhack Winter 2008 WGT tournament
SE 1:st Dreamhack Gothenburg
DE 1:st ENC playoffs TEAM SWEDEN 2009
CN 1:st Extreme masters CHENGDU
KR 1:st IEF Korea 2009
SE 1:st Arbalet Cup Europe 2009
SE 1:st IOL Qualify sthlm season #2
SE 1:st IOL finals dreamhack 2010
DE 1:st Samsung euro championship, SEC 2010

and as you said tons of second and third places

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:23:39
2011-05-23 21:20:26
Now, how many of them are major events where the top teams attended?
2011-05-23 21:22:14
7 or 8 and they attend at every major event under top4 dont forget that
2011-05-23 21:24:54
sec 2007, dreamhack 2007, EM III, dreamhack gothenburg, chengdu, arbalet 2009. 6 major events in 4 years. that makes a 1,5 win per year. Not that impressive for a organisation like SK or why do you think SK keeps changing the lineup all the time?
2011-05-23 21:29:23
as you said:
"Not that impressive for a organisation like SK"

sk is an org wich always had high expectations from their team. Sk was never the best org for an player.

and you should stop talking about SK self we talk about allen. SK's lineup of 2011 is just sick. everyone said they would rule 2011 and what did they achieved? na??? right not even one first place. with and without allen.

we talk about allen as a player and in that way he achieved everything beside a WCG and a ESWC title. and for that is now another chance 2011

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:39:32
2011-05-23 21:33:54
FYI i said from the beginning that leaving moddii out for allen is a mistake.
2011-05-23 21:39:59
lol :D
maybe he doesnt fitted in the sk chemistry? as a player i have to agree just sick.

and since sk still didnt won anything big in that time.another kick. and since none of the old members wanted to go. maybe they just blamed moddii. same with gtr's story in sk.

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:45:04
2011-05-23 21:44:05
Yep. This organisation just can´t do anything right :P
I think allen and robban are good friends is one of the main reasons.

f0rest & gtr & moddii together would be an insane fragging power trio. I think even better than the one with gux.

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:49:26
2011-05-23 21:48:05
What if he's in the bottom of the scoreboard? Does that really matters when it comes to select a player? Or is the fact of having chemestry, teamwork, friendship if you wanna call it like that, what a real pro player has to have?
2011-05-23 20:52:46
I can only comment on spectators point of view. I have no idea how the chemistry or teamwork works out.
2011-05-23 20:57:24
Why would you stick together with ppl you don't have things in common? RobbaN, walle, allen, all together for so long...it has to be something.
I've also seen many of those videos on SKgaming/youtube of them sharing a breakfast, or travelling on a van, and so on.
2011-05-23 21:14:10
I get what you mean. I´m saying allen lacks fragging power in playoffs when they really need it. I´m not stating they dont have a good chemistry together.
2011-05-23 21:17:53
He doesn't lack fragging power, otherwise they would have stick with moddii. It's allen.
I´m not stating they dont have a good chemistry together.
Time before...
I have no idea how the chemistry or teamwork works out.
Let's "know" a little before judging.
2011-05-23 21:51:14
lol, it´s basicly the same thing? "I´m not stating they dont have a good chemistry together. " - as i have no idea how the chemistry works out. If i would have stated that they indeed have a good chemistry. That would be a different story :P
I only know allen and robban are good friends. Probably one of the main reasons.

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:54:04
2011-05-23 21:53:27
So a well-know orga like SK Gaming is about friendship or business? I'm totally confused right now. BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS they care not about friendship, they could easily kick them both if they don't deserve to be in the so-called best team worldwide, they did it with fisker, they did it with vilden, they did it with GF, they did it to ¿gtr?, and they wouldn't do it with RobbaN, allen or whomever they consider "bad"? Nope, nope, nope.

Allen is good, period.
2011-05-23 21:58:25
I just think robban/allen/walle had good connections with the SK management and they did provide some kind of results. Afterall, they are a top team. Just never had the year like mtw in 2008, fnatic 2009 or na´vi 2010.
2011-05-23 22:01:33
All the players I've mentioned (those who were kicked) also had good connections with SK, provided great results, and were a top team. Teams like mtw08 or navi2010 are pure history, very hard to equal, specially with so many great top team out there. Same with "-kuben, -RobbaN, -threat" and so many others (even -ceh9), senseless changes are senseless.
2011-05-23 22:15:10
They are not so senseless when a organisation like SK who obiovously have high expections but get 1 major win per year. hence the lineup changes.
2011-05-23 22:21:42
So that's basically the victory formula! Roster changes=victory
Tell that to FX, carn dsn f0rest, old teams from Finland and France, old VP, bla bla bla.
btw, SK kicked fisker & vilden, 2 world champions who won a fucking CPL for SK, they don't think they're good, they kick them, same should happen with allen but...wait...allen is a good player! I forgot!
2011-05-23 22:29:53
When did i say lineup change = victory formula? I´m saying SK is changing their lineup because they have not been successful enough.
2011-05-23 22:34:22
2011-05-23 22:43:33
Yes and where did i claim that changing lineup all the time will give you success? I said SK is doing it because they have not been successful and they are stupid because they kick the wrong players.
2011-05-23 22:45:11
You said allen lacks fragging power. He wasn't kicked btw.
2011-05-23 22:48:25
Yes he does, and is a wrong decsision not kicking him.
2011-05-23 22:52:03
Says who?
2011-05-23 22:55:36
me, from a spectator point of view.
2011-05-23 23:02:19
hey get a room both of you.
2011-05-24 02:47:18
+tentpole, heaton and potti to the list of "unhappy ex-SK players"

Post edited 2011-05-23 22:33:32
2011-05-23 22:33:19
yes ofc, but those players weren't exactly kicked "because of late poor performances" as it happened with f.e. vilden or fisker
2011-05-23 22:44:58
You're right sir :)
2011-05-23 22:52:45
SK is meant to be the Real Madrid of eS, but they don't pay salaries sometimes ;P
2011-05-23 22:56:30
haha so true
2011-05-23 23:15:21
-tacky +dennis
2011-05-23 20:24:23
2011-05-23 20:33:02
-tacky = -kalle

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:38:44
2011-05-23 20:38:08
sad :( kalle is such a beast besides tacky
2011-05-23 20:39:12
kalle medium player he is overrated
2011-05-23 23:36:03
SFTU they don't need a lineup change, zomg so stupid people who don't think in stability!
2011-05-23 21:06:44
nice eng, it's STFU btw
2011-05-23 21:19:06
Nice tard.
2011-05-23 21:48:56
damn... poor dennis!
hope he finds a new team soon, great player...
go SK
2011-05-23 20:24:24
nice GO allen > dennis
2011-05-23 20:24:34
2011-05-23 20:24:36
Sigh ... I prefer dennis over allen but it's not about what I prefer.

GL to SK with Allen returning.
Hopefully someone picks up dennis soon.
2011-05-23 20:24:41
gl allen !!
2011-05-23 20:24:42
You guys really forgot how allen is awesome , gl guy!!
2011-05-23 20:24:44
+1 :)
2011-05-23 20:26:00
love u allen
2011-05-23 20:24:51
Great news ^^
2011-05-23 20:25:00
Ok then I think we have discovered that allen had depression and now its gone or he had surgery for something other and hes healed.....hopefully we will be told what it was! good to see him back though but a shame for dennis but we should have learned from the MODDII situation.
2011-05-23 20:25:16
jimmysk welcome back.
2011-05-23 20:25:31
NICE:X Gl allen
2011-05-23 20:25:32
only SK can act like that, fking nonsensse! Gl Dennis
2011-05-23 20:25:58
nice SK
2011-05-23 20:25:58
so when allen is replaced by dennis, dennis is "so much better and allen is past his prime, not as good as he used to be" but when dennis is replaced by allen, everyone changes their minds? *rolls eyes* typical fanwagons ;)
2011-05-23 20:26:03
Maybe isn't the same guys??
2011-05-23 20:27:30
My implication is that the majority of the people that posted in news articles about this subject were mostly one-sided. And it seems true to fact, here, as well. Most people are saying "yes allen back now they'll win" and the majority is going with that implication. Again, fanwagon, that is all :)

It just seems that HLTVorg news replies have a mob mentality for the most part IMO.

Post edited 2011-05-23 23:35:04
2011-05-23 23:33:40
Or there are just different ppl writing.
2011-05-23 20:27:44
I always said that allen > dennis
2011-05-23 20:43:20
allen is a great player , gl dennis
2011-05-23 20:27:07
good news! :]
2011-05-23 20:27:07
yesssssss, allen is back! gl dennis anyway!
2011-05-23 20:27:22
2011-05-23 20:27:35
dennis > allen :/ bad sk
2011-05-23 20:27:35
lol sk again without tactics
2011-05-23 20:27:57
allen back? maybe walle'll back too :)
2011-05-23 20:28:12
dennis > allen
2011-05-23 20:28:15
nice. dennis is player temporary of organization SK
2011-05-23 20:28:28
bad move imo
2011-05-23 20:28:52
Dennis to Lions
-fyrrt3 or khrystal
2011-05-23 20:28:54
-khrystal imho
2011-05-23 20:46:35
dennis go a2g
2011-05-23 20:29:57
allen all the way!
2011-05-23 20:30:26
add MODDII u idiots
2011-05-23 20:30:39
2011-05-23 20:32:04
2011-05-23 20:35:55
Can't wait to see SK fail some more :D

Edit : Also, SK has done a good job of keeping me away from liking them. They do a bloody good job at killing good talent.
GTR (got saved by fnatic)

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:43:35
2011-05-23 20:31:20
like 16:3 on inferno versus MYM, M5 nowadays
2011-05-23 20:33:57
When was the last time they won any major tournament?
2011-05-23 21:11:27
SEC 2010? :D Though i wouldn´t consider it as a major tournament because only 1 top team attended - mtw.
2011-05-23 21:14:08
2011-05-23 20:31:27
2011-05-23 20:31:40

2011-05-23 20:31:48
why would lions replace threat if hes inactive? a team is not suppose to be 6. they will get rid of someone if he will come back but if hes not they will stick to that lineup.
2011-05-23 20:35:11
-tacky = -kalle....
2011-05-23 20:41:30
cant play for two teams i guess
2011-05-23 20:48:38
good news for me :)
2011-05-23 20:32:27
gL allenwnzzzz
2011-05-23 20:32:40
FAIL damn you SK !
2011-05-23 20:32:44
"The reasons behind this decision are extremely complex." Really? ...Really? Are you beeing serious right now? ffs

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:33:17
2011-05-23 20:32:49
hm i think sks stronger with allen
2011-05-23 20:32:53
reason: dennis was too good, we could have beaten any team in the world with the setup as we proved at Xperia. They only lost against FX because they were tired. :(
2011-05-23 20:32:55
fx was tired too =)
2011-05-23 20:40:23
but lol... in poland people must wake up at 6am, work till 6pm, balbalbablablaba, they all the time are tired. and swe? 12:00 wake up, 13:00-21:00 playin cs,22:00 goin sleep, they never are tired, so thats why sk lost, sk > fx
2011-05-23 20:48:50
cool story bro

ps : admin, that's better ?

Post edited 2011-05-23 22:47:31
2011-05-23 22:47:14
hehe now dennis go to a2g
2011-05-23 20:32:59
lol terrible... Dennis is gdlk.
2011-05-23 20:33:05
Now dennis can join duttdutt full time.
2011-05-23 20:33:15
dennis for sure will join a2g..
2011-05-23 20:35:36
duttdutt is a mix
2011-05-23 20:36:06
2011-05-23 20:33:18
:/ sad
2011-05-23 20:33:24
Didn't he join the match between A2G and SK some weeks ago? IT was probably the real one!
2011-05-23 20:33:49
2011-05-23 20:35:03
2011-05-24 08:50:13
great to see his comeback but i dont think it will be better, there is alot more talented players out there.
2011-05-23 20:34:04

Team is unbelievable
2011-05-23 20:34:14
igl ? ...
2011-05-23 20:46:02
omg noob
2011-05-23 20:54:08
Add Moddii/Gux plz
dennis and allen are overated.
2011-05-23 20:34:50
lol,SK so mix )
2011-05-23 20:35:02
yesssssssssssssssss allen <33333333
2011-05-23 20:35:11
dennis :(

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:35:18
2011-05-23 20:35:12
walle plz return u2
2011-05-23 20:35:21
Best of luck for both Jimmy & Dennis!
2011-05-23 20:36:28
Can't decide which made more impact, screwing dennis over or the "joy to behold" allen return. :)
2011-05-23 20:36:39
2011-05-23 20:37:07
2011-05-23 20:39:22
wenton is qp friend(?)
2011-05-23 20:54:54
yeah but i think qp is the weakest link.
2011-05-23 20:59:15
pretty nice lineup, i don't know wenton at all but by stats he's doing fine
2011-05-23 21:05:49
keiz has moved on to Lions. I think wenton or something replaced him

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:46:17
2011-05-23 20:46:06
2011-05-23 20:37:28
i hope other teams could pick up dennis as he definitely have potential. :)
2011-05-23 20:37:51
dennis will probably join a2g.I hope that soon he will be picked by some top org such as fnatic or sk(again).
2011-05-23 20:38:14
So let me see if I get this good and going: when dennis steped into allen's shoes everyone was like:"omg, allen > dennis"; "allen comback! sk is lost without you", etc. And now (almost)everyone is saying "dennis > allen"? WTH.

I think dennis is a great player and he did a great job for SK, but allen is an awesome player, and he sure did alot for SK while he was there. Dennis will get an offer really quick, so don't mind him, but throwing allen out of SK would be the end of his career just like all the other oldschool EX-SK players. Lets hope allen is in good health and ready to win. GL allen and GL dennis!
2011-05-23 20:38:18
allen is so awesome
2011-05-23 20:41:03
2011-05-23 20:41:33
probably not the same people i guess..
2011-05-23 20:50:27
-robban +threat -tacky +dennis keiz back in a2g and +manne in lions
2011-05-23 20:38:28
Nice, wb allen ;D
2011-05-23 20:38:35
Great, SK need this comeback.
When allen will be not so good, so he can make place for dennis :)
2011-05-23 20:38:36
hm :/
2011-05-23 20:38:44
WB Allen :)
2011-05-23 20:39:02
Always with the suspense and secrecy. Why cant they just mention the reasons!!
2011-05-23 20:39:07
Allens illness made him not able to play and hes probably much better now and got the motivation back. I personally think Robban will be better with Allen back.
2011-05-23 20:43:18
pretty sure they mentioned the reasons quite clearly?
2011-05-23 20:57:46
"The reasons behind this decision are extremely complex."
2011-05-23 21:41:39
Allen was part of the team, he gets sick and says he wont be able to play for a while but will definitely come back. Allen gets better.. comes back. What isnt clear?
2011-05-24 07:06:16
I think him being removed had to do with him being in duttdutt and maybe he didn't enjoy playing with the SK guys and wanted to play with manne etc...

2011-05-23 20:39:49
2011-05-23 20:39:51
welcomme back ;)
2011-05-23 20:40:07
niceeeee GLGLGLGLG
2011-05-23 20:40:31
Best news I have heard for long time
dennis into A2G he was very well coordinated with manne in playzone.se and that could bring them medal standings.
2011-05-23 20:40:52
dennis > allen
2011-05-23 20:41:10
now this is... interesting.
2011-05-23 20:41:52
hell yeah; allen > dennis ;)
2011-05-23 20:42:13
month later, official sk statement:
allen is too sick to play, we gonna pick another top swe player.

never like sk, but now i hope they gonna lose every 1st group stage.
official #1 sk hater is born.
2011-05-23 20:42:48
to much hate, Allen is better and probably got motivation back to play cs and allen and robban is good friends from before wich means robban will be better also and imo that is whats needed.

robban with allen > robban with dennis
2011-05-23 20:46:42
good point.

but my ass feels smthg wrong in here.
i dont think that allen is in full health again.
and becouse of that, some new changes are coming.

anyways, will see, will know.
2011-05-23 20:55:33
Maybe that's the reason why SK vs TMS was postponed 3 times ;)
2011-05-23 20:43:23
2011-05-23 20:44:39
yeah i thought the same :D
this is good news, allen was bad in the end but since he was sick that was probably why :D i wish them the best luck, even though i want fnatic to be better :P
2011-05-23 20:48:36
2011-05-23 20:45:09
a2g +dennis / lions +dennis
2011-05-23 20:45:10
So that's why they rescheduled sk gaming vs tms
2011-05-23 20:45:23
dennis > allen EVER!
2011-05-23 20:45:29
Allen is bad, his "minutes" of fame came and went :P
2011-05-23 20:45:39
i'm happy for aLLEn . gl in future
2011-05-23 20:45:41
alex! - HLTV.org
Yes! even tho i think that dennis is an outstanding player, i have to say that allen is better for the team, both personally and in-game.

I hope that you find a team dennis! :)
2011-05-23 20:45:55
Allen always <3
2011-05-23 20:45:57
I'm really sorry to say this but what they should do is put dennis in instead of face. :( i'd say his time is over.
2011-05-23 20:46:03
dude u crazy?
face is crazy aimboy,WOW WTF??
2011-05-23 20:48:19
wtf? instead of face?:O
2011-05-23 20:51:13
face is better then ever :S
2011-05-23 20:51:23
face is beast right now...
2011-05-23 20:58:37
Thats really strange.. Imo now they will have to start all over again.
2011-05-23 20:46:35
I feel sad for dennis but it's cool that allen in back
2011-05-23 20:47:36
WELCOME BACK !!! (and somebody can unban me please? I can reply but not to post..)
2011-05-23 20:48:57
ALLEN > dennis!
2011-05-23 20:47:54
omg bad
2011-05-23 20:48:10
What the hell....... dennis is way better than allen, now SK screwed up everything
2011-05-23 20:48:15
.....no words.... probably we don't know something.. but seriously
- Get_right
- moddii
- delpan
- dennis...

these players are well better with all respect than allen/face/robban
2011-05-23 20:48:37
you cant form a team with only aimers. Delpan wich is playing in best org in sweden wont leave for sk. get_right is playing there? moddii would never go back. dennis is really good guy but since they planned to play with Allen in the first place its the right choice.

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:53:10
2011-05-23 20:52:39
u didn't get my point... I was not saying bring these players... I am saying that SK used to have getright, moddii, delpan and now dennis before and screwed them...
2011-05-23 21:02:06
again for few months
2011-05-23 20:48:58
OFC allen > dennis
2011-05-23 20:49:45
it will be harder to beat them now

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:51:19
2011-05-23 20:51:12
2011-05-23 21:40:34
im really happy now
allen is old school so he cant be kicked.
2011-05-23 20:51:28
How the hell is he old school?
2011-05-23 21:07:26
more than face,dennis,f0rest,gtr..
2011-05-23 21:33:44
Top level-wise, f0rest and allen are kinda tied, pretty sure they both played in Fnatic and SK in 06. face was a semi-elite and dennis was a nobody.

You're 15 yo though, I can't blame you:)
2011-05-23 21:40:23
ty for cotw.
2011-05-24 00:52:42
welcome BACK!
2011-05-23 20:51:28
2011-05-23 20:51:33
SK should had dennis has a 6th player.. GL DENNIS!
2011-05-23 20:51:48
he would never play so i dont think he would stay anyways.
2011-05-23 20:54:04
but if they would, they could loan him, like they did with GT years ago, and then, they would be able to call him, in case any1 wants to retire.. :s but yeah, i dont think dennis would want that.
2011-05-23 21:03:29
really hard to understand what SK is upto...next they gonna bring back spawn and potti or mayb heaton, ahl...giving some funky reason...lolzzz
2011-05-23 20:51:52
allen was sick...........they made this team and thought it would be great but since allen got sick i dont think he was motivated to play. allen feels better and is motivated and then why not go back to what they planned.
2011-05-23 20:55:43
just imo if SK really try to displace dennis, Gux or moddii will be better choice. anyway GL allen
2011-05-23 20:53:35
gux dont want to go back to sk. moddii is feeling good with rage lineup so i dont why he would leave his close friend barbarr.
2011-05-23 20:56:41
yes, that's the truth. it's just some kinds of suggestions. perhaps there are some other players more suitable than allen since the line-up with allen didn't do well in IEM European final.
2011-05-23 21:00:42
Gux, MODDI, kHRYSTAL, dennis, zneel, zet, walle, GeT_RiGhT, etc.

SK has been wasting so much talent, it's brutal... Just fire amazing players like their nothing. They need to get it together...

IMO the best and most sucessfull team they had since 2005 it's the 2009 line-up: face, kHRYSTAL, walle, RobbaN and allen.

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:54:39
2011-05-23 20:53:35
inb4 shitstor- wait it's already happened :D

not sure how to feel about this, I mean allen better bring his a-game cuz dennis has been doing pretty well
2011-05-23 20:54:03
what is walle doing?
2011-05-23 20:54:18
Honestly allen's a noticeably better player than dennis, but that being said there are other better players than allen (such as moddii, who's probs the 3rd best player in sweden behind f0rest/getright, and gux, who's probs just behind moddii).

Allen though would probably have significantly better chemistry with the players than dennis having played with them for longer, and on top of it all he was the player's choice for who they wanted to play with, so this change is for the best.

The dream swedish lineup would probably always be f0rest, getright, delpan, moddii, robban though.

Post edited 2011-05-23 20:56:17
2011-05-23 20:54:38
id say pronax instead of robban
2011-05-23 20:57:32
The choice of caller in sweden is pretty much between robban and carn, as they both have 10x the experience and knowledge as any other swedish caller, and robban is a pretty good and underrated player too so id go with him
2011-05-23 21:01:04
thats old thinking, pronax is better overall. h2k's succes was basicly only becuase of his suprising taccs.
2011-05-23 21:07:04
I agree about pronax he needs to be given a chance, perhaps he will be RobbaN's successor.
2011-05-23 21:11:40
a2g - wenton + dennis ? :p
2011-05-23 20:55:22
wenton 2nd or 3rt player in a2g lol
2011-05-23 20:56:45
rather replace qp
2011-05-23 20:57:51
really, would be trully awesome
2011-05-23 21:14:46
well allen 2008~ was very sick but now idk :/
2011-05-23 20:56:33
i was really liking the lineup with dennis=/

oh well, gl SK ill be rootin for ya
2011-05-23 20:56:37
greit "
2011-05-23 20:57:23
#187 h3r01n1, it's hard to take you seriously when you write like a total spastic

/The reply button isn't working for me.
2011-05-23 20:57:30

2011-05-23 20:58:17
walle instead of who?
2011-05-23 21:15:49
YEAH!! >____________<

and B0_o_OM
2011-05-23 20:59:46
I think the complex issues is about who the crap should AWP
2011-05-23 20:59:57
2011-05-23 21:00:06
Dennis will go to fnatic
2011-05-23 21:01:10
<3 allen, but...

They need AWP, not rifler! Walle crazy with awp. BTW walle crazy in all roles: igl, awp, rifler.

Why allen, not walle?
2011-05-23 21:01:15
2011-05-23 21:01:41
when in last 2 years did walle anything special, spectacular, awsome or just worth remembering? I guess his peak was spixel, nip times and thats it. Luck can be with you on one side or map, not tournament - and thats's SK | wallele story. Nowhere near to the wallenberg series fragwise, he was the crucified hardworker behind the success. but there was no success so...
2011-05-23 22:18:24
2011-05-23 21:02:27
Too many line-up changes.. -.-
2011-05-23 21:01:28
They need add Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
2011-05-23 21:01:59
oo nice!
2011-05-23 21:02:04
2011-05-23 21:02:10
Why not Walle? (2)
2011-05-23 21:02:42
gtr f0rest xizt delpan dennis :D
2011-05-23 21:02:56
gtr f0rest delpan gux moddii
2011-05-23 21:16:40
+1 Swedish dream team.
2011-05-23 22:45:10
i dont know who would be igl but i guess get_right could do it.
2011-05-23 22:53:30
I would rather go for gtr, f0rest, delpan, gux and carn :D
2011-05-23 23:27:57
Well done SK, taking a washed up player instead of a motivated talent, seriously... I hope dennis joins RG instead of tacky and crushes these cunts.
2011-05-23 21:03:00
Great <3 Allen
2011-05-23 21:03:43
-awp +rifle?!

2011-05-23 21:03:49
just agree with you.
2011-05-23 21:04:27
f0rest and robban &#1089;ould get an awp!

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:07:38
2011-05-23 21:07:15
f0rest and robban not on same level with WALLE's awp.
2011-05-23 21:11:00
you are right, f0rest and robban are just better
2011-05-23 21:52:18
long ago walle didn't show's his awp on top level! don't imagene he still has motivation!

f0rest has a strong awp and also SK has four demented rifles=)

Post edited 2011-05-23 23:11:51
2011-05-23 23:11:01
f0rest is sick rifler , he can't be awper.
2011-05-24 01:44:42
lol when hi played 1.5 hi was a sniper =)
2011-05-24 13:09:48
So ? look his AK/m4 aim now .
2011-05-25 13:34:04
so fuck your self!
2011-05-26 16:03:38
Walle? Omfg when he was In SK before he quit, SK was BAD! EVERY1 WANTED HIM TO LEAVE! Now every1 wants him back wth is this?!
2011-05-23 21:21:10
wtf they are doing?
2011-05-24 01:48:24
go dennis with fx :D change loord 2 weeks
2011-05-23 21:04:06
would be fun to see :D
2011-05-23 21:17:31
Well honestly I don't know how this lineup is going to work, but I believe that their great players such as f0rest and GeT_RiGhT will do the job when needed and pull the team together.
SK players are all experienced. Now, if they will fail with allen, then they will have to do their re-thinking.

Now as it comes to dennis, damn he's a great player and he deserves to be in a superb team.
For the moment I can find only 2 respectable teams that can fit him, and those are LIONS and RAGE.
I hope that he won't retire and that some good team is going to pick him.

Good luck both dennis and SK.
2011-05-23 21:04:13
hmmmmmmmmmmm, why that thing that sk changes lineup again isn't surprising me...
2011-05-23 21:04:37
Lets make something clear, SK has not added allen as their last member, they have stated that he "will be playing the upcoming WCG Qualifier in Stockholm"

As always people jump to conclusions, but that is obviously easy to do when he has played there for the past 4 years - it just seems weird that they would use those words if they were 100% sure that he would in fact rejoin.
2011-05-23 21:04:37
next news a2g add dennis.
2011-05-23 21:05:03
allen is stable and extremally experienced!!!

dennis is low versus allen
2011-05-23 21:05:14
welcomeback allen :dddddddddd good choice :)
allen / dennis
2011-05-23 21:05:49
gogo allen
2011-05-23 21:06:15
The best team in history [Na`Vi] always confirm that the LINE-UP not need to change!
2011-05-23 21:06:16
Golden words.

Na`Vi have ONE and ONLY brilliant roster. They won all, cuz they're stabile in roster and just work with same roster.
2011-05-23 21:07:10
2011-05-23 21:08:19
agree,when a good team find chemistry to become the best team,they surely should never change roster even when they play 1 bad game or 1 bad event.this happened to wNv when old wNv changed roster and will never get back into that old mighty wNv again,former VP had the same problem when they keep changing their roster after losing some games,not a smart move.
They have to find the right roster and trust each other.
2011-05-24 00:01:16

best SK-player of all time
2011-05-23 21:07:17
bye bye dennis, i think its good move for sk:)
2011-05-23 21:07:19
2011-05-23 21:07:45
Allen is good, but I think WALLE would be better for SK!
2011-05-23 21:07:45
welcome back allen
2011-05-23 21:08:09
2011-05-23 21:08:32
Nice shot?
2011-05-23 21:10:03
2011-05-23 22:23:07
It's just "nice"
2011-05-23 23:29:36
nice!!!! gl allen and SK
2011-05-23 21:08:59
I miss walle :(
2011-05-23 21:09:33
Agreed, my dear. They need to add walle!
2011-05-23 21:10:18
Instead of RobbaN ?
2011-05-23 21:10:53
I think instead of Allen, but walle can be igl so maybe instead of RobbaN.
2011-05-23 21:11:53
I think it will be better if walle is the igl instead of RobbaN.
2011-05-23 21:12:59
mmm.. maybe, as I said -RobbaN/-allen +walle.

Maybe you right about robban.
2011-05-23 21:14:49
Do anyone know what walle are doing today?
2011-05-23 21:18:06
No, I don't.. :<
2011-05-23 21:19:14
GL allen
2011-05-23 21:10:17
I hope RAGE will recruit him !
2011-05-23 21:10:22
2011-05-23 21:10:28

2011-05-23 21:12:39
eeee allen best. Good news
2011-05-23 21:13:05
-allen +walle
2011-05-23 21:13:20
why not +walle?
2011-05-23 21:14:06
Nice to see him back. OLDSCHOOL
2011-05-23 21:15:11
Are u drunk?
2011-05-23 21:15:35
i expect allen to xplod now !
2011-05-23 21:15:39
That Dennis packs some sick skillz, 2bad for him but i guess Allen will fill in the hole and they'll be in a good shape for WCG.

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:16:29
2011-05-23 21:16:16
dennis ;((((((((((
2011-05-23 21:16:31
Great news, really FOR ME allen is much more better than Dennis ;]
2011-05-23 21:16:36
I think the best part was with the Walle. They better not come up.
2011-05-23 21:16:52
Actually in my opinion, I think after a pause allen should play better. It's always like that.
2011-05-23 21:17:17
SK need WALLE!
2011-05-23 21:17:31
2011-05-23 21:18:27
2011-05-23 21:20:06
yea, yu'r right
2011-05-23 21:21:40
2011-05-23 21:18:09

+Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
2011-05-23 21:18:20
Nice !! I was waiting for it :) It's good to see you again allen !
2011-05-23 21:19:00
Players are like cards for them.. they swap players all the time..

Edit: gl allen.

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:22:18
2011-05-23 21:19:52
i would say like socks :]
2011-05-23 22:39:25

wake up and add Walle
2011-05-23 21:19:57
walle zet tentpole allen robban my fav. team of all times <3
2011-05-23 22:39:48
2011-05-23 21:20:15
OMG , not surprising me , they change lineups like socks anyway dennis > allen
2011-05-23 21:20:36
THE BIGGEST SK's FAIL = kick walle.

They need walle!!!
2011-05-23 21:21:19
SK org. sucks... they just use people one after another... reminds me somehow about story with Moddii... and btw i remember the news in which they said that dennis had a contract in his hands and that they will sign him for sure... Allen is really good... but Dennis even better...

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:29:39
2011-05-23 21:21:46
Awesome ALLEN! :)
2011-05-23 21:22:13
Dennis should be in SK, he was playing so well ... FINALLY this mess and pod Allen
2011-05-23 21:22:56
good news. But not for dennis :(
2011-05-23 21:23:04
2011-05-23 21:23:32
WHY NOT walle?!! IMO: they rly need to get walle back! Without walle SK s^cks.

Go walle!
2011-05-23 21:23:39
So true..
2011-05-23 21:24:21
Yep :/
2011-05-23 23:04:45
Bad choice :) Dennis is a precious player
2011-05-23 21:23:58
does he will play vs TMS ?
2011-05-23 21:24:00
no no, they gonna kick allen again and pick dennis for this match, ofc --'
2011-05-23 21:26:46
2011-05-23 21:33:42
fuck dennis fans allen welcome back and gl
2011-05-23 21:24:50
niceeee sk niceeeeee
2011-05-23 21:24:52
The best player in SK was DENNIS WALLENBERG.

So, I think SK +walle and they can fight for top2 World. Now, not ofcourse.
2011-05-23 21:25:06
Allen >>>>>> dennis in every aspect of game whether its shooting or its experience or anythng allen will play good or better then he was playing @ the strt of this year !! Welcome baack allen all sk wass in need was allen4s^ ! ^.^ n0w sk caan be an effective team on the chart of best teams !! :)
2011-05-23 21:25:35
allen returns to SK Gaming => fail
deNNis > alleN
2011-05-23 21:26:30
Not allen! OH MY GOD! Not allen! You need walle!!!

Walle = great awp, great rifler, great igl, simple legend of swedish CS.
2011-05-23 21:26:33
Oh not again.. now dennis in A2G i think.. :((((((
2011-05-23 21:27:23
dennis manne Givar walle lide new team :P
2011-05-23 21:27:29
gl allen , and dennis, prove they are wrong

Post edited 2011-05-23 21:28:29
2011-05-23 21:28:19
allen is a much more experienced player compared with dennis. SK make a good choice
2011-05-23 21:28:44
dennis was AWPing in the same time in SK which was a bonus for them.
I fell sad for him,
BUT allen is better in the game, and with this break i think he will regain his old shape.
2011-05-23 21:30:26
get stable roster and play hard
no matter with allen or dennis
2011-05-23 21:30:54
GOGOGO Allen!!
2011-05-23 21:31:38
fuck.... dennis >> allen
2011-05-23 21:35:14
[Dateam] Dennis!=DDD
2011-05-23 21:36:09
It's walle-s turn now to join in any team.. :D
2011-05-23 21:37:06
haha lol

SK was trying to be better than fnatic after so many years ...but not it doesnt even matter :D

This lineup really sucks ordinary IGL cant tap the skills of two pure madfraggers..
2011-05-23 21:38:27
great news...didn't want seein` dennis in SK
2011-05-23 21:38:33
just scrolling down comments adn waiting for last 5 :D
2011-05-23 21:38:57
JUST AS I SAID !! HAHAHAHA sk is unstoppable !!!!!
2011-05-23 21:39:14

go go go :)

dennis in a2g :D
2011-05-23 21:41:44
denizz > allen :DDD for me ocf.
2011-05-23 21:43:02
one of my favorite players :D

but GL dennis, he got a big expirience, I hope some good team like RAGE will pick him up
2011-05-23 21:43:28
dennis > allen
2011-05-23 21:45:09
2011-05-23 21:45:41
-tacky +REAL
2011-05-23 21:45:44
poor dennis ;[
2011-05-23 21:48:09
Gl allen.
2011-05-23 21:48:32
wb allen! thoought he had quit.
2011-05-23 21:50:04
weird...GL to them
2011-05-23 21:52:23
2011-05-23 21:54:40
hahahaha lol all I got to say about this shit
2011-05-23 21:57:08
admin(RobbaN)_kick dennis

And seems like f0rest and GTR didnt like their new teammate either, like they did when they left fnatic.
2011-05-23 21:58:47
GOGO ALLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-05-23 21:59:48
sk rolled over top teams in xperia ,lineup change was not necessary .
2011-05-23 22:00:16
bra, allen <3 !
2011-05-23 22:01:14
DENNIS > > > > > > > > > > > > > ALLEN!
2011-05-23 22:03:18
i like dennis,great player ;) he always play great,i like hes playing style
2011-05-23 22:04:58
dennis , pita substitution makes fnatic perfect !
i think
2011-05-23 22:08:04
Are you OK? pita is topfragger in fnatic for like last 20 games... and beside that pita is awesome teamplayer. Cheering for his team,all the time,boosting up their moral.
2011-05-24 00:47:54
dennis > allen ... SK need fresh blood
2011-05-23 22:09:40
couldnt win the any tournament with this lineup so they had to change something...
i, personally, think that this lineup was awesome, but fx and navi r too. all they need is more is more believe in themselves, like navi guys do...
2011-05-23 22:10:23
expected... allen is great
2011-05-23 22:11:28
dennis its so much better than allen, and he have so much potencial to keep on with the great work,that sucks :)
2011-05-23 22:13:20
fake f0rest is kidding
2011-05-23 22:15:08

2011-05-23 22:16:28
cArn forest get_right delpan/gux moddii
2011-05-23 22:18:17
whos igl in your first squad.


would be the best SK could get but would never happen.
2011-05-23 22:50:45
2011-05-23 22:19:03
Lions :

keiz,gux,niko,dennis and kRHYSTAL or FYRR73 !
2011-05-23 22:19:47
2011-05-23 22:19:50
dennis > allen at this moment imo...
Robban is igl, so he cant be kicked, sad(

GL 2 dennis, btw
+ dennis
2011-05-23 22:24:34
I would agree with your concerning Robban if he had strong IGL skills, unfortunately he lacks that
2011-05-23 22:27:09

2011-05-23 22:27:13
welcome back, jimmy :D
2011-05-23 22:27:19
allen > dennis ofc..
2011-05-23 22:30:31
-FYRR73 +dennis
2011-05-23 22:30:58
Oooo, welcome back Jimmy again :P..

http://imageshack.us/m/204/6140/detrain0001ah.png <3 !!
2011-05-23 22:31:00
2011-05-23 22:32:03
Two Step Gui :D
2011-05-23 22:33:13
wtf is this man?:o
2011-05-23 22:33:46
Allen played tonight an friendly match versus fnatic :P.
2011-05-23 22:35:42
fake right?
2011-05-23 22:52:53
Yep haha :P.
2011-05-23 22:54:06
So , how you do that?
2011-05-23 23:13:06
I played versus bots. I have my own bots. I created them and i run HLTV and looks like real match. If i get an scoreboard without latency, u can't know it's real or fake :P.
2011-05-23 23:29:50
Yeah , i have bots with this names too , but is like : SK|Lindberg <f0rest> not SK|f0restwOw~
2011-05-24 00:03:51
Aham, they are bots from other guy who maded. I create those and i have 20+ top teams. I think i will announce that pack v3 later with some updates.
2011-05-24 11:54:23
You can give me the link with ur bots pls?;)
2011-05-24 19:28:06
Here is last version - http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=18&threadid=59456 ..
But now I'm making the new version with more teams, and some updates :D.
2011-05-24 19:31:06
Thanks!!! boy.
2011-05-24 19:31:54
But this is Old fnatic with ins , old SK with walle and etc, and in ur image u have SK|f0restwOw~
2011-05-24 19:35:54
Yep this pack is older, but wait for new pack, in next week will be ready with new tags, new teams and many things..
2011-05-24 19:42:55
Guy , create K1CK pls :D
2011-05-24 19:50:58
I'm uploading now the new bot pack and in next 1h or 2h will be ready to play, but if u can tell me the top2 team in Portugal.. Tag and nicks..
2011-05-24 19:57:28
K1CK - fox , SHOUW , axoN , coachi , ehz

Paranoids - RMN' , keznitt , DARKYxa , mutTt , dzt

Example : PARANOIDS mutTt
K1CK fox

Post edited 2011-05-24 20:34:53
2011-05-24 20:34:22
Of course it is fake look at face' score ;P
2011-05-23 22:54:39
BOT latency kind of gives it away
2011-05-23 22:52:23
Haha :D.
2011-05-23 22:54:15
finaly allen is back :>
2011-05-23 22:31:16
- me
+ dennis

2011-05-23 22:32:16
i can't believe SK made this move

dennis was playing MUCH better than allen lately
2011-05-23 22:32:19
yay now dennis can go back to manne & huggan :D

i hope for manne, dennis, huggan, keiz, hyvlarn

Post edited 2011-05-23 22:34:33
2011-05-23 22:33:18
dennis huggan manne keiz hyvlarn top 3 sweden :D
2011-05-23 22:45:10
great line up
2011-05-23 23:26:22
so they're pro again ? :D
2011-05-23 22:35:54
2011-05-23 22:36:09
In-game leader, dA_cHuCkNoRRi$
2011-05-23 22:40:56
hyvlarn is igl..
2011-05-23 22:46:15
the last event allen was 360'ing shooting headshots.. with everyone dead on his team.. then they put dennis in that wasnt as good.. allen been precious forever.. HE'S THE ONE
2011-05-23 22:38:07
allen > dennis, stop compare allen with dennis ...
2011-05-23 22:40:33
Hope Tentpole return... :)
2011-05-23 22:40:44
And walle-s too.
2011-05-23 22:41:12
2011-05-23 22:44:38
2011-05-23 22:46:01
SK will play the next tournament with allen, but as long as they don't win it, allen will be "sick" again, and SK will have a new stand-in for the upcoming event(s)...

Good for you allen, and I hope dennis gets a good team, he's got potential
2011-05-23 22:46:28
nice, gl allen! SK smartasses
2011-05-23 22:46:37
hope u arent serious about walle .... the man who became loser when he came to SK.

also fyrte and khrystal plays like shit these days so way to go for dennis
2011-05-23 22:49:20
stop comparing dennis with allen allen is better then dennis thats why the replaced !
2011-05-23 22:57:32
Yep, just allen experience > dennis.. but soon dennis will >>> allen.
2011-05-23 23:01:04
gl again Jimmy, hope a new notice soon: 'walle is back' :)
2011-05-23 23:03:34
if this decision will make sk winning some tournaments ,i`m very happy,if not VERY dissapointed,anyway dennis>allen ,allen>dennis ,in this months dennis and co win=0 let`s see allen and co
2011-05-23 23:06:39
2011-05-23 23:09:13
yes da Jimmy Alien!
2011-05-23 23:10:59
allen <3 GOOD LUCK ! :D
2011-05-23 23:11:20
Now we go forward Sk!

The Swedish team was not in a good phase right now with Allen again in the team, let's see if the team goes forward.

sk gaming bs <3
2011-05-23 23:12:20
yess allen !!!
gogogo hf SK :X
2011-05-23 23:13:54
+ manne
- robban
2011-05-23 23:17:30
gl allen :D
2011-05-23 23:17:41
ALLEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL
2011-05-23 23:24:18
dennis now go join
2011-05-23 23:24:49
allen we love u xD
2011-05-23 23:27:18
gl hf allen
2011-05-23 23:30:09
-Robban, face and allen +Delpan, MODDII and xizt = dream team sweden :P
2011-05-23 23:37:13
dennis --> a2g !!!
2011-05-23 23:37:44

top1 WoRlD=D!
2011-05-23 23:44:11
my friend


will be the best sweden team
2011-05-24 00:11:24
easy top1

2011-05-24 01:02:31
sick one
2011-05-24 01:35:41
haha ty :)
2011-05-24 20:34:02
2011-05-23 23:48:17
allen > dennis
2011-05-23 23:53:40
i hope dennis finds a home where hes getting what he deserves. Stability!

<3 dennis

gl allen
2011-05-23 23:54:27
dennis comeback a2g???
2011-05-23 23:55:12
2011-05-24 00:06:52
2011-05-24 00:10:12
we watched a nice show from u DENNIS , all the best i wish 4 u <3

2011-05-24 00:10:30
Good to see allen back, not sure if the results will improve tho.
2011-05-24 00:12:36
=D=D=D s2 allen, dennis isn't better, really good player, but no better than Jimmy.
2011-05-24 00:21:54
Dennis to lions


2011-05-24 00:26:22
Dont like him
2011-05-24 00:29:06
Latest news:

SK-manager Budak has contacted Fragbite and says that allen only will act as a stand-in during the WCG qualifiers. After qualification maybe allen have to leave again.
2011-05-24 00:38:02
2011-05-24 00:41:56
If that's true, that means they're looking for another player again? (other than dennis & allen)

Who's gonna be the permanent 5th?
2011-05-24 00:55:26
Can be MODDII.
2011-05-24 01:00:02
he would be a huge boost for them.
the team still wouldn't be perfect (would still need at least one change) but moddii is the freaking beast every Swedish team needs.
2011-05-24 01:53:35
leave moddii where he is, I want RAGE to reach the top.

Tired of seeing SK/fnatic all the way.
2011-05-24 03:14:02
dennis is better ...
2011-05-24 00:45:46
allen ftw.<3
2011-05-24 00:48:32
Why on earth would any pro who wants to be the best, join SK. SK ends up cutting everyone, no matter how well you perform. dennis has played unreal, and better than half of the current SK players.

SK continues to be a joke, and they will never be #1.
2011-05-24 01:05:09
Yeah same with zneel, zneel was very good @ SK and was in middle or second best but still they cuted him... I dont know wath SK are thinking...
2011-05-26 00:31:20
Well this is great news. :) Can't wait allen in action after a break.
2011-05-24 01:09:03
2011-05-24 01:11:38
Good -robban +dennis
2011-05-24 01:33:18
yeah remove the leader..
2011-05-24 01:34:38
Since leader is not perfect...
2011-05-24 01:36:36
he's a good leader, and one of the only ones able to frag more than decently and awp while leading. You can't just remove the leader and replace him with any player
2011-05-24 11:39:37
are you stupid?
2011-05-24 02:01:14
I am not a stupid, is my opinion, It is not very good as leading
2011-05-24 02:30:25
You are not stupid. Forget this assholes.
2011-05-26 22:49:43
I'm confused, when allen left and dennis was announced as a stand-in most of you said allen > dennis. I don't really know what dennis has done in sk for people's opinions to change so much in such a short space of time. I still think allen is a better all-round player and one which i think has always been underrated by a lot of people
2011-05-24 01:39:24
yeahhhhh, nice
2011-05-24 01:45:57
Welcome back Allen! hope cs doesn't make you sick again :)
2011-05-24 01:50:30
dennis to lions please
2011-05-24 01:54:55
Bleh bad news...
2011-05-24 02:01:50

i want that sk line up D:
2011-05-24 02:05:07
except that Emil is on Lions, walle is retired, and dsn is...fnatic's captain?
2011-05-24 02:14:37
carn is fnatic's captain
2011-05-24 02:24:47
dsn is fnatic´s captain
carn it´s a team leader, not captain
2011-05-24 02:40:54
carn = IGL
dsn = captain
2011-05-24 03:30:17
carn is it
2011-05-24 02:25:08
no, carn is igl, not captain, dsn is the captain
2011-05-24 03:04:38
carn = strat caller
dsn = captain
2011-05-24 03:29:44
maybe has been but you see carn everywhere in interviews and commentating. i mean wich rule else has dsn still left? in the timeouts carn is also saying the strats.
a captain is a person who leads the team.
maybe he is still but i doubt that from my point of view

Post edited 2011-05-24 13:38:55
2011-05-24 13:37:04
at least is what they said in many occasions
ofc carn is a super duper important piece in fnatic
2011-05-24 15:32:08
depends how old these statements are? i know that dsn was captain.

Post edited 2011-05-24 20:16:00
2011-05-24 20:15:50
at least that's what we know so far
2011-05-24 20:44:53
wb !
2011-05-24 02:28:00
dennis a2g 4 sure but wenton are really good.
2011-05-24 02:38:08
Go allen!
didn't like you lately, but I hope you come back motivated to crush everyone!
2011-05-24 02:41:40

2011-05-24 03:03:57

> world.
2011-05-24 03:12:08
2011-05-24 05:10:35
2011-05-24 04:00:01
Allen <3 Orcish

2011-05-24 04:02:58

2011-05-24 04:07:06
nice to see ALLEN.
2011-05-24 04:11:26
I feel confused~~
anyway GL to allen and dennis
2011-05-24 04:34:09
2011-05-24 04:58:09
2011-05-24 05:10:02
2010WEM best SK
2011-05-24 05:12:04
bring zet back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post edited 2011-05-24 05:27:09
2011-05-24 05:26:49

[[[ begin don't like SK... ]]]
allen = SK -_-?

[[[ dennis GL ]]]
2011-05-24 06:19:45
is allen a Swedish native? His name doesn't seem very Swedish.
2011-05-24 07:14:34
wer da fck iz walle he also tuk break ????
2011-05-24 07:54:35
that's why xzit never agree to sign the SK. And cArn is right that SK wil change their lineup if they don't get any good scores.
2011-05-24 07:56:48
lol dont like both this players, but imo allen is better
2011-05-24 08:01:28
- dennis
2011-05-24 08:19:47

2011-05-24 08:20:59
+Gux or walle, because SK need good awp'er. =D or rifle'r.
2011-05-24 08:24:36
i hope a2g will take dennis instead of qp or wenton
2011-05-24 08:53:40
Not unexpected that Allen was coming back since the sickness.
2011-05-24 08:54:47
no awper can challenge markeloff...so let see this lineup

2011-05-24 09:02:00
yea, maybe.
2011-05-24 11:15:13
+1 :D
2011-05-24 17:53:26
Sk sucks because they are changing lineup so often.
2011-05-24 09:11:46
this is why SK isn't a Top 3 team nowadays ...
f0rest can't keep up with markeloff , to be honest they should of got threat , but now that allen's back ill check out SK matches now
2011-05-24 09:19:46
I still don't get the fact that people can not recognize the fact that allen is a beast. At this moment, allen is way better for SK than dennis is.
2011-05-24 09:55:01
2011-05-24 09:59:09
dennis outperformed allen every match he's played for them since allen's absence...
2011-05-24 09:59:30
- allen
2011-05-24 10:14:08
i think its right decision for SK
2011-05-24 10:58:14
-allen +walle I think.
2011-05-24 11:14:54
-robban +walle ,huh?
2011-05-24 11:21:01
- allen
2011-05-24 13:00:14
denis going to fnatic im sure and allen in Sk
2011-05-24 13:26:54
Loooooooool! What a stupid decision by the SK organization, dennis showed great form and aiming during the tournaments he played for SK and I don't think allen will be able to replace his aiming and spraying.
2011-05-24 13:34:41
Go allen =DDD
2011-05-24 13:39:41
2011-05-24 16:06:47
2011-05-24 17:02:43
I will wait for some results before saying allen > dennis or vice versa.
Most of people who are saying stupid fanboys looking the past and don't really know who is better at the moment.
dennis is a good player but allen has more experience.
I hope to see SK on top and crushing everyone.
2011-05-24 17:12:03
the old fnatic was the best team!
2011-05-24 17:20:16
2011-05-24 17:20:36
i agree with u, but now new fnatic is not bad :P even though they got 3 new players :D
2011-05-24 17:52:56
SK fail, allen is bad!
2011-05-24 18:17:41
Dennis to be Rg-esports!! plz
2011-05-24 18:29:56
After they f*ck him over he comes back like a dog? pathetic move for alleN....should have said a giant F YOU to the Sk organization and joined another team..
2011-05-25 00:27:26
maybe now we see the old school allen come back and p0wn :D
2011-05-25 14:45:23

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