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Valve working on new CS - Report
By: Pus
Time: 2011-08-12 10:22
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6

Reports are starting to surface about Valve working on a new Counter-Strike version, named Global Offensive. 

Most of the information surrounding the new game has so far been gathered from a Reddit thread started by Steffen "3k2" Markussen, a professional CSS player for CKRAS, who is helping Valve in the development process.

Reports first said the game would be called Counter-Strike: Global Operations, but Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe, a Valve employee and one of the creators of CS, later corrected the name to Global Offensive.

When questioned about the new game's resemblance to Counter-Strike and CSS, the thread's author said it looks "much more like Source, it's made on a newer version of the Source engine."

Valve has reportedly flown in 20 people to their headquarters in Seattle to assist them, with reports furthermore saying the testers are mainly composed of CSS players. However, a few other e-sport personalities are also aboard. 

Joe Miller, a reputable ESL TV commentator, and ESL Pro Series product manager Bastian Veiser are also in Seattle, and both have been tweeting about playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Throughout the last couple of years, people have wished for a new Counter-Strike game, usually mentioning that the graphics should be like CSS but maintain the gameplay of Counter-Strike 1.6.

When a Reddit user asked, "Will it have updated graphics but with the 1.6-style gameplay? Which is, arguably, the more competitive of the two. Are they going for an e-sports title contender, or are they going for a CoD-esque type game?", the author replied:

"It is a mix really, it has wall spamming which is more like 1.6, but it is on the source engine, so the feel of it is more (but not exactly) like source. The flashes are also more like 1.6, where turning your back to them will make you a lot less flashed than looking straight at them, but they also have the sound from source. The smokes are like they are in the current source."

"There is also more tagging than in source, but the tagging also depends on the damage you're being dealt, so you won't be pinned to the ground by being hit by a glock, for example"

The author then added that the new game will have a casual mode and a competitive mode. Apparently, the competitive mode is "very e-sports-minded" and will have a match-making and a ranking system for teams and individual players.

According to the same Reddit user, a few new guns have been implemented, with all of the original weapons having undergone a change. Interestingly, there are also a couple of new grenades.

"There are molotov grenades which create a fire blanket that slows players are little. It sounds crazy, but it actually played really well, I think, even though the size/dmg might need a bit tweaking."

"The other new nade is a decoy nade  that can play firing sounds, so it can be used to fake that a player is in a position. Not sure how usable it is, but the idea is pretty nice, I think."

Reportedly, most of the maps have been altered, with levels such as de_aztec and de_dust undergoing a change that will hopefully make them more suitable for competitive five-versus-five play. 

Meanwhile, the author added he feels the two maps de_nuke and de_inferno have been "made quite a bit worse", but underlines that they will probably be put under the knife.

"Right now I think both nuke and inferno have been made quite a bit worse, but they will probably be changed, if not it would be really sad and probably a big thing that will keep people from playing this. I think the changes made to dust has a chance of actually making it a map that could be played."

He added that the game will enter a beta stage somewhere between October and September, but the game itself is scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2012.

The information is not official, as it is all gathered from the above-mentioned Reddit thread. However, ESEANews.com is reporting a rumor about Valve issuing a press release within 24 hours.

2011-08-12 10:22:45
:P Stopped reading when I saw "source enginge".
2011-08-12 11:15:16
You know Source engine means the same graphics as Source has, like Promod.
2011-08-12 11:19:51
i think he meant more to the fact it will play more like source, which i think isn't good.

i'll wait for a screenshot to decide if its going to fail or not though,
2011-08-12 11:26:27
you can deduct that from a screenshot?..........................
2011-08-12 12:42:15
I do. I really don't like source graphic. Maybe 1.6 is more like .. a lot of pixels but I love it, dunno why :) maybe cause I love 1.6 :D
2011-08-12 12:56:56
Well... The only thing I am worrying about is the gameplay! I think good graphics would fit fine into the scene
2011-08-12 14:53:17
exacly if there´s gonna be a replacement of 1.6 then ofc the graphics needs to be better for the sake of attracting new players
2011-08-12 15:11:54
Not to mention new sponsors.....
2011-08-12 19:33:06
2011-08-12 15:13:26
I really care about the gameplay! I hope that source engine doesn't mean that the game will have the same gameplay cause I hate source's gameplay!
2011-08-12 15:34:48
I really love grenades in Source but there is so stupid recoil
2011-08-12 16:57:58
i hate when you die, your weapon flyes xD
2011-08-12 17:00:39
ye, sure. I guess u're all right so I won't argue with u guys. Let's w8 for the new CS :} I hope, it's gonna be worth..
2011-08-12 16:39:31
Pus buss.
2011-08-13 18:17:28
buss > pus

yyy Oo
2011-08-14 01:41:41
2011-08-12 16:24:50
the sooner we have less ppl like you, the closer we get to having one community
2011-08-14 19:02:13
for the most part
2011-08-13 03:17:37
Didn't know that, but Promod also failed due to being too much source and too little 1.6
2011-08-12 11:27:56
Failed? Thei're in beta versions, it's not finished you know?
2011-08-12 11:36:35
seems like it never will be finished..
2011-08-12 11:45:06
2011-08-12 11:50:01
True, but if it will be an awesome game, it will make it worth it.
2011-08-12 12:09:55
+1, now they make new models :D again :D and writing new sounds code :D again :D
2011-08-12 16:58:50
I really hate the Soruce Graphics, The gameplay, really the whole game..
2011-08-14 14:23:31
Didn't read it, but it's something official?
2011-08-12 16:02:46
alba and Cashed was the two that was the heart of the team... it was them making everything
2011-08-12 16:35:24
So, it's official?
2011-08-12 16:49:10
uhh, no promod failed because it was being managed by brainless idiots who took on a job that was well beyond anything that had imagined.
2011-08-14 19:04:02
me 2 :D boooooring news
2011-08-12 17:03:26
I stopped reading when I saw their going to make new CS:promod.
2011-08-12 21:45:22
I hope the creators do not fail, as it was with CS:ZERO, CS:PROMOD, CS:SOURCE

and we will see really great game with a lot of tournaments and big prizes, as it is with SC2

i hope, i hope....
2011-08-12 11:24:34
2011-08-12 12:11:12
2011-08-12 12:55:36
condition zero was awesome
2011-08-12 14:17:18
agree nice game but still 1.6 is better
2011-08-12 16:17:34
cz was fine cuz cz and 1.6 have same engine
2011-08-12 15:25:08
only skins and maps are differents :p
2011-08-12 15:35:31
and the sounds.
2011-08-13 03:44:20
What? Source engine is brilliant. What do you want valve to do? License the Unreal engine??

Or, better yet! Why not wait for Rage to be released and license ID Tech, that makes sense as well!
2011-08-12 11:40:15
or licence cry engine 3!!! it would be awesome!!but you will need a high-tech computer
2011-08-12 13:38:07
Unreal engine would be good :P
2011-08-12 16:15:34
2011-08-12 12:54:10
2011-08-12 12:54:40
2011-08-12 13:00:26
so fckng true i hate source engine
2011-08-12 14:03:39
hahaha me too
2011-08-12 14:27:57
same here. lol
2011-08-13 00:24:13
cs 1.6 4ever !!
2011-08-12 10:23:03
2011-08-12 10:23:59
2011-08-12 10:39:49
2011-08-12 10:43:28
2011-08-12 10:49:12
2011-08-12 10:52:00
2011-08-12 10:57:07
2011-08-12 10:59:04
2011-08-12 11:03:36
c-c-c-comb.. aahh fuck that shit

2011-08-12 11:04:59
2011-08-12 11:07:25
2011-08-12 11:23:02

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:26:55
2011-08-12 11:26:38
2011-08-12 11:33:09
2011-08-12 12:00:41
+ 11
2011-08-12 12:12:18
shut up with this already, I know we love 1.6 but if we want to see CS in future 5-10 years we have to change our attitude towards this new game and drop these shitty comments like 1.6 4life and so on..that's why valve has been ignoring this '1.6 community' because it is full with 11 yo retard kids not all but most of it.
2011-08-12 13:42:33
you're an apple.
2011-08-12 15:40:16
stop being an orange

Post edited 2011-08-12 16:03:29
2011-08-12 16:03:00
haha and im human
2011-08-12 17:00:25
would you like to suck my banana??
2011-08-12 22:33:27
You know, not everyone who thinks that 1.6 is better than CS:S is a fanboy and/or a hater?
2011-08-14 02:08:22
Of course, I myself think 1.6 is better than CSS anyday but I don't like the attitude of most of the people here saying same thing all the time like 1.6 > CSS
2011-08-14 03:55:48
So you disagree with the statement?
2011-08-14 03:58:38
You know, not everyone who thinks that 1.6 is better than CS:S is a fanboy and/or a hater?

yes I know that not everyone who thinks that 1.6 is better than CSS is a fanboy or whatever..
2011-08-14 04:06:18
.that's why valve has been ignoring this '1.6 community' because it is full with 11 yo retard kids not all but most of it.
Well apparently you do.
2011-08-14 04:08:50
what is your goal?
2011-08-14 04:11:05
My "goal" is that maybe there is a reason for why 1.6 players don't like CS:S? Maybe it's not because they are haters but maybe because they genuinely don't like the game?
2011-08-14 04:53:39
Dude I never said that everyone who doesn't genuinely like the game is a retard but I said retard to those who when they see the word 'source' they get disgust, I don't like the game either but I don't flame the guy who says that source > 1.6 and you will notice most of the comments on this thread are negative towards this game(cs:go) before they even see it
2011-08-14 05:02:44
And maybe they have a point? You know nothing about the game and they know nothing about the game? Thus, you are speculating as much as they are.
2011-08-14 05:29:00
Hate the game until it has proven the opposite.
2011-08-14 14:30:00
2011-08-12 13:49:39
CS 1.6 till i die <3

Post edited 2011-08-12 14:36:46
2011-08-12 14:36:38
i see that u will die soon, sorry D:
2011-08-12 17:09:36
Lol, molotov..
2011-08-12 10:25:23
sounds like cspromod but in valve
2011-08-12 10:26:02
sounds like shit :/
2011-08-12 10:26:32
yes, yes it does.
2011-08-12 10:58:20
I hate css graphics, just because if I want to play in a high graphics game, I play Crysis 2, not CS. So I prefer to play CS in old pc's and get 100fps instead of buying a new pc to play ~60 fps. That's my word.

QUESTION: if they're launching it in 2012, will this mean that we'll have HALF LIFE 3 in 2012???? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2011-08-12 11:11:44
HL <3
2011-08-12 11:42:03
I agree. For playing a high res, high uality graphics game I play something like CoD, not CS. CS is epic due to his max gameplay quality, ofc I'm talking about 1.6 here. I also played CSS for a while but I couldn't feel fit in it. It differs a lot from the conventional CS and imo hitboxes are lolz.

So yeah, looking forward to this new vesion, but imo i'd prefer something like CS 1.6 HD, not saying to only remake the sprites and stuff but really use the source engine to tweak everything but keep the actual style of oldschool counter-strike, at least in terms of hitboxes.
2011-08-12 13:51:46
Are u aware that human eyes only can see 60 fps? :P

Post edited 2011-08-12 16:03:51
2011-08-12 16:03:33
are you aware that it is a big difference between a 60hz monitor and a 120hz monitor? :P
2011-08-12 16:15:58
everybody is aware. have you ever played cs 1.6?
theres an incredible difference when playing with 100fps (recoil, everything). and im not talking about refresh rate yet. you can play with 100fps and 60hz, if you play with 100fps 100hz you will notice it run a lot more smoothier.
2011-08-12 16:18:50
Of course i know these things... In case you did not notice the :P sign at the end of the sentence - it was a joke! ;)
2011-08-12 18:19:04
Oh, true. I didn't notice that.
2011-08-12 21:36:00
actually it can only "process" 23 fps, but I recognize that values above 60 are like discarded by the brain. but it does make a lot of difference when you run cs at 60 fps and 100.
2011-08-12 20:23:15
2011-08-12 11:36:04
probably it is :D
2011-08-12 13:32:50
"much more like Source, it's made on a newer version of the Source engine." = shit. :/
2011-08-12 16:04:49
Can't wait!
2011-08-12 10:26:49
2011-08-12 10:28:38
w8 & see
2011-08-12 10:28:47
and what about maps? we need more new maps which can be played competetive level.
2011-08-12 10:29:06
2011-08-12 11:02:50
nice abbreviation


2011-08-12 11:08:01
I think 7 maps enough
2011-08-12 17:10:52
1.6 > Anything that contains CSS
2011-08-12 10:30:11
2011-08-12 10:37:23
2011-08-12 10:55:02
great ideas :) , hopefully the maps won't have junk like source had barrels.
2011-08-12 10:31:33
molotov grenade? :D :D how about EMP grenade or throwing bolas at opponent?
2011-08-12 10:31:44
Pus - HLTV.org
Lol. Waiting for a chopper gunner :)
2011-08-12 10:43:20
i want a knife i can throw
2011-08-12 11:03:22
or tomahawk
2011-08-12 11:29:09
or a chair
2011-08-12 15:17:35
or a boomerang
2011-08-12 16:19:33
Maybe noobtube? :D
2011-08-12 17:04:39
I wanna B-2 or Apache for 7 kills in a row :D
2011-08-12 17:27:37
claymore m18 mine, why not?

Post edited 2011-08-12 21:54:20
2011-08-12 21:53:50
i wanna pick AWP and shotgun. Which level I must have? :D
2011-08-12 21:59:33
I think a shotgun is enough.
I've won some mixes with a shotgun... lol
then execall quit
2011-08-12 22:02:08
2011-08-12 16:09:01
all hope for Joe Miller

Post edited 2011-08-12 10:33:50
2011-08-12 10:33:15
2011-08-12 10:40:27
He's gonna put CS like LoL
2011-08-12 17:48:54
Where you can throw spells that stun/slows your enemy, so that he won't make it to defuse the bomb. Haehaehaeahaehaehae.
2011-08-12 18:01:23
ahahah, you'r at low hp and your enemie is about to kill you: you throw a frost spell and he stops for 10 seconds xD
2011-08-12 18:41:13
2011-08-12 19:00:09
Sounds pretty solid, but cant judge since havent played it.
2011-08-12 10:33:56
EDIT: Fail

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:01:14
2011-08-12 18:00:56
SC 2
DotA 2
CS 2

Do they all sound familiar?

2011-08-12 10:33:57
2011-08-12 10:53:54
no one can replace cs 1.6
2011-08-12 10:33:57
cs 1.6 > all versions
Don't worry even after source mainly people comeback to cs and for another source :(

Post edited 2011-08-12 10:34:31
2011-08-12 10:34:00
hmm well let's first see this then we'll judge it imo :/ i think this is a big chance but might work out good for valve who knows :)
2011-08-12 10:35:43
no mather what valve would get money cuz of ppl buying ;)
2011-08-12 11:04:26
true that :)
2011-08-12 11:45:35
PROMOD again
2011-08-12 10:36:39
1.6 for ever.

love that they're bringing aztec back though!! =D
2011-08-12 10:38:37
maybe it will be fine ,but who knows ;D
2011-08-12 10:38:48
Oh.. because dota2 is going out very soon on Valve, they are going to improve Counter strike 1.6, not bad idea. Gl with that :))
2011-08-12 10:39:24
Valve fails again
2011-08-12 10:40:35
We have been playing the same game (or gamestyle) for ten years, I think the molotov thing and decoy grenade could be a great addition, something needs to be changed or improved, could make the game more interesting (or more tactical if you are brazilian).

Anyway its all about gameplay, if it isn't feel so good or smooth no one would play this.
2011-08-12 10:40:35
CSS players..................................................
css in esports? oh boy..
2011-08-12 10:41:22
lol @ this hahaha

"free ammo"
"molotov cocktails"
"decoy nades"
2011-08-12 10:42:05
free ammo? OK in a deco no one will buy only 7 bullets now -.-
2011-08-12 15:42:30
... So instead of seeing how any of this works (note: free ammo, really? You're complaining about THAT?) you just immediately dismiss it as bad simply because its a change.
2011-08-12 17:25:02
no way..it will be like when source came out...cs>every game
2011-08-12 10:42:19
It's time to go ahead..CS 4ever
2011-08-12 10:42:55
2011-08-12 10:43:21
Let's be optimistic, probably a new start.
2011-08-12 10:43:50
1.6 <3
2011-08-12 10:43:53
molotov, decoy nades... what' s next TANK instead of shield?
2011-08-12 10:43:54
No, Rocket instead scout!
2011-08-12 15:42:55
I'll test it but valvE always know how disappointing us... I have no faith in them !
2011-08-12 10:44:07
I'm little bit scared by "the testers are mainly composed of CSS players" part :P
2011-08-12 10:45:06
the game is on source engine , is logical to be just css players , DOH !
2011-08-12 10:49:00
the gameplay is supposed to be a lot like 1.6 , DOH !
and since when do the source players know the engine better than the dev team ?

Post edited 2011-08-12 15:16:52
2011-08-12 15:16:44
most of the 1.6 pros are too busy to be testers lol they are attending lan events while css pros have nth much to do ^.^
2011-08-12 15:07:07
2011-08-12 15:44:00
epic comment :D
2011-08-12 15:51:05
soo true!
2011-08-12 16:14:34
funny but true
2011-08-13 04:47:16
SHIT another CSS extension -.- FUUU VALVE :P
2011-08-12 10:45:34
our community just need something fresh and interesting, after playing new cs a bit, the most of them will come back to cs 1.6
2011-08-12 10:45:48
cs 1.6 will always be #1 team fps

Post edited 2011-08-12 10:46:32
2011-08-12 10:45:56
same shit, get money from development to people in Africa or 1.6 tournaments
2011-08-12 10:46:33
it's sounds shity lol, why in helll develope a game based on css instead of cs1.6 that is a hit and a topseller comparade to css lol.
Molotovs and shit? It sounds like they want to compete with cod and batlefield lol. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
2011-08-12 10:46:58
Pus - HLTV.org
Don't forget that there are two modes. Some of the information is surely directed towards the casual mode.
2011-08-12 10:49:18
ok thanks for the info Pus
2011-08-12 12:37:56
I hope it has the look and feeling of a competitive game.
2011-08-12 10:47:42
its just molotov.. arg.. comeon.. new weapons is OK, if its nok like a dgl with 20 shot and zoom..
2011-08-12 11:55:37
whut?! =P
2011-08-12 14:13:43
did you read the news?
2011-08-12 15:46:03
good ideas, but this feels a little retarded.

if glock won't pin players down, then I predict tons of ecoaces when the game is gone competitive.

also, granades that fake gun sounds? really?

Post edited 2011-08-12 10:48:54
2011-08-12 10:48:37
"professional CSS player who is helping Valve in the development process"


Oh well, i read the rest; doesnt sound that bad. New ideas are fun and that guy seems to know what people want (the nuke/inferno comments). But(!) that guy is still a CSS player.
Good that they have f.e. Joe Miller there, hope they would listen to some other CS1.6 professional player and his opinions about all of this.

Post edited 2011-08-12 10:59:27
2011-08-12 10:49:46
2011-08-12 10:50:47
HeatoN please go there
2011-08-12 10:50:50
+1 and SpawN
2011-08-12 10:52:21
they called only source players for testing,thats all that we need to know.
1.6 is still the best competitive game.
2011-08-12 10:51:47
2011-08-12 10:53:01
"HenryG :
It isn't the next CS by any stretch of the imagination. It's a console game that they've decided to do on the PC as well.

All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up for some amazing new game. Its what cs on the original xbox was for cz."

So chill don't eaven think it will be something to replace 1.6

Post edited 2011-08-12 10:58:13
2011-08-12 10:54:45
more like CS:S 2
2011-08-12 10:54:54
2011-08-12 11:03:25
Hahaha i would say nice try valve, but this isn't a nice try at all. Looks like 1.6 will be around for a loooooooong time.
2011-08-12 10:58:15
the Best CS2 can valve Make is : CS1.6 With Other maps "interesting maps" ! they can't Do better than 1.6 ! Specially when they Think with CSS MINDS OMG !
2011-08-12 10:58:57
2011-08-12 14:02:05
at least theyre making the effort of taking advice from people who know the game from a competitive point of view, thats positive. I also like the idea of the new nades, could be a great advantage to the game.

lets hope they dont fuck up the movement like in css and the retarded gravity nades also from css.

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:00:34
2011-08-12 10:59:08
ofc it's nice they get competitive gamers but invite 1.6 players aswell not only css player.

and as far as im conserned the nades will be a bit diff when they explode but the movement will be the same
2011-08-12 11:22:52
Too bad none of those advicors are 1.6 players ... They pretty much shot themselves in the foot there.
2011-08-12 13:00:35
2011-08-12 11:00:11
VALVE- we need 1.6 , not your source shit!When finally you will understand...
2011-08-12 11:00:13
1-shot kills with any weapon other than Desert Eagle currently too difficult to achieve; testers stressed that it needs to be tweaked.

This is SHIT!!!
2011-08-12 11:00:39
Molotov? seriously.......

And you fucking take only CSS Players TAKE SOME FUCKING 1.6 PLAYERS OR YOU DON'T EVEN CARE?


Fucking ridicoulous,i hoped for a cs2, but it looks like it will be a fucking source 2.

"Professional CSS player" AHAHAHAHA

Source ftw.
2011-08-12 11:00:46
good, good : )
2011-08-12 11:01:01
Now I'm 100% sure it will be more tactical than Source: "Decoy grenade: emits fake weapon firing sounds to confuse enemies about your position"
2011-08-12 11:01:52
"There are molotov grenades which create a fire blanket" LOL HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH

btw, 1.6 forever, i don't need any changes...
2011-08-12 11:02:14
ok source involved = fail
2011-08-12 11:02:34
cs 1,6 4 ever
2011-08-12 11:04:06
Well there go all my hopes that Valve know what they are doing.. I'm actually sceptical to see the first screenshots, they might be a total disappointment -,-
2011-08-12 11:04:50
Valve is brainless, everyone is screaming for a 1.6 like gamestyle and they are just continueing with their idiotic source shitgame.
2011-08-12 11:05:07
totaly agree, they don't look ahead for what people actually want, they just want the game to sell.

What they don't know is a new cs 2 will sell more then any stupid source shit is out there.
2011-08-12 11:08:20
I dont mind having a source engine, but they are doing a huge mistake taking advice from CSS players only..
2011-08-12 13:01:57
invited players: 3k2(StefN), angeldust (sixofdiamonds), nooky, hossa, weber, stinger, hudzg, wilzoo, wez, php, henryg, shox, smithzz, ex6tenz y rpk.

source players guys, valve dont learn nothing, will be another shit
2011-08-12 11:05:25
stingeR - he misses 1.6
2011-08-12 13:21:43
wez and wilzoo were both high level 1.6 players too so that's a good thing :)
2011-08-12 13:29:47
stingeR played 1.6 in cbteam with REAL, elemeNt and prb back in the day. Let's hope he, Joe Miller and the other ex-1.6 players will make it at least 50/50 1.6 and CS:S..
2011-08-12 15:56:14
from reading the Q&A's its probably going to suck.
2011-08-12 11:06:02
like everything with source
2011-08-12 11:37:50
CS 1.6 4EVER

1.6 can not be replaced :D

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:11:45
2011-08-12 11:06:09
Yes yes yes!!! GL valve! Hope you wont dissapoint us.

btw. Mods plz delete this stupids +1 comments.

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:11:39
2011-08-12 11:06:14
I think the real question here is, "What does peekay think about all this?"
2011-08-12 11:11:10
mby they should had nuclear weapon too and laser guns and make bhop so you can travel from one point of map to another with 5 sec
2011-08-12 11:11:27
css professionals, ble we will still playing 1.6 and cs:go will be a epic fail i think.
2011-08-12 11:12:30
i dont care if they make a new game or not, if its not good it simply wont touch the 1.6 scene and if it is good it could revive the game we all love.

lets just hope its not like when 1.6 was introduced and all the 1.5 servers were shut down :(
2011-08-12 11:13:04
Did you read about molotovs? and fake sound grenades imagine how it will be.

"F A I L"
2011-08-12 11:14:25
did you read pus's reply when he said there is 2 modes?

"Don't forget that there are two modes. Some of the information is surely directed towards the casual mode."
2011-08-12 11:17:06
1.6 > oll

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:14:49
2011-08-12 11:14:39
You know guys, at first i was saying OH MY GOD NO THE NEW CS IS GONNA KILL 1.6 but then i saw the word Source and i said well i don't need to read the rest of this news cause i know now THAT WE WILL STILL BE PLAYING CS 1.6 AND CS:GO IS GONNA FAIL . IN YOUR FACE GABE NEWELL.
2011-08-12 11:14:54
Sounds interesting actually. CS 1.6 will always be as nr 1 priority of CS history in LANs and all other events but this one will be just for fun. Same as COD. Looking forward for seeing this one :)
2011-08-12 11:17:28
2011-08-12 11:17:35
Valve announced CSGO in August 2012

2011-08-12 11:58:50
At last :)
2011-08-12 11:17:38
2011-08-12 11:17:57
The simplicity and fool-proof game is the advantage of CS1.6.

I'd have VALVE supporting CS 1.6, rather than trying to kill 1.6 community overall with this new idea for CS2.0. Please do not call it anything related "Counter-Strike" - you'll just confuse the new generation of Counter-Strike 1.6 players!

2011-08-12 11:18:22
it's just that they need to make money on a new product... so why should they support the game that won't give them same profit as the new one... they get money on game sales. IMO the only chance that they will support 1.6 and somehow improve it is if the game will be monthly-payed, like WoW or others... they will get the money, and 1.6 will stay alive...
2011-08-12 11:44:45
Well - CS 1.6 accounts are a passive income for them still! You know how many new players coming to play and cheaters getting VAC banned any buying new accounts? :D
2011-08-12 14:55:32
people don't shit...who knows maybe you will like this game
2011-08-12 11:18:50
Going to bring the counter strike series to all new heights IMO even though most of you wont like it!
2011-08-12 11:20:44
Seems like most people here actually thought that CS"2" would be released on a graphics engine other than the Sourge-Engine? Think again.

Valve is making games to earn money, so they try to make games for the majority of gamers. Just so you know it, 1.6 doesn't have a major player base.

Another point is that most of these Professional source gamers have also played 1.6, some at a high level, and I'm pretty sure they're helping valve implement (the best?)elements from both games.

Lets all hope for the best, no point in flaming a game you haven't tried yet!
2011-08-12 11:21:17
oh coomon man.. i just can imagine how it will be

in source engine with source sounds just a little 1.6 gameplay with molotovs and fake sound grenades.. and the maps will be source too so for me its just another fail try by valve.
2011-08-12 11:23:13
Lets just hope you're wrong then.
2011-08-12 11:30:22
i hope that too..

2011-08-12 11:31:36
you fucking retard , you don't get that the game will have a pro mode and a casual mode with all those decoy grenades ?
2011-08-12 16:33:03
"no point in flaming a game you haven't tried yet!"
2011-08-12 11:23:45

when we try it and it sucks, release hell.
2011-08-12 11:24:26
the same players that failed in 1.6 and went to source,so they found an easier game to play,u think that theesr fialures are gonna try make the game more like 1.6?or a balanced mix?no way,and the molotov and the other sick stuff make me puke,fucking valve.
2011-08-12 12:37:03
American have definitely lost the superiority on cs1.6 so they try to invente all shit(like source or other mod).

Let them do their shit but DON'T BUY this.
1.6 never die!
2011-08-12 11:23:56
Nomad - HLTV.org
2011-08-12 11:26:11
I have been waiting for more than six years of this.LOL! Counter Strike 4ever!!!!!
2011-08-12 11:27:33
great news for kids under 13 years. show us something for the big boys!
2011-08-12 11:28:34
trib - HLTV.org
Decoy grenade ? Hmm that's interesting.

Is this going to be the NEW counterstrike or just another multiplayer game along with the classic ones ? It's difficult to say but there will be a lot of 1.6 players who are going to try it. People got tired of CS 1.6 and by people i mean casual gamers. Right now there are only a few gamers who still love and play counterstrike (im one of them). But let's face it, Valve needs to attract new gamers and Counterstrike 1.6 is not helping.

Global Offensive sounds like something new and fresh. Feels like we are all waiting for a new Call Of Duty game, a new Half Life episode or the new Bioshock chapter. Sounds aggresive and confident. But i don't think CS needs a new name. Counterstrike IS enough (at least for me).

Regarding the source feeling matter, i would say let's wait and see. Source has a nice graphic engine and if they integrate 95% of 1.6 into this Global Offensive game with the graphical interface of source it would be a nice game to play. The real question here is if the game is playable enough for the guys having a 9500GT or an 8400GS. CS 1.6 supports a variety of low-mid graphic cards, source needs something better and i don't think everyone are willing to buy a new gpu just for Global Offensive. You will say that most of us already have a Source-capable gpu, i will say that there are at least 3 threads a day in here asking for help on how to play 1.6 with 100fps.

To sum up, i am definitely going to try it, i am sure i will like some parts of it and play online a lot of hours but in the end im not going to love it.

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:33:51
2011-08-12 11:29:40
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org

I'm going to play it, just for variety sake.
2011-08-12 11:53:41
I aggree a 100%. I hope the new game is good enough to unite 1.6 and Source players in playing this instead. It's about time valve did something cause the games are dying slowly.
2011-08-12 11:56:47
100% :>
2011-08-12 12:13:01
I totally agree with you
2011-08-12 13:16:56
Just like always your posts indicate that you have brain instead of 99% users here.Decoy grenades hmm that would alter the tactics so much!!

you can double fake or triple fake a sound by throwing lets ssay 2 decoy nades in different position while someone throws a nade!!it would be nice..

molotov is a major NO from me..Also, about the new guns..it is a must to add 2-3 rifles(mainly) and a couple of pistols (smg dont need a change imo they are pretty much useless at 2011) it would make another feel in the game.

Also i agree with you about the name Counter-Strike..just like that..period!!!

and in the end of the day we cant complain about anything.Valve wants t make money and obviously doesnt care if f0rest plays the game or a 10 yo kid..

We can protest against it(if we dont like it)and continue play 1.6 but valve will take the plug out :) (if they want to make more money)
2011-08-12 13:52:02
trib - HLTV.org
I agree.

Valve needs to promote its Steam platform and Dota 2 plus Global Offensive is a good chance to do it.

Decoy grens will change the way we played the game until now. Eventually this will be one of the reasons players won't like it.

Valve needs to understand that 1.6 is a great game, not because of the graphics nor the special features. 1.6 became so loveable because of its community. People loved it, cause it has so many ways to play the game. So many tactics and hidden spots and even 10 years from its official release date there are still things we DONT know. And i can prove it.

Everyday we watch simple user movies which make us go "WOW, nice one". There are still things that impress us inside the game and things we still can't do.
2011-08-12 16:52:25
yeah but mind 1 thing..we are both 25 we are playing the game from when? 2002?2001?2000? we were all teens back then and everyone played the game..there weren't any other games at pc that actually could play with everyone at the net cafe,except quake.

but today's 15 year old kids aren't playing the game, they prefer games like God Of War , console action games that play them through xbox live and stuff like that.

our community is OlD . everyone is 20 + now and the new kids play it with cheats for a month and they say " i will play this one with cool graphics " Its the truth that we have to face.

If we dont accept the change it might be the last change for the COUNTER-STRIKE community , as much as we hate it source IS CS too , to revive and attract new players from other games whether it will be like 1.6 or not. this is a no go from me. Personally i will try it and support it the same way i'm supporting 1.6 and crysis2
2011-08-12 18:11:43
trib - HLTV.org
You are right, but it's not our responsibility to attract new players or convince them to play the game. If a games company like Valve cannot do it, them we are doomed :)

Counterstrike has OpenGL based graphics, which means someone won't choose it for it's graphical beauty. Counterstrike 1.6 is really difficult for someone starting the game today. For some it's a challenge, the most of them get bored and quit in no time. Source though is more user friendly and people play it. It has nice graphics and sounds thus an easier map & model movement.

I mostly agree with your sayings :) And i think you also belong to that 1% you were refering at a previous post of yours :)
2011-08-12 21:58:50
r u new? Source is CPU related, and not GPU based.
2011-08-12 18:54:05
trib - HLTV.org
Nahhh i don't think so. Try playing the game with an oldschool 7400,8400,9200 or choose any low end gpu you want. Even if you have the Intel's 2600K the game wont be playable as if you had a medium-range card like the 8600 or 9600.

Direct3D is an api which is used to render three dimensional objects and such. Although CPU can help pre-rendering some of them, cannot take the full rendering responsibility.

If you have an old 1.5Ghz AMD equipped with a 6770 radeon gpu card, then YES source is CPU related. This is called CPU bottleneck.

The graphic experience, at least nowadays, regarding games is GPU related. Better card, more fps. Source is one of these games. Definitely not CPU related.
2011-08-12 21:51:06
People dont hate plz.You didnt even try it.

I hope for the best.
2011-08-12 11:29:47
yet another mod?

no thanks
2011-08-12 11:30:13
The unnamed player is Steffen "3k2" Markussen. He plays for CKRAS, which is one of Denmarks best Source-teams.
2011-08-12 11:31:42
Pus - HLTV.org
Thank you.
2011-08-12 11:41:27
Your welcome.

I'm not sure if you got the link or not, but heres an officiel page from CSGO itself: http://counterstrikego.com/
2011-08-12 11:46:23
Pus - HLTV.org
Yeah, I saw that, but it's just a fan website, and someone being very quick ;p
2011-08-12 11:50:52
Somehow that makes sense since its a @gmail.com mail. Oh well, not official then.

Btw 3k2 is not the only player in Seattle, as of what I heard they are 8 topplayers testing it from mTw, Epsilon, CKRAS and another team I can't remember.
2011-08-12 11:56:02
Neffet - HLTV.org
Am I the only one not really excited by this? I mean this all sounds good and all but I can't help but see this game as a source/cs/casual spinn-off. Valve, atleast make something new and fresh.
2011-08-12 11:33:15
you're not :D
2011-08-12 12:08:02
U aren't :).
2011-08-12 13:58:12
molotov grenades ?

2011-08-12 11:34:57
I think they need to release if they are trying to make a game to (mostly) replace the others or if they are trying to just replace the esports cs, source or just 1.6.. at the moment it just sounds like call of duty copy
2011-08-12 11:36:28
another fail? *facepalm* i doubt that they will ever create something better than 1.6... or atleast as good.
2011-08-12 11:37:51
As the guy testing there said....
"[]StefN[S] 3 punti 2 ore fa

Source players and source community people only. "
2011-08-12 11:37:52
"The people here are all top players from source or people from the big communities, so they are very focused on fixing things that people have problems with in earlier versions of the game. It will have matchmaking and rankings, so it's not just another version of the same thing, it is mainly made for 5on5 play, so it's more about getting the "real" competitive experience than previous versions has been."
2011-08-12 11:37:52
looks more like a new source than a mix of 1.6 and css
if it doesn't have 1.6 gameplay then it sucks..
2011-08-12 11:41:28
The only positive I see in this is that Half-Life 3 is coming... :D

2011-08-12 11:43:19
2011-08-12 11:43:27
Well I hope it's gonna be a interesting game. :)
2011-08-12 11:44:02
2011-08-12 11:44:38
Throughout the last couple of years, people have wished for a new Counter-Strike game

which people ?
2011-08-12 11:45:36
Bring on cs2 however drop any CSS players helping with the project send them back to games like Monkey Island. If it's going to be CS2 at least ask 1.6 players if you wanna make a new bad game like CZ/CSS feel free to get all the CSS players you want to help. You don't ask American football players about actual football so why css about 1.6 :/ but then again valve = enough said.

Very bad spinal cringe reading.

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:47:19
2011-08-12 11:45:41
after this fails,only thing left to do is erasing 1.6 from steam completely :S
2011-08-12 11:49:47
1.6 4ever
2011-08-12 11:51:42
2011-08-12 11:52:10
it should be renamed to

CS:GO play some 1.6 instead
2011-08-12 11:53:26
2011-08-12 11:54:32
lol HAHAAHH nice 1 man
2011-08-12 11:57:52
trib - HLTV.org
nice one m8 :)
2011-08-12 12:27:45
+1 xD
2011-08-12 14:36:41
molotov? what next? bazooka? O_o
2011-08-12 11:53:54
hydrogen bomb

@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@
2011-08-12 11:59:32
Helicopters and tanks.
2011-08-12 17:43:20
NO! GOD! FUCKINGASS! (c)hard clan: die hard
2011-08-12 11:55:28
Is there a correlation between the shutdown of promod and the announcement of cs:go? Something to ponder...
2011-08-12 11:56:03
Oh cmon, who said to you that? Development is slow but still...
2011-08-12 12:36:57
people are hating on a game not yet released :s give it a chance, then you can hate if you so will. don't get me wrong, i don't really like what i read either, but there's hope ;)
2011-08-12 11:56:11
sounds like another stupid source game.

i wanna see 1.6 with amazing graphics and for example maps like in a mall and airport and stuff.

Post edited 2011-08-12 11:57:54
2011-08-12 11:56:37
1.6 rules, but im gonna try this anyway :D
2011-08-12 11:56:44
it bullshit i like current cs mode. New 1 will suck for sure .Fuck u valve
2011-08-12 11:57:23
why fuck u valve? coz they make a new game? its not reason to now u need play this as 1.6. u and sk fnatic fx navi still can play ur likely 1.6:)
2011-08-12 12:00:24
it will be a nice game for ppls who dont play 1.6 and any game in professional level. its just a game(money!)..this and 1.6 not interfere with each other.
2011-08-12 11:58:13
Some of you are really confused with the word SOURCE. Whenever you hear of it, you're vomiting, thinking they're talking about the game. It's ENGINE on which game is supposed to run, it can be fixed and set in any way. Portal 2, TF2, DOTA2, L4D are running on that engine.

If they implement the gameplay from 1.6 (and they are implementing it, since there is wallbanging, no fullyflashed with your back turned and fix movement) and use better graphics (graphics part for kids 'cause we know every pro and semipro player even on CS:S is on 800x600 with everything set to low) this game will be a success.

Don't get me wrong but if LAN events with big prizes starts using this game as a main game and threw out 1.6, what do you think 1.6 pro players will do? No really, they're going to retire? I wanna hear some pro opinion about it.

The only problem could be the price, since it's not going to be free-to-play.
2011-08-12 11:59:11
f***, at least some1 here knows what he's talking about.. well said

Ps: i dont mind CS1.6 players retire, some1 else will show up, maybe better than them @ the new game.. its something that doesnt bother me at all

Post edited 2011-08-12 12:26:46
2011-08-12 12:25:52
2011-08-12 11:59:13
another crap like promod comming.
we dont need another one counter-strike. we like 1.6 one.
2011-08-12 11:59:19
When i think of cs 1.6, i think of all the games with shitty graphics that were released during that time; D2 lod, starcraft and even some stragegy games. These games were immensly popular, cos of the gameplay, not because of the graphics. Usually, i quickly forget the atmosphere and im motivated only by gameplay.
With graphics increasing, i see gameplay decreasing. Most hardcore gamers want a solid game with easy gameplay, where competition is based on man to man action, rather than gameplay coming down on who has the best PC.
No game will be as smooth as cs 1.6.
Good old days.
2011-08-12 11:59:32
well said
2011-08-12 12:59:27
agree with what you say, but there's the issue of companies pressuring game developers to make more graphically intensive games in order to sell their latest cpus/gpus.

2011-08-12 13:25:36
omg ...
2011-08-12 12:00:15
YESSSS , YESSSSSS , YESSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-08-12 12:00:55
matchmaking sounds like thing in hon :O
waiting for psr
2011-08-12 12:01:46
they should make a verry good anticheat for cs1.6 not another counter strike.......
2011-08-12 12:01:47
It will be another fail-project. CS 1.6 is legendary and no FPS can replace it.
2011-08-12 12:02:14
will see
2011-08-12 12:02:26
"The book is like the spoon: once invented, it cannot be bettered" (Umberto Eco)

...same goes with CS 1.6! :'D
2011-08-12 12:03:18
First impression is really bad for me. I was hoping for 1.6 remake, with pretty good graphics and maybe 1 or 2 new weapons, nothing more... :( Its sux...
2011-08-12 12:05:26
Could be good, could be terrible. However much I love CS, It would be nice if this revamps the community and we can have an extremely active competitive game that's as perfectly engineered as 1.6 is.
2011-08-12 12:07:19
You don't see that you're killing your favorite game? (1.6 etc ...)

1.6 is OVER. SC2 and soon DotA will take all money. So, let's support Valve for their work on CS:GO.

And stop saying bullshit.
2011-08-12 12:07:48
2011-08-12 12:59:46
" it is on the source engine " fail
1.6 4ever
2011-08-12 12:08:17
pls dont copy 1.6 maps
2011-08-12 12:09:41
1.6 > 2
2011-08-12 12:10:07
2011-08-12 12:13:11
do u know why we dont have more CS tournaments? cus cs1.6 is completely outdated, its old, we need a new CS game as SOON as possible if we dont want to see all players changing to SC2.. CSS graphgics are fine! thats what they'r talking about, its the GAMEPLAY that sucks, and it can be improved. i say go for it valve!
2011-08-12 12:23:15
source engine is wack, we need something new
2011-08-12 12:10:09
End of the day guys CS 1.6 has had its decade... Now it's time for a better game like Battlefield 3 to take over for a few years.
2011-08-12 12:11:17
2011-08-12 12:50:56
yeaaa, you have no idea what you talking about :)
2011-08-12 13:11:48
he uses the word source way too much, probably going to suck
2011-08-12 12:11:42
dunno how to react tbh
2011-08-12 12:12:17
Owling broh! Owling!
2011-08-12 12:23:32
this isn't CS 2... its CS:S 2 :(
2011-08-12 12:16:50
These testers will try to make it more like source to win the upcoming tournaments. (keep in mind that $1m DOta2 event)
2011-08-12 12:18:05
he says in the thread that he overheard something about there not being a $1m thing
2011-08-12 12:50:51
if css failed why they decidedto take css engine?
2011-08-12 12:18:34
They won't take CS 1.6 engine since is tooooooo ooooold.

And develop a new engine takes time and money, a lot of money.
2011-08-12 12:31:42
why noobs players of source are testing the game since months, and navi, fnatic... players not?
2011-08-12 12:19:10
source engine maybe?
2011-08-12 12:23:51
i say, GO FOR IT VALVE! sick and tired of playing CS 1.6, its always the same thing over and over again.. a mix from both scenes(CSS and 1.6) would really be something that can help CS(whatever it will be) grow towards #1 fps game.. Cmon Valve dudes, makes us proud, lets smash SC2
2011-08-12 12:20:31
No need to smash SC2, it's a great game.
I agree with you on the other things tho.
2011-08-12 13:25:06
i mean smash as lets have more people playing CS than SC2 :D i was never a fan of those type of games :s wow, sc etc
2011-08-12 14:16:52
How about Tactical Intervention?
2011-08-12 12:23:07
This is Counter-Strike: Source 2 not Counter-Strike 2 :|

2011-08-12 12:23:58
how do u figure?
2011-08-12 12:37:49
No RPG weapon ? Disappointing...
2011-08-12 12:25:31
molotovoff!!!! :D
2011-08-12 12:25:42
GOGOGO CS2 ON CryEngine 3!!! :D
2011-08-12 12:30:32
People here hear the word Source and the game is shit for inmediate effect.

You want a new game, but you don't want an engine which works perfectly for a CS game (enough graphic quality, enough performance) so, whats the problem? Do you want BF engine? Want to play at 30-50 fps?

The Source engine just need to fix its hitboxes, its netcode, thats is a little bad, nothing else.
2011-08-12 12:35:34
Not anymore. TF2 and L4D2 had great netcode. And the hitboxes are completely changed, the pattern is now a circle. So thats fixed and fixed.

I hope for great things. After all Valve together with Blizzard and Rockstar are the best developers in the world right now. :)
2011-08-12 12:46:46
blizzard pretty much is the best for me :D
2011-08-12 13:51:34
And for a lot of people as well. :D Blizzard may be the company with the most revolutioning games ever made. Every game released has achieved legendary status and Diablo 3 is due soon, so they are ready to do it again.

I prefer Valve because of the more single player oriented experienced like HalfLife and Portal, Steam and of course CounterStrike.
2011-08-12 13:58:54
agreed beside of counter strike being single player oriented :)
2011-08-12 14:56:22
I don't get it why they want to make something based on failure.. you can take some good things out it but most part of the game based on source.
Valve is shit seriously.
2011-08-12 12:38:51
Tbh, this sounds pretty interesting.
2011-08-12 12:41:30
just don't touch at cs, don't touch don'touch!! Go away valve with Source engine, cs i very good ...
2011-08-12 12:42:47
you can keep playing cs, man
stop hating
2011-08-12 12:51:13
go play source you
2011-08-12 12:52:13
"There are molotov grenades which create a fire blanket that slows players" so main strat is plant bomb cover with molotov and then easy frags sound bad already
2011-08-12 12:48:02
Make Half life 3 already!!!
2011-08-12 12:49:34
hmmmm will be w8ing for that .......
2011-08-12 12:52:05
too much source so it sucks
2011-08-12 12:54:27
Epsilon are in Seattle as well, I think. stingeR etc.
2011-08-12 12:54:29
Dont know what to make of this, Kind of feel excited but at the same time cautious, never liked CS:S or black ops for example, just because weapons look like toys..
All Valve need to do is sit on cs 1.6 and make some fixes and then release it as DLC.
2011-08-12 12:54:51
best news ever
2011-08-12 12:56:16
yeah people, let us start saving for "a newer version of the Source engine".
2011-08-12 12:56:35
The new grenades ruined it for me, it will have too much of an impact on the gameplay taking away some of the key aspects of what makes CS 1.6 so popular.
New weapons is OK, but grenades that will slow you down? Oh lord..

Hopefully they will manage to make a decent and playable remake of nuke, inferno, train, dust and aztec. By that I mean no resemblance to the source remakes, those sucked - bigtime. Source engine is OK, but dont fill the competetive maps with too much details and shadows - that is not what counter strike is about.

I am very much interested in how this will turn out but I am afraid it will have too much of a resemblence to source and too little of CS 1.6.
2011-08-12 12:57:11
CS:GO won't replace neither cs nor css. Those communities are full of narrow-minded people, especially cs one. Hope there will be people who won't be affraid of trying something new, different.
2011-08-12 13:00:51
Schypher - HLTV.org
Too soon to say that.

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:30:44
2011-08-12 13:30:11
That's how I see that. Cs community is too closed for changes. Css one has had its game changed immensely recently and I'm not sure if they want it to go any further.
I will be really happy if I'm wrong and this new cs replaces both games.
2011-08-12 13:48:57
Schypher - HLTV.org
Wait and see, when 1.6 gets dropped from the games list on major tournaments everyone will move on.

Even though I know that 1.6 can fight against CS:S, I'm not sure if the game can survive against a new title especially made for pro gaming, I don't doubt if the game adds what the rumours are saying, that it will be an excellent pro gaming title.
2011-08-12 14:08:56
That's why this new title SUX HARD
2011-08-12 19:55:53
I'm 1.6 player, I don't like CSS but I will for sure try this game...
2011-08-12 14:47:42
I would luv a game with a more simelar feel to 1.6 and better graphics altho it being source engine.I really like the promise of promod this could be the next best thing just gotta see if it lives up to 1.6 players demands when it comes out.And we need good anti cheat.
2011-08-12 13:00:53
btw, am I the only thinking that's weird to use the Source engine ?

it's fucking old, create a new one already.
2011-08-12 13:03:54
it's only a title. MS Windows is still MS Windows but version makes a difference :)
2011-08-12 13:08:38
Schypher - HLTV.org
Stop thinking on source engine by thinking on CS:S's engine which is basically from 2007, it was ported to the 2009 version of the engine but only to add Mac Os support, Portal 2 has the most recent source engine update and it shows some really cool stuff, Dota 2 will come in a newer version of the engine which will introduce cloth simulation.

And let's think about if they release something on a engine like the Cry engine 3 (Crysis 2) everyone would whine that they couldn't run it well, Valve (just like blizzard) is known for their support for low end pc's.
2011-08-12 13:43:12
2011-08-12 13:06:20
camon John Miller, make them believe that cs 1.6 gameplay is better!!

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:11:10
2011-08-12 13:10:52
John Miller?
It's Joe Miller
2011-08-12 14:48:23
yeah, soz
2011-08-12 16:57:12
why dont they just get off their source horse already? its a good thing they are trying but source is just so fucking bad
2011-08-12 13:11:29
epic fail imo
2011-08-12 13:12:28
anything what we want is Counter-Strike 1.6 without bugs, we don't need new CS, just CS 1.6 without bugs :)
2011-08-12 13:13:18
it can't be better than 1.6,unbeatable
2011-08-12 13:16:51
it will be better if cs 1.6 gonna die in glory, and people will be remember it as the best fps ever... don't do another shit game with cs in name

1.6 FOREVER <3
2011-08-12 13:17:48
Nothing can replace CS1.6 !
2011-08-12 13:18:27
another fail..source engine? ofc,everything will be source only flashes will be like in 1.6..fuk this cs 1.6 forever..
2011-08-12 13:19:10
I don't really like what I'm reading but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not gonna be good. One thing I really don't like though is that there's only source players there? I mean at least get some 1.6 players in there too for shared and mixed opinions. Guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best!
2011-08-12 13:19:35
Pus - HLTV.org
Yep, and Joe Miller being there doesn't really mean anything, no offense to Joe, but a player like cArn could give them so much more insight. Kind of a disappointing move by valve tbh :(. Let's just hope they're actually gonna have another round of development in which they actually do include 1.6 player.

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:52:01
2011-08-12 13:47:40
Maybe he is there to give his caster/broadcast/tv opinion. Thats a good sign, mean that Valve wants the most competitive game possible, and broadcast and coverage are one of the strong parts of it.
2011-08-12 13:55:52
Well yeah it is a strong part of it, but be honest here, the game itself is priority #1 hands down. Also I'm pretty sure Joe can make every game sound exciting on stream :D including CSS!

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:59:17
2011-08-12 13:57:16
wow looking forward to it.
2011-08-12 13:21:17
Sorry, but this game will be trash. :(
2011-08-12 13:22:43
of course it's a fail.. molotov cocktail? cmon
2011-08-12 13:23:57
they should make cs2 on starcraft 2 engine :D
2011-08-12 13:24:08
portal 2 is made on source engine and its good hope cs:go will be same
2011-08-12 13:30:00
It's not gonna be a new cs 1.6 after all :(..Ah well, you just need to adapt
2011-08-12 13:32:26
go #CSGO on twitter people https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23CSGO
2011-08-12 13:33:05
Pus - HLTV.org
And make damn sure to follow me. I need to catch up on Nix0n! https://twitter.com/PusHLTVorg
2011-08-12 13:38:32
i was your 100th follower, anything for that?
2011-08-14 03:20:04
Pus - HLTV.org
A big kiss should do!
2011-08-14 17:37:24
grand - HLTV.org
I don't understand the molotov cocktail grenade... If I got some fire in my ass, I would certainly run faster then :D!
2011-08-12 13:33:08
hahaha :D true!
2011-08-12 13:38:56
wainting for the dogs........
2011-08-12 13:34:40
The game will be in source2, same engine as half-life 3. Stop crying bitches. Youre all retarded. Ive been playing cs since 1999. How long do you think people will care about this old game? You will have to adapt bitches, yes you will
2011-08-12 13:34:45
Why do they insist so much on Souce's plataform? They should have called GTR, f0rest to help them... them we would have good players from both modalities helping with the project... too bad.
2011-08-12 13:35:51
A new version of the Source Engine might be interesting. Even tho I'm not a fan of CS:S, I will surely try it.

It's still in development, they can remove/change things anytime, so let them try out new things and dont instantly flame.

Also, nobody forces you guys to switch over to a new CS. You are still able to play 1.6 as much as you want. Unnecessary hating..
2011-08-12 13:36:51
might be fail
2011-08-12 13:38:04
Commerce and nothing more ...
2011-08-12 13:39:35
They day that carn, neo, walle, frod, musamban1, zonic, lex and more old school pro players enter in VALVE Office, I will say that the game will be GOOD. But with newbyes Source players the game will be a fail.

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:42:12
2011-08-12 13:41:01
At least they need to try it and agree with it before unleashing.
2011-08-12 13:43:33
Why they have to use source engine again couldnt they try unreal engine?

Steffen "3k2" Markussen, a professional CSS player for CKRAS, who is helping Valve in the development process.

Get there SpawN and HeatoN look they made best monitor and mice in my opinion. Let them to make best game ever. This game requires a touch of very experienced 1.6 players to have a chance to become attractive for 1.6 players. For the sound of weapons wake up those from source are so plastic make a new ones or use 1.6 instead.
2011-08-12 13:41:35
1.6, 1.6, 1.6, 1.6, 1.6. That's all I hear, think for once and realize that this game is not only ment for the 1.6 players, it's ment to satisfy both scenes.
2011-08-12 13:45:10
Let me explain when you ask source player why he doesnt play 1.6 he says that graphic sux. When you ask 1.6 player why he doesnt play source he says that game engine is unplayable. Thats my point why it has to be more 1.6 than source ;)
2011-08-12 13:48:12
Still not valid though. Let me ask you a question then, in your mind. How can they make it more like 1.6 and less like source?
2011-08-12 13:56:37
Really don't understand the negative attitude towards change from you guys. Yeah, 1.6 is a great, GREAT game. But believing it will last, that's just ignorant.

Take a look at the quake-scene. The game being dropped at ESWC and then replaced by LoL at IEM? And we're talking about the game that defined competitive FPS, that basically defined E-sports for that matter. That's bs, but all in all it comes down to $$$. Same thing will happen to 1.6 eventually if there won't be a replacement, I'm sure of it.

Anyways, it's just sad that you guys aren't even giving it a chance _now_, the game hasn't even been released yet. Not to talk about the lack of info we've got on this, nor do we have a single screenshot or an in-game demo of gameplay.
go /slitwrist if you don't like it @ release, gg.
2011-08-12 13:42:33
Schypher - HLTV.org
2011-08-12 13:45:41
doesnt sounds good
2011-08-12 13:42:49
get the cs 1.6 legends and top players.. and take their advice in creating a game..
cs 1.6 players > css players
2011-08-12 13:43:57
2011-08-12 13:45:54
CS 1.6 4 EVER!
2011-08-12 13:48:30
is this another sort or promod? facepalm

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:50:47
2011-08-12 13:50:32
IMO here are the four causes of failure that will be....

1-the thread's author said it looks "much more like Source". EPIC FAIL
2-When a Reddit user asked, "Will it have updated graphics but with the 1.6-style gameplay?", the author replied:"It is a mix really".FAIL
3-According to the same Reddit user, a few new guns have been implemented, with all of the original weapons having undergone a change. Interestingly, there are also a couple of new grenades. Molotov????? omg is this left for dead 3?
4-Reportedly, most of the maps have been altered. the only thing that they did well in css (don´t modify too much the maps), and now they are going to ruin it...

I repeat that it is MY OPINION, maybe I´m wrong, for the future of cs I hope that I´m wrong...

2011-08-12 13:52:27
1. So its a bad thing that a NEW GAME wont have PRE 2000 graphics?

2. So a new game should have an old engine that is bugged with russianducking and interp problems? Oh, i see.

3. The molotov will most likely be banned from competetive play anyway.

4. I agree on that one.
2011-08-12 15:16:08
well...About #1 maybe I explained wrong, i wanted to say that i dont like the models and the animations of css, ofc I want better graphics, but preserving the originals models, movement and textures of cs 1.6 just with more details. About #2 Ofc they must fix the russianduck and more bugs, but just FIX IT on the old engine, just take the old engine, fix bugs and improve details and textures and NOTHING MORE, no new physics, no new recoil, no new movement, etc,etc...About #3 I hope that molotov will be banned like the shield in 1.6. About #4 TY :)
2011-08-12 16:08:10
1. No

2. Not an old engine. But it should have russian ducking, bunny jumping, wallbanging, ignoring real world physics so you can throw "special" grenades, ignoring real world scale (we want the game world to be big and the player models to be small like in 1.6 so it becomes harder to hit, we DONT want big player models and small game world like in css.). It should also have, the bugg so u can surf on walls, movement control in air, longjumps, duckjump and all of these small buggs that you have to LEARN by urself. Its all these small buggs that make cs 1.6 to what it is. Its cuz of the buggs that it takes a long time to acctually become good at the game.

And no ex_interp is not bugged. Learn how it works and you're gonna have the correct value and not bugged hitboxes.

3. Probably.

4. Lol, the source remakes on the maps are NOT good. Inferno is a fucking joke, Dust 2 is filled with barrels, cars, fog and shit. And all of the maps are in real scale.
2011-08-12 18:03:53

"There are molotov grenades which create a fire blanket that slows players are little. It sounds crazy, but it actually played really well, I think, even though the size/dmg might need a bit tweaking." - AHAHAHAHAAHA Call of Duty 1.6

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:54:02
2011-08-12 13:52:31
nobody told you that you have to use them.
2011-08-14 03:15:15
If you want a future esports FPS game number one is very easy:

I am Valve
- call to top5 Counter-Strike 1.6 clans
- call to top5 Counter-Strike source clans
- discuss
- make a good game for players of 1.6 and source
- Valve event of 1M $ like Dota2 with top teams of source and 1.6
- We have the FPS esports game of the next decade.
2011-08-12 13:53:16
Well, that's basically what they're doing, regarding bringing in top players from both scenes that it.
2011-08-12 13:58:14
Navi, Sk, Fnatic, mTw, Frag Executors are not talking with VALVE. Without 1.6 community, we will see how a new counter strike will fail again.
2011-08-12 14:08:30
top 5 clans from both sides? :D 50 people do "discuss"
2011-08-12 20:34:28
a want m4a1 with laser :D
2011-08-12 13:53:35
I don't even want to test it, they should take 1.6 & fix details, not mix 1.6 and source..
2011-08-12 13:56:22
With that mindset 1.6 is surely going to die

Post edited 2011-08-12 13:59:39
2011-08-12 13:58:48
2011-08-12 13:58:47
2011-08-12 14:02:29
so I think CS Source 2? xD
2011-08-12 14:04:17
It will probably be too source-oriented, since almost all the testers/developers are source players. Besides, molotov greandes? Come on.
2011-08-12 14:04:53
maps like promod is fine, skins - no. css skins is very nice, but make cs 1.6 gameplay..
2011-08-12 14:06:19
Awesome news !
2011-08-12 14:11:38
sad that the css fags are testing it :/
is it more tactical then 1.6 ? :o

Post edited 2011-08-12 14:18:39
2011-08-12 14:13:43
+1 they do not have that experience like have top cs 1.6 players like carn, forest
2011-08-12 14:24:24
hey when carn etc switch to CSGO VERYGAMES will be there to beat them all the time and force them to retire or stay on this half dead game

Post edited 2011-08-12 14:25:39
2011-08-12 14:25:14
=DDD if in your country that game DEAD this doesn't mean that cs IS DEAD durk
2011-08-12 14:49:34
in lithuania its dead
2011-08-12 20:35:32
no way? you know better than I wow
2011-08-12 20:39:47
alot of the css pros played 1.6 before css came out, but as ignorant as you are you wouldnt possibly know that.
2011-08-12 15:13:13
who cares css players?
2011-08-12 16:06:06
so maybe you should stop talking
2011-08-12 20:41:33
ok, dad
2011-08-12 20:44:48
trying to please all the cs 1.6 and css players at the same time is not an easy task for Valve I can understand, being myself a cs 1.6 player im not really thrilled about this news tbh (btw molotovs... are we in left for dead 2 or what ?)
2011-08-12 14:21:29
If 1.6 and CS:S community doesn't merge to enjoy a new game then both will die and CS will be gone forever.

CS:S players are more than happy to merge, it's just the 1.6 kids who won't and the death of this franchise will be on your heads.
2011-08-12 14:25:14
Finally someone with brain.
2011-08-12 14:28:17
Why would ANYONE migrate to a game that's WORSE than the one they are currently playing?

Source scrubs aside, if Valve wants some actually good players to play their shitty games, then MAKE THEM GOOD. Not bad, not CS:S terrible, but GOOD.

You know, like the original CS?
2011-08-12 14:58:14
"Worse than they're playing"
same maps
same guns
same format
same playstyle
2011-08-12 15:25:18

Maps are not the same, gun behavior is not the same, and playstyle is not at all the same. While the format of both games is similar, the gameplay differences make them quite different to play. Sure the guns and maps have the same names but do you think 1.6 inferno is played the same way as source inferno?
2011-08-12 15:52:59
How are maps not the same??
Almost 99% they're copied.

Guns DO behave the same, same recoil patters (just a little less in cs:s)

1.6 inferno is played nearly the exact same as source inferno. Don't come here as a close minded arrogant 1.6 player, if you haven't played source properly (you obviously haven't) then don't make snide remarks.
2011-08-12 16:19:48
What? I'm not at all "a close minded arrogant 1.6 player". In fact, I watch cs:s events as well and enjoy it.

The maps may look the same for the most part, but the angles people take are totally different due to the differences in gameplay and the maps. It also makes playing each map somewhat different. Starting from how the trains work in de_train, to the vents in de_nuke and going on to the little corners in de_inferno (base side of mid) where people relatively often are positioned (though if I remember correctly they updated inferno so I don't know what was changed).

For you to say that source is played the same way as 1.6 is a bit strange tbh. Starting from the flashbangs, the smokes, the difference in awp game, the lack of buying ammo, they all make the games different. I'm not saying at all that source is terrible due to these things, but it is different. Also the smokes and the flashbangs alone make a huge difference to how the different maps are played (like in 1.6 it's very hard to totally smoke out an awper on de_train whereas in source I see it happen frequently)
2011-08-12 16:50:37
It is not the same man. Maybe only the shape of the maps and the gun's names. The psychics of shooting, the movement, the feeleng. CSS is for children, CS 1.6 is for the fans!

Post edited 2011-08-12 15:58:05
2011-08-12 15:57:23
Trust me, I'm an avid player of both 1.6 and source. There's more children BY A LONG SHOT on 1.6 I'm talking about kids <13 years old.
Trust me.
2011-08-12 16:22:20
I don't think so. CS isn't attractive with it's visuals and it's very hard to aim and kill. Thats why kids and 1.6 noobs are playing CSS
2011-08-12 16:55:06
If you take two comparable examples.
Mix sites like playzeek (1.6) and CSS mixes, both the most popular site for the individual games.

The average age of a CSS mixes game will be >17 whilst in playzeek it's probably 14
2011-08-12 22:44:49
so, no new cs. just new css.
stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid valve
2011-08-12 14:27:38
Lol Pus..

#Valve better make sure they have another round for #CSGO development, in which they include real CS players...

"in which they include real CS players..."

Mission accomplished if you wish to stamp yourself as ignorant. I agree on the rest though, a mix of players from both scenes is highly needed.

Post edited 2011-08-12 14:28:14
2011-08-12 14:27:57
Pus - HLTV.org
You shouldn't interpret my tweets seriously - at least not the obvious ones.
2011-08-12 15:01:03
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
Looking forward to it.
I hope they keep in mind..
as long as CS goes gameplay > graphics or atleast equal.

Most gamers don't care about graphics, though game development tend to keep being based on maximum graphic experience.

Take a look at such games as Minecraft, CS 1.6, Quake, Unreal Tournament and many other.

Gameplay and tactical posibilities is a must.

I hope, in the upcoming years, they will take a risk and develop a new Counter-Strike edition from scratch.

They're too afraid too alter what CS gamers are used to. We don't want a CSS:2

Though I'm glad they're focusing on 1.6 gameplay. As stated, I will be looking forward to the release, without positive nor negatively expectations.

Post edited 2011-08-12 14:35:30
2011-08-12 14:32:39
this is a update dos CS.S!!!

still think CS 1.6 > CS.S > CS.Molotov

2011-08-12 14:34:46
IF valve dont think in 1.6 COMMunity. THEY will fail again


The only Counter-Strike since 1999.

Post edited 2011-08-12 14:39:12
2011-08-12 14:39:00
wow 2k difference. ive seen those stats so many times, and ive also seen that source has more than 10k more people than 1.6 at times. your arguement no sense, and you should end yourself.
2011-08-12 15:12:03
a game since 1999, 12 years in top what re u talking about 2k difference?
2011-08-12 15:17:45
2000 players. 1k = 1000.

Your arguement is so retarded its unreal. The FIRST BETA came out in 1999 when steam didnt even exist. Its like me saying Source is 10 years old because they first started developing it then.
2011-08-12 15:23:15
u are a new player man. Counter strike is the only game of the history with stacraft 1 that is played after 12 years, and in top1 since the first day.

If you compare cs source stats with counter-strike is impossible to talk anything with u.
2011-08-12 15:30:38
"If you compare cs source stats with counter-strike is impossible to talk anything with u."

Wasn't that exactly what you did in #408?

Post edited 2011-08-12 15:42:33
2011-08-12 15:42:00
You're obviously ignorant. He said that STEAM AND STEAM STATS didn't exist since 1999 and not the actual game. Learn to read.
2011-08-12 22:48:43
This should be a console game instead. Let it replace CoD and Halo.
2011-08-12 14:39:55
Sounds meh already. If they're looking to market it to esports then why on earth would they ask CSS players for opinions.

Makes no sense to me to make CS:Source2 when CS1.6 has more players then source average every day (and that's not including non-steam clients)

I'm not saying just make CS1.6 with better graphics, but to be honest, that's all there needs to be...
2011-08-12 14:41:31
Because they're looking for people to give advice on how the game will fair in competitive play, no point asking 1.6 players because it runs on a completely different engine to what they're used to.
Source players know what's right and wrong on their engine so they were asked.
2011-08-13 13:22:04
That is just complete shit. Cant belive it...
2011-08-12 14:42:01
Looking forward...hopefully new game, more advertsising = new players + css and 1.6 players if the games good, more competative teams = more LAN's with more sponsors and good prize money, also plz good Anticheat
2011-08-12 14:45:15
nailed it
2011-08-12 14:46:09
all true except the good anti cheat instead of doing that they should improve vac anti cheat which cant catch anything since people found how to bypass it then after that vac was never improved.
2011-08-14 03:10:13
yeah, but i think a cheatproof game might be to much to ask for. nerd always bypass it somehow like the hacking into military computers n shiz,,
2011-08-14 11:35:27
2011-08-12 14:47:47
agreed, source engine just kills the movement feel. Feels more like you're walking on ice.

Carn should be in seattle as a representative of the cs 1.6 scene.
2011-08-12 14:58:24
Didn't read all the comments, so dont know if this has been said before, but if Valve isn't going to get 1.6 players testing GO it will remain more like Source and a lot of 1.6 players ain't going to play it. Yea, Joe is there, but...
2011-08-12 14:49:35
Counter-Strike 2: Modern Warfare
2011-08-12 14:55:20
I would't call it 'modern' warfare if we're using molotovs :/
2011-08-12 15:02:19
that wasnt the point, it was that they are making it just like cod xD
2011-08-12 17:40:15
Source engine blows, CS:S players blow, Valve blows, Gabe blows and what the fuck is a 'casual mode' in a CS-game?

It will be CS:S all over again.
2011-08-12 14:57:00
most bitter comment ever, eat an anti-depressive plz
2011-08-12 14:58:20
Eat a dick please. Or show me ONE thing about this game that would get my hopes up?

Molotovs, maybe?
2011-08-12 15:03:12
you are the one that blows. you have most likely, related to the other idiots that hate on source, not even played source at all, and just jump on the bandwagon because you are too retarded to have an opinion of your own.
2011-08-12 15:09:53
I have played CS since 1999. When CS:S was announced I was HYPED UP and wanted to play it so bad. But it was fucking AWFUL so I never did, even though I tried it again and again, year after year, and it was ALWAYS terrible.

So maybe you should shut the fuck up, kid. Maybe YOU are too retarded to have an opinion on your own, and are instead just repeating what all the other source-scrubs have been saying for years.

In short, eat shit punk.
2011-08-12 16:08:56
Valve should take their time and design this new game slowly but properly, so that it will win the CS community.

Make it a competitive E-sport game. Don't do like CS:S just improving graphics a bit but same old maps and weapons, make a new game with the same Counter Strike spirit in it!
2011-08-12 14:57:35
I hope this is not just another big fail on a whole new level
2011-08-12 14:57:54
for real is joe`s opinion is taking place on decision the game will be good u can have sure of that. this guy just love fps. mainly CS <3 JOE
2011-08-12 14:58:34
1.6 > all
2011-08-12 14:59:15
why just CS:S players helping them? :@
2011-08-12 14:59:37
because its built on the source engine and the 1.6 players dont understand the source engine.
2011-08-12 15:08:56
so the source player have a deep understanding of the engine their game is using ? And they all have good knowledge of c++ ? and they know the source engine better than the dev team ?
2011-08-12 17:40:13
What a partial response. The game is supposed to be simillar to both 1.6 and Source to attract both communities. An engine isn't something that features the same gameplay for all the games that are built on it. An engine should be adaptive to many kinds of manipulations including gameplay and graphics. It's the excuse that Valve have been using for years. I'm not saying that it's bad but it's definately getting old and it's obvious when you look at some of their titles. The similarities are too big to be overlooked. Oh and not everything I wrote was directed at +sunsh1ne. I just found his reply to be a suitable basis for mine. Cheers.
2011-08-12 23:05:11
I'll try it out but I'm honestly not expecting a whole lot. Sounds like CS:Source V2 to me.

If only they'd listen to the community for once; 1.6 gameplay with slight tweaks, better graphics and some added features such as guns and what not. But whatever, I'm sure the source babbies are all gonna eat this shit straight outta gaben's arse.

Why bother making a good game when you could make a crappy one and make just as much money, right?
2011-08-12 15:01:40
People need to realise 1.6 will eventually die, and new generations care about graphics.

Yeah, come at me haters.
2011-08-12 15:02:33
Getting bored of people saying 1.6 will eventually die...

No shit. Everything has a shelf life. Fact of the matter is there are more people playing 1.6 then Source right now and pretty much all the time.
2011-08-12 15:05:18
are you sure about that?

Current Players Peak Today Game

49,170 64,270 Team Fortress 2
26,591 49,640 Counter-Strike: Source
25,196 51,995 Counter-Strike
2011-08-14 03:06:09
What's your point? You took it from 2am and it still has a higher average number...
2011-08-14 04:21:03
you are saying there are more people playing 1.6 than source but if you look at stats 1.6 and source stats are pretty much the same the whole time.
2011-08-14 17:19:23
Except those stats don't factor in non-steam clients of which there are plenty ¦]
2011-08-15 00:38:13
like there is no css for non steam to?
2011-08-15 13:31:16
2011-08-15 14:18:07
exactly you facepalmed because you just realized that you can download css without paying for it.
2011-08-15 17:58:35
Who cares about 'the new generation'.

The 'new generation' can just go dive under a bus. This 'new generation' is the god damn reason all FPS games are now carbon copies of the casual shitfests also known as halo & cod.

Post edited 2011-08-12 15:10:36
2011-08-12 15:10:02
1.6 will never die because is so popular.why do you want to change somethig good?.it's like "gothic series".gothic 1 and 2 was verrrry good , gothic 3 it was nice and gothic 3 forsaken gods and gothic 4(arcania) was a great SHITs.

Post edited 2011-08-12 15:18:05
2011-08-12 15:17:41
True! +1
2011-08-12 15:25:12
Valve should give walle a phone call. He would be ideal to give opinions as he was the player who has been the closest to perfection in all aspects of the game... Or just go with carn, he is a genius!
2011-08-12 15:02:44
Molotov? Yeah right, gimme a Bazooka
2011-08-12 15:02:46
"The flashes are also more like 1.6, where turning your back to them will make you a lot less flashed than looking straight at them, but they also have the sound from source."

this game will be another fail. 1.6 is perfect . the perfection can't be more perfectioned.
2011-08-12 15:12:19
They didn't bring CS 1.6 players because these are busy playing their game.

Asus, eStars, WCG, ESWC, DH, CPL (?). As simple as that.
2011-08-12 15:19:02
They should just hire the cspromod guys and finish the job..i kinda liked where csp was heading to
2011-08-12 15:19:19
Oh fuck
2011-08-12 15:20:42
another fail
2011-08-12 15:21:07
molotov grenades and decoy nade?
what is this? COD?!
2011-08-12 15:23:37
it's called evolution

just give it a try
2011-08-12 15:35:39
nobody ever told you that you have to use them.
2011-08-14 03:04:30
source engine is fine but we need physics like in 1.6
2011-08-12 15:26:37
and molotov granates it's bull shit
2011-08-12 15:27:01
so what? even if they include it there you dont have to use them if you dont want to.
2011-08-14 03:03:26
Hahaha, guys... First of all people are saying: end of cs, cs is dying, so sad, hope for new cool cs. But now: it will sucks, 1.6 > all, shit bla bla bla.

2011-08-12 15:28:15
2011-08-12 15:42:42
the fact they are not asking for 1.6 guys opinion is very sad :(
2011-08-12 15:29:04
2011-08-12 15:31:04
i saw a list of the source players and most of them are ex-1.6'ers.
2011-08-12 15:32:21
like almost every top css player. its irrelevant for their case. they will defend the source community and gameplay.
2011-08-12 20:40:13
Omg nice!!
2011-08-12 15:29:13
fuck source gameplay -.-
2011-08-12 15:30:51
well lets wait and see when the game comes but basicly its a cs:s 2 when they are using source engine instead of a brand new engine.
2011-08-12 15:30:53
you know the source engine is engine they always use for every game and they used for 1.6 as well.
2011-08-14 03:01:59
no its not the same engine they used for 1.6 and source
2011-08-14 03:21:34
need 1.6 sounds look like
physics 1.6 look like

and many other stuff.. look like 1.6 !
2011-08-12 15:32:57
decoy nade, awsome tacs bro
2011-08-12 15:34:54
well this is the only thing left to join the 1.6 and source scene since promod is dead :/
2011-08-12 15:39:33
promod was never alive because people who made it are not known that well even when the pro players played a showmatch it didnt expose the game that much.
2011-08-14 03:01:09
why are people are being so protective towards the good old 1.6

i find it quite funny that some people seem to freak out whenever they stumble across the word 'source'
2011-08-12 15:39:36
cuz it's rly shitty
2011-08-12 16:15:58
and freaky
2011-08-12 16:27:33
and it requires too expensive a computer for 3rd world people
2011-08-12 16:49:18
that was bad....
2011-08-12 19:02:53
wich must be the reason why u use a worldflag?
ashamed much? i wont judge you :)
2011-08-12 20:09:28
especially that the engine is called source engine which they used for both css and 1.6 not only css.
2011-08-14 02:59:39
nice but whatever - nothing beat 1.6<3
2011-08-12 15:40:09
2011-08-12 15:43:19
decoy nade? I wonder where they got that idea *cough* *cough*
2011-08-12 15:42:42
2011-08-12 16:28:08
2011-08-12 17:52:52
I dont know, I mean he runs around and makes noises and allows the other 4 to make a move lol. sorry about that. First thing yhat came to mind.
2011-08-12 20:11:28
2011-08-14 02:57:54
The beauty of CS (1.6 for me is the last real CS) is that this game is so simple. No extra-cool gaphics that can distract you, you just can feel the game. I think that maybe, now CS looks old, and the things we need is just some refreshing of the maps like 1.5 -> 1.6 but not too much. Also I will be very happy if there are integrated ladder systems and somethink like stats in you steam counter-strike profile. But CS:GO with the molotovs especially looks stupid. I like the thing that you can win a round 1v5 even if you are 10hp for example... Now i thing that the developers are going to remove this with the molotovs and etc.. Maybe the decoy grenade is going to be nice.. I'm not sure. CS 1.6 have great gameplay, but needs some refreshing, not entirely new game.

Post edited 2011-08-12 15:46:36
2011-08-12 15:44:08
2011-08-12 16:02:42
2011-08-12 15:49:07
who cares about the molotov and decoy nade?
1.6 has tactical shield, yet its not used in tournaments, so it doesnt matter how many extra retarded weapons/guns they throw in the game, we just wont use them on competitive play...
2011-08-12 15:53:08
+11111 you are right

Post edited 2011-08-12 17:42:03
2011-08-12 17:41:53
i was going to say the same :)
2011-08-12 18:22:53
2011-08-12 15:57:14
this game definetily will not be a major title like 1.6 or SC
2011-08-12 15:58:16
why wouldnt it be? the game is coming from valve which never disappoints with their games and even if all the pro's are not gonna play it there will be still bunch of people playing it just because valve makes the best games in the world and everybody wants to play their games because they never get old and you can still play them just like 1.6 which is still played from year 2000 and other games

Current Players Peak Today Game

49,170 64,270 Team Fortress 2
26,591 49,640 Counter-Strike: Source
25,196 51,995 Counter-Strike
2011-08-14 02:56:33
2011-08-12 16:01:56
only source players would like this
2011-08-12 16:05:05
"it looks like css"
lol we don't need it thx
2011-08-12 16:05:09
How it's possible to make aztec balanced?
2011-08-12 16:09:24
give me CS1.7...
2011-08-12 16:09:41
Source Engine suck....
2011-08-12 16:15:26
times are changing..generation's changing!!if you look at the actual cs community it is shrinking day by day. We must understand the fact that CS needs a change in graphics engine at first. Source engine is the best possible engine that they can use because it is light you can still play with 100 fps and ofcourse you dont have to have a high end pc!!

If they could use lets say cry engine 3 you would need a i5 2410 and a ati radeon 6770 to play decent! The source engine they used is the same engine portal 2 uses which is an awesome game so most of you knuckleheads that you still insist that they shouldnt use it,either you are retarded or you dont have a clue about gaming in general.

Everybody, needs to take off their 1.6 glasses and see that for companies ,in our case valve, CS is just another way to make profit not to say that they can force us to play it by "taking the plug out" . But either way it will attract a lot of players from different game styles not only 1.6 , css but from COD , BF etc and they will make money.

About the game. We actually need 2-3 more rifles and maybe 1-2 more pistols just to alter a little bit the ecos,the strategies and the money system now nades,shields,molotov or rocket lauchers are irrelevant and not needed to me..Maybe decoy nade could be useful for fakes etc.In addition to that the new game should have player/model movement and generally the game movement of 1.6.

Other than that a new game would be challenging for me to play it and maybe it will be better who knows. I still remember having the same conversation when 1.6 came out and everyone used to complain about sniper,bunny hoping, everything

Post edited 2011-08-12 16:18:39
2011-08-12 16:16:57
Tottally agree with you about everything.

I'm definetly going to buy it and test it, and I'm going to do that with "cs 1.6 glasses" off and full of optimism.
2011-08-12 17:04:33
yeap you are totally right
2011-08-12 17:44:31
Stopped reading when CSS players were helping make it
2011-08-12 16:37:30
maybe in the first developing phase
2011-08-12 18:01:34
CS 1.6 for life
2011-08-12 16:44:25
I can't wait for this, but just to see what will be. But if the release a new game, I don't think that in 1-2 years we will see professional CS: GO like is CS 1.6 nowdays, cause a lot of professional CS 1.6 will retire, and some of them will play CS: GO, but we will see just new players, and we love oldschool or atm CS 1.6 players. Anyway for me, i want to see just an CS 1.6 rebuilded a little, just any grenade, some changes in map, not like in source (i hate them), and will be just awesome.

Atm, CS 1.6 forever, gl Valve!
2011-08-12 16:48:34
i hope they will take exemple on StarCraft II release from Starcraft one, and they'll just make 1.6 better with new stuffs
2011-08-12 16:52:40
2011-08-12 17:00:24
NVM, aparently promod is barely breathing.
2011-08-12 17:23:40
"Reddit thread started by Steffen "3k2" Markussen, a professional CSS player for CKRAS, who is helping Valve in the development process."why not some 1.6 pro player aswell?..

and this game will fail,why dont they learn that they just need to update 1.6 in some things like netcode,hitboxes,maybe increase graphics a bitt,thats all..

Post edited 2011-08-12 17:09:19
2011-08-12 17:04:49
2011-08-12 17:06:01
I think stingeR was there, a former 1.6 professional. Some of the other players might be that aswell. But kinda sad and weird that Valve didn't gather some 1.6 pros too. Would have been nice to have players like Markeloff, Neo or Walle there.
2011-08-12 17:10:12
stingeR 1.6 professional LooooL
2011-08-12 17:11:32
he was a rather good/experienced player atleast. Team convention, team Norway, CBteam, XpreZ and more.
2011-08-13 21:41:55
But i hope from the bottom of my heart that they are bringing in some 1.6 players (and source too so that the source community will be happy aswell), commentators, tournament admins and so on, to test the game and give feedback and ideas.
They also should check out the many good ideas that cspromod had coming, like a great ui for casting, auto demosaving function.
2011-08-12 17:05:15
Nope, they're only bringing in source players.


thats their contact info if you want to ask them why they're ignoring 1.6
2011-08-12 23:01:46
Don't flame the game before you know the outcome and result. It might be the game of the decade :) It might break records, but we as gamers have to be against something all the time, because the "inner-nerd" inside of us, can't be satisfied. Don't misunderstand me, but this is my opinion.
2011-08-12 17:05:34
"much more like Source, it's made on a newer version of the Source engine."

okay bye
2011-08-12 17:08:05
Good news. I hope in valve :)
2011-08-12 17:10:21
This could be great if they invited some more cs 1.6 players instead of cs:s players. Sure they can have the source engine, but then invite ONLY 1.6 people because with source engine it's already a bit like source. Then just take all the 1.6 things and put them into that engine.

The recoil is what's makes 1.6.
The easy way to hire a server with a good anticheat on.
The awsome headshots, that you can't get on source.
The tactical stuffs that source is'nt even close at.
Even the aiming is'nt as important in source because its so easy to get headshot.
The movement in cs 1.6 is 100x better, you can get an advantage just by moving you characher in an exact movement.
The granedes in 1.6 is so precisly, you can lob the grenades, you can cast them long and fast by jumping and so on.
The recoil in source is childishly simple.

cs1.6 is an competitive game, while source makes it best as a public game.
2011-08-12 17:15:12
can't agree more with you
2011-08-12 17:26:07
1.6 > all !!
2011-08-12 17:20:42
Really sorry to say but this is gonna ruin the new game:

"There is also more tagging than in source, but the tagging also depends on the damage you're being dealt, so you won't be pinned to the ground by being hit by a glock, for example"

The fun in CS 1.6 is that a person with 1hp still can win the round depending on his skill, this feature will surely screw that up.
2011-08-12 17:22:47
very good....
2011-08-12 17:25:41
if this game has good directional sound, and no ambient crap like in source it will proably just be good enough to play. I do hope for less sliding across the ground and less retarded running humansz
2011-08-12 17:31:07
hehe yeah i always wondered who approved that walking, it looks like they are playing an amateur ice hockey match rather than trying to kill people
2011-08-12 18:34:52
molotov??? hmm ok... iam waitng for bazooka
2011-08-12 17:37:22
Please guys, DONT SWITCH
2011-08-12 17:38:14
molotov grenades and decoy nade?
+pokeballs please
2011-08-12 17:38:43
top players wont change the game even if this new cs >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1.6 simply cos they are top in 1.6. They would be retarded if they were earning a salary for playing and they changed to a different game
2011-08-12 17:40:33
Yea but when the top leagues and events change to the new game because they see there's a bigger market, top 1.6 and CSS players will gladly change.
2011-08-12 17:42:58
Yeah but when the sponsors say to the tournament organizers that they want to sponsor csgo instead of 1.6 then the 1.6 players have to switch.
2011-08-12 18:13:14
yeah if dont have anywhere to play there are three options a) start studying at 25 (jesus) b) play another game c) suicide

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:14:00
2011-08-12 18:13:34
2011-08-12 17:41:15
lpkane + -
Referenced post #26 by Deethree
So does that mean you think they are going to follow it up with a cs2 or do you just mean that this isn't the new cs you were expecting and this is the last attempt by valve to...

#26 this is not cs2, valve knows that though so i'm certainly not giving up

There we go even the CEO of ESEA thinks this is not CS2 as it will be labeled CS2 and not under another name lets all calm down. This is like CZ to CS.
2011-08-12 17:42:01
I am always astonished at how stupid the hltv forum users are.. but this thread takes the cake.

It's really just a bunch of retarded children.

You guys better start learning how to play CSS, because this game will take over big LAN play and will be the next best thing.

GL and GJ to Valve. Make us proud.
2011-08-12 17:42:12
Lol are u serious? CSS is already dead and it was released after CS 1.6 has less players than 1.6.
2011-08-12 17:46:15
Current Players Peak Today Game

49,170 64,270 Team Fortress 2
26,591 49,640 Counter-Strike: Source
25,196 51,995 Counter-Strike

not sure how css is dead by now? if you mean that pro players are not playing it doesnt make the game dead.
2011-08-14 02:52:05
Just like Source did right? hahah
2011-08-12 17:46:20
Source is a shit game. End of story. Why would we want to play a shit game?
2011-08-12 17:54:04
It's pathetic really, and when 1.6 eventually dies they'll be crawling to source like an injured animal to its mother.
2011-08-13 13:25:17
When the game comes out, all PRO CS 1.6 teams will probably need to make a decision - retire or start learning over how to play this game. I'am afraid FX will choose retire.

Post edited 2011-08-12 17:51:28
2011-08-12 17:51:08
CS 2 and source engine :D they should call this call of duty source ... and molotovs? kiddin' right?
2011-08-12 17:51:09
Sounds bad, to be honest...
2011-08-12 17:52:47
hell yeah ! :D
2011-08-12 18:05:39
shut up already with your "no way i luv cs 1.6, cs 1.6 > all" , it's time to move on
2011-08-12 18:10:52
We'll move on, when there's a better game than 1.6 or even something which comes close to it. So far, nothing has achieved that. Why should we move on to something worse?
2011-08-12 19:57:07
2011-08-14 04:02:59
The author then added that the new game will have a casual mode and a competitive mode. Apparently, the competitive mode is "very e-sports-minded" and will have a match-making and a ranking system for teams and individual players.

hope so :D
2011-08-12 18:14:27
I think Valve is well aware of the fact that even though Source was a success for the main stream, as a competitive game it really lacked the fast paced and arcade feel of CS 1.6. If they can manage to bring back this feeling with CSS style graphics then CSGO will be succesful.
2011-08-12 18:16:49
yeah let's add some pokeball grenades that catch the enemy, that would just suit css , they should also add cowboy hats and whips

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:26:34
2011-08-12 18:19:04
haha totally agree
2011-08-12 19:57:30
They should definitely bring in 1.6 players to the development. With their help, this game would probably have a really good chance to be better than 1.6. I'm talking about players like cArn, NEO, f0rest, zonic or even some of the retired players that have a great knowledge of the game (SpawN, HeatoN etc.).

Can't wait for beta version(s).
2011-08-12 18:23:20
Wow you guys are so stupid, complaining about a game which is not even released. Be happy Valve is doing that, if you like it or not you have to accept this game later otherwise the scene will die.
2011-08-12 18:25:43
you are stupid, valve should spend their precious time developing a new cs1.6 not a new css
2011-08-12 18:40:38
Why so they can continue selling toaster ovens and gameboys?

2011-08-12 18:50:32
fucking it's 2011

go buy a new computer
2011-08-12 18:52:19
Oh man seriously .. did you even read the article? Do you have something like a time machine and can you travel to the future and see what the game will look like in the end? Do you know something about today's gaming software market? Today's populace won't accept another "1.6" and that is the most important thing if a game want to have success today, it needs to be accepted by the "casual customer base" otherwise big companies will not put money in it, means no sponsors, no tourneys.
2011-08-12 18:53:38
+1 these guys are amazingly awful
2011-08-14 04:02:42
this is exactly the reason why the 1.6 community isnt going anywhere, you guys are stuborn on fucking 1.6...

just imagine that, if valve decided to fuck over both community from 1.6 and source to play their new game, what are you going to do? play cod or crysis?

You guys need to grow up, imagine a new game with both community combine + new players = atleast 120 000 + user player + more tournament + more money = sick.

instead let keep both game there and add another game in the mix and let the game die slowly

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:28:00
2011-08-12 18:27:38
This will be CSS:Source or CS:Source:Source and will feature the portal gun and the redeemer from UT

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:42:30
2011-08-12 18:39:50
r u guys retarded? This game is made on a newer engine, much like what CS:Source is on now. If they sent 1.6 players how will they know what needs to be fixed and what not when the game will already feel new to them? Unlike source players who knows how the game works and can tell somethings wrong right away.

enough of this bickering away with this nonsense of 1.6 is a better game. Please, there's a lot of things wrong with 1.6. you're an old timer, it's 2011 move the fuck on.
2011-08-12 18:40:43
or you can say that css players are players who prefer graphics over gameplay and are already biased anyway whereas cs1.6 player knows all about the strenghts of cs1.6 and the weaknesses of css. they should invite pro players from both games
2011-08-12 18:44:51
not entirely... there are a lot of source players that config the game to look like shit like 1.6 you don't know what your talking about.

if your pc can't handle a new game fucking get a job.

if you think 1.6 has no weakness pls..

the nades are twice the size of your big head

the silent crouch jump is stupid messes with the HB

walls are like paper

no scopes are more accurate for some reason

all in all if you can't adapt you should start spending more hrs in schooling then playing 1.6
2011-08-12 18:51:27
The 1.6-players could learn Valve (and the CSS-players) about how a good game's gameplay works.
2011-08-12 18:48:48
And since when do the source players know the engine better than the dev team ?

If the game is supposed to have 1.6's gameplay then send 1.6 pros, if it's meant to have source gameplay send source pros, if it's neither of that , and more of a mix of those or simply a new game, send both or none.
Also the reason why we play 1.6 and not all the more " recent " games is because the gameplay is actually interesting, as opposed to all the call of duty series where anyone ( mostly 13 ye old kids ) can become an average player after playing it for an hour
I liked crysis tho but only because of the graphics tbh because honestly there's not much to say about gameplay
The thing with 1.6 is that there's a huge progression margin : someone gets flashed, then realises he can avoid that by looking the other way when he sees the flash coming, then the other guy figures out a way to send a flash with a different angle, or to use a trick such as the double flash, or to send it so that when the opponent sees it, he doesn't have enough time to look away. I may not be a pro on either of these games but i understand that much. Source, cod and all these " 2011 " games don't have any of that. I don't know what's " wrong " with 1.6 but none of your games have that depth.
2011-08-12 18:56:36
2011-08-13 18:07:13
2011-08-13 18:12:03

sorry to say, but 1.6 is a non factor. It's a new cs game not cs2. This game WILL have a competative mode and a casual mode. So how about we see what they have, i'm pretty sure they are taking this pretty seriously.

1.6 is long gone, but ppl still play it. Time to move on, it's 2011.
2011-08-12 18:43:40
cs 1.6 never die!!!
2011-08-12 18:47:37
I'm so sad that Blizzard didn't create CS..
2011-08-12 18:48:05
Yea, that would be so good to have to agree to a monthly payment of $1000000.00
2011-08-12 23:33:37
Does sc2 have a monthly payment? :O I must've missed that..
2011-08-13 07:02:53
blizzard are money whores
2011-08-13 07:21:26
please you're bad at either games

firstly you don't hire servers

and everything else applies to source like positioning... infact it applies to every competative fps... fucking retard

the aiming.. you still point and click

the movement, wtf. only thing different from source to 1.6 is if you get tagged you don't slow down. ladder movement is a bit different aswell

you can't just use the source engine and fucking put 1.6 in the background.. jesus your thick
2011-08-12 18:48:35
Schypher - HLTV.org
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2011-08-12 18:51:35
"The other new nade is a decoy nade that can play firing sounds, so it can be used to fake that a player is in a position. Not sure how usable it is, but the idea is pretty nice, I think"

2011-08-12 18:51:27
Stopped reading when I saw source engine
2011-08-12 18:53:59
so why css player helping them to make the game...
1.6 players should make it.... they have more exprience in game and 100% already tried css and know that wrong at css and at 1.6.....

newest source engine?

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:55:25
2011-08-12 18:54:31
bc cs:s pro players are more familiar with the engine other than 1.6 players

think of it as
dream cast = 1.6

cs:cz = ps2

cspromod = nintendo ds

cs:s ps3

2011-08-12 19:15:01
lol kk
dude if people stayed at 1.6 maybe becuase they liked it more than cs:s
and maybe they liked it more becuase cs:s had too many shit
its why i think cs 1.6 pro players should work with the designers and shit in new cs just becuase for they dont make same shit as they did with source
2011-08-12 21:50:09
1.6 is a great game.
Source is a good game.

Guess what? Quake 2 was a great game too but people eventually moved on.

Nothing is going to be the same as 1.6 ever was, so all of the people clinging to it are going to have to learn to move on.

Take the core aspects of 1.6 -> implement it into a new game -> add new aspects to attract new audience -> breathe life into a franchise that has been surpassed by Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Counter Strike is never going to be the game it is or has been in a new version because that's not what people want when they buy a game.

If no one buys a game, there is no support for the game and even if there are 2000 pros who love to play it, whats the point?

See SC2 for example. People love SC2 even if they suck. No one loves 1.6 if they suck because the graphics are 12 years old and there is no "public" community.

Source Players / 1.6 Players / New Players / Old Players will all be forced to compromise and try new things for a new game. Embrace it, modify it, and perfect it for competitive play.

Post edited 2011-08-12 18:55:13
2011-08-12 18:54:53
Quake 2 was a great game indeed, but the same applies for Q3 / QL

I like those even tho i'm not a pro, the same applies to cs, and i still play those games. One can enjoy chess without being a high level chess player right?

About sc2, it works for now because of the sponsors but who can tell what it will be like in 2 years ? And i'm not saying it'll fail anytime soon nor in 2 years but it's a bit early to compare that to Brood war which is still N1 by far in korea , and still played on iccup ( BTW Idra and someone else, tyler i think , both said they'd take brood war over sc2 anyday, also, the reason why the fanbase in korea is pretty small is partly because players like MC, who are considered " incredibly awesome " , " some of the best toss players in the world " were merely some B-Team brood war player who got raped x1000 by the likes of flash, bisu , jaedong etc etc etc )

So you really can't compare those. The same applies for quake : the pros are on QLive, and Q4 is basically non existant as a competitive game atm
2011-08-12 19:05:06
You said it very well.
2011-08-13 19:12:44
CS:GO should look like the first beta of CSPromod.


Post edited 2011-08-12 19:02:31
2011-08-12 19:02:23
Comming 1.7.
2011-08-12 21:17:29
Why would Valve contact a community of thick heads who have no interest in any game that is not a carbon copy of 1.6? I wouldn't. Your guys ceaseless bitching and moaning over the smallest things is what makes your input the least appealing. I swear, I could murder all of your families and none of you would get as angry or sad as when they added the AWP delay
2011-08-12 19:03:42
#esea-pug-allstars booboo
2011-08-12 19:15:42

but anyway, yeah i read all the comments above and my god i was forced to make an account and just bitch

half my posts were nuked o.o
2011-08-12 19:16:21
holy crap dude +1 to you
2011-08-12 19:25:00
Taylort has it!
1.6 community is rife with people who cannot let go. The market has changed, source players were more willing to make that change over.

Why would you ask a bunch of pro players about an engine they have already chosen to neglect? Choosing CSS players was the right choice.

1.6 community needs to clue up and realise this is for all intents and purposes - THE NEW CS. Get on board with it and start supporting it or enjoy another 10 years of no support.
2011-08-14 19:24:52
Any new skins?:D It's called GLOBAL offensive so i presume it should have new T and CT skins:D
2011-08-12 19:59:51
YES.. this is what valve should be focussing on with the new cs.. NEW SKINS!

fuck weapon recoil and movement.. if this new cs doesnt have NEW SKINS.. im out
1.6 4lyfetcetcetcetcetcetc


Post edited 2011-08-14 19:28:06
2011-08-14 19:27:50
Well looks like valve got all the brains together for this one, Joe finding out a few weeks back you run faster with scout.. "Good job buddy" If UK teams are the best in the world at CSS it speaks for itself.

Ask pro 1.6 players or even EX pro 1.6 players all have better input than this lot. Christ seems like valve have collected "the ringer" cast for this one.

You don't ask NFL players what they want changed in the BPL :/ why is a game any different.

@ this fucking rate we're all going to be stuck on CS 1.6 for another ten years... Battlefield 3 is your friend. x

Post edited 2011-08-12 20:14:03
2011-08-12 20:03:02
What are you even on about, the best team in the world is French right now in CSS.

Yes 1.6 players would have a lot of knowledge of the Source engine and how it works, oh wait, one of the zBlock creaters who actually developed a plugin for CSS went to this meeting, a guy who literally knows the Source engine inside out... I forgot, he knows fuck all doesnt he.... fml.
2011-08-14 02:33:28


2011-08-12 20:07:30
WHY THE FUCK A NEW SOURCE?! 1.6 is WAY more popular.. dipshits.. valve is just full of dipshits
2011-08-12 20:11:44
2011-08-12 22:24:11
bla bla i hate source engine bla bl dude they will release a beta just download it at steam and play it if u like buy it, and its a NEW SOURCE ENGINE SO ITS A NEWWWWW ONE, maybe better then the old one
2011-08-12 21:10:21
If i want a CSS engine ill play a better game like AVA. [ Alliance of Valiant Arms ] Designed for fun and free to play none of this taking a good game and ruining every aspect.
2011-08-13 12:11:02
CS 1.6 dead = end of the world in 2012.
2011-08-12 21:16:38
1.6 never die....same like doom1 which is nowadays still played after internet.....and its doom1 please 1.6 never die
2011-08-13 01:49:18
1.6 will survive 2012.. Did you not see them playing on the ship in the control room?

Post edited 2011-08-16 13:32:39
2011-08-16 13:32:20
no thank you :D
2011-08-12 21:32:30
it will b like cs source..which is bad at all..
2011-08-12 21:41:43
this is the second biggest joke ever made by valve, right after VAC.
2011-08-12 21:45:56
third after VAC and CSS. Taser and molotovs might atleast be fun at public (even tho i'm not really a public gamer at all).

CSS just sucks in every way.

Post edited 2011-08-20 03:40:58
2011-08-20 03:40:14
So much ado about nothing... cs 1.6 is the game that we want.. there hasn't been and there will not be better than this why cant they just understand it and make money of something else... WE ARE HAPPY WITH CS 1.6 THANK YOU VERY MUCH VALVE!! Just leave this game for gods sake...
2011-08-13 00:22:22
retired, CS 1.6 4 ever =(
2011-08-13 01:37:54
anyone need new cs? cs is only 1.6 and lower versions... who needs cs:2 a and cs:s
2011-08-13 01:48:30
HAHA YES! Finally, molotov grenades!

Post edited 2011-08-13 04:11:55
2011-08-13 04:11:28
My main game is CS:S. I've been playing it since release. I used to play 1.6 and i still do occasionally.

One thing i find funny is when people write "source engine = fail" or "omg nothing will ever beat 1.6" These might be the same people who joins a CS:S Deathmatch gets alot of kills and then says "This game is so fucking easy, only filled with kids"

It is without doubt easy to kill people in public server. But when it comes to competitive play, it's so different. I don't really bother writing the differences and protect source from the 1.6 elitists and fanboys. But people are being way to negative about the new game.

When NaVi, SK, Fnatic, mTw stops their carrier... Then what's left? 1.6 Is a great game. But the FPS community need people to support up about CS:GO. Otherwise all companies will make Call of Duty clones to harvest money from console gamers, which all those games being shit with iron sights and perks.
And who knows, VALVe might actually make a really great game, the changes might not be as bad. And yes, it is CS:S professionals who are in Seattle right now, but none of you have played CS:S on a professional level, so you have no idea what it's like. Some of them have even been great in 1.6. I really do have faith in the pro players in Seattle, I'm sure they know what they're doing.

VALVe supports DotA 2 as well. The first DotA 2 tournament to be played will have 1 Million dollar prize money for the winners. If we're lucky enough, they'd might support CS:GO just as much.

TL;DR. Be supportive about the game. If people are being way too negative, wont buy the game, flame it too hard. Companies will never make competitive FPS based games because they know the community will doom it from the start and console gamers have the casuals who buys easy casual shit games.
2011-08-13 19:18:41
Why would we want to support CS:GO/CSS? 1.6 is dying, support black ops, we need a e-sport fps alive!

CS:GO and CSS are completely different games to 1.6, so that nonsense about "1.6 players are so lame, you are killing CS not supporting the new games" is just fucking BS man.
2011-08-20 03:43:15
that molotov grenade actually is a really interesting tactical element. you could throw it at the exits while holding a bombsite, or actually throw it AT the bomb to kill a defusing player. or even as a counter, you could delay fast rushes, or (assuming it does more damage against no-kevlar-players), you could deal heavy collateral damage versus ecos.

about the noise-grenade im not quite sure. if it sounds real, like a real player would shoot, it'd be more than interesting i guess.

and if valve doesn't mess it up with things like HLTV for transmission (evtl. developing an intelligent auto-director??), recording scenes (saving demos + converting them into a video format), and more game settings (auto-freezing when a player dropps plus saving eventual money or equip, showing the players your team's moneysituation like in promod, etc. etc., i think you all have some similiar ideas) which need to be able to be changed more freely, then this game might be very enjoyable.

i just hope it will be a real esport game with none of the useless thrash they put in games like cod...

im not a great fan of source or its engine either, but all im saying is: give the game a chance. you can hate after youve played it.

Post edited 2011-08-13 23:25:20
2011-08-13 23:20:44
they should at least give it for free to people who already have 1.6 on steam.
2011-08-14 02:46:36
I need to see a gameplay video *---*
2011-08-14 14:34:29
Don't forget, we as in the community/competitive play adjust the game to our needs. If the molotov sucks sooo bad ESL and other tournaments will just ban it :)

I'm just hoping it all feels solid and that they've actually made a game that will replace both worlds and unite them.

I think it's time to just realize no game will ever be as 1.6, because it's 1.6 and since promod are dead now and they spent to much time within the project so they couldn't see clearly how to adjust it, and damn well impossible if they don't have access to the complete engine unlike Valve.

I like the sentence that valve also focusing on competitive play which looking at SC2 is a big plus. They will never deny 1.6 and there players, just hoping they will invite some guys over from the EU 1.6 scene. Since they are best of the 1.6 scene.

Post edited 2011-08-14 14:48:10
2011-08-14 14:46:25
wow so many idiot 1.6 fanboys here hating on the source engine..

what on earth did you expect the next counter-strike to be made on? A completely new engine? LOLOL... Valve are in the business of making money, no one in their right mind would remake an entire engine just to please a group of uneducated 12 year olds who wouldnt be able to tell the difference between the engines anyway.

Q1 2012. That is when you muppets need to move on to the new cs... or at the very least, Give it a chance.
2011-08-14 19:13:49
would rather quit then to play this...
2011-08-14 20:05:50
2011-08-18 12:20:10
2011-08-20 03:50:45
they need to stop making the same game and splitting up a big crowd. I would rather see one game with lots of ppl then 3 games with little :\
2011-08-14 23:58:46
cs 1.6 the one and only... rest??? garbage!
2011-08-15 00:00:16
Lets hope for all our sakes, that CS TAKE 4 will be better than the rest. 1.5>1.6 success CZ[fail]CSS[fail]CS:GO[destined to fail]CS2[CRACKED IT?]

Valve never had anything to do with pro mod did they?
2011-08-16 13:35:40
Even though you're right imo, that's still a bit of a dumb way to look at it + promod was just some retard with a dream that couldn't be bothered to finish it :F
2011-08-20 02:49:57
damn you people are stupid, its your spoiled-ass attitude that made CS:S fail. if you boicot this new game, you CAN ONLY BLAIM YOURSELF FOR never ever again getting a new game in the Counter-Strike product line!
2011-08-18 12:37:25
Why would we want to support CS:GO/CSS? 1.6 is dying, support black ops, we need a e-sport fps alive!

CS:GO and CSS are completely different games to 1.6, so that nonsense about "1.6 players are so lame, you are killing CS not supporting the new games" is just fucking BS man.
2011-08-20 03:45:40
CS:G0 is different, however different isn't always better.. CSS is only different because its fucked around and changed most things that made 1.6 good :[ you lot are killing CS by making new games that are worse than the original, how about you all get the brain trust together at valve ask some top 1.6ers not special announcers/CSS players to give opinion on an actual game.. Then possibly i don't know... Not take every aspect of a decent game and try and change it.

Stop slating 1.6, end of the day without 1.6 you spacks that play CSS would still be playing wow, monkey island or some game that requires you to bash some buttons and dribble, similar to source.
2011-08-20 12:56:38
Valve should just hire the CSP team and let them work on the game fulltime, they know what they're doing.
2011-08-20 03:46:05
head + table = cs:go
2011-08-20 03:49:44
source graphics + 1.6 gameplay = best cs version
2011-08-20 13:21:35
Just changing the graphics won't help them much.I think they should bring some new additions (Btw,these new nades sound like fun :P ) If they have something new and interesting it will help a lot,rather than just improve textures,skins and models.

my personal opinion though
2011-09-24 13:07:59

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