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Official: SK sign Delpan
Time: 2011-05-29 23:36
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6

SK Gaming have announced the addition of Marcus "Delpan" Larsson from fnatic.

The Swedish players switches teams just six months after joining fnatic, with whom he would win the IEM5 European Championship in Kiev.

He replaces  the inactive Jimmy "allen" Allen, who had a quick comeback at the WCG qualifier this weekend, filling in for Dennis "dennis" Edman, the team's stand-in in recent months.

This is not the first time that Larsson will wear SK's shirt, having represented the team on a one-event basis at the World Esports Masters, helping the team finish in second place, behind WeMade FOX.

Meanwhile, team coach Anton "budak" Budak stressed that SK did everything right to get Larsson, saying: "With this move we aren't stealing a player from another organisation. If a player wishes to become a part of SK, or vice-versa, we will try everything to make this possible."

SK Gaming now have:

 Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
 Johan "face" Klasson
 Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg
 Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström
 Marcus "Delpan" Larsson

gl delpan
now waiting for fnatic move :p

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2011-05-29 23:36:32
I </3 HLTV.org

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2011-05-29 23:37:29
2011-05-29 23:38:59
how does hltv.org have anything to do with this? they are just doing a good job at feeding uz news:)
2011-05-30 00:21:22
+1 lol
2011-05-30 08:58:46
2011-05-30 10:49:08
they will take Gux
2011-05-29 23:44:53
will be nice ;D
2011-05-29 23:45:39
or moddii
2011-05-29 23:54:48
or manne
2011-05-30 00:45:44
they should take manne.
this way rage keeps alive and fnatic improves
2011-05-30 01:02:08
or keiz
2011-05-30 11:01:20
2011-05-30 23:01:49
2011-05-30 16:06:45
gux left fnatic coz forest left, u think he will be back now? just asking
2011-05-30 00:46:33
Who do you think will compensate you in fnatic?

when rakaka intervjued Delpan
2011-05-30 00:53:54
okay cool :) good choice if gux returns
2011-05-30 00:58:28
2011-05-30 15:40:53

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2011-05-29 23:45:15
Fnatic.MSI dennis :)
2011-05-29 23:51:42
2011-05-30 00:10:26
2011-05-30 05:02:29
No, even if i'm with dennis, I think Gux deserves a better team than Lions ! If you saw him playing in fnatic.2009 or sk.2010, you can't imagine him being in a top4 Swedish team !

He clearly deserve to be in SK or fnatic.
2011-05-30 09:37:56
Lions is top 3 in Sweden and played 15-15 aginst SK last time i watched. And yesterday(?) they played aginst fnatic with Keiz in the lineup and it went 16-14 first map and like 16-13(10?) in the second map. So you cant say that Lions are a bad team.
2011-05-30 10:54:08
imo rg is better than lions atm but hard to say really , since they havent met each other so far. sure lions is good team but fnatic with gux > lions with gux.
2011-05-30 19:38:29
But then pronax or BARBARR is not good enought to fit a spot in Lions.
2011-05-31 17:32:08
already make a move, check this link, its in Portuguese but just see the printscreen

2011-05-30 00:46:56
hope you fail
2011-05-29 23:36:37
2011-05-29 23:37:07
Amazing how little loyalty players have for fnatic. SK's rejects goto fnatic where they develop, travel and play pro level CS. But the second, SK comes along with an offer again they jump on it in a heartbeat.
2011-05-29 23:41:12
2011-05-29 23:51:30
2011-05-30 00:32:45
it's all about the money and prestige, afterall.
2011-05-30 00:51:08
2011-05-29 23:39:57
I hope SK fails, not Delpan, he is cool.


cArn FTW :>
2011-05-29 23:45:15
2011-05-30 00:11:47
But you won't know if he/they will fail, will you? :P
2011-05-29 23:56:50
i will know after a dh since if they dont do well there they will change some other player.
2011-05-29 23:58:11
2011-05-30 00:17:14
I was refering to you saying you would quit following CS if the Delpan-rumors were true. :P
2011-05-30 00:22:01
yeah i talk to much shit and i have to be better with using edit button :P
My biggest wish now is that Fnatic does get some really nice replacement and crush sk at dh
2011-05-30 00:25:55

A part of me wish that they'll pick up moddii, although I love RAGE. But I guess it'll be Gux anyway.
2011-05-30 00:41:40
who should go to fnatic in your opinion?
2011-05-30 10:31:48
Manne/Gux/Niko but i would like to see 2 players go to fnatic and drop pita.
2011-05-30 10:56:03
2011-05-30 20:54:31
fkin traitor shitbag. i spit on delpan, i hope he will get cancer and die.
and above all, i cant understand why he is moving to a team that is rather mediocre in the last 3 years from a team that was always top3. spit on you again, delpan.
2011-05-30 00:33:02
if you really have 27 years i'm sorry for you :(
2011-05-30 00:42:21
"fkin traitor shitbag. i spit on delpan, i hope he will get cancer and die."

that's too much, mate!
2011-05-30 00:44:35
never is too much. i dont have the power to make that, but at least i can make a wish for him :)
2011-05-30 07:40:18
Who are you to tell him if he should get cancer and die? No one here knows what did SK offer to Delpan, and as everyone should, he thinks of himself first. He has to live a life out of gaming, and if SK's deal is good, of course he is going to accept it. As everyone else would do, even you, if you were in his position.

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2011-05-31 14:23:57
Therapy. NOW.
2011-05-30 01:02:40
I hope you get double cancer.
2011-05-30 15:13:41
2011-06-11 21:25:57
+1 i hate SK and every player in it
2011-05-30 01:23:27
Since he has gone to fnatic all of you guys saying "Delpan go to SK plzzz" "SK|Delpan the best" "i hope Delpan go to sk" and now all of you blaming this guy! Are you serius? Now SK has the best possible lineup (-robban whatever).It was his choice and if you were real fan of delpan you must be very happy such me!My fav team of all time was Sk and my fav player is Delpan since 1 year and this move is just a dream.
Shame of You!
2011-05-30 10:16:17
gl delp_der :D
2011-05-29 23:36:37
2011-05-29 23:36:37
2011-05-29 23:36:47
not bad
2011-05-29 23:37:01
+moddii/gux in fnatic.
2011-05-29 23:37:15
:o gl
2011-05-29 23:37:16
Well, if they can't win tournaments with this line-up, than sorry :'(

P.S. I think fnatic will do just fine without Delpan, they still have dsn, who can awp. They just need a good rifler now, like Gux or MODDII. :)

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:39:46
2011-05-29 23:37:20
they need tactics to do that, or else any awp-er fragger is worthless.
2011-05-29 23:59:29
It's not like, they don't have an IGL :P
2011-05-30 00:01:31
not, it's like that igl is kind of useless against top teams!

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:13:57
2011-05-30 00:13:47
I'll be more than happy, see you calling tactics against topteams. That's why it's called topteams. And RobbaN did call in the past too and did fine. -.-
2011-05-30 00:19:06
Guess it depends on what u mean by fine. Dont think they can find a better awp than Delpan. And imo it will take a miracle to beat SK now. Think only Robban needs to improve now then they would be unstoppable :P
2011-05-30 01:09:58
By fine I mean, that they will give a fight to all the topteams :)
2011-05-30 01:10:57
ale jaja
2011-05-29 23:37:31
2011-05-29 23:37:33
what with fnatic?...
2011-05-29 23:37:37
Probably Gux is joining them.
EDIT: According to the SK's site:

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:28:56
2011-05-30 00:27:24
i had hopes that he would stay... :(
2011-05-29 23:37:40
GO TO HELL schroet kommando
2011-05-29 23:37:47
2011-05-29 23:38:30
2011-05-29 23:40:17
2011-05-29 23:41:59
+184765468789456131 yeah! :@
2011-05-30 00:11:14
go SK !!!!!!!!!
2011-05-29 23:37:54
amazing gl
2011-05-29 23:38:07
2011-05-29 23:38:12
2011-05-29 23:38:22
i hope they'll fail at WCG/eswc

long life to fnatic.
2011-05-29 23:38:22
2011-05-29 23:45:00
2011-05-30 00:43:16
2011-05-30 02:17:17
2011-05-30 23:17:37
really disappointed by Delpan right now..
(also fuckin' happy if Gux is really back to fnatic, <3 Gux)
2011-05-29 23:38:40
yeah me too, but Gux won't be enough... dsn will have to be the main awp again, and he was pretty awesome with rifles and as secondary awp.

damn, it's killing me that moddii is just out there, waiting for an offer, and it never comes. so much wasted potential...
2011-05-29 23:41:21
yup i feel sorry for moddii but carn knows what is best for his team..
2011-05-29 23:48:23
Does he? 2 recent failures:
- threat
- pita
2011-05-30 00:04:10
pita has been improving steadily and is doing great atm imo.. but you are right abt threat though..
2011-05-30 00:06:52
pita is not a failure.
2011-05-30 00:44:31
agree on dsn, I've rarely seen him doing as good as he did on the last tournaments, I even remember him saying in an interview he was having more fun with rifles and not always being the main AWP..

moddii is probably one of the best players in the world right now so yup, but RG been doing good so far so idk..

2011-05-29 23:50:09
He's awsome but i guess nobody likes him becouse of his personality
2011-05-29 23:50:52
moddii is playing with RAGE? have you been living in a cave lately? they have the potential to be really great.
2011-05-29 23:59:17
haha... I perfectly know what moddii is doing, I meant he should get a contract from fnatic/SK. RAGE is an amazing team but let's be honest, their chances of actually winning an international tournament are quite thin.
2011-05-30 00:26:05
kalle has showed that he is very good player
2011-05-30 01:21:15
Copenhagen games? They placed better than fnatic, so your logic doesn't really fit to be honest.
2011-05-30 01:24:00
rofl... it doesn't change anything to my point. placing better than fnatic in one tournament isn't enough, I'm talking about winning. moddii will never win big tournaments that include FX, Na'Vi and mTw with RAGE, that's it. they are amazing, kalle is sick, but it's not enough.

he belongs in SK or fnatic.
2011-05-30 01:34:00
6 months and RAGE will overcome both SK and fnatic. Mark my words.
2011-05-30 02:21:43
honestly, at this point, I hope you are right :)
2011-05-30 02:32:07
RAGE will outplay both SK and fnatic in the future, so don't you worry:)
2011-05-29 23:59:40
2011-05-30 00:07:34
in future Bulgarian team will win IEM
2011-06-11 22:37:07
2011-05-29 23:38:44
Too bad for fnatic, guys.
GL in SK, Delpan!
2011-05-29 23:38:52
n1 =D
2011-05-29 23:38:58
gl mate, really happy for this =D
2011-05-29 23:39:12
i like fnatic but i think sk will be fucking hard now !
2011-05-29 23:39:28
i dont think so mate
2011-05-30 00:28:18
holy sh*t , Now they can do everything!It is not good time 4 FX and others good teams like fnatic or Na'Vi.
2011-05-29 23:39:35
This is just ruining Sks and Delpans respect tbh
2011-05-29 23:39:42
Exactly :)
2011-05-30 17:46:18
sunde to fnatic will be cool
2011-05-29 23:39:57
2011-05-29 23:43:25
SK LOVES stand ins lol (moddi, dennis, allen, delpan, zneel, etc)

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:40:40
2011-05-29 23:40:27
maybe SK , not ? :D
2011-05-29 23:41:11
your reply was too late XD

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:46:44
2011-05-29 23:46:30
He wasnt so great with his awp in fnatic, maybe fnatic dont need him?
2011-05-29 23:40:59
they won IEM europa with him. im sure fnatic will bring in a good player i just hope they dont take anyone from RG.
2011-05-29 23:42:45
@fnatickboy: @DeSchlang Strange he's still contracted to us ..you've not been professional enough or had the balls to contact us to discuss his release..

2011-05-29 23:41:00

Tweet time?? His tweets are protected, so i can't see that myself.
2011-05-29 23:46:44
2011-05-29 23:47:55
Super interesting. Although i don't think fnatic would want to force keep Delpan in the team.
2011-05-29 23:52:39
nothing special.. just another regular day in the office of sk gaming!!
2011-05-29 23:50:40
@DeSchlang could not care less tbh!

great management there.
2011-05-29 23:58:13
disgusting SK circus
2011-05-29 23:41:23
now Na`Vi have a real challenge!

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:43:19
2011-05-29 23:41:44
hope for gux to join fnatic, but with delpan fnatic was a killerteam

intresting year...
2011-05-29 23:41:50
RobbaN won't let you win something worthy

Gux will join fnatic, remember my words! =)

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:42:11
2011-05-29 23:41:51
sk fans and delpan fans should be a bit lower after this :)
2011-05-29 23:42:03
mainly delpan fans..
2011-05-29 23:43:05
right, traitor !
2011-05-29 23:46:40
SK fans would probably be over the top. They just scored themselves the best (or close to best) awp in the world.

It's just Delpan and Fnatic fans like me who are gutted.
2011-05-29 23:48:06
So you haven't learnt how to use that edit button above?
2011-05-30 00:04:17
what am i suppose to edit? all my answers to other people is impossible to get under 1 message, right?
2011-05-30 00:08:29
The time difference between #3 & #55 is enough for you to edit the first message in question, instead of just making another, that's how it works, but ofc if you wanna keep spamming every single page, refrain from the consequences.
2011-05-30 00:11:23
q: "Who do you think will be replacing you in fnatic?"
a: "Gux :)"
from Delpan interview here: http://www.rakaka.se/?newsID=16895
2011-05-29 23:42:14
if you can't beat it, buy it
2011-05-29 23:42:15
the best way how to destroy your rival..
but the least honorable one
2011-05-29 23:44:08
still it's a strategy
2011-05-29 23:56:24
why are you guys hating delpan and sk, they will steel be best team in sweden
2011-05-29 23:42:47
I hate Delpan but not SK since SK wants to have the best players ofc but i didnt think that Delpan would leave his friend Pita.
2011-05-29 23:51:38
Why all of you guys are blaming SK Gaming.. if Delpan wouldn't want to go to SK he just sipmly won't go and that's it..
2011-05-29 23:43:11
A lot stronger SK now with the huge weight of the awp not on Robban shoulders anymore..and in the hands of a top3 wolrd awper..Robban can concentrate in just calling the right strats.I like fnatic more than SK..and i find this move rather dirty..but have to agree it gives a solid boost to SK.
2011-05-29 23:43:19
I think and I hope GUX will be the last one in fnatic!
2011-05-29 23:43:38
Fnatic should get ridd of pita and sign Gux and Moddii, #1
2011-05-29 23:43:38
I think someone of administration dont like me ^^
2011-05-29 23:44:00
fnatic you can pick up dennis!
2011-05-29 23:44:04
2011-05-29 23:44:33
I wanna be a part of sk gaming

ok budak , now , do everything to make this possible.
2011-05-29 23:44:47
Good luck Delpan and Thank you Jimmy Allén for everything :)
2011-05-29 23:45:10
well ty too =)
2011-05-29 23:55:42
now, thats a team!
2011-05-29 23:45:34
now ,sk will win all :x
2011-05-29 23:45:50
Now gux back in fnatic 99% ... bad for fnatic :S

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:46:42
2011-05-29 23:46:03
i'd like to see Niko in fnatic
2011-05-29 23:46:16
Hope this sk lineup fails big time
2011-05-29 23:46:53
if SK will be (f0rest gtr gux delpan xizt) really never lose !!!
2011-05-29 23:46:54
and who will be leading ? .. smartass :D
2011-05-30 00:31:03
this people are so clueless :)
2011-05-30 00:38:14
2011-05-30 00:41:25
Good one:p
2011-05-30 00:47:40
SK sucks :(
2011-05-29 23:47:11
And for fnatic: The solution ? A new Revolution.
pita is good but expendable..you want to top of SK..bring Gux and moddii and will have a true clash of titans.

2011-05-29 23:47:18
what would be fun is that moddii joins fnatic, fnatic wining the 3 events that are left in June and then SK recruiting him and deleting face :) i would stop immediatly watching the scene 4e
2011-05-29 23:47:44
SK made him a better offer (contract+new players) and he accepted, thats how it works.

You guys want cs and e-sports to become more professional, but then you blame this kind of actions... hypocrites.

Good luck to both teams. And I hope you also blame fnatic if they pick a player from rage,a2g or lions; because it will probably happen.

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:48:42
2011-05-29 23:47:58
But this isn't the first time when SK is outbidding someone for them.Ot's really unfair but as someone up here wrote if delpan wouldn't want to go to sk then we wouldn't have all this news and comments, so both sides (Delpan and SK) agreed on these terms and that's all.
2011-05-30 11:25:50
Still worser than Fx , Na'Vi and mTw =)
2011-05-29 23:48:05
Invidually, none are worse than the players of those clans. But as a team, we'll see =)
2011-05-30 00:10:33
2011-05-29 23:48:25
- pita , + moddii , +pronax
2011-05-29 23:48:55
-pita, +niko +manne
2011-05-30 00:08:52
-pita +pita and only pita...... Menne must stay in rg if u wanna se some good matchs

Post edited 2011-05-30 01:13:17
2011-05-30 01:12:46
why pronax? they have carn as igl
2011-05-30 01:26:15
as you can see, pronax is great on the map as well..
2011-05-30 01:31:39
This will be badass!

Now - if they could only get rid off Robban and add cArn... Won't happen, but still - _that_ would be even more badass!
2011-05-29 23:49:10
holy shit, it's time to change primary fan :(
2011-05-29 23:49:19
If now they will not be able to win something,than it is sure what is wrong,Robban.
2011-05-29 23:49:22

i mean, good for SK, bad for fnatic and as i dont like SK its bad, nevermind this is a dream team (maybe -robban +carn, -face +modii/gux), but whatever, gl delpan, gl fnatic
2011-05-29 23:49:23
Hur arg är cArn och grabbarna på dig?
Arga och arga vet jag väl inte om dom är på mig men de har märkt min omotivation garanterat och om de är besvikna på mig kan jag fatta men jag berättade för dom att jag fick erbjudandet efter IOL och sa nu efter wcg att jag tar det..

can u translate this properly?
2011-05-29 23:49:38
How mad are cArn and the boys at you right now

I don't think that they are mad at me, but they surely have noticed my lack of motivation and if they are disapointed at me I can somewhat understand it. But I told them that if I were to get an offer after IOL, I would take it...
2011-05-29 23:54:49
he is an idiot.
2011-05-30 00:24:53
carn? totally
2011-05-30 00:37:32
we're talking about delpan...
2011-05-30 00:39:44
irony? know the meaning of it?
2011-05-30 00:41:05
How should I know you're being ironic? Too many trolls in da hltv.org :P
2011-05-30 00:47:04
true that :)
2011-05-30 00:55:46
Na`Vi sad?
2011-05-29 23:49:58
i think not navi are better than SK atm cuz sk dont have strats Delpan is new
2011-05-29 23:55:04
but for 2-3 months they can beat them
2011-05-29 23:57:54
hmm dunno dude
navi are very strong atualy not but when its for big matchs they are crazy
2011-05-30 00:03:34
we'll see
2011-05-30 00:05:50
true :D
2011-05-30 00:06:14
$$$ >fnatic
2011-05-29 23:50:12
+1, money >

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:55:03
2011-05-29 23:54:14
2011-05-29 23:57:03
$$$ > all
2011-05-30 08:50:44
Interesting, they really wanna be better than Na'Vi (obviously) but I don't know they need something more than that
2011-05-29 23:50:23
fnatic will take threat back

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:50:37
2011-05-29 23:50:27
why the hell would he.. they have one of the best IGL's on the whole counter strike scene.
2011-05-29 23:52:21
omg, fuck off haters, he does what gives him the biggest chances to win some championships, and alongside Get_right and f0rest he really got good chances.
2011-05-29 23:50:35
2011-05-29 23:51:28
he won iem europe title you idiot...
2011-05-29 23:58:15
i know you idiot, but what are the latest results? 5th. places, 3rd. places, 7th. places in big tournaments, the IEM europe was an incredible tournament from fnatic side and Xizt was extatic :)
SK got bigger chances right now with delpan winning against NaVi and FX
2011-05-30 00:02:03
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Take it easy. Thank you.
2011-05-30 00:12:12
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Take it easy. Thank you.
2011-05-30 00:12:06
FUCKIN +1 biggest i've ever gave to any1 here
2011-05-30 00:36:19
Just a one more reason to hate SK. ;)
2011-05-29 23:51:30
2011-05-30 11:29:03
nice, fnatic is now able to beat SK 4on5
2011-05-29 23:51:55
fnatic will sign...?
2011-05-29 23:51:57
If he felt himself comfortable in fnatic why did he make this decision? Think idiots...
2011-05-29 23:52:09
money speaks and guess he thinks he can actually win big now
2011-05-30 00:00:42
This means WAR!!
2011-05-29 23:52:15
Your nickname has something to do with this kind of things dont it? xDD
2011-05-29 23:54:10
true story xD
2011-05-30 00:02:17
If they cant win anything with this lineup, then they officially suck at every aspect except aiming. Jesus guys.
2011-05-29 23:52:25
people talking about loyalty and crap..
o.O if your team is holding you down from succeed.. i think the best thing to do, is join a team where you know that your efforts are being post to good use. Alot of players, good players probably feel frustrated cause they play good always and they still lose, cause their team don't play as good and regular as them.
If this is supose to be the one of the couple years that cs will have .. obvious that delpan, wants put his name on cs history, and win as much as possible, with SK he will be able to struggle and to fight close against teams like na'vi, fx and mtw. A thing that imo this fnatic team can't do.

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:53:42
2011-05-29 23:52:28
of course, SK won a lot of significant tournaments this year and fnatic won nothing...oh wait
2011-05-29 23:56:32
o.O have you seen fnatic playing against SK?
SK is much stronger, it doesn't take a genius to know that. Is a fact that SK having f0rest, get_right and face on the same lineup, have chances to beat any team in the world. They were lacking an awper, a good one, not crapy like robban. With deplan now its the best lineup possible on swe.
And i'm not even a fanboy, i hate get_right lol, the fact that i'm not a fanboy of any of those teams makes it clear to me.
2011-05-30 00:05:31
I'm not a fanboy either but I see things a little bit different. SK were lacking teamplay first of all and they still are. Matches between teams that were formed less than a year ago shouldn't be taken into consideration. In my opinion fnatic could be a great team with awesome chemistry to the end of 2011 and SK would be still in top4-6 but nothing more. Instead of it fnatic is ruined atm. and I don't believe that SK would be dominating with Delpan, cs is more about teamplay, not just "superstar" players even if it's less tactical than cs:s xDDD
2011-05-30 00:13:48
i wasn't calling you a fanboy either.
hahah nice css joke. But imo SK have the skill to win against na'vi or at least to push na'vi to the limit, for a spectator will be more fun to watch that clash of titans between sk and na'vi, than seeing fnatic lose to fx mtw na'vi. With no disrespect fot mtw or fx, but na'vi is in another level and sk now might be to.
2011-05-30 00:19:35
SK will be able to have such skill only if they learn to wait and build a TEAM, not just a mix where everyone could be replaced in a month or two. But I'm afraid of such scenario like - SK don't achieve anything in a month, they kick robban/delpan/face, take moddi/manne/barbarr and it goes round again and instead of two top teams we have only long transfer list on hltv.org xD

P.S. I hate get_right also xD

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:29:19
2011-05-30 00:27:46
lol robban will never be kicked xD, but i don't think so, i'm not seeing them beating na'vi right away either, but will be more solid game imo. Lets w8 and see, for me will exciting see fnatic with gux that should have replaced pita in the begining of this lineup, what would have prevent the left of delpan, still will be fun watching both teams with new players :D

ps: even if he seems a nice person and he is a good players, he's like that kid in you school that you feel the need to bully, hahaha

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:39:51
2011-05-30 00:32:55
agreed xD we'll see xD
2011-05-30 00:34:37
what a great and clear conversation, without insults etc. etc. respect guys, this is not happening often on hltv.org comments.
2011-05-30 11:33:06
2011-05-30 15:25:28
what a great and clear conversation, without insults etc. etc. respect guys, this is not happening often on hltv.org comments.
2011-05-30 11:32:58
2011-05-30 14:02:49
thank god a sane person around the insanity that HLTV.org has become!
2011-05-30 00:35:20
thank you :) just saying things like i see them.
2011-05-30 00:38:20
Gux going to fnatic
2011-05-29 23:53:11
Good job.
2011-05-29 23:53:32
where is dennis ? xdd
2011-05-29 23:53:41
in da house
2011-05-30 00:00:29

Post edited 2011-05-29 23:54:31
2011-05-29 23:54:10
lol @ the reply from TheSlaSh to kboy on his twitter (http://twitter.com/DeSchlang), why am i not surprised?
2011-05-29 23:54:13
I hope fnatic screw SK over screw them of all their cash.
2011-05-29 23:57:38
can you copy paste??
2011-05-30 00:10:37
fnatickboy tweet to TheSlaSh "Strange he's still contracted to us ..you've not been professional enough or had the balls to contact us to discuss his release."

then SlaSh to kboy "@fnatickboy could not care less tbh!" "@DeSchlang Could not care less about what exactly?" "@TCMwalkah the other team."
2011-05-30 00:18:48
lol that is just pathetic
2011-05-30 00:32:49
To beat Na`vi they would need


SK Now Have:


and GG
2011-05-29 23:55:23
this line-up lacks a real awper. -Xizt +Delpan :)
2011-05-29 23:56:52
f0rest can awp
so they won't need f0rest with rifle
cause think about it mooddii , get_right , xizt are sick :D
2011-05-30 00:00:59
yeah but f0rest can't awp as well as Delpan, not even close.

with such rifle power already in place, they would need an equally amazing awper. that's Delpan :D
2011-05-30 00:27:07
time will tell
2011-05-29 23:57:05
It won't, actually. This will never happen.
2011-05-29 23:58:18
it will tell if this team wont work at least :)
2011-05-30 00:32:34
i hope fnaticMSi. cArn forever
2011-05-29 23:58:58
+1 , cArn and dsn are the only reason i support fnatic and swedish teams in general.
2011-05-30 08:55:20
if cArn goes to sk instead of Robban I will streak my neighbourhood wearing a fnatic-shirt. But I would like to see moddii in SK, so +1! I hope fnatic will consider taking moddii in, he's one of the best for the place imo.
2011-05-30 00:02:06
carn wont leave fnatic tbh...
2011-05-30 00:16:59
stupid man
2011-05-29 23:56:52
2011-05-29 23:57:51
gux to fnatic is official, too
2011-05-29 23:57:54
nice... so keiz to fnatic ?
2011-05-29 23:58:09
if Gux joins fnatic I will be a fan!! hope SK fails
2011-05-29 23:58:14
2011-05-30 00:02:43
fnatic kHYSTRAL
2011-05-29 23:58:35
fnatic.MSi kHRYSTAL

i too want this to happen...
2011-05-30 09:05:51
*-----------------* my dream
2011-05-29 23:59:27
2011-05-29 23:59:28
dennis a2g!
2011-05-30 00:01:00
dennis to Lions/RAGE!

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:07:41
2011-05-30 00:07:24
Lions dennis
fnatic Gux
2011-05-30 00:59:26
moddi,gux,dennis...we will see
2011-05-30 00:00:35
fnatic needs 2 crazy (teamplayer) aimers now and the rest will be history
2011-05-30 00:00:43
you right, keiz can be one ;)
2011-05-30 00:05:30
2011-05-30 00:01:05
fnatic walle ahahah

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:01:18
2011-05-30 00:01:10
i'd like that a lot !
+ walle in fnatic
2011-05-30 00:07:09
2011-05-30 11:53:38
kHRYSTAL wooohaaa :D
2011-05-30 00:01:23
2011-05-30 00:01:24
Great SK lineup now :D They needed a solid AWP player
2011-05-30 00:02:30
they needed good igl, but robban's brain is too small
2011-05-30 00:04:00
2011-05-30 00:03:22
"If a player wishes to become a part of SK, or vice-versa, we will try everything to make this possible."

Well, I wish to become part of SK - will they sign me? :D

Anyway, GL Marcus - SK seems like dreamteam now.
2011-05-30 00:03:25
i dont think the vice-versa part agrees with u :)
2011-05-30 00:31:18
but there is "OR vice versa" :)
2011-05-30 09:32:25
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
haha, although you do have a point. They probably didn't mean it that literally :P

Do you know the phrase "the customer is always right" ??? Usually the customer is right until a company decides otherwise XD
2011-05-30 00:47:24
this will be expensive for SK, Delpan still have contract with Fnatic and sign another contract. This will be a twist, im sure of it.
2011-05-30 00:03:34
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Didn't we already talk about this spamming stuff?

If it is too late to take the dog out maybe you should just take a deep breath this time and relax.
2011-05-30 00:15:23
overall i need to improve my anger management but next time i see news like this i will go do something else, sorry again. please say this is my final warning.

Is it possible to make the edit button to last longer?
2011-05-30 00:39:11
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
10 minutes look like a decent amount of time to add further content to a already published message if you forgot to include something.
Though if you have any proposal on increasing the time span contact Nomad.

For sure you can consider this your final warning as the next time either it will be time for deleting your messages right away and/or send you to the posting bench for some time to cool down.
2011-05-30 00:45:18
Awesome , gl in SK boy.
2011-05-30 00:04:12
haha u and me are the only ones who is happy about this mate :D
2011-05-30 00:05:46
:D , i don't care about other guys , SK FTW! <3
2011-05-30 00:07:03
same heere, SKSK<3
2011-05-30 00:13:05
oi, i'm happy too! :)
2011-05-30 00:09:36
i'm happy too :b
2011-05-30 00:11:27
2011-05-30 00:14:27
me too :) hi again
2011-05-30 00:30:32
hi :)
2011-05-30 00:31:46
2011-05-30 00:04:22
well i will say just this DELPAN go to hell -.- reason : you want more money ? -.-
2011-05-30 00:04:47
big + for SK,now they have very strong awp

ps + Gux in fnatic infa 100% )))
2011-05-30 00:05:14
can dennmark peoplhe understand swedish? iF YES I WOULD LIKE TO SEE Friss in Fnatic
2011-05-30 00:05:21
I know that the Sunde knows Swedish perfectly
2011-05-30 00:06:58
north of swe.
2011-05-30 00:30:39
ty, but can friis undersstand swedish?
2011-05-30 00:35:16
I don't think so...
2011-05-30 00:36:49
bad new...
2011-05-30 00:41:13
sk now = best team in da world. bye
2011-05-30 00:05:26
I wish an admin warns this rubbe guy, keeps spamming all the time.
2011-05-30 00:06:30
Gonna be fun watching fnatic DE_STROY SK.

cArn, dsn, Xizt, Gux, pita/moddii/kHRYSTAL/niko (1 of them

fnatic 4 ever ! SK organisation is shit and Delpan... shame on you.

dsn is going to go 24/7 awp map and destroy delpan.

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:08:03
2011-05-30 00:06:59
totally agree! Gux is absolutely needed! gl fnatic
2011-05-30 00:10:08
Xizt + Gux would be so fucking sick :)

cArn, dsn, Xizt, Gux, moddii would slaughter SK.
but i like pita so i hope he stays and performs like a monster.

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:13:30
2011-05-30 00:13:12
carn, dsn, xizt, gux and moddii > SK ..
2011-05-30 00:28:13
take it easy xD
2011-05-30 00:10:20
Go fnatic!! but delpan ... :(
2011-05-30 00:10:37
ur gonna urself a heart attack boy
2011-05-30 00:29:56
seems like ur the one who will get the heart attack because you responded to all my comments in this post.

your obviously an SK fanboy.
2011-06-02 15:38:23
fnatic sues delpan , breach of contract ... next news article
2011-05-30 00:07:11
2011-05-30 00:07:12
now just replace robban with carn and SK's lineup is perfect. I know this is not gonna happen though -.-
2011-05-30 00:08:36
cArn would never join SK. cArns soul is fnatic.
2011-05-30 00:09:11
how espiritual :o
2011-05-30 00:29:12
That's just massive.

I don't understand the posters that are complaining about this change.

You shouldn't blame Delpan, since counter-strike is his job. You should blame the SK organization instead making a good contract.

Ofcourse there is other point also. The personal issuses. If Delpan does not enjoy playing in fnatic it's simply agreeable change.

Im really looking forward to the future (not weekend).
2011-05-30 00:09:48
Delpan could of given it a bit of more time in fnatic...

he is acting like a whore. Only 6 months roughly he played for fnatic...
2011-05-30 00:11:23
its easy to talk when ur outside isnt it? ffs
2011-05-30 00:28:47
2011-05-30 00:10:21
top1? hahahahah we will se, like early2k11
2011-05-30 00:11:13
top1 in sweden? yes u are right
2011-05-30 00:23:25
finally a team tha can compete against na'vi and markelloff's awp.
Don't follow cs like it is football ffs, it will be great not seeing na'vi tacking every tournament out there. SK vs NA'VI will be even more exciting than NA'VI vs MTW last year
2011-05-30 00:10:37
good ;D moddii go to fnatic i think :)
2011-05-30 00:10:47
Supaaah sick line up !
2011-05-30 00:10:55
wtf is happening with Delpan's contract?
A retweet from TCMwalkah and roaldvanbuuren's accounts, and the responses:

RT @fnatickboy: @DeSchlang Strange
he's still contracted to us ..you've not been professional enough or had the balls to contact us to discuss his release..

Alex Müller
@TCMwalkah @fnatickboy could not care less tbh!

Craig Walker
@DeSchlang Could not care less about what exactly?

Roald Van Buuren
@TCMwalkah The other team, their own name, esports, Counter-Strike, what do they care about? :)

DeSchlang Alex Müller
@TCMwalkah the other team.

2011-05-30 00:11:37
Pus - HLTV.org
Haha, I must admit I like Alex's laid-back style.
2011-05-30 00:14:41
must say i wanna give TheSlasH a punch in the face tbh !
2011-05-30 00:16:59
2011-05-30 00:27:34
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
As long as one of these days he does not end up falling back... ::)
2011-05-30 00:18:58
Pus - HLTV.org
Not expecting it. Even though most people claim the opposite, he's not stupid.
2011-05-30 00:23:47
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
But things like this one do not help to gather the different organizations in order to fix pending prize money stuff etc.

Thus for his stuff he might not be stupid but for the overall one, oh well.
2011-05-30 00:31:23
wow, sounds as though delpan was sniped by SK whilst still under contract and fnatic have been left with their pants down.
2011-05-30 00:15:48
something there is going on, about what TheSlaSH don't care :D
2011-05-30 00:16:46
Way to quote Fnatic's intern.
2011-05-30 00:18:55
kinda bad-ass
2011-05-30 00:20:38
TheSlash (aka. Alex) is so obviously retarded, I am almost in disbelief. Take a look at this conversation:

- you can change all the players you like, you will never reach the hights of fnatic, mTw or Na'Vi.

@friesport (Mark)
- Why not? They where big and the best before fnatic where in dipers ;-)

- thx, Mark, could not have replied better!

He couldn't have replied better himself, even though the team they are talking about are the very same people (Potti & HeatoN) who has said that the organization didn't give them the money they were supposed to get - and that they basically thought SK was shit. What a lovely guy.
2011-05-30 00:29:24
I lol'd. Now fnatic made an official release about this situation, which makes TheSlash totally owned.
2011-05-30 00:48:20
Yeah I saw. The sad thing is that he probably doesn't care, he is 35 years old and he acts like a little kid - such a shame for esports.
2011-05-30 00:52:01
Actually not. You can't say anything about this, cause you even don't know what is going on there. Maybe he is doing right, or maybe not. In my opinion that's really not professional from SK, again. The second, or even the third time from their site doing that shit. No respect from me.
2011-05-30 00:55:58
The way he is acting on Twitter makes him a joke - and I also highly doubt that fnatic would make stuff up (aka. SK not contacting them).

Not really sure what you are trying to say though, first you say he is owned and then that we don't know what is going on :s

Post edited 2011-05-30 01:00:48
2011-05-30 00:59:44
And then I change my opinion again - it is unprofessional :)
Agree with you.
2011-05-30 01:02:50
this lineup = horror for Na`Vi :(
2011-05-30 00:12:05
2011-05-30 00:12:10
2011-05-30 00:26:28
Take it easy. Thank You.
2012-10-27 06:06:02
Stop it. Thank you.
2012-10-27 08:38:53
- robban
pls :D
2011-05-30 00:12:20
2011-05-30 00:16:02
gux to go back to fnatic again? he is too good for the current way that lions are playing
2011-05-30 00:12:57
fnatic SIXERe :D
2011-05-30 00:13:22
It's time to hire fnatic moddii and dennis and make a strong team strikers with the incorporation of Gux fnatic goes straight to failure
2011-05-30 00:13:53
fnatic.Moddii,a2g.dennis,gux is sux now
2011-05-30 00:14:59
2011-05-30 00:15:44
"With this move we aren't stealing a player from another organisation. If a player wishes to become a part of SK, or vice-versa, we will try everything to make this possible."
I was trying to make them understand budak but they dont want to :(
2011-05-30 00:15:48
Delpan AW ;D
2011-05-30 00:16:32
Seriously bring Gux and moddii cause nothing will work. allen keiz manne dennis with pita are gonna fail right now. Xizt needs another crazy aimer by his side to rival f0rest and gtr and Gux is a machine when it comes for crucial frags and vital rounds and in my opinion if not the same his better than face.
2011-05-30 00:18:05
easy for NAVI
2011-05-30 00:19:26
2011-05-30 00:25:43
to be perfect -robban +moddii
and they become unbeatable :
2011-05-30 00:19:34
yeah? who would call?
2011-05-30 00:25:57
gtr could be
2011-05-30 00:31:01
i dont think that would be smart! robban maybe not be the best igl in the world, but he is good..
2011-05-30 00:39:31
i know, but gtr can be igl too, and a igl with alot of skill :D
2011-05-30 00:41:42
he could try :)
2011-05-30 00:46:54
HOLYSHIT, thats sick : O
2011-05-30 00:20:56
fnatic.MSI fox[FILU] ? jking.

SK's line up looks good but it was a cheap shot from them. And delpan fucked up carn really bad.
2011-05-30 00:22:21
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Good idea though highly doubtful as for WCG and similar stuff (outside of fluent communication) they will want a all Swedish line-up.
2011-05-30 00:26:37
And even though fox can speak english, I believe it would be a little limited.
2011-05-30 00:55:15
SK sucks, nothing else to say, let's fail now bunch of naabs.

Anyway I prefer fnatic with Gux, moddii or someone who is a real aimer to assist Xizt.
2011-05-30 00:23:23
SK do not suck..
2011-05-30 00:25:28
They don't I know but.. I just don't like this team, they annoy me.
2011-05-30 00:49:03
+moddi +gux fnatic
2011-05-30 00:23:43
I like transfers :D Especially like this
2011-05-30 00:24:15
+1 its exciting isnt it?
2011-05-30 00:24:47
I generaly like changes :)
2011-05-30 17:07:07
fnatic.MSi n0thing Plzzzzz =p
2011-05-30 00:24:28
2011-05-30 00:25:01
fanatic will take a move with a new star and they will not take a dennis or moddi or gux :s but will be nice if he take some player from FX - NA'VI OR MTW :) !! GL ^ HF fnatic.MSI
2011-05-30 00:25:53
why should someone from mtw fx or navi leave their team?
2011-05-30 12:27:17
i say that just like tha an i think that will be a good transfer ... i zs da ne napustet za podobri pari i slicno :) !
2011-05-30 13:40:33
naah, gux moddi > delpan, too easy, well fnatic need two guys gux and moddi and they can dominate again.
2011-05-30 00:26:09
2011-05-30 00:26:25
well then fnatic will be even stronger if they get gux or moddii or keiz or manne mabye ? ^^
2011-05-30 00:26:34
well it is a good line up :) lets see what they can do.
2011-05-30 00:26:57
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
fnatic are cloning dsn right now xD

All this yes will try you, no we don't want you, now we sign you strategy by SK is really weird ::)
2011-05-30 00:27:54
if they take n0thing .. they will be dominate the world of Cs!
2011-05-30 00:27:56
sk orga suxs
2011-05-30 00:27:59
fnatic should add moddii!
2011-05-30 00:28:11
-robban +carn
2011-05-30 00:28:25
-xizt +givar
2011-05-30 00:28:53
He left pita, I wouldn't expect for it.
Anyway, good luck SK!
2011-05-30 00:29:39
2011-05-30 00:30:36
fnatic just commented on the matter :)
2011-05-30 00:30:39
fnatic.n0thingggggg jiglberto
2011-05-30 00:30:56
thats sick :D good luck hf delpan N1:D
2011-05-30 00:32:51
If delpan is really in sk, what a final we will have at dh ! :D
2011-05-30 00:32:52
not a bad move for both teams sk needed a awp-er and fnatic could do with some extra fraggers
2011-05-30 00:34:03
2011-05-30 00:34:05
fnatic.MSi fox

2011-05-30 00:34:14
Kill me.
2011-05-30 00:34:48
***beat ^_^ killed roman' with headshot from knife***
2011-05-30 00:37:46
Feelin better now
2011-05-30 00:47:59
2011-05-30 00:50:35
2011-05-30 00:57:45
shame:( but wish him all the best
2011-05-30 00:35:35
Oh god this is not SK is fnatic with another name...
And fnatic now?
2011-05-30 00:36:03
fnatic.MSI manne
2011-05-30 00:36:09
- pita


+niko as awp
+gux as rifler
2011-05-30 00:36:15
-pita ? wtf. pita is 2nd madfragger in fnatic , dsn(awp) > niko(awp)

+Gux Or Moddi no problem
2011-05-30 00:38:04
xizt and gux as madfraggers
dsn as back up / support
niko as sniper
carn as In-Game-Leader

And it's not dsn (awp) > niko (awp)
dsn wasn't so good with the green gun lately.
2011-05-30 00:42:03
unnecessary moves , dead dsn >= niko , niko is good but no >

Post edited 2011-05-30 08:48:09
2011-05-30 08:41:27
something like a Gux's transfer from SK to fnatic
2011-05-30 00:37:57
gux was originaly from fnatic ;)
2011-05-30 00:40:40
Delpan was a stand-in also.
Who cares anyway
2011-05-30 00:41:24
Yes and he knew why not to stay in SK same as MODDII ;)
2011-05-30 01:10:32
- roban + moddi :D and that the perfect sk

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:38:50
2011-05-30 00:38:14
and IGL will be my mom.
2011-05-30 00:46:08
gtr IGL :>
2011-05-30 01:55:34
cool story bro.
2011-05-30 08:21:57
Actually you have no idea if gtr would be a good igl :) Have you played with him ?
2011-05-30 17:09:47
Maybe u played?
2011-05-31 07:38:30
No, so I don't say anything about gtr as IGL
2011-05-31 12:36:52
Delpan had a contract, but sk "couldnt care less" as muller said on twitter.

This guy dont give a shit about esports and respect, just $$$
2011-05-30 00:38:19
Fnatic will win the last match of WCG.swe with Delpan, till the contract xpire

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:39:43
2011-05-30 00:39:20
if the rumors are true, I think fnatic will do better with Gux, and still dsn is more valuable than delpan
2011-05-30 00:39:21
wtf!? i cant believe this,sk now has 3 fnatic players,maybe they can add carn and xizt/pita and have the team they always dream :D,sk sucks
2011-05-30 00:40:54
Hahah true words right there
2011-05-30 00:44:27
2011-05-30 02:52:55
Gux would suit fnatic well :)
2011-05-30 00:42:23
like he always did :)
2011-05-30 00:43:53
delpan best awp...

2011-05-30 00:44:06
... whatever ...

My love for SK left with walle.
2011-05-30 00:45:04

+good aimer like dennis or?

SK still fail. :D

2011-05-30 00:45:04
fnatic.MSi keizSHO^_^
2011-05-30 00:46:08
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
fnatic statement on this issue has already been refered to in #321. Thank you.
2011-05-30 00:47:14
+manne ;] i`m pretty sure and dsn will be the main awp in fnatic gl fnatic and nice line up for SK but cArn is the best tac leader and i am sure he will find answer how to beat SK ;]
2011-05-30 00:48:35
Larsson, shame on you =(

2011-05-30 00:50:37
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Actually Delpan isn't the one to blame as far as I know.
2011-05-30 00:53:54
sad for fnatic, i hate sk just skill no teamplay, robban bad igl

now gux in fnatic and go rape sk
2011-05-30 00:51:02
they need awper now..again..so..sunde or barbarr i hope :)
2011-05-30 00:51:39
lets see Sunde with his big green again <3

Post edited 2011-05-30 00:56:10
2011-05-30 00:55:49
I hope that SK will bankrupt
2011-05-30 00:56:10
Dont think it will happen in a near future, they signed a deal with Toshiba, for 3 years i think...
2011-05-30 00:58:57
I hope that Toshiba bankrupts too then.
2011-05-30 01:00:21
lol chinese/japanese have too much money ^^
2011-05-30 01:02:50

china? rofl europeans and americans build that town with investors

do you know how much a chinese ordinary worker earns in a month? google it :D not even near the 500dollar border

you can call the brand, the investors and shareholders rich but not the guys that are working behind/in that brand/country :-(

Post edited 2011-05-30 01:12:47
2011-05-30 01:06:44
yep my bad i wasn't talking about citizens :D
2011-05-30 01:41:28
here you got 250 dollars :D xD
2011-05-30 12:33:47
smart guy :D
2011-05-30 18:05:19
2011-05-30 01:02:57
fnatic moddii
2011-05-30 00:57:31
Why it's fair that Delpan wished to leave fnatic and it is understandable if he did so with SK offering better terms for him, I really hate the way the SK org handles this and Alex Müller's attitude on twitter. Somehow I got a feeling that they're trying to pull all this stuff off just to revenge what fnatic did with Gux back then? But back then Gux wasn't contracted to them, here if what fnatic said is true, Delpan is still contracted to fnatic as of now.

2011-05-30 00:58:26
why they removed the statement from Fnatic? such a shame
2011-05-30 01:02:17
shit -.-"
2011-05-30 01:02:41
http://rakaka.se/?newsID=16894 contract for sk

Post edited 2011-05-30 01:07:43
2011-05-30 01:06:30
29/5-10 :D
2011-05-30 01:12:47
he failed on date ^^
2011-05-30 01:17:10
SK management are pure retards...
2011-05-30 01:06:39
do explain
2011-05-30 01:07:31
do I need to explain anything? the facts speak for themselves. they ignore contracts, they don't even contact fnatic management, they don't care about anyone but themselves. they suck.
2011-05-30 01:10:50
remember how fnatic hired gux last year? need more explanation than that? in portugal we have a saying "se com ferros matas, com ferros morres" understand?
2011-05-30 01:13:34
to kick one player from the team is something usual, but SK play with a lot of players and them kick them in the butt to get another one, look what they've done to khrystal, to moddi, even to Delpan before! and now dennis...they are always the same, and now, they NEEDED to contact fnatic's management, and they didn't.
2011-05-30 01:16:26
Gux was not under a contract at that time as far as I recall.
2011-05-30 01:17:31
Nope, he didn't want to sign :)
2011-05-30 01:22:29
We prefer to be called "little people". :P
2011-05-30 02:02:24
every one from top teams @ Sweden is good player. Fnatic need a smart guy who can think in everyone situation. good luck
P.S my opinion
2011-05-30 01:07:50
fnatic n0thing :))
2011-05-30 01:09:18
SK are losers. U delpan will realize it one day.
2011-05-30 01:10:28
fnatic Gux/allen
2011-05-30 01:13:32
they are doing everything just to get no1 in the world, lol
2011-05-30 01:14:13
seriously not allen :/
2011-05-30 01:14:22
:O Gogogogo sk !
2011-05-30 01:16:07
How can Delpan sign a contract with SK while he still has a contract with Fnatic? Strange...
2011-05-30 01:16:35
coz he's a retard.
2011-05-30 01:18:20
Now this is a sick line-up :)...Now they just need a good robban replacement :D
2011-05-30 01:17:42
Fcking disgusting SK..
2011-05-30 01:20:20
I hope that manne will join fnatic so we will see his real potential
2011-05-30 01:22:41
Why Delpan ?Why ?
2011-05-30 01:24:02
SK = Manchester City
2011-05-30 01:24:25
Worse than Figo to Madrid.
2011-05-30 01:26:45
can't agree more
2011-05-30 01:51:26
Pretty horrible how this has all happened, but at the same time i want to see how this lineup does!
2011-05-30 01:26:59
SK gonna fail in 2011
2011-05-30 01:29:41
hope they wont achieve anything (cuz of orga, not players).
imo only fx, mtw, navi and tyloo can win them now.
hope tyloo eliminates them in wcg and estars cuz for me tyloo is the best team judging only aim :)
sk is like the worse orga ever (they even threatened potti if i remember right, what kind of orga does that).
2011-05-30 01:30:14
moddi gux and manne joins fnatic

2011-05-30 01:33:07
I don't think carn will be in fnatic without dsn.
2011-05-30 01:47:15
dont like it but gl delpan, gl sk.

come on fnatic and do a nice move, sourprise us.
2011-05-30 01:43:11
Awesome lineup, if they will can "team play", they always favourite team all tournaments :)
2011-05-30 01:46:47
sk are like real madrid :E they just roll in some cash n jobs done ! .. sucks :@
2011-05-30 01:47:15
cArn Dsn whimp Sunde MJE :))))))))))))

Gux + moddii and Fnatic will be better than SK.
2011-05-30 01:47:44

+any sick aimer

and top1 in Sweden and top3 in the world
2011-05-30 01:48:05
Update # 4

The fnatic responded officially, through its website, the news gave Marcus "Delpan" Larsson as a player of SK-Gaming. In his statement is criticized the lack of professionalism of SK-Gaming, especially Alexander "TheSlaSH" Müller, and is also said that Delpan remains fnatic player, since it has a valid contract with the organization!
2011-05-30 01:49:41
fnatic with carn,xzit,pita,moddii,gux would be sick
2011-05-30 01:51:48
2011-05-30 02:10:13
GL o/
2011-05-30 01:53:37




pronax ( leader in game )

and top1 in Sweden and top1 in the world
2011-05-30 01:57:45
2011-05-30 02:02:37
The drama continues here:

2011-05-30 02:17:33
I somehow understand why they are doing this. They are competing for wcg spot but they are a team of four players (the fifth is constantly changing). So the best decision was to steal the fifth from fnatic.
2011-05-30 02:32:15
fnatic vs SK

Barcelona vs Real Madrid
2011-05-30 02:37:38
well, its Barca who wins usually, and SK beat fnatic the last 3(?) times they played?

note: saying "but fnatic won IEM" is not valid, since they didn't play SK to get to the finals
2011-06-06 18:24:56
SK|dennis =D

robban-face out :)
2011-05-30 02:44:48
how many players have been destroyed like this? :( hope delpan wont fail if he joins and now keep asking why cs scene is dying day by day, just because of douchebags like SK-Gaming

Post edited 2011-05-30 02:50:38
2011-05-30 02:46:11
-robban +dennis/moddi/niko/mane/pronax/gux
2011-05-30 02:47:51

dennis? to bad and can't be IGL
moddii? in RAGE
niko? in LIONS
manne? not so good to be in top1-2 sweden team
pronax? unstable player and not so good ingame leader as I watched
Gux? can't be IGL
2011-05-30 09:11:31
So what happened to G7teams? Isn't the whole point of the association to stop stuff like this?
2011-05-30 02:50:48
You SK guys, organisation or whatever as so RETARDED that I can't believe.

Just to know, as long you go for that attitude towards eSport nowdays, you will get nothing

DelpaN, if this is true, you are a traitor just like GTR and f0rest.

So, for now on, you have a checked in, in my head under the option "P***Y"

Bye bye!
2011-05-30 02:58:39
I hope sk + delpan always archive nothing!

My point is that when delpan is playing for sk, sk didn't keep him, and when delpan is playing for fnatic, sk want him.

sk is so shameless!

Post edited 2011-05-30 03:22:46
2011-05-30 03:18:56
if SK doesnt achieve any tournament ,Delpan will kicked by SK, Delpan will follow the kHRYSTAL,moddii,allen,dennis....steps ,you guys will see....

SK changed too many players
2011-05-30 03:34:30
below average human being.
2011-05-30 03:57:26
2011-05-30 04:31:59
is allen still inactive or his out of SK?
2011-05-30 04:36:53
fo delpan
2011-05-30 05:26:36
- RobbaN + MODDII
2011-05-30 06:20:48
gl delpan , nice move by SK
2011-05-30 06:30:32
sk f**ked Fnatic again... all tactics n stuff DElpan ka share =P =P n unstable again wid a new play good job SK 4 f****ng fnatic big time :P
2011-05-30 06:30:36
gl SK but dont change ur line up agn.........
2011-05-30 07:32:22
Looks like SK would be the most hated team on 2011. Oh wait.. they already are.
2011-05-30 07:43:10
its a fail for delpan..
2011-05-30 08:10:19
Gux/dennis/moddii gonna sign for fnatic for sure. Nice move SK, now they have a complete line-up but RobbaN is still the weakest player..
2011-05-30 08:10:47
2011-05-30 08:14:32
if the scene continues this way, i think cArns' gonna retire after this year, ofc if fnatic is unable to win any major tourney...but i hope he plays forever....
2011-05-30 09:09:53
2011-05-30 09:18:36
Why do you, SK haters, hate SK so much? Delpan himself wanted to play for SK, it's not like SK just bought him.. ;> + you, swedish guys, should be happy, 'cuz imo this lu will be top3 in the worl very fast.. Stop hatin' ;)
2011-05-30 09:29:10
budak mudak =)
2011-05-30 09:52:12
best team !
2011-05-30 10:15:39
gl delp :)
2011-05-30 10:20:06
-robban +allen now :)
2011-05-30 10:22:48
Now that squad got sense.. RobbaN as sniper is to weak for top teams, with Delpan everything is change now. But one thing: i think allen now than better for SK in team, did allen can play in SK ? Inactivity ? GL! :)

Post edited 2011-05-30 10:43:58
2011-05-30 10:42:33
Bloody Backstabber Bot
2011-05-30 10:58:11
Good move
2011-05-30 10:59:55
2011-05-30 11:00:49
GG Delpan luck to SK , This move surprised me! fnatic time who will come?
2011-05-30 11:10:59
2011-05-30 11:12:05
Looks like everybody hates SK :)
2011-05-30 11:27:11
i dont
2011-05-30 11:50:31
You're irrelevant :)
2011-05-30 11:51:50
my mother doesnt say so
2011-05-30 12:14:44
2011-05-31 12:23:10
2011-05-31 14:32:45
2011-05-30 11:34:38
Its like taking a vital piece from fnatic ... But the Giants of fnatic (dsn and cArn) will still come up with something to beat this seemingly impossible to beat lineup ... cArn <3 ftw
2011-05-30 11:37:59
+awp for SK
2011-05-30 12:06:31
On de_train they will be unbeatable
2011-05-30 12:15:43
holy shit, this lineup looks very very good.

2011-05-30 12:38:50
one of the best awper in history joined to one of the best team in history
2011-05-30 13:03:11

SK :

get right
-face +gux
-robban +carn
-allen +dsn
2011-05-30 13:21:01
yes best line up ever
2011-06-01 06:16:33
2011-05-30 13:42:12
moddii to fnatic :)
2011-05-30 13:43:24
Official: SK suck dick
2011-05-30 13:44:14
2011-05-30 14:35:32
What a disappointment :(... Anyways, I hope that fnatic crushes them in the future, maybe with a lineup like: carn moddii dsn xizt gux
Probably won't happen, but oh well :\
2011-05-30 14:55:35
i dont like this. /:
sk gaming are just taking all from fnatic. /:
2011-05-30 15:15:17
they wanna be 2nd Na`Vi team but ukrainians are unique, no one can copy their style
2011-05-30 17:14:57
PGS > Na`Vi
2011-06-01 11:56:02
SB SK!~~~~
2011-05-30 16:12:44
sick team !
2011-05-30 16:21:25

2011-05-30 17:11:45
2011-05-30 17:25:10
hmm it looks like Figo's transfer to Real Madrid.
2011-05-30 17:50:44
Huge news for fnatic, now they can go back to having dsn as the awper and bring in a more consistent player than delpan.
2011-05-30 17:55:45
very good!
2011-05-30 17:58:10
delpan is in SK?
2011-05-30 18:00:15
2011-05-30 18:00:51
- face +keiz
- RobbaN +moddii
2011-05-30 18:18:18
-face +podbot if your going to downgrade mayaswel do it in style.

-robban +moddii = fail again.

If they would leave fnatic to play with robban udner SK of all teams, I'm sure they wouldn't drop him for somebody they could recruit in a second. Also if get_right is forced to call he won't perform how he has done in the past.
2011-05-31 18:57:29
Delpan will be sk | gaming?
2011-05-30 19:46:42
read men . do u know how to read ? :s
2011-05-31 12:22:44
-allen + Delpan( AWPer )
2011-05-30 19:47:22
niceeeee :D
the SK power :D
2011-05-30 20:04:53
"If a player wishes to become a part of SK, or vice-versa, we will try everything to make this possible."

I would like to join SK?

2011-05-30 20:33:46
i not like this change of roster :(
2011-05-30 21:14:13
This is fucking shit. Hopefully fnatic picks up someone even more sick.
2011-05-31 01:24:10
manne, moddi or keiz for fnatic ;D

sk is a king!
2011-05-31 01:26:39
2011-05-31 11:31:39
2011-05-31 11:35:38
i think fnatic -pita +manne/moddii/keiz
maybe can kill SK
2011-05-31 14:41:45
nice! very nice!
2011-06-01 12:24:19
[ xizt, cArn, dsn, moddi, gux ] <3

Post edited 2011-06-03 18:40:45
2011-06-03 18:40:29
monster team :pPp
2011-06-05 18:30:34
cerru alen ?
2011-06-06 18:10:33

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